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    I snapped up Gato Roboto this morning and pretty much finished it in a single sitting. I'm not a cat person. Heck, I'm not a fan of pets in general. I've never seen the point of them. So when a developer tries to sell their game by shoving an animal in it in order to create some kind of cute factor, it has very little effect on me. I'm also not a huge fan of the Metroidvania genre. Saying that, I have started to like more and more of these types of games as the years have gone by but I do find that it is a genre that has become very over saturated in the indie market. On paper then I really shouldn't like this game at all. Is that the case? Lets find out! The game starts off with a space pilot named Gary. He is talking to his superior officer via a video call about a nearby planet he is going to investigate. Before the conversation is over, his pet cat (Kiki) steps on the control panel and the ship ends up crash landing. This proves that no good can come by having a pet cat! With the ship crashed, Gary is pinned inside of it and it's up to Kiki to carry out his mission. He informs Kiki that there should be some kind of mech suit nearby and that he will guide her where to go using a communicator that's inside her collar. Like a lot of these games, you start off with very little. You are just a small cat that's all alone on a hostile planet and with no way to attack. All you can do at the start is run and jump. The jump move is pretty neat though. If you were to jump near a wall then Kiki will start to scramble up it. Continuing to press the jump button will keep up the momentum and allow Kiki to climb the highest ledges. It's very reminiscent of the wall running mechanic seen in Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U and it's still just as fun to use here. Find all of the hidden items to unleash the potential of the mechsuit...saying that, Kiki looks pretty happy with it the way it is. Not long after you have crashed on the planet you soon comes across the mechanical suit that Gary mentioned to you. This acts very much like the Power Suit in the Metroid games. You can now fire projectiles at enemies, jump higher and take a lot more damage. However, it does have limitations. For example, you can't swim while in the suit. If you were to try and enter water while inside the suit you would take damage. To get around this you have to hop out of the suit and play as Kiki on her own. The feature of jumping in and out of the suit adds another layer to the adventure. Swapping between the two modes makes for some interesting puzzles and you'll find you will be doing this quite a bit while you are searching various areas. This has it's own draw backs though because you can no longer take damage. In fact, a single hit will kill Kiki and you will be sent back to your last save point. Speaking of save points, These are made to look like the old floppy disc format. I'll admit the game did get a smile out of me when I seen this and those who are old enough to remember the format will no doubt get a rush of nostalgia upon seeing them. It certainly had me thinking back to my youth and playing on my Amiga 600. Happy days! Who else is an old git and remembers using these for home gaming? Anyway, early on you will get the missile weapon power up. This will allow your suit to fire out powerful missiles (obviously) that can help break through various bits of scenery, which will in turn usually lead to hidden paths or upgrade items. If you've played a Metroid game before then you know how powerful such a weapon can be but also that you need to manage the rate at which you fire them, especially early one when you missiles are in short supply. This isn't really the case here. There is a meter at the left hand side of the screen that rises every time you fire a missile. Shoot too fast and your gun will overheat, meaning you will have to wait a while for it to cooldown before you can use it again. It's not a huge issue and later on in the game you can get an upgrade that allows you to fire more before the gun overheats. If you carefully manage the rate of fire then you can use this gun instead of your main blaster. I found that's what I was doing a lot of the time . Once the mech suit and missile power up have been unlocked, the main game really starts to take shape and you get a good idea of what your mission is and where you will be heading. The main hub area has a huge elevator that needs unlocking. To do this you must travel to 3 different areas within the game world and complete 3 different tasks. You must empty the aqueducts, unclog the ventilation system and cool the heater core. Only when these tasks are complete will you be able to access the final part of the game. It sounds like a quite simple thing to do but each of the 3 areas are quite large and will require you to navigate various terrains and enemies and power up your suit in order to progress further. Shades of Super Meow-rio Land right here! There are a number of power ups and collectibles to find. There are 10 health upgrades and 14 cartridge hidden throughout the game. The health pick ups do what they normally do - increase your health, but the cartridges have two functions. The first of which is to change the colour of the filter that the game is being played in. While it's a nice little feature it's one I didn't really bother using much. The second thing the cartridges do is help power up some of your weapons. You can trade the cartridges in to a NPC and it will give you upgrades depending on how many you have found. Like the health upgrades, these are completely optional but are definitely worth looking for and they come in really useful during boss fights. Other items, such as the double jump and phasing technique are needed to progress through the game and as such you'll end up picking them up during the natural course of play. As you can see by the screenshots, the game doesn't really go for visual flair. Instead, Doinksoft have went for a minimalist approach and everything is in black and white. It works well with the game and with it not being a graphically intensive bit of software, it does mean that everything runs buttery smooth. However, as I mentioned earlier, if you do want to liven up the picture a bit then you can give it a splash of colour using any of the cartridges that you may have found. How do you like the Meow-trix filter? I do have one niggle with the game though. The first is that the regular enemies in the game don't really offer anything of value. In most games like these the enemies will drop health and ammo pickups but this isn't the case with this game. Health can only be replenished when the game saves and ammo isn't needed because you have an infinite supply of it. Once you realise this it means that there is no real need to actually engage with the enemy. Just running and jumping over them becomes a much more viable strategy for a lot of encounters. The game does sometimes force the encounters on you though. There are times where you will be trapped in a room Devil May Cry style and it will not open until the enemies have been eliminated. It's not a huge negative but I thought it was worth pointing out. There are already a bundle of these types of games on the Switch and a lot of them are highly rated. Things like Hollow Knight, The Messenger and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Steam World 2 are games that share the Metroid DNA, so why should you snap this up? For starters, the game is, at least at the time of writing, priced at just over £6. A cheap price for a new release. The game is also pretty short. I managed to clock it 100% in just over 3 hours. Yes, some may point this as a negative, but there are people out there who don't have the time to sink 30 hours into a game and would instead enjoy a more focused, shorter and tighter experience. The game certainly offers that. Conclusion Has this game made me a fan of cats? Not at all. But it has made me once again think about how much I do enjoy these types of games when it isn't Nintendo making them. Things like the Shantae series, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Guacamelle and now this are all indie games that take this genre and make it more appealing to me than most ( not all ) of the Metroid games. If you are looking for a Metroidvania type game and would like to actually see the end of it, then this game is certainly for you. Will it challenge you? Not really but it will offer a fun experience to those who are willing to give it a try. This is another indie game that Devolver Digital thought was good enough for them to have under their label and publish and it was a wise choice to do so.
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    Here is the final article for our Top Ten Game Boy Color Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the glorious banner/side graphics. and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for organising this, the write-ups in each article are spot-on. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing as it's always nice to hear peoples stories from back in the day and varied opinions on all these classics. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded) I just hope that the top ten in-article game banners I made are still looking reasonable enough? I've tried to keep it simple, just changing the button layouts and the colour scheme but I might incorporate an actual GBA logo for the next edition. Enjoy! And here's to the next one.
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    Here is the final article for our Top Ten N64 Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the wonderful banner/side graphics. and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for organising this. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing as there were some really excellent submissions which I enjoyed reading a lot. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded, plus I put in some mini-banners for the previous articles) Oh and I definitely didn't make reference to the DK Rap when posting the article on the front page, so don't worry, we're professionals!!1! here at N-Europe. Enjoy! And here's to the next one.
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    Here is the final article for our Top Ten Game Boy Advance Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the visually stunning banner/side graphics. and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for organising this, I always enjoy reading the write-ups plus I usually learn something as well. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing, the GBA is one of those systems which was released at such a turning point that it's fascinating to read peoples thoughts on. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded) I did incorporate an actual GBA logo this time, I think it turned out reasonably well so I'll try and do the same for the GameCube and beyond. Enjoy! And here's to the next one.
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    Yeah, I'm 100% with @Glen-i on this. Let's be honest: for anyone who has used Bank/transferred Pokémon forward at any point in the past, and had wanted to do so this time around, it sucks that you won't be able to transfer all of your Pokémon to Sword and Shield because Game Freak are, to put it frankly, completely overwhelmed by the work that they're carrying out for these games. Plus, if I'm not mistaken (and I haven't seen anyone mention this): wouldn't this leave the Pokémon which can't be transferred to Sword/Shield in limbo in Home? If it's going to work at all like Bank (and I don't know why it wouldn't), then it'll be an annual subscription service with a cool-down period, in the event that you don't renew your subscription, to allow you to renew (I believe that's how it worked on 3DS? Let me know if that's wrong — been a while since I've used Bank, to be honest) and retrieve those Pokémon. However, if like the diagram above illustrates you can only move Pokémon freely between Home and Sword/Shield, then surely Pokémon unable to be transferred to those games will become practically useless, as they can't be transferred back to previous games (or accessed in any way whatsoever)? @Sméagol, while I know where you're coming from, I think you're missing the bigger point that @Glen-i has been making by getting stuck on the necessary implications of software (game) development. @Glen-i is referring to a time prior to X/Y: if I recall correctly, Pokédex 3D Pro for 3DS was Creatures' attempt to future proof Pokémon models for HD development; this application included HD models for the first five generations of Pokémon (so 649, unless any were missing?) which are still used to this day, and they have been used in Pokémon GO and every mainline game since. I feel like we've talked with @Serebii about this in the past, and he said that the only real difference between the 3D Pro models and how they're utilised in GO/the mainline series is the type of shader applied to the model. Of course these models need to be tested when moving onto a new project, but I can't help but find it kind of patronising that you wrote off @Glen-i's perfectly valid point about the publicly disclosed efforts made by Creatures and Game Freak to future proof high definition 3D Pokémon models by suggesting that he thought that all they have to do is highlight some files and convert them. We're all video game fans here, many here much longer than me, but I think we can all appreciate - and are fully aware - that the development process isn't that simple. But anyway, back to my actual point: I don't think that the problem here lies solely with Game Freak itself, but almost entirely with The Pokémon Company. Can I just remind those here that Pokémon is currently the most valuable media franchise, and has been for a long while? With the resources that they have at their disposal, there's honestly no reason for them to be nearly as unambitious as they are. I find it somewhat ludicrous that Game Freak, of all people involved with Pokémon, have to be the ones to publicly spout off excuses, because the way I see it, it's very simple: they aren't provided with enough resources or time to push the envelope, and what we're left with are half baked, surface level efforts at best. There's no reason that Game Freak shouldn't just be working on certain facets of these games at this point, such as monster and character designs, world design, etc. Why can't a much larger and more able studio in the JRPG space — for crying out loud, get someone like Square Enix, who still seem to give enough of a damn: Dragon Quest XI is a 10, and Final Fantasy VII Remake looks incredible; hell, even MonolithSoft would do! — work alongside them to help them realise what I imagine start out as passionate and lofty ambitions, but are snuffed out by the realism of their spreadsheets taking complete precedence? I'm glad that we're seeing backlash. This is a silly thing which shouldn't be happening in the first place, and it's brought plenty of other low effort practices of theirs from the last few years back into the limelight. PSS in Gen VI was great, then it was taken away. Primal and Mega Evolutions were an interesting concept. Taken away. Z-Moves too. Bye bye. Regional variant Pokémon. Au revoir. Pokémon contests, Pokémon following you (why isn't that something that we can expect in every game?), the National Dex, Ultra Beasts, Training, Poké Pelago...the list goes on and on. And you know that Dynamaxing will be gone by the time next generation rolls around, too. The Wilds, in any other franchise, would be taken as a hint that next generation will be entirely open world — so I guess that means that's something we'll probably never see again. In case you can't tell, I'm getting tired of giving them a pass just because it's Pokémon. How is it that I'm even excited by being able to control a camera, considering that that's been a mainstay in gaming for over two decades at this point? If this were any other franchise, it would not only be dead and buried, but completely torn apart. It just doesn't sit right with me. I'd hope they learn their lessons this time around, but who am I kidding? We've been here before, and no doubt we'll be here again.
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    I honestly don’t understand what satisfaction people get finding out days or hours before, sitting at their computer reading a forum, compared to witnessing it live in the moment. The most annoying this is it makes many parts of the gaming web inaccessible for days before a major event, and while it is fun to speculate, there’s always a danger you’ll find something out. There is only ONE reason people leak, and that is to boost their own profile. I’m so tired of it.
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    First screen of the Switch version has been released.
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    I like the way Nintendo designed their booth this year. The diorama's in the Link between Worlds area: The spooky Luigi's mansion 3 area was looked pretty great too:
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    Just got home from work and watched the Direct. Nintendo, I f-ing LOVE YOU. Knocked it out of the park. I will NEVER have time to play all these games.
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    Bingo cards? BINGO CARDS! I'm ready for E3.
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    Great games yesterday, some moments... Breaking the camera: Shulk vs Pikachu: Possibly my favourite Sudden Death of all time!: Isabelle was such a genius addition to Smash. And last but not least, Little Mac's worst nightmare:
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    Yes, it is. The real question though is... I think that's, like, a third into the game. Whoever gave Andy that job needed to be fired.
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    I finished playing through my no warp Super Mario Bros. 2 run this evening. I can never play this game without @markderoos popping into my head. It''s strange that i've played both this and The Adventure of Link in the past 24 hours. Both games are considered to be the black sheep of their gaming franchises and yet I find both of them to be more fun to play than their originals. You would think that I would have more nostalgia and love for the original game, seeing as it was pretty much my first experience ( along with Duck Hunt ) playing on a Nintendo console. I just think the sequel offers far more and i'm so happy that we got this version over here rather than The Lost Levels. My love for the little mushroom fella that is Toad is well known on here but even though I love that character I can't help but pass him by and pick Princess Toadstool/Peach every time I play through this game. She's just so much fun to play as and she's stupidly overpowered. They to try to balance it out by giving her less hearts but being able to jump and then simply float past enemies and obstacles makes it totally worth it.
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    Well, this was a nice surprise. I finished Adventure of Link this morning and then cracked on Super Mario Bros. 2. While I was playing that this popped through the door. It's a large hardback book written by Chris Scullion ( he may be familiar to a few people on here ). The book features every NES games ever released and, as you can see from my pic, it also has a section on unlicensed games. Most of the games just have a paragraph or two written about them, with the more popular and well known games having a larger feature. It was only £20 from Amazon and well worth a purchase for those who have fond memories of the NES. It's certainly been day packed with NES goodness.
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    @Glen-i is right, guys. You just can't admit it.
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    This sums me up after all this bombshell of Nintendo's E3
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    You see...I initially had a easy time picking 5... But then it hit me like a falcon punch to the face. Upon pondering in it though... Here is my list. Tales of Symphonia Skies of Arcadia Sonic Adventure 2 battle Resident evil Code Veronica X Paper Mario and the Thousand year door It isn't fair there are so many I want to add! 5 isn't enough choice!
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    Haven't done a set of these for a good few years... Here're my bingo cards for this year! I hate how I have to already knock off one of my squares as wrong... Thanks leaks!
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    Resetera and no spoilers in this thread, please. There's a thread in the General Gaming section for spoilers. Speaking of spoilers, I'm giving everyone here a heads up about a big leak that may be happening. Apparently there are a few people who already know the contents of the E3 Direct and they've said they will be leaking a lot of it on Sunday/Monday. I've no idea how legit this is but if this is true then trying to avoid the spoilers is going to be an absolute nightmare because every YouTube video and gaming website will no doubt be reporting on it. Basically, if all of this comes true, then you're going to have to avoid places like YouTube, gaming sites and social media until the thing has actually been aired.
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    The price and release date for the new Sega console leaked. $229 on November 3rd. No word yet on European release.
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    He does have an avatar, it's Rimmer's forehead:
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    Hey guys! In @Glen-i's absence, I've come up with this week's masterpiece of a theme. Please note that since I don't have access to the GP results from last week; that'll have to wait until Glen-i gets back and can either upload the results, or pass them onto me. Anywho! Without further adieu... Next League Night - 06/06/19 Heavy Metal Mario! Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell I won't be able to take part tomorrow; but no doubt you'll all have fun with this rockin' theme! Naturally this means that you @BowserBasher or @RedShell will need to take pictures of the results of each race and GP and send them to both me and Glen-i at the end; so that we can collate the results and get us up to date!
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    Right, time to bump this thread seeing as we have only around a week until the Nintendo Direct and even less until time until the events at the weekend. I've written up a new article which is basically the E3 schedule for Nintendo plus the other conferences as well. Everything is covered with times, banners etc and a little bit of a write-up plus all linked back to this thread and the E3 predictions thread as well. Who knows what we'll see this year but I thought it was about time to get prepared and a little bit hyped for it as well. We'll do our best to cover everything and hopefully this will be an E3 to remember.
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    Gato Roboto Review written by @Hero-of-Time Thank you on behalf of N-Europe. And thank you to @RedShell for the graphics.
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    1. Kid Icarus Uprising HD 2. Nintendo HD Racing Collection: Excite Truck, Wave Race Blue Storm, 1080 Avalanche and F-Zero GX HD Remasters 3. Little King’s Story: a New Kingdom 4. No More Heroes 3 5. Epic Donald
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    That's me got the platinum trophy today after spent a week playing it. Easily one of the best games for PS4 because I have a great time playing it and the landscapes, settlements etc are drop-dead gorgeous. Meridian is my fave fictional city ever because it got unique architecture and are really huge. I'm little annoyed that Aloy don't have the same override skill as Sylens because I'll love to summon an overriden machine to assist me in a battle or using snapmaw as a boat ride etc.
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    The lists seem to be so much more varied this time around. I'm super curious to see what the final Top 10 will look like. Advance Wars 2 Fire Emblem (Blazing Blade) Golden Sun: The Lost Age Mother 3 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Pains me to leave out... pretty much every title others mentioned but I didn't. The GBA was a treat.
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    Yup. Place is a dumpster fire of various politics and opinions being forced on you. You dare not say anything in case you end up offending someone. I tend to just use the place as a news outlet as it's usually where all the gaming news pops up first. It's funny, the place was set up after GAF fell and one of the things they pushed for is that every opinion is listened to and respected but that hasn't been the case for a while now. There is no grey area over there, everything is black or white and if you aren't on the side of those that run the place then you get crucified and/or banned, which is pretty much what happened to Ronnie. Don't worry, i'll wade through the rubbish to bring you the news over here. There are other issues but I think that is one of the main ones. Having the back end of the year so loaded is just crazy. Ultimate Alliance and Fire Emblem are games that require a lot of time and yet both are releasing a week from each other. If Animal Crossing is to be released this year ( my guess would be a Sept/Oct release window ) I imagine that would put it close to Pokemon. Again, having those two potentially releasing close together is going to a bit rough. I think the quality of some of Nintendo's titles is in question at the moment with the Switch. The titles seen as the lesser games, like Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi's Crafted World and Mario Tennis needed a little more care and attention and just didn't feel as good as previous entries, such as Triple Deluxe/Planet Robobot and Woolly World. Mario Tennis was the worst offender out of these games, with the game launching in a bare bones state and needing constant updates to actually make it worth putting down the money. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a bit like this. There was no denying that it was rushed out of the door for the Christmas period. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all of these games apart from Mario Tennis but it just felt like something was missing from a couple of them and I can't put my finger on what that thing is. Thing is, 3DS was far easier, cheaper and quicker to develop for. I do think some of the teams within Nintendo are still struggling with developing for a HD console. It's easy to forget that a lot of the teams within the company are quite small in comparison to other publishers and most of them would have been used to just working on 2D games and/or 3DS titles. Something like BOTW must have been a massive undertaking for the company compared to what they are used to creating. In the future I think we will be seeing more collaborations with other companies using Nintendo's IP. It makes sense for this to happen to help bolster the library. Plus, it could help give fresh ideas and perspectives to Nintendo's franchises. Mario & Rabbids is one of my favourite games this generation and I would love to see more things like that. At the end of the day, Nintendo do put out a lot of titles and probably publish more games than any other publisher but, at least for me, there just seems to be something missing with their Switch line up. Stuff like Bayonetta 1 and 2, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokken Tournament, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze are great games but they are games that I have already experienced before and if the newer titles, such as Kirby, Yoshi, Mario Tennis aren't filling in gaps well enough in between the tentpole releases then it's understandable why people think the system is lacking. Sure, there are plenty of games to be played on the eShop but many gamers have multiple machines and have played these games elsewhere. This leaves the Switch as a Nintendo exclusive machine and if that is the case, I can see why many aren't happy with the spread of titles. I do think that last point is pretty much why we are seeing arguments crop up whenever this topic is raised. On one side you have gamers who don't have as much time as others and use the Switch as their main source of gaming entertainment. For them the Switch is ideal because they get to experience games they may have missed out on from years gone by and the games that Nintendo do release last them a long time due to how little time they have because of other commitments. On the other side you have gamers who have more time to put into the hobby than others do and have multiple consoles to play the games on. If the portability of the Switch isn't a big selling point to them then I imagine a lot of the games that do get released and that they are interested in have been played elsewhere before, which is why they are looking for the newer Nintendo experiences. I've waffled on enough but I will end by saying that game development is more costly than ever and takes more time, especially when high end graphics and open worlds are constantly being pushed. Developers are having to work crazy hours to meet demands of gamers and while Nintendo could crack the whip at their staff, i'd rather they give them time to breathe and be allowed to create. We often forget that Nintendo aren't some MASSIVE gaming studio. Sure, they are big but when you compare them to someone like Ubisoft and EA, publlishers who have studios working on games all around the world, they are quite a small player.
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    It really is. Horrible place. Trouble is once you wade through the angry mob crusading and endless identity/SJW politics it's a good place to keep up with what's going on in the industry. While I agree it's been slow so far, 2019 is still - NSMBUDX - Yoshi - Mario Maker 2 - Link's Awakening - Animal Crossing - Luigi's Mansion 2 - Astral Chain - Fire Emblem Three Houses - Tetris 99 - Pokemon Sword/Shield - Marvel Ultime Alliance and whatever else E3 brings. That's a crazy twelve months, given most of that is first party output, even if the bulk of it is in the second half of the year. They definitely need to try and balance releases out a bit more though that's for sure.
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    You misunderstand me here, I never use my Pokémon from previous games until I see those credits roll. And even then, I might wait until I've fought every trainer and such. In fact, I go out of my way to only use new Pokémon on my initial playthrough. It kills the variety for competitive play though. Restrictions are cool when they're a temporary thing to mix online tourneys up now and again. But a blanket restriction forever just sucks. Once a new Pokémon game comes out, Online tourneys pretty much end for the previous game. Which makes perfect sense. But it was never a big deal, because you could transfer your old Pokémon and implement some new Pokémon to switch up your strategy for the new metagame. Game Freak have to start outsourcing if it's too much work, because being able to catch 'em all is half of the appeal. Or stop making games that are remakes. One of them. I'd happily take a delay of it meant I could use a Totodile if I felt like it.
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    Sorry @martinist, but it's just so satisfying to hit someone over water Not my proudest moment:
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    I've been playing it for the past hour and despite me dying a lot of times, it's pretty fun. I put fixed-beat mode on and I find it to be a much better playing experience. Look who I found!
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    Erm, thanks for @ing me to remind me just how much I suck at this...
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    Yup. That moment impacted a few of us on here and it wouldn't have been half as epic if we knew it was possibly on the cards. I've just finished watching the EZA stream of them watching the Microsoft conference and they mentioned just how amazing the From Software reveal would have been had everything about it not already leaked. I know a lot of gamers these days aren't that bothered but I like having those moments of utter disbelief and excitement when watching Directs or E3 shows.
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    We've got a leak somewhere in our TV antennae cable that's letting rain water into our TV cupboard. Unfortunately, I think it means we'll have to replace the whole thing all the way to the roof, since we have no way of knowing where the water is getting in.
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    OK, thanks for your patience guys. Here are the results from the past two weeks. 30th May 6th June Don't worry, his score doesn't effect any of yours, I'm only having a laugh. Anyway, here's the table after those two nights. We're heading up to the last few sessions before the mid year point, so scores will be reset next month and a winner for this half of the year will be declared. Next League Night: 13th June 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell It's E3 this week! The Drama! The Excitement! The inevitable disappointment because that one rumour turned out to be a load of garbage! And most importantly, the anticipation of the dreaded "Pause for applause, no applause" The second most important thing though is that Ninty's E3 Direct will determine what characters you're able to use in this theme! Hopefully, Smash doesn't pull another "Everyone is here!" like last time... The characters will be determined by whether they show up during Nintendo's E3 Direct, NOT their Treehouse section afterwards. I'll be sure to update this thread after it airs, so if you can't watch it when it happens, make sure you catch up before checking here to avoid any potential spoilers. Sign up Now!
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    The livestream can be seen here:
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    Whole bunch of fuddy duddys in this thread. You guys need to lighten up. Devolver's shtick is taking a cynical look at gaming today and it's funny because it's kinda true. Massively over exaggerated, but true. Anyway, that's the conference I'm most looking forward to checking a look at.
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    1. Another Nintendo/Ubisoft collaboration. Seeing as they've already worked with Mario and Star Fox I guess the next likely IP (if there really is another joint venture) would be Zelda, but because we've got the Link's Awakening remake and Cadence of Hyrule on the way as well, that might be a bit too much Zelda. If there isn't another crossover game on the way though, perhaps there will be some more DLC for the existing ones, in which case I reckon Samus and her Gunship would make for a cool addition to Starlink, and Wario would be perfect to join (and fart with) the Rabbids. 2. SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online. This is long overdue so I'd hope to see the first batch of titles become available directly after Nintendo's event. Perhaps they could also reveal the next system that will be joining the service in the future... GB, N64? I'd like to see SNES (and any future systems) get added to the existing Switch Online app, with an updated icon and menu system. Enabling online play with random players would be good too. 3. The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer. As for predicting who it'll be, well that's a tough one. The only certainty is that it probably won't be a character I really care about. Banjo is a good shout, as is Erdrick. We shall see. As long as it's not Minecraft Steve, which would be a horrific waste of a character slot. ( @S.C.G, I really like your idea of him being a Mii costume.) I suppose we could see another new mode added to Smash too, like Home-Run Contest or Break the Targets, although I'm more than happy now that we have Stage Builder. 4. A Switch game from Toshihiro Nagoshi/Sega. He was at the Switch reveal event but as far as I know there's been nothing rumoured or announced since. Now that the Yakuza games have been heading to PC, I imagine a port of Zero or Kiwami is possible. Binary Domain too. Selfishly though (as I've played all of those already) I'd rather see a new Super Monkey Ball, an F-Zero GX port/sequel or just something entirely new. 5. New Switch hardware. If not the rumoured mini or Pro revisions then something else, like updated Joy-Cons (that don't have crappy analogue sticks) in new colours or game themed limited editions. Personally I'd love to see Nintendo announce a nice VR headset shell for the Switch, complete with a head strap and then continue to announce VR modes for existing and future titles, starting with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Anyway, It's been cool reading everyone's predictions ( @Mandalore, I'm especially liking "Nintendogs + cats + rabbits" and the "New Mode 7 F-Zero") here's to a fun E3 2019!
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    That wasn't the only post race hilarity that happened with me... Oh, and one last thing, @martinist But I do have a GIF...