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  1. Kirby Star Allies

    @Hero-of-Time fantastic review there. I've only just started the game myself, just beaten the first world but I'm going to leave it there as I have to fully complete each stage in each world before moving on, so it will likely take me ten hours or so to complete. Already I'm noticing the change in pace and difficulty from the recent handheld games, still... I'm glad to see that the humour is still there. I will play this to the end, because of course I will, you've gotta love Kirby! But at the same time, it would have been nice to have had a harder difficulty from the start but then, I suppose that's not how the series works. This is a Kirby game released almost within the first year of the Switch being released though, and the game still puts a big damn smile on my face so... I'm still pretty easily pleased when it comes to this series I suppose.
  2. Indie Games

    Last Day of June Well, that happened! I played a game AND reviewed it in 24 hours. Also... there don't seem to be any other reviews for the Switch version online... yet. Usually I'd be worried about an embargo being broken, but the game came out yesterday so... ...N-Europe exclusive! (probably for all of 5 minutes) Enjoy!
  3. Nindies Showcase 20th March 2018

    Oh wow... please let this happen! I love the original game on GameCube and would kill for it on Switch! ... Well, maybe not kill... but, it certainly would be rather nice to play it again on a modern Nintendo platform.
  4. General Retro Discussion

    Two points cards of 2000 points each, got them for maybe a couple of pounds saving but that's about it. I wouldn't advise doing a transfer to your Wii U if you want to keep the superior picture quality on the Wii when running via certain cables... it's explained better in that video above but I knew there was a reason I needed to keep my VC games on my Wii, it's related to the original 240p signal I believe, anyway just something to consider.
  5. Wii General Discussion

    You might want to get Ufouria: The Saga on the NES even if you don't pick up anything else. Yes, Strider on the Mega Drive is worth getting. Also, everyone should get Alien Soldier on the Mega Drive if they don't own it digitally anywhere else, the original MD cart is very expensive.
  6. Wii General Discussion

    Yes, I mean obviously life will go on without them ultimately, it's just the thought... of not being able to play them ever potentially. When it boils down to it, I really will just go for those Konami Rebirth titles and a couple of VC games which I know I would really miss and know that I wouldn't buy them in physical form, especially rare NES titles, I like to collect some rare stuff but Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges are something I won't tend to buy unless there's a special circumstance surrounding their release or if I can get them cheap... which doesn't happen these days.
  7. Wii General Discussion

    When you've just bought 4000 Wii Shop points and then realise that you're going to need at least 4000 more to afford the titles you want, even after discounting a load of titles which you convince yourself you can live without... probably. I'm making the Konami Rebirth titles a priority, certain VC titles which you can't get anywhere else bar expensive cartridges and anything else which I spot on the shop and think to myself "I was sure that I had that..." only to find that I don't. This is going to be an interesting week in the leadup to the cut-off date.
  8. Welp! Time to buy the game for at least the fourth time then. If I buy the physical edition but don't upgrade my digital version... the save files will at least be different though, right? As in the save file for the original downloaded version will have all the progress I've made so far but the new physical edition with the dlc on the card will save to the card won't it? (I guess the physical edition might even have a new home screen icon)
  9. General Switch Discussion

    It will be a difference of 10 MB/s... though I suppose it also depends on the price difference and the brand of the card even though they mostly all work the same, I've always had Sandisk cards and they've worked fine, the one I'm currently using is a 90MB/s card which seems reasonably quick. In short... a small difference so it just depends on how much cheaper the other card is and if the saving is justifiable to you or if it's a negligible amount in performance of the card you might be missing in the long-term, which I can't answer for you but I hope this helps.
  10. General Retro Discussion

    Just to add further weight to this as the date looms ever closer, I would advise anyone wondering which games they might be missing out on to watch this... I've just finished watching it myself and it has really hit home that there are plenty of titles I will miss if I don't get them soon, even though I have a lot of them already. There were some titles I didn't download because I either had already played them in their original form or thought that I already had the best versions. Through writing VC Weekly over the years (which may yet return) It's true that I did get codes for some of the games but not all of them. In fact the majority of them were self-funded, I shudder to think how many Wii Points cards I bought over the years... So yes, it's starting to feel real now even for me as there are around fifty titles I possibly still want to get. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see if I can still buy some points cards to save a little bit. If anyone has any unused Wii points cards, I'd advise using them... ...or offer them up for sale, heck I'd buy them.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Throwback Thursday #30 Kirby's Dream Land Written by @Vileplume2000
  12. Steamworld Dig 2

    SteamWorld Dig Review of the first game on Switch. Needless to say that SteamWorld Dig 2 is now top of my list... ...when the physical version launches in April. Expect a review of SteamWorld Dig 2 soon after then.
  13. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Yay! The infamous Murder Pickle is back... Gotta love Deviljho.