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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Two N64's (one PAL and one JPN) and a Nintendo Switch (not the OLED model sadly).
  2. This didn't directly affect me when it happened as I was working and using Skype/Zoom at the time. If they had gone down that would have been bad for me. I use facebook just once a week but use Whatsapp more. I spoke to a few people about this and some moved over to other platforms like telegram for that day while others were left in the dark why their account for instagram, whatsapp didn't work. The more connected we are, the more things like this will hit us in the future.
  3. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Not so keen on the new announcer in the game (Brian Matt was the best) but will pick this game up at some point.
  4. I had my second jab almost two weeks ago and it was a lot milder than the first one. The first one was really bad for me so I was worried the second would be a repeat experience. On a side note, it's sad to see the muted Tokyo Olympics. I have issues with the current UK government but we have got coming up to 60% of the population vaccinated. Had Japan acted faster the Olympics would more popular than it is now. I wonder how the winter games will do in 2022?
  5. I think it was expected for the London Mayor to make that decision for people to wear masks and I support that measure. More people are going are going to stop working from home over the next few weeks and it's going to get very busy with people travelling to and from work. If we want to see what will happen after the 19th of July, just see what's happening in The Netherlands right now.
  6. I wore masks long before the government could make up it's mind in 2020 and will continue to wear masks after the 19th of July even though I will have my second jab next week. During this pandemic we needed great leaders, we didn't get them we just got average leaders at best. In confined areas like buses or trains, I think masks should continue but it will soon be down to our own personal view to wear one or not despite the fact that the Delta variant is increasing and globally Covid isn't going away anywhere soon.
  7. I'd like to know which government or which country around the world got it right when dealing with Covid 19? Maybe when this is all over the world can find the blueprint of how to deal with any future pandemic and stop us making the same mistakes again. As for Labour and the Conservatives, I wouldn't vote for either right now. Not really sure what either party stands for anymore. I do not trust the Conservatives and Labour took their eye off the working class a while ago, sorry to say.
  8. I've been out shopping a few times recently and was surprised by the lack of people wearing face masks. I guess most people are sick of everything by now and think that everything will be over by 21st June in England at least. I'm not so sure. I spoke with a Japanese friend yesterday and we both aren't sure how the Olympics are going to happen next month. Sure it can happen but right now in Japan the number of people who have at least one vaccine dose is less than 8%.
  9. Of course it's a sport but as I nickname I used to hate it but I'm fine with it now. Good luck with the swimming. It's a good form of exercise.
  10. I've never been that interested in keeping fit and hated sports at school (no surprise why I got the nickname sumo). The lockdown was the perfect storm for my health to get worse and while I did exercise I know I didn't do enough. I concentrated on keeping my job because I knew I couldn't afford to lose that.I had a bad reaction to the Covid vaccine recently and released something else was wrong. I have a blood test later on today. Over the last few weeks or so I've been fixing up and riding more on my bike and using Wii Fit U/Just Dance a lot more. I've done 10,000 steps+ walking each day over the last few weeks but my legs can't take too much of it all the time. Regardless of the blood test I know I need to keep this up.
  11. Do you know what you're doing?

    The perfect relationship, the kids, the job, the house...rarely exists and if it does it's in films. I got to 40 some years back and felt a failure because I had never achieved all of that. It can really mess with you if you let it. Find a purpose/goal in your life (we all have one), stop berating yourself too much (there's plenty of people who will attack you for free), never define/compare yourself fully by the actions/views of others (be true to yourself), try to improve yourself in some way, avoid being hurtful to others especially if they are in a worst situation or weaker than yourself and above all find balance in your life. I am still trying to find that balance...
  12. Social Media

    I try to follow this, never post anything on social media that you wouldn't write on a postcard and send to someone else. It doesn't matter if you post something privately or not anymore, once you have posted it on social media it is kept on a database somewhere else. Even if you delete the post or comment there are normally ways of bringing it back and that can be used against you. As for bots, I still feel they are still in the learning process right now. Better algorithms in future will be used and the bots will get better and more sophisticated.
  13. Social Media

    A few people in the media spotlight have died recently which of course gives some people on social media the right to say whatever hatred they have straight out. It doesn't matter if someone died less than an hour ago off they go spouting whatever on twitter, reddit or wherever. The Dalai Lama's right, anger shouldn't be welcome. It's a negative and destructive emotion that in the end leads...nowhere.
  14. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    I heard about this a few weeks ago but now it's official from Sony. They should be the first to tell people not the last but that's another story. I'm sure the stores themselves will shut down a bit later as what happened with the Wii e-shop some years ago. I own all three systems mention so I need to look through the store and get what I can before it all closes. If any of those systems break down in the future there will be no way to play a lot of that stuff again. Hopefully Sony can move some of the more popular stuff over for it to work on the PS5 but I doubt it.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Just Dance Wii U (Japanese edition) and a Wii Taiko Drum (3rd party one). I promised myself a long time ago that I would get a taiko drum one day so just waiting for the games to arrive from Japan now.