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  1. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Every time I play Ice Climber I start laughing, the controls on that game just never fail to amuse. Unbelievably frustrating. BTW, what’s the deal with online leaderboards, or has that not been implemented yet? I was just thinking how great it’d be if Nintendo added GB games to this thing too.
  2. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4)

    I urge everyone to check out the demo for this. You get a nice feel for the combat, story gameplay and can even drive around in Ken’s car while listening to music from Binary Domain and Super Monkey Ball! You don’t even know how much I’m looking forward to this game!
  3. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    There’s no option to remove all the crap surrounding the screen when playing NES games, is there? How the hell could they mess that up now after getting it right on the NES and SNES minis!? Anyway, got all my save data backed-up (minus Splatoon 2, obviously) but out of everything I own, including all the eShop stuff, that was the only game not supported. So yeah, a sign that most devs will enable the feature, I quess. Feels nice getting my save data for games like Zelda and Monster Hunter on there.
  4. MonHun Generations GIF/Pic thread

    What do you mean Quest complete!? I'm not done yet: "Rise from Your Grave!":
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Cheers @Glen-i & @Hero-of-Time for a thoroughly enjoyable Prowler hunting session earlier on. 4 x Prowlers is just chaos, complete and utter chaos! Love it. What a fireworks display. Got a couple of GIFs that I'll post in the other thread in a sec.
  6. Nintendo Labo

    I’m still too invested in Monster Hunter at the moment (that, plus the reasons I mentioned above) so decided against picking up the vehicle kit for the time being. Lets us know how you get on with it!
  7. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    That’s cool, but if you are going to be doing the Prowler quests at any point I’d definitely be up for helping out.
  8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Hehehe. That’s pretty funny as today I made the switch back to hunter! Had so many items collected (from hundreds of quests as a Prowler) that I managed to get some pretty decent hunter gear made up straight away, over 900 defense! Also got a beast of a hammer forged, well over 300 attack plus purple sharpness! Still upgrades available too. I’m a bit rusty with the hammer, but it sure was fun hunting with it again. I also managed to solo the G Rank event quest for the Breath of the Wild’s Link gear, something which I came close to doing as a Prowler, but couldn’t quite manage. Anyway, if you want to meet up tomorrow for any of the Prowler exclusive quests (or anything else) just let me know. Would be great if we could organise an N-E all Prowler session actually. Hardly anyone seems to use Prowler online, and I cannot remember the last time I did a four player Prowler hunt.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — 7th December 2018

    I will do no such thing! This is why Karate Joe needs to be included, oh wait... that would be GBA though. Ok, it’s time for playable Nintendog!
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — 7th December 2018

    No. Just no. I need to lie down...
  11. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    This is funny in hindsight after that Nakarkos hunt, where our random “helper” decided to just stay at camp for 95% of the fight. It’s a miracle we got through that one actually. Anyway, yesterday’s hunting made it pretty clear that I definitely need to get some higher defense gear for my Prowler. Some of those monsters were practically one shotting me! I’m using the best armour that I can currently make though. It looks as if there is better stuff, but it’s locked behind the Level 3+ G Rank Special Permit hunts. Only other alternative is switching to a Protect Prowler I guess, but that messes up boomerangs, which is how I’m used to playing.
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Cheers. I’m available for hunting whenever today (playing right now actually ) until around 10:30pm. Had a few hunts with Mokong and H-o-T earlier on, taking on low rank monsters with 2 players using endgame gear is just ridiculous!
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Can anyone refresh my memory about the specifics of weapon sharpness? For example, is it better to use a weapon with a higher attack value and blue sharpness, or one with a slightly lower attack but with purple sharpness? Got a feeling it’s the latter, but not sure. That. Or the fact his insane hunting skills have the monsters in constant rage mode. I’m now thinking about reverting to default shout-outs too though, just incase. Yeah right. Custom shout-outs are funnier than watching you cart... just about.
  14. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    So-so Direct for me. Disappointed that the MK8 DLC rumour didn't pan out, but at least Nintendo are attempting to sort out Mario Tennis Aces, which let's face it, is in much greater need of additional content anyway. New stuff in Splatoon 2 is also nice. And I have to say (even though I have no intention of buying it again) the 3DS version of Kirby's Epic Yarn looks absolutely incredible! Anyone that missed out on the Wii version is in for a right treat with that one. The Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle looks cool too (love Final Fight ) but wish it included Alien vs. Predator. It's on the Watch List, for now... Will definitely be checking out Katamari when that arrives, looks very much like my cup of tea. And of course I'm very happy about the "reveal" of Animal Crossing for Switch, even if it was done in a somewhat annoying and underwhelming manner. Just glad to know it's definitely on the way. Still not entirely convinced about the Switch online service, but will be subscribing regardless (at least for 1 year) as I need my MK8, Splatoon, Monster Hunter (and soon, Smash Bros.) online fix. Actually, I am quite looking forward to trying some of those NES games online as well, especially Balloon Fight.