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    • Just finished the 4th episode. Man, that was some good TV. They must have spent a small fortune on the special effects and sets on this episode. Loved the storyline and once again appreciated things from earlier series coming into play here. Also, I was happy to see a bit of humour injected into this episode. The cowboy scene and Annie play were great.  
    • Thanks for the games. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Get Together! (30/06/2022)
    • Fun races, glad to see another player join too, @S.C.G and his brother. Just two highlights from me.  
    • Squeezed 3 more games in before the end of the month.  Telling Lies A few years back a played a game called Late Shift. It's an interactive FMV game that I really enjoyed. This game is the same and I heard good things about the story. Sadly, this game wasn't great at all. You are sat at a computer and have to go through all of the files in order to view videos that piece together the story. The way this plays out is rather disjointed and I found it hard to keep track of what was going on. Instead of watching a linear story play out, it's more like a puzzle and you have to keep track of the conversations so that it all comes together in the end. Honestly, the best part of the game for me was going for a trophy where you need to play a perfect game of Solitaire. Like on a normal computer, you load the card game up from the desktop and away you go. Loved playing this.   The Artful Escape This is a game I remember seeing during some indie showcase a while back. It looked pretty unique and it did interest me but I never got around to playing it. From the trailer it looked like a platform game but I was surprised to see that it was pretty narrative driven, with a bit of platforming in between. You play as a struggling musician who lives in the shadow of another family member and the story is about how this character finds himself and his own sound. In terms of gameplay, the story segments have you interact with various characters and you get to pick a selection of dialogue options to continue the conversation and move the narrative forward. The platforming sections are pretty straight forward, with you essentially just move right, doing a few jumps here and there. What makes it unique is that during these segments you can hold a button down which makes the main character play his guitar. Doing so makes the world around him light up and change, making everything more colourful and vibrant. It also creates a fantastic electric guitar sounding riff as you move along. It's a weird one because it doesn't play an actually song but it still sound amazing. It was like playing a game that constantly used the glorious Steve Vai solo piece from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.     During the platforming segments you will also have Simon Says style mini games to play. These just consist of playing the guitar and copying what the enemy is doing. It's nothing too taxing but it does add a little variety to everything else. Yeah, I enjoyed my time with this one and my first impression from seeing the trailer was right. It's not only a unique indie game but it's also quite the looker.   Shadow Warrior 3 I've never played any of the Shadow Warrior games but with this leaving PS+ next week, I figured I would give it a whirl. I was VERY surprised just how much I enjoyed this. It's a FPS that has the fast and smooth gameplay of Doom 2016 but also has the same type of humour and kill styles of Bulletstorm. Traversing through the levels was so much fun and this was down to how fluid everything was. You can chain double jumps, wall running and the use of a hookshot to make quick progress through the stages. Not many FPS get platforming right but this one really nails it. The battles usually consist of you being in an arena type area and having to kill waves of enemies. This is where the Bulletstorm gameplay comes into play. There are a variety of environmental objects that can be used to kill enemies and if timed correctly, these can wipe out huge amounts of them in a single use. The weapons are so much fun to use and upgrading them adds things like elemental damage or a faster firing rate to them. Like the rest of the game, switching between them is pretty smooth which is just as well because you will need to use them all when dealing with the different enemies as some are more useful than others. Different weapon use is also encouraged thanks to the in game challenges. Killing enemies in different ways will complete these challenges and award you with upgrade points. The series has a bit of a cult following and after playing this I can see why. For those wanting a fast, hectic but stupidly fun FPS that last around 8-10 hours, you could do a lot worse than this.
    • Oh, I didn't notice that nothing happened today. I was too busy playing games   Some people really just need to put on a video game and leave the internet for a while.
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