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  1. Bye.

    Cool, you're a dick...
  2. Bye.

    had a good. what, 2 and a half years? Will be seing y'all on the flip flop.
  3. Free iPod Nano.

    I WANT A FREE IPOD oh wait. damn
  4. Hey People

    HAY M8 N-Joy (oh ,man, what a fucking pun, i'm nearly as funny as ReZ)
  5. User Image Gallery

    Well ell's given me a nice spicy boner, if only i was gay., this wouldn't be wierd
  6. Audiosurf - First game using steamworks.

    Pre loaded it yesturday morning, now for the waiting game.
  7. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Yeah, i want them to give the graphics a good vamp this time, seing as CnC3 would run on most systems, and didn't look a whole lot better than Generals.
  8. Sleeping tips

    Aha, touche!
  9. Sleeping tips

    You're a MAN?!?
  10. Sleeping tips

    What, wanking or webgirls disagreeing with me?
  11. Sleeping tips

    So we've come to the conclusion the females around here generall disagree with me, interesting.
  12. Sleeping tips

    Have a wank before sleep.
  13. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Macs are computers.
  14. This video is scary, but also made me laugh really hard at some points.