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  1. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Gosh this is a seriously tough choice... There are so many good sings...But After brewing on this for a little... I think i'm goingto have to go with Fillmore...It's just too good! <3
  2. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Tine to swoop in and claim this before Anyone else thinks of it. Golden Sun Lost age <3 You start off at Venus lighthouse. ( If you don't know these games they are amazing <3 ) ..
  3. Monster Hunter Rise

    <3 Thank you for all your help @Mokong Really did appriciate your help! 8'D I was playing with IRL friends who I had gotten into the Monster hunter games... May I mention that I Didn't mean to pick a British kinda voice for my character...it was a complete accident! <3 it was somuch fun getting to play though!
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

    Had some fun with some friends... I had my own guardian angel...He just let me have a nap is all! This was also REALLY satisfying!
  5. Monster Hunter Rise

    Aaaaah the perfect time for a selfie....or...is that thin checking out her butt?! DAMN rubbernecking MONSTERS!
  6. Monster Hunter Rise

    Credits seen, Alls 1,2 ad 3 star village quests done.. Magnamalo is sno joke at all! that thing isno joke at all! Like seriously the Trmobra armour made everything in 4 star so easy...then Magnamalo hit like a truck! even with it fully upgraded! I have a few more village 4 stars to do...I was on my last life against that thing!
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    ....I think I found a skill that I really like...I'm no on 4 star village quests...but DAYMN it feels good to do this to Khezu...
  8. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Soooooo I started up my shiny wooloo hunt again...I had previously hunted for a few months using the masuda method. I did well over 2000 eggs with no luck...I then moved into Galarian zigzagoon... Again well over 2000 eggs with nothing. After a long break I decided to try for Wooloo once more. This time with wild encounters! Now that I have the mark charm and all. Day one no luck... Then on Tuesday BAM! After freaking out to @Glen-i I found new confidence...I decided to go a little crazy and I used a beast ball... Why? Because why not? After this I decided to move onto The Galarian zigzagoon. Again wild encounters... 5 encounters later and BAM poor @Glen-i had to deal with me freaking out again Then with this new found confidence I decided to give Dynamax adventures another go. I've haf no luck with this either... Then... Today... In the early hours of the morning... <3 the rng God's are smiling upon me...
  9. Monster Hunter Rise

  10. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Bloody hell this is a tough one... Now I have several different favourite villains for several different reasons... ( Just so you know I made this SOOOOOO much harder for @Glen-i ) I've deliberated on this for a little and as much as this was a difficult choice I've decided on... The Ashford twins ( from resident evil code Veronica ) In particular I am talking more so about Alfred Ashford! Two twins separated from a young age based on their intellectual differences, Alfred left to idolise his sister, though being of higher then average intellect, his sister was a genius. Alexia given the priority of the two graduated from university at the age of ten. They both were moved to the Antarctic base where Alexia conducted her tests on the T-virus. The two children discovered the truth about their origins after gaining access to Alexander's lab. Disgusted by this fact, the two forced him to take part in a human trial of t-Veronica, and then left him sealed in a hidden compartment beneath the facility director's office. Soon after, Alexia found out how to properly control the viral corruption, but the process involved fifteen years in cryostasis. Alexia left this task to Alfred, and with no choice Alfred aided Alexia in her Complete mad dream of Godhood. Alone, in the world Alfred's mental state shattered and with that a dual personality developed within him closely resembling that of his sister. His mental state eroding so far as to dress and having conversations between each dual personality. In there is a tragic irony... We learn of Alfred's tragic mental erosion and at the brink of death he makes his way to the cryogenic pod where Alexia is stored. And finally the twins are reunited, though Alfred passes away as Alexia strokes Alfred's head as he lays dead in her lap. Leading to one cut scene that still gives me goosebumps to this day. ( Warning, tasteful nudes ahead! ) Oh... And this is an extra little clip because Alfred's voice is just amazing and it makes me smile every time.
  11. Well then...I don't play animal crossing for one day and everyone get's the zoomies?! Also this happened and... I feel way too happy then I should... I honestly thought my island was so meh compared to others ; w;
  12. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    XD hehehe oh of course it does. ;D it's a real beast. I've always loved malamar contrary + Superpower... And when that Eevee uses Charm XD it only gets stronger hehehe
  13. <3 i'm looking for the Elaborate kimono stands but I'm mostly after the wisteria and Tree Peonies ones <3 and i'm willing to over pay for them!
  14. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Well then...5 attempts in and I find this... Are the shinies boosted? This also had it's hidden ability too!
  15. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    aaah this eevee my good ol' trusty Malimar makes a joke of this!