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  1. The Last of Us (TV)

    I will get round to watching this, but is it worth waiting for it all to come out, or just watch naow?
  2. Netflix

    I saw the first episode of Dahmer, I thought it was halfway through the Saga of his killing reign... Holy shit he's pulled this dude, oh he's gon' fuck him up, shit the police are here, he's going to have a close call but escape... Oh he got caught and it's all a flashback?! Fuck that. The Recruit - I wouldn't bother. It starts out promising with a dude who likes to jump in head first and he's going to prove his worth, but instead his character is like one of those annoying children you tell not to touch something, touches it and then wonders why people are angry with him. Plus it affects everyone around him as he swans around complaining. You almost forget about the Russian mob bollocks they trundle out with it. Ends on a "cliffhanger" too, but you honestly run out of shits to give at that point. Treason - I liked this, but seeing Charlie Cox in several seasons of Daredevil, it's weird watching him actually look at people. I'm currently working through Kaleidoscope, a heist drama which apparently can be watched in any order, so long as the episode of the actual heist is last, so you see the before AND after the heist, which feels really strange as the only episode I have to go *is* the heist, but knowing the aftermath is unusual - especially as some of it is left rather open and leaves a lot unanswered, and it's not one of those which you think they'll make another season of to carry on (which is the right call here to not make it). Naturally I would recommend watching it in a more chronological order as it makes a shit ton more sense and there's no real twist if you watch the earlier ones later (set 24 and 7 years before the heist), they add important context. EDIT: Just watched the final episode. Again, since you know the aftermath it doesn't really do much as opposed to in other heist things like Hustle, where they'll snap back for a short period, a whole episode seems excessive.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Sadly not the actual one (if this doesn't load as an image is because getting the link blows on a new phone) but tickets to see Delta in Birmingham in May
  4. The Circle TV show

    I watched the final last night. Not a total surprise, but well deserved I think. The missus was in tears at several points... classic wife. I agree about Tom, I'm sure the Jennifer tactical vote probably sealed it for him, a bit of a dick move, but I would probably have done the same thing were I in a similar position. I always cringe at the videos from home segment on any show. If they've been away for more then 2 months, they can get a little misty. Anything under that, pipe down on those waterworks. Although if something I heard from the beginnings of the original Circle, was that before they went into the Circle flats (or maybe in them and then hammed up their "entry" for the official start), they were living in solitary for a couple of weeks beforehand, probably to judge if their minds could handle it - which if true is still under a month and fall under the "stay dry" protocol. Thoughts on final?
  5. The Traitors

    I'll say this about the US final...
  6. The Traitors

    He seems to dial back the Scot as the series goes on, at the beginning there are R's rolling all over the place like he's trying to be Billy Connolly, but coming to the end he seems to sound more like you hear him on Good Wife/Instinct etc Plus some missions are missing, or appear to have been made easier coz 'Merica.
  7. The Traitors

    There is a US version of this on the iPlayer, same location and tasks, but hosted by Alan Cumming who (even though he is Scottish) puts on a horrendous Scottish accent
  8. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    I've never played a Devil May Cry game before, what would you liken it to? Something like Bayonetta?
  9. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Awesome that the Cheesestrings guy was 1k
  10. I meant to add "stuff worth doing". I had in my head the whole time writing that post but it never reached past the fingers.
  11. I'd grab something sweet to take the bitter taste of this post away. I say this after reading what I've written and I feel this warning is needed. Many of the shrines were repetitive, all the dungeons followed one main mechanic (Bop It until you pushed all the buttons), I couldn't remember how many time towns etc there were, an IGN page has about 9 with town/village in their name, obviously 4 of those will be the realm of the race that you get, lots? Compared to Ocarina etc, certainly more, but the scope of the world (for me) made them seem more sparse. Stables, true there were a fuck ton. They were great to warp to in times of need. Enemy encampments were so vanilla and unmemorable I found myself landing at some to find I'd already opened the chest there, so ran off. Fuck the Korok puzzles, when you get to 50-75ish and you find out there's 900, no game is worth that kind of investment, even more so when you realise all you get is a golden shit as a fuck you for your time. It's been awhile since I've played an Assassin's Creed game, but I think if each Korok seed was on the map even they would go "fuck that's a bit excessive". I understand what they're trying to do with homage to the original Legend of Zelda, but I didn't like the first entry. I hated the near zero direction aspect. I hate massive handholding just as equally frustrating, a little guidance isn't too much to ask. Some Navi-style hints, not too much to ask The compendium/album thing is a thing I've seen crop up in games recently too, spot this insect/bird/plant etc. I'm able to do this in real life but I don't because it's boring. Honestly can't remember much about the side quests, I've clearly drunk too much since then, which I think is the real meat of what I've missed out on here. This is what I'm looking the most forward to when I replay this. Which I guess with Tears coming out soon I best get my skates on to refresh myself.
  12. The Circle TV show

    Anus to the wall I'm so sorry. I thought there was only 3 and added that on to your number =S I'll give y'all a minute to catch up to this weeks drops EDIT: One thing I will say though, as it's been evident throughout, that despite walking around a flat, with small excursions to gym/yoga room/roof - Chaz has way too many fucking pairs of shoes!
  13. It baffles me. For the scope of the world and amount of places you *go*, there didn't seem to be much you could *do*. I certainly wouldn't consider it worthy of any awards, I don't think it did anything truly groundbreaking (?) (Was the stamina system for climbing a new thing?) I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it isn't a great game either. Like @darksnowman I cannae believe I feel this way about a Zelda title. I'm all for evolution and stuff, but after the initial Plateau and the first Divine Beast, everything just seemed the same. One side note, how the fuck did a hood not protect me from the cold, but some earrings did?! That shit be whack homie.
  14. We don't talk about Symphonia 2. It never happened. It doesn't exist! Arise might have had better dungeon action if you weren't always looking for a key/card for a lift 90% of the time, c'maahn, fool me into thinking it has a bit more variety by having me look for other things. Just Keys etc in Zelda feel more organic as locked parts of a dungeon, as opposed to asking "where are the stairs?" Not even the dungeon design, the whole world in Arise was just one long path, I think about 2-3 "overworld" sections had an alternative exit. Every region consisted solely of its capital city which had one path in and out. Running around Sylvarant and discovering new shit and church hotel things... Why have RPGs strayed from this I don't remember Abyss that much to be honest. I need to whip out the 3DS and give it another whirl.
  15. Yeah but how many times does Link pop back up again after getting killed? From Ganon's point of view, he's this undead, relentless terminator that is hellbent on hunting him down over thousands of years. Was Ocarina's Ganondorf born in that Hyrule? They blew their load mentioning he was the only dude.