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  1. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Another solid episode there. I enjoyed the controller talk and the conversation about potential Mario remasters, great stuff. Also, the podcast extras bit was brilliant.
  2. When you say that the latest patch has adjusted the drop rates for eggs... do you mean that there's less balloons floating around and less eggs in trees etc? If so, that would probably be a good time to not update it, play in offline mode for a bit and get as many as you can... unless I'm missing something?
  3. General Retro Discussion

    Sega Lord X with a video titled Better on the Mega CD I definitely agree with most of the games on this list, the Sega Mega CD had some fantastic ports and versions of classic games. It was where I got to first experience Final Fight CD which is still my favourite version, despite the excellent port which is in the Capcom Beat 'em Up Bundle. I must get around to playing Ecco the Dolphin on it as well, I've listened to the Mega CD soundtrack many times as it's fantastic, I've just never played the CD version. The Terminator is one game I would like to get on the console which I don't own as it looks fantastic and who knew about that NTSC only Demolition Man tie-in? It's still one of my favourite pieces of Sega hardware which I owned and enjoyed back in the day, though today it really comes into its own with its fantastic library. Of course, like all retro machines of its era, especially being disc-based, it's just a shame that the games are so expensive now.
  4. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I haven't played it in nearly two weeks... In fact, I've gone back to playing Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II on the GameCube via the Schthack server on my other memory card. It's not that I wouldn't consider playing PSO2, in fact when Gadwin and I last played it, I was starting to get an idea of how the game works, but that's the problem... I was starting to see just how the game really works by giving you loads of items from certain time-limited quests, as in hundreds, overwhemling your already generous free storage, in the hope that you're going to buy premium storage or something. Personally, I wouldn't buy anything in this game, just keep it free, but that doesn't get around the fact that there is a lot of item management in this game, and of course, the original PSO had that too but here it's times that by maybe ten times? Add to that, the fact that there is a lot to get your head around to start with and you end up with a game which is somewhere inbetween PSO and PSU with advancements of its own which are PSO2 but it all adds up to a game which is fun to play, when you're actually in a mission but not when you're out of one. You can spend maybe, two or three times the amount of time out of a mission than you do in a mission, whereas in PSO, if you really get into the rhythm of selling everything you don't need, storing rares, getting topped up with items, you can do that in about a minute or two and be straight back into the game. I'm still happy to play PSO2 some more at some point, especially if anyone else from N-E gets in on it but equally... I'm in no great rush to either. It sounds really harsh to be typing all this out but it's just what I think about the game right now, I won't be deleting it but it's just not as good as PSO even if it improves on some mechanics, the overall game is somewhat oversaturated with a lot of stuff which doesn't need to be in there really but then again it it free to play and judged just on its own merits, it's a good game to play for free and it is still a sequel to PSO but it's very hard to warm to it after being so into the original game for two decades.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    My Life in Gaming Mini - PC Engine Mini This should be an interesting video to watch. I didn't pre-order one but I am interested in playing a select few PC Engine games at some point, especially as we used to get them on the Virtual Console. I've always thought of it as an interesting system which did more at its time of release for gaming than I fully appreciated at the time.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Tsk... all these sites and companies doing April Fools stuff. At least you can count on N-Europe for serious, quality Nintendo content. Oh by the way, did everyone know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of a certain beloved Nintendo character? 2020 is the 20th anniversary for one of the most beloved Nintendo characters In the year of 2020, we celebrate the birthday of one of the most beloved Nintendo characters. Check inside for a special celebratory article. Thanks to @RedShell for the brilliant banner and also thanks to @Ashley @Jonnas @Vileplume2000 and everyone else who contributed. We would have got this article up sooner but still, we hope that you'll enjoy this wahderful article.
  7. From playing last night for a whole three hours, which is my longest playsession so far I can confirm that... Chopeed trees don't grow back If there is a better wat to get iron nuggets than hitting rocks then I don't know about it I can say though, that if you want to get the most out of a rock, be it bells or iron, the best thing to do is to get right next to the rock, then dig holes directly behind you, above and below you so that you are right next to rock with a much shorter recoil animation from when you hit the rock with your shovel, then just make sure you're facing the rock and hit it as many times as you can quickly to maximise the yield of items which will come out of each rock. That's... probably the one thing I remembered from previous Animal Crossing games, well that and Tom Nook probably owns 98% of the wealth across all towns/islands. I wonder what he does with all those bells...
  8. Good to know. It was just more a reaction to how you phrased it... 'Come to my place, I've got a Rotten Turnip... AND ants!' I didn't actually know about this though, so it is good information to have; in fact, I really don't know that much about Animal Crossing in general. I was amazed to learn about the fact that you can move your mailbox in this version once you get to a certain house upgrade status. I'll play this game some more soon, it just takes me a while to get back into it.
  9. With an invitation like that, who could refuse?
  10. You can move your mail box? ... Next Gen!
  11. A Smashing Cast Gets Beat Up: Episodes 1 and 2 are now available Now up on the main site! Thanks once again to everyone involved in this latest venture for A Smashing Cast into the world of Beat 'Em Ups. Cheers to @LazyBoy and @Vileplume2000 for getting these episodes up on our YouTube channel and to @Nicktendo and @Jonnas for contributing. I really enjoyed playing these games with you all and it's great to be finally playing some more games online regularly, especially ones which are new to a lot of us. There will be more episodes in the future which will be spread across different games and if anyone has any suggestions for games you'd like to see, let us know. We're always grateful for any feedback, comments or suggestions. Until we Smash again!
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits event titled 'Cherry Blossom' launches today The event focuses on pink coloured spirits such as; Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog, Paula from EarthBound... ...and of course that pesky Rabbit from the Nintendo Badge Arcade on the Nintendo 3DS. This event is available for five days as per usual, then you can get the spirits in standard rotation thereafter.
  13. Nintendo Direct Mini (NOW)

    Panzer Dragoon Remake is up for pre-order now on Limited Run Games... ...yes I ordered it and this is the other one of the two games I ordered today which will be my last for a while. Just went with the standard edition because, although an extra NTSC Sega Saturn style longbox is cool, I don't need it and I prefer the standard cover art. Plus it wouldn't really fit in with my PAL Saturn games. Same deal with Streets of Rage 4... an extra Megadrive case is nice but, I really don't need it... it's arguable that I don't need either of these games physically as well but... That is it now though, barring anything amazing being announced all other games I can just wait... here's the line - - - - - - - - - - - - - - No more games until it's financially viable again - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Getting Doom 64 though, with gold points.
  14. Ordered, just the standard edition, shouldn't really even be ordering that, one of two last games I've ordered today which will now be the last games I buy for a while.