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  1. The Star Wars Thread

    I've only just watched up to episode 5, but if someone told me it would end with Space Whales queefing their way into Hyperspace, I would've told them to fuck off
  2. Netflix

    I've found Prime to be a bit weird in its layout, hiding the paid stuff sometimes. But it does have Neighbours, which is a very redeeming feature.
  3. My mum died on the 9th of September...

    Condolences dude, but don't stay away for too long. The chat will pick up anyday now. We just need more stuff to moan about.
  4. Every time this question gets asked, I say "Only If" - Review – Only If [PC] | Derek-Wheatley.com (wordpress.com) - My old review will explain it more. It's free on Steam, so feel free to jump in and try to enjoy Also Naninights, which is a Five Nights at Freddy's* knockoff, but even more boring *also a shit game I think
  5. I don't think I remember the menu being this convoluted. I've gotten to the cloud path and only then did I discover how to find the healing items (never needed to before), but it's a bit of a mess getting there. Including equippable stuff. They've packed too much into one heading which simply isn't necessary. Apart from that game is going smoothly, just beaten the Thunderfish and got a fair bit of levelling up to do because I haven't encountered a blue flower for ages. I'm happy I have waited this long to replay this (not for want of trying), I've forgotten practically everything. Which I always find is always nice in a later playthrough. Don't recall Kalas being such a dick though. I do miss the English speaking though, but without it I've progressed further, as at least in the beginning of these type of games I like to hear every sentence. Since I can't understand shit, I just read and move on.
  6. The excuse I've seen: In developing the remastered version, we tried to make adjustments on some of the expressions to match the current era. That's why we made the difficult decision not to use English VOs for this remastered version, due to the discrepancies that will happen Basically they've changed bits of the script and could be arsed to pay people to say the new stuff.
  7. I've just picked it up from GAME, I think it's the only store in town now, so made a beeline straight for it.
  8. Forgot this was out... Amazon have it for about 43 quid, so gonna hop into Nottingham and see if there's anything better/close because I'm impatient
  9. Princess Peach Showtime (March 22 2024)

    Watching this made me feel like it was a version of Luigi's Mansion 3 with all the themed floors, but now with plays and instead of hoover upgrades you've got costumes. Which I am totally down with.
  10. I was almost pissed off when this started, because I initially thought it was the 64 Paper Mario and I went "I've just fucking done this on the Switch Online!", then I caught the text Thousand Year Door and I had a sigh of relief as I haven't played it before
  11. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Not mentioning anything about it all would be a better twist. If I did get it (wife probably will), I'll be looking at things and going "is this related to Area Zero? No, ok that's not going to be important then... next"
  12. Shhh don't say such things.
  13. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Those getting the DLC, can anyone confirm how much of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is related to Area Zero? Because from what I can see in the Directs, they're not set in Area Zero and have nothing to do with Area Zero
  14. Maybe they'll have something that pings when you click to accept all the terms and conditions you never read?
  15. Apparently a trademark for Golden Sun has been renewed, so fingers crossed!