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  1. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Yup! Can confirm this works perfectly! Just download it with a JPN account and play it with your subscribed English account. Works perfectly!
  2. Sega Mega Drive Classics (Winter 2018)

    This is such a weird release. Why bother releasing this when they’ve got the SEGA AGES line just around the corner? I bet it’s a matter of the EU branch (who made the Steam/PS4/Xbone collection along with D3) not properly communicating with the Japanese side. Talk about cannibalising your own sales! At least we have a choice of quality or quantity now I suppose! Might be worth getting for the games that don’t get the SEGA AGES treatment.
  3. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Bayonetta 3 is more likely to make it for 2019 than Metroid Prime 4 I reckon. (Truth be told, I don't think either of them are hitting until 2020 though). There will be plenty more still to come though (Pikmin 3 & 4 anyone?)
  4. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    More important than that @Sméagol... Downwell is coming to Switch this year!!!
  5. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Dahym! That Switch Tax is expensive!
  6. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Wow! Final Fantasy 7 on a Nintendo console! I never thought I’d live to see the day!
  7. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Friggin' finally!! Let's get this show on the road! I am actually looking forward to playing Sonic 1 with the drop dash! Never played Thunderforce 4 either, so I'm looking forward to that too
  8. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Not looking forward to it anymore really. Most of it has already leaked. I’ll still watch it of course, but I don’t expect much else at this point. Probably nothing else left other than a release date for Yoshi’s Crafted World (+ Labo support) and details on Smash Ultimate’s Story Mode (Spirits).
  9. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    All of these games (except for Gain Ground Arcade, Thunderforce 4 and Columns 2) were previously released on the 3DS. Makes sense that they’d start by porting over the games that they’ve only just worked on recently, before moving onto other stuff. At least we’re getting some of the games that were previously exclusive to the Japan only SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3 (Thunderforce AC). Hopefully that means that Turbo Outrun won’t be far off (even though I’d prefer Outrunners!). Hopefully the next wave will be more interesting though. I suppose this wave does kind of highlight an issue that this SEGA AGES line has in comparison to the 3D Classics series... Releases of the more common games are inherently less interesting than they were before. On the 3DS, even releases like Sonic 1 were exciting because you could play them in THREEEEEDEEEE!!! On Switch though? It doesn't have that same inherent appeal...
  10. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (2019)

    Fixed that for you
  11. Indie Games

    WOOP WOOP!!! Lethal League Blaze confirmed for Switch in Spring 2019!! The original PC game is incredible and this sequel looks even more amazing! (@Glen-i will attest to the many, many hours of fun we've had with it!) Seriously! Guys! This game! Don't sleep on it! (Also has music by the composer of Jet Set Radio! )
  12. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (2019)

    Oh snap!! Awesome news! I suspect that PS4 will be online multiplayer only, while Switch will have local wireless and online multiplayer support.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    That’s exactly why they aren’t allowing it for Splatoon 2; it’s to stop people from cheating. What they should’ve done in the first place was to store your online progress, well, online! But because they were dumb enough to store it locally, now they’re stuck.
  14. Sega Ages (Summer M2)

    Well M2 did say that some of the games in this first wave of 15 or so games would be games that have never been previously re-released, but I'd expect most of them to be games that were previously put out on 3DS. Either way, they should all be coming with features that weren't in their 3DS counterparts (like how Sonic 1 comes with the drop dash move and the Mega Play Arcade version); so they should still be pretty interesting!