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  1. Forgot they were dropping the trailer at 9pm so only just watched it. It was okay I guess, Mario does look a bit weird in motion at first but I'll probably get used to that, definitely wasn't a fan of Pratt's performance though - yes it's a bit unfair to judge it on such a short clip but it did seem a bit phoned in. I've never seen any other Illumination films but I can safely say they're probably not for me so I don't really care whether this film is any good or not. Will be interesting to see what the rest of the cast sounds like.
  2. It does look like they're plushies, making me think that Mario starts out human but turns into a toy when he arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom
  3. General Retro Discussion

    I had no idea Nintendo released such a high capacity memory card - though 259 was as high as it went
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I can kind of understand it if they're just bringing it up the same spec as Forbidden West, basically tweaking things slightly to implement accessibility options and take advantage of new graphical capabilities of the updated Decima engine but it does sound like they're taking the same sort of approach as The Last of Us Remake. No doubt they'll charge full price for it too. I haven't played Zero Dawn yet but I have the Complete Edition in my library, which has been patched to take advantage of PS5's extra power so it really doesn't seem necessary to go to the trouble of making a brand new native port. I don't think it's entirely fair to say that the only first party releases are Returnal, Ratchet and Demon's Souls (the cross gen releases haven't been held back as much as they might have been in previous generations) but there has definitely been a dearth of games that take full advantage of the new hardware. I haven't really noticed, I've still got plenty of PS4 games to play through, but I can see how it would be worrying to more die hard PS fans to see major studios getting tied up working unnecessary ports of very recent games.
  5. Football Season 2022/23

    It's ridiculous, it wouldn't even be surprising if he scored 50 league goals this season. Could have Shearer's record wrapped up before he even turns 28.
  6. Shenmue Anime Announced

    Unfortunately we won't be getting any more seasons of the Shenmue anime, Adult Swim have confirmed that the series has been cancelled. Crunchyroll will keep the episodes available to stream but HBO Max will be deleting it from their service. It's a bit of a shame, it seemed as if it the first season was pretty well received, and its a big blow to the franchise in general. I watched the first season earlier this year and I enjoyed it, even if it felt a bit rushed (wish they'd focused on the first game, gone a bit more in depth, perhaps fleshing it out with new side stories and characters, rather than cramming the story of the first two games into 13 episodes) but despite some issues it definitely had promise so I'm pretty disappointed we won't be seeing any more episodes. I was hopeful it would renew interest in the series enough for Yu Suzuki to be able to finish telling the story in Shenmue 4 but at the very least I thought we'd get to see it wrapped up in subsequent seasons of the anime - now that its cancelled the chances of Ryo's story being completed seem incredibly remote.
  7. Taking a Break

    Sorry to hear how much you've been struggling, take care of yourself - hope you feel better soon
  8. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I'm a little late to the party with my August update, and I only managed to play two games because most of my time was taken up by playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on Switch. I won't go into too much detail about the specifics of the story or the characters but it definitely had the weakest start of any of the entries in the series that I've played, it all felt a bit too fragmented and overwhelming, throwing too many characters at you in one go, the earlier entries allow you to focus a bit more on one main character which helps to ease you in, so it was a little jarring not to have that this time around. I appreciate that Monolith have made more of an effort to make the game more accessible to new players this time, they do a better job at explaining the mechanics, but it does feel like they went a bit overboard at times, holding your hand to the point of forcing you to follow the on-screen instructions as it walks you through switching classes or assigning gems which can be a bit irritating and break the flow early on in the game. Despite the developers being more accommodating to new players the battle system still felt pretty overwhelming, even as a veteran of the series the pace at which new systems are introduced made my head spin at times and the changes from XC2 took me a while to get used to. I soon got the hang of things though, it wasn't long before the story and characters drew me in and as I reached the end of the first chapter I was well and truly hooked. Visually I think it might be the most stunning game in the series, Monolith seem to have ironed out the most glaring issues in terms of image quality, I haven't watched the DF analysis yet so I'm sure if you really nitpick the resolution isn't very high on paper, but it holds up really well in motion and really allows the characters and environments to pop. Some of the locales are absolutely stunning, Xenoblade has always done scale really well but 3 takes it to a whole other level, there were countless awe inspiring moments as I was exploring the world, it really is a gorgeous looking game. One aspect of the presentation that really impressed with me was the sheer number of characters on screen, having so many party members actively taking part in battle can certainly be overwhelming and chaotic at times but I hardly ever noticed the frame rate suffer, even with all the effects going on, definitely Monolith's most accomplished technical achievement yet. Another major improvement over previous entries comes in the side quests, forgoing the fetch quest heavy design in favour of deeper and more involved quests, the most notable being the addition of Hero quests. It is so easy to get side tracked and spend hours at a time away from the story, delving deeper into the lives of the NPC's and building affinity with each colony - some of my favourite character moments came from entirely optional quests. It's hard to know where to rank Xenoblade 3 among the other entries in the series, in terms of the story it is definitely has the strongest 'Saturday morning cartoon' vibes that make it feel a bit daft at times, but it also had some of the most touching moments I've experienced across the series. I didn't click with the battle system in the same way I did during my playthrough of 2 or Torna but in the end it turned out to be the easiest game I've played in the series, allowing me to beat the final battle at my first attempt. There are obviously drawbacks and negatives from my time with the game, it's practically impossible for a 100 hour + game to be utterly perfect, but on the whole Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was a very special experience that will stay with me for a very long time - definitely a contender for GOTY. Once I was finished with Xenoblade, I wrapped up August by playing through the original Wave Race on my Retroid Pocket. I don't have too much to say about it, I really struggled to get to grips with the controls so when I got to the higher classifications I was quickly left behind by the CPU so I didn't feel up to pushing on and actually 'completing' the game. It seems like it was pretty impressive for the time and the hardware but I think I'm too used to playing more modern racing games to be able to click with a top down racer. I might go back to it in future, see if I can learn the intricacies of the controls, but at the moment I'm happy to leave it behind and move onto other things. It's been a while since I played anything on PS5 so I'll probably try and play through a few games on there next, try and clear my backlog before the big end of year games arrive to monopolise my time.
  9. Pikmin 4 (IT'S ALIVE!) (2023)

    Do you guys think there is any chance Nintendo release the first two Pikmin games on Switch before the new one comes out? I've never completed any of them but would like to play through the series, would be nice to be able to do that on Switch rather than setting up my Wii to play those versions
  10. Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe (24th Feb 2023)

    Sweet, will definitely pick this up when it comes out
  11. Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe (24th Feb 2023)

    Was Return to Dreamland a brand new game for the Wii or was it a remake of an earlier entry?
  12. I have to admit, there was a split second of terror when the date for Zelda showed up - it took my brain a little while to realise it was May 12th and not December 5th. They really didn't show very much of it but at least we know it isn't too far off now
  13. For a Direct that's supposed to be focusing on 2022 releases there have been an awful lot of 2023 announcements. Wonder how much money Miyamoto has embezzled through Pikmin 4's protracted development - I still think it's vapourware.
  14. They're still too cowardly to release Wetrix though
  15. Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star is an early GOTY 2023 contender