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    • Here's mine, and Smash is till abysmally low:    
    • More messing around with Edit Video, this one is a surprisingly tense and skillful fight between @Ugh first aid (Toon Link) and me (Lucas). An almost 7 minute match, but this cuts the run time in half to show you the best bits. It's got everything! Bomb deflection, exploding Hookshots and even some Rhythmic fighting.
      Corneria is a pretty sweet remix after all. Why yes! That Thumbnail IS awesome.
    • No they don't.  Those aren't standard capacitive styli, but instead they are called an "Active Stylus".  They require a device that has a special screen that has a digitiser underneath it and also require their own bluetooth connection and battery power.  They allow for the incredible level of accuracy you get from a resistive touch screen, on a capacitive one.  They are also pressure sensitive and can also distinguish between your hand and the stylus, allowing you to rest your hand on the actual screen itself and it won't interfere with drawing!   It's the number 1 thing I want from a new version of Switch! They're amazing! They solve every problem I have with capacitive screens; unfortuntely, they're still quite expensive (and devices that support them are also very expensive).
    • Snap, he's on to us! Only one thing for it...
    • Has anyone tried using the new "Edit Video" feature? Because it's awesome. I made a quick video (with some help from @Ugh first aid, who controlled King K.Rool).
      Forget "Avengers: whatever it's called" Here's the hero movie you need to see.
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