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    I said I would, and now I have. Thanks to @S.C.G and @RedShell for getting it up and doing the graphic work, respectively. How to get into Competitive Pokémon I tried to make this as simple as possible for people who haven't trained a competitive Pokémon team before to understand. But of course, some people will have further questions, so I want to make a thread dedicated to this side of Pokémon. This will be a place for anyone to ask other members about anything that comes to mind, whether that be what stats a certain Pokémon might want to focus on or what moves people recommend. Or if you want to take your competitive team out for a test spin against an N-E player, feel free to ask. I'd be happy to give feedback. Anyway, while I'm at it, the first Online Competition for Sword and Shield is starting this week. Registration for that ends Midnight, this Thursday with the competition taking place over this weekend, all participants get 50 BP. A bit short notice at this point, but I've got my team ready for that. I also plan on doing more articles in the future about other aspects of competitive battling, such as weather teams and notable items. But that's not for now.
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    Cool new feature; ladders that stop time.
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    They are doing an Advent Calendar on MyNintendo. Every day you can open the page of the day and participate by clicking a button. Today's price is 20x a download code for DQ11s.
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    I hate it and I think much less of Nintendo now than I have ever done. I honestly think the ship has sailed for them to back out of the market. They've embraced the scummy practices and there's no turning back now. I don't think shareholder pressure has much too do with the direction Nintendo have taken and it's more to do with the changing of the guard. For years Iwata pushed back when shareholders wanted Nintendo to invest heavily in the mobile market. Yes, eventually Nintendo did dip their toe into the pond but that's all it was. Miitomo was a quirky Nintendo type experience and Super Mario Run didn't really feature any predatory mechanics. Fast forward to today and what Nintendo are now doing is no different to what any other company who are chasing the money made from mobile gaming is doing. It's no coincidence that things like season passes and gacha mechanics are being pushed heavily now that Iwata is out of the picture. Shuntaro Furukawa is much more of a business/corporate man and this certainly shows with the directions that Nintendo have taken with their mobile and merchandising initiatives. Making these types of games has also had a detrimental effect on Nintendo's own Switch software, IMO. A quick look at who developed the mobile games shows that key people/teams that usually develop for Nintendo's consoles have been pulled away to work of certain mobile games. EPD have been tasked a few times now to make these mobile games, which is a sad state of affairs given that they could be creating games more games for the Switch instead, especially when you consider that Nintendo are relying heavily on partners to create exclusive games for them, rather than making them themselves. EPD could have easily been given the job of creating Mario Kart 9 for the Switch but instead Switch owners have been left playing a Wii U port, while the mobile market has been given a new Mario Kart that features constant updates. Again, such updates could have easily been made for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, making it a much better proposition for those who had already bought it on the Wii U. The less said about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes the better.
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    Half the Pokémon in Sword & Shield aren't even in Smash.
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    Another Shenanigans video. This one is mostly N-E stuff from the past few weeks, but there's a few from the community centre there. If there's a timer at the top right, it's a N-E fight. As far as I recall, @S.C.G, @RedShell, @Ugh first aid, @BowserBasher and me are the people playing in this one. Also, gonna mention @drahkon, not because he's in this video, but the end is mostly there to teach him that THERE'S A DAMN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO! STOP BEING DUMB!
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    "Use your Master Ball on a Fearow or a Tentacruel"... dear lord, how did that happen?. ... A lv.5 Tentacool is where I used my first Master Ball.
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    So after my loss of my shiny Purrloin, I decided to take some time out shiny hunting a Wooloo during play sessions because the whole Black sheep aesthetic was highly appealing to me and Wooloo is cute af. After 105 battles I finally got one and I'm feeling redemption.
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    The point isn’t that Nintendo have stopped making quality games, or that their output as a publisher isn’t great. The point is that the output from their internal studios has plummeted ever since they merged EAD and SPD in 2016. And that Intelligent Systems seem to have all but given up on making titles for traditional gaming devices; having released literally nothing for Switch for three years (though it’s worth noting that they released Shadows of Valentia in 2017 and also co-developed Wario Ware Gold for the 3DS alongside EPD). It’s concerning that their output has dropped so dramatically; and that they have relied so heavily on leaning on their existing Wii U games & assets (whether you count direct Wii U ports, or sequels that are clearly built on top of existing Wii U games - of which BOTW 2 will be yet another). Meanwhile, they’ve been very productive on mobile... There is reason to be concerned; as things aren’t going smoothly internally at Nintendo at all. Sure, Monolith Soft are doing great, as are Nintendo’s affiliated 2nd parties, but EPD and Intelligent Systems? We already know that Metroid Prime 4 crashed and burned, and there’s reason to suspect that Namco and Nintendo had a falling out behind the scenes (evidenced by what Namco did with Dark Souls Remastered, their refusal to support the platform with proper day-and-date releases and the fact that Ring Fit Adventure is the first EAD/EPD production since 2014 to have no involvement from Namco or Monolith Soft as co-developer); which is a big problem because EPD/EAD have leaned heavily on Namco as a support developer ever since 2014. It’s clear that something isn’t right with EPD right now...
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    It is done. All 400 Pokemon seen and caught! Special thanks to the people on here and Era for the trades. Good thing about this is that it benefits everyone on here because I can now breed whatever people are needing.
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    Pokémon Sword and Shield N-E Review is now up.
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    If you don't happen to have access to other platforms or just fancy listening to it in your browser while you do something else, N-E Café [001] Switch to the 3DS is now available on YouTube
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    Previously on "Will drahkon buy a Switch to only play Slay the Spire?": The yellow legal pad on drahkon's desk showed two coloumns with the headlines Pro and Cons, respectively. After a couple of minutes of intense thinking and the help of the weird people of N-Europe these coloumns filled with arguments for both sides. "The decision has been made..." __________________________ Season 1, Episode 2 - Drahkon's Choice I will buy a Switch. The regular, new version. First retail game: Astral Chain. First digital game: Slay the Spire. The End. Thanks for watching. Like, comment, subscribe, send nudes.
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    I don't really have an issue with lengthy games but then there's only really work, gym and cinema trips ( both alone and with mates ) that contended for my time. Plus, I watch very little TV. The rest of my time gets poured into gaming. I'd say that I actually do more gaming now as an adult than I ever done as a kid, with my tastes constantly being expanded because I can now afford to try out different games and genres. The point made by others about not enjoying a game is a key one. If you aren't feeling satisfied when playing a game then it will feel like a slog, no matter how big the game is. I finished Death Stranding over the weekend but i'm continuing to play the game because i'm having a blast with delivering parcels and connecting networks. Earlier this year I played through Days Gone and it was a game I couldn't wait to be over and was constantly checking online to see how much longer I had left to go. The replayability and boring tasks comment is a weird one. Surely that's subjective? What as seen as busy work by one player may been seen as fun for another. I know I had no real desire to faff about with the sidequests in Yakuza 0 and felt that they brought nothing to the type of experience I was looking for but you have others, some on here, who found them to be a key part of their enjoyment. It depends what you want out of the game. For example, when I play RPGs I usually have no interest in doing side stories unless I get something for it. If all it offers is a side narrative then i'm not usually fussed. However, some people swear by the side tasks in The Witcher 3 and hold those narratives higher up than the main story. These stories where a huge part of the game for them. In terms of cost, i'm starting to have price issues with indie games. They used to be priced at the £10 or under level but more and more of them are starting to creep towards the £20 or higher price point. My problem with this, while the games are fun, a lot of them tend to be more shorter experiences and it's hard to justify paying that price when I can buy a AAA/AA game for around the same amount of money and that will offer for more hours of gameplay. A recent example of this was with release of The Touryst. The game looked great but it's a 5 hour game that costs nearly £20. I instead used that money to buy a game on my PS4 (part of my recent haul) and also picked up a different Shin'en offering (Jett Rocket II) on the 3DS. I pretty much paid the same price for both of these games as I would have for The Touryst and no doubt i'll get a lot more than 5 hours play time from each of them. When there are a lot of games that I want to buy, the length of the games in question certainly come into the equation when deciding what to pick up.
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    Thanks for your patience. We have not one, but TWO new smashing episodes of A Smashing Cast for your enjoyment! Now that we're back on track, we should be able to keep to a more consistent schedule. Look out for Episode 4 coming later this week!
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    I've spent a bit of time today just processing my thoughts on the game. Gamplay wise I think the game has a fantastic loop. The deliveries that you do are such a basic task but each of them come with some weight (quite literally) and responsibility. I always hated falling down and dropping someone else's goods and constantly tried to get to my destination without any bumps or knocks to the packages. You do get better rewards for doing your deliveries in a careful manner but I found it that it was just more that I didn't want to let people down. When delivering your goods you can just go straight to your destination and rely on others who have built up the area but if you do spend the time to build in your own world and help others out as well, you will be well rewarded, especially during the latter missions. For me, it just made sense to do this because the more built up your areas, the easier it is to make deliveries and in turn this gives you more tools to play with. There was a great clip someone post on Era the other week of someone doing some hilarious shenanigans with items that most people didn't even know where in the game purely because they didn't attempt to level up facilities and build up areas. It was a good example of just how free you are to play the game how you like. In terms of combat, outside of certain encounters that forced you to get into a fight, I didn't really do much firing of my weapons and very rarely carried any weaponry with me. I spent a lot of my time just sneaking through areas or finding alternative routes so I didn't have to engage with the enemy. I was playing on the Hard difficulty due to a couple of trophies being tied to that, so it was in my best interest to avoid combat. The times where I did need to engage with the enemy I would usually try and find a vehicle so I could get in and out as quickly as possible or just flat out run the enemies over and pick up what I needed off their corpse. Again, show the variety of ways you can actually tackle the tasks at hand, just like MGSV. While combat is a thing in the game, I often felt like the real enemy was the actual terrain of the world that the game is set in. Some of the conditions you have to travel through really test your skills and endurance. There were multiple times where I found Sam being pushed to his limits and I often had to rethink how I went about things, whether it was the gear I was carrying or the route I was taking. The enemy encounters were actually a pushover when compared to some of the journeys I had to make. There may have been hard but the satisfaction of getting over a rocky peak or traversing through a snow storm was immensely satisfying. As most of us have mentioned already, the moments that the game creates are something truly special. Having music kick in at key points during the course of your adventure made for very memorable scenes and moments, all of which will probably stick with me for a very long time. When I first started this game I spoke about how I would often just sit back and take everything in when the music started playing and this continued to be the case all the way through the game. Sure, there were a few points where it actually wasn't possible to do, mainly due to what was going on at the time, but for when I did have the opportunity to just look out at the horizon this was exactly what I done. Visually, the game is something else and that's with me just playing on a base PS4. It goes to show the strength of the Decima engine. Guerilla Games should be very proud of that creation and I imagine that it will certainly get some use in the next generation. I can see why Kojima chose to use it for this game. A lot of the times it honestly felt like I was watching a movie due to the quality of the animations and voice work. It's amazing just how good voice over work can really draw you into a game and how bad ones can completely kill the immersion. With Kojima choosing to use film actors and industry voice over veterans the game was in good hands. I've finished the game but I wouldn't mind going for the platinum on it. I actually fired the game back up soon after finishing it and started to build up more structures to make my deliveries a lot smoother and allow me to level up the main buildings to their max level. There are 39 to do ( think i've done 5 so far ) so there is plenty of gameplay to be had. I've read that you will also get certain emails sent to you in post game that will further elaborate on certain characters and their motivations during the story. Pretty cool. I will end by once again saying that this is one of the most unique games I have ever played. I'm 37 years old and have been playing games across multiple platforms for the best part of my life but i've never experienced a game quite like this. The game won't be to everyone's tastes, as seen by the reviews, but i'm happy to find that I did fall in love with the game. I honestly wasn't expecting this to be this case at all, given my usual dislike of empty open worlds, but Kojima has made something here that really resonated with me and I found myself enthralled with the world that he had created. It's great that he has been able to create something so weird and unique in a market that largely follows trends and cookie cutter formula. I suppose it's not that surprising when you think about it through. Kojima has always tried and pushed his games in different ways and he's done it again here. Also, I think Sony themselves deserve some credit for giving him the time and support he wanted for his project. Not many publishers, if any, would have given Kojima the freedom he has had when creating this game.
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    I was going to list my [email protected] games, but the bugger hasn't released any! Bordering on Nintendo levels of software drought really...
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    Next League Night: 5th December 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell Just when you think it's safe, here comes Smart Steering to ruin your day. Smart Steering is a fantastic little feature, as it allows people who might not be very good to stay on the track and have a more level playing field. Of course, everyone here doesn't need it, so naturally, if we're all forced to use it, it gets in the way and only provides extra comedy. Smart Steering must be turned on this week, this is mandatory and anyone not using it will be caught out when I check MKTV and will receive a score of 0 as penalty. To turn on Smart Steering, press + or - on the vehicle selection screen and press L to turn it on. Sign up Now!
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    Almost all of those were developed by outside/affiliated studios. Even FETH was entirely outsourced to Koei Tecmo. Throughout the Switch’s entire lifecycle, this is the entirety of Nintendo EPD and Intelligent System’s output (bolded are ports, italics are games built on top of existing Wii U games) 1,2,Switch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ARMS Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Labo Vol 1-4 (Mostly based on cancelled Wii and Wii U prototypes; most notably Project Giant Robot and Wii Motorbike) Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (co-developed with Indieszero; also a 3DS port) New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Super Mario Maker 2 Ring Fit Adventure [addendum] For those unaware; Captain Toad Switch/3DS was made by NST, not EPD. That’s it. That’s their whole output after almost three years. Pathetic. Meanwhile EPD has launched (and has actively maintained) 5 original mobile titles; and has co-developed Dragalia Lost. While Intelligent Systems has made illegal amounts of money with their flagship game, Fire Emblem Heroes. They have both literally made more original mobile titles in the last three years than Switch games. Their priorities are clear as day.
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    N-Eaction: Nintendo's Mobile Strategy With the recent announcement of Season Passes for Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp we thought it was time to talk about Nintendo's Mobile Strategy. In it we look at the mobile titles which have been released thus far, what we think of their monetisation models, what we like or dislike about them and what could be improved. Thanks to @Glen-i & @Vileplume2000 for their contributions and @RedShell for making the perfect graphic to with the subject matter. Enjoy and let us know what you think about Nintendo's Mobile Strategy, what you like or dislike about it and maybe some hopes for future titles... ...or is it too late and have Nintendo allowed themselves and their mobile development partners to go too far down the slippery slope of making bells above all else?
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    Congrats to Game Freak. Saw this on Twitter the other day. Excellent meming.
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    I look forward to seeing you next year then.
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    Yo! It's done! And the first episode is up on the main site's channel now! Complete with fancy new intro and fancy new logo! Congrats to everyone involved in getting it up and going! I would recommend that you guys aim for releases on either Fridays or Mondays. People tend to not visit on the weekends and if you're doing these recordings on either Wednesday or Thursday, you will have plenty of time to get these up on the Monday (Friday is doable if you're recording on Wednesdays as well once you've got a smooth workflow going). You've got an intro, you've got a logo, you've got all the bits you need to get yourselves going. So let's get going!
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    The leaks were real. He looks so much better now.
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    Reached chapter two. The game is stunningly beautiful. Couldn't stop pressing the "share" button Some of my favourite shots: And in case you wanna know what my first encouter with BTs was like: What can I say so far? Performance is incredible. Very smooth. Astounding, really, with how gorgeous the game is. Audio is lovely, too. The tracks by Low Roar really fit the atmosphere. And Ludvig Forssell has created something spectacular from what I've heard so far. "Tell us about the gameplay, you wanker!" Ok, ok. There wasn't a lot up until now. It's a Kojima game, what do you expect
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    Terry is everything I wanted him to be. He spotdodges better, his specials come out really fast, he can actually be played as a rushdown character... It's like playing as Melee Capt. Falcon, except even better. I feared a charge attack would be too clumsy for Smash, but nope! It's actually addicting, coming up with situations to pull it off, eitherin neutral play, or as part of a combo. He's such a fun addition to the roster, it's insane. Can't wait to try him out at my next tourney, 'cause there's an excellent chance he'll be joining my cast of mains. The KOF arena is way better than advertised. Finally, we can have proper Cage Matches! Plus, best characters King, Mary, Yuri and Yamazaki occasionally appear in the background. What's not to love? Music is bloody great. The one I wanted the most was Pasta, and we got it (not sure why they didn't go with the most recent, upbeat version of the song, but whatever). Didn't expect Smash to suddenly create the best version of London March and Athena's Theme, either. We also got Kim and K' songs from KOF XIII, which I thought were "unlikely" tracks, but were my faves from that game. And 11th + 176th streets can now be heard in Smash after being in my personal playlists for the longest time! Life is good. But allow me to be petty, picky and entitled for a moment: Sadly, Sakurai doesn't seem to think jazz is appropriate, because most of the smooth tracks I love from the series didn't make it. Stuff like Splendid Soldier, Secret Circumstances, Kiss of Poison... Even Iori's theme (literally named after saxophones) got a super upbeat remix, but no traditional jazzy groove. And more surprisingly, Blue Mary Blues has no presence, which is mind-boggling to me (Rugal's theme didn't make it either! That's even more surprising, since it already sounds so ready for Smash). Finally, I wanted Tranquilizer, and the fact that it didn't make the list made me pout slightly. [/spoiled mode] I totally got the spirit fights for Team Japan, Andy Bogard, and Iori Yagami right, and I'm super proud of that. The remaining ones totally blindsided me, which is also cool, I think. Finally... I knew I did well to save this screenshot. Kim only raises good boys and girls. Sakurai showed two specials from the get-go. So, I predicted 3 out 3 unrevealed specials, when I thought there were only 2 to guess. So that's Mr.Nerd to you!
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to host first anniversary spirit event I can't believe it has been a whole year already... While I started writing about the spirit event, it turned into an article reflecting on the year and all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate related content on the site. In additon to giving thanks to the development team, third parties and a certain someone from Nintendo who's sadly no longer with us. And I'd like to say thanks to everyone in the N-Europe community, on the main forum and to my fellow staff members as well, it has certainly been quite the year... ...both for SSBU and just in general but one thing which has kept me going is our community game nights on Smash as I really do look forward to them. To anyone who I've played in Smash, Thanks for Playing! And here's to hopefully many more years of Super Smash Bros. based shenanigans.
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    Today's prize is 5 copies of the Link's Awakening: Limited Edition pack. Which is a pretty sweet prize.
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    Well, seeing as you're asking...
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    Got to say I’m really not enjoying this game as much I’d hoped. I know it’s a remake and all, but some of the puzzles are pretty poor, the swap quest especially, and considering it’s an integral part of progressing in the game, it’s pretty poor. I’ve spent most of my time just aimlessly wandering around with an item, with no clue as to where to take it. And if I’ve missed, or forgotten about a certain character that needs it, I’m doomed to just meander about, which was fine 25 years ago, but game design has progressed so much since then. Yes, I did have this game back in the day, but I’ve forgotten pretty much everything about it. What really tore it though was I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to beat a mini-boss (the Stalfos in Catfish Maw) only to find that I need bombs which the room I’m in has no way to acquire and I’ve run out. So now I have to reset the game in order to yet again, aimlessly wander around to try and farm. It’s stuff like this that should’ve been addressed in a full remake. Nostalgia is not good enough in this case.
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    You are just wanting us to justify you splashing £200 on a Slay the Spire machine, aren't you?
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    Absolutely loving Mario Odyssey so far. Exploring and finding hidden moons while on the way to the main one feels immensely rewarding. I'm so glad it went with the Banjo style, I never liked being kicked out of a level when collection a Star. Controlling all the different creatures is great fun, too.
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    @BowserBasher deserved every bit of that 2nd place Blue Shell and he knows it!
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    'N-E Café [004] The Art of Balance' is here. Just follow the link to SoundCloud, or choose your Podcast Provider of choice in the opening post. Sit back, relax, the coffee's on us.
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    Finished the game last night. After going in with low expectations, it was fun but I still can't help but feel disappointed with lack of progression with the series. I'm glad I avoided spoilers. Discovering new Pokémon throughout the adventure is definitely the best bit, lots of great new designs and some nice Galarian forms. From a more casual perspective, the battles are as good as usual and Dynamaxing adds something a bit new to the mix. The new locations look great. I've got pretty much the same complaints as I've had with the past few entries though, it's all just smoke and mirrors. The environments may look big and grand, but in reality the explorable area is smaller than in Red & Blue. Exploration has been cut, now routes and caves are pretty much just short linear straight lines. Celadon and Saffron City are way bigger than anything in Sword & Shield. Then there's the generic story, some catastrophe involving two super powerful legendary Pokémon.
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    I had a Labour canvasser round too, again told him to save his breath as they had my vote. Why anyone would vote Conservative, god only knows. Boris’ tax cuts for people earning up to 80k would actually benefit me but I honestly don’t want it. Disgusting how billionaire media moguls and are pathetically slurring Corbyn, editing images to make it look like he was dancing up to the Cenotaph, using footage from 3 years ago to cover up how Boris fucked up his laying of the wreath and such, and yet, idiots buy these lies and are obsessed about how Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser when these claims can be discredited over and over again. Ask yourself, why are the media so scared of this man that they print out and out lies? Who are the people who own the media? Why are the super rich so obsessed with leaving the EU? Could it be to do with the fact that the EU are about to make it harder to hide money off shore and avoid paying as much tax? Voting Tory is like turkeys voting for Christmas. It’s madness.
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    I wish they would ditch the Gyms altogether for the next entries and add a real story where there is something at stake and wasn't just for a personal gain (becoming Champion). I think that is something this game misses - an interesting story. I also feel like they could have changed the formula a bit more this time with the gyms. Instead of just doing 8 of them and then challenging the Elite Four and the Champion, they could have added something like the leagues from soccer. Minor league, major league, premier ... etc. and then you would advance when you got enough points. It would add something more like a world championship in Pokémon battling rather than a coming of age sort of thing. I have just completed Ni no Kuni before starting this and the differences in approach are really spectacular. Ni no Kuni had an engaging and interesting story with some quite deep and dark elements - while this has absolutely no real story. I also find it funny how everyone assumes that the main character has never left the small city in which he/she lives - never been to the tall grass and such. It seems totally unrealistic that a youngster would never have engaged with Pokémon before the day he/she get's one himself/herself. Furthermore, I find Hob to be about the most irritating person ever, while Leon looks incredibly silly despite wanting to be so cool. It's quite funny. I just came out of Galar Mine and have a full team of six, consisting of
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    No idea what it’s about, maybe a BotW style adventure? Looks pretty.
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    Listener question: I was looking at the list of 2020 games and there is not much confirmed yet, only a couple of big titles like Animal Crossing and Xenoblade HD. Realistically, which games do you expect for 2020?
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    Next League Night: 21st November 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell Behold, it's the much dreaded return of the... WORST LEAGUE NIGHT EVER! The absolute worst vehicle setup for courses that you shouldn't even consider using this for. Whether it be from poor traction tracks, difficult turns or it just being Baby Park. And for good measure, 200cc with Frantic Items. No-one wins in this, you just have to aim to lose the least. Sign up Now!
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    Here it is... A Smashing Cast Episode 1 Hosted on my YouTube channel for now but this is essentially the finished article which we intend to put up on the N-Europe YouTube channel. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly, the captured footage is of excellent quality so thanks to @Dcubed and @Glen-i for handling that, the conversation went well so thanks to Glen again for contributing in addition to @Vileplume2000 @Jonnas @Nicktendo and of course @LazyBoy for hosting as well as organising most of this. Fun was definitely had in the battles, this week it's Smash 64 themed celebrating the origins of Smash, so only original characters and no final smashes (mostly) in this episode. Let us know what you think, as we'd be happy to hear your feedback so please check it out if you've got the time to watch and/or listen to us play Smash and talk about games for a short while, it was deifnitely a lot of fun to put together either way but it you've got any suggestions on what we could add to the show or improve on for next time, that would be appreciated. (I've now reuploaded the video again after various improvements; I synced up the video with the audio again which is a lot closer this time, then adjusted the game audio to be a bit lower to balance things out, then after I got that far I went looking for the best way to render in at 1080p 60 and I found a useful video which showed me how to do that, also I found that I had some extra options in my rendering resolutions due to my graphics card, so now I can render a full 1080p video at 60fps but cut down the render time from nine hours to just two and a half hours)
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    Some people really shouldn't be allowed access to the internet or social media
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    N-E Café [002] Nick’s Awakening is here. Lee, Greg and Nick discuss the latest Nintendo news, games we've recently been playing, introduce our PodPals game, and our Big Topic Smash DLC.Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/user-42…/n-e-cafe-002-nicks-awakeningFor other Podcast Providers see the opening post.
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    There was a time when little drahkon thought to himself: "Man, H-o-T seems like a cool dude. He loves video games, is funny, lives (and probably will die) for trophy hunting and has great taste when it comes to our hobby. Would be neat to someday meet him, chug some beers and just indulge in some friendly banter and multiplayer gaming." And then...one day...the world witnessed what would go down in history as "The BB-pet-calamity". With one paragraph and a gif, H-o-T made sure that drahkon understood with 100% certainty that he is actually a babyloving-pet-hating-SON-OF-A-GUN and should be banned from N-E for life. To this day, little drahkon can't get rid of the horror and sadness brought upon the world by this act of terrorism. I'll make sure to submerge BB in water every chance I get.
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    I've not played this as much as I would have liked over the weekend ( only started playing Saturday evening at 9pm and i'm still only on the second episode ) but here are my thoughts. They seems a bit scattered but hopefully I can get across how i'm feeling about the game so far. There’s a beautiful sadness about walking around this desolate world. There is something very calming and relaxing about the whole thing and there have been so many times where I’ve just stopped, looked out at the horizon and just stood there and took it all in. It’s very rare that I stop and smell the roses when playing a video game but I’ve certainly found myself doing so whilst playing this. I think it may have something to do with the visuals of the game. It feels like I’m just looking at a landscape in the real world and as such I’m finding myself getting really drawn into the world that is presented here. The use of licensed music has also helped with this feeling of tranquillity. There are times where you are just walking around, doing your own thing and then out of nowhere a song by Low Roar will kick in. I’ve never heard of these guys until I played this game and I’m happy that I’ve been introduced to them. The music that they play fits perfectly to the setting of the game, at least this is the case with every song I’ve encountered so far. I’ve read that the game has had an effect of the sales of their songs. The ones that have appeared in the game have been rising in the iTunes charts. There are also some good tunes from other artists used in the game and they are available to listen to at any point using the music player. Whenever I’m resting in Sam’s private room I usually fire up something a little more energetic, while Sam has a shower, plays with BB, reads emails or info and generally gets set up for the next mission. I feel like I’m just kicking back in my own place whilst I’m doing this. Outside of the licensed music, Ludvig Forssell has done an amazing job with some of the pieces that are on offer in the game, each of which really set the tone. I actually listened to the OST on Friday while I was at work and it was nice to hear some of the tunes in certain set piece/moments in the game. I can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve heard some of this type music before. I’m thinking it’s similar to a movie I’ve seen but I can’t for the life of me place it. Also, BB’s theme is absolutely beautiful. This is up there for my favourite OST of the year. Here are a couple of my favs so far. All of the music/sound design is so good that I’m considering buying a PS4 Gold Headset just to play through the rest of the game. I’m not one that usually bothers with surround sound systems or fancy set ups but I’ve been playing the game exclusively with headphones, much like I done with Hellblade, and it has been a fantastic experience. There is a great risk/reward system in play with the game. I played a mission where I was scavenging a Mule base for an item and came across a bunch of extra items that I could also pick up. This meant that I would have to go deeper into the camp but also that my escape from the area would be much slower due to the extra weight I would be carrying. I also had to factor in that if I was to be seen my get away would be much harder and I would probably have to dump some of the goods. Another example of this was when I was travelling through an area with BTs scattered around the place. There were a bunch of pick ups that I could have retrieved but this would slow me down and drain my stamina much quicker, something that I was in need of when trying to make my way through the area safely. These encounters are very tense as it is without the extra stress of carrying extra cargo. However, if you are brave enough to pick up the scattered about cargo then you will be well rewarded. The BB is absolutely adorable. There was a scene very early on in the game and the little thing pushed it’s face up against the glass. I couldn’t help but laugh at it much like you would do if you seen a kid in real life do the exact same thing. There was a time where I upset it ( I fell down a hill ) and I was quick to sooth it and get it smiling again. It gifted me with little love heart bubbles. Bless. Also, I didn’t realise how much they play into the BT interactions. Again, there is a balancing act that needs to be done here. Go slow and your BB will slowly increase its state of panic but go too fast and you’ll be caught by a BT. Graphically the game is stunning. Absolutely stunning. The character models on show here are so realistic that when you watch a cutscene you often forget that these are a bunch of polygons on screen and not the actual actors themselves. Speaking of actors, I’ve never watched The Walking Dead so this is my first real viewing of Norman Reedus. At times, the dude sounds a lot like Solid Snake/David Hayter. Also, I noticed that his name is wrote on his outfit and the font used for Porter looks a lot like the one used for Metal Gear Solid. I wonder if this is intentional or just me seeing something that isn't there. The interactions with other players is such a cool feature. Even this early on, there have been numerous times I’ve came across ladders and ropes that have been lovingly left behind by other players. This has allowed me to use them and get myself to safety without having to build/use my own equipment. It’s a great feeling knowing that someone else has travelled the same path as me and also was going to use the equipment in exactly the same way I was going to. Great minds think alike. A special nod has to go to Sony/Kojima for making this feature playable for those who don’t have PS+. They could have easily put it behind a paywall but they made it accessible for everyone, no matter the status of your PS+ account. So far the game hasn’t felt boring or a drag at all. Nor do the missions feel like busy work. The narrative of rebuilding the country and reconnecting society is a one that I find interesting and because that is the case, I find that each journey that I make is worthwhile to the cause. Helping to reconnect knots rewards me with more materials for building. This materials will allow me to build more things like roads and bridges, which in turn help out other players. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling knowing that by simply playing your game you are helping out others who may be struggling in theirs. It’s still very early days yet but so far this has been one of the most unique games I have played…ever. It’s the only open world game that has made me just sit down and appreciate what’s around me, whether it be an empty terrain or a nearby waterfall. Will this effect last for the full 40 hours that the game is supposed to last for? Who knows, but so far it has been an unforgettable experience.
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    Well, this Shenanigans montage is really hectic, might take multiple watches just to catch everything! Features me as Blue Terry, @BowserBasher as Brownish Terry, @Sprout as NeoGeo Terry for some, than Green Terry. Also has @S.C.G as the other NeoGeo Terry, @Jonnas as... Uhhh, I can't remember if there was a third NeoGeo one. @Dcubed was Black Terry and @RedShell was the regular Terry, I believe, probably wrong on something. Enjoy!
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    Highlights!! First GP was amazing, second was disastrous, third was ok. Overall? It went alright. Hopefully my average won’t be hurting too bad!