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  1. Resident Evil 5

    I've just seen the IGN video on this, they killed the B movie mood completely at around the 1:21 mark - If people want to play these games on the go or have never played them before that's fine but something new or RE7 would have been better.
  2. Resident Evil 5

    I saw this from Nintendo direct and it didn't fill me with excitement. The whole thing with the two people in the spooky house looked stale. If Capcom were going to release a brand new game in the Resident Evil series even a spin off, ok let's see what it's like but this is more of the same from Capcom. I'm guessing digital only again doesn't make me feel great either. I have no idea if either RE5 and RE6 will include all the DLC's or not. I have these two games already on my PS3 and despite the issues with them in places, they are good. I've played RE5 The Mercenaries the most I remember and you get a decent single player campaign length in both games especially with RE6.
  3. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Only ever played the first one on the DS which pre-dates the PS3 enhanced port.
  4. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    Mario Kart Double Dash back in the day was online if you knew how and the Wii still has some online games beyond COD and Goldeneye 007 that can be played online. I never got round to playing Homeland online and doubt I could find anyone to play it with me now even though I saw a recent reddit post saying otherwise. Regardless the GameCube was a great console with some great games behind it.
  5. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    Of course my family and kids would be rescued first because they are 'not things' hence the first 'thing' would be the GameCube but er, thanks for that, I guess.
  6. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    I was watching a YouTube video yesterday where someone said the GameCube was already being considered a retro console. How time flies! Anyone remember watching this on TV? GameCube remains my favourite console despite owning several other systems. If there is ever a fire in my house, it will be the first thing I rescue.
  7. April Fools 2019

    The one about the new 50p's -
  8. Brexit 2019

    'If' there is an extension, I wonder how much this will cost? If the extension carried on for a few months, people in the UK would according to the European Commission president have to vote in upcoming EU elections.
  9. Brexit 2019

    I am not going to argue any points here but it's worth having a look at this article -
  10. Travelling to Japan

    I went once and then couldn't afford to go again (so far) but have a great time over there with your girlfriend. I prefer the more traditional aspect of Japan so Kyoto was where I went before and I also spent half a day in Nara to see the deer park and the big Buddhist temple there. It's worth learning a few words in Japanese and making a photocopy of your passport that you can keep at your hotel. You are required as a tourist to keep official ID with you just in case you are stopped by the police in Japan (not sure if they will accept a photocopy). Keep a record of your credit cards contact details just in case they get lost. This happened to me a few weeks ago btw. Very minor point here, cars drive on the same side as the UK/Ireland but even at red traffic lights when you think it is safe to cross, cars can still turn left or right into you when you are crossing. I thought this was a bit strange when I was there. I didn't go anywhere else in Japan but I'm sure others will tell you to check out Akihabara in Tokyo. If I go back to Japan again then I'm hoping to go to Osaka. I'd better start saving then. I've heard that Tokyo Tower is a tourist trap but it's worth getting a photo of. I've never been to Tokyo but Tokyo Skytree looks interesting. Speaking of towers there is one in Kyoto which is opposite the train station and I've been to that one but you can get a free look over the city by walking to the top of the station itself. You should be able to see the Nintendo building from either there or Kyoto Tower. Also there is the old Nintendo building in Kyoto which is also worth taking a photo of. Finally, I think it's worth a quick look at google or bing maps just to get an idea including 3D view of what the places you are visiting will look like. I know there are tons of YouTubers showing what Japan looks like but it's nice to check out the place virtually for yourself before going. Sadly google/bing maps didn't exist when I went to Japan.
  11. Brexit 2019

    Never heard of that saying but you can't keep doing the same thing expecting different results. I believe Albert Einstein had a saying similar to this. Ireland voted on the Lisburn treaty and were asked to vote again until 'we get the right answer'. I see politicians now voting more on what they think they should do rather than voting on what their constituencies think regardless of how ever virtuous/good willed a MP's intentions were or are now. If there is a general election this year it can't be with May in charge as the Conservatives will have no hope. May has damaged her own reputation and her parties reputation. I'm not a Conservative but the party is supposed to be about tradition, family and law and order. I don't see any of that now. She has a difficult job right now but her party is in a mess. Labour look in a better position but that's not saying much.
  12. Google Stadia

    Teaser trailer doesn't say much and they should have added this to the video - My guess is this will be another cloud based console. I think I'll pass.
  13. Brexit 2019

    Brexit is pretty much this - and Politicians will sometimes say whatever they want to get into power, it's happened before and it will happen again. What bother's me the most is how divided the country is now which is a good old divide and rule tactic. The media isn't really helping that much in any of this because it sells news and has no wishes to be the peacemakers in all of this. I agree the country will be fine whatever happens. Yes the markets will drop, there will be panic buying and the media will go crazy but after a while things will return. You talk about patriotism but I don't think that is the same as my view of nationalism and that is certainly on the rise across the EU. Whatever happens with the UK, I do worry about what is going to happen to the EU when the UK leaves especially with the rise of nationalism that the EU has failed to curb. "They'll probably try to blame this on immigrants, you know, but don't fall for it. Look around, the Blight doesn't discriminate. Immigration was a distraction, to let the idiots in charge destroy the country without ordinary folk noticing". - The Prepper (Zombi U)
  14. General Switch Discussion

    So that's about £26 here, that's ok but I wouldn't pay more. I personally prefer physical copies of games. Regarding the cost, it all depends on how much use the game is going to get. Just bare in mind the phone app doesn't work with Just Dance 2019 for the Switch (or even Wii U version). I used this before with the Wii U but quickly went back to using standard controls.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    I've just edited my earlier reply as I saw the information from Ubisoft themselves.