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  1. Netflix

    Just finished watching the new episodes of Love, Death + Robots . Overall, I didn't find them quite as good as the old episodes but there were some great stories in there. Pop Squad really stood out to me but I also enjoyed Automated Customer Service because of its absurdity. All Through the House was also quite funny.
  2. Netflix

    I can't remember how far I got before it got a bit too much. Think it was season 2. If it weren't for everything else I need and want to watch, I could be tempted to give it another go.
  3. Same with me. However, for some reason, I did enjoy BotW when I played it. It had enough points of interests and I made some sub-tasks for me to complete (find all shrines, find some dragon, find each memory, ...).
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    Footage from Calculator !
  5. Netflix

    I had it on my list and then googled reviews, just to get an indication of how it compared. I then removed it from my list again. Shame, as I really like Millar's comics.
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    Calculator comes to Switch tomorrow. At a hefty £8.09! No trailer has been released. But it's got a scientific mode! I do hope they have added achievements for longevity.
  7. General Movie Thread

    First real trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage has arrived!
  8. Game Builder Garage

    If I recall correctly, Capcom had done it a few times in the past as well. But yeah, it's a weird decision.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Geez! That's crazy!
  10. Indie Games

    New footage from Baldo - still looks good:
  11. General Movie Thread

    Do...do you know who Luke Skywalker's father is? Luke who?
  12. General Movie Thread

    I don't know what Rosebud means except that it's a cheat code for infinite money in The Sims. I also have no clue about who dies in FFVII. Is that the one that has Cloud in it? And Sephiroth?
  13. House buying is the worst

    We signed the buying agreement yesterday and seller signed it as well, so I guess our search for a new home has ended. It is both exciting and terrifying, we have just agreed to establish a loan of more than 4 times our annual income - before taxes! Shit... But oh man, getting our own garden, getting a garage, owning our own bricks. The garage even is isolated so we could build a small wall inside it and we could create a home gym, something I'd really appreciate! But it's going to be sad to leave our appartment for the past 8 years. We really enjoy the company of our neighbours and we'll miss that our son can just go outside and most days find someone to play with. But we don't move that far away and he'll stay in the day care that is nearby so we'll swing by from time to time.
  14. House buying is the worst

    A mortgage broker, so someone who sells loans for houses? In Denmark, that goes through our banks. I don't even know if you can get a loan that big outside of the banks here. We just asked our bank if we could afford a loan that big (4.8 million Danish kroner!), they asked us to fill out some papers with our current budget and such and then they out those things into their computer, and said yeah, sure. Go buy that house!
  15. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    But those weren't in the trailer! So that's not fair.