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  1. General Movie Thread

    I've been pestering @Eenuh to watch Whiplash for a while and we finally watched it yesterday. Yup, it pretty much lived up to my expectations and I can safely say that I loved every single second of it. Great finale, too. Can see why J.K. Simmons won an Oscar for his performance in this. Very intimidating during every scene! Would have hated that guy in real life.
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    Fucking typical with the Luke Shaw injury. Great idea to play internationals in the first full week of September.
  3. General Movie Thread

    I think you'll be hard pressed to find a film in that genre where the characters don't make bad or irrational decisions. Although, when watching the film in the cinema (only time I've seen it), I didn't think that there were that many bad decisions made. I bought into the world that they were aiming to create, and thought the atmosphere throughout was fantastic. When a film does a particular element so well, I can usually forgive some of the other stuff, but there wasn't really an awful lot there that I didn't like. Loved the usage of sign language, really liked the casting (as well as casting Millicent Simmonds - a deaf actress for that role, which she played perfectly) and thought it was well paced. There was never really a moment in the film where I stopped and thought "oh this film would be great if they didn't do this bit or that part".
  4. Football Season 2018/19

    I hope you put money on that... I've never put a bet on anything in my life. Maybe I should have this time around. Burnley were awwwwwwfuuuul today. They made us look good! United should have scored about 7 or 8 and Lukaku will be kicking himself for not getting his hat-trick today. Referee was useless for both sides. Gave Burnley nothing in the first half when our defenders basically manhandled Chris Wood. In the second half, he sent off Rashford for a headbutt, which was fine, but he didn't send off Bardsley for hacking Rashford down and for his part in the incident. Should have been a red for both. Theeeen, Ben Mee should have been sent off twice. The second one was hilarious. Lukaku is going through on goal, edge of the box, then Mee launches himself to the ground and handles the ball. Clearly knocked it away so that Lukaku couldn't go through! What did the referee give? A throw-in! Didn't even get a free kick for that. Pogba's penalty run up is awful. He had a pretty good game, but that run up was cringeworthy. Yuck.
  5. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Speaking of deadlifts, I squatted and deadlifted today for the first time since coming back from holiday. It went great, but it takes a lot out of you when you have to start up again. Wiped out now.
  6. Football Season 2018/19

    I know that United have been a bit shit (I use "a bit" lightly), but Luke Shaw has made a very good start to this season. I like what I see of him. Hope it comes off for him.
  7. Job woes/wins

    We've got a storage room at school which we just refer to as "the cupboard". Since I've been there, it's always been a mess. You could hardly walk in there, you could barely making it to the back without tripping over stuff and it was always a pain trying to find the thing that you were looking for, like the right types of books, or gluesticks. We've had a few people try to give it a tidy up over the years, but it would always get messy again. The tidying up referred to mainly "picking up on the floor and putting it on the shelf" or "organising the books neatly". Not really about getting rid of the old junk. I visited the cupboard a few weeks ago to put something away and could barely get through the door. There were books just left all over the place, boxes of shit in the way, objects all over the floor from where they had slid off the shelves, etc. I knew it needed sorting out. On Thursday, I borrowed the key for that room and announced to a few friends there who work on the front desk that I was going in there - to reeeeeeeeally tidy it up. I spent around 6 hours on Thursday and about 6 or 7 on Friday. We have a row of biiig rubbish bins which is on the other side of the building and I've already filled two of these bins up with junk from the cupboard. I've used at least 15 rubbish bags. The highlight was finding unused test papers and resources from 1997. It looks A LOT better now, but it's still not quite sorted. Going to go in again on Monday to do a final whip around, maybe vacuum it as I don't think it's ever been cleaned. Yuck. I was ruthless yesterday and binned so many things that we just didn't need anymore. Felt really good! I made so many trips to the bins yesterday and Thursday that my arms and shoulders ached afterwards. Due to the layout of the building, you have to go through a series of corridors, open the doors and it's quite a walking distance away. Also, for some reason, I now have a swollen left eyelid. It started hurting yesterday afternoon and it's annoying me today. Noticeably swollen. On top of that, my body aches, so I'm just going to do some computer work today and chill the fuck out.
  8. Forum Telephone ??

    I remember drawing something on paper, but I can't remember why we were doing it, haha!
  9. Football Season 2018/19

    I'm following the Leicester/Liverpool game, mainly because I've got 3 Liverpool players in my Fantasy team. Annoyed that Keita is benched! @Eenuh has Vardy in her squad and she was pissed when he got red carded the other week. Think Leicester will miss him big time today and I can't see them scoring without him, bar a set piece or something.
  10. General Movie Thread

    A sequel to A Quiet Place has been announced, with a May 2020 attached to it. Really enjoyed the film and rate it quite highly. I hope that they don't plan to do a direct sequel and instead look at a new set of characters in a different location. We'll see!
  11. Forum Telephone ??

    Dankjewel! Cheers for the explanation! I was, indeed, too lazy click on that link.
  12. No More Heroes: Travis Touchdown Strikes Again

    A bit disappointed with the direction that they've gone in with this game. I really enjoyed NMH and Desperate Struggle. It was quite exciting to see what the next game could look like with better hardware, so it's disappointing that this is the route that is chosen instead. The video shown above did nothing for me.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    Tasty Champions League groups. Think United will get through theirs, but maybe not as group winners. We'll see! Hoping for a better result this weekend. Think we'll get a 2-0 with Lukaku getting both goals.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    I've been using a rucksack to carry my work stuff over the last few years, including bottles of water, my wallet, stationary (dat skool lyf) and my bag has slowly been dying. I needed something a bit more professional looking or at least a bit more attractive than a rucksack, so I scoured the net looking for some kind of satchel/messenger bag/briefcase that would suit my working environment, yet also contained enough storage to carry water bottles, folders and potentially a laptop. Not as easy as I thought, as many of the items were quite thin in width. So, the height would be great, length would be fine, but there just wasn't enough width for many of them. In the end, I ended up looking on Amazon and came across this: This, I think, will do just fine. The downside is that it's pretty big! It's about 48cm long and 38 high, with 15cm in depth. Hope it's fine!
  15. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Available now, is Destiny 2.