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  1. And another late-night heads-up for people who want to visit Redd? @BowserBasher @Tales @anyone real twinkling painting fake academic painting fake serene painting fake graceful painting Furniture: red / grey vacuum cleaner light pink / white Mr.Flamingo Probably not going to stay up late. Gate's open right now. Maybe for an hour, I think I'll be AFK, and go watch something on Netflix. If No one has taken the twinkling painting by then, I'll just take another. Edit: I'm off to bed in a minute. Got the twinkling painting for anyone who wants it.
  2. Funny Stuff Thread

    In a similar vein to that Rick & Morty video:
  3. Sprocket's birthday today. Let me know if you want to visit.
  4. General Movie Thread

    Hopefully in the next few days.Not going to make it tonight probably, but I'm looking forward to it. For those not familiar with it, it's a horror comedy.
  5. I'll skip this one then. Haven't seen Redd in a while, so I'll have to wait until next week I guess.Will post here when I see him again.
  6. Ask him to get some other stuff next time! What are the fakes? I only have Sahara over here, although she did get me something new.
  7. Wii General Discussion

    In the end I didn't go for that deal initially. However, they're now seeling some left over stock for their black friday sales. Apparently they have some "cosmetic damages". I finally got Shakedown Hawaii (didn't want them both, and this one seemed more fun), and I'll see for myself how bad these cosmetic damages are. Games are 15 dollars, but they don't offer standard shipping for these, and it's a rediculous 19 dollars. This includes pre-paid vat and customs..However I don't have to pay vat and customs for something that's priced 15 dollars, so that stings. But, while not going to be the lastt wii game for me, it's s safe bet this will be the most recently released one, and I'm looking forward to adding it to the collection. And even playing it some day, when I get my CRT TV fixed.
  8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Usually it's the other way around (?) Anyway, it was fun. Just like the Halloween holiday, nothing too tedious. Seems like they're learning somewhat from past events.. Apart from the plethora of autumn stuff to find and to build. I was thinking it would be a lot of inventory management, but it was fine. The villagers mostly asked for common stuff, or sometimes even stuff you already caught for a previous request. Dungeon crab took the most time, I had to circle a few times around my island for that one. But ther rest was easy. Think they upped the spawnrate too, and the chance rate for the stuff you need as well. Also found 3 pearls while diving for other stuff. Anyway, I didn't want to give him my mushrooms (i'm way behind collecting mushrooms, I only started collecting them a few days ago..), so I took longer than I could have.. I traded a bunch of times, and caught some ofd the stuff I needed (and tried to look out for balloons in the meantime, another thing I'm behind on, and I only have a few days left..). One of the recipes you get is excellent for displaying small museum statues or fish /bug models by the way.
  9. Just checked if Celeste happens to be on my island.. And she is! Gate's open in a minute, but I'm not staying open for long. Half hour max (so roughly 01:30 CET / 00:30 UK) She's currently around the plaza. Edit: it seems it's a new zodiac month. Edit: Closed the gate as I want balloons to spawn while I wait. Post here if you want to make a quick visit, I'll check back later.
  10. Post your Cooking!

    What's actually in it? Tomato.. onions, mushrooms?
  11. Hmm, you people tried the first one? I kept up with it for a month, but didn't really feel it was doing much for me. I wonder how both compare.
  12. Doom Eternal

    Well, that's a disappointment. I'm unlikely to buy the digital version if I get a refund.
  13. I'll be opening my island for @BowserBasher soon, as its Mallary's birthday. Anyone else who wants to visit, let me know. I'll edit this post to say when I'm actually in the game and open. Edit: Open now. Not open for long, unless I get requestst for it here.
  14. To be honest, I'd only just started (surprise!), but while I have some ideas, I don't feel like cramming out a level today. Maybe I'm a bit burned out myself. I'll give it another week personally, but I suspect there will be no other entries anyway.
  15. Netflix

    Yeah the chess cowboy. I liked him for his acting, but yeah, I agree he doesn't look the part. I was thinking myself he needed to buff up. That was all what was needed.