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  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct 15/10/2021 Roundup Now up on the main page. Full press release, and YouTube video embed. - - - - -
  2. Metroid Dread

    Here's the text from the support page relating to that error, as it contains potentially useful information... Essentially, it seems that this error will only occur near the end of the game, and only if you have used a door icon map marker, or... if you have the map cursor over a door icon perhaps? It's not completely clear from the description, but if it's related to using the coloured map markers, this seems to be avoidable by just not using them, at least until the update is available. After a quick bit of research, it does seem that this will only occur if you place a map marker, on a specific door and then when you destroy the door with the marker present, it just crashes the game, preventing progress, but even if this does happen, all you need to do is restart the game, remove the marker before destroying the door at a certain point in the game, and it should be fine. That's not so bad, at least the issue has been spotted, and the patch should be available soon.
  3. Metroid Dread

    If you have Nintendo Switch Online, try Super Metroid if you haven't already, if you have, then check out Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion on the GBA or VC. Metroid Fusion in particular seems to have a lot in common with Metroid Dread, also, you'll get more of the backstory. If you've played most Metroid games which have come before this, then yes, I would recommend Metroid Dread, and that's just from only briefly playing it. I also think that Metroid: Samus Returns could benefit from a Switch port, with improved movement using the Metroid Dread engine, as it presumably has improvements from the one used in Mercury Steam's first Metroid title, plus the counter-rate could be adjusted, and the biggest gripe, the circle pad controls would be alleviated by having it on the Switch. It's still not a perfect remake, though it's an admirable take on the second game in the series, but then, so is AM2R... and there is still a lot to be said for the original Game Boy game, even though it has clearly benefitted from having two remakes, one official, one not official, which both get a lot of things right.
  4. How much I would want it to cost... £22.99 per year. (£5 more than the current subscription) How much do I expect the expansion pack will cost... £27.99 per year. (£10 more than the current subscription) Regarding the whole subscription cost element, it's not that much for what it offers, it's the only thing which I subscribe to personally as it seemed to be a reasonable price, and I don't even really make that much use out of it any more, I'll probably keep it though, so I have the option of playing online, but at the moment? My original GameCube gets played online more than the Switch. Depending on how much extra it is... I might put off renewing it, though it will still run until the start of next year, I believe? Though that won't help me if I do want to play N64 and MegaDrive games, as that will cost extra, and being that the extra cost is for the expansion pack, if I was to buy into it when it launches... wouldn't there be an overlap? As in, the original subscription would lapse before the expansion pack will, does that mean that I'd only have access to N64 and MD games? I wonder if that has been taken into consideration. - - - - - While it is nice that Nintendo are putting N64 games on the Nintendo Switch Online service, there are plenty of ways in which N64 games can be played, though the clear selling point here is that you can play these games on the Switch, with the option of buying an official controller, or play the games in portable mode, plus the online multiplayer for... four of the launch titles. It will be good if you can at least opt to choose which region games you want to play this time, which is what seems to be implied with the latest information. Because if not... then well, the option would be playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask in 50Hz in 2021? When there is a fan-made high-resolution texture pack which recently launched, combine that with the USA version of the game, (which you'd already own, of course) with options to improve the game, and a way to use a real N64 controller on a PC... I know which option I'd be likely to choose. Granted, it's not on original hardware, but neither is this, though really, this probably isn't aimed at anyone who really wants to play N64 games in the best possible way. The emulation for these games on NSO has been really good so far though, and whichever method you choose, it'll never be perfect. When it comes to Majora's Mask, I'll always take the N64 version over the 3DS remake any day, as the changes to some of the original gameplay elements made it not worth finishing the game (to me) at the time, despite the various improvements; so another way to play this game, is more than fine by me, and it will give players who never got to experience the original, another option. Is anyone genuinely excited to play any of these N64 and MD games on the Switch? I can see Banjo-Kazooie being popular for the novelty of having a Rare game on a Nintendo console again, and to have Paper Mario in portable form is nice, but beyond that? Online multiplayer on Mario Kart 64 perhaps? Most of the Mega Drive games have been made available in fully purchaseable form, in larger collections, with online multiplayer, plus one such option already exists on the Switch... but again, it's good to have options. As for the controllers... it would be interesting if there was a Raphnet style adapter for converting GameCube controller input to N64, as then, theoretically, you could use a real N64 controller with the Switch, using the GC USB adapter. Though I suppose the third-party Brawler 64 pad with USB is probably an easier option. Just that the official N64 pad for the Switch is bound to be around £30 - £40 I'd have thought? Anyway, retro games... subscriptions... controllers... it's nice to have a choice.
  5. Oh right, I didn't know it was a different Zarude from the first one, in that case, let's hope they sort the codes out soon.
  6. @Glen-i I believe that I still have a Zarude code from the first giveaway, I'm pretty sure that I didn't redeem it, I don't know how the code redemption works being that this is the second giveaway, but you're more than welcome to have the code to see if it can be redeemed. I think I offered the code in here the first time, but I think nearly everyone either managed to get one, or were still just playing the 'wait and see' game with the e-mails.
  7. Metroid Dread

    Nintendo Switch OLED and Metroid Dread are out now Now up on the main page. Full press release and all relevant videos.
  8. Metroid Dread

    Plot twist - both deliveries should be arriving by the same courier, so I'll likely be checking the game out this evening, good to know though. I hope everyone is enjoying the game who has it already, if you've had the chance to play it.
  9. Metroid Dread

    I just got both notifications as well. Nintendo Store for the Special Edition. (plus a double-sided poster, sticker sheet, and keyring?!?) Currys for the bargain-priced standard copy. (which I'm sure my brother will appreciate) Tomorrow will surely be a Dreadful Friday.
  10. Metroid Dread

    No confirmation from either Nintendo Store, or Currys as of yet... there's still time though. If it arrives tomorrow, on launch day, then that's great, if not... oh well. I'm looking forward to playing it, of course, as it's the only upcoming Switch game I have more than a passing interest in, but so long as it arrives, that's fine. Is there any interest in a quick gallery feature for the site, featuring pictures of the limited edition, in similar vein to the one which was made for Metroid Samus Returns Legacy Edition?
  11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct to be broadcast on 15/10/2021 Up on the main page. We'll have the full roundup article with the press release etc up on the main page shortly after the event airs. This should be a decent seasonal update for anyone who is still regularly playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Mr. Sakurai presents Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roundup Now up on the main page. Full press release and video embed. A fitting end to a celebration of videogames, which will surely continue to be celebrated by the fans who continue to keep it going.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Oh wow... all of the Kingdom Hearts games are cloud versions? I did wonder how Kingdom Hearts III would have run on the Switch, so I was almost half-expecting something like that, but for all the games? Oh well. I'm not that invested in Kingdom Hearts as a series, but that was an excellent character reveal, and I'm glad for all the fans who asked for this. An impressive amount of time and energy has gone into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a whole, and regardless of your stance on the series or the character additions, that's certainly a lot of dedication and passion which has gone into one single game, which has turned into a celebration of videogames. I don't play that many videogames any more, and while I don't feel as invested in any of it as I once did, seeing Sora and Mario shake hands at the end still got a smile out of me. Well played, Nintendo, Square-Enix, Sakurai and all developers (first and third-party) involved in the game and series. And thank you to Iwata-San, of course. Thanks for all the games of Smash which we've played to everyone on N-Europe as well, I only tend to join for new character nights these days, but it has made each and every one of those new characters all the more memorable, especially with the Mii costumes and created stages as well; I'll definitely join again when Sora is added. Right, time to get the relevant roundup article up on the main page.
  14. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    The complete removal of the lives system is definitely at odds with the original game design philosophy, even if they put a 'classic' mode as an unlockable once you've cleared the game once normally, that would have been something. Also, I don't understand why they needed to redo the sound effects, they were perfect before... plus, in that video, is that a different announcer? Unless it's a different region perhaps... I thought the original voice of Super Monkey Ball was back for this game? I'm sure a patch adding in lives, original sound effects and a more structured game mode wouldn't be out of the question? They've spent enough time on superfluous DLC for this game, a free update even a little bit later after launch would be welcomed, and it would do the reputatation of the series some good as well. Otherwise, it's close but no banana! (I still bought a copy)
  15. Thoughts on Perfect Dark... The original game was a technical accomplishment when it was first released, and it is still perfectly playable now, despite the framerate. When it was remade, the game was expanded to a wider audience, at a cost which has only become more apparent in recent years, and although it's not... perfect it is an improvement in many areas, and remains perhaps the most accessible option for most potential players of it today. Having a stable framerate and the addition of online multiplayer, do make this an appealing option still, despite the impact on the controls, some of the questionable graphical changes, and the significant alterations to the gameplay, clearly not for the better in some areas. If there was to be another remake of Perfect Dark in 2021 or beyond, I'd like to think that a developer such as NightDive Studios could bring the game up to date in a way which would prove to be more true to the original source material, especially given when they have achieved with numerous other FPS titles over the past few years. And if their previous remakes of titles are anything to go by, they would be able to make the game work well across multiple platforms, although in this case, clearly the only consoles the game would get a re-release on would be Xbox and Switch... with the possibility of a PC port, but probably no PS4/PS5 release due to the fact that there isn't a precedent set for it, unless some kind of deal could be made? Either way, a more modern remake of Perfect Dark would be welcome, especially in view of a new game being made by another company for the Xbox, due for release some time in the future. Because no matter how that game turns out, I think having renewed interest in the franchise as a whole, and more people curious to experience the original game is a good thing, so there is a chance to show the game in a more Perfect light, rather than it being left in the Dark as an important N64 game, with a remake which could be better, though for the price... which is next to nothing as part of Rare Replay, it's still a fair offering, though for a full remake in 2021 which takes the best of both incarnations? I could see it selling for £20 on either platform, digitally, or as a full retail title on the Switch.