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  1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    The devs posted something on their own site. Apparently they handled the port themselves. And they posted this comparison video as well. It looks seriously good. I mean yeah, there are noticable differences, and the game is 5 years old, but still. Looks more than good enough to get the atmosphere across, something I can't say of Mutant Year Zero, which also has a comparison video on that same channel. But I'm not going to elaborate on that here and right now. I just had a quick look at my playtime, and it's only 5 hours. So not only do I recommend it, you can still pretty easily fit this in between the big games. I'll wait for any news on a potential physical release first like I said.
  2. Collections

    Games and figures mostly nowadays. You could say "media" in general, I'll buy Blu-rays (and DVD's still occasionally) if I really want to (re)watch something, but I have to limited resources and space, so I only buy them once in a while for again, stuff I really want to watch or watch again, like Game of Thrones. Still have to see the last season because I'm waiting for the Blu-rays. I spent my money and time going to the cinemas for my film needs, and I do collect the ticket stubs for as far as I get to keep those. I also used to buy CD's and vinyl. Still do, but only occasionally. Mostly at concerts. I did buy my first 12" House single in a good old-fashioned brick and mortar store in many years recently. Plus an album to go with it. I'm done with buying actual CD's I think, as digital / streaming is more practical and vinyl is more fun for collecting (and signing if I ever get the chance). Oh speaking of signatures, the only real (internationally) notable signature I have is a barely legible one from Terry Gilliam. Most of the other few I have are Dutch music artists. Maybe surprising, maybe not if you have noticed my avatars, but I am kind of an appreciator of the female form.. And I have a large selection of magazines. I haven't counted them, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have over 200. Funnily enough, I think I have only like 11 Playboys or something. There are of course a significant number of "Lad's" magazines.. Of which the Italian versions were the best, let me tell you. Arena was the best UK one. But most of the magazines are actually unadultered women's fasion magazines. Better models, better photography. As with the others.. Priorities shift, so even though I still brows for them whenever I get the chance, I only occasionally buy them. Import magazines are expensive! Currently my priority is my Switch, in fact I just ordered 2 more games for it. Even my figures hobby is taking a hit, though intend to buy some more Nendoroids in the coming months. My overall game collections is pretty good, though not nearly as large as some "real" collections or as large as I wished haha. But I'll make a list of it some time. I was suprised to see my GameCube collection is pretty decent, as I only bought one pretty late in its life. Anyway I never sell anything, so I still own everything I've ever gotten. You can check my figure collection here: Though it's a bit outdated, but most of it is there. I do not collect things simply for the sake of collecting. I'd never buy things I don't actually want. On the other hand I'll buy anything I like and can afford. I've bought many figures simply because Liked the design, even if I didn't know the source material (or in fact, even hate the source material). There are fans of Limited Run who buy everything they release simply to collect.. But A lot of their stuff I'm not interested in. I'm not buying games I don't want to play. Do I have a complete collection? No. I got close when Nendoroids of Nintendo characters became a thing, but since the launch of the Switch, priorities shifted again, and now I'm behind. I'm missing several releases, though I intend to get those eventually.
  3. River City Girls

    I thought this already had a thread? I can't find it! A very sweet looking beat'm up by WayForward, though based on the Kunio Kun series. Creating a thread because the pre-order date for the (a?*) physical release has been announced. * "a" physical release as there's also actually a physical release by H2 interactive for the Asia region, up for pre-order on Play-asia. LRG is probably going to be the best version though.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    Don't have the money or the time for it now. Also not decided if I actually want the physical release.. I love the oldskool bog box, which will fit right between my other older PC games, but on the other hand it doesn't actually contain a DVD-Rom, which to me makes it practically the same as a code in a box. The USB thingy simply isn't the same. But I'll get the game for sure. May be the first Steam game in quite a while when I buy this.
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    It's looking good. Although I'm massively disappointed with the physical releases. Oldskool big box.. But then some USB stick inside, no CD-Rom. What the hell man. Does this have multiplayer though? More importantly, does it have a map editor? Wait I'll google it. The anwsers are yes and yes. Good.
  6. Netflix

    Me obviously. Looking forward to this and Dark Crystal. That said, I barely watch any Netflix nowadays.. Busy gaming. But I took a break from Fire Emblem this weekend to do a little catching up. Watched Stranger Things season 3.. Which was hmm. Ok. I guess? I wasn't super impressed, except for that ending. That duet was great. But I also watched Dark. Rewatched season 1, and then season 2 right after it. Good stuff. Giant clusterfuck though, haha. But then that cliffhanger.. Argh. It's going to be a long wait.
  7. Well this is a surprise. I can't find any info directly from the devs themselves, but gaming news sites are reporting this as coming on 15-08. Here's a trailer for the PC Redux version: Light on gameplay, but I personally recommend this one if you're into a very atmospheric and visually gorgeous first person paranormal detective game. I'm thinking of picking it up again just to re-experience the story. Though I'll probably wait to see if there are any plans for a physical release.
  8. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Ah haha, yeah that's a problem. Like I said, I took it into account. I entered her into the competition, because she was the most enthousiastic about it when talking about it, and also the most disappointed when I initially declined.. I felt awful haha. Though funnily enough others were also disappointed. Dorothea took it quite well I believe.. But I think Edelgard was also very disappointed. She would have been my second choice. Again, for roleplaying purposes, as it doesn't make sense for gameplay purposes. Speaking of supports though.. Apparently I missed my opportunity to get any supports with Catherine. Apparently I had to get at least C-support before the timeskip. That's so annoying. I'm almost ready to do the main mission for chapter 16 now, capturing the bridge, church route. I'll still post about the other chapters later.
  9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Haha, why? I made Flayne a dancer as well (or to be precise, I entered her in the competition), but this was for roleplaying purposes and I took into account there was a chance I wasn't going to keep Flayne. I mean I can guess.. She's not good with a sword. I actually did get to keep Flayne, but I'm using her as a second priest right now.. So I'm not actually using the dancer class. Not quite sure what I want do do with her. Was considering making her a Holy knight or Pegasus Knight in the long run.
  10. I've not been working on stuff because of Fire Emblem. But I actually feel like finishing several levels this week. Oh by the way, @Dcubed, thanks for the in-game comments. (that one thing isn't a softlock though, and works as intended )
  11. Gorogoa

    I'd say "finally", but this comes at a bad time for me financially speaking.. Haha. Still getting it obviously.