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    With most my PS4 gaming pretty much done for the year, I decided to start focusing a little more on my Switch. My final work day until New Year is on Monday and I figured I would spend most of my Christmas holiday just playing catch up on my neglected console. Over the past couple of weeks I've been prepping for my time off and picked up these. Dead Cells and Moonlighter are games I've wanted to try, despite my dislike of rogue games. Both are rated highly and what better way to learn to love this genre than with these two games. Mario Tennis Aces has seen substantial updates since its release and I thought now was a good time to give it a go. Starlink was cheap. Labo is something I have been interested in ever since it got announced and the Labo Vehicle Kit seemed to be the package that offers the most in terms of gameplay. Both Dark Souls and Diablo III have been on my radar for a while on the other consoles but I decided to get them on the Switch so I don't have to worry about collecting trophies. Monster Boy and Mega Man 11 were games I was always going to buy but I had to import each of them as I wanted physical versions. For reasons beyond me we only got the digital versions over here in the UK/EU. Yoku's Island Express and Owl Boy are games critics and gamers, including many on here, seem to really enjoy. Both looked great and quite unique, especially the former, and I thought I would give them a shot. I picked Sega Mega Drive Collection, SNK Collection and Namco Museum Arcade Pac due to enjoying playing older games and arcade classics ( like the Capcom Collection and Hamsters output ) in handheld mode. There's something very enjoyable about playing these types of games on the Switch. I'm looking forward to playing such gems as Shining in the Darkness, Ikari Warriors and Splatterhouse while tucked up in bed. SNK Heroines was bought as I wanted a fighter to play. I swear I'm only playing it for the story! Initially I was going to buy Blade Strangers but finding a physical copy was a little difficult and expensive so I went with this instead. Battle Chasers is another game I wanted to play ever since its release. Again, I picked it up on the Switch so I don't have to worry about trophies but also because I find it easier to play JRPGs on a handheld. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's Smash Bros. Phew! Quite a few games to get through but I'm looking forward to dipping into each of these in the coming weeks. Oh, I also finally picked up a Pro Controller (Smash version). yesterday. I really should have bought one a long time ago as I'm finding it really comfortable to use. Its got a nice weight to it and the sticks and buttons feel great.
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    Ahh... and on a fresh page as well! (sorry/notsorry at least it's in a spoiler tag)
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    So I bought Let's go, Eevee! (that's why I'm bumping this particular thread) Having fun so far. Having terrible memory and not having played a Pokémon in 20 years does wonders for the nostalgia factor. It's almost perfect for me. Obviously I do get the criticism, and next year I hope to see more of what I've missed in the past 20 years, but this is definitely a perfect bridge game. Not totally sure about the wild pokemon / capturing situation.. On the one hand I like being able to avoid them and unnecessary fights, on the other hand they still get in the way sometimes, and there could be times where I miss the option to grind by fighting wild pokémon. But I still like collecting, training and evolving Pokémon and fighting trainers, and I love the style and the nostalgia. And the game is just god damn adorable. Haven't done a whole lot yet. Despite my memory, I actually remembered the idiot who wants you to deliver a package to Oak, and next time he shows up right outside of Pallet Town to thank you. I mean, if you made it all the way over here.. I defeated Brock yesterday, and this morning I went through that Mount Moon cave and fought Jessie & James. I chose the Helix fossil. I think the other one is cooler, but chose this one for Nostalgia reasons. Back in the day in Green, I chose this one because I couldn't (and still can't) read Japanese. Anyway.. After @Ugh first aid's shenanigans with the rival's name, I was trying to come up with something funny and / or appropriate myself. I think I nailed it. If any of you Pikachu players (or Eevee players of course) want to trade, let me know what I need to catch. I myself would like a Meltan from someone, seeing as I'll never get one myself.
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    That post is three hours old so I assume you've finished them all now?
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    Pokedex complete. Big thanks to @Sméagol for the trades which helped me complete it.
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    NEW FRIEND CODE, PLS ADD: 2848-4567-9867 Its glorious
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    Annnd, the trailer is up on the front page! ... and I ordered a copy... damn I'm weak! Oh well!
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    Just chilling with my Shiny Charizard! Oh if anyone wondering, his nickname, Lonracha is Irish for "Shiny"
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    So I have spent the last two days trying to get a Shiny Charmander in my Let's Go Pikachu....yesterday I got a combo chain of 70 Charmander and 71 ran away breaking my chain...today I caught 112 Charmander, seen a whole bunch more as after 31 I went through long phases of just trying to force them to despawn and respawn as quick as possible (starting catch mode and running away, if you run away it doesn't break chain only if Pokemon runs). Luckily after combo 11 he respawns almost as soon as he despawn...before 11 I worked it as approx once every 10mins And it FINALLY appeared! Thought was seeing things at first it was like....oh stars..wait WHAT...enter panic mode!!!!
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    Only just realised there's a button on the Pokeball!!!
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    The way that the Lavender Town events play out in a more cinematic way in this game are fantastic. I love the little changes that have been made here and there, as well as the cute details lying around the place. For example... I just finished a co-op session with my 5 year old niece. She knows of Pokemon thanks to her school friend ( Oliver ) who collects the cards. She told me all about this whole playing. When she seen Cubone on the TV she yelled " I know that one!". The co-op experience was fantastic and well suited for her. With me helping her out and showing her the ropes she quickly grasped how to select an attack and also catch Pokemon. We kept high fiving every time we caught a Pokemon. Brilliant stuff.
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    @Glen-i It's not a Charmander! He is a Hamilton! and he is very happy! So i've had a lot more fun with this game already then I expected to be honest...I've had some crazy luck already... First pokemon I saw entering Viridian forest was a Bulbasaur, not knowing that it's a rare spawn. I've had a little too much fun in naming my rival too. I've got way too much mileage out of this name then expected and i'm only at Cerulean city! Oh yeah and this happened
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    So, I've been kinda sleeping on it, but... I'm now the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch Managed to find a good deal for it during Black Friday (299€ for Switch+Mario Odyssey), and I pre-ordered Smash Bros while I was at it (because the same store was offering a 10€ discount for that). Just vinculated my Nintendo Account to the Switch, added a bunch of stuff onto my wishlist, and plan on getting online when Smash Bros comes home. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Any small tips or info I should be aware of?
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    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a platform game that released for the SNES in 1995. It stars 8 Yoshies who decide to help a baby reunite with it's brother via a relay system after a stork drops him on their home island. You do have to wonder why he wasn't immediately eaten though. The thing is, this game is a prequel and that baby is Mario and a Magikoopa named Kamek somehow knows that Mario and Luigi are gonna be a right pain for the Koopas in the future. So Kamek has sent a group of Toadies to kidnap the baby. Can the Yoshies reunite the siblings? Or will hunger eventually win out and ruin the whole Mario Timeline? This game may have been billed as a sequel to Mario World, but it would spawn off a new spin-off series of Yoshi games. Yoshi is mostly invincible (Bottomless pits, getting crushed, spikes and lava will do it in though), but if it gets damaged, it'll get stunned and Baby Mario will drift off in a bubble where he'll subtly notify you of such by bellowing his lungs out. This will cause a timer to count down, let it reach 0 and the Toadies kidnap the kid and you lose a life. This game was powered by the Super FX2 chip, which allowed for a gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic, but is the main reason why this was never released on Virtual Console. There was a GBA port of the game as part of the Super Mario Advance series, which features a more modern Yoshi voice and 6 new levels. The game is pretty well loved and still looks the part today thanks to it's well-aged visuals and different style of gameplay. Whatever you think of it, it was a pretty good swan song to the old Super Nintendo. Either the original or GBA port is fine for this month. SNES Version available on: SNES and SNES Mini GBA Version available on: GBA, WiiU and 3DS (Ambassador Program only) There we go, nice and centered. So I'm gonna use this space to point out that the yellow and pink yoshi are in a very compromising position...
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    Urgh FINE! Add one more sale to that total lol I blame you all. I was trying to save money
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    I decided to end my Chansey/Exp farming run as I needed to capture a few more different Pokemon. My final chain count was... Chaining this many meant I had an insane amount of Chansey candies to use so I funneled them all into my shiny Chansey. I then used a couple of bottle caps to make it have perfect stats and was left with this. I'm not really gonna use it but I figured I had the items to create such a thing and figured why not? Before I went catching some other Pokemon I decided to look for a shiny due to my count being over 31 ( number you need to increase chance ). I ended up finding this. Not what I would have wanted but a shiny is a shiny. This game is like crack. I've got no idea why I'm even trying to get all of the Pokemon up to level 100, ironically it's something I haven't done since playing Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow back in the day. I mean I won't even be able to finish all the Master Trainer battles due to not being able to play Go or having Mew. All I know is that I'm having fun doing it.
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    I also can't get enough of hearing "You got 2 great balls!".
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    New record! I've also had some amazing luck in this play session... I've now got Pikachu, Mewtwo, Dragonite, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos sitting on level 100.
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    .....that's over 9000, right?
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    Just posting to say my Pikachu’s Diglett hat is the best thing ever. Also, Erika’s gym has never looked so glorious. Lovely stuff.
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    The Elite 4 have been defeated and my adventure is over. I ended up catching Zapdos and Moltres before going to bed last night and then taking on the Elite 4 when I woke up this morning. This was my HoF team. I shelved Charizard for Moltres as his fire attacks seemed a bit weak when compared to the Legendary bird. Not that I needed him anyway. Pikachu, Venusaur and Articuno took care of business on their own. I say my adventure is over but I need to catch Mewtwo and then possibly fill in the Pokedex. I say possibly as I'm not sure it's worth the effort seeing as I probably won't be getting Mew. What a fantastic game. Hands down one of my favourite Switch games that I've played through this year. EDIT: Mewtwo GET!
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    I've just thought, I'll no longer have to get up at stupid o' clock in the morning to watch Sony's conference! Win!
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    thanks Dcubed, we're saved! err... I mean... isn't it a shame, we didn't get to race on Koopa City.
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    I hardly got to play on this at all yesterday evening. I met up with some mates straight after work and then was too knackered to play for too long once I got home due to being up since 1am for the game awards. What I have played I've really enjoyed. I absolutely love World of Light. There seems to be a crazy amount of stages to work though and I'm loving the depth to it, what with the different Spirits you can collect and use. Its gonna be chaos tonight. I'm off to a friends house and there are 7 of us all meeting up for hours upon hours of Smash. 4 of us used to play Melee every Friday night back in the day, so it will be good reliving those times. Food will ordered, tears will be shed, friendships will be ended.
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    A good leader would take responsibility for any losses. I am not a good leader. I did good! You all let me down!
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    The second trailer for Captain Marvel:
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    Note: @viceview51 got a score of 18 in GP1. Scores displayed are before recalculation. Scores shown after a + symbol are your points from the Co-op Grand Prix and oh bugger, there's that dreaded question mark again... Yep, @Vileplume2000 got a different task to everyone else. But it's a little different than the other times... Here's what I sent him And here's who he chose. So let me break this down, if he predicted you'd win in a GP and you came 1st in that specific GP, he'd steal 10 points. If you came second, he steals 6 points. Coming third will make you lose 3 points to him. In GP1, I came second. In GP2, @BowserBasher came second and in GP3, @RedShell came third. So taking that into account, here's the actual scores in GP3. @viceview51 is this week's Player who made no bloody difference. Clearly, those connection issues were just you gunning for that award. Kudos! @martinist pulls off his 10th GP win this week and I manage to close the gap between @RedShell and me. Next week's theme is still under preparation, but I can tell you this. Keep an eye on this thread. The final two weeks are going to be a little different and it would be wise to declare yourself IN! as soon as possible.
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    Speaking of lazy journalism, Bloomberg published an article today ringing the bell of doom for Nintendo once more after apparently lacklustre sales figures in the face of 'few attractive titles for the holiday shopping season', with analysts advising them to cut the price of the Switch to $200 to encourage more sales. This report comes days after the Switch and Pokemon Let's Go were among the best selling items in the US on Black Friday and a week or so after they shifted 200,000 consoles in one week in Japan. Apparently if a company doesn't meet their high sales expectations just six months into the financial year then they're an absolute failure.
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    Be warned... Youtube is now completely off limits if you do not want Smash Ultimate spoilt! Pirated copies are now circulating the interwebs and pirates, many of which who are posing as "reviewers" who got "early review copies" are spoiling literally the entire game's contents.
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    Well...not sure how I should take that Anyway, just started playing it. It's beautiful and the music is great. Farmed some money to make the map more useful and now I'm ready to explore some more.
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    I had to get rid of this game. I had put well over 80 hours into it and was constantly playing online. Think i got up to like 4th in England in the rankings for the ‘simple’ class. But it was taking over my life and making me angry haha. I’d always end up being drawn against players who were really good and it was virtually impossible to beat them. So i traded it in. I haven’t missed it, but seeing the three new characters makes me wish I still had it so I could try Pauline out!
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    I’m a right fucking masochist when it comes to my relationship with Nintendo, I just love them being shit to me... I caved and bought the online service and pre-ordered Smash Bros.
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    So only played about 3 hours of this due to life but my thoughts: Its brilliant! Im loving it and it is so addictive. I have not been this excited to play a Pokemon game for years. I know it has nothing on BOTW or XC2 but the game looks great! It is clean, crisp and HD! Its decent to look at for Pokemon standards anyway. I love the Pokemon Stadium like battles. Really enjoying the tunes too! I think it is great that the Pokemon appear on screen rather than random battles. I am enjoying the Go catching mechanics. There is a surprisingly level of depth with this game. I have been playing Pokemon games since Red/Blue and its a shame to see the Pokemon community being so negative towards these games. I am finding them so much fun. I have never been into IV or natures etc. Maybe this is the game to get my head round them. I'm so glad I decided to pick this up. I was not going to due to all the negativity. Good job I decided to ignore.
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    THIS. LOOKS. AWESOME. Sprite-based action-JRPG? It’s only been teased to be coming to Switch (it’s already on PC — and actually has a free demo), but this really looks like it could be the next big Nindie. It also seems like it would be right up the alley of a lot of people here. Next year, maybe?
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    Oh god, I have to talk about Pokémon Rumble now, don't I? Pokémon Rumble is an action RPG developed by Ambrella that released on WiiWare in 2009. It's an Action RPG. The game starts with a Toy Rattata sneaking into some kind of Battle Royale, where it is very quickly destroyed, because it's a Rattata. It's not even in the top percentage of Rattata. The player is then tasked with collecting a whole variety of better toys like a whiny child on Christmas Morning in order to win at the forementioned Battle Royale. Pokémon Rumble is a pretty simple game, really. You manuever your Pokémon toy through a variety of levels and beat the living snot out of other Pokémon toys along the way, each level ends with a Boss and beating it lets you progress to the next level. Whenever you beat a Pokémon though, there's a chance that you can take it for yourself to use. The game has a cycle of slowly collecting better and better Pokémon while you progress. Once you get a strong enough Pokémon, a Battle Royale will open up, which is basically a large number of Pokémon beating each other up at once to be the last one standing. All the Pokémon from Gens 1 and 4 (Except Arceus) is available in this game, giving you 257 Pokémon to get. There's also a 2 player co-op mode as well as a 4 player competitive mode that takes place in a Battle Royale. Utilising the not very often used Wii Remote storage capabilities, people could put a Pokémon Toy in their Wii Remote and take them to a friend's Wii console to compete in this mode. Weirdly enough, as far as I'm aware, Pokémon Rumble is the only WiiWare title to have an advert. That advert only just reminded me that the Trading Card Game tried to make a sort of spin-off version based around Rumble. Yeah, it kinda flopped, so no-one even acknowledges it. But the real thing you need to see is the Japanese advert, which is the most ridiculously overhype thing I've ever seen in Pokémon history. That commentator is really excited to tell you about Pokémon Scramble (Japanese title for Rumble), not to mention that hilarious, over-the-top music. It's still funny these days. Not gonna lie, that advert kinda sold me on the game. In reality, it's not that exciting. (Then again, what is?) But it's a decent enough Wiiware title, the 2 player co-op does help it, but it can get repetitive. WiiWare title means that I can't be sure on any sales figures. But for once, Ambrella had made an OK Pokémon game. In hindsight, I can't be sure it's a good thing... Super Pokémon Rumble was released for the 3DS in 2011 and was developed by Ambrella. Being a full retail game, this game featured Pokémon from all 5 generations at the time. (Except for 3 unreleased Pokémon) It plays pretty much exactly the same as the original game. It's literally a bigger version with a plot. That would be fine, but this game annoys me. Oh no, I never played it. The WiiWare one was enough for me, but this game still featured those bloody Pokemon Toys. Yes, I'm talking about them again, you can't stop me! Pokémon toys were understandable as a way of working around the memory limitations that WiiWare games were faced with, but this was a full retail title and those models are some of the most ugly abominations I've ever laid my eyes on. (Well, until recently, after all, "Realistic Pokémon: The Movie" is now a thing) Ambrella started coasting after making something not completely baffling and awful and it shows with this. It sold 1.15 million copies, which is pretty good. Wait, oh no! That means Ambrella's going to...! *sigh* Pokémon Rumble U is a WiiU digital only game developed by Ambrella and released in 2013. Ummm... I'm sorry, but there's basically nothing to say about the actual game, it's still a gen 5 game so there were only 3 Pokémon that the 3DS game didn't have. But don't panic, there is actually something else to say about this. This game was the first WiiU title to utilise the NFC reader that the Gamepad had built in. You probably know about that thanks to the prominent amiibos that it's most well known for. But this game didn't use amiibos. I can't imagine many people proudly displaying that next to their amiibo collection. Scanning those would give you the associated Pokémon and also make your WiiU secretly judge you for having such poor taste. Saleswise, dunno. Digital title, hard to find those sales. Do you care though? I don't believe it did that well. Pokémon Rumble World, another 3DS title, another action RPG made by Ambrella. It released in 2015. It's Pokémon Rumble, again. The Gen 6 Pokémon are in this one now and Mega evolution features, but it's the same kind of gameplay we've seen 3 times before. I mean, it's awfully brazen to have another full retail title that barely does anything new with the formula and expect people to... Wait, hold up. I'm just getting told something... THEY DID WHAT!? OK, so in what I can only assume is a fit of madness, this is actually a free-to-play title digital title... which then got a retail release 6 months later. Which means that we've finally reached that point in this thread where I have to remain incredibly optimistic otherwise I'm liable to punch a wall. And I'm pretty weak, so I'd probably just hurt myself if I did that. It's time to talk about... Microtransactions in Pokémon Spin-off's I'm sure you already know how this works, but just in case you don't (Lucky you), here's the gist. Free-to-play titles are absolutely notorious for being seemingly free games that then offer you the option of buying some form of in-game currency with real-life cash. The mobile market is absolutely flooded with these kind of things and they can range from relatively harmless to completely exploitative. Unfortuantely, the latter is becoming more and more prominent these days. And with it showing up in full price retail games more and more often these days, it's probably not going away anytime soon. There's also the well-known Lootbox system, which is probably even worse, but Pokémon thankfully hasn't ventured into that territory yet, so I won't be covering that particular aspect in this thread. Now, some people tend to counter-argue that Microtranscations can be largely ignored. Good for you, you can show restraint. But that means you're not the kind of person that a game that uses this is targeting really. The majority of Free-to-play titles aim to get someone who is more prone to becoming addicted to buckle and spend lots of money on this to make reasonable progress. Titles that use microtransactions tend to be incredibly grindy affairs that are difficult to progress in, unless you pay up. This has coined the term as "Pay-to-win" and some companies love this idea. EA Games comes to mind and games like FIFA practically live on the kind of revenue it brings. I don't care how microtransactions affect you, but it is absolutely not a pleasant destination for gaming to go and can cause some serious real-life ramifications for some poor bugger who could get a bit carried away. Referred to rather meanly as "Whales", It only takes a few people dropping well over hundreds of pounds to make this kind of thing profitable and it's nothing short of despicable. Quite frankly, if anyone actually has the gall to defend this kind of practice, then you're part of the problem and I will just lose respect in you. *ahem* Sorry about that, but I feel it needed to be said. As far as Pokémon Rumble World is concerned, it's not too bad. You could probably get through it without coughing up, but you might as well just a play different title in the series. The retail version sold 0.11 million, the fact that it was on the eShop for free is probably the main reason for that low number. There is one more thing for Rumble though. Pokéland is a mobile game for iOS and android. It's not actually out yet, but there was an alpha version released last year. It seems to play like Pokémon Rumble, albeit, much more simple. Not much more information on that, we'll just have to see. And that's it. Pokémon Rumble, like PMD, is still kicking these days, but unlike PMD, it is seemingly banished to the Mobile Phone format. It might do well there, who knows? But chances are it will be more of a shell of it's former self. It's awfully derivative though, not really taking any chances, just going through the motions. Kinda like Pokémon Ranger did.
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    I am up to the third gym and got wiped out by Lt. Surge. From memory, I always used to be KO’d at that stage in all the previous versions of the game, as i never have a Pokemon suited to be effective against electric types. Really enjoying my play through of this so far. I much prefer playing in handheld mode, but only because it removes the need of the god awful motion control catching when hooked up in docked mode. Although i do like it on the big screen. Will post my team etc later, when I’ve figured out exactly who I want to keep with me!
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    I'm betting on Pokémon too. Reason being that I bought Pokémon, but I didn't buy Spyro. So Pokémon is already one copy ahead, and that seems like a pretty unassailable lead.
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    Seeing as @Dcubed chose to post a reply in the Era thread but not throw the video on here ( I'm watching you! ) I suppose I'll do it myself.
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    Prepare yourself for a lesson in how not to handle a Pokémon spin-off series. Pokémon Ranger released on the DS in 2006. An Action RPG by HAL Laboratory and Creatures. Inc, it marked the first in a series. The player takes the titular role of a Pokémon Ranger, people who use special devices that totally aren't Beyblades to temporarily tame Pokémon and use their abilities to perform general good deeds. The basic gameplay consists of exploring the region of Fiore and getting through various obstacles using the Pokémon that inhabit the local area. Coming into contact with a Pokémon initiates a... Battle, I guess? By using the DS's Touch Screen, you draw circles to guide your spinny top around a Pokémon multiple times while it makes a kinda "woo" noise. Effectively, you annoy the Pokémon into obedience. However, if a Pokémon comes into contact with the trail your children's toy makes, then your loop gets broken and you have to start the circle again. If a Pokémon's attack hits your trail, then that's very bad and the styler's durability decreases. If that reaches 0, then it breaks and I have to guess that those things are really expensive because the music is really sad about the loss of your piece of plastic. Pokémon that you have tamed can be used to bypass obstacles, but once used, they are released. They're not yours, stop complaining! It's a pretty silly game, but it's strangely fun. Not the most spectacular, but it's decent and the sales for it show. 2.93 million sales puts this in a respectable position on the Pokémon Spin-off spectrum. Some people would say that people bought this for the exclusive Manaphy that you could transfer to the Gen 4 game. It's probably partly true. Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia came out a mere 2 years later. This one was only developed by Creatures. Inc. You play as a student of the Pokémon Ranger School who gets mixed up in a dastardly scheme by an evil organisation called Team Dim Sun. I wish I could say more, but this game doesn't really change anything about the previous game. It's more refined, sure, but it offers nothing new to anybody who played the first game. It sold 2.35 million, which is very respectable for a sequel. Thankfully, Gen 5 wouldn't be out for another 2 years, so there was plenty of time to think of a way to freshen the idea up and think of ways to evolve the gameplay. Or they could jump the gun and get another game out before Gen 5 even started... Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs came out just under 2 years after the second game in 2010. Once again developed by Creatures. Inc. Unlike the game before it, this has something new, a co-op multiplayer mode for multiple circle drawing action. You could even co-ordinate your drawing to make different shapes for more effective Pokémon irritation. As far as Single Player goes, it's mostly the same, unfortunately. There is a mechanic called "Ranger Signs" that lets you summon legendary Pokémon to help overcome bigger obstacles. This sold 1.53 million copies. And that's it for Pokémon Ranger. No more after that, not even for the 3DS. What happened? Why did this series just cease to exist? Well, I have a hypothesis. And mind you, I have no evidence to back this up, it's just a gut feeling. This series fell into the trap that I like to call "Level-5 Syndrome" Simply put, releasing 3 games in only 2 generations of Pokémon was a mistake. There wasn't enough time to develop the gameplay and so they all feel incredibly similar. If you play one Pokémon Ranger game, then you've played them all. Personally, I blame Shadows of Almia. If that game didn't exist, I think this series might have survived the transition to the 3DS. Guardian Signs should have been the second game. And for that reason, I don't think this has a chance of coming back. Even ignoring the fact that Touch screens aren't a key feature of the Switch, I can imagine that the fanbase is burned out on the series by this point. I do recommend playing one of these games though. They're pretty fun. I suggest Guardian Signs. And that ends Gen 3 spin-offs. Gen 4 isn't as long as this one. They'll probably be done before this week is through.
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