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  1. Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) - 8th October 2021

    $350. It’s expected to be around £320 in the UK.
  2. Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) - 8th October 2021

    The N64 games are dark but the GBA games are fine. GBA Micros aren’t worth the price they go for, especially given the condition most of them are in these days. If wanting to only play GBA games then a modded original would be best or even pick up a DS Lite.
  3. Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) - 8th October 2021

    Do it! Games such as Xenoblade X, Star Fox Zero/Guard and Nintendo Land are still exclusive to the system. You then have the GBA and N64 Virtual Console games to have a look at, with the GBA selection being really good. Finally, you’ll be on for years going through the Wii back catalogue of games that are worth playing.
  4. Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) - 8th October 2021

    Yup. I don’t see the Switch Pro being a thing now. All that talk of a beefier machine and DLSS will probably be just for the eventual Switch 2. I doubt I’ll bother with this as I mainly play on the TV and so this has no real benefit to me. Thing will sell like hot cakes though.
  5. The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary

    Strangely enough, I’m currently playing through it again as well. I’ve finished off the first 3 temples but refuse to move on until I’ve gotten all the upgrades, masks and other bits and bobs that you can get before turning into adult Link.
  6. Lost Judgment (Judgment sequel)

    Opening video has arrived.
  7. I think it’s idiotic that they are ditching the mask rule, especially as many have yet to get the first and second doses. I’m baffled as to why it’s even being dropped. If they want to get the country up and running again then fair enough but having people wear masks indoors has no impact on everything opening. The fact that they’ve come out and said they expect cases to skyrocket is infuriating. Like you, I’ll be continuing to wear my mask regardless. Over the past few weeks people at work have already become really lax in terms of using a mask properly and I imagine once the rules do get lifted then I’ll be one of very few who will be still wearing one. I’ve had to self isolate for the past few days due to being in close contact with a friend. We go for a walk every month, making sure to meet outside and keeping a decent distance, but he ended up getting the virus from a person at work and as such I got a text from the NHS to isolate. I never signed up for track and trace so I’m baffled how they even got my number.
  8. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I never did but I heard fantastic things about both runs. I agree about the art work. I was t a fan of it or the black suit designs they gave the team.
  9. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Revolution was when I dropped off. It was kind of a relaunch and figured it was a good time to bail as the books had massively dropped in quality by that point.
  10. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    That’s a hell of a gap. Onslaught was 96 and wasn’t New X-Men early 2000’s?
  11. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I’d stopped reading comics by then. I think the last issue of Uncanny I picked up was 380, whereas the Legacy Virus event happened 10 issues later.
  12. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    The first run? Yeah. I think I’ve got and read issues 1-mid 50s. Decent characters are story arcs. Characters like Chamber and M were really interesting and having Emma Frost and Banshee work together to teach them was a pretty cool concept. It was a very different X book compared to the others. More grounded. It’s worth reading Phalanx Covenant before heading into Gen X though.
  13. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Weird. I get why Uncanny 322 is there (first real hint of Onslaught) but most of the other issues have very little to do with him. IIRC, a lot of the storyline in those issues revolves around Psylocke getting the Hell beat out of her (fantastic issue) and then some of the team trying to get her healed with the Crimson Dawn. Decent story arc and Joe Mads art is always a joy to look at.
  14. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Ah, Heroes Reborn…what a mess that was. Think I’ve still got the Heroes Return comics/mini series up in the attic somewhere. What’s included in Road to Onslaught? Things like Fatal Attractions?