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  1. The End For Neogaf?

    I've always found Neogaf to be a pretty awful place for the most part, full of hot takes, spoilers and too many gifs but I still found it to be useful for breaking news so would check it occasionally because it's members always seemed to be ahead of the curve. The dissolution of the site won't mean the end for those members though, I'm sure in a couple of weeks there will be another forum up and running under a different name, there are enough members to ensure that a new site would be easily crowdfunded.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey

    Looks like I'll be blocking access to Neogaf, Reddit and Nintendo Life for the foreseeable future then. I at least trust you guys to keep spoilers to a minimum.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    Just bought it, we need to start a campaign to try and get it into the charts.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Thats welcome news, hopefully their editions aren't as limited for Switch though. What titles do you reckon will be coming? Fast RMX would be nice. It's kind of amazing that it's only been a year since the Switch was revealed, there has been so much going on these last 12 months.
  5. Apologies for the bump but I was wondering if there's going to be another MadDog Marathon this year? I know it took a lot of organising for the event at Arcade Club but I was wondering if there would be any streams or fundraising this year, I'd be happy to take part.
  6. EA Closes Visceral Games

    Shit, it didn't even click with me that Visceral were producing the Amy Hennig 'Star Wars' game. The Battlefront debacle showed EA that there was a market for a strong, story focused single player game in the Star Wars universe and rather than investing more resources into producing something the fans want they seem to be doing the absolute opposite.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey

    I also hadn't played Galaxy 2 until I played it last year. It came out at the wrong time for me, just after I dropped out of uni and before I got a job so I wasn't able to get it when it launched. I really liked it and can see why people think it's the better game but I prefer the first Galaxy, really felt like it recaptured the Mario 64 magic. I had planned on replaying Sunshine and Galaxy before Odyssey came out but I was too busy playing other games and think it'd be Mario overload to play them now. I'm currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles and worried I'm not going to finish it before Odyssey launches, want my slate to be totally clean for that
  8. Indie Games

    Looks great. I remember hearing about a game where you ran a shop and went out to search for items to sell, is there another game with this concept or was it Moonlighter they were talking about? Regardless it looks brilliant and surprisingly varied, yet another indie gem to add to my list
  9. EA Closes Visceral Games

    Never played Dead Space but the first two are only my list to get for PS3 after hearing great things about them. I think Easy Allies are going to have a lot to talk about with this news, yet another case of EA focusing too much on quick cash grabs than actually trying to innovate. I wonder how long it will be until Bioware suffer the same fate.
  10. {{{HD Rumble}}}

    I'm a fan of it and definitely think it's a step up from traditional rumble but it depends on how developers use it. In Fast RMX for example I think it works really well when playing with the pro controller or the joy cons separated from the console but it makes far too much noise when playing in handheld mode so I turn it off in that instance. But in MK8 it works really well no matter what set up you're using so I guess Shin'en just need to dial it down a little bit.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey

    I'm doing an art course every Friday to help with my recovery and was worried I wouldn't be in when this gets delivered but found out on Friday that half term is the week that Mario comes out so I should be in when it arrives and will have the rest of the day to enjoy it. Apparently Nintendo are going to be selling 'Jump Up, Super Star!' on iTunes, reckon we can organise enough people to buy it to get it into the charts?
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    DOOM release date confirmed at November 10th in US and Europe. That's about a month sooner than I thought so should bode well for the quality of the port. Bethesda really like stacking their releases close to each other though, first Evil Within and Wolfenstein are released 2 weeks apart and now DOOM and Skyrim are released within 7 days of each other.
  13. Football Season 2017-18

    Not really a surprise but Gordon Strachan has left the Scotland job. I really like the guy so was hoping he'd stay on and give it another crack but I can definitely understand why he and the Scottish FA feel it's time to move on. There were some fantastic moments during his tenure but too many poor results against the lesser teams cost them in both campaigns so I was sympathetic towards those fans who felt the team needed to move on and give someone else a chance but as with Chris Coleman for Wales I can't really see a better option than Strachan so I thought he should have been given the option to stay on. The media are touting McLiesh, Moyes and Lambert, all decent managers in their time but definitely experiencing dips in their careers. I would say that Alex Neil is probably the best candidate, he looked primed for the Scotland job after early successes with Hamilton and Norwich, and despite his sacking after Norwich were relegated from the Premier League he seems to have bounced back well with Preston North End. The only worry really is that it's too early in his career, aged only 36, to take a job usually suited to managers with their best days behind them.
  14. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    The physical version of The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+ is available from for £24.99.
  15. Super Mario Odyssey

    Ha, yeah it was just my copy of Edge that arrived. Sorry to cause a panic, if Odyssey had arrived today I don't think I'd be posting on this forum for a while.