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    It's a shame, but Nintendo is going to continue to be Nintendo... we can't blame them for wanting to protect their IP's but, at the same time, they won't get as prompt coverage as they would have gotten if they had been a bit more trusting with a few more sites. N-Europe will still cover Nintendo's games of course, in the case of a lot of games, many of us will still be buying the major releases and of course, we will endeavour to get written reviews up on site as close to just past the release date as possible. (bar a few notable exceptions, such as Animal Crossing which we are still planning on covering, just after a bit of time has passed) We've been an independent Nintendo site for a long time now, for the majority of the site's Twenty-Two year history, so I can't say that this is going to impact on us that much, but I do recognise that this is a significant change in policy for Nintendo, one which we're not that pleased about, but we recognise and respect it for what it is; a policy change. At least we all know where we stand, N-Europe will continue to provide Nintendo-based news, reviews and features when we can, we have been getting some codes from indie publishers, from which some fantastic reviews have been produced, we have some more in the works and I'm very grateful for the reviews of titles which some of our reviewers have written from games which they purchased themselves; such as the recent Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review written by @Glen-i which I've just noticed, has received a really nice comment from someone only a day ago, which is really excellent to see. There is mention of Metacritic in the comment, this is something which we are actively looking into and while we make no promises, there is a possibility of N-Europe reviews returning to being ranked on Metacritic, which would be useful for the site, if it happens but it is by no means the be and end all. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to N-Europe in any form. That includes staff members, forum members, anyone who passively reads, comments or just posts the odd update here and there, or news tips... anything and everything really, you're all part of a community which I'm grateful for and proud to be a part of, so let's do our best to stick together, look out for each other and enjoy playing games and sharing thoughts about them whenever we get a chance to. [/AnotherOneOfThosePostsWhichAlwaysTurnsOutToBeLongerThanItProbablyNeedsToBe]
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    I'm doing a 30 Day video game "challenge" thing (I never got the challenge bit, it's just picking games, but that's what they seem to be called). I figured I may as well post them on here and see what other people would pick for each category (for me personally, I'm not using the same game for more than two. Day 1 - Earliest Video Game Memory. Mine is a rather obscure game called QWAK. I'm not actually sure what I played on, although it seems it was apparently an Amiga (I thought it was an Acorn Electron, but the Amiga version looks more familiar, even though I don't recall ever touching an Amiga). It's a game where you run around collecting keys, fruit and gems. I remember it being good fun, but not much else.
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    Day 4 - Favourite villain/antagonist. Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Although technically, it should be Majora's Mask itself but just the combination of that michievous Skull Kid and the dark power of Majora's Mask, makes for a truly terrifying villain. Especially when you encounter him at the top of the Clock Tower at the last few moments on the Final Day, the moon looming ominously above you, then Skull Kid lets out that scream, bringing the final act seemingly to a close... it's impossible not to be affected in some way by that, in that moment. Those who have played the game before will know what I mean, if not though... then just watch the video above and you'll see what I'm talking about. But more to the point, if you haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask yet, then I'd very much recommend doing so. Oh and a bonus, let's not forget the quote from the Happy Mask Salesman... "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" Majora's Mask is memorable for many reasons, its main villain is easily the most memorable overall though.
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    Day 2 - Opening Section of a Game. Metroid Prime If you've played it, then you'll know why, the above video seems to outline everything about it pretty well, but if you've not played it, it's something which should be experienced. I can still remember playing the opening section on a GameCube set up in a retail store, which led to me purchasing the game straight after. The rest is history, as I've loved the Metroid series ever since.
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    Earliest gaming memory Standing in the corner of the living room by the table lamp because my dad refused to switch on "the big light" 20 minutes an evening was all I was allowed. 1990. Some great memories of this and Tetris. I may have played a NES and SMB3 at my next door neighbour's house before this, but honestly it's all a haze these days. The GB was the first one I owned by proxy (Dad got one for boat trips across the bay in Hong Kong when he was working there). Don't think he realised his mistake when he introduced me to it once he came home. He still regrets picking one up to this day, I'm sure.
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    Earliest Video Game Memory Playing this with my ten-years-older brother in his bedroom. I remember 1-2 in particular blowing my mind as a kid for some reason. Might have been the ominous music. I think he must have got the game 4 or 5 or so years after its original release though. Also have great memories of playing Chip's Challenge on the PC back in the day.
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    I messaged Adam a couple of weeks ago, around the time of his birthday, though I haven't had a reply yet as I don't think he has been on at all since the end of April. @Julius was asking after him as well, as we exchanged PM's and I explained that I haven't heard anything, I really do hope he's OK though. If you're reading this Adam, you can see that we're worried about you, even though I know that you have been away from the forum for a while before and if you're going through stuff, maybe you just didn't want to be on the forum for whatever reason, which is fine, we respect that and what with how this year is going generally, we definitely understand. Now watch @Hero-of-Time come back tomorrow, from playing a marathon session of every game in his possession, with a huge updated in the 2020 Gaming Diary thread saying 'I've finished them ALL!' Or at least that's what I'd like to think... Wishing you all the best Hero, whatever you're up to and if you ever need us, we're here.
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    I can finally play Disney's The Lion King and Aladdin game; after six long months I went to court, represented myself, and got my boys back! One of the first things my eldest told me was that he'd dressed up like Mario, and that him and his brother were like Mario and Luigi 😍
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    My problems with your arguments are that you largely seem to ignore the overarching facts and have carefully cherry picked your data to make your points. Like focusing on the top earners and Asians, while ignoring that you're far more likely to be in poverty if you're non white. In these discussions you should always be looking at the bottom (those truly suffering), not the top. I also mentioned that you're far less likely to become president or prime minister if you're black, but then you responded with what amounted to "but a president has been black", and it felt as though you thought you had reasonably countered my point, when you hadn't. Because the fact that something has happened does not mean that this proves that there is the same chance of a black person getting to that position as a white person. There are many factors (including the poverty statistic, as mentioned) that would decrease the chance of a black person even making it to being in a position of contention. And there are many who would put forward white candidates as they perceive them to have the "right image" that would garner votes more readily than black people. Surely you can see that even if there a lot of Asian high earners, that does not mean that there is no inherent racism in the various political systems? If you're going to bring up Asians, how many Asian presidents and prime ministers have there been relative to the proportion of Asians in those countries? I also mentioned the point about the House of Lords having a predisposition to retain white people in power (through hereditary peers), to which you didn't properly address either. This is irrefutably institutional racism. The idea that institutional racism is gone is the idea of a fantasist.
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    Man, in the end, I couldn't find time to post at all yesterday. This is an excellent thread, and I wish I could like every post I've seen. Please allow me to briefly catch up: Day 1 - Earliest memory of a videogame: Either Tetris (on a cheap handheld bought in a fair) or Sonic the Hedgehog (at a cousin's house). Hard to say which came first, as both are very early memories. Other people also claim that I first played Super Mario Land 2, or Arkanoid, or something on the Game Gear, but I don't remember. Day 2 - Best opening section: Metroid Prime is an excellent pick, but my choice has to go to... Can you hear the music? The gorgeous, almost ethereal flute that accompanies this opening? If not, you haven't played this game (but you should). After that otherworldly musical experience, you're treated to some lovely FMVs (that, imo, still hold up), a brief introduction to the battle system and our main character, a ne'er do well who intends to kidnap a princess... and then you get to explore a huge city with an entirely different character, small kid dressed like a wizard. It's a bustling city with minigames, quirky designs, items and secrets to find, brief tutorials, and a great look all around. You will soon take him to where he needs to be... and the perspective shifts once again. This time, you alternate between the kidnappers, and the knight who must protect the princess. You get to enact this entire comedy of errors by yourself, all while getting endeared to the characters, and learning more about the battle system. Finally, the hijinx reach their climax, and everybody I just mentioned goes blasting off into their next adventure... Not only is this an excellent start to any adventure, a great introduction to the setting, a good tutorial, and a feast for your ears... But I'm also fond of it because I actually played through this section dozens of times. A friend of mine had FFIX back in the day, and I was enamoured, hooked by it, even though I was only experiencing bits of it. However, because it was a (badly) pirated copy, the game froze near the end. While we were waiting for someone to burn Disc 4 again, but still hungry for more, I asked him if I could play from the beginning myself, and he said "Sure, but no saving". The end result is that I played through that opening section several times, every time I visited his house. And every time, I felt like I was finding something new about it. It's that rich in detail, and that engrossing (Also, we'd occasionally give them funny names, like swear words, or naming them "Bush" and "Putin". Very childish, but very neat) And honestly, only a sliver of what the full game has to offer, so make sure to play it sometime (EDIT: Oh, and the philosophical quotes that appear if you leave the title screen running? Absolutely sublime!)
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    My earliest gaming memory is already documented in N-Europe with the first entry in my '12 Games of Christmas' feature from 2015 Super Soccer This is the game that started it all! I honestly can’t remember what I received from Santa for Christmas in 1993 because my big brother had asked for a Super Nintendo and it completely stole the show from the moment the present was unwrapped. The box was MASSIVE! Not only was the console inside, as well as 2 controllers, but also the Nintendo Scope, Super Scope 6 and probably most notably, Super Soccer. As the first console and games we owned, the moment the power was turned on and the powerful intro music and pictures were displayed on the TV was amazing. Grabbing the controller felt exciting. It was new. It was magical. So, too, was Super Soccer. Taking to the pitch with one of the 16 international teams, each with their own ridiculously awesome music which played during each half, depending on who was attacking up the screen, was always filled with drama and excitement when playing with my brother, even to this day. I say 16 teams, but I’ll never forget my dad somehow discovering the secret Nintendo team by holding start while selecting your team with B on controller 2. Goodness only knows how that even happened, but we were forever grateful! For me, there are things that Super Soccer does better than most modern football games! Firstly, the penalty shootouts are actually simple and FUN, unlike the unsatisfactory equivalents in the latest FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games that overcomplicate things. Secondly, there’s the option for manual goalkeepers and you’ll have to trust me when I say that this is the ONLY way to play Super Soccer! I will forever love this game as my introduction to gaming and for genuinely still being an extremely fun game to play with my brother, a rivalry that is just as strong in 2015 as it was some 22 years ago. With Human Interactive sadly no longer in business, there doesn’t appear to be any possibility of this ever appearing on the Virtual Console at any point, but we'll always have Christmas '93!
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    My earliest video game memory? Well, it was a very long time ago! I know that much. The earliest one I can recall is playing the Commodore 64 version of Bubble Bobble in the late 80’s, and a lot of that memory is no doubt due to this: Certainly not my earliest video game experience (that was probably another C64 game, or something in the arcade) but it’s the earliest one that I can still vividly remember today.
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    Day 1. Granny’s Garden This was one of I think two educational games that were on school computers, or in this case the BBC micro back when I was like 5 or 6. Only really remember a few bits but looking it up I’m remembering more of it now. And just found out there are updating versions around now.
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    Great thread. If you don't mind I'll mention this on the Podcast this coming week, too. Earliest Video Game Memory My Grandfather was ahead of the curve, and had an Atari PONG machine connected to his old school TV with a sliding Tambour door (looked like a bread bin). Something like this.
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    My earliest video game memory was when my family first got a PC, and playing a game called Think Quick. I think you were some sort of Knight, exploring a castle, avoiding dragons, and looking for keys to open gates. Only now have I just noticed it was made by "The Learning Company" which makes me deeply suspicious that it may have been educational...
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    Good thing for a thread, would much rather post these things here than something like facebook. Quak definitely looks familiar but I don’t recall why. I had a friend that would give me bootleg amiga games and this may well have been one of them. My Earliest Gaming Memory For me it was going to my Grandparents house back when I was 5 or 6 and my Grandfather having a BBC Micro, very similar to this one: I used to spend hours playing loads of games on there, my favourite at the time was called Citadel: I never managed to complete it and would quite like to go back and try to. There were a few others we played a lot but I don’t really recall them. Once my Grandfather upgraded to a proper PC (way before most other people even knew what they were), we got to have the BBC and carried on playing it for quite a long time. It was all down to him and these games that really got me into gaming - good times!
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    Well now! This looks really cool! Definitely gives me Wario Ware vibes! THIS is the inventive Nintendo I love!
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    There has been a response from @Hero-of-Time through a message which wasn't sent on the forum, to another forum member, this news was sent to me by another forum member via PM, and all I know is that he has at least been in contact, which I just want to say that we are grateful for. That's all I know and I just want to say again, if you want to talk to us Hero, then we are here but we understand if you can't or don't want to for whatever reason. I won't say any more than that, but I thought that I should at least let others on the forum know that you have at least been in contact. Wishing you all the best from everyone here at N-Europe.
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    Stream is already up: 18:00 BST tomorrow, E3 has finally arrived! Great chance for them to fill us in a bit more on The Origami King just ahead of release, and looking forward to seeing what WayForward might have in store. The wording reads like they might be taking on someone else's IP...one of Nintendo's, perhaps?
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    A day later than planned, but hit the 2 stone lost mark today. Feels good man.
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    Opening section of a game: Fallout 3 The game literally starts with you being born, which you see from an FPS view. In the first bits you experience life inside the Vault during various ages. But then you get to step out of the Vault and see this desolate world before you, and you realize just how big of an adventure this is going to be.
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    Opening Section of a Game I wasn’t too sure what to go with on this one but after some thought (and dropping a few ideas to keep for later days) I’m going to go with Shenmue: The way it introduced you to the world, characters and the motivation behind everything that happens was great. Totally loved it. That day the snow turned to rain...
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    Day 2 - Opening Section of a game. Prey, the 2017 game. The very opening is very cool (but I won't go into why), then when you get onto the station you're put into a complete mystery. You don't quite know what has happened, nobody is around and there are mimics everywhere disguising themselves as completely random objects. I loved being surprised by these, I loved noticing them early when I could, I loved hitting a random object only to be wrong. You also see the Metroidvania aspects - places you know you will be able to explore later on, some places you can creatively get to earlier. It created an amazing tone and atmosphere.
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    Day 1 - Earliest Video Game Memory. Burnin' Rubber Price: N/A (Pack-in title) Developer: Ocean Released: 1990 System: Amstrad 6128+ It was Christmas 1990, that was when I had my first real experience of a videogame on our brand new Amstrad 6128+ computer. The machine itself had Basic loaded onto a cartridge, in addition to having a disc drive which was how you would play and program most games. Though there was another piece of built-in software on that EEPROM cartridge, a lesser-known racing games by the name of Burnin' Rubber, developed by Ocean Software, who were a pretty big company back then. (incidentally, Ocean were bought out by Infogrames Entertainment SA in 1998, who then went on to become Atari SA in 2009, before having to file for bankruptcy in 2013) The best way to describe this title, is that it's a bit like Outrun but with less scenery, crossed with Top Gear as you are taking part in a race and you just see how far you can get. There is only one piece of music in the entire game, the title screen theme which is actually pretty memorable, but once you get into the main game, it's all engines revving through the gears, tyres screeching and the all too familiar sound of your car hitting a barrier, crashing and flipping multiple times. You'll likely only get a little way in on your first try before the time runs out, but the more you play it, the further on you'll get and you'll notice the palette change slightly as you get through more laps of the course. There are also tunnel sections to drive through, which do break up the gameplay a bit but in practice, it just means that you have to be even more careful not to crash into the sides, or get battered by the rival racers. Get ready, for the race of your life... or at least a rather charming racing game, with some nice presentation for its time. I'm probably making it sound more exciting than it actually is, you can see what the game is like from the image above, in motion it holds a steady enough framerate but for its time, it really was there just to showcase what the Amstrad 6128+ could do, as it was a very capable machine. These days, if you can find a way to play it on a modern PC, then it's worth a go, or even if you happen to own either an Amstrad PC which can play it, or the GX4000 which will play just the cartridge, as there are ways to hook these machines up with a modern scart cable; but even then, don't go expecting much more than a nice crisp image of what is quite a basic racing game. Personally, I can only remember good things about it, this is a game which my brothers and I would play a fair amount, never really getting that far into the game until weeks or months later, inbetween playing other games from the disc which were programmed on the machine from lines of code printed in books and magazines, in addition to some other officially licensed software. Burnin' Rubber was always there though, on the machine and it really made for a fantastic first impression, in addition to being the first proper videogame I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Verdict: Burnin' Rubber is a brilliant example of an early racing game, which really took advantage of the power the Amstrad 6128+ offered at the time.
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    Hah ok here is one when we went to see her a few weeks ago. She's a sprocker. Don't want to derail the thread, but we are unsure on the name. Which do you all prefer as we are down to two. Pepper Mila (pronounced Meela)
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    I'm hoping for Pokémon Snap 3.
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    This is Mr. Sproukurai. Yes, I returned! And with a rather pleasing result, as far as my personal wishes are concerned.Which are also apparently Mr. Yabuki's wishes. I still remember how he absolutely styled on the winner of the ARMS Open Invitational as Min Min at E3 a few years ago, and I'm glad to hear he's still fond of the character to the point where he would tell Sakurai to use her for Smash. As thankful as I am, I still probably wouldn't eat any noodles he's been swimming around in, though... Anyway, it's a little late, but as promised, it's time for some self reflection on those predictions I made. @Glen-i has apparently already delivered judgement, but I figured I'd still offer my input. It's been a while since you've had to suffer a lengthy post of mine, so, enjoy? Or don't. Read what ya wanna read, pal. Fighter Prediction Results: Win Win! As expected, the first three alternate colours are the same alternate colours she uses in ARMS. Win Win! This was actually the main reason why I thought there would only be one fighter from ARMS. Whilst they all look like they perform the same, each fighter has their own unique traits, and as strong as the cast of ARMS is, it would have been a shame to strip them of their abilities just to cram more of them in. That being said, I admittedly expected the dragon transformation to last for as long as she isn't hit, rather than it having what I assume to be some sort of time limit. Not a completely faithful implementation, but I'll chalk it up to balance reasons. Win Win! I actually didn't expect you to be able to change ARMS on the fly, but to use specific ARMS for specific moves (I did expect the left ARM to always be the Dragon ARM, however, because she needed an ARM that could feasibly hold onto items or ledges at all times). Whilst everyone in ARMS is capable of using any of the ARMS, in my view the signature ARMS are part of that character. Min Mixed. It looks like Glen-i considered this correct, but that's because he misread "charge" as "change". In ARMS, players can charge their ARMS in order to power them up and add additional attributes to them for a few seconds. However, in Smash, these charged punches only appear in Min Min's forward smash attack and attacks from her Dragon ARM when her left arm is transformed.So whilst charged punches are in the game, they aren't quite as heavily implemented as I anticipated. Min Mixed. I'm being rather generous by saying it was mixed considering I was mostly off the mark, but I was at least correct that Rush is used. Just as a Final Smash instead with no Rush Gauge involved. It's somewhat of a shame, but considering the trade-off was having access to three variations of several attacks at any time, I think I'll survive. Giving her access to what would essentially be almost like a second Final Smash arguably would have been a bit much in hindsight. Mino No... I thought that this was such a certainty because you can grab both on the ground and in the air in ARMS, but instead it's just her regular grab (with comparatively shorter reach). Min Mixed. Again, I consider myself being rather generous here. Firing her Dragon ARM laser is possible with standard special, but she can do so much more. And unlike my claim, she fully extends her arm before the laser fires. I'm not even really sure the laser counts as a projectile, since you probably can't reflect it. Mino No... Whilst I knew a tether recovery for the up special was a very real possibility, I was somewhat hoping they'd go a different route considering two DLC fighters already make use of tether recoveries.That said, I like that the up special is different when used on the ground. It could prove useful to follow enemies extremely high up in the air. As a side note, I did somehow guess Ganondorf getting a new chest cavity. I guess Min Min prefers Ganondorf's Twilight Princess look. Min Mixed. Well it is a Rush attack, and it is cinematic, but there's no Hedlok involved. After further thought, Hedlok would probably be better suited were it in a Final Smash for Max Brass or Dr. Coyle instead. In any case, with six other ARMS fighters joining the action for this Final Smash I guess you could say that seven heads and 14 ARMS are better than two heads and 6 ARMS. I know it might look strange but I assure you that the numbers there are correct. Win Win! By the way, as I was trying to speak about an ARMS fighter in a general sense, I didn't really to go into specifics about how I thought Min Min's kicks would come into play, but the upward and downward attacks, as well as dash attack, were about what I expected. The Street Fighter styled tap or hold for different versions of jab attack came as a nice surprise, though. Kinda wish they implemented that into her forward and back air attacks as well, in order to include additional kick attacks directly from ARMS, with the forward air kick being a meteor smash like Snake's. Win Win! It bears repeating, but having three different versions of several moves, each with their own unique trajectories is pretty impressive. You can kind of understand how it took them so long to complete development of this fighter. Win Win! Well, not so much a win win if you're a Belmont... By the way, did you know that if you hit a wall with one of the Belmont whip attacks, that the whip will flail against the wall and it's hitbox will be cancelled, causing it to deal no damage at all? The whip was probably made that way so that you couldn't attack through walls, but for the whip to deal no damage as a result is somewhat tragic. Luckily for Min Min, she likely won't have this problem. Win Win! Doesn't appear to be quite as quick as when holding the Daybreak, but you can certainly walk and jump, just like in ARMS. Generally speaking, they've done a very good job of implementing most of the core mechanics of ARMS into Smash. Win Win! I certainly wasn't expecting that she'd be able to punch in both left and right directions, so that's a happy case of going beyond my expectations. With this, Min Min can cover the entire length of Final Destination with her punches! Min Mixed. Ahh, my win win streak is over. It looks like Glen-i said I was wrong on this one, but I'd argue that that isn't completely accurate. Whilst you can't disable Min Min's ARMS, what remains true is that it appears that Min Min won't be hurt if you hit her ARMS whilst she's extending them. So if you space your attacks well, you'll be safe from harm. I thought that disabling ARMS would be implemented as a way to balance the fighter's long reach in order to stop it from being too safe, but I guess they didn't see the need to go that far. Stage/Music Prediction Results: This is not the stage I chose personally. Mino No... Spring Stadium was my second choice, but I was a big fan of Sky Arena's aesthetic, and I figured Spring Stadium would end up being too similar to Boxing Ring. The reason for thinking that way is that I assumed that the ARMS stage would have more of a literal adaptation in Smash, and that's because I have the imagination of a brick. Luckily for everyone, I am not working on Smash, and my first impressions of this adaptation of Spring Stadium are pretty solid. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Min Mixed. Correct that the ARMS Drone would appear to drop items, and that you could attack it to make it release said items, just wrong about the items being specifically from ARMS. Perhaps it's for the best... the thought of Isabelle being able to pocket a Fire or Shock Bomb is scary... Mino No... I'm honestly surprised that this wasn't the case, considering every single DLC stage prior to this one had these sort of cameos. They even have the models for some of them in Min Min's Final Smash! They may appear on a monitor in the background, but I was expecting a bit more than that. At least the stadium is packed full of supporters. If you look closely, you'll see they even have the Smash logo on their shirts. Win Win! Music from every stage in ARMS (including a couple of "boss" tracks that play when fighting on Sky Arena in Grand Prix mode), as well as the main theme, with only a couple of remixed tracks. Unlike my prediction about background cameos, this safe bet was actually in my favour. Misc Prediction Results: Mino No... Whilst I feel a little sorry that Biff was left out, with the way that the trailer played out, his commentary would have probably been detrimental to it, so I'm glad to have been wrong on this one. And speaking of the trailer, it sure was a great one! I'd put it up there with Robin's & Lucina's trailer for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. There's something about having both a character a lot of people are expecting to join Smash getting snubbed and the presence of Captain Falcon being... well, Captain Falcon, that seems to be a winning combination for Smash trailers, and I for one am all for it. Min Mixed. More amiibo confirmed to be coming is great (except for your wallet), but it was explicitly stated that there's no guarantee that all remaining DLC fighters will receive amiibo. I do hope all four heroes are announced at somepoint, instead of just the one we saw today. Just think of how tiny Munchie would look! ...I wonder how problematic Min Min's ARMS will be if she gets an amiibo. Win Win! I'm Team Marie, so naturally Marie of the Squid Sisters was one of the characters I wanted in Ultimate. I pictured her with a moveset centred around Splat Chargers (with the occasional appearance of the Splat Brella perhaps), but her chance as a fighter has clearly come and gone (if she ever had a chance to begin with, that is). If there's another Smash game in the future, we'll have to see how the future of Splatoon is developing at the time when considering any newcomers from that series. In anycase, unless you're a fan of Heihachi, it looks like fans of third party franchises can collectively breath a sigh of relief for now! ...But there's five more Challenger Packs to go and a rogue Spirit Event could happen at any time. ----- So there we have it. It seems like I don't have what it takes to try and lie my way into looking like a reputable Smash Bros. leaker for five minutes of internet fame, but at least it appears I was fairly on the money in regards to how a fighter from ARMS would function in Smash. I feel like I may be patting myself on the back a bit much here, but oh well. ARMS was a game I enjoyed playing during the Switch's launch year, so I took quite an interest in pondering how someone from this game would function when the Smash announcement came around. And as mentioned, Min Min was my favourite character from it's great cast of characters, so once I saw Captain Falcon and Kirby slurping on noodles I was smiling from beginning to end. I'm looking forward to taking up ARMS again in Smash and trying her out for myself at the end of the month! 好吃! Captain Falcon, I know it's been a long time since your last game, but have you really fallen on such hard times that you needed a new job to pay the bills?
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    SURPRISE! Next League Night: Tonight 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @Dcubed @S.C.G @martinist @viceview51 @Jayesse I'm back! And to compliment @BowserBasher's "Bikes Only" suggestion. I've decided to make the third GP nothing but Excitebike Arena. Because I said so. When I say Bikes Only, that means anything with only 2 wheels. No more, no less. For @Jayesse's benefit, a reminder that the course selection and vehicle restriction must be strictly followed. When we get to the third GP, you have to choose Excitebike Arena. Repeat failure to do so may result in point deductions. Oh, and for the Player's Choice GP's, avoid choosing Excitebike Arena. Obvious, really. I have a lot of catching up to do with the scoring, so that will come some time over the weekend.
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    Thanks to everyone who came to the Katie Wins Everything games do!
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    @Ronnie The sound effects didn't help with the fear, either. Still, that didn't stop me Biotic Charging right at them. Day 10 - Credits sequence. I was originally going to go with a mini-game one like Smash Bros or Super Monkey Ball, but there's just something really nice about the credits for Splatoon 2. It's not quite a minigame, but it's still interactive and very relaxing. It's also interesting that if you don't interact with it, the credits will be blank. I also really like how every name is a personalised graphic.
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    I generally don't get scared when playing games though I do often get a feeling of anxiety in certain situations, such as getting further and further through Mummy Me Maze Forever in Captain Toad and being terrified that I would make a mistake and have to start all the way from the beginning.. AGAIN! While @londragon highlighted the aspects of Resident Evil 4 that made it 'scarier' than other entries in the series, I'm going with a slightly different approach today. I actually jumped up and switched my Gamecube off while the file was 'deleting' and was worried that I'd have managed to corrupt the data either way. It only took a couple of seconds more for me to realise that the Sanity Meter had finally found a way of catching me out.. however briefly
  34. 5 points
    Musical moment. ok. I’m going to go with anytime you encounter a Guardian in BotW. That change of music to the fast and frantic theme really give it a sense of doom.
  35. 5 points
    'Favourite Ranged Combat' is a difficult decision! My immediate thought was Link's Crossbow Training yet I also find myself wanting to give some love to Arms, Sin & Punishment and Metroid Prime. I had settled on a different game but have decided to save that as an obvious choice for an upcoming day. Instead, I've went for..
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    Day 6 - Most Relaxing Navigation Whilst not always relaxing, there was nothing that beat the feeling of soaring through the sky on a glider in Pilotwings Resort 3D.
  37. 5 points
    Day 5 - 3D platformer: Super Mario 64. Lazy copy and paste from the N-E Top Ten N64 Games: Day 6 - Most relaxing navigation: Endless Ocean. Not played this in quite some time now, but I remember it being unbelievably relaxing to play (apart from those eerie sections in the abyss of course ) and the navigation was a big part of that. Slowly swimming around underwater alongside a plethora of different sea life, it doesn't get much more relaxing than that.
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    Bloody hell this is a tough one... Now I have several different favourite villains for several different reasons... ( Just so you know I made this SOOOOOO much harder for @Glen-i ) I've deliberated on this for a little and as much as this was a difficult choice I've decided on... The Ashford twins ( from resident evil code Veronica ) In particular I am talking more so about Alfred Ashford! Two twins separated from a young age based on their intellectual differences, Alfred left to idolise his sister, though being of higher then average intellect, his sister was a genius. Alexia given the priority of the two graduated from university at the age of ten. They both were moved to the Antarctic base where Alexia conducted her tests on the T-virus. The two children discovered the truth about their origins after gaining access to Alexander's lab. Disgusted by this fact, the two forced him to take part in a human trial of t-Veronica, and then left him sealed in a hidden compartment beneath the facility director's office. Soon after, Alexia found out how to properly control the viral corruption, but the process involved fifteen years in cryostasis. Alexia left this task to Alfred, and with no choice Alfred aided Alexia in her Complete mad dream of Godhood. Alone, in the world Alfred's mental state shattered and with that a dual personality developed within him closely resembling that of his sister. His mental state eroding so far as to dress and having conversations between each dual personality. In there is a tragic irony... We learn of Alfred's tragic mental erosion and at the brink of death he makes his way to the cryogenic pod where Alexia is stored. And finally the twins are reunited, though Alfred passes away as Alexia strokes Alfred's head as he lays dead in her lap. Leading to one cut scene that still gives me goosebumps to this day. ( Warning, tasteful nudes ahead! ) Oh... And this is an extra little clip because Alfred's voice is just amazing and it makes me smile every time.
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    Local Multiplayer It's got to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldeneye I can remember struggling to breathe from laughing when playing 4-player slappers only, everyone on their knees, gliding around the Temple level, slapping the shit out of each other.
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    Technically not an opening, so I apologise. After what had already been an incredible opening section of a game, this took it one step further.
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    Hmm, wonder what happened?
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    Opening Section of a Game The Last of Us. Dang, right in the feels. Sets the tone for the whole game and the voice acting for Joel's daughter is spot on and utterly devastating.
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    Day 1: Earliest Game Memory Pfew, this is harder than I thought! The timeline is so blurry for this. I must have been around 4 or 5 and it was a time we didn't have a game console at home yet. I know my brother was hospitalised back then for a long time (nasty disease) and I was spending a lot of time at friends of my parents when they went over to the hospital. They had a Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land. But I also remember playing Duck Hunt at a very young age on the NES, holding the light gun against the TV haha. And said hospital had a Sega Mega Drive with Alex Kidd. But somehow I think before that I already played the Commodore 64 somewhere, and 2 games come to mind first. Rambo And Radar Rat Race I'm not 100% sure but the Commodore games feel vaguer in my memory than the Nintendo games. I know we did get a SNES and Game Boy a couple of years later ourselves. But whether I played the NES, Gameboy or Commodore first I really can't remember. But my memory thinks it's the Commodore.
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    Earliest Video Game Memory I can't pinpoint how old I was exactly but I was most likely 4 or 5. My parents bought a Game Boy and a few games. We used to go on vacation in northern Germany during the summer. Long car rides were the norm so to keep me occupied I was allowed to play video games I remember playing Tetris, Kwirk and Super Mario Land quite a lot during those car rides. Can't say which one of those was my first gaming memory, so I'm just gonna say that all of them take a place in that section of my brain
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    It's really difficult to notice things that don't happen to you.
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    If you don't believe institutional or systemic racism exists then you clearly haven't heard of the Windrush scandal, or read up on stop and search statistics. Systemic racism is still very much a problem in the UK.
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    Thought my Switch was toast earlier on! Had been playing Animal Crossing (it was in sleep mode inside the dock) went to resume the game and... nothing. Black screen of doom. Took the Switch out of the dock and noticed that it was insanely hot, turns out the vents at the back were quite dusty too. So yeah, gave it and the dock a good clean, let it cool down and then restarted it. It seems to be ok, although I lost a little bit of my “progress” in Animal Crossing. Switch + hot weather + obscured vents = not good. This also might have been responsible for the slow motion final smash malarkey last night. Anyway, have setup a little usb powered fan to help stop my Switch from melting now. Would suggest people check their systems out for dust/overheating!
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    I think I'm even 2 months behind! So time for a bit of catch up. First I played and reviewed two games for the main site, Snakeybus which is a racing meets Snake highscore game and Infinite - Beyond the Mind which is a action/platform/run and gunner. Yesterday evening I've finished Bug Fables, but I will save these impressions for another review. I also started a couple of new games I haven't finished yet. Horizon Chase: Turbo is a game I picked up in the sale, and is great for a couple of races every evening. It has an amazing Outrun vibe, both in graphics and soundtrack. It's nice to play a racing game again. I found a cheap copy of Stern Pinball Arcade. It's a much more classic pinball experience compared to Pinball FX3, with realistic tables and no skills, quests or leveling up. But it does feature a couple of good tables like AC/DC, Harley Davidson and Last Action Hero. I find pinball games quite relaxing so it's nice to have another one. I finished another major PC game (more later). So it was time to pick a new main game. I have quite a backlog there with games that take op some time, and I was thinking maybe it was time to start The Witcher III. But the Resident Evil VIII reveal trailer came out and I figured that it is time to continue the Resi series. So I started Resident Evil 6, knowing that it may not be a great experience. I've put about 2 hours in Leon's campaign and the start isn't that bad. There were some tense moments in the opening bit, although the end of Chapter 1 was just one big shoot-out (which I believe is one of the biggest criticisms for this game). But there are two games I finished and want to talk about a bit more: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (PC) I love real-time-strategy, I love Command & Conquer and I especially love Red Alert. The first one was one of the first RTS games I ever played. I played Red Alert 2 a lot during high school. And Red Alert 3 got quite some hours when I was in university; playing it in co-op with a roommate. Uprising is the add-on for the third game and it introduces new missions, units and a Commander's Challenge. This latter I never finished up until now! Well, as you can see in the tweet above I completed all missions but I'm stuck at 59% completion. 100% can be achieved by finishing all missions under par time but for now I'm happy with just finishing it. Usually in RTS games I like to take my time, build up a base and then expand my army. I don't really have the speed or dexterity for rush tactics (which is the main reason most levels aren't finished under par time). But some missions really required some quick acting so they did prove to be quite a challenge! Luckily the game is such a joy to play that I didn't care about having to restart a mission a dozen times. The soundtrack is out of this world. The units are already over the top in Red Alert 3, but Uprising adds stuff like gigantic floating mech heads and tanks with grinders on them. I can understand that a lot of people don't appreciate the colorful, over-the-top game that Red Alert 3 is but I absolutely adore it. One of the great things is that the game still features full motion video cutscenes with tongue-in-cheek acting, something that even in 2008 when the game came out already was outdated. But to me it's a part of what makes the series great. Now that the Command & Conquer remake is out and gets pretty good reviews, and now it looks like EA is getting a little bit of their former glory back, I hope they breathe new life in the series. Or at least start working on a Red Alert 2 remake! Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo 3DS) After playing a couple of MetroidVanias lately I figured I wanted to play more of them. Metroid: Samus Returns was sitting on my shelf unplayed so that was an obvious choice, also because I wanted to play my 3DS some more. At the beginning I really had trouble going back to the low-resolution screen, but luckily the stereoscopic 3D in this game is excellent and made the graphics acceptable. It took me a couple of hours to get into the game, and I wasn't really sure if I liked it but after a while I noticed that I couldn't put it down. I kept wanting to see what was in the next area. For a MetroidVania it felt pretty linear, but it does a great job with giving you the feeling of exploration. Some battles are intense and some bosses tough as nails. It introduces some cool new mechanics such as a parry move, although after a while when you have some more advanced weaponry I hardly used it anymore and just blasted my way through everything. It's another thing this game does so well. You start out relatively weak but in the end you are just this all-powerful killing machine. It's a great remake, and I hope that next to Metroid Prime 4 we will get a new 2D Metroid as well in the near future.
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    Bayonetta is the last one, in case you can't be bothered to clicky. And I say 83 because I'm including the 6 future fighters in there. Sheik is one of the characters I thought I'd never pull off. She just can't kill quick enough for me. Real chuffed with that. Still can't even break 9.0 with Zero Suit Samus though and I doubt I ever will.
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    It's a very nice white rectangle in a grey circle but I don't see what it has to do with the PS5.