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  1. Well played IGN. This is actually legit funny.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    So... Platinum Games just put out their April Fools for this year... It's the next game in their Neo Classic Arcade series. A side scrolling run n' gun starring their fake Japanese v-tuber mascot, tentatively titled "Pt Spectacular Side-Scrolling Action". Now, considering that Sol Cresta originally started out as an April Fools joke itself? There's a very good chance that this will actually turn out to be real in the end. They also put out a corkboard of all of the rest of their upcoming Neo Classic Arcade series of games... If we don't end up getting Ultimate Top-View Bastard Action, I'm gonna be very upset now!
  3. This game is… surprisingly decent! It’s basically Ace Attorney Lite on a train with Sonic characters. Nice music, fun dialogue, a cool platforming minigame in place of courtroom sessions? And it’s free! Now THIS is an April Fools I can get behind! Well done SEGA!
  4. Err... does it count as an April Fools if it's actually real?
  5. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    Here's a bit of a treasure trove for you guys... a collection of footage taken from the very first E3, back in 1995! Contains all three of The Big 3 console manufacturer conferences (including the famous "$299" moment), as well as footage from the showfloor, showcasing prototype footage of games like DKC2 and Lunar Eternal Blue!
  6. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    To take a positive look at Sony... this is perhaps the most epic beatdown in all of E3 history... It really cannot be overstated just how powerful those two minutes were, for those that never lived through it. That was it. This moment right here signified the fall of an empire and the rebirth of Sony. The entire 8th generation of consoles and the future of the medium was decided in just these two minutes. So powerful were the ramifications of these two minutes that we are still feeling their effects today, 10 years later on! It is the most epic mic drop moment in all of E3 history, and I am including the "$299" moment in that assessment. THAT is the power of classic E3!
  7. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    E3 2006 was just one big massive fever dream. You had the reveal of the Wii, Sony's real-time weapon change car crash suicide, and the legendary Peter Moore GTA tattoo which signified the loss of Sony's biggest exclusive. It literally defined the future of an entire console generation in a single weekend. That's the true power of a classic E3.
  8. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    YOU STOLE MY IDEA!!! Damn you!! I want to make this into a proper Top 10 poll though, where we vote on our favourite E3 years (and then the winners can go on the main site), like what we before with the Top 10 Nintendo console games lists. We can always make that a separate thread though, while this thread can be to just casually discuss our favourite memories in general I’ll probably set up that other thread tomorrow… Anyway, I’m gonna kick things off with just one of my favourite E3 events in general… Nintendo’s E3 2004. The DS. Twilight Princess. Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 2, Paper Mario 2, Baten Kaitos, Pikmin 2… HOLY SHIT! DAT GAME LINEUP!! THE REGGINATOR!!! MIYAMOTO WITH FULL MASTER SWORD & HYLIAN SHIELD!! THAT’S HOW YOU BRING THE FUCKING HYPE!! What a fucking show! Especially after the utterly dire 2003 they just had, they came out of nowhere fucking swinging like their lives depended on it! Bloody fantastic! WE MAKE GAMES THAT MAKE GAMES WORTH PLAYING! (Now that’s a fucking tagline! )
  9. What an absolute cunt! The corpse isn’t even cold yet!!
  10. And there it is… https://www.ign.com/articles/e3-has-been-canceled?utm_source=twitter RIP E3 (1995-2023) Edit: ESA Statement…
  11. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I got some funnies... Fun times as always
  12. Looking Back on Kirby Lore

    There's something in that Marx Soul description that I never spotted when I first played it, but looking back on it NOW? I can't believe I never clocked on! The foreshadowing is ridiculous!!
  13. As a fan of old school Trek movies? This poster makes my brain hurt... It's basically that meme where you put a wrong picture/quote/quote reference together... except it's actual official art!
  14. General Retro Discussion

    So... Tim Stamper is back to cock tease us again... Except this time he's giving some goods! Never before seen footage of Twelve Tales Conker 64!!
  15. TOTK does exactly the same thing as what MM did; and OoT/MM were the biggest scoped games that Nintendo had ever made up until that point. It's the perfect point of comparison. When I say "from scratch", I mean that the entire game was made from start to finish inside the span of a single 12 month period.