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  1. 7.5.hours today. I think that's enough Smash for one day. Tag Team is great fun!
  2. What is going on? I've spent about 45 minutes on Century Smash with Link, one of my top fighters, and I cannot beat it! Got to 98 several times but always got hit with something and then, boom, away! Sometimes I even get knocked out after 50 because the real fighters that appear have much more punch to them than the rest. Really frustrating. I don't think I'll be playing this in handheld mode. Doesn't seem like a good fit controllerwise. Might go for tabeltop mode with the Pro Controller but mostly I'll try to game on the TV.
  3. Marvel's Phase Three

    True. I'll just spoilertag it then.
  4. Marvel's Phase Three

    Hell yeahs! Steve Rogers looks doll-ish without his beard now, though. Also, it got a name!
  5. Shatter. No, it's just a bonus game to run to the end but it seemed like good fun with some variety. Can see it becoming trivial after the first 30 characters, though.
  6. Classic Mode is actually good fun this time around. Smooth, fast, boss at the end, a bonus game in the end as well. And the credits, awesome. Got 133 in my second try, think that's nearly all there is to shoot.
  7. Okay, I'm playing this now and I just can't get a grip on the controls when using the Pro Controller. I've tried remapping the controls to resemble GameCube controller but I just keep pressing the wrong button.
  8. The Game Awards 2018

    I'm surprised but haven't played any of the games in the GOTY category so can't really say anything about the quality of said games.
  9. Didn't see that coming!? I don't know the character but looks interesting.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    Yeah, I had a potion that saved me. Was a bit unlucky and got caught between some tentacles and small fry that almost got me. It truly is gorgeous, and the sound is great. The theme song reminds me of Gummi Bears.
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    Played Monster Boy for a bit more than an hour today. It seems utterly great and very true to it's inspiration.
  12. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Finally got enough candy to evolve my Scyther and am thus on to the final part of the Meltan quest. Only need to catch an Omanyte/Kabuto and a Lileep/Anorith so I hope that's possible soon. Managed to walk more than 50 km last week but the reward for doing so was so bad that I won't try to do that again on purpose. I got 5 Ultra Balls, 10 Great, 20 ordinary, a 5 km egg, and 500 Stardust. There was a Torchic in the egg so not even anything interesting there. Had at least hoped to get the 10 km egg with a Shinx or Riolu. I really want a Riolu so I can get my Lucario. Psyched about Trainer Battles and especially happy that you can battle Ultra Friends and Best Friends from anywhere.
  13. Shortening the shows to 6-8 episodes per season would have made them much better. I've yet to see DD s3 but want to, I just haven't haven't had the time yet. The rest of the show I don't care for.
  14. Switch eShop Thread

    I'm getting Monster Boy for review once I get home from vacation. Guacamelee 2 will probably be my Christmas game. Gris, it looks good but I'll wait for reviews. And then Smash is already downloaded, just waiting for it to be playable. I'll get up early Friday morning to play a little before the rest of the family gets up.