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  1. General Movie Thread

    Spider-man was fucking packed, holy shit. I've only seen the first trailer, so was unaware of most what was coming, I didn't even know who the villain would be. It takes it time to set up an actual story, unlike most super hero films. There's some actual good drama between all the action, and the facial expressions and voice acting are terrific. I'm in love with his mom haha. Then there's plenty of comedy, with a lot of it parodies of general comic and spider-man stuff. Sometimes it even feels like a satire.. They and get away with it.. Things get absurd at times, in a good way! It's also packed with fan-service, plenty of cameos. The visuals are fantastic. Every single screen is a colour explosion. Often there's so much happening you don't even know what to look at.. I think I've seen only a quarter of the film. The villain (of the week) is great. He starts of as a (funny) joke, but then becomes a proper threat. Their first fight is a great example of their quality animation too, where you don't know where t look (Portal fans will appreciate this scene). Then there are some cool twists at the end. My only gripe with the film is that it's a 2-parter, and it ends with a cliffhanger, another thing I was totally unaware of.. But if this is the warm-up, we're in for a treat with the finale. Hats off to the writers for combining the absurd with the serious in such an excellent way. This is the best Super Hero film of 2023.
  2. Photography.

    More. I think this is Porta 400 for those interested. This is the city of Utrecht. One of my favs from this roll. The guy didn't want to leave unfortunately. And again, for those using Chrome, you can find them (and a few extra) here: http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~arthiele/images/pictures/analoog007/
  3. I had a good day yesterday. Swam 6 KM, walked a few, cycled.. I don't know exactly, but probably over 40KM, and had a quick bouldering session in the evening. Rooting for @Mokong today!
  4. Old NE Members

    All you old people look alike. No you're mistaken. I'm 16. I'll start a Young NE Members thread where we can post our TikTok videos.
  5. Old NE Members

    I saw your edit. You are getting old.
  6. Old NE Members

    Logan's Run? What's that? Is that like the Hunger Games? I guess it has a similar theme to Hunger Games yes, a film that was released when you were 26.
  7. Volunteering

    I won't hear until.. August I think. Don't sell yourself short, sounds like a good thing you're doing. I myself am increasingly realizing the importance of sports and exercise. If you're making this more accessible to more people, that's a good thing.
  8. Old NE Members

    If this were Logan's Run, they would have killed you 6 years ago.
  9. That was not the case. My priorities are changing, and I'm having computer problems again. I'm browsing n-europe on my Raspberry Pi 3B, which isn't great a great experience. so I don't spend much time behind the computer at home right now. Plus there's honestly not anything I want to add to that.
  10. Oh I still enjoyed it, I'm just not going to remember it, just like Weathering with you. I don't mind him using the same themes, as long as it's excuted well.
  11. Yup, this is exactly what I want as well. I haven't seen Children who chase lost voices, The garden of words, or The place promised in our early days, but I have seen 5cm per second (and the short Voices of a distant star), and while that was a long time ago, I remember liking it. I love to see him do another pure drama, since that would mean he has to focus on the story and the dialogue. I think a good recommendation for you, if you're looking for something in this style, would be A letter to Momo. It's a nice coming of age drama with some fantasy.
  12. I saw Suzume two weeks ago. It was a bit disappointing.. It looked spectacular, like the previous films, characters were fun, but the story was shallow, and it felt like a rehash of themes we've already seen before, romance, fantasy, a bit of time travel, just not done as well.
  13. Photography.

    I would suggest posting in the bug report thread, but.. For what it's worth, images don't work for me either in Chrome, but I always assumed it's a problem on my end. In Firefox everything's fine, and the host is definitely up. Feel free to check them out manually here: http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~arthiele/images/pictures/analoog005/ http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~arthiele/images/pictures/analoog006/ I've made a selection, but I also post them on another forum and ask for advice and feedback, so I deliberately upload some bad pics as well sometimes. I'd suggest getting one, but I'm biased.
  14. Photography.

    Another roll: (I don't know what cause the light stain, though I assume it's the same cause as the psychadelic picture above) Next week I'll have more.