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    Well, we've done it. We freed the land of Hyrule from malice and evil incarnate having found about 380 Koroks alongside 112 shrines. Now, at long last, have we put on the shrine radar and having an extra adventure as we scour the land for the remaining 8 shrines. Putting that aside, I want to reflect on this Zelda game and the series as a whole. First of all, I have to get my disappointments out of the way which mainly have to do with the lack of certain things. For example, Tingle was not present nor were there any Zelda-like horror areas (Not a Poe in sights!?). I also was not able to fish nor dive, which also felt a bit strange in relation to the rest of the series. This is a minor list of annoyances and I fully understand things change when building a new Zelda game from the ground up. It is clear that the development team had a long and hard thought about how to redefine The Legend of Zelda whilst also paying homage to its vast legacy. It almost feels like the original Zelda game, but with references to all the other games thrown in there in a 3D open world. And what an open world it is! Though the things you discover in the world might get stale at a certain point, the actual adventuring through the world is worth it to me. The variety in the various areas is enough for me to enjoy sniffing around in looking for treasure and whatnot, but, as stated, once you are at a comfortable level weapon and rupee wise all you can hope to find is a Korok or a shrine, but those things become mere collectibles rather than worthwhile discoveries. The shrines especially are more often than not quite easy, so they end up as more of a formality rather than an interesting dungeon like experience. Those kind of experiences I have found more outside of the shrines than inside. Going through a sandstorm following the signs of statues, getting balls on a plateau during a crazy thunderstorm, getting lost in a maze, etc. The actual journey in this game, breathing in the WILD air, gives this game a special kind of feeling I haven't felt since The Windwaker, and if it had unique dungeons it would have been so much sweeter. The Divine Beasts are pretty cool though, but again a tad easy as well as the bosses who were generic as all fuck. The races along with their beasts and the problems they had felt really genuine and their villages and towns were quite well crafted. I especially liked the Gerudo Town with the mysterious Yiga clan hideout nearby with the latter being very eerie and mysterious. The connections between the races and their shared history was really well conveyed as well. Having sinked in more than 215 hours, it is hard to put into words the journey we made. Thinking about it, it feels like an experience running through the wild for large amounts of time, fighting enemies and finding treasure, with some story and interaction with characters mixed in here and there. In that regard, the game definitely lives up to its subtitle, as the wild was definitely the star of the show. They even went as far as stripping the game from an iconic overworld theme! That's one more thing I need to talk about; the music. Most of it does the job and complements the different areas or the situation you find yourself in, like fighting a guardian, but I must say that overall there is a lack of quintessential Zelda music to me, which isn't unique to Breath of the Wild. I have the same feeling about Skyward Sword. However, I always welcome change and experimentation within the franchise, so I am not complaining. I particularly enjoyed the music in the Korok Forest and, of course, the Rito Village what with it being a remix of Dragon Roost Island. In regards to the Zelda timeline, I have looked at some videos and heard about the official placement, and goshdarnit Nintendo is a genius in how posited this game. They've basically cemented certain aspects of the lore whilst also putting the focus on letting the fans develop their own theories (which of course the community has never shied away from). The land of Hyrule is filled to the brim with ruins and stories open to interpretation, which is what makes it so fun to speculate. All in all, the weapon systems was fun, as was experimenting with the physics system through the different runes. I am a bit disappointed by the variety of enemies, but the slightly improved AI and the challenge the Lynels and Guardians could pose when you're unprepared make up for that. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and taking in the world while standing on a peak or riding on your horse were rewards in and of itself. Alright, I started out cohesively, but now I'm just writing down whatever comes to mind I'll just leave it here with a final message: I am proud they had the guts to go grand with Zelda, and I am happy they have laid a great new foundation for The Legend of Zelda to build forward upon. Fingers crossed for a Majora's Mask-esque bat shit, yet slightly depressing Zelda game!
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    It was a fun session. There was some crazy graphical glitching during the World 3 Fortress though. You definitely did better during Super Mario Bros though. Balloon Fight was a lot of fun too. What happened here though!?
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    GP2 GP3 I'm sure some of you are wondering what the secret task was this week. I suppose I can tell you... Exciting Close Results! The smaller the point difference between you and another racer in GP3, the more bonus points you get. Bit of a weird one, I know. But I feel like those close shaves are the most interesting, so why not reward that? After all... OH, COME ON! 6 of you had a one point difference!? Bloody hell! Well, at least you can't say I don't think of these tasks before the results are in... So everyone gets 12 points except for @S.C.G, who gets 4 points for the 3 point difference. @Vileplume2000 is this week's Player who made no Bloody Difference. Absent for 2 weeks and then you don't even make a ripple? Impressive. The Mole has been temporarily removed from the table due to inactivity and lower than 50% attendance. Other than that, no change in the placings. Next League Night: 18th October 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell @Gourmetsalt It's the return of Koopa's Morning Constitutional. We all know the Koopa Troopas don't actually live in Bowser's Castle. So it's time to bust out the sensible Mercedes and travel to work. Don't be the last one there. Last thing you need is to get fired. Shut up! It's funny! Sign up Now!
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    It took me a bit longer, but here is the TBT: Throwback Thursday #31 - Wario Land 4 It was fun implementing all your experiences into the article, so thanks for all your input and discussing this game in the thread. I really like the idea of the N-E Video Game Club; I hope it stays active for a while!
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    @Dcubed, I wasn't prepared for Pro wrestling.. I had no idea what I was doing. Still, it was nice to finally be declared "a winner is you!" That water is so trolly haha.. I was next, but I had no water while fighting the Hammer Bros.
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    Switch is done! Make room for the Huawei Mate 20 X! See, they said it's better! Yeah, so Huawei revealed their new phone, and instead of comparing it to other phones they compared it to the Switch. Because that's the, uh, phone to beat? Actually, it might be a tablet. I feel like they kind of misunderstood two of the big selling points of the Switch... Anyway, Mate 20 X costs $900. Nintendo is doomed! EDIT: Some dude on ResetEra said. I definitely laughed.
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    Well, that's the thing. This is a very strange occurence. Mario Party is not known for having attention to detail. They always feel pretty cheap. This kind of stuff is utterly unheard of for this series. Here's the results of the Mario Party @Dcubed and I had a while back, he was Monty Mole and I was Boo. It took Dcubed 10 turns to get one star and then he gets 4 in the last 3 turns! Oh right! One more thing. It's not a proper Mario Party without some ridiculous Boo shenanigans. Boo climbed a big pole to get here. I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS! Doesn't quite beat the king of "WTF Boo!?" moments though.
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    OK, I've now officially seen the greatest custom character ever made:
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    @Hero-of-Time You did this, didn't you?
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    No probs. Enjoy your new Xbox.
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    The likes of YouTube and Twitter have killed off a lot of forums, as have places like Gaf and Era. You know if you start a gaming topic in there then you will at least get replies and be able to have a conversation, no matter how old the game is. Just the other day a topic was started for Panzer Dragoon Saga and that had a fair few replies from people just having the banter about the 20 year old game. The sheer number of members allow for that to happen. This place is a very old forum in terms of the age of its members, most of which have other obligations to take care of and simply don't have the time or energy for the hobby anymore.
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    I finished and platinumed this last week. Absolutely fantastic experience and one of the best JRPGs I have played this generation. I hold Persona 5 as the cream of the crop this gen but this may have toppled it. What I love about Dragon Quest XI is that it doesn't try to do anything fancy when it comes to it's battle system. The series knows exactly what it wants to be and it plays to this strength. There is no overly complicated systems in place, no combos to learn, you just pick your move and your character executes it. What's also great is you can automate your actions. You can make all of your team go all out attack, concentrate on healing or something in the middle of those options. This makes grinding for levels much easier and more enjoyable than usual JRPGs. It reminds me of the auto battle system from Bravely Default, something that I very much enjoy from those games. The story in the game is fantastic. It's essentially split into 3 acts. You get an ending and the credits roll after act 2 but the true ending comes during the post game. I'm hesitant to call it post game because it really is the 3rd act of the game and if you were to call it quits after the first set of credits then you really would miss out on some great twists and cracking revelations. I know a few people aren't happy with certain things that transpire during the 3rd act but I loved what they pulled and it was interesting to see things from a certain perspective. The story can be slow at the start but it certainly picks up as you progress. There is also some hilarious scenes involving a porn mag that keep cropping up during the adventure. Outside of the story there is plenty of things to tackle. You can visit one of the two casinos in the game which allows you to play the slot machines or a spot of roulette. Saving up your winnings and you will be able to afford some amazing gear. If you don't want to spend your coins on gear then you could just make your own armour and weapons. You can find recipes scattered throughout the game and this allows you to make your own stuff at a camp, providing you have the materials on hand. These can be farmed from enemy encounters and are quite plentiful. If you manage to do well in the mini game that occurs when making equipment you will get an extra stats boost to whatever you make. While you can just buy gear with normal money, it's far better to make your own. I LOVE the characters that are in your team. Erik is a cool character with a tragic back story. Veronica is just flat out hilarious, especially when she goes off on one with you. Sylvando is a wonderfully flamboyant. Rab is an old warrior who is also a bit of a perv....classic Japanese trope. There are more and all of them are brought to life by some amazing voice acting. The voice actors for Jade and Veronica in particular do an amazing job. It goes to show just how important good voice acting is in games and how it can elevate the game, whereas bad voice acting can really bring a game down. ( points to BOTW Zelda ) The enemy design in the Dragon Quest games have always been colourful and vibrant but in this game they have been taken to another level due to the animation that has been added to each of them. Each of them have little quirks that I couldn't help but crack a smile whenever I seen them. Add to the fact that a lot of them have some great puns for their names, a common thing in DQ games, and it makes encountering enemies an absolute joy. The end game offers a great challenge to those who wanted something a little extra. There are challenging fights that will require you to get some of the best gear the game has to offer and level up your team to the max. Luckily the levelling up part is pretty simple thanks to to Metal Slime hunting and a special move that raises the exp you get after a battle. It makes a little prep to pull off but once you get in the swing of things you can level up super fast. My team went from something like level 70 to level 99 in the space of an hour. I think the only flaw I have in the game is the music. It's not the lack of orchestrated music that is in question but more the actual quality of the songs. The songs seem to repeat a lot of the time and some of them just don't fit the tone of what is happening on the screen. From the very start this is an issue. There is a chase scene right at the beginning of the game and the whole thing is very dark and very dramatic but the music used seemed far to playful and it just mesh well with what was happening. This kind of thing happens throughout the game. This is one of those games where once I had finished it I felt really empty. Even after 80 hours of gameplay I just wanted the game to continue. It's funny, S-E have stated how they need the game to sell in order to continue to translate and release the games over in the West but they seem to treat it like a red headed step child in comparison to the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XV, beside the soundtrack, was a mess of a game that didn't know what it wanted to be, whereas this knows exactly what it wants to be and was far better for it. If S-E released the Dragon Quest games worldwide at the same time and give it a release date so that it could breathe ( releasing next to Spider-Man was suicide ) I think the game would have been far more successful. @Grazza you need this game.
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    Yes! You have a cat together, and you're enjoying peaceful and thoughtful conversations with your girlfriend. You're both eating healthy breakfasts every morning and you're announcing to the world wide web that you've moved in together. This was way more exciting.
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    My girlfriend is now moved in with me. Sharing rent and everything. It's all very exciting.
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    Things are going well for me, girlfriend is pretty much living at mine now, we went to London recently, lots of great food, museums and the Harry Potter studio tour. Oh, and Cat Cafe.
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    Finished the game yesterday (with 1 death), Eagle Tower is greatly designed dungeon as mentioned. Not sure I got the wrecking ball to the last pillar the intended way, but it worked. I liked how the trading sequence wasn't just a side quest but integrated into the story. The randomness of having 2D scrolling segments like a Mario, as well as cameos/references from other series for various things. The moral dilemma of waking the Wind Fish, the fact the Owl pushes you do so but then starts dropping hints the Island may or may not vanish as a result. Not gonna lie, a tear may have been shed when I first beat the game all those years ago. It still hits in the feels even today though. I hated how to complete the album you had to steal from the shop, which also means everyone calls you Thief. Alo the Fire Rod is only required for... 6 (?) screens, it's not needed in the overworld at all.
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    Bru is settling in well and after 3 years of living here, we've finally socialised with other people in the village. Bru got on really well with almost all of the dogs and has definitely shown his Collie instincts, as he tried to herd his new best friend Jack. His fear of strangers is pretty much gone, with only the occasional man that he doesn't like. He can still be jumpy at times, but he's come a hell of a long way. Finally got some decent photos as well:
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    It's all gone downhill since Mario quit his day job.
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    I guess now is a bad time to mention I decided to keep it.... because.... animal crossing. Lol.
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    Yeah, it was revealed in a very creative way. I just wish Meltan was a bit less, well, boring. All that speculation on what Let's Go's new Pokémon could be and it's just Ditto Unown Nut. The fact that people were speculating that it was a Ditto evolution just goes to show how uninspiring the design is. EDIT: Well, someone's already improved it's design by a million.
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    So one thing I'd like to see more: people using multiplayer even if they intend to play something single player! Honestly, I don't mind watching! Obviously don't do it if it fucks up your connection, or you don't want secrets spoiled, but I love to watch sometimes, depending on the game. Kick me out of the game if you're done or had enough of my sarcastic claps, I won't take offense. Similarly, I'll just leave when you're playing something I don't like to watch. I had @Glen-i watching over me while I was playing Zelda 1, and experienced no lag, and it was fun having someone around. But it's also why I'd like to have text chat, and more hand emotes. I've already mentioned humbs up and down, which seem obvious to me, and I'd also like a wave. Plenty of possibilities. Like a peace / victory sign, or hands doing an apology gesture.. Or a pray gesture when you're about to try something hard. Discord isn't an easy alternative for impromptu sessions. Yeah, I forgot most about world 4.. It wasn't exactly impressive after world 3. 3-7 yeah.. I genuinely thought you'd have less trouble with it than I had! I wasn't planning to, but I'll tweet one of the 3-7 videos I have, and embed it below. I casually found dungeon 5, 6 and 8 before I finally found dungeon 2.. <sigh> Yeah, I almost forgot I had multiplayer set up. If I was in the overworld, I would have changed games right away, but as I was in the middle of a dungeon (the one I finally found after exploring most of the map), I wanted to finish it! Yeah it's fun watching stuff you don't know about, even when doing multiplayer games. @Dcubed showed some tricks and glitches in SMB3 for example. There's also plenty of stuff I simply forgot, like some of the hidden bonus world blocks.. You uncovered one right in the first (or one of the first) levels, and I was thinking "oh right". Anyway, it brings me to a point, which I posted above, as it may get overlooked here between the quotes. Yeah, since I was moving the pointer, I was in "point & click mode", but that didn't work.. I actually knew (the game tells you as much at the start).. But couldn't get that across immediately (well maybe i should have posted it here actually). It was why I was hesitant to follow you through an exit in one specific place, as I think I heard boss music. It was also why I lingered in places in general, just to see if some boss would show up after defeating some more enemies. Anyway, the game's fun, and better than Double Dragon. I'm definitely up to play it again some time. Yeah I love the boomerang! Too bad it gets upgraded right away though. I barely remember anything specific about Zelda 1 at all. It's so long ago.. I wouldn't be surprised it was like actual 25 (twenty-five!!) years. Dying so much, I wonder how I put up with it then! Haha. But I guess I put up with it then the same way I did now.. Keep playing until it clicked again. Getting one extra heart and the boomerang already helps immensely. Getting more hearts and a ring (I already found the blue ring again, but couldn't afford it yet) will help even more. As for bombable walls and burnable brushes.. I remember very few specific things, but I've played it enough to know I should try bombing and burning everything! And I also remember that the red flame makes the last thing much easier! Some things are pretty obvious though, it's why I immediately found dungeon 8 again. As for the "grumble grumble".. I haven't seen it myself, but I instantly know what you mean. I have found the other piece of the puzzle, but couldn't remember where to use it. Videos from various games: @Dcubed @Glen-i already posted a video of my encounter with the big bro! And here's 3-7:
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    In keeping with the theme... https://gonintendo.com/stories/318885-recent-comments-by-stormy-daniels-mentioning-toad-caused-a-2-296 Right guys, come on, fess up. Which ones of you caused this...
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    ' ^ ' Glad to be given my proper name! Thats MISS crazy towel lady to all! If you're ever up for some hunts...and well...i'm available 8D i'll be more then happy to join in and help! Never forget to bring a towel!
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    Random Task Bonus Points are in Green @RedShell @martinist and @viceview51 are this week's "Players who made no Bloody Difference" Triple the people, triple the mediocrity! Welcome back to @Sméagol, who jumped into the room at the last minute. Nah, it's cool. Don't worry about confusing the chat room when there's meant to be 10 people. Anyway, I touched your face, realised it's you and it was all good. Everyone got points in the "Calling Your Shot" Random Task. Some more than others, most people underestimated themselves for sure. Now normally we do Player's Choice at the end of the month, but I got a strange letter recently... There was no name at the end, so I don't know who sent it, but it came with a theme. Next League Night: 27th September 2018 Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell @Gourmetsalt Player's Choice will be done next week. Sign up Now!
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    Well then as far as I’m concerned everyone is seriously overreacting
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    Golly gee guys, it's another thread where I go on and on about a Pokemon topic that doesn't really matter because I'm a massive nerd! @Dcubed was recently talking about Pokémon spinoff games with a friend of his and it got me thinking about them and how they've changed recently.. So, with a huge franchise like Pokémon, there's bound to be a lot of spinoffs to capitilise on it's huge success, but I noticed an alarming trend with the majority of them, especially the older ones. They flat out don't exist anymore. I'll start with the beginning. Because I heard that's a very good place to start. Pokémon Trading Card Game was first released on the Game Boy in 1998. Based on the real life Trading Card Game's first three sets, the goal of the game was to obtain all 8 master medals and beat the four Grand Masters to obtain 4 special promotional cards. Yes, the object is to get 4 pieces of plastic. The game enjoyed great success with 3.7 million sales as of 2014. Making it the 5th most successful spinoff. I can see why. It's an enjoyable simulation of the TCG and it was released during the intial Pokemon craze. Despite Hudson Soft being one of the co-developers, they're never credited with the development of this game on the box, cartridge or title screen. They're only mentioned during the ending credits. BTW, this game got banned in Saudi Arabia for supposed Zionism. Naturally, this popular game got a sequel. Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR was a Japanese only release for the Game Boy Color in 2001. A direct sequel to the first game, it added the 4th set of the TCG game and had a larger world to explore. Due to it being a Japan only release, it's hard for me to find sales numbers on it, so it's hard to guage how successful it was. There was an obvious reason why it wasn't released over here though, the Game Boy Advance was already out in America. Sure, you could play this on that console anyway, but Hudson and Creatures clearly didn't see a benefit to a worldwide release. After that game? That was it. The Trading Card Game was never seen on consoles again (Outside of a 3DS Virtual Console release of the original). And it's hard to pin why. The actual Trading Card Game is still trucking along. But could it come back? I doubt it. Hudson Soft doesn't really exist anymore and the Trading Card Game has an online edition that can be played on the Pokemon site. So what did you think of the Digital Trading Card Game? I think it's a solid title and a great alternative to actually collecting the cards. It's a shame it never really continued. I would have liked to have seen more. Well, I'll just leave this entry with some really catchy music.
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    The spiritual successor to the Gamecube's keyboard controller:
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    Played through Star Fox Assault over the last couple of nights, another GC game that I always wanted to play but missed out on growing up. It's a pretty weird game, story wise it's probably the best Star Fox has ever been but the inclusion of so many on foot missions drags it down a bit too much. It doesn't help that the controls for the on foot and Landmaster sections are really confusing at first, I got used to them eventually but even towards the end of the game I was making mistakes. The Arwing battles are generally really good though, feel a bit unbalanced with brake being on the R button and barrel roll on the L button and some of the collision detection is weird but the levels progress in a really satisfying way and its great to have a Star Fox game that doesn't just follow the usual route. I found the on-foot stuff too frustrating to really warrant playing through the missions again to try and earn the medals but I had a much better time with this than I did with Adventures or Zero.
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    This place has been dying a very slow death for a long time and I can't see it ever changing. We've lost far too many members over the years. I noticed some moved over to places like Gaf and Era and stopped visiting here altogether. Its kinda hard to stop this chain reaction. I mean, people visit gaming forums to discuss gaming and when people either aren't playing games or discussing what they are playing then ultimately people go elsewhere for their discussions. This leaves less members and then that causes cycle to continue where you talk about something, no one else is playing or discussing it and then you leave to get conversation elsewhere. You're giving us far too much credit.
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    So, I'm not entirely sure where to put this, but it's too weird/funny not to share.
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    That is absolutely fantastic I love to see this synergy between forums and the main page.
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    GP1 GP2 Note: @viceview51's score is actually 19. It's higher than his average, so I kept it. Anyway, here's the GP3 scores after recalculation with the "Co-op Grand Prix" bonus points applied. @martinist was meant to be paired up with @Dcubed, but he couldn't make it. So @martinist gets the maximum points. Only fair. Wait, why does this table give me strange deja vu? WAIT! OH NO! Yep, before the league started, I sent @viceview51 this Private Message. So ignoring the bonus points. @martinist was the only one to be beaten by @viceview51 in GP3. Which means that @martinist loses 10 points while @viceview51 and @Dcubed gets 5 points. @BowserBasher dodged a Bullet Bill there! This close to losing 10 points! Dcubed's points get added to his last League appearance. One thing that amused me in the GP3 results was that @BowserBasher and @Gourmetsalt made each other get the same amount of points. That's some proper teamwork there! Next League Night: 11th October 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell @Gourmetsalt The other Rainbow Roads got jealous, so I put them in this League Night to shut them up. You ever have 2 technicolour racetracks shouting at you? Well, I have. Next time, switch up your tracks! It's in the rules. Sign up Now!
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    I hope everything is OK Glen, if you've got other commitments or can't attend for technical reasons then we understand but it definitely won't be the same without you.
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    Hazard’s winner was outrageous.
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    Jokes aside, here is some uplifting news. It's been discovered codes for SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, N64 and Nintendo DS in the Switch eShop. This could of course just be a sign that Nintendo is playing around, and it could mean absolutely nothing, but on the other hand, this could be a sign of how the the Switch Online library could evolve further. If that happens...... *drool* http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/09/hold_me_virtual_console_data_has_been_discovered_in_the_nintendo_switch_eshop
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    Great thoughts @Mr-Paul, as I've gotten older I've fallen off with not just gaming but also a few things associated with it(such as following all the news, posting actively here etc). I can't quite tell what it is exactly, myself. Yet having said that - I do still game it's just a lot more...narrow? I'm still playing OW(500+ hours now maybe?) all these years later since launch(as do a lot of N-E guys) and a few other games of the ilk. Games I can jump in and out of because I 'don't want to commit to a long thing' yet I sat on my ps4 for 10ish straight hours on Sunday! That's a thing I get from the ps4 tho - I woke up at 6am knowing I had not much sleep left in me, and chanced my ps4. My mate was online in Japan given the time difference and one small quick party chat basically led to us being on for most of the day gassing I know it's an old discussion, on which my and many thoughts have long been expressed, but that's the irony of what my games have become now. They're almost a second place sideshow to the premium I'm getting from my consoles - interaction with friends in an adult world where it's proving tricky to synchronise otherwise. I realise ofc we're here in Nintendo - but the idea of Nintendo's online implementations are a big reason I couldn't plunge the price on Switch. I talk about sitting on a console for 10 hours but then I could do it too with Nintendo with the right infrastructure - not sure iirc but I believe @Cube and @Goron_3 may recall when Moray towers landed on Splatoon 1 - a few of us has places to be but basically sat playing Splatoon for far too much of the day on Skype instead. Twas a good day !
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    This is incredible, wait until you get to his Arcade Room.
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    The Switch version now has a (Japanese) title Apparently, the S doesn't stand for Small.
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    Capcom announced Ace Attorney 1/2/3 for Nintendo Switch at TGS just now. Its also headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC
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    Cheers to Glen-i and Redsheel...and crazy towel lady haha for the help this evening. Got a new Switch axe built after a couple Mizutsune hunts. Got to HR4...that two headed dragon was crazy! Then in need of some new High Rank armour so Glen threw up some Rathalos hunts and we tore through them. Got the full set built Now if I hunt with Random trying to do my HR4 quests they'll be well confused haha.