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    Depending on who you ask, the Switch has had a decent first half of the year in terms of software. Sure, there were a few Wii U ports that filled in the release schedule gaps but the eShop has been home to some fantastic games, both well known and hidden gems. Regardless of how you rated the first half of the year, the second half of 2018 is looking very strong for the Nintendo Switch. There seems to be an onslaught of games arriving from now until the end of the year and I have spent the past week getting together this list of games that should be arriving before year is over. Hopefully there will be something for everyone in this list but also bear in mind that these are only games that we know of. I have no doubt in my mind that more will be announced via a Nintendo Direct at some point. Each game will have a trailer and a small write up. Let’s take a look… Bomb Chicken (eShop) – Out Now Octopath Traveler - Out Now Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch and 3DS) – Out Now Sonic Mania Plus – Out Now Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 (eShop) – 24th July 2018 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 (eShop) – 24th July 2018 Crossing Souls (eShop) – 26th July 2018 Go Vacation – 27th July 2018 Overcooked 2 – 7th August 2018 Okami HD (eShop) – 9th August 2018 Cosmic Star Heroine – 14th August 2018 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – 28th August 2018 Blade Strangers – August 28th 2018 SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy - 7th September 2018 Little Dragons Café – 7th September 2018 Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country – 21st September 2018 Valkyria Chronicles 4 – 25th September 2018 Namco Museum Arcade Pac – 28th September 2018 Dragon Ball FighterZ – 28th September 2018 FIFA 19 – 28th September 2018 Mega Man 11 (eShop) – 2nd October 2018 Super Mario Party – 5th October 2018 Starlink: Battle for Atlas – 16th October 2018 Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu – 16th November 2018 Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 7th December 2018 2018 TDB V Rally 4 Dark Souls: Remastered Warframe (eShop) Killer Queen Black (eShop) Shovel Knight: King of Cards (eShop) Dragon Marked For Death (eShop) The World Ends With You: Final Mix Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition That's a hell of a list of games. So, what's everyone looking forward to then?
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    Back in March Nintendo held one of it's Indie Directs to showcase a few up and coming games for the Switch. The actual Direct was very short and had very little to get excited about. However, there was a game that stood out from what was shown and that was Bomb Chicken. Many people loved the look of the game and it saved the show for them. Was this worth getting excited for? Were Nintendo right to give it a spotlight in their Direct? Why did the chicken plant the bomb? Let's find out the answers. There isn't any real story to speak off. The game starts off with an egg being coated by some kind of magical blue liquid and once the egg hatches a very plump looking chicken pops out. Instead of laying eggs the chicken lays bombs. It's now up to the player to guide the chicken on its adventure and escape the factory that has been killing its kind for food. It all feels very much like a simplified version of Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey but it works for what it is. Once the chicken has been hatched the game then tells you how to move and plant a bomb. It's a very simple setup, with the direction pad and control stick giving movement to the chicken and every button on the joycon being used to plant a bomb. With these two simple actions it's up to the player to make their way through the game. The limited options is very deceiving. You would think that the game would be quite basic with only being able to move and plant a bomb ( you can't even jump ) but that certainly isn't the case. BOMBS AWAY! The way the game is designed around the limited moveset is very clever. Even though the chicken can't jump that doesn't mean to say that there is no platforming involved with the game. For example, if you need to get from platform to platform then you must walk to the edge and lay bombs on top of one another. Your chicken will always stay on top of the bomb ( as if sitting on an egg ) and every bomb you lay will stack on top of the previous one. This gives your chicken height, which then means it can walk off of the top bomb and land safely over to the next platform. Using this method means you can cross gaps and climb up stairs. You do need to be careful while doing this, though. The bombs have a set amount of time before they explode. If you are stacking them then the first one you put down will eventually go off and cause a chain reaction, so you do have to be mindful of how high you stack and how much time you give yourself. As well as using the stacking technique you can also kick the bombs. Again, just by using the basic movements, the game gives you another way to get through the various levels. Various blocks are scattered through the game and these can be blow up with your bombs, obviously. However, sometimes these blocks will be blocking your path but the ceiling is too low to lay a bomb. You must find a space for where you can lay your bomb and then walk into it in the direction you want it to roll in and away it will go. You can also do this when you have stacked the bombs. Let's say you lay a total of 6 bombs, you can then fall off from the top, land next to the bottom bomb and then kick it to move the whole stack. You can even do this in the middle of the stack as you are falling. Whichever bomb you kick, whether its the bottom one or ones in the middle, the one you hit and all those above it will be moved. Fried chicken anyone? There are a few enemies kicking about the various stages. Like most games, the ones at the start of the game are easily dealt with but the ones in the later levels require more thought. Most of the early enemies can be killed by either rolling a bomb at them or falling on their head from a platform or a high stack of bombs that you've made. Later enemies will often only get stunned by your bombs and it's a question of using that time to get away, rather than going on the offensive. In terms of larger enemies, there are 2 boss battles in the game. One is around the halfway mark and the other is the final boss. Both require a bit of thinking at first but once you realise what is needed to be done then you will dispatch them pretty fast. Despite this, I do think that both are fun battles. Outside of simply making your way to the exits of all 29 stages there are a things to collect. Blue gems are often hidden in secret rooms, in plain sight or hiding in breakable blocks. Some of the rooms are very well hidden and are often home to some on the more fiendishly clever puzzles. If you happen to miss any of these in a level then there's no need to worry because you can replay any of the stages again in order to grab them. When you go to the level select the game lets you know if you are still needing to find any of the gems in a level. If everything has been collected then the gem colour by the level number will be blue but if you have missed some then the colour will be green. It's a nice little indication for those who are wanting to 100% the game. So, why would you go out of your way to collect these? Well, when you complete a stage you will be sent to a screen that allows you to transfer these gems into a large statue. Give the statue the amount it is asking for and it will reward you will another heart/life. You start off the game with a very low amount of hearts. When you die you respawn back in the same room you died in but when you lose all of your lives you go back to the start of level. As a side note, even though you go all the way back, the game lets you keep any gems that you have already obtained. So, as you can see, it's in your best interest to pick up as many gems as you can in order for you to have more chances in a room without being kicked right back to the start. Ever wonder how McNuggets are made? A lot of people fell in love with the game when it was first shown thanks to the visuals of the game. I'm happy to say that the game doesn't disappoint in this regard. The 2D sprite work looks great and the little animations, whether it's just the chicken bobbing along, the bomb pulsating as it's about to explode or the way the enemies move about the screen, everything looks fantastic. Sadly, while the visuals are up to scratch I don't think the music in the game is that special at all. The boss battle tune is fine but the music in the levels is quite forgettable. It's not a major problem but it's certainly something that could be improved upon. At release the game is priced at £11.99. Depending on how you play the game will no doubt have an effect on if you think it's worth the money. If you were to just run through the stages, trying to get to the exit in as fast as time as possible, without worrying about any of the gems, then I imagine players may clock (cluck ) the game in around 2-3 hours. They may feel a little short changed if that is the case. If you were to spend the time and effort in finding what secrets the game has on offer then you will be easily doubling that play time. For me, it was certainly worth the admission fee. This game has honestly been a big surprise for me. The developers who made the game go by the name of Nitrome and are based here in the UK. Apparently they have been making mobile and flash games for a while now and this is their first shot at making a game on the Switch. Needless to say that I am very happy with the game and they should be quite proud of the product they have released. In a recent interview on Reddit, the developers said how they were hoping that players who bought the game would be able to put down Octopath Traveler long enough in order to play their game. This is exactly what I was doing. The game is set out in such a way that it is great for a pick up and play session in between other games. Also, the developers have said that if the game does well then they make look at creating more levels as DLC. They also mentioned that they are in talks with certain people about getting a physical release sorted at some point. I imagine Limited Run Games are the guys they are talking to. I'll certainly be keep an eye out for it's release, as well as any other projects that they plan to release on Nintendo's hybrid. Conclusion Lately the eShop has started become very crowded with games that are quick cash grabs, broken or just flat out shovelware. This game isn't any of those things and its a reminder of what the eShop can be used for if a game is created with passion, creativity and care. While the adventure maybe be a short affair if you decide to critical path the game, those who take the time to collect all the gems and find the hidden paths will get the most out of this and they will see some of the more tricky puzzles and platforming that the game has to offer. This is certainly worth the money and I hope more people give it a try in the near future.
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    Don't buy a £6000 diamond ring then. Just as likely to get lost or stolen. Definitely don't get £100,000 out in cash, and stuff it into your clothes, and then wander round the bad part of town singing 'if I were a rich man'.
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    Just a heads up to everyone that the Smash Bros website have seemingly leaked a new character. Hopefully it will be getting shown today in the Direct but until then I would be careful what sites you go on if you don't want it spoiled for you. Off the top of my head... I think Punch-Out could do with some more representation. King Hippo for Smash! The guy from Urban Champion would be hilarious as a fighter in the game Stanley from Donkey Kong 3 One of the crazy characters from Pilotwings 64 Wart
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    Even though it's been a whole day since the reveal...The hype hasn't changed at all...Found an amusing picture that I felt would make a few people smile! PS. This is cute
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    Sadly, it's an attitude that seems to have only gotten worse over the last 10 years or so within the gaming community. Whether it's the constant abuse of female developers by a select group of people believing that said developer is turning the game into a "sjw mess", the general apathy towards anything other than a triple A title (Such as the bashing of indie games which is so prevalent around the net these days) or the witch hunts that happen with regards to either journalists or developers making mistakes (the Sean Murray saga stands as perhaps one example of that and how disgusting some within the community can be), there's a remarkable amount of negativity within gaming and it seems as though there's no end in sight. With regards to IGN and Filip, the right outcome has come about as plagiarism has no place in journalism and diminishes the integrity of many good working people doing reviews. He's made the mistake and needs to lie with it, it's cost him his job so hopefully it'll have him taking a good long look at his skill set and get him to change how he reviews games, should he continue in the industry. It's disheartening to see the disgusting comments but as I say, it's so prevalent it's hard to see how things will change. Take the indie games situation. There's a very vocal portion of the gaming community who will bad mouth and baulk at the thought of an indie game and you can see it everywhere there's a comment section or message board. Hell, I vaguely remember there being even a similar mentality amongst a very small number of people here years back which has thankfully gone (though I wonder if the success of the Switch and the strong push of indie games by Nintendo in place of the level of third party support the other consoles has pushed this frame of mind). I don't get that mentality and it was something I was thinking about a lot a couple of weeks back. I was writing an article looking at the issue as well as the effect that things like YouTube and Twitch have on said indie games and how that shapes perception in some cases but it's something I've put a pin in for the time being as it's not something I'd have a place to publish to start a discussion on. But it's a perfect example of the growing mentality of the gaming community, not all of it but definitely some of it. And that extends to the current situation with IGN and plagiarism which isn't isolated yo this incident. Other YouTubers have come out to say they've been plagiarized, Jim Sterling mentioned how he'd been plagiarized in his video on the subject yesterday and I've seen outlets like GameSpot openly reporting news as if they're the ones breaking it when it's been other outlets and not giving the credit for it until commenters have pointed it out. Will it change any time soon? Probably not but I feel it's damaging the industry and definitely how people consume the media from it, whether they choose to support games or not. I just hope it opens a wider discussion on reviewer integrity and ethics as well as addressing the growing apathy in gaming.
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    You need help? We could get you out of there. #bobjoke
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    This is correct. I went the X route.
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    I've been playing Heroki on and off all week and finally got 100% on it last night. Here are my thoughts on the game. The game starts off in Heroki’s village, Levantia. It’s a colourful place that is filled with creatures that have propellers for heads because, why not? It’s here where the Emerix, a powerful emblem that helps protect the village, is stolen by the antagonist of the game, Dr. N Forchin. Like most platformers, the story is pretty throw away but it does help frame the game and introduce you to the lovable Heroki and what a cute little character he is. The game itself is hard to categorise. I’d say it’s a platforming game but without the platforms. You see, Heroki and his people move around the place via the little propellers on their heads that I mentioned earlier. You can land and run along the ground but this is a lot slower and is only used when trying to fit through a tight spot, which is worth doing at every available opportunity due to how hilarious his animation his while running across the ground. Heroki applies for the new Donkey Kong Country game. You control Heroki with the left control stick. It may takes some time to get used to how he floats and glides through the air but I personally didn’t have a problem with it. Other things that Heroki can do is pick up items and curl up into a tight form and then essentially dive bomb into breakable objects. Pressing the ‘Y’ button will allow you to pick up crates that are scattered around the levels. You can then use these crates as a throwing object and launch them at enemies. This is done in a similar way to the Yoshi games where you would aim your eggs and then let fire. It’s the same principle but with crates. Some of the crates will have useful items in them, such as a health pick up or shield, so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for those, especially for the shield power up as this will allow you to take an extra hit and will come in handy when trying to make your way through a tricky flying section. The dive bomb move that I mentioned can be activated by pressing the ‘B’ button. This is used to access new areas of the levels and also to get around stages a little quicker. To stop the dive you just need to flick up on the control stick. This can be upgraded later in the game to allow you to damage enemies while using it. As the game progresses you will unlock more moves, such as the ability to use the power of wind to clear leaves and poison gas and a charge attack that lets you break through walls. I didn't know Tingle was in this game! The levels themselves look lovely, with bright and vibrant colours bursting out of the screen. With the main feature being able to fly, the levels do have a lot of verticality to them. It’s not a question of just going from left to right until you hit the end goal but it feels more like an adventure, with the player having to find switches to open doors or pull levers to create new openings. This leads to a lot of exploration and you get to see some very nice level design while playing through each of the 24 levels. The first world is a kind of tropical place, the second an underwater world and the third a desert/mine area. Sure, they are standard settings for these types of games but the art work is lovely in each of them. Scattered throughout the levels are coins that can be collected. These are the currency of the game and you are encouraged to pick them up in order to buy items at the hub area, which can be visited after completing each level. By visiting the shop in this hub area you will be able to purchase things like extra lives or health pick ups. Also in the shop are 3 items that act as upgrades and help you on your adventure. There are some x-ray glasses that allows you to see secret areas. The Safe lets you keep all of your collectables if you die and the final item you can purchase doubles the amount of coins to collect. Each of these comes in very handy and are well worth purchasing as soon as possible. The cactus enemy doesn't looked too thrilled with Heroki's weapon of choice. Elsewhere in the hub are a bunch of other places to visit. There is a laboratory and bakery where you can buy more items to help on your travels, such as the shield power up or cakes to restore your health. These items can be saved in your inventory (there are 3 empty slots to fill) and can be used at any point within a level. There are also little mini games to play in the hub. Visit the giant palace and you will be treated with a True or False quiz that will dish out coins if you win. The farm also has a mini game that requires you to stack bundles of hay as fast as you can in order to win coins. Finally, a couple of the residents will offer side quests for you to complete. These range from getting a ball out of a tree for a child, to hunting down 3 hidden items, one in each of the worlds. Doing these things can help add a bit of variety to the game and are also a great way to earn extra money. For the people who enjoy trying to 100% a game, this offers a nice amount of collectables to hunt down. Within each of the stages lies a chest, letters that spell out H-E-R-O-K-I, much like the Donkey Kong Country games, and 5 emblems called Emirals. The treasure chest usually has an item, such as an extra life or shield, and the Emirals are used to unlock new areas and moves in the game. With the levels being so compact it makes looking for each of these things very enjoyable rather than a chore. Veteran gamers who have played a lot platforming games will recognise the signs for where things are hidden but there were still times where I did have to scour the area that little bit extra in order to find what I was missing. Heroki is heading to the seaside. No wonder he looks so happy! Once you have finished a level the game will reward you with a score out of 100. Each of the items that you collect will add to this score, so if you want to get perfect marks then you will need to find everything the level has to offer. If you do happen to miss something there’s no need to worry as it’s not a deal breaker. You can revisit any of the levels you have previous played and once again go on the hunt for the things that you may have missed. Working your way through each of the 24 levels will take a while if you are to collect everything, especially if you miss something on your initial run. Once you have made it all the way through the game you will be faced with a final boss fight. It's an easy fight but the game should be measured on the journey and not the ending. With variety in each of the worlds, a lot of things to seek out and a host of mini games and side quests to take part in, the game will keep you busy for a while and is well worth the asking price of £8.99. Conclusion I’ve never been a mobile phone gamer, partly due to my iphone not being up to scratch, but mostly due to the games that are on that platform don’t really appeal to me. This game has proved that there are quality games to be played on mobile devices and that if ported over to the Switch with some care and attention that they can work on Nintendo’s platform. Heroki has certainly opened my eyes a little and I look forward to what Picomy has to offer next. If you are in the market for a cute, colourful and relaxing platforming game then I highly recommend you visit the eShop and pick this up. This is yet another hidden gem on the Switch.
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    Oh, BTW! One more thing. The week after the next. We've got a theme that requires a bit of preparation. So I need your co-operation. If you're going to take part in the 2nd August theme, I need you to send me a Private Message with a Character/Vehicle Setup. That's it, easy, huh? You see, each one of your suggestions will then get randomly distributed to someone taking part for that night. It could even be you who has to use it! Do you go for a setup that's good for you, or do you go for one that's absolutely horrid with the risk of being lumbered with it? That's up to you. So get your PM's to me as soon as you can.
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    Most people on here who did own a Wii U didn't buy Captain Toad. I'm well aware of the quality of Nintendo fans we have on this site.
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    Wario Ware Gold Review written by @Josh64
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    I followed absolutely none of that...
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    We could, but we might attract the wrong sort of attention!
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    Can we rename this thread to: @Hero-of-Time's grinding story
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    This was way harder than it had any right to be. There were so many games that I had to leave off the list and entries 6-10 kept changing positions or being replaced completely. Still, i'm happy with my final 10....for now. 1.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The GOAT. I will never get tired of playing this game. While the 3DS version is the definitive one, I will list the N64 version as my winner ( I listed the 3DS version in the top Nintendo Game thread ) due to my love for this game stemming from that. Getting it at launch was a magical experience. When it arrived from Department 1 I was in total shock. I had sent them a bunch of games to trade in for Zelda ( I used to trade-in games via mail order ) but they said that because of the demand that I probably wouldn’t get the game until new year. That being the case, I had to select another game just in the event that they couldn’t secure me a copy. I think I had picked Banjo-Kazooie. Despite saying that I wouldn’t get it at launch they somehow managed to deliver it for me. When I opened the package one of my mates was there with me. I was expecting another game in its place and was totally shocked that OoT had arrived. You have to remember that this was before the internet kicked in big time and you wouldn’t be receiving emails telling you that your order was on its way. We both erupted with joy when we found it was OoT. We had essentially became the N64 kid at that point, with both of us jumping up and down screaming our heads off. In the lead up to the game I remember being obsessed over it. I used to work in the local paper shop early mornings, just setting up the papers for the paper lads/lasses and then serving customers. Given this was 6 in the morning you can imagine it wasn’t exactly very busy. This allowed me to just grab a gaming magazine off the shelf and sit and read. I went through every magazine that had news and previews of the game and once I had finished I would then go through them again. The advert for the game still crack me up to this day. There was a bit of an outcry over it back then, due to the playing like a girl line, and I dread to think the outrage that would occur if something like that was used today. The music was so epic. For me, there are very few games that live up to the hype these days, especially Zelda titles, but this was a game that surpassed all my expectations and then some. What I love about this game is that even though it went 3D it still managed to capture that charm of ALTTP. Hyrule still had its crazy characters and it was fun to explore the open world. It was just the right size to explore in and there were so many secrets to uncover. Looking back it’s crazy to think that was a big world to run around it, although I often hate how big open worlds have gotten in games and sometimes wish for them to scale back into something like this. When the 3DS version was announced I went absolutely nuts. Not as barmy as I had done when I originally received the N64 game but it was still a pretty crazy reaction. My favourite game was getting a handheld remake and man was it good. The graphics were cleaned up and the QoL improvements made in the game helped streamline the equipment changing processes so much. Like ALTTP, it’s a game that holds up stupidly well and helps me remember a happier time in my life when things were much simpler, both in everyday life and in gaming. Again, like ALTTP, it’s a game that can instantly cheer me up whenever I play it, is never a chore to play and always leaves me feeling good after completing it. It’s a magical game and I don’t think it will ever be topped by anything, due to the time of when it was released and the nature of how games are in this day and age. 2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past I’ve gone back to this game so many times that I have honestly lost count how many times I’ve actually beaten it. It’s a game that is so easy to pick up and play and it can be knocked it out in a single sitting if you know what you are doing. My love of this game goes back to when I had a SNES. We bought one second hand and we got a bunch of games with it. My brother was too busy playing the other games to notice A Link to the Past but I was already familiar with the series from playing Zelda and Zelda II on my friends NES and this was the game I gravitated towards the most when my brother actually let me have a go on the console. I adored the overworld and dungeons. I spent ages just running around trying to find random things and it took me an age to collect all of the heart pieces. It was obviously before the internet was up and running, so I had to ask my friends at school about where things were and we would trade information, before running home and seeing if they were actually telling the truth. Every time I play this game I remember certain things which I found out for myself or get transported back to my school days and remember when a certain friend told me about this and that. It’s a magical game and one that I will always pick up and play whenever I’m feeling down or just need to get out of a gaming rut. This game still has one of my favourite endings to any game. The way it shows you all of the people who you’ve met on your travels and how each of their stories panned out was great. The music that plays is very epic and I love how it eventually slows down which then leads to the credits being rolled and featuring the amazing version of Zelda overworld music. Brilliant stuff. 3. Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater The Metal Gear Solid series has so many good entries to choose from but it’s Metal Gear Solid 3 that will always be my favourite. I remember watching the original E3 trailer back in 2003 when the internet was still pretty slow. It took me ages to download the trailer but it was worth it and I couldn’t stop watch it over and over again. The music, which was an amazing rendition of the MGS2 theme, and the promise of finally playing as Big Boss ( the shot of his wounded eye at the end was a dead giveaway ) had me so excited for the release of the game. The story of in this game is absolutely fantastic and I don’t think Kojima ever bettered it. The character of the Boss is such an interesting one as is her relationship with Snake. The final battle is beautifully done and the revelation at the end of the game had me in tears. It was such a shock and it was done so well. While Ocelot was pretty cool in the original Metal Gear Solid, it was this game that made me fall in love with him. He was such a cocky guy but was still willing to learn from the advice that Snake gave him. The hand gesture he done throughout the game is something me and one of my mates still do to this day. Some of the boss fights in the game are crazy and the way you can defeat a few of them is pure genius. Changing your internal clock on the PS2 to essentially wait out The End was such a unique way of defeating a boss, as was essentially killing yourself when fighting The Sorrow. Both of these are certainly fights that will stick with me for the rest of my gaming life. 4. Resident Evil 2 While the original Resident Evil may have got the ball rolling with making the survival horror genre popular, I think it was the sequel that really solidified the series as being something very special. The story and characters were more fleshed out than that of the original, the areas you got to explore in were more interesting and varied and the amount of content on offer was simply staggering. The way the game allowed you to play through the game with one character, while being able to influence certain things for the other characters play through, was amazing. After finishing the game you then had scenario B to tackle which completely changed the game and also gave you different boss fights, the true ending and the original idea of what would later become Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. The way scenario B ended with Leon’s final line followed by the rock music was amazing and got me excited for what the series had in store for the future. I’ve played through this multiple times over the years and on multiple consoles. I actually finished a play through of it this year on the Vita and I still enjoyed every minute of it, despite knowing the game like the back of my hand. I can’t wait for the remake which looks to remain faithful to the original but at the same time deliver something fresh. 5. Final Fantasy VIII This is probably the most underrated game on my list. While most gush over Final Fantasy VI and VII, it’s Final Fantasy VIII that is my favourite in the series. Yeah, the draw mechanic can be a pain for people but get to grips with, but if you learn the system well you can easily overpower your team to God-like levels very early on in the game. As someone who likes to grind and become OP in JRPGs this method appeals greatly to me. I LOVE the character of Squall. He’s probably the one who is the most complicated in the game but also has the most growth. Being able to see him as a loner and wanting to keep people at bay so they don’t rely on him, to ultimately opening himself up and allowing people into his lives, was a fantastic journey. The soundtrack is one of the best in the series. Man and His Machine Gun and Force Your Way are both amazing tunes and who can forget Liberi Fatali which accompanied a mind blowing opening cutscene. I used to watch that opening cutscene over and over again when I had the demo of the game. It still annoys me that S-E have skipped over this game for release on the PS4. We got Final Fantasy VII and then they went straight to Final Fantasy IX. I was robbed! 6. Final Fantasy X Another Final Fantasy game made my list and this time it was the first FF entry on the PS2. There was lots of hype for this game at the time. It was the first Final Fantasy game to have voice acting in it and while it can be a little rough going back to it now, it was great at the time finally hearing the main cast of a FF speak. This game features possibly my favourite tune out of any Final Fantasy game and that is To Zanakard. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it. I have listened to a crazy amount of variations to the song and each one of them brings the feels, even the Black Mages version which really kicks in at the 1:40 mark. The story about sacrifice for the greater good is an interesting one but there were lots of things I missed when I originally played it. When I replayed it on the PS4 I noticed that the story had other meanings and one that really stood out to me was how religion can be manipulated to suit an agenda. As a religious person myself I found it very interesting playing through it again with this point of view and it elevated the game even higher in my eyes. There are a few games on this list that have brought me to tears but this one was the one that had me bawling. I found the ending to be pretty powerful, what with the amazing music playing and the way the Yuna and Tidus relationship came to a close, all of it was pretty emotional for me and it ended the game in a perfect way. 7. Halo 3 After the disappointment of Halo 2 ( at least the campaign mode ) I was hoping for a return to form with Halo 3 and boy did it deliver. The E3 reveal trailer is one of my favourites of all time. The voice of Cortana, the Chief showing up, the music…man, that music. Brilliant stuff. The campaign mode was an amazing adventure, even more so if you had 3 buddies to play it with. I remember receiving the special edition that included the Master Chief’s helmet from Play.com. I was 2-10 shift at the time and as soon as I got home I sat and played it until early hours of the morning until I had finished the game and seen the credits roll. I manage to get a few hours sleep but when I woke up I had a stomach bug. I went to work but then had to get sent home for being too ill. I went home, had a bath, went to bed for a fair few hours and then woke up ready to play once my mates had finished work at 10pm. I also remember playing through the game on Legendary difficulty with Caris, Rob and I think the other person was NintenChris. Crazy to think that was over 10 years ago now and none of them are on the forums anymore. The amount of hours I must have poured into the multiplayer was insane. The maps and matchmaking were so good and it saddens me what it has become now. Another good memory of the game was when I was chasing the last achievement I needed. It required me to get 2 kills at once with a single shot of the Spartan Laser. This was a nightmare to get because you had to charge the shot up and its beam doesn’t have a wide range on it. I can’t remember what map it was on but I do remember taking aim at a guy and then firing the shot only for another person to jump in the path. Two for one! I waffled on about this in a thread recently but the marketing campaign for the game has to be one of the biggest and best I have seen from any game. Some of the adverts well REALLY well done and I don’t think anyone has done anything like them since. 8. Kingdom Hearts As someone who adores Disney and Square-Enix this game was a match made in heaven. The trailer from E3 2002 really sold me on the game. The characters, music and worlds all looked right up my alley. I just finished another play through of it the other month and the game still holds up. Sure, the sequels have a better camera and more interesting stories but I don’t think any of them since the original game have managed to capture the magical feeling that it brought to the table. It seems that with the first game both companies used the collaboration as a way to show off their brands but as the series went on, Kingdom Hearts kind of became its own things. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the games to bits but there’s no denying it has lost that magic and feeling of simplicity that the series once started off with. Like a lot of other Square games, this also has an amazing soundtrack. Dearly Beloved is a song I always sit and listen to on the title screen before I eventually hit the start button. Simple and Clean is another fantastic song. Sanctuary, form Kingdom Hearts II, is good but doesn’t reach the heights that Simple and Clean does and judging from the new title song from Kingdom Hearts III, it seems the original song will remain my favourite. The cameos from various Disney villains and Final Fantasy characters had me all giddy when I originally played the game. Having Squall show up early in the game and tussle with you, fighting Cloud in the arena and then taking off Sephiroth as a post-game boss was amazing. Being able to summon the likes of Genie and Simba to aid you in battle was such a nice touch, even if summoning Tinkerbell is kinda broken. This is another game that got me all choked up at the end. You think with it being a Disney game that it will have a happy ending but this isn’t really the case. I thought I was going to closure and everything would work out but I was denied that. Instead I got to watch friends become separated and Simple and Clean kick in at just the right time to give me a gut punch. I LOVED the teaser you got for finishing the game 100%. It wasn’t until years later that I found out the true meaning behind it all but it was Square doing what Square done best back in the day. Delivering a hype inducing CGI trailer that had me kicking and screaming for the sequel to arrive. Needless to say I’m super excited for the final part of the trilogy and can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Poor Aqua... 9. The Last of Us Naughty Gods. What the workers over at ND pulled off when making this is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a game that defined a generation and what’s even crazier was when the game launched. It would have been so easy for Sony and ND to push the game back and just launch it on the PS4 but instead it helped give the PS3 a final hurrah and also solidified ND as one of the best in the industry. I’ll never forget the demo ( or the crowd reactions for that matter) from the demo back at E3 in 2012. It’s what sold the game for many people. Going into the game I made sure that I didn’t know much about it and was blown away just by how the game actually started. It was a gut punch that I, and many other gamers, weren’t expecting but it was the perfect way to hook the player into the world and story of the game. The relationship between Ellie and Joel was one of my favourite things about the game. Seeing Joel being cold and distance but eventually opening himself up to here and wanting to protect her was a beautiful thing to watch. The game’s end was done perfectly. While I know a lot of people would have preferred a more direct ending that granted closure, I loved the way it was left up to the player to think about if Ellie knew what had happened or not. In terms of gameplay, I really enjoyed the stealth aspects of the game, which is something I don’t normally enjoy. Things could get very tense and every bit of scrap metal or bandages found were vital in trying to keep yourself alive. This was even more crucial when playing on the harder difficulties as enemies would hit you harder and items were few and far between. The game really grabbed me and it’s one of those games where I encouraged my work mates to play it if they already hadn’t. One of the guys eventually got around to picking it up and he couldn’t believe that it took him so long to play such a game and thanked me for constantly hounding him to play the thing. I usually hate watching streams/reaction videos for games but with this I ended up watching Teens React when they done a playthrough of this. It took months to get through but watching each of them discover the story and seeing how each of them reacted to the various beats in the story was a great watch. I’ve never watched anything like that since so it goes to show just how much I was into this game. I’ll say it again, Naughty Gods 10. Phantasy Star Online This was the game that got me into online gaming. Being able to play with my friends without having to go to their house was a revelation and we all had so many great times playing it online, despite the game not having voice chat. Even though I had poured countless hours into the Dreamcast version, I ended up buying the game again on the Gamecube. Me and my mates still played it online but we used to still have local gaming sessions every Friday. The Gamecube version allowed for 4 player split screen which made it a great local multiplayer game. I always remember when we all went search for the rare red drops from enemies. We had all played enough to know when an enemy was about to die and you could see each of us inching closer and closer to it in the hopes that it would drop some rare loot and we could nick it. Eventually we had to make up some rules about who could pick up what as to stop the fighting that kept occurring. Fast forward a year or two and I had picked up a Xbox and the first game I wanted was of course PSO. Being able to play this online and with voice chat was everything I had ever wanted and once again I spent a stupid amount of time playing this with friends and random people. The opening cutscene in the game will forever remain in my heart. The music that plays during it always brings me a smile and takes me back to playing it on all 3 consoles. It saddens me that Sega never brought the sequel out over here. Not only have they sold out the main series to mobile phones ( it just got shown the other day and it looks terrible ) but they have given the West a giant middle finger over the years in regards to getting a release of PSO2 over to us.
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    Man, I have been proper neglecting this thread. While there is no way I'm going back through every game I've played this year, I do want to talk about one I beat a few months back... It's Another Metroid 2 Remake! (Not that one) Metroid: Samus Returns is an official remake of the Game Boy title "Metroid II: Return of Samus" It's a 2D action adventure game that was released on the 3DS last year. It's made by MercurySteam, who don't normally make Metroid games. The game follows bounty hunter Samus Aran, who recently blew up a planet, which narrows it down to most of her adventures. That planet was Zebes, which thankfully, narrows it down to 2 of her adventures. Zebes sucks that much. The Galactic Federation decides that Metroids, a creature that was found on Zebes, are pretty damn dangerous (Which is true). They find proof of Metroids on the planet SR388, so decide to send Samus to exterminate them all. I really hope they don't care about collateral damage... Can Samus kill all the Metroids? Will she inexplicably find suit upgrades that she technically already has? And will SR388 escape from the serial Planet Exploder? The game's basic structure is like most 2D Metroid games. Exploration plays a huge part and it's up to you to guide Samus around SR388 in search of Metroids to blow up, upgrades to pilfer and maybe have an exciting escape sequence at the end. Much like the original Game Boy adventure, SR388 is split up into different areas, each with a number of Metroids to find, killing all the Metroids in an area allows you to move on to the next section of the game. Unlike the original game, Samus has a few new tricks up her sleeve. Samus is able to shoot in any direction by utilising the R button. You can then use the Circle Pad to direct Samus' Arm Cannon in any direction you want, allowing for very precise aiming. I really like this feature. It's a small addition that feels just right in a game like this. There's also some abilities referred to as Aeion Abilities, which utilise an energy gauge. These abilities tend to be very useful, but are quite limited in usage, they're best saved for when they're needed. Well, except Scan Pulse which reveals a portion of the map around you. Very useful for when you get a bit lost. The last new trick is the Melee attack. This allows Samus to whack nearby enemies with her arm cannon. Successfully countering an enemy attack with this stuns the enemy, refills some of the Aeion Guage, let's you immediately aim at them with R and fire more powerful shots for a short time. I do have some misgivings with the Melee attack, I mean it's perfectly fine in theory, but about 80% of the enemies are meant to be handled like this. It does become a bit repetitive, waiting for the enemy to attack, then countering and shooting it in the face. Thankfully, this is a minor gripe and the rest of the gameplay is proper solid. Hidden items are fun to find and the planet is lots of fun to explore, not to mention the bosses in this game are pretty good. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this game is easily the most difficult official Metroid game I've ever played. (Pretty impressive fan game AM2R is harder, but unfortunately, it's not in a good way) It's really easy to die in this game, enemies do tons of damage! I like a challenge now and again, but a big part of my Metroid experience is when you get all of Samus's sweet suit swag and become an unstoppable killing machine, it's a great feeling. But it never happens in this game. Even at the end, I was still trying to avoid fights. I had the bloody Screw Attack, why am I still worried about random enemies!? The visuals are... nice... Not the prettiest looking game, but it's got some good points. The 3D effect is amazing though! The music on the other hand is... less than average, nothing stood out that much, and it really bothered me that fanfares were just straight up nicked from the Metroid Prime games. Normally, I'd wrap up around here, but there's one thing about a difference this game has compared to the Game Boy version and the Metroid Nerd in me needs to talk about it. So that's Metroid: Samus Returns, which is a very solid game, minor grievances aside. I certainly enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say it was my favourite Metroid. It's better than the Game Boy original though, so kudos to MercurySteam.
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    Free update just rolled out:
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    Yeah, i've been catching up with the events that have happened during the night. It's seems Filip Miucin (NVC host) has ripped off someone else's review. Apparently he has done this before, as well. His and IGNs credibility have certainly come into question again and i'd be very surprised if he is kept on. The evidence is pretty damning. I would say that i'm shocked that something like this may have happened but honestly i'm not. You look at the sheer amount of games that are being released, especially on the Switch, and websites and YouTubers are desperate to get their name out there and put up reviews for these games, even if they haven't actually finished or even played the game. A lot of reviews these days can be seen as glorified press releases, with people taking what was wrote on a press release and then adapting it to a review. Strangely enough, I had a brief conversation with @S.C.G about this kind of thing happening just yesterday. I know i've harped on about this before in the past but this kind of thing is why I like to see the credits roll or even 100% a game before I put out my final thoughts/review, as well as providing a quick screen shot showing my stat screen or credits rolling. It adds credibility to the person who is writing about the game. This subject also came up in a recent episode of Sacred Symbols, with Colin saying this is why he enjoys achievements and trophies because you can call out reviewers if they say they've completed a game for the review but the stats say otherwise, something which he has been able to do in the past. Although he didn't say whether this was while he was working at IGN. It will be a shame if Filip has indeed done what is being claimed. He was just starting grow on me as host of NVC. However, if he is indeed found guilty of plagiarising that other review then I do think he should be let go from IGN because the damage would have done and he probably wouldn't be able to review another game without being put under the microscope.
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    I couldn't resist writing the article for this one... I must stress that the article is a little bit tongue-in-cheek but I assure you that it still comes from a good place. Anyway, we don't know everything yet, Nintendo might surprise us nearer the time... ...or we might get that fabled press release the day before. Even I'll admit though, having online features added to classic Nintendo games is pretty nice for what it's worth.
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    There's a huge interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi in this months Edge magazine. A few bits from it are doing the rounds around the internet. The Yakuza quote is interesting. He has actually mentioned this before. I found it hilarious the other month when Nintendo fans were kicking off about his comments regarding Switch ports of the Yakuza series. Many uninformed Nintendo fans picked up the news and were unfairly calling him out, attributing the whole thing to another 3rd party just disrespecting their platform of choice. This new interview once again this highlights why he favours Sony's platforms. The other two platformer holders didn't believe in his idea but now that it has gained popularity they want a piece of the action. You can see why he hesitant to release the games on other platforms. TBH, i'd be the same. Why give them the game when they wanted nothing to do with it in the first place?
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    I think it's a good idea and I'm up for it when I can as well. Sounds like a good excuse/motivation to play some retro games that I may not have played yet.
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    I know you lot are having many meaningful discussions. But I'm just letting you know I'd be up for any games I have access to. Sounds fun.
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    Ok @S.C.G is imposing his ethical will so he is out!
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    It's been less than 24 hours since finding about that shop and this has already happened. I honestly could have spent a fortune in there but had to show some restraint.
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    Let's get some highlights up. Highlights with me (Right Screen) Highlights of @Dcubed (Left Screen) Highlights of both screens
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    I'm free tonight, you know what, I think it's time I dust off the racing boots. The Mole is Back and In
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    I enjoyed watching the presentation more with them than I did watching it on my own. Kyle constantly laughing kept setting me off. His reaction to this was fantastic.
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    Dug out my old Gamecube in order to play Spider-Man 2 (Gamecube). The reason should be obvious, there's a new Spider-Man game out on 7th September and it looks like it's going to be really good. So, seemed like a good time to try and finish the Spider-Man game I already owned. Problem is, I was stuck on this section in Chapter 14 for years (more than a decade) and hadn't played the game in a long time. Adopoting a more conservative approach than my usual gung-ho attitude to video games however paid off and I eventually managed to beat that part... and proceeded to go onto the final battle in the game against Doctor Octopus. I was THAT close to finishing it... After many failed attempts I managed to beat Doc Oc and therefore in just one evening finished Spider-Man 2. That was quick... Need to decide what to play next. Having dug the Gamecube out I don't want to put it back straight away and I'm sure there are other Gamecube games I have yet to finish, namely Majora's Mask, Timesplitters 2 and Viewtiful Joe. Having got into tokusatsu in the last couple of years and with Viewtiful Joe quite clearly inspired by toku, I'm inclined towards the latter. EDIT: Looking at all the game's I've beaten this calendar year and it's quite substantial... Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Golden Sun Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong (GB) Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Burnout 2: Point of Impact Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time A Hat In Time Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Spider-Man 2 It helps that there haven't been many new games this year that I've been interested in that have come out, but according to Backloggery this has been my most productive year for beating my backlog since I joined that site in 2012. 11 games beaten and only two of those were ones I acquired and started this year.
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    To all you guys playing Chrono Trigger fully through for the first time...man, I envy you. This is genuinely one of the finest games ever made and also what makes me vent a bit when I talk about how S-E have massively regressed when making games like Bravely Default now. The weaving together of timelines, ability to actually impact the plot, characters and battle system make this one of my all-time favourite games. If it hasn't clicked with you yet, stick with it.
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    When it first got announced I really wanted it. Quite soon after I thought, well, I have had a bit of overkill with playing MH Tri, 3 Ultimate, 4 Ultimate and Generations which for my feeling came quite close after each other, especially if you see how much time goes into it. So skipping MHGU. But now the day is coming closer I can feel the thrill of the hunt again. Seeing movies like the one above definitely helps! Plus I want to play a MH game on a large screen again. Plus dual analogue sticks, even in handheld! So yeah, I'm getting this! So Agnaktors, hide your Uroktors, it is ON!
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    Shantae received a free update yesterday. You get to run around with Shantae in her jammies and she now has a Blaster Master Zero transformation! The animations when she is Sophia III are amazing.
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    Heroki Review written by @Hero-of-Time Thank you on behalf of N-Europe. And thank you to @RedShell for introducing us to Heroki.
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    25 years later and Super Mario Kart truly is the game that just keeps on giving. This happened a few weeks back now (while playing the SNES Mini version) but I only got around to capturing it recently (gotta love the rewind feature of the mini ). So yeah, I was playing as Bowser (a character that I've never been very good with) and during this race on Choco Island, I completely messed up while trying to avoid an imminent banana peel from DK Jr. This caused me to crash into a Piranha Plant, but "luckily" I had Lightning as my item, so activated it right away to get back into the race. The tables had turned, the CPU were all tiny and squishable. I almost got instant revenge against DK Jr. but missed. Then came a LOL moment, when tiny Luigi ran into a banana peel! And what's this? Tiny Mario is just ahead, time to squish! I thought to myself. But just as I'm just about to perform said squish, bam! Tiny Mario suddenly turns into, Invincible Tiny Mario! Ooof!! What a cheeky git! That's cool, I've got a Red Shell now, eat this! Pow! Hehehe! How you like that? Oh, he's still tiny, ok time to squish... or not. And just for good measure, Yoshi then nicked a coin off me and DK Jr. (who's responsible for the entire fiasco) overtakes. Actually, I stopped playing from that point as I was on the floor in stitches! Anyway, here it is in video form: It's everything most people probably hate about the game, but I absolutely love and just can't get enough of. If SNES games ever become a part of Nintendo's Switch Online thing and they release an online enabled version of SMK, I'll probably explode.
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    Spent some more time grinding yesterday ( is it wrong that I like grinding more than actually moving the game forward? ) and I read up some more about how skills work. I'm starting to get my head around a lot better now and as such I have now made Cyrus into a bit of a beast. I managed to take down one of the bosses to nab one of the secret jobs and gave this straight to Cyrus. His spells are now doing 9999 damage and i'm able to one shot mobs for some fast grinding. That's more like it! The setup I have with him is to have Elemental Augmentation and Augmented Elements. These increase the damage of spells. I then add Elemental Aid which deals more damage to spells but costs double the SP. Finally I circumvent that cost by giving him SP Saver and that takes down the spells costs to the original level but still gives me the damage boost. I've also dabbled a bit with Olberic's setup up and it has come in very useful for any challenges that I do. I equipped him with Patience and Second Serving and the amount of extra goes I get in battle with him is insane. The one on one fights are so much easier when you get over double the amount of turns than your enemy does. I can now see why @Glen-i finds this kind of thing so satisfying. It's been a lot of fun experimenting with certain job setups and skills and it has made my grinding even easier!
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    It's so close... I can taste that well done steak...just under a month now!!!
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    I've put about 35 hours into it and I was sceptical at first but after the first 10 hours, it really drew me in. Thing is, once you have saved the NPCs from the dungeon, they start doing stuff in the lobby and that can give you stronger weapons earlier in the dungeon, thus making it easier to progress. That's what really lured me in - and now I'm able to go to the fourth and fifth level almost every time. Never beat the boss of the fifth level, though, but been there a couple of times. It's difficult but keeping it cool and not being reckless (and not dodge rolling!) can get you very far. I am going to go back to it now with the new update, it's truly a wonderful game that gives and gives if you put the effort into it.
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    May pick up Semblence at some point, it looks pretty cool: I've also just posted by review of one of my favourite essay-avoiding games from my uni days: http://n-europe.com/reviews/de-blob-2 The urls are automatically generated, it is a review of the original but its the second review of de Blob we have, meaning if we review de Blob 2 on Switch (if/when it comes out) it will be de-blob-2-2 which is an interesting mental image.
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    Which is exactly why I knew you'd have some good tactics. I remember some of the crazy stuff you were doing the BD games, as well. We really are the complete opposites. You play the game tactically, whereas I just bang my head against the wall until I get through. I was doing a bit of grinding yesterday evening and this happened... JACKPOT! I thought I would get through the whole game without it happening but there it is. I wasn't even planning on using the move but the fight I was in was taking a while and Primrose had enough BP to use it and I figured I would use Bewildering Grace. I managed to nab a bunch of other secondary jobs and finish off H'aanit's 1st chapter, as well as levelling her up to 30. I hate the way she speaks. It's very annoying. That's everyone's first chapter now complete, with each of them being at least level 30. Here's where the whole team stands level wise. I'm still not sure if I will now push on with the second chapters as I think it may be worth revisiting each of the towns and seeing what sidequests there are to clear before I move on.
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    This is cool! Someone just uploaded a digitised version of an old promo VHS for the SNES/Super Mario All Stars released in the UK in 1993! Has some neat SNES Dev footage, 90’s tude and Craig Charles as host! Think I actually still have this old tape myself kicking around somewhere, but here it is in easy to digest YouTube form for all of you old farts who remember what a VHS is!
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    I've been playing through Super Mario Sunshine the past week or so because I never managed to play it much when it first came out, also gave me a chance to test out the Hyperkin HD cable and I'm happy to report its worked flawlessly - looks just as good as the component cables did on my old TV so it was a decent investment considering i'm going to be playing through a lot of other Gamecube games I missed out on. Super Mario Sunshine itself was definitely difficult to get into at first, Mario has never been so jittery and the lack of a backflip or a long jump made the stages without FLUDD really awkward to get my head around - I'm so used to getting around in 3D Mario games by just long jumping about the place that it was really weird to play a game without such a versatile manoeuvre. Similarly FLUDD was pretty awkward at times too, especially to begin with, it has a lot of eccentricities to the way it changes how Mario moves and getting used to aiming at enemies took me a little while too. What I liked least about the game was how once you come to a shine that frustrates you in a stage you're basically stuck attempting it until you can collect it, whereas in Odyssey if a particular moon is irritating you then you can just go and find another one to look for. Part of it is definitely due to being coddled by more modern Mario games but I don't remember getting as irritated every time I was kicked out of a level after getting a star in Mario 64 than I was when I got a shine in Sunshine, it was exacerbated by one of the conventions of the Gamecube era where there are too many cinematic interludes, not as heinous in Sunshine as it is in something like Star Fox Adventures where the same damn animation plays every time you open a chest or gain a new ability but it does grate a bit seeing those bloody Pianta's gazing into the shaft of light for the hundredth time. After those little gripes I really enjoyed it though, there's a lot of charm to the setting and the peripheral characters (the plot is pretty bonkers) and the music is really great. One thing that griped me to begin with was how bloody difficult some sections were but eventually it enhanced the experience because there was a real sense of peril knowing that if I cocked up a jump I'd have to go through the whole thing again thanks to the lack of checkpoints. I don't know if I'm going to 100% it, I'm up to 70 shines at the moment and I think I've done all of the FLUDDless challenges, can someone tell me if any new challenges unlock once you earn a certain number of shines? I'd like to play all the game has to offer but I don't really want to scavenge about each stage finding 100 coins just for the sake of getting 120 of them. And what is with red and blue coins not counting towards the 100 coin total? Absolute heresy Mr Miyamoto!
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/400gb-sandisk-micro-sd/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A400gb sandisk micro sd An excellent deal. Sorry to make a post only for this, wanted to highlight. Feel free to delete once the deal has gone.
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    Things are going pretty well for me, we're spending most nights together and are spending as much time together as possible. Got her playing lots of board games, video games and watch of films. We enjoy pretty much doing everything together.
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    These don't take the Random Task Results into mind. Wow, that was a hectic night! Scores were all over the place throughout! @martinist and @nekunando rejoin the league, one had a more lengthy absence than the other, sure. But it still counts. A big welcome to newest N-E member @Gourmet / Esperpento, who despite having WiFi issues up the wazzoo, scored a 3rd place in the 3rd GP and shoves himself into 2nd place. Let's see if he can maintain it though. Out of the 8 people who took on the "Captain Toad's Ultimate Exploration" Random Task, 7 of you passed. However, @martinist is our first casualty of the Random Task, when he went through the Cave twice. Of particular note, @Gourmet / Esperpento still pulled it off, despite the disconnection he had immediately after taking his 3rd choice. I moved your bonus points to the 3rd GP. Next League Night: 19th July 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell This week's theme comes courtesy of @S.C.G. An RGB Shy Guy theme with everyone's favourite blender of items being prominent. You're only allowed to choose Red, Green or Light Blue Shy Guy. Sign up Now!