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  1. Indie Games

    A new indie title known as Hell is Other Demons is coming to the Switch this year. Looks interesting enough, the usual PR and trailer are in the article.
  2. I just finished watching that video, I still intend to get the game when it comes out but... why couldn't it have been released earlier? If this had been out in the second or third week of March then I likely would have played it with my brother when he's hopefully coming down as it looks like a good co-op game. Ah well, plenty of other good co-op stuff to play so it's no big deal but it just looks like this game was finished ages ago so could have been released earlier perhaps. Maybe it's intentionally as close to April as possible? End of one financial year, start of the next... that's probably it. Anyway, I'm still kind of looking forward to it.
  3. amiibo (NFC)

    Available to pre-order at the Nintendo store now, might as well get it if you have Diablo III, it's probably going to sell out. Also, nice to see an amiibo which looks like you can get it out of the packaging without destroying it. Why can't they make all of them this way?
  4. I won't give a penny to Google for anything game related that they try to flog us, yes I get that they have the technology but most of what they use it for is questionable at best. From a technological aspect, sure... it'll be interesting if you really want to stream games but beyond that I can't see them releasing anything physical. If it's anything, it'll be a small "unassuming" box that just sits underneath your TV and will let you stream certain games for £20 a month or whatever. Yes, OK... I get it, there's market appeal for something like that if there's a library of 10,000 games to choose from but I just can't see the point personally. If gaming goes completely streaming based in the future, I probably just won't bother with it any more and will be happy enough playing whatever physical games I have. I get that the future of gaming can be exciting but certain elements of it potentially fill me with dread, I can't be the only one who doesn't want an "all digital" future? Anyway, we shall see what happens, for now I'll try to remain cautiously optimistic.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    See, I don't understand why it just doesn't get released. I understand that EA have the Star Wars license but... who cares about that, Disney can overrule it if they want and just see the game released surely? Who actually owns the rights to it now? Factor 5? Disney? I mean, it can't be that difficult. Ultimately it's money left on the table and we've had Rogue Squadron released again on the PC, although not an ideal port with that one. Switch owners would buy a collection of all three Rogue Squadron games instantly, I'd pay £50 for a physical copy without even questioning it. It just makes too much sense.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Hmm... what's not new? (you've got me curious now)
  7. good stuff thread.

    Congratulations nightwolf.
  8. It's a Zelda game, remake or not it's bound to be a full price, day 1, "shut up and take my rupees!" situation.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I bought Furi, on the Switch and in physical form... I just haven't played it yet. Looking forward to it though, also nice to see that The Game Bakers are still doing well. Our very own @Kaepora_Gaebora interviewed them and of course reviewed Furi when it came out on the Switch... ...and I really can't believe that was over a whole year ago already. I've got so many games to catch up with and anything from The Game Bakers is going to be at least on my radar, so let us hope it's another hit.
  10. Top Tens are a bit of fun, quite literally so I don't mind them at all, that Top Ten "Top Ten" Numbers video was brilliant as it's basically parody. If you're dropping the EZA Podcast now, I'd suggest at least tuning in for next week as I can confirm that Pro Strats Only is officially dead and is being replaced. The last podcast was great as well, there was actually a game that no one had really heard of but aside from that it was just a good show. Personally, I think things have improved since they got the new studio, I've even tuned into Fiasconauts (watching it now) seeing as I have early access to it. Also, I must say that Frame Trap just gets better and better with each week so I'm all in for that as well, oh plus Huber Syndrome of course and Easy Update. Aside from EZA though, I'm cutting down on my YouTube content, some of it just isn't worth the time any more. As and when I find good videos though, I'll be sure to post them on the forum.
  11. Shovel Knight

    I've written a quick summary plus posted the whole PR update in the article. Thanks to @Hero-of-Time for the heads up, I've credited you at the bottom of the article. This news is surely a blow but at least it sounds like Yacht Club Games are doing it right. It has been so long that I did just buy Shovel Knight when the Switch came out, I didn't even know we'd be getting a physical version. Definitely double-dipping... wait... PC, Wii U, 3DS, Switch... quadruple-dipping? on this one.
  12. Hi

    Hi @Sckewi and welcome to the forum. It's always nice to have new members join our forum, so thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. Good to hear that you've been into gaming for a while and it sounds like the Switch has brought you back to home console gaming a bit more, which is excellent. I mostly use mine in TV mode as well, much more comfortable with a Pro Controller or GameCube controller on the big screen. Also, it sounds like you're from the future... ...how is Metroid Prime 4? I'm still eagerly awaiting it for the Switch. I am of course just joking around, I presume you meant Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and I would have to agree with you there as while I've completed all the Metroid Prime games, going back to the original recently as part of our N-Europe Game Club I have found that I prefer the original GameCube version, using the original controls and I'm hoping that both Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid Prime 4 (when they get released on the Switch) will offer a range of controls. Nice selection of games that you're into, I like Final Fantasy but have never finished one (maybe one day) Pokemon is good when you feel like playing it, Command & Conquer always looked like an interesting set of strategy games to me, Zelda is one of my favourite series as well and I definitely enjoyed Breath of the Wild when the Switch first came out plus I love many of the Sonic games, so you're in good company here. Anyway, please enjoy the forum and hopefully we'll get to have some interesting discussions about games in the future.
  13. General Retro Discussion

    Such a great video from Sega Lord X, it definitely echoes my sentiments when it comes to videogames and collecting as a hobby. There are many reasons that people are into gaming and collecting, it's far deeper than a "childish pastime" which some might have you believe. This just makes me even more determined to put more time into playing games and organising my game room.