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    • Picked up where I left off last year with my Legend of Korra re-watch, starting Book Three earlier this week, and have just seen the end of it again.  I think the show on the whole has a host of issues, and they're highlighted especially when compared with The Last Airbender, but it's villains really aren't one of them, and Zaheer is no exception. And man did they knock it out of the park with the last few episodes of Book Three, the setpieces and music are just as great as some in The Last Airbender, and I don't understand how you aren't meant to tear up when it all ends.  I can't remember Book Four being quite as strong, so I'll have to wait and see if this is true when I finish that up again, but right now, towards the end of Book Three feels the closest that they got to recapturing some of the magic of The Last Airbender. There's not too much comedy, respect for the characters and their growth, great music, very good fight choreography (especially the fight Tenzin is involved in), and real stakes.  It reminds me of the Star Wars prequels quite a bit to be honest. They've both got their own unique issues, but where I think both fell wasn't the aim of the story, but rather the execution of that story. Again, I don't think it quite hits the heights of The Last Airbender, but being unable to put down the last few episodes of Book Three has only given me further confidence that with the right backing, there's still some awesome stuff to come from Bryke and Avatar Studios.  Speaking of which, there was some news about a month ago I forgot to post here. Just some really short snippets I thought were worth highlighting from the official podcast: Hard to not get excited at the possibilities! The multi-tiered plan sounds a little cinematic universe-esque, which I think we've rarely seen done well outside of Marvel, so I'm hoping it's more along the lines of Star Wars, where it doesn't do something where it leans heavily into the fact that things are related and just has connective tissue instead, like in Legend of Korra. Could definitely see the same threat covered across multiple books by different Avatars, or heck even an anthology type thing where each book handles different characters from different corners of the world and they all come together for a final season.  Guess the big question is going to be how this all reaches those of us outside of the US, seeing as I haven't read anything yet about plans to make Paramount+ something available worldwide.  And there's also some more good news from last week... ...Jeremy Zuckerman will unfortunately not be working on Netflix's live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender, but will be working with Avatar Studios! He's pretty much exactly what John Williams is for Star Wars but for Avatar, I've loved his work with the series so far (who hasn't?) and can't wait to hear what he's got cooking up!  Lastly, with Avatar Studios' first project - their film - starting production towards the end of this year, I can't help but wonder if we'll get a title and maybe even see a poster before 2021 is up? 
    • Go full WWE. Every athlete to have their own theme music, pyrotechnics, ring announcements, the lot. BAH GAWD, IT'S BOLT. BOLT WITH A CHAIR! DAMN HIM TO HELL!
    • Being that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is available on Nintendo DS and the IOS store, which should make it easier for others to obtain, I'll put in a nomination for it. Especially as I have the game, and it's one of the titles I genuinely did plan on playing, despite not playing many games recently. (The original DS game is admitedly not cheap for a boxed copy... £50 - £60+) Kirby Power Paintbrush is an excellent option as well though, the Wii U port is very good from what I remember, plus you can play it on the big screen. (The original DS game is also not cheap for a a boxed copy... £25 - £30+ though import versions can be cheaper)
    • Just played the Leviathan DLC, easily the best yet, far better than the (still excellent) Shadow Broker one. ME3 continues to be the best in the series for me, just better in every way than the previous two games.
    • Unsure if I am in a rut or not, which I suppose by definition would say I am...?  Jobwise I'm comfortable knowing that I *have* a job, but knowing that when my former-colleague-who-left-then-came-back-as-agency-and-got-old-job-back, she was told that they hadn't filled in all the vacancies put out by our seniors so "we", meaning "you", would have more work to pick up whilst they "sort it out", which means I'm going to be pumping the breaks on stuff I'm doing, because I'm already doing the majority of an agency colleague's load because he's too damn slow (I've been coming in on weekends so keep everything level), which I've tried to sort out over the past few months, but eventually told my service manager that someone should take over his work sooner rather than later because I couldn't take anymore of this, the response was "your deputy service manager is on leave this week, I'll have a meeting with when he gets back". I asked what should I do in the interim, but was ignored, so guessing her response was just to keep doing all the extra work.   Family, thinks going ok with the missus and the kitties. Too many projects I want to do in the house, get the bathroom to have a bath in it... either turn the conservatory into a more modern one - currently has a wooden frame which is falling apart - or just turn it into a single story extension. I've conversed with my building contacts, and turning it into an extension is the cheaper option, and I think would open up the "dining area" instead of there being a bottleneck where the sliding doors into the conservatory are, which mainly stores our books/boardgames etc, it's too small to have as a relaxing room per sé. Garden is a mess, but that's her domain, so no doubt I'll have to end up doing it when the whining reaches critical mass. Although got told my brother got crashed his van and got arrested last night, so that's a super start to the weekend. Suspicions are high on the drink side of things (he had two pints with myself in the pub beforehand), but I suspect other... concoctions... may have had an impact also. Probably going to get banned from driving again, which may have fucked up his holiday plans in a couple of weeks when we all go to Cornwall for our Mum's wedding (I'm giving her away - awww)   And SOOOOO many Warhammer models to paint, I've been taking some into work to do during breaks. Which is nice as Games Workshop/other places are opening up so can get some games in.   Whoa, how much did he send over/over how long?
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