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    Dunno how, but I managed to come 1st.
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    Guys, GUYS. I know something. But I'm not telling. Like, comment, subscribe, send nudes.
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    YES!!!! *retires from Tetris 99* Yeah right!... “one more game”
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    The only thing I want to see is whether this version will keep the weirdness of the original German version or be "censored" like the DX version. This is what I'm talking about:
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    I hope it is 😋 Fire Emblem Three Houses release date The remaining Smash DLC characters are all Fire Emblem characters All non Fire Emblem characters will be removed from Smash. Animal Crossing renamed to Fire Emblem Crossing. Isabelle is replaced with Anna.
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    I've had a rant about this in another place and these "insiders" really piss me off. They get lucky a couple of times and then act all high and mighty about how much they know. What does 70% sure even mean anyway? You either know, or you don't. Just an excuse for them to fall back on. 4 'unannounced' games coming in 2019? Ok mate. What bugs me the most is how much discussion comes out of it, and then, inevitably the people who are wrong make their excuses and the backlash is directed at Nintendo for not giving the people what they want. So many people were "hearing rumblings" or had "close, reliable sources" tell them about Prime 4 at the Game Awards. Bullshit. StarFox GP. Bullshit. Pokemon Stars. Bullshit. Animal Crossing coming in April? Absolutely bullshit. Not a chance in hell. It's all a big scam for attention, clicks and money via their Patreons or YouTube channels. A glorified dick-swinging contest. I love predicting what's coming, but completely ignore these clowns who claim they know something. Plenty of good stuff to play on Switch now, plenty of confirmed stuff to look forward to and chat about if you want. Why should anyone waste their time on baseless speculation, I really don't get it?
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    Here's my list and highlights from 2018. I haven't numbered them. Honestly, I found trying to place most of these games in such an order was impossible due to the quality of each title. I've also attached proof that I have actually played and finished the games that I mention. The exception to this rule is Hollow Knight as I never finished the game. There are probably spoilers in the games I talk about so be warned when reading. Enjoy! Favourite Games Of The Year Astro Bot Rescue Mission After going back and forth for months on whether to snap up a VR headset for my PS4, in December I finally bit the bullet and snapped one up and it was all because of this game. Many have said it is the PSVRs killer app and once I sat down with the game I could instantly see why. There are plenty of games over the years that have got a smile and laugh out of me but very few actually gave me that sense of childhood joy. From the moment I was in control of Astro Bot I had a rush of that very feeling and it remained throughout the course of my adventure. It is hands down one of the most charming and joyful games I have ever played. The way the little robot waves or emotes at you never failed to bring a smile on my face. Even the little robots you need to rescue get in on the act, with some of their antics also entertaining me to no end. The game isn’t just a gimmick either, the platforming in it feels great and the level designs, though simple, is still fun to play through and can be very rewarding, especially when trying to find the hidden collectibles that are scattered throughout the stages. I’ve been playing games most of my life and I thought I had played it all and seen it all but this showed me how wrong I was and has made me a believer of what a game changer VR can be for my favourite hobby. Detroit: Become Human Having played and enjoyed both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on the PS3 I was really looking forward to what David Cage would bring to the table with his next game. Both of these games stories and twists remain very much lodged in my gaming brain and I was eager to find out if Detroit would have the same lasting effect on me. Thankfully, David Cage and his team didn’t miss a beat and the game ended up being everything I hoped for. All 3 of the characters that you spend your time with have a unique journey throughout the game. I think both Connor and Kara had the strongest stories to tell and while Markus’s story did start off pretty weak, the rise of the rebellion and the choices I made eventually came into its own. I still back and forth as to who actually had the best storyline in the game. I love the relationship that is shown and grows between Kara and Alice but I also enjoyed seeing Connor struggling with the decisions he had to make and ultimately becoming more human ( obviously depending on how you play the game ) the further you progress in the story. If you grow his friendship with Hank you will get to see some moments that are both funny and heartfelt. One of the most harrowing scenes in the game came near the end of my first run through Kara’s story. When you are arrested and taken to the death camps. You are then forced to strip down, remove your android skin so that you look like everybody else and then are marched towards your demise was such an awful, yet memorable experience. It was essentially a concentration camp for androids and I think there was a true sense of fear and helplessness when having to play through at scenario. The whole game was an interesting take on racism and what constitutes something as a living thing. It was definitely my favourite Quantic Dream game and they once again proved they have what it takes to deliver a game that tells a story that grips me from start to finish. Dragon Quest XI I can cheat here and just copy and paste my thoughts on the game that I posted in the actual thread. God of War What Cory and his team have achieved here is nothing short of spectacular. The quality of the visuals, voice work, environments, music, set pieces and story are in a league of their own. The way they took an action based adventure game, that featured a protagonist that many hated, and turned it into a more open game with heart, is mind blowing. What’s even more amazing is that the studio was supposed to be in a bit of a mess and the development of the game was a in a state of panic for a while. The game started a little slow for me due to how I was playing it. Once I ditched the exploring aspect and started playing how I like to play, the story beats came a lot quicker and really drew me in. The moment where Kratos finally embraces his Greek side and unleashes his full fury is when the game really locked me in. I lost count of the amount of times where the graphics blew me away in this game. Last year we had Horizon to drool over but these guys have raised the bar even further. It's not just the character models and facial expressions that are on another level but also the scenery. The colours used in certain places really bring the game to life. Many times I would just sit and gawk at what I was seeing on screen. There is also a great amount of variety in the scenery. While Naughty Dog many be able to pull off even better visuals with TLOU2, I doubt very much that we are going to see such locations and colours as we've seen in this game. I've always loved these games and really liked Kratos, despite him being disliked by so many other gamers. I always thought there was a sadness to him that rarely got presented well in the older games. I think the PSP entries were able to handle this best, at least until now. The character of Kratos in this game is fantastic. The way he holds back and shows some reserve and tries to be an example to his son is something that is done so very well. Yeah, you get to unleash every now and then but if you look at what he was like in the original trilogy and take a look at what he's like now, the changes to him are like night and day. I'm often skeptical when a game gets such high praise. A lot of the time I do feel that reviewers can get caught up in the hype and this translates into their reviews. However, I do think that this lives up to the high praise it has received. Not only do I think this is one of the must have games on the platform, i'd go as far as to say that this is easily one of the best games this generation has produced. The production values of the game simply cannot be matched by anything out at the moment. The team over at SSM have made something very special here and I look forward to seeing how the story will play out in future entries. Mega Man X Legacy Collection Ever since I was a kid I have loved the Mega Man games. Playing the original series on the NES introduced me to the Blue Bomber and while I enjoyed those games it wasn’t until I played the original Mega Man X on the SNES that I really fell in love with the series. After NES games got collections on various platforms I was hoping that the X series would get it’s time to shine and sure enough Capcom delivered. The first collection comprised of Mega Man X 1-4. These are considered the best in the series by most fans, myself included, and couldn’t wait to play through X4 again. It’s a game I haven’t played in a long time due to the high price it commands in the second hand market. What’s was on offer here was a fantastic bundle. You get X 1-4, as well as the Japanese releases, an easier difficulty setting to ease new fans into the series, lots of extra artwork, soundtracks and even a boss battle mode that has you take on two Mavericks at once. Playing through these games took me back to my childhood and it’s amazing just how well these first 4 games hold up. The original Mega Man games are good but they can be unforgiving at times whereas I think Capcom really nailed the balance in the X games and as such I think they have aged far better. I ended up playing through games 1-4 all in quick succession on my PS4. I then played through them again on Switch, as I imported a physical version for that. Both versions of the game are absolutely fantastic and you can’t go wrong with whatever version you did pick up. Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom This is a game I kept my eye on during the course of its development but I was never really excited for it. As part of my Switch binge at the end of last year, I decided to pick this up and give it a go and boy am I glad I did. What awaited me was one of the best Metroidvania type games that I have played. The game looks gorgeous. A lot of 2D games these days tend to use the pixel art effect. This is something that I feel is overused and can look quite ugly at times. Thankfully, the developers of this game decided to use hand drawn sprites and in doing this the game’s world and characters really come alive. The OST in the game is easily one of the best of the year, maybe even my overall favourite of the year. There is such a nice variety to each of the areas of the game. One minute you are bopping away to the happy go lucky tune that plays in the grassy area and then the next you a treated to an epic song while you traverse the volcano world. There are so many memorable tunes in the game and I would love to see a soundtrack released for it. It seems many have written the game off or just completely disregarded it, which is a shame. People who have played it have fell in love with the game and the guys from My Life in Gaming, as well as John from Digital Foundry, all had it as their game of the year. Maybe it’s an age thing. Myself and the guys I just mentioned are all older games and I think the game just spoke to us and reminded us of a lot of the games we played in our childhood. Monster Hunter World What a way to start the year off. After announcing it at E3 2017, Capcom were quick to release the game the following January. What arrived was an absolutely amazing evolution of the Monster Hunter series. I had been crying out for a proper home console Monster Hunter game for years now. The series had been stuck on handhelds and lower powered consoles for so long and its potential had never really been realised….until now. Being finally able to play with friends on a console that had party chat and a decent invite system meant that games were organised so quickly. All of the QoL additions made to the game made everything so much more streamlined and manageable. The fact that they are releasing what is essentially G rank this year as an update rather than having to buy the game again is music to my ears. The new beasties that Capcom introduced into this game were just as fun to fight as the classic monsters. They also gave the older beasties some new moves which kept veteran hunters on their toes. Things like the seasonal events kept players coming back and special events, like the Final Fantasy Behemoth fight, offered a challenge in a Monster Hunter game the likes of which I had never faced before. It was easily the hardest thing I have ever fought in one of these games. Capcom opened the doors with this game and in doing so were rewarded for their efforts. It’s now Capcom’s best selling game EVER. Pokemon: Let’s Go Ah, the game that tore the Pokemon community in two and what a game it is. While many were happy to write the game off, I personally was looking forward to playing a different style of Pokemon game and one that respected the player’s time a little more. Gone were the random battles or the fact you had to whittle down a Pokemon’s health before catching it and instead we were treated with a much more streamlined and simpler affair. Playing through the game and seeing the good old Gen 1 gym battles reimagined and the gym leaders 3D models was great, as were the neat little cameos from certain Pokemon trainers. It was pandering at it’s very best and I lapped up every second of it. Throughout my adventure I didn’t at all mind that all Pokemon were able to get experience boosts or that shiny Pokemon were easier to find. Everything had been made easier and I can appreciate this game was made for a different kind of Pokemon audience. Despite that, I see had a great time on the game and spent a stupid amount of hours filling in the Pokedex and grinding Pokemon up to level 100. The only thing I’m a bit gutted about is how Mew was locked behind an accessory and how I’ll never be able to capture a certain Pokemon due to me not being able to play Pokemon Go. Spider-Man I’ve long been a fan of Insomniacs games. The Ratchet and Clank series has always been a favourite of mine and Resistance 1 and 3 were fantastic shooters ( 2 was a bit of a stinker ). Their games have always been fun to play and I was excited to see what they could bring to the table with a Spider-Man game and boy did they bring something special. Open world games have become very big and a bit of a chore to navigate. I often speak about this subject and how I much prefer a tighter experience and that’s what I got with Spider-Man. The world you get to explore in is just the right size and I never felt like I was getting lost or didn’t know where to go and the traversal of said world was something truly special. It would be very rare for me to use the fast travel system and this was because swinging through the city was just so much fun and very fast. There was no real need to hit the subway train, especially when there were different activities to do along the way. The storyline in the game was something I became really invested in and I think the portrayal of certain characters were spot on. The ending really hit me hard and I was surprised that Insomniac went there but because they did I feel the story had a much more lasting effect on me. Certainly more so than it would have had if they had taken the easier route. It’s been great to see so many gamers pick up the game and actually complete it. There was a story out last year about how many gamers weren’t just finishing the game but actually getting the platinum trophy on it as well. This goes to show that many found it a joy to play and were happy to continue playing the game long after the story had finished. It’s a great success story for s ingle player game, especially when you factor that trophies stats show that a lot of gamers don’t actually finish games these days. I so happy for the success that Insomniac have found with this game. They are a VERY talented studio and it’s about time they had a win of this size. The game has sold 9 million copies as of the end of November last year and I think it will continue to sell well. I picked up the season pass that was on sale on PSN over the Christmas period ( still on sale now ) and I’m very much ready to revisit the world of Spider-Man. Spyro Reignited Trilogy This was a collection of games that I was very much looking forward to playing. I had never played the second or third games in the trilogy but I adored the original game when I played it back in the day. Getting all 3 of them in a remastered form and for the relatively small fee of £30 seemed like an absolute bargain and how right I was. Back in 2017 we were greeted with the Crash Bandicoot collection and while I did playing those games, they were a bit stressful at times, especially the original game. The Spyro games are a much more relaxed affair and I think they have more heart to them that what the Crash games do. I pretty much played through all of the games back to back and in doing so I appreciated the simplicity of the original game over the sequels. Sure, the sequels had more characters, more moves and larger areas to explore but I preferred the more focused approach that the original game had. The sequels are by no means bad games in any shape or form, they are both brilliant platformers, it’s just that my preference was with the structure of the first game. I’m so happy that Activison seen sense, as well as dollar signs, and decided to give the go ahead to get these games remade. A lot of care and attention was poured into this collection and the fact that they were willing to sell this for a budget price was just the icing on a very sweet cake. Disappointments Of The Year Hollow Knight This was a game I was really looking forward to and one that I bought as soon as it was released. Many people, including people at work, had praised the PC version of the game and really hyped the game up to the point where it was seen as a must play game, no matter what the console it arrived on. Sadly, the game wasn’t what I was looking for. I love the 2D art that is used in the game but I really dislike how bland and samey everything looked. It made it really hard to differentiate between certain areas of the game and I found it easy to get lost in the world that I was exploring. If you compare it with something like Monster Boy, each of the areas there had their own distinct look and feel and this made the game feel fresh each time you went to a new area. In the hours I spent with Hollow Knight I never found this to be the case. This is a game I really wanted to like and I have tried twice to play through the thing. While it may get better as you go further into the game, the fact that it doesn’t grab me straight away leaves me thinking this game isn’t for me. Add to the fact that the game is around the 25 hour mark and I can’t see the game. Shame. Octopath Traveller This is a game that ended up being all bark and no bite. When it was announced I imagined the game to be a modern version of the 16bit era JRPGs that I grew up playing. Something that had a great story, lots of quirky characters, great music and simple but effect battle system. What I got was a game that had an amazing soundtrack a great battle system and very little else. One of the main reasons why I love playing JRPGs is the story and characters. There are one or two characters that have interesting character arcs but most of them are pretty bland. The main story of the game is told in such a way that makes it really hard to keep track of, makes very little sense when you consider the characters you are travelling with and by the end of it the whole thing just seems like a mess and a waste of time. The fact that the actual ending is locked behind a ridiculous final fight is another nail in the coffin. Had the story actually been worthwhile then it may have been worth the effort but that wasn’t the case. Square-Enix could have had something special with the game but instead I feel like the fumbled at the finish line. Hopefully lessons have been learned and that the next iteration of the game will have a better party system and storyline. If you are interested in the game then I recommend you just go and listen to the soundtrack on YouTube to save yourself some time and money. Shenmue HD Collection At times, there are games that you played as a youngster and you remember fondly. When a remastered version is announced it’s easy to get excited at the hope of playing through the game again but on a newer console. However, sometimes these games are often best left in the past and I think that’s exactly what should have happened with this collection. When Shenmue was released back on the Dreamcast it was already a bit of a divisive game back then. Sure, it pushed certain boundaries but it was still an experience more than an actual game. Without the technical advancements it had back then being able to be pushed as a selling point in this day and age I feel the game completely fails at being fun. One of the biggest gripes of mine is that there is far too much waiting around in the game and playing through it again revealed just how little there is actually to do in order to kill the time while you wait for the next event to pop up. Also, the voice acting hasn’t aged well at all, in terms of both performance and quality. Many of the lines spoken are devoid of any kind of emotion and the muffled quality of each of the spoken lines only worsens the experience. The games release had some very weird technical bugs when it launched and I’m not sure if they even got fixed. There were times when the camera would go into the ground or focus on some random object, making it so you completely missed what was actually happening on screen. This happened to myself and others quite a bit and the only way to fix it was to restart the game. The game really could have done with a bit more care and attention but it seems to was rushed out ( baffling as the 3rd game isn’t due to arrive until later this year ) to get fans and newer gamers on board with the franchise but in doing so it may have done more harm than good. Late To The Party Here are a couple of games that I enjoyed playing through last year but weren't released in 2018. I enjoyed them so much that I figured they deserved a mention. Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 HD Collection With the arrival of Kingdom Hearts III at the end of this month, I wanted to play through the games on this collection before the game final part arrived. I played through the original game earlier in the year but it wasn’t until December where I really went to town on this collection. I ended up playing and platinuming Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep in the space of the month. I absolutely ADORED playing through each of these games back to back. A friend of mine said he was surprised that I wasn’t burnet out by playing them all in such a short space of time but because they all play pretty differently to each other this wasn’t the case. Playing through the games again made me realise how much I love this series. As a huge Disney and JRPG fan, the games really do appeal to me. Even the story, which I honestly don’t really see an issue with, had me hooked all over again, especially the events in Birth by Sleep, Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days. Playing and watching all of these have certainly got me pumped for the finale. The collection is hands down one of the best gaming collections that has been put together on a single disc. You get the definitive editions of 4 games, all of which have had graphics redone, framerates upped and extra moves and bosses added to them. All of this was launched at around £35 and you can understand why I have a bee in my bonnet when publishers release ports of a single game for £40 a pop. Yakuza 0 and Kiwami After trying to get into the series a couple of times, it was the year 2018 where everything clicked and I finally got to enjoy what many other gamers had been in love with for the past few years. I started the game off feeling a little conflicted. I was loving the story and the characters but everything else, like the minigames and side stories I found to be either too stupid or just boring and not worth my time. Many gamers say that the best part of the series are these things and I felt that maybe the series wasn’t really for me. I then changed the way on how I approached the game and I started to play it how I wanted to play it and not be hampered by how others were getting their enjoyment out of the game. Once I started leaving all of the side stuff to the side and concentrating on the main story I was instantly hooked. The story….just wow! The amount of twists and turns that happened throughout the whole thing were just on another level. You had the amazing characters in both Kiryu and Majima as well as a great supporting cast. I honestly didn’t expect to get so emotionally attached to some of these and when people got killed, betrayed, injured and beat up I really felt for them and wanted revenge. I was very invested in what was going on, so much so that I started playing Kiwami pretty soon after finishing Zero. I don’t think Kiwami hit the heights of Zero, and I do really dislike how Majima is in comparison to Zero, but the game was still a fantastic experience. After finishing Zero I told one of my mates that he NEEDED to play through the game. He soon picked it up and played through it from start to finish in a very short space of time. He kept sending me text messages when certain events would occur in the story and, like myself, picked up Kiwami soon after completing 0. I then went on to talk to a lad a work about the game and he ended up watching the game on YouTube ( not a huge gamer and he prefers to get his gaming narratives in YouTube form ) over a couple of days. He adored what he watched. It’s a series I’m very happy I gave another go. It would have been easy to just write it off as something I wouldn’t enjoy and never be able to get into but I persevered and was rewarded for doing so. As you get older you tend to stick with what you know and quickly write off things that you don’t think you would like. With gaming I like to try and experience lots of different games and genres, even if there don’t usually fit my tastes, and this time it paid off, much like it did when I played Bloodborne a couple of years back. There are still many other adventures to be had in the world of Yakzua and now that I’ve dipped my toe into the series I will happily play through the rest of them. Best Gaming Moments There were some great games released last year and some of them provided me with some gaming moments/memories that will stay with me for a while. Here is a selection of some of them. God of War: Kratos’s Awakening The lead up to this point in the game is so well done. With Kratos’s son being injured and in need of help he has to unearth something that he thought was all in the past. The slow boat ride back to your house and the things going through Kratos’s mind all set up the next few moments beautifully. Him finally getting home, seeing Athena and then unleashing the Chaos Blades was such a hype moment for me. I was grinning from ear to ear as I hit combo after combo upon the hordes of enemies that spawned in the wake of you being reunited with your old weapons from the previous God of War games. It was such an amazing moment and the fact that the development team had managed to keep it a secret until people actually got to play the game was a fantastic surprise and a rare one in this day and age of spoilers being posted left and left. Monster Hunter World: Xeno’jiiva rises This big beastie is the final battle in the story arc of the main game. If you’re familiar to with the Monster Hunter games then you will know that there is usually some kind of battle with a giant monster that usually last a while. This is such a battle in Monster Hunter World. I managed to unlock the beast but I was unable to join up with gamers who were actually competent enough to beat him. I stupidly decided to have a crack at defeating him at 5am in the morning. I had woke up early for work and figured I would get a quick hunt in before heading off. I managed to hook up with someone for the fight but, for whatever reason, nobody else was join the game. It didn’t help that the one person who had joined was a bow user and wasn’t doing a great deal of damage. This made things incredibly difficult and the fight went on and on and on. The bow user died twice in quick succession and once this happened he spent most of his time just trying to keep away and stay alive, while taking the odd pot shot here and there. I noticed that the time limit was rapidly running out so I just went all in and went on the offensive. With very few potions left and a sliver of time left on the clock I managed to bring it down. There are much harder quests in the game. Both the Final Fantasy Behemoth fight and the HR49 Kirin fight were far harder but this battle stuck with me more due to the time pressure, my first time beating Xeno , the time of day it was, trying to get it done before I had to set off to work and the fact that I had to practically solo the thing. All of these made it such a memorable moment. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Remix: 1 Tough SOB vs. 1 Determined Gamer NOTE: This is a bit of a cheat because I done this one on the 1st of January but seeing as I finished the main game in December I’m still shoving it in here. If people have popped into the Kingdom Hearts thread they would have seen I have been playing through the series in preparation for Kingdom Hearts III. I had played and platinumed the original game earlier in the year and then done the same with Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II over the Christmas period. With those done, all that was left was Birth by Sleep. I played the Birth by Sleep and completed the game on critical mode with all 3 of the characters and I was quite content with what I had achieved and was happy to move on….or so I thought. My OCD nature kicked in and seeing that my other Kingdom Hearts games had a 100% trophy competition was really niggling away at me. I decided to go for the platinum trophy and in doing so I encountered some stupidly tough boss fights. Looking around the net, people were saying that you should start with Terra when taking on the game’s 4 secret bosses. He is the hardest character to complete them with ( you have to do all of these fights with each character ) and if you can’t do it with him then it would be pointless to try it with the others. Fair point. Here's a taste of what I was in store for me. I decided to take on the Mysterious Figure/Unknown first. This was seen as the hardest fight in any of the Kingdom Hearts games and I figured I would start with him first and get it out of the way. I took him on and about 3 seconds into the fight I was dead. Tried again, same result. This went on for about an hour or so and I just couldn’t make any progress. I watched videos, read tactics on how to beat him but nothing really worked. Levelling up wouldn’t do much to help due to the damage that the enemy receives from you is capped at a certain point and EVERY attack that he does knocks you down to 1HP, so raising your defence wouldn’t really matter either. I was even contemplating starting the game again on the easiest setting and playing through the whole thing in order to reach the fight and doing it on that difficulty but people said that it makes no difference as the attacks are just as fast and the damage just as brutal. I tried this fight over and over again over the course of the day and I was making very little progress. The next day I decided to sit down and keep at it until I had defeated him. I was determined not to be beaten by this boss fight and I knew if I could just get past him then I would be able to do the rest with ease. After a couple hours of constantly dying and they retrying I could start to see that I was making more and more progress. There were times when I had him on the ropes but failed to get the killer blow but knowing that I was so close to beating him help me to push on. My heart was racing, my hands were sweaty and I finally was able to get the victory. What an amazing feeling it was to see that SOB fall to my Keyblade. I went on to beat the other 3 secret bosses pretty easily and then butchered them all again with both Ven and Aqua, both of which have invincibility frames during then cartwheel and roll moves making the fights much simpler. It’s times like this why I enjoy the trophy/achievement hunt. It really pushed me to become better at the game and in doing so I got a much better sense of satisfaction than what I got from by just seeing the end and watching the credits. It also pushed me to explore everything within the game and I got to see and do things I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. For example, one of the secret boss fights has an amazing piece of music that plays throughout the course of the battle. I would have never had heard this had I not went for the platinum. I know many people fall out of the gaming hobby or become more casual in their approach to how they play games as they get older, but I’m happy to see that at 36 years old I still have the drive and passion to continually push myself to become better at gaming and this is an example of this. VR: We are VR! As I mentioned earlier, this was the year that I finally got to experience VR gaming and it has blown me away. I bought the unit really just to play Astro Bot but I have had some amazing experiences in other games with it. One of the more popular games in the VR Worlds collection is the bank heist scenario. There’s a part when you are in a chair and being interrogated by a gangster. He really gets into your face and starts shouting at you and I found this so intimidating. Also, my character ended up getting stabbed and as the knife came towards me I found myself trying to pull away. It was if everything that was happening in front of me was real and my mind was telling me to get the hell out of there. Crazy. I recently played through Moss and found it to be such a magical experience. You play as a guardian for a mouse named Quill and set off on an adventure to save her uncle. The storybook setting, locations you visit and soundtrack you hear really gives off a kind of fairytale vibe and it’s a game that I really fell in love with. The VR Playroom has certainly been a nice surprise package. I played this with a couple of my younger nephews and some of the multiplayer games were hilarious to play with them. I was concerned about how their eyes would be using the headset ( they are 12 and 8 years old ) so I was the one using the unit while they shouted out what they seen on TV. The ghost hunting game and salon game were favourites of each of them and both of them had such a good time playing. During the Christmas and New Year period various members of my family were able to try the headset out for themselves. My dad adores the thing. He’s 72 years old and he had an awesome time on things like a rollercoaster video I found on YouTube, as well as enjoying a nice and relaxing VR video for Angel Falls in Venezuela, again on YouTube. Yakuza 0 and Kiwami The version of Majima that is in Yakuza 0 was easily one of my favourite videogame characters that I played as in 2018. I really felt for him during the struggles that he had to endure during the game. His first appearance in Yakuza 0 is so memorable and is such a cool moment. Sure, the game is absolutely littered with amazing moments (as is Kiwami ) but this introduction to Majima is the one that stuck with me the most.
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    There are always rumours of Mother 3 being localised.
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    The germs have become immune to your pills, use microtransactions to buy new ones.
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    BTW... Y'all sleeping on the biggest megaton of this Direct... WART FINALLY GETS TO STAR IN A NEW GAME!!!!
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    I was considering a general thread about new games for Retro consoles (40 Winks for N64 is also getting a release for example), and I still might, but I'd have to create it in the general gaming forum since it would cover more than Nintendo. But for now I wanted to especially highlight this one. I think it looks great, and if I didn't just have an expensive month, I would have pre-ordered already. I will next month probably, as I am kind of excited to buy a new NES game after all these years. Pre-orders: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/micro-mages-a-new-game-for-the-nes#/ Official site: http://morphcat.de/micromages/ Original Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/morphcat-games/micro-mages-a-new-game-for-the-nes And here's a little making-of video:
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    To be fair, if she did care that much about Nintendo's frustration then she should be reporting the person who is actually leaking this kind of stuff. Leaks always baffle me, I mean, who exactly is telling people about this stuff? People who work for Nintendo? 3rd parties? Retailers? At work we deal with NDA's all the time and these's no way I would risk losing my job leaking information to people, friends or otherwise. It's a baffling practice.
  15. 6 points
    I can't believe there's going to be games released on the Switch!
  16. 6 points
    Interestingly, there's nothing stopping you from voting for a game you never intend to play. It's a fun way of ensuring [email protected] has to play Wario Land against his will.
  17. 6 points
    Well, she actually got the job what a relief!
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  19. 6 points
    David Cameron has, and always will be, a twat.
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    The rumour is already starting to do my head in. You've got YouTubers and Twitter personalities talking like they know what it is. Take this as an example of what we are seeing. He says this but then follows on with... So you know what it is but you aren't a 100% sure? Honestly, I wish this whole leaker, looking for hits on their channel and will say anything to get attention, culture would die.
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    I finished the main game on Saturday morning. I forgot just how short the game is! It must be one of the shortest 3D 1st party Nintendo games, surely? I ended up getting together just enough treasure to get an A ranking. I was thinking I could move on to my next game but I delved into the menus to find that the game has achievements to unlock, portraits to upgrade and a Hidden Mansion mode to play around in. It’s in these tasks where the game really started to shine. The achievements are layered by difficulty. Things like sucking up a few ghosts or burning down a fake door are in the easier brackets. Once you finish one bracket then another more difficult one is unlocked. If you do manage to achieve something in a higher difficulty bracket than you have yet to unlock then there’s no need to worry as these will already be unlocked once you get to that difficulty level. Some of these achievements have been great to go after and will require multiple plays of the game. Stuff like finding 20 gold mice or 30 of the speedy ghosts can’t be done in a single play through due to the limited number of them. There are some tricky ones to achieve, such as getting platinum level frames in the ghost gallery. This requires you to take on the harder versions of each ghost found in the Hidden Mansion mode and then you have to get their HP level down to at least 10HP without them breaking free. Easier said than done as a lot of the time it does seem a bit random as to whether they break free or not. The Gallery mode is where you can see the ghosts you have captured. Providing how well you have done, the frame around each of the ghosts will be either bronze, silver, gold and eventually platinum. This has offered a nice challenge, especially a couple of them which have been a right pain in the butt to nab in one go. Apparently it’s much easier to achieve the better frames in co-op but where’s the fun in that….plus I have no one else to play with. I have yet to finish the Hidden Mansion mode (I’m about halfway through it) but it’s been a much better experience than the original mansion. There are more ghosts to capture, you get hit harder and the ghosts themselves have more health. I’ve been trying to get the platinum frames in this mode rather than in the Gallery but it has been quite difficult at times. Mr. Luggs took me well over 40 mins of restarting the game. He kept breaking free, a lot of the time right at the end, as well. The amiibo integration in the game comes in really handy during a Hidden Mansion run. Using a Luigi amiibo will net you the ability to be revived if your HP reaches 0, but only the once. A Mario amiibo will replace any shrinking mushrooms that appear with health mushrooms, this is VERY useful while trying to get platinum portraits. Scanning in a Toad amiibo will let you get a health top up every time you visit Toad and save your game, which is very handy in Hidden Mansion mode where health supplies are limited. I think this is a good example of achievements helping to give a game that is short a nice bit of longevity. The game can be beaten in a single sitting but Grezzo have given the players that little bit extra to do, which has certainly helped add to the experience. Will I manage to unlock them all and get the best statue in the Gallery mode? I’m not sure but I’m having a great time trying to do so. As a side note, I was playing this on Saturday afternoon/evening and I had Comedy Central on in the background. It wasn’t until later on that I realised I was sat playing this and Ghostbusters was on the TV. Very fitting.
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    If this rumour is true, I'm hoping it's Star Wars: Rogue Leaders. It's about time we had a decent Star Wars game and this deserves to be released!
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    Project H.A.M.M.E.R. it's time! (hammer time!)
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    Bandai Namco's Metroid Prime 4!
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    Not sure if you still want this, but if so... Kinda hard to see when it's smiley size though. Here's the original:
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    I'm gonna guess that Animal Crossing is September Luigi's Mansion 3 is October Pokemon is November Link's Awakening is December Town and Daemon X Machina will just slot in elsewhere. I'm a little gutted that Fire Emblem was pushed back until July. It's not because I really want to play the game but more that I just know we are going to have to put up with another showing of it when E3 arrives.
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    Congratulations, you won... 100 Platinum coins.
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    Due to the Metroid Prime 4 delay, not only will we be getting Metroid Prime Trilogy early but we're also getting the 2D Metroid crossover title that we've all been waiting for... Metroid Prime: Fire Emblem Force is a 2D co-op Metroid title with a Fire Emblem flavoured twist... turn-based combat in the style of SteamWorld Heist! Take control of Samus as she commands the 100 character strong horde that is the Fire Emblem cast now (that's got to be accurate?) as you lead them, Pikmin style! You'll travel nonsensically from the vast reaches of space, to the castles of old as you fight against the evil Dark (Samus) Dragon which threatens the existence of everything! Also compatible with all Metroid Series and Fire Emblem Series amiibo figures, with another dozen on the way in time for launch. Pre-order now for early beta demo access and one hundred Nintencoins (in-game currency) which you can use for (just cosmetic!) in-game purchases! We can only dream... See you all at 10PM tomorrow night!
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    With February starting it's time to finish the game, which I did just now! I completed the game with 2 treasures missing, which let me to a grand total of...
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    To be fair there are usually two versions.
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    Who's picking this up? Who's picking this up, he asks ever so casually Let me tell you a tale of friends who have been waiting for a new Advance Wars like experience with proper asynchronous online play for over 10 years. My love for Advance Wars started after I gave it a second chance on an emulator back when I was 14 years old. I didn't have a GBA, but I'd be damned if I was going to miss out on titles such as Advance Wars, and having played it initially I hadn't the foggiest as to what was going on or how I should play it. After having tried it for a second time though, and really committing myself, I soon found myself with a friend hooked in front of the PC planning out strategies and eventually playing against each other as well. This went on for a while, first with the original Advance Wars, and then with Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising (I just burst out laughing realizing just how porn-like this sounds). Then I got I got a DS, and then Advance Wars: Dual Strike came out. This game had some mileage on it, I tell you, and had been played on my DS by several of my friends throughout my secondary school days. I had introduced in to multiple groups of friends, and both at home and at school we could be found with one guy holding the DS finishing his turn, and the rest anxiously discussing the game whilst waiting for our turn. A shift happened, because in my senior years of secondary school I was shifted to another building, and so new friendly contacts had to be established and friendships built. After a year or so, having recruited new potential candidates who were interested in games and did not shy away from strategy, I offered to take my DS with me to school so I could introduce them to the world of Advance Wars: Dual Strike during the lunch break. I wasn't long before they too bought the game so they could practice at home. Many an intense match was held, and we soon discovered the tactical joys of Fog of War which also came with it's fair share of meta-game and psychological warfare. It became obvious, however, that Advance Wars: Dual Strike had a balancing problem. Not only with some of the insane CO powers (I'm looking at you Javier, with you COM-towers, or Colin with his Money buff), but also some of the insane units that were available. Though we attempted to restrict usage of certain COs, and tinkered with the units we could use, it became unnecessary, because on the horizon was the greatest Turn-Based Strategy game that had ever graced our simple souls: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Yes, the themes, atmosphere, art direction, and music were a 180 from previous Advance Wars titles, but my goodness did it cut back on many of the insane excesses of Dual Strike, opting for a more concise and 'less-is-more' approach, while still innovating when it came to how COs were used and with some of the units. This became our gold standard going forward, and though we did cut Stolos and his daughters from being used during our matches, other than that everything was allowed. Many a laughs were had with the random weather, and since we were now staunch supports of Fog of War (in fact, we couldn't even imagine how you could play the game without it anymore, since it plays almost like real war where you just don't know what your enemy is doing) the mind games took on new levels of insanity. Backstabbing though not knowing who is doing it, forming secret pacts outside of the game since the other player was getting too strong, pretending you saw someone's battleship in the hope they would cave under the pressure, bluffing that you're heading towards an island whilst actually preparing a secret invasion in the other direction; still to this day do we partake in said shenanigans, but my friend's submarine mindfuckery has influenced me so much that during ever game where there is water and naval bases, I am extremely cautious. His expert use of submarines has caused us to sweat profusely whenever we set out to create an armada. He raped our minds in a game many years ago and it still has its effect: THAT is Advance Wars Fog of War Meta-Game Insanity, my fellow Nyurpers! With 800 hours combined on both game cartridges (my friend has one as well) and no end in sight when it came to the willingness of playing this game we knew it would become harder and harder to finish matches within a respectable time, because one friend moved to Germany and we all came to have busier lives as we entered the mad rat race of society. Heck, even before that we took about 2 years to complete one game just because our schedules did not align or I was abroad for many, many months. Every E3 I would tell them that there may be a chance a new Advance Wars title could be announced, though it never got as far as a comment by some man from Intelligent Systems saying that they are still thinking about Advance Wars. This was during the resurgence of Fire Emblem, and it was obvious they were going for that anime-lewd people money, haha. But between Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, I had always hoped that whenever one of those games got finished a new Advance Wars may be on the horizon. Alas, 'twas all for naught. BUT THEN! THE FISH THAT CHUCKLED ANNOUNCED A SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR. WE HAD CHUCKLES!! We learned about asynchronous online play and we couldn't be more ecstatic, then we learned about cross play (my Red October Strategist friend doesn't own a Switch), and then we saw matches in Fog of War. Some tears were shed, I won't front. This was the game we had been clamouring for for many years now, and you can be damn sure 800 more hours of fun will be had with this gem. Though nothing beats a physical get-together and seeing the live reaction of your friend who tries to keep a stoic poker face, but knows he has just lost his CO unit and has to do a 'strategic retreat', it is a great solution for when we live apart. I thank Chucklefish with all my heart, and the hearts of my friends. In fact, blood sacrifice is not out of the question.
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    Here are a few gaming related things I would like to do over the course of 2019, followed by the games I have clocked this month. Play through Persona 4 Golden or The Witcher 3. Both of these games are highly rated and both are games that I haven't finished, despite having them on the shelf for years. I’ve tried multiple times to play Persona 4, both on the PS2 and Vita, but I can never get past the opening sections of the game due to me finding it really boring. Having played through Persona 5 back in 2017 I now know just how good these games can be so it’s just a question of getting through those early sections and getting hooked on the characters and story. The Witcher 3 is a different beast. I’m not a huge fan of Western RPGs ( much prefer JRPGs) and with the game being as long as it is I’m worried that the investment of time may not pay off for me. Still, it’s something I do want to play eventually it’s just a question of putting enough time aside for it. As a side note, a friend of mine finally played through it last year and said it was one of the most overrated games he has ever played. We share similar tastes in games ( he also loves JRPGs ) so this doesn’t bode well for me. Less Watching and More Playing This next one I actually started in December of last year. I took a look at how much gaming YouTube content I was watching and realised I needed to back away from most of it. I figured the time that I was using to watch people give opinions on games I could be using to play games myself and then form opinions of my own. I also found that last year a lot of the content I was watching was starting to turn to garbage. People like RGT85 used to produce good content but has instead started to be in it for the money and produce quick cash grab videos and make review videos about games he clearly hasn’t finished. Just recently he ripped off a N64 video made by Glenn Plant and you can see this kind of thing happening across the board. I did drop a few earlier in the 2018 as well. People like Spawn Wave, Dreamcast Guy and Beat Em Ups ( hate that guy now ) have all been given the boot. To me these type of YouTubers don't deserve my time or views and i'd much rather watch well researched and interesting content from outlets like My Life In Gaming or Digital Foundry. Less Gaming Podcasts Similar to the gaming video one, this year I’m going to cut back on some of the podcasts I listen to. A few of them I only listen to out of habit now and to be honest I don’t really enjoy the banter or content that gets produced. I have them on in the car on the way to work and a lot of the time they are just background noise as the stuff being discussed isn’t that entertaining or compelling. I did drop a couple last year and I will probably drop a few more this year. I think Easy Allies podcast will be one of the first to go. I’m just tired of their stupid games they keep inventing and playing, as well as the bits Kyle keeps trying to implement. They aren’t funny and the time could be used to for discussing something worthwhile in the gaming space. Ones that will definitely be staying with me are Radio Free Nintendo, Frame Trap, Sacred Symbols and NVC. It's the end of the month and here's a breakdown of games that I have played and finished. Moss (PS4) - I absolutely adored this game. It was one of the main titles I wanted to play when I bought the PSVR and I wasn't disappointed. The fairytale like setting really drew me in and the sense of scale you feel while playing it is incredible. The game had a lot of heart to it and I was gutted when the adventure was over. There is a tease for a sequel at the end but there hasn't been much heard about it yet. Hopefully it does actually see the light of day because I would love to go on an adventure with Quill again. Along Together (PS4) - This is another VR title that I played. I hadn't heard of this one before but after playing Astro Bot and Moss I was looking for something similar to play. A quick search on Google and this popped up. It was also on sale so I decided to give it a go. The game is a 3D puzzle platformer where you have to guide a boy or girl through a bunch of stages to find their dog. It played incredibly well and even though it lacked the polish of the previous games I mentioned, I still had a great time playing through it. Some of the puzzles, especially in the latter half of the game, really had stumped and it took a while to figure out what I needed to do. The game was certainly a pleasant surprise and one that I would recommend to those who have a PSVR. Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner MARS (PS4) - I actually snapped this up back in November. Simply Games were selling it for around £7.00 and I had to pick it up for that price, especially as I have never played the game before, despite me loving the original game. The game plays very much like the original but the story is even more wacky that the first. You can tell Kojima had a hand in making this. The movement and fighting in these games can take some getting used to but once everything clicks you end you dispatching enemies pretty quickly as you soar the the sky in your Orbital Frame. I loved the little callbacks to the original game. It's been years since I played it but I was still able to remember the characters and what happened, so it was nice that I was able to appreciate the bits of fan service scattered throughout. Holding off playing the game actually worked out well. With me buying a PSVR headset in December I was now able to try the VR mode in this game. It is crazy fun and can be quite chaotic at times due to the amount of enemies that the game throws at you. I was expecting to feel a bit of motion sickness while playing this but thankfully that wasn't the case. No Heroes Allowed! VR (PS4) - This is another game I had my eye on when picking up a PSVR. The game had a colourful and charming look to it and that was all that was needed to get me to dive in. Like Along Together, this was also on sale and I didn't hesitate to snap it up. The game is a tabletop strategy game. You have to protect your castle from hordes of heroes ( you play as the villains ) but by upgrading your units, defeating heroes and capturing bases ultimately leads to you taking control of the whole map. The people who you are working for in this game are hilarious. Some of the dialogue that spouts out of the demons mouth had be giggling away in my headset. There are plenty of moments where the jokes break the 4th wall and I got a kick out of some of the trophy descriptions. There are a fair few stages to get through and some of them have references to other games. One of the stages has blatant references to Pokemon that certainly got a smile out of me. It's just a shame that the stages can be beaten quite quickly once you get to grips with the game. Like most VR games it's not overly long but I loved my time spent on it. Accounting+ (PS4) - This was my stinker of the month. I've heard loads of people go on about Rick and Morty and how funny the show is. If this game is an example of the humour that I can expect to see on that show then i'm glad I don't watch it. The game is kind of a mash up of different scenarios that you have to play through, most of which aren't really fun. It was usually a case of you being stuck in an area and just placing a couple of items in various places to escape to the next. I found the characters you meet throughout the game to be overly loud and obnoxious and the humour of the game always just resulted in people constantly swearing and shouting. I think this part of the game was supposed to give you entertainment as you searched about the levels but it just didn't appeal to me in the slightest. Not a great game by any means. Batman: Arkham VR (PS4) - I loved the original Arkham game but the second one didn't really draw me in as much as the original and the third game I have yet to play through. Although I had issues with the second game I did enjoy the style of the world in the Arkham games. Many people who have played this game said it was a fantastic experience and they weren't wrong. As Batman you need to suit up in the Batcave and then set out on a mission to locate both Robin and Nightwing. This leads you through various locations in the city in an attempt to find out just what has gone on and where your friends are. Playing as a more detective style Batman was an absolutely joy. Having to scan areas, recompile events and search around Gotham City for clues was such a cool experience and one that will stick with me for a while. The story of the game is another thing that will stick with me. I did figure out what was going on a few moments before the actual big reveal happened but it was certainly a very compelling story. This was the first VR game that really freaked me out. In the sewer area I knew something was going to go down but it still didn't stop me from jumping out of my skin. Also, having the grotesque Arkham design Joker character model right in your face isn't a very pleasant experience. Harley Quinn on the other hand... The only disappointing thing about the game was there was no platinum trophy. Other than that I absolutely loved the game. Onimusha: Warlords (PS4) - I was chuffed to bits when Capcom announced this last year. Onimusha is a series I loved on the PS2 and the original game, along with The Bouncer, is why I picked up a PS2 in the first place. I imported a physical copy of the game due to Capcom once again giving EU gamers the middle finger and releasing it digitally only. Gameplay wise the game has aged just fine. It plays just like I remember it and I was surprised by just how much I remembered about the game. Certain puzzles and areas have stuck with me over the years and I was able to make short work of it all. It's not a very long game. You can clock it in about 3 hours on your first run through of it. What hasn't aged that well is the voice acting and dialogue of the game. I think a lot of younger gamers may be put off with how rough some of it sounds. We aren't talking Shenmue rough here but it is pretty laughable at times. It is a product of it's time though and you have to remember this is what AAA gaming was like back then. I loved going for the platinum on this. It requires you to play through the game without using any healing items, going through it without upgrading your swords, getting a S rank, finishing the game in 3 hours and completing the Dark Realm and Oni Spirits mini game, something which I never done back on the PS2. In the space of 24 hours I ended up finishing the game around 4 times. I couldn't stop playing it. New Super Mario Bros Wii U Deluxe (Switch) - I mentioned this in the relevant thread so I won't harp on about it too much other than I wasn't the biggest fan of the game and that my play through of it was pretty boring. I certainly didn't get the enjoyment out if it that I did when playing through the Wii U version back when that was released. Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4) - I've waffled on about how good this game is in the thread over in the Other Consoles section of the forum. What a game. Capcom achieved the impossible and managed to recreate my favourite Resident Evil game to perfection. They gave me new experiences but also kept the essence of what made the original so great. I couldn't stop playing it and ended up finishing the game 10 times over the space of 5 days. I was playing Kingdom Hearts III last night and I was still craving to go back to Raccoon City and play through the game again. Usually once I nab the platinum on a game i'm quite happy to move on to the next thing to play but this game keeps calling out to me. I can't wait for the free DLC to hit next month. Great start to the year!
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    So @Dcubed is pretty haps, I guess.
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    N-E Review: http://n-europe.com/reviews/travis-strikes-again-no-more-heroes
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    I wish I was this good with Richter... Or just in general...
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    It's a really great port that's been overlooked just because it was released on the 3DS in 2018. Finished off my playthrough tonight as I was near the end of the game, only managed a B rank as I don't really know where all the good treasure is hidden. Got a few golden frames, not sure about going for the platinum, I'm sure there's a method to capture the ghosts easier but I don't know how you're supposed to do it, plus you often have objects thrown at you during the struggle.
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    Nintendo didn't give the 3DS any time in the recent Direct so I decided to show the little handheld some love and picked up these games for it yesterday. I already started playing Luigi's Mansion last night. The controls are a little fiddly ( hate using the gyros and the nub isn't that great ) but despite these niggles I have enjoyed my time with it so far. No doubt i'll be playing more of the game over the weekend. I picked up Etrian Odyssey as I would really like to get into the series. The games usually have a low print run and go for a stupid amount later on down the line ( seriously, a sealed copy of Etrian Odyssey V went for over £140 on Ebay the other day ) that I thought it would be best to buy this while it's still at a normal price. Animal Crossing I snapped up purely because Argos had it on sale for £13.99 and I figured it would be worth a punt at that price.
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    It's not a Chain Chomp, it's a Bow Wow. And it's a surprisingly good weapon!
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    I just came across this fantastic video: An in-depth analysis of Ocarina of Time's plot & aesthetics. We've been taking OoT's quality - and impact on the videogame industry - for granted for so many years now, I feel that people tend to not discuss the game's actual content much these days. In light of that, this analysis came as a breath of fresh air, and even pointed out a few things I had never considered. Plus, it's very well edited and put together, gripping from beginning to end.
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    Never played it. I guess I wouldn't like the story of Bravely Default.
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    In the early 1990s I was reading a section of Sega Pro previewing upcoming Mega Drive games. One of them - Two Crude Dudes - caught my attention straight away. Just from the brilliant name and one colourful screenshot, I knew I was going to love it. I ranted to my classmates about how good this game looked, and one of them told me a local seaside arcade had it. Sure enough, in that concrete palace on the sand, was Crude Buster (the Japanese name for the coin-op). I inserted one credit, was overwhelmed and amused by the humour, and went home to await the Mega Drive release. So excited was I for this game, it's the only cartridge I had that was Genesis rather than Mega Drive. I'd bought it from a mail order company and they'd sent me the US import. I remember thinking the PAL release seemed to take ages to appear after that. The home version had remarkably good graphics and featured a number of tweaks that were actually an improvement on the coin-op. There was music over the intro screens, if I recall correctly, and gone were the "Pick Up!!" signs that I'd found a little bit... crude in the arcade! The cola machine had also been turned into a mini-game, rather than just a comical graphic between levels. This release is a port of the US coin-op, Two Crude. I actually think it loses a lot by not having the word "Dudes", because that was all part of the joie de vivre. Even so, I'm such an arcade snob that I'd rather have the coin-op every time, and it's nice to have all the speech that was cut out of the MD version ("Catch!") Like all the other Johnny Turbo's Arcade titles, it does lack some presentation options - personally, I'm hoping they get updated with a "perfect pixel match" mode sometime, like Capcom's Beat 'Em Up Bundle did (some of the older Data East games are more square than 4:3). Nonetheless, it's still one of the best ways to revisit this classic. Two Crude Dudes builds upon Bad Dudes with not just jump and attack, but also a throw button, and that's what it's really about. After all these years, there's something that still puts a massive smile on my face about throwing a car or tank at a giant mutant enemy! Nothing says "1990" more than Crude Buster. The jokey machismo, I believe, represents something deep within us. And not that it's necessarily a good thing, but I don't even think there are any female characters! I love playing these old games because I feel they were made with more human instinct than the carefully targeted products of today. Either way, Two Crude is a great laugh. Data East's coin-ops may not have aged as well as Capcom's, for example, but they were as much a part of the gaming landscape at the time. Bad Dudes... Caveman Ninja... When I play these, I ask myself if the difficulty is fair. Can they really be mastered? In this regard I don't think they gave aged very well (although I might just be rusty with this particular one). However, I do believe with the awesome sprite work, likeable humour and general enjoyment factor, Two Crude Dudes stands up the best of the lot. "What a day...!"
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    The notes for the latest patch have been released. Also, be wary of this...
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    So, this arrived on Friday ( strangely no early release from Shopto for me ) and since then I have ploughed through the game 8 times. Leon A Claire A Leon B Claire B Claire B low steps run Claire B no inventory chest run Claire B standard difficulty A rank Leon B standard difficulty A rank The first 4 playthroughs of the game were just to play through the thing as a first pass and enjoy it. The second Claire B run I had to beat without taking more than 14000 steps. The next Claire B run I had to play through without using any of the chests that were scattered about the place. This was a toughie. The final Claire B run I went for the A rank which requires you to beat the game under 3 hours. The final Leon B run was the same although this one was much easier and more fun because getting the A rank with Claire had unlocked the Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammo. Needless to say I now know the game like the back of my hand. I was knocking out playthroughs in less than 2 hours in some cases. I think the last time I played a Resident Evil game in this fashion ( doing playthrough after playthrough ) was back when Resident Evil 3 was released and I was trying to unlock all the ending scenarios. Crazy thing is that I’ve still got 2 more runs to do, both of which are on hardcore mode. I then have the 4th Survivor to play and then that will nab me my platinum. What a hell of a game. Resident Evil 2 is one of my favourite ever games and Capcom REALLY nailed it with this remake. They have somehow managed to recreate the game and yet still keep the feel and essence of what make Resident Evil 2 such a high point for the series. There are various nods to the original release. Stuff like the red jewel ( there’s only one this time ) and the picture of the 2 knights that were originally statues really got a smile from me, as did the S.T.A.R.S team picture that is still in their office. The Licker crashing through the interrogation window is also still there. Yes, I still jumped out of my skin. The game gives off a sense of familiarity but also manages to mess with the player with the differences that have been made. The police station layout is close enough to the original game but the few changes made and the new puzzles implemented make it so it feels new but also gives you a sense of nostalgia. Things like the player controlled Ada and Sherry are still there but are given a nice twist, especially Sherry’s section. There is something that I wasn’t really impressed with and that was the B scenarios. In the original game these scenarios introduced Mr. X and gave the player different boss fights. With this release that really isn’t the case. Mr. X is in both scenarios and the boss battles are pretty much the same. The only real difference is the starting position, a new starting gun and some of the puzzles are different. Given how much games cost to make, as well as how long they take, it’s understandable that scenario B isn’t as much of a change as it was in the original game. Speaking of Mr. X, he’s far more menacing than he was in the original game. The dude is like a Terminator in this game. Sure, he followed you around a bit back in the original but in this game he goes full on stalker and constantly hounds you. Like the original, you can bring him down to one knee but I always felt like I wanted to save my ammo for something else. Once I unlocked my pistol with infinite ammo and I was happy to shoot him in the face as many times as I wanted. The zombies are a bit of a change from what has been seen in previous Resident Evil games. When you drop a zombie its body will stay there. These will often come back to life and cause you hassle in the long run. The only way to truly finish it off is to blow off its head of unload a bunch of normal bullets into them or use a special weapon. There’s a balance that needs to happen. Do you want to completely clear the path but waste your ammo or do you keep your ammo and try and dodge through them. If you know you will be revisiting certain corridors then it’s best to get rid of them, if you can spare the ammo. Again, once I had the infinite ammo I was able to go to town on them but it was also a good test to see just how much damage they can take. It’s a lot! In older games body shots worked fine but on here you really have to go for the head in order to bring them down or stagger them. It’s been fantastic playing through the game and Capcom have managed to exceed my expectations for this release. If you compare the original release and this release it shows just how far we’ve come with videogames in terms of storytelling, voice acting, graphics and gameplay. There’s obviously a huge time gap between the two releases but it is a good showpiece of how far the medium has come in those years and how far Capcom have come, as well. Just a few years ago they were in a bit of a rough spot but now they’ve come back fighting with games such as this, Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry V. Oh, @RedShell, my PS4 also sounds like it’s about to take off when i'm playing the game. It’s the only game that’s ever done it so I guess it’s really pushing the hardware.
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    I doubt May did what she did on purpose. She's been shit her entire career. Put in my application for emigrating to Canada today. Fingers crossed.
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    I so very much agree with this. Why remove the 30 second recording feature? A few times already I’ve wanted to use that but nope. And the save replay feature is only available in smash matches and no single player stuff. So many times I’ve wanted to save a decent combo I did but it’s lost forever. But I did do this just now Ended up using Ganondorf and got to the hands already at 9.9 and didn’t need to use a continue. His side Smash is mega powerful. Almost did it with K. Rool too.
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    New indie highlights tomorrow at 15.00 CET!