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    After 80 hours the adventure is over. It took a while to get to grips with the last boss and when I finally brought it down the game decided to crash on the final cutscene! I took it on again and managed to get a Full Burst ( first time I've achieved that in the game ) which took off over half of its health and finished it off. I'm kinda glad it did crash, so I got to experience that special move. Despite its flaws and technical issues, I absolutely loved the game, especially the story. You have a massive world to explore in and an amazing story that drives you forward. It's pretty much given me everything I wanted that Zelda failed to deliver on. The voice acting is ropey at times but there is so much character and charm in the delivery that you end up falling in love with it. I play a lot of JRPGs but it's been a while since a whole cast of characters have been this great. Usually you end up with one or two characters who aren't developed or are just there to make up the numbers. I found this not to be the case with XC2. Each one of them has a good back story and a role to play. The soundtrack for the game is simply outstanding. Some of the tunes are used at just the right times in cutscenes, either to get you hyped or bring out some other emotion. After the disaster of a soundtrack in XCX, this is a true return to form. I can kinda see where the DLC may take place. There are one or two things that could be explored in future content and I may have to pick up the season pass once the substantial stuff arrives. The credits may have rolled but this is a game I can see me dipping in and out of for a while. There's plenty of Blades to still unlock and side quests to complete but for now I think I'll move on to something else. This is probably my favourite Switch game. I love the little hybrid but it's lacked a game like this to truly get my teeth into. It's been great for smaller titles, or games that you can jump in and out of, so it's been refreshing to finally get a game that lasts a good 80 hours that I can enjoy. More JRPGs, please! The Switch started strong at launch and has ended the year on a high with this game. Well played Nintendo/Monolithsoft.
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    I reached chapter 5 this morning. My team is in the mid 30 level range but I have yet to sleep at an inn so i'm sitting on a stack of exp that will upgrade them all to at least the early 40s. Methinks I will just hang on to that exp and keep adding to it until the time comes when I may need an extra boost. If I can make it to the end of the game without needing it that would be even better. I'll probably be able to blitz the final fight if I use all of the exp in one go just before it. I was out and about this morning and seen that GAME had one of the collectors editions left in stock. I actually cancelled mine from Nintendo UK when I seen Simply Games were shipping the normal version early. I'm enjoying the game so much that I decided to pick it up. I had £130 on my GAME card anyway. The thing is HUGE! I've been taking a few shots here and there in the game, just to highlight some of the prettier bits of scenery. I also took a couple of shots of how rough the game can look at times.These were taken when I was playing in undocked mode Finally, the game is getting a lot of flak off people for the outfits that the female characters wear and the size of the breasts of some of them. I think it's great and think people need to chill out and get over themselves.
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    For the cultured folk among us who appreciate Breath of the Wild for the stand-out game that it is, I've aggregated some of the best analysis of its design below. Most of the videos have been shared on the forum somewhere before but don't feel the need to cry about it: 1) Some interesting summaries of Nintendo's approach to game design as taken from their dev talks. I've listed the posts in order of accessibility, as some sections of the third and fourth summaries are a bit dull and technical. They were originally posted in a twitter thread which explains why they're truncated. How Nintendo guides players: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-articles-written-about-the-cedec-botw-dev-266c34fd30e8 Sound design: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-the-botw-cedec-talk-on-sound-design-which-can-7a5ea894e701 User Interface and Fonts: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/this-is-a-reposting-of-my-twitter-thread-summarizing-articles-of-the-botw-cedec-talks-which-can-be-91e9be85de51 Project Management: https://medium.com/@gypsyOtoko/the-final-botw-cedec-session-as-far-as-i-know-is-from-the-engineers-botw-project-management-c30f4e42598e 2) Developers discuss the inspiration they've taken from Breath of the Wild http://www.gamesradar.com/were-all-talking-about-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-developers-explain-how-its-shaping-the-future-of-games/ 3) How will Breath of the Wild change the open-world paradigm? I love the point made below - it isn't necessary for every mechanic to be a game-changer. They don't all have to have big pay-offs in a boss battle or a certain level. They can be used for texture instead. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-06-05-how-will-the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-change-the-open-world-paradigm 4) In this article a writer from Borderlands 2 discusses why BotW 'dunks on most open-world games.' It perhaps isn't the most insightful piece in this list, and it's a little guilty of hyperbole, but the quoted part is worth highlighting: https://www.destructoid.com/how-breath-of-the-wild-dunks-on-most-open-world-games-446857.phtml 5) Other developers discuss their impressions of Breath of the Wild. I can't remember who says it, but someone makes a good point about how everything in the world is well proportioned - the world gives an impression of vast scale, and yet if you see something in the distance you know you can probably travel to it fairly quickly. 6) More from Nintendo themselves in their development diaries: 7) Good ol' Mark Brown: 8) Matt Lees analyses how BotW keeps our attention drawn to the world (& also makes some great points about the map/waypoint system) If you guys come across any like-minded analysis please share it, because I love to love this game.
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    Came in from work and found the game had been posted through the letterbox. Simply Games does it again. I've put an hour into it but there's nothing too exciting happened yet. There's been a fair few tutorials though and i'm hoping they start dying down a bit. The day 1 patch isn't up yet so i'm having to put up with the English voice acting. There's been quite a range of dialects that i've heard. So far i've come across English, Welsh and Scottish. *gets back to playing*
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    Some more 3DS & Wii U gold point rewards are up: 3DS: Siesta Fiesta (40 Gold Points) Mighty Switch Force! (50 Gold Points) Wii U: Gunman Clive HD Collection (40 Gold Points) Year Walk (60 Gold Points) Switch: Sweet FA (Your Gold Points have expired )
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    https://www.resetera.com/threads/street-fighter-30th-anniversary-collection-announced-ps4-xbo-pc-switch-12-games-40-may-2018.10529/ Includes all of the SF2, SF3 and SFA series. SFII: Hyper Fighting, SSFII: Turbo, SF Alpha 3 and SFIII: Third Strike all have online play.
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    I bought and never played them on the wii u, so there’s no way I’m buying them and not playing them again on the switch. *jump cut to feb and I excitedly take them out and put them on my switch shelf next to the still sealed copy of doom and la noire*
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    Finally finished up my top 5 for the year so here they are. I was sitting for ages last night figuring whether or not my GotY would change as I was writing these and despite some strong thoughts on it, I kept my decision. These games probably represent how gaming has changed for me in recent years and what I look for and enjoy most in playing. And there we have it. I realise it's a lot of lengthy, wordy rambling so if you do read it, I do appreciate the time taken to do that. I've done it more for myself to get back into writing about games for possibly taking that somewhere in the new year and beyond. It's been an interesting year in games, a lot of great games and a lot of variety regardless of platform. Some games just haven't clicked with me when I thought they would (Breath of the Wild for instance. 15 hours of play and it just doesn't click with me and what I want from a game of this size. That's partly on me, partly on Nintendo but that's all I'll say on that), others surprisingly so. The full list, so that it's in one place:
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    Bloody fantastic night! Couldn’t have wished for better/worse! Couldn’t stop all throughout!
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    Here is @Kaepora_Gaebora's review: http://n-europe.com/reviews/xenoblade-chronicles-2-review
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    So with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon featuring a big massive throwback to a whole bunch of past villains from the series, I thought it'd be nice to look back on the many villains that the series as a whole has given us. Both mainline and spin-offs alike. It goes without saying that there will be MASSIVE BLATANT SPOILERS THROUGHOUT! So, you know... Careful. I'll also be analyzing how good their evil plan was and whether it could have actually worked if some random kid didn't ruin everything. Just as a heads-up, I'm gonna be mostly ignoring the anime, because I just don't have much knowledge on it. Also, this is gonna be a pretty long read already. Boy, that took forever! But there's all the villains that have appeared in Pokemon games. Which one is your favourite? Any you didn't like?
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    Same as Sonic Forces..... not looking good lol
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    Oh by the way, I also managed to capture one of our very few highlights from yesterday:
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    She heals you. You have to have actually have lost health though lol!
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    Quick highlight at @Dcubed's expense. (He's on the left) Anyway, here's the results. GP3 And here's the current League Table. Not much to say here this week. Except that @RedShell wins the "Didn't make a damn bit of difference" award this week. But given his high average, that's quite remarkable. So next week is the grand finale, to both my December Death Themes and 2017's League. The results look pretty much decided. Nothing short of an utter madman could disrupt this flow. Wait... Who's running the League right now? Ah... Well, isn't that a shame? Last League Night: 21st December 8pm Room 1 @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @martinist @punio75 @viceview51 No, the picture hasn't glitched up, there will be 1 GP this week. But with a big massive twist. You think you know the tracks in Mario Kart 8 by now? Well, we will see about that. This week's gimmick no-one asked for is Backwards Racing. Everyone will be reversing throughout the entire night. You go forward, you come last. I will know. Don't even try it. And you thought 50cc was slow. Here's a little maneuver that you will need in order to get through this. Pulling this off is simple, just hold the brake and accelerate button at the same time and turn, you'll spin on the spot. Another key thing to remember is that holding X lets you look behind you. No doubt important when driving backwards. You'll also need to think carefully about items, not every item is going to help you here. The tracks are all possible to do backwards without ever going off course, I made sure of that. Remember the golden rule: All progress must be done backwards. I will check MKTV afterwards, I've got nothing better to do. Sign up Now!
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    Ehm.. Let's call it a spiritual sequel to Sadness "is coming" to Switch. https://t.co/Uj6h0oECTr http://nintendoeverything.com/sadness-solitude-announced-for-switch-wii-u-3ds/ https://www.giantbomb.com/sadness-solitude/3030-47467/
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    Just announced on the Game Awards.
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    Here's what I got from that: guy got arrested martinist owns a pub wat?
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    2017 is coming to an end. Nintendo did good, Sony did good, Microsoft maybe, EA can fuck right off. Many great games have been released this year and I'm looking forward to reading about all your favourites It may be a little too early for some to choose their game(s) of the year, but why not create a thread already. Do whatever you want. Simply name your game(s), post a ranking or write a lengthy essay about why Breath of the Wild is your favourite game this year
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    Tonight I dreamed that Nintendo finally released the Fire Emblem Tellius games on the VC. So, that. That's what I want. Not for me (since I can still play them), but for the entire FE community. Also, Mole Mania revival. We all want it, even the ones who have no idea what I'm talking about. ... But to be honest, if they ported F-Zero GX to the Switch, only adding online multiplayer in the process, I'd buy the system and pre-order two copies. Oh, and a game with this title.
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    Yes! I apologise to the N-E collective that there haven't been any updates recently. I moved to a new flat about a month ago and don't have anywhere decent to set up my PC yet, so I've been using my phone for N-Eing. I've also been extra busy with work and spending almost all my downtime on Rocket League and Skyrim. I keep putting off setting everything up, but I will do it as soon as I have some free time and get the rest of the list finished ASAP.
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    I just want Megaman 11. Edit: Oh shit! I want a million Euros. Edit 2: Ah crap, it stopped working.
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    I've just read the first paragraph of the Kotaku review Never mind reviewers not finishing the game. This reviewer hated the first xenoblade, couldn't be arsed playing the second and then was shocked he didn't like the game he was reviewing.
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    This game is a masterpiece. Haven't enjoyed a game so much for ages. I only got my Switch on Sunday, but have two days off work this week and I've been glued to this! I've seen the credits roll already, and I have no regrets, it's been so much fun! I've got 383 moons so far and looking forward to getting the rest!
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    Really Nintendo? You're selling loot boxes now, too?
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    I've put a few hours into it now and here are a few thoughts. I love the visual style. I was never big on the way Xenoblade looked and I detested how the characters looked in X. The anime style is much more to my liking. The game looks lovely on the TV but it's pretty rough looking on the Switch screen. The game looks to have taken a big resolution hit when playing undocked. I love cutscenes in games and this hasn't disappointed. This may annoy some but the game has been very cutscenes heavy so far. Personally I love it as it's setting the story up nicely. Fans of anime should really like what's on show here as there has already been some OTT, action heavy cutscenes, complete with some hype inducing music. Im actually quite glad that the day 1 patch isn't available yet as I'm quite liking some of the English voice acting that's on offer. Rex is a bit annoying but I love the voices of Pyra and Nia. Nia especially had me laughing when after a battle she said "I'm knackered!" in her Welsh accent. I've been quite surprised to see that there's swearing in the game. No F bombs but there have been a few swear words been said by various characters. Despite being a few hours into the game, the game is still dropping tutorials on me. There is a CRAZY amount of stuff to get your head around. If you've played the other games them some of this stuff you will probably pick up quite quickly. I'm currently level 9 and about to head into the next area...
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    Should be interesting as I've not used Smart Steering at all. Gonna ruin the 0% stat on my profile but what the hell, it sounds like a laugh! So count me... Fresh Prince x Mario Kart totally needs to happen for real.
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    He has an account for now and an account for himself seven years in the future.
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    With it being Nintendo, I'd say it's not far fetched to assume it would be one guy sat in a room sending the emails out one by one. Using Windows 95. And a 56k modem.
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    y cant metroid crawl
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    Hats off to the OP of the Skyrim OT over on ResetEra: "Skyrim on Switch [OT] See that mountain? You can play Skyrim on it." Thought it was worth sharing
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    Grant Kirkhope continues to do amazing stuff.
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    So I've finally booted the game up again. It took me ages to figure out the controls again. I've not even touched on the DLC stuff. I spent some time exploring Hyrule Castle. I didn't really do this before as last time I found the quickest way to Ganon. I did this as I was feeling burnt out by that point. I forgot how much I enjoy this game. I literally spent about two hours just killing enemies, reading lore, exploring, korok seeds and completing shrines. The time passed so quickly! Now that I have defeated Ganon i'm less bothered about my best weapons breaking. I'm going to be spending more time tackling enemies and coming up with different strategies rather than avoiding them altogether. Such a fantastic game! The rain still pissed me off though
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    Just beat Bowser. What a fantastic ending to a fantastic game, I genuinely applauded when the credits started to roll. Switched off shortly after, seems like there's a bit more to do...! The final gameplay sequence was so cool, I had a massive grin on my face.
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    The system itself was a huge surprise. It felt like a premium device coming from the WiiU and 3DS. The display was vibrant and crisp and the volume output was actually audible! A slick, sensible OS made me realise they had learned from the WiiU OS. BoTW and Super Mario Odyssey: Once again proving that “backs against the wall Nintendo” is still incredible. When they bring their A-game, they remain peerless. Both games proved that Nintendo still have the magic that has existed since Mario and Link’s first outings. Surprising, delightful and with so much polish you’d think Nintendo had hired Mr. Sheen himself; (or they had been finished for a while!) both games were astounding. For me they also came at a time when I felt the world needed more colour, imagination and fun! What a year for Nintendo fans. And that’s without mentioning the pure bliss that was the SNES Mini with Star Fox 2.
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    Ha ha, Glen, you utter nonce!
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    One of my personal highlights from yesterday (before the private battles): I also had a quick go this morning with the new update, and so far I'm not a fan of the new Salmon Run map actually.
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    @Kav I've just had a quick go of the new update and can confirm that you can change your gear AND your weapon between matches.
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    My Design Lab controller arrived today. Had a quick peak before it's wrapped up for Christmas. I love it! It's so... yellow.