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  1. The Jimquisition Thread

    Agreed, at least to some degree anyway, there are some great. honest, good games you can get for good prices these days. I think it's great that we can get so much enjoyment out of certain titles which offer true value for money and investment of time. As for the games which shovel in loot boxes and microtransactions however, I have no time for those at all. The best £25 or so I spent recently though has to be on Dangerous Driving as it's worth it for the single player content alone.
  2. The Jimquisition Thread

    Oh I agree, but I just meant that the whole situation within the AAA Games Industry has gotten way out of hand. I miss the days of buying a game and getting a game, with hours of gameplay and all of the extra content on the disc or cartridge. So much content is cut out of games these days or worse, not even thought of at the time and then sold to us later, it's beyond belief.
  3. The Jimquisition Thread

    Another video about corporate greed and excess in the AAA Game Industry? Surely not... It is pretty obscene though.
  4. Ha! That's another Konami title I happened to acquire recently but I hadn't gotten around to playing yet. I might have to play them both to see how they compare now.
  5. Damn... there's at least one game that isn't in the shortlist that I thought would be but I understand, it's tough having to make the final call. Still, that's one heck of a shortlist! Now comes the real hard part... voting for just three out of those fifteen titles.
  6. Post your Cooking!

    Time to bump the old Cooking thread again I reckon, seeing as its been nearly a year this time... Here we go... - - - Ginger Beef - - - Beef marinated in Teriyaki with a good bit of extra ginger, with some black beans, broccoli, carrot (match-stick size), courgette (deseeded), chopped leek served with rice. - - - Main Ingredients - - - Beef (one good size piece) Black Beans (one carton or can) Broccoli (a decent sized piece) Carrots (around four is ideal) Courgette (just the one) Leek (one should be fine) Rice (a third of a 1KG pack) - - - Method of Cooking - - - Chop up the beef into small pieces Place in a dish to marinade Use a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce, a good amount of ginger, some garlic, salt and pepper Mix the beef and the marinade together, then cover over and set aside Chop up the carrots, place in a pre-heated pan, cook in butter and/or oil Keep stirring until the carrots soften, you might need to add a bit of hot water and cover with a lid Add in the top part of the leek first if you can, then add the rest of the leek in a few minutes after De-seed the courgette (the seeds make it taste bitter) and add the courgette to the mix Put the loosely chopped broccoli into the pan, add some more water if required, cover with lid and transfer to a gentler heat source (another hob) In another pre-heated pan that has just a bit of oil in, add the marinated beef and stir continuously until the meat browns Add in the black beans (once you've drained and rinsed them well) into the same pan as the beef Bring some water to the boil in another pan and add the rice, cook for ten - twelve minutes Drain the rice, take the meat off the heat once it looks cooked and the vegetables Serve the rice into bowls first (quickly) then the vegetables with the beef and the black beans served last Enjoy! Looking back, I think my cooking has come on a bit since this thread started - still can't believe that's ten years ago now - but I help out with cooking stuff quite a bit generally. I just had a rare Good Friday off work, so I figured it would be nice to cook everything from scratch and it ended up being a nice family meal. With the amount cooked today, there should be enough for tomorrow as well, this is often a good way to cook if you can as the whole thing took around an hour with a bit of help. If anyone else has any meals they'd like to share their method to on here, then feel free to use the same format as above - or make your own - and Post Your Cooking! Or... just let the thread vanish for another year or more, I'm sure it will return again some day soon.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    I thought that the above news was front page worthy given the popularity of XIII back in the days of the GameCube. Cheers for the heads-up @Vileplume2000 I gave you a credit at the bottom of the article and used the video you posted above. I'm actually looking forward to playing the single-player campaign properly for the first time on Switch. My brother and I did dabble in the multiplayer a bit as well, pretty decent for what it's worth.
  8. Last of Us Part II

    You really should... and this is coming from someone who bought the game twice, couldn't finish it on PS3 for fear of overheating the system and then played it on PS4 properly. I got it when it came out, played it from start to finish and loved... almost every minute of it, there were certain sections which required multiple tries but I did it. One of the few PS4 games that I have played over the years and it's easily one of the best, so much so that I'm unsure whether or not this sequel will top it. But it is Naughty Dog so... who knows. If it does come out on that date then... that will be a pretty good turnaround from reveal to launch considering how much time has surely gone into making this possible.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I noticed! I even managed to recover a few times I believe, before being chucked, slashed or beaten back off the edge again. Those were some really hilarious stages in the mix last night I thought, so well done to all involved in stage creation. I didn't have time to make any but I did dablle quickly with the stage editor when I left last night just after 11PM or so... I was too tired to make any sense of it though. @RedShell how did you make the background elements such as BabyFace etc? Is it easier to make square pixels for the background than it is for the actual stage? Also, is it easier generally to make these stages in portable mode or with a controller? I was thinking that for making straight lines my Hori pad might work better... ...maybe not though, it depends on how the d-pad is configured, either way, I do intend to have a go at stage building as I have a few ideas. Anyway, thanks for the games everyone, you made my first time playing as a Persona character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate truly memorable... and that's no joke!
  10. Reggie Is Retiring

    My first thought about that mystery character was... Mach Rider. But the size doesn't add up and the hand isn't the same. Then I thought... Custom Robo. Possible... and plausible. Reset Era seems to think it's Teleboxer at the top of their poll. Not sure if they're serious though and it's not enough fingers on the hand. Ah well... I guess we'll find out - or not - soon enough I hope. Anyway, more to the point... those are some fantastic gifts and I hope Reggie enjoys his retirement.
  11. Here is the final article for our Top Ten Game Boy Games. Thanks to @RedShell for the amazing banner/side graphics (plus excellent advice for the in-article banners) and @Glen-i plus @Dcubed once again for organising this. Also thanks to the N-E community for contributing as this article truly wouldn't have been possible without your input. (my contribution was making the game banners in the article and getting it uploaded, which was a pleasure as always) Enjoy! And here's to the next one.
  12. Well, at least once the SNES selections are finalised, the other Top Ten lists shouldn't be so hard... r-right? *thinks about all of those glorious GBC, N64, GBA, GC, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Switch(?) and of course... Virtual Boy games* Who am I kidding? This is only the start of some very tough game related decisions.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Well I feel like a fool... after posting the news early this morning that it was today for the 3.0 update, which it is in the USA... ...it's actually tomorrow for the UK and Europe. I'm sat here with my Switch updated, checking the eShop looking for the DLC while doing Duke Nukem impressions... "Where is it?" Ah well... at least I can sort my software icons until then... or do something useful like post a certain feature on the main site... ...yeah, I might do that I reckon, it's going to be a lonnnng day.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Hot off the press, Joker is now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so long as you've already bought the season pass. The entire 3.0 update goes live today (17/04/2019) including a host of new features. (one which @RedShell will be very happy about) Of course Nintendo would choose to drop this video at around 3AM, ah well, it was worth watching and posting the article. Check it all out on the main page (click the above banner) it'll be nice to finally play as Joker... ...but first, sleep.