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    So it's been a long road, getting form there to here. The stint in ICU was agonisingly long for us, he had a failed excavation (he couldn't handle breathing after his ventilator was removed), but then was moved from the ventilator to the next step down in breathing support. He had a scan done, and the person who did a scan was "oh no" and seemed to think another surgery was needed soon. The doctors spoke to us next day and said it was as expected (he has a leaky valve due to his compressed coronary, the hope is that it will now heal over time). Last weekend he was moved from ICU to the next step down (called HDU), one of the doctors wanted to go very slow on weaning off the breathing support and said (not directly to us, to other doctors) that he'd probably be in the next step for weeks. A few days later, they took him off breathing support for pressure relief, he did so well that he never went back on. We're looking at potentially going home soon because he's doing so well now.
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    18th November marks ten years since the Wii U launched in America (30th November for Europe and 8th December for Japan) so I figured it would be a good opportunity to look back at what ended up being Nintendo's biggest home console miss, but also the bridge between the Wii and Switch. So let's discuss the good (the games), the bad (the sales and name) and the ugly (the GamePad). Did you get it at launch? Did you stick with it to its dying days? How do you think it changed Nintendo? Etc etc etc Also maybe I should update the description of this forum to remove Wii U
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    Picked this up on PS5 last night and have sunk some time into it since. I love it. But I love every Sonic game, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. 😋. I'm not blinkered, though. I know when a game is bad but this game is just... Experimental. There appears to be a hell of a lot going on to begin with, but as you get to grips with the game, the actual key tasks are fairly straight forward. You are thrust into a new world and the map is blank. As you do things within the world, tasks like hit switches in order or destroy a group of bots, the map fills out and new tasks appear for you to navigate to. Each world has the 7 Chaos Emeralds and you need to collect them to assist you with that world's boss. In addition, each world contains a 'trapped' beloved Sonic hero who you have to help by collecting their specific memory tokens dotted around the world. There are huge, like HUGE, mini bosses within the world's which you can battle, and beating them gives you an item you often need to activate a shrine which will allow you to then play a sonic 'level'. These are a mix of 2d or 3d levels and they're much closer to what we've seen from Sonic games before this one. All in all, the variety is jam packed and some stuff works, and some stuff is a frustrating mess. But I haven't been able to stop playing it. Sonic doesn't control well, at all. I think this is the worst he's 'felt' in a main game in years. It's particularly evident in the 2d levels. The lack of travel when moving left or right after being thrown into the air via a spring is horrible. It feels like he's moving through tar. You can level up Sonics speed, same with his defense and attack powers, but it's odd that he feels this slow. I definitely think that needs work. From previews, I didn't like the look of the open world style game play at all. But it's won me round. There's so much to do, and a lot to collect to progress the story, so it's good that they've filled the map with interesting and experimental game play elements to stop you being bored. Speaking of the story... It's a bit of a mess. It makes little sense (so far) but may become clear nearing the end. Can't wait to spend more time into it.
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    Dude. Dude. Dude. Where's this come from? Your homework for the weekend is to rewatch the DKC behind-the-scenes tape, reread the Summer '95 Jungle Action Special mag (and do the drawings), then do a 101% file of DKC. If I need to prop your eyes open with matchsticks it can be arranged. Wholeheartedly agree. Bar that I'm okay with the look for the film since other characters have been tweaked too.
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    Game Freak have trademarked Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! Sequel? Port? Either way, it looks like something is on the cards for this IP.
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    Has it really been 10 years already!? Damn, time flies! Well, despite its issues and overall lack of software, I still enjoyed my time playing on Wii U. Nintendo created some amazing titles for it, including the best Mario Kart game in the series (SMK is still my personal fave but there’s no denying MK8 is the pinnacle) and new experiences like Splatoon and Mario Maker, proving that they could still deliver fresh ideas as well, something that I feel has been somewhat lacking on Switch. Speaking of fresh ideas, then of course there is Miiverse, which was simply magnificent. I still struggle to accept how Nintendo just abandoned it. It was such a great way to connect with the community for sharing and discovering content. I think one of the most disappointing things about the Wii U for me, remains the fact that they didn’t really push the creative capabilities of the system anywhere near as much as I was hoping for. Sure, there were elements here and there, and obviously stuff like Mario Maker, which was awesome. But I feel they could and should’ve done much more to encourage user generated content and from a much earlier point in the Wii U’s lifespan. Anyway, even though the Wii U wasn’t a mainstream success it still provided a lot of good times and obviously helped pave the way for Switch, which really perfected the concept of a hybrid game console. I’m glad to have owned one, and actually still have mine set-up for occasional local multiplayer sessions.
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    And that's the story wrapped. 22 hours it says. Not bad at all! Overall, I really enjoyed the game. My thoughts I initially posted didn't change too much as I progressed. It really is a mix of ideas thrown into one game and whilst some work nicely, others don't at all and it can cause frustrations whilst playing. The pop in issue which many have called the game out for is a fair criticism. It's not great. One thing I found even more annoying than that, though, was the fact that the games open world went from morning to night similar to BOTW. Whilst it works nicely in Zelda, in Frontiers it was an annoyance as when it was dark it was often difficult to actually see very much. I found the map much easier to explore in the day. Whilst some sections of the map couldn't be unlocked without an action happening specifically at night, it just felt like it was a bit tacked on. The bosses were as ever for a Sonic game - epic. Apart from the final boss, which was a little bit easy? I did level sonics attack and defense up massively before the boss (unintentionally) so perhaps that helped? But it just seemed like either I was overpowered (level 67 out of 99) or the boss was a bit weak. It was the easiest of the bunch put it that way. The story remained a mess throughout. I had no clue what was happening half of the time and I'm not particularly mad about that. I don't play these games for their enriched story, but it would have been nice to be able to follow along easier. The game definitely needs some QoL improvements. Whenever you activate a cyber space shrine (classic levels), there is a cut scene every time which shows sonic placing the cog into the shrine yada yada. It's skippable, in fairness, but you have to hold X down to do so. Its frustrating doing it all the time. This is the same whenever sonic finds a Chaos Emerald. Cut scene showing him unlocking the vault to retrieve it, followed by cut scene of him celebrating pocketing it. Unnecessary. On the actual stages, then. For the most part, good, although lacking variety massively. Just using the same 4 levels from Sonic history to base them on became a little tiring and these levels were really where the controls started to show themselves up. Collecting 5 red coins (or rings) in each level is par for the course with Sonic games now, and always something I've enjoyed. But aside from the odd few levels with multiple paths to take, there's no searching needed as they're often right in front of you. I feel this was a conscious effort from the developer as the times you need to go off the beaten track to get one you realise just how poorly sonics control is. Thankfully, no trophy or achievement attached to the red coins, so can always leave them but I always tried with each level as there's an in game reward for collecting them which does help you progress. Some elements they added in really do not make sense. There's a section late on where a door needs to be opened. How do you open it? Well, you have to play a pinball mini game and get a ridiculously high score in order to unlock the door of course. In another section you have to override a computer. You do that by playing a space shooter style mini game. Just zero sense. Theres things I haven't touched on, like Big and the fishing, but that kinda is what it is. Nothing exciting but often a welcome break from exploring. I'm off to mop up the rest of the trophies. Overall, I think this is a must play for anyone who has enjoyed a 3d sonic game. The open worlds work nicely as there's plenty of exploring to do and some nice platforming sections via springs, rails, loops, you name it. Sometimes, it is jarring when you are belting along at full speed and you hit a spring which throws you into a 2d section and then you have a completely different Sonic who moves like he's wearing iron boots, unless you boost and then he goes flying... You also can't get out of the 2d section until you go through it so if it's an area you've already done you'll often find yourself tutting and just trying to race through it to carry on as you were. When the game gets it right, it's fantastic. And shows there is hope yet for 3d sonic. But I've always known that. There's always been some good amongst some questionable gimmicks. But in this game, you will find yourself rolling your eyes and saying "what the fuck" a lot, or that might have just been me. :D. Either way, I recommend.
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    Only seems like yesterday I pre-ordered the Zombiu Wii U bundle from ShopTo. I was so hyped for it coming off the back of the Wii which I'd had 6 amazing years with. A full week booked off for it's launch. The launch lineup was pretty solid. I had New Super Mario Bros U, Black Ops 2, NintendoLand and obviously ZombiU all around launch. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate followed not long after and was another solid title which I put hundreds of hours into. Two third party titles (Black Ops 2 and MH3 Ultimate) with voice chat and a solid online system at launch, who would have thought. @Hero-of-Time regarding the gamepad being on charge causing a loud buzzing noise through the headsets, that was when anyone charged their gamepad and it was never fixed. That's where the problems started though, the launch window was great but then huge gaps in the release window started appearing. Mario Kart 8 was incredible and the highlight of the Wii U for me. I remember the first week of the N-E Mario Kart League where we had over 40 players signed up. Organising that first league night with 4 different hosts was hard work but very rewarding when all the results starting coming in. Unfortunately with 3rd party support completely drying up and with me now really in the mood to play more online multiplayer games after COD and MH, it pushed me towards getting a PS4 and that was the end of the Wii U being my console of choice that gen. The Wii U ended up putting me off getting a Switch until a good 5 years after it's launch. Now I have a Switch, I kinda regret holding off as long as I did but Nintendo and the Wii U let me down in a big way.
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    Great races, great set of new tracks, Berlin Byways, Peach Gardens stand outs for me. Boo Lake, whose idea was that insanely sharp corner though? Right, when's going to be the first explosive GP, bombs and Blue Shells only!!!
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    And @Glen-i will be here to slag off Charizard in 3,2... Edit Well I timed that well.
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    Finished some indie games over the past couple of days. What Remains of Edith Finch got a free PS5 upgrade, along with a new trophy list that this time contains a platinum. Looking at my trophies, it's been 5 years since I played it on my PS4 which is more than enough time to warrant another playthrough of this gem. Even though I remembered some of the stories in the game, it's still a brilliant experience. What happens to each of the family members is so tragic. It's hard to say which one is my favourite of the bunch but I do find the one about Gregory to be the most upsetting. He was just a baby. I like how a couple of them are left to interpretation as well. For example, the story about Barbara has a fair few theories flying around on the internet. My own is that... There are a lot of walking simulators these days and many aren't done very well and often overstay their welcome. I think Stray is a good example of this, whereas What Remains of Edith Finch tells a compelling story and is the right length for the player to absorb what's going on but also leaves them satisfied at the end. The Gardens Between is another game that got a PS5 update and trophy list. This is the third time I've played through the game and as such I made very quick work of all the puzzles, most of which I remembered. I'm not as harsh as @drahkon with my thoughts on the game as I've enjoyed each of my playthroughs of it. I quite like the story that is being told and I do enjoy the fast forward/rewind mechanic that is used to solve the puzzles. Micetopia is a game that has been on my wishlist for a while. I seen it on an indie youtube video a while back and it looked pretty good. It recently went on sale for the stupidly low price of 79p and so I snapped it up. Even at this price I still feel robbed. The game is a metroidvania but is stupidly short and VERY basic. You play as a mouse who has to explore areas to rescue the villagers who have been kidnapped. I say explore but I use the term very loosely. There are only 2 areas in the game to get through and each of these can be done and dusted in under an hour each. You can also bring up the maps by pressing a button and so there's not much exploration to be had at all. Usually I love a map system in these types of games but that's because there are often loads of hidden secrets and pathways to find. That isn't the case here. The enemies are also very few but I suppose this makes sense given that there are only a handful of areas. You can dispatch the enemies with a bow or a sword. Once you get the roll ability you can even just roll through the lot of them. Again very basic stuff. The game does look charming but that's as far as my praise will go. It feels like the developers had an idea and then just completely ran out of time and shoved it out the door. Still, it was only a couple hours wasted and it was less than a pound so I can't really complain.
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    Overboard! (Mobile) A wonderfully written choose your own adventure story, by the same developers as 80 Days. I used to really enjoy choose your own adventure books, and the clever twist of this mystery is that you already know you’re the culprit and you’re trying to work out how to get away with it (a “youdunnit” if you will… see what I did there!). It initially got found out on my first few playthroughs, but as it should be, I could use the experience and things I learned to try different narrative choices, or visit areas in a different order, to eventually succeed. Or kind of anyway. Turns out there are a variety of endings, and the game does give new objectives, usually ones I hadn’t realised were even possible, and I did play it longer than intended to try and find these additional endings and the fun writing they usually lead to. Overall, it may have only been a few hours in total, and I did give up finding all the endings in the end (I found enough), but i enjoyed this.
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    The Gardens Between Gameplay falls flat very quickly because there's basically only one gimmick. That makes the puzzles very straightforward and eventually boring. Even for a game as short as this (took me about 90 minutes to get the Platinum) that's not good. Has a cute little story, though. Yeah, wouldn't recommend a purchase, but if you got the chance to play it via a sub it's worth a try. @darksnowman, there you go
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    Finished a few games this weekend. I gave my PS5 some more use and played through this game. I played through this last April on the PS4 and this year it got a PS5 version which was free for those who originally bought the PS4 version. I wanted something light and colourful to play, especially after recently playing through The Last of Us Part I. Last year, I found the game to be disappointing but I didn't find that to be the case at all this time around and I really enjoyed the game. The combat was satisfying, the dialogue quite funny and the visuals popped with colour and style. Some of the tracks in the game are quite catchy, as well. I'm trying to remember why I didn't like it when I first played it (in the 2021 thread I didn't elaborate why it didn't hit the right notes) but I'm happy to have given it another chance. Bring on the sequel. From bright and colorful, to black and white. I bought this on the Switch last year when it was on sale for £1.50. I tried playing it last October but I couldn't get into it at all. I decided to have another crack at it and I'm glad I did because I ended up loving it. The game's atmosphere reminded me a little of Little Nightmares and the gameplay took me back to early indie games back during the 360 era, which makes sense given when this was first released. I like how the game is very generous with it's checkpoints and quick to reload the player back into the game. This is very welcome given the amount of times you die. I wish there was a kill counter in the game because I died so many times figuring out the puzzles and I would have liked to have seen how many times I got the little fella killed. Speaking of the puzzles, I found them to be very clever and never really frustrating...well, except for this one... Trying to get that box to slide and then manipulating the gravity to throw it over the other side took a fair few attempts but I got there eventually. Like River City Girls, I was happy that I gave this another chance and played through the game. I enjoyed it so much that I picked up Inside. It was on sale for £1.50 and figured seeing as I enjoyed this, I may as well give it a shot. This 3D indie platforming game has been getting a lot of attention from gamers and various outlets. For the sake of a fiver I decided to take a punt and see if it is worthy of the hype. I'm happy to say that it is. It's so fast and smooth but it still manages to handle so well. Most of the 3D Sonic games try to balance both speed and control but they never manage to get it right. This indie developer has pulled it off. They also had the common sense to allow the player to hold down a button that slows the speed of the characters movements and jumps, for when you want to take some more precise actions. The game only lasts a few hours but if you want to get more time out of it there are collectibles to pick up, S ranks to achieve and the ability to play through the game again with a couple of new characters from other indie games. Both of these characters play very differently from each other and change how the game is played. The game having a short length means it's not a slog to play through it again with someone different. Highly recommended for those who are fans of 3D platformers. @Aneres11 you may want to check it out. there's a demo on the eShop if you fancy a look.
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    I was in Smyths today and seen they were selling the mini figures for £3 a piece. I picked up 4 of them.... Very happy to have got Toad and Nabbit and not to have picked up any duplicates. I'm surprised how big they are.
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    This is pretty cool. Found in a datamine of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
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    I bought Violet and it arrived this morning. I booked the day off work to get a few hours in whilst the kids were at nursery. i’m enjoying the open world element of the game. I’ve wanted Pokemon to be open world for years - probably in my head since the gameboy days. Only about 3 hrs in and enjoying the wide variety of pokemon at the beginning - some decent ones too! i’m never one to complain about performance issues (I really don’t see the difference between frame rates etc) but this is so awful. Absolutely dreadful.
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    And posted it's most important episode:
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    He took his Boom Street gameplay a bit too seriously...
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    Fun night tonight, with some fun clips to match! Ridiculous luck tonight for me
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    Can't believe it's been 10 years. I remember being in my first job waiting for the pre-orders to go up. Then being on here with you guys on release day while I was working as a junior dev in a tiny office waiting for the notification that it had been delivered to my parents' house, where I lived at the time! If I remember right these are the games I bought at launch: Nintendo Land (bundled), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, New Super Mario Bros. U, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and ZombiU. I loved the Wii U but here's some of my highlights: Nintendo Land = Great party game with lots of asynchronous games. Pretty sure this came bundled with my Black Wii U. ZombiU = A game that was supposed to show us the mature third party support. That never really happened BUT I still firmly believe the Wii U is the best place to play this and it still has a great local asynchronous multiplayer. Pikmin 3 = I think it was a title update that brought in Wiimote control for this game, and it was glorious. I still prefer this to the Switch DX version. Lego City Undercover = This was a great exclusive. No longer exclusive and I think all the Wii U specific features were ported to the Switch version. Super Mario 3D World = A mario game with solid mechanics. Better on Switch now though. Splatoon = I guess this is Nintendo's take on the FPS genre and it was lots of fun. Only let down because it had no real single player story and I'm not much of an online multiplayer person. Mario Kart 8 = This was an almost perfect game. Better on Switch. Super Mario Maker = This is the sort of thing I'd wanted for years. Really enjoyed it. Very much superseded by it's sequel on Switch though. The Zelda HD Remakes = A fresh lick of paint on already excellent games. Twilight Princess HD was basically the version we would have gotten if the Wii had joined the HD generation. Miiverse = I'm not one for social media but this little Nintendo style social network was so nice. I'm guessing it was costing too much money to moderate though. Pokken Tournament = A new look at Pokemon via the fighting genre lens. Better on Switch. The Wii U times were tough but there was shining gems in there. I know some people like to write it off as a prototype Switch but the asynchronous gameplay was great... when it was used. Plus it was the first time we got to see Nintendo characters in HD. As an aside here is a list of Wii U games yet to be ported to the Switch: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Xenoblade Chronicles X NES Remix 1 & 2 Nintendo Land - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Yoshi’s Woolly World Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paper Mario: Color Splash Wii Fit U - Unlikely, seems to have been replaced with the more game-like Ring Fit Wii Party U - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Star Fox Zero - Tough one, this uses the Wii U's unique features but... did it need to? Game & Wario - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Splatoon - Has a sequel on Switch that has everything this game has and more but is still technically a different game. Super Mario Maker - Has a sequel on Switch that has everything this game has and more but is still technically a different game.
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    It's incredibly depressing that it's already been 10 years, I remember the launch well as it was the first console that I was able to buy on release. I put in a pre-order for the Premium ZombiU edition at Game and booked the day off work, waking up at 8am and heading to the shop as soon as it opened but the first few hours were incredibly frustrating - after getting home and setting everything up I had a real struggle connecting the console to the internet so I couldn't download the required firmware update to actually start playing the thing. Eventually, after calling up Virgin Media for advice, I was able to get it connected to the wifi and get stuck into the games - as well as ZombiU I picked up New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land and I spent the rest of the day flitting between them, having a great time. I continued to play daily for a few years after launch, picking up the likes of FIFA 13, Super Mario 3D World, The Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Twilight Princess HD, Star Fox Zero, Captain Toad, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze as well as a host of eShop titles - my favourites being The Swapper, Affordable Space Adventures, Fast Racing Neo and The Fall - and a tonne of Virtual Console games but looking back now I feel bad for not engaging with the system more than I did, I missed a fair few of the exclusive releases (I still haven't got round to playing Xenoblade X) and I only dipped my toe in the water with Miiverse and Mario Maker, I wish I'd put more effort in during those first few years when the community was at its most vibrant. I still go back to the Wii U occasionally now, as I mentioned I've been meaning to play Xenoblade X for a while but put my plans on hold once Xenoblade 3 was announced for the Switch, so there I'll still get plenty of enjoyment out of the system for a good while yet but there are undeniable issues with the hardware and operating system. The Gamepad feels quite cheap and creaky these days, it was never the most elegant device but compared to the Switch it really does feel like a toy, and the battery doesn't last very long at all but the most jarring thing about playing the Wii U in 2022 is how sluggish the operating system is - navigating the menus and the eShop is a real chore which is a shame because the interface is good for the most part, I love the idea of the Mii Plaza and how vibrant and large the icons are on the home screen but its all let down by its slow performance. Despite the glaring issues, the muted launch and lack of traction in the market, the limitations of the hardware and operating system, the Wii U will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though they struggled to utilise the Gamepad properly, Nintendo produced a glut of great games and the concept laid the groundwork for what was to come with the Switch - it might have been a failure but it was a glorious one, and a necessary one so that Nintendo could learn from their mistakes and knock it out of the park with their hybrid system.
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    Where has the time gone? I picked up the console on release day and took the following week off work in order to enjoy my time with it. Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 were the games that I picked up at launch. I can't remember if I bought ZombiU at launch as well. I know I definitely bought it but can't be sure when that was. I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference because I never did play through the game fully and it wasn't until the PS4 version arrived where I finally played and completed the thing. Nintendo Land was an amazing launch game and one that I think Nintendo could have really gone to town with. The game was ripe for DLC expansions and had Nintendo had their thinking caps on, they could have used the game as a platform to advertise any new game releases that were on the way. Granted, these new releases were few and far between on the Wii U but still. For example, if a new Kirby game was going to launch then a few months before hand they could have release a new attraction for Nintendo Land that featured him. It's just a shame they have never revisited the game and it very much seems to be a one and done deal. New Super Mario Bros U was a game many didn't want but I certainly enjoyed my time with it, as well as the DLC that would eventually follow. It was a standard continuation of the series and a welcome one. Sure, it wasn't going to set the gaming world on fire with new ideas and innovation but the series had performed very well on previous platforms and so you can't blame Nintendo for thinking people wanted more. It was a 2D Nintendo made platforming game, something that I'm always up for. Black Ops 2 was a strange one. I had already bought it on a different platform but I decided to also pick up the Wii U version so that I could play with Lostmario, Kav, Zechs, Blade and Welsh Gamer. I'm very glad that I did because we had so many laughs whilst playing online. Zechs meltdowns when we lost or things went wrong were legendary and I enjoyed the banter that we all had during our sessions. It was great to finally had native voice chat on a Nintendo console and it really helped bring the community on here together a little more. After the launch period I picked up games like Tekken Tag Tournament, Tank! Tank! Tank! and Lego City Undercover. These were decent enough and offered me some fun times on the Wii U. Lego City Undercover had me in stitches thanks to it's hilarious story and dialogue. It also had one of the most epic pieces of music in a Lego game. Tank! Tank! Tank! was also good for a laugh and a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to Wii U exclusives. Not many people picked this up but those who did found a very fun game, especially if you had others to play with. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate arrived not long after launch and I spent a CRAZY amount of time playing this with Mokong, Kav, Lostmario and Blade. Again, thanks to native voice chat being an option, we were all able to have the banter with each other during hunting sessions. There was a weird glitch with this though in that a strange sound would come through everyone's headset if someone was charging the Wii U controller at the same time as a headset was plugged in. I don't think that ever did get fixed. @lostmario was this the case with all of us or was it did it just happen with certain players? I honestly can't remember. As for other games during the consoles lifespan, Captain Toad, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Yoshi's Woolly World, Paper Mario Color Splash, NES Remix 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Hyrule Warriors were all fantastic exclusives that I have fond memories of. Each of these were a joy to play but the problem was that they didn't come out quick enough and there were often massive gaps between each of the releases due to the lack of 3rd party support. Miiverse was a fantastic addition to the console and it remains one of my favourite things from any console release. It really brought the Nintendo community together and it was fun just visiting different game communities to see what the chatter was about. I remember one of the communities was taken over by people drawing pics and writing quotes of Willem Defoe. Very strange but absolutely hilarious. I can see why Nintendo pulled the plug and decided to use standard social media instead but I think Miiverse was a much better experience and it was a great Nintendo spin on something that had been around for a while. Thanks to the Wii U not selling very well we were gifted with amiibo. I know a lot of people weren't keen on them and thought of them as a waste of time and money but as someone who grew up loving all things Nintendo, I loved them to bits. It wasn't even how they were used in games that appealed to me but more the fact that there were a bunch of officially licensed Nintendo character products. I did enjoy some of the uses though, such as using them in BOTW to get new items and outfits or getting rupees and items in Hyrule Warriors. Also, the Free to Start Mario vs Donkey Kong game that used them to unlock levels was genius. It's a shame that amiibo implementation seems to have now died a death. At one time Nintendo were really pushing them but now it's a rare treat to see any new ones released or used. I do need to get back on top of my collection. I've missed a few of the recent releases, such as Mini Min and ones for Splatoon. It's sad that the Wii U failed but Nintendo didn't really have a clear cut plan with the concept and they struggled to implement it well in any meaningful way. You could say that they needed to make this mistake in order to get to where they are now with the Switch. With the Switch, Nintendo have tried to erase the memory of the Wii U. Pretty much all of the best games from the Wii U era have now been ported, with only a handful remaining. I will say though that despite the success of the Switch, I do think that the path they took thanks to the failure of the Wii U isn't my preferred option. Don't get me wrong, I think that it was the path they HAD to take but I do miss having a Nintendo console and a Nintendo handheld that were separate and offered different experiences. I would argue that Nintendo have become a lot more conservative since the Wii U failed. Whether this was because of the change of leadership, failure of the Wii U or both, is up for debate, but I do think a lot of the time that Nintendo are at their best and most creative when their back is up against the wall. I will always have fond memories of the console and from time to time I still set it up. It's a good way to play Wii games on a HDTV and it also still has a bunch of games on it that I need to play. I've yet to finish games like Xenoblade Chronicles X or Starfox Guard, plus I mean a good amount of GBA games on there to play thanks to the Virtual Console. I should really get my finger out and purchase the remaining ones I want from that service.
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    It’s crazy how time flies. I remember a few of us in a thread on here one late night waiting for the first Wii U commercial to air in the UK, which for some reason aired on one of channel 4’s spin-off cable channels, at midnight or something. And then never seeing that commercial again in all the time leading up to release and wondering why there seems to be zero promotion this new console. On a personal level I was not interested in buying a Wii U at lunch, which was the first time I’d felt like that for a Nintendo console. I didn’t think it looked bad but it didn’t seem to be offering much more then what I already had with my Xbox 360 and my PC and basically it seemed like yet another Nintendo console I’d buy for Nintendo games and nothing else. The first party support seemed consist of games that had already been released on other platforms a year before, such as Batman Arkham City. So I’d figured I’d wait until a 3D Mario game was released before buying a Wii U for myself. One year later Mario 3D World comes out and by then the Wii U had had massive reductions in its price. So I got mine for £200 with Mario 3D World that Christmas and from that time onwards the Wii U become my favourite console. Pretty much every first party game that Nintendo released for it I enjoyed. Especially Splatoon which I think I put over 500 hours of playtime into by the end and in feel like Super Mario maker genuinely is one of the greatest things Nintendo have ever made. But as much as I like that machine, I can’t get over what a mess they made of it too. Nintendo didn’t set the public straight with what it was from the start, so they had a situation where a large number of people didn’t even know they had a new console out and from those that did, a steady percentage of them thought it was a peripheral for the Wii. I felt all of this was a shame because that console was nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be, the software from Nintendo was solid and some of their best ever but as what was typical from Nintendo consoles back then was it had limited third party support over time. And this meant owning a box purely for their titles which didn’t come out often. The console itself had some issues too, such as the UI feeling very slow for the first few months before a firmware update. Even navigating it was odd: you chose your games on the gamepad and had the TV screen taken up by the Mii plaza Miiverse was a great idea but it was a slow thing to start up and use. I felt it was its best when it was integrated directly into the games themselves, like the graffiti in splatoon and the word bubbles in Mario maker. As for the gamepad itself, I liked it and it showed it’s worth for games like Mario maker but the failed to really use it much beyond that and Nintendoland. Before we knew it, even Nintendo themselves had relegated the second screen to just showing the same footage you could see on your television. It felt like they’d banked their console around an idea that even they had given up on half way through the consoles life. All this said, I’ll always look back fondly on the WiiU because of games like Splattoon, Mario Maker, Mario 3D world and Breath of the Wild and that I was still using machine well into 2018.
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    Yeah. And going back to an earlier point I realised something; I imagine we'll get the final trailer on March 10th.
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    I'm kind of enjoying this in short bursts but the technical aspects really bog it down, and I'm not usually one to care about that kind of thing. I almost wish I had played this first, before Legends Arceus, because that game just does everything so much better. Catching Pokémon is such a slog now, of course in PLA I would fight some, but it was just so great also being able to sneak around and throw a Pokéball at them, or lure them closer with some berries before going in for the kill. I can understand them getting rid of the no-battle insta-catch, to make it more like a traditional Pokémon, but why take away the manual aiming of the ball? I absolutely loved how fluid it felt with motion controls. As well as that, sending your own Pokémon out to autobattle is a chore as you have to go into the menu and manually select the top Pokémon in your team that you wish to send out - the menus were just SO much faster and more intuitive in PLA. I would have assumed PLA was the basis for this, and it got built upon into a full Pokémon game, but it doesn't seem that way at all. Also, WHAT is with the sluggish-ness? Starting battles and the battles themselves have second long delays before each action, which again wasn't present in PLA. WTH‽ Like I said, I would be enjoying this game a hell of a lot more had I not got used to and loved the great QOL improvements found in PLA. On the plus side, I haven't found any actual glitches, just plenty of graphical ones - That camera sure does love panning under the floor. The FPS decisions are just insane to me too, I understand the logic of lowering the FPS of objects/people far away, but why include it in a cutscene that's near the very start of the game (the classroom!) - Either pre-render the cutscene on a machine with more power (ala the mega water in Paper Mario) or just have less students in the class. The windmill is a pet peeve as well, I was stood on a hill and the windmill in the distance must have been 1 frame a second or less. At that point just have the windmill stand still, I could at least tell myself it's not windy over there right now lol. The graphics are so inconsistent too, the Pokémon and humans actually look pretty great, I love the textures on the 'mon, and the hair of the humans is incredible, but then so often you'll come across a literal N64 quality texture on someones shirt pocket, or flag, or wall - the consistency just is not there. I am really not too fussed on graphics usually, the Switch is my main console of choice, but this game consistently breaks my immersion with things like the extreme FPS dip of distant (or even very close lol) objects and the constant clipping into the world. I want to and do enjoy this game but I really hope they bring out a patch else it's going to forever be tarnished by these technical issues for me. If Game Freak aren't capable of an open world they shouldn't just go ahead with it regardless, they should scale it back and break the world up into sections ala Arceus. Also the 10 million sales, do you think that will inspire them to patch or make them more complacent. On the one hand they've sold millions with this buggy mess, on the other they have the largest audience ever to witness what a state the game is in.
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    I think you've bought the wrong game.
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    I'll stop reading there. Maybe not a great idea to be throwing around spoilers when, like I said, I'm only a few hours in. Thankfully, I've already experienced that bit but I'm not risking the rest of your post!
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    Nintendo eShop new releases (week 47) The fourty-seventh week of releases, sees a slew of new titles released. Check the article for the full roundup. - - - - - Intrepid Izzy is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop Now up on the main page Full press release and video. Great 2D game, combines various genres, well-made. I bought, played and completed it when it originally came out on the PC over a year ago, great to see a Switch version.
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    Yeah, if Game Freak were able to take the capabilities of the Switch hardware into account more (or, at all ) during planning and development then they could have certainly made an infinitely better product. There have been numerous examples already of games which have no right even running on Switch getting pretty incredible ports, including open world titles. With that being the case, there can be no excuse for a game that is built from the ground up/exclusive for Switch to perform so poorly. Game Freak just seem to continually make poor decisions though. For example, I see they still insist on using those ludicrously high-polly Pokémon models. Lowering detail there would surely be a good starting point in better optimisation. Of course the worst thing about the situation with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet though, is that it’s highly unlikely the games ever get improved in the future, at least not drastically, like they need to be. With them selling so many copies regardless of all the issues, there’s literally no incentive for them to do it. We unfortunately won’t be seeing improvements like this: A huge shame too, as I have no interest at all in playing Ark, but would love to play a decent version of Pokémon Scarlet.
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    I don’t think it needs a break, I think they just need to scale things back to a point where they can at least ensure the quality remains at an acceptable level. So instead of pushing the open world thing (which is clearly way beyond their reach) smaller scale and simpler environments would be the way to go. Hell, I’d actually quite like it if they went 2D again! Imagine a modern Pokémon game on Switch but in a 16/32-bit pixel art style, or something similar to Octopath Traveler’s HD-2D visuals. I wish Game Freak would’ve experimented with options like that before pushing 3D so much. But yeah, it’s a real shame what has happened to the Pokémon series. I very much enjoyed Pokémon Shield (despite its now relatively minor technical issues compared to the latest games) and I was initially looking forward to Pokémon Scarlet, but I absolutely refuse to support such a shoddy product. Hopefully Game Freak can find a way to improve going forward, but unless they either massively increase their staff numbers, or scale back projects, then things will no doubt get even worse than they are at the moment.
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    For anyone going the gym route: You can get softlocked during the first one... This game is something else...
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    Go ahead and nominate my performance for the "Most atrocious luck in Mario Party" award! Absolutely demolished! Luigi landed on a Bowser Space 3 times, and he still had better luck then me! Absolutely atrocious behaviour from @Dcubed tonight. Some proper "Eff you, got mine" tactics in play. He'll happily lose 5 coins if it meant everyone else also loses 5 coins. In fact, he did that 3 times! Naturally, he won. Because Mario Party 1 is of the same mindset. The game is proper unfair, y'all. Anyway, @BowserBasher came 2nd, I came last.
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    2020 did break us all in fairness.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. Send her my best. Not sure if you're aware but it might be worth checking the Games Accessibility Database to find games that she may be able to play: https://accessiblegamesdatabase.com/
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    Not gonna lie, he had rotten luck tonight. Still funny though.
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    Thanks for the games. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Get Together! (17/11/2022)
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    The Wii U, for me personally, had the misfortune of landing at a time in my life where I was growing vastly disinterested in home console gaming. Most of my gaming in the 2010s was done on my laptop or 3DS. As such, I never got it, having to instead admire it from afar. "Admire it" is the right term. There were a lot of things happening in the Wii U that I thought were brilliant. Miiverse, Mario Maker, the buzz around Smash 4, Mario 3D World, Kirby's Rainbow Curse, Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, the Virtual Console now including GBA and DS games... So much cool stuff coming out. By comparison, nothing on the rival consoles came close to capturing my interest in the same way. I did try it briefly during its launch period. Played a bit of Rayman Legends and Tekken Tag 2. I liked the Pad well enough at the time, but with the hindsight of some Switch experience, I now fear it would've made my hands sore during somewhat longer gaming periods. To end this on a better note, I really like the white&light blue colour scheme. The Wii's pure white never sat right with me, but the Wii U managed to fix that niggle I had.
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    He's right. The poor guy got all the bad luck! @Dcubed uses the tried and tested strategy of "guarantee 2 of the Bonus Stars just by getting all the mini game coins" He just happened to be in the right place/team whenever a bonus game came up! Now, I'm no sore loser, but... @BowserBasher clinches second place with the Happening Star. And I was third, which given the horrific start I had, is probably the best I could hope for. N64 NSO ran like a dream! Only one notable stutter, and it was only a slight one, much better then the Mario Kart 64 session I had when it first came out. Really impressed! Unfortunately, Gamecube controllers can't be used, because they lack a ZL button, which some mini games need. Unless you have some kind of adapter to enable button mapping, it's not happening.