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  1. The Game Awards 2019

    As terrible as the name is they basically just sold me a console with that Hellblade announcement.
  2. The Game Awards 2019

    Series X is a terrible name for a console. Even among the allies there was confusion as to whether it was a brand new console or another version of Xbox One
  3. The Game Awards 2019

    I think it's pretty fucking offensive to put Best Score into the pre-show. Cut some of the ads and give creators their moment for Christ's sake.
  4. Well with any luck climate change will get completely out of control and we'll all be dead before he and his cronies can cause too much damage.
  5. The Game Awards 2019

    I think the show would be unbearable without the allies, practically essential to watch it with them on twitch.
  6. 2020 PDC World Darts Championship

    I think we're the only two darts fans here unfortunately but I'm not as excited for this year as I have been in the past - I think the UK election might have some bearing on that. It still seems so weird having it start so early and I'm sure by the time the matches get going I'll be right up for it. Hoping that Peter Wright can finally put his demons to rest and win it, though it would be nice to see Barney go far - he deserves a good send off.
  7. I hope to Christ that the exit poll is incorrect for once, otherwise the future looks pretty grim.
  8. I feel pretty good about my local Labour MP retaining his seat but I am feeling pretty nervous about the national result. I keep telling myself that the polls are often wrong but seeing that Boris is predicted to win a comfortable majority I can't help dreading the worst. Don't think I've ever anticipated an exit poll as much as I am this years.
  9. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    This will hopefully be the only one I don't enter.
  10. The Game Awards 2019

    Do what I'm doing, have the election coverage going in your laptop while you watch the game awards on the TV. I'm hoping the surprise announcements will help to balance out the crushing depression of the election results. Although I'll probably end up weeping on both counts come 4am if Nintendo don't bring the goods.
  11. Resident Evil 3 (3rd April 2020)

    Surely RE8 will be next in line, either late 2021 or early 2022 but yeah, Code Veronica remake would be pretty sweet
  12. Shovel Knight

    I'm absolutely rubbish at Joustus.
  13. Indie World Showcase : Tues 10th Dec (6pm UK)

    Reminded me that I still haven't bought the first Axiom Verge. Sports Story was probably the highlight for me but it was a pretty good presentation overall although I'm not really a fan of having so many developers introducing their games on camera, it's nice when you get the odd one but having six or seven in one video is a bit too much. Forgot about The Talos Principle, it definitely interests me but I didn't get on too well with The Witness so not sure i'll really like it
  14. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I am determined to win something so I am entering every day regardless of the prize but yeah, Link's Awakening Collectors Edition is a pretty nice prize.
  15. Life is Strange 2

    I played through the first episode about this time last year but decided to wait for the rest to release before continuing. I've played through the remaining 4 episodes over the last few days and I definitely didn't feel as emotionally invested in the story and the characters as I was with those in the first game but it still felt like Life is Strange. I feel like I might have fared better if I had played the first episode again before playing through the others, even with the recap I had forgotten quite a lot of the story beats that set Sean and Daniel on their journey. I think my main complaint with the game is that the road trip style doesn't do it any favours, as soon as you get emotionally attached to someone the game just moves on to another scenario. One of the things I loved so much about the first game was the setting, spending so much time in Blackwell Academy, Chloe's house, the junkyard, the diner and all the other spots in Arcadia Bay really helped to ground everything.