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    Damn it, just when I was going to start the N-Europe Research & Development team they stole the acronym from us!
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    I finished Super Mario Bros. (Allstars edition) at 4am last night because I couldn't sleep. I warped to World 4 from 1-2 and it took me about 40 mins in total. I spammed the hell out of the rewind feature and feel extremely dirty for doing so, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be punished by the Joy-Cons being garbage. I really adore this remake. The visuals and the remastered music make this game instantly more appealing to me. I love the variety in the backgrounds, especially in 8-3 as you approach Bowser's Castle. The portraits of him hanging in the background of the castle are excellent. As are the Toad animations at the end of each world. I also want to give some love to the BONUS room music. I had completely forgotten that tune to the annals of time, but it took my right back to 1995 the moment it came on. I've dabbled in all four games and I'm up to world 7 in SMB2, I've never finished that one, so will probably do it later this evening. The nostalgia has been extremely strong with this game, more so than any other SNES game I've played so far. I played this game to death back in the day and I got a super strong urge to make a hot chocolate and stick the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on YouTube to fully replicate the wonderful nostalgic feeling. I'll sit down with Captain Lou at some point later this week. I've played handheld exclusively so far and I'll definitely go back and finish SMB again with the Pokken controller and no rewinds, I need to do the game justice. Overall though, I'm extremely please Nintendo released this game. They really didn't have to with the originals all being available in the NES app, so thanks for that, big N, it really made my weekend. Just pure unbridled joy playing each of these games. Edit: Super Mario Bros 2 also finished. Think this is my favourite NES Mario game. Might have to go through 3 again to make sure but I LOVED this game. Finally figured out how to kill Wart. Only took me 25 years. Sorry @markderoos
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    I played Super Mario All-Stars last night, I ended up playing through Super Mario Bros. twice through, probably for the first time not using any warps. I took a few screenshots along the way...
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    It's great having no grasp of reality. You should try it sometime @Dcubed Turns out Playstation don't buy their SSDs from Amazon.
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    Some people have gotten hold of the game and investigated how it works Details from here: https://twitter.com/OatmealDome/status/1305773333020016640?s=19
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    Or for a more accurate title "Cube wants an excuse to post some of his photos from his holiday a year ago". So, holidays this year are somewhat...lacking, so what better than sharing memories of previous holidays and remembering the good times. A year ago (today) I went to Carcassonne, it started off as a joke ("lets to go Carcassonne to play the board game there") but me and my girlfriend looked at photos and it looked amazing. Our original plan was Edinburgh, but due to train and accommodation costs, the price difference wasn't actually that much, so we figured we'd go abroad. I also had an additional plan: work in a proposal somewhere. On the first day, after sorting out our apartment (which was nice and we could see some of the towers, and was cheaper than any hotel we found), we pottered around the medieval city: Then had some food at a restaurant that looked nice. We discovered the speciality of Carcassone: a, which is a sort of duck and pork bean casserole. It was amazing, and something I make at home as a treat every few months, we had another walk around at night, where they light up the city: The full day 1 album is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8FGb81Fu8KFRJY9R8 When I got there, I was stunned by the size of it, it's an absolutely beautiful city. Does anyone else have any holidays they wish to share? I'll be making an update each day
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    By this time next week, the credit card debt that I've had for around 11 years will finally be paid off.
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    And that's Mario of the 64-bit era done. The removal of the Backwards Long Jump is unfortunate and means you won't be seeing any speedruns on this version. But it does look a lot clearer. (Also nice to play it with Rumble. The HD rumble is surprisingly good)
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    Unnecessary and goes on way longer than I'd like? Because that's every party I've ever been to.
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    NINTENDO MARKS THE 35TH ANNIVERSARY OF SUPER MARIO BROS. WITH GAMES, PRODUCTS AND IN-GAME EVENTS Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. all launching this year 3rd September, 2020 – Mario has come a long way since jumping on that first Goomba in World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros. Now, 35 years since the launch of that game in Japan, he is starring in games new on Nintendo Switch, lending his likeness to brands like LEGO, Kinder Joy and Monopoly, and there will even be a Super Mario-themed Splatfest in Splatoon 2 . In a new video presentation released today, Nintendo detailed several games, products and in-game events that are all arriving for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. This includes games new to the Nintendo Switch family of systems like Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection of three Super Mario games of the modern era: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy; Super Mario Bros. 35, a 35-player online battle in the world of the original Super Mario Bros.; and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, an enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World which originally launched on Wii U. Additionally, the video revealed other Super Mario experiences launching this year, like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which brings the fun of the Mario Kart series to the real world using the Nintendo Switch system to control a real-life, physical kart; the launch of the classic Super NES game Super Mario All-Stars on Nintendo Switch Online later today*; and a new Nintendo product called Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., a mini gaming device inspired by the retro Game & Watch systems that plays the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Ball games. The full video presentation can be viewed by visiting https://www.nintendo.co.uk/mario35. Highlights of the video include the following: Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Optimised versions of 3D Super Mario games Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, are coming to Nintendo Switch in one package. In addition to having higher resolutions than their original versions, the games have been optimised for a smooth gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch. Super Mario 3D All-Stars also includes an in-game music-player mode to play the music and songs from all three games. Players can also listen to music on their Nintendo Switch systems when the screen is off. Super Mario 3D All-Stars launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on 18th September. The packaged version software is a limited-time only production, and the digital version will be a limited-time only release until the end of March 2021. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is available to pre-order from Nintendo eShop today. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: Created in partnership by Nintendo and Velan Studios, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brings the fun of the Mario Kart series into the real world by using a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite** to race against opponents using a physical kart come to life. The physical kart responds to boosts in-game and in the real world, stops when hit with an item, and can be affected in different ways depending on the race. Players place gates to create a custom course layout in their home, where the only limit is their imagination. Race against Koopalings in Grand Prix to unlock skins to customise courses and costumes for Mario and Luigi, and play with up to four players in local multiplayer mode .*** Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which is available in Mario or Luigi models, launches on 16th October. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.: This new collectable device is inspired by the original Game & Watch systems first released in the 1980s. The original handheld device included a game and could also be used as a watch to tell time. The original Game & Watch series sold more than 43 million worldwide. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. features a modern +Control Pad. In addition to playing classic games Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2) and a special version of Ball with a Mario makeover, Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. also functions as a clock, with 35 little touches to discover, including some guest appearances from Mario’s friends and foes. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. launches on 13th November. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: Multiplayer mayhem pounces onto Nintendo Switch! This enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World, which originally launched for Wii U, features co-op gameplay both online* and through local multiplayer in a variety of creative levels. Additional details about what new things this game has to offer will be revealed later. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury launches for Nintendo Switch on 12th February 2021. New Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo will also be released as a double pack at the same time as the game. Super Mario Bros. 35: Welcome to Super Mario Bros. … with 35 players! In this competitive online battle game, 35 players will compete to be the last Mario standing… or running. Enemies defeated will be sent to other players’ courses, but that also works the other way around! Players can activate special items to try and outpace their opponents. Super Mario Bros. 35 launches 1st October as a digital-only game exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members*. The game will be playable until 31st March 2021. Super Mario All-Stars: The classic Super NES game that includes upgraded versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 with enhanced 16-bit graphics is joining the catalogue of games available with Nintendo Switch Online… later today*! Super Mario Events: From now until March 2021, there are many events to mark the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. From 08.00 CEST on 9th September until 08.00 on 23rd September, Mario Kart Tour will have a Super Mario Kart Tour event, with special appearances by Mario (SNES) and Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) from the original Super Mario Kart.****. Later this year, historical Super Mario items and 35th anniversary-themed merchandise will be available for purchase at the Nintendo Official UK Store. A 35th anniversary-themed Ninji Speedrun course is coming to Super Mario Maker 2 in November. In November and December, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have an in-game online tournament using Super Mario series fighters, stages and items. A Super Mario-themed Splatfest is coming to Splatoon 2 in January 2021. Keychains will also be available as a My Nintendo reward closer to the Splatfest*****. In addition, physical Splatfest T-shirts will be available for purchase on the My Nintendo Store soon. The upcoming Splatfest asks the important question: Which Super Mario power-up do you prefer: supersize with a Super Mushroom or become invincible with a Super Star? In March of next year, Super Mario-themed furniture will be available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Super Mario Products: In addition to events, many different Super Mario-themed products are now available. Monopoly Super Mario Celebration from Hasbro is now available at retailers worldwide. Kinder Joy Super Mario products are now available. The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set is now available exclusively at LEGO stores and the Nintendo Official UK Store, with multiple LEGO Super Mario sets now available at retailers worldwide, including the Adventures with Mario Starter Course. To keep up-to-date with the latest Super Mario news, check out the official Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary website and official Super Mario UK Twitter account. In a new video presentation released today, Nintendo detailed several games, products and in-game events that are all arriving for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., including Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Super Mario Bros. 35 and more. Related videos: Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct – 03.09.2020 https://youtu.be/TFbES4ultTA Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming September 18th! (Nintendo Switch) https://youtu.be/5QfFyDwf6iY Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Coming October 16th! (Nintendo Switch) https://youtu.be/hkVQM9ZD-KY Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury comes to Nintendo Switch on February 12th, 2021! https://youtu.be/5-EPbtEG5Hk Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. – coming November 13th! https://youtu.be/DOjQcgd2az4 Super Mario Bros. 35 – Available October 1st! (Nintendo Switch) https://youtu.be/0_YwN8uRQac Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary – Super Mario Bros. Medley https://youtu.be/EFTf5-U1LwY
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    2020 is a real rollercoaster year
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    That's my hope too. I think there's absolute merit to what @Dcubed has said about Bandai Namco, and that undoubtedly has had an effect, but as usual there is absolutely zero communication to the end user. It's always hush-hush with Nintendo. Usually that'd be fine, but in this situation (with nothing on the horizon), it's starting to wear thin. This is made worse by the fact that their stock price and sales keep going up despite them doing bugger all. Where's the incentive to change? Maybe I'm in a minority of people, and I know there are millions of happy Switch owners out there who are either first timers or coming back from the Wii, but as I've said before, it's all be done at the expense of the fans who stuck with them during the Wii U. Of course most of the buzz about the Switch is positive, but the lonely 13 or so million of us who have seen all this shit before are drowned out by the hype and positivity and rightly baulk at the thought of giving Nintendo yet more money for old rope. I'm not buying Mario 64 for the fifth time. Even if Sunshine is there to "sweeten the £50 deal". If COVID is at all to blame, I still believe Nintendo should take the brunt of the responsibility. Yes, they're secretive. But they're also extremely archaic in how they operate and have proven time and time again that they struggle to keep up with the way technology and the world is changing. Sony and MS are both releasing a new console this year, and while there have undoubtedly been hiccups along the way, they've still delivered a deluge of news and hype (depending on your next-gen leaning) and kept the content flowing for their current systems. Looking at this year's release schedule makes me nauseous. Is that really the best they can do at they peak of Switch's lifespan? Are 6 ports in one calendar year really acceptable given the lack of original content? This is when I would've expected the Switch to hit its stride, instead Nintendo have let it chug along with a whimper going for the easy money every step of the way. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, and I'm delighted that millions of people will get to play some truly exceptional games from their catalogue, but for me, it's come at a high price without anything really new or exciting to play. Who's to say if Nintendo's next big move is a Wii U type one (these things often come in cycles) that the ones who stuck with them from 2012-17 will still be there to do it all over again?
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    There's an interesting set of event Pokemon currently available through Mystery Gift. Porygon2 - PKMN PLAY ERSC UP Gastrodon - PJCS 2019 CHAM P What makes these interesting is that they are ready to battle competitively. They are fully EV trained, have IV's in all the right places (Including 0 IV's in Speed) and have great movesets and items for double battles. Act quickly though, the Gastrodon will be gone before tomorrow. The Porygon2 will stick around a bit longer. Because of the tight time limit, I'm gonna mention a few competitively inclined people, such as @RedShell, @Ike, @markderoos
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    Doing a much better job than Microsoft at supporting the current gen seemingly, even though Microsoft bragged about supporting the current gen.
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    My brain is crinkled reading this sentence.
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    I mean, you've heard the original's remixes, fits quite well. I'm glad you asked.
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    They do have a trick up their sleeve actually.
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    Got myself a few controllers:
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    Pre-orders open on Thursday. GET FREAKING HYPED!
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    Sooooo... is anyone else excited to play Sunshine again?!
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    It is time to show you how awesome I am at Super Mario Bros. 3 (All-Stars Version). Are you ready? Ladies, please...one at a time.
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    Playing a couple of games recently, The Touryst and Battletoads (new), got me thinking about what makes games feel fair/unfair or frustrating. The Touryst is what should be a relaxing puzzle adventure game, with calming settings and visuals and no "death" as such. However, I got very angry at the game. Some parts require precise platforming (sometimes onto moving objects) and the games camera and controls just aren't up to the task. Fall into a hole and you return to the start of the room. but the slow pace of the game makes it feel like it takes an age to get back to the jump you missed due to not being able to determine the "depth" of the object. Meanwhile, there's a section of Battletoads which is like a DKC minecart level. There are different types of "rails" and you have to press the right button to morph into the correct mode for each type. I died constantly, yet didn't feel annoyed at all. Each death felt like it was my fault. I think Super Meat Boy is a big example of that. The game is extremely difficult, but as the controls feel spot-on and you restart the level instantly, it removes the frustration of the death, yet it still feels rewarding when you finish. Are there any other things that can make a game feel either fair, or something that can make one frustrating?
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    You know, I still remember when 3D World was first announced, there was no sign of Bowser. @Dcubed metioned how the Pixies had to be from Subcon so Wart would ‘obviously’ make his comeback. Yeah. I’m still contemplating how to return the ‘favor’...
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    One of the Japanese adverts for this perfectly encapsulates Mario Sunshine. Yep, 100% accurate.
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    Nintendo doesn't dip prices, they have an image as a premium, quality product that doesn't do flash sales and cash-in bargains. The world is not as black and white as "Activision does it, why can't Nintendo?" They don't want to give the impression of "here's three old games at cheap prices" they want to say "here's a lovely, well organised, well treated collection of absolutely sublime games that you know will have been ported perfectly and look better than ever". Activision also supplements a huge amount of their income from shifty practices like loot crates, pay to win and microtransactions, for one thing. If we wan't to talk bizarre decisions, it's the crazy choice to provide this in limited physical supply. Which will just lead to loads of NES-Classic style scalping.
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    Covid-19 sucks butts but hopefully we've all had some little things during this ongoing pandemic which have been silver linings brought about by it. I was talking to someone earlier and mentioned it has been nice that by unexpectedly ending up near home (~10 miles away) I've seen my 4 year old niece more. Took her to the Sea Life Centre last week which she enjoyed and generally popping home, mostly to give my mom a break. She's an easy going child but still 4 at the end of the day and my brother is useless for actually helping out so I go and just take her to the park and play with her for a bit. I also finally signed up for a PT so hopefully once this is all over I'll be more body positive! And unexpectedly working has meant I have saved up more for my trip when it finally happens. Will be able to treat myself a bit more when I go, maybe even stay in that hotel from Lost in Translation for a night or two! What about yourself; have you finally changed a bad habit, found a new hobby, enjoyed working from home?
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    Finally beat the game! Time for a shameless plug... Click the picture to see my review for the main site Overall I think it's a very interesting game. There's a lot more I can talk about with it, but obviously I didn't want to bog down the review with too many nitty gritty details and spoilers. It's really very odd overall, and I found it actually quite a challenge to review. There's a LOT of things I absolutely love about this game, but there's also a lot I hate. It's not the slam dunk that Color Splash was for me, but there's a lot going for it too. A very weird & experimental take on Paper Mario that hits as often as it misses. Well worth playing for those good bits though! Also. Can we just talk about this... Holy Jesus Hell! They really snuck some stuff past the censors with this game! I love it! Also, I bloody love the musical numbers, and the Non-Standard Game Overs in this game (yes I deliberately tripped them; I couldn't help myself! - Though Color Splash did have more of them mind you). The Legion of Stationary are just great though! Loved every moment with them!
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    Three lions goes back to the 12 century. The First lion came from King Henry I who was known as the lion king of England and he had this on his standard after taking power in 1100 AD/CE. The king married Adeliza of Louvain whose father had a lion on his shield so Henry added a second lion. In 1154, King Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine who also had a lion on her family crest so the king added the third lion. Lastly, evidence was dug up possibly when building Trafalgar Square in London of the bones of lions, hippos, elephants and bears.
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    This resonates with me so much, in recent times, whenever I have bought another 'bargain' to add to my Steam library, I usually have no desire to play any of the games, except for on very rare occasions, the same can also be said for some games I buy on the Switch when they are in the sale, but to a lesser extent, as it's usually Sega Ages games which I like to have there for when I choose to play them. The same is also true of a lot of games which have been obtained through either Games with Gold, or from Playstation Plus, which of course gives the odd new title for free which I might check out, but I wouldn't have otherwise paid money for those games, so that's almost the other end of the scale, but almost alligning with the Game Pass model, but on a very small scale, being that it's only the odd couple of titles a month which get 'given away' and they've usually already been out for a while. Game Pass is definitely turning games into a more disposable form of entertainment, not only that, but I believe that it is having a huge effect on physical game sales, to the point that very soon, I don't think there will be quite as many physical games manufactured, we're even seeing dedicated digital versions of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series S now as well, which demonstrates that there is clearly a market for it. Because I (also) like to invest a lot of time in a single, well made game as well, rather than chopping and changing between lots of titles, I won't support Game Pass, no matter how good a prospect it is, generally I don't even have any other subscriptions either, aside from Xbox Live, PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online, but those are a yearly subscription and still seem to be just about worth it, for the ability to play online. I can still see Xbox Game Pass doing very well indeed, also... anyone going for that subscription model, for the console and the subscriptions, will probably be paying... £30 or so a month for so many months? So long as they are playing at least one new game every week, then the cost is probably justified for them, I can see from that perspective, that it's an enticing prospect. At this point, nothing would make me want to sign up for it, not even if they suddenly made every Xbox original game available for it, and to me, that would be a very good selling point, but a niche one for a lot of people. Though this makes me realise, it might be about time to dig out my original Xbox console again to play some classic physical games that I own for it.
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    Recreated my real life car again, this time in Forza 7 (and some in Horizon 4). The game also has my Scirocco in, so added bonus.
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    I've been craving a bit of Forza Horizon recently so I impulsively bought an XBox One S from CEX, as my PC can run it, but it's not the best. Annoyingly, one of the vibration motors in the controller is loose, so it makes a god awful death rattle. Managed to fix it by opening it up and jamming some kitchen roll in there to wedge it in place. Apparently new controllers are almost impossible to find at the moment and the custom coloured ones on XBox Design Lab are almost the same price as the standard, so I did the only thing I could: designed and ordered one. This one specifically: The controllers are so brilliant and the ability to customise the colours really makes them your own. I don't sing Microsoft's praises often*, but their controller options are a stroke of genius. *As I fired up Forza Horizon 4, I was reminded of the main reason I generally hate Microsoft: a 2 minute, unskippable advert for DLC in a game I've paid money for. Fucking shameful.
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    @S.C.G nominated @BowserBasher for the Loser's Gambit and gets 6 extra points for GP3. Next League Night: 24th September 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @S.C.G @Jayesse @martinist @viceview51 Sign up Now!
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    Monster Hunter, now with dogs and Spider Man! I love that you can just flat out make the Felynes and Canynes (Obvious name I wish I thought of) look like normal animals now. That's hilarious. Adept Style isn't coming back, is it?
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    Are you not having enough fun with drifting JoyCon?
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    DKC 2, Mario Super Picross, and Peace Keepers are getting added to the SNES library.
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    Just about to enter the SMB2 talk, I'll comment a bit more on the episode as a whole later tonight. For now, I can say that, luckily, I've been playing a certain Mario spin-off lately, and I think it'll be a good entry for the next PodPals episode (I should have my write-up on the Gaming Diary thread by the time it happens). And the Transition Tune answer!
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    And now, they too can use the magnesis rune to solve puzzles
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    Easy fix for the second problem: [email protected]'s account. Easy fix for the first: [email protected]'s account.
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    If I had to choose I’d rather have 3D Land added to the 3D World port than Galaxy 2 added to the All-Stars collection. Not a popular opinion I guess
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    This is definitely an interesting topic to discuss. One boss I always think of when it comes to difficulty is the Boost Guardian from Prime 2. In the original Gamecube version this boss was a huge difficulty spike and the general design of the boss was very difficult, you needed multiple attempts just to be able to clear this thing. But, as I found out earlier this year when I LP'd the game, they nerfed the boost guardian on the Trilogy version and it was significantly easier as a result. Prime 3 I feel goes on a reverse difficulty curve when it comes to it's major seed bosses, with the game putting a large difficult spike towards the end of Bryyo which culimates in the Mogenar boss fight but then everything after that somehow ends up easier. I'm a big fan of difficulty curves and I always think a game should be easy (but not TOO easy) to begin with and then ramp up the challenge as the game goes along. Mario games are usually excellent at this... though it is debatable how far up the difficulty curve the New Super Mario Bros. games go, it does seem like the difficulty for the final levels in those games has been set somewhat lower than normal with the levels that would generally be reserved for the higher portions of that difficulty curve reserved for the secret worlds. If a game stays too easy throughout then it's not really much fun and if it's too hard throughout then it can be rather frustrating. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dark Souls in this thread yet. That game has a really high difficulty curve, but in many ways it skirts the line between frustrating in fair. Perhaps it's because the combat and game design in Dark Souls is built in a way to remove randomness from the equation, if you do certain things in a certain way you will succeed and if you do anything else then it doesn't usually end well. The difficulty ends up coming from a lack of knowledge which you gain. That probably clashes with some of my approaches to boss battles and explains why I have yet to beat Ornstein and Smough and why I put the game back on the shelf after getting stuck on that boss battle. Fundamentally with Dark Souls I feel ike the combat is fair in one on one encounters, you can read the movements of one enemy and react accordingly, add multiple into the mix though and the timing can be thrown off. So, if you ever have to fight two bosses at once it is flat out mean. Other difficult bosses and moments I've had to face include the Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2 which I was stuck on for ages. Probably because the speed based gameplay was not very well suited to a boss battle where you are cornered in to a limited area of the environment. Then he starts moving around the arena so your natural instinct is to run away with Shadow but oh, if you run too far there's a random tail in the way and you have to run another way... that doesn't seem very fair. Also the boss changes the way you get to it's weak point about halfway through and it isn't very obvious that you're supposed to homing attack the floating balls around the area. Much like many things in 3D Sonic games I think this one goes into the frustrating category. Ansem's second fight in Kingdom Hearts is another example of a boss battle that is particularly brutal. When you have a third person camera and a limited arena to fight in, is having a pinball like attack that launches the boss all around the arena really that fair to deal with? Yeah, you can counter it with good timing but the split second window in which you need to react to it is so specific that most people who do this fight will end up either getting hit by the attack or then actively focus on dodge rolling out of the way of it, which can be slightly awkward to do due to the nature of said attack. Not to mention that you then get in such a situation where attacking can harm you thanks to the Guardian "SUBMIT" attack so that situation requires you to basically dodge every time he's shouting SUBMIT. Also, there's a particularly brutal enemy gauntlet right before the final boss which imo drags on for way too long and requires you to do a ridiculous amount. Also, in Ratchet & clank 2, the planet Grelbin has one ridiculously annoying Snowbeast enemy. The enemy spawns at a relentless rate and constantly chases after you, in a level which is basically a massive snow field which you have to go around collecting crystals. This becomes particularly annoying but then I heard from the uselesspodcasts Youtube channel which is run by two ex-Insomniac developers that they had a very limited time in which to complete the level so they needed to do something quickly, hence why such a ridiculously unfair enemy like the Snowbeasts exists. Insomniac has since had an "Annual Snowbeast Award" for the worst game design decision in each of their games. So, in general I think the most infamous moments in gaming tend to come because of difficulty spikes and while some are fair difficulty, a lot of bad game designs are generally responsible for some ridiculous boss battles.
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    I can get a bigger bag. Can't get smaller hands.
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    Wait, HOLD UP! Are you... are you using tilt controls!?