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  1. Heroes Never Die!

    Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, everyone. I've had a lovely time. Went out for food at my favourite Indian restaurant on Saturday with @Eenuh and some friends. Then, spent the rest of the day/evening hanging out with them. I had a great time at work before then going out for pizza on my actual birthday. Tonight, some work people and I went out for post-birthday drinks and food. Feel like I've eaten so much this week! Ine has bought me some more weights (woooooo!) and aftershave (wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!) Some of my new favourite smells. On top of that, I've been looking at electronic drumkits and have just ordered one. This will be my first kit in over a decade. Really excited!'s been pretty great.
  2. Football Season 2017-18

    That's true, but we've been pretty negative in our attitude towards the teams in the upper end of the table. I love it when teams press high up the pitch and stop the opposition from having time on the ball. Liverpool did that really well today.
  3. Football Season 2017-18

    What a fantastic football match. Part of me did want City to get the equaliser just to see all those Liverpool tears, but I'm still glad that City lost. Crazy game. More of this, please. I wish United would hustle and play with the same intensity that Liverpool played with today.
  4. The Trump Presidency

    But by demeaning these countries, he's belittling the people who live there. I would class it as racist as he's using derogatory remarks to "put down" these people. There's an excellent quote here that I completely agree with:
  5. The Trump Presidency

    So...what do we make of the latest stuff regarding his comments about "shithole countries"? On a humorous note, it's unbelievable how many times I've heard the word shit on the news in the last week. It just doesn't feel like real life, but as if we're in an episode of South Park.
  6. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I'm feeling this a bit, at the moment. Whilst the weight I was moving was by no means impressive, I just think of what I could do before and what I'm doing now and it's mindblowing. Almost a "how the bluddy hell did I do that?!" moment. Definitely going to be getting back into a more consistent routine. Although it's probably a lot better than the average person who doesn't exercise or rarely does it or maybe visits a gym once a week, it's still not what I want it to be.
  7. Burnout: Paradise

    Never played the game and am on the lookout for a racer, so...there is potential there. I have been looking at GTSport, but not sure if that's the sort of racer I'm looking for. Seems to be a bit of a shortage of racing games out there, or at least variation. Why are there so many different options for first person shooters (including variation in genres) but such a shortage with racers. There's Forza and Mario Kart and very little in between.
  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Make sure you keep on sidequesting! The sides are just as fantastic as the main storyline. Which markers have you turned off? I'm interested in doing that when I play the game the second time around. Interested to see how it alters the way I approach the game. I put hundreds of hours into it...looking forward to doing all of that again.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    So, Dark Souls Remastered is coming soon. We own DSIII, but I haven't got around to playing it. @Eenuh has and she loved it. Tempted to get the remastered game when it's out and then play through that, 2 and 3 to experience the lot. Orrrr...I may just play Bloodborne again.
  10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Really, reaaaally jealous that you're playing this right now. My favourite game of all time. I'm going to replay this plus expansions during the summer. Cannot fucking wait! Blood and Wine is just fantastic. Love the region and the feeling of being in that area...I might just freeze myself until the summer comes.
  11. About time we had the 2018 edition of this. What is everyone's goals for this brand new year? I've bought my first ever pair of weightlifting shoes as I was tired of using my old, worn out trainers. Had my first session yesterday using them and it was like squatting with your feet cemented to the floor. They are really well built and I should get tons of usage out of them. So far, big thumbs up from me. @Eenuh bought my some new Olympic dumbbell bars for Christmas. I used those for the first time yesterday and am quite impressed with them. I love getting new shit!
  12. My Retro Console Collection: Remastered

    Awesome work, dude. I always feel nostalgic whenever I see a MegaDrive/MegaCD combo.
  13. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I would personally just stick with it. I wasn't immediately wowed by it, but it has a certain quality that does suck you in. It gets better the more you get into it. (also, no album is ever really good on just a first playthrough. They take repeated listens, time to digest and getting used to it. This is more of the equivalent of judging Radiohead's OK Computer after the first two songs and only one listen)
  14. Football Season 2017-18

    Financial Fair Play is totally meaningless and is just a mockery now. I doubt anything will happen and I can see the prices just increasing and increasing. Agents (and others) make far too much money from this game and there are far too many outside interests involved. Football is due a crash.
  15. Football Season 2017-18

    Probably deserved a yellow. Whether he went into the crowd or not is irrelevant really, it was a push and that is more deserving of a yellow. Still a stupid thing to do. So, Coutinho is off then. £142million is a lot of money, until you realise that all transfer prices are now inflated. Virgil Van Dyk being an example of that. May as well just play with Monopoly money.