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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    What a fantastic speech. I know it's long but I encourage everyone to give it a watch.
  2. Defining titles

    That's some powerful NES you got there! Also, the fact that you didn't put Super Mario Bros. 2 on the list saddens me. Poor Wart.
  3. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    People on PS4 seem to be progressing nicely. This was posted last week over on Push Square.
  4. Burnout Paradise Remastered - March 16th 2018

    I'd pay good money to be able to play the game on one of todays consoles. I sometimes break out my Gamecube version and have a quick blast of it. The memories of local co-op all night sessions with my mates always come rushing back. It used to be hilarious when taking down an enemy as you could see each of us getting closer and closer to it in the hopes that it would drop a little red box and you would be close enough to nab it before anyone else.
  5. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    January NPD results are in and the Switch sold the most units, PS4 generated the most revenue and the 3DS recorded it's best Jan since 2013! The little handheld refuses to die. Software wise, Monster Hunter World went straight in at number 1. Good stuff.
  6. Core Pokémon RPG (Switch)

    Bah! Anything Game Freak now puts out will be a disappointment in comparison.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Emily Rogers mentioned the following on Era yesterday evening. No surprise really, I mean many of us on here already called this. It seems like Smash will certainly one of the games Nintendo will show off for their online service.
  8. The symptoms you describe in regards to chest pains and feeling breathless are spot on. At the back of my throat it sometimes feels like I've gone for a run in really cold weather....if that makes sense? The chest pains are usually a stabbing sensation near my heart. Yeah, I usually use natural remedies as well. Stuff like going for runs or even a walk tend to calm the mind and ease the stress. I've actually booked myself in for an hour neck, back and shoulder massage on Saturday to help relieve the stress. As I said the neuknando, if you ever want to vent or just discuss it in further depth then feel free to send me a PM, @S.C.G Seeing as there seem to be a few of us dealing with such things, I propose we change the name of the site to Depressed-Europe!
  9. Shining Resonance Refrain (Switch)

    SITD is an absolute classic. Love that game. This one appears to be a normal JRPG, which has been the standard for the series for a while now. The battle system looks a bit like something from Star Ocean or the Tales games. Sadly, the series has been very average for a long time now. Still, it's a JRPG so I'll be willing to give it a go.
  10. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Nah, not yet. It's still sat on my PS4 home screen.
  11. Yeah, I always refuse medication when I can. It's always best to try and face things head on and get everything out in the open, which is why i'm glad Kyle opened up about his issue as I feel it's for the best. Thanks for the offer and i'll say the same to you. I find it's always easier to talk to people who have had the same issues as you or are still going through them. Yeah, I was quite shocked to hear how much damage mental health can do to your physical well being. It's pretty crazy.
  12. I'm in the same boat. Despite having a loving family around me, a good job and some amazing friends, I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a few years now. I was actually at the hospital last Monday to get a camera shoved up my nose and then down my throat (fun times) because of the stress and anxiety that I have. I was told i've got Globus Hystericus, which is a constant feeling of a lump in your throat. Crazy to think that your mind can mess up your body so much. It's stuff like this why I enjoy gaming so much. I find it a great way to switch off and not worry about anything.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Gamasutra have wrote a great piece about the effect the Switch's success has had on indie developers and companies who port games to other platforms. Give it a read.