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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Prospects DVD and Hako boy Hakozume Box (Box Boy trilogy minus the amiibo) for the 3DS. I have no plans on buying the amiibo unless I take out a bank loan.
  2. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    This discussion needs to continue and a good discussion welcomes all but not at the expense of silencing or labelling others because of wrongthink. Nothing can be achieved by this.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Finding Teddy 2 for the Wii U. One of the last official physical Wii U releases.
  4. The new logo is yellow. I don't drive but I know that for some green = go, yellow/amber = green and red = don't go yet and this has already filtered down to the general public about this virus and social distancing seems to have been lost on some already and the new rules don't come into effect until Wednesday. Regarding quaranting travellers to the UK that currently isn't the case from what I've read. The government said that new measures regarding people coming into the UK will not come into force on Wednesday 13th May and that the government will set out new measures in due course. 'The scientific advice shows that when domestic transmission is high, cases from abroad represent a small amount of the overall total and make no significant difference to the epidemic'.( If that is the case that travellers to the UK represent no significant difference to the epidemic why are you introducing new measures then? The government however does go into why they are introducing new measures but they should have been stricker to begin with. I just hope that once we have reached the next stage in all of this the PM fully consults with other parts of the UK and goes through the new measures so that there is zero ambiguity including the next slogan. Fingers crossed!
  5. When you know that everyone in the UK apart from England won't be using the new slogan you have to ask yourself why. The old slogan was simple, clear and effective but this will confuse people regardless of whatever 'R' is right now.
  6. At the beginning, the UK government might have been thinking about creating a herd immunity idea and then moved towards a lockdown instead which delayed things.
  7. They live in the Offenbach district about 20 km from Frankfurt.
  8. I spoke to a friend of mine in Germany last night and they said a similar thing about the situation lifting again. I agree that there is nothing we can do until a vaccine has been developed. Personally I believe that using face masks more (even home made ones) in addition to hand washing, social distancing... will help slow things down until some kind of vaccine can be found despite some 'experts' who say they are a waste of time or that people are not intelligent enough to properly wear one.
  9. The bottom line is business is business and politics comes second. According to the WHO (don't mention ROC) Italy has a higher number of COVID-19 cases than China. Something doesn't seem right here. Something has to change through all of this but I wonder if it will. The UK still imports about half of it's food from overseas and yet about 1/3 of all food bought at supermarkets is thrown away. The UK depends too much on importing food and other things from various parts of the world. If you want to buy a face mask it's probably better to make one yourself than wait a month to get one from half way around the world. Being more self reliant as a country isn't about resurrecting nationalism but successive governments have allowed us to be far too reliant on others because it was cheaper and more expedient to do so. I know quite a few East Asian people and a few of them have had some issues from other people because of all this mess. It's not their fault (look higher up) and the blame must not be put on them. I won't get on the China bashing train.
  10. Gotta Get Thru This

    When I think of Adam and Joe I always remember Adam's Baaddad or the Star Wars stuff they did plus this sketch for some reason - I've got a backlog of DVD's and games to go through but when this does blow over I will be getting a Switch (finances allowing). Also I'm trying to resurrect my Japanese skills and go on Wii Fit/U again.
  11. From what I've heard from in Japan the situation seems to be a little bit behind the UK but I'm still amazed that the Tokyo Olympics could still go ahead in July despite Canada and a few other nations withdrawing from the events altogether.
  12. Things like bread and milk can be frozen for a while so that might explain why some people are going nuts on things like milk but the 100 cans of baby milk I don't get. I'm glad that the situation in Denmark in terms of food shopping has improved but I don't see this so far in the UK especially in terms of 'locusts'.
  13. It amazing to see how things have changed over a short period of time and you get to see the value of some people in all of this. The toilet roll thing is crazy and took me several days to track down a small pack of which I gave some away. I have some old newspapers regardless. Since I don't have a car, I have to like others here go back and forth with smaller amounts of shopping but have had to buy stuff that others didn't want and 'kindly' left on the shelves. Good luck everyone! We will get through this!
  14. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    I bought both of them on the PSP a few years ago and they didn't cost much then. Just wondered if anyone else played them that's all. PSP is region free so no problems playing them but the language barrier might put a few people off.
  15. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Did anyone ever play the spin off games on the PSP at all?