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  1. General Switch Discussion

    If it is Scalebound then it seems a bit weird to me, Platinum's games don't really sell that well so you'd expect that with Nintendo already funding Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain then it seems like too much of an investment to me to bring Scalebound back. Saying that though it had been in development for about 4 years before it got cancelled so is probably pretty close to completion, though it would likely have to be scaled back in some respects. Were people that excited about Scalebound though? I seem to remember reaction to it being pretty tepid, it seemed that most of the negativity surrounding its cancellation was directed at Microsoft's lack of commitment rather than the potential of the project. Admittedly I don't know much about it though but thats the impression I got.
  2. Having watched the trailer a few more times I'm definitely getting more used to the art style now, but it was a bit of a shock to begin with. When you hear that there's going to be a remake of a GB game from 1993 you expect that it will look completely different but this seems to be very faithful to the original in terms of its world and level design, it's pretty much a 1:1 conversion - just minus the screen scrolling and with polygons instead of sprites. That combined with the intentionally very cutesy production design meant to me it was weirdly disappointing at first but after getting over the initial shock I'm starting to warm to it. Was also disappointing that the next 2D Zelda is a remake rather than an entirely original game. I only recently played through the original (well the DX version on 3DS VC) so I know first hand how well the gameplay still holds up, my main gripes with it were the constant item switching and the lack of buttons available on the original GB so if its basically just the same game just with modern conveniences then I'm all for it.
  3. Watching the EZA reactions, Damiani brought up a Japanese advert for the original Link's Awakening that used marionettes and the art style of the new game seems remarkably similar so it seems like despite my initial concerns over the style it seems like it's consistent with what the original team intended.
  4. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    I don't know how I feel about the art style of Link's Awakening...
  5. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Amazed that Hellblade is coming to the Switch. Very curious to see how it looks. Unravel rumour was true! Glad I didn't buy it on PS4.
  6. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Hilarious that they held back the orchestrated soundtrack for the Switch release of Dragon Quest XI
  7. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    BOXBOY + BOXGIRL is my pick for GOTY already
  8. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    I think we'll see a Kingdom Hearts collection announced tonight, there is no reason why the first few games can't run on the Switch and Shinji Hashimoto has been retweeting things to do with the direct today so something SE is bound to be included. Xenoblade Chronicles X port would do me nicely, thats my wild hope for tonight.
  9. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Had totally forgotten about them @Hero-of-Time, seems like a very good bet that we'll see them tonight. And I'll undoubtedly spend £20 on Resident Evil 4 again when I should be spending that money on games that need it more.
  10. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    I'll be happy just to see more of Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing but I expect there'll be a couple of surprises in there. They'll probably show off gameplay footage of Joker in Smash and tell us the date he'll be available so Persona 5 port announcement seems like a good bet. The rest of it will likely be devoted to the myriad Fire Emblem spin offs that you guys have already mentioned, but they might shadow drop Super Marthio Kart.
  11. Football Season 2018/19

    As far as Abramovich's sackings go, sacking Sarri for overseeing Chelsea's biggest ever Premier League defeat would be one of the more reasonable. It would be pathetic not to give him at least a couple of seasons though, they're still very much in the race for the top four and aren't exactly likely to miss out on Europa League qualification - I suppose they have a pretty tough job on to hold on to Hazard though. United's turnaround has been great to watch, at this rate Solskjaer is nailed on to be given the job permanently. I had always hoped he would be able to live up to Ferguson's expectations of him as a manager, he did a fantastic job with Molde but clearly took the wrong step in his career when he took over at Cardiff so its great that he's been able to show that he has what it takes to manage at the top level in England. It looks set up to be an interesting title race, Man City look to have the swagger of last season back, Liverpool played some absolutely stunning football yesterday and Tottenham seems to have shaken off those 'Spursy' tendencies and are managing to win when they're not playing well (and without two of their very best players). If Tottenham can make it to March relatively unscathed then things could get really tight, they still have to play both Liverpool and Man City (as well as Arsenal and Chelsea) and in the unlikely event they manage to beat their title rivals in those fixtures then all 3 would be on basically the same points total going into the last few games of the season. With Kane and Alli coming back at the beginning of March, Tottenham could be a real threat come the end of the season. Oh and if they manage to make it through the entire season without drawing a single game they deserve a trophy of some sort, such a bizarre and unlikely achievement. Maybe the Premier League could give Pochettino a little bronze Premier League trophy in the same way they gave Wenger a gold one for the Invincible's season? Spurs are pretty much guaranteed to draw their next game now that I've said that aren't they?
  12. General Switch Discussion

    There are only a couple of Switch games on my backlog, Hyper Light Drifter and Resident Evil Revelations 2, but that's of the games that I've already bought and downloaded - my eShop watch list is longer than my arm and is only getting longer, I doubt I'll ever be able to buy them all but I definitely intend to. I have probably bought more digitally than physically but only got round to getting an SD card a few weeks ago so I could finally install Revelations 2, I've managed to get by for almost 2 years just deleting what I've finished from the internal memory but Revelations proved a bit too big to fit even when I'd decluttered as much as possible. PS4 backlog is about half a dozen games, then there are about 30 more spread across a variety of other consoles. I fully intend to reduce the backlog significantly this year but I know I'll just end up buying as many new games as I tick off the list.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    It's all such a shame but at least Sala's family now have certainty over what happened to him, hopefully they can recover the body of the pilot too to give his family some peace of mind. It's a very strange and unique situation for the fans of Cardiff, Sala will forever be a legend at the club despite having never got to play for them.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)

    Finally got around to playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 over the past couple of weeks and absolutely loved it. There are definitely issues with the presentation in places - the absurdly low resolution in busy areas like the fields of Gormott being the most glaring of them - but most of the issues can probably be ironed out in future games considering the recent increase in the number of staff at Monolith. The soundtrack was fantastic and on the whole I think I enjoyed this more than the first game - will definitely pick up Torna at some point but will play through a few other games I already own before delving back into the world of Alrest.
  15. Switch eShop Thread

    Just had a look at my eShop watch list to see what was on offer and I noticed that Donut County is currently unavailable for purchase. Anyone know why this is?