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  1. General Switch Discussion

    If you're after something more in the vein of Zero Escape or Ace Attorney, might I recommend AI: The Somnium Files? It was Kotaro Uchikoshi's (same person who directed the Zero Escape series) final game before leaving Spike Chunsoft and it has a LOT of the same kind of puzzle style gameplay, mixed with a VN-like experience. It's an excellent game and the Switch version is superb.
  2. Videogame Genres

    I quite liked Metroid Prime Hunters for what it was (a good Quake style multiplayer FPS). The single player was kinda cack (and not even remotely like a Metroid game at all), but the multiplayer was good fun! And the controls were amazing! It really did feel remarkably close to a keyboard & mouse setup! But yeah... the online was absolutely ruined by hackers. Literally every single online match had some idiot playing as Trace, stuck inside a wall, sniping everyone to death; and there was nothing you could do about it. Local multi was good fun though!
  3. Games Done Quick

    Absolutely insane that we’re now within milliseconds of matching the TAS in real-time! We’ve literally almost reached End Game with the original SMB! Will be perhaps the greatest milestone in speedrunning history when it happens!
  4. Speaking more seriously though? I doubt that there’s really anything to this story. Japanese execs love going out to dine & drink together (COVID or no COVID) and they love chatting shite about mergers & partnerships that ends up being nothing more than banter. This is probably just exec banter that has been misinterpreted and shared via a glorified game of telephone. I really couldn’t imagine S-E wanting to actually sell up. Edit: Ahh. Speak of the devil... Told you.
  5. No Tencent!! That’s a BAD Tencent!!
  6. Videogame Genres

    Ironically, with @Jonnas mentioning Metroid Prime Hunters... that’s a good example of misappropriation right there; because that game isn’t a Metroidvania at all! It’s a FPS; and not just any old FPS, it’s basically a full on Quake-alike! It’s literally Quake with a Metroid skin... but with 6 characters that all play uniquely (does that also make Metroid Prime Hunters the first “Hero Shooter” as well!?). Also @Jonnas, Ace Attorney isn’t a true visual novel (and neither are the Zero Escape games for that matter). Those games are demarcated from the VN genre by virtue of their detective/puzzle gameplay (though you could certainly argue that they draw plenty of influence from the VN genre themselves regardless). I’d definitely say that they’re much closer to Point n’ Click Adventure games than VNs overall though.
  7. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    Well that explains why the music sounds so legit!
  8. Full trailer for HOTD Remake here... Visually it looks absolutely nothing like the original at all... but it does still seem to have the same cheesy voice acting as the original! (Full disclosure, HOTD1 is the only HOTD game I’ve never had the chance to play!). Talk about mood whiplash!
  9. Fez on Switch is a nice surprise. HOTD Remake looks... nothing like the original HOTD from that tiny video snippet! Otherwise? Pretty meh show overall.
  10. Videogame Genres

    The term was coined by Jeremy Parish (of Retronauts & Good Nintensions fame), so the answer to that is no.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    That is the worst thing I have ever seen...
  12. Videogame Genres

    The term Action/Adventure used to be used to describe games that took the puzzle gameplay from point n' click Adventure games; and presented them within the context of an Action game. That was the whole thing that defined Zelda 1 after all, the whole point was to take the actions that you would see in a point n' click Adventure (like push, pull, walk, sword strike, climb etc) in real time, instead of using menu commands (as per this classic 1991 interview with Miyamoto & Tezuka). The term Action-Adventure came about because it was meant to be a real-time point n' click Adventure game. Of course then, the distinction between an "Action" game and an "Adventure" game then, must be that "Action" games take place in real-time and are focused on fast paced real-time gameplay; while "Adventure" games are menu driven, cerebral and puzzle focused. Zelda was both, hence the term "action-adventure". RPGs then, are Adventure games with mechanics that were borrowed from pen & paper RPGs (most notably Dungeons & Dragons). Western developers stuck heavily to the mold defined by Dn'D (right down to the Tolkein esc Fantasy aesthetics) and sought to make them primarily for the PC platform, while Japanese developers primarily focused on consoles and made their games with simplified interfaces & a stronger focus on storytelling & pre-defined characters (naturally also drawing heavy influence from Anime & Manga). As such, we now have the distinction of WRPG and JRPG. Meanwhile, "Visual Novels" are literally "Adventure" games with the puzzle solving gameplay stripped out of them. Confusingly, we even have Action RPGs now! (which have now become the norm), while almost every single modern AAA game (regardless of genre) has some sort of RPG elements bolted on top of them! The truth really here is that video game genre names have never been particularily descriptive of the type of gameplay seen in any particular game, even from the very beginning. They are instead, a product of historical circumstance; and are only really useful to people who have been able to stick around and watch the medium develop from its early days. They are a window into the history of video game creation and how games have drawn influence from each other and other places, more than anything else. I mean, we still don't have any term for a Roguelike other than... well... a Roguelike; because it's a game like Rogue! (A game from all the way back in 1980!). It's like what would've happened if we never moved on from Doom Clone for the FPS genre (a term itself that is often misappropriated to games like Metroid Prime; which can be described as both a Metroidvania and a First Person Adventure! The whole thing is a mess!). The point is that it's not worth getting hung up on exact genre labelling, because they have always been poor descriptors of gameplay. That is not really what they do, but rather they are a historical footprint that showcases where a game gets its influence from. That's the real value of a video game genre name (Co-incidentally, this is why calling Metroid a "Metroidvania" is really silly!)
  13. We already have a release date for that one; comes out April 22nd.
  14. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    Yeah, the physical book has been delayed till May 27th (my copy is delayed too).