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  1. The Circle TV show

    Never got into Big Brother, there was just a load of sitting about doing fuck all*, and I'd remember when instead of showing Live Casino stuff, they'd have live Big Brother for 6 hours... and people would watch it?! *at least in The Circle they cut out the boring bits
  2. The Circle TV show "looking to bring new ideas and concepts to the channel" Yet they continue to show Gogglebox with a straight face.
  3. Do you know what you're doing?

    I'm in flux at the moment... socially and family wise, I think I'm in a good spot, by brother is still a dick who needs to drink a lil less, but he'll always be a work in progress, leave that with me. Professionally I thought I was in a good place until last week (see jobs thread), this is the first proper permanent, full time, not all that bad paying job I've had in all my life, and it only took me 33 years. Just when I think I can take it to the next level (see jobs thread), whilst it's something which has made me feel less appreciated/valued than any job has ever done, it's not something I can just up and leave, coz monies. Having a house is nice, but I feel like those in the house buying thread that you may have bitten off more than you can chew, maybe you have rose glasses when you move in, and then the smallest things start appearing which you know you need to fix. The electrics are old, so will probably be a couple of grand to update the wiring at least. Weather has been shit today which has revealed the conservatory is not as watertight as originally assumed. So that's a couple of grand as well It's all about money, and everything is a fuck you.
  4. Job woes/wins

    Up on the saga. Didn't get one of the PA roles I've basically been doing. They rang up whilst I was en route to pick up new bike and one of the reasons they gave, as well as wanting a face to face to explain more, was that I didn't explain enough about the treatment pathway "which is an important part of the role", I can't remember my exact answer, so fuck me I guess for not training myself on something which isn't my job yet. I hung up on them shortly after that. I've been a miserable fuck all week. I did give my colleagues the heads up about this question as it did catch me off guard, those two got one of the roles, so fuck me again well-intentioned idiot. They haven't invited me to this meeting yet as one of the seniors has been on leave this week, but I'm going to get a list of the stuff I do and make it quite clear what it is my job it is to do. Because it being exactly the same except for taking some minutes at meetings and "having final overview" of some spreadsheets is not worth the base £2k difference in wages. So hopped on the job-grabbing bandwagon, saw a couple of legal secretary vacancies which I applied for one, one through an agency which when they did the usual call back was a bit arsey, one going far to say they may go through my CV with me, which was a surprise. Another was a very long shot from a vacancy in Sept 2020 for one which is right near me, was invited for an interview which was essentially a job history grilling by one of the solicitors and the partner of the firm, who was doing a very, very bad job of trying to hide his yawning, along with things like "I'm sure there is advancement available in the NHS surely?" if you're not feeling it dude, say it. I've already written that off as a fail so not holding out hope there. I do however have a challenge set by Games Workshop for a game dev role there, so that's my weekend covered as I complete this mission in time...
  5. The Circle TV show

    Well I've seen a lot of Catfish TV show recently, so I think I could pull off a chubby black woman, as it seems to make up 90% of their culprits. Joking aside, I would have to pick some sort of geek gamer girl, I have a friend who would do perfect as she is great on the eyes and will catch the other players, and best lies are grown on truth, so if I can just chat the same shit that I know about, just a different gender = Powah. Just so long as no period chat comes up (see US show for details)
  6. Job woes/wins

    That's what the wink wink was all about! O_O
  7. Job woes/wins

    Let it crumble! I'm in a quandary at the moment. I've applied for two positions, one being a PA, a rank above me, another for a PPA, which is what I am now, but just somewhere else. I had my PA interview on Friday and other one is tomorrow. A few colleagues had their PA interview today and I emailed my senior on the sly asking if there was any reason why I may need to cancel my interview tomorrow wink wink. No response. Maybe she's playing it close to the chest and not playing ball, but either I got the position and there's no point me attending anyway, or I didn't get the job of what I've been doing for the past year because of some insignificant bullshit and I then have to try and impress the exact same people who deemed me unworthy the first time. So probably gonna cancel it tomorrow.
  8. What Have You Bought?

    This delightful little number from Halfords My current bike has had a good run, but as mentioned previously, would be easier to just buy a new one as opposed to fixing/replacing everything, plus I've had it for 10 years naow. So donating to my brother for his services to the house. Gotta wait until Thursday to pick it up though.
  9. The Circle TV show

    Well, that's my application sent, @Beast @Josh64, come join me and we'll have our own N-E Massive alliance
  10. Social Media

    I've been getting that with a few people over the past couple of weeks, mainly @soag, I'm not sure that because I've liked more of her posts and we've replied to each other more than I have other friends, but each time she posts a pic of Donald and Mickey doing some crazy shit, instant notification "GEORGIA IS IN DUNMURRAY, LOOK AT THIS YOU FUCK." Which I didn't mind, but now it seems to have migrated to more people, how they've updated their story etc.
  11. Tattoos

    I could've sword we had a more recent topic than this... but the search isn't giving me anything. My brother and I are going for a joint Goku/Vegeta tattoo, the original plan was to have the fusion dance and we would join with our legs together, but I couldn't find a decent image of them doing it so was remixing an image from one of the video games before I got bored and saw an image from the opening screen of Dokkan Battle (great lil mobile game, go get it if you no has already). In his infinite drunkeness he said he would pay for it all as he'd just been paid for a big job, but naturally that part of the story slid away so I would have to shell out my half (minus deposit, which he paid, score). After being cancelled twice due to the lockdown, we finally got another date, which my brother couldn't make as he was now lacking funds. But since we were going on separate dates (originally a Sat/Sun job) I didn't need to reschedule mine... Got this done yesterday. Sadly just the outline as the plan was to have it all done 1-8, but she took over 45 minutes fapping around getting ready, and at half 6ish said we should do the colour in another session (and pay an extra hundred quid for the pleasure), plus she also dropped the bombshell that she ran out of white the day before, which was nice. Very happy with how it's looking, so I'm not too peeved I have to pay another ton, just a lil disappointed I have to wait until June naow.
  12. Social Media

    My "socials" are not as active as they once were naturally. It's just too much work to keep on top of everything. I mainly use Facebook just coz it's what I have the most people on. I barely use Twitter anymore because it just seems like it's mainly people trying to shout one sentence points and running off, or attempting multiple tweet essays about how they were done wrong or something. Reddit I never use and doubt I will. It's whole algorithm of top post always being most liked (unless you can switch this off?) means unless you get in there early, no one is going to see your contribution. Discord is something I'm unsure why it exists, it's like someone took IRC and mixed with a forum, for small groups of people it makes sense as you can have separate topics (such as with the Warhammer lads I hang out with), but for massive endeavours - I don't see why a forum wouldn't be better. Linkdn is people trying to bend over and blow themselves, especially the agency staff shamelessly trying to plant their flag of moral fibre and advertise themselves at the same time. Other than that. I love social media. Back in t'day you had MSN/YIM and maybe AIM, and that was enough!
  13. The Circle TV show

    Wife and I have gone through the first season and now caught up to the second, awaiting the next batch. They're shorter than our seasons so there isn't much "twists" per se, but means there's less people that come in and get shafted out in favour of the original crew. Give it a week and come back to it.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Good value @Cube?
  15. What Have You Bought?

    I did planning buying some new tyres for my bike, but that wouldn't make the frame any less a bit rickety, got some threads in the pedal sorted but the whole thing isn't 100 percent. I've had this bad boy for about 10 years now, so it's had a good run. I'll treat myself to a new bike when my backpay comes through. Otherwise I'll be spending more replacing bits after bits