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  1. I took a break from Dragon Quest the last 2 days after Gloomnivore was the first main campaign enemy to wipe my party. Continued and finished AI: The Somnium files instead. Coincidentally and surprisingly enough though.. AI also provided me with a fix for my newly acquired Puff Puff addiction.. Unexpected but much appreciated!
  2. Awesome stuff thread

    I thought this piece of digitial music creating tech is pretty amazing. It's from 40 years ago. Stumbled upon it on Youtube a few days ago.
  3. Just finished the main quest in Lonolulu.. And I'm about to cry.
  4. Ring Fit Adventure

  5. General Movie Thread

    I hope they'll re-release it ver here as well. So far there's no sign of it.
  6. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Anyone up for this tonight?
  7. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I'm looking forward to both.. Though I'm not going to see Picard immediately because of Amazon. And while I still look forward to Picard, my brother and me agreed this was not what we were expecting of a Picard show. We were expecting more "admirally stuff". In fact.. Some of the stuff in the trailer reminds me of Star Trek Renegades, but with Picard and a much bigger budget obviously. In fact, now I think of it, I'm not sure why veteran Star Trek fans who can't stand Discovery but praise Orville, are looking forward to this. I personally don't mind it at all (which is also why I like Discovery), but I'm actually not getting an oldskool Star Trek vibe from Picard. Too much action and fanservice actually.. So far I can see in the trailer.
  8. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    There's also a Star Trek Discovery s3 trailer, though I can't find it on youtube yet.
  9. Yeah I'm loving it too. Did not intend to start this without finishing some other games first, but couldn't help myself, and started this when I got this, in the middle of a film festival. I love the light-hearted vibe of the game. I love the characters, and their banter. And the (sometimes questionable ) humour. Cutscenes are well animated and the voiceacting is good. It's also the little things.. The game just puts a big smile on my face when you're fighting some stupid devil enemy, then he starts dancing, and now my characters starts dancing or laughing haha. I'm also getting puff-puff wherever I can. The scene in Gallopolis would be an example of the questionable humour. Yesterday I did the stuff in ehh what's it called, Gondolia, the Venice place. Now I've got the ship, and can actually explore a bit. I decided to check out Port Valour first, since I had a quest there. Checked out the little island as well for another quest, team got almost wiped but then the 5th character, which in this case was Sylvando, managed to finish the fight.. But didn't save because I can't have dead teammates not getting exp. Didn't expext non-party members to jump in, though I guess it actually makes sense. Then went on to the next story destination, Holland Zwaardrust, rushed a bit while exploring, but there didn't seem to be much I could do there at that point, so continued to the next destination, Octogonia. I already saw Dundrasil on the map, so I can't wait to check that place out.
  10. Marvel's Phase Three

    @bob this is downright spartan for a special boxset. A litograph and letter won't raise the price significantly. Compare it to the plastic you get with the previous phase boxsets. As for me.. I lost interest in collecting these on blu-ray.. There are too many of them. I also preferred the coverart on the blu-rays from the phase boxsets. Plus I hate boxsets of a series of films when there's more coming.
  11. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Would love to give it a try in the intended way! I already hated the original!
  12. Yeah sorry, I wasn't following the conversation, just caught the last 2 messages.. I'm talking about my day 1 joy-cons and pro controllers, I'm not getting a Switch lite.
  13. My joy-cons started to drift a few days ago. I've rarely used them since I use a pro since day 1. The pro is now almost unusable, I really have to return it. Switch controllers are shit. So many great games, but no good controller to play them with.
  14. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    I'm up for online shenanigans. ALSO, This is very close to watch people test your level before uploading them, if I'm reading things correctly.. I'd love to give this a try sometime, and I'd love some volunteers to preview my torture levels.
  15. The Disney Thread

    Why have none of you Disney nerds posted this yet? I was unaware of this until just now. Maybe the only Disney thing I'm looking forward to this year.