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  1. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I've had to listen to this non-stop for several periods of time. Mainly the commutes to/from work
  2. good stuff thread.

    We took about 40 mins. Which they said was a good time but might've been lying. I took the sense of pride anyway. I like to think I was key in escaping. Especially for the first two puzzles. After that the team spirit kicked in and everyone had their moments. My fave puzzle was one that I didn't figure out. Off to the Games Workshop HQ and bar tonight for some Shadespire action. And drinking. Moreso of the former though.
  3. good stuff thread.

    Did an escape room yesterday with work peeps. Was themed like a creepy old school toy store with dolls bits n shit. Smashed it.
  4. Netflix

    I've found myself watching a fair few cooking things recently. It started with Sugar Rush then attempted watching Nailed It but the host was too annoying to watch past the first episode (one of the lifelines in the show is that she annoys other contestants) as if she's trying to be the new Oprah. And fails. Then tried Americas Worst Cooks which was alright but it was a "celebrity" series and just wasn't that engaging. Zumbo's Just Desserts was very entertaining though. It makes me want to learn how to make cakes and stuff. Hopefully that and Gordon Ramsay's to Hell and Back can tide me over before a new series of Hell's Kitchen.
  5. bad stuff thread.

  6. bad stuff thread.

    That's what inspired me to get my eyes checked and I discovered I needed glasses. When I was learning to drive the squinting to see signs was on the rise... Ye got nothing to lose by getting dat checkup.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Due to some spat between Virgin and UKTV, all of UKTV channels have been pulled from our Virgin service. they tried to make it seem like some sort of swap by saying we'll be getting Paramount Channel and a few others... but a quick Tweet revealed the truth. The missus has already organised the switch to Sky. Cannot miss Taskmaster.
  8. Star Wars Episode IX (December 20th 2019)

    If he's replacing Ade Edmondson I'm gonna be pissed
  9. What Have You Bought?

  10. What Have You Bought? Just the one dorrah buy
  11. good stuff thread.

    How's that workin' out for ya?
  12. RPG Maker 1005

    Haven't you always been able to draw your own tilesets?
  13. Job woes/wins

    Managed to pass the trial, so now need to cancel the JSA, however they only seem open during one's work hours. So have to deal with the might of the being on hold system.
  14. Pokémon Quest - Switch/Mobile

    Missus finally managed to get 20 Mystic Shells to plow into a gold pot for da Ambrosia. Both Mew and Mewtwo turned up.
  15. Pokémon Quest - Switch/Mobile

    I've been watching the missus playing this and it pisses me off just how the team just wander around like idiots and walk into damage like a special needs person after being told not to do something. I watched her Dragonite walk several times into a Fire Blast on the ground. There was ample room to go around, but no. Just go into it. Too frustrating. Any tips on how to beat Snorlax though? Dude just keeps falling asleep and apart from using a squad member with Disable it seems most difficult to do enough damage to it.