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  1. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    Yeah, I'm still playing it every day too. I'm kind of glad I kept putting off properly customising my island, seems like I'll have a lot more options for that now. Glad that Isabelle and the like will be popping into the cafe, one of my biggest gripes with New Horizons is that they're stuck behind a desk or in the shops unless it's NYE or some other big event. The early game gave me a bit of hope, seeing Timmy (or Tommy, can't remember which one exactly) wandering around the island was great but they didn't follow through on that promise. Would still prefer they all had their own houses that they went to once the shops closed or their shifts at residents services ended but that sort of thing would be too major an overhaul for an update - this is the best we're going to get until a sequel
  2. Thanks, I managed to get an order in! Didn't sell out as quickly as I had feared
  3. It's interesting that you can't rewind the N64 games, maybe that would be too taxing on the hardware with 3D titles?
  4. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    Thanks, look like I'll have to start chipping in then - my brother's been covering the cost up until now
  5. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    Any info on how much more expensive the family plan will be with the NSO expansion? That's already £31.49 as it is, surely it can't go up to £60...
  6. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    Permanent ladders will be super useful but I'm most happy about Gyroids coming back - I love those little weirdos. Great to see Kapp'N return, and Harv's islands upgrade is really cool - gives us more opportunities to interact with merchants It's a shame that KK will still be stuck in the plaza though, I would have loved if he'd taken up residence at The Roost. The Happy Home Designer DLC look pretty substantial too, I can definitely understand why they're charging for it but it's a shame that some players won't be able to access the new features. Also, where is Resetti? And what about Phyllis and Pelly?
  7. To be fair to Nintendo the service will probably end up with less than 50 titles in total so 9 at launch is actually pretty generous when you think about it... It is good that they've clarified that we'll get both 50 & 60hz in Europe though, limited library aside that was my biggest complaint from the scant information we've been given about the service
  8. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    They should just put in the effort and port Renderware to Switch, opening the way for native ports of Tony Hawk 3 & 4 to be released
  9. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    Great that it's definitely happening, GTA III is the only one I've completed so I'm looking forward to playing Vice City and San Andreas. Disappointing that they haven't shown off what it looks like though, especially if it's supposed to be coming out in a few weeks. What's the betting they looks identical to the originals save for a bump in resolution?
  10. Metroid Dread

    Just waiting on Nintendo dispatch my order...
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Will Pooh reveal himself?
  12. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    Rose Gold Peach or we riot.
  13. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I've had Kentucky Route Zero on my backlog for what seems like forever (a quick google shows the TV version came out in January 2020) and I finally got around to playing it at the start of September and what else is there to say except this game is my jam? It took me a little while to acclimatise to the experience, I wasn't immediately smitten, but by the end of the first episode I was well and truly on board. I read through Lanark by Alasdair Gray for the first time earlier in the year and Kentucky Route Zero stirred up similar feelings - the utterly Kafaesque and baffling logic made it feel very much like an interactive version of that book. It definitely tailed off to a certain extent towards the end, it didn't stick the landing as well as I had hoped, but those few evenings playing through the bulk of the game left quite an impression on me. I have to mention the musical interludes though, they were hands down some of the most captivating moments I've experienced in the medium, stand out sections in already stellar experience. Next up I thought I would give Beyond: Two Souls a go, I played Heavy Rain recently and I was not impressed at all but I figured that Quantic Dream might have done better with the follow up and, for the most part, I was correct. Page and Defoe elevate the performances far beyond the schlocky, wooden acting on show in Heavy Rain and the range of interactivity tends to be more interesting here too but it still suffers from a lot of the same problems as Quantic Dream's first PS3 outing. The writing is still sub-par, taking sudden turns that don't seem to make any sense and in general moving around the environments feels as stiff as it was in Heavy Rain, ruining any success the team has in immersing the player into the world and its story. The way the narrative was structured did work to the games benefit though, ensuring that there were questions on my mind going into most chapters, but on the whole it was a pretty average experience - although it has redeemed Quantic Dream enough in my mind to want to give Detroit a go when the mood strikes me. I dusted off my Wii U gamepad and downloaded the Virtual Console version of Metroid Prime: Hunters next. Visually, even with the obvious jaggies on my 4K TV, it was instantly impressive - it does a great job at recreating the Gamecube visuals on a vastly underpowered system but the controls took a while to get used to, I tried several different set ups but eventually settled on having the TV show the top screen while the gamepad showed the touch screen. I figured that exploration would be pretty limited compared to its siblings on more powerful hardware and first impression were that it was going to take place in more restrictive, indoor environments but the level design actually ends up being more varied than I first feared. The worlds still feel very much like levels but the more open environments on the planets help to make it feel like more of a world. Unfortunately it suffers a lot from repeated boss fights, having to fight the same two bosses over and over was pretty tedious, especially as the fights don't get shorter as you get further in the game, the battles for the last two Octoliths changed things up a little bit but not enough to redeem the concept. The difficulty spike for the final boss felt pretty sharp though, it might have just been me being rubbish but it felt like a marked step up from the rest of the game and it took me a while to defeat it. I've played through every Metroid over the last few years (apart from the NES original and the Game Boy sequel - but I've played the remakes so I've technically experienced everything the series has to offer) and Hunters is definitely the weakest entry but it was still a lot of fun to play through and it must have been mind blowing to play this on a Nintendo DS in 2006. Last up I continued my Castlevania odyssey by playing through Castlevania: Bloodlines on Switch. I think this is technically the first Mega Drive game that I've ever played but even for a novice the telltale visual differences from the SNES are plain to see, sprites are definitely a bit smaller and transparency is clearly bodged with dithering techniques but its still undoubtedly Castlevania. I was a bit disappointed with how much more linear the level design is than something like Rondo of Blood but I suppose they were working with more limited storage capacity. I don't feel like I was properly able to engage with the game, it was a nice distraction to play through a couple of levels a night but it didn't leave a mark like Rondo & Symphony did, I'm interested to check out the Game Boy entries that are in the collection but my next taste of proper-Castlevania will undoubtedly come from the recently released Advanced collection that I will be picking up when I've got a few more games crossed off my backlog.
  14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Thanks for the tip @BowserBasher - I just managed to snag two of them. They were really hard to see, I think I was being hampered by having the screen set to auto brightness so the light at half 5ish and having the brightness on full made them stand out a little bit more.
  15. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Thanks Glen, just wondered if I needed to adapt my island to encourage them out more - guess I'll just have to stay patient. I swear I saw them all the time when I wasn't actively seeking them out...