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    I ended up modding my Switch and Joy-cons. And man, am I happy :D. I love those SNES-colored buttons, and it really fits well with the transparent shells. Took a lot of time and had a few problems on the way though, but everything worked well in the end.
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    I will be a fan soon....
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    I won't deny that you guys have aired some legitimate grievances with the game, but you still sound like spoilt children to me! That ranting article being a clear example of someone who's thrown his toys out of the pram - sure some of the criticisms were valid, but spare me the reactionary bullshit. When a game achieves critical acclaim there's always a push-back from nitpickers who start to inflate every drawback they can find. As if by tallying all the niggles you can render the genuinely brilliant features of the game worthless or trivial. It'd be easy for me to write a few pages of criticism about Breath of the Wild, but that would be to miss the point. A half-wit can point to a lack of enemy variety, or highlight the underwhelming side quest rewards. The story is half-baked and more time should've been taken to humanise/contextualise Ganon. But if that's your overriding impression of this game I do question your ability to appreciate the things that matter, or your ability to recognise the abyssal level of complexity involved in making a game of this magnitude. Get some perspective guys - this is the most revolutionary Zelda game at least since as far back as Ocarina of Time, and the way it invests players with agency in an open world setting is frankly miraculous. Quibbling something as small as the slip mechanic when climbing in the rain shows a lack of awareness of the bigger picture. To be able to overhaul so many systems in one go with so much success is unbelievably difficult. And the nature of these design choices, like weapon-breaking, is that they are give and take. In chess, almost every attacking move comes with a defensive compromise; in game design, almost every bold new mechanic raises a potential flaw. There are dozens of new interlocking mechanics in Breath of the Wild, and yet they all come together holistically. Some of the mechanics will likely prove to be iterative, as is always the way in games that break the mould, but overall they pay off. The criticisms I've read are as much a reflection of tired player attitudes as they are flaws in the game. Weapon-breaking wasn't perfect, true, but I nevertheless appreciated being forced to rotate between weapons, when in other RPGs like Dark Souls I'd fall back on my favourite weapon for half the playtime. You're overly entitled to your own comfort zone if you feel ripped off by this system. It's one game. Why not put your hardened concept of weapon ownership aside and just run with it? On a more practical level, if you feel like you've got everything you wanted from the open world experience when playing the game, choose that time to finish up the bosses and move onto the next thing instead of playing it to the point of boredom. I'm delighted Nintendo refused to listen to the fans in this thread. This game has single-handedly made them relevant to me again. From the testimony of the developers it's obvious that they were desperate to leave the shackles of formula behind them, and the game shines because of it. For those who say Breath of the Wild lacked that ineffable Zelda magic - dude, are you for real? Breath of the Wild inspired the same wonderment I felt when exploring Hyrule in Ocarina of Time. It's fair to say the quality/structure of the story was a letdown, but the writing was occasionally imbued with classic Zelda charm (see: Purah, the diddy age-reversing scientist girl). Let's not kid ourselves as to the quality of past Zelda stories too - the series has been crying out for help from Studio Ghibli for a long time. Tl:dr - this game is lit, and fully deserves the praise it received. Even if it wasn't your ideal, traditional Zelda game (yawn), you have to admit it achieved some remarkable things.
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    What with people saying they've never played Super Mario Galaxy 2 and now this....I need to find another Nintendo site/forum to visit.
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    Good job I'm no longer a mod as I would have been swinging the ban hammer for such a crime!
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    Yes. Tied in 57th place with 7 points we have: And now we're getting into the nitty-gritty. Introducing the games worthy of TOP-50 status. Coming in at joint 45th place with a fairly respectable 8 points we have... the first answer to the question, "which is (not) the best 3D Mario game of all time. Also, the game with the worst title of all time, arguably one of the most influential games of the past 20 years, and finally a game I can guarantee* no-one has ever played on original hardware (you filthy pirates!). *Probably, but not 100%
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    I'm going to include @dwarf's vote because a shake up at the top is always a good thing, especially considering how PAINSTAKINGLY close it is in the top 10, and more votes means more accurate results, amirite? (Plus his vote doesn't affect the results that have already been announced, so that's nice) Here's your next batch of results, beautiful people. Moving on, we have the games that managed four points and are tied in 73rd place: Confession: One game was due to appear on the list above, until I realised some people had used its US name, and others had used its (infinitely more stupid) EU name. Damn you, NOE. So while these games are all tied in 73rd place, the results already mentioned above for three, two and one point respectively can be bumped by one place... If I could edit those posts I would, but alas, we are still bearing the brunt of awful marketing decisions some 20 years later.
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    So the results have been tallied and verified by an independent adjudicator... I'd like to thank all 26 people who voted. This is the definitive N-Europe list of the BEST games ever published by Nintendo. Let's start from the bottom. Coming in with a grand total of one point: YOUR favourite Nintendo games ever ranked in tied 94th place: But the fun doesn't stop there! Here are the games that managed TWO points and as a result are tied 89th place: More will be revealed tomorrow!
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    10/10 from EDGE That's their 20th ever perfect score, eight of which are Nintendo games, and follows 64, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 in terms of Mario games.
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    I thought this warranted its own thread, there is a new Firmware update for the Switch which features: Video capture for select games New profile icons featuring characters from the Super Mario Odyssey™ game and The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild game Transfer user profiles and save data to another system Pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch https://www.nintendo.com/switch/system-update/ Video capture: To capture video, hold down the Capture Button during gameplay Up to maximum of the previous 30 seconds will be saved in the Album. You can trim the beginning and end of each clip, and post to Facebook and Twitter. As of October 18th, 2017, this feature is compatible with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2
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    Got a Switch just over a month ago, it's a fucking nightmare getting one in this country. A couple failures at the now infamous lottery draws to buy one at the big department stores, missing out on a cheap used one by 5 fucking minutes because I was being a nice boyfriend winning my girlfriend a prize from a UFO machine, missing out on Yodobashi getting a fuck load in just before my lunch break at work and not realising half way into my lunch, making it too late to bail for one and get back in time for my class. Then I found an absolute mint used one for 1000 yen less (about £7) than the RRP at a Geo and grabbed it immediately, despite finding it kind of suspicious. Absolutely no problem with the thing, and I've played with it for a ludicrous amount of time since then. Only done TV play for parties here when we get MK8 on the go. Fucking lovely little console. Oh, and I'm still alive. I'll get back on here more often.
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    The only scary thing about it will be the lack of any decent discounts.
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    Yeah, absolutely brilliant. It can be pretty tricky to find the capture button during gameplay (using traditional controls at least) especially at 200cc! I managed to grab one particular clip mid-game though, where a Green Shell decided to act like a Red one. AKA major lag. Will post it later. Anyway, cheers everyone. That was a great laugh! Good job recreating the Miis too. *EDIT* Lag Shell : Geoffrey, Blue Shell dodging like a boss : *EDIT 2* Wow. Switch captures do not look good at that size.
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    Here are your results y'all! GP1 GP2 GP3 Great night! Thanks to everyone for doing your bit! Table and Next Theme will be up sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, here you go @bob And you're damn right I got some choice moments recorded with the new Switch recording feature. Very slick! I'm on the right and @Dcubed is on the left.
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    There's a lot of good things about Destiny 2, but Bungie need to address 2 things quite quickly: 1. The End Game grind (or lack thereof) - the problem is that none of the endgame activities are needed to get to the highest power level or the best weapons. Exotics are no longer powerful; Raid and Trials gear aren't particularly special nor do they increase your power level; there's no holy grail of armour or weapons for people to grind for (no Gjallarhorn, Fatebringer, Vex Mythoclast etc). The Strikes and Raid are fun and well designed, but without the right rewards, there's no reason for anyone to do them again and again. In vanilla Destiny, you had to do Vault of Glass every week to get the shards, the gear and weapons in order to get to the highest light level. As your light level went up, the raid became easier, the nightfalls became easier, so you had more opportunities to get exotics and raid weapons (which made a massive difference to certain activities). You put the effort in, and by the end (if you were lucky enough, but that's a separate issue with D1) you became a beast with some seriously OP gear that you couldn't get by simply doing the weekly patrols and handing in your exotic engrams that you got from little to no effort. Simply put, they need to make the end game activities mean something in terms of rewards. 2. The state of PvP - in their quest to make the game more balanced and competitive, Bungie seemed to have forgotten how to make it fun for the majority of players. When you nerf all abilities and their cooldowns, make all weapons less powerful, and take away Snipers and Shotguns, sure you get a balanced team-based shooter, but if I wanted to play Halo or CS, I'd play Halo or CS. It's lost a lot of what made Destiny PvP unique - the awesome movement, the clutch plays, the mayhem of supers going off left and right... this is what people miss. People want to play Crucible to relax, but what you get in Quickplay is something that feels far too competitive and not social enough. Make Quickplay 6v6 again and introduce more fun modes - Mayhem, Rift, CTF, Snipers, Rockets, Swords, Vehicles etc. The Competitive Playlist is a joke - if you're going to have a Ranked playlist, then it should have visible Ranks. They should just scrap Trials and make competitive a 4v4 ranked playlist - everyone starts at 1000 SR and you go up and down. Have seasons with rewards at the end of the season. Right now, there is no incentive to play competitive, so nearly every match there is someone who quits. It may seem like I'm taking 2 issues and blowing them out of proportion, but when there's no reason to play PvE once you've done everything, and when PvP is just not fun... then there's no reason or incentive to keep playing. I think Bungie will soon find themselves with a rapidly shrinking player base if they don't start addressing these issues in their next big update.
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    Bought, played and finished Yono: The Celestial Elephant, this evening. The game is very short and, apart from from one puzzle, very easy, especially if you're used to block puzzles in the likes of Zelda and Pokemon.I played the game exclusively using off screen play and there seemed to be performance issues. It looked like there were a few framerate dips here and there.Had the game been a cheaper price I think it would be easier to recommend but there are far better eShop titles out there at the moment, some of which are priced cheaper and offer a better and longer experience.It's not all bad. The game does have charm to it. Yono looks great, especially in some of the costumes you can buy, and some of the dialogue is quite humorous, as well.I was looking forward to this after seeing it in the Nindie showcase. It's a shame it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.
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    When coming up with my list I tried to remove myself from any nostalgic feeling. So something like Jet Force Gemini, which I loved back in the day, didn't make the list due to how it plays now. All the games on the list I have played in recent years and all of them hold up. I also tried to limit myself to one entry per franchise, otherwise the list would have had more Mario platformers on it. I did break this rule once though as I couldn't justify leaving ALTTP off the list. So, here are my entries. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Super Mario Galaxy 2 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Banjo-Kazooie Kirby Triple Deluxe Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Golden Sun
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    Sunshine is a horrible game to 100%. Those Blue Coins are just flat out unfun to find.
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    Today is the one year anniversary of the reveal of the Switch. I.e. one year ago, we got this: Quite the year!
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    Looks like another indie title I'll be buying on the Switch. I'll just go and add that to the... *another new title announced!* ...ever... growing... *another new title announced!* ...list. *another new title announced!*
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    My adventure continued yesterday evening, with me reaching a star count of 56. I reached Gusty Gardens yesterday... I adore the music in this world, as I imagine most people do. This is a tune that can constantly put a smile on my face no matter how i'm feeling, especially when it really kicks in at the 1:25 mark. I lost a fair few lives doing some more Daredevil comets last night. The two where I had to beat Bouldergeist and Major Burrows were causing me many issues, despite them being pretty easy boss fights. Bouldergeist especially gave me a run for my money. I would be having a good run and thinking I was going to make it but then he would change his moveset from what he done in a previous attempt. Cheeky git. A level I didn't struggle with was Honeyclimb Galaxy. I'm sure this gave me some difficulty when I originally played the game but I managed to do it first time during this play through. I'm still not a fan of the Bee power up. Sure, it looks pretty funny but I just don't like how it handles. I forgot how much I love Freezeflame Galaxy. The star you need to nab where level is both fire and ice at the same time was an absolute joy to play. To be fair, I just love faffing about with Mario when he has the Ice Flower power up. Doing a quick twirl and then skating across water/fire just feels so satisfying. I should easily reach the 60 star mark this evening. I could go and fight the final boss at that point but I think i'll try to get all the stars I can before finishing Bowser off. I doubt i'll do a play through with Luigi, though. I don't think I would have the time to do a full 242 star run before Mario Odyssey arrives.
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    As promised, here are my Miiverse posts from the 3 games I played over the weekend. Nothing really special in them, they were just done as just proof/tracking. I have to say, I really enjoyed playing through this again. I don't think i've played it ever since I finished it back when it got released. A lot of gamers give the NSMB series a hard time. While, the looks and sounds could do with a shake up, the gameplay is still top notch. The only bad thing about this entry is that the final boss fight is very lacking. It still blows my mind how short and weird this game is. Back in the day the game felt like some epic adventure but the thing is only around a half hour long. Still, the ending theme always makes me smile. This game still holds a special place in my heart, despite it's flaws, most notably the crazy amount of slowdown that the game suffers from. The 3 pigs boss never fails to make me chuckle. Like the first game in the series, this one has such a weird setting but, unlike the first game, this one still manages to feel very much like a Mario game. With those done and dusted, it was time to start a 3D Mario game. I was going to start off with Super Mario 64 but I have played that countless times before and instead decided to go with... Crazy to think that the game has been out 10 years! I hadn't even clicked on until I looked at the title screen. I was trying to remember the last time I played through this and I was drawing a blank. I'm sure i've been through it again since I finished it at launch but I can't pinpoint when that was. Seeing as I had no Mii's saved on the Wii section of my Wii U, I had to pick a Nintendo character icon. Obviously it had to be Toad. Sorry, @Blade. Speaking of Toad, no word of a lie, I totally forgot that Captain Toad was in this game! I was pleasantly surprised when I seen him. I was hoping to start the game a lot sooner than I did. As you can see from the screenshot, I didn't get it started until after 7pm. I had to unpack the Wii U, then update it, then download and install Super Mario Galaxy, all of which took an absolute age. Crazy just how fast the Switch is in comparison. I've loved what i've played so far. The soundtrack is still one of the best that Nintendo has ever made, IMO. Getting to listen to Good Egg Galaxy right off the bat is a great way to start your adventure. Dem feels! Not long after that you get to listen to the epic tune that is Battlerock Galaxy. I've nabbed a fair few stars already, some of which didn't give me trouble, even though I remember them being a hassle when I originally played. However, that stupid trash cleanup star still took me multiple attempts. I wanted to punch that little robot in the face. Clean up your own trash! I've also managed to do a few Comet Stars, as well. I've done a couple of speed run ones and then my final star of the night was a daredevil star against the spinning top boss. This took my tally to 25. I was aiming to start at around 5pm and have 20 stars by the end of the night, so it was nice to get more than the quota I had set for myself, despite starting 2 hours later. My adventure will continue this evening, once I get home from work and the gym. Can't wait.
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    Next Fly League Night: 19th October 8pm Crew 1 @BowserBasher is Room Gangsta @Glen-i @BowserBasher (Will) @martinist (Jazz) @punio75 (Carlton) @viceview51 @RedShell (Geoffrey) @Dcubed (Uncle Phil) @S.C.G (Will) Still to claim turf @Nicktendo @Sméagol So this is a story all about how, the League got flip turned upside down. So I'd like to take a minute to do my part, and explain to you The Fresh Theme of Mario Kart. This very thread's where the idea raised, Mario Kart was how we rolled on Thursdays. Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, getting blue shell'd every minute by some fool. Just posting the results, I'd gone down a place. And I decided to put a smile on your face. I posted one little GIF and you all piled on, and now I've got a theme to fall back upon. I whistled for some Mii's and RedShell made Eight, he did a bangin' job, yeah, they look pretty great. I chose a vehicle setup which is pretty fair, it mixes 90's hiphop with the poshness of Bel-Air The League Night starts at about 8, make sure you get your Mii's made before it's too late. When you've done that, I'll see you all there, for the theme based solely on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! Wasted an hour thinking that up... This Theme requires a bit of an effort on your part, RedShell made some awesome Mii's up above. But there's no simple way to transfer them to your Switch, so here's what you do. Declare yourself IN! and mention which Fresh Prince character you're going to play as. It's OK if you choose the same as someone else. Go to the Mii Maker on your Switch. (It's in the settings menu) Using RedShell's pictures as a reference, try your best to recreate your chosen Mii. Be sure to keep the weight and height sliders at their default position so everyone weighs the same on Mario Kart. I can't remember if the Mii's name overwrites the user account in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so just to be safe, incorporate your name into the Mii. For Example, "GeoffShell" or "UncleCubed" so I can tell who's who. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Just remember to use the position tabs in each facial feature to fine tune the Mii. Sign Up and Make Your Mii's Now!
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    Well, I made these Fresh Prince Miis on the Switch: (it's not easy to make a good Will Mii without using the eyebrow "ears" trick, although you probably wouldn't see them in the MK helmet anyway ) But then realised that there's actually no way to get them off my Switch other than via amiibo or local wireless with another Switch... In fact, there doesn't seem to be any way to get Miis on to a Switch other than those methods either! So yeah, kinda messes with the plan a bit. Guess we could still do the theme, but everyone will have to acquire/create their own Miis for it.
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    Here it is... n-europe Review I know, I know... I took Ages. But then so did Sega in letting this game be made so... Special Thanks to @Kaepora_Gaebora for contributing to the review. Enjoy!
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    Just before I go to work, a quick word on Tiny Barbarian DX. The game does nothing that you haven't seen before. Castlevania, Mega Man, Ghouls N' Ghosts, all 2D action platform tropes and cliches are in here. However, the game does them all so well, and with such a variety of things to do. It unashamedly pays homage after homage to the greats, and excels at those pokes of fun while maintaining its own identity. To be truly critical, this game offers nothing that you haven’t seen before, but it’s just so damn good at what it does offer. One minute you are jumping, hacking and slashing through a combo-driven 2D platformer. Then, riding on the back of a beast. Followed, by a persistently scrolling level, up an elevator, or running from a massive chasing boulder. After that, flying on a tamed bee. Later still, jumping over barrels being thrown at you by a woman stealing large monkey-type creature. Lastly, fighting some dramatic mid or end boss that throws all previous conventions out of the window. Variety is certainly the spice of the Tiny Barbarian’s life. It controls so well, no slowdown, and looks great with bright 16-bit style graphics and fluid animations, and good music. It's really difficult to point out a negative of the game. Yes, it's difficult, but fair. Yes, there are no RPG-lite elements, but this is a straight forward, linear, 2D action platformer. Yes, it's overpriced, but what's on offer is an extremely well executed game made by people who know their history, and the 2-player co-op is great fun. If you don't like this genre then steer clear, you've seen it all before. But if you do, I can't recommend it highly enough, even through the 26.99 pounds asking price. Maybe wait for a sale??
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    Clearly there's only one way to use a frying pan:
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    *cough* More SNES games *cough*
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    Well done to @Daft, @Sheikah, @Shorty, @Dan_Dare, @Zell and Luke for completed the blind raid. 💪
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    I know I said I'd play through FF 3/6 next, but I got a sudden hankering for Mario World. That was a 100% run, all 96 exits in one sitting. @Dcubed can back me up on that. Which would have made me the 132nd fastest player in the world. Kinda wish I didn't pause so much now...
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    I don't remember taking a picture of a cat....I don't remember going to bed last night either. Maybe i should stop drinking >_>
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    hye...i'm drunk and i;sd yjudt like to say tha t i ahave knida dbnone fgood andsdtuff So angyway I saw htis cart in the roat. Kitteh!!1!!!! Also there awas a laod s of bikers andonde passed out in yhr booth and wweveryone was straing stw them"! My neck jkinda hurst so i'm gonna tlisten to some tiunes and thene u'm gonna got to bed. wooooo!!!
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    Indy is getting old: The day we got him, about 10 years ago:
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    Hey there N-E, long time no see! Although something seems a bit different. Anyway, yeah I'm still alive. Didn't have a great start to the year though, so ended up losing interest in posting here and even gaming for a while. Still picked up a Switch at launch (as a few of you might be aware) and have gradually been getting back to my old self... It's nice to see that the MK League is still going on. If there's room for one more in tonight's session (and provided I get home in time) I'd very much like to be IN! again.
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    Started an Instagram account for my retro/collectable stuff: Sweaty Thumbsticks
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    The quality of that graphic is pretty scary too
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    Looks like a couple of mini games have been added to the Switch versions. The first game looks garbage but the second one looks to be a brilliant homage to G&G.
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    Well played Nintendo... It got a smile out of me anyway...
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    What's this? Jonnas actually completed a game quickly? Unfathomable! The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Final Edition Despite the video's title, this is KOF 1998 It might not be immediately obvious, but I love fighting games. I'm not necessarily good at them, but I enjoy most of the ones I played. SNK's King of Fighters has always eluded me, though. I've always heard about the series, but considering its presence was always stronger in arcades than consoles, I never got to try any entry, despite them looking very appealing (I did play Capcom vs SNK 2 for a few weeks, but that's just a half-taste). Even moreso when Evo (the biggest fighting game tournament in the world) started streaming matches online, and featured KOF in its midcard (Evo 2017 in particular had an awesome match in its grand finals). So, when I saw a Steam bundle featuring three of the best games in the franchise, I decided to take the plunge and finally try it for myself. So, as it turns out, King of Fighters isn't just a simple series, and '98 isn't just a good entry in it. SNK was a strong, prolific presence in worldwide arcades back in the '80s and 90's, supporting multiple franchises and dipping their toe into a lot of arcade genres. Back in 1994, they decided to join several of their franchises (Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors, and Psycho Soldier) into a single crossover fighter (years before Smash Bros thought of the idea): King of Fighters '94. As such, characters were neatly divided into teams of 3 (each team representing a game, alongside a handful of original characters), and fights even took place in 3 vs 3 matches (no tagging, you just have to defeat all three members of the opposing team individually). KOF '94 was rough around the edges, and initially not quite as popular as it wanted to be, but SNK supported the series with yearly entries/updates. Some new characters would be introduced, some old characters would be cycled out, the gameplay engine would get improved often and they even had an ongoing, planned storyline that ran up until 1997. The culmination of this "golden age" for SNK was King of Fighters 1998, a celebratory game with no storyline, the most refined fighting system to date, and every character in the series returning for a massive game (ignoring storyline means dead characters can return). This particular "Ultimate Match" version of the game was a 2008 re-release with balance fixes and a few extra characters. Or rather, it's a 2014 Steam "Final Version" release with online capabilities (which I never tried out, I'm not good enough at it yet). I'm expecting a "Last Time for Realsies" remaster a few years down the line. So yeah, that's the background behind this game! About 45 characters in total But how does it play? For those of us used to Street Fighter (my main frame of reference is Street Fighter Alpha 3), it's odd at first. Characters walk faster, jump even faster (short hops can be pretty long), can roll/dodge, and fights are faster-paced in general. Furthermore, move inputs are unorthodox, to the point that the "advanced" moves such as guard-rolling are easier to pull off than character-specific moves. Compare to other fighting games, where you'll learn the ins and outs of your character's Shoryuken before you learn how to parry or guard-cancel effectively. Overall, this leads to fast, frantic and fun matches where the usual strategies won't necessarily work: projectiles don't travel far, rushdown tactics can get countered at any moment, and grapplers have to do better than simply approach their opponent (everyone feels slippery here). You need to read opponents good. There are also more complicated aspects, such as the multiple uses for your super bar, or the two "systems" you can choose from (not to mention that, since it's 3 vs 3 for every match, even the order you choose is important). But that's outside of the scope of this review, so I'll just say that the gameplay is pretty deep, as there are multiple options and strategies to employ. ...But I'm perfectly aware that a deep engine is not enough to make a memorable fighting game. So it's a good thing that this game has a pretty polished presentation. Notice how my teammates are wincing at that kick The characters are very memorable and charismatic. In fact, even if you never played this series, odds are, you have still heard of Terry Bogard or Mai Shiranui. Even Capcom designed Dan Hibiki as an intentional parody of these characters. They have distinctive fighting styles and their moves have a good "oomph" to them. The most impressive thing about it is that they were all designed with '90s sensibilities, but their look has aged pretty well (even the Steven Seagal lookalike). I guess SNK just distilled the best aspects of '90s aesthetic when designing their fighters. SNK is also famous for their detailed spritework and fluid animations, and KOF '98 is a good example of their craft. The backgrounds are colourful, dynamic and memorable (they change from round to round, sometimes because the sun is setting, sometimes because your fight is gaining an audience). The characters themselves look wonderful as well, as their personality shines through mannerisms alone (and they even have character-specific intros featuring even more spritework). Sprites taken from Fightersgeneration.com And I know not many folk read up on the story, but I like to skim read these things since it helps me paint a picture of what these characters are about. All I did was look up their bios on TvTropes, anyway. The music is alright. It's appropriate and there are some good tunes, but very few of them stick with you afterwards. You know what is memorable, though? The Engrish. SNK was always notorious for having voice clips with hilarious mispronounciations, but even their written translations have cheesy issues, both intentional and not. The results are... interesting. Or should I say, intenseteresting Really, I have a whole folder of these things, it's the gift that keeps on giving. I would say the main issue with this game is the lack of single-player content, which is what you'd expect from an Arcade game. Arcade Mode is just 5 teams and a boss (granted, which boss you get depends on how well you did), and that's it. Decent for practice, but the only reward for beating it is artwork of your team. The re-release adds a Survival Mode and a Challenge Mode (meant to teach you about advanced techniques, but I don't think it does a very good job of it), but none of those provide much. I considered the game "beat" after defeating the 3 potential bosses. So yeah, my opinion of the KOF series is, so far, positive. I can see how this became such a big hit in mainland Asia and Latin America. Next up is King of Fighters 2002.
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    I've been wanting to do the Nightfall strike all week and had a crack at it with the guided gamers feature. Man, that thing takes ages to get going. I was sat waiting for 20 mins. Luckily I had my Switch and FIFA to keep me company. They should just put matchmaking in the thing. I ended up playing with two Yanks. I had just plugged my headset in and one of them was already mouthing off at me ( dude thought I didn't have my headset in ) I sat listening to him waffle on ( kept my mic off ) about how bad I was and he kept blaming me for every death he had. The guy was an arrogant prick. It got the point where I wasn't even trying and quite frankly hoped we would fail the thing just to annoy him. We ended up failing and he was screaming down his mic blaming me. Turns out I had the most kills in the game. I turned my mic on and just burst out laughing down my headset. The guy didn't know what to say. I left soon after that. I did manage to get it done later in the day, though. Still, it didn't exactly leave me with a great impression of Guided Games. I really hate playing with randomers. More often than not they are absolute morons.
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    Chris Scullion ( a games journalist that used to work for CVG and Nintendo official magazine) has started a project to digitise the various VHS tapes that came out in they 90's to promote video games. Although a lot of these have been uploaded to youtube already, they're not in the best quality so he's gone out of his way to get the best he can out of these old tapes. He also uploads a video straight after with a commentary by himself where he talks about the interesting things you see in the background, such as pointing out things that changed between what we are seeing on the tape and final game and other details. I find it very interesting as I had most of the tapes he is converting and in the case of the Nintendo ones, I would rewatch them over and over again when I was looking forward to a particular game. I probably watched the Donkey Kong Country tape 100 times leading up to Christmas 1994. Another thing I found out recently this year (and Chris mentions this on the commentary version) is that the American version of this tape had an extra scene teasing Killer Instinct for the snes at the end, which you can see here; https://youtu.be/Rv_YCSbWP78?t=12m40s I think its pretty cool someone is doing this and its kind great seeing how games were promoted in the 90's compared to today.
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    This is a hard one, fellas, but I understand there comes a time in life when choices need to be made and top 10 lists need to be created. This list represents the Nintendo games that have made enough of an impact on me for them to come up in my mind right away at the prospect of creating a top 10 list. 10. F-Zero GX Probably one of the last franchises I discovered in my later years and having experience retroactively. I was able to hunt down a second hand copy and played it on my Wii, but nothing could have prepared my for what I was about to experience. The upbeat electro-techno! The laser-fast bumper-ramming! The deep lore surrounding the characters! Yes, my friends, this became one of my favourite racing games of all time in a heart beat. A heart beat that kept pounding faster and faster as I was forced back in my couch because of all the G-forces! 9. Pikmin 2 The Pikmin franchise has a special place in my heart simply because it mixes the guilt of failing your sweet little pikmin with the exploration of great environments. I recall liking the fact that there are no day limits in Pikmin 2, so you had all the time in the world to go about exploring during the day time in the different regions.That, and the cave exploration in this game was in a league of its own and seriously creepy and hard. Marching through the dark tunnels a 100 pikmin strong while they hum marching tunes when suddenly a luminescent frog falls down and kills almost your entire time because you took a wrong turn was particularly traumatic. 8. Metroid Prime Trilogy I know this is technically cheating, but god damnit I needs to be this way. If I had to pick I'd probably say Metroid Prime 1, though Metroid Prime 3 was the first one I've played. Atmosphere, isolation, soundtrack, lore. All spot on! The franchise that got me into Samus made a lasting impression. 7. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Now whilst I do prefer the art style and the characters of the previous games in the series more, in terms of hours put in a Nintendo game, I don't think any game comes closer that Days of Ruin. For that I had to put it on the list. I think me and a couple of friends have been getting together from time to time and playing this gem for nearly 8 years now and with it clearly being the most balanced game out of all of them we have no intention of slowing down this tradition. Though we all are getting older and the distance between one another might increase, so Wargroove might prove to be a great alternative here. 6. Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga This is another one of those games where you're taking on a humorous and thrilling adventure in the same vain as in the Paper Mario franchise. That's probably the reason why I enjoyed it so much, despite having played many Gameboy Advance games on an emulator back in the day. The Bean Bean Kingdom was a fun region to explore and as a game that introduced Fawful into our gaming minds it's hard to not give it a spot on this list. The hilarious writing and 'Italian' conversations between the bros. have stuck with me ever since. I really enjoy these kind of games where you enter a new world and every chapter so to speak brings something new to the table. No game in the series has yet to top this one for me. I have yet to play Dream Team Bros. and Paper Jam, so I need to judge and see if this franchise has fallen as much from grace as the Paper Mario franchise has. 5. Super Mario Galaxy 2 I do not remember a whole lot specifically about Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. All I remember it that they both blew my young adolescent mind with the most amazing music and engaging gameplay. Putting such an acrobatic plumber in the mids of so many beautiful environments is a stroke of genius. 4. Pokémon Gold/Silver I remember it very well. Me and a friend of mine, I guess we were about 8 or 9, went from door to door asking if we could do some chores for people in exchange for a bit of money. There was a time limit: the release date of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver in Europe. For some reason I remember having to collect at least 100 guilders (pre-euro currency in NL), maybe to buy both games. I bought gold, my friend got Silver and are coming summer and past time was absorbed by these gems. I cannot believe to this day that no other Pokémon game has every attempted to incorporate another region in there. I am extremely tempted to download one of the two again on my 3DS, but I'd rather get Crystal which I've never played, if that is in the pipeline. Cyndaquil reigns supreme! 3. The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker Such a great game. SUCH A GREAT GAME! Just like my number 2 spot, I got this game early on when I got my gamecube in its final year. It was, in effect, the first Zelda game I bought with my own money for my own system and thus another nostalgic connection was born. Sailing across that vast blue ocean, enjoying the wonderful graphical style, I can't help but wish Nintendo would make another Zelda in that same vain again. Having said that, I can't wait to finally get a Switch one day and get lost in Breath of the Wild. 2. Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door I have some deep nostalgic roots with this game, and I couldn't be happier that this was one of the first games I bought for my gamecube once I switched over from Sony to Nintendo. Every chapter brings it's own unique flavour in the form of partners, bosses, music, and gameplay. A surprisingly dark story for a Mario game makes this one of Nintendo's unusual greats. 1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl I have no doubt that the newest iteration on the WiiU is even better, but the absence of a story mode makes Brawl an amazing collaborative art-piece the likes of which no Nintendo game has ever seen. Samus & Pikachu, Lucas & Pokemon Trainer, Captain Falcon & Captain Olimar...need I say more. I'm a sucker for these kind of team-ups and my hope is that Nintendo will one day release a similar story mode either in Smash or as a separate game all together!