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    I figured a thread dedicated for photos/screenshots would be a good idea. This will save clogging up the standard thread. EDIT: As requested, Friend codes, fruit and town names have been added from those whose details I could find. Hero-of-Time - 2727-9219-2009 - Oranges - Risa Ike - 5669-7479-4863 - Apples Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 - Apples -Capim Town Drahkon - 3320-4577-2619 - Pears - Solus Happenstance - 0880-9543-6801 - Peaches Esquiel - 7660-4669-0111 - Oranges Matinist - 6129-1854-5794 - Cherries Nicktendo - 4100-9168-1923 - Apples Vileplume - 7580-3712-2716 - Cherries Sheikah - 5442-9012-6148 - Pears Tales- 0565-4283-2908 - Oranges -Radiata Aneres11 - 4105-9544-2327 - Peaches - Eternia BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620 - Peaches S.C.G - 7152-7755-3125 - Pears - Gal Da Val Ugh First Aid - 5697-4258-4783 - Cherries - Lunar Will' (ウィツ) - 2081-4391-3641 - Apples Smeagol - 1077-2707-8116 - Peaches - Bonita Ronnie - 2093-6613-0337 - Cherries - Daybreak Dcubed - 0401-9926-5412 - Oranges - Craphole Helmsley - 7441-4734-3710 - Cherries - Parakeet Mike - 7510-6348-2032 - Cherries Martinist -SW-6129-1854-5794 - Cherries - Windfall Paul - 5331-8300-3351 - Oranges - Motanui RedShell - 8134-4832-4809 - Saltopia -Cherries Kaepora_Gaebora - 2880-3665-8016 - Pears - Ohana Katie - 6735-2719-9192 - Eddage - 4420-2931-9523 - Pears - Selisola To get things started, here are a couple of snaps I took this evening/morning.
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    Best photo I got at the end. From left to right, @BowserBasher, @drahkon @Hero-of-Time, @Nicktendo, me and @Sheikah. Nicktendo got so lucky with the Red Snapper, I initially thought he didn't actually catch it on my Island, but he said that he had a witness, so well done, you jammy goit! I thought it went really well in the end (Except for me forgetting that switching to handheld mode while connected to a wired connection knocks you offline, sorry Nick) and hey, free money! Might do it again next week if I'm not quarantined. Next time, I will use cliffs, so get those ladders before then.
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    Hell has officially frozen over. I've went with a digital version of a game over a physical copy of it.
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    Tsk... all these sites and companies doing April Fools stuff. At least you can count on N-Europe for serious, quality Nintendo content. Oh by the way, did everyone know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of a certain beloved Nintendo character? 2020 is the 20th anniversary for one of the most beloved Nintendo characters In the year of 2020, we celebrate the birthday of one of the most beloved Nintendo characters. Check inside for a special celebratory article. Thanks to @RedShell for the brilliant banner and also thanks to @Ashley @Jonnas @Vileplume2000 and everyone else who contributed. We would have got this article up sooner but still, we hope that you'll enjoy this wahderful article.
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    Yesterday, the game put a halt on my bell grinding. After my initial bug hunting session in the morning, the island was then hit with a thunderstorm that lasted all day. That being the case, I decided to try and spruce up my island a bit in order to raise it's ranking. I put a sign at the entrance of the island, I knocked up a little picnic/barbecue area, placed some kind of relaxing pond area, a flower area was made and a little area to chill out area for when on the beach. I also got a hold of my next villager. The whole style he had going for himself got a chuckle out of me so I invited him to my island. Doing all of this has now awarded me with a 3 star rating. Project K is complete! The Switch's game data finally updated and I was curious to know just how many hours i'd put into the game. Yeah, I wasn't prepared for this... The fact that i've been working from home for the past couple of weeks ( starting tomorrow i'm on furlough for a month ) has certainly helped boost the number of hours played. Still, I was surprised by it, especially when you consider I wasn't going to get the game in the first place. I imagine things will slow down a bit for me now though. The terraforming should be unlocked tomorrow and i'm not that far off from paying off my final payment to Nook. After that it's just a question of reforming my island how I want it and then start placing things in the right place, while keeping on top of the different bugs and fish that appear each month.
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    So as the situation rapidly worsens in Europe, many of use are facing time off work, time off the streets and time spent at home. Sport has been essentially cancelled and public places like cinemas, bars and restaurants are likely soon to follow leaving us with little opportunity for fun activities and social interaction. I know the U.K. is taking a different approach to the continent for the time being, but I can see inevitable shut-downs happening as the days go by. To combat the boredom, the worry and the panic that is likely to engulf our lives over the next month, I suggest we have a place where we can share Skype / Discord information (thanks , Nintendo) and arrange online gaming sessions. I know a number of people on this forum live alone or live far away from close friends and relatives and we are all facing a period of limited interaction with other people. I think getting together a couple of times a week and just sitting down for a group chat and a gaming session would be a good way of helping each other get through this time. Ironically, we've never had a better opportunity to tackle those backlogs... I've slowly been getting down at how the situation is changing, unlikely to be going out to work for the next 4 weeks at least as all the schools will be closed, and the prospect of spending all that time at home, completely alone, is not one I'm looking forward to. We already have Mario Kart 8 on Thursday at 8pm UK, Smash Bros. Ultimate on the same day at 9.15pm UK - I'll be joining these sessions for the foreseeable future and would suggest opening voice channels if anyone else is up for it. If anyone has any recommendations for any online games, post them here. Animal Crossing launches in a week. I'm already going back on my decision not to buy it, because I think sinking hours into it will help the time pass. So, N-E, who's locked down? Who wants to join? Stay safe everybody, and let's get through this together.
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    471 in my town this afternoon! I'll be able to open my gates tonight if anyone wants to add me.
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    I couldn't decide which one I liked better. From left to right, @Sméagol, @BowserBasher, @Mr-Paul, @Nicktendo, @RedShell, me and @Ronnie I was half tempted to disqualify Ronnie from that last question for the sheer cheek of shouting that answer out.
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    I hate Rocket and want her off my island. Today I decided to send her a letter to her to express my feelings.
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    Some of you may know that I am a qualified lawyer specialising in employment law. Happy to help with any covid-19 related employment queries as best I can.
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    I completed Ori and the Will of the Wisps last night, what a conflicting game! On the one hand, it's a beautiful, well crafted, orchestrally stunning platformer that is both addictive and a joy to play. On the other it's a technical mess and, at this point, I wouldn't recommend anyone play it while it's still like this. With the benefit of Game Pass I can feel a little less angry as I did the £1 for a year deal, so I haven't paid anything for the game, but if I had outright bought it I'd be demanding a refund. Plenty of game freezes, plenty of slow down, plenty of lock ups have made this a more frustrating experience than it should have been. Having said that, none of them particularly stopped my enjoyment of the game too much until...the final boss. It glitched on me 3 times with literally the final blow; I even got the achievement that I'd beaten the final boss and yet the game went black and put me back in the final 'stage' of the boss fight except with no boss and nice calm music, until I died and it reset it right back to the beginning of the fight. 3 times! 🤦‍♂️ It was very much a "ONE LAST GO" situation which thankfully worked...but then I didn't get the achievement for actually completing the game. And yet as soon as these issues are all ironed out, I'd urge anyone I could to play the game, especially if they bring this one to Switch too. It's such a beautiful game to look at (on One s) to listen to and to play; like the first one the map is such a rich tapestry of clever puzzles, stunning environments and rewarding game play, it's incredibly satisfying to play and complete (when it works!) Annoyingly the game has counted when I've turned the console off but left Ori on in the background as play time, so it's says it's been about 70 hours 😂 it's more like a 10-15 hour game following the story line. I've been back in to start collecting things and getting achievements, however I've heard even more of these are glitched so I'll go back in once the game has been patched and try to mop things up as best I can. For me it's a 9/10 game hiding behind a 6/10 wall because it's obviously been sent out not ready. Once it's technically sorted out it'll be another masterpiece from Moon Studios! Next is Halo 5, then I've got Quantum Break to play (always intrigued by the TV show/game dynamic and this seems the perfect time to play it) and I've downloaded Yakuza 0 just for @Hero-of-Time as well to play after that if I don't need something abit more colourful and lighter by then!
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    Managed to catch a picture of @Hero-of-Time running around like a fool.
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    Aaaah so holding onto turnips wasn't a mistake after all! <3 just had a friend who's store was buying turnips for 583 Bells... I went from having nothing ( I just paid off my 583k house loan) To having 800k in my pocket! <3 I gave them a little something and helped another friend and I have Plenty left over to dip into the market again on Sunday!
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    Slowly but surely my island is coming together. I moved a villager to the top, with another on the way. I keep marking out where things need to go, hence the 4 small squares at the top of the map. I also got another incline built and have another being constructed as we speak. I'll probably demolish the first incline I built early on in my adventure as it's not the style I want and it's in the wrong place. I'll probably do that tomorrow rather than building a new one. Finally, I finished my orchard yesterday, as seen by the large brown patch on the right hand side of the map. It took some doing and I even went to the hassle of rounding off the edges on the dirt patches.
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    The credits of the game rolled for me this morning. I unlocked terrforming this morning. I've not played around with it yet as I first need to get a sense of what I want to do with my island. I will give a word of warning though that you'll need around 30k in Nook Miles in order to unlock a bunch of stuff. Luckily, I always try not to go below the 50k mark so I had enough in hand to purchase the goods. I didn't get everything though. I just bought the main things ( water and cliff landscaping ) and a couple of path designs. I done a few of the egg hunts this morning. Found myself eggs hiding in the trees, ground, sky, water and stones. I've made a couple of the items already, with the outfit you get being pretty hilarious. I'll have to have a look around the net to see just how many items there are to collect before the event is over. In other news, I picked up this snazzy looking police outfit that reminds me of Leon Kennedy in his Resident Evil 2 gear. Finally, and most importantly... That's right, Nook! I'm no longer a slave to your ridiculous payments. Nook now offers any changes made to my house for free. I should think so given how many bells he's had out of me.
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    I done some more bug farming this morning. I took a quick vid before selling them all. Yeah, the shop really needs to open up sooner for me and stock piling outside of their shop wasn't a good idea. The game actually started to chug/stutter a bit, most likely due to the large amount of items in such a small area. I was happy once I was able to sell them and I got a whopping 440k out of it all. That went straight on a new bridge for the island. My island went up to rank 2 this morning, no doubt due to the arrival of another villager, but after shifting things around a bit the thing dropped back to 1! I've no idea what's going on with it and Isabelle's advice is less than useless when it comes to knowing what needs to actually improve. I had a new visitor this morning that wanted me to dress up as if I was going to a party. She gave me a royal prince outfit and said I needed to wear something like that. I've been buying clothes but I had nothing that really matched what she was after. I then found this cheeky number in the wardrobe... She was more than satisfied with that. Hey, whatever works.
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    Thought it'd be neat to have a thread dedicated to the day-to-day/week-to-week of everyone's islands, to give us all a place to look back on the development of our islands over the coming months/years. Not to be confused with the main thread for the game or the thread to share friend codes, fruits/trading and photos. I've stockpiled info on my journey over the last week and spent a bit of time just typing this up, so this might be quite a long first post, but I'll try to update this thread a bit more frequently than once per week to hopefully avoid that without further ado, here was my first week with Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Day 1 | 20/03/20 The Lone Wolf Loan Tanuki of Kyoshi Arrived late into the night on our destination island, which is filled with peaches. Axel the Elephant and Rocket the Gorilla were the other passengers on my flight. Found that most of the access to the island is cut off by a river connecting to the sea on the same side of the island, but that's no big deal. We'll find a way. After a short evening campfire, and settling on the name of Kyoshi for the island, we set ourselves up in our tents on camping beds, and slept as soundly as one could probably be expected to. Even if only for a couple of minutes. Not long after waking up, I clambered out of my tent to start trekking around the island, only to be attacked by a bunch of wasps accidentally shook out of a tree. Welcome to Kyoshi, I guess. Finally, I took out a small loan out from Tom Nook, our island getaway guide, and the one who sold us the getaway package. It's in bells, a currency I'm not familiar with, and apparently I owe him 49,800 of them, or his cryptocurrency which is part of some reward scheme called Nook Miles - I'd need 5,000 of those. This will allow me to upgrade from my lovely little tent to, hopefully, a more spacious house. A convincing bloke, but I have a hunch that this isn't his first rodeo. Anyways, he introduced me to Timmy and Tommy. I guess they're related? Oh, and did I mention my island has peaches? I love peaches. Day 2 | 21/03/20 For Our Fearless Leader Out on my morning stroll along the beach, I came across a seagull in a navy uniform, just lying there, unconscious. After pestering him into waking up, it seems like he's a bit of a seafarer, and has seen his fair share of stuff. I helped him track down his communicator parts to get in touch with his other navy buddies (are they all seagulls too?), and he said he'll thank me with a gift in the mail. Don't know how he's going to do that without jotting down my address but, uh, okay. I then met Nook's friend, Blathers. An intelligent guy with a major interest in flora and fauna, fossils and fish - and a seemingly deeply rooted fear of insects - he's asked me to collect a bunch for him so that he can get a permit for a museum to be built on Kyoshi. We're on a remote island with like five residents now, so I'm not sure how he's going to be keeping the lights on, but okay buddy. Building starts tomorrow. Hope they don't wake me up... Spent quite a lot of time playing around with the design app on my NookPhone, designing some nice t-shirts and sweaters. Also visited a bunch of islands through Dodo Airlines to help collect materials, and catch some fish and bugs for Blathers. Even found a gold nugget, but don't tell Tom. Something one of those grounded birds said didn't sit right with me. Anyways, met Bangle the Tiger, Ozzie the Koala and Gladys the Ostrich during my travels to these islands, and I've invited all of them to join me on Kyoshi. We're safer and stronger in numbers, after all! To cap the day off, I cleared my initial loan with Nook to the fine tune of 5,000 Nook Miles, and the twins Timmy and Tommy have asked me to collect some materials to help build a shop for the island, which I gladly agreed to do for the little fellas. Anything to better the island... Day 3 | 22/03/20 Nook's New Empire So the museum is being built, and they're being noisy about it. I delivered all of the materials to Timmy and Tommy, and so their shop is under construction too. Busy times on this island. *Too* busy. Did my usual morning stroll, and saw Axel sitting down...and he wasn't getting up. Naturally, as our well-meaning Representative, I went over to check on him. Poor guy has been hitting the iron too hard... Nook got me building bridges to better connect the island, as I've had to pole vault over rivers to this point, and the reason he's asking is because we've got three new residents moving in soon! We held a ceremony, and I was rewarded with a ladder for my efforts. Yay, I can now reach things above head height! Celebrated with a quiet evening of fishing. This island has some beautiful views. Also caught a sturgeon whilst out visiting some more islands to spread the good name of Nook and Kyoshi. So, naturally, it's time for one of my trademark witty remarks! I can't control myself... Day 4 | 23/03/20 Twinkle, Twinkle Happy to say that I cleared my second loan of 98,000 bells, and now I've taken out another for 198,000 bells to get the room made bigger - it's still practically a studio at this point. With the completion of the museum, I donated the several dozen fish, fossils and insects that I'd been hoarding to Blathers' noble cause, and he seemed happy with the progress we'd made together. And I'm happy for him, too. Had a look around the museum, and it looks great. Like, questionably great. Does Blathers have connections?! Met Harv during my late afternoon walk, seems a nice enough guy, but maybe a little too relaxed... Made some major headway with preparation work for the houses of the new residents, completing the specifications for all of them. Hopefully we'll have someone moving in tomorrow! Also met Blathers' sister, Celeste, late at night, who told me about the stars, so I had a walk around my island and found this great nighttime view. Day 5 | 24/03/20 Face Mask Folly! Bangle moved in today. She gets on my nerves. I then got stung again, and found Gulliver stranded on our little island once again. Helped him out again, but seriously, the guy needs to take better care of himself! Then went around the island and did my normal routine of checking the island for fossils, fish, insects and materials. Did a fun little customisation workshop with Nook. I feel sorry for the pale chub, poor little guys have a tough time of it. Then ended the day in self-isolation. Games mirroring life. Day 6 | 25/03/20 A Fruit-full Day! Had a belated ceremony for Nook's Cranny, those guys seem happy. Oh, and Ozzie moved in today too, at long last! Real kind fella. Bangle's still getting on my nerves and is threatening to speak to me all of the time! Spent much of the day visiting islands, catching a lot of rare fish (such as oarfish) and insects (like the orchard mantis!) that I haven't come across before, and came across an island filled with oranges, which I haven't got growing on my island yet. So, naturally, I pick all 57 of them, planting 7 around my island and flipping the other 50 for 25,000 bells! At the end of today, I've managed to whittle down my loan from 168,000 bells to just 10,000 bells. I also picked up a Customisation Kit for my NookPhone to have a black case, but mostly, this day will go down as a great day for fishing and fruit-picking! Day 7 | 26/03/20 The Day The Ostrich Came At long last, our third resident, Gladys the Ostrich, moved in today! Happy to say that I went over to say hi and let her know she's welcome on Kyoshi. And to be suspect of Nook. Also met Saharah for the first time, who I ended up buying a rug from. She seemed nice, but why won't she let me look at what I'm buying before I give her my bells?! Cut from the same cloth as that Nook, I guess. Speaking of whom, with a third resident now having moved in, he revealed that Resident Services is getting a makeover tomorrow, and so will be closed for a day. Interested to see how that turns out. I also paid off the remaining 10,000 bells on my loan, meaning that we're now getting a room added to the back of the house for a 348,000 bell loan. I wonder if all of these loans are destroying my credit file? Finally, finished the day off with some more island-hopping, and delighted to say that I found another orange-filled island. With the 57 oranges I picked and the rare fish I reeled in, I managed to rake in nearly 40,000 bells from Timmy and Tommy, a few seconds before closing time. That stress was totally worth it, because I'M RICH!
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    I like that the flightless dodo in charge of aviation is called Orville. Lovely tribute to Keith Harris. Just in case people want to know which fish and insects to catch before April, I found a handy guide : https://www.polygon.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-acnh-guide/2020/3/25/21194292/march-bugs-fish-insects-critterpedia-leaving-last-chance Bug Emperor Butterfly Flying N/A 4,000 5 p.m. - 8 a.m. Fish Bitterling River Smallest 900 All day Fish Yellow Perch River Medium 300 All day Fish Stringfish River (Clifftop) Largest 15,000 4 p.m. - 9 a.m. Fish Sturgeon River (mouth) Largest 10,000 All day Fish Sea Butterfly Sea Smallest 1,000 All day Fish Football Fish Sea Large 2,500 4 p.m. - 9 a.m.
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    Wasn't sure if I was playing Animal Crossing or browsing Grindr for a minute there.
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    Mod Note: Just a quick reminder guys - this IS for many a sensitive topic as many of us no doubt have friends family and loved ones out there at risk etc. Emotions can very quickly and easily run high with this all at stake and the struggles coming at us all. Please try and keep it fairly civil in here; its a trying time for the entire world and its a time to (metaphorically; not physically :p) try and come together rather than not.
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    Is doing DIY taking too long?! Are you tired of that animation for it?!? Well here at Lunar we have a solution to all your problems! BUTTON MASHING! if you mash that a button during the DIY animation it speeds up!
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    Finnished Dragon Quest 11 S last night after a little over 109 hours. On to Ni No Kuni 2
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    Not mine, that's for sure. If I get the game I'm putting my island on immediate lockdown. No way ya'll be infecting my villagers
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    I can't wait for this, hope it's worth the 7 year wait! Fond memories of playing New Leaf with the N-E forumers
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    Nostalgia hit me while replaying Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, so I decided to bring #TBT back from the grave like the zombies in said game: Throwback Thursday #32 Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
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    Nah. I entered a competition and in order to compete I had to 100% the game and provide photo evidence.....is anyone buying into this? Have I gotten away with it?
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    Here are three different Takers...
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    Man, I got mentioned three weeks ago a couple of times in this thread, sorry for the long wait time on the response! That was the week I started feeling under the weather (a bit better over the last half a week or so, though!), and only just remembered I didn't respond, so yeah, sorry to turn back time. Long story long, had a rough time of it in terms of my physical (and mental - it felt pretty cyclical at a point) health since leaving high school back in 2015. I got pretty ill and stressed out in particular in February 2016, and I recall just constantly watching and listening to videos. I just wanted out of everything that was going on in my life at that time. More and more, as things got worse and worse, I found myself escaping into video games - and the world surrounding them: forums, news, reviews, everything. I'd loved Pokémon growing up (got a lot of stories there, which I hope I bring up again some day!), put thousands of hours into Battlefront II, and have so many memories of video games as a child (many of which I'd love to share here at some point). But I would have never called myself a "gamer"; honestly, still not sure if I could, I feel like I'm just a fan of a lot of people's great work. As a bit of a side note, funnily enough, looking back, I started an unhealthy obsession with film about a year before that, though I think my relatively better health at that time meant most of that obsession was just poured into Star Wars and classic films in particular. Huh. Anyways, I started reading more and more about the Nintendo NX. It would pop up on Neogaf, Reddit, everywhere (though I didn't have accounts anywhere). Started reading about Zelda for NX, watched all of the footage again and again and again, watched and listened to so much of the Gamexplain videos about it and the NX. This was a few weeks before Sun and Moon were announced, and so I was watching a lot of Pokémon related videos at the time as the 20th anniversary drew closer; of course, this meant a lot of checking serebii.net, a website I'd visited since learning about it back in primary school in a Pokémon World magazine! Even have plenty of memories of growing up on the forums. Man, what a time. While doing this all, I, completely by chance (or search algorithms), happened upon this video, featuring a talk with @Serebii: Damn, that's the first time I've watched the video since joining - only just realised that I should be give a belated thanks to @Kaepora_Gaebora! Seriously, because, well, yeah, I got a good feel for the place from the vibes of the video, checked out the forum in the description, and frequented the place for nearly an entire week without signing up before finally taking the plunge. Fast forward four years (holy cow), and here I still am! I love this place. H-o-T, you mentioned Reddit, Era, etc., somewhere in your original post, and I agree: those places, while lively for conversation, just feel a bit too big. I don't have any social media platforms at all, in large part because I felt like I was shouting into an empty echo chamber, and looking back, that was definitely the last thing I needed at that point in my life. The small, tightly knit community here provides a sense of intimacy you just won't find in many other places on the internet these days, and while petty arguments can get out of hand - and I've been around long enough to see some stumble away from this place almost as a result of that - there are great discussions of all sorts going on here. As someone with a lot of friends who just aren't as in touch with the games industry as we are here - as you'd expect from my generation, I do still get a lot of "PC master race", "Xbox is more powerful than PlayStation" comments, but no-one seems to actually care about the games that they're playing - it provides me with a near-perfect environment to use as an outlet for my excitement and discovery of games, new and old - because while I certainly have a history with games, there's just so much that I just didn't experience because of when I was born, or not being as interested at that younger age. Being surrounded by so much gaming knowledge on here has really opened my eyes to video games - I owe a lot of my love for them to this community. Thanks, that was really nice for me to read when I was starting to feel under the weather definitely owe a lot more to this community than I can really express through words read on a screen, I just wish that I could play and share my experiences more than I already do!
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    I had a random urge to play this again so started last night. I haven't been able to get off it really it's just so enjoyable. I'm seeing things I don't even remember from my first play through in each world I have been in so far (done 4 world's) which is amazing. I never 100% each world on my first go through so will aim to do that this time. Or as close to without a guide anyway. But I'm loving it. I remember the first time thinking some of the obvious moons obtained by just ground pounding a shiny spot was cheap and lazy. But I don't feel like that this time. The game seems to reward exploration, and if it's going to throw easy moons in along the way then I'm all for it. I also think it's one of the most pleasing platformers to control. Nintendo have really got Mario's movement and move set down to a fine art now.
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    April challenge: Autoscroll! It's Corona season April, time for the April Mario Maker challenge! The theme The theme for this month is to make a level that autoscrolls! You can use any speed you like, as well as the custom autoscroll, as long as it scrolls automatically. And this applies to any sub-areas as well. There are no further requirements for this theme, so you can use anything you want. For those who want to use scroll stopping features: you can have one scroll stopping wall per area, so 2 max. The deadline The deadline is on Sunday 12th of April (That's Bunny day in Animal Crossing). Don't forget to upload your level close to deadline, even if you finished much earlier in the week. Saturday at its earliest. The entries Hopefully we'll have a few next Sunday! The votes Need levels first! The next challenge will start on the 2nd of May.
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    Finished Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology recently. I'm on mobile, so no hilarious captioned pictures. It's an enhanced 3DS port of my favourite DS RPG, Radiant Historia, which never came out in Europe originally. You play as Stocke, a secret agent working for the Alistel army. Apparently, he's really good at his job, despite wearing a bright red cape. One day, he's given a job by his boss, Heiss, along with a strange white book. He's also put in charge of two mercenaries, Raynie and Marco, for this assignment. Upon meeting the spy he had to get intel from, everything goes proper tits up as the Granorgian army (They're the bad guys), seems to be one step ahead of Stocke the entire time. The whole mission is hopeless, Raynie and Marco die and Stocke has no choice but to jump into a raging river. Suddenly, that book comes into play and Stocke is transported to a strange place called Historia. Two children, Teo and Lippti, guard this place and tell Stocke that the White Chronicle he has allows him to travel around in time. He can use this to fix the mistakes he made in the past. In return, Stocke is made to promise that he'll use this power to find a way to stop the desertification that the world is slowly falling victim to. That time travel is the key mechanic for this game. There are two timelines that originate from an initial decision that you make at the start of the game and you have to jump all over the place to find the one path that'll save the world from becoming the world's biggest sand castle. Going down one timeline will sooner or later get you to a dead end where it's impossible to carry on for some reason and you'll more than likely have to go to the other timeline to see if you can find an event that'll affect the first timeline. You see, the two timelines affect each other. For example, saving a demolitions expert in one timeline will mean that he shows up to where he was supposed to be in the other timeline, allowing you to blow up some rocks that are blocking the way. It all makes sense in context and a very strong plot with some great characters helps to make it all the more engaging. Stocke may just be one of my favourite JRPG protagonists precisely because he knows what he's doing and isn't an utter idiot, I can honestly believe he's good at his job. It's also worth mentioning that there's well over 30 endings. Granted, most of them are not the ideal outcome you're looking for. They normally come around when you make a choice that thoroughly screws everything up. You're not really punished too hard for finding these bad endings (You can travel through time, after all), so it's quite entertaining to see just how bad things can get. The best thing about this is that you're taken back to Historia after getting a bad ending and effectively told off by Teo and Lippti, especially if what you did was really, really stupid. One of my favourites came around when I had to input the right code to stop some kind of robot scientist from malfunctioning. I already knew the code from another timeline, but I messed around with the other options, only to find that 4444 was the self destruct code that the guy programmed into himself. The resulting conversation at Historia was similarly amusing, as it boiled down to Teo and Lippti effectively saying "Well, that was unlucky" and Stocke interrupting to point out "Who programs themselves to blow up like that!?" This 3DS port adds full voice acting for any character important enough to have a portrait during dialogue, which is always worrying, but thankfully, the voice work is solid here. I heard Heiss' voice and I immediately thought, "Yeah, that's a great fit". When you're not messing with timelines, you'll be in battles. It is an RPG after all. Radiant Historia's battle system revolves around swapping turns around. You can effectively choose who goes next, but do this and the character that swapped their turn will be left vulnerable until they act. Why do this then? Well, manipulating the turns like this can let your party bunch their turns together and perform combos by attacking one after the other, doing more damage and getting more experience and money. The other key battle mechanic involves physically moving the enemy around. The enemy is on a 3X3 grid. The closer they are to your party, the more damage they'll give and take. Some characters can shove enemies around to change how much damage they do. Or you can manipulate the enemy positions so they are all on the same spot. This allows any later attacks in the combo to hit everyone on that spot. I probably make it sound more complicated than it is. And if that isn't enough, the 3DS port adds a third timeline to explore! It's surprisingly lengthy too, focusing on "what if" scenarios where one key detail differs from the original game. You can choose to have these happen during the plot or only have them available once you finish the original plot. Oh, and there's plenty of bad endings to discover here as well. The whole package is more than worth the money that I paid. (5 quid in the latest sale). The only downside I'd say this port has is that the redone character art looks really generic compared to the original game. The original art had a nice rustic style that helped it to stand out, but on the 3DS, characters look more like the standard Japanese style we've seen many times before. You can purchase the option to have the original style with real money. It's really cheeky and it doesn't even apply that art to the menus, but I paid 5 quid for the actual game, so I didn't mind dropping an extra couple of quid on it, Radiant Historia is that good. So yeah, if you haven't played this and like a good turn-based RPG that does something unique, play Radiant Historia! Play it now!
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    Thanks to the joys of working from home I already had time to put Ep20 on YouTube. So enjoy @Ealdst, you can hear the answer to your question early this week.
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    Got my bonus last week, and after being sensible with most of it, finally decided to treat myself to some things I've stopped myself from picking up for a while now. Wasn't sure if to put this in the "What Have You Bought?" thread, but with it all being older console/retro-related, figured it would be best to just share it here. Plus, I want to share some stories about one purchase in particular... I'm sorry Square Enix, but you took WAY too long bringing the 2D Final Fantasy games to the Switch/modern consoles, so I caved and picked up the SNES Classic Mini. And you know what? I have zero regrets. I picked this up a bit before my bonus arrived and have been loving my time with Final Fantasy VI for the last two weeks. Not pictured is me picking up Final Fantasy II, III, IV and V on the Vita store so that I didn't feel too bad about hacking them onto these consoles. For the latter two, I decided to go with SNES versions with modern translations which have been very well received. Also not pictured is the SNES Nintendo Switch Online controller and an 8BitDo Retro Receiver - the Receiver hasn't received an update for the Retro Receiver yet, so I'll be using cabled controllers for now, and honestly, I've quite liked it. It's made for a unique experience needing to sit so close to my TV! I also hacked on Chrono Trigger, mostly because it'd be wrong not too considering my love for that game and with this being the console it was originally crafted for, but after paying a small fortune for that on DS a couple of years ago from CeX, and mainly because I don't want to support how S-E have totally shafted that game with the PC/mobile releases, I didn't pick that up; that'll be for when they give that game a modern release worthy of the game. Okay, now I know what you're saying: Final Fantasy II and III weren't on the SNES! And you're right! That's because I'm hacking them onto my... NES Classic Mini! And the NES Switch Online controllers! Yep, I caved twice. I know most of these games are on NES/SNES Online, but I don't know what it is, I just can't bring myself to play the games like that for some reason. I've had trouble with games in-between games as of late (mostly results in me playing FIFA, something I don't greatly enjoy) so the shorter games on this and the SNES Mini should provide a well-placed relied with their shorter titles. Not a console, or exactly a retro purchase, but I also picked up the Mega Man and Mega Man X Legacy Collections digitally on my Switch. I've known about Mega Man my whole life, yet have never played any of the game's. What tipped me over the edge was undoubtedly the start of insaneintherainmusic's Jazz Video Game Medley. The whole thing is beautiful, but the start especially so. It opens with the opening to Mega Man 2, and it gave me goosebumps and a wave of nostalgia for something I've never played, so yeah the music pushed me over the edge on those. Normally I'd go physical, but I got both of the Mega Man and Mega Man X Collections for an overall total of around £30, around the same cost of the physical Mega Man 1+2 Collection for Switch! Looking forward to playing those with my new controllers at some point Finally, onto the big fish. I have literally been waiting over a decade to get a PS3. I picked up the Slim because I'd read about how a lot of the original, fat models are quickly dying out (that would have been my preference otherwise). This is one of those rare purchases which is fulfilling in the sense that it felt like I was doing my younger self a favour. Let me explain. Back in 2011, I wanted to finally upgrade to a modern console, after years of waiting - I have always been a generation behind in some sense, outside of the DS and Wii (which I guess I got mid-generation). I had a PS1 for as long as I could remember, a hand-me-down from one of my dad's friends, which included a game which last year I identified as Dino Crisis, which yes, I played as a young child. No, I did not complete that game, yes it did terrify me, and yes, I do think that game had something to do with me not falling in love with the Jurassic Park films the first time I saw of them. I have fond memories of sitting on my living room floor in my old house playing games like Tomb Raider, Destruction Derby, Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Enter Electro, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, a football game (can't remember which exactly), you get the picture. That was my main console up until March 2005, when I bought a secondhand fat PS2 model for £60 from the Cash Converters at the bottom of my high street. Some lady tried to sneak it out from under me after the salesman had to pick up a controller from around back, but he politely put her in her place and that was that. I picked up Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith from WHSmith that day (no video game stores in my town centre at that time, believe it or not!), and the family friend who before had passed on his PS1 gave me an extra controller and an extra memory card for my PS2. I spent tens of hours in that game; thousands of hours in Battlefront II (I was playing that game on my PS2 until I had a PS4!); and hundreds of hours in other things like PES; the LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman games, and so on. I was a little PlayStation trooper who just loved the games I'd played on that family of systems to that point, even if most weren't exclusive. Then, in 2011, there I am wanting a new console, to be told by my parents that a PS3 was just out of the question - they gave us a £100 budget for each our birthday and Christmas at that stage, and with my birthday being Christmas Eve, I could combine my budgets for a bigger and better present. Unfortunately, the PS3 I remember seeing at that point in time was mostly going for £230+; I think we found one below £200, but there wouldn't be enough of the budget left for a game that I'd want, so that was that. So, instead, I got the Collector's Edition of Forza Motorsport 4 with an Xbox 360; they were much cheaper at the time. A present I was happy with, and still am to this day, but I'd always regretted not having a PS3, and jumped ship back to the PlayStation family at the first opportunity back in 2015 with the PS4, bought with money from my first job. Fitting, I suppose, that this was bought with my first bonus. I'm looking forward to playing through some of the games that I never got a chance to growing up from that generation (the 360 became a PES-turned-FIFA and Forza machine). So, speaking of games, this is what I picked up to start my PS3 (and I suppose revive my PS1!) collection: Left stack: Metal Gear Solid, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD, inFamous, inFamous 2, Mafia II; right stack: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Metal Gear Solid 4, Portal 2, Red Dead Redemption, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimated Sith Edition, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, The Orange Box. Some Essentials cases, a steelbook - last time I pick them up from CeX I guess! Very happy with my buys, and to finally have something sizeable to contribute to this thread!
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    Good news for those for us who miss Nintendo gaming magazines. From NintendoLife. I love the Captain N art. I'll be certainly keeping a close eye on this one.
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    Sure, but it'll cost you 5000 Nook points and you'll have to wait 12 hours.
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    I've added a few more names/codes to the opening list. A few more snaps form last night and one from this morning celebrating the opening of the store.
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    And I assume in the 12 hours since it's been out you've played 22 hours?
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    You're close to the end, finish Xenoblade 2...? Nah. Maybe start Fire Emblem: Three houses then? Nah. Dragon Quest XI, perfect time to sink 100 hours into an apparently amazing RPG! Nah. OH LOOK, Final Fantasy VIII is on sale! Quick! "Fiiiiiithooos. Luuuuusec. Weeeeecos. Vinosec." The opening 3 hours of this game > Opening of FFVII. I'm having a great time. The junction system is way less complicated when you're not 12 years old.
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    I've just checked and I still have that issue!
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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm eagerly anticipating @lacazet2k's take on this. Wades in with a controversial question and then disappears without a trace... Something's not right here.
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    I've put around 4 hours into the game and have enjoyed what I've seen so far. As Sam said, the gameplay loop is quite addicting and the fact that a dungeon visit can be as lengthy or snappy as you want is great. Again, I've not progressed much at all. The main mission I've got to do is to do with a Caterpie and Team Meanie but I'm having so much fun just doing jobs that it has taken a backseat. I've been concentrating on getting my rank up more than anything. I like that it rewards you with things like the ability to carry more items and have more camps. It feels like grinding does have some good payoffs. The catching mechanic is a weird one. Having it so your leader has to get the killing blow is a bit troublesome when you have the rest of your team also attacking. It hasn't been too much of an issue as I tend to use Charmander as he has got a decent long distance attack. It's pretty annoying when you catch a Pokemon but don't have the camp yet. Sure, you can carry one of those orbs but I tend I not to carry cash with me into the dungeons. This got a good chuckle out of me. Well, back to the grind I go...