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  1. Sorry to say but I wasn't a fan of it. I don't think it was a patch on their usual carpet awards. I've been meaning to ask this for ages now...what's the deal with Ian wearing lipstick and false nails/painting his nails?
  2. General Retro Discussion

    Have you finished Pokemon yet?
  3. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    I've just finished my no fixed beat run with 4:02 on the clock and 7 deaths, all of which came at the very start of the game. Now that I know how that game works I found it very simple. So much so that I actually beat my original time, even though this mode was supposed to be harder. Plus, I got 100% before fighting the last boss rather than after. I don't think it's that much more difficult, it just slows you down that's all. I definitely found it more fun playing it with fixed beats though. Playing through the game twice, as well as getting 100% of the stuff twice, has notched my play time up to just over 10 hours, which is more what I was expecting for the price I paid. It's such a shame the game is so short, even when playing the game the way it was intended. I hope they release some DLC for the game to expand upon what they started with this. Who knows, maybe they will try their hand with other Nintendo franchises in the future. *gets back to Dragon Quest*
  4. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    Which one? Every time the Wind Waker one hits I have such a huge grin on my face. My no fixed beat run is going very well. I think I've only died around 5 times. I've yet to do a dungeon and instead I'm methodically working my way around the map and clearing every square before moving on to the next. This will leave me in a very strong position when I eventually take on the dungeons.
  5. E3 2019

    "No pressure!" I'm looking forward to the E3 carpet reviews. Always a highlight of the show.
  6. E3 2019

    Hilarious stuff. Him peaking in the Capcom door and calling out for Sony got a good laugh out of me. That giant Mega Drive controller was great!
  7. Dragon Quest IV, V, VI: The Zenithia Trilogy

    Whoever designed the section where you have to follow some bloke through a series of caves without been seen needs a good slap. What an awful and tedious thing it was to do.
  8. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    Just a warning to those bothered about their play time not being accurate. I left the game in sleep mode last night and this morning my play time went from 6 hours to 15. Looks like time is still counted when the system is asleep, much like the bug in Xenoblade 2 when that first launched.
  9. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    I'm not sure what you mean. All the characters on a single playthrough share the heart pieces and items that you collect. So when you switch characters at a sheikah stone they will all have the same stuff as the character you were just using. You can start a new game with a different starting character but the same applies once you find the others to use.
  10. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    I went back to the game tonight and I got another couple of hours out of it. I unlocked another character, completely cleared the map, collected every heart piece, upgraded my arrow and bomb bags to the max and nabbed every item. There's no way I'm using the secret character for a playthrough but look at him getting down to the funky beats. Given the position of the new character on the player select screen, it would appear there is another one to unlock. Whether this is actually in the game or DLC remains to been seen. With that playthrough completely done I may have a crack at the game with the beats still intact. I know the best weapons, enemy movements and what items to aim for first so it should make things easier for me. I'll probably go with Link this time though as I started with Zelda on my first time through the game.
  11. Nintendo at E3 2019

  12. Cadence of Hyrule (Spring 2019)

    Given the amount of grief I've had on here in the past for finishing games quickly, I tend to post ending screens/bosses etc to prove that I've actually played finished a game.
  13. I stopped listening to the EZA podcast on a regular basis a while back now ( although I did listen to an episode of theirs a few weeks back to hear an answer to a question that got asked ) but I gave their E3 podcast a listen and really enjoyed it. Their conversation about leaks was an interesting one and you could tell Brandon was pretty annoyed with the amount that happened in the lead up to E3. He made a good point about why isn't it being talked about more. I did take issue with Kyle saying that he has to talk about leaks for the podcast. He doesn't at all and if they do they really should put up some kind of spoiler warning. I watched one of this years E3 conferences with the Allies commentating on it ( think it was Ubisoft ) and during the pre-conference banter they started openly talking about the leaks. As soon as it was mentioned I muted it and they put he sound back on when the conference actually started. What's funny is that on here I jokingly told killthenet this is what he would probably have to do if watching E3 with EZA and this is exactly what happened. I disagreed with Ian when he said he didn't think that Bethseda had people planted in the crowd. Of course they did and it made the show so much worse....not that it was great anyway. The stories about what happened at EA Play were hilarious. What an absolute mess.