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  1. THQ Nordic have snapped up the Timesplitters IP

    I see they've snapped up a couple of more IPs.
  2. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    I played some NES games online with my mate and it was fun but a lot of the games were STUPIDLY laggy. Dr. Mario and Mario & Yoshi ( I see they were lazy and just left it as Yoshi, kinda like what they done with the SNES mini boxarts ) were fine but things like Soccer, Tecmo Bowl and River City Ransom were a nightmare to play. What's crazy is he only lives up the road and we were having connection issues on NES games! Still, it was a laugh but the selection of games on offer aren't something that I would put a lot of time into and are really only fun little distractions to play around with for an evening.
  3. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Yeah, I done the same. I do appreciate just how easy it was to cancel the renewal policy. Lots of companies bury that so you have a nightmare trying to find it.
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Played some regional matches without issues. I was sat talking to some guys from Spain and Finland while we were racing. Good stuff. This is how I want my online gaming. Being able to actually communicate with those I'm playing with.
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    The online seems completely knackered on this at the moment. It's taking ages finding games online and there are communication errors all over the place. I did manage to get into a game and was voice chatting with a couple of random players. It was a nice conversation until everyone got booted out of the lobby! I'm gonna try Regional and see if I have more luck with that.
  6. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    I'll be giving the free trial a go to see how it fares but i'm still unsure if I will actually subscribe. It depends on how much Monster Hunter can keep me hooked.
  7. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Just pre-ordered my from Shopto.
  8. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Thanks. Yeah, that seems better than I expected. Not perfect, but better.
  9. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    I'll be getting it. It will go next to my NES and SNES mini's. It will probably get the same amount of use as they did, which was very little.
  10. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    So how easy is it to join a game with friends? Can you invite them or did you guys arrange to play the game elsewhere? If it's easy to join then that is a bit better than I originally thought.
  11. Dark Souls Remastered

    The Network Test can now be downloaded from the EU eShop. The test servers will come online 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September.
  12. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    A Castlevania collection has been rumoured for the Switch for a while now, so I imagine it's just that and it's popping up on all of the consoles and PC.
  13. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    The fact that they haven't announced the full lineup doesn't give me confidence that it will have a lot of the killer games on it. Also, Symphony of the Night looks to be getting released on the PS4 very soon ( rated over in Korea ), so that may not even show up in this collection.
  14. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    I take it you won't be renewing your subscription?
  15. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Well, yeah and everyone who has been saying the same thing this morning. Even if it was the case that Nintendo invented the idea and Sony did rip them off, surely that's good business? They seen an idea that works for another company and then try to apply it to their own product. If only Nintendo would do the same when it comes to their online setup.