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    • Onto the third and final of the co-op multiplayer games in NintendoLand. [Together] NintendoLand: Zelda Battle Quest (Part 1) Old Nintendo Gamer & Son battle their way through Hyrule. Lee on the bow (GamePad) and Morgan swinging his sword all over the place (levels 1-8).
    • Just checked if Celeste happens to be on my island.. And she is! Gate's open in a minute, but I'm not staying open for long. Half hour max (so roughly  01:30 CET / 00:30 UK) She's currently around the plaza. Edit: it seems it's a new zodiac month. Edit: Closed the gate as I want balloons to spawn while I wait. Post here if you want to make a quick visit, I'll check back later.
    • Yeah, I think having another person there to basically force you to do them is the best thing, tbh.  What rep ranges are you working with when squatting? I hit 80kg x10 reps for the first time yesterday. My quads felt really pumped after that. 
    • N-E Café Episode 53 now available! Now up on the main page. - - - - - Another really enjoyable episode, highlights for me were hearing about Greg's experience with the PS5's Resistive Haptics, seemingly the new 'HD Rumble' equivalent,, Nick's updates on games he's been playing, I was interested to hear about how you've been finding Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and I look forward to hearing more about it in future episodes, as it is a game I'm planning on playing soon... though maybe I should keep it sealed for now? Lee's impressions on Invisigun Reloaded were interesting too, a game I've never really looked into, and while it sounds like a unique concept, I think the art of the game is more interesting to me at this time, another example of a 16-Bit aesthetic title in-game, which has wildly different promotional art, which I decided to look toward for the banner this week. The Game Awards discussion was fantastic as well, and while I don't think I'll bother watching it live this year, unless they've seriously rejigged the style of it, which I don't think they will have... because money, adverts etc, I will be on the look out for any Nintendo focused announcements. Indeed, last year I did put together a roundup article of the event, we'll see how the evening goes, I might do the same again this year if there are enough Nintendo related awards and announcements.  Oh, and I'm here to claim the crown this week for the transition tunes... Looking forward to the next episode, and I'll be sure to update the main article with the YouTube embed, as soon as it's available.
    • Just seen a tweet that reminded me of "N-Europe enters awkward teen..." Classic. And also now nearly eight years old 😬
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