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  1. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Well, it wouldn't go through after all that anyway, so nevermind. I don't need the NES controllers that badly.
  2. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Ah OK, I'll leave them sealed then... for now. You're right, this address finder for the ordering system truly is horrible. I can manage to get all of my address by working backwards, except for the house name.
  3. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Is there a limit to how many discount vouchers you can redeem against the controllers? If there isn't... I'm temtped to go on a mass unsealing of my current... fifty retail Switch titles to claim all of my gold coins. I'd probably have enough to pay for them outright, surely?
  4. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Either way, more ways to play Retro games of all types, from all over is a good thing for everyone. Just as long as the emulation holds up, then all is well.
  5. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Where do you even have to go to order them? Do you need to be signed into your Nintendo Network ID to do so as well? The trouble you've described in ordering makes it sound similar to the setup the original club Nintendo website had when sending physical goods, if that's the case then I sympathise. They never did send me that Kirby GBA game...
  6. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Ah ShopTo have it? Well... go on then! *pre-orders*
  7. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    So... is anyone buying this? Or waiting for the full list and then possibly buying it? It's really odd, NES/SNES classic mini... day one purchase for me, despite owning the games many times over. But when it comes to the Playstation Classic... nice enough but what other games will there be, will the emulation hold up... maybe I'll pre-order. If the rest of the games aren't that compelling though, then I could just buy the one game on that initial list for the original PlayStation that I do want and call it a day. That game of course, is Jumping Jack Flash and I really love that they've included it but I'm still on the fence about it all.
  8. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Some really good analysis in this video.
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Well, I tried... I was in your hub, then I got dcd and the hub is full now, let me know if there is space or if you make another hub and I'll help you out.
  10. Capcom Beat' Em Up Bundle

    Ah, I thought that was for UK as well being that the release date is December 6th... that sucks then.
  11. Capcom Beat' Em Up Bundle

    I will be picking this up but... it seems that it's getting a physical release later on in the year on December 6th so, I'll be holding out for that.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    It might sell a few but damn... that is one horrible looking Switch bundle box.
  13. Sega Mega Drive Classics (Winter 2018)

    It is a bit odd isn't it? Maybe the Ages line will be for the more obscure/popular titles which they can put a new spin on or that they know they can sell seperately like Sonic 3 & Knuckles... I'm looking forward to both sets of games either way.
  14. Sega Mega Drive Classics (Winter 2018)

    Well... I would have waited Sega, but you took Ages so... I bought it on the PS4. But what am I talking about? Of course I'm going to buy this again on the Switch! Phantasy Star IV in portable form? Yes please!
  15. Indie Games

    How does that even happen? I mean, I can understand a game maybe counting idle time in menus etc but even then, there would only be a few hours difference, if that. That is definitely one broken in-game timer, spectacularly so.