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  1. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Yeah logged in today, wouldn't mind winning that. I missed yesterday however.. But it was just NBA whatever.
  2. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (24th July)

    I'm ready for the J-Pop (and jiggle physics) Overview trailer Combat trailer
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I wasn't ready for nude frogs.
  4. I haven't at all. It was one of those titles I bought purely for the sporadic multiplayer party I may have gone to, but it never happened. I missed one and am going to miss another one due to circumstances. I did get the season pack, so I have all the characters that aren't part of 2.0, although I'll get those later as well. I do like the set of characters and crossovers.. Not a fan of the interface though, I wish that was simpler.
  5. I'm carefully going to bring this up again, as last time didn't really work out. Any interest in this?
  6. Life is Strange 2

    Unfortunately Before the Storm never played well on my computer (despite the first series running without any problems whatsoever), so I never bothered with season 2 yet. I guess I'll go have a look if patches improved Before the Storm at this point.
  7. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Just had a go this morning. Had one promising start with the Silent, with 2 upgraded finishers and a bunch of shivs, but lost to the 2nd act boss, the knight with the 2 minions. I was neglecting my block cards a bit, and I couldn't block his ultra beam after all the chip damage from him and his minions before it. Also couldn't kill him before he actually used that move, though I got close, he was around 60 HP. I'm bad with the higher ascensions. They're all stuck on ascension 2. Except Ironclad.. I had a succesful run with him a while ago.. But then forgot to collect all the keys, so didn't even get to the true boss, but I did unlock ascension 3.. It's the only roguelite that I've really enjoyed so far, and actually keep playing. Nuclear Throne I re-installed Nuclear Throne as well 2 days ago.. It's good, but the levels are too cramped, and I'm so crap at it, that it doesn't have that famous "one more go" addiction going for it for me personally. After some tries dying, I quit and uninstalled the game again. Steam binge Re-installed a bunch of games on Steam, after Civ V crapped out on me on Switch (apparently due to a bug, it's a common occurance), but I was in the mood to finish a game, so re-installed Civ V. This resulted in me taking a break from Pokémon, and binging some old games I had on Steam, after I realized my internet speeds are relatively insane compared to years ago (and even then I just have "basic" fiber), and I could download everything in my Steam library in just a few minutes (well, not at once). I remember a time when I was up all day downloading a roughly 900 MB demo for Deus Ex. Anyway, it's been a while since I've used Steam this much. Civilization V Played a full game of Civ V, I believe one go (again, this was directly after an almost full game on Switch. It crashed not far from the end). In my Civ VI game I was doing not so great, but not that bad either. I always prefer culture victories, but Greece declared war.. And so I had to get rid of them. And I did. Then all the other countries though I was a warmonger and kept declaring war on me, eventhough I never declared war on them.. <sigh> Anyway, then it crashed. in Civ V, on Steam, I have more setting available, and I usually try to create more "optimal circumstances" (like starting on an island), but this time I just used the continents setting. After a disastrous start, I restarted.. And ended up on an island, with only some city states nearby. Got my culture victory on that map. Then uninstalled the game. Oxygen not included Wanting more strategy and management, and after seeing this got a new update, I gave this another go. I bought this in early access in 2017, and hadn't played since. If you like Rim world, you'll probably like this. It's a space colony sim, you have a bunch of colonists trapped in a space rock, and it's up to you to clear out that rock, and build a colony that proved enough air and food and protection for your inhabitants. I never played this much, and it's really rough in the beginning when you don't know what to do, and how to do it. After Googling some stuff, and getting the basics up, in a layout I like, like power and food production, I got into trouble again, because this game goes deeper than Rimworld with its water and air management, and I didn't know how to do that well. The cartoony graphics are great, but I wanted a similar, but similar experience, so I played Rimworld again. Rimworld While its simpler, and after re-acquanting myself with the interface it was easier to get into.. I opted to try out the normal difficulty setting. Rimworld is also a colony management sim, except topdown, with much simpler graphics, but also much simpler systems, with no need to micromanage air or water, and more action, having to defend your colony from raiders early on. I wasn't familiar with the content from the latest update, having played this last, also in 2017 I think, and playing on the normal difficulty (as opposed to easy (or to be precise normal mode from the Phoebe Chillax narrator), things didn't go well. On this difficulty, I really had to work for my first new colonist, being used to get the first one for basically free after not much time. I had to set up caravans for some, which I had to Google because it was new stuff for me, and well like I said, you really had to work for your new colonist, which I wasn't used to, so I made the wrong decisions, and often got one of my first 3 initial colonist killed (either the rescuer being uprepared, or one of the colonist back home not being able to handle other threats without the other). So this led to a couple of restarts.. But then I move on. It's still installed (well being a small game, it was always installed, I never removed it), so I'll definitely give it another go later. X-Com: Enemy Unknown Then I re-installed Xcom EU. I actually never finished that one. I'm still working on that, I'm at the final mission. Annoyingly, I still had to savescum playing on Ironman, I do that when I think something happens not because of something i did, in this case the sometimes consusing interface (especially when it comes to elevations), sending my unit not where I wanted it to go, but practically to the other side of the map, right in front of 3 very hungry chrysalis. I don't consider that my fault at all, but it keeps nagging at me. It did give me some knowledge of the map, though I'm not sure how much that would have mattered. In the end, that unit, and another one, did end up dying because of my decisions (and all to those same Chrysalis I believe), but I moved on. Lost some other good women (.. I only keep the female units haha) on my way to the final mission. I confused some of the stuff from Xcom 2, because I thought I had to get a Psi soldier, but I could only train them right before the final mission was availabe to me. I haven't tried that one yet.. Last time I tried that mission, my team got wiped because of a duo of Sectopods. I still want to do an iron man game without savescumming possibly, but I'll save that for once I have the expansion, as I still don't have that. Or if my team wipes again at that final mission, maybe I'll try again. I'm also tempted to re-install and play X-Com 2, but likewise, I think I'll save that for once I buy the expansion, maybe in the winter sale. I thought it was too expensive at launch, otherwise I'd have already bought it. Alan Wake Then I wanted something with more story, so I installed one of the game I had never played before. I bought Alan Wake in that sale when it was going to be removed from Steam due to music licenses expiring (I do actually like some of the songs), but it's been since then put back up. This one I actually played from start to finish (well I didn't play the special chapters). I like the atmosphere and setting.. But ultimately didn't care much for the combat, which is why I didn't bother with the special stages, and won't be bothering with the dlc soon. Combat was fine in the beginning, but the game doesn't do enough to keep things interesting. Instead, the game just throws more enemies at you, and more annoying ones. I wish there were weapon upgrades, more weapons perhaps, and more and cooler bosses. Another annoying thing is then it's not clear when it's better to run and when it's better to fight (or when enemies keep respawning, and when the route is blocked off and impossible to clear with enemies around you). Exploration is also annoying unless you're sure you're safe. That said, I missed several achievements since apparantly I'm too conservative, sticking mostly to my basic revolver. I didn't kill enough Taken with my shotgun or rifle. So maybe I should have used those more. I'll give the other content a go later prehaps, but for now it's un-installed. Alien: Isolation For obvious reasons it's re-installed, thought I'd give it another go after the Switch launch. Plays and looks better, so that's a plus. I've only started this yesterday, and due to the nature of the game, I haven't made much progress. Last time I played and uninstalled, I gave up because the game just feels frustrating on hard (the intended experience apparently), I made it to chapter 7 according to my Steam achievements. I remember going through a level where I could just blast the Alien away with my newly acquired flamethrower, though I knew very well this was a short-term victory and throwing away my flamethower fuel like that was going to bite me in the ass later. In my new game I'm currently at the hospital, the first place where I have to actively avoid the Alien. I'll keep playing this probably, for now, but perhaps in shorter bursts, as I can't deal with "taking an half hour to get to the next room" for long haha. So yeah, that's all since this weekend, plus as always a bit of Mario Maker. So it's been a productive week. Looking at my Steam library, I wonder what I should (re-) install next. Still plenty of games I never finished, never even started, or games I'd love to experience again. Alpha Protocol and Soma are games I'd love to play again, The Last Remnant is something I should maybe give another try (well maybe not right now, being a lengthy RPG), or maybe Remember me, though I wasn't really fond of the combat (but I loved the setting).
  8. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Gave the update a quick go yesterday. Spike is a foruntate addition, as I'm working on SMB3 levels. Played around with Pokey and Link as well. Anyway, very disappointing update for builders.. I want much more. Link is very interesting, but requires whole new ideas. I have a few now, but as I'm working on other stuff, I'm not sure when I'll get around to those. Thinking about it now.. I have something to add to my requests. Did the Ninji challenge.. Until I had a respectable time. Fun seeing Ninjis in the game, and they're helpful when you're exploring routes, but get distracting after that. But you can turn them off.

    Didn't see this coming. It also had some other collaborations before, some mecha anime things I believe, I forgot the details.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    What channel will Bob watch instead? To be continued
  11. Half-Life: Alyx

    It does mean they have forgotten to make games. Or to be precise, they don't have many employees left who worked on the original half-life games. I mean, I can't be arsed to look up sources, but I remember news articles about people leaving Valve, like the writers. And lo and behold, there's news right now that the new game from the makers of Firewatch has been delayed, because apparently they've been bought by Valve, and among others, they're the ones working on Half-Life Alyx. They're dependent on other studios (whether bought or collaborations) and hired external people for their games. Half Life Alyx, in my opinion doesn't look good, it looks ok. But I was expecting absolutely nothing anymore, so in that regard it was a nice surprise. To be precise, I think Half Life Alyx looks like Half Life 2 episode 3 but 10 years too late, only adding VR support as an improvement.
  12. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    And today we have codes for Ori and the Blind Forest up for grabs!
  13. General Switch Discussion

    I was actually considering creating a thread for Slay the spire. Maybe I will later.