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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    Didn't see a thread for it but Little Town Hero came out today, it's been getting mixed reviews but it's a lot cheaper than I expected - it's only £22.49 on the eShop. Has anyone picked it up?
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Was just browsing through the PS4 games on the Argos site and noticed that there have been some new additions to the PlayStation Hits range. The new God of War and Uncharted: Lost Legacy are some great additions, I didn't realise they had so many recent games for so cheap.
  3. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    I watched some of Digital Foundry's analysis and it looks surprisingly good, I have never played The Witcher 3 on any other system but have always intended to get it at some point and it seems like the Switch port is very much worthwhile. The way I play RPG's I'm more likely to play on the go so I'm more likely to pick up the Switch version than the PS4 one. There is just too much on my backlog already to warrant buying it now but watching that DF video definitely has me tempted to try it out.
  4. General Movie Thread

    Anyone else watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie yet? I definitely enjoyed it but it seems pretty unnecessary. I suppose Jesse is such a beloved character that it feels right to flesh out his character more but I definitely prefer the approach of Better Call Saul.
  5. Awesome stuff thread

    I was looking up the Fairlight the other day, curious to see if it was possible to buy one but they still fetch upwards of £10,000 all these years later. Much of Kate Bush's album 'Hounds of Love' utilised the Fairlight and I'd love to be able to mess around with one at some point.
  6. General TV Thread

    Will wait until Mr Robot is further along before starting the fourth season but I'm really looking forward to it. I've been making my way through a bunch of series the last few weeks, taking full advantage of all the free time I've got, and just watched the final episode of Halt and Catch Fire. What a wonderful series, it's such a shame that it didn't catch on with audiences as well as it should have. It's also criminal that none of the cast or creatives were ever nominated for any Emmy's or Golden Globe's for their work, Toby Huss in particular is so underrated and Susanna Skaggs deserves a lot of praise for her portrayal of Haley. It was funny how many of my favourite songs they featured in Season 4 too, was a trip hearing Rid of Me by PJ Harvey at the end of one of the episodes. Last week I watched through The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance on Netflix. Growing up I had always intended to watch the original film but didn't get around to it until a couple of months ago and although I found the tone of it a bit too dry the character design and the sheer audacity of the puppetry was enough to pull me through. The series definitely retains the beautiful ugliness of the world and character design but the plot and the characters are much more palatable while still keeping the dark tone intact. I think a lot of the improvement comes down to the wider cast of characters, the original was so limited on that front and having multiple protagonists makes the world seem more alive. It was a really good call by Netflix to release a making of documentary alongside the series too, it's fascinating seeing all the work that went into making all the sets and the characters. Jim Henson would surely be proud to see his character brought to life again, especially with several of the key people from the original films production working on the series. Chernobyl though is the best series I've seen in a long time. Purely in terms of production value it is practically perfect, the visuals are stunning and the music is incredible - it would be so beautiful if it wasn't so traumatic.
  7. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    The BBC's new gameshow is basically a giant version of Lucky Hit fronted by Danny Dyer.
  8. Football Season 2019-20

    I think they changed the rules recently so that new signings can play in European competition for their new club even if they have already played in the group stages. It's been a very odd start to the season on the whole, I'm quite happy with Villa's performances so far - can't really ask for more than 1 point a game - but many of the other teams down the bottom have garnered a lot more points than I'd have thought. Before the season started I'd have said that Steve Bruce was nailed on to get sacked first but now he looks positively secure in his job and the likes of Marco Silva, Ole and Pochettino seem the most likely candidates to lose their jobs now.
  9. General Movie Thread

    I thought Joker was pretty good. It's basically just Taxi Driver meets The King of Comedy in the Batman universe but it works quite well. Joaquin Phoenix is predictably great but I think the writing could have been a lot better.
  10. General Retro Discussion

    I would love to visit the parallel universe where Shenmue actually came out on the Saturn, considering it was too ambitious for even the Dreamcast it would be really interesting to see what concessions they would have made to get it on the Saturn.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I don't see how their bankruptcy is Nintendo's problem, not to sound cruel but they are a completely separate company aren't they? Nintendo may have worked with them consistently for the better part of 20 years but they don't have a say on how the company is run. Obviously the higher ups at Alphadream were making some pretty glaring errors to leave the company in such steep debt, the only way Nintendo is at fault is if they weren't giving Alphadream a fair share of the revenue but they probably wouldn't have worked together for so long if that was the case. Hopefully the developers can find jobs elsewhere quickly and Nintendo should absolutely help in that situation
  12. Sayonara Wild Hearts

    Played through this tonight and had the biggest smile on my face throughout most of it. A joyous assault on the senses, I felt practically breathless during each level. I'm a huge fan of the likes of Charli XCX and Grimes so the soundtrack is right up my street, I'm finding it hard to find fault with the any aspect of the game - it has lived up to my expectations in every regard, going to enjoy playing through it again.
  13. Last of Us Part II

    This is another 2-disc game, could indicate that it's significantly longer than the first game but it's more likely that Naughty Dog need the extra storage space for hi-res assets. As for the trailer, it looks fantastic (as expected) though I'm surprised that it's coming out in February. There was a press event yesterday too where plenty of journalists got their hands on it, I think the embargo for that lifts tomorrow afternoon UK time. We didn't get much of a glimpse at new gameplay mechanics in the trailer so the hands on impressions should shed some light on the differences from the original.
  14. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    I had issues with authenticating my Nintendo account recently too, you can sort it out completely by logging into your My Nintendo profile and disabling two step verification and then re-enabling it. It will give you a new QR code to scan with Google Authenticator as well as a new list of back up codes.
  15. General Movie Thread

    Terminator Dark Fate has an absurd number of cross promotions - just saw an advert for DW Fitness that was Terminator themed. Super weird.