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  1. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    https://gonintendo.com/stories/340428-take-a-look-at-off-screen-footage-for-sega-ages-shinobi SEGA AGES Shinobi announced.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    The Switch Lite can still connect to Joy-Cons/Pro Controllers. Those games/features are not incompatible with the Switch Lite...
  3. The original people who made Monkey Ball have no interest in returning to the series, and the ones who are still left at SEGA are happy making Yakuza games and Yakuza spinoffs instead. I don't think they've got what it takes to make a new Monkey Ball game like the originals anymore. The talent and skillset just isn't there anymore. It's a shame; the best we could hope for is a HD remaster of the first two games.
  4. It’s just from a die-shrink of the CPU/GPU. The battery is the same size (hence why the battery life is so much better than the Lite. That also means that we could get a significant improvement in Docked performance if Nintendo allows it to happen... since the CPU/GPU can be clocked much higher now...
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    Looks like Ashley just let off a stinker!
  6. I wonder if this’ll have improved performance in Docked Mode... Considering that it won’t be using the battery at all when connected to the TV, they SHOULD and using the extra power/thermal savings from this new chip to improve performance in Docked Mode...
  7. The original model Switch gets an upgrade! Now sporting the new CPU/GPU from the Switch Lite and double the battery life of the original version! https://www.resetera.com/threads/new-regular-switch-model-with-upgraded-battery-life-announced-old-model-2-5-6-5-hours-new-model-4-5-9-0-hours.129496/ Whelp! I have no need for a Switch Lite now!
  8. General Switch Discussion

    No, it’s crap. This is the game which started the downfall of the series (I suppose you could argue that Touch N’ Roll started it off, but it wasn’t actually a new game since it was actually a remixed version of SMB1 with rubbish controls and ugly art; so I wouldn’t count it myself). It sucks, it’s awful, avoid, avoid, avoid!
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Wow! This game finds a way to disappoint me twice! That’s really impressive!
  10. The controls were never a problem with the original game; they were actually the one thing that was good about it! The problem is that this banana is rotten underneath the peel... You can put normal controls on this game and it would still be crap.
  11. Wow! What an awesome top 10!! Well chuffed at the No1 pick! Real lovely eclectic mix of titles! Good job for getting Ghost Trick so high as well! Seems that you guys sometimes have good taste after all!
  12. Dammit SEGA! Wrong Monkey Ball game!! This was the second most disappointing game I’ve ever played. It should’ve been an absolute slam dunk winner, but they utterly botched the level design, the mini games were literal shite, the boss battles and jumping mechanics were horrendous and they didn’t even have a proper arcade mode!!! Cant believe that we’re getting this instead of the two GCN games. What a stupid choice!
  13. Played through all of your courses now @RedShell; all brilliant! I especially loved the ending to 8-bit House of Horror and the Easy boss in your Take Your Pick level. Howled like a hyena when I saw both of them You'll be glad to know that I found all of the Baby Faces as well! Great stuff! Here's a couple of videos to return the favour... Was pretty chuffed when I eventually got the WR on your Wario Ware course Looking forward to making some (much simpler than my last one!) courses of my own next. I've already got a few ideas brewing...
  14. Glad you enjoyed it (and at least finished one of them!). I've started playing your courses and, in typical RedShell fashion, they're all fantastic so far! Looking forward to getting to the Wario Ware level! Loved them in the first SMM!
  15. Hey guys, sorry I've been so quiet... I haven't had a lot of time to play, but I've been quietly bashing my head against a hard block wall over the past week to come up with this ridiculous course... (or should I say, courseS!) Presenting: Mario Cross Generations! The main gimmick behind this course? One course layout used across four different Mario Game Styles! I set myself a design challenge where I had to come up with a course that took advantage of the inherent differences between each of the original 4 game styles to provide a compelling, individual and unique gameplay experience; the catch? I wasn't allowed to make ANY changes in the course layout itself in any of the four versions! I had to be able to upload each version purely by switching the game style and pressing Save As. I wanted to make an action focused level (with some very light puzzle solving) where the course design is shared across all four game styles, but where each version feel distinct and interesting to play. So I focused on all of the different mechanics, quirks and limitations inherent to each different game style to make each version its own distinct beast! I wanted each version to feel individually balanced and challenging, but not too challenging, where they feel genuinely different to play. This nutty idea did my absolute nut in to make work! It was insanely hard to design and easily the biggest design challenge I've ever faced in MM! The amount of testing, redesigns and rethinking I've had to do is off the scale! Took me almost a whole week on and off! (Preventing soft-locking here, while simultaneously trying to make each version interesting and fun to play was just an absolute nightmare!) I'm keen to hear what you guys make of it, but I'm just really glad it's finally done! I hate myself for coming up with this ridiculous idea; and I'm looking forward to finally being able to try out everyone else's courses now!