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  1. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Just had a look at VGchartz figures for 2017 and from that I can definitely see Red Dead being in the top 3 sellers but I don't know if it's going to outsell Call Of Duty and FIFA. Would be surprised if it didn't break 10m considering who's developing it and the amount of hype the gaming press have given it but it won't do GTA numbers so it'll probably be close between it and Call Of Duty.
  2. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    I hope that Croatia go on and beat France on Sunday now.
  3. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    I have heard the drones of The Great Escape at times during this tournament so I think the band are still there, they've just thankfully been drowned out most of the time. England need to get another, they can't rue those missed chances and let Croatia get back into it. Sterling should get in behind more in the second half so England should have more opportunities but I think they definitely need to put another one away.
  4. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Unlucky for Belgium but they didn't really get in behind the French defence too often. France still haven't played that well outside of 20 mins against Argentina but they were really disciplined tonight, Matuidi and Varane were fantastic for them.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Just had a look at mine and I can't see any blemishes that weren't there before. I haven't really used my Switch over the past couple of weeks though outside of playing Steamworld Dig 2 and a bit of FIFA in handheld mode, haven't put it through anything particularly taxing in the dock for a while. Was potentially going to play Xenoblade 2 once I'm done with the game I'm currently playing but will hold off on that until the heatwave has died down.
  6. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    It's a dream semi final line up, there are great stories within every team. I will be hoping for a Belgium victory in the first semi final to set up either England winning it or a new country getting their name on the trophy. I don't know what to expect from the semi final, Croatia could play through England if their squad clicks but they've looked so lackluster in the last 2 rounds and they look weak from set pieces which England have obviously been really strong on so far so it really could go either way.
  7. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    This World Cup guys! Let's hope the semi's and the final continue to deliver the drama.
  8. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Well that was a surprisingly comfortable 90 minutes. I think the only negative to take away from the performance was Sterling's lack of potency in front of goal but otherwise there were a lot of positives, especially happy that they managed to keep a clean sheet. Maguire and Henderson were fantastic and I think Alli's goal will do his confidence the world of good, although he had started to look more like his normal self in some passages of play before he scored. Whatever happens now England have done enough for me, my expectation going into the tournament was that they would reach a QF and come out of the competition with a lot of optimism for the future with the hope of them perhaps reaching the semi finals and a slightly more realistic hope of Kane winning the golden boot. I think Flink was right that if they had lost today then the media would likely have turned on Southgate and the squad but now unless they have a horror show of a semi-final I don't think anyone can be too disappointed with England's performance in the tournament, whoever wins tonight England will either face a Croatia side filled with talent or a Russian team buoyed by defensive solidity and a fantastic home support. It honestly feels pretty surreal to see England reach the semi finals of a major tournament, I was 2 during the 1990 World Cup so only have the vaguest of memories but I was 8 when England lost on penalties to Germany at Euro 96 and the heartbreak is still strong in the memory, especially being an Aston Villa fan with Southgate missing the crucial penalty. I look forward to whatever drama Wednesday night holds, semi finals involving England always seem to produce something spectacular.
  9. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    France v Belgium has the potential to be an incredible match, I think whoever wins it will certainly be favourites for the trophy, but it's almost a case of who has the least inept manager - both Deschamps and Martinez are clearly out of their depth. Brazil were probably unlucky not to get a penalty early on in the second half but Belgium did just enough to keep them out in the end.
  10. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Meunier went down with cramp like 15 minutes ago but still hasn't been taken off. As impressive as Belgium's movement was in the first half they look exhausted now, anything could happen in the last 5 minutes of this.
  11. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    I've never known a World Cup like this one, where there hasn't been a standout consistently performing team. France definitely seem most likely, they have got results when it mattered and have shown flashes of brilliance but the tournament is really begging for a team to take it by the scruff of the neck. I don't imagine Brazil or Belgium doing that tonight, I think it will be another tight affair despite the attacking strengths of both teams. We can at least expect it to be more of a football match than the last two games but I just can't see it being the exciting, free flowing game we're all hoping it will be.
  12. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    The way the draw has opened up could really damage what could have been a very positive outcome. If England lose to Sweden or even if they were to reach the semi final and lose then the media reaction would most likely be mostly negative. I think at times England have looked very good going forward, they certainly created a lot of great openings in the first 20 minutes and the movement of the players was really good to see. For the opening halves of a few of the matches England have seemed like they had plenty of energy and a lot of ideas but as the matches have worn on things have become a bit more drab and as you guys pointed out they looked surprisingly exhausted in the second half against Colombia. I think there are a lot of good signs from England's performances and teams that win tournaments always grow into it, Germany last time out were quite poor against Algeria and France and squeaked through with a set piece but then in the semi final their organisation and solidity paid off as they kept their composure while Brazil completely collapsed. Southgate has seemed very measured in his response to each game so far, especially so when he rightly criticised the performance against Panama despite the glut of goals so I'm confident he'll look at the way England dropped off too much in the latter stages last night.
  13. Dark Souls Remastered

    Rumours apparently point to the Solaire amiibo and the game coming out on August 31st, I'm hoping it isn't any later than that. I've definitely been craving Dark Souls on Switch for a while now so can't wait to get my teeth into it, if it does come out on August 31st then its only 10 days after the Shenmue 1&2 remasters, as if August/September/October weren't stacked already.
  14. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    I will remember last night for a multitude of reasons, my niece was sick on Sunday and I appear to have caught whatever she had, felt knackered all day but just thought it was tiredness so went about my day as usual but when I got home for the Sweden game I felt completely drained and really sick. Felt like just going to bed but I stuck it out for the England game only to puke on the stairs just before Kane won the penalty. Managed to feel a bit rejuvenated for the rest of game (though the tension during Colombia's dominance in the first period of extra time didn't help) and was amazed at how calm I felt during the penalties. The win certainly made me feel a bit better but the worst started after I went to bed, couldn't get to sleep at all and had the weirdest trains of thought, the ones that always come when you're feeling ill, and the penalties just kept running through my head. I don't think it would have felt quite so surreal if England had lost on penalties, but the combination of the sickness with the unfamiliarity of England actually winning a penalty shootout made for the weirdest sleepless night I've had in years. Hopefully I feel all right by Saturday afternoon, I don't want me puking on the stairs to become a lucky charm.
  15. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    I was certain that I would never see England win a penalty shoot out in my lifetime, glad to say I was wrong. England were awful for much of the second half (and for the first part of extra time) but Colombia deserved to lose on the strength of their attitude for the first 65 minutes. I've never seen a team go out with such an appalling game plan, especially when even without James they had the players to actually go out and play. England sat back too much after the Kane penalty and I thought the late equaliser would have killed their confidence completely but their performance in the second half of extra time took them into the shootout with a bit of confidence restored. I don't know what will happen in the QF but I feel confident in saying it definitely won't go to penalties on Saturday afternoon.