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  1. Cheers Katie! I'm finally no longer poor!
  2. Hey guys what's going on here... Happy to leave a tip of some sort of course!
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Well it wasn't an April fools, but it hasn't been announced yet officially. That's the current rumour swirling around. If they are planning on announcing this, it would no doubt be at their upcoming E3 Direct though.
  4. General Retro Discussion

    Damn, that's a real bummer to hear about the input lag and the shimmer. Hope it's not as bad in person as I'm still planning on getting one...
  5. Last of Us Part II

    Damn that sucks... Yeah, 2020 is basically cancelled on the whole.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Who the hell does April Fools 3 days early!? (Or 3 weeks early in Platinum’s case!) What the hell man!?
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Super Mario Land Super Mario Land 2 Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine New Super Mario Bros Super Mario Galaxy New Super Mario Bros Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 New Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D World 11 games is a bit much to ask for I reckon!
  8. General Switch Discussion

    15+ games is still an utterly absurd amount. That is not feasible for a remaster project at all. I'm calling bull on this. The SM3DW remaster, Pikmin 3 DX and Paper Mario Switch is real; but the rest is bunk.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I did hear about a celebration coming for the 35th anniversary of Mario... ... but nothing about the idea of all of Mario’s back catalogue getting remastered. That sounds like fanboy drivel to me... and completely unfeasible for a commercial project (we’re talking 50+ games here!!) The SM3DW DX info matches up with what I heard though. Apparently it contains almost an entire new game’s worth of content! WAAAAYYY more than what you would expect from a remaster
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Pikmin 3 DX is due for June... assuming that plans haven't changed from when I last heard about them... which was a fair while ago now, well before the coronavirus shenanegans... Still, I suspect that if any games are going to arrive on schedule, it'll be the Wii U ports. Nintendo have probably already finished them and are now just waiting for the right time to release them. I would assume that everything else will see heavy delays now. I wouldn't be confident in any non-port game that hasn't already been announced getting released until next year now (except for Paper Mario Switch; which will probably now be pushed back until November this year - was originally slated for July/August from what I've been hearing). Very possible that this year will see literally nothing but ports and only Animal Crossing New Horizons, Clubhouse Games 2 & Paper Mario Switch as the only original Switch titles now.
  11. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (2020)

    Do note that the original Nier is... not a good game at all. It's certainly interesting in terms of story & setting (and the music is great!), but it is NOT fun to play at all. There's a very good reason why S-E brought in Platinum to make Automata instead of taking another crack at it themselves... S-E are not action game specialists and it really, really shows here.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Should remind people that you can actually now get Apple Pencil esc Active Stylus' that actually work on Switch; like this one here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Active-Stylus-iPad-Pen-Touchscreen-Silver/dp/B079H2S6PC I have a simlar one to this model and it works just as well as a traditional stylus on the DS/3DS. Trust me, you're going to want one if you plan to make anything with Flipnote Studio!
  13. General Switch Discussion

    https://www.resetera.com/threads/a-switch-version-of-flipnote-studios-nintendos-drawing-clip-making-app-may-have-leaked.177924/ OH SHIT SON!!!
  14. General Retro Discussion

    Actually, no official localisation of FF4 has ever gotten rid of that line! It's so iconic that they left it in when they completely redid the script for the GBA release. Yeah, FF5 GBA is rock solid. It's easily the best version of the game. FF4 GBA is fine as well... but only the EU version. The original US GBA release was marred with horrible slowdown and game breaking bugs; most of which were fixed in the EU release (though it still isn't perfect). The PSP version is the best way to play it these days mind you, it's basically the GBA version in higher resolution, with all the bugs fixed, with the original SNES OST (or the DS OST as an option) and some neat extras. As for FF6? Stick with the SNES original. The original US SNES release was perfect as it was. Same with Chrono Trigger.
  15. General Retro Discussion

    @Julius PS3 has a huge selection of PS1 games available on the PSN store, and you can get access to the US 60hz versions of those games through the US PSN store. They have some pretty rare games on there (like Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 and Mis Adventures of Tron Bonne - these would easily cost you $100 a piece on eBay!) that I would strongly suggest looking into! You can build up a nice big PS1 collection for a mere fraction of the price of buying the physical CDs!