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    N-Europe Turns Twenty-Two Yes, we nearly forgot again, but it's basically tradition at this point. Anyway... that's not all, we also wanted to let everyone know about the future of N-Europe. The site isn't going anywhere but @Ashley is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief in order to focus on personal things. He's not going anywhere either, as everyone knows that you N-Ever truly leave N-E and we wouldn't want him to either, the place wouldn't be the same. But he has asked me if I wanted to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief so that he can take the time he needs and I'm honoured to accept the role. I hope you'll all join me in saying Thank You to Ashley for all that he has put into the site over the years though and wish him the very best. If anyone deserves a break then it's definitely him and I'm happy to do my very best to help by keeping N-Europe running and trying my best not to break anything. Thank you to everyone involved with N-Europe and the forums, to every staff member, forum member and reader, plus thank you to our N-E Supporters. (and thanks once again to @RedShell for that fantastic banner which I'm very happy with and especially at very short notice) Here's to N-Europe in 2020 and beyond. I'd say more but there's a fair bit in the article and I really don't know what else to say except thank you to the best community and site I've ever known on the internet. It's a joy to be part of N-Europe and I wouldn't have it N-E other way.
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    Wow I feel like such an idiot for not checking this thread yesterday evening. I left the same post on Reddit about a minute after I purchased all my Yoshi copies and immediately sold them each for $10. They cost me £0.62 each! I intended to immediately purchase more but Target fixed the error and now each copy costs $60. Apologies for getting anyones hopes up In hindsight I should have purchased about 10 copies more but I thought it was too good to be true. If it makes anyone feel better, I sold the code that I intended to use by accident so ironically I'll need to wait for a sale to buy the game. Fml.
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    Look who's showing dominance
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    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore N-Europe Review by me.
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    Umm guys... Also while googling this I found this image as well and had to share.
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    And out of nowhere like a Nintendo Direct announcement, here's an article for our Staff Top Ten Switch Games of 2019. (What do you mean it's 2020 and you didn't ask for this? Well... you've got it anyway and everyone worked hard on it, so please read it) Thanks to @RedShell for the slick Switch-based banner/side graphics. and @Vileplume2000 who had the idea for this article, the passion to write stuff about each game plus he got us all to vote for the games. Also thanks to all N-E Staff who voted, I know not everyone could as not everyone had played that many games, we still ended up with some excellent picks though . (my contribution was making the game banners in the article, putting in some weird 'verdicts' which no one asked for (what?) and getting it uploaded) Yes... I know there are two games for number 10 because that's how the points were allocated and we wouldn't have it any other way. (there might even be some honourable mentions in there as well and links to some reviews of course) Oh and even though I've proof-read this I don't know how many times and fixed a broken banner already, I'll be relying on @Jonnas to spot any errors in the article. (It's practically tradition at this point and thank you for pointing out the errors in the previous articles as some of them were quite significant and it's good to keep things professional) #PrOfessioNal!11!1! Enjoy!
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    They really don't, you would not believe the amount of times I've had a parent ask me where they can find a game like Smash Bros on the app store, only for me to explain that I don't have some elaborate setup that plays mobile games on a TV; it's a Switch and 8 controllers. Whether it's because they've never really seen a console or it's because the Switch looks kinda like a tablet, I'm not sure. But they do get impressed when they see their kids come together to play Mario Kart, Super Mario Party, Smash and so on, mostly because to them, those games look at least more engaging than a lot of the junk you see on phones. The rise of mobile gaming is definitely the biggest factor, but I think some of the blame lies on the better accessibility of online gaming these days. Stuff like Roblox is so easy to access and play with your friends that traditional same-room gaming has only dwindled over time. Don't get me wrong, online gaming is great, especially when you have a good community available. But it's never going to be a perfect replacement for sitting in front of a TV with other people laughing at what just happened to that unlucky schmo on Mario Party. The difference between then and now is that kids today have more options, and the easier one is more appealing. It's not their fault though, they just need a knowledgeable adult to show them that hey, 8-Player Smash is loads of fun.
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    I finished a bunch of games this weekend. Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4) Most of my thoughts about the game are in the main thread but I will quickly say that the series just keeps going from strength to strength and continues to deliver on every front. Bring on the Yakuza Remastered Collection Blaster Master (Switch) With me loving Blaster Master Zero 1 and 2 I thought it would be good to have a play through of the original game. It's part of the NES games on the Switch and seeing as i've never played the original before I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to put that right. Playing the game made me appreciate the remake even more. Zero was a very faithful vision of the original game and put its own spin on things, without forgetting where the game originally started. A lot of the layouts of the stages are pretty similar as well which meant I made quick work of the game due to being so familiar with Zero. I'm happy to have played through this and see where the series first came from. I know the guys on RFN love the original and I can see why. Crystalis (Switch) This is another game i've been wanting to play for a while now. It's a JRPG and it's a very lengthy affair. It's very old school in it's approach, meaning that there is plenty of grinding to be done. Strangely, the max level you can reach with your character is level 16. What a weird cut off point. The battle system is pretty much like The Legend of Zelda, with you just hacking and slashing away at enemies but the experience and level up system is something more seen in turn based games. The game is pretty tough at times and often you don't feel like the leveling up that you do has a big enough of an impact in terms of the damage you're both receiving and dishing out. Also, it's very easy to get lost. There are lots of towns, caves and dungeons to visit but because the game doesn't have an in game map a lot of this has to be remembered. I got lost a few times and this can take it's toll on your health when you are having to deal with respawning enemies Great for experience points though. One major annoyance that I have with the game is the inventory system. Certain weapons can only harm certain enemies. This means you are having to swap between swords constantly in order to kill anything. I got a bit sick of it to be honest and eventually just stuck with one sword and tried to just sneak around any enemy that was immune to my attacks. Items and magic are constantly being used as well and this suffers from the same thing, with you having to keep going in and out of menus in order to do anything. Despite this, I do think it's a great little game and well worth playing if you are a fan of the genre. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With both of those completed, that's me pretty much done and dusted with the NES games on the Switch. I've went through everything that I wanted to play and all that's left are the sports games ( not worth playing at all ) and the standard Nintendo ( Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Kid Icarus etc.), most of which I played last year and others i've played countless times before. Time for me to move over to the SNES games. I will say though that playing through the NES games in bulk has made me appreciate the little console even more. Sure, there are certain things that developers clearly didn't have a clue about, such as difficulty curves and how to make a game with a stable frame rate, but the system was able to pull off some amazing graphics and sounds with the modest innards that it had. I'm a big believer that you can really see a developer shine when they have to work within the limitations of a system and I think that's what happened with the NES. There were a lot of special games came out on the system, despite it's limitations. One thing that did get highlighted to me when playing the NES games is just how much I hate the positioning of the - button on the Switch controllers. A lot of the NES games have you pushing the - button to bring up inventory and having to lean over the left control stick got very annoying. It's really not in a good position at all. Finally, one thing developers clearly had a thing for was using the same kind of end scenes in their games. I've put together a small selection of them that I have finished this month. Can you see the similarities? Look hard because they are quite subtle. Snipperclips (Switch) I had to look after a couple of my nephews and my niece yesterday afternoon. I was sick of them looking like zombies, just sat there swiping away on their garbage mobile games that require no thought whatsoever. This being the case, I decided to fire up Snippercips. I've had this for ages but have never played the game and I thought this should be a great game to get their heads out of their phones and actually use their brains for a bit. What a delightful little game this is. We played the game in 2 player, with the kids taking a turn after completing a stage and me being the player who stayed on at all times. My niece ( 7 years old ) did struggle a bit with it but the two nephews (10 and 13) got a feel for how the game worked pretty quickly. Those who weren't playing were eager to offer some advice on how to solve the problems and there were some very creative things came from all of us. A lot of the time i'm sure we completed a stage by not actually doing what the game really wanted us to do but I think that is the beauty of something like this. Thinking outside of the box and making your idea work gets the creative juices flowing and it was great to see the kids laugh as we completed stages in very weird ways. We ended up finishing most of the base game before they left and I then finished the last 5 levels off this morning by myself. Some of these stages were actually easier on my own but a couple of them would have been easier with another player. There's still the DLC to play at some point (I have the Snipperclips Plus version) but I think I will leave that be until I have to babysit again. Playing this did sadden me on just how kids are being brought up with shovelware on their mobile devices. Most of the games that are on there are clickers or free to play garbage. Games that have mind numbing and repetitive actions that don't value good game design and instead are there to just encourage spending. One the games I seen my youngest nephew playing was some penalty shootout game that had him watching adverts after every match. The only way to get rid of these adverts are to pay a premium. It's absolutely disgusting what's going on and I imagine that most parents haven't a clue. I know my sister is very oblivious to it all. Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics (Switch) My playing through of the SNES titles started with this game. I love the original, have fond childhood memories of playing it in the arcades and I played it last year on the Switch thanks to the Data East games finally being released on the eShop. I was happy to see the sequel was part of the SNES games package and was eager to try it as i've not played it before. Loved it. I actually think I enjoyed it more than the original. The game has more varied levels, doesn't have a harsh as difficulty as the original and seems to just play better. The Joe and Mac games have a great amount of personality to them, with funny animations happening for all of the characters and dinosaurs. I love the way a lot of the boss fights are just huge dinosaurs that fill up the screen and when you manage to land a hit it has them crying their eyes out. Hilarious stuff. It's not a lengthy affair by any means but it's a fun game to play if you have an hour spare and want to relive the 90's. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking back at what i've got through this month, I swear i've played more games on my Switch in the first month of 2020 than I did the whole of 2019.
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    My playing through of the NES library on the Switch continues. Double Dragon II This one took some getting used to. The way they changed the buttons so that an attack differs depending on what direction you are facing was very fiddly to get to grips with. The game looks prettier than the original but it is far easier and shorter, despite it having more stages. Some of the stages were VERY short but had a pretty cool mechanic. One had you fighting on a helicopter and the door would constantly open and close, sucking you out of it if you got too close. It was great fun leading the enemies up towards it just as it opened. I was surprised to see so many sections of the game playing as straight 2D brawlers. In the first game the developers used an isometric view but with this one most of the stages are a simple, flat 2D plain. I finished the game and was greeted with this message. I guess playing it on normal wasn't sufficient to see an ending back in the NES days. I played through it again on the hardest difficulty and finally got to see the proper ending. Oh, and every time this guy showed up I couldn't help but think of Coming to America. Ghosts n Goblins Seeing as I played a game that required two play throughs to see the end, I figured my next game would be this. Man, this game is absolutely solid. I thought Ninja Gaiden was tough but this one really takes the biscuit. There are so many ways to be killed and you are constantly being flooded with enemies above and below. It's not as if you can take your time either because all of the while you have the clock running down which will ultimately send you back to beginning of the stage if it runs out. The Firebrand enemy is such a pain in the backside. You can see just how cheap this enemy is with it's attacks when you rewind the game. In fact, this goes for a lot of the NES games i'm playing. I did manage to finish it twice but was greeted with this... I didn't realise you needed a certain weapon to get the ending so I had to play through the last couple of stages again! *points to previously used Jim Carey gif* River City Ransom This is a game i've never played but i'm very familiar with the series and art style. I played the hell out of World Cup on the NES and it uses the same character models as this. What a fun little game this is. It has some hilarious character animations that had me laughing away. Like some of the previous NES games i've played so far this year, this also has nice chunky graphics that really help the characters stand out. The soundtrack is also pretty great. It's just a shame the game is short. I would have liked a more lengthier campaign. I did't really bother much with the RPG elements of the game as they aren't really needed. Once you get both the triple kick and triple punch power ups then you are pretty much set.
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    Well, I ended up buying more than I anticipated. I picked up the Fire Emblem games because I only have the special edition with everything on the one cart. I figured I would snap up the separate versions as well. I also picked up both versions of Yokai Watch 2 due to them only being a few quid each. I seen the listing for the game was the special edition. I've already got the game but figured I would take a shot and see if the game was indeed the collectors edition. Sure enough it was! Not bad for a fiver. Thanks again to @lostmario for the early morning message in regards to these offers.
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    I wouldn't consider winning NBA 2K20 as lucky. It's the booby prize of the list.
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    I've managed to get 5 copies of Yoshi's Crafted World (Digital) from Target for $1 each. Jesus Christ, whoever made that typo is getting the sack. My payment has gone through but waiting to receive the email. I only need 1 copy so I'll share the rest out if anyone wants to play the game. Here's the Target link: https://www.target.com/p/yoshis-crafted-world/-/A-79405697
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    English box art: Quick aside: I've never actually played an Animal Crossing game before, and have only briefly seen gameplay of the DS game when I was growing up. With not many confirmed big release dates this side of 2020 for any console, let alone the Switch, I have half an eye on this. For those who have enjoyed the series, what's the draw for you? Is there anything central to the series which might actually be off-putting for a newcomer?
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    That was super fun guys, definitely up for another (I may hook up my mic, but no promises). If you have the ability, I'd love a hightlight reel! Oh and:
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    It's the Mario Kart League 2020! What is the Mario Kart League? Simply put, it's a weekly meet-up of N-Europe members to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and then shout at each other afterwards. I suppose we could also find out who the best racer is as well. The League is split up into two halves throughout the year. How do I sign up? Post a comment declaring yourself IN! for each week that you'll be able to play. League Nights generally take place every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Please try to enter the room 15 minutes before that time if possible. If you have declared yourself IN! but then can't make a night, please inform me on this thread before the league night starts. People who frequently pull a no-show with no notice may be penalised. There is an "Always IN!" List for people who don't want to bother declaring themselves IN! every week. Please mention me (@Glen-i) in this thread if you want to be in this list. What do I need to know about League Nights? There are generally two types of League Nights. Player's Choice nights allow players to freely choose what vehicle they use and what tracks are played on. Even though you can choose the track on these nights, please try your best to not choose a track that has already been raced on that night. No-one wants to do Rainbow Road 12 times. Theme Nights dictate a specific vehicle setup and track order that must be followed. Each night consists of 3 GP's, making for a total of 12 races. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes of your time to take part. It is advisable that you add mine and @BowserBasher's friend code before taking part. (Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620) How are the points calculated? After each GP, the points you earned will be recalculated by me using this formula. (Total points divided by Number of Players multiplied by 12) Your grand total is divided by the number of GP's you've taken part in, giving you an average score that will determine your placing in the league. This means that even if you miss a night, your score will not be affected, but your placing may change depending on changes in other people's scores. In GP's that utilise Battle Mode, the points you earn are determined by your place, not the amount of points you got. If your total attendance is below 50% at the end of a League, your score will be discounted from the final results. What are Team Nights? Once a month starting from Feburary, there will be one night where the players will be split into two teams. On these nights, two players will be designated the Team Leaders. Everyone else should send me a Private Message saying what team they want to be in. Your choice must remain secret. If one team has way more members than the other, I will ask the leaders to choose who gets moved to the other side. Your points are still mainly determined by your placing, so you still want to come in 1st. The team that has the highest total score on each GP will get an extra 10 points. What is the Champion's Bonus? In each GP, beating the 2017 Mario Kart League Champion, RedShell, will earn you 5 points. Beating the 2018 and 2019 Champion, Glen-i, will get you 10 points (Except RedShell, who will get 5 points for pulling that off) Beating both of them will get you 15 points. This bonus doesn't apply on Team Nights. What is the Loser's Gambit? Starting from the second night onwards, the current lowest placed player can take part in the Loser's Gambit. I will ask this player to nominate another player in secret that they think they can beat. If they beat their chosen player in a GP, they will get bonus points. However, the lower the chosen player is in the league the less points they'll be worth. Any other Rules I should know about? Theme Nights must be followed. However, if you don't have the right vehicle part, let me know as soon as possible. I will try to find an alternative part that has the same stats. During Player's Choice nights, please do not choose a track that has already been raced on that night, it's only polite. Do not rage quit, if I start to notice people "disconnecting" regularly, you may be penalised. If you do disconnect, rejoin the room as soon as possible. You will earn one point for that race. But I'd be willing to discount that GP's score if it would result in lowering your average score. But don't take the mick. Be aware that discounting a GP will affect your total attendance. Remember to let me or the host know if you can't make the night as soon as you can. Have fun! And feel free to show off your hilarious (Or skillful) moments with the Switch video capture! Theme Night Suggestions If you have a suggestion for a Theme Night, please send me a PM with the details and I'll try to implement it. Thanks to @RedShell for the new logo!
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    In an attempt to post here more often, I'm gonna post links to any reviews I do here. Shut up! It's efficient! Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
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    Alrighty, then. I'm Always IN! for the Super Mario Kart league!
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    It wasn't until I listened to this week's N-E Café that I realised the English-speaking world never got any form of Captain Tsubasa. It's kind of mental to think about, every other football-loving nation I know has fond memories of Tsubasa and its distinct cheese. The interminable fields, the ball that keeps spinning as it hits the net, the seriousness with which they take those inter-school championships! The melodrama of it all was something else. And then the characters grew up and it just got crazier from there. My favourite part has to be when the Vegeta-type character goes on a training arc with a weighted ball, declaring that he can't go back to the team unless he can break a tree in half with his shots: And when he comes back for a Friendly, he shows off his ultimate move: the Lightning Shot! (Éder would go on to learn this technique) As for the game, I'm not too fond of football videogames, but I'm happy this one is getting some attention. The franchise is a ton of fun and any attention it gets is well deserved.
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    So, I start my physical games resolution with two digital games. Typical Jonnas. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Not to be confused with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, this is the 8-bit style game released as a prequel/teaser for Ritual. Guess you can't just reboot Castlevania without doing a traditional 2D action platformer first. Luckily, they handled this game's development to IntiCreates, a development team with a Grade A+ curriculum in 2D action platformers. It really is basically Castlevania III. You start with the main character, but you quickly recruit a handful of other characters to help you on your journey. But unlike Castlevania III, this game's actually really good! [/hot take] Really, you can actually take several characters with you, you can switch them quickly on the fly, and even the level design is leaps and bounds above Castlevania III's... They refined that formula very well. The main character Zangetsu has a dinky sword, but he attacks quickly, fast and owns a couple of very useful subweapons (making him a good boss killer); the second character Miriam is a Belmont at heart, with good jumps, a long whip, and several useful subweapons; the third character Alfred is a long-lost Belnades, being a frail mage with bombastic subweapons; the fourth character Gebel is straight-up Alucard, with an anti-air attack, the ability to turn into a bat, and no subweapons whatsoever. Plot twist: instead of recruiting, you can actually choose to ignore, or even kill those party members. If you do kill them, Zangetsu gains a new skill. So, if you do decide to be an evil bastard, Zangetsu eventually turns into a souped-up Ryu Hayabusa (from Ninja Gaiden), with a double jump, running speed, and vertical slashes. The game might look short, but it was designed to be replayed two-to-four times. There's a full-party run, a solo-Zangetsu run, and a couple of extra modes I won't delve into right now (other than the fact that there's a secret final boss battle that is absolutely awesome). So yeah, loved this game. Plays like a dream, looks super retro-stylish, and I managed to complete those 4 playthroughs in a week. Oh, and the soundtrack's a total banger, too. Dragon Ball FighterZ Y'all should already know what this game's all about. And if you care for it, you know the gist: 3-vs-3 fighting game made by Arc System Works, the game that "killed" Marvel vs Capcom. This gorgeous game got somehow released for Switch, and it was on a very generous discount last December (which I took advantage of, alongside its 1st Season Pass). It is exactly as slick and fluid as the videos make it seem, and pretty easy to do flashy stuff. The characters are well realised, the cinematic segments look freaking awesome, and there's just an unbelievable amount of polish put into this game's aesthetics. As a fighting game, it's pretty solid, with approachable combos, and potential for very interesting mindgames. The roster feels quite varied (despite the abundance of Gokus), with a healthy amount of oddballs, grapplers, and such. There might be too much of a focus on rushdown strategies, but that's not even a flaw, it's just Mahvel, baby what happens next time on Dragon Ball Z. On the other side of the coin, it's hilarious how bad the UI surrounding it is. The main menu is a clunky player lobby (even offline), you can change voice language, but you can't change game language (my game's stuck in Brazilian Portuguese, but at least the voices are Japanese), if you change button settings, the movelists and tutorials still show the default buttons (this is such a spectacular failure of UI design, it's staggering), etc. I keep finding small blunders in design here and there, all on this faulty UI that surrounds a gorgeous, super fun game. On the more neutral side, you unlock extra colours, online title cards, and such via a randomized system. Lootboxes you don't pay for, which is nice, except... it's kinda silly to lock so many aesthetic unlockables behind such a tedious system. Just make them rewards for Arcade mode, or combo challenges, or whatever. Finally, I've been mostly playing Arcade mode (where CPU opponents have horrendously inflated stats, but it's the one thing they have over me) and Online mode, which is surprisingly active on the Spanish lobby (the one closest to me). That means I haven't really touched Story Mode yet, but I do plan to. To be more precise, I plan to go through it slowly on my down time. I see it as a fun side thing to do, in a game that was clearly made for the multiplayer side of things. I'll be doing it to find out what the deal is with that Android 21 character, anyway. I don't think it'll change my opinion of this game (which is pretty positive, all things considered), but if it does change, I'll let you know. ----------------------- I'm going to do something unconventional here. I don't know which game from my physical backlog should I start with (I know it should be an RPG), so I'm going to ask you guys in this thread if you can help me choose: Should I ring a bell when you're in the dark, and play Tales of Vesperia? All of this Smash newcomer hype makes me think of Lloyd Irving, and it's kinda making me itch to play some Tales; Should I go to class when they ring a bell and play Fire Emblem: Three Houses? I started it, but ended up dropping it due to unexpected circumstances. Also, Smash fans keep talking about it for some reason I totally know about; Should I play as a bloke called Ringabel in Bravely Default? I keep wanting to start it, but other big games get in the way. I won't divide my attention between them, but I can only do one. Which one do you recommend, wise people of N-Europe?
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    Can I suggest the Kirby games for NES&SNES? They're all fairly easy to play (except for Dream Course), and since everybody has them, I think they'd be good candidates
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    Right-o. Let's get this done. Byleth (AKA Fire Emblem Switch Protagonist) correctly predicted by: @Glen-i @Fused King @Julius Sorry, @Nintendo Fan, you went with "Fire Emblem Character" and then specified a villain, I can't give you that. Which means that less people predicted Byleth than those who went with Banjo, we might be well out of touch! Felt like such an easy point to me. Anyway, we now know that 6 more characters are coming after Byleth, which brings us to 29 characters (Excluding Inkling) that weren't in Smash 4. So with that in mind, here are the current scores. 1. @Fused King - Minus 10 points 2. @Ugh first aid - Minus 12 points 3. @Julius - Minus 15 points 4. @Glen-i @markderoos @Mandalore - Minus 17 points 5. @RedShell - Minus 18 points 6. @markderoos @Jonnas @Nintendo Fan - Minus 19 points 7. @Vileplume2000 @S.C.G - Minus 21 points 8. @Nicktendo - Minus 22 points 9. @Dcubed - Minus 23 points 10. @GenericAperson @Ashley - Minus 27 points 11. @bob - Minus 29 points Basically, everyone lost 6 points, except for the three who nailed the prediction, who only lost 5. See you next time!
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    Carrying on from my post of the previous page, I have been continuing my way through the NES catalogue on the Switch. Twinbee (Switch) I was a big fan of Pop'n Twinbee on the SNES and figured I would play through the original game. Yeah, this ain't a patch on that game. With it being on the NES the game is visually very basic. The mechanic of powering up your ship by shooting bells out of the clouds is there and the gameplay is solid enough but it lacks the charm and vibrancy that the SNES game has. Also, I didn't realise the game doesn't actually have an ending. I read that there were 5 main stages to the game. When I finished those i was surprised to find the game shoved me onto a sixth stage. I had to Google it and it turns out the game just continues to loop until you run out of lives. Star Solider (Switch) This is another vertical shooter and one that i'm not familiar with. The game can be a bit messy and confusing at times. A lot of the enemy bullets blend in with the background and it makes it hard to dodge incoming fire. The game also has a very weird mechanic where your ship can actually fly under some of the scenery that scrolls on by, meaning you can actually bypass a lot of enemies. The problem is that it can become a tad annoying at times because sometimes you think you are going to fly underneath a bit of land but you don't and then sometimes you think you are heading into a group of enemies only to then dive under a bit of land or a structure. The game is pretty meaty for a shooter though, offering 16 stages to get through and boss fights on every stage. The boss fights pretty much play out the same (there's only 2 variations) and with each of them you have to kill them fast otherwise they escape and you have to loop through the stage again. Double Dragon (Switch) This is a game I used to play at the arcades with one of my brothers. It's also a game that we owned at home but not on the NES. I wanna say it was on either the C64 or Amiga. The NES game plays and holds up pretty well. The characters are chunky enough for them to have a bit of detail on them and the music is pretty good, as well. I did have a dumb moment when I came across a bridge I needed to jump over. I was stood there wondering how the hell I was supposed to get across when I only had punch and kick at my disposal. Both buttons together! Duh! Like when I played Phantasy Star last week, I keep forgetting the limitations of the 2 buttoned controllers. The game is longer than I expected, especially the 3rd stage. That thing had me looping around a couple of times until I realised I had to walk into the cave. I can complete games like Bloodborne and Monster Hunter with ease but a game like Double Dragon causes me trouble and can easily confuse the hell out of me. Go figure. I think i'll continue with Crystalis next. I actually started this the other week and I need to get back to the fun, little JRPG. I will give a quick mention to Vice: Project Doom and Journey to Silius, both of which I played in December but didn't post anything about. Both are really solid, action based NES games that I hadn't played before and well worth playing for those who have a Switch subscription. You can really see that Journey to Silius was supposed to be a Terminator game. Some of the bosses and levels are straight up Terminator themed.
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    The next round of DLC fighters:
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    I've waited 13 years for this, and it's finally going to happen!
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    I think the best way for me to go about this is to split it up into different categories where I can compare the two. Graphics Surely, Xenoblade 2 comes out on top here. Dragon Quest XI looks like a bloody SNES game! Well, my Dragon Quest did, probably because I played through the entire thing in 2D mode. Didn't even touch 3D. Real talk though, whether you play Dragon Quest flat or not-flat, Dragon Quest is a stunning looking game. I played the demo, which forces 3D mode and it's one of the best looking Switch games out there. 2D mode is no slouch, sporting some gorgeous spritework for the monsters you encounter. They're not animated however, (apart from a couple of exceptions) so it doesn't quite reach the heights of the DS remakes for me. Xenoblade 2 can't really compete here, due to the not very good resolution during hectic battles. It's perfectly fine, but you're going to notice the shortcomings when they happen. Soundtrack Dragon Quest XI has a perfectly servicable soundtrack that feels distinctly like Dragon Quest, but the original tracks aren't really too memorable. I'm just thankful the Switch version has the symphonic soundtrack option, because the songs sound a bit rubbish synthesized. As a whole, Dragon Quest has done better before. Xenoblade 2 on the other hand has some proper bangers. They got the original composers from the original game back. So no stupid, lame, Xenoblade X raps here. Field music, battle music, it's all good! Smash Ultimate should have ripped more tracks out of this game. Plot Dragon Quest has a relatively straightforward plot sprinkled with lots of little vignettes that have a tendency to involve a few gut punches. It's got some really neat twists to the formula, but it still feels somewhat familiar. Not a bad thing, mind. Dragon Quest has always been a good source of traditional RPG comfort food plot. It's hard for me to comment on the characters, because I played 2D mode, which removes all voice acting (Even when a 3D FMV starts playing). And most cutscenes aren't as dynamic as they would be in 3D. So I had to use my imagination a bit when it came to their personalities, they're likable enough though. From what little I've seen from the 3D demo, the voice acting is good. Lip syncing is really good as well. Xenoblade 2 is a game where I don't like more than half of the main characters, which is problematic. We've got big load of nothing Rex and his cringey adventures with Boobface Pyra. It applies to a lot of characters, unfortunately. Morag and Super Welsh Nia are the only good female characters, the rest are just awful. As for males, Dromarch is fine, but Zeke is the star of the show, the game would be better if he was the main character. The game is a good showcase of everything bad about anime. Fanservice up the wazoo makes it a bit embarrassing really. And this is coming from the guy who enjoys the plot of super Japanese game, Tokyo Mirage Sessions. The difference with TMS is that it revels in how insane it's premise is and plays up to how silly it is, and it makes it a lot more fun. Xenoblade's is not even a quarter as fun as TMS. That said, Xenoblade 2's expansion story, Torna: The Golden Country is a million times better as far as the plot goes. Definitely give that a go if nothing else. Gameplay - Outside of Battle Dragon Quest, like always, is very traditional. There's a big world map with various areas dotted around. And the plot dictates a pretty linear path to get to the end. I'm always of the mind that linearity is not a bad thing. And Dragon Quest pulls it off great. Each new area is fun to poke around in and the dungeons have plenty of hidden treasures to find. There's plenty of side quests too, if that's your thing and there's even a neat place that takes you to various areas from the past 10 Dragon Quest games. Xenoblade 2 is much more exploration based. It's not truly open-world as the plot will gate you off before doing certain things, but each area is chock full of exploration to do. I think Xenoblade 2 manages to strike a great balance between openness and linearity that so many open-world games fail to strike for me. Then again, the first game did that as well, so it's not too surprising. Gameplay - Battles Is it fair to compare these two? Probably not, but I'm gonna anyway. Dragon Quest is about as old school as you can get. Dragon Quest has always been about as old school as you can get. But if I had to compare it to another DQ, XI seems to follow more closely to DQ VIII. Mostly because each character has a skill table where you can spend points you get by levelling up. So you have some freedom over how to build your characters. It's not completely old-school, mind. There's some QoL features that stop it feeling too antiquated. Xenoblade 2 is pretty much the polar opposite. Real-time battles where you're deciding what moves to do on the fly. The thing is with Xenoblade 2 is that it's a lot more complex. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it and pay attention to the tutorials, you'll start to get the hang of it and then it really starts to shine as you start pulling off combos and racking up the damage. Late-game boss fights are an utter joy in this game and it's where Xenoblade truly shines. The BLADE system can provide some nice replayability factor, as you'll probably get different Rare BLADE's, which will tweak how you play, but the random nature of it can make going for 100% feel like a bit of a chore. It's a slow-burning game, even by RPG standards. Dragon Quest is much more replay friendly thanks to the Draconian Modifiers, which provide various tweaks to the game to make it more difficult. Stronger Monsters, No Shopping and various random unlucky occurences are some of the ways you can handicap yourself. You can mix and match these as you like to make things feel fresh and challenging. Not to mention the option to switch between 2D and 3D greatly changing repeat playthroughs. So all in all, Xenoblade has higher highs, but much lower lows while Dragon Quest is consistently great. So I'd have to give it to Dragon Quest.
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    It’s been a very hectic year for gaming. Even with my ability to play through lots of games I’ve still not been able to get through everything that I wanted to play. It’s taken me a while to go through the list and gather my thoughts about what I have played. Like last years list, games that feature are only those that I have played and finished and are only games that were released in 2019, with evidence showing that I have actually played what I said I have. Although, I couldn't find any pics for my Gears 5 completion so clearly i'm just lying about that entry. I've also included a list of games that I think got forgotten by a lot of people, some of my favourites music in a game and disappointing games that I played. Top 10 Games of 2019 Disappointing Games of 2019 Forgotten Games of 2019 Favourite Game Music in 2019
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    Hooray! It's the meaningless award ceremony! Way more important than any other crappy award ceremonies going on, and much shorter too. So, let's get started. The Perfect Attendance Award This goes to the person who managed to attend all 138 GP's this year. That's a lot of Mario Kart! Here's the certificate I made for you this year. Yes, I left the incorrect spelling line there on purpose. Honourable mentions go to @S.C.G and @martinist and @RedShell for acheiving over 90% attendance. The Blue Shell Award This award goes to the person who achieved the most second places in GP's. Who can blame them? You never know when that thing will ruin your night. This year's winner was @RedShell, with 33 2nd places. Congratulations on not getting blown up. @BowserBasher and @Glen-i got the 2nd and 3rd most, respectively. The Ultimate Rivalry Award This award goes to the two people with the smallest difference in averages at the end of the year. Screw the race for 1st place, seeing which one of these guys would triumph was way more exciting. 2019's ultimate rivals are @martinist and @RedShell with a 0.1 difference. Maybe next time, there'll be no difference? It could happen. And I can't wait to find out if it does. The Balanced Player Award This goes to the player who managed to not only get more than 10 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements throughtout the year, but also had the smallest difference between all three of those. In other words, a great balance between all their top 3 placements. In the case of a tie, the award will go to whoever got the highest top 3 percentage out of the two. @BowserBasher wins this one with a difference of just 8. (21 1st places, 29 2nd places and 29 3rd places) Honourable mention goes to @martinist who also had a difference of 8, but a lower top 3 percentage. And that's it for the awards, but who are the three best Mario Karters this year. Oh, the suspense is killing... well, everyone else, I already know. And that wraps up this league, a bit later than usual, sorry. Christmas was hectic. I'd like to give massive thanks to @BowserBasher for hosting all the rooms and basically being second-in-command as far as this league goes. I really appreciate the effort you put in to helping this train go smoothly. Also thanks to @RedShell for providing me with this year's very red logo. He's already updated it for this year too. And finally, thanks to everyone who took part. You all realised that Mario Kart on mobile is no substitute for the nonsense that goes on here, anyway. And special thanks to anyone who managed to qualify for any of the two Leagues. I think I can say that the Champion's Bonus did help to keep the table more dynamic and it will be returning in 2020, albeit with a slight tweak. I also have a small plan to further help the balance, but I'll go into more detail on that in the new thread. 2020's League will begin on the 30th of January. I'll start a topic a week before hand. I hope to see you there!
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    Shameless bump. Given that this thread had a lot of traction back in the day, the N-E Cafe podcast is going to revive it. The gaming backlog is constantly growing, so why not throw something else on it? I'll post again over the next few days with 3-4 of choices for February's game. We were thinking doing NES / SNES Classics or cheaper indie games so that as many people as possible have the chance to take part, but we're open to newer games too. If anyone has any suggestions in the meantime, I'm more than happy to hear them!
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    This is the Germanest thing you've ever posted on here.
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    It's amazing how we keep on finding a way to win! I remember when Klopp first arrived he talking about changing the mentality of the players and the fans. You used to always feel that when Liverpool went a goal down, there was never much of a hope of actually turning the game around to come away with all 3 points.. or, if we were ahead, even by a couple of goals, you didn't feel entirely confident we'd see it out. Everything that has happened in the last few years has been amazing and I'm going to enjoy every second of it because you know it can't last forever! Hopefully we can finally land the Premier League this year It's happening, @MadDog 😢
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    This revived exchange from a few years ago amused me (check the responses)
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    The adaptive controller is awesome. Such joy
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    After seeing that crazy summon in Yakzua 7 (as seen in the Yakuza 7 thread) I figured it was time to sit down and play through this game. I started off by watching all of the catch up cutscenes that the game offered at the cemetery. I thought this was a great touch and a good way to recap the story for those who had forgot what happened in the first game. I remember most of the stuff that went on but there were a couple of minor details that I forgot, so it was nice to get a refresher. I'm only a few chapters in but already i've fell in love with the characters and story. Kiryu was to be one of the most likeable protagonists in any game. The guy is so nice and charming but at the same time doesn't just sit back and get pushed around. There's a sadness to him and I often feel sorry for him as he takes responsibility for a lot of things due to his honour to the clan. What a guy. I spent a fair bit of time in Club Sega. I was sat for Ages ( ) playing the amazing version of Virtua Fighter 2 that is in this game. I forgot how brutally hard that game can be when you can't lower the difficulty level. I didn't manage to beat it and with it being the start of the game I didn't want to throw loads more cash into the machine in order to progress. I'm looking forward to trying out Virtual On once I secure more funds. I had a good laugh during a fight scene. Some guy approached me and was saying how I was cocky and he didn't like me strutting around like a peacock. I could either reply by apologising or say " I peacocked you mum". Needless to say I went with the latter option. The introduction scene to Ryuji was fantastic. Not as good as Majima but still very good and very tense. When Kiryu calls him the Dragon of Kansai and then you set about his men was great. I can kind of gather from the opening flashback scene who Ryuji may be ( could be totally wrong ) but I can't wait to see how things play out. Yup, it's great to be back into the world of Yakuza.
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    Better late than never, I guess 😅
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    Look, its obvious he doesn't want to be friends with you. Just let it go. It's getting really awkward for the rest of us.
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    Only Smash Bros could make Fire Emblem X Cuphead fan art much more viable.
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    Big Brother because Bioshock Collection is coming to Switch. No, too Western. Lara Croft because Tomb Raider HD is coming to Switch. No, too Western. Diablo because Diablo 3 is on Switch. No, too Western. Geralt of Rivia because the Witcher 3 is on Switch. No, too Western. Solaire of Astoria, Dark Souls, too Western. Tertromino? Could be! Rayman, Western but not all too much, maybe could be! I think it will be another third Japanese party representative. Twin Bee? Bubble Bobble? A Yokai representative? Man, this is hard. Oh wait, of course, it’s so blatantly obvious!!! Wart!
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    Righty-o! Sorry for the wait. In case you haven't noticed, we're in 2020 now. Which means it's time for the final results of not just this second half of the year, but the whole year! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we gotta finish up here. 3rd Place BowserBasher 38.4 points Our League room host looked set to take second place at one point, but some unexpected competition knocked him down. Still, 2,650 is the highest total points anyone got in this half. Unfortunately, N-E League is a game of averages. But a very impressive performance, none-the-less. @BowserBasher is the most likely to complain about Battle Mode, you'd think Mario Kart was some kind of racing game or something... 2nd Place Dcubed 39.7 points I don't know what happened there, but @Dcubed came out of absolutely nowhere towards the end of this half to steal 2nd place like the jammy goit he is. He couldn't quite break the 40 point barrier, but with a total score of 1,785 over just 45 GP's, he was remarkably consistent this half. Way to go, I suppose. @Dcubed is the most likely to whine about his average dropping, only for it turn out that it didn't really drop that much. 1st Place Glen-i 43.6 points It's meeeeee! It was quite the sizable difference as well. Someone should complain to the management or something, I'm sure they'll do something about it. A total score of 2,488 contributed to that high average, despite not benefiting from the Champion's Bonus. @Glen-i is the most likely to be the team captain with the fewest willing members joining. Anyway, here's the league table. If you take out the people who didn't make the 50% attendance threshold, the table doesn't change that much, except for @S.C.G rising to 7th place. @martinist almost managed to steal 4th place at the last minute with his amazing performance that night, but it wasn't quite enough. Stick around, there's the still the meaningless awards and the full year final results!
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    I've been mulling this over for the last week or so after trying out some of the games I'd missed through last year and I've finally settled on what my top 20 games of the year are. I've not managed to get round to everything (Observation, Heaven's Vault and Disco Elysium are probably 3 games that would have appeared on my list if I'd managed) but by and large, I've managed to play the majority of the big AAA games (not all to completipn) and I've managed to play a large number of the bigger indie games and some gems so my list definitely reflects a mix of both worlds. Unfortunately, neither Resident Evil 2 Remake or Sekiro make my list just purely on the basis that they're not games that I tend to gel with, even with trying both. Anyway, numbers 20 to 11 are as follows: 20. Luigi's Mansion 3 19. Lonely Mountains: Downhill 18. Astral Chain 17. Untitled Goose Game 16. Concrete Genie 15. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 14. Ape Out 13. Devil May Cry 5 12. Apex Legends 11. Life is Strange 2 Most of the games from 20-11 were games where I felt there was something missing for me or something holding the game back. For instance, Life is Strange 2 feels somewhat rushed in most episodes and so the story, while still heavy hitting, doesn't carry the same impact when it's rushing you through things in a short space of time. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as another example, was a game I really enjoyed but when I think about it, I think of some of the weird choices they made, like enemies respawning after using meditation circles or the introduction of another character to your squad very late game with no expansion on it. They're all great for different reasons but not as good, I feel anyway, as the games that I've put in my top 10. 10. Katana Zero - Not the only game this year to follow the Hotline Miami template but the one I feel that executed it the best. A brilliant story, superb soundtrack and great gameplay with brilliant quirks, like bullet deflection and being able to slow time. I slept on the game for so long and I feel stupid for doing so because it really is a sharp and extremely well crafted game and easily one of the most replayable games this year. 9. Baba Is You - A simple yet unique puzzle game that very quickly makes you feel stupid. Pushing blocks of words about to manipulate the rules of the levels to open doors, use rocks as keys or push bushes out of the way, the game goes the length with a surprising amount of depth with such a simple hook and u lived every infuriating stressful second of it as I banged my head against walls trying to figure levels out. Yet in all that frustration, I never fell put of love with the game. It always brought a smile to my face and I continually jumped back in to play more and more every time. 8. A Short Hike - The game that has well and truly turned me off of the next Animal Crossing game. The lo-fi visual presentation shouldn't be a put off to any as the underlying game is a relaxing and captivating stroll through a beautiful landscape filled with great characters. It's got the narrative chops that Animal Crossing wishes it has without any of the nonsense of repeatedly building up a home that's become trite over however many games (I know a lot will disagree with that but I wholeheartedly feel Animal Crossing has become stale and should definitely take lessons from this game) while being just as relaxing and fun to explore and play. It was an unknown quantity until I came across it and I instantly feel in love with everything about it. Hopefully it comes to the Switch as more people need to experience this fantastic game. 7. Metro Exodus - There was a point when this was my game of the year. And yet here it is at number 7. That's not to speak poorly of the game but rather that the quality of games that would follow later in the year surpassed a game that I absolutely loved to bits. This final entry in the story of Artyom told a well rounded narrative that I felt maintained the games focus on stealth based first person shooter gameplay and threw in some truly great moments. Some didn't like the move to open world segments but these gave rise to new gameplay quirks that changed up the formula and kept the game feeling as claustrophobic ad the previous entries were because of how perilous the world was. It gave a satisfying end to Artyom's story and further consolidated in my mind that the Metro series is one of the best and most underappreciated FPS series ever. 6. Sayonara Wild Hearts - Annapurna Interactive really have been in a roll with the slew of games they've been publishing as of late. This one, from Simogo, is best summed up as a bright and vibrant album about heartbreak and moving on. It's an on rails game reminiscent of the likes of Rez and marries the beautiful visual style with a fantastic electronic soundtrack perfectly. It's gameplay might not be as deep as some of the games on this list yet it's some of the most enjoyable and instantly replayable, thanks in large part to the rush for high scores and better ranks but also just to experience some truly crazy moments such as a mech-wolf shooter segment and riding on a stream of vomit from a boss. Much like last year's A Garden Between, it's does a lot without any words from the characters and really is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful games of the year. 5. Slay the Spire - I'm not usually a fan of rogue likes/lites yet when I switched Slay the Spire on, my mind was instantly brought back to my late teenage years playing Baten Kaitos. I have such fond memories of that game and loved the cards based gameplay and so here was a game that focused solely on that. Sure, the long winded narrative was gone but what was left was the captivating and engrossing gameplay that pulls you in and demands just one more run. The 3 different characters and the numerous ways you can build out a deck for each as well as the random nature of the acts and enemies made for endless replayability and, as I said, urged just one more go after a failed run. Even when I've stepped away, I've only done so temporarily because I know I won't be long in coming back to have another go, this time as a different character from the last time or trying to nail that deck down and get into the flow to progress. It's a fantastic game that ill no doubt be playing through much of this year and beyond. 4. Control - I may be somewhat biased here as I'm a massive Remedy fanboy (Alan Wake will always have a place in my heart as one of the best 360 games ever). Still, Control was the culmination of everything Remedy had been working on up until now. The narrative heavy focus of Alan Wake mixed with the action focused gameplay of Quantum Break and Max Payne. It coalesced into one of the most captivating and intriguing gameplay experiences that twisted and turned, throwing any number of weird and wonderful ideas at you. Performance issues aside, this is the game I probably had the most fun playing gameplay wise because of the powers at your disposal. Couple that with a superb cast (Courtney Hope and Matthew Porretta did fantastic jobs as Jesse Faden and Dr. Casper Darling respectively), intriguing main and side narratives, an incredible aesthetic and one of the most standout moments of the generation in the Ashtray Maze and you have Remedy's magnum opus. I havent stopped thinking about the game since I finished and can't wait to jump back in for the expansions. 3. Death Stranding - Beyond playing a few demos, I've never played a Metal Gear title. I was well aware of what the name Kojima meant but I'd never experienced the work that carried his name and so I went in to Death Stranding knowing nothing other than it would be weird, that it might not all make sense and that I'd sit through a lot of cutscenes along the way. Yet, right off the bat, I understood what the game was going for. I got what it was trying to do and what it was saying with the not so subtle metaphors about connection and the world dying and such. I feel in love with the cast of characters, and even BB, and I loved the simplicity of the gameplay, allowing for a more contemplative experience. The soundtrack and performances definitely help there and really make the game unlike anything I've ever played. I hope I can carve out the time to get back to it and finish it because it was just such a brilliant experience that I'm well aware isn't for everyone. But for me, it's the kind of game that I can connect with and I love it. 2. A Plague Tale: Innocence - Another big surprise for the year. I knew nothing of this until a month or two before release but the trailers that Focus Home Interactive were putting out intrigued me. To me, Asobo was an unknown developer and I wondered whether the game would fall flat on its face but seeing the review scores on launch day proved me wrong and when I got back home after picking up later that day and started playing, it instantly grabbed me and I just wanted to see more and more of the game. The grim and horrific imagery, the rat swarms and the characterisations of both Hugo's struggle with his illness and Amicia's as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her parents and the starkness of the world around while trying to protect her brother was beautifully played and brought together a fantastic single player narrative experience that stood out amongst such a wide range of excellent games this year. 1. Outer Wilds - No other game has given me a true sense of wonder and accomplishment and so many wow moments as this one did in 2019. A quasi-Metroidvania, without the unlockable upgrades, crossed with Majora's Mask all contained within one of the most beautifully crafted settings, knowledge and freedom were your friends and allowed you to go anywhere in the game's solar system if you only knew how to get there and could get there in time. I died within the first minute of starting because of shear inquisitiveness. I would die many more times before it all came to an end and every one of those failed attempts, be it trying to get through caverns before they slowly filled up with sand blocking progress, crash landing onto a comet orbiting the sun or being eaten alive by giant Anglerfish, we're worth the conclusion. It's a game where the journey is as much a part of the game as the ending and uncovering secrets while being given free reign to explore this meticulously crafted system was an experience unlike anything I'd played in modern gaming. I've thought so much about the game since I finished in in late summer and how much I'd give to forget it all and experience it with new eyes and there's scant few games I'd want to do that with. A beautiful game through and through and my game of the year. So there we have it. My top 20 for 2019. It really was a fantastic year for games of all variety and I can only hope 2020 can compete, not just in the bigger budget department but also in the indie space as this year really has left me with some truly fantastic memories from smaller as well as bigger games.
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    January 9th, at 2:30 UK (3:30 CET) What could they possibly want to show us related to Pokémon? The third game? Old Pokémon coming to SwSh?
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    Thank you for everything, @Ashley This place has been my go-to place the internet for the past... 14 years or so (Probably even earlier, since I first found it back when it was cube-europe. My main videogame news source for the longest time), and I can tell you've always worked hard to make sure it kept shining brighter than most. Congrats to our new overlord @S.C.G May his vision and perseverance pierce through the heavens. Or at least allow him to record Smashing Casts without issues
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    I hope I'm allowed to post this here, and it's going in the right place. If not, please tell me. I did check the other boards but spotted a few other new member posts in this one. Anyway, Helloooooo (in Mrs Doubtfire's voice). I'm Luna, or usually "inkedladyluna" online (Insta etc) but I decided to switch up my username this time, not really sure why. I'm 31 and from the North East of England. Gaming is a massive hobby for me, and I swing between PC and various consoles. That being said, I decided I needed to play my Switch a heck of a lot more, back in November, so I picked that back up and it's become my current favourite. Again. For Christmas I really wanted to build up my Switch games, as I have thousands for PC alone, let alone other consoles. I had more 3DS games than I did for the Switch. So, fixed that. Splashed out over the holidays and increased my library. Happy Luna. Aside from games, I love tattoos, body mods, music, TV and movies. I've always loved using forums, so I made a resolution to get back to using them and here I am. Ta-da! I'm really just hoping to meet new people who share interests, and maybe even learn new things. I don't have a lot of friends who use the Switch, or other Nintendo devices actually, so a quick search and I thought this forum would be a good place to start. Thanks for having me. Luna Sent from my Phone 2 using Tapatalk
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    The next tourney category focuses on stuff introduced in Melee. I gotta say, I like the promotional render they did for it. Appreciate the effort put into recreating the original menu poses. That's the closest you're getting to Melee HD.
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    8'D sorry for my constant sniffles and coughing, had a wonderful time with you all though! <3 happy new year and thank you everyone
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    Yeah, we defo need to do this more regularily. That was amazing!
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    Some fantastic games these past ten years. And Mario Kart Tour.