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  1. Cruis'n Blast

    I've never been a fan of any of the Cruis'n games, but it's great to see a proper Arcade Racer being made in this day and age I've played the cabinet for Blast a couple of times and it's alright. Nintendo own the Cruis'n IP 100% and always have. Midway made the original N64 games (as well as whatever that abomination was on Wii), but Cruis'n Blast is (or rather I should say, was) an arcade exclusive Cruis'n game made by Raw Thrills (a company set up in 2001 by ex Midway staff) released in 2017. Nintendo licensed the Cruis'n IP to Raw Thrills for that release. This is the console port of that 2017 arcade game. One thing that's also notable is that this is Raw Thrills' first ever console release, period. They were previously committed to keeping all of their games arcade only, so this is the first time that any of their games have received a home console version.
  2. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Sigh... Missed it again. Whelp. 2/3 missed. One more miss and it’s Strike, I’m out. Come on Nintendo Store! Don’t let me down!
  3. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp (3rd Dec)

    The eShop listing implies that online play is limited to 2 players, while local multi (same system and local wireless) is 1-4 players. Makes sense. Most online 4 player matches would never end, as it inevitably gets filled with jerks grieving others and artificially prolonging matches. Here’s hoping that we also get online custom map sharing!
  4. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Good luck finding it on the Nintendo UK store page when it does appear though! So dumb that they removed the specific Amiibo section when they redesigned the site.
  5. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    I didn’t even know they were up for pre-order yet! That is just bonkers!
  6. 3DS Console Discussion

    Ahh brill! Glad you got it sorted
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Richter is from Rondo of Blood (TG16)/Castlevania Dracula X (SNES). Not only did he not debut in SOTN, his role is also merely supportive in SOTN.
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Depends if we get enough variants... An 8 player Playstation roster isn’t impossible!
  9. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Nabbed! First Special Edition I’ve bought in almost a decade! Worth it for Metroid 5! Gimme that art book!
  10. The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary

    Ironically, Wii U also happens to have G&WG Advance on the VC; so it can play Zelda G&W too
  11. The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary

    The Select Glitch lives!!! Well happy they chose the original B&W version of LA! That being said? Utterly baffled why they chose Vermin G&W instead of Zelda G&W. I mean, come on!!
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I’m still fucking buzzing from last night!! I haven’t been this excited by a Nintendo lineup in a very long time!! Where the hell has THIS Nintendo been for the last 5 years!?!? Long may it reign!
  13. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    Honestly wouldn't be surprised. They're based in Tokyo, so Monolith's Tokyo studio helping out makes a lot of sense. I really can't see how they pulled it off otherwise! They did the impossible here!
  14. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Ok, that one wins. Metroid Dread will have to settle for second.
  15. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    I'm shocked at how fully featured the RPG mode looks to be! It actually looks pretty damn close to the GB/GBA games in scope! I'm absolutely blown away, I thought it'd be impossible to pull off for a team as small as Camelot!