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  1. N-E Cafe Podcast

    It's more fun for everyone that way. It's more fun for the people creating the awards because there are no preconceptions about what the awards have to be for. You are literally in charge of your own destiny with that one. You can be as outlandish as you want or can be more conservative with the award titles. I think the quirkier the awards, the more fun the viewer will have with it and the more likely it will make you stand out, as opposed to just a straight forward top 10 list. There's already a sea of podcasts out there, with every sucker becoming a youtuber or thinking that they can do it themselves, so it's all about having that something different. N-E's strength is its people and it's community-feel, so it makes sense to harness that in some way.
  2. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I'm only passing through this thread briefly. I don't listen to any podcasts because I don't tend to have the opportunity to do so. I'm not sure my group of 10 year olds would appreciate me listening to discussions about games when I'm trying to teach them about sex education. The only thing I'm going to add is... @Hero-of-Time plays a lot of games. A LOT. Certainly more than anyone that I've ever come across. The obvious thing to do here would be to get him involved in the podcast in some sort of capacity, or at least maybe some sort of segment so that he can pass off his knowledge on to others. There are tons of games that I ended up pursuing because he tipped me off that fence and tempted me enough to purchase whatever it was that he was playing or talking about at the time. Seems like everyone is missing a trick here. What will keep people coming back is that they know that they'll be gaining something every time they visit. If they listen to the podcast and decide that they like the interplay between the commentators, then they'll come back. If they like the discussion being had, they'll come back. If they know that they'll listen to a podcast and get at least one decent shout of a game suggestion that they had no previous knowledge of (or were on that fence), then they'll come back. These best of lists are boring as fuck now, tbh. Everybody is doing them and it just becomes "oh, which important game did they leave off this time?" kinda stuff. Plus, it becomes contrived, because a gamer will have needed to play x amount of games in the first place to make it worth while. You're better off having multiple categories but then choosing one game per category. E.g. which game made us want to break our controller in 2019?
  3. Languages

    Enjoy! I think any locals in any country will always be pleased when visitors attempt to speak the language, even if it is only through a few words or phrases. It shows that you're trying to respect the language/culture, which is nice.
  4. Football Season 2019-20

    Great result against Chelsea yesterday. I don't think either side performed that well and they had a load of chances that they simply didn't take. However, I will concede that I do think that their first goal should have stood. It was softly disallowed and we did just as many wrong things in that incident as they did. I'm not even sure if our lot even complained that it should have been disallowed before it went to VAR. Fred was immense. Didn't stop working for the entire game and was everywhere. I'm liking the look of him and Bruno Fernandes together, so it just leaves that other midfield spot to be sorted. A midfield of Fred-McTominay-Bruno could look decent. Also pleased that we kept a clean sheet. The game itself wasn't fantastic and it's quite clear to see just how average we're both becoming/are. Very little star quality on the field and it was hard to see (besides one or two) which players could elevate their sides. On the plus side, it was open and chances were created, so it wasn't a dull game by any means. But, I think both sides are in that 4-8th category and quite comfortably so.
  5. Languages

    This is now fact. Maybe it can become an urban legend. We could be famous on the internets! How are you finding Hungarian?
  6. Languages

    Props for even attempting Hungarian, @bob. I've heard that it is notoriously difficult. Not going anywhere near that.
  7. Happy Birthday, @Ashley!
  8. Just can't get Eenuh-th of you

    I can confirm that she had variable amounts of those three things.
  9. Independence Day !!!!

    Now that's what I call a close encounter.
  10. Brexit 2019

    Time for the Government and for the Brexiteers to now stand up and deliver. I will certainly look forward to seeing them being held to account and scrutinised over the many decision making processes that will take place over the coming years. There are certainly many divisions that are felt across the UK and it's going to become very clear that the EU is actually not the cause of many of these. I am still waiting to see how leaving the EU is going to solve these problems.
  11. Languages

  12. Football Season 2019-20

    Let's be real here for a second. Pogba is our most creative player and arguably our best one and he's been out for most of the season. We sold our top scoring striker, let go of our best performing midfielder (Herrera) for free (fucking madness) and didn't replace Fellaini or Sanchez. Losing McTominay a few weeks ago and now Rashford to injury is just the icing on the cake. The upper management of the club have been complete tripe. Really fucking stupid footballing decisions with no forward thinking behind any of it. Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho and now Ole have all struggled, with the common link between them being Ed Woodward. He has royally screwed the club over. If Ole goes, he should also go, too. Without a doubt. This just proves that you need to have people who know the game at least on some sort of level when appointing the upper management. Bankers only care about staying in the black. As long as United continues to turn over a profit, Woodward will continue to not give a shit.
  13. Languages

    I've recently got back into learning Italian and am enjoying it again. The Dutch and Spanish alongside this is still ticking along nicely, although I'm mostly leaning towards Dutch these days due to having more opportunities to use it. I still use Spanish occasionally at work when we have Spanish children come to visit, but my opportunities for using Italian are going to be sparse, unless we plan more holidays there.
  14. Football Season 2019-20

    I had it down as a clear and obvious foul from the beginning and was a bit shocked that the referee initially allowed play to go on! Seemed like a clear foul to me. Whether that goal stood or not, I don't think it would have had any bearing on the game, thankfully or not. Liverpool looked 2 or 3 levels better than us and looked like they could really have destroyed us had they wanted to. Aside from 15-20 minutes in the second half, we were second best everywhere.
  15. Football Season 2019-20

    We played terrible in the first half and then alright in the second. Midway through the second half, we started to create a few chances and Martial and Fred both missed amazing opportunities. At that point, Ole should have made a sub and brought on Greenwood. He waited too long, imo. Had the subs happened 10 minutes earlier, we could have turned the 2-0 loss into a 1-1. All three of our Summer signings looked dire today. Maguire has been quite disappointing, tbh. Probably the worst out of the three.