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  1. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    To the top naaaow
  2. bad stuff thread.

    I called 999 on my neighbours last weekend, due to some horrendous screaming that came from next door. It awoke me from a nap after a Warhammer event which went on for a bit, you dismiss initially, thoughts ranging from "probably them playing a game" / "they've got the TV on a bit loud" / "Is this some weird sex shit?", which went on for about 5-10 minutes. It literally sounded like someone woman being raped (my wife thought it was a bloke with mental problems). The screams were that bad, along with some talking and some banging. I has recordings if anyone on the Facebook wants to hear it. Whilst I'm on the phone to the operator I nip into the spare room to see if I can hear anything better, and saw one of them sat in the garden outside. Police came about 5-10 mins later, the screams still going. I spy them chatting outside with one of the neighbours, and they went in. The screams are still going, but slowly decreasing in intensity and frequency. About 30 mins later an ambulance shows up, and they bring out this chap, who was jerking a bit and they took him away and police left too. No explanation from the residents. I call the landlord just to check if there was any mental problems with his residents (new group of students this year) and sent him clips of the sounds. Later that day we got a handwritten letter from them mentioning one of them had has a seizure, and they had called an ambulance* but the police got there first. Now, as someone who has epilepsy for the better part of 20 years, I know what one is like and my wife knows what I do when I black out. This wasn't it. For general seizure action, you may scream at the beginning and then go into shaky mode and chill**. Not scream in terror for 45 or so minutes. So the theory is some form of drug induced hallucination or something similar. I'm glad the dude is OK, but not something I wanna repeat. I sure as shit don't regret calling 999. * which I don't really believe as if a 999 operator heard those screams would an ambulance take nearly an hour to show up **variations apply, but none I could see have this effect.
  3. Now get yo' ass some Outlaw Star, similar principle, but better in every way with exception of the music.
  4. General Movie Thread

    Have they revealed how they've brought him back? I thought he died at the end of Revolutions, or are they saying he's a "new" one from when they rebooted everything, but seems to have shades of his previous powers (as it seems Trinity does as well)
  5. House buying is the worst

    Not about me, but a colleague at work has been selling her old house in Manchester she had with her ex. They got an offer on the asking which they accepted naturally and contracts have been signed. But the buyer then wanted to bring in some contractors to look at the roof/some damp - which has been stated a minor/whatever the term is on the survey report on the house, and apparently 4-ish tiles may need replacing. On the day some people were meant to go around, her dad and her ex went to the house to let them in but after 3 hours never showed up. Naturally she's a bit pissed at this, you would've thought all this negotiating tactics would happen before putting in an offer, instead of getting the paperwork rolling and then trying to lowball after. They were meant to be coming at them with some offer on Friday, which they've already decided that they'll flat out refuse, and if the buyer walks from that they've got all their solicitors bills etc to pay, whereas she doesn't, as they only get paid upon sale.
  6. Tales of Arise (9th September 2021)

    But the whimsical shit is what I like about the Tales games, otherwise I'd go into the other cookie cutter series out there which Arise is trying to emulate. I don't want merchants being generic hooded people by campsites. I want people with turtle shells putting Z's on the endz of wordz. Always a treat having Bryce Papenbrook involved. As I'm watching Seven Deadly Sins on the Netflix I can't help but feel those Meliodas vibes ¬_¬ I think the script is a bit better this time around, it really hits you with the depressing slavery from the off. Although I'd like to see them try something more than "here's two worlds, one is trying to assrape the other (and the church is probably trying to fuck things over too), sort it out please", as such there's little more the dialogue can expand on what's not been said in these exact same circumstances
  7. Tales of Arise (9th September 2021)

    I'm working my way through the third realm now. I have to say, even though I am enjoying it, it's the least Tales feeling Tales game yet. Gone are the traditional RPG overworlds (or even massive Hyrule field style hubs, it's mainly corridor style), I think they've tried to "mature" up the game with the changing of skits into comic-esque sequences and it's given more of a "serious"* appearance and stripped away some of the more fun things like Wonder Chef, Katz and Turtlz etc. Again, still a good game thus far. But nothing is making it stand out anymore... if this is how the series is going to progress, I'll be less interested. *well it does have slavery and class oppression, but every Tales did.
  8. The Circle TV show

    Season thrice on the Netflix naaaow
  9. Wheel of Time (TV show)

    I got to the eighth book before being too bored to keep going. Granted it had been a couple of years and other books between 1-5 and 6-8, but so much to keep track of, so many random characters... it became more effort than it was worth by the end of it (and I even re-read the first 4-5) so I gave up. If they manage to film the plot of all 14 books, would be nice to see how it all ends. But I'm not going to be reading them again.
  10. Job woes/wins

    I don't think he is sadly. As he left our dept my colleague linked to his account so got all emails auto forwarded to her, one reply from that request was someone asking him to recall the email, which she forwarded back to the chap making sure does. Cue three days of inbox being flooded with email recall success/failure notifications
  11. Lego!

    Anyone enjoying the Australian Lego Masters? Heavily borrowing from the US series.
  12. Job woes/wins

    Well it's a been a couple of weeks since he's gone, and the shit keeps coming out of the woodwork of stuff that has been sent to the wrong place*, not sent at all or just ignored. So when someone calls in saying that when they last spoke to *name*, you just go urrrrghh... because you know what's coming. The team that I'm on is the only properly manned one, so now with another struggling team we got pulled into a Teams meeting, originally suggesting that we merge with the other team, which the PA I work under said that wouldn't be fair, to then the suggestion of giving help and guidance because of (insert reasons here) "Oh EEVIL, what do you think of this idea?" "Well, it sounds more like you're not asking us to help, you're telling us we're going to help" "Yeah but she needs help because of (insert reasons here: X-Factor audition edition)" Naturally they have lots of meetings so can't help us themselves. Coupled with some dubious "sickness" of someone who just came off leave back for one day, then went off claiming COVID symptoms yet appeared fine on Tuesday but messaged our WhatsApp group 7.55am Wednesday morning saying she hadn't been feeling well so had a lateral flow test which had come back positive so has requested a PCR test. When it was suggested she could go over to a test centre, excuse was how they didn't want to infect people and would have to take a bus. This coming from someone who uses taxi's quite a bit and who's boyfriend drives - his lateral flow test was negative so he's free to go wherever he likes and not able to take his missus to get a covid swab... It's just the laziness which is annoying us. *He asked me if he should send a request to radiology to give a consultant access to a system, I said it couldn't hurt and I assumed he was going to send it to the radiology department in the building we worked at. No... he sent patient details to the radiology address book of the whole NUH Trust, 400+ people...
  13. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Goosebumps, all the feels.
  14. Job woes/wins

    Consultant mass remix, I've lost all mine and given new ones to work in a team with a colleague. they've merged all the Nottingham Trust consultant sec staff into one unit, so none of us know what's going on. AH'MAZIN. Over 3 months of my agency colleague has finally reached his peak, with me and another doing his typing, and him doing 2 things which would take a total of five hours max, his ONLY aim for the past 2-3 weeks was to sort out his inbox, as he had 3-4 month old stuff from consultants which needed to be actioned and hadn't been for bullshit like "I hadn't had time" - bitch pah-leese. You have nothing but time. He's the only chap I know who starts the day with 50 emails, actions some and ends the day with over 60, with no logical reason behind it. I've brought this to the attention of my seniors several times and they've done fuck all. There have been loads of vacancies go out for similar positions and he went for one. Didn't get an offer and was apparently surprised, I know during the interview the seniors pretend they don't know you, so only go on what happens in the interview, but I wonder if he thinks he would be able to do the job he's doing now all on his own. Answer is simply no. I've been on leave last week to attend Mummy's wedding, and warned him that from Monday it wouldn't be me crawling up his ass trying to get him to sort his shit. It's going to be three others, and they won't be as patient as I am. He exploded a bit at my colleague who was asking if they could talk outside, which many saw and was most out of character. Gutted I wasn't there. But... if you cannae do the job, you need to go. On Monday he was given his interview bad news he was told he was going to be moved somewhere else, he also signed up to Sky week before last, during a lengthy lunch break call. And has arranged to have his Sky box delivered to work. A thought which only occurred to him yesterday.