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  1. Google Stadia

    There's not really much need to buy a new console when they make it available for everyone and you can just use hardware you probably already own.
  2. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Yeah, I agree - feels cheap. Thankfully mine wasn't damaged in the post. Still not played Shenmue 2, and should probably replay the first one since I've not played it in a long time. Not sure when that's going to happen though. Too many games, not enough time.
  3. Tries to show.my League Card with @Ugh first aid and @Mokong but you just can't do it. Tried using the standard NE passcode hoping they knew what it is but I got matched with randoms. I noticed it stops updating sometimes and I don't get new stamps. There's no way no one was playing. The number of Raid battles seems kinda low as well, not many showed up. Had a few raids where no randoms joined either. Not sure if there's some sort of hidden filter going on to stop it being too busy or something. @Ugh first aid and I got wrecked by a Galvantula, although I think our levels where too low.
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    They've gone quiet again which makes me nervous, they still haven't confirmed its coming outside of the US.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    Crunch time must've been pretty bad, Sonic 2 doesn't even have its opening animation, unless it just wasn't in that build. The original music in Sonic 3 sucks.
  6. Hmm, I think Terry Pratchett got some inspiration from The Raven. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/48860/the-raven Or The Simpsons like where I learnt it from. Is an obscure method to evoke Farfetch'd?
  7. Is that a Edgar Allan Poe reference? If so, I like it.
  8. Pokémon Trading

    Thanks for that @Glen-i.
  9. Pokémon Trading

    I'm free to trade now.
  10. Caught a Farfetch'd, now not sure who to replace.
  11. So the data mines were true and some TMs are 1 time use only, except Game Freak tried to be sneaky and called them "TR"s (Technical Records?). Seems you get them either spending Watts which you collect in the Wild Area or participating in Raid Battles. As I thought, it seems the better moves are now TRs, for instance I got Shadow Ball for doing a Duskull raid. So it seems you should be able to get more than 1 but some may be harder to get than others.
  12. I wouldn't mind a Sobble and Grookey. Can trade some Sword exclusives if you need anyway, but I have no idea what's exculsive to what.
  13. Cool. Gonna go heal. Just got Drill Peck'd by a Delibird.