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    • Nice! I've always wanted one for my collection but never been able to find one in good enough condition, at least to my standards. The things seem to get easily marked due to the chrome finish.  
    • Like others, I'm hoping for a Hollow Knight release date. Don't think it'll shadow drop and that it's probably still a little out but it would be nice if it did come out at the same time as the direct. Hoping to see the likes of She Remembered Caterpillars as that was shown off ages ago and Morphies Law as well as they shouldn't be too far off now surely. Would be awesome if there was an announcement of Into The Breach coming to consoles, and the Switch. I'm holding off picking it up on PC in the off chance it gets announced but with only 2 developers behind that game (and FTL) and their stubbornness about the idea, I'm not holding a huge amount of hope that it'll happen. Would be an instant buy for me tho as I really want to play it.
    • Just found myself looking at Panasonic Qs again on eBay. Despite being in the middle of setting money aside at the moment for other stuff I did put a bid in. Wasn’t high enough which I’m kind of glad about! Edit: I’m so weak! I bid again and am now the highest bidder...
    • I do reckon it’ll happen, but not yet.  Mobile seems to be Epic’s priority right now.   Good shout out about Pocket Rumble @DuD! I completely forgot about it!   Hopefully we also see some new footage of Morphy’s Law as well.  Looked really cool in the last Nindies Direct!   I wonder if we might see Downwell on Switch as well, now that the game’s creator works for Nintendo as an employee!
    • I’m just hoping for a Wargroove date but the noises over on their forums make it sound likely to be late 2018.   In fact, just more strategy games in general would be great.
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