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  1. Job woes/wins

    Recently I've been put into an area of tasks at work where I have no chance of solving the problems. They are very, very technical from a business point of view (I work with pensions) and they are all about how the money should flow in the system - and I have no idea about that. They also want me to assist making documentation on the area but I have no prior knowledge that makes me suited for that task as well. It makes me feel rather demotivated about work these days... and when I have been ordered to work from home due to Corona, it makes me just want to skip working and play games instead.... I have voiced my thoughts to my manager and she agrees that I shouldn't really be there but for the time being, they need a developer on the tasks if the business side needs to know something about the code. So I guess I'm stuck here for the next couple of weeks.
  2. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    That's one of the things that put me off the title. I think it played pretty alright before adding horizontal mode (haven't tried that out) but if you wanted a chance of getting 3 stars, you would have to put in an insane amount of time and money to have the chance to get all of the characters and equipment. Also, being able to actually get the three stars even with the right setup would sometimes be up to sheer luck.
  3. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Finally hatched an Axew today! Took a while. Now to walk it around for several weeks to evolve it. Except for Cryagonal, which is event only, I've got all that are obtainable without raiding and that are not regional.
  4. Hades (PC, Switch)

    A thing that makes me not really wanting to go back to Dead Cells, even though I enjoy it quite much, is how long a run takes (for me). I spent 1-1.5 hours to reach the final boss (that one time I reached it...). I don't want to spend that long in one sitting only to be killed and lose that progress. So if this has shorter runs than that, I'm getting more interested. From the sounds of it, this is a really good game, and I tend to enjoy Supergiant's games so will probably pick this up in the next sale.
  5. Marvel's Phase 4

    Looks interesting. I think I could sell this to my wife. That would be nice.
  6. Microsoft bought Zenimax/Bethesda

    This is really interesting. I would never have thought that anyone would or could buy Bethesda, they were doing really well on their own. I guess Microsoft doesn't really view Switch as a direct competitor and thus will continue to publish (some of their) games on Switch. Really hope that at least. And give us some Dishonored!
  7. 3DS Console Discussion

    Official statement :
  8. That was actually very, very decent with some good announcements. Ori 2 is the highlight to me, but a sequel to Monster Hunter Stories 2 is quite interesting. I haven't played the first but liked the look of it.
  9. 3DS Console Discussion

    Production of new units has seemingly ended now. https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-ends-production-on-the-nintendo-3ds-family-of-systems/
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I'm playing Metro 2033 at the moment but geez, everything is so dark. Can't see a thing. Looking it up, it seems to be a thing with handheld mode so if I want to complete it, I should play it docked. What a shame. Gyro aiming will be easier then, I guess.
  11. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    I am impressed. This will most likely be the game for me to play for the rest of the year once it's out. Way more interested in this than any game Nintendo has put out the past year, at least.
  12. Yeah! This was actually a really good game, especially in co-op. And I just love Scott Pilgrim. At one point I almost knew the movie by heart.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Same with me. Got bored after 30 hours as all chapter 2, 3, and 4s were almost identical in the execution. And I couldn't be arsed to complete it for more than a couple of characters after realizing that. Copycat. You stole my answers!
  14. You need a Missing Link as well. It'll be the game where Zelda is the main character. Or a Weakest Link. Where he's just a side-kick.