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  1. Shovel Knight

    That may happen, yeah. Depending on the amount of games I want to play when this is out.
  2. Shovel Knight

    I'm torn. I have the game on Wii U but don't want to dig that out to play KoC. On the other hand, I don't want to spend money on buying a game again that I can play on Wii U for free.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    No, @markderoos did it earlier. Also, it's still just speculation from the author.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    A very valid guess, I think. Though it making many people very happy is a bit off as many people don't know Scalebound, I think.
  5. I find that unlikely but we don't know what extras they've added to the game. There is definitely something new, though.
  6. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    I need to evolve it and haven't got the candy. Hence it being my buddy. But I hate it.
  7. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    Lickitung is currently my buddy in Pokemon Go. It's really ugly and stupid looking. A terrible Pokémon in every way.
  8. Hollow Knight

    100 %. It's nice to travel the world.
  9. Netflix

    The Umbrella Academy just arrived on Netflix today. It's a good trailer, may want to watch it.
  10. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    I feel like Fire Emblem is focussing too much on what is not really a game but rather a simulator for relationships and such. The SRPG-parts of FE are really good but this part seems to be toned down in this game over the rest of the content. I hope I'm wrong but if not, this just isn't a game for me. I also hope it comes with the Casual modes that Fates had, without permadeath. It makes the game better for me.
  11. But there are haters and I understand them. That's my point.
  12. Hollow Knight

    Looks absolutely insanely good! I just hope it isn't as lengthy as HK as I haven't got time for that again, I think.
  13. Having slept on it, I'm still psyched. I've never played the original, tried to do it on the 3DS but lost interest quickly. This is perfect for me. I understand the hate towards the artstyle but it has to grow on you. It looks like stop motion with plastic figures and from what I gather from the posts above, it's quite well suited for the game. I don't think it looks particularly good, but I imagine that I won't care at all when I get to play the game.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Yeah, that was pointless. Like... no details, no release date, nothing at all. They could at least have shown a bit of Joker footage or something.