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  1. Social Media

    A few people in the media spotlight have died recently which of course gives some people on social media the right to say whatever hatred they have straight out. It doesn't matter if someone died less than an hour ago off they go spouting whatever on twitter, reddit or wherever. The Dalai Lama's right, anger shouldn't be welcome. It's a negative and destructive emotion that in the end leads...nowhere.
  2. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    I heard about this a few weeks ago but now it's official from Sony. They should be the first to tell people not the last but that's another story. I'm sure the stores themselves will shut down a bit later as what happened with the Wii e-shop some years ago. I own all three systems mention so I need to look through the store and get what I can before it all closes. If any of those systems break down in the future there will be no way to play a lot of that stuff again. Hopefully Sony can move some of the more popular stuff over for it to work on the PS5 but I doubt it.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Just Dance Wii U (Japanese edition) and a Wii Taiko Drum (3rd party one). I promised myself a long time ago that I would get a taiko drum one day so just waiting for the games to arrive from Japan now.
  4. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    His character is more fleshed out in Klingon Academy, a PC game from 2000 that passed me back in the day.
  5. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    RIP Christopher Plummer. (aka General Chang) Klingon Primer: Heart of Virtue - YouTube I'm slowly going through the Star Trek Continues series at the moment.
  6. Social Media

    I remember my first real use of social media back with 'Friends Reunited' in the UK. Initially I felt really happy that I could find out how everyone who I went to school, college, university were doing and then I compared that with what I was doing and I felt incredibly depressed with it all. I guess that experience has shaped my overall view of social media. Rule 4 'compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today' is a good rule for me to live by. I'm on various platforms but I rarely post because it just doesn't interest me. I'm still interested in the link between prolonged social media use and depression. The goal of social media is for the user to be on their platform for as long as possible (seek validation from others), get dopamine hit and to come back regularly. It sounds a bit like a drug really and if that is the case try going without it for a week and see what happens. Not sure how social media platforms can really police themselves without the government stepping in but then again most politicians don't really understand the full issue. Social Media Depression - YouTube
  7. The Trump Over

    I know why he said it but the sentiment still rings true.
  8. The Trump Over

    President Biden represents to many a return to normality from the last four years or so by Donald Trump. A neo liberal, global agenda one with some social justice measures thrown in. I don't think it will be easy for his administration to fix the divide in America which partisan media helped in part open up but he will have to listen to people including the very ones who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump who felt that their voices had been forgotten about. If Joe Biden just repeats Obama/Clinton, don't be surprised if those voices get someone else to listen to them. As for twitter, I think the final word should go to the person who impersonated ex President Trump on SNL - 'Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not much of a party. Goodbye for now.' - AlecBaldwin(HABF)
  9. The Trump Over

    America should be being a beacon to the world not a siren to stay away from. From the riots in Portland to the storming of Capitol Hill, it's embarrassing.
  10. Wii General Discussion

    I bought the Wii version of Retro City Ramage DX when VBlank first announced it in 2020 and was hoping for a PAL version of Shake Down Hawaii for the Wii U but they only released a North American version. I soft modded my Wii ages ago just so that I could play some Japanese games but haven't touched anything on the Wii U. I hesitated and then the Wii U versions were quickly sold out. In the end, I bought the PS4 version even though I don't have a PS4 yet and then months later they announce a Black Friday deal. From what I read on reddit the cosmetic damages were very minor.
  11. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    Never put your unwavering faith in politicians (regardless of their side); they will always let you down. Not sure what the media is going to talk about in 2021 when Trump, Brexit and Covid 19 (eventually) disappear. I must admit 'they' have done their best to divide us but unlike politicians no one has ever voted for them. The Game Was Rigged From The Start - YouTube
  12. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    Back in the day, I was a loyal GameCube owner and this game kept coming up in gaming magazines as an exclusive, only for the game to come out on the PS2 a bit later on with extra's added. It's been ported to numerous platforms since and given an HD polish so I think there is enough of an audience to see this game remade. Capcom showed with Resident Evil on the GameCube that they could take the core of the PS1 game and turn it into an improvement on the original. There is a lot of love for RE4 but for me the RE remake on the cube remains my favourite. Capcom did a decent job with the RE2 remake only to mess things up a bit with the RE3 remake from what I've seen. It will be interesting however to see how Resident Evil Village shapes up as I guess they will take that core engine and build RE4 around it. The original RE4 packed quite a bit into the game in terms of game-play length and extras. How this translates into a future version is anyone's guess.
  13. Resident Evil 4 feels dated now...

    When the Wii version came out the games producer Masachika Kawata said that the Wii version was the definitive edition. Resident Evil 4 Ships for Fourth Time - IGN
  14. The Trump Over

    Change? "Harman, the world won't change. All it does is turn". - Kun Lan (Killer 7)
  15. Christmas 2020

    I will put up my Christmas tree in about a months time. It's too early now for me.