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  1. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

  2. Disney+

    And Scrubs! Might actually rewatch it now (even though I've had it on DVD since the beginning).
  3. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    I hope they will remake Diamond and Pearl with the newest engine and not make them Let's Go-games (even though I actually enjoyed Let's Go, Pikachu, except that it was Red/Blue - would have preferred some of the later generations), I'm just saying that there is nothing that says that potential Diamond and Pearl remakes wouldn't be in the same style as Let's Go. What has historically happened with remakes is of course indicative but it doesn't guarantee anything.
  4. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    I agree. But that doesn't mean that Game Freak would remake them in the Sword/Shield-engine.
  5. Project Triangle Strategy (2022)

    Nintetndo has released the longer version of the trailer:
  6. General Switch Discussion

    And there it was.
  7. Aw, drats! Well, time to start the Master Quest then. I look forward to my son being able to really play with me. At the moment, he can play Mario Kart and enjoys Mario Kart Live but he hasn't really got to grips with buttons yet. He's only 3.5, though, I expect it to come in a year or so. Until then he can watch me play (though I seldom play in front of him as I'd rather give him some attention and play with Lego when we can play together).
  8. General Switch Discussion

    So yeah, probably going to happen now.
  9. For some, BotW works that way. A couple of people on my Switch friend list have put over 1600 hours into that game! I have no idea what one would spend that amount of time on.
  10. I've never actually paid attention to Outer Wilds and thus didn't know about the game. It seems interesting, though, and was just about the only game in the Direct that I expect to actually play.
  11. I really appreciated the origin-story in this, how everything came to be what we know now. That was really fascinating and genuinely good stuff. But apart from that the game just didn't stand out, can't remember much of it. I do remember liking each sub-area well enough, and the dungeons were good, but I also felt that something was missing in the game. I'm not going to pick this up again, I simply don't have the need to. However, I played Twilight Princess HD a couple of years ago and enjoyed that once again. I think it's actually a really interesting Zelda-game but the overworld was a tad on the empty side. In BotW, there were empty spaces as well but you knew that any moment you could find something interesting to investigate - a feeling I never got with Twilight Princess. That's why it works with BotW and not with TP, I think.
  12. Diablo II: Resurrection

    Announced at BlizzCon, out later in 2021:
  13. Diablo II: Resurrected (2021)

    Also coming to Switch so perhaps this thread should be moved to the Nintendo forum?
  14. General Movie Thread

    Oh God... Looks like decent action fun for a chill evening.