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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode 65 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Another great episode, some decent coverage of the latest Nintendo Direct as well, but the main highlight is hearing about all of your experiences with the latest Podpals game, What Remains of Edith Finch as this is a game which I've played before, years ago when it was first available on the PS4, I really enjoyed my time with the game, and for anyone who has played the game before, I think they'd definitely enjoy listening to this episode, as I did. But, for anyone who has yet to play this title, definitely play the game first. I've used some of the graphics in a banner before, there aren't a lot of .png images which work that well, but I think this simple banner promotes the episode well enough. Thanks again to @Londragon @nekunando @Nicktendo for their views on the game, and for everyone else who contributed discussion to this Podpals edition, plus thanks to @Vileplume2000 for putting the YouTube version up.
  2. Pokémon Presents 26.02.2021 Roundup Now up on the main page. Full press release and video embed. - - - - - I didn't catch this live, I've only just seen the main highlights from it but... well, there certainly were more Pokémon games announced. Pokémon really doesn't interest me that much any more, aside from perhaps playing a bit of Mystery Dungeon. I'm glad for anyone who's excited about any of the new games announced, but I didn't feel anything for any of the newly announced titles, and that's OK. New Pokémon Snap however, that looks really decent, and probably everything you could want from a sequel which has been long overdue. Although... I do wonder if it has now been too long? I think there will be more of an appeal to it, for younger players, who haven't played the original.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    This is no longer exclusive? If it's coming to the PC then... surely it's only a matter of time before it comes to other platforms as well then? Having said that, this doesn't make that much difference to me, my PC isn't that modern, so that version is out, and I wasn't planning on renewing subscriptions for either PS Plus or Xbox Live, plus I already renewed my Nintendo Switch Online subscription, because it's only £17.99 for the year, and this was my main reason for renewing. The only decision now is, buy it for the Switch, or not? I probably will, for the multiplayer, and the fact that it's genuinely the only upcoming game, on any platform, which I have an interest in at the moment. Hmm...
  4. Pokémon Presents 26.02.2021 to be shown tomorrow Now up on the main page. N-Europe will have the full Roundup article posted, shortly after the presentation. - - - - -
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Sakurai Presents Pyra/Mythra to be shown on March 4th Now up on the main page. N-Europe will have the full Roundup article posted, shortly after next week's presentation. - - - - -
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 grinds onto the Switch Now up on the main page. Check the article for the press release and the latest trailer. - - - - - Narita Boy launches on March 30th, 2021 Also up on the main page. Check the article for the press release and the latest trailer. - - - - -
  7. Star Wars: Republic Commando storms the Switch eShop Now up on the main page. Check the article for the press release and the latest trailer. - - - - -
  8. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode N64 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Thanks for sharing your N64 memories with us, I enjoyed hearing about your early experiences with the console, it was a similar story for me, when we got an N64 as a Christmas present from our grandparents on Boxing Day of 1997, I believe it was... I'll never forget playing Goldeneye for the first time with my brothers. That N64 quiz was great, there were plenty of tracks I didn't recognise, but also a fair few which I knew instinctively, as for the transition tunes, there may be twelve in total, but I only picked out ten, so I must have missed two early on in the podcast, but I can definitely name ten of them with near-certainty; anyway, best of luck to anyone who gets all twelve and enters the challenge. There weren't that many .png images under N64 which fitted in very well with the banner, so I decided to make up an N64 boxart of sorts for the episode.
  9. Nintendo Direct 17/02/21 Roundup N-Europe's roundup of the direct. Full press release and video embed.
  10. Yep, this was the highlight for me as well, I've always wanted a version of Skyward Sword which has the option of traditional controls, and sharper visuals... here it is. I enjoyed playing the game at the time, but the motion controls were never perfect, and the game had such a nice art style that it was a shame to see it in such a low definition. I'll have the roundup article up in a bit, typical that Nintendo choose Wednesday night, the one time a week that I still tend to actually play games on.
  11. Nintendo Direct 17/02/21 to be broadcast tomorrow Up on the main page. We'll have the full roundup article with the press release etc up on the main page shortly after the event airs tomorrow. Personal expectations? A release date for Metroid Prime 4, obviously. Realistic expectations? A character reveal for Smash, some sales data, and an Indie sizzle reel.
  12. That's really good of you to offer, Adam. I'm seriously considering taking you up on that, as even though there aren't many games I'm playing right now, this is one which I'd make some time for, even if it's just a quick run through the main game to see the differences, (the "200cc" speed the game now runs at, sounds interesting) and then check out Bowser's Fury.
  13. The spoiler tag seems to be working in @Hero-of-Time 's original post, just not in @Sheikah 's quoted post, for whatever reason. *edit - it is working as indended now though, must have been a glitch. Adam has always posted images from game completion screens, they've always been in spoiler-tags, from what I've seen, and it's a record of beating the game. - - - - - I'm just glad that people are enjoying playing the game anyway, if it's a first-time playthrough for anyone on here, then I reckon they'll be enjoying the game that little bit more, though I can't say for certain due to the change in character speed, and having only played the Wii U original. I was considering picking up a copy after seeing everyone else playing it, but I've resisted it for now, as I'm not really playing that many games these days. I'll be interested to hear more about what people think about the extra content though, it sounds interesting enough, that I may see if I can get a copy of the game for £35... but £45 to £50 just isn't worth it, to me, having played the game before on the Wii U, like so many of the other ports on the Switch. It's nice to see that it's just about as well received as it was the first time, ranging from 'It's not a bad Mario game' to ' It's the best Mario game ever!!1!' personally, I enjoyed it at the time, it's not the best Mario game I've played, it's not the worst, and at least it's getting a bit more exposure on the Switch.
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    N-E Café Episode 63⅓ now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - It was interesting to hear how you all started out with The Legend of Zelda series, for me, it was Ocarina of Time, that was the first game in the series I played from start to finish. Then, I went back through the games from there, because even though I had played A Link to the Past on a friends SNES back in the day, I didn't own one until later, same with the NES. I've played every main entry in the series since then, aside from the spin-offs, as I'm not that bothered about Tri-Force Heroes or the Hyrule Warriors titles, I could go back to them and play them properly, but it's unlikely, though I'm interested in playing Cadence of Hyrule. Definitely some great memories of the series though, playing through both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask at around the end of the year, something about playing a new Zelda title during the last few months of the year, just seems right.
  15. If anyone really wanted to play Prince of Persia: Sands of Time then there are many different versions of it across GC, PS2, Xbox, PC... plus a GBA version. There's even Prince of Persia Trilogy on the PS2, plus a later PS3 HD version, unless there's something wrong with those versions? I can only speak for the quality of the games on the GameCube, I'd imagine that they still hold up pretty well today though. Also, I just checked and the Xbox version is backwards compatible on the Xbox One.