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  1. Brexit 2019

    I signed somewhere around the 200k mark, I think. Amazing that there are over 4 million signatures now. The march today also has a huuuuuge turnout. What are we thinking about the chances of a second referendum, after all?
  2. Brexit 2019

    So, more Brexit stuff happened. Simultaneously, nothing has happened.
  3. Brexit 2019

    I think she'll attempt to extend and will use her deal as the "starting point". The EU will vote to extend and I think it may even be a hefty extension, because they won't want to be seen as "the bad guys" who are forcing the UK to hurry up and decide. May will eventually move on her red lines and there will be some form of compromise. Ultimately, she will cling on to this deal for as long as possible until her own party kick her out, which I can't see them doing anytime soon. The chances of a final vote are looking slimmer and slimmer, in my view.
  4. Brexit 2019

    I also love how May is allowed to have multiple attempts at her deal, with the only real change being that she has bolded a few words, used a bit of word art here and there, and changed the font from Arial to Tahoma, whilst we're only allowed to only have one say despite being in a much better position now to make a more informed decision regarding the situation. They may grant us a short extension if they feel that May can finally get her deal through. Any longer than that though and we've then got the issue of the European elections.
  5. Football Season 2018/19

    Great result for Liverpool tonight. I thought 1-1 would be the result before the game, but to come out with a victory and with that scoreline is great for them, plus City yesterday. It's a good time for English clubs in the Champions League. Would be delighted if United could get a great draw and make it through to the Semi-Finals. We'll see what happens.
  6. Brexit 2019

    Why do I get the impression that these MPs just enjoy voting over stuff (and opposing things) rather than actually getting something done. Nothing has really been sorted out from tonight's votes. Eventually, these politicians are going to have to agree on something or there will definitely be No matter how much they claim that they don't want it. Also, all of this talk about a deal...there doesn't seem to be any current consensus about what this sort of deal should include. Labour and the Conservatives both want a Customs Union, and the Conservatives came back with a proposal for one, which Labour seemingly hated and voted against. So...we're just not making progress and I don't see what an extension will solve. It's almost worth withdrawing Article 50 and starting again. Or, you know, they could just come clean and state that they've tried and failed and the best possible deal is the one that we have. It just seems really silly to go through all of these negotiations, to waste all of this time, and to try to get something really close to what we currently have....when we could just quite literally keep what we already have. I still question why we are negotiating (and spending years doing so) to get worse than what we already have.
  7. Brexit 2019

    I want to feel sorry for May, but it takes a lot of effort to do so. She's delayed and delayed for so long and tried to get the deal through by warning "it's this or No Deal" and purposefully timed the vote as late as possible so that she could scare enough MPs into going for it. I said earlier on today that I would not be surprised one bit if she tries the same thing one more time. Realistically, it's taken such a long time to get to this position and, even with an extension of a few months, that's not a lot of time to negotiate a brand new agreement. It's absurd that we are in the current state that we are in as a country and with the deadline looming. I am trying to see the point of an extension but I do not trust our Government one jot to do anything with any extra time that could potentially be given to them. I 100% believe that they would waste that time and would not come up with a defined solution to deliver a workable Brexit with a majority in Parliament.
  8. Michael Jackson

    So, the Leaving Neverland documentary is now available to watch. I've got it recorded and am just finding the time (and the strength) to sit down and watch it. The allegations towards Jackson sound horrific and this documentary almost certainly will alter his legacy and the way that people respond to not only the person himself, but also his music. Especially with reports of many stations moving to ban any songs by him. Has anyone else seen this yet? If so, thoughts?
  9. My Retro Games Room

    Awesome up! Fuuuuck, look at how much space that original Xbox takes up. I remember it being big, but it seems huge here. The Euro SNES looks so much better than the US one. Always hated that design.
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I feel slightly the opposite of you @Blade in terms of the story, as I thought that it started off quite slow and ordinary to begin with. I felt that the story developed really well throughout and I simply loved that final scene: Beautiful scene, imo. I agree though that the strong points were definitely the battles. I loved all the setting up before a big fight and then just seeing the carnage ensue! Didn't get around to playing the DLC for some reason, but it looked beautiful, so I should get on that. I thought that there might have been a follow-up to this, but it seems to have gone a bit quiet in that regard. Would love to go back into this world!
  11. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    I've looked at the numbers that I've been lifting and it's occurred to me that the weight that I'm lifting is on par with what it was about 3 years ago, which was probably when I was also at my most physical peak, too. (e.g. when I looked physically better and felt better/fitter) I changed things up a lot since then, e.g. by going for more reps and less focused on lifting heavy, plus we've had lots of disruption due to work and moving/buying a house. Everyone is different, but what it shows to me is that my body probably reacts/performs better when I'm lifting heavier rather than going for reps. Interesting to look at.
  12. Football Season 2018/19

    Very frustrating game. Our passing, decision making and shooting were all awful. But, we still looked the more dangerous team and it's a mystery how the team didn't manage to score at least one goal. I didn't think there was much in the penalty and the De Gea fault was just really odd. A bit of a hangover after last week's heroics.
  13. Brexit 2019

    See, everything you have just said sounds completely logical and there's actually some sense to it. What Brexit has taught me is that, occasionally, logic goes out of the window. (also, I thought the EU/Parliament stated that any extension will be a short one, as in months. I can't see them extending anything close to 2 years in these current circumstances. Second referendum or general election on the other hand, then maybe)
  14. Brexit 2019

    Are we sure that we really, really want this so-called sovereignty after seeing just how shit our politicians actually are? It'll be a bit of a farce if May's deal goes through now, after seeing such little improvement over the last iteration of her proposed deal and after she was utterly decimated when they put it to a vote. Yet, it'll also be a piss-take if we go the extension route, because I'm not sure what the extension is going to solve. It's basically just wasting more time for things to not get done. How much further and for how much longer can the metaphorical can be kicked down that road? Surely there will come to a point where the EU will decide enough is enough and will want to move on?
  15. Football Season 2018/19

    No word of a lie, that injury time felt like absolute torture. Felt so sick watching it! Can't believe what I just the hell did we win that game AND go through?! Amazing, amazing, amazing! Think I woke the neighbours when Rashford scored that penalty. Could barely watch it. I love this game!