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  1. Football Season 2018/19

    Absolutely insane. I was cursing Eriksen for not getting rid of it when he had the chance, convinced Sterling's goal was legit. If Gundogan hadn't got a touch on it then it would probably still have run through for Aguero. Crazy game of football, didn't think Spurs had a chance when Aguero scored City's 4th. They'll be building a statue of Llorente's hip in North London tomorrow.
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    What on earth is going on with Tottenham and City's defences? 20 minutes played and there have been 5 goals. Ajax will tear apart whoever goes through if they don't get themselves organised.
  3. Nintendo Labo

    Labo VR is the first Labo set that I've picked up, I built the goggles on Friday night and messed around in the VR plaza for a bit. My first impression was the my screen was way too dirty and that the resolution is definitely too low. Didn't get a chance to try it out for longer until Sunday afternoon when I showed it to my nieces (aged 7 & 4) and they had a great time with it especially watching the VR videos. I had some free time tonight so I decided to build the VR Blaster after @RedShell's recommendation, expecting it to take me an hour or so but ended up taking just over 3 hours. I didn't realise until afterwards that Nintendo shows the estimates in the menu. Didn't have time to try the blaster game out afterwards but I'm really impressed by the intricacy of the construction - it really does feel satisfying to pull the reload mechanism back. Feel a bit foolish for building the most complicated one first but hey, at least the rest will seem easier now. Tempted to try and fashion a strap to make it a bit more comfortable to use, can't imagine Zelda will be much fun just holding it up to my face. It'll be really interesting if the Switch Pro has a 1080p screen, even that much of a resolution bump will make this thing much nicer to use.
  4. At least we'll be able to trade in our PS4's to offset some of the cost!
  5. Normal SSD's might be getting a lot cheaper but from the way Cerny talks about the enormous bandwidth of the one in the PS5 it seems like its a brand new variant. Obviously there is a lot of bluster in this report, it's very much just Wired allowing Sony to blow smoke up their own asses, but if they make good on all of these promises then the PS5 seems like it could be very, very expensive. It's all very intriguing (and I'm delighted they're supporting PS4 backwards compatibility) but its a case of I'll believe it when I see it, especially with regards to their support for 8K resolutions.
  6. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    It was the first console that I was actively hyped for in the lead up to release. The N64 came a bit too early for me, I was only 10 when that came out and the PS2 and Dreamcast didn't really interest me but in the run up to the Gamecube's reveal and launch I was desperate for news. I would read the rumours in the back of NOM about the Nintendo Dolphin and I remember being floored by the first tech demos from Spaceworld that CBBC showed on Newsround. I was only 14 when the GC launched so didn't have the means to buy my own but my 17 year-old brother worked part time and saved up to buy one so I knew I would be able to play it on launch day. I went to school as normal but all I could think about all day was getting home to play the GC. When school finished I ran home (the only thing I can ever remember running home for) and ran straight up to my room where my brother was already playing it. I can't remember what he was playing exactly when I got home but I know that we definitely had Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Leader and Super Monkey Ball. He had to go to work on the Saturday so I ended up getting to play the Gamecube all day, I finished Luigi's Mansion that weekend. I never really got to experience much of the Gamecube after that though, my brother went to uni the next year and took it with him so it wasn't until a few years later that I got to experience gems like the Wind Waker and more recently played through a load of the other games I missed. But I remember the launch day so vividly, crazy that it's almost 17 years ago!
  7. That's really surprising but I suppose it makes sense considering how different VII and VIII were. Not very hopeful for Episode IX, Abrams is a dreadful director and the teaser does nothing to quell my fears about its quality. The title is weird, it doesn't have the same flow to it as most of the others in the series - something like 'The Rise of the Skywalker' would have been better and made it more mysterious.
  8. Wolfenstein: Youngblood (July 26th)

    Bethesda have confirmed that the physical release doesn't come with a cartridge. I don't really see the point in them even releasing it physically if they don't include anything in the box
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    I'm tempted by Doom at £25 but I think I'd rather pick up a physical copy. Might bite on Mario + Rabbids though.
  10. Was on the fence about Labo VR but they've pulled me in with this announcement. Zelda is probably going to look pretty rough in VR but I'm still desperate to try it and as @Dcubed says MK8DX compatibility must be on the way soon (especially considering it runs at 60fps in split screen mode already) so I'm more buying it in anticipation for that. Very cool of Nintendo to try this.
  11. It was playable at PAX and seems to run pretty well, don't think anyone properly analysed the framerate or got to listen to the audio through headphones but impressions seem pretty positive. I'm hoping for a physical release so won't be buying it straight away but I loved it when I played it on PS4 so very keen to pick it up on Switch
  12. Definitely picking up Boxboy + Boxgirl, really want to get Labo VR but there are other games I need to spend my money on first really (still yet to buy RE2 or Sekiro). Dragon's Dogma, Cuphead, Katana Zero and Phoenix Wright are also on my wish list but I'm not sure when I'll get round to buying them.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    An interesting look at the realistic possibilities for a slightly enhanced Switch revision by using the hardware exploit to run the SOC overclocked. With Wolfenstein & Doom even a slight bump to the CPU smooths out the framerate but resolution seems to be capped in engine so would take a patch for any improvements in docked mode, but better power efficiency would see the handheld experience greatly improved with no patch required. It's interesting to see how poorly optimised some games are, WWE 2k18 and Ark are notorious for their poor performance but MVG shows that even an overclock doesn't help smooth anything out.
  14. Brexit 2019

    I think parliament are looking at the first round of indicative votes as a sort of sounding out of support, nobody expected any of the options to receive a majority the first time round. But after the customs union 2.0 and second referendum received so many votes the first time round there will have been discussions between supporters of them both in an attempt to make a deal for the second round of indicative votes - "if you vote for the customs union then i'll vote for the second referendum" - which would shift the numbers enough for them both to gain a majority. Parliament would then have a legitimate reason to debate them as genuine routes forward and would be able to show the EU that they are capable of reaching some sort of consensus, paving the way forward for another extension beyond April 12th.