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  1. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    I was on the fence about picking this up but the positive reception has tipped me over the edge and I've put an order in. Don't think I'll get around to playing it this weekend but I'll hopefully get started on it next week.
  2. Indie Games

    We've got a confirmed release date for Aztech Forgotten Gods, it's coming to Switch on March 10th. I really loved Lienzo's last game Mulaka so I'm excited to see how this turns out!
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Those cheese puzzles are ridiculous, they better not catch on. Definitely wasn't worth solving 20 of the bloody things to look at my pathetic statistics.
  4. Absolutely mad, the harassment issues have seriously harmed the company so it's kind of surprising that Microsoft still pursued the deal so aggressively but I guess it'll signal a sea change that will eradicate the underlying issues in the company. In terms of franchises Microsoft own now, surely Call of Duty is too big to be exclusive to PC and Xbox - they would just be leaving money on the table not to continue to release it on PlayStation
  5. 2022 PDC World Darts Championship

    10 sets in and there is nothing to choose between them, it might not be as high quality as the semi finals but it's the most competitive final we've had for years! Really don't know which way it's going to go, it's going to get very tense soon
  6. 2022 PDC World Darts Championship

    Yeah, last night was incredible. Wade upped his game as predicted and it was starting to get a bit hairy for Smith but he saw him off in the end. The quality of Wright v Anderson was unreal though, it seemed like Anderson was in the ascendancy and I fully expected him to take it to a deciding set but Wright held his nerve eventually. I think I'd prefer Smith to win tonight but I really don't mind who wins, just hope it's as good as yesterday!
  7. EEVIL's New Year Resolution Thread!

    Happy New Year everyone! In terms of minor goals I hope to read more books this year, I usually try and read one a month but I'd like to try and do more than that this time around. I've been writing a book for a while which is eating up most of my creative energy so I would like to actually finish it this year - I've done a few drafts but still don't think it's ready yet, hopefully I can get it to a state that I'm happy with over the next few months. On a more serious note I hope my mental health improves, it has definitely taken a hit during the pandemic and once again I feel quite far away from being able to get back into work.
  8. Best Films of 2021

    There are tonnes of films that I still need to watch from the last 12 months so my choices are a bit more limited than I'd have liked so I'll only mention a few. No preference on the order but my favourite new films of the year were Spencer, Shiva Baby, Shirley, Moxie and Censor In terms of older films that I saw for the first time in 2021, my favourites were probably Babyteeth, Slums of Beverly Hills, First Cow, Appropriate Behaviour and The Nightingale
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I managed to play a handful of games in December, rounding out the year with quite a mixed month. Things started on a high as I finished up my journey with Outer Wilds on PS5. Despite all the hype around the game in 2019, I didn't actually know too much about it apart from the fact it revolved around exploring a solar system that it stuck in a time loop so I very much felt like I was going in blind. At first it was definitely a bit of a slog, controlling the ship was a real challenge and the lack of a distinct goal meant that I felt like I had been thrown into the deep end somewhat. Thankfully I got the hang of using the ship (turns out the autopilot is the way to go, even if it is maliciously stupid at times) and I quickly realised that discovery was its own reward. I was constantly impressed by the depth of each little world, there were so many threads to follow that things soon felt like they were going to overwhelm me, I was grateful for the detailed log that lets you know if there are still details to uncover in each location. I won't spoil any of the details but it was such a joy to play through, even if the ending didn't quite hit the heights, the meat of the game was so enthralling that I can't really think of any criticisms. A must play for anyone that enjoys open ended exploration. Next up I played through Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge on Switch, it was the last title from the Castlevania collection on my backlog and, after suffering through the original GB entry, my expectations were low for its 1991 sequel so I was understandably delighted to discover how much of an improvement it was. Much like 6 Golden Coins was a huge step up from Super Mario Land, Belmont's Revenge does away with the piddly sprite of the first game and offers up something more closely resembling proper Castlevania. The gameplay is also greatly improved, with sub weapons available to use alongside more fluid control (thanks to the noticeably higher framerate). Compared to the slog of the first game I had a blast making my way through the five castles, the boss fights felt more involved and offered up a much better representation of the series, even if the levels did feel a little repetitive. Despite its flaws though I feel like it has aged surprisingly well, it must have been very impressive back in the day and I can see why it is regarded as one of the best games on Nintendo's 8-bit handheld. The Matrix Awakens doesn't really qualify as a game per se, there is very little in the way of playable content but I still feel its worth bringing up here. It's a sneak peak at the kinds of experiences we'll be getting in the next few years, clearly quite rough around the edges but impressive nonetheless. Visually the digital doubles of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss aren't the most realistic but the real star of the tech demo is the realtime city, sure there isn't much in the way of interactivity but it was fun driving around and smashing into traffic for a while, speeding through the dense city streets. The lack of a 'story' and connection to Resurrections was a bit of a disappointment but I never really expected much from the demo in the first place and despite the stiff NPC's I can see how the new technology on offer in Unreal 5 will enable more dynamic and detailed environments in future releases. I picked up Last Stop on Switch after seeing it in one of Nintendo's indie presentations, I'm basically a sucker for anything Annapurna releases, but I wasn't aware that it was developed by Variable State (the team behind 2016's Virginia) until the credits rolled. It's very much in the mould of Telltale or Life is Strange, offering an episodic narrative adventure game but Last Stop adopts more of a literary structure - there are multiple concurrent stories, following the lives of three Londoners who each encounter a brush with a supernatural force. The game is separated into 6 chapters, made up of sub-chapters, snippets of each characters stories which you can play through in any order you like. The voice acting can be a bit hit and miss but for the most part the writing makes the characters come across as genuine, even while all sorts of outlandish things are happening around them there is a lot to relate to with each of the main cast. Performance wise it actually holds up quite well on Switch, it is a little low-res at times but the framerate seemed consistent enough, although it is available on other consoles if you're looking for greater detail. It's very much a swimming in 7's sort of game but I came out of it feeling quite fond of the game on the whole, despite its flaws Last Stop certainly offered something unique that I've never experienced in a game before, it's an ambitious game that doesn't quite hit the landing but Variable State should be applauded for striving to create something so weird. I played through the N64 version of Mario Tennis next, at least the first few cups that were on offer. I don't think I ever played it when I was growing up, usually when I was playing N64 with my friends we would be playing Perfect Dark, WWF No Mercy, Mario Kart or F-Zero X so even if one of my friends had owned a copy I don't think we would have wanted to faff around playing tennis. Mechanically its about as simply as a tennis game could be, the two face buttons offer up different shots while the analogue stick moves your character around the court, the only variation comes when a rally lasts long enough and you (or your opponent) are given the chance to smash a winner. To begin with I was enjoying the gameplay but it quickly wore out its welcome, I can't imagine it being much fun to win every cup with every character in order to unlock the two final tournaments, so I just played through to credits with the one character - it was an okay distraction to play through while watching TV but not something I can ever see myself going back to. Next I dusted off my Wii U to play through The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on the Virtual Console. I'm not sure why but I don't remember being too aware of it when it first came out in 2004, I must have been too wrapped up in my teenage misery to pay attention to the latest game releases at the time. For those who are unaware it is another collaboration between Nintendo and Capcom, Hidemaru Fujibayashi's follow up to the GBC Ages titles and it feels in much the same vein as those earlier entries, giving a unique spin on the Zelda universe. I don't really have much to say about it, it was a joy to play through, following the usual tropes of top down 2D Zelda but it is executed superbly, helped by excellent presentation that makes it the most expressive 2D Zelda game that I've ever played through, I would have loved to have experienced it back in the day. Finally I closed out the year with a very short one, They Breathe on the Switch. I spotted it on the eShop in a recent sale and liked the look of the visuals so thought I'd take a punt on it. It's a very simple set up, you control a frog as it descends deeper and deeper into a lake, avoiding the creatures that you encounter on the way dow. It's marketed as a horror title but I never felt like the atmosphere was particularly tense, it does become tricky to avoid the monsters but the generous checkpoints negate any hint of tension. I don't think I really took much from it, it only lasted half an hour or so but it didn't cost me very much. In the end I played through a decent number of games this year but barely made a dent into my backlog - I really should stop buying games until I've played the ones I already own but who has the will to be that reasonable? Here's to another productive year in 2022!
  10. 2022 PDC World Darts Championship

    Despite a few players having to drop out with covid, the tournament has been really entertaining the last few days. Gurney vs Cross and Smith vs Clayton were probably the most high quality matches, the players were able to maintain such a high level for 7 sets, it was just a shame that the likes of Smith and Clayton had to meet before the quarter finals. Shame for you @drahkon that Florian Hempel couldn't replicate his stunning win over Dimitri, he never looked likely against Raymond Smith and Gabriel Clemens was similarly flat against Jonny Clayton - although to be fair to him, Clayton had been the standout player in the tournament until he lost that thriller to Michael Smith. Real shame that MVG's tournament was ended by covid, it does devalue the tournament somewhat as it would have been great to see the very best players in the world go toe to toe in the final stages but there are still some cracking match ups to come - Price is obviously the bookies favourite but he hasn't been entirely convincing so far and faces a tough test against Michael Smith in the QF, so for me the tournament is still wide open, with a couple of past world champions still in the draw and the likes of Rydz and Humphries looking capable of lifting the trophy. Should be a fantastic few days of competition after the new year!
  11. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    Merry Christmas guys, hope you all had a good day! My brother's partner tested positive on Xmas Eve so it was another quiet one, it was just me, my parents and my eldest brother. Hopefully we'll get to see everyone else later on next week, it was a shame I didn't get to see my niece's. I got the usual, plenty of socks and chocolate as well as two games I've been meaning to pick up for a while, Deadly Premonition 2 and Demon's Souls.
  12. 2022 PDC World Darts Championship

    That Borland v Brooks match was definitely the game of the tournament so far, at least it was until last night! I didn't get to watch the first two matches on Sunday night so can't really comment on their quality but Sherrock v Beaton was fantastic entertainment, I think that's the best Beaton has played for quite a while and, even though the quality of both players dipped as the match went on, Fallon pushed him all the way. Clayton v Barry was an instant classic though, both players were terrific and at one point it looked like Clayton was in real danger of going out but those last two sets were astonishing, he didn't look like missing at all! It broke the record for most ton-plus checkouts in a best of 5 set match too, Clayton has started the tournament in great form but Keane Barry definitely has a bright future in the sport. Obviously disappointed that Fallon went out first round but things are definitely starting to heat up now, it's been a great tournament already - can't believe we've had two nine darters!
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    The Talos Principle is heavily discounted so I finally picked that up. Seem to be quite a few games discounted for the first time too, kind of tempted to go for The House In Fata Morgana after all the buzz it's received
  14. 2022 PDC World Darts Championship

    The highlight of last night was definitely Lewis vs Campbell, a really high quality match. Looked liked Edhouse was going to give Price a scare in the final match of the night but his class showed in the end. I actually predict RVB will cause a few problems, if he wins his first round match he could well give Rob Cross some trouble in the second round - a player of Raymond's calibre with a match under his belt could be very dangerous. Obviously I'll be supporting Fallon on Sunday, even though she's playing local legend Steve Beaton. Jonny Clayton has to be one of the favourites for the tournament, it's a shame him and Price have been drawn in the same quarter of the draw. Hope one or two of the German guys does well for you too @drahkon It really feels like Christmas now that the darts are under way!