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  1. What Have You Bought?

    AWD-IT Ranger 5 Plus, AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM, 480GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX 1650, Gaming Desktop PC bundle: Think it's time for a new model. My PC is about 15 years old (gfx replaced about 4 years ago). Just need to get a friend to assist me with adding a disc drive and we'll be sweet.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    Now you're moving onto an actor whose films I can fully appreciate. As for Jackie Chan, I'm assuming you will be getting The Tuxedo in due course, assuming you haven't already?
  3. Arrowverse TV Shows

    I've just noticed that E4 are trying to fuck me over. When reading about when the Batwoman Crisis episode was back in April, article said May, naturally coming to the end of that and no episode forthcoming so checked the article and episode listing to see if I fucked up. Nope, should've been episode 9. Turns out they've skipped it entirely and apparently going to tack it on the end of the season in about 10 weeks time and I'm not having that. Hoisting the Jolly Roger when I get home from work...
  4. Arrowverse TV Shows

    Well she was quite the wooden actress, but the whole cast is pretty poor. They're just not introducing anyone of a) note, b) memorable. Apart from Alice (obviously their female Joker) which they are focusing way too much on, the whole Beth thing could be stretched out over a couple of seasons, however they cant bank the success will last that long so are just dumping it out all at once. All I can remember is Magpie, their Catwoman who wears a white wig so is a clone of Black Cat from Spider-Man.
  5. Arrowverse TV Shows

    I only watch Supergirl, and haven't watched any of the latest season's episodes (7 recorded thus far) until the Batwoman Crisis hour episode hits our screens, the other episodes from relevant series are recorded ready to go. I've been working through Batwoman and as soon as the Crisis episode is on I'm cutting out. It's just not good.
  6. And the great thing about that, is that we're going to get the blame. It's not ineptitude of the government for failing to get their shit together, flip-flopping on what they've been saying/doing and unable to sit down properly because of the absolute shafting future Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has been giving them, but *our* fault for not doing what they "asked" and not being able to reach their five goals or whatever. I got myself tested last night. My brother and his partner (who works in a care home I think) both got tested and were confirmed to have had it a coupla weeks ago, she had some symptoms, my brother had none except he said he had lost his sense of taste. My taste went over the weekend and I've got a weird pain at the back/under my tongue, so thought I'd play it safe and get my test on with the missus. Should get results in next coupla days, but I'm not worried. On the radio today they're added loss of taste/smell to the list of potential signs, so my family are trendsetters. EDIT: Came back as negative, which is nice.
  7. Hollow Knight

    Not played for a couple of days but I had done some looking up and I have the Kingsoul and other shit. That White Palace was horrible. I've not turned it into the Voidheart yet, may try the final boss without it to see this shitty ending first. I wish there was a little more lore/direction for some of this, when looking at Hollow Wiki's they say all this shit and I'm thinking "When was this explained?! I've seen two signposts with some cryptic shit and it's had this much exposition"
  8. Hollow Knight

    I did the first one, because I got the charm notch out of it. What I should look out for is another Pale Ore, I need just one more for the last nail upgrade
  9. Hollow Knight

    Well I opened up the Black Egg and had a few goes against the enemy within, still to try and finish it off, looking for the best combination of charms. Is that it after that? Just wondering if I should do a bit more exploring. According to the map I have 81% completion. Is the Godhall thing worth doing?
  10. Hollow Knight

    Thank fuck for that. It seemed everything was hiding behind a boss Battle. Is it worth going after some of the dream world bosses? Where it takes you into the realm, specifically Zote and Lost Kin, now I have the damage dash* I feel better equipped * which I had to get used to as it appears it also extends your dash length, which took a bit of adapting in Queens Gardens when many of the rickety shelves were a normal dash width apart
  11. Hollow Knight

    After a wander and coming back I've managed to do it. Got the charm which makes your shadow dash do damage (which I didn't use in previous attempts, and perfected the use of it on the Traitor Lord) and fapped my second dreamer. So a boombastic relief. One dreamer left then onto whatever is next. May see if I want to get some more grubs, I defeated the Collector on my travels too.
  12. Hollow Knight

    Right... fuck those Watcher Knights... right in the anus. No lube. I just cannot beat these fuckers. I can get about two down before the patterns just become too overwhelming and the both are Sonic'ing about. So off to explore and see if I can get some more health/Soul shit
  13. The Star Wars Thread

    I'm surprised that bit didn't include everyone pointing at them and cheering. I have no doubt people applauded at that bit in the premiere. The thing which made it all the more ludicrous was that Captain Marvel charges through space, penetrates one of Thanos' ships like a hot knife through butter. With lube. But she'll be damned if she couldn't travel 50ft(?) to a van without assembling a hen party.
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    This idea of jamming "female versions" of things is something that I will never understand. Want to have a story which has a woman as the main character in it? Fine, but when you start making the whole angle of "This time, they're all women!" as your hook it's a recipe for failure. See Ghostbusters and Ocean's 8 for prime examples. Not that they would've been improved if they were replaced by men, but if they focused more on the story etc they could've been much better.
  15. good stuff thread.

    It's people like you not practising social distancing which is only going to make things worse. TWO METRES BOY. Sorry to hear about your "friends" though, bollocks to 'em.