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  1. Bloody hell, this is gonna be hard! Gonna have to give this one a think and come back... ... nice to see some good variety with people’s choices! Nice to see more darkhorse titles like THPS2 and It’s Mr Pants getting some love too Still upset that I can’t choose Golden Sun part 1&2 as one title... Really don’t want to use up two votes on what is ostensibly a single game... The Mario Bros arcade game remake. It was included in every Super Mario Advance release, as well as Superstar Saga (they’re also cross-game compatible for multiplayer too BTW!).
  2. Team Sonic Racing

    Sunshine Coast was taken from Transformed (albeit stripped of its flying and boating mechanics of course). Don’t know if any others were (I don’t have STR).
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Seems like all 3 ports are a bit of a disaster... Capcom gave absolutely zero fucks when doing these ports.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I completely agree with you @Hero-of-Time. There’s no way that Nintendo can match the quantity of their 3DS output; that’s totally impossible. Especially for the teams like Alphadream, who haven’t a hope in hell of putting out a HD game on their own. That being said, the improved 3rd party support not only really helps to plug in the gaps; but it also really opens up doors for collaboration titles that simply weren’t viable on 3DS or Wii U. Games like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 simply wouldn’t have happened before, and they represent a big opportunity to help fill in the release gaps that HD development brings to the table. Not to mention indie collaborations like Cadence of Hyrule! That’s perhaps an even bigger deal! It absolutely blows the doors wide open for those smaller titles that we used to see and love on 3DS/DS/Wii! The prospect of Yacht Club Games or the Sonic Mania devs working on Nintendo’s IP excites me to no end! The possibilities are huge! So it’s not so cut and dry yet. We’re still only in the early days of the Switch’s lifecycle; there’s still scope for it to build a great library of its own. And the next 6 months are exactly what I’ve been hoping to see happen! The lineup for the second half of this year has me incredibly excited! Now I just hope they can keep up the pace!
  5. The best game indeed won! Good job! You all picked the right game as No1! BTW, @S.C.G, random ? Was the Paper Mario picture meant to be a very sly reference to this bizzare glitch?
  6. Mega Drive Mini (19th September 2019)

    No. SEGA have 10 more games to reveal for each region on June 4th. Then we’ll know the full list
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I have high hopes for June and onwards. Feels like the Switch is finally hitting its stride; much like how the 3DS did at the start of 2013 3DS too got off to a slow start, but it’s library ended up being amazing. Let’s hope that it’s time for the Switch to follow in its footsteps now!
  8. Mario Kart Tour (mobile) March 2019

    Looks like complete shite. A total waste of Nintendo’s development resources.
  9. General Retro Discussion

    Holy Jesus! Suikoden 4 was released on PS3!? IN 2017!?!?!? GRANDIA 3 IS AVAILABLE ON THERE TOO!! How did I not know this!? I need to buy some US and JPN PS3 cards! Why on earth were they released only on PS3 and not PS4 anyway? Even more reason why my PS3 will forever stay in my setup, while my PS4 gets shafted!
  10. General Retro Discussion

    The PS2 Phantasy Star Collection is actually available on the JPN PS3 PSN store; you can access the JPN store on any region PS3! There's quite a few SEGA AGES releases available on there. Here's a list... I never realised that there were so many PS2 games released for the PS3 store! There's actually almost 6x as many as what got released on PS4! It even has Contra Shattered Soldier, Neo Contra and Gradius 5! The latter actually got released in 2015!! Two years after the PS4 had been released!
  11. Yup, I'm nicking that phrase fo sho.
  12. Team Sonic Racing

    Glad to hear that the impressions here tend to be positive. Might be worth a pick-up at some point, even if it isn't as good as Transformed.
  13. Selling Games - Yes or No?

    Hi there. Most Nintendo first party titles hold onto their value very well; often still selling at their original RRP, or even higher. As for DS games in particular? One thing to note is that the market is absolutely littered with bootlegs, meaning that potential buyers on eBay will want to see lots of images that clearly shows that your copies are legitimate (showing the front and back of the cart, clearly showing the contacts of the PCB, is usually a good idea - Here is a good guide to follow in spotting fakes and what you might want to show in a listing). It also means that legitimate copies of DS games are generally worth a lot, as they are rare on eBay now (almost all listings now are bootlegs). With eBay, they do generally favour the buyer, so there is a bit of risk involved, but if you generally stick with UK buyers, you should be ok. You're much more likely to encounter scammers if you allow for international shipping, but you should be alright if you stick with UK buyers; or only sell to international buyers who have good feedback and only allow payment via Paypal (never listen to requests to finish auctions early and sell outside of the eBay/Paypal system - they are always trying to scam you). Another good tip? Always use Signed For shipping, be it domestic or international; don't be tempted to use cheaper shipping where you can't track and guarantee that the buyer has recieved the item. I personally wouldn't sell my games, because I generally always go back and play them again eventually, but with games that have been re-released on later platforms? I don't see much of a point in holding onto doubles, where there isn't really any advantage in doing so. I'd only keep one physical version of a game, unless there were significant differences that warrented doing so. I'm not really a collector though, I just keep the games that I really like and cherish. Like a good book or movie, I'll always go back to them eventually Also... ... it was indeed released in Europe. It was just very heavily delayed, coming out a whole year after the US release. As such, a lot of people just imported the game; so you'll probably find a lot of US copies floating around EU/UK auction sites as a result.
  14. Let's hope that the options are better in this game than in the last two. The male trainer options have always been utterly woeful!
  15. Mega Drive Mini (19th September 2019)

    You were always going to get some of the usual suspects, like Sonic and Streets of Rage 2, but the last batch of US/EU titles are indeed quite disappointing in that regard. We really didn't need Vectorman and Sonic Spinball... Hopefully the last batch will be more focused on the rare and more niche titles. I reckon Cotton and Panorama Cotton have a decent chance, given that they just announced the remake of the first game for Switch. That would be a great addition! (it's also super rare!). Crusaders of Centy would also be a fab inclusion! Overall though, the lineup is pretty great on all systems, but yeah... The Asian list is just plain better than the US/EU one so far.