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  1. Well the height of a horizontal level cannot be adjusted, so yeah, those things you mention are not a problem. As long as you don’t adjust the overall length of the stage (in either direction) via the goal, and don’t use any pipes (other than the clear type), anything else you can come up with within the 3.5 screen width restriction is absolutely fine.
  2. Oh right. Yeah, they’re off the menu by default anyway.
  3. I mean no pipes (apart from the clear type) can be used. I want the fact that there is no sub-area on these levels to be very clear.
  4. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    The music on this theme is sooo good! Just couldn’t stop grooving to it. Made it difficult to play Tetris well though. Also, I’d often intentionally fill the screen once it hit 50 players remaining, just so I could start over and listen to the main tune again. Love it.
  5. OK, this time the challenge will be to make a level in the default size, in other words, exactly 3 and a half screens wide. This is the size all new levels start at in the editor, you can also use the Reset Rocket to ensure you’re working at the correct size. There can be no sub-area either, everything has to be in the main area! It’s a small stage to work on, so you’ll have to be creative about how you make use of that limited space. But there are no restrictions on which theme or parts you can use, other than Pipes of course. Clear Pipes in the SM3DW theme are ok BTW. Also, you can edit the height of both the start point and the goal, but just be careful not to change the width of the goal by accident! There should be a 2 square gap between the edge of the 3rd screen and the goal terrain. To recap: Levels must be default size (exactly 3.5 screens wide) no bigger, no smaller No sub-area allowed No Pipes allowed (other than Clear Pipes if using SM3DW style)
  6. My final 5... Day 26 - Favourite NPC: Telly Vision from Chibi-Robo! A cute, super helpful and humorous companion, just an all-round great character really. Day 27 - Best boss battle: King Dice from Cuphead. Unbelievably challenging and incredibly creative, the many phases of this battle are a blast! Day 28 - Favourite DLC/expansion: Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. Enjoyed it way more than the main single player campaign of Splatoon 2. 1980's vibe was the icing on the already delicious cake! Day 29 - Nicest graphics/art style: The Tomorrow Children. Everyone is going on about ray tracing these days for PC and the upcoming next gen platforms, but this game was rocking a form of the rendering tech (and many other great visual features) before it was cool. The end result was something very special indeed, and combined with the fantastic art direction, it made for one hell of a good looking game. Just a shame Sony decided to be absolute arseholes and pull the plug on it. Day 30 - Personal gaming tradition: Super Mario Kart. Surprise! Yeah, I'm pretty sure a year hasn't gone by since the release of this game that I haven't played it, one way or another I always make time for some SMK and will continue to do so for as long as I can.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Thanks for the games everyone. Nice to see you again @Sprout (it’s always fun watching @Glen-i panic ) and congratulations on being the first person to ever get a K.O. from inside the Mario Paint robot! Didn’t think it was possible.
  8. That’s good enough for me! I shall pop over in a bit, thanks.
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Actually, it turns out we got excited for a feature that was better in New Leaf! Yep, looks like Nintendo dropped the ball with dream suite this time... you can’t do random dreams anymore. On a positive note to the new update, they’ve patched in a way to hide the info display when using photo mode by clicking in the control stick.
  10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Wow! The 2nd part of the Summer update looks amazing!
  11. Day 23 - Licensed video game: GoldenEye 007. Just the perfect combination of franchise, developer and platform, a once in a lifetime event really. I don't expect to see another licensed video game of this quality again, put it that way. Day 24 - Best final mission: Operation 009-C from The Wonderful 101. Pure insanity. Platinum always deliver the goods when it comes to extreme OTT action gameplay and finales, but they outdid themselves with this. Day 25 - Online multiplayer: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Have enjoyed many hours of online play with the Monster Hunter series, but the Switch version (especially with fellow N-E hunters) has been the most fun and memorable.
  12. General Retro Discussion

    This is some fascinating stuff for sure. Can’t believe I’ve just been listening to “new” Super Mario Kart music in 2020!
  13. Ok gate open with code: LBW60
  14. Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll open them again, will be on a Dodo code though, I’ll post it in here. @markderoos, this’ll be the last time I can open the gate today, so if you still need to sell be sure to visit now!