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  1. Do you know what you're doing?

    Unsure if I am in a rut or not, which I suppose by definition would say I am...? Jobwise I'm comfortable knowing that I *have* a job, but knowing that when my former-colleague-who-left-then-came-back-as-agency-and-got-old-job-back, she was told that they hadn't filled in all the vacancies put out by our seniors so "we", meaning "you", would have more work to pick up whilst they "sort it out", which means I'm going to be pumping the breaks on stuff I'm doing, because I'm already doing the majority of an agency colleague's load because he's too damn slow (I've been coming in on weekends so keep everything level), which I've tried to sort out over the past few months, but eventually told my service manager that someone should take over his work sooner rather than later because I couldn't take anymore of this, the response was "your deputy service manager is on leave this week, I'll have a meeting with when he gets back". I asked what should I do in the interim, but was ignored, so guessing her response was just to keep doing all the extra work. Family, thinks going ok with the missus and the kitties. Too many projects I want to do in the house, get the bathroom to have a bath in it... either turn the conservatory into a more modern one - currently has a wooden frame which is falling apart - or just turn it into a single story extension. I've conversed with my building contacts, and turning it into an extension is the cheaper option, and I think would open up the "dining area" instead of there being a bottleneck where the sliding doors into the conservatory are, which mainly stores our books/boardgames etc, it's too small to have as a relaxing room per sé. Garden is a mess, but that's her domain, so no doubt I'll have to end up doing it when the whining reaches critical mass. Although got told my brother got crashed his van and got arrested last night, so that's a super start to the weekend. Suspicions are high on the drink side of things (he had two pints with myself in the pub beforehand), but I suspect other... concoctions... may have had an impact also. Probably going to get banned from driving again, which may have fucked up his holiday plans in a couple of weeks when we all go to Cornwall for our Mum's wedding (I'm giving her away - awww) And SOOOOO many Warhammer models to paint, I've been taking some into work to do during breaks. Which is nice as Games Workshop/other places are opening up so can get some games in. Whoa, how much did he send over/over how long?
  2. Tattoos

    This is what I get for trying to borrow it from the Facebook, how bout naow?
  3. What Have You Bought?

    If they remade that, instant purchase
  4. Tattoos

    Colour now done, just waiting for the healings to begin
  5. Tattoos

    Following on from this, I was originally offered 23rd May, which I had to turn down because it was the wife's birthday, so tattooist offered me this Sunday (13th June). As I hadn't heard anything from her since mid-April I thought I would send a confirmation email, just as a courtesy. She comes back saying that I was booked in for 23rd May, she can't fit me this Sunday and earliest she can fit me in is 28th August? THE FUCK?! I responded saying that I *did* have it booked, but we changed it, to a date she offered (with email subject changed by her) and I accepted, on 17th April! I sent a screenshot of the earlier part of the email where that actually happened, had she scrolled down she could've seen it herself. Awaiting a reply. What I don't get is that even if it was booked for 23rd May, that no confirmation email was sent to check if I was attending, or at the least one afterwards asking me where the fuck I was. EDIT: she was suddenly able to pull 27th June from somewhere.
  6. Job woes/wins

    Chased this up twice and haven't heard any reply, so assuming I haven't gotten in, but a bit unprofessional to not even tell me. One of our agency staff has gone, soo many mistakes/not enough productivity. Sadly I think the one I am mentoring may be on his last legs. Great chap, but he's too slow in duties, checking stuff on spreadsheets is a simple copy and paste job (where he was right clicking copy, right click paste), so had to teach him the power of ctrl C + ctrl V. Something I could manage in 30ish minutes takes him 6 hours plus. I don't expect him to match my speed, but this is ridiculous, so he isn't typing any letters. One week I took over the spreadsheets so he could just type, did an alright amount for a newbie - was also doing capital letters by toggling caps lock on and off, so had to show how the shift key works... but after having the letters back from the consultant ready to go out, he didn't send them out and had them sitting in his inbox (also a mess) for almost a month... Unacceptable shit.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Some shoes for the gym, my current trainers are too flat soled, something I think I'll need to change going forward because my heels aren't the best and these trainers offer little comfort when squats and balance with other exercises. So here's hoping this can increase the ability to gain gains
  8. The Exercise & Fitness Thread: The Struggle Is Real

    With gyms allowing classes I booked one and just gotten home... Holy fuck you can tell when things have gone to shit. Naturally I knew I had fallen behind but I didn't think I'd feel that bad when it was done. I'm so happy we ran out of time so we couldn't do all the core exercises. They always make me feel a lil nauseous, and I dunnae think I could've handled it
  9. Eurovision 2021!

    Don't forget her amped up British accent to accompany the "fuck you foreigners, it all sounds the same to ones ears". Does anyone know what criteria these juries go on? Because I can only assume it's financial that Switzerland got so high, same with France but that was classier. If this is what it takes to win, send in ear tumour epidemics James Blunt or Lewis Capaldi next year. Victory will be assured. Germany was amazing, fuck y'all who believe otherwise.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    I try and get a new bike to reinvorigate the gains and treat myself, but it appears to not want to bestow its glory upon me. Had some chain issues so took it back to Halfords who said one part of the gears wasn't assembled properly, but even on the way home the chain popped off again and has several times since (with several similarly veined reviews). This cannot be just from me pedalling too hard, as the resistance is shocking on even its highest gear - my old bike just wouldn't turn if you tried pedalling on a higher gear with no speed and zero chance of coming off, it was that good. Hopefully get it changed for something else, because this isn't a safe bike
  11. Bring back Perfect Cell and have him assrape Golden Frieza into oblivion! Need to get back into the Super and finish it. PS4 has been busy playing Dark Souls, and now I've got to a sticky point my interest in the game is starting to wane... Started second season of Dr Stone yesterday. The concept of explaining the science behind things I really like. I keep trying to get the wife (a microbiologist) to confirm whether some of it is correct, but she's never paying attention.
  12. The Circle TV show

    Never got into Big Brother, there was just a load of sitting about doing fuck all*, and I'd remember when instead of showing Live Casino stuff, they'd have live Big Brother for 6 hours... and people would watch it?! *at least in The Circle they cut out the boring bits
  13. The Circle TV show "looking to bring new ideas and concepts to the channel" Yet they continue to show Gogglebox with a straight face.
  14. Do you know what you're doing?

    I'm in flux at the moment... socially and family wise, I think I'm in a good spot, by brother is still a dick who needs to drink a lil less, but he'll always be a work in progress, leave that with me. Professionally I thought I was in a good place until last week (see jobs thread), this is the first proper permanent, full time, not all that bad paying job I've had in all my life, and it only took me 33 years. Just when I think I can take it to the next level (see jobs thread), whilst it's something which has made me feel less appreciated/valued than any job has ever done, it's not something I can just up and leave, coz monies. Having a house is nice, but I feel like those in the house buying thread that you may have bitten off more than you can chew, maybe you have rose glasses when you move in, and then the smallest things start appearing which you know you need to fix. The electrics are old, so will probably be a couple of grand to update the wiring at least. Weather has been shit today which has revealed the conservatory is not as watertight as originally assumed. So that's a couple of grand as well It's all about money, and everything is a fuck you.
  15. Job woes/wins

    Up on the saga. Didn't get one of the PA roles I've basically been doing. They rang up whilst I was en route to pick up new bike and one of the reasons they gave, as well as wanting a face to face to explain more, was that I didn't explain enough about the treatment pathway "which is an important part of the role", I can't remember my exact answer, so fuck me I guess for not training myself on something which isn't my job yet. I hung up on them shortly after that. I've been a miserable fuck all week. I did give my colleagues the heads up about this question as it did catch me off guard, those two got one of the roles, so fuck me again well-intentioned idiot. They haven't invited me to this meeting yet as one of the seniors has been on leave this week, but I'm going to get a list of the stuff I do and make it quite clear what it is my job it is to do. Because it being exactly the same except for taking some minutes at meetings and "having final overview" of some spreadsheets is not worth the base £2k difference in wages. So hopped on the job-grabbing bandwagon, saw a couple of legal secretary vacancies which I applied for one, one through an agency which when they did the usual call back was a bit arsey, one going far to say they may go through my CV with me, which was a surprise. Another was a very long shot from a vacancy in Sept 2020 for one which is right near me, was invited for an interview which was essentially a job history grilling by one of the solicitors and the partner of the firm, who was doing a very, very bad job of trying to hide his yawning, along with things like "I'm sure there is advancement available in the NHS surely?" if you're not feeling it dude, say it. I've already written that off as a fail so not holding out hope there. I do however have a challenge set by Games Workshop for a game dev role there, so that's my weekend covered as I complete this mission in time...