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  1. I wanted to post Dune - 1000 Miles from home, as I'm doing some cleaning, and was going through my old stuff, including old CDs/ 1000 miles from home was, if I recall correctly,my very first CD single. But I'll post it another time. In view of this news, I'll post my favourite Daft Punk song instead. Edit: Also keep in mind they're both very active producers solo and with other collaborations I believe.
  2. I think so, but not sure anymore. I believe you can buy them from the nook shop app.
  3. As late as possible.. I'm a bit busy at the moment. Mostly want the recipe.
  4. I have bought everything.
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    You'll have to put up with them for a couple more days.
  6. Marvel's Phase 4

    Yeah, didn't expect Batman!
  7. Probably when I plugged in my USB keyboard, although I did try to do it carefully. It's never my internet.
  8. Gate's open, and I'll be open for a while. Weridly enough, there is a meteorshower, but I don't think Celeste is here. I haven't seen her. I may be AFK, or I may be fishing for a fucking freshwater goby.
  9. I'll probably open around 21:00 UK / 22:00 CET, unless that doesn't work for you.
  10. Isabelle announced another meteorshower tonight. I'll be open if people want to visit.
  11. Redd here with a fake basic painting and fake ancient statie left.
  12. Splatoon 3 (2022)

    Yeah, I hope they improve story mode and the co-op mode. But looking forward to it regardless.
  13. Pretty good stuff overall.
  14. Thanks Tales! I'm done. I saw a lost item lying around, so don't forget that one! It was near the triceratops.