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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode 53 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Another really enjoyable episode, highlights for me were hearing about Greg's experience with the PS5's Resistive Haptics, seemingly the new 'HD Rumble' equivalent,, Nick's updates on games he's been playing, I was interested to hear about how you've been finding Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and I look forward to hearing more about it in future episodes, as it is a game I'm planning on playing soon... though maybe I should keep it sealed for now? Lee's impressions on Invisigun Reloaded were interesting too, a game I've never really looked into, and while it sounds like a unique concept, I think the art of the game is more interesting to me at this time, another example of a 16-Bit aesthetic title in-game, which has wildly different promotional art, which I decided to look toward for the banner this week. The Game Awards discussion was fantastic as well, and while I don't think I'll bother watching it live this year, unless they've seriously rejigged the style of it, which I don't think they will have... because money, adverts etc, I will be on the look out for any Nintendo focused announcements. Indeed, last year I did put together a roundup article of the event, we'll see how the evening goes, I might do the same again this year if there are enough Nintendo related awards and announcements. Oh, and I'm here to claim the crown this week for the transition tunes... Looking forward to the next episode, and I'll be sure to update the main article with the YouTube embed, as soon as it's available.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    NEO: The World Ends With You announced for the Nintendo Switch Up on the main page. Full press release and trailer. - - - - - Thanks to @Helmsly for the heads-up, I've credited you in the article. A sequel to the DS original then, this is great news for fans of the series, I know the Switch HD rerelease of the original had some criticism, but it's an option to catch up. With this being a title built from the ground-up for current gen/lastgen hardware, it has potential. I reckon @nekunando might be interested in this title.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise demo launches on the Nintendo eShop Up on the main page.
  4. Doom Eternal

    Oh well, that's that then. I'll just pick it up on the PS4 instead, now that we know there's no physical Switch release. I still play the multiplayer on Doom (2016) on the Switch, and I think that's all I'll use it for now.
  5. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Comm error, GP1, first race. Annnnd I can't seem to reconnect to the race session either. Error Code 2306 - 0502 - An error has occurred. Please try again later. Ah well, I've just rejoined for what I assume to be the third race of the first GP.
  6. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode 52 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Thanks for putting together another excellent episode @Londragon @Nicktendo & @nekunando It's always nice to hear about what you've all been playing, Lee's continued devotion to Paper Mario: The Origami King is encouraging, it reminds me of another Nintendo title this year that I'd like to go back to, I enjoyed Nick's slew of gaming achievements, Civilisation is a series I'll likely never get into but it must have been good to score a win in it, the same with No More Heroes... it has been a while since I played that game, though it's a rewarding title once you get past a tough battle, plus Greg's reliving of poast Wii games is making me want to go back and play Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Stars all over again, as I have really fond memories of that series, there really isn't anything like it, and I felt compelled to devote the banner art this week to it. This weeks topic definitely strikes a chord, Gaming as a hobby is fantastic, and when you have people from the outside looking in, declaring games as 'a waste of time' well... you could say the same about anything, people should do what they feel enjoyable to them, obviously not to the exclusion of everything else, but at the same time, if you're spending a few hours playing a game that you're enjoying then... who is it hurting? No one. Therefore it's fine. I find myself playing games less and less these days, but that's just where I'm at. When I do choose to dedicate time to a particular game though, it's always well worth my time, and if I'm not enjoying a game for any reason, I just stop playing and leave it, maybe coming back to it at a later date, or just leaving it completely as there's plenty of games out there, generally though, I do return to the same games when I can't think of any new game which I might want to play. Also, this weeks podcast felt like the perfect length to me, some weeks there will be more to say, others less... I really don't listen to that many gaming podcasts now, N-E Café is the only podcast I make time for now, and I'm glad that I do, plus I'm grateful to be promoting it on the main page each week, certain aspects of the news, especially the Nintendo's Annual Sales stuff really comes across much better in this format than in an article, and it's great that the YouTube version of the podcast has been going up on the N-E channel so promptly, I've updated the previous episode, as for this weeks, I've just put the YouTube embed in there straight away.
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Update and Save Data Transfer Details Up on the main page. - - - - - It's nice to see Nintendo rolling out these seasonal updates, and about time on the Save Data Transfer capability.
  8. Yakuza 7 (PS4 2020)

    True, but I get the sentiment behind it. "Play the damn games now, give the Yakuza series the respect that it surely deserves... you heathen!" Or something to that effect. I could set myself a challenge, to get through the entire series, up to Yakuza 6, before Yakuza 7 gets that standard physical version release.
  9. Yakuza 7 (PS4 2020)

    Fixed, the standard edition of the game, without the steelbook is coming, it always does, it's always months later than the initial release, and when it happens, I'll buy the game. And then look at it on the PS4 tower, next to the other games in the series, and wonder why I haven't gotten around to playing further than a few hours into Yakuza Zero.
  10. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Impressive... Panzer Dragoon Orta in 4K makes up for the Xbox One Series X having no real launch games of note, I'd even put it down on the box as a selling point. It is amusing though, probably the best exclusive game on the Xbox platform, is one of the games which was released three generations ago. But I think that also just shows the quality of the game, Smilebit really put together a masterpiece for its time of release and it still holds up well today. Enjoy replaying it, as that is one game which I've played that I cannot recommend enough, and will always go back to.
  11. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Ah well, there goes my 100% attendance. Power cut, I was unable to join, but with you all in spirit. Thanks for waiting for a few minutes anyway though, I'm glad to see that you still had enough players to have a decent enough race, by the sounds of it.
  12. Pure Pool

    Have you pre-ordered it already? I'd love to see you review this game, so that we could use your quote (above) as the pull quote for the review. I take it that you'll be covering it on Old Nintendo Gamer & Son in any case, so that we can witness that fluidity in motion. Anyway, I for one, would love to see any coverage you can give the game, in any form, I've heard you speak passionately about the game before, I look forward to your impressions.
  13. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    (Quote taken from the N-E Café thread, as I want to keep this Disasterous thread going) When I said that the game seems great, I mean, it looks like a game which surely has moments of greatness in amongst all of the unfolding chaos, it seems to me like a title which is very much a product of its time, but one which represents an important time in the developer's history, plus it sounds like it has a lot to like about it, as it's unique when compared to other games of the era. That's the impression I get from it, and no I haven't played it, despite owning it for many years, I believe that I even bought the game second-hand on this forum, though I'm not completely certain who I bought it off, but I do remember buying Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and another game from them, at the same time. Perhaps now is the perfect time to play this game, and when I next swap out a console, to set up another, or get a permanent space for the Wii set up again, I'd very much like to give the game a try, to see what I think of it, as all of this talk about the game from back in the day and recently has inspired me somewhat.
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode 51 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Great episode there, I enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm for all things snooker related from @Londragon and @Nicktendo revisiting Resident Evil Zero just reminded me how great a game it was for its time, yet how much I prefer being able to save anywhere as opposed to the typewriter system, plus hearing @nekunando shun Super Mario 3D All-Stars by keeping it sealed, choosing to continue with playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, brought a smile to my face; also, I'm seriously considering playing Disaster: Day of Crisis on the Wii now, it sounds great. It's nice to see the continued love for Part-Time UFO as well, I wanted to keep that going for as long as possible, hence this weeks banner. Nice coverage of the Nintendo mini Direct as well, it's very like Nintendo to host the last one of the year, right after you put out the fiftieth episode, but it was still great to hear all of your opinions on the showcase, as it was quite a good one, by Nintendo Direct standards, and it's good to hear Greg getting excited for the No More Heroes games again.
  15. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    No links, I may have seen it in a video somewhere. I get it though, Microsoft did use backwards compatibility as a selling point, if a lot of stuff isn't working, then that's not good. This is an excellent suggestion, if everyone here who owns an Xbox One Series X/S could try a demo out (if they're not playing anything else) for an Xbox One X game, such as Dragon Quest XI or something similar, then we'd probably have more of a definitve answer, if all Xbox Series consoles crash on demo's, then I think that would point more towards general incompatibility. - - - - - The alternative answer, is that Ike's console might be faulty, though I'd like to think that might not be the case, although thinking back to previous hardware launches, Microsoft doesn't have the best track record for hardware reliability, but this is something which seemed to have improved a bit over the past generation. All of this is just conjecture, I just wanted to offer an outside perspective, in case it's of any use.