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  1. Hyper Demon (PC)

    So this came out recently and the trailer caught my eye (understatement ) it looks absolutely insane! Photosensitive seizure warning The visuals are seriously intense!: It appears to be an FPS on acid. Very positive feedback on Steam at the moment though. I'm certainly interested in checking it out, although it definitely looks like the kind of game I would've enjoyed more 20 years ago, back when I had a slight chance of actually being able to keep up with... whatever the hell it is that's going on in this.
  2. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    Battle Mode is coming to Tour next week: Guess this game is still doing pretty well for Nintendo then?
  3. Google Stadia

    I never tried Stadia, but having recently spent a few months with Xcloud on Game Pass Ultimate I can say that it was definitely a smooth experience. Not perfect, but it only really messed up badly on a handful of occasions. 99.9% of the time it was absolutely spot-on. Was surprised to discover that the main issue with cloud gaming (for me at least) isn't latency but actually picture quality, and that's something which is only going to improve over time with better compression methods and increased internet speeds. Anyway, even though Google dropped the ball with Stadia, I'm still convinced that cloud gaming will become the primary distribution method for the industry in the not too distant future in exactly the same way streaming became so dominant in the music and film industries.
  4. Virtual Reality

    Wow! That looks amazing. Unfortunately I’m currently stuck with LABO VR and an Oculus Go as my only VR options, but otherwise I would totally be checking that out.
  5. Shovel Knight Dig (23rd September 2022)

    4th area is my record so far. Got a feeling I might struggle to finish this game… Think I’m just too old for this genre now, you know, the “literally everything can kill you” genre. @Glen-i, how goes your progress? Based on your previous post I assume you’ve completed it already.
  6. Shovel Knight Dig (23rd September 2022)

    Nice! I still can't even get to the third area.
  7. Splatoon 3

    For anyone that’s playing this, are the news broadcasts now skippable even when first starting up the game? Or is that ticker tape feature they showed in the Direct only available when your already playing?
  8. Shovel Knight Dig (23rd September 2022)

    Man, this game is pretty tough! It’s a struggle to even get passed the first area. I can’t wait to discover more locations though, mainly to hear what the music will be like. This one is probably my fave at the moment: Also, it’s been ages since I played the original game, but did Shovel Knight always move so slowly? He’s definitely on the sluggish side in this game anyway, especially compared to enemies. Looks as if you can upgrade his speed though, which is probably why the base speed is so bad. It’s cool whenever you get some more open sections of a map and can just drop down, bouncing off enemies as you go. Major Downwell vibes during those moments.
  9. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4)

    Yeah. It did seem like Nintendo were starting to get a bit more lax with their IP in recent years, but I guess the reality is they’re still way too overprotective.
  10. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4)

    I’ve got back into this game quite a bit since its relaunch. There are some crazy costumes available in the current season… Spock, Hatsune Miku and a Xenomorph! It’s really great how many different IP they manage to get hold of. Still nothing from Nintendo yet though I see. I’m guessing if they were going to get anything from them it would’ve coincided with the launch of the Switch version though, so probably not going to happen now, which is a shame.
  11. Trombone Champ (Steam)

    The Steam Deck has gyro? Damn, moving that thing around must be quite the workout! I think this game might be mouse/keyboard controls only on PC at the moment, in which case I’ll probably wait until controller support is added.
  12. Trombone Champ (Steam)

    Hilarious. Playing other stuff at the mo, but definitely tempted to just ditch everything else and get this immediately.
  13. Shovel Knight Dig (23rd September 2022)

    Started this today (Apple Arcade version) I’m digging it so far. Didn't realise it was developed in collaboration with Nitrome! Great choice though, as they’re top-notch when it comes to pixel art, and have previously made some great stuff. Soundtrack is very much on point too, with Jake Kaufman returning. Anyone else playing?
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Do you use many mods in general? I occasionally look into them, but always end up getting put off by the potential faff and then never bother. The only thing I persevered with was the Resi 4 HD Fan Project, as that was just too good to miss out on. It was relatively straightforward to install too. Most of the Yakuza mods I’ve seen are model swaps, like switching Kiryu with Haruka. I’m pretty sure someone fixed the Ono Michio costume in Yakuza 6 too, so you can always wear the proper one with a gigantic head.