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  1. General Switch Discussion

    I get why you're not buying Smash but I also don't get why you're not buying it, but I respect your decision all the same... ...you monster! I'm guessing that because you've played it locally at a friends house a lot and prefer to play it locally maybe... which I can totally understand but even so, it's nice to have the option to play online because it offers a completely different experience, but I digress. Anyway, never mind all that because I just found this... Slay The Spire for Nintendo Switch only £27.96 on eBay with code "PARTYTIME" (20% off, expires tonight, selected sellers only) And yes, I bought a copy because on the Switch it seems like the physical version of Slay The Spire is an odd one which isn't stocked everywhere and I know that me purchasing it at some point was going to be inevitable because... reasons! Also, oddly it's not available on The Game Collection but the seller on eBay is The Game Collection Outlet... so they had copies of it at some point I presume but just not on their main site, which... actually works out better as the game is now cheaper by getting it from them but via eBay. I can't say when I'm going to play Slay the Spire mind... but I bought it now at least and if you want to get a cheap physical copy of it @drahkon then you can, there's still a few left.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Welcome to the club. Also, I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the dock, definitely get that screen protector asap, I've had one on my Switch since launch and it's probably what saved the machine from scratches from the dock, once you've got that protector on though, you really don't need to worry so much, also sometimes the dock won't behave like it should and you need to wiggle a few cables to get it working again but once it's all set up properly is will tend to work reliably for a long time. Yeah, OK... maybe you are right to dismiss the dock especially as you'll be playing in portable mode by your own admission, however... there is one area where I've found the dock to be a must and that is when playing games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online, also to do that if you want to take advantage of a wired connection you need to buy an official Nintendo Switch Ethernet dongle, and I'd also advise on getting a mini USB hub if you want extra connections but I say this from experience that once you're playing Smash online, on the big screen with your controller of choice (another adapter is required if you want to use a GC controller of course) then there really isn't anything much better than that... ...except for Slay the Spire* of course. *totally unfounded claim, I haven't played the game myself but you keep telling me it's good (I'll get it at some point) and we know this is what you'll mostly be playing on the Switch anyway. Whatever you end up playing though and regardless of how you choose to play, enjoy!
  3. General Switch Discussion

    S.C.G used "Zoom"... It's Super-Effective! Download Code, sell away!
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Looking at the packaging, it says "Full Game Download" on the box so I'm guessing it's a download code, so assuming that's the case you could sell it... ...also, you monster! Seriously though... if you do end up with Mario Kart 8 DX on your Switch you'd be more than welcome to race against us in the N-E Mario Kart League. Out of interest, are you not interested in it because you had it on the Wii U or played it before perhaps? Because if so, I thought that at first but the difference is night and day.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to host first anniversary spirit event I can't believe it has been a whole year already... While I started writing about the spirit event, it turned into an article reflecting on the year and all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate related content on the site. In additon to giving thanks to the development team, third parties and a certain someone from Nintendo who's sadly no longer with us. And I'd like to say thanks to everyone in the N-Europe community, on the main forum and to my fellow staff members as well, it has certainly been quite the year... ...both for SSBU and just in general but one thing which has kept me going is our community game nights on Smash as I really do look forward to them. To anyone who I've played in Smash, Thanks for Playing! And here's to hopefully many more years of Super Smash Bros. based shenanigans.
  6. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Super Mario Maker 2 version 2.0.0 update information roundup All the relevant info from the past few days on Super Mario Maker 2 plus the original video in one handy article. (aka... a late cut 'n paste effort but it's something for the main page) Has anyone actually tried out any of the new course elements?
  7. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I happened to notice that last thing, last night/this morning, so it has already been added to Dennis' excellent promotional article on the front page. Good job on the editing on both versions, I liked the song choices Nick, obviously I'll say no more than that as I'm disallowed from guessing this week. The graphics for the YouTube version look great as well Greg, I've always quite liked the art style used in 1080° Avalanche.
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That was a really great session. Thanks to @BowserBasher @RedShell @Glen-i and @Ugh first aid for some fantastic fights. You really couldn't have made up some of those character matches and I'm glad that I got to play as Samus and Dark Samus of course as I still like to fight as a character I'm familiar with every now and then. Some of those battles were really close though and dare I say it... maybe some of that Smash practice is starting to pay off. Either way, it was fun which is the main thing.
  9. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    I thought it was about time I updated my Mii, I hadn't really changed it much since the Wii days really. Also... I can't have been the only one who tried to take the shortcut on Yoshi Circuit... ...Smart Steering says... "what are you doing? you can't leave the track! cease this madness!"
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I reckon Dangerous Driving is a good purchase if he has played and liked the Burnout games in the past. If not then... Dragon Quest XI must be cheap on the PS4 by now.
  11. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I just finished listening to Episode 5 and I think it went pretty well. Thanks for having me on N-E Café @londragon @Nicktendo @nekunando it was a pleasure talking about games with you all and I enjoyed the musical quiz... ...even if there were one or two tracks on there I really felt I should have got right but couldn't think of them on the spot despite knowing where they were from. Well played Greg, some of those choices were very tricky indeed. I won't say anything about the tracks as I don't want to ruin the podcast for anyone but it was fun. I'm sure Dennis will promote Episode 5 on the main page later on and we'll add in the YouTube version to the article when it's ready.
  12. You were there in spirit Jonnas. Thanks for letting me know though, I knew there'd be something to correct as the article went up without any issues. It's like the N-E Top Ten "Game Console" articles all over again. All fixed now anyway, it should change on the main article... soon. I'm already looking forward to the next episode.
  13. A Smashing Cast Episodes 2 and 3 are now available And they are now up on the main site! Thanks once again to everyone involved and to @Dcubed for casting a resurrection spell on Episode 2 and getting both it and Episode 3 uploaded. But as Dean said though, Episode 4 is coming later this week and we hope to be able to maintain consistency from now on. We've had a blast with this so far though as it's a lot fun for everyone involved and something we hope to keep going, perhaps even hosting different games down the line. There's plenty of scope as far as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is concerned though and we're always grateful for any feedback, comments or suggestions. Until we Smash again!
  14. General Retro Discussion

    He-He-Here We Go! I can't believe it either, Donkey Kong 64 is twenty years old... it doesn't seem like that long ago to me, that's just... bananas! Maybe we should all play it again to celebrate this anniversary... then again, maybe not, I don't think anyone has time for that, even a speedrun on that game is probably long.