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  1. Microsoft bought Zenimax/Bethesda

    Just catching up with the news, Microsoft really mean business - doing everything they can to bring people into their ecosystem. Are they definitely contractually obligated to release Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 on the PS5? Deathloop's timed exclusivity obviously won't be affected but it's so early in development for the others that they might not be locked in to delivering it to every platform.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    Fifa 21 is up for pre-purchase on the eShop, they're expecting people to pay £45 for a legacy edition that doesn't have a trailer or even any screenshots. The worst thing is plenty of people will probably pony up for it, sight unseen, just based on the brand
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Yeah, when they announced Destruction All-stars I was convinced it would be free to play...
  4. Will be interested to see Digital Foundry's analysis of Ori, Will of the Wisps ran like trash on the standard Xbox One so they'll have had to make some bigger concessions than they did with the original
  5. Capcom is finally showing up! Guess you're not worried about Monster Hunter being on a handheld again, now are you @drahkon?
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Keighley is saying Demon's Souls is a launch title, I'm going to have to look in to selling my PS4 Pro to fund a PS5 now...
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    No help in hell of me being able to afford a PS5 in 2 months time but I would happily pay £450 to play Demon's Souls - it looks incredible. I think Sony are taking a bit of a hit on the digital edition, a 4K blu ray drive won't be cheap but it won't cost anywhere near £100.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Fuck JK Rowling.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    I think the size of the production process can affect yields too, Intel for instance have struggled with getting the 7nm process right whereas AMD have been processing chips at that size for a while. Microsoft will be less worried about poor yields as the Series S will theoretically be able to utilise the Series X chips that aren't up to snuff - using less cores means 'defective' chips would still be able to meet performance thresholds for the Series S.
  10. Listing for a Mass Effect Trilogy collection showed up on a retailers website then got quickly removed, seems like a safe bet that it'll show up here. New Monster Hunter announcement seems too big for this though, surely? Capcom more likely to reveal it at TGS
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion (Nov 19 EU)

    Yeah, it has to at least be as expensive as the Switch Pro controller. The way Sony are talking up the haptics could just be hot air and it could only be as good as the Switch HD rumble (which wouldn't be a bad thing by any means) but the fact that the triggers have adaptive resistance will surely make it pricier to produce than the Switch controllers. Insiders have been hinting at Silent Hill being revealed in this showcase so that's my only out there hope for it, though it would be nice to see something from Ueda's new project. I think it will be mostly updates on games that we already know about, the launch titles will get an 'Available at launch' tag to their trailers but they'll keep the actual release date under wraps until the end of the presentation when they'll announce the RRP alongside it.
  12. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    A couple of weeks late posting my August update so I've got a couple of extra ones that I completed recently to throw in too. Kicked off the month by finishing The Last of Us: Part II on PS4 and I thought it was ok. It suffers from similar problems to the first game for me, the gameplay doesn't feel as vital to the whole package as the story but this time around the story is pretty hit and miss. I really like Ellie and Dina's relationship, it feels like it evolves quite organically and the chatter is usually entertaining. It's a bit jarring playing as Abbie to begin with, especially when the gameplay switches entirely to her about halfway through - I actively disliked her in the early parts of that section so I didn't care about her dying at all. She grew on me as the game wore on but I think the way that they structured things really killed the pacing at times. The stealth sections were definitely the most enjoyable, the only time in the game that I felt truly engaged with the gameplay, but the game still suffers from the usual Naughty Dog problems - the 'harder' enemies just being bullet sponges being one of the most apt gripes here. It was a decent game though, not deserving of either the absolute vitriol or praise it's been getting. Next up was Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 on Switch, I think I only played the first one through once but I enjoyed it's old school Castlevania vibes. I spent more time with this one so I got more out of it, completing each of the episodes. Even on casual mode it was pretty challenging at times but there was plenty of variation in the level design and bosses. Absolutely worth the money to get that authentic Castlevania feel. I followed that up with A Short Hike. I'd never actually seen what this game looked like, I had just heard through word of mouth that it was a must play little indie game so when it showed up in the Nintendo Indie Showcase I fell in love with the DS-style visuals and was surprised when the title came up at the end. I bought it straight away and played through it day or so later and it didn't really live up to my expectations. It was cute and charming but I don't think I was in the right state of mind to get the most out of it, I found myself rushing through bits so I think I'll have to play it again and devote some more time to exploring every little nook and cranny. I set up my Wii U again in a bid to knock out that side of my backlog but the first game I fired up was a virtual console game, Pokemon Snap. I played little bits of it when I was younger, my cousin had a copy, but I never owed it myself so it was mostly new to me. Again another one that didn't really grab me, it was fun in short bursts but I never felt properly invested in it and didn't feel that I really improved in my technique at all. I can see why people love it so much, and I'll definitely check out the sequel on Switch, but it seemed just about average to me. Finishing August and sneaking into September, I played through Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. It was nice to see Monolith revisit the world of the first game in this short epilogue but it does feel a bit tacked on, the battle system especially is not as engaging as it is in the main game - it's as if they discount all that you learn through the main adventure and force you to learn entirely different mechanics. Because of this I found some battles a lot tougher than they probably should have been but I managed to brute force them eventually. The additional story never really impressed me, apart from a couple of scenes at the end, but the Ponspectors were a thoroughly charming addition to the series. Lastly I finished Star Fox Guard yesterday afternoon. I got the physical version of the game in a special edition of Star Fox Zero back in 2016, I played through Zero immediately and gave Guard about twenty minutes or so but it didn't click with me - it's been on my backlog all that time so I finally decided to bite the bullet and play through it. I've never played a tower defence game before so the gameplay was pretty much brand new to me but juggling the gamepad and the TV screen at the same time made things more challenging than they should have been, especially at first. Similarly to Pokemon Snap, I never really felt like I improved at the game just that more abilities and equipment was opened up as I progressed through the story. It has that dumb Star Fox charm to it in places, Grippy should definitely get a cameo in the next mainline game, but its presentation is a bit ropey in places. Will try and be a bit more prompt next month, hopefully after getting through a few more games before September closes out.
  13. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    You can still pre-order it from the official Nintendo UK store so either the demand is low on there or they have more copies available than with usual limited availability stuff like special editions. Usually with special editions the pre-orders close between a few hours and a few days after going up, but Mario is still available on there more than a week later so it would be weird for it not to readily available elsewhere too - I doubt that Nintendo would be hoarding all of the stock for their own storefront.
  14. There's also a big possibility with BOTW2 that there is an entire underworld to explore, the trailer certainly hints at the caves and caverns below Hyrule will play a big part in the story so even if they are reusing a lot of assets there could still be a huge world to design (and a handful of proper, meticulously crafted dungeons too)
  15. Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have figured out the only way to get me interested in playing a Warriors game. It's a great idea, the only issue I really have is that there won't be any stakes to the narrative given that we know how it all ends but I'm definitely intrigued. I wonder how much they'll flesh out the champions and Zelda's backstory, given they're working quite closely with the BOTW dev team.