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  1. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Super Mario Galaxy is one of the first games I remember buying on launch day, putting my student overdraft to good use in 2007, but somehow I never actually completed it - I put off fighting Bowser until I'd got all 120 stars but other things got in the way and I never went back to it. Fast forward to this year and the release of 3D All Stars, it was the perfect opportunity to right that wrong. The game is still as magical as it was when it first came out, full of that Nintendo charm and polish, and just brimming with great ideas. The battles with Bowser are terrific, probably the best in the series, and the story is much deeper than other Mario games (thanks to Koizumi's stewardship) with Rosalina's storybook being one of my favourite things about the game. The only negative really is that playing this makes Galaxy 2's omission from 3D All Stars even more glaring. That was the only game I played in October, but I got through a few more in November starting with Dark Souls III. It's one of those games I've had on my backlog for ages and with PS5 on the way I thought I'd give my PS4 a send off by finally getting to DS3. It's crazy that it took me this long to play the final entry in the mainline Souls series but it was a bit underwhelming in the end, I don't have many complaints about the game (I still got into the swing of things, enjoying the gameplay loop and levelling up) but it does feel like its going through the motions at times - definitely the right decision to finish the series here. I feel a bit cross with myself that I couldn't defeat all of the bosses though, Nameless King and Darkeater Midir are left unvanquished as I just couldn't seem to figure them out and the game is so old that summoning another player was never on the cards. I've been working through all the DOOM games on Switch because the first 4 were available for pretty cheap, it was DOOM 64's turn this time round and it feels like a definite improvement over the first two entries (probably owing to the use of actual polygons instead of just sprites, the levels are easier to navigate). I'm still not won over to the franchise entirely, the level design is a bit too obtuse at times and it just feels like it's solution for ratcheting up the difficulty is just throwing dozens of monsters at you, but I'm starting to really dig the music and enjoying myself enough that I want to play DOOM III and the 2016 reboot to see how the game translates to more modern design. Next up was Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the Switch's SNES app. Not really much to say, the music is obviously wonderful and it's impressive that Rare managed such a quick turnaround from the first game but it seems super tough, I honestly don't think I'd have managed to get through it on original hardware. Finally I played Abzu, also on the Switch. I had been aware of the game and meaning to buy it for a while, but it took until the recent sale to get the impetus to finally take the plunge. I absolutely adored it, I was a big fan of Journey and Rime so I knew I'd be into the aesthetic of this but it was exactly the kind of game I needed - two hours of intriguing and absorbing deep sea diving with gorgeous visuals and a cracking soundtrack. I was worried the Switch port would be sluggish and output an extremely low resolution but it looked and ran great - there are a couple of stutters when a lot of fish enter the frame and the lower resolution is noticeable but those issues never distracted from the games presentation for me, I always felt immersed in the game world. Due to PS5 supply issues it looks like it's going to be a while before I can get one, so my PS4 will be sticking around for now - Dark Souls III won't be the last game I play on it and, seeing as I started my PS4 journey with The Last Guardian, I figured that the remake of Shadow of the Colossus would be a fitting game with which to close out my time with the system so I'm finally playing through that now.
  2. Doom Eternal

    According to the eShop it's only 18gb, surely they could have squeezed it onto a 16gb card and released a physical copy. It does look quite good though, Panic Button have obviously been working hard the last six months to get it running consistently. I've been slowly working my way through all the previous DOOM games recently so if I enjoy the 2016 reboot on Switch I'll be sure to check out Eternal.
  3. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    The Switch version looks to run surprisingly well, obviously an enormous visual downgrade from the PS5 version but I was expecting it to look a lot worse. There's way too much going on with the HUD though for my liking, probably as a consequence of all the usual Ubisoft open world tropes. It's the kind of game I'd happily check out a demo for and maybe pick up the full version in a sale but by the time it goes down in price BOTW 2 should be on the horizon and that will undoubtedly do a better job of scratching the open world itch this is trying to capitalise on.
  4. Football Season 2020-21

    Who are these stringent offside rules actually benefiting? Every team has suffered the consequences of a goal that would have been perfectly legitimate 2 seasons ago being ruled out because of pedantic VAR officials. Villa made some errors themselves in the game, we should have at least been level before Watkins equaliser was ruled out, but VAR has ultimately cost us a point. The officials don't seem to be sticking to the 'clear and obvious error' schtick, it took them two minutes fiddling with a digital ruler to work out that Watkins was ever so slightly offside, it takes all the fun out of the game having to sit and wait for them to screw the attacking team over. Among other things, the offside rule needs to be seriously reconsidered - the whole point originally was to prevent teams goal hanging, not chalk off a well worked goal because one players arm was slightly ahead of anothers.
  5. Football Season 2020-21

    Atrocious VAR decision in the last minute of the Villa game, Trez went down and the referee pointed to the spot then VAR asked him to take a look at the replay and he overruled himself because Solly March got a slight touch of the ball. Touching the ball or not, he still fouled Trez so a penalty should have been awarded to Villa. Disappointing slips at the back again for us though, and without Barkley we lacked a bit of spark that would usually afford the front line more space in the final third.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I didn't manage to get one, I thought I had one from John Lewis but it refused to add it to my basket, and then none of the other places I tried ever had stock (at least, I could never see that they had) it's so depressing just hitting refresh every five seconds in the hopes I get lucky. I'm glad all of you that got them are enjoying it, although I can't deny I'm a little jealous of you! I would say I wish I'd been in the position to put in a pre-order but that seems like it was a pretty stressful process too!
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Ah right, thanks. Hopefully other places do theirs at the same time, I would rather not buy from Amazon.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Thought more units might go up for order at midnight so I checked a few places and the Currys website already had a queue of 20,000 waiting to get on. I think I'm going to have to get very lucky if I'm to get one anytime soon.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I've got enough to buy one now, just need to get lucky on launch day and find a site that has stock. I've heard the Currys and John Lewis will have a few more units on Thursday but it's a lottery whether or not I can get one before they sell out, don't hold out much hope given how scarce they've been in the US but I'll keep an eye on both places as soon as Thursday rolls around. I still haven't sold my PS4, made enough through other avenues, but I'm hoping I'll be in a position to sell it before Christmas once I've transferred all my data over to the PS5
  10. Football Season 2020-21

    Scotland have actually qualified for a major tournament. Didn't think I'd live to see them do it again but we're there! Should have won it in normal time really but you they never make it easy. Gutted for NI though, would have been awesome for all the home nations to get there.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Disappointed Animal Crossing couldn't quite pip MK8 this quarter but it does seem inevitable that it'll surpass it eventually - which is absolutely crazy. There aren't very many games that can shift 30 million copies in a single year but at this point it would be a big surprise if it doesn't. Based on their projections, the Switch will have topped 80m units by the end of the FY so 100m by the end of FY 2022 isn't an outlandish expectation. Main takeaways for me are in the software though, BOTW is soon going to surpass 20m for the Switch version alone and Ring Fit Adventure is an absolute beast - if Nintendo can keep stock coming for that it might end up being one of the best sellers this Xmas.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    A new Kururin game would be incredible, even just bringing the JP only ones out on Switch would do me as the original GBA game is one of my favourite games of all time
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I'm in the process of selling some old things to raise the cash for a PS5, so I haven't got a pre-order in just yet but I'm hoping to get one in the next time retailers have stock. If I can't get one by the end of November is there any way I can sign up for PS Plus and claim Bugsnax while it's still free?
  14. Football Season 2020-21

    Please don't tempt fate.
  15. Football Season 2020-21

    I can understand marginal offsides but from the pictures I've seen there isn't any of Mane offside at all, seems a crazy decision, but the Pickford tackle on Van Dijk was the most egregious error VAR made. All of Villa's next 3 games are on the PPV channels in the UK, even the game on Friday night against Leeds despite no other PL match being on that night. I hope nobody shells out the extra for the PPV matches, watching on stream is not as enjoyable as watching legal TV coverage but I'd rather do that than pay extra fees to watch a few matches