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  1. Project Octopath Traveller

    https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/311519-square-enix-not-releasing-dlc-for-octopath-traveler No DLC planned. Nice to think that in an age where developers are carving up their games to sell piecemeal after launch and trying to fix their broken and incomplete games/stories with DLC (ahem, Square Enix...), that we can just get a game that offers a complete experience from the get-go Hard to believe that it’s coming from the same publisher that brought us FF15 and Deux Ex: Mankind Divided!
  2. General Retro Discussion

    Finally got myself one of those GCHD adapters! (They're widely available on Amazon now!) Also got myself a spare US GCN with UK Power supply and US Action Replay/SD Card loader - so now I can try out cheats and fancy GCN homebrew like the Game Boy Interface! Been meaning to get kitted up for ages! I can't currently play my GCN on my main 4K TV since it has no analog inputs whatsoever (HDMI only), so I'm keen to get my Gamecube game back on! Just gotta wait for it to arrive now Also got myself a US Wii U, to replace my busted US Wii (And get all my downloaded content transferred onto it), so now I finally have all my Wii VC and Wii Ware content back! It also meant that I could get the outlying Wii U VC games that were 50hz only on the UK Wii U eShop, like DKC2 and Majora's Mask! I was also able to get VS Excitebike on the NES via the US Wii U eShop too! (It was never released in Europe), so I'm keen to give that a go when I get some time to play! Feels good! I was itching to play Majora's Mask again, but it looked like buttered arse on my TV and crashed partway through, so I gave up and just decided to wait until I had my VC versions back! Now I can play it again! Feels so good to have it back!
  3. Fortnite

    It's not bad, but it does have some issues. There's a hell of a lot of "dead air" time where you're just running around looking for stuff/other players and I also really struggle to make out who are team members and who are bad guys (the game really doesn't make it very clear who's on the opposing team in 50 v 50!). I am having fun with it though. I can see myself dipping in and out of it from time to time, especially if they add gyro controls! The microtransactions are also entirely cosmetic and not very intrusive, which is good.
  4. Fortnite

    Looks like a pretty damn good port! Holds up really well! (900p is also better than expected!) No doubt it'll also get better over time, like the other versions have. It's a great bedtime game!
  5. Super Mario Party

    Just finally got round to watching the Treehouse Live segment, it looks the tits! Can't wait!
  6. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    It was never gonna show up here. It was just a logo last year, that means it's like at least another year (or even more) out from release.
  7. E3 2018

    Dual screen gaming lives boys!
  8. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Looks like Gungho hit the post button a little too early! https://www.resetera.com/threads/ninjala-gung-ho-switch-exclusive-pvp-game.48542/ Looks pretty cool! Apparantly the director was the lead planner on The World Ends with You and director on Dissidia: Final Fantasy!
  9. Nintendo E3 Spoiler/Leak Thread

    I'd kill for a new REAL Zelda game (not that BOTW, Ubisoft Open World game in disguise shit). 3DS, Switch, whatever (not mobile though!) I'll take it how I can get it!
  10. E3 2018

    I agree. Microsoft have positioned themselves really well going into next gen over the last couple of years and during this E3 conference too. Sony have to be taking notice and I doubt that they'll want MS to get the jump on them. Sony always beat MS when they get in first, but have struggled when playing catchup. Not to mention that Bethesda have already announced a "next gen" game in the form of Starfield, so whatever "next gen" is, mustn't be too far off now.
  11. E3 2018

    I do reckon that Sony is winding down their PS4 output as well. The fact that they had not a single new unannounced first party game to show for PS4 speaks volumes. I fully expect a PS5 reveal (and likely release) next year, just in time for Playstation's 25th anniversary. And I expect Death Standing, TLOU 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima to be their big launch window titles for the PS5 too.
  12. E3 2018

    Here's my rankings list so far... God tier: Devolver Digital Great tier: Ubisoft Good tier: Microsoft, Bethesda WTF Horrible!! tier: Sony, PC Gaming Show Sony's show did have some good demos and interesting announcements, but the show itself was utterly horrible. I don't know what they were thinking with the format, but it was a complete disaster! An E3 show is more than just a list of game announcements, it's... well... a show! And any show that features a whole 30 mins of complete dead air is an absolute crime! Never mind how all of the games shown there just start to blur into one another with how similar they are... A problem that Sony has had for quite some time now. I went into the PC Gaming Show, hoping for some more of that glorious cheese and cringe that made last year's show worth watching, but ended up being massively disappointed with how it turned into professional mediocrity. So utterly boring that I actually fell asleep halfway through it! Microsoft's show was pretty good all around really. Good pacing, good announcements and some nice surprises. Good vibes, but it did lack the creative magnifiers that make for really memorable E3 shows (like the New Cars from their last shows). Overall a good show, but not the most memorable one. Bethesda's show was also pretty solid. The Skyrim Very Special Edition video was hilarious, the pacing was pretty great, there's a good variety of games shown, the presentation was well crafted with some fun swagger that wasn't really pretentious and the crowd's enthusiasm was pretty genuine. Good stuff! That being said, a lot of their announcements came without much gameplay, which is a shame, but it's hard to be disappointed with their output (the prospect of Doom Eternal in particular is pretty damn exciting!) Ubisoft however managed to continue their recent trend of really well directed, paced and laid out shows and they had plenty of interesting games to show too. Genuinely entertaining all throughout and some fantastic surprises too! And then there's Devolver Digital. I honestly didn't think there was any way that they could possibly live up to the absolutely glorious God Tier stunt they pulled off last year, but the madmen actually managed to put out a worthy follow up! And on top of that? Bloody hell! They're actually reviving Metal Wolf Chaos!? That's completely insane!! Absolute A-grade stuff all throughout!
  13. E3 2018

    Dreams is never ever coming out is it?
  14. E3 2018

    Geese! This audio has just constantly been real amateur hour stuff!
  15. E3 2018

    WTF, surprise From Software post conference announcement? What’s with this dodgy format!? Edit: Nevermind it was a load of nothing. Thanks for offering no gameplay at all.