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    Have you been avoiding the Metroid Dread thread for fear of spoilers? Well, here's something that's almost entirely spoiler-free: Metroid Dread - The N-Europe Review The only spoiler here is a very small part of the opening sequence. By reading this review, you will be more informed of the game's overall quality, without spoiling yourself of the game's more curious contents. It's practically magic! So feel free to read it during your free time: I promise the robots won't attack while you're doing so.
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    Well, here we are. The final stop on our prediction hype train and it's time for everyone to pay their fines for their awful choices. Bringing on uninvited passengers is not allowed, after all. Now obviously, I've already docked points for any characters that were relegated to Assist Trophies or Mii Costumes. No, this one last humiliation conga is for all the characters that were still in Limbo before the Smash door was thoroughly locked. He gets in, and then immediately makes sure no-one else can follow him. What a jerk! Release the Avalanche of Crushed Dreams! @Glen-i - Paper Mario, Dixie Kong, Yarn Poochy, Decidueye, Chorus Kids, Rayman (Minus 6) @markderoos - Rabbid, Qbby, Solaire (Minus 3) @Mandalore - Sami, Mia, Qbby, Kat & Ana, Ricky Winterborn, Professor Yazoo Jr, Rabbid Peach, Yooka & Laylee, Goose (Minus 9) @Jonnas - Twintelle, Dixie Kong, Decidueye, Captain Toad, Sami, Muddy Mole, Rayman (Minus 7) @Ugh first aid - Crash Bandicoot, Frisk, Wart, Cranky Kong, Decidueye, Marx, Porky (Minus 7) @Nintendo Fan - Fire Emblem Villain, Decidueye, Cranky Kong, Impa, Chun-Li, King Boo (Minus 6) @Fused King - Paper Mario, Professor Layton, Cranky Kong, Rayman, Captain Toad, Decidueye, Amaterasu (Minus 7) @Dcubed - Rayman, Chorus Kids (Minus 2) @RedShell - Tingle, Birdo, Drake Redcrest, Judd, Jimmy T, 9-Volt, Karate Joe, Ulala, Hatsune Miku, Kazuma Kiryu (Minus 10) @Julius - Decidueye, Captain Toad, Professor Layton, Rayman, Noctis (Minus 5) @Nicktendo - Ribbon Girl, Eevee, "Dapper" Bowser, Rabbid Peach, Qbby (Minus 4) @Vileplume2000 - Decidueye, Funky Kong, Olberic, Musashi, Solaire (Minus 5) @S.C.G - Paper Mario, Rick (Minus 2) @Ashley - Rick (Minus 1) Hah! 7 people, all guessing Decidueye. I wonder what idiot convinced them that was a good idea... Stupid Ivysaur... But here we go, the final results! 14th= Artmediocre, RedShell, bob, Ashley - Minus 30 points 13th - Aperson - Minus 28 points 10th= Nicktendo, Jonnas, mandalore - Minus 27 points (0 stages) 9th - Nintendo Fan - Minus 27 points (1 stage) 8th - Vileplume2000 - Minus 26 points 7th - Dcubed - Minus 25 points 6th - S.C.G - Minus 24 points (1 stage) 5th - Glen-i - Minus 24 points (2 stages) 4th - Ugh First Aid - Minus 21 points (0 stages) Sorry @Jonnas, you guessed way more than 3 stages for the tie breaker, so you're disqualified from that aspect. It was a close fought battle in the top 4! Almost non-existant gaps all round! In 3rd place, we have @markderoos, with minus 21 points and 1 stage prediction! His most spectacular prediciton was easily Banjo & Kazooie. See what blind faith can sometimes get you? Majestic! In 2nd place, we have @Julius, with Minus 20 points! He also guessed Banjo & Kazooie, but was just that little more accurate with his other guesses. Even if 5 of them turned out to be Assist Trophies. You should celebrate by actually playing Banjo-Kazooie when it gets released on NSO, you philistine! But the ultimate Human/Genius is @Fused King, with Minus 19 points! Unlike the other two, he didn't predict Banjo & Kazooie. Does that mean he truly won in the grand scheme of things? Yes, he did. Because he got more points then everyone else. And that's how you win. Boy, that went on a lot longer then anyone dared to imagine, huh? But we've arrived at the end of Ultimate's roster. 30 characters that weren't in the previous game. We've laughed, we've cried, we got angry at another Fire Emblem character even though it was painfully obvious it was going to happen and you really should've grabbed that easy point! But no matter how you feel about how off-base you were, there's no denying that Smash now has the greatest fighting game roster of all time, and I'm sure some of us will be Smashing each other's face in for years to come. Like me, tonight, at 8pm.
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    Whoops forgot to react to things in a timely manner. I suppose I'll do some post thoughts since I popped in yesterday an' all. I'll get the negatives out of the way first, and attempt to cleanse the darkness that resides in my heart. Starting with the one people will probably find obvious: That ain't Wright! Less to do with Sora of course and more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a whole but, well, no matter how much of a big deal each new fighter addition is, you're not going to satisfy everyone. And now Ultimate is coming to an end. "Everyone" is here. So to know that after several years of hoping and wishing, that something you wanted may never be a part of what can be argued as one of the biggest celebrations of videogames - not even as a spirit - well, I can't say I'm not disappointed. Combined with other desired characters also not getting to fight, it almost feels like my wants didn't really matter, drowned out amongst all these huge franchises and incredibly loud fan followings. And I feel guilty that there's a part of me that feels that way, because what Ultimate has accomplished is a collaborative effort that's nothing short of phenomenal, with herculean amounts of work and dedication to make it all become a reality and attempt to satisfy as many people as possible, and yet despite this here I am years later still reeling from the words "Yup, it's him.". And I'm sincerely thankful that each and every fighter that has joined the battle has made a great number of people happy, including people I know personally. Furthermore, it's not like Ultimate never elicited a joyful reaction out of me, as there's plenty of stuff both new and returning that I'm very grateful for. But if you'll forgive me for the selfish thought, I wish I could have got to experience those ecstatic feelings that so many others have had with the inclusion of a series and character that I hold a deep affection for. ...Granted, if you were to ask Phoenix himself, he's probably quite happy that he won't be on the receiving end of whatever Smash can throw at him. Man gets enough violence his way in his own series, after all. What the Duck? Where's the Duck? And the mouse and whatever the heck Goofy is I dunno some kind of dog maybe what the hyuck. Now, I am someone who played the first Kingdom Hearts back when it originally released on PS2 and enjoyed it, because I was a child and I had my innocence and no idea what lied ahead. And despite Sora not being who I wanted, watching him soaring about like Peter Pan to Simple and Clean and shaking Mario's hand, that admittedly did hit some feels. But no matter how many mooks you throw at the series that talk about hearts or the light or the darkness or what have you, a big part of the series has always been, y'know, Disney properties. I think it's fair to say that many people knew, even those who wanted Sora, that getting Kingdom Hearts into Smash wouldn't be without compromise. You can see it from the allusion that there won't be a Sora amiibo, and that Kirby apparently is not allowed to wield the Keyblade, so has to make do with an elemental recreation. And most obviously, from the complete and entirely predictable lack of Disney content (with the exception of a keychain). As someone who has only really played the first Kingdom Hearts game I don't suppose my opinion carries much weight, but - putting aside the implication that it would open the Pandora's box that is non-videogame inclusions in Smash - if you can't include the Disney properties, then, in my opinion, you're not really capable of including Kingdom Hearts as a whole. That being said, to be clear, I don't really fault Smash for that. £50 for a Music Track. Look, temporarily locking promotional spirits behind save data from certain games is one thing, but I paid for this Fighters Pass, with all the characters, stages and music associated with it, so to lock some of a DLC stage's music behind owning a different game feels a tad annoying, especially because I like Dearly Beloved, damnit. Do I like it enough to spend money on a rhythm game I'm not particularly interested in? ...Maybe. Frick. ---------- Anyway, whilst I may be a grumpy old man yelling at cloud versions of PS2 games, I don't want to appear as if I'm one, so here's some more positive impressions, too. An Outstanding Job of translating Kingdom Hearts into Smash. Whilst I may have said that getting Kingdom Hearts into Smash required compromise and would have liked to have seen a little of the Disney side of things, please don't misunderstand and think I believe that what is there is bad. Because really, I think that they took what they were allowed to and absolutely delivered. Part of the reason people want their desired character to join the fight, is that when someone gets that invitation, it comes with the knowledge that Sakurai and everyone else working on Smash are putting in as much effort and care into the inclusion as possible. And whilst I don't find the move set particularly interesting, as said before, I've played the first Kingdom Hearts, and though my memories are faint, watching how Sora played and animated, it certainly gave me the impression that they had managed to successfully faithfully capture how Sora plays in Kingdom Hearts, and I imagine bigger fans of the series have a similar impression. People on the internet keep talking about Sakurai retiring, or wishing that he wouldn't work on the next Smash Bros., but whilst that day will inevitably come, I personally think that he should continue to work on the series for as long as he is willing to do so, because time and time again, this man has demonstrated how much he knows and cares about the franchises he gets to work on through Smash. Whenever Smash returns, should he return with it then I welcome him with open arms. And, y'know, if there's an Ultimate Deluxe in the future, if Kingdom Hearts is in, maybe add Cloud's Kingdom Hearts costume whilst you're at at. A Smashing Send Off. I believe the final trailer was successful in conveying what it wanted to. Not just that Sora is here, but that Ultimate has reached its end, and what an incredible celebration it has been. It's easy to forget, but since the start, Smash isn't necessarily the likes of Mario and Pikachu fighting, but action figures or trophies of them. They are a child's plaything. They. Are. All. TOOOYYYS! The characters coming to life and crossing over to engage in battle are the result of your imaginations running free. And once playtime is over, they return to their original form. And that's essentially how this final trailer opens. It's the end of the show, the fire that has burnt brightly from the first trailer has finally burnt out, and the lifelight of the figures fade with it as they all return to the darkness. And yet, one final flicker of the fire remains, one guiding light that is just enough to spark the life back into Mr. Nintendo, who after a brief moment of hesitation (because who wouldn't hesitate at the internet reactions he might bring), throws caution to the wind and his hand into the flame, to reawaken the light. And who better to bring light to chase away the darkness than the protagonist of the series that won't shut up about either (and I say that in the most complimentary way possible of course). And that final parting shot of the handshake as all those other fighters look on, under that rekindled Smash flame is really powerful. Regardless of how you feel about Sora, I don't think there are many characters in the world of videogames not in Smash that you could replace him with in that final image and have it carry quite the same weight. It really can't be stated enough, but Smash is such an incredible accomplishment. I have no idea what lies ahead for the series, but as for where it currently stands... I'd say Ultimate was a pretty fitting title. With the exception of the netcode. And whilst the final trailer is still fresh in your mind, you may as well give this another listen. ---------- Smash is huge, so there's a lot to talk about. It's possible I may more to say about it in the future, now that Ultimate is complete. But for now, this has been the rambling thoughts of Mr. Sproukurai.
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    One of my sisters (who just stated uni) witnessed a stabbing. She was walking home when it happened. She pressed her panic alarm and the attacker ran away. She ran over and used his coat to apply pressure, ambulance and police came. The victim survived and my sister was told that without her intervention (the alarm and slowing the bleeding) they would have died. So good in a way as she saved someone's life, but scary as she had to witness it.
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    Hello! You may have noticed I didn't really give many of my impressions beyond the initial ones. That might have to do with the fact that I've been working on putting all of the opinion onto a single document: Metroid Dread - The N-Europe Review That's right, a brand new review of Metroid Dread. It's got it all: words, paragraphs, opinions, clarifications... And you won't believe the amount of controversies! Click the image to find out! On a more serious note, if you're on the fence about Metroid Dread, or wish to know some more about the game before you buy, check my review. It's my longest review yet, it's pretty comprehensive, it is almost entirely spoiler-free (I only reveal a smidge of the opening sequence) and I'm fairly proud of it. So please, take a look.
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    Well, I predicted something at least... ... Although admittedly I didn't expect anyone else would be joining me. High five to my joint last place comrades.
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    It is done. There’s clearly rooms in the game that you can totally miss just playing normally, are are just there to hide energy tanks and missile upgrades. Spoiler tagging some of the shinespark puzzles I’ve done just in case. Great game and addition to the series. I’ve never 100% a Metroid game before so this is an even greater achievement for me. I don’t know if I’ll get the sub 4 hour ending time for whatever that gets you, but I can see playing this again (I want to try to do the early bombs and grapple beam for the secret Kraid kill)
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    So now that Everyone Is Here, and our final Smash Character Reveal Trailer has been released... it's time to vote for your favourite! There can only be one winner.... Which Super Smash Bros series Character Reveal trailer was the best? (Remember, we're judging the quality of the trailer itself; NOT the characters featured within!). Which trailers made you laugh, cry and hype the most? It's time to find out! Links to all of the previous character reveal trailers are listed below to help refresh your memory... Super Smash Bros Brawl E3 2006 Trailer (Metaknight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Wario and Snake) Sonic Joins The Brawl (Sonic The Hedgehog) Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U 1st Trailer (Villager) Mega Man Joins the Battle! (Mega Man) Wii Fit Trainer Joins the Battle! (Wii Fit Trainer) Comet Observatory (Rosalina & Luma) Champion of the Ring (Little Mac) Challenger From the Shadows (Charizard, Greninja) Goddess of Light (Palutena, Dark Pit) Red, Blue, Yellow (Pac-Man) Mii Fighter Gameplay Trailer E3 2014 (Mii Swordfighter/Gunner/Brawler) Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame (Robin, Lucina) Looks like we don't have a choice! (Shulk) The Future King (Bowser Jr/Koopalings) One Dog, One Bird, One Zapper (Duck Hunt Duo) Mewtwo Strikes Back! (Mewtwo) Lucas Comes Out of Nowhere! (Lucas) Roy seals the deal! (Roy) Here comes a new challenger! (Ryu) Cloud Storms into Battle! (Cloud) Corrin Chooses to Smash! (Corrin) Bayonetta Gets Wicked! (Bayonetta) Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch! (Inkling) Daisy Reveal - E3 2018 (Daisy) A Piercing Screech (Ridley) Vampire Killer (Simon, Richter) Chrom & Dark Samus in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - REVEAL TRAILER (Chrom, Dark Samus) The Rivals (King K-Rool) A hard worker’s dream (Isabelle) Fighting Fire with Fire (Ken, Incineroar) Piranha Plant joins the battle! (Piranha Plant) Take Your Heart or The Masked Rebel (Joker) - Either choice will count as the same vote; given the staggered nature of this character unveil Heroic Encounter (Hero/Erdrick) Best Friends (Banjo & Kazooie) Breaking News– The Challenger or The Legendary Wolf (Terry) - Either choice will count as the same vote; given the staggered nature of this character unveil The Ashen Demon (Byleth) Ramen Time! (MinMin) A New Seed! (Steve?, Alex, Zombie, Enderman) One-Winged Angel (Sephiroth) One day, Pyra just disappeared (Pyra/Mythra) The Iron Fist of Darkness (Kazuya) The Last Key (Sora) How to vote Given the N-E Forum's limited number of poll options and the absolutely ridiculous number of trailers on offer (A whopping 44!!), we're gonna need some sort of system in place. So here it is! Vote for your top 5 trailers in order of preference. Points are allocated as follows... 1st place = 6 points 2nd place = 4 points 3rd place = 3 points 4th place = 2 points 5th place = 1 point Send your votes via PM to @Glen-i, who has graciously agreed to tally up the votes on my behalf (he has a lot more time to handle the admin stuff than I do ). Remember that you are voting for the trailer itself and NOT the character! As such, you will need to send your vote with the name of the trailer itself! (You can also send the featured character/s as well if you want to; but you MUST send the name of the trailer that you are voting for! Let's avoid confusion here!). DO NOT POST YOUR VOTES INSIDE THIS THREAD ITSELF! Send them via PM to @Glen-i. You are free to discuss the trailers themselves here, but do not reveal your votes publically. At the end of the voting process, points will be added up and a final post will be made with the full rankings list from bottom to top; giving us the ultimate Smash Bros Trailer Tier List! Let the battle begin!
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    A lot of people speculating that the massive amount of awards Smash got in TGS 2019 was the moment Disney started to take the idea of Sora in Smash more seriously. And then Sakurai met one of the heads of Disney at said awards by chance and suggested it. Isn't that funny? A similar happenstance event to how Kingdom Hearts was conceived in the first place. Anyway, can't download the update until tomorrow. Sakurai has some serious clout behind him. I wonder if any other developer could inspire such confidence from third parties. I doubt it.
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    Two posts in a row proving you can't trust @Dcubed
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    So, @Dcubed took the plunge on Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl. And we had a 2 hour-ish session on it. It's solid, but not without its flaws. The Good The most important aspect, the characters, are really fun to play as. All 20 of them are unique (even the 2 ninja turtles) and it all seems to be balanced quite well. No character seems to be obviously better then everyone else (Although we both agree that Michelangelo is definitely one of our better characters). I feel like any character can be decent with some practice. Kudos! The animation work and models are pretty good. It's snappy and chock full of references to the shows. Ludosity definitely did their homework in that regard. I know I made this point before this was released, but this roster is amazing! You've got obvious mainstays like SpongeBob and the Avatar crew, but you've also got some deep cuts like Powdered Toast Man, unexpected choices like Helga, and some genius ways of avoiding having to beat up babies by having Reptar as the Rugrats rep. It's not perfect, so to speak. I can't help but notice a blatant Rocko and Fairly Odd Parents shaped hole here, but there is DLC planned, so there's still time to fix that. But it's a very good base roster! The 20 stages are a great mix of simple stages with more competitive layouts and crazy stages with cool gimmicks to keep you on your toes. I wouldn't say there was a single dud here. While this game certainly doesn't try to hide it's Smashing inspiration, there's a few little touches that help to make Nick feel not quite as blatant. There's no universal dodging maneuver. (Nigel Thornberry can do it though with his side special though. Very Smashing!) Successful dash attacks can immediately be followed up with another attack, etc. Small little tweaks to what you'd expect, but nothing that's too complicated to get your head around. The Bad You don't want to buy this unless you have friends to play with or plan on playing online. You've got a pretty basic arcade mode, playing against CPU's, and Training mode. And that's about it. It is not a good single player experience. The loading times are noticeably lengthy. It's not dreadful, but it's defo longer then Smash Ultimate. I'm not sure why, but there doesn't seem to be alternate colours for the characters. So if 2 people choose the same character, it's gonna get very confusing. Like, I'm not gonna demand different elaborate costumes, but I'd expect to be able to have a blue Reptar if need be. Sadly, there's no voice acting (other then the announcer, who does a good job). It's an unfortunate effect of Ludosity having a shoestring budget. They defo made the right choice prioritising the gameplay, but even knowing the budget issues, I can't help but feel that these Nick characters aren't as crazy as they could be. SpongeBob isn't irritating me with his voice and that just feels wrong. It's an unfortunate pity, thanks to how voice actors for these TV based characters demand more money then most video games, but Ludosity have stated that they would like to add them if the game sells well enough to warrant the cost. Of course, Nick should just pay up, but what can you do? Now this next one really bugs me. You can remap the buttons, which is great, but there seems to be no way to save a setup to each player (Like how Smash lets you create a profile and choose the button mapping to correspond with it). What's even more irritating is that after each match, the game seems to randomly choose a player's button mapping and apply it to everyone! So you're constantly having to bring up the button binding menu (Thankfully, it can be accessed on the character select) and making sure it's the setup you prefer. I can deal with the other issues, but this one desperately needs a patch. @Dcubed, get on to Ludosity's Twitter and politely point it out. It's very annoying! But all in all, it's a great alternative to Smash Ultimate. Now obviously it's nowhere as amazing, so keep your expectations in check, but if you've got some willing people to play with, it's a fun time!
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    @Raining_again its finally happening, I got a letter yesterday morning! I'm on the waiting list for surgery! It might seem like bad news to many of you, which to be honest I'm fairly torn myself. Yesterday I finally got confirmation that my surgery will go ahead which means: total hysterectomy (sub-total and total are different!) bilateral salpingectomy excision of endometriosis (again) segmental bowel resection So basically hysterectomy plus excision of endo plus cutting my bowels, which is madness. But in a ridiculous way gang it really validates all the pain over the last 15+ years. My organs have been stuck together, growing masses and generally causing me agony...which kind of also explains some of my mental health / capabilities over the years too. One doctor recently pointed out that I shouldn't be able to exercise, let alone work. Yet I had to tell him that nobody had ever given me any pain relief or help with it until it got to this stage. Anyway, its happening. Slightly terrified, kinda excited. This will quite literally change my whole life, I just hope for the better.
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    No doubt it'll be a funky announcement, although it will make a lot of people cranky. I know I'm sitting ready with my big bowl of candy for the ride!
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    To me the Switch has been a great console so far. As I play mostly handheld (has been the case since the Game Boy), having one machine for both handheld and TV play is a godsend. I'm excited to get my hands on the OLED for the better screen as I think I will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Plenty of highlights to talk about. Breath of the Wild obviously is one of the greatest games ever made and it is such a joy to play. But Splatoon 2 is one of my favourites. I just love the whole setting, vibe, and mechanics of the game. Another highlight has to be Astral Chain, such an impressive game. The Switch has been the machine to make me love Platinum. Never owned a WiiU, so I finally got to play Bayonetta 1 and 2, plus The Wonderful 101. Next to that there are a lot of great games available, from lovely indies such as Hollow Knight and Axiom Verge 1 and 2, to fun third parties such as Immortals Fenyx Rising and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered. There really is something for everyone and looking back I've already played so many great games on it. It's also a lovely pinball machine. But my most favourite thing about the Switch is that it has brought back community gaming. I joined the Mario Kart League again which was amazing and fun every Thursday. Dropping in random Smash Bros. nights is always good, and recently Monster Hunter Rise has been an amazing multiplayer experience. Playing random games online with N-E and Discord people like Rocket League, or the Beat 'em up Collection. Having parties and trading sessions or just random visits in Animal Crossing. And finally the Mario Maker 2 building challenges here on N-E. It's a shame a lot of that community play has dwindled a bit now, but they have been great and I would love for it to be more active again.
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    Well, there it is. It's... a much bigger visual overhaul than I expected! It's almost like a large-scale fan-made remaster; very odd looking, but surprisingly faithful to the original art style of each game despite the pretty large increase in fidelity. I'm impressed! I think it captures the original intended look & feel rather nicely. Nice to see that they're putting in some effort into the Switch version. Touch screen support and gyro aiming are really nice to see (not all that common for a 3rd party multi-platform release!)
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    63. Sonic and the Secret Rings Original Platform: Wii Where to get: Second hand A Sonic game with a unique control scheme. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic automatically moves forward and you make him move left/right by tilting the Wii Remote. Holding the jump button will make Sonic slow down and charge up a jump while you can move backwards while twisting the Wii Remote towards you. The latter is not explained by the game well at all, as the on-screen description implies you just move it so its facing towards you, when you actually have to flip the whole Wii Remote upside down. Once you discover that, the controls are still a bit odd, but functional. You will progress throughout a series of levels that take place in the world of Arabian Nights, starting with the desert level you would expect from a setting. The other levels, however, definitely take a lot of liberties, such as a jungle with dinosaurs, pirate ships, a floating city on top of a giant manta ray and a fiery factory. Each level is fun to play, with some great music throughout, and even with the fairly poor (for today’s standards) graphics, still have a nice visual style. Unfortunately, the game’s structure really lets it down. When you beat a level, you’ll get a cutscene (in a nice hand drawn style), where Sonic will indicate heading to the next level…but you can’t access the next level. Instead, you have to progress through a ton of challenges. Some of these are fun, but others are just repetitive as you play through the same parts of a level collecting rings, or killing enemies, or not killing enemies. Some of these are required to progress through the game, while others are optional…except the game gives no indication of which ones are which, so you’ll go through a lot of them anyway until one of them moves you on. When you unlock a new mission, the screen will just state a new mission unlocked and won’t even tell you which level its in. What doesn’t help is the main song, Seven Rings in Hand. I enjoy this song (especially the Crush 40 version), but it will drive you crazy throughout Sonic and the Secret Rings as it’s on a constant loop throughout all the menus, and the ranking screen plays a smaller snippet of it. You’ll hear it so much that it will annoy you pretty quickly. Another big issue with Secret Rings is how Sonic is at the start. The game has a levelling up system, where you will unlock new skills and assign them (you can have four different layouts), so as you approach the end, it gets significantly better, but really all of the speed ones should have been default as it really does give a bad first impression. I really like Sonic and the Secret Rings. Despite its flaws, there is a lot of charm to the game, with some really enjoyable levels. I would love a “Storybook Collection” remake with some more traditional controls as an option, as I think it really does deserve another chance. B1. Super Sonic Ball Original Platform: PC, Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series Version Played: Xbox Series S Where to get: Digital stores The latest Sonic spin-off, this platforming game is a very different kind of platforming to other Sonic games, where Sonic is trapped in a ball and you move him by tilting the level itself, guiding Sonic past obstacles and along narrow paths. This is the first spin-off since Sonic Jump Fever where Sonic is playable, but not unlocked at the start. Instead, you start as AiAi the Monkey, who was introduced in Sonic Rivals and has appeared in a few spin-offs since then. The story itself is very loose and isn’t really explained at all. My guess is Dr Robotnik (who you never actually encounter) has trapped Sonic in an airtight ball, and he has to make his way through the levels in order to unlock the ball and escape. There is a time limit for each level (presumably representing how much air is left in Sonic’s ball). Some of the levels also imply that Sonic has also been shrunk down, as they take place above giant washing machines or a campsite stove. Each grouping of levels starts off with a “Green Hill Zone” level. It isn’t called Green Hill Zone, but features the signature chequered pattern and tropical setting, something that is consistent across all levels, but in different colours. There are some imaginative ideas here, as one series of levels takes place in a giant whale that has swallowed multiple cities, trapped in orbs. The gameplay itself is simple. The levels are made up of floating platforms that you tilt and you have to make it to the goal plate, collecting rings along the way. The rings can be used for unlockables, and collecting them all gets you bonus points. The gameplay itself sounds simple, but the simplicity is misleading as the levels get difficult very quickly. Thankfully, there are no lives to worry about, so you can perfect each level to your heart’s content, and the time from failing to starting again is very short, meaning that the difficult levels are challenging without being frustrating. I think I actually died on one level over 100 times before finally managing it. Super Sonic Ball is a really great game. The levels can get ridiculously difficult, but it’s immensely satisfying when you finally beat one.
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    This suggestion of a 3D Smash reboot gets thrown about a lot. My question is why bother going that route? Smash continues to sell more and more with each iteration, so it's not like the customers are getting bored of the formula. If sales ever start declining, then it'd be time to think of how to shake things up. Now this is a bit anecdotal, but the 2D nature of the game, as well as the relatively simplified controls, help to give Smash a low skill floor. When I still held gaming sessions at a community centre, kids would gravitate towards Smash because of the concept. (Chances are, a kid these days would see Mario fighting Pikachu and think "Oh, I know those guys, I want in on that"). They only stick with it because the game is easy to learn. The 2D plane helps to ease people in and keep them engaged. Honestly, once they get over the initial hump that is learning how to recover with Up B, then they almost always find themselves engaged. Add a 3D movement element to it, and you run the risk of losing what makes Smash so accessible. The characters entice people in, but the easy to learn concept is what keeps newcomers interested.
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    Unacceptable. Ban them.
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    This is NSO, you need to open the app and insert the money into your phones headphone jack instead.
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    The podcast I'm in/edit hit 10k total listens. It's not huge, but it's something.
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    A rising tide raises all ships: Metroid is crushing it on the Wii U Virtual Console!
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    So I just beat the first boss and got up to the second area… I’m absolutely loving it so far! And it hasn’t quite played out to my expectations either… First off, Samus controls like absolute butter and she has never felt better to control! Gone is the staccato rhythm of combat from Samus Returns in favour of far more fluid traversal & combat. Thankfully, they’ve ditched the idea of having every single enemy be super aggro like in Samus Returns and the focus on the melee counter has been greatly reduced. You won’t be seeing every single enemy lunge at Samus with a glowing light asking for her to counter them here in Dread and instead, most enemies are more like classic Metroid foes with some aggro ones thrown in. It’s a nice balance and the game’s enemies feel much more varied as a result than they did in Samus Returns. Speaking of which, the difficulty also feels more finely tuned than in Samus Returns as well. Most enemies don’t hit as hard as in SR and they’re also a lot more generous with missile & ammo drops than in that game (it’s not uncommon for enemies to drop 50hp or more!). It’s certainly on the harder side of Metroid, but it doesn’t feel nearly as unfriendly to the player as SR did so far. Secondly, the game feels much more linear so far than I was expecting. While you don’t have the guiding hand of Adam telling you exactly where your target is, the level design has a fairly obvious critical path that leads you towards progression. From what I hear, this changes up later on though. It’s not a bad thing at all (I do love Fusion after all), it’s just not what I was expecting from the outset. Finally, the EMMI encounters don’t quite play out like the stealth sequences I was expecting them to be… The areas where they appear are quite wide and open, and these sequences play out more like an escape sequence than stealth per-say. They’re really fun! And they do make you feel the sense of Dread that the game is going for, but they’re not quite like the stealth sequences that I thought they were going to be. They’re much faster paced and action focused than I had expected. Also… I pulled off the EMMI counter on my first attempt Sadly I didn’t pull it off the second time I was captured Turns out that the counter timing is randomised each time you’re captured!
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    Just got the special edition of this delivered, thought it was going to be normal Switch game size in a slightly thicker steel case or something... Instead its the size of a fat A4 folder!! Size comparison...
  26. 5 points
    Yay. It’s surprisingly heavy.
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    After a lot of back and forth (mostly from my side) I finally accepted the offer. Still really not sure about being in the UK given everything we see on the news, but the job seems so much better than what I’m currently doing I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t at least give it a try. Will be starting remotely from Singapore while we figure out our move back. Will use it as a bit of a trial run and if things don’t work out at least we haven’t moved back for nothing. Excited but very nervous is probably how I’d describe things right now.
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    I've always been blown away by this Paper Zelda concept, the video is just incredibly well done! I would buy the absolute crap out of this game if it was real!!
  29. 5 points
    Possibly, but the fact they didn't put any of the Goemon titles on the SNES app (not even Legend of the Mystical Ninja) isn't a good sign. Konami clearly don't give a shit about Goemon any more. Would be fantastic if Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon did make it to the N64 collection though, for the sake of those that have never played it before. But really, I think the closest thing we're going to get on Switch, is actually the upcoming game by Good Feel: Serious Goemon vibes! And with Etsunobu Ebisu (aka Ebisumaru ) involved, chances are it'll be great.
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    You know what? I don't hate that. Patrick Moore was such a bizzarre choice at the time and this is in the same vein. I can totally imagine Trevor McDonald playing a similar character. I was ready to completely dismiss the new GamesMaster, show but this alone has got me interested. It seems they're approaching it with the same sense of humour.
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    Thanks to everyone for showing up. That’s possibly the first ever 8 player room we’ve had. @RedShell you may have outdone yourself with the everyone’s here stage. No one expected that. I should be able to record the first one. I didn’t win a game but had so much fun. Thanks all. See you Thursday for anyone playing.
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    I finished this earlier. Bloody amazing game. Im not going to 100% it I don’t think. I may have a little blast through again tonight and just go through some old areas to see if I can pick any upgrades up. But I’ll likely just trade it in and move onto the next game. GOTY for sure for me.
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    Today's the 10 year anniversary of the very first Nintendo Direct! Leave it to Nintendo to change how an entire industry does things, whilst simultaneously setting fans on fire or having a company present stare thoughtfully at some fruit.
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    Finally we get that official DOOM crossover
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    Got about 5 hours in, and this just oozes quality - really loving it. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is the physical characterisation of Samus - casually charging the beam when a boss appears, or standing shoulders back, and the way she ‘relaxes’ in one particular cutscene (you’ll know it when you see it) - I really feel the human behind the suit. Top, top stuff
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    I love the UI in this game. It’s incredibly faithful to the classic 2D Metroid aesthetic. Everything about it is absolutely accurate to the classic 2D Metroid series, right down to the font choice, the colours, the layout, the use of the L&R buttons on the status screen; and even the presentation of the file select screen (The classic “Samus Files” are presented just like how they are in the SNES & GBA games; even including the classic animation of Samus turning her head towards the camera when you select the file! ). The UI feels just like the classic pixel art 2D Metroids, just now presented in HD. It goes a long way towards making Metroid Dread feel like the legitimate Metroid 5 that it really is. It’s decidedly un-modern, but still feels slick and fun to use. It’s absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!
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    61. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Original Platform: 360, PS3 Version Played: Emulated & Patched 360 version Where to get: Second hand It’s possible that some of you have noticed that I haven’t always played the original versions (it’s just the original Sonic the Hedgehog where I’m looking at specific versions), and I figured that conversations about Sonic 06 have talked about all its flaws and hidden qualities have said everything that ever needs saying, so I figured that for Sonic 06, I would delve a little bit into fan territory. Not as far as P-06 from ChaosX (although I did play some levels after completing Sonic 06 and it’s shaping up to be amazing), but more the patches included in the Sonic 06 mod manager, and just those patches – no additional mods. I included various bug fixes, made it so characters can still be controlled while taking certain actions (such as Amy’s hammer attack), some extra visual flair and one cheat, that being infinite lives. I personally hate lives and the system in Sonic 06 is particularly bad, as you don’t simply start at the beginning of a level, but you have to travel to it and complete any required town missions along the way. I avoided the ones which switch up moves, changes the speed of characters and stuff like that, as I aimed for a more playable version without changing it too much. The first thing to address is the loading screens. Originally they took around 30 seconds each, and there were a lot of loading screens. For a town mission, you’ll speak to them, accept a mission, get a loading screen, they’ll then repeat what the mission is, another loading screen, then go. Then if you fail you get a loading screen, return to the hub and then start the process again. That hasn’t changed at all, but due to simply running emulated on a PC, the loading screens are a few seconds, so you can laugh at the absurdity of the amount instead of having an agonising wait. Sonic 06 starts you off in the hub world of Soleanna. The actual background and lore surrounding the world is really deeply crafted, with lots of nice touches and background detail you can find, unfortunately, the design itself is rather repetitive and a bit bland, so the town missions just aren’t that fun to play and pad the game unnecessarily. Before you can play a level in Sonic 06, you get to watch a brilliantly animated cutscene where Sonic saves a princess, only for her to be captured (something that will happen many times throughout the game). You then need to get to the first level, but need to buy a light ring so you can perform the light speed dash. Luckily, the man next to the shop will challenge you to “SOLVE MY MAZE” as you run through rings, you can then buy the move and access the first mission, wave ocean. The levels themselves are actually really well designed, with lots of multiple paths to take to find quicker routes, either going via more enemies or for a faster route. The homing attack does actually feel a lot more precise than previous games as it always seemed to target what I was intending to, unlike previous games.Unfortunately, there are a lot of bugs, and you’ll die a lot due to unfair obstacles, but for the most part, the main levels in Sonic 06 are a lot of fun, there’s some good set pieces and some good level design. There are a fair few detractors, though. Levels are chopped up into segments, with loading screens between them. Sometimes they look like they could be stitched together to flow nicely, but sometimes it just feels like you’ve warped to a different area, there’s no good transition between the areas at all. Joining Sonic on this adventure are Tails and Knuckles, who you will control at certain points. Tails can fly (for a short time), and has an atrocious attack of throwing item box bombs, which throw fake rings everywhere (making it a pain to find real rings if you get hit). Knuckles’ biggest problem is fixed by a patch (originally, jumping off walls wouldn’t work most of the time), but feels very weak in terms of fighting, which is a bigger part of this as enemies have health bars. You only use them for a few sections, although Tails has his own level, which just feels out of place in the story (Tails suddenly decides to chase after the princess on his own, fails and rejoins Sonic). Sonic’s story in this is centred around saving princess Elise, complete with a romance plot. There’s no real chemistry and it kind of feels like Sonic doesn’t even care at all. Elise does show a bit more initiative in trying to escape each time she gets captured, but it happens a lot. What is interesting about Sonic 06 is that Sonic himself doesn’t really find out much about what is going on, there’s a far deeper plot to Sonic 06 that Sonic himself is unaware of during his part of the story, with the other parts being the focus of the stories of Shadow and Silver. Shadow plays similarly to Sonic, but is a bit more aggressive. His homing attack packs a bit more of a whomp with a very satisfying sound, while he can shoot blasts at enemies. His story is the best out of the three, revolving around Mephiles, a devil-like entity of darkness, who escapes from his cage during a fight between him and Eggman, and Shadow travels to the future and past to try and stop him. Mephiles shows Shadow that the world will turn on him to tempt Shadow to join him. Shadow’s levels are the same as Sonics, but with different setups and routes, and Shadow also has another trick up its sleeve: vehicles. Dotted across some of Shadow’s levels are vehicles you can jump in like a buggy, bike or hovercraft-type vehicle. They are fairly simple to control but fit the gameplay fairly well (that said, it is odd having them appear in the apocalyptic future of Crisis City). There’s also a few glider sections where you get to blow up a load of stuff. You’ll meet up with Rogue and Omega. Rogue controls like a mixture of Knuckles and Tails. She can glide and climb, but has bombs, which are similar to Tails but seem a bit quicker. Omega has a lot of shooting and a hover which feels like it wants to fail a lot, but luckily you can abuse a bug where you can maintain the hover by repeatedly shooting. Both feel great (partly due to the patches), making Sonic’s story a really great experience with a really good story around it. Silver is a new character, a hedgehog who grew up in an apocalyptic future. He’s slower than Sonic and Shadow, but has psychic powers, which make up the bulk of his abilities. Unfortunately, an idea that has the potential to be a lot of fun (and when it works, it really is) is the most problematic in Sonic 06. You can pick up multiple items, but they get in the way a lot, so quite often when you’re throwing an item at an enemy, it will bounce off another item you are holding and fly off. This is especially frustrating in some boss battles. Blaze the Cat from Sonic Rush joins him, who controls quite well and is even faster than Sonic. She has a completely different backstory to Sonic Rush, and is sadly underused. Amy also joins Silver, and randomly has an invisibility ability. Her double jump is a pain to use as it doesn’t continue her momentum, so is more for extra height than distance. The Desert level for Silver also brings an attempt at some physics based puzzles, which is another nice idea. Sadly, it’s not well implemented. The introduction to the puzzle is really nice, you will fight some enemies on what looks like a snooker table, then some numbered balls will roll down. As you hit them the number goes down, and if it gets to zero, it vanishes and respawns. Knock them down the holes and the door opens. It’s a really neat idea, but the next time it appears, it’s full on frustrating, as you have to knock the ball down a very long corridor with corners, holes and a bumpy surface which affects how it moves. The ball sometimes counts down on its own, and can sometimes just go flying and blow up. It’s an absolutely terrible and broken segment, and the best advice is to glitch through the door. Which ultimately is the biggest problem with Sonic 06. It has a lot of great ideas, but they are often not executed very well. There are issues which spoil the flow of the game, but the core gameplay is really good when it works. Even with the issues in the original version, there is a lot to like in Sonic 06, but a lot of frustrations. In its worst stage, it is an immensely flawed game (with amazing music) and fairly bad, but isn’t even close to being one of the worst games ever like it’s reputation suggests. With a few fan patches, it’s a much better experience and a genuinely fun experience. 62. Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers Original Platform: Board game Where to get: Limited availability Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers is quite a meaty Sonic board game. It can be played against each other, or you can have a card-controlled boss character (if you have a boss expansion – I have Dr Robotnik and Shadow, but Metal Sonic and Infinite were also available. Bosses can also be played as a normal character). The aim of the game isn’t simply to reach the finish first (although that does trigger the end of the game), but to score the most points by collecting rings and defeating badniks. The track is built from very large card pieces, with rinks, badniks and rocks placed on them accordingly. You place two, followed by a turn (the person who first enters the turn will then place the next two). In total, there will be two turns and six sections of track. Each round, all players will pick an agility card form their hand and place it face down, flipping them over once all players have picked, they’re flipped over and resolved in order of the number on the card. Each card consists of two sections. The top will have an optional action, this can increase your speed, let you perform a spin (to defeat enemies) or move a couple of spaces. Movement in this section can include moving to the side if you want (which lets you change lane). The second option is the main movement, which will be running, jumping or a choice of either. The distance is based on speed and must be forward (the rulebook is very unclear about this, as it’s quite poorly written), even if it means running into enemies. There are four badniks which have different rules. Motobugs affect players running through them, but not jumping, Crabmeat will hurt enemies jumping past the spaces above and below them. Buzz bombers will hurt players running in front of them, and spinners will affect jumping enemies moving through them. Landing on them (or spinning through crawling enemies) will destroy them, giving you one point. You get a card explaining how they work, but it is a lot to remember to do while playing the game. As you collect rings, they go on five piles, with the rings this round going on the smallest stack. When you get hurt, you lose all your rings and place them on the spaces around you. This can be devastating near the end of the game, so you’ll want to defeat badniks as you won’t ever lose their points. There’s also a bit more regarding terrain types and how they affect speed, and expansions will add even more options. Battle Racers has a lot of maintenance to remember, so it’s very easy to mess up a game by making a mistake because you missed something that should affect your speed. It all feels a bit more complicated than it needs to be, but is a lot of fun nevertheless. When playing against a boss, the boss will have a stack of cards that determines their actions. The next card is revealed when all players reveal their agility card and their action will take place based on the number on it. Bosses will have different abilities. Dr Robotnik will place new obstacles, while Shadow will defeat enemies and collect rings as he moves through them. Bosses start with 10 rings and hitting them will make them lose two. If they get hit with no rings remaining, then they are removed from the game (this rule only applies to players during a solo game, so nobody is eliminated and forced to wait for the others to finish). When playing with other players, you are still competing to get the best score, but if the boss passes the finish line first, all players lose. When playing Solo, you still need to finish first and are awarded a rank based on how many points you have. I managed an A rank against Shadow, but got hurt near the end of racing Dr Robitnik and only got a D. Each character has a special ability, but the retail game only has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. The deluxe version I have (which was Kickstarter only) has a lot more, while a few more were at an even higher tier. The models are quite nice, although Sonic does fall down quite easily. It’s a really nice looking game, with fun gameplay (once you get the right rules), but the amount of stuff you have to remember and pausing the game to set up the next sections of track add a lot of maintenance that makes it a pain to play at times.
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    I hadn't heard this until yesterday either. I always knew Body Harvest was somewhat of a precursor and some parts of it feel very much like GTA3. Something along the lines of Nintendo weren't happy with it and dropped them when they were meant to be publisher but thankfully someone else stepped in. via pressthebuttons I'm really excited for this, I loved playing GTA 3 back when it first came out, I was a little young for it then so didn't own it myself but often played my brothers copy on his PS2. I remember really enjoying punching the public onto train tracks and waiting for the train to come by... looking back I can see why some of the public and all of the media were concerned about kids playing it but it's honestly still quite comical and slapstick in its presentation As for this remake I can't see why there wouldn't be a physical version as it would sell like crazy, especially the Switch version, but after what happened recently with Kingdom Hearts I guess we can't take anything for granted. The dream scenario would be the whole package on one cart but given what LA Noire was like and some of the other retro game compilations from elsewhere like Crash and Spyro, I think we may have GTA3 on cart with the other games being downloadable. I wouldn't hold out hope for original soundtracks, I'm sure some of the music may stay in but I'm sure a vast majority won't, it's not as east licensing music as it was back then and I also don't think Rockstar will go to the effort when they know it will just be the hardcore nostalgia fans complaining compared to the millions of casual players not noticing the difference. Graphically you're all likely right about it just being a resolution bump but we may at least see some cleaned up character models, I got the iOS port for my iPhone and Pad years back, like 2013 ish, and the overworld all looked the same but the characters did look nice and clearly had updated textures and even higher poly models, they have actual hands in that version unlike the comical N64 style blocks with lines seen in the original PS2 version of 3. I never played the other two as much, I was too knee deep in Melee and Sunshine by the time Vice City came out and wasn't too fussed but I do remember by the time San Andreas rolled around I did get my first pang of jealousy and wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side as all my friends had a blast in Andreas while I was picking noses on WarioWare and bangin' bongos on Konga 2 (love both obviously but there was clearly a lot to be envious of in what seemed like such a huge sprawling world back then). I'm rambling anyway, yeah I'm looking forward to it lol.
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    I haven't even finished the transfer and I'm already wondering what I did without this screen. It's gorgeous. Whacked a tempered glass protector on before I even let a grubby finger touch the panel!
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    I'm still pissed that I deleted Solid Snake from my predictions only to replace him with Takamaru. If only I knew the scope of this game... But you know what? I correctly predicted Terry Bogard, and nobody can take that away. Thank you a lot for doing this game, @Glen-i I can honestly say this has been my favourite Smash prediction thread/discussion... ever.
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    Reviews are coming in…
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    The trailer started off right in the feels then it got ruined. So this is what everyone else feels when a Fire Emblem character is revealed.
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    Just over 6 hours to go! 3pm, UK time. In before someone clings to false hope about how it's only the final "Mr. Sakurai Presents" and not the final fighter.
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    Yeah, most of my favourite Switch experiences were early on too. In particular, Zelda BotW and Mario Odyssey, which was just the most phenomenal combo for launch year! I don't expect to see two games with that level of quality released in such quick succession from Nintendo ever again. There have obviously been many other enjoyable moments since, but for me there's also no doubt that the appeal of Switch has been steadily dwindling over time. Nintendo's output became way more reliant on ports and remasters than I was expecting, and since getting a gaming PC last year, there has been no desire or need for me to purchase third-party games on Switch. I made an exception for Monster Hunter Rise, purely because of the timed exclusivity and to play online with the N-E hunting crew. But yeah, when there's not much that I'm interested in from Nintendo themselves, and third-party games are better experienced elsewhere, the Switch suddenly loses a lot of its appeal. Sorry for being a bit of a downer, not the purpose of this thread I know. So I'll end with another positive Switch experience in the form of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. That game actually remains my most played on the system by far, and has provided so many laughs, both in single and multiplayer battles. The inclusion of stage builder was also a very big factor for me having played the game so much, and that's even with it being so simplistic and limited. Had it provided better tools/customisation I imagine my Switch might have disintegrated from overuse! Anyway, it's been nice to read about other people's fave Switch experiences, keep 'em coming.
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    Our house was a proper dump when we bought it. Our living room had what we effectionately named Catpiss Corner. The house had been vacant for a few months when we got the keys, but Catpiss Corner was so saturated that the carpet was still wet when we took it up. The previous owner had also sealed the attic, presumably to stop the tenant from smoking weed up there, as we found a bong and other items when we finally got it open. Thankfully, there was room in our budget to redecorate every room and we were in no hurry to actually move in. Spent a couple of months doing it up and I think we got it looking good, if I do say so myself.
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    How has nobody posted this art yet!? This had me absolutely HOWLING so hard last night I could barely even sleep through my fit of giggles
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    Poketch is back! And HM Slaves are no more! Graphics also look a LOT better than before (Mario WiiU will be especially impressed by the upgrade to the water from previous builds!).