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  1. Logic Randomisers??

    The Super Metroid Randomiser has an option to generate a seed without any need for glitches or advanced movement at all. Are you sure you had those options checked/unchecked when you rolled your seed? We did that when we did our one and we were able to complete the game without the use of any glitches (In fact, IIRC, you should even be able to check/uncheck the individual glitches/advanced movement tech required the beat the seed!). As for other randomisers? The ALTTP one is very friendly to newcomers (assuming you're familiar with the original base game of course!).
  2. So I decided to make a new thread! (I know, shock & awe!) and I want to celebrate some of the most insane "impossible" ports throughout gaming history; across all platforms. They may not necessarily be the "best" version of the game you can play today, but they're the ones that defy the laws of physics, blow your mind and make you say "how the bloody hell did they get THAT game running so well!?" So to kick things off, here's a few of my own nominations for Most Impressive Port In Gaming History... Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (3DS) This game on 3DS is nothing short of dark magick wizardry. It has absolutely no business running on 3DS at all, let alone looking almost as good as the Wii U original!! Seriously! Take a look at this!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? How many blood sacrifices did NST need to pull this insane witchcraft off!? And you know what's even MORE crazy!? The game runs in full stereoscopic 3D (doubling the rendering load!), projects the display across both screens, runs at a buttery smooth 30FPS AND IT RUNS ON BASE 3DS HARDWARE!!! (Yes! This isn't even a New3DS enhanced game! You get this insane level of performance on the same shitty 3DS you bought in 2011!). This is just bonkers!! Let's compare Captain Toad on 3DS to Super Mario 3D Land just to get an idea for how far we've come since the 3DS' launch... It legitmately looks a full generation ahead, but it's the same 2011 3DS hardware under the hood! It's such a mad achievement, that even Digital Foundry had to tip their hat to the 3DS version (and these guys HATE the 3DS hardware!) The Switch version is nice and all, but the 3DS one is just a far more impressive piece of software. Just absolutely incredible what they managed to pull off on a (then) 8 year old console! Oh hey! That game has some great graphics too BTW, but yeah... I don't wanna see that. Contra 3: The Alien Wars (Gameboy) Remember Contra 3? Remember how it blew your mind that a game of this kind of arcade-quality calibre was running on a home console back in 1991? Try running it on a B&W brick Game Boy instead! If anyone could pull off such a ridiculous feat? It was Factor 5 (yes, THAT Factor 5) who did this port... and yes it shows! The results are... remarkable! Head looks a big scrunched, but... yeah! That's Contra 3 alright! Fast paced 60FPS action that's faithful to the SNES original? Check. Parallax Scrolling and tons of enemies & bullets on screen? Check. Having that actually visible, legible and looking good on the puke green screen of the original DMG GB? You betcha! Seriously! Check this out! (Even the music is translated over shockingly well!) Bit better looking than Super Mario Land Now. Contrast this with the absolutely horrendous, complete piece of shit of a port that Contra 3 Advance was? And it only makes the DMG Gameboy port all the more impressive. God we miss you Factor 5. Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega Saturn) Picture 1995. The Sega Saturn had launched one year ago, alongside a port of Virtua Fighter 1 (originally made for the Model 1 Arcade board from 1992). The Sega Saturn version was already struggling to compete with the original Model 1 version of VF1; looking substantially worse and failing to match the smooth gameplay of the original. The difference was so stark in fact, that SEGA actually made a new version for both arcades & Saturn and gave it away for free to jilted Saturn owners who were left disappointed by how far off VF1 was from its Model 1 counterpart. Fast forward one year, and Virtua Fighter 2 had hit the arcades on the brand new, state-of-the-art, £10,000+ military-grade Model 2 arcade hardware. The Saturn had absolutely no hope of competing with the raw processing power of the Model 2 (not even the N64 did in fact! It wouldn't be until Dreamcast where consoles finally caught up with the Model 2), and now Saturn was supposed to come out with a port of VF2 that could compete!? It couldn't even stack up against VF1, let along VF2!! What hope could it possibly have!? Well... Say hello to the SEGA Saturn's best selling game of all time; and rightly so! The Saturn was a full generation behind the Model 2, and yet... SEGA AM2 somehow pulled it off! It's all here! 60FPS 3D fighting action that actually runs in a higher resolution than the arcade original! (496 x 384 vs 704x480). This is one of the single most impressive pieces of software engineering in video game history without a doubt, and it single handedly proved that the Saturn was capable of competing with the PS1 when it came to 3D fighting games. Super Monkey Ball Jr (GBA) This little miracle is a port of the original Gamecube Super Monkey Ball to the GBA. Just that sentence alone sounds completely ridiculous, but when you consider that you also have to convert a game that relied on pixel perfect analog precision to a d-pad? Well, then it just sounds absolutely impossible... but you know what they say about the impossible, right? Well I'll be a monkey's arse... Developed by British developer Software Creations Ltd; this port simply has no right being anywhere near as good as it is! It looks and plays shockingly faithfully! FAR better than you would ever expect! Sure, it's no replacement for the original game at all, but it gets far closer than you would ever think possible. The developers smartly decided to simplify the level designs and make them more forgiving to account for the d-pad controls; while also making use of some clever button modifiers to speed up/down your monkey ball. The music has also been translated over superbly well, sounding very close to the GCN original! And on top of that? They've not only translated the main game over very well, but all 6 mini games (including Monkey Target!) made the transition over too! It even has 4 player multiplayer support! (And yes, it even has Single Pak link support too!). They really cut no corners here, and delivered a shockingly good conversion! I still boot this one up from time to time and I'm always mega impressed; hell, it'll likely still be a better version of Monkey Ball 1 than the upcoming Switch remake It may be blocky... but it's definitely Super Monkey Ball! Smashing Drive (GBA) Speaking of absolutely insane Gamecube to GBA ports... check THIS shit out! This was originally an arcade game, where Namco published a variety of console ports. Obstenibly not a fantastic game by any means, but for some utterly bizzare reason, a few years later the game was ported to the GBA by Italian developer Raylight Studios (You might remember them for being responsible for the Resident Evil 2 GBA tech demo, and the GBA port of Wing Commander Prophecy). It might not be a high-end title for the Gamecube, but to see a port done this faithfully, to a handheld that was basically TWO console generations behind? Well. It's impossible to not be left with your jaw agasp at the results! Resident Evil 2 (N64) You all know this one. You knew it was coming. And you all know why it's so impressive. I don't need to delve into too much detail here, but quite frankly, the absolute mad-lads at Angel Studios managed to cram two CDs (1.4GB) worth of Resident Evil 2 into a single 64MB cartridge; with ALL of the original game and all of its content (including the audio and FMVs) fully intact. That's insane enough, but consider that this was done in 1999; this is still before the MP3 format became mainstream and WELL before any remotely modern video codecs existed. And all of this was managed on a humble N64!? Just absolutely nuts! The work done here by Angel Studios was so ridiculously good, that it actually spurred Capcom to make Resident Evil 0 for the N64 using their engine; and subsequently, a little known game called Red Dead Revolver (you may have heard of it). Not only is this one of the most impressive ports in all of gaming history, it's also one of the most important too! Without RE2 N64, the Red Dead Redemption series would not exist today; and arguably, Rockstar/Take Two as we know it today. Nice video breaking down some of the tricks that had to be pulled to pull of this Impossible Port That's your kickstart, now it's your turn. What are some Impossible Ports that you've found yourselves admiring across gaming history?
  3. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Speaking of which... Wario Ware: Get it Together has a banging soundtrack! Looking at the credits, about half of its composers (Yoshito Sekigawa, Shoh Murakami and Yoshiaki Kimura) were also lead composers on Paper Mario: The Origami King. So that explains why it's so good! Just the title screen music alone cracks me up every single time I hear it
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    The Skyward Sword soundtrack is FINALLY getting an official release on CD! (As a five disc set!) Only took an entire decade, but they finally got there!
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    Heads up. Espgaluda 2 just got stealth released onto the eShop!
  6. Return of Gamesmaster

    Yeah, can’t imagine that it’s be anything like the original series; but I’m interested to see how it turns out
  7. General Switch Discussion

    It's exclusive to the Switch OLED dock; you can't update the standard one (I've already tried lol). Can't imagine that it would be anything major, but maybe it'll end up getting some extra blinky lights or improved HDMI CECH support (I never use that though because it's garbage lol).
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Pretty funny that both Nintendo and Sony decide to release a major Firmware update with major new features on the same day! Your move Microsoft!
  9. General Switch Discussion

    No. Two pairs of Joycons will not work when using Bluetooth audio (each Joycon requires its own BT connection; so two pairs of Joycons would be 4x BT connections). The console simply won't allow you to connect any more controllers (a message pops up on the screen saying that a max of 2 wireless controllers can be connected while using BT audio). You can use two Pro Controllers wirelessly or two individual Joycons disconnected from the Switch. If you want to use more controllers alongside BT audio? They must be wired connections.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Yup. It's standard Bluetooth only. No APTx support. Hopefully Switch OLED (and indeed Switch 2) comes with APTx support... Edit: After a bit of experimenting, it looks like the audio quality drops when you start using wireless controllers... I noticed a significant drop in audio quality when removing the Joycons from the Switch and using them seperately... Edit 2: Seems that the drop in quality kicks in when two controllers are connected. It seems to maintain the full audio quality when using just one controller (i.e a single Joycon or a Pro Controller); but two controllers are just too much for the available bandwidth, and the audio quality gets sacrificed in response. So it seems that the Switch dynamically adjusts the Bluetooth audio bandwidth in accordance with how you use seperate controllers. Very interesting!
  11. Yeah, Team Sonic Racing is a really solid title. It's not as good as S&ASRT, but it's still a well made game and a genuinely unique take on the arcade racer. I appreciate the attempt to try something new, especially in such a risky genre. It's a shame that it wasn't really given a chance by the general public. Switch version is also rock solid as well, excellent port that is at least as good as the base PS4 version; and runs like a champ in handheld mode to boot!
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Just gave it a try… Doesn’t seem to support Bluetooth APTx unfortunately, so it is kinda laggy. Quality is alright, nothing exceptional; pretty much your bog standard Bluetooth audio. Seems to work pretty seamlessly, which is nice. It gracefully handles connecting and disconnecting like you would expect from a modern device (and it falls back on the Switch’s speakers/TV speakers without any issues when you turn off the Bluetooth headset). I wouldn’t recommend using Bluetooth with rhythm games or fast paced action games, as the lag will probably annoy you and mess up your gameplay (I gave it a try with Project Diva Megamix, which was No Bueno), but otherwise? Yeah, it’ll do in a pinch. Nice feature, well implemented. Only took them almost 5 years to do it! But at least it’s finally here. Come to think of it… I wonder if Switch OLED might actually have APTx support… I can’t imagine that Nintendo put out this update for anything other than to prepare for Switch OLED; so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it had a better wireless (WIFI/Bluetooth) module than the current model; maybe even Bluetooth 5.0 support… If that's the case, Switch OLED might actually be worth upgrading to after all!
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Holy fuck!! Actual features!? BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE SUPPORT!?!? Fucking FINALLY!! Only took them almost 5 years to enable what should’ve been there from day 1!
  14. Tales of Arise (9th September 2021)

    Glad to hear that the sentiment is good with this game. Sounds like it may well be the best Tales game in a very long time I’ll most likely wait until it inevitably comes to Game Pass however.
  15. General Retro Discussion

    So it looks like the Polymega is FINALLY now shipping out to people who preordered (about 4 years ago!). Did anyone here order one?