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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I mean back when Switch first released Nintendo at least had something pretty unique in terms of providing a way to play more home console-esque experiences on the go, which helped to justify the Switch Tax. But now, with the likes of Steam Deck and game steaming on basically any mobile device, that USP for the Switch is completely gone. There absolutely is no way that any multiplatform game releasing today should be most expensive on Switch! Will be interesting to see just how much longer that trend continues, now that there is more competition in the portable market again.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Disappointed. Probably wouldn't even bother to watch actually, as any third party stuff I'd want would definitely be getting played on PC. Not bought many third party games on Switch, but I now regret pretty much all of those purchases. So yeah, it's Nintendo games only for me on Switch from now on. Well, if they ever get around to making something original/appealing again.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Had a quick look through it yesterday, seems pretty weak though. Most of the best offers are for really old games that are already in my library. I think the days of absolutely crazy discounts on Steam sales are long gone unfortunately. You pick anything up?
  4. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    Still not got around to Elden Ring yet, probably won’t until winter now though. It definitely feels like more of a winter game, unlike Turtles. Anyway, finally done some online play on this. As expected it is madness! When you get 6 player games going it becomes pretty much impossible to see where your character is and what the hell is going on! Hilarious stuff though.
  5. Monster Hunter Rise

    Same here. I’ve given the Sunbreak demo a quick go on both Switch and PC, but it’s an annoying situation because my characters, progress, hunting buddies, etc. are held hostage on Switch, and it’s really tough going back to that version of the game having now experienced it on PC. Capcom (or more likely, Nintendo) were such donuts for not allowing cross-save/play. But yeah, I got a good 300+ hours out of the base game, and have lots of stuff (actually too much ) to be playing at the moment anyway.
  6. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    Credits have rolled for me as well. Yeah, the music IMO is easily the best thing about the entire game! Absolute perfection, (Tee Lopes has firmly established himself as the go-to composer for recreating 90's Zazz ) even though I personally wasn't so keen on a couple of the vocal tracks (cheese allergy ) I get that they totally fit the vibe though, and well, they certainly made me laugh/added to the fun. Shame about Shredder's voice though, so wrong. Grabbing sound bites by James Avery from the TV series would have been way better, but I'm guessing that wasn't a viable option. Anyway, will definitely give online co-op a go later on today. Too bad there's currently no cross-play (other than between Xbox and PC) hopefully it gets patched in at some point, although I suspect if it does it'll be once most people are already done with the game.
  7. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    I’ve not tried online play yet (am playing via Game Pass on PC) as I want to do a complete solo playthrough first. 6 player mode must be bonkers though. Looking forward to checking it out. As for bugs (apart from the ones you collect in the game ) the only issue that I’ve encountered so far was the scrolling getting stuck for about a minute one time. I was just going to restart the stage, but a bit of freaking out on the right edge of the screen eventually got it moving again. Guess an enemy was just being shy.
  8. Yakuza 0 (PS4)

  9. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    I think I should get an actual trophy for unlocking this: ...as my very first trophy. Anyway, played through a few stages (and obtained some less embarrassing achievements ) the game is unsurprisingly very fun, and the nostalgia is off the scale. I love how there are so many throwbacks to the old games, like chucking enemies towards the screen, and those funny animations when you fall down holes or get a little robot stuck on you. Soundtrack is also ludicrously good, as expected with Tee Lopes being involved.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    Just been playing the demo... this is absolutely amazing!! It's like a mash-up of all of the very best old-school racing games. Pure fun. Bring on the full game.
  11. Quite a few things that caught my attention during the Xbox showcase (more than I was expecting actually ): High on Life Scorn Pentiment Ravenlok Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Also love that Flight Simulator is getting helicopters in November (the Halo aircraft is pretty cool too). Oh- and they're finally letting you save your ship in Sea of Thieves! Better late that never I guess, and the extra ship customisation is nice. Still not completely sure about Starfield. Sure, it looks amazing, but I also get the feeling it's going to be one of these games that just tries to do way too much and is ultimately a confusing mess. We shall see... But yeah, not a bad show overall I reckon. Is that it for "E3" now then, or are there any other shows coming up?
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, that’s a very welcome addition to Game Pass for me.
  13. Stray (19th July 2022)

    Man, it’s a shame Microsoft didn’t nab this one for Game Pass. Oh well, I shall definitely check it out at some point. A little bit unsure about the context sensitive jumping mechanics. I suppose it makes sense for the type of gameplay they’re going for (and to have more control over the cat’s animation) but there’s no doubt it would’ve been a lot of fun to have the cat jump around at will too. Nice to know they got a dedicated meow button in there at least. The animation on the cat is so good though, all done by hand too apparently, no mocap. That subtle half wink it does at the end of the release date trailer is just spot-on!