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  1. Job woes/wins

    The person who I worked with, got this job so I've been working under her for a year, decided to apply for the role above hers as that person had moved on. She got it, which left her role up for grabs. applied, did a bit more prep and got it this time. Woo! Now they need to put out the vacancy for my old job
  2. Return to Monkey Island

    Woo! I'm hoping it doesn't rewrite the series, because I've always wondered what happened between being stuck on Big Whoop, and then floating in the middle of the ocean on a bumper car
  3. So the Funimation app will soon be redundant? If not already
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Some shizzle from 3DS eShop before they close. I had £9 on my balance it seemed, but had to buy another voucher, because paying exact price for stuff is crazy apparently. And this was at a boombastic discount, under £4 So now I've got £6 left on balance and I dunno what to get. Maybe the second Boxboy game or something... any recommendations?
  5. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    I think I'm about 45ish. Maybe not even that.
  6. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    I'm down to needing Umbreon, Togetic/kiss, Pichu, Wyrdeer and I think that's it. But with two of those needing happiness (I'm going to try that flying Togetic but those flying balls are a pain to use), and there are nosl side missions left, I'm not sure if I can be bothered. The game starts off slow, which is fine, builds up nicely but too quickly, plateau'ing way too soon so that by the end you've got a fair bit to do, but bugger all to do. I spent yesterday watching Deep Space Nine with the Switch undocked (a massive rarity) stood nearby with me periodically checking the map for a distortion so I could get the fossil dudes.
  7. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    How exactly do you "investigate" these massive mass outbreaks? I'm trying to for a mission, I've caught batches, I've beaten the shit out of others, but it doesn't tick it off the list.
  8. Home Improvement / DIY

    The missus needed some space to hang a wok and a pan, we don't really have anything available. So I bought some thick screws, had them come out either side of a cupboard, pow, handles for pans.
  9. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    I'm starting to feel this more and more, the credits have rolled and all I'm stuck with are a small handful of missions, the majority of which are the "catch the rare Pokémon", I'm not entirely sure how the Weather Trio will appear in their respective areas during these storms, but I'll have a little fap about before I get bored and Google it. I spent the majority of yesterday sleeping on and off to get a full moon for the Clefairy mission, whilst trying to complete the Cherrim entry for another. It's amazing how many aren't in trees when you want them. In the end I just had to use agile tackles against a Luxray which shortly knocked me out + short trek to the camp = rinse and repeat. I don't know if I'll have the energy to complete the 'dex. I'm getting the sensation that it's more of a slog than walking in the wild grass and hoping for something rare to jump out. I'm not sure why they've gone with the anime trope of people whipping off their clothes to show their "true form", especially when they look fucking stupid and not even hinted (from memory) that they're anything other than what they were originally (Pokémon "Wielder"?! really?!). The only one who ever had that effect was Giovanni being the Viridian Gym Leader, and he didn't need a wardrobe change.
  10. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    What's peoples' practices when doing the dex? Currently (just settled 2nd frenzied mon, 3 star) and trying to move away from the loyal members staying in my squad, rotating out to get missions done (Quilava exception) I'm trying to get multiple missions done simultaneously, for example my last shafting was using my Barboach to use Mud ball (or something) on Shinx's to take them out, do so with a ground move and using that move a number of times. But the thing that's dampening my flow is that I'm standing by the pastures, seeing in the den what move I'd like to use multiple times, then going into the pastures menu and seeing if that 'mon has that move, rinse and repeat. (Currently pimpsmacking Drifloons with Gastly's Astonish)
  11. Never been a fan of the series to be honest. On my third attempt of a controller for le Banjo, the punk Sword and Shield Pro controller, it has better sensitivity for slow walking, but I'm starting Rusty Bucket Bay and I'm abusing those load states like a bitch in the engine room. I did start Phantasy Star IV, but sadly it got pushed to the wayside. I did start Breath of Fire, but when I learned it was what was ported to the GBA, which I have done previously, it was abandoned. I am fully aware of the irony here.
  12. I've split mine with the wife and the in the laws, because they loved the Mega Drive shizzle. However I'm crossing my fingers they're playing it as much as I am so it doesn't feel like a total waste. Bollocks to Animal Crossing also.
  13. I'm finding some lag in the room before Gobi's Desert with the revolving jump pad. Apart from that...
  14. Did they change it for the online one? Can't say I noticed. But it does look like comic sans I will admit.
  15. What font would you have preferred? Arial?! To be honest I never gave the font any thought in this game then, or now, it compliments the aesthetic perfectly.