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    • Nintendo should really snap these guys up. They've proven themselves over and over again to be technical wizards and are able to get fantastic results on weaker hardware. 
    • Stick with it, the later transformations really open up the game with what you can do, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fun the last 2 transformations are. I kinda had the same problem with the first two transformations, but then I got the Frog one and that's where I started to really enjoy the movement. I still prefer the Dragon's Trap remake overall, but Cursed Kingdom is still a solid game. More Metroid than Wonder Boy, admittedly, but that's no bad thing. And I just want to point out how much I love the artstyle, there's a particular boss in the second half of the game that looks stunning. Again, I prefer Dragon's Trap's artstyle over Cursed Kingdom, but that game is beautiful anyway, so it was always gonna be stiff competition in the looks department.
    • Yeah, local is the way to go for my Nintendo multuplayer needs. I prefer to trash-talk in person during my typical ownage in Smash Bros and Mario Kart   How about as soon as it arrives?   I'm going for a digital version, since this is pretty much my go-to game right now and I'd hate to switch cartridges in the future   In other news, since I don't own any games, yet, I decided to give Tetris 99 a go and while I suck at Tetris it's still weirdly fun. Getting my ass kicked but that's to be expected when you're this bad   Pretty cool that my sister added me to the family subscription so now I get acces to the NES and SNES library, too.  
    • Parasite 5/5 go see this movie. Can't tell you anything about it, just trust me.  
    • I get why you're not buying Smash but I also don't get why you're not buying it, but I respect your decision all the same... monster! I'm guessing that because you've played it locally at a friends house a lot and prefer to play it locally maybe... which I can totally understand but even so, it's nice to have the option to play online because it offers a completely different experience, but I digress. Anyway, never mind all that because I just found this... Slay The Spire for Nintendo Switch only £27.96 on eBay with code "PARTYTIME" (20% off, expires tonight, selected sellers only) And yes, I bought a copy because on the Switch it seems like the physical version of Slay The Spire is an odd one which isn't stocked everywhere and I know that me purchasing it at some point was going to be inevitable because... reasons! Also, oddly it's not available on The Game Collection but the seller on eBay is The Game Collection Outlet... so they had copies of it at some point I presume but just not on their main site, which... actually works out better as the game is now cheaper by getting it from them but via eBay. I can't say when I'm going to play Slay the Spire mind... but I bought it now at least and if you want to get a cheap physical copy of it @drahkon then you can, there's still a few left.
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