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  1. General Retro Discussion

    Just came to post the MLIG review! Looks really good! The Dither Blending option in particular looks very interesting! Very keen to see how that develops! The Mega CD compatibility issues are disappointing though... Hopefully the can sort them out (or better yet, eventually just integrate everything into one unit some day!) Hopefully I can get one soon!
  2. General Switch Discussion

    1, They're not aimed at the same target market, so that really doesn't matter. Switch Lite would be aimed at kids/parents, who are jostling for the likes of Pokemon Sword/Shield; while Switch Pro is aimed at enthusiasts and the existing Switch userbase. 2, Copying Apple's release strategy is exactly what Nintendo is intending to do, and has been intending to do since the very beginning of the NX/Switch... Even Iwata himself said that this was always the original intention... 3, Switch is already nipping at the heels of the PS4. The Tegra X2 is the most likely candidate for a Switch Pro out of all of Nvidia's existing SOCs; and that already more or less matches base PS4 level specs, never mind if they end up using something more custom that integrates the new Nvidia Turing architecture! Matching base PS4 should be a relatively easy task here, but Nintendo also know that PS5/Xbox Scarlet are just around the corner... so they know that they need something that is going to be good enough to keep getting 3rd party support on the Switch family of systems going forward...
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I seriously doubt that they'll release a Switch without the ability to dock or use Joy-Cons. Even if the included Joy-cons were hardwired to the system, you'd still be able to connect other Joy-cons/Pro Controllers to the system via bluetooth anyway. I can absolutely believe that they will have a premium model and a cost-reduced "lite" model though. Nintendo need to keep up with the competition if they want to keep getting 3rd party support; while at the same time, they are clearly keen on having an entry level system (which is why they've kept the 3DS alive for so long). The premium Switch will likely replace the current model (which will be discontinued - reduces market confusion and also gets the security compromised models off the market) and use almost exactly the same form factor as the current Switch; while a cost-reduced model that is smaller and more compact will likely replace the 3DS as Nintendo's current "budget" console. This cost-reduced model will feature the same CPU/GPU/RAM/Storage specs as the current Switch but will probably remove HD rumble (probably will have no built-in rumble support at all) and have its controls hard-wired to the system (while it will continue to support all existing controllers via bluetooth). The system will also probably have just one gyroscope/accelerometer (as opposed to the three sets that the current Switch has with the two Joy-Cons and the base unit), will probably remove the IR camera (you'd still be able to use the existing Joy-cons; so it wouldn't be incompatible with any existing software), will not come with a dock or Joy-con grip (but will be able to use them if you buy them seperately), have a smaller screen (maybe of lower quality too), have lower quality speakers and will probably ditch the fan (since the X1 chip will likely be produced on a smaller manufacturing process). It will probably keep everything else though. Aim for £149.99 and release it on the same day as Pokemon Sword/Shield. Bonza! It will also probably have a smaller battery, but will likely keep the same battery life as the current model, due to the ditching of the fan and the smaller production process for the X1 chip. The Switch Pro will be a beast though! Either using the X2 chip, or something entierly custom (Should at least match base PS4 level specs in terms of performance ). Probably will have 8GB of RAM, as well as USH3 and SDUC support (for SD cards above 2TB and super high speed loading times!). Otherwise, it will just use the existing Joy-Cons, reuse the current system design almost wholesale (including the fan) and will just outright replace the current model, not losing anything. Will also have a brand new dock with 4K output and (hopefully) built-in ethernet support. Praying for active stylus support though (ALA Apple Pencil), that's my biggest wish for a Switch Pro! I want to see proper touchscreen (DS style!) controlled games to come back! Otherwise, I'd be over the moon if we could get native 3DS hardware BC support as well! Would be killer to be able to play my 3DS/DS library on my Switch! (and would give people an actual reason to buy the games they've been pumping out over the last couple of years for it!). An autostereoscopic screen and IR sensor bar (built into the Switch unit and the new dock) would be amazing as well; but that's probably just a pipedream sadly... I suspect that Switch Pro will probably sell for the same price as the current model (£279.99) and just outright replace the existing one in the marketplace. Release on the same day as the Switch Lite. The system's screen will likely get a boost to 1080p. I was originally on Team-720p screen; but with Labo VR now being a thing? They now have an incentive to increase the screen's resolution, so it'll probably happen; even though the system doesn't really need it otherwise... Handheld mode will now become the current Docked mode spec; while Docked mode will support resolutions up to 4K. Hopefully we'll see developers being sensible though and targetting reasonable resolutions in Docked mode though. I'd much rather see games like Doom hitting 60FPS than see them aim for 4K... Oh and don't get your hopes up for bluetooth headphone support. As long as Switch supports 8 BT devices being connected to it at once, it aint happening. It's just a limitation of current BT technology; it can't offer that level of data throughput neccesary to support everything at once. Likewise, I expect them to stick with having 32GB of internal storage. There's no point in wasting precious hardware budget on something that is rendered moot by the Micro SD card slot anyway.
  4. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Actually... scratch that... so much for us getting caught up with Japan... https://gematsu.com/2019/03/sega-ages-puyo-puyo-launches-march-28-in-japan ... they're getting Puyo Puyo Arcade on March 28th; so we're still gonna be one game behind after all.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    I think it can. The Switch Pro Controller just gets recognised as a generic Directinput controller when you hook it up to a PC; so it should work in at least a basic way. But don't expect to be able to expect native support of its more advanced features like what Steam offers.
  6. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Perfect timing and all! https://gematsu.com/2019/03/sega-fes-2019-stage-schedule-announced SEGA are going to be making new SEGA AGES news on March 30th!
  7. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Oh wow! That’s really soon! Fantastic! We’re actually gonna be caught up with Japan!
  8. General Switch Discussion

    I've never liked Halo at all. Completed the original trilogy and it absolutely bored me to tears from start to finish. I still want to see it come to Switch though; if only purely because of the historical significance it would represent. There's plenty of Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios titles that I'd be very interested in playing on Switch though. Phantom Dust, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Gears of War 1-4, Rare's entire back catalogue (they can keep the Kinect Sports titles and some of their more modern releases though), Killer Instinct, Lost Odyssey, the Fable series, Age of Empires, Crackdown 1-3, Shadowrun, Project Gotham Racing 1-3 and Ori 1 & 2 would all find a very happy home on my Switch if MS were willing to bring them over!
  9. Figured I'd have a bit of fun with them Actually am looking forward to seeing what they have to say here, despite the evidence to the contrary. They've been very quiet as of late, so I'm interested in seeing if it is indeed because they actually do have nothing to show; or if this really is a change in their communication strategy. Not really expecting anything major here, but would be pleasantly surprised to hear otherwise!
  10. General Switch Discussion

    It would be pretty massive for both companies. A guaranteed massive seller and a real industry shaking moment!
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Sounds like a pretty typical BC solution. This is exactly how the existing PS4 Pro works with base PS4 games anyway; so I wouldn't say that it's indicative of anything really.
  12. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    Their icon designs are their boxart! Splatoon 2 is the one weird exception though
  13. AI: The Somnium Files

    Didn't realise that we had a thread for this game here! Super hyped for this one! Absolutely loved the Zero Escape games to bits and am thrilled to see Kotaro Uchikoshi working on something completely new and original! BTW, has anyone else been keeping up with the incredibly bizzare ARG campaign they've had going on in the run up to its release? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxYoH_UNbIKP1xnsTx9m5Gw/featured They've got a "virtual idol" that has been uploading fake Youtube videos about this robot's life as a Youtube idol; and it seems to now be heading down some dark and twisted roads... Here's the first video for those that haven't seen any of them! And here's where we're at now... Very interested to see how this ends up tying into the story of Phineas Gage as well, as the Spike Chunsoft logo animation seems to imply... Looks like this'll be a great send off for Kotaro Uchikoshi's time at Chunsoft (for those out of the loop; he is leaving Chunsoft after finishing The Somnium Files to found his own company, alongside the creator of Danganronpa, called Too Kyo! They're working on Death March Club alongside Grounding; a team made up of former members of the Panzer Dragoon team who previously made Phantom Dust and Crimson Dragon!)
  14. General Switch Discussion

    Kids don't play Halo. They play Call of Duty.
  15. General Retro Discussion

    Oh wow! I had no idea that Treasure worked on Shining: The Holy Ark! I'm guessing that it was the Landstalker team helping out? Will play this game some day! How I pine for proper English releases of Shining Force 3 part 2 & 3 as well some day... Come on SEGA/M2! Make it part of the next wave of SEGA AGES releases!!