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    • We played terrible in the first half and then alright in the second. Midway through the second half, we started to create a few chances and Martial and Fred both missed amazing opportunities. At that point, Ole should have made a sub and brought on Greenwood. He waited too long, imo. Had the subs happened 10 minutes earlier, we could have turned the 2-0 loss into a 1-1.  All three of our Summer signings looked dire today. Maguire has been quite disappointing, tbh. Probably the worst out of the three. 
    • I'll put this in a spoiler. Here's just one of the many characters you can summon into battle. It plays out like a cross between an anime and Final Fantasy. Amazing! 
    • Japanese. From what I read the license for the English version hasn't been sorted yet.
    • 1917 - 4/5 The latest from Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Skyfall), a near one-shot movie following the efforts of two English troops to make it across no mans land, and warn a division of 1600 men that they are charging head first into a trap. Similar to Dunkirk or Sorcerer, this is built to give you the experience of being there, smelling the gunpowder, feeling the cold, seeing the horrors, and it does a brilliant job of it. Because it lacks centerpiece dialogue and traditional structuring it may put off people who prefer more traditional fare. However if you can enjoy the concept, essentially a journey through the battlefields of WW1 France, then you'll not find much to complain about.  If you've seen other work of Mendes, you'll know he like a slow, patient shot, where the framing will give you a still you'll just want to press pause at and enjoy its beauty. In Road to Perdition there's a scene of Paul Newman standing in the rain as bodies are machine gunned down in slow motion around him, which is worth the ticket price alone. Here it seems the whole movie is made up of those shots, whether its the soldiers standing in the burning ruins of a town, watching a dogfight play out over head, or them just sitting by a tree. Its a movie of real beauty, and yet by nature of its subject also true horror. Only let down by one of the central performers, who was a bit weak. Highly recommended. 
    • My playing through of the NES library on the Switch continues. Double Dragon II This one took some getting used to. The way they changed the buttons so that an attack differs depending on what direction you are facing was very fiddly to get to grips with. The game looks prettier than the original but it is far easier and shorter, despite it having more stages. Some of the stages were VERY short but had a pretty cool mechanic. One had you fighting on a helicopter and the door would constantly open and close, sucking you out of it if you got too close. It was great fun leading the enemies up towards it just as it opened.  I was surprised to see so many sections of the game playing as straight 2D brawlers. In the first game the developers used an isometric view but with this one most of the stages are a simple, flat 2D plain. I finished the game and was greeted with this message.  I guess playing it on normal wasn't sufficient to see an ending back in the NES days. I played through it again on the hardest difficulty and finally got to see the proper ending. Oh, and every time this guy showed up I couldn't help but think of Coming to America.   Ghosts n Goblins Seeing as I played a game that required two play throughs to see the end, I figured my next game would be this. Man, this game is absolutely solid. I thought Ninja Gaiden was tough but this one really takes the biscuit. There are so many ways to be killed and you are constantly being flooded with enemies above and below. It's not as if you can take your time either because all of the while you have the clock running down which will ultimately send you back to beginning of the stage if it runs out. The Firebrand enemy is such a pain in the backside. You can see just how cheap this enemy is with it's attacks when you rewind the game. In fact, this goes for a lot of the NES games i'm playing. I did manage to finish it twice but was greeted with this... I didn't realise you needed a certain weapon to get the ending so I had to play through the last couple of stages again!  *points to previously used Jim Carey gif* River City Ransom This is a game i've never played but i'm very familiar with the series and art style. I played the hell out of World Cup on the NES and it uses the same character models as this. What a fun little game this is. It has some hilarious character animations that had me laughing away. Like some of the previous NES games i've played so far this year, this also has nice chunky graphics that really help the characters stand out. The soundtrack is also pretty great. It's just a shame the game is short. I would have liked a more lengthier campaign. I did't really bother much with the RPG elements of the game as they aren't really needed. Once you get both the triple kick and triple punch power ups then you are pretty much set.  
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