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    Pfft. It's easy. Just do what I done when I was a mod on here and start banning everyone who gets in your way! It explains why our member numbers are so low.
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    I think its fate that got me thinking of these forums around the anniversary of the Switch's release... How do you now feel about the console? How is it compared to Nintendo's last few console first year releases? Did you think this console would reach this level of success ((especially during "mid-gen")? Im very happy with the system and it has been a source of constant joy since its release. Today last year, I remember the joy of receiving my switch from the local depo (after a nerve wrecking missed delivery even though I was at home...*grumble*). The sheer joy of this curious yet cute system coupled with a new Zelda trumped any other console release for me. I couldn't believe how I was feeling as a 30 year old, having sold my Wii U half way through its life cycle and never wanting to complete Skyward Sword - I never imagined my love for gaming would be reignited quite like this....The next few days was gaming heaven, as I booked days off of work and camped with my beanbag and snacks in front of the living room with BOTW with stretches of gaming which most likely hit 24 hours, and with a few intermittent handheld experiences with Fast RMX. I was going through some relationship trouble around that time too (Im now single lol), so the memories are very poignant and my attachment to the Switch became a very personal one as I asscociated it and BOTW as an escape from the downs of real life. Today, Im still just as in love with BOTW because of that connection... I am going to start a 3rd playthrough on master mode as I cant seem to get enough of the initial emotive memories of being on Plateau, hearing the first tower theme and seeing the first sunset as I approach my first shrine. The Switch has exceeded my expectations entirely and everything else from this point for me would be a bonus. Thank you Nintendo! Happy birthday Switch!
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    Game is complete. Here are a couple of great moments but big spoilers for the end of the game. I feel like I can give an honest review/thoughts now that the game is done. REVIEW Kirby Stars Allies follows in the recent footsteps of some great Kirby games, namely Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot and Rainbow Paintbrush. Each of these games were a joy to play, offered great replay value and, in some cases, gave the Kirby gameplay a nice shakeup. The demo of Star Allies was released a few weeks back and the reception wasn't great. Is the final game reach the heights of the previous games or was the demo a good indication of what is on offer with the final release? Let's find out. The Kirby franchise has always been a one that can instantly put a smile on my face. The Saturday morning cartoon type openings and stories, the colourful graphics and happy soundtracks all make for a cheesy grin while playing. Thankfully Star Allies game carries on this tradition of creating a game that oozes joy. Whether its when Kirby and his friends are forming a Friendship Train or being chased off a giant boulder of Waddle Dees, the game has the ability to make the most miserable of gamers crack a smile. Shades of Indiana Jones right here. The gameplay is simple enough. As Kirby you suck up enemies and, depending on the enemy, you will gain various abilities. Some of these are better than others and it's up to the player to decide what ability suits their gameplay style the best. In addition to the standard Kirby mechanic is the new addition of gathering friends for your journey. You see an enemy that you want on your team? Then simply press the hold the X button and fire a heart at its direction. The enemy will immediately join the gang and lend you its services. You can recruit up to 3 team members, making it a team of 4. But it doesn't stop there. You can mix abilities with your newly found team member. Lets say you are using a sword as Kirby. If you were to recruit an enemy who has the ability to shoot fire then by simply holding up on the control stick you will mix both his and your own powers and create a sword that is covered in flames. There are some great combos to figure out and the game does encourage this kind of experimentation, especially when it comes to finding secrets. All aboard the Hype Train! Speaking of secrets, as with any good platformer, there are hidden items to find and plenty of things to collect. The main collectibles in the game are puzzle pieces. There of 2 types of these to find. The first is the standard blue piece that can be found lying around everywhere and the second is a special, shiny puzzle piece. There is one of these special pieces hidden in each stage. These pieces are used to fill in a puzzle, of which they are 8 of them. The special puzzle pieces will fill in a specific spot in the centre puzzle area and the blue pieces will randomly fill in the rest. It works just like the Streetpass Puzzles on the 3DS, where the pink pieces were special and filled in the middle area and the outside area was just for the random pieces. Once the puzzle is complete it will show a scene from a classic Kirby game. Another thing to find various stages is a giant, special button. These aren't in every level but are definitely worth searching out. Once hit, these buttons will open up a secret stage, which in turn will give you access to another puzzle piece. The game does a good job by telling you what stages have these buttons by showing you at the level select screen. It will show you if you have hit the button and also show you if you have collected the puzzle piece, as well. A blast from the past with the N64 era picture. Nintendo have included amiibo functionality in this game and I quite like what is on offer. The amiibo allow you to collect more of the puzzle pieces, give you stars that add up for extra lives and drop health for you to use. A lot of games only allow amiibo to be used once a day. In this game that is not the case because you can actually use them a bunch of times. You can use up to 7 amiibo per level. You can use any amiibo that you have in your collection and each of them will give you a reward. However, there are benefits to using Kirby amiibo. If you were to use any of the Kirby series amiibo or Kirby characters from the Smash series, these will dish out better rewards. You will get 2 puzzles pieces ( trust me, you will need a a lot of them ), more stars and a greater health refill. If you have a full set of all the Kirby characters then you can clean house. Sadly, if you are wanting to pick these amiibo up then you will be in for a hard time. Certain characters in the Kirby series are very hard to find at the moment and have never been restocked since they were released. Kirby auditions for X-Factor...can't be any worse than what's already on there. Modern Kirby games always offer something extra for players to get their teeth into and this one is no different. There are a variety of extra modes and mini games to have a go at, if you do fancy a break from the main story. Some of these are available from the start but there are one or two that do need unlocking before being able to play them. The first extra mode to talk about is called Chop Champs. This mini game can be played with 4 players or against the AI. It requires the players to chop down a tree by either using motion controls ( you swing the joy-con like an axe ) or by using a standard control scheme. The players have a time limit to cut down the tree as fast as they can in order to make a little log cabin. You can move to the left and right of the tree while chopping. This is important because enemies will come down either side, so players will have to switch between both sides to cut the tree. If an enemy hits you then you will be stunned and lose time to your opponents. The next mini game is called Star Slam Heroes. Like Chop Champs, this can be played with motion controls or standard controls and be played in either 4 player multiplayer or against the AI. This game involves timing the swing of a bat in order to strike a meteor back into space. It's a very simply game to play and imagine it could be a good laugh in local multiplayer. Unfortunately, it doesn't really offer much when playing in single player. Next up is a mode called The Ultimate Choice. Kirby veterans will be very familiar with this as it's essentially Arena/True Arena mode. You have to pick you starting power up, as well as team members, and work your way through the bosses of the game. You can start off doing only a few bosses but if you crank up the difficulty level then you will end up fighting them all. There is even another difficulty to unlock for this mode but I wont spoil the surprise and will let others see it for themselves. Amiibo can be used in this mode, as well. Just like in the story mode, they will drop extra health and can really give the player an advantage when trying to complete the higher difficulties. The final extra mode is called Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! What a name. This plays very much like story mode but instead of playing through the game as Kirby, you have to pick one of the enemies that you usually recruit. You can still recruit enemies to help you on your way but you will be stuck with the power up that you pick at the start of this mode. It's split up into 5 chapters and you will have to play through every stage and fight every boss in the game. There is also another mechanic at play in this mode and that is that you can power your character up using various pick ups. Scattered around the levels are items that will power up your characters health, power and speed. Picking up one of these will increase the level by 1 for the respective attribute. These can be maxed out at 5 and they are certainly worth finding as you can really see the difference, especially when fighting bosses. These stats will reset after each chapter and then the hunt for them will begin again. The classic Kirby mini game returns after every stage. While the game is a joy to play, it's not without its problems. Everyone knows just how easy Kirby games are. this is common knowledge and has always been the case. The challenge usually comes from finding all the secrets and tackling the extra modes in order to obtain a 100% completion file. The problem with this game is that the secrets are too easy to find and the extra modes aren't really challenging. In the past, a lot of Kirby games required players to go through stages multiple times in order to find everything. Levels may have moved to fast so the player missed something or they needed a specific power up that wasn't available in that stage. In this game everything seems to be laid out in front of the player. Not once did I have to replay a stage in order to collect everything. I managed to find everything on my first go through all the stages and a lot of the things were found without actually having to look very hard. The main game is very easy, even by Kirby standards. I think I died 3 times through the whole course of the game and that includes the extra modes. Those deaths were due to my own stupid errors, rather than the game being difficult. I think the game is so easy because of the AI. They really do help you out and are quite aggressive and smart when it comes to fighting bosses. This will come as nor surprise to anyone who played Team Clash Deluxe as the AI in that was also pretty good. Another issue is the loading screens. Every time you enter a door the game will fire up a loading screen. The screens themselves don't last that long ( probably a few seconds ) but it becomes very jarring due to the amount of doors that need to be entered. It can really suck you out of the game. You'll be seeing these screen a lot. Conclusion I've played some cracking Kirby games over the past few years. As I mentioned at the start of this review, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot, Rainbow Paintbrush, even Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, all of these sucked me in ( no pun intended ) and offered a good amount of hours gameplay. With this game I managed to 100% in probably less than 10 hours. When comparing Star Allies to the games I have just mentioned it's hard not to feel a little disappointed by what's on offer here. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed what i've played but it feels a little short and a little safe. Outside of a couple of fantastic moments at the end of the game I don't think the game will be that memorable for many gamers. This could be because I played through it in single player and others may probably get more mileage out of the game if playing through the whole thing in mulitplayer. I imagine most Kirby fans, like myself, will be satisfied but not overly excited by Star Allies. It's a solid title but if you aren't a fan of Kirby already then I don't think this game will change your mind, especially when there are far better Kirby titles available on other platforms.
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    The Tiniest Lil' Nintendo Switch Game Cases - via Kotaku.com This is awesome
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    Not enough people in crazy fantasy land for my liking let's fix that... 1. Waluigi Should've been in Smash from Melee, it's definitely time for him to be playable now. Another appearance as an assist trophy just ain't gonna cut it, I want to experience true Mario bros. vs Wario bros. Smash battles! 2. Tingle The perfect character to join the playable Smash roster. Why? Because pretty much everyone hates him! The cool people (like myself ) who can appreciate the awesomeness of Tingle will get to play as a character they love, and the haters will get to enjoy beating him up! It's win-win. 3. Birdo See above. 4. Drake Redcrest This was going to be Captain Rainbow, but seeing as his game never made it out of Japan I decided to go with another Skip Ltd. creation. Obviously Chibi-Robo himself should be the most likely candidate but he would look seriously weird scaled up to match the other characters. Probably not as weird as Bayonetta looked after they messed with her proportions, but not far off. 5. Judd The inklings are obviously in, so might as well add some more Splatoon goodness in the form of Judd the cat. His flag move is just crying out to be a side smash attack, and if Duck Hunt Duo are still in the game it's only right that we get a feline rival for them. 6. Jimmy T. Definitely time for some more substantial WarioWare representation in Smash, and I think Jimmy would be a great choice. He could keep stuff inside his afro (a la Villager's pocket) and the opportunity for amusing taunts is right there too. "Aww, yeah!!" 7. 9-Volt Another WarioWare character you say? Hey, if Fire Emblem can get a million characters in Smash, it's only fair we see some more from other Nintendo franchises as well. 9-Volt has so much potential as a Smash fighter, they'd basically be able to make use of the entire retro library for his move set! 8. Karate Joe After more from WarioWare we're going to need something from its spiritual successor too, right? Karate Joe was actually my vote on the Smash ballot, and I still reckon he would make for a great newcomer. Not only does his role in Rhythm Tengoku lend itself perfectly to Smash, for the Final Smash they could use the Karate Man mini-game, just replace the key beat targets with opponents. 9. Ulala Moving on from Nintendo stuff but sticking with the rhythm genre, another much wanted addition for me would be Space Channel 5's Ulala. Again there's just loads of potential for cool moves, not to mention the sheer excellence it would bring to the soundtrack! 10. Hatsune Miku (chibi-version) OK, this one is especially out there seeing as it's not really a video game character, but anything is possible in crazy fantasy land! Would have to be the cute version of Miku from the Project Mirai games though, much better fit for Smash. 11. Goemon Were it not for the fact Konami completely abandoned the amazing Mystical Ninja franchise and relegated Goemon and Co. to bloody Pachinko machines in Japan this could and should've happened already. As it stands Goemon is no doubt the least likely character on my entire list, if you can believe that. He would've been fantastic in Smash though, and imagine using Impact for a Final Smash! 12. Kazuma Kiryu And last but not least, another super impossible "prediction" (lol) in the form of Kiryu from the Yakuza series. With those games finally starting to get more popular in the west, and with Nintendo fans having been introduced to the character via Project X Zone 2, Kiryu could've been a great addition to Smash as one of the more "realistic" fighters. An insane amount of moves to bring over from Yakuza as well, including the Heat system... would've been sweet. So they be my choices, I look forward to achieving last place in this prediction competition. But not as much as I look forward to finally playing Super Smash Bros. on Switch!!
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    Just as a note, my input was not issuing Rummy or anyone to step down. Its just that its a shame the forums have not evolved from what I believe has been a consistent N-Europe issue. As @Clownferret said "it was allowed to continue because the protagonists were friends with the mod's", is the vibe I have always felt. Its a shame because this time last year, I was posting a daily countdown to the Switch's launch, nervously excited for the 3rd of March 2017 to come... I am a true Nintendo fan, Im sure not without my community flaws, but in most cases I have been fairly reasonable in my communications... Only to be called a '(Nintendo) zealot' by a member of staff as they came in the defence of a "respected" forum member. Whilst people should rightly be passionate about Nintendo on a Nintendo forum, there seem to have been (past tense, not sure if its changed) those who were pretty passionate and consistent with negative communication re Nintendo, including mods, which I feel is the reason for much more amped up beefs between members, because mods and the administrator do not seem to realize their clout when they choose to intervene in a discussion and lean towards one side, instead of being impartial. Anyway, Happy Switch birthday mofos!
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    Without wishing to get into the ins and outs of any particular argument, I want to say I've always found @Rummya very fair moderator. Moreover, he's prepared to take action, which should not be underestimated. I know from personal experience moderators do not seek to abuse their power - quite the opposite. No one wants to be chastised, but sometimes it's best for the civility of the site. The responsibility of taking on a moderating role far outweighs any benefit - the fact that Rummy is prepared to sift through pages and pages of bickering and take the burden on his shoulders should not be undervalued. On a more general note, I implore people to think about whether they really want to argue and pull others up on things so much - not just on here, but in general. We all have our strong beliefs, which we want to champion, and many of us want to discuss and debate, but we should never forget our manners. Half the time, I'm sure many people just want to express themselves and leaves it at that. Heck, there are things in the modern world that infuriate me, including political movements, but maybe we all, including me, should try and see things from another point of view sometimes. Many of us (perhaps everyone) has psychological issues of some sort, and I just think a bit of peace, love and understanding would be welcome. One of the best memes I see going around says something like this: "Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always."
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    I just finished Mulaka and can wholeheartedly recommend it. As @Julius Caesar posted with the link to the Destructoid review it's great for anybody who is looking to scratch an Okami/Zelda itch but I would also recommend it for those who loved the likes of Rime and Shadow Of The Colossus. It doesn't have the puzzle solving of Rime or the dungeons of Zelda but it feels like it belongs in that company, additionally I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in mythology and under represented cultures in videogames, similarly to Never Alone it does a great job at presenting an obscure culture. I'd agree with Destructoid that the music is fantastic but it is hindered a little by some synthesised elements, the music is at it's best when it features real instruments and vocals that really enhance the atmosphere. The art style is very striking and clearly deliberate but some of the faces do look a little weird at times and there are occasions where some of the terrain look too much like flat untextured polygons but for the most part the visual style is really consistent and pleasant on the eye. Technically I ran into a few hitches in performance and I got clipped through the ground in one of the boss fights but most of the time it seemed to run really smoothly, certainly a damn sight better than Rime did on it's initial release, one of the latter bosses is particularly large and the fight is hampered a little bit by the tech of the engine, it was probably a bit too ambitious for the developers to attempt but the issues raised by it are more on the physics side of things and the game still runs steadily despite the enormity of the enemy. First and foremost Mulaka controls really well and the act of simply running and jumping about the world is fun in and of itself, the combat feels weighty and despite the lack of a lock on I never felt disoriented while battling multiple enemies - Mulaka is mobile enough and quick enough to make turning around a simple proposition. Initially you just have access to Mulaka's spear for combat and can use Soul Potion's to rejuvenate health but as you progress through the game you gain access to more potions and can upgrade your spear, health and magic meter by spending the Korima that you earn from defeating enemies and finding secrets. Around the third level you are introduced to the first of several transformation abilities that allow you to transform into an animal to be able to reach new areas or unlock hidden collectibles, the level design and boss fights begin to incorporate the abilities the further you get into the game and force you to have to switch between them quickly to reach the goal. Similarly to Mulaka the animals control really smoothly for the most part, flying around as the bird is particularly enjoyable. I was drawn to the game when I first saw it in a Nindies presentation last year and it's definitely exceeded my expectations. The developers at Lienzo have done a fantastic job and I hope they can be a part of the Indie sales boom that is currently happening on Switch, they certainly deserve any success they get.
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    You people sicken me. No wonder the Wii U was a flop when people weren't even buying the best games on the system!
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    I really hope the next Xenoblade is a turn-based card game.
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    What does this have to do with you being gay? JUST PLAY THE GAME AND TAKE THE DAMN PICTURES.
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    Having a little’n!
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    Amazon had 2 copies of it in stock this morning, so I ordered one. Y'all can leave me alone now.
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    You wanna know how it's all gonna work? Well! I can answer those questions for you...
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    Figured this was worth it's own thread seeing as its covering both 3DS and Switch.
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    I think this still takes some beating.
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    God damn. I SAID GOD DAMN! That's how you invite a Newcomer! Not some cutesy letter in their mailbox, no, you bring the ol' veteran crew and your burning logo as big as the sun, remain in the shadows, and just stare at them untill they join you in the scorching arena of Smash! I have seen the light!
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    So, just another normal day then?
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    I've just signed into My Nintendo and there's a messaging saying that the gold point scheme will go live tomorrow.
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    Generation 7 - Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Generation 7 started 2 years ago when Pokemon Sun and Moon came out nearly worldwide. Set in the Alola region, a Hawaii style place consisting of 4 Islands. 80 new Pokemon were introduced here, although that wasn't all that Gen 7 had to offer. A year later, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out. Despite having two diiferent versions, these were traditional Third Versions, but did give us 5 more new Pokemon, bringing the total to 807. Just like Gen 6, these games retain the full 3D visuals, but now allow for full 3D movement, they also had improved visuals. Because these games are quite recent, I'm gonna drop an UNMARKED SPOILERS WARNING! But apart from all that, here's what Sun and Moon gave us. Woah, wait... Hang on, not even the latest Gen was exempt from the dreaded mechanic cuts, and this game had some doozys. Triple Battles and Rotation Battles were dropped, slashing the available Battle Formats by half. While it's not completely clear why this happened, most people accept that it's probably due to the 3DS struggling to perform with that many high quality models on the screen. HM's also vanished, replaced by an alternative that I'll go into later. Some powerful ones like Surf and Fly stuck around as TM's. Possibly the most baffling cut was the removal of the National Pokedex. I haven't really mentioned what this was yet because, like every other Pokemon fan, no-one ever thought this would be dropped. So let me give a quick rundown. The Pokedex is an in-game record of what Pokemon you have seen and caught. "Catching 'em all" refers to filling this bad boy, it also provides some flavour text for each one you encounter. Ever since Gen 3, there have been 2 styles of Pokedex, the first Pokedex encompasses the Pokemon that are available in the region the game is set in (Gen 5 would have the Unova Pokedex, for example) and then there's the Pokedex that contains every Pokemon that exists. That's the National Pokedex. Gen 7 no longer has the National Pokedex, which means even if you have every single Pokemon in your copy of Sun/Moon, the game will not acknowledge it. The best you can get is to use Pokemon Bank which has a very simplified National Pokedex for people who have a current subscription, although this is pretty inconvenient. Enough about what isn't there, let's look at what Sun and Moon gave us. This game dropped the traditional Pokemon Gym... DAMMIT! I guess Gen 7 wasn't quite done with the cuts yet. I'm sure you know what a Pokemon Gym is, but I'll give a quick lowdown. Throughout each game, the player is tasked with conquering 8 of these Gyms, each one specializing in a different Pokemon, which generally involve battling a number of trainers, solving a puzzle and defeating the Gym Leader. Gen 7 replaced the Pokemon Gym with the Island Trials, a series of short challenges, based around 7 different Pokemon Types (8 in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon). The player had to perform a certain trial, which may involve puzzles and battling wild Pokemon. At the end, you have to defeat a Totem Pokemon, a sorta boss fight, involving a powered up Pokemon. Completing these would net you a Z-Crystal of the same type. There were also 4 Grand Trials, one at the end of each Island, that pitted the player against a particularly powerful trainer, not unlike a Gym Leader The most obvious addition to the battling mechanics were Z-Moves. (Oh, hey! Another suspiciously named thing that probably was planned for Pokemon Z) The previously mentioned Z-Crystals allowed a Pokemon that was holding it to use a Z-Move. A super powerful attack that can only be used once per battle. There were two basic types of Z-Move, an offensive one of huge strength, and one where it provides an extra effect on top of a status attack. While there is a Z-Crystal for every Pokemon type, there are some Z-Crystals which only a specific Pokemon that knows a specific move can use. I guess I would be remiss if I didn't mention Alolan Forms. Although quite frankly, this isn't a new mechanic, what with it being very similar to form changes. But one of the big selling points of the game before it released was that 18 Pokemon from Gen 1 had drastically different looks. As an example, here's Marowak. Original on the left, Alolan Form on the right The changes weren't all cosmetic. The typing of these Pokemon changes (Marowak went from Ground type to Ghost/Fire type) the moves they could learn differ, (Alolan Marowak can learn Shadow Bone, normal Marowak gets False Swipe) and the ability they have would be different. Unlike usual form changes, Alolan Pokemon could not change to the original look, meaning you couldn't get the old Pokemon without trading with a previous generation. Wild Pokemon could now call for backup when they're in trouble. These are known as S.O.S Battles. Some Pokemon could only be found by being called by another Pokemon. You could even get Pokemon with Hidden Abilities this way. Despite 2 battle formats getting dropped, a new one emerged called Battle Royals. A 4-player free-for-all where each player tries to gain points by knocking out other people's Pokemon. Person with the most points wins. Pretty simple. Super Training got a bit of a tweaking with Poke Pelago. This provided people with a number of useful services, from EV training Pokemon to growing berries. This all happened in the background over a period of time, leaving the player to do other stuff, in game or in real life while Poke Pelago did it's work. HM's were replaced by Ride Pokemon. Building on from Gen 6's Soaring, these functioned simlarly to HM's, except that you didn't need to keep a Pokemon with a certain move on your team, making it much more convenient. The online connectivity got another meddling with. Gen 6's PSS got replaced by the Festival Plaza. Players could have battles and trades online via this, take part in missions, as well as use various facilities to aid them in their adventure. Unlike the PSS, this didn't allow people to play through the single player adventure while seeing which of their friends were online. The Third Versions, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon gave us... Ummm... a couple of minigames? Hold up! There's the Battle Agency, a simplified version of Gen 3's Battle Factory, that gives you rental Pokemon to try and get through 3 Battles in a row. And that's that. Until today, I always struggled to pinpoint what bugs me about Gen 7, (Apart from the blatant Gen 1 favouritism) and I think I hit upon it by looking back at it in a more subjective look. The stuff that's supposed to be exciting and new is just the old stuff with a new lick of paint. Scratch beneath the service and Gen 7 is probably the most unambitious set of games in the mainline series. Mechanic wise, of course. This game does some new stuff in other aspects. The setting is interesting, and there's some cool concepts, even if they're not implemented as well as they could be. I'm not keen on Z-Moves, they just became an excuse for people to nuke Pokemon they don't want to deal with using actual strategy and Alolan Pokemon was another missed opportunity done for the sake of attracting the people who dropped the series long ago. Well, 7 long write-ups later, I'm at the end of my little retrospective on the mechanics of Pokemon. Maybe you learnt something through this? Because I did. And there's a big part of me that's keen to find out what Game Freak have in store for the jump to the Switch. Maybe Battle Frontier will finally come back? Maybe Triple and Rotation battles will make a spectacular return, or it could be a completely new format. It's impossible to tell, and I guess that's one of the many reasons Pokemon fans are so hungry for information.
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    Last Day of June Well, that happened! I played a game AND reviewed it in 24 hours. Also... there don't seem to be any other reviews for the Switch version online... yet. Usually I'd be worried about an embargo being broken, but the game came out yesterday so... ...N-Europe exclusive! (probably for all of 5 minutes) Enjoy!
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    My body is so ready for that flying squirrel! Mighty should be fun, too. It's a book from the Bible. Probably a reference to Christian Whitehead's first name.
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    Pocket Rumble. I've constantly been checking for updates on that. It seems they're having trouble getting online to maintain a smooth fps 😔
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    So I totally didn't see this on ResetEra, think it sounded like fun and shamelessly nick it for N-Europe use. With the Switch version of Smash Bros officially announced in the latest Direct, there's no doubt going to be a steady stream of trailers revealing new characters for the game. Good old Smash hype, you know? So I want to get this going before we know too much about it. I'd like you peeps to predict which characters you think will be playable in the next Smash Bros. When more info starts coming out, we can then compare each others answers and see who is the most grounded in reality and who is right up there in crazy fantasy land. Here's what you should do. Post your list of Smash Bros. Newcomers. Preferably in a numbered list. For each character you successfully predict, you get one point. For every one you get wrong, you lose a point. The difference between the amount of newcomers you predict and the number there actually are will also be deducted from your score. (So if there's 15 newcomers, but you predicted 18, you lose 3 points) Whoever gets the most points wins! Whoever gets a positive score gets major bragging rights. For possible tie breakers, please also list 3 new stages you predict as well. Rules There is no fixed amount to how many characters you can predict, just remember about the penalty you get for being off when it comes to the number of characters. Don't bother listing characters that are playable in the 3DS and WiiU versions of Smash, let's just assume they're in for now. Otherwise, we'll have lists of over 50 characters all over the place. Also, we already know that Inkling and Breath of the Wild Link is in, so don't bother with them. Characters from previous games that were cut in the 3DS/WiiU versions are fair game. So you can put in Ice Climbers, Squirtle and Snake if you wanted. Characters from future games are fine. So saying a Generation 8 Pokemon is perfectly OK. If you think a character will be able to transform or effectively change character mid-battle, you can list them as Character/Character (For example, Zelda/Sheik). If you think a character will function much like Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, then say which characters you think they'd utilise. (For example, Pokemon Trainer [Charizard/Squirtle/Ivysaur]). Just like other characters, you'll get a point for each one you get right. So if only Zelda was in but not Sheik, you'd get 1 point and lose one point, cancelling each other out. No editing your post once the next character reveal happens, you gotta commit! It'd be great if you explained why you think a character has a chance/would be a good candidate for Smash. It'd be nice to get a bit of conversation/arguments going on here as well. Doesn't have to be big, just a sentence or two. If DLC gets announced for this game, then I'll go back and see who wins after we know who gets in through that. Think that about covers it, so I'll get the ball rolling. Brackets indicate the series they're from. My Smash Newcomers Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) - These guys were cut from the latest Smash because of issues with the 3DS version. That's not a problem this time. Wolf (Star Fox) - We've technically had 2 new Star Fox games since the last Smash Bros. So why not bring back Fox's rival? The fact he was in Brawl would help streamline the process of getting him in. Paper Mario (Paper Mario) - Honestly, I'm amazed he's still not in. Paper Mario is still kicking with games coming out on both the 3DS and WiiU. There's potential there, plus he got a stage in the 3DS Smash. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - I think we're due for a new Donkey Kong Rep, and while I'd love K.Rool to get in, I think Dixie is much more likely. Yarn Poochy (Yoshi Series) - Bit of a weird one this, but Yoshi's Woolly World did pretty well and everyone fell in love with Poochy. Would have a moveset based around the wool mechanics in both Yoshi and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Also would be the cutest character in Smash history. Decidueye (Pokemon) - There are many Pokemon from Sun and Moon I think are way better choices, but this seems the most likely. It's popular, and is a grass type, which compliments Charizard and Greninja. Sorry, Alolan Marowak, I still want you in. Fire Emblem Switch Protaganist (Fire Emblem) - Moan all you like, but Japan loves their Fire Emblem, and so does Sakurai. Rex (Xenoblade) - Xenoblade 2 seems to have been quite successful. Rex could utilise some interesting mechanics with Pyra, much like Shulk did with his Monado. Also, more British voices in Smash is a good thing. Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven) - One of those characters that almost made the Smash WiiU roster. Good candidate for the weird "WTF?" character. Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western) - Sure, I was a massive dreamer when I was wishing for him in Smash WiiU, but he's got a retail game coming very soon, plenty of inspiration for a moveset and a suspiciously detailed Assist Trophy model in the last Smash. I think it's time. I just gotta believe! Spring Man (ARMS) - I could see it happening, pretty liked new IP from Nintendo. Why not? Ribbon Girl would be a likely alternate costume. Bomberman (Bomberman) - Smash needs a new 80's throwback and I can see him being a good candidate for new 3rd party rep. Rayman (Rayman) - After the Mario and Rabbids crossover and taking into account that Rayman ended up getting dropped in Smash WiiU, I'd say it's a possibility. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) - If there was a character to represent the indie games, it'd be the master of Shovelry. Easy choice there. I think 14 (Plus Inkling) is a nice number to add to this Smash, and any other characters I can think of are too unlikely to risk on this. Tie Breaker Stage Predictions Moray Towers (Splatoon) Miitopia stage New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey) Well? Go on. Have at it!
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    New Smash and Fire Emblem are coming, we all know what that means.
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    Another version of Okami for me to buy and never play!
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    So apparently some upcoming outfits have also been discovered in the latest build, including one based on Link. Not sure how feasible it would be, but I'd still really like an update that could enable the photo mode filters during gameplay. Playing in Game Boy mode would be so cool. But seeing as the game drops to 30fps in photo mode though I'm guessing it probably won't happen. How's everyone doing with Balloon World anyway? I'm at rank 45 now, but don't see myself reaching 50 any time soon. You need to find/pop 800 balloons in total! I have really enjoyed Balloon World though, it can make for some very funny moments indeed. And the "Look Around" bit whenever you miss a balloon is often hilarious. A couple of my faves:
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    The game is now Capcom's best selling title ever!
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    Sorry I couldn’t make it last night... ...Lousy Smarch weather. @BowserBasher, nice boomerang skills!
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    Some members think Nintendo is the best console manufacturer there is. They might even think it’s a fact. And they might even continu to argue until they prove this. Of course it’s ridiculous to try and prove a company’s the best but on the other hand it’s very logical that these people will most likely be found on a Nintendo forum like this. There are also members who are more neutral in their preferences. Some things are better on one console and some others things are better somewhere else. It’s also logical for these people to lurk around on a Nintendo forum. And we have a lot of them. And then there are members who dislike almost all things Nintendo does but still like a little part of the company, like for example one franchise or game. These people are also welcome. In reality the members from the first and last group will often find themselves on different sides of a discussion. But sometimes these discussions will feel like an attack on something someone really loves or cares deeply about like voice chat, genwunners online services open world genres or whatever. That’s the moment when things can get out of hand here. Members from the first group aren’t “blind biased idiots” or “the Nintendo Defense Force”. They’re just people with a deep love for the company and it’s products. Just like you don’t have to tell another guy that his girl- or boyfriend is ugly, you don’t have to insult something else that someone seems to deeply care about. As strange as that may sound to some, that’s how it works with some people and it’s something that you may disagree with but you should still respect it and keep it in minds when you give your opinion. Be civil in your your choice of words and stop arguing when you get trapped in a circle argument. On the other hand, this also works the other way around. Some people who love only certain aspects of the company and its products also feel emotionally involved when they disagree with certain things Nintendo does (or don’t). And that’s why these members can come of too harsh or negative to members from the first group. Like someone can fall out of love with their girl- or boyfriend. You shouldn’t tell these people they should stay with their ex and that they have no valid reason to fall out of love. Also a case of respecting someone’s opinion and choice, as wrong as you might think they are. In the end it’s all about respect and being civil. Especialy towards people with opposite opinions. That way we can all make @Rummy‘s work a lot easier.
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    Nah, they’re just adding VC with a full GC, Wii, Wii U and 3DS library, no biggie!
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    Only really heard bad things about this game, which is good (in terms of “Screw Konami”) and bad (in terms of how it might reflect on the developers). Also found this quite amusing: “KJP [Kojima Productions] FOREVER” Anyway, I’m very interested in seeing how this game performs in terms of sales. Because, assuming that it does poorly - and we don’t see much from the Metal Gear franchise for a while - I wouldn’t be surprised to see Konami’s financials take a significant enough hit for them to consider selling some of their video game licenses (such a Silent Hill and Metal Gear) off, prior to a possible closure of their video gaming division. Assuming that Kojima continues to partner with Sony, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Sony foot up the bill to put these franchises back under Kojima’s control if that did end up happening. On the downside, we’re probably just shy of a decade of that being a remote possibility.
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    Cobbled together an article about Fortnite, PUBG and battle royale games potentially being on Switch...if you fancy a weekend read here's the link! http://www.n-europe.com/features/fortnite-or-playerunknowns-battlegrounds-on-switch-could-be-the-perfect-entry-to-the-new-online-services
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    Pack it up. Drahkon has already won quote of the year.
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    Nintendo seems to be implementing customer reviews on the eShop, with players required to have played the game for a minimum of 2 hours of a game to be allowed to review it. Example: the page for Dragon Quest Builders On a pretty big side note, Ninty also took home most of the awards at the DICE Awards. • GOTY: Breath of the Wild • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: Mario Odyssey • Adventure GOTY: Breath of the Wild • Family GOTY: Snipperclips • Racing GOTY: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe • Strategy/Simulation GOTY: Mario + Rabbids • D.I.C.E. Sprite Award: Snipperclips • Handheld GOTY: Metroid Samus Returns • Mobile GOTY: Fire Emblem Heroes • Outstanding Achievement in Game Design: Breath of the Wild • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction: Breath of the Wild • Game of the Year: Breath of the Wild Genyo Takeda was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
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    GP1 GP2 GP3 @DazzeL's score was discounted from the 3rd GP, due to disconnection, the scores were recalculated to reflect this. And here's the table. A League welcome to @david.dakota, who manages to pull off a tie with @EEVILMURRAY. @DazzeL and @S.C.G add to the creepy factor by drawing themselves. You like making things awkward, huh? Anyway, next week's theme is provided directly by Nintendo, I love it when they provide a ready made theme for me. Next League Night: 1st March 8pm Room 1: BowserBasher is host Glen-i BowserBasher viceview51 Inspired by the latest update to Mario Odyssey, obviously. So get out there and pop some balloons and other encouraging words of encouragement. Sign Up Now!
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    What a fantastic speech. I know it's long but I encourage everyone to give it a watch.
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    Turok 2 has PLAYABLE DINOSAURS!!!!!
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    Emily Rogers mentioned the following on Era yesterday evening. No surprise really, I mean many of us on here already called this. It seems like Smash will certainly one of the games Nintendo will show off for their online service.
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    I started listening to this weeks Frame Trap and was sad to hear about Kyle's condition. Depression, stress and anxiety are ugly conditions to suffer from and it's hard to understand what people actually go through until you've experienced it yourself. Good on him for taking the steps needed for recovery and being very open about it on the podcast.
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    This should please a few people on here. The latest patch has added gyro aiming to the game.
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    I still find this kind of thing baffling. It's not as if it's some kind of heavy object that needs lifting out, dusting off and plugged in to your TV. If you have one then why not use it? Given you like retro gaming, I don't see the issue with using your 3DS. I'm loving that the 3DS is still getting supported. The salt from people is very real.
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    Personally, and I'm a big marvel fan, I found it less formulaic than the others. As for the Obama quote, I kind of agreed because it over-trivialised Obama as a real-world phenomenon, but let me make a point I've been shying away from. I'm not black. I used to say I'm brown. More recently I'm realising increasingly I don't really know *what* I am because the definition of my history and culture(plus being WIndian of recent times) has been very heavily erased or unportrayed etc. Why am I talking about it? Becuase I grew up, as a massive marvel fan, LOVING spider-man. Funnily enough it was via a Spiderman comic that in my mind must have been 60s published originally(I read in the 90s) I knew Black Panther. I spent my life from the late 80s until 2000s waiting for another spiderman film that I thought would finally be the superhero film I always needed. Rewind before that though there's a weird thing being a kid in the playground who, despite clearly being the most knowledgeable of the superhero game at hand, is not allowed to be any of the heroes not because he doesn't know them but because he's not white enough. That's a bit of an unexpected comment - but it's got a point. Now, that's essentially the lead-in for why Black Panther was, imo even just on one let alone many more levels, amazing. It's the same reason why Wonder Woman was great for women and young girls etc - it offered representation that is so often unseen for so much of society. Black Panther, for me even 'not being black' as it were, was....goddamn. It wasn't my culture strictly (though I see some parallels between it and what I'm currently sort of learning of Hinduism and a stratified society of the time, not to mention with that a reference to Lord Hanuman on behalf of M'Baku in the challenge) but to see something so less western and arguably more eastern like; was just really really amazing. It didn't feel tokenised of fethishised much if even at all, and the really strong cast and characterisation made that even more impactful. I spoke afterwards to my Ghanain friend I used to work with(we bonded over Zelda/SS coming out lel) and he really loved it too. All the culuture stuff etc, all the representation, he felt it was faithful, on point, and relevant - it felt like....in some ways I guess, a bit like a rediscovery. Its moral undertones and the juxtaposition of the greater good vs the individual etc and its recursive nature was interesting too imo. Killmonger's last line was a hard-hitting one imo given the above etc. It wasn't even just the black angle either though, the female representation was just fucking amazing too. I cannot tell you how much I loved the film almost for how it was everything that it wasn't what you expected it to be. 'Main' characterwise there's what, 2 white people? Strong leads wise there's what - 3-4 women for 2-3 on the protagonists' side? One of whom is an army general and the other a spy in her own right? One that is literally probably the smartest person in the whole nation/world re: vibranium and basically still a kid? As for unexpectedness normally I go into a film constantly overthinking and second-guessing - usually I'll see the eventually theme coming earlier than many(tho maybe cos I think too much :p) and I also get restless when films are super long etc - but this fucked me at every turn on my predictions until I gave up thinking of them, and I was also surprised in realising how late it was about 20 minutes after I'd gotten out of the cinema. For me, it was just a bit rare an experience - but I can absolutely see and understand mine would easily be different to very many others'.