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    Well, glad they are removing but yeah, i doubt it was an error. There have been a few good images making fun of the situation
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    After 4 long years of blood (mostly other people's), sweat and tears (a lot of it my own); I have finally qualified as a registered adult nurse!!! I most likely won't be getting my Nursing & Midwifery Council registration finalised and in place until November (which I need to have before I can actually start work and use the protected title of RN), but I've gone and finally qualified!! Now I've got 4 months of time to rest, go on hoilday, have an actual life and even catch up on my embarassing gaming backlog!
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    Here is the final article for our Top Ten 3DS Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the 3DS-centric banner/side graphics. and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for the well-written, informative and enjoyable write-ups. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing, the 3DS is a console which I can say that I've had my fill of but at the same time need to play lots more. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded) The 3DS banner is mostly cut-pasted from the DS banner, I found some better buttons, so used those, going with the New 3DS XL layout. Some notes on the banners... one of the titles the images used are not for the 3DS version but I couldn't not use images from the Switch port. And for another of the banners... I know that maybe some of the characters might be from the sequel to it but I really liked the art, so... (also... there were two games which no one provided thoughts for, so I whipped up a couple of short insights for those, got to keep the article format consistency) Enjoy! And here's to the last? one.
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    The Outer Worlds has been announced for Switch. That's a big get for the console as it's expected to be one of if not the game to be playing this fall. If they're close to the release date of the other versions as well, it should easily be a big hit so long as the port has been handled well.
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    I've played roughly 4 hours and 40 minutes, so here's some early impressions. I'm only just about to play the 4th map, so that may be good or bad depending on how you prefer your Fire Emblem games. There's a lot of dialog, but I like the cast. The voice acting has been great so far. If you like customisation, there's a lot of customisation open to you. Weapon rank, class rank, enthusiasm gauges, teacher levels. it likes like you can make anyone into pretty much any class with any weapon type if you try hard enough. Combat wise it's very similar to Echoes in the way you have combat arts, expect instead of HP, it uses up weapon durability. If you allow the online features you can get weapons and items from other players who have died on that map.
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    Ghostrunner is coming to the Switch in 2020. Little Nightmares 2 has been announced and is also coming to the Switch in 2020. Windjammers 2 gets two new characters, is getting released on another non-console platform and is now coming out in 2020. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is still coming out on the Switch in "let's release everything in September" 2019. Check the articles for details and trailers.
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    I don't think I have ever posted in this thread before! But as I'm playing a lot of different stuff at the moment without a lot of focus, I feel like making a summary here to share my thoughts with you, but also for myself to have a list with how I stand on certain games and when I can complete them haha. Valkyria Chronicles - Nintendo Switch I continued playing Valkryia after a short hiatus. I'm currently in Chapter 9, and judging by the list of updates I can still do this must be around 1/3 of the game. There's much to love about this game. Graphics are charming and an original take on the cell-shaded style. The story is good (not mind-blowing), and nice to see it takes a dark turn every now and then. After all it is a game about war. I really like the mix of strategy with realtime action. Units feel a bit unbalanced though. I feel a lot can be achieved by plowing through everything with your tank. Lancers feel pretty useless in comparison. Sometimes it is a bit annoying that you are put in a situation you cannot anticipate, often resulting in lost units. Luckily you can save mid-game and load it again if you mess up a turn. One thing that is bloody annoying though is that this game does not autosave! One night I finished a skirmish level and closed the game, but didn't save... Damn. Still a great game, and I'm curious if other games in the series are worth checking out after this one. Pokémon Ultra Moon - Nintendo 3DS I picked this up dirt cheap before my holiday, and intended to play it while travelling. Unfortunately I didn't have the proper power converter with me so I couldn't use my 3DS So instead I started playing this a while ago. Initially I really couldn't get into it, with the slow intro and the extremely happy "Welcome to Alola, we are all your friends!" kind of crap. Where is the time that your rival was an asshole? Now he even heals you before a battle! That is one of the things I'm not liking about this game, every two steps someone comes up to heal your team. The other thing is that the game keeps steering. You can go left or right? Let's block left with a Pokémon/person so we can force you into another cutscene. That aside, I'm starting to enjoy it more. I'm currently about 8 hours in and on the second island. I don't know all this gen's Pokémon, let alone if/when/how they evolve so that is fun exploring. I like the island setting, and the Mantine surfing between islands is a fun minigame. I'm wondering when the Ultra Beasts come into picture. For the rest I don't think this will be my favourite Pokémon game. Team Skull is just silly, Z-moves are a big step back from Mega evolutions and chatty Rotomdex is also a hit-and-miss. Will plow through it though as I want to at least play a main game from every generation. But this game is testing my endurance a bit. DOOM (2016) - PC With all the DOOM news everywhere, plus a good sale on the game on Steam, I thought the time is now to buy and play this! I'm enjoying it so far, although it's not a game I can play for hours and hours. But it plays so well, and it's cool how there is a balance between shooting, glory kills for healing and using the chainsaw for ammo. Weapons are cool, and it is nice you can tweak them a bit to your liking. I am not really interested in reading all the lore you find, but it's cool it's there. I will definitely enjoy blasting my way through this one. I tried a bit of multiplayer but it is pretty dead, usually only finding 3 or 4 more players. Guess that was expected with Eternal around the corner and the game being 3 years old already. But I thought it may have picked up due to the attention the franchise had in the last few weeks.
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    Yep, I'd say that @Glen-i has done a fantastic job with keeping the N-E Top Ten Games hype train running. @Dcubed as well because I know he's contributed to the write-ups and of course @RedShell has done some fantastic work with the main graphics. And I helped... a little bit... I've enjoyed making up the themed banners and formatting the articles (and making mistakes along the way) it's all part of the fun. I meant to have the Top Ten 3DS Games article up by now but I've been having a few computer issues, nothing too major but that took up a bit of time unfortunately. Still, I've got all the banners done, I just spent most of this evening piecing them together and I'll likely do the text formatting tomorrow so who knows... ...this time tomorrow evening, it might just be up on the main page. And then I can start on the Wii U banners, so all in all... the N-Europe Top Ten Games articles should all be finished either before this month is out or... fairly soon. Thanks again to the N-Europe community for contributing to all of the top ten's as we couldn't have made it without you all.
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    Also works as a tinder profile.
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    Based on the trailer the other day I imagine they'll be called Pokémon Spiffing Sword and PipPip Shield.
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    Rearranged some stuff and properly hooked up my Switch to the new projector so thought I would start a new game on Zelda.
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    No, knowing myself, it was meant to be a full sentence, but I kinda... stopped writing it. And then missed it in proofreading I no longer quite remember what I wanted to write there, but the most sensible thing would be "each major boss having a unique track". Deleting it would also make sense, and be probably more fair. Man, this is shameful. I'm not usually this cl
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    So... I haven't posted here in a while. I haven't had a whole lot of time on my hands to play much of anything due to uni studies/placement (can you believe that I still haven't unlocked all of the characters in Smash Bros Ultimate!?); but with me finally finishing my uni course? I have time to play again! Woohoo! You'll be seeing me a lot more in this thread in the coming months, but here's a quick run down of what I have actually managed to get through in the last few months of this year anyway... Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions It took you HOW long to beat it!? Yeah, I actually started this around October last year; around the same time I played through Luigi's Mansion 3DS (Great port/remaster BTW! Really enjoyed revisiting it in S3D!). Now, the original Superstar Saga isn't a very long game (about 15 odd hours) and the same is true of its remake... but Bowser's Minions? Now that's a different story... Let's talk about the main game first. The long and short of it really is that it's a great remake of the GBA classic; those of you who loved the original will love it again here. The visual revamp is amazing and is a huge upgrade over the original game (even though some minor characters lost their unique designs in favour of standard looking Mario enemies). Hey! Bowser actually looks like Bowser now! The soundtrack also got a nice upgrade... but unfortunately, there is one major casualty... and unfortunately it just so happens to be the main battle theme... the one piece of music you're going to be hearing throughout the whole game the most! It's a bit of a weak arrangement... Which is a real shame, because all of the other arrangements are spectacular! It would just happen to be the most commonly heard track in the game as well! Thankfully the rest of the new arrangements are lovely... Gorgeous! The changes aren't just cosmetic though... Alphadream have actually made quite a lot of changes to the gameplay... as they're continuing their meanstreak that they started with Dream Team. The difficulty has been hugely increased from the original GBA game, with every single enemy in the game now sporting a revamped set of attack patterns! Damage output is much higher and enemies are much more aggressive than before. Make no mistake, the kiddie gloves are well and truly off and, like every M&L game post-Dream Team, you WILL die! A lot! I absolutely love the newfound difficulty as the original GBA game was way too easy; this remake adds some much needed bite to the original game's bark. Overall it was a lot of fun revisiting this gem; and I really appreciated all the little tweaks, changes and new bits they added to the original (there's even a new Luigi's Mansion 2 reference; which helps to make up for the loss of the Geno cameo). But that's only half of the package... Bowser's Minions is a new submode that takes after the Ogre Battle series of all things! It's a Grand Strategy RPG where you are not in direct control of your units, but rather you plan out their overarching strategy and use commands and abilities from the sidelines. Being the Ogre Battle fan that I am, I naturally really enjoyed this new mode. And being the Mario & Luigi fan that I am, I enjoyed the new dialogue and substories (that neatly tie into the main game); I wouldn't say that the new dialogue for Bowser's Minions was as well written as the original main game (whose original localisation has wisely been left untouched for the most part), as it comes along with some awkward pauses and odd pacing here and there, but I enjoyed it. If there's any major complaint I have about Bowser's Minions is that it is SUPER grindy and ends up well outstaying its welcome. It took me probably about 40 odd hours to beat Bowser's Minions and quite frankly? It really didn't need to be that long. It ends up running out of new ideas long before the end of its running time and that's a bit of a shame. It's a fun little diversion that is best enjoyed in short bursts over a long period of time (which is how I played it), but it could just as well have been half the length or less and have been better off for it. It sure as hell beats the hell out of the Mario Bros arcade minigame included with the original though! Resident Evil 2: Remake Look! They even put RE in red for "REmake"! Huh huh, geddit!? Well this was bloody fantastic! I honestly didn't think Capcom had it in them anymore to make a good RE game, but here we are! They managed to do the impossible and remake all of the original game as an RE4 style HD RE game; without sacrificing any of the original content! It's everything that the FF7 Remake will never be! Smartly, Capcom decided not to try recreating the original scenario setup from the PS1 original, but instead decided to combine both A and B scenarios for Leon and Claire into a single scenario for each character. This was absolutely the right decision and it paid off in spades; with each scenario feeling like a complete, uncompromised representation of the PS1 original, despite the need to reduce the game's scope for HD production. Capcom also made some smart changes that shook up the original story and sequence of events to provide some new surprises for old fans (I was really thrown for a loop when the game ends up starting in the gas station and you don't end up going to Gun Shop Kendo until past halfway through the game!). While the changes to the game's overall structure aren't as dramatic as REmake for the Gamecube, it does end up evoking the same feel. The core gameplay structure of the original RE2 is well preserved; with the original game's metroidvania structure being retained and even enhanced with some new areas and smart map/UI additions that make it easier to keep track of where you are and where you're going. While the core movement and shooting mechanics have been given the boot in favour of RE6 style controls; crucially, this doesn't reduce the original game's horror atmosphere at all. In fact, they've actually enhanced it greatly! To the point where it evokes the feel of a HBO show; with a lot of the original game's goofiness gone (which is a bit of a shame in my eyes, but most of you will probably appreciate its more gritty and serious tone). MR X is also a genuine, terriifying threat and I absolutely love what they did with him in this remake; with how he can actually follow you across the entire map in real time! However, not all has been retained with this remake... The new soundtrack is flat out garbage. There's no way to really sugarcoat it, it's basically not even there. It's your typical AAA hollywood wanabe ambient dreck and it's an absolute insult to the original game. Just listen to this disgrace... This is apparantly the iconic RE2 Save Room music! This is the best music track in the remake too BTW! Thankfully there's a (paid) option for the original PS1 RE2 soundtrack, which I thankfully got for free with my PC copy. You better believe that I had the original soundtrack turned on throughout the entire game! But overall, it's a fantastic remake; and probably my second favourite RE game (RE4 is still on a whole other level). Well done Capcom! Now, kindly keep up your winning streak (and stop your losing streak on Switch please!). As for what I'm currently playing? Well, if you've paid any attention to me over on the Nintendo forums, you've probably already figured out that Mario Maker 2 has taken over my life! (With my 12th course currently in production!), but that's not all I've been playing. I started Yoshi's Crafted World some months back and have been chipping away at it very slowly since it came out (it's a very sleepy and chill game, so I just don't enjoy ploughing through it). Likewise, I also started Devil May Cry 5 a month back or so and it's really good so far! I also started New Super Luigi U last week (which I'm actually playing through for the first time! I was totally burnt out on 2D Mario when it first came out and was looking for MM2 inspiration) and I started both Trials of Mana and (deep breath) Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey just last weekend! I also started Xenoblade 2 just today (at last!) So now I've got a lot on my plate! Good thing I finally have time to get through it all!
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    Patch notes. A lot of characters are less vulnerable when waking up. (Gee, I wonder why?) Of note is Mewtwo getting a lot of buffs to it's attacks, either in speed or power, its also got a smaller hitbox on its tail. Isabelle probably got the best buffs though. Her side dodges now travel further and a lot of her moves are a bit faster now. Pit, Dark Pit, Charizard, Ridley and Lucas (Yay!) also did well. However, Ivysaur got hit hard with the nerf hammer this time. (Boo!) Joker, on the other hand, has one interesting nerf. When Arsene is summoned, you won't be able to reflect projectiles that do more than 50% damage. It's a standard thing with reflecting moves, but I didn't realise that Joker didn't follow that rule.
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    A little disappointed about that, but Wagon Wheel's March got in, which is the best DQ world map theme after Adventure. So I'm OK with it. I can't believe that's an actual spell you can use! Someone is going to get Jammy Thwacked at like, 25% damage, and it'll be the funniest thing ever. It's so perfectly Dragon Quest! Hocus Pocus is going to be a comedy goldmine as well. I never actually use it in the games, but I'll use it all the time in Smash. I really wanna have a match where everyone is Hero and the only B move they're allowed to use is Command Selection, with no cancelling allowed. Hero's totally gonna be a character I can't play seriously with, like Wario.
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    Hero looks super fun. Plus, I recognize some spells I unlocked recently in Dragon Quest III. And one of the Mii costumes is Lynn from my playthrough! Alongside DQ1 Eldrick, I might actually spend some money on Mii costumes this time around. Super stoked. Kinda disappointed that Glen's choice of music didn't make it... but on the other hand, mine did! I can just picture the negotiations between Sakurai and Enix... Nah. His RNG sounds very controllable, since we can re-roll his menu. There's more RNG involved in Game&Watch's Judge, or Peach's turnips. Like, the reason RNG is disliked is when a huge advantage is just given to a player without any input from either (like when a super scope spawns on stage while one of the players is trying to recover back to the stage). Even if the spell was totally "unrerollably" random, the move only comes out when one player chooses for it to come out. Just like with Game&Watch's Judge. Unless you mean his critical hits, which may or may not be overpowered, depending on how often they come out. The closest analogue is Luigi's misfire, and that's well accepted. After all, it sounds more like a sweetspot you can't fully control. (Some people are freaking out over a single smash attack being 40%, but it's a kneejerk reaction: they haven't noticed it was fully charged I can easily dish out more damage than that with Incineroar. I highly doubt it's going to break matches once we start to experiment with him) EDIT: Oh, some people noticed that male Fighter/Martial Artist is dressed like OG Yamcha. ...Guess who got into Smash before Goku did!
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    Oh jeez, this'll be incredibly tough given how varied the 3DS's library is! Dx Animal Crossing: New Leaf Resident Evil Revelations Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Monster Hunter Generations Etrian Odyssey Nexus
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    Yeah, but it’s based on England so the trains will be massively overpriced and constantly delayed. The only updates that will be done to the game is every year the train prices go up but the reliability goes down.
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    In for Windjammers 2 and Untitled Goose Game!
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    Yay! And it only took me 48 attempts.
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    Just leaving this here after @Ugh first aid showed me it.
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    While it's certainly no sweeping solution, the effects of leaks can be lessened here by people showing some restraint and at least using spoiler tags. N-E is a small enough community that this is perfectly feasible. Discussion about secrets like that is fine, but a little consideration goes a long way.
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    Voting is now over. Like I said before, the Switch is still alive and healthy, so there's no point in doing a top ten. So all that's left is to wait for the articles to come out.
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    Got 2 highlight videos for you this time. Here's a usual N-E shenanigans one. Blink and you'll miss something! And here's a special one focusing on everyone's favourite menu selector, Hero. BTW, a tournament has already decided to ban him. Only been, what, three weeks? He hasn't even made any waves in the competitive scene yet!
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    I'm all for sarcastic clapping, and haven't played Mario World and the star road in ages so I guess there would be plenty of this:
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    I think we don't have the full picture. However, a lot of people don't realise that a lot is outsourced and GF have been expanding and if they were just working on Pokémon games in a cycle like that, some staff would be sat twiddling their thumbs. They'd also suffer burnout. This is where the other projects (Gear Project, the extra team for non Pokémon things has existed since 2009 so people are over-reacting with it) come in to play. My belief is that they intended for every Pokémon to be in, but something must have happened. I've done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of developers about this and the only logical conclusion I can come to is that when they ported the models over to the new engine, the animation rigs broke (which is not unhead of)so they had to rerig every model and rerecord the animations and the sheer scope of that caused this situation.
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    Yeah, I'm not quite getting that point there. Virtual Console sold plenty to warrant the effort. There's an audience for those games and it makes good business sense to supply that. But that's the thing. When you're not selling each game seperately, what's the point in getting lots of games out there quickly? That's why I think this subscription service has been so bare. The majority of people aren't paying the subscription for NESflix. They're paying for online gaming. Smash, Mario Kart and Splatoon are way more of a selling point.
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    Just realised I haven't nominated for Wii U yet so here goes: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Batman: Arkham City Super Mario Maker Xenoblade Chronicles X
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    Got another Highlight video made up. Hope you like Kirby noises...
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    Got myself a projector and cheapy screen (better one is coming tomorrow!) and I love this thing. Just enjoying some Into the Spiderverse.
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    Any Westfield is the wrong Westfield.
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    Here is the final article for our Top Ten Wii Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the Wii-ly nice banner/side graphics. and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for their consistently excellent write-ups which are always enjoyable to read. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing, there are plenty of fantastic games on the Wii, a few on that list I should get around to playing. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded) I kept it simple again for the Wii banner, I think it worked out well with the simplified Wii-mote and Nunchuk icons. (also... I did add in my thoughts on two of the games because I really enjoyed playing them at the time, so I couldn't not include them now could I?) Enjoy! And here's to the next one.
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    Nintendo have updated their sold software numbers. There are some insane legs on some of these games.
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    There's probably a history lesson for everyone outside of Japan.
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    Advance Wars really does have the dodgiest tone for the kind of game it is. I can't find a nicer quality image of that, but it gets the point across.
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    I started and finished Timespinner today. It's been on my backlog since last year. Colin from Sacred Symbols had it pegged as either his game of the year of last year, or at least one of his favourites (can't remember now). For that reason I decided to buy it but it's taken this long to get around to playing it. It's shame that was the case because it is absolutely amazing and it's just what I needed after the slog I've recently had playing through both Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Fire Emblem Echoes. I actually ended up finishing the game in a single 9 hour play through because I enjoyed it so much. I need to go through it again to get another ending while also playing it on the hardest difficulty. I'm quite eager to do that and will no doubt start first thing in the morning. What a game. As a Metroidvania it's up there with the best of them and is a real love letter to SOTN. Probably just as much as Bloodstained is. I actually enjoyed this more than the 3 GBA Castlevania games that I've recently played through. Like various CV games this has got familiars to use, towers and libraries to explore, past and present castles (twist to the inverted castle from SOTN) to play around in and a soundtrack fitting for a Castlevania game. I mean, just listen to this. With is being set both in the past and present it meant that it could play around with the stylings of both Metroid and Castlevania. One of the present sections in the game REALLY nails the mood and visual look of something like Super Metroid. The music that plays in this area is really something straight out of a Metroid game. The game recently released on the Switch (I played it on the PS4) and is also on the Game Pass service on the Xbox. If you are after a fantastic 8-10 hour Metroidvania that is a love letter to SOTN then this is the game for you.
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    Even more hilarity to add to this comedy of errors... https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-original-doom-doom-ii-and-doom-3-have-all-surprise-launched-on-nintendo-switch-ps4-and-xbox-one.131293/page-31#post-23114241 Looking forward to the inevitable Jimquisition on this
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    With the high volume of great games that were actually ports / remakes, this list didn’t turn out to be as tough as I was anticipating: ~ Mario Kart 7 ~ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice ~ Super Mario 3D Land ~ The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds ~ Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
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    Next League Night: 1st August 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell So, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now, which means it's time to invite Fire Emblem guest star, Roy, back for another game of Fire Emblem: Karts. Sign up Now!
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    We've got a LOT more where that came from... (I was Mario, Glen-i was Luigi) Mario Maker single-screen co-op was a mistake...
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    Nintendo 3DS games? No problem... Here are my picks... The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Metroid: Samus Returns Monster Hunter Generations Kirby Planet Robobot Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Again, I'm just going for the games I've enjoyed playing the most or in the case of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon enjoying playing as I finally decided to start playing it. (It totally counts and I'm going to do my best to finish it or play as much as I can of it before more games come out) Look out for the N-E Top Ten Wii Games coming soon to the main site.
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    - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Project Mirai DX - Bravely Second I gotta say, VLR is even better than 999
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    You heard it here first, N-E is so hot right now!
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    :'3 I kept meaning to post my list but kept forgetting thanks to work. Mon Hun Generations RuneFactory 4 Fire Emblem awakening Kid Icarus Uprising Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
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    Yes, I know, I'm late to the party, but I just want to echo what a great game Hollow Knight is. I've been playing it for the last couple of weeks and it easily became one of the best games I've played in a while. I finished the game this weekend with 86% completion. I still want more, so I'm currently doing the rounds to get the percentage up, currently at 94%. I don't know if I can stomach going to the full 112%, but I still at least want to get the true ending, finish the Grimm Troupe DLC and go for all charms and grubs. But what a game. Great atmosphere, soundtrack and it plays like a charm. The story is maybe a bit too vague and too ambitious, but I love the little bits of lore spread around. And I think MetroidVania is becoming one of my favourite genres. The whole journey of starting out helpless to becoming a powerhouse in the end feels good. I think next up is Metroid: Samus Returns.
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    Breaking News! Dixon's secretly run by Red Arremers!