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  1. General Switch Discussion

    I guess it's that time of year again. Jeff Grubb has said he's heard that Metroid Prime: Definitive Edition will be one of Nintendo's big holiday games this year. These insiders gotta be right about this at some point, right?
  2. Persona Q 1 and 2 ported to Switch.
  3. Indeed it was. It was one of the better showcases.
  4. I think Mario and Rabbids 2 is a given at this point. I wonder if we could see the rumoured Goldeneye release shown here?
  5. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Haha. We were just talking about that the other day as well. I've seen videos of it and I think it's going to be one of those games where I can't achieve the platinum. If I do attempt it, it will have to be when i've got time off work so that I can just focus on that one game and commit to memory the layout of the levels.
  6. The Orville: New Horizons

    Thanks. I'm always wary of looking for information about stuff like this in case I end up running into spoilers.
  7. The Orville: New Horizons

    I still need to watch the 4th episode. I completely forgot about it! Does anyone know how many episodes are planned for this season?
  8. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    I was listening to last weeks episode of Sacred Symbols and the topic of this game came up. There was a bit back and forth between the guys about whether the game needs to be released again and how much it should cost. Dustin made such a good point about the price. Both the original game and Remastered versions launched at a cheaper price, had a multiplayer mode and the Remastered version had all the DLC included. Unless they add extra content to this release, we are now paying double the price of the other versions but with less content. Chris was saying that this release is the equivalent of when George Lucas released the awful Star Wars special editions with all the unnecessary CGI changes. I thought it was a good comparison.
  9. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    It's a great game. It's not that grindy really. It's just a question of playing 18 holes in all of the tournaments. I'm going to assume that once the tournaments are complete that will give you enough points to unlock the rest of the courses. If not, that's when you will have to replay them again and grind some points. You unlock a couple of courses anyway when you play 1 on 1 against each of the characters, which you need to do for trophies. You're probably looking at a 10 hour platinum.
  10. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I may very well do that this evening. However, I do want to finish Everybodys Golf though. I was hoping to get it done over the weekend but there are a lot of points that need grinding in tournaments in order to unlock the rest of the courses. Plus, I need to get back on Nexomon. There's also Wild Arms waiting to be played. Too many games and so little time.
  11. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Glad you enjoyed it. I'm tempted to fire it up on the PS5, play through it again and earn another platinum.
  12. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    One of the trophies even says this in it's description.
  13. Hard to say. I think all of them have some fantastic moments and play well off each other. To be honest I like them all, which is surprising when you consider how many characters they are. Yeah, I can't pick just one. I would love to see this converted into an anime series. I think the the story and characters would translate well into a TV show, kinda like how they do with the Persona games.
  14. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I've had a busy weekend. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge GOTY material game right here. The game was a nostalgic blast from start to finish and has knocked SoR4 off my top spot for this genre. I love how right they got everything in this game. The look of the characters, the villains they used, the combat system, co-op play and length of the game were all perfect. I also appreciate that the game was actually finished and wasn't a broken mess. I know many are wanting DLC for the game but i'm more than happy with what's on offer here. I'm hoping this doesn't get forgotten when GOTY discussions are happening because I do think it deserves to be at least considered. Ape Escape This took some getting used to. The controls scheme in the Ape Escape games have always been unique and part of the game's charm but it still took some time to adjust to it all. The performance of the game was a little rough as well. Once I got used to both things I ended up having a really good time with the game. The sequel is a more polished experience but it was good to finally play through the original and see where the series started. As a youngster I only ever played the demo of this but never the full game. I can now cross that off my gaming bucket list. Kurushi (Intelligent Qube) This is a game I never really had any experience with. I know many were very happy to see it as part of the Playstation Classic but I couldn't see why everyone was so excited for it. After finally playing through the game I can now see why people gave the game a lot of praise. It's a fantastic puzzle game that has an amazing soundtrack that sounds very epic considering what's happening on screen. The premise is simple, you have blocks heading towards you and you have to get rid of them before they fall off the edge of the stage. If too many fall off then you lose a section of your footing. If you manage to get rid of them all then you get a section back. The smaller the section is that you are standing on, the less room and time you have to clear the stage. At first I thought it was pretty tough and I couldn't grasp how to get past certain stages. I then looked at the tutorial videos and it turned out I was using one of the blocks wrong. Once I corrected this I was able to make progress much easier. Typical bloke attitude of not looking at instructions and then wondering why things aren't going to plan. For those who have the new PS+ subscription service, don't let this game pass you by. Give it a go ASAP. Syphon Filter Man, this was a rough experience. The controls for the game are pretty shocking, making the movement of Gabe very weird. The dude just doesn't run in a straight line and instead kinda moves from side to side when running. The first person aiming is also a little weird. The movement of it isn't smooth and you tend to keep overshooting where you need to aim for. It's definitely a product of its time and it will be interesting to see if these things improve in the two sequels. Hopefully they will hit the service and i'll get to find out for myself. I find it hilarious that many gaming magazines at the time were comparing this to Metal Gear Solid. It's not even close to being on the same level as that game. Pokemon Snap A month or two back I played through New Pokemon Snap and it didn't click with me at all. My main gripe was how long the stages were and I came away disappointed and thinking that the N64 version was the superior game. Having played through this again, my opinion remains the same. This is a much better game. Yeah, it's a shorter experience but I enjoy how fast you can get through the stage and how quickly you can unlock your items. It never feels overwhelming like the new version did. It's been a while since I've played through the game but I still remember where things were and how to unlock the new routes. It was a nostalgic and cosy experience. Monster Hunter Rise Nothing much to say here other than I finally completed all of the event quests and i'm now ready for the expansion, if I decided to even buy the thing. At the moment i'm swaying to the side of leaving it for now. I'm just not that excited for it at all. It was nice to revisit this game though, even if a lot of the random people I played with did cause a bit of frustration at times
  15. Who was your favourite character, @WackerJr?