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  1. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Got this yesterday, and have been playing all night. Loving it, I like the battle system, and love to collect everything. I like trying out the new pins, got my first game over when I was trying a couple of new ones that took some adjusting of my playstyle. It's a bit like a rhythm game in that, as you have to figure out how to best combo your attacks, as this is how you do well.I've unlocked hard (and easy), so I'm playing mostly hard 10 levels below, but I'll check the other difficulties to see if they have some exclusive pins I'm not getting on hard. I'm on day 7, but the game's only about 18% complete. Got 55 or something pins out of over 300.
  2. PC Gaming Discussion

    I'd have put the videocard on before putting the motherboard in the case.. But good luck tomorrow.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Check your manuals. But most stuff should fit only one way.
  4. Well, you know right? I can only send 2 letters to anyone each day. I may be online in around 15 minutes. Otherwise I'll let you know.
  5. Photography.

    I'm no Polaroid expert, and scans of the pictures would be better to be able to judge them, but the top looks typically expired. The others don't, but expiration may also affect the exposure timing I think. The camera isn't new? I don't think it's the problem, but I'd get film fresh from a camera shop, or straight from the source. Make a test picture to see if the quality matches your expectations before you take baby shots, take a picture of some colourful object in front of a (really) well lit white wall.
  6. General Movie Thread

    I don't know man, the last film left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Not sure I'm inclined to give them another chance. Plus what the fuck is up with those Playstation controllers at the end?
  7. Yeah, I'm holding the rest hostage I'll send over the rest in installments (or you can come pick them up later tonight).
  8. Lego!

  9. You're in luck, as I'm still missing most of the autumn diys, but I have the lamp. I'll make one for you tomorrow.
  10. Indie Games

    There's a demo (the prologue) on Steam.
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    Just get a simple desk from Ikea (not too simple). The ones you can customize.
  12. Gris

    This is now also getting an European release.
  13. I assume you were succesful (and are in bed right now ), otherwise I can re-open.