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  1. Seems to only be Nintendo eShop cards that forces you to eurogames. But they do show them as an alternative store, this is PSN top-up: They have big banners advertising the site as well, so feels a bit dodgy they seem fine with associating themselves with them.
  2. Is Game Ownership Important To You?

    Was quite surprised to find out Sakurai went all digital, would have thought he would have preffered physical. However considering the way he stores his games, maybe it's for the best.
  3. I had a look on Shopto for some eShop top-ups and they took me through to a place called eurogames, who is a key reseller site, definitely dodgy. The memberships seemed to be sold direct from Shopto so those should be fine. Used cdkeys a handful of times and they've always been fine. I am always slightly worried when I use them though.
  4. Your 2024 Gaming Diary

    I was under the impression you hadn't played it at all. If you played it and didn't like it then fair enough. I do agree there's a lot of faffing in between missions. I think they took onboard the feedback and made the HQ more concise. Three Houses lets you warp once you've unlocked the facility though. You're not really, I know it feels weird not to recruit everyone in a Fire Emblem game (it did in my first play through), but there's really no reason to recruit everyone, you don't have enough deployment slots. Even just having the DLC students felt like there were too many to manage. I find it easier to focus on that class's students only (+ the professors). Actually means there's less faffing later on. You technically can't recruit everyone anyway I think. Do you not use the training facility in Hopes (I forget what it's called) to build their skills quicker or do you just switch classes/weapons more frequently. That's the main reason for building the motivation for your units. I guess that means you didn't use the Somniel in Engage much then?
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Well at least it wasn’t me this time. Think it’s a requirement if you get Wolf. Time makes it hard to guess who won sometimes.
  6. Your 2024 Gaming Diary

    Good taste. That's the colour I went for too! Possibly controversial , but Speaking of Three Houses, curious to know why you refuse to play it when Three Hopes has the same Persona elements, that I seem to recall is the reason why you said you wouldn't play it. Hopes' is it a bit more streamlined but still there.
  7. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    The Zelda t-shirts are on sale down to £12.90, apart from the Korok one which is missing (sold out?). Some Capcom designs are also on sale.
  8. I think they did III first because of DQXI. DQ1 is pretty short so they probably realised development won’t take too long and you may as well do DQII while you’re at it.
  9. It's funding for the Zenithian HD-2D remakes. Well I've preorder on Steam and Switch so far. Probably will end up playing the Steam version, not decided yet.
  10. There's a collectors edition available @Julius @Jonnas @Hero of Time https://gb.store.square-enix-games.com/dragon-quest-iii-hd2d-remake
  11. Rumours? They teased it on DQ day?
  12. Like a new ending to the last case? I hated how that went. I don't think think they should actually change it though. They did announce AA7 didn't they and I just didn't make it up, right?
  13. Legend of Zelda Builders Looks interesting.