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  1. Football Season 2018/19

    Was thiiiiis close to triple-captaining Aguero this week but then, for some reason unknown, forgot to do it. City are 3-0 up against Southampton at home after 20 minutes, with Aguero scoring the second goal. Daaaaaammmmmiiiittt.
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    Genuinely do hope that this idea dies very soon. It'll just further alienate fans from the game. Personally can't see it happening... Very poor first half from United, but they came out and did a lot better in the second. Close game, but a victory away to Bournemouth with how they are currently playing and where they are in the league is a very good result. A bit concerned with how slowly we start games and it seems that the team only really start playing when they go a goal or two down. Can't keep doing that. Defensively, the team has to improve. Glad to see Martial getting a run of games and he is the one player that we can rely on at the moment.
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3

    Yeah, agreed. Really thinking that I should play the other games and get on this. Feeling in a Disney kind-of mood nooooow. Funny enough, Tangled was one of the Disney films that I didn't think much of at first, but have grown to quite like it now.
  4. Football Season 2018/19

    Still can't quite believe that such a thing has happened. It really is horrible. It does seem strange to me how long it seems to be taking to confirm exactly who was in the helicopter and their current status, and I can't tell whether that's a good or a bad thing. I've read some stories about the owner recently and they're great stories. He seems to be loved by the people in that city and has done a lot for the area surrounding the club, so this will be a huge loss if we do receive confirmation soon.
  5. General Movie Thread

    Saw it yesterday and loved it. It's got a mixture of everything. The last 15 minutes or so were magical and a great way to close the film.
  6. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    The temptation is just too great with chocolate for me. I don't drink all that much, but chocolate is my own pitfall. At our place, we're surrounded by it. It's in the staff room whenever it's someone's birthday, you get it as a gift for Christmas and Easter and at the end of the year, so it's hard to escape it. If I can limit my weakness food to only that, then it won't be so bad. Whenever I have time off, I like to exercise as close to breakfast as possible. For one thing, it gets it out of the way. Plus, the longer the day goes on, the harder it is to actually get started with it since it's easier to just put it off. Good luck (and congratulations!) with the baby. Maybe the trick there will be to exercise for shorter times but as regularly as possible during the week. That could increase over time as the baby gets older, possibly?
  7. Hnnngg. I imagine that it still looks great on a regular PS4. Are there any framerate issues with it or anything like that on either the Pro or regular PS4? Game looks graphically intense and huge...
  8. You playing this on regular PS4 or Pro?
  9. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Try buying shittier chocolate? Tescos own brand tastes like arse. You may be onto something there. That sounds like it would definitely put me off.
  10. Looking back at Pokémon spinoffs

    The cards were huuuuge at our school. But you're right, nobody ever played the game, so the cards were just used for trading. My youngest brother figured out quite quickly that he could trade some of the better cards for actual money, so he ended up going door to door and sold them. Was half jealous of the idea (plus the money he made) and half impressed.
  11. For some reason, I've decided to start teaching @Eenuh how to play the guitar. She's actually doing pretty well at it and has learned quite a few chords already. We started off with our first "lesson" about 2 weeks ago or something and I thought that she would get bored of it quite quickly. But, she's sticking with it and is doing really well. It's also not a bad time to learn as there are a billion YouTube tutorials out there and explanations and stuff, so it should keep her ticking along nicely. Quite impressed.
  12. Awesome thread and really enjoyable to read. I actually still find myself gaming pretty regularly, but it's mainly Overwatch. That game just dominates so much of my gaming time that it doesn't leave much room for the other games. The issue I guess is that there are lots of regular events and they can last for a few weeks. So, you play those events because the events are fun, but you also want the skins, emotes, voice lines, highlight intros, etc. It's also a fun multiplayer game, as I play it with @Eenuh a lot when we've eaten or I've finished my preparation work for the next day, so usually quite late on. It's quite exciting to open a box and see that either one of us has received something cool or that one skin that we've been waiting for, and it's also pretty great to get a last second victory or something to that effect. There's a lot of replayability there, so it's our main go-to game. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm in a rut, but my limiting factor these days is time. So, there's no sense in buying a huge adventure or open world game, because I haven't got the time to really appreciate it. The problem is that I have quite a few other things that I enjoy doing with my free time, like exercising, playing music, learning languages, watch tv shows, etc, all of which are veeeeery time consuming. My job takes up a huge amount of time, so I often find that I leave the house early, get home fairly late and still have a few other things that need doing, emails to reply to, etc. On top of that, I exercise around 4 or so times a week, so I need to factor in the time for that. So, gaming has to be balanced amongst all those. I think when you consider all of that, to get an hour or so of Overwatch in regularly throughout the week isn't too shabby. Another thing to think about is guilt. I guess whenever I do have free time, you feel that you should do something worthwhile with it, so you almost end up prioritising your hobbies. There are still lots of games that I have unopened that I just need the time to play. It's basically just time management. I know that there's no use starting Game A any time soon, because Game A requires X amount of time to enjoy and that may be better off for later, but I could play Game B in the meantime. I know that in a few weeks, I'll have enough time to enjoy Game A properly, plus I won't be too tired to fully appreciate it. It's not necessarily down to money because, actually, you can build up a decent PS4 collection really easily with great deals here and there and with PSN sales. That's probably one thing that has pushed me closer to that camp.
  13. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I've reintroduced dumbbell lunges into my routine and I haaaaaate them. Legs are on fire afterwards, so I've put them right towards the end. Have also decided that I eat waaaay too much chocolate, but it's really hard not to when it tastes so good. Why?!
  14. Football Season 2018/19

    Man Utd got played off the park by Juventus. That first half was so painful to watch, and I think the only reason we did better in the second half was because they knew they could sit back as we didn't have enough firepower to hurt them. Cancelo looks like a really good player, as does Bentancur. Have to admire Juve, as they just seem to be able to build teams and rebuild whilst still playing good football and winning these sort of games. We couldn't get close to their midfield at all.
  15. Gamecube

    I've never liked it either. It doesn't really reflect the game at all, which is surprisingly difficult and takes a lot of time and patience to master! Never felt that this was a particularly good multiplayer game, at least not on splitscreen. Graphically, the game looks fantastic in singleplayer, but noticeably isn't as great (still nice, though) when you get into 3 and 4 player. Also, it's one of those games where I feel that you need the entire screen to get the most out of it, since it relies on sharp turns and knowing what's coming up ahead. Amazing game, would definitely benefit from being online nowadays.