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    • I had heard of the news about a week ago and my face became a lot like my avatar's. Looking forward to hear some arranged FE7 tracks (gimme Black Fang's Theme!), and I'm curious to see if the FE6 arrangements are new (can't have too much of Shaman in the Dark, or Beneath a New Light).
    • Super Bunnyhop just released an interesting video on Telltale's demise, namely how they had been mismanaging the company for years, now (and how that mismanagement might also be behind their more lacklustre releases post-Walking Dead). It's a pretty good watch.  
    • I completely agree.  I remember going back to the game a few years after I originally completed it and was quite happy to play through it all again. It’s a shame it hasn’t received (& seems unlikely to receive) a worldwide follow-up. The original was probably a little too light, and so a follow-up would’ve had so much scope to expand.  I understand that not wanting to risk sales of the actual cards. I know others have already mentioned Pokemon Snap & Pinball.  Along with the Trading Card Game these were the three games that immediately spring to mind, and I enjoyed all of them.
    • There was no price on it, but it goes for £45 - £60 with a box on the website.
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