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  1. Yoshi's Crafted World (2019 - Switch)

    Despite being an early level, that's probably one of the toughest standard stages to get 100% on. The score needed to get all the flowers is quite high. Cocking up once may be enough for you to lose out on getting the score needed.
  2. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    At least you are getting something out of it. I did end up trading it in. I lost about £6 on it which wasn't too bad I suppose.
  3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood (July 26th)

    It appears that the game may not actually be getting a physical release at all on the Switch. The Amazon listing over in the US says... That's the only confirmation of it so far so it may just be a mistake on their part. Saying that, it may explain why a bunch of UK retailers haven't put up the Switch version for preorder yet.
  4. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    @Emerald Emblem if you've still got Super Dragon Ball Heroes sealed you may just want to send it back and get a refund. I've put another hour into the game and it's not great. I mentioned earlier that the presentation is rough but I can easily overlook that if the game is actually fun. Sadly, the gameplay is very boring and confusing. The tutorials only make matters worse because instead of easing you in to all the different mechanics they just throw them all at you at once and you're expected to remember everything. A lot of the time I was just placing my cards and hoping for the best. There was one time where the enemy done more damage to me than my maximum HP but I still ended up winning the battle. Seriously, I've no idea how that happened or what the hell was going on. I was convinced I had lost the battle. EDIT: Ah, I was looking at the Stamina meter rather than the HP one. The game has certain things that are built around the touch screen which means playing on the TV makes things a little awkward. The moves can be pulled off via touch screen are still doable in TV mode but it's a little clunky. I'll probably go trade this in ASAP in order to get most of my money back. The final kicker in all of this is that for some strange reason you can't even register the game on My Nintendo to earn gold coins. What a rip!
  5. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    My copy arrived yesterday and I've put a little bit of time into it. The graphics are pretty rough but the gameplay seems solid enough. There are a lot of tutorials to get through early on and with there being a lot of mechanics being thrown at you I think it will take a while to master. I went with the Saiyan race for my character, although I nearly went with an Android purely because it looks like 17.
  6. The Mummy Demastered

    Woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to crack on with this. I managed to get 100% done before shooting off to work. Some of the relics were a pain to find as there was no way to know if I had already picked them up or not. I had to do sweeps of each area in order to make sure I hadn't missed one.
  7. @Dcubed mentioned this the other day, saying stuff like Mario Kart probably has Labo VR support already baked in. He wasn't far off! Free updates to both of these games will enable players to have mini experiences in each of their worlds.
  8. The Mummy Demastered

    Both Londragon and Smeagol's ( as well as others who played it before the patch ) mentioned how hard and unbalanced the game was. I made the comment about how easy the game is purely as a comparison to how hard it used to be before the patching. The amount of health pick ups and ammo that are scattered about the place make it very hard to die. You can even farm safe rooms if need be by just entering and exiting the area to replenish your health and ammo. From what i've read, pick ups weren't dropped that often from enemies and enemies themselves were more aggressive and done more damage. Wayforward clearly listened to complaints and re-balanced the game accordingly. It's hard to say whether I would like the original version or not but I can say that I loved what I played yesterday evening.
  9. The Mummy Demastered

    Post has now been edited.
  10. The Mummy Demastered

    Bought, played and finished this yesterday evening. Loved it. As you can see, I had zero deaths so I didn't get to experience the whole zombie thing. The game was pretty easy but fun and not once did I feel like I was close to death. I'll be back on it tonight as I need to unlock a few more items and parts of the map. I love it when developers put stupidly oversized bosses in their games and this one certainly delivers. There is a good sense of progression in the game. At the start all I had was a little machine gun... ....but later on I had a full on plasma gun that decimated enemies... By the end of the game I was tearing though enemies left and right. I had a great time with it and I wish I'd picked it up sooner....not as soon as @Sméagol though. It appears he had a bit of a nightmare with the game but as it is now I think it's a great eShop title and well worth a buy.
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    I'm not sure. I honestly can't remember if I even played that mode.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    Yeah, it certainly has a Bubble Bobble feel to it. Good to see you are getting some enjoyment out of it. If you weren't having fun at least it was only a couple of quid.
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    @RedShell are you enjoying Whip! Whip!?
  14. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    Seems like Cuphead is the popular choice. With a bunch of us playing it at the same time hopefully they'll be plenty of banter about it.
  15. Indie Games

    How would Labo VR even work with games that need to be played for a long period of time? You have to hold the Switch screen to your face yourself, don't you? They'd have to release a proper headset bracket for the screen to fit in and that's weighted correctly.