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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits event 'Kunio-kun' is now live Now up on the front page, I meant to post about it the other day but the event has only just gone live today at least. I really like all of the promotional pieces of art which are made for these spirit events and the tournaments. This one brings back some good memories of playing River City Ransom on the various Virtual Console services. It's also a reminder that I need to get back to playing River City Girls and pick up River City Melee Mach!! at some point.
  2. Yakuza Kiwami 2 (28th August 2018)

    Glad to hear that you're still enjoying the Yakuza games @Hero-of-Time I don't know if you alreayd knew but it looks like you can now pre-order the standard edition of Yakuza Remastered Collection. https://www.thegamecollection.net/yakuza-remastered-collection-ps4-26565/?sqr=yakuza& The listing for the day 1 edition is seperate and is priced at £0.00 now which usually means that edition is sold out so the other version should be a standard case. I still might wait though, just to be sure... I ordered a 'standard' copy of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and that turned out to be the steelbook but I just got a display box for that. Looking forward to playing some more of these games this year hopefully.
  3. Stormdivers

    Resogun 2 exclusive PS Plus launch title for PS5? It worked for the PS4. Either way, this sounds like excellent news so I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm hoping they go for a game which has a simple arcade hook to it which is fun to play either solo or co-operatively with loads of fun things to unlock over time.
  4. N-Europe (Super) Mario Kart League 2020

    Always in For both leagues please.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Thanks for the games everyone. Looking forward to some Byleth battles next week. It'll be fun, you can guarantee I'll pick the new Fire Emblem character and have no idea what I'm doing. Either that or... I'll be looking on the character select screen thinking 'where is the new character? all I see is a load of sword/magic users... aha! that one's got an axe and a bow as well, OK we're good!'
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Hmm? But it's right there in the graphic. Oh alright then... I've fixed it now though, Trials of Mana and Animal Crossing are now in the infographic.
  7. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES) (Because... Rick!)
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Nintendo shares a Switch games in 2020 infographic Not a bad line-up to start 2020 with, especially knowing that there will be more announcements throughout the year. Check out the main article to view the graphic in greater detail. Out of all of those games though... all I need right now is that Panzer Dragoon remake.
  9. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (16th Jan)

    That is... really weird, it's almost as if they decided... "Well we're not going to bother including an English voice-over for the definitive edition of Tokyo Mirage Session, releasing on our main platform which is selling loads but let's make a few voice clips for the TMS cameos in our Fire Emblem game on mobile because it will really make a difference there" I know that's not how it is really but it's still odd because if people playing Fire Emblem Heroes see these characters, hear them and think 'I might just check out that Tokyo Mirage Sessions game on Switch' then they won't be able to hear the same voices in the main game because there's only Japanese voice over available. As I understand it, there was no English voice over in the Wii U version so at least there is consistency between that and the Switch version but it just makes the English voice clips in Fire Emblem Heroes even more odd... but I suppose from the perspective of having continuity within the mobile game it would make sense, as I'm guessing that all the characters in that game so far all have English voices? It still feels odd... not that it matters that much though I suppose, given the choice for a game like TMS playing it with the original Japanese voice over feels right.
  10. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Great podcast this week, again I was listening to it while putting up the Roundup article for today's Smash presentation. I'm not going to even try and guess the transition tune for this one, I thought maybe bits of the tracks sounded familiar but I'm not sure. Here's a question for you... With the recent news of Bioshock Collection coming to the Switch, what other third-party games from other platforms which haven't seen a release on a Nintendo platform would you like to see ported across?
  11. It has officially been two months since I last played Pokémon Sword. Time to finally start playing it properly now I reckon, especially with the news of the new content on the horizon.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Yep, that last match was pretty crazy, always is on that stage when it goes to Sudden Death though. Thanks for the games, some fun matches there.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Byleth presentation Roundup All up on the main site, N-Europe's Roundup of the presentation. Full press release and a link to the video. I enjoyed it, at first I'll admit I was a bit like 'Ah, so it's Fire Emblem' but Byleth is an excellent addition to the roster. I'm looking forward to trying out their different weapon attacks, looks fun to play as. Besides, from the way Sakurai set up the character reveal, I thought we were going to get something else entirely for a moment. This is a pretty good result overall and don't forget there are at least six more characters to be released in the future. Here's to playing Smash through 2020 and beyond.
  14. good stuff thread.

    Thanks for the kind words @Goafer I'm glad to hear that you liked the extra item, I had a feeling that it might be something you'd appreciate and I'm relieved to know that everything including the games got there safely. I like to include a note with anything I sell on the forum or privately as I think it makes a difference and once again, thank you for supporting N-Europe over the years.
  15. Slay the Spire (Switch, PS4, XB1, PC)

    Well you see, the thing is... I was going to and I still plan to but in a word... No... But at least I have the physical game, so you know I am going to play it. *hides*