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  1. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    I could never get into Heist. I tried a couple of times but it just didn't resonate with me for whatever reason.
  2. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    It's a gripe a few people had with the game. Personally, it didn't bother me at all but if you are wanting a challenging game to play then this certainly isn't it. I loved the game. Easily my favourite of the SteamWorld series.
  3. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Haha. I thought the same thing. To be honest, I'm getting quite tired of all this spec talk. I don't care how the console is running or how many bits and bobs are inside of it. It means nothing to the majority of gamers and imagine most people just want to see the games at this point. There wasn't really anything that caught my eye in the show. Grounded looks decent but I hate the whole early access/game preview thing that developers do. Just finish the game and then release the thing! Everything else was pretty meh. I did enjoy how they presented the show though. One of my biggest gripes of Inside Xbox is how cringe worthy they are, with all the fans shouting and the presenters being loud and obnoxious. This show was far more down to earth, for obvious reasons, and I think it was far better for it.
  4. I love this fan mock up, purely for the coloured PS logo.
  5. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Just a heads up for anyone else who's interested, an episode of Inside Xbox will be going live in 15 minutes. I'm not expecting much from it but i'll be giving it a watch.
  6. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    I used that Turnip Exchange website today and sold for 505 and 525. It works great if you can have it on while you are doing something else. The first island I went to wanted 50k for entry but the second one I visited wanted nothing. I ended up giving them 100k, though. I'm more than happy to give more generously to random players who are willing to open their islands up for free. That's all my turnips gone for the week. I think I made another 2-3 million out of it all.
  7. Love the colour scheme but i'm not sure on the design. Hard to say whether it's good or not until it's in your own hands.
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

  10. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    You can only buy them on Sunday mornings. You then a week to sell them before they go rotten.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I wonder if there's an option as to whether you can have drift with your Joycons or not?
  12. Thanks to a topic over on Era, I've just been sat reading through a lot of my old posts from Miiverse (https://archiverse.guide/). Looking back at all the games I played on the Wii U and 3DS has been quite a fun read. I honestly forgot about some of the games I played back then. It's quite funny just how often I played the Zelda and DKC games. Also, the Miitopia posts were hilarious. Seeing people from the forum in Mii form helping me on my quests was great. What an amazing game that was. So underappreciated. Man, I miss Miiverse so much. The communities that were built were great and being able to talk about a game in a bubble with others who were also playing it was such a fantastic experience. I hate so much that Nintendo pulled the plug on the thing and just went with social media services instead.
  13. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Yeah, he's in my town today selling some goods.
  14. Resident Evil 3 (3rd April 2020)

    Two more play throughs of the game since my last post and my adventure is finally over. The Inferno play through wasn't that bad and it was actually my quickest time yet...until I got to the final boss. The battle is VERY cheap, with it being able to instant kill you with a combo he does. It took me a good half hour of constantly dying and retrying until luck finally went my way and I got the kill. I wouldn't be surprised if this got a balance patch in a future update. Doing the run where I couldn't use the box was a little more challenging. I really had to pick and choose what I wanted to carry with me and due to trying to manage my inventory all the time, it at times felt like I was playing RE0 again. I also couldn't use any of my purchased upgrades because they are in an item box, which I obviously wasn't allowed to open. I had to do this run the standard way. It's crazy to think just how many times i've been through the game over the past 2 days. It was actually quite nostalgic though because back when the original game was released on the PSOne I done exactly the same. I completed the game, played Mercenaries to unlock weapons and then went through the main game another 7 times in order to unlock all of the character epilogues, all in the a very short space of time. So, yeah, pretty much how I played this version of the game. The more I played this the more I fell in love with it. Again, it's not as good as Resident Evil 2 but that doesn't make it a bad game. Bring on Code Veronica Remake next. I am ready.
  15. Resident Evil 3 (3rd April 2020)

    Nightmare mode complete (1 hour 24 mins). It was a little tougher than expected but nothing too taxing. Enemies are obviously a lot harder but also their positioning was all over the place. Whatever knowledge I gained on my previous runs was useless as enemies were popping up in different areas than before. Also, the positioning of items had changed. Thankfully the key items of the game remained in their usual positions so this change didn't really affect me as I don't pick anything up apart from healing items. On I go to Inferno difficulty. It will be interest how I fare on this because enemies and even harder, fewer typewriters and there's no auto saving.