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    Following my debate with @Dcubed about the merits of the 'challenge Ganon at any time' mechanic, and him having actually done it on his first attempt, I realized that I had never actually given it a go. So I jumped back in yesterday, rushed through the Plateau, and headed straight to Hyrule castle to test my skills. I 100% did not expect to still discover new things in this game. What a fool I am. So I glide off the plateau, heading in the direction of the Hyrule tower. I wasn't in a rush, and wanted to map my approach, so the tower offered a good vantage point for that. There was also a shrine nearby, and since I was short on resources I thought it a good opportunity to refill any hearts I had lost (which I short encounter with a Bokoblin tower did inflict on me). The Shrine was fortunately one of the better ones, with multiple doors requiring the manipulation of massive boulders in order to open them. After completing I headed for the tower, dodging the Guardian lasers as I climbed. I was already quite close to the castle, but the Guardians are in thick supply between us, so I diverted round to the West, passing the burnt out tree trunk in the middle of the lake. Then I enter a wooded field plentiful with horses, and I can't know for sure, but I swear I had never been through it before. Regardless it was so peaceful and serene compared to the danger I knew would face me on the other side of the hill, that it at least felt like a new experience. On mounting said hill I see Hyrule town walls ahead of me, with a fort hidden in a crop of trees a short run away. On climbing to the top of the walls the town square is visible, and my heart sinks in knowing that 4 hearts will not be enough to make it through that gauntlet. Instead I follow to wall to the North, skirting the town, and bringing me to the moat. I aim for a small entrance across the moat, but don't factor in the current and get pulled into another entrance. And here is my 'I love this game' moment. I go from minecart section, to puzzles, to combat, to traversal. Its my 4th time doing Hyrule castle and this is the 4th entirely unique way I have approached it. Say what you want about this as a Zelda dungeon - the small amount of puzzles, the lack of dungeon specific items etc - but the fact that I have gotten through it in 4 different ways has got to put it up there with the best in the series. I finish my hour long progression through the depth of the castle, to the dungeons, to the castle proper, then a significant amount of exterior scaling, until I find myself on the roof of the sanctum. As I lament that I will have to rappel down to the entrance, risking Guardian alerts, I notice a crack in the grand stained windows. Surely I can't just glide through the window into the room of the final boss? I walk up to an elevated part of the roof, getting a view of the gorgeous orange fury of death mountain in the distance (BotW at its most impressionistic-ly stunning), before gliding through the window. Outstanding work BotW. I then got stuffed by Ganon. Git.
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    My adventure is over. I'm not sure how to feel about the game. I loved the original back as a youngster and I have enjoyed various play throughs of the game since. For whatever reason this version just didn't really do it for me. I did appreciate the QoL improvements, such as having lots of items mapped to different buttons, but there was just something about the game that lacked the charm of the original game. Even the cutesy graphics weren't enough to pull me away from this feeling. Although I did enjoy the way they done ending. The stuttering/framerate issue was a bit of a nightmare to deal with and I would like to say that I got used to it but sadly that wasn't the case. It is still pretty jarring throughout all my play time. I usually don't notice such things or even get bothered by them when I do, but it happens so frequently in this that it was hard to ignore. I felt as if the game was still split up into sections and the game was stuttering during the original transitions. It's a very weird issue and I would have preferred if they stuck to a solid 30fps rather than trying to push somethign that they were unable to achieve. A point many probably won't agree with is that I don't think that this should have been a fully priced game. It's a like-for-like remake of the original game, with pretty much no new content in the main adventure. Over the past couple of years we've had things like the Crash and Spryo trilogies being completely remastered/remade and sold at a budget price for 3 games. Just this year we had Resident Evil 2 which was a full blown remake, offering a fresh take on a classic and giving fans of the game something new to enjoy. Again, this was actually cheaper than what Link's Awakening was. Obviously i'm part of the problem for buying LA on day one but it was disappointing to see just how nothing substantial had changed in the game and yet the consumer was still being charged a premium price for it. In terms of the design of the game, it's definitely a product of its time and I do sympathise with those who have had trouble with certain dungeons or just didn't really care for them in the first place. With me playing through it multiple times, I know the game pretty well and as such I can find my way around quite easily but for those jumping in for the first time there are times where I could see where newer players may struggle. Things like having to talk to everyone, back tracking a lot or just thinking in a non-logical way are often required. I know i've experienced this recently playing through the first two Dragon Quest games for the first time and there were a few instances where I had to look things up on the internet due to how obscure they were. Again, products of a different time. Overall the game was a bit of a letdown and even though this is the shiny new version of the game, when I do eventually want to replay the game again I will probably just stick to the good old original version.
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    Yeah, those EU-logos are all over the place! Way to ruin a beautiful cover artwork. I'm gonna shamelessly put this here, seeing as it's one of my favourite themes from the Zelda series, and it's a remix I'm really happy with ^_^. I made this guitar remix of the Ballad of the Wind Fish 7 years ago, and I still love it. Hope you enjoy it.
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    I put a few hours into the game this afternoon (PS4 version). Amazing stuff so far. It's a total cross between the 2D level design of the Donkey Kong Country games and the exploration side of things in the Banjo games. The 2D stages are very DKC and at times it does feel like you are playing one of those games. It's not just the way the levels play out but also how they sound. Some of the music on offer here could be straight out of a DKC game. In terms of the game feeling like Banjo, this comes in the way of you you go about the overworld/map. It's not as straight forward as just going from level to level, you have to open up path ways, find secret entrances and create shortcuts to make you way around the world. It's very enjoyable and i've had as much fun outside of the main levels as I have done within them. The way the game starts it pulls a BOTW. In BOTW you could head for Ganon right off the bat if you wanted to. This game starts with the final level, which is pretty brutal, but if you want the challenge of completing it without any upgrades and without doing anything else then the option is there for you. Dude is hilarious. He blocks you off from going to new areas with giant walls that he's erected. The only way to get past them is to pay him some of the coins you collect. He calls them paywalls. Pagies also make a return and they change the shape of the overworld so that you can get about you business. You have to complete a quick challenge level to prove your worth and these just consist of defeating a bunch of enemies without dying yourself. The writing is top tier as always. The banter between characters feels very old school Rare and there are plenty of puns to enjoy. Brilliant start to the game and I look forward to digging into it some more.
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    It's finally happening!! http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/09/final_fantasy_vii_and_viii_remastered_are_coming_to_switch_in_one_physical_pack FF7 (and FF8.. ugh) on a cartridge! The irony has now been fulfilled!
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    I participated in a contest from Nintendo Netherlands, which resulted in the Collectors Edition of this game dropping in the mail this weekend. So after unpacking it and gawking at the pretty artwork book, I booted up the game and played the first two chapters. The game looks stunning, and I have a feeling it will be a great game to play through. Can't wait to continue this.
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    Anyone? No? I was still back and forth on whether to pick this up but the reviews were saying that it's a lengthy adventure and then Dcubed asked for some impressions, so I nipped up to Argos and picked it up. Don't say I don't do anything for you. I quite like the message that is in the box. An inspiring message that a lot of our nation should take heed of. I wonder if the box has the same message in the US? Over there it probably doesn't come with a ring and instead is just a pizza in the box. Setting up everything is stupidly simple and fast. You just plug your right joy-con into the ring and then strap the leg strap onto your left thigh, before sliding the left joy-con into the pouch. I was worried about taking screenshots and thought I would have to keep reaching for my left thigh in order to take a snap. Thankfully, Nintendo thought about this and you can take a snap by hitting the R trigger on the right joy-con. With the way that it is positioned in the ring it makes it very easy and accessible to capture a moment. I started off by jumping straight into the adventure mode. The game will get you to do some small stretching exercises first just so you don't do yourself an injury. Also, when you first fire up the game you get asked a bunch of questions and depending on how you answer them the game will set your difficulty level. It set mine at 18 and I thought I got a half decent workout out of that level. You can alter this if you feel it to be too strenuous or too easy. The character creation is VERY basic. I was hoping for a few more customization options but sadly that wasn't to be. You can select a skin tone, eye colour and that's pretty much it. I do think more costumes/armour becomes available during the course of the adventure, so we'll see what that brings to the table. The story starts off with your character picking up Ring and agreeing to help him take down the big steroid filled baddie that has stolen all of his powers. Yeah, pretty basic but we aren't here for the story are we. The game is split up into chapters/worlds and with each of these are numerous stages. Getting through the stages involves running on the spot and then taking on enemies when you encounter them. Running is done quite well in the game and I appreciate the options that have been put into it. You have the standard running move where you jog on the spot or you can select the silent running mode. This allows players to do squats rather than running on the spot. This is great for those who don't want to make a noise or are playing in a room that isn't on the ground floor. As you run through the stages you will see small coins and 3 large coins scattered about the area. You can grab these coins by simply running into them or by stretching the exercise ring which will fire up a suction move, sucking in all of the coins that you aim at. The large coins are worth keeping an eye out for because they will offer a bit of an exp boost at the end of the stage. Some of them you will have to have quick reactions to nab because they are on paths that will require you to jump to. The stages I have encountered so far have already had a bit of variety to them. Some are tailored for more enemy encounters, which means more static exercises, whereas others are fitted out with things to jump over and conveyor belts that you have to run against. These seem to have fewer encounters but that's because you are doing more cardio. During one of the cardio stages there was a huge conveyor belt at the end of the level. You have to pump those legs to get up to the top. After all of these years I now know how the contestants of Gladiators felt when reaching the Travelator. The levels with lots of enemy encounters also offer a good work out, so don't think you're getting off easy by select these stages. The moves you have at your disposal are a mixed set of exercises and Nintendo has been clever about what they start you off with. The battles can take a bit of time at the start of the game, especially the final boss battles of a world. That being the case, it could be very easy to get tired during these lengthy fights. Thankfully, the moves that you start with are a nice mixture of yoga style movements and more active type exercises. What I was doing was attacking 2 turns in a row with ring pushing exercises and then following up with something like a knee raising exercise. This gave my arms a rest for a turn while my legs done the heavy lifting. It's a great way to keep you going during a battle and it also stops the battles from being boring because you are constantly mixing things up. As you level up you will unlock more moves to use. Some of these are less powerful but they will hit multiple targets and some of them may be easier on the body than others. Eventually you will need to decide on which moves to take into battle with you because you only have a certain amount of move slots at your disposal. Picking you moves wisely will help you keep your strength up for the longer stages. For example, I got rid of the squat move because my legs were already getting a workout by running through the actual level. This gave them a rest during battles, which then allowed me to breeze through the running parts of the stage. The battles look to be getting more complex in the next world. I've just unlocked a colour system. Each exercise is given a colour and by using these against an enemy of the same colour, it looks like it will inflict more damage. This adds another dimension of what moves you will take into battle with you. I haven't played around with that yet though. In the second world I unlocked a mini game that, upon completion, offered a certain amount of coins, depending on what rank you score. It was kind of a whack-a-mole game and it was incredibly fun. You have 2 kind of hammers that are attached to a wheel and the ring you are holding mimics said wheel. Pulling the ring will send the hammers outwards and pushing the ring will send them inwards. It was nice distraction from the main adventure and another way to give your body a quick bit of relaxation. During the course of the adventure you will unlock achievements/trophies for the actions you perform. These just look to be hitting certain milestones in the game but they are certainly a welcome addition. As many people on here know, I do love me some achievements/trophies/goals, so this has a great appeal to someone like me. I ended my session after defeating the world 2 boss and when choosing to quite the game will offer a cooldown period. This is just a bunch of exercises without the ring and involves doing a few final stretches to make sure that everything is nice and loose as you finish. My stats at the end of the session were as follows. After finishing off the first 2 worlds I reached level 11. I wanted to hit level 10 before I called it a day so I was happy with actually pushing past that. As I mentioned the other day, I do have a gym membership and try to go 3-4 times a week. I mainly do cardio, with some lifting mixed in-between. That being the case, the game still managed to give me a decent work out in my 35 minute session. Would it replace me going to the gym? Not at all but it will certainly complement it. I'm using different muscles and doing different exercise than I usually do during my regular workouts, so it works really well with what i'm already doing. I do think it's a great bit of exercise and product for those who do want to get in shape but would like to do so in the comfort of their own home. For me, this is a much better product as a game than Wii Fit ever was, especially if you are a fan of the JRPG genre. Seeing the experience bar go up, grinding to achieve another level, unlocking moves, all of these are great motivators and pinning these things to exercise is a very clever idea. Yes, i've only put a very short amount of time into the game so far but I can certainly see the potential in it. Methinks I will do another world this evening and then leave it for the day, but I am already looking forward to putting more time into it tomorrow!
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    Made some significant progress on Hollow Knight (Switch). I have explored all over the map unlocking several new areas. First of all I went to Crystal Peak and after rudely having to fight a boss battle just for a bench I eventually found a new powerup. After some random exploration I stumbled into a pretty important location, the Resting Grounds, in what felt like a "half-way" point of the game as it were. I was given a new upgrade, the Dream Nail, and told to find three dreamers. After that I did some Geo grinding so I could get the lantern as it looked like one of the dreamers was in an area I couldn't access just yet and perhaps the Royal Waterways held the answer. I explored that area and found the Dung Defender, the best boss in this game so far. Seriously, the dude has so much personality. As a result of beating him it turns out the City of Tears is twice as large as it first seemed and there was an entire second half to it. It's at this point where I didn't know where to go next and caved into the internet in spite of trying to avoid directions because in a MetroidVanie part of the enjoyment is figuring out where you need to go next, what I had missed is that going down after the Dung Defender section instead of up takes you to an entirely new area and there was also a section of the Royal Waterways that I had entirely missed because I couldn't find Cornifer so I had no map for the area. So, with this knowledge in hand I venturered into the bottom half of the Royal Waterways and found a new powerup. Then, I ventured into the Ancient Basin and defeated the Broken Vessel. In doing so it looks like the Forgotten Crossroads has completely changed. This was my map by this point in the game: Far from done here, it turns out that broken bench was meant to be a clue and there's an entirely secret area behind it that leads to a rematch against Hornet to unlock more of the Ancient Basin. And the second half of the Ancient Basin is somehow the most dark environment in this game... and that takes some serious doing! Now that I have the Shade Cloak I have decided to pursue the dreamers, starting with the one in the City of Tears. This may have been a bad idea, because the Watcher Knights remind me of Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls. Good grief, this is an extremely challenging boss battle. So this is where I currently am in the game now, at a boss roadblock that saw me take a break from Dark Souls. If I beat the Watcher Knights, maybe it will finally convince me to give Ornstein and Smough another go... or 50!
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    He’s back! And ready to make your brain feel old! An official Switch Stylus has also been announced (looks basically like the one that came with SMM2, but without the branding). Retailing for 864 JPY (about £6-7). The game comes out on 27/12/19 in Japan (so that finally answers the question about what game Nintendo has lined up for December...) Bring on the DS resurrection!
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    10 million Switch consoles sold in Europe. Insane but well deserved
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    I spent a crazy amount of time on this yesterday and with me starting a nice 2 weeks holiday from work ( where I will do nothing but play games ), I cracked on with it first thing this morning. The credits have now rolled. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. It's easily up there with the DKC games and other Nintendo platformers. There's a level of polish in the game that isn't seen often these days and it puts most developers to shame. What is even more remarkable is how fast the guys over at Playtonic have been able to create this gem. It was only two years ago that they put out the first game and here we are now with another amazing title. They are such a small team but what they've achieved here is amazing. The level design in the game is fantastic. The game has 20 stages to complete but these double up due to the things that you do in the overworld. By manipulating your surroundings the levels will change, which makes it so that each level has 2 different versions. For example. by creating a river that flows into where a level is stationed it will then flood that level. Jump back into it and you will find that everything is now underwater. Another good example was where the level was stationed on top of a wooden bridge. By hitting a few switches I was able to get the bridge moving which meant that things inside the stage were now on the move. It's a much better version of what Yoshi's Crafted World tried to accomplish with it's dual level format. The game can be pretty challenging and imagine some players may have trouble with certain areas. The Impossible Lair of the game, which is both the first and last level, is VERY difficult. I can see a lot of people giving up on it and never beating the game. I wouldn't be surprised if you see complaints about this stage once the game releases. The level is about 25 minutes long and if you fail then it's right back to the start you go. This is why it's definitely best to complete all the levels you can because in doing so you will gain an extra hit from enemies in this stage. There are 48 bees to find ( I found 45 ) so that's an extra 48 hits you can take. Trust me when I say you will need them. I finished it with just 1 bee remaining and that was after going through the level a few times. Patience is certainly needed for this. I haven't got the platinum yet. I'm missing 3 bees ( I can see them in the overworld but I haven't a clue how to get to them ) and i'm missing 6 tonics that are also hidden in the overworld. Interestingly, it appears nobody in the world has got the platinum trophy yet. The hidden tonics is what is holding everyone back. You find them scattered about the place and you can buy hints for each of them. However, there is one hint that is pretty funny/useless and it basically says it's not telling where the hidden tonic is and that maybe someone online will eventually find it. I'm figuring this is the one that is stumping people because you will pretty much have to ground pound the whole of the overworld map in order to find it. I did manage to find all 200 hidden coins ( 5 per level ) in the game though. Yeah, really enjoyed my time with the game and it is easily up there for one of my games of the year, along with Bloodstained, Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. I will now leave you with a nice reference to Banjo Kazooie and a another screen that got a chuckle out of me.
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    Someone remade the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer in true N64 quality 😁 Pretty good nostalgia vibes going on here.
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    I don't know... there have been some highlights...
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    Another month over and another bunch of games have been played. Gears of War 3 (360/Xbox One) Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) Gears of War 5 (Xbox One) Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (PS4) Starwing (SNES/Switch) Super Mario Kart (SNES/Switch) Super Mario World (SNES/Switch) Super Kirby Clash (Switch) Gear of War: Judgment (360/Xbox One) The Gardens Between (Xbox One) Earth Defence Force (SNES/Switch) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES/Switch) Brawl Brothers (SNES/Switch) Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure (Xbox One) Dragon Quest (Switch) Abzu (Xbox One) Gears of War 3, 4 ,5 and Judgment It was interesting playing Gears of War 3 and then rolling straight into the 4th entry. You often see people say that there isn’t much difference between console generations in these modern times but playing one after the other shows that simply isn’t the case. Areas are larger, graphics are noticeably better and the game runs smoother. For me, Gears of War 3 is still the high point of the series. It makes sense why that is the case though. I mean, it was the end of the trilogy and everything was wrapped up pretty well. I still enjoy the newer games but they don’t hold a candle to the originals. I mentioned this in the Gears 5 thread but I’ll mention it again here. I honestly found no real reason as to why they made some of the areas in the game more open other than to tick a box that said they had an open world segments in the game. Gears of War has always been about the moment to moment set pieces and to remove them for large portions of the game in favour of exploration just felt completely off. I have played a little bit of the online modes but not a huge amount. I’m still not a fan of how they have slowly changed the Horde mode. Making it a class based system doesn’t really work for me and I much prefer the simple setup seen in Gears of War 3. Also, I think the matches last far too long now. Having to sit through nearly 3 hours of gameplay at a time just to get through all 50 waves is a bit of a slog. Playing through Judgment again after all of these years helped me appreciate the game a lot more than I originally did. The way the missions are structured into smaller segments where you have to obtain a high score/3 stars is quite a neat idea and one that I wouldn’t have minded seeing making a return. It’s a good way to add replay value to the various stages in the game. I did notice just how much the enemy count was cranked up when compared to the previous games. In some stages it felt like I was just killing an endless wave of enemies, with Locust bodies just constantly piling up on one another. It reminded me of this scene from Hot Shots! Part Deux. I put my Game Pass subscription to good use with the following games. The Gardens Between This was an indie game that I have been interested in for a while. Putting my Game Pass subscription to good use, I downloaded the game and played through it. Lovely stuff. The way you have to manipulate time in order to progress offered some very satisfying gameplay moments. The fact that you do all of this using only a control stick and one button is very well thought out. The game doesn’t outstay its welcome and the puzzles never really feel frustrating or obtuse. Abzu This is another game that has been on my radar for a while and yet another game I downloaded thanks to Game Pass. I went in expecting a cross between Endless Ocean and Journey and that’s exactly what I got. The soundtrack is a beautiful one, the visuals are very clean fitting for the game and exploring the sea with your little robots in tow was fun. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening. Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Another Xbox game, another one I’ve wanted to play for a while and another I was able to play thanks to Game Pass. I love games like this. It reminded me off the Disney Infinity games, which I also loved, and the Lego games before them became bloated, open world messes. You get to play through 6 of the Disney/Pixar films, with various slices from the films being the set pieces for the stages. As a big Disney fan I had an absolute blast playing through the game. Over the weekend I had to babysit my youngest niece (7 years old) and I sat and helped her play the game. It was so funny watching her try to play it. Her parents don’t allow her to have things like iPads or a phone, so playing videogames is still a foreign concept to her. I’ve let her play Mario Kart 8 of the Switch before but with all of the assists on she wasn’t really playing the thing. She was getting frustrated a bit when playing on Rush when she couldn’t do what she needed to do, especially during the the Incredible stages, but I helped her and she eventually got the hang of it and picked things up quite quickly. It actually got me thinking about Mario Kart 8. Yeah, the assists are a good way for younger gamers to enjoy the game but in a way it’s a big crutch for them because they aren’t actually learning how to play or control the game properly. Seeing my niece learn how to play Rush and get to grips with an Xbox controller ( no easy thing given how small her hands are ) so quickly was a sight to behold and it proved that such assists aren’t really needed as long as you’re willing to sit and help the kid learn what to do. The achievements on this game are some of the buggiest I have ever encountered. For some stupid reason the game screws up if you unlock multiple achievements at once. It only dishes out one at a time and the others you unlocked end up in a backlog and you have to repeat a stage to unlock it. Eventually I was having to unlock an achievement, close the game and reply a level just to get the thing to pop. Such a strange bug and one that really should have been sorted by now, especially as this game is an exclusive and had help/input from MS when making it. Final Fantasy VIII Best Final Fantasy ever. Playing through the game again just solidified my love for it and even more so now that this version added x3 speed option. Playing Triple Triad and drawing magic from enemies has never been more fun. With this release of the game, once again all of the Squall “Whatever” memes popped up. Probably used by people who have never actually played through the thing. If they had they would see that Squall is probably one of the most interesting protagonists in a FF game. The level of character development he goes through throughout the game is beautiful to watch and seeing him gift us with a smile is certainly well earned. Out of all of the FF protagonists he’s still the one I relate to the most. The OST of this game never fails to impress me. Man With A Machine Gun, Liberi Fatali, Force Your Way, Balamb Garden, The Landing, Fisherman’s Horizon are all classic tunes. Eyes on Me is just the icing on the cake. With this being one of my favourite ever games I wanted to make the platinum a milestone. My next milestone was my 350th platinum but this was quite a way off. I had to nab 17 more platinum trophies before I allow myself to get my final trophy on Final Fantasy VIII. I did manage to pull this off thanks to some crossbuy shenanigans and easy games being on sale. It definitely burnt me out though. Speaking of trophies, I also nabbed the platinum for Tales of Beseria. In August I finished the game in around 50 hours but it took an investment of another 50 hours to finally grab the final trophy. Man, what a grind! Still, it didn’t damped my enjoyment of the game at all and it was quite fun trying out the other characters. The Tales games usually have a trough/grindy trophy and this one was no different. It could have been worse though. I think Tales of Symphonia on the PS3 requires you to play through the game something like 6 times in order to get every trophy. Crazy! Super Kirby Clash I was chuffed to bits when this got announced during the last Nintendo Direct. I loved the 3DS version of the game and I put a stupid amount of hours into getting 100% on it. Fast forward nearly 60 hours and I’m not far off from doing the same with the Switch version. I just need to get to level 100, and then upgrade every bit of armour to its final form. Most of this just requires me to pop the game on and grab 2000 Gem Apples every 12 hours. An online mode was added to this version of the game but its addition is both a blessing and a curse. The good side of things is that you get 1.3x experience for playing online and it also has its own stamina meter which means you can play offline, use all of your stamina and then continue playing online. During this phase you will no doubt level up again and that will replenish you offline stamina bar. The bad side of the online portion of the game is the absolute shoddiness of the stability when playing an online match. Honestly, it is atrocious and it once again shows Nintendo’s incompetence when putting together an online setup. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Super Mario Maker 2, SNES games and Super Mario Party all have big issues when playing online. I played a bit of Gears 5 online last month and that is a game with high end graphics game, runs at 60FPS, has 5v5 matches and runs smooths as can be. This is a 4 player, very basic looking game and it can't even run right. We are paying for this service now and as such the quality of online matches should be improved. Here's a quick look at how bad it is and this is with a wired connection! The lack of options online is another pain in the backside. You can’t see the rank of those who are hosting a quest, so you could join the lobby, realise they are underleveled for what you are trying to achieve but are then stuck because you can’t back out. The only way to leave the lobby is to completely quit the game. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Despite the online issues I still had an absolute blast playing through the game and I really enjoyed the additional missions, weapons, armour and bosses that this version provided. Dragon Quest I was over joyed to see that the first 3 games were making their way over to the West and on the Switch. I played through 4-6 a few months back and I was wishing that I had a way to play the original 3 ( don’t own a tablet and I don’t do emulation ). It looks like my wish was granted. There was a lot of disappointment from various outlets about the versions they chose to port over but I honestly wasn’t that fussed. I was just happy to have the ability to play them. Sure, the art work is a little rough but it’s more than playable and doesn’t take that much getting used to. It has its own charm to it, in a cheap kinda way. I really enjoyed playing through the game and seeing how the series first came about. Also, I didn’t notice until about halfway through the game that I was the only character ( no party ) and that I was just fighting enemies in one-on-one battles. The game itself wasn’t that hard at all. I think I defeated the last boss at level 23 and there’s no real tactics to the fights other than be a higher level and obtain the best gear possible. I did enjoy grinding for experience and cash, naturally. Oh, I encountered a few Metal Slimes but I wasn't able to take a single one of them down. Not having a specific weapon or move to help with defeating them really effects how fast you can attack them. I’ve already bought the second game and started my play through of it on Tuesday evening. SNES Games With the arrival of SNES games on the Switch, I put the service through its paces and I sat and played through Starwing, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Brawl Brothers and Earth Defence Force. I do love the SNES era. There’s so much charm to the games and they have aged so much better than NES games. It’s a timeless console, IMO. The look of the games ( most of them ) and gameplay of them have aged like a fine wine. I was quite surprised how short and easy Starwing was. This is still the pinnacle of the series for me and it has yet to be beaten. The charming animal voices, the launch at Corneria, the results screen music, all of this brought back a rush of nostalgia. The charm of this game is something that the newer games have yet to capture. Super Mario Kart is a game I loved in my youth and while it does still have a special place in my heart, there’s no denying just how much rubbish the AI pulls at you during the course of the game. This is even more apparent when you have the ability to rewind or reload a save. You can see all sorts of cheating and shenanigans going on. Both Brawl Brothers and E.D.F are games I wasn’t familiar with and I was happy to give them a shot. I ended up enjoying both of them. Brawl Brothers is your typical 16-bit scrolling brawler, like Final Fight or Streets of Rage, and E.D.F is a scrolling shoot-em-up, like R-Type or Gradius. E.D.F got very tough towards the end. Even with using the rewind function the last boss took some bringing down. For me, Super Mario World is still the best 2D Mario game and ALTTP is still the best 2D Zelda game. The endings to both of these games are just perfect, especially Zelda. The way the game ending shows you all around Hyrule and what everyone is doing now that the world is saved is very magical. The music that is played just adds to this effect. Also, it’s great to finally have a good Zelda game on the Switch! Oh and I just love the scene to bits. I would have liked to have played a few more SNES games but my Nintendo Online Subscription ran out near the end of the month and i'm still not sure whether to renew or not.
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    Before I post my highlights... I need to address something with @Dcubed Anyway, here's some of mine. I'm on the top screen, @viceview51 is on the bottom.
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    Oh my god. I just completed the first world in Ring Fit Adventure and I'm absolutely exhausted! I love the way it encourages me to do exercises I would never choose to do myself. In only 19 minutes of exercise I was dripping in sweat. This is definitely a big step up from Wii Fit in terms of workout intensity. The Ring-Con is a great piece of kit and I can see this being used for other fitness-based games in the future.
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    I have no idea if it's tradable. Don't see why not. Tell you what, I'll cut you a deal. @Dcubed has an unopened physical copy of Let's GO Pikachu. I'll be open to sullying my Switch Play History to start a save file and get one for you if it can be traded. In return, if anyone tries to pull the "But Glen, I thought you hated Let's GO, why is it on your play history?" argument, you have to respond to my eventual mention and explain why that is. Deal?
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    I’m looking forward to finally achieving my ‘beach body’ once this game arrives in a couple of days In all seriousness, I was accepted into the London Marathon last week and so this should complement my marathon training quite nicely.
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    I started the third outing today. I didn't know that the game started the way it did, with you needing to answer questions and then get a character trait based on your answers. I was also unaware that this entry allows for you to create your own party and give them jobs that you want them to have. I thought long and hard about who should be on my squad and in the end I came to the conclusion that only the elite should join me on my quest. N-E Dragon Quest fans assemble! I figured with Ike, Grazza and Jonnas being the big DQ fans on this forum that they would be best suited to join my party. Grazza is a martial artist, Ike a mage and Jonnas a priest. I haven't really moved the story forward at the moment. I just spent a fair bit of time levelling up and getting the best gear I could afford. The team are all around level 7-8 at the moment. Jonnas and Ike seem to be levelling up quicker than everyone else. I'm not sure if this is because of the job class they are or the character trait that they received. Maybe both? It's early on but I can already see that this game is certainly the closest to the later entries of the series. Things like being able to attack certain enemies, having the AI take control of your team and having the heal all option available are options that i'm happy to see in the game. I'm looking forward to digging further into the game.
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    Seeing as we have a new entrant to this half year league, I'm gonna mention that the following GP results are before the usual recalculation and don't include any Champion's Bonuses that apply. (You don't get a bonus for any draws with @RedShell and me) @martinist has been on a bit of a roll lately and has finally overtaken @RedShell in the table. Despite that, he's still in third place due to @Nicktendo's ridiculously good opening scores and three Champion's Bonuses. (Well, OK, maybe not in GP1) Unfortunately, I've done some calculations and even if he takes part in every league night from now on, he won't make the minimum 50% attendance threshold for his score to count. Still, more players are always appreciated, so don't let that put you off. Next League Night: 17th October 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @martinist @viceview51 @RedShell Shut up! There's really only 3 spooky characters in MK8DX. And I've got three more nights to fill. So have a vehicle setup that's almost completely black. You're free to choose either Yoshi or Shy Guy, but they must be the black versions. There's a good chance I won't be able to make this week. I have prior engagements that will leave me unable to get back in time. (I'll probably still be able to Smash though) Sign up Now!
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    Yeah, that's a really terrible attitude, I was going to post about it in the thread, but I bet that really damaged Alphadream releasing SuperStar and Bowser's Inside Story and people ignoring it because it was on 3DS. I was surprised to see Hey! Pikmin was released in 2017 though, felt a lot more recent than that.
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    There we go. All done. Naturally, the Mario player gets all the credit. I assume Luigi died on the way back from the Valley of Bowser. Thanks to @Vileplume2000 for doing half the work and providing sarcastic (and sometimes genuine) claps. I still can't believe I pulled off the Valley Ghost House secret exit on my second attempt! That is not the usual.
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    You got something as obscure as that, and I can't even get Golden Axe.
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    It's because "simple" games like this are actually amongst the hardest to get working smoothly online; despite outward appearances... Your typical "complex" FPS', TPS', racing games etc are actually the easiest kinds of games to make work online; because they are perfect for predictive algorithms that can assume certain things, like player positioning. Platformers are actually incredibly difficult to make work smoothly online; which is why Super Mario Maker 2 is literally the first ever traditional platformer to have an online multiplayer mode (and predictably, it's a mess). And SNES/NES games were of course, never originally designed to work online, so they have to literally send button commads across the internet 60 times a second... Naturally, this is going to cause heavy lag.
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    The next two Sega Ages releases are heading to the NA & EU eShops this month.
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    Well, this is interesting... Apparently, Satoru Iwata asked the developers at Square to bring Dragon Quest XI to the Switch way back. Still making stuff happen, even today.
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    A few highlights from me. I’m bottom screen.
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    You can't set Cuccos and dogs on fire anymore what's even the point of this remake now!?
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    I knew you'd end up picking it up afterall @Hero-of-Time.
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    Made a tremendous amount of progress in Hollow Knight. I have now awoken all three dreamers and unlocked the path to the final boss. I have also visited just about every area in the game including Queens Garden. I found the Tram pass which makes getting around between areas and traversing the map that bit easier. I then explored more of the area and was welcomed into the west of Deepnest with a bench... turns out it was a trap! Fortunately one of the dreamers was in the same area I was being held prisoner so I was able to take care of that one. Meanwhile I was seeking out Pale Ore and defeated a boss in the Deepnest area which reminded me of Mimi from Super Paper Mario in order to get one, with mind for beating the Watcher Knights. Next stop was Fog Canyon, now that I have Isma's Tear and the Shade Cloak I was able to get into the right hand side of the area and lo and behold one of the dreamers was there complete with a boss battle that looked suspiciously like a Metroid. Took a few goes but eventually took it down. The last dreamer was the Watcher Knights one, so I felt I needed to get a lot stronger and started exploring other areas. I found the Queen's Gardens and after full exploration and the final Spirit powerup I got stuck on another boss, the Traitor Lord. It took many goes but... Got half of something which is apparently needed in order to see the "True Ending" of the game so I might as well aim for the real ending of the game and get the second half of this charm. However, on top of this... Yep, thanks to the Level 4 nail and changing up my charms to deal additional damage if I get hurt and make the Shade Cloak evade an attack for additional damage. The Knights suddenly were more reasonable to deal with it but it still took multiple attempts. I finally was able to reach the third dreamer though it didn't seem to be obvious what awakening the dreamers does. It apparently unlocks the way to the final boss. So I guess I'm getting towards the end of the game now, all that remains is to go and do all the Dream Boss rematches to get enough essense to get into White Palace.
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    I recently picked up the Labo Robot Kit from Shopto ( on sale for £29.99) and I decided to build and play through it today. The construction process took about 3 hours, which is a lot quicker than I was expecting. I had heard this took 4-5 hours to build and i've no idea why that would be the case. The instructions on how to build the kit were incredibility detailed but also a lot of fun. It kept the whole thing quite light. While I had no issues building the thing, I did have issues when sitting on the floor for 3 hours. It was a stark reminder that i'm getting on in years and my knees were killing me by the time I had finished. On the gameplay side of things, the first thing I done was jump into the standard playing mode. It's here where I got to grips with the robot controls, just playing around with the various moves on offer and smashing up UFOs and buildings. I then headed to the garage area and put a custom colour on my robot. The way this is handled was very clever. Using the 2 screws that you build you have to insert these into the backpack and then use them as dials, turning them to alter the colour of each part. After that, I headed into the challenge mode and played through all of the stages. This took a couple of hours as there are 60 challenges to do and 60 hidden UFO's to find. To find these you have to wear the headset and pull the visor down. This allows for the hidden ships to appear on screen. Overall, I think the product is clever and well made but it was certainly not worth the high asking price they were charging when the thing was first released. I got around 5 hours time out of it ( finished and found everything in the two hours I played ) so paying £70 for this would have really hurt. It has very limited replay value and after you have finished the game you are just left with a giant hunk of cardboard. I think my youngest niece will get a kick out of this when she comes over next but after that I imagine this will just get put up the attic.
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    N-Eaction: DS Games on the Switch With the recent announcement of Brain Training being brought to the Switch, we thought it would be interesting to look at other potential DS games for the Switch. In it we look at games which would work, titles that only really fit being on the original DS and possibly unrealistic examples which we'd just love to see return. Thanks to @Glen-i & @Vileplume2000 for their input and @RedShell for making another excellent set of graphics. Enjoy and let us know which DS games you would like to see come out on the Switch in the future, if any at all.
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    Started, finished and platinumed the game today. I really enjoyed my time with the game. I haven't played it since it's original release around 10 years ago now ( where the hell has the time gone? ) and I found it just as enjoyable as I did back then. I was a little worried that the remaster may be a bit rough around the edges. I mean, it had very little fanfare and it was released at just over £20. Thankfully the remaster was pretty well done. The only thing I would say that was rough was the pre-rendered cutscenes due to the lower resolution. Other than that the game was a solid port. I watched the EZA review of the game and Damiani mentioned that the AI never picked him up when he got downed and they were also getting knocked out all of the time. I have to say, I never really had this problem at all. In fact, I had to actually grind the trophy for reviving 20 team mates because they were all pretty competent and held their own. Speaking of trophies/achievements, I completely forgot that a lot of them are based on sayings from the movies. I had a smile on my face every time one of them popped up on my screen. I love the movies to bits. Back on the 360 you were unable to unlock all of the achievements due to a glitch that the developers never did patch properly. It always haunted me that I was robbed of my full completion. It's nice that after 10 years I can finally achieve 100% on the thing.
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    Congratulations @Dcubed, you've made a thread that has changed someone else's life for the better!
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    I think Jim has finally snapped.
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    An interesting article/opinion piece was posted on IGN the other day that speaks about how Nintendo on mobile doesn't stand up to the legacy of Iwata. LINK There was a lot of outrage on Era (standard) about the article but I honestly found myself agreeing with a lot of what had been wrote.
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    Yeah! Nintendogs and WarioWare DIY next please.
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    OK, here are the teams for tonight. Blue Team @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 Red Team @RedShell @martinist @S.C.G @S.C.G was chosen to be moved over to the other team to balance them out. @BowserBasher, on the off chance that someone joins at the last second, put @S.C.G back on my team and put whoever the last minute joiner is on the Red Team.
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    They're adding Fire Emblem characters to Dragon Quest!
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    Nice post. I definitely agree with the comment about the doors, I remember in MP1 you would shoot a door to open it and it wouldn't always open immediately because the loading wasn't done. So as this shouldn't be an issue anymore; they could do away with the doors and open the game up more in the process. Another thing to note, in response to people saying it would annoy the existing hardcore fans, is that Metroid isn't anywhere near as popular a series as many of Nintendo's others. In this way, Metroid might well be the perfect candidate to receive the BoTW treatment of a big revamp in order to see the game appeal to many more people. For reference, the best selling Metroid game is the original Metroid Prime, but even that only sold 2.82 million units: In contrast, 2D Mario/Mario Kart sold tens of millions of copies on Wii, while Mario Galaxy and Smash each sold around 10 million. For a Switch comparison, MP3 sold just 1.63 million copies - on one of the best selling consoles of all time. Sorry to bring this to sales talk but from Nintendo's view, at Metroid Prime's last outing on Wii there were only 1.63 million people buying it. It wouldn't be crazy to think they are less bothered about annoying a relatively small number of people if they bring in a lot more players.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Both of you raise the point about potential reception from the Metroid fan base, and though that may be true (and I would certainly want to hear more opinions), I am not going to take too much time debating it here. After all they may not receive the changes with open arms, but it doesn't mean they're right. Thank god developers didn't listen to the backlash when first person Metroid Prime was announced, or cel-shaded Zelda, or over-the-shoulder RE4. Can't be scared to change things up. I'm not suggesting immediate access to all gear - as I say here: You still have gear scattered about the world, with higher value items hidden in deeper caves and behind bigger baddies. However said items are not in anyway necessary to complete the game, just incredibly useful, and possibly even vital for a first time player. Think Link acquiring the master sword in BotW. That is not at all what I am trying to suggest, so apologies if it has come across that way. As I say above, I like structured games, and in no way am I suggesting that linear world design is 'inherently bad' compared to open world. I'll leave to one side your own opinion about the quality of open world games (though I concur there are some very dull ones out there, just like there are some very dull linear games), and I will agree with you that making these world's 'tight' is challenging. However I do reject the idea that open worlds can't be engaging. You can't spend 100 hours in Hyrule without being engaged by it - otherwise why would you bother exploring? And exploration is why there is a valid comparison between Zelda and Metroid. They are after all both adventure/exploration games, that 'gate' an open world (as opposed to say Mario which works in levels). The differences between the two lay mostly in their mood/aesthetic and movement/combat systems. So while not everything needs to be open world, I think Metroid is already there in many elements. My submission is only that you remove hard gating. Encourage the players to explore easier areas first, acquiring power ups that allow you to face the challenges of hard areas later. However if it is your third run through the game, and you fancy skipping an area, then the game should have the confidence to lay down that challenge to the player. If the game has done its job - engaged the player long enough that it can teach the player its mechanics and nurture skill - then surely it is a success if the players has both the confidence and ability to cut through the game. After all, you both refer to the Metroid community - well what about its speedrunning community? Is there a game more synonymous with speedrunning than Metroid? Super Metroid introduced certain mechanics that practically invited sequence skipping. Well what's the difference here? Forgive me but I'll skip your point about development effort - I'm purely talking in hypothetical terms here, and have no interest in being drawn into a debate about the theoretical development capacity of a game studio.
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    Starting to fall asleep now. Thanks for the games, guys.