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  1. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    You said you hate the Gummi Ship sections and if that's still the case just be aware that you have to put a stupid amount of time into it for the platinum. Multiple routes, various ship builds, missions, collecting all the bits and bobs....enjoy! There are a few cheeky builds that can help with some of this but you'll still be spending plenty of time in this mode. As for the bosses on Proud, apart from one or two of them they aren't really that bad. Are you going to at least tackle the secret bosses on the playthrough you're on?
  2. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    The team took the criticism to heart with Atlantica because it's VERY different in the sequel.
  3. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    Nah, the plot in the first game is very basic and kid friendly, hence the heavy emphasis on the Disney villains. As the series goes on the Disney stuff fades away in terms of story relevance and instead just becomes an excuse to travel to different settings. The same goes for the inclusion of FF characters and nods. Eventually the series becomes its own thing. I always hated Halloween Town. I just didn't like the structure of the place. Still, it was a decent area for doing some level grinding, mainly thanks to the high enemy encounter rate in the town square.
  4. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I never realised that you didn't play Yakuza 3. I know you started with 4 but I always assumed you picked it up after finishing the fourth entry. I really enjoyed the orphanage stuff. It was a nice way to chill and get to know the kids he was taking care of. As for your spoiler, yeah, exceptional VA work, as is always the case in these games. Shame about Cyber Shadow but totally understandable.
  5. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Nah, plus I reached level 50 this morning. I woke up at half 4 and seen that double exp was still on. I thought that would have been the grinding done but I still need a stupid amount of cash to unlock every item.
  6. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    I remember now. Think that big thing needs to be farmed for some of the best gear.
  7. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    I don't recall that one. I remember I done lots on grinding on Destiny Island right at the start. Think I got to level 10+ just killing the swarm of Heartless over and over again.
  8. Looks like we need a distraction...
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Yeah. Even if I do manage to get to level 50 tonight it will still take about another week to unlock one of the trophies. I imagine the platinum will be quite a rare one. With the trophies being so grindy, as well as it being a PS+ game, the percentage will be quite low.
  10. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    Yeah, I can never be bothered with the parry method. I usually just spammed the hell out of magic on them.
  11. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Man, the grind to level 50 on Worms Rumble is insane. I had no intention of playing it this weekend but read there was double exp and gold happening. This being the case, I've spent a stupid amount of time trying to reach the max level for the trophy and despite all of this I'm still only level 47. You can tell people are sick of the grind because there are so many of them just AFK in the TDM games. I can see why. You still get a fair amount of gold and exp for just sitting there. I'm gonna keep plugging away at it but I doubt I'll reach level 50 before the event ends. I really regret starting this game but I'm in for the long haul now. I've got a weeks holiday from work this week but haven't decided what to play yet. At this rate I'll need a couple of days to recover from all this exp grinding on Worms.
  12. You insulted a dear friend of mine. I want answers!!
  13. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    The battles are pretty repetitive on normal and below difficulties. Most of them are a pushover. It's not until Proud mode where you have to think a little about how to tackle things. Have you fought any of the annoying enemies yet? The fat ones that you can't hit from the front. I always hated those things.
  14. Indeed. A recent example on here was drahkon disliking Mario 3D World. Some of the reactions were as if he had insulted someone's mother. I've never understood the rage people get into over someone disliking a game they like. Why do they care? Someone else's opinion should have no bearing on the enjoyment you got out of a game. It just comes across as really insecure. Also, I think it's important to state that an opinion of something can change over time. There's many games I've tried to play and disliked but they revisited them in later years and found I enjoyed and appreciated them. I do agree that at the age most of us are at we do know what we want and don't want out of games. However, I still think it's important to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Like anything in life, it's the only way to expand your horizons. There's so many amazing gaming experiences I would have missed out on had I just stuck to what I know.