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  1. bad stuff thread.

    Can you get a pimple on the inside of your eyelid? I've had them on the end of my eyelid before but not inside.
  2. Job woes/wins

    Based on your posts (mostly about when you worked at Tesco) it comes across as if you have a bit of an issue with authority/lack of respect. Although nobody here has actually worked with you so can't say whether this is actually how you act at work; perhaps just the way you rant. That's just the impression I get from your previous posts. Though I know how hard job seeking can be so sympathise with your above post.
  3. Help Me Identify This Old Ice Cream

    I'm always annoyed when I'm looking for the solution to something, and I find a thread with the exact same issue, but no solution posted. Even worse when the OP just says, "never mind, I've solved it now" with no further explanation. So kudos for actually signing up and posting the answer to help other googlers.
  4. Something funny, or an interesting fact about yourself. To be honest it doesn't matter than much as you'll initially be judge on your photos alone, and then the majority of times you'll be initiating conversation. If you can think of something to put that might give them a topic to discuss or ask you about that may help with conversation but don't sweat the profile bit.
  5. Create a mixtape

    We did this before. The playslist still exists on spotify, it's called KNEE Moosic!!!
  6. Who knows what monkeys eat?

    breadbread is really good for soaking up the drinkdrink when you're drunk continuously.
  7. Who knows what monkeys eat?

    Do you eat monkeys because you like to eat monkeys, or do you do it just to prevent them from eating your bread (breadbread)? Is it's the latter you don't need to go to the trouble of eating the monkeys as you can just buy the bread( breadbread) continuously.
  8. Who knows what monkeys eat?

    u wot m8?
  9. Who knows what monkeys eat?

    Of course not, you don't even have acne. Are you even a male nè, bro?
  10. What terrified you as a child?

    The family from The Queen's Nose Don't know what it was but they really creeped me out.
  11. The Official N-Europe top #10 games of all time

    Well this is awkward...
  12. The Official N-Europe top #10 games of all time

    1. Shenmue 2. Final fantasy VIII 3. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 4. Kingdom Hearts 5. Yakuzi 6. Okami 7. The Secret of Monkey Island 8. Super Mario 64 9. Fable 2 10. Oblivion (I actually think Skyrim and Fallout 3 onwards are better, but this game started it all)
  13. @Cube when I read your post I did think a similar thing. It might just be the way you've worded it, but you only mentioned your hobbies that she's tried. What o her interests/hobbies have you done?
  14. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Think that's a better result for us. Switzerland tidier style of play would be harder for England to break down. Colombia > Sweden > Russia > Belgium > it's coming home!