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  1. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Getting increasingly tempted to buy this game right now.
  2. The only race I didn’t play was dragon driftway (got disconnected before the race started) I managed to reconnect for mount Wario. I don’t mind however you do the score.
  3. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Have setup a hub, usual password.
  4. Got disconnected just before the dragon driftway race.
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Sure thing, I be happy to help out with anything. And it’s always fun hunting alongside Dino Chav.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    I finally got my hands on one of those 8bitdo thingys, so can now use various other controllers on my Switch. Have been testing it with a Wii U Pro Controller so far, and it works very well indeed. Takes a bit of getting used to the face buttons being underneath the right stick again, but it’s just nice to have the option of playing with non-messed up analog sticks, since the ones on my Joy-Cons have been dodgy for ages now.
  7. Pinball FX3 / Stern Pinball Arcade (Switch)

    I am loving the Aliens table. Hardly played the other 2 that come with that pack, as Aliens is just so much fun.
  8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Hehehe, congrats! How about going for one of the Special permit monsters? It’s a great challenge to reach and then clear an EX quest, plus you can nab some cool gear in the process. I’m thinking about targeting another one, now that I’m done with Deadeye. Oh, and have you hunted Fatalis yet? I took a brief look at the quest a while back (solo, and got destroyed ) so it’s still on my to hunt list, if you’re up taking it on. Anyway, I should be around for a bit after the MK League tonight if anyone’s hunting then.
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom have programed the game to try and figure out which rare item you’re desperately trying to obtain (by looking at your quest history or something) and then purposefully lowering the rate of its appearance, just to keep you playing the same quest for as long as possible! It’s also funny how we were able to complete that quest with our Palicoes the other day (same hunt where I received a Conquest Sphere, actually ) but as soon as randoms joined in it was fail after fail! I don’t think they’re using anything! Seriously, I’ve never seen so many players fainting before. Hunters be dropping like flies in that quest! More people should try using Prowler, it’s especially great against Akantor as he’s such a big and slow target.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Yep. It helped me to find the Aliens DLC for Pinball FX3 on sale today, which was a nice bonus.
  11. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    S.C.G used cancel pre-order...’s super effective! Smart move I reckon. Despite loving the look of this game (and its focus on old-school Pokémon) I never even got to pre-ordering it. Had it launched earlier I might’ve been tempted, but not now with Smash right around the corner.
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Fun online hunting session with @Glen-i and some randoms last night. I always seem to end up with way more video captures when hunting with Dino Chav! If the pics/gifs thread wasn’t so broken I’d post them, but don’t think I can even open that thread now.
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    With the hurdle of that G5 Deadeye quest out of the way, I was able to solo (well, my palicoes helped out a little bit ) the Deadeye EX Hunt!: Largest Deadeye too!: A load of pretty decent charms in the rewards as well: Probably best to stick to that coal mining event quest though. Just slightly more efficient.
  14. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Thanks again for the help with that one, Mokong! That quest has been annoying me for ages! So glad to finally get it done. And in spectacular fashion too I might add. I almost felt sorry for the 2nd Deadeye!
  15. Yeah, I’ve already archived quite a lot of stuff, Zelda DLC, Mario + Rabbids, the majority of my eShop games... Then again I’m still only using a 32 GB SD card at the moment.