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  1. Hopefully it comes along with fixes for the current slate of games (especially OoT). Surely that must be the reason why they’ve been so slow here!?
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Heads up @S.C.G Both Dodonpachi Resurrection and Clockwork Aquario (The long, lost previously cancelled Westone SEGA System 18 arcade game) both got released today on the eShop!
  3. General Retro Discussion

    Oh! Speaking of @RedShell… https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Go_Go_Goemon!_Mystical_Ninja_Goemon_Zero The long-lost Working Designs localised version of the PS2 Goemon (Go, Go, Goemon!) has been found!!
  4. General Retro Discussion

    New update from Karl Jobst about the ongoing Wata Games/Heritage Auctions scam. The whole video is well worth a watch (it includes a breakdown of the case, commissioned by an actual registered lawyer), but just to give you a brief summary of some of the biggest takeaways... 1: Wata Games and Heretage Auctions not only have shared founding staff, but they are now (since Karl's previous video on the matter) literally now owned by the same holding company. The sheer conflict of interest on display is so brazen that it borders on cartoonish. 2: Wata Games have knowingly and demonstratebly violated US FTC regulations with their promotion of the value of their items (with numerous accounts of undisclosed product endorsement). 3: Wata Games are proveably mis-grading games with higher scores than they should be giving. @RedShell, you might enjoy watching this follow-up vid!
  5. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Sucks to be you @Glen-i...
  6. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Never heard of Gnosia, but the concept sounds interesting… might have to check it out
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Hey there, don't mind me, I'm just here to promote Kiwi Talkz' channel and highlight some fantastic interviews with ex Retro Studios staff that he has done over the past few months! He just put out a new interview with former Retro Studios Lead Engineer Jack Mathews and it's an absolute corker! Brilliant interview that gives some behind-the-scenes insight into his time at Retro Studios! Well worth a watch/listen He's also done interviews with plenty of other ex Retro Studios staff including Bryan Walker (Metroid Prime 2 & 3, DKCR and Mario Kart 7 Lead Producer), Kynan Pearson (Metroid Prime 2 & 3 and DKCR Level Designer), Clark Wen (Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Audio Designer) and Mike Wikan (Metroid Prime Trilogy Lead Designer), that I highly recommend checking out!
  8. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    GO GO GO!!!!!!!!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    GO GO GO!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah, it sounds like they recorded it directly from the DS' speakers, it defintely doesn't sound like it's supposed to (I have the official DPP OST release, it's definitely not right here in BDSP; there's basically no bass whatsoever!) I'm guessing that its been done intentionally to trigger nostalgia for those crappy DS speakers?
  11. General Retro Discussion

    HOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT!! Someone actually managed to find an actual, real Nintendo Iris development kit!! AND IT'S FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!! For those that aren't aware, the Nintendo Iris was originally supposed to be the successor to the GBA, before it was eventually refitted into Project Nitro (AKA, the Nintendo DS). This is the first time we've ever seen an actual functioning Iris prototype (circa 2003, before it was turned into the Nitro/DS), and as it turns out... It's... well... looking very much like a DS with only a single screen! A facinating piece of Nintendo history, never before seen either way though
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    It’s almost as if Switch didn’t already have these features almost 5 years ago or something…