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  1. What model/brand of amp is it? Doesn't sound too good, tbh. That's frustrating. At least the clean function is still good, that's something. You could always use a distortion pedal or some kind of overdrive pedal, and then you wouldn't necessarily need the gain/overdrive on the amp. That could be a slightly cheaper short-term fix until you then have enough money for an amp. Come to think of it, I almost always just have the amp set to clean and do all of the dirty stuff through pedals. So...maybe? A Boss DS1 will cost you around £60. A ProCo Rat is slightly more expensive.
  2. I'm going to be completely honest and say that even I didn't think they would stoop this low to allow staff/pupils to go back for one day after Christmas before then closing the schools. I thought we'd maybe get 2 weeks out of this term, at the most. I expected to hear something on Sunday at the latest whether or not the school reopening would go ahead, but all we kept hearing was that it would be fine for Primary, but that Secondary schools would go back later. The messaging has been so, so poor. Absolutely all over the place. All trust in this government is gone.
  3. It's a proper piss-take. We've had people stressed out of their minds over the last week or so trying to figure out how best to organise the testing and still run a school. We were due to test pupils tomorrow.
  4. This government...bunch of knobbers. All week we've been fed the line that schools are safe. Schools are safe. Except secondary schools, they're off for a few weeks. But the rest are safe. Here's some tests that we're going to give you over the Christmas break; learn how to administer these to pupils. Get the pupils to learn how to test themselves. Schools are safe. No, we're not closing them all. Yes, they're fine to open on Monday. Ok, it's now 8pm on Monday and we've now decided that schools are not safe, so go online immediately. Wankers. How last minute can you get? We were in school today for inset, preparing to deliver face-to-face education because that's what we were told to do. Many schools opened up to pupils today. Now, from tonight, we have to go remote. This is clear as day...this government do not know what they are doing. There can be no argument. Properly dicked us about. We've got over 1500 Covid tests in school that we were told to administer, now we can't even do that because we're closed for 6 weeks (except to key workers).
  5. Demon's Souls (12th November 2020)

    Yes, what @Goron_3 said. Play Bloodborne. God-tier game. Hnnnnnng. If you don't play Bloodborne, I'll play it again.
  6. Football Season 2020-21

    That was a great and open game. I'm delighted that we managed to get through that with the points, because Villa are bluddy hard to play against now. I was tense for the entire second half and thought you'd nick the draw, but we somehow held on. Pogba and Bailly were immense! Great performances from them. I thought the penalty was very soft and was waiting for it to be overturned. We also defended badly for the Villa goal, but I thought we did enough in the game to justify the win. Just about. Maybe. I dunno. I don't really care at this point, it's just about grinding out results!
  7. I got mine cut about a week before Christmas, but it'll be about another 2 weeks before it needs it again. It just fluffs up out of nowhere. Quite impressive that Bournemouth went from tier 2 to tier 4. Should have just announced a total lockdown, kept it consistent across the country and then everyone would be clear on what the rules are. I don't think the tiered system has worked because it's been too complicated for the general public to keep up with the rule changes. It was much simpler when it applied to the country as a whole, plus it did have a sense of unity that all were in the same boat. The initial lockdown was successful but it all seems to have fallen apart since the Summer. The current rates are scary as fuck. I'm amazed that schools are's also slightly hilarious that primary school children and staff seem to be invincible from Covid, according to this Government. Those primary kids who can't social distance, btw. It's all very messy.
  8. Football Season 2020-21

    I did the whole: YESSSS *looks to see if VAR is going to rule it out* *they don't* YESSS Bailly was quality last night. Thought Matic was good, too. Pogba grew into the game in the second half. We seemed reluctant to take shots though, but Wolves had so many players back that a deflection like that was always likely. Glad to see that we tried more of that in the second half. Greenwood looked great in the first half so I was surprised to see him hooked.
  9. Last of Us Part II

  10. Last of Us Part II

    On a random note, I can't stand There Will Be Blood! I think I tried to watch it twice and I just didn't take to it. A bit odd for me to have such a strong negative reaction to films because I'd like to think that I will accept films for what they are, but I didn't enjoy it either time.
  11. Football Season 2020-21

    The ball went in. Don't care how it did, but it did! Finally. I thought Wolves were going to hang on. Such a terrible game, so to get three points after that is great. Can't describe just how bad the game was.
  12. Football Season 2020-21

    Where did that Arsenal performance come from?! Thought they played well. Could have and maybe should have scored more. Arteta looks like a good coach to me but just needs better players in the squad. Asking him to get top four with that squad is a big ask. United annoyed me earlier. Should have won the game, surrendered the lead twice and were wasteful with our chances. Rashford should have had a hattrick today. A point away at Leicester is a good point, but it does feel a bit disappointing and more like 2 points dropped after how we did.
  13. Christmas 2020

    That's brilliant. I think instead of posting pictures here, from now on we should just describe them in this way.
  14. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    A little bit of a thread bump here... So, the UK has finally negotiated a deal to leave the EU. Thoughts? My thoughts are...we've spent four years actively working to get less than what we already had as members of the EU. I'm still waiting to see what the benefits are of this.