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  1. Day 11 - Favourite Town/Village Kakariko Village - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time If you've played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, then you'll instantly know the layout of Kakariko village, which residents are in each of the houses, how to awkwardly traverse the place via chicken and a combination of floating off the rooftops and the fences at just the right angle, while holding your feathered friend, in an attempt to round up all the others. It's a gateway to Death Mountain, the Graveyard and later on you get to go beneath the well, underneath the graves... plus the entrance to the Shadow Temple is hidden in plain sight until you get the right tools to go there towards the end of the game. You could call it a mini-hub of sorts, for all the places it leads to. Then you have the House of Skulltula, which you'll likely be returning to frequently, in an attempt to lift the curse on all of the family members who have been turned into partial Skulltula form, by hunting down the one hundred gold skulltulas which are in the game, they can be anywhere and everywhere... I think when they were relegated to individual locations in Majora's Mask, something was lost and there was just something really cool about getting to say... fifty Skulltulas and then coming back to this place to see the effects of the curse you've been lifting. It might not objectively be the best village, but I've always been fond of the place.
  2. Questions

    There has been a response from @Hero-of-Time through a message which wasn't sent on the forum, to another forum member, this news was sent to me by another forum member via PM, and all I know is that he has at least been in contact, which I just want to say that we are grateful for. That's all I know and I just want to say again, if you want to talk to us Hero, then we are here but we understand if you can't or don't want to for whatever reason. I won't say any more than that, but I thought that I should at least let others on the forum know that you have at least been in contact. Wishing you all the best from everyone here at N-Europe.
  3. Questions

    To keep you in the loop, here are all the posts from the General Retro Discussion thread... - - - - - All of these posts were from a couple of weeks ago, we still haven't heard from @Hero-of-Time and we have tried to reach out to him.
  4. Day 10 - Credits Sequence The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time If you've played through and completed this wonderful game, then you'll have seen this exceptional credits sequence. It's well worth playing through this classic if you haven'talready , the credits are your reward for finishing the game and playing it is rewarding in itself.
  5. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Nintendo Treehouse Live July 2020 presentation to be shown tomorrow Up on the main site. As always, we'll post a roundup article shortly after the presentation has aired. Hmm, I should probably edit the article now that we know the WayForward title is NOT based on a Nintendo IP... ...but I'm going to leave it, this article was posted shortly after finding out about it, so it's based off information from there and then. Also, Nintendo do like to pick their moments to announce these things, we were still playing Smash at the time.
  6. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    E3 2020 may be cancelled but apparently E3 as a whole, isn't dead? I want to believe, but...
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Limited Run Games had a stream recently where they showed off their planned releases... Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling Carrion Castlevania Anniversary Collection Demon Turf Grandia HD Collection GRIS Katana ZERO Megadimension Neptunia VII Mighty Gunvolt Burst Observer PixelJunk Eden 2 Return of the Obra Dinn Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Shantae (GBC) Shantae: Risky's Revenge (DSiWare) Super Meat Boy Forever The friends of Ringo Ishikawa The Mummy Demastered To The Moon TowerFall Trover Saves The Universe Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Xtreme Sports (GBC) I'm glad to see that Bug Fables is getting a physical release... right after I now own it digitally, oh well, that was always going to happen. Castlevania Anniversary Collection, I knew that was coming (probably) so I'm glad I waited on that. The original Shantae for GBC is getting a physical re-release on the GBC and on the Switch, plus the DSiWare title, Shantae: Risky's Revenge. Aside from that? I might pick up Grandia HD Collection and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2.
  8. Day 9 Scary Moment Ecco the Dolphin - Open Ocean Well, regarding what @bob said about Thalassophobia (I didn't know this was the name for it) maybe this one will make more sense than I thought... Plenty of moments in Ecco the Dolphin were unsettling, especially playing this game growing up, but Open Ocean has to be the ultimate 'nope!' moment.
  9. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I've only just started listening to the Podcast now and I should have the latest episode promoted on the main site later today but... I had to have a guess at the tune because it seems like a familiar one.
  10. SEGA Astrocity Mini

    It's cool but, if they can do this, then there is no reason surely why they can't make an arcade compilation for the Switch as well. Even if they split it into two volumes, it would sell.
  11. Day 8: Best Musical Moment Perfect Dark - Mission 5: Air Base Espionage If you've played it, you know the bit... second objective, music changes, mission changes from mostly stealth to all-out carnage as you frantically try and complete your main objective, which is boarding Air Force One. If you haven't played it before, then definitely do that, but here's a video of the mission... It's at 3:40 where the music changes, but it's worth watching the full video, though it's even better to experience it in-game. Fun fact, @Gadwin and I played the XBLA version last night after finding out that Perfect Dark Zero has had its servers shut down for multiplayer, but the original Perfect Dark? It still works, all modes including Co-Operative which runs at full screen for both players online and it's great fun.
  12. Day 7: Favourite Ranged Combat Panzer Dragoon Orta Because there's nothing quite like taking out enemies from a distance, on the back of a dragon. The game still looks incredible today as well, even when compared to a lot of recent titles.
  13. SEGA Astrocity Mini

    I read it as 'Sega Atrocity Mini' as well... and in a way, that would be more accurate. It's nice that they are making an Arcade Mini system, but it is an atrocity if a lot of these games then don't make it to the Sega Ages collection on the Switch. Then again, it depends who is handling the emulation on this thing...
  14. Day 6: Most Relaxing Navigation Super Monkey Ball Ready? Go! There's something innately calming about the way in which you navigate the stages by actually tilting them in Super Monkey Ball, I can't think of any other game series which has a mechanic quite like it, or at least which is programmed in the same way. It's a game where you just know what to do immediately and it starts off by slowly introducing you to this mechanic, getting you used to it as rolling your simian in a sphere around the stage becomes a mesmerising joy. Until you get to the nightmare stages at the end that is, then it all goes to hell. Some speedrunners make even those stages look quite chilled though...
  15. It all makes a difference, and building up a routine and sticking to it can be challenging, but it's nice when it pays off. Thanks. Indoor exercise is definitely not the most enthralling activity, I tend to just do a few light exercises while inbetween other household tasks, or while listening to music or watching a video, which can work well as I've heard that if you're actively doing something while watching a video, or listening to audio then you'll tend to actively take in more of the information. I've no idea how true that is, but there might be something in it. In any case, it's nice to have a bit of exercise to do during the day, though it's also nice to have something to distract from it as well and I've found that it does help, as when you go without exercising for a while, you kind of think 'Eh, I don't really need to' but then when you get into a routine, even if it's just quarter of an hour of focused, light exercise; it really does help.