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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    For anyone interested, that is, anyone who's never has played Katamari Damacy before, and is not busy playing Smash, there is a demo out.
  2. Always that one guy.. Shoutout to @Clownferret a.k.a. "Mr. youtube guy". That fucking camera man. Also Sheik.. To be honest I had no real preference for any of those 3. Purely because I love Chibi. Got him from the one of two amiibos I own (also scanned poochie). And yeah it seems to be random. My "first boot-up present" was a guy named Gangrel. But I keep using Chibi now i have him, even though the game complains a lot about having a disadvantage. I have checked out most of the stuff yesterday.. Did classic mode with Samus (confirms I'm not good enough for a real boss apparently), had a few fun online battles with @martinist @LazyBoy & @Tim B, did a little bit of World of Light (though I prefer unlocking characters with those random battles that pop-up), did a few spirit challenges, and one of those 100 enemies challenges. Just now I checked out the music player mode and created a playlist. It works! Still haven't unlocked Jigglypuff sadly. I'll go try some more classic mode, and I'll probably be online tonight for some more ehm, online games.
  3. I'll do a few more, but then I'll go back to dingle player to unlock stuff.
  4. I was using Samus. Maybe because I needed a continue somewhere.
  5. Grabbing a drink. Fun thing about spectating is I can watch the backgrounds..
  6. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  7. Do you need a certain score to get a unique boss for classic? Because I just got Master Hand.
  8. I'll go check it out. In the meantime I'll get more accustomed to the controls again, and hopefully unlock more fighters. Unlocked Ness and Inkling just jow, but I need Jigglypuff!
  9. Not quite the response I was expecting.. But yeah I'm in. But I dunno what or how, so somebody else with more experience with the game will have to suggest and set-up something. I'm assuming a tournament of some kind? 20:00 UK? I just got home and only had an half hour with the game so far, so I want to check more stuff out first. Do a little more of adventure mode, and maybe try to do a classic mode as well. And figure out how I unlock my partner Eeevee spirit.. I have a normal Eevee spirit, must be coincidence? It doesn't look like a partner version though, and it hasn't shown up. Hmm. I hoe you don't mind I'm absolutely terrible though, I forgot everything including controls, and lost the very first spirit fight I tried. Forgot how to jump while falling from the platform. I skipped the last generation obviously, but I never played the 2 games before that much either. I'm still in Smash 64 mode. What are those fancy side special moves? They are confusing me. Edit: This is probably a good time to update the friend codes thread, which I'll do later.
  10. Shall we gather for Whiskey and Smash tonight?
  11. Marvel's Phase Three

    Avengers: We bring them all back again! Then kill off some of them again. Or: Avengers: Hawkeye is not in it.
  12. Marvel's Phase Three

    We'll know this afternoon. And while not MCU related, I've missed Venom, but I'm excited about Spider-verse.
  13. Marvel's Phase Three

    If that's official, it would make sense for the Avengers trailer to be released today, as Spider-man comes after Avengers.
  14. Marvel's Phase Three

    I'm reading things about the Avengers 4 trailer releasing today.. Around 14:00 UK it seems.
  15. Mortal Kombat 11

    Now we have pretty much everything.. We only need a modern Street Fighter. Not sure if I'll get it, but it's a pretty damn cool announcement.