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  1. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    They're investing in Dontnod, similar sort of deal to the one with Platinum - basically just helping them to self publish their own games. It's pretty surprising really, outside of Life is Strange Dontnod's titles haven't been commercially successful, it seems like more of an altruistic move from Tencent than a financial investment. Hopefully it is as hands off as they say, would give Dontnod some wriggle room - the failure of a title they self publish wouldn't lead to them having to lay people off if they have this financial buffer.
  2. Football Season 2020-21

    I'm pretty sure he'll get another job very soon, whether that be at Celtic or back in the Championship, he won't be out of a job for long
  3. Football Season 2020-21

    It's not really a surprise and it's hard to deny that he has struggled to get the best out of a promising squad recently but he still deserved more time. I don't think Tuchel is much of an upgrade either, yes he won the German cup with Dortmund and took PSG to the Champions League final but that's hardly an impressive CV. Surely with Lampard's history at Chelsea the fans were willing to remain patient with him for a little while longer, yes they're down in 9th but it's a topsy turvy season - just look at where United were after the first 5 or 6 games, languishing in the bottom half and now they're top of the league. Pretty much all of the big teams have had bad runs so far and got through them, I'm confident Chelsea would have done the same under Lampard given the chance. It's clear that all Abramovich cares about it short term success, don't think anybody will ever build a legacy at the club - even the most successful managers only get a few years in before he gets rid of them. In other news, Villa are back to winning ways (after a frustrating couple of away trips to Manchester) - it never looked in doubt against a very poor Newcastle side. Burnley next offers a bigger test, they have shown how tough they are to break down recently so I expect it to be a challenging match but I would still back us to score, thankfully there don't seem to be any fitness issues following the COVID outbreak so we're sure to cause their defence a few problems with our pace and movement.
  4. It makes no sense at all, they're going to lose a lot of talented developers who don't want to work on mobile dreck, splitting up a successful team that produced a diverse collection of titles over the last few years to make them work on Blizzard properties seems so weird. Activision should be bolstering Vicarious Visions, giving them more resources to add variety to their release schedule - why does everything have the serve CoD and Blizzard?
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Seems like stock is starting to trickle out in the UK again - Smyths, Game, AO and Currys have all had them for sale again the last few days but they're still like gold dust, selling out in a matter of minutes. Reseller prices are starting to trend downwards but they're still at a level where they can make a tidy profit so I don't think the use of bots is going to slow down for a few while, at this rate i'll be surprised if I can get one before the end of March.
  6. The Trump Over

    At this point even Trump conceding defeat won't get these thugs to stop, it's utterly appalling.
  7. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    That never really looked like a contest, Price wiped the floor with Anderson for most of the match but choked on the doubles to seal the title. Anderson's level never really changed, Price just dropped off as soon as he went 6 - 1 up but he got there in the end. Price's 5th set was unbelievable, he averaged 136 and missed double 12 for a 9 dart leg that would have taken his set average above 140. I don't think Anderson was expecting to win, he'd written off 2020 so a spot in the final is a bonus - he won't be too bothered by the defeat. Price deserved to win tonight and, despite his indiscretions in the past he's shown over the last couple of years that he truly is one of the best players in the world - worthy of winning the world title.
  8. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    I kicked off December by finally starting the PS4 remake of one of my favourite games Shadow of the Colossus and it was absolutely worth the wait. I fell in love with the game all over again, I adore the desolate environments and atmosphere, the whole tone of the game is such a perfect balance between macabre and beautiful - soundtracked by one of the greatest musical scores in any medium. It is a fitting send off for my PS4 Pro, or at least it would be if I could get my hands on a PS5 anytime soon - I'm holding off playing some PS exclusives I missed so I can play the best versions on newer hardware but it doesn't seem like PS5 is going to be readily available for a good while yet. I played through a very short one next, One Eyed Kutkh on Switch. It's one of those games I spotted on the eShop and loved the art style and it was really cheap so I took a chance on it. Despite it's simple presentation it's a bit ropey technically and is very simple in its mechanics, it's essentially a stripped down point and click adventure and it's charming enough but there isn't that much to get your teeth into - it only takes 45 minutes or so to play through. I thought I had played Silent Hill 2 quite recently but looking back through my lists it turns out I finished it in October 2016 so it was quite a gap until I got around to experiencing Silent Hill 3. It's as clunky and awkward to control as the previous entries in the series but it's somehow still compelling to play through, has the same creepy and surreal atmosphere that made the second game such a classic. Heather's story wasn't quite as effecting as James' but it's still many levels above most survival horror efforts, it handles such a mature story in fantastic fashion it's such a shame that Konami let the series die - hopefully the rumours about a Sony revival are accurate and the dev team can bring that same level of maturity to a modern reboot. Finally to round out the year I dusted off my Wii U to play through Metroid Fusion. Metroid is a series I hadn't touched at all outside of playing the Hunters demo for a few minutes when my friend first got his DS but over the last few years I've made my way through most entries in the franchise (after this Other M and Hunters are the only ones I need to get to) and Fusion has a lot of the same qualities that made the series what it is. In terms of visual presentation it looks fantastic, I'm really impressed with how capable the GBA hardware was (although there were a few moments of slow down during heavy fire, not sure if that's an issue with Wii U emulation or just the way the game is). It feels more linear than Super Metroid, the AI partner handing out orders to Samus appears way too much through the game which takes the mystery out of exploration somewhat although they do make up for that in some respects by including the data rooms which you have to work out how to reach. I definitely had a lot of fun with the game but it falls into the same category as Samus Returns for me, an enjoyable Metroidvania that you don't need to think about too much, lacking the sense of loneliness and discovery that makes the best entries so immersive and compelling. I received Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for Christmas and I'm currently making my way through that so that'll be the first game I complete in 2021, it's my first ever musou game and I'm having a blast so far. Looking back it was quite a varied year, several different genres represented on my list but I'm disappointed that my backlog only grew as the year went on - I need to make a big dent into that before I can think about buying any more now. Have a good 2021 everyone!
  9. Game of the Year: 2020 Edition

    I only played The Last of Us: Part II and Animal Crossing: New Horizons of the big newly released titles in 2020, I enjoyed both but Animal Crossing is undoubtedly my favourite. I've clocked up 390 hours on my island and I know that I'll be playing it every day in 2021 too, there are no signs of me giving it up any time soon. It's filled with all the classic Nintendo charm and the few gripes I have with the game are far outweighed by the sheer joy it has provided me, given what a huge success it is for Nintendo I hope they continue to support it with worthwhile updates for the foreseeable - I would love to see a return of Kapp'n, Brewster, Resetti and other amenities from previous entries that are missing. It will take a lot for New Horizons to dethrone Wild World in my heart but it's got the potential to do that if Nintendo keep working on it. As is tradition for me I played plenty of 2019 titles for the first time this year, starting off with Pokemon Shield which was okay (not really anything notable to say about it but I enjoyed my time with it at least) then Baba is you which was delightful but a bit too much of a head-scratcher towards the end for my liking. Next was A Plague Tale: Innocence which was really engrossing, takes a lot of inspiration from TLOU but the setting and characters really make it stand out, then was the big one - Death Stranding, certainly took a while to get into but once I did I lapped it up - definitely one of the best games I played this year. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 was another 2020 game I played through, I got a lot more out of it than the first entry as I practically finished the game 100%, but it's hard to put it on the same level as Animal Crossing and The Last of Us. One that technically is a 2020 game I played was Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition but given it's a remaster of a game I already finished a few years ago (and absolutely adored) it feels wrong to call it a new release - I suppose I could count Future Connected as a brand new game but it definitely felt like an epilogue to the main game and I never did quite get on with the changes to the battle system. I managed to complete more games last year (36) than I did in 2019 (23) and I went on a bit of a Xmas shopping spree so I'm hoping to get the year off to a flyer by devoting the first few weeks to getting through some of the games I missed in 2020.
  10. Football Season 2020-21

    I hope you're right about us finishing in the European places, that would be tremendous. Shows how far we've come in the last few months that I'm super disappointed not to get anything from a trip to Old Trafford - the penalty was a soft one to give away and we had enough of the game to score again but de Gea was equal to our best chances - although Martinez kept a couple out at the other end too. First goal was unlucky though, if Mings had got anything meaningful on the ball it would never have reached Martial. January is full of tough fixtures for Villa, hopefully we can get back to winning ways sooner rather than later.
  11. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    I don't know that he's the favourite but that was a phenomenal win - made can Gerwen look like a pub player. The odds on final is probably Anderson v Price but if Chizzy can play anywhere near that tomorrow he'll be hard to catch.
  12. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    Outrageous match that between Chisnall and Dimitri, I thought it was going to go for a final set but the nerves really got to both players. I was a bit disappointed by Price v King, I expected it to be a cracker of a match but it was a bit tepid. Price is probably the most likely challenger to MvG but he hasn't got going yet, will definitely need to up his level if he gets to the final. It's hard to pick a winner, MvG is obviously the favourite but if Chizzy can play at the same level he did tonight in the QF then he stands a chance of an upset. Dirk and Anderson are both playing well without setting the world alight, hard to choose between them. The other side of the draw Price is the hot favourite, he should get the better of Gurney even if he doesn't up his game over tonight's performance while Ratajski and Bunting is a toss up - both are lacking big match experience, Bunting probably shades it in that metric, but one of them will be playing in their first World Championships Semi Final come Saturday night.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Just had a look on Google and the file size is around 12gb, excluding all the 360 games which would it would be impossible to fit on even a 32gb cart (they take the total over 50gb) but I think people would accept having to download all the larger games if it meant the rest of the package was on the cart. I'm pretty sure that's how it worked on Xbox One too.
  14. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    Gutting for Cullen! I thought he had him after the fourth set but when the moment came Cullen didn't have the composure - he crumbled in that final leg and will be devastated to have thrown that away. Hopefully Dimitri can beat MvG in the QF's, we know he is in the sort of form needed to dump him out and has the big match experience to keep his cool when it really matters
  15. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    Remarkable match, I wasn't really sure who I wanted to win it - both would have been worthy quarter finalists - but that last leg was so tense! Gabriel will feel like he threw it away after missing those match darts but he should take a lot of positives from it when he's able to look back on it. Should be a great match next, Cullen is another quick player so it will suit MvG's game but there's every chance of an upset.
  16. Switch eShop Thread

    Went on a bit of a shopping spree, picked up Telling Lies, Dragon's Dogma, GRID Autosport, When The Past Was Around and Kentucky Route Zero in the sale. My SD card is absolutely rammed now though, no space left at all so I need to make a serious dent into my backlog before I can buy any more.
  17. Football Season 2020-21

    We only made a few signings in the summer, all of whom have settled in nicely, the squad isn't that different from last season but collectively they didn't have much Premier League experience. There was a lot of promise in our performances early last season but we never got a run together and couldn't build momentum, the lack of confidence compounded by a run of bad results - I honestly believe we would have been relegated had the season not been put on hold, our defence has looked superb since lockdown, it really gave us a chance to firm up at the back. We had to make too many signings after we were promoted, we had to bulk out the squad, whereas this summer it was more about quality over quantity. I've not been this excited about a Villa side since I was a kid, there is a real camararderie now and if we can hold on to the likes of Grealish, McGinn, Douglas, Mings and Martinez then we stand every chance of doing something special.
  18. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    What a win for Clemens! After the first set I thought Wright would make it a routine win but his doubling deserted him and, when he did find it again it was too late really. How will this go down in Germany @drahkon? Is this the furthest a German player has gone in the tournament? Ratajski for him next though, he looks pretty solid so far. Hopefully we get another shock tonight too, Ricky Evans could cause MVG problems if he's not on his game.
  19. Football Season 2020-21

    @Kav Please continue to be shit on Monday.
  20. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    That was gutting for Jamie Lewis, hitting the treble 16 when he wanted the single and busting his score. Should have had a dart to win the second leg of the deciding set too, Gerwyn was very lucky to win that in the end. Clemens v Kurz will be interesting, Kurz looked really good in the first round but Clemens has been solid all year. Hopp was unlucky in the end, you don't often see Mervyn King play at such a high level for a whole match
  21. Football Season 2020-21

    Didn't get to see much of the United game but it's crazy how open Leeds continue to be, it really is all or nothing for them. They have been so shaky at the back and I can't see them shoring up in that respect as the season goes on but given how poor some of the relegation candidates are I don't think they'll be in much trouble come the end of the season. As for Villa, I'm struggling to believe how well we're doing this season. After the League cup final I was feeling so down on the future, it looked as if we were going to fall short and drop back into the Championship but we managed to survive and have carried that momentum into this campaign. The signings we made are performing brilliantly overall, even with Barkley and Trez missing we look brilliant going forward. West Brom never looked like they intended to attack tonight, even before the sending off, but I was starting to get a little anxious we'd pay the price for not scoring a second but thankfully we got the extra goals the performance deserved. When you look at where Villa were when Smith took over (bottom half of the Championship, looking wholly mediocre) it really is remarkable how we got to where we are now. It still feels too soon to say that we can challenge for European places but given our points tally and how open the league looks this season, that is looking like a real possibility. I just hope we can keep up the momentum after Xmas, and find a bit of consistency at home.
  22. London and much of the southeast put into a new tier 4, plans to relax restrictions around Christmas have been called off or reduced across the entirety of England. I wish they would just make a decision and stick with it, it was glaringly obvious in March that Christmas wouldn't be able to proceed as normal but the Government kept insisting that they weren't going to be the administration that cancelled Christmas, refusing to look at the situation rationally and make the difficult decisions. Their attitude over the summer has made a terrible situation even worse, a month of eat out to help out nonsense throwing us into a second wave and piling pressure on an already over subscribed health service. All for the sake of propping up the beloved economy.
  23. 2021 PDC World Darts Championship

    Mistakenly posted this in the football thread, must have just been looking for the numbers. Always great to see Paul Lim win, he and Humphries put on a great match - the second leg of that final set was so nervy! Loads of good matches today, Hunt pulled off a shock against Hughes this afternoon and Brooks nearly dumped out Duijvenbode. Don't think Wade will have as much trouble against Rydz, given his recent form, but you never know with this tournament!
  24. Football Season 2020-21

    Didn't mean to post in here, but I suppose I'll just retrofit it to be about football instead. It's a shame that there won't be any fans at the Man Utd v Leeds game, both sets of supporters will have been looking forward to facing each other in the top flight for years.
  25. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    The fact that it made mainstream BBC News is really something, such a disaster for the developers. The most astonishing issue I've seen in all of the reports is still that Digital Foundry one where the game straight up freezes for an entire minute to catch up with rendering the scene, I don't think I've seen a more broken moment in any big release, the engine is just too much for the base consoles. Can't imagine how much worse the reaction would have been if they had hit the April release date when next gen consoles and graphics cards weren't an option.