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  1. Football Season 2020-21

    The most enjoyable FA Cup final for a while, cagey first half but thoroughly entertaining in the second. Tielemans goal was phenomenal, the reaction of the crowd genuinely spring tingling. There are so many great stories to tell across the whole Leicester team, I'm delighted for Schmeichel, Morgan, Vardy, Albrighton - club legends who have written themselves into history again. Can't imagine there are many people upset by the result, bar the Chelsea fans of course, Leicester became everyone's second team 5 years ago and are an example of how to run a club in the modern era - fully deserved to finally get over the line and win an FA Cup
  2. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    Has anybody here received a physical copy of the book yet? I ordered it as soon as it went up on the Book Depository but they refunded me today, saying that they won't be able to fulfil the order. Plenty of other UK outlets are still listing it for sale, coming out on May 27th, but there's no telling if that date is going to stick. I know it's been published physically in the US, Damiani showed off his copy on a recent episode of Friend Code, so it's frustrating that it keeps getting pushed back here.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    The Dual sense battery life is atrocious. I'm playing Symphony of the Night which isn't exactly a long game and not one that utilises many of the controllers more power hungry features but I've had to charge it like 3 times already.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Who'd have thought Zelda would have such insanely long legs - almost 5 million copies sold in FY 2020! Seems like MK8 is going to be outpacing AC from here on in, it came so close to dethroning it but there's no stopping the juggernaut that is Mario Kart.
  5. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I kicked off April by delving into the Monster Hunter franchise for the first time with Monster Hunter Rise. I had tried demos of previous entries but it all seemed way over my head, there certainly wasn't enough explanation in those demos and the segmented nature of the maps was quite jarring (it didn't help that each section seemed to be tiny too) so I wasn't sure what I was going to think to Rise but I took a punt on buying it at launch. It was definitely overwhelming at first, there seemed so many systems to get to grips with, but there are plenty of tutorials (arguably too many!) to help ease a new player like myself in. Getting out into the environment I was immediately won over with the exploration aspect, riding the Palamute makes the simple act of running around enjoyable in and off itself so I was getting plenty out of the game in the opening hours just doing the initial gathering quests and slaying minor monsters. When it came time to hunt a full fledged beast the lack of a lock on took a while to get used to but I soon got into my stride and was getting through the village quests at a fair clip. The way that the monsters will scurry away in search of food or rest to regain strength is an interesting mechanic, making them feel more alive but I didn't feel like the mechanics evolved very much as the game wore on - it always felt as if I was going through the same routine with every hunt, regardless of the specific monster I was going after, but there was still enough to it that it never really felt like a drag. Don't quite agree with the critics saying it is the 'best game on Switch since BOTW' but it's done enough to win me round to the franchise and I'm intrigued to come back to dip in to the online aspects once I've chalked a few other games off my backlog. Next up I finally fired up Bugsnax on PS5, technically my first next gen title (seeing as Astro's Playroom is more of a tech demo), I enjoyed the reveal trailer and the accompanying song but I was hesitant about it seeming a bit too 'random' in its use of humour and initially there were plenty of eye rolls as I played through the opening areas but there was enough charm behind the silly puns to keep me interested. I didn't expect the story to be so impressive, helping to rebuild the community of Snaxburg became a really compelling goal with each of the residents having their own interesting and unique arcs. The different snax kept gameplay varied enough for the majority of the game but I expected it to involve more puzzle mechanics for capturing them but it becomes quite routine eventually. That said, the finale was fantastic - packing a surprisingly emotional punch as well as featuring satisfying gameplay - and overall Bugsnax absolutely exceeded my expectations. The last game I played in April was Hades which completely consumed my time for the better part of a couple of weeks. I've dabbled with a few roguelike/lites in the past but didn't get truly obsessed with one until I played Downwell and Hades cast a similar spell over me. It is immediately engaging, the combat fluid and fun, and it always feels like you're progressing - no matter how many times you die - thanks to the variety of collectables and upgrades. The way it contextualises the mechanics is really second to none, everything fits within the world and the lore, from Zag coming back to life over and over again to the constant shifting of chambers and the Olympian boons that you find, it all makes sense and serves to make the game more compelling. Accompanying the fantastic gameplay is a consistently intriguing story, featuring a variety of interesting side characters and sub plots that give you even more motivation to progress through the underworld. The difficulty curve seems perfectly tuned for a roguelite, the pits of Tartarus seeming imposing at first but you're soon cleaving your way through in no time at all and pushing on to Asphodel and Elysium, inch by inch getting closer to the surface. It's one of those rare games that really took hold of me, wholly capturing my attention and turning into an obsession - utterly deserving of all the plaudits it has received, Supergiant have really impressed me and I'll definitely be digging into their back catalog. Currently I'm digging into Symphony of the Night for the first time, had a bit of a rough start but I'm getting into the swing of things now so I'm eager to see if it really is up there with Hollow Knight and Super Metroid as one of the best examples of the genre.
  6. Hades (PC, Switch)

    @LazyBoy I used the shield, I think the combination of melee and range really helped with the latter bosses. I did consider not switching on God mode for a while but I've since it's been dominating all of my gaming time for a while I'm happy to just look on God mode like going on a victory lap - one clear without assistance is rewarding enough for me.
  7. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I finally escaped! I was feeling pretty rubbish after last night, reached the final showdown 3 times in a row but choked each time I got there so on my latest run I was determined not to screw it up. Went in with a few lives and plenty of health but ended up getting through it by the skin of my teeth - only 1HP left when the fight ended. I intend to beat it at least enough times to get to credits but I will probably switch on God mode for those runs to make it a bit easier - really glad I managed to do it without assistance at least once though! EDIT: It was my 52nd attempt so a long way below average.
  8. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I got so close to completing a run the other night, going into the final boss I had 3 lives to play with and I got them down to just a sliver of health when I misjudged a dodge and got wiped out. Utterly demoralising to say the least, my attempts since haven't even got beyond Elysium. Oh well, I'll make it eventually.
  9. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Yeah, on my last run I faced the Minotaur on his own first so when I got to Theseus the Minotaur had about 2/3 of his normal health. I managed to make it all the way to the end last night but I was on my last life so I fell short - feels like it's within touching distance though! I was surprised I got so far because I was using the fists, wasn't as hampered by a lack of ranged attacks as I thought I would be
  10. Football Season 2020-21

    The extreme negative reaction from all corners couldn't have been a surprise to the owners of these clubs, they knew what they were getting into by announcing their intention to breakaway it seems quite cowardly to backtrack on it in the face of all the vitriol. Regardless of whether or not the other clubs pull out all of them should still face some sort of sanctions for supporting it in the first place.
  11. Football Season 2020-21

    The historical context @Zell provides is especially important, it meant that there was an appetite for reforms from a large chunk of the fanbase - I'm sure there must have been some opposition to the formation of the Premier League but there was absolute a remit for reform whereas there is no appetite among the fans, players, pundits, managers for a creation of a European Super League, it is quite blatantly all driven by the boards of the biggest clubs who want a bigger piece of the pie.
  12. Football Season 2020-21

    With the Premier League they were basically just adding another division on top of the typical football league, promotion and relegation between the top two divisions is still in place so it didn't throw the system into disrepute, it certainly upset the balance of power but there was a well worn route to reaching the top table and each club in the top flight has an equal share of voting rights. The European Super League is ostensibly a closed system, with the founding clubs always guaranteed a spot in the league and therefore a share of the revenue. The prospect of huge earnings from the ESL means that the owners of said clubs will always prioritise the super league over other competitions - putting making money above long standing domestic and European club competitions. Most importantly though it disregards the fans who built these clubs in the first place, how many working class people will be able to afford away trips to Europe every other week? The Premier League is already too expensive for many fans to attend games more than a few times a season, taking the games out of the country in pursuit of new markets only further distances the professional game from its roots. There are issues at the moment with the amount of money that trickles down to the lowest levels, the big clubs should absolutely be doing more than they currently are, but these proposals would mean that even less resources will be diverted to the clubs that need it. It would basically undermine the historic and prestigious club competitions, the so called big clubs ignoring domestic trophies in favour of a Mickey Mouse league that exists purely to line the pockets of owners who are already multi millionaires and billionaires.
  13. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I started this in the week and it took me about 20 attempts just to get out of Tartarus but when I did I made it most of the way through Elysium before my luck ran out. I've been mixing it up every time, mostly just going out to earn keys and darkness, so I haven't gone all out to see how far I can get for a while. Even so I've managed to beat the Bone Hydra a few times now and reached the boss in Elysium a couple of times but got wrecked pretty quickly in both of them. I'm having a really good time with it though, wouldn't say I'm addicted just yet but it's pretty captivating - might be the best contextualised roguelike there is in how it explains the constant shifting of the realms and how Zag keeps coming back to life. The boons are such a great addition, adding so much potential for variety and making combat more complex but the biggest surprise for me is how good all of the weapons feels. I think the bow is my least favourite but I've still got quite far once or twice while using it - I generally stick to melee so thought I would ignore the bow and the gun but both still feel effective and fluid to use. I think the spear suits me best though, pretty sure that'll be the one that gets me all the way eventually.
  14. General TV Thread

    Definitely stick with it @bob , season two is by far the low point of the series - 3 and 4 are infinitely more interesting and enjoyable.
  15. I forgot about Last Stop, looks like another Annapurna classic - will definitely pick that up as soon as it comes out