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  1. Hollow Knight

  2. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    Sonic Mania Plus is out tomorrow, and SEGA published this awesome commercial in celebration of the launch:
  3. Indie Games

    Well, then you may be in luck!
  4. Indie Games

    Enter the Gungeon is getting a huge expansion this week with Gungeons and Draguns DLC - for free! It will add many new weapons, rooms, bosses and more! I may need to get back to this game, it is so much fun.
  5. Splatoon 2

    I'm actually enjoying this more than I was the first. Don't know why, maybe it's just a better fit now than then. I'm only level 5, though, and rarely win my matches as I usually go up against someone level 20-30. I am using the Dual Splaties or whatever and sporting the starting outfit like a boss. I need to get more abilities onto my clothes, I think. And then I need to get better. Is it worth it to do something in single player? I don't really want to...
  6. Yooka-Laylee

    Bought this while the discount lasted and have put in about 4 hours, I guess. Initially, I wasn't impressed. The duo feels clunky, it's hard to navigate in jumps and collecting stuff (I can't see when I'm in a good position to grab a quill for instance), and well, it didn't seem very fun. After a while, and after setting the camera to manual, I have started to enjoy it a bit more. I didn't expand world 1 (yet) but have found about 25 Pagies in total after "expanding" world 2. I'll see if I can enter world 3 yet, otherwise I may have to expand world 1, even though I think it seems large enough. I would perhaps have preferred it if they had added a couple of smaller worlds more rather than relying on expanding the existing ones. I think I'll just go to the boss instead of getting everything, though. It could be fun to see if I would actually enjoy Banjo Kazooie nowadays or if I would feel the same towards that game - I loved it as a kid.
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I hope for a Super Mario Odyssey-level, perhaps also something from BotW. Splatoon 2 could be some material as well.
  8. Hollow Knight

    You can always redo the fight and see the regular ending. I don't quite remember which charms I used but lifeblood core and the blessing are probably not so helpful here. I used Quick Slash and Unbreakable Strength and one or two more that I don't remember. Perhaps the one that gives two more masks. But no, it's definitely not an easy fight. Just not the hardest one in the game.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Odd, I've mostly heard good things about Bergsala's service lately especially regarding the left joycon issue.
  10. Hollow Knight

    Avoid, avoid, avoid, spam Up+A, get the Unbreakable Strength charm. It is actually not the hardest fight in the game.
  11. Project Octopath Traveller

    Early reviews IGN – 9.3 / 10 GameSpot – 8 / 10 Nintendo Life – 9 / 10 Shacknews – 8 / 10 Destructoid – 7.5 / 10 Nintendo World Report – 9 / 10 GameXplain – Liked-a-Lot
  12. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    English trailer:
  13. Fortnite

    Aiming with the gyro has been added to the game now.
  14. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    The ultra challenges that unlock after clearing the 12 ordinary challenges are just no fun at all because it's impossible to get a clear overview of the entire field. Its really sad that they didn't add a better camera to the game. Other than that, almost done. I still need to find 4 puzzle pieces, though. Spent 7.5 hours on the story to get Perfect on all and then a couple of hours on the challenges that unlocked. I think that's great value for the money and can really recommend this for fans of the main game.
  15. Hollow Knight

    That's also DLC so it's not really supposed to "do" much to the game. It has a charm if I remember correctly. I've done the White Palace but didn't go for that extra secret area. Saw a video of it and thought no. No thanks. I haven't tried to re-enter the Palace since clearing it.