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  1. Hi all, good to see you all playing this game. Between this and Dreams on the PS4, I’m in creator heaven! I've made tons of stages and really enjoyed many of your levels on WiiU. Hopefully Nintendo release a friend patch soon so I can play more. I’ll check out some of these and post some of my level codes soon!
  2. Nintendo Labo

    I was playing the shindou edition on N64 the other night. It’s insane how that game is taken up a notch more with rumble. How they got the rumble so perfect back in 1996 still blows my mind. EAD are wizards. (I wish there was an English Shindou translation/patch - there was years ago but it’s lost to the web now!) Anyway... LABO: With the Amazon BIGTHANKS £10 off a £50 shop code I caved and bought it. Thinking I can use it at work for STEM activities too!
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    +1 for Double Dragon childhood memories. Picked up Riptide GP. Definitely worth £5 As a decent racer with decent water physics. Just wish their was a time trial mode.
  4. Nintendo Labo

    Can’t wait to see more of the actual games on this. It’s got that typical Nintendo premium price on it and it’s an easy target. Colour me intrigued but I feel Nintendo’s 2017 success shows that all they really need to do is release good games on Switch to appeal to the masses. I admit... I just want a new Wave Race...
  5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Also - price wise not sure if I’ll pick it up again. Will get it at £25 I think...
  6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    The Switch version will be perfect for the sublime speed running metagame this has. I got into top 25 worldwide, but after that the skill ceiling was insane. Must resist the jungle call... @RedShell
  7. General Switch Discussion

    If Pokemon hits Switch in 2018 that would be some development speed and subsequent pay-off in hardware. Massive if they can do it. Having delivered BoTW and Odyssey, I anticipate a flood of B-tier licenses from Nintendo in 2018. Kirby and Yoshi already point to this and I think we’ll see Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing at the end of the year. I do think we’ll see something from Next Level Games and Retro in 2018. I’d guess Luigi’s Mansion 3 from NLG and I’d love a 3D DKC from Retro. I really hope we see more Deluxe versions of WiiU games. Super Mario 3D world is a great fit for Switch as is Wii Sports. Ad-Hoc bowling/tennis competitions? Sign me up!
  8. General Retro Discussion

    When I saw this yesterday I was in awe. I love how it looks and as a huge fan of the original I never thought I’d want a remake. Until now...
  9. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Have enjoyed reading everyone’s impressions of this. So much so that I picked this up a couple of weeks ago. I’m now on to the final world and have really enjoyed it. Definitely wanting it to end due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay though - explore/fight/repeat. They could have done some neat 2D sections ala Odyssey - including 2D battles. Maybe it’s because RTS games usually aren’t my thing, but I do appreciate how it mixes strategy with platforming to innovative effect. Either way, the game looks stunning, the humour is pretty good and the battle elements are well executed. The added two player mode is great fun too!
  10. Your GotY 2017

    Here are my top three! Enjoy 1st: Breath of the Wild Nintendo have always had the nack of creating believable, atmospheric worlds but this is their zenith. Mixing their 3D Zelda template with the delicate nature found in Animal Crossing and a ton of Skyrim; the world of Hyrule was the real story. The best thing about the game is how it empowers you. Finally they went back to the pure, original vision for a Zelda game and gamers fell in love with Nintendo all over again. 2nd: Mario Odyssey ‘Mr Videogame’ returned with his latest batch of pure kiddie cocaine. The majesty of the music, the wonder of each new world, the developed 3D move-set, Cappy and the capture mechanics...the fresh story with THAT superb ending and post-game content. Odyssey was everything I wanted and more. 3rd: Sonic Mania If you’d have told me in the 90’s that in 2017 I’d be making my way through a re-tooled and rejuvenated 16-Bit Sonic game (on Nintendo hardware!) I’d have choked on my Pop-tarts! Mania was just that. Giving me the childhood mania for Sonic all over again. Whitehead et al. are preservation Gods and SEGA finally cut them loose. Radical indeed (in the 90’s sense)!
  11. Your Switch moment of 2017

    The system itself was a huge surprise. It felt like a premium device coming from the WiiU and 3DS. The display was vibrant and crisp and the volume output was actually audible! A slick, sensible OS made me realise they had learned from the WiiU OS. BoTW and Super Mario Odyssey: Once again proving that “backs against the wall Nintendo” is still incredible. When they bring their A-game, they remain peerless. Both games proved that Nintendo still have the magic that has existed since Mario and Link’s first outings. Surprising, delightful and with so much polish you’d think Nintendo had hired Mr. Sheen himself; (or they had been finished for a while!) both games were astounding. For me they also came at a time when I felt the world needed more colour, imagination and fun! What a year for Nintendo fans. And that’s without mentioning the pure bliss that was the SNES Mini with Star Fox 2.
  12. Indie Games

    WIll pick up Mantis when it’s £10 and Worms when it’s £10-15. Willing to wait and think they are a bout £5 too much at the moment. ‘Annoyingly’ WORMS was PS+ free game this month which made me more inclined to miss the Switch version for now. Really tempted by mantis but it could do with more backdrops. would love a good racer outside of Mario Kart on Switch but won’t pay £40 for Gear.Club or the £32 for Snow Moto/Aqua Moto which are £15 games at best.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Anyone seeking an SD card for switch? I’ve been after a new card and got this 200gb for just over £50. https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-200GB-Micro-SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A/dp/B00V62XBQQ/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1511809801&sr=1-4&keywords=200gb+micro+sd+card Says $15 for shipping but mine was like £3. Immense deal.
  14. Skyrim (2017)

    Very impressed with the game. When you emerge from the opening section into the world it looks incredible for a handheld experience. Obviously BoTW has this beaten for control but the world is so intoxicating and deep. Only played to the first major town on PS3 so cannot wait to dig deeper with this. So many games...not enough hours in the day!
  15. Rocket League (Switch)

    Me @dazzybee @Nicktendo @Kaepora_Gaebora All in a team now. If we can find a match... Couldnt connect so ended up doing a 2v2. Some strange connection issues emerging here. :/