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  1. Tales of Symphonia Remastered (Switch, PS4, Xbox - 2023)

    There is a special edition, but it's with stickers, some prints and a steelbook* *aka bullshit
  2. What Have You Bought?

    I was gonna wait to see if this came in a sale, but I won some monies at the bingo, so treated myself Scenery is fucking massive
  3. Tales of Symphonia Remastered (Switch, PS4, Xbox - 2023)

    If they weren't going to give me a remake of Graces f, then I would Symphonia/Abyss. But don't call something a remaster if it's just a port. I'm half tempted not to bother, but I know I probably will.
  4. Cartman got me hating the Patriots. Fuck Beel Beelichek. The Superbowl is probably the one game I miss the most of, as when it's on BBC they have no ads to cut to, so just the same three people talking shit for who knows how long. For the season you have NFL RedZone on Sky Sports Mix (the only sports channel I have) on Sundays, which jumps between each game playing in the early/late window. Zero ads, if a game gets boring they jump to another one. It's amazing.
  5. Job woes/wins

    Our team have finally been moved over to a different building at Trust HQ "to make room for other new starters", which appears to have been a vendetta against our department since we switched divisions - we were originally in ambulatory division, then moved over to surgical division, not entirely sure on the reason why - but since then the managers of the building seem to have done their best to segregate us from the main group, put up one of those blue wall things around our desks, told other members of staff not to invite us to their Christmas work do*, split us up so 4 were downstairs, 4 in 2 offices upstairs which had no air conditioning (this was about a month ago...), but the statement always was was that they needed the room for X because it was so full. I spent the next month taking photos of the office and sending them to my seniors over how "full" the office was so they could use it as ammo (spaces for about 30 people excluding us, max was about 12 on any one day) Sadly it did not stop it, so the new offices we're in aren't bad, 2 rooms of 4 desks next door to one another, but not the same with an open plan office with all your other peeps in it, so we don't see our fellow secretaries anymore. The main drawback for me is the time it takes to get there. What used to be a 15 minute bike ride is now a 45-60 minute jamboree. *which backfired spectacularly on them as they booked a date, which they then pushed it back a month without telling us a couple of weeks beforehand, which I discovered when attempting to pay the rest of a balance. They cited COVID fears as the reason. They then attempted to push it back another month (because more than half attendees had expressed more COVID concerns - everyone we asked said they hadn't voiced anything), which some of us said we'd rather keep the current date, so it was put to a vote, those that said they weren't bothered either way and would go whenever were automatically considered to have voted for the later date (as that was the date the seniors were pushing for). So I got proactive, got the majority of the "cool kids" to commit to the earlier date, was asked to handle the booking for it, and had a great time.
  6. The wife is down there in her Professor capacity on the TCG teaching area (I think?), the amount of swag they get for their time is staggering.
  7. Stranger Things

    Was it ever established in season 1 whether - it was the kid communicating via the Christmas lights whilst in the upside down, or whether it was explained how he managed to do it when he was huddled singing The Clash? This one thing not being explained has ruined my desire to watch season 2
  8. It was on Netflix when I watched it a few years back.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Apart from it saying "Witness the beginning of Rebellion", that trailer gave me nothing. Zero interest at this point.
  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I both love it and hate it when you get great sax portions. Because they sound awesome, but then remind me of how far I've got to go
  11. It's worth it for a fiver. There have been a few months where I've not watched much, but for those binge seshes, the removal of ads is amazing.
  12. Fuck! Missed out again. Which part of "Notify me" button clicking did they not get? Recieved no message at all. Wankers. If anyone sees it again, please harass me via the Facebook
  13. Here's hoping. I would play the original but I need to find a cable so my N64 will connect to my telly.
  14. Fingers mega crossed for Goemon 1 and maybe 2.