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  1. Indie Games

    I have other spending priorities right now, but the game's on my wishlist, and I kind of want it. Edit: Oh and crap, this as well.
  2. It actually is.. You know Sumo wrestling is a sport right? (say something on-topic) Weather is getting better, so I try to go outside more to cycle. But I should do it more regularly. I hope to take up swimming though, once things start to open up again.. Hopefully that's next week. Cycling doesn't train my arms, and I don't care for the typical gym exercises.
  3. Ah, which mum wreath? I need to check if I have all of them. And I don't have a list of missing diys, not sure what I'm missing, except the orange dress and apple rug. Those 2 I'm definitely missing. And several autumn recipes.. But I'll just wait just get those then. Just quit the game, tomorrow I'll check if i have a spare lily record player somewhere. I think I do, but not sure.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    I'll wait for physical.
  5. Turnips are 572 here. It's also Ellie's birthday, and Sahara is here. I'll be open tonight.
  6. Netflix

    Jupiter's Legacy is truly terrible. Episode 1 is a pretty cool fight, episode 2 through 7 are a big void of character development, random drama, hints at intriguing backstory you're not going to see in season 1, and the most boring adventure of how they got their powers. Then episode 8 is the a terrible conclusion of a whodunnit, and basically just a set-up for season 2. Edit: I'm reading some article about the changes made in the TV adaptation.. Pretty much everything in season 1 is filler the TV show creators invented. I can't fathom why they thought that was a good idea.
  7. Space and the Universe

    Take some pics of the giant fireball.
  8. Space and the Universe

    Visit this site to check whether a Chinese rocket will crash on your house: Absolutely baffling. But if I understand things correctly, current predictions are that it wil crash near New Zealand? Somewhere tomorrow morning. Southern European countries were also in the risk area, but not sure if that's outdated info.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Nothing for me in June it seems.
  10. Photography.

    Finally got off my ass and faffed around with my dad's old SLR (stressing the absence of a 'D'). Exciting stuff, bringing your film to develop and having to wait all that time to see the results! Most didn't turn out wel, being over or underexposed. But the most important one turned out great. I'm also surprised all of the long exposure shots turned out good or decent, I was totally winging those.
  11. General Movie Thread

    I also still haven't seen it, but don't have any access to it. I'm also blissfully unaware of the meaning of Rosebuf though.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    Yeah I need to get my watches fixed. Just got the shipping notification for my Mass Effect hoodie, they were back in stock for a short time. It wasn't a priority back then, but I jumped on this chance.
  13. General Movie Thread

    Some films I've enjoyed online this year: Love and Monsters (Netflix) This was fun. The Mitchells vs The Machines (Netflix) Edit: so ehm yeah do not watch the trailer. It's fucking 3 minutes. who came up with that? i couldn't quickly find something shorter. This was VERY fun. Go watch it. The Trial of the Chicago 7 Interesting film based on a real trial. Couple of laughs, excellent cast. Should have seen this last year while I still had the chance to see it in a cinema. Alien on Stage Fun documentary about an amateur drama group trying to adapt Alien to theatre. Vicous Fun Horror comedy about a guy accidentally stumbling on a support group for serial killers. Al Morir la Matinee Just straight up retro slasher from Uruguay. Minor Premise Sci-fi thriller about a guy who ehh breaks his mind. Possessor Sci-fi about a female assassin who hi-jacks other bodies to do her job. Gagarine French social drama with a bit of a space theme. I als enjoyed Censor, a British horror about a woman working for the BFCC to censor horror films. But this doesn't seem to have a trailer. I wish I could have seen these in cinema.
  14. You could have, if I hadn't already quit the game to watch something on Netflix. If you still want to visit, I can open now.