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  1. General Retro Discussion

    There’s a listing for the Astro City mini on Amazon, sot it’s not, uh, limited to limited run games? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sega-Astrocity-Console-Electronic-Games/dp/B08ZBJ4N8K/
  2. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    https://read.ukprintarchive.com/Egmont Fleetway/Licensed Comics/Sonic The Comic/Sonic The Comic/
  3. General Switch Discussion

    Or that new Monsters game they haven’t shown since it was announced. The livestream is 4:30 am so I won’t be watching it live.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    To be fair, they do seem to the only retailer that is actively trying to combat scalpers. PS5 are easier to get from them as well. I agree with the childish customer service reps though.
  5. Even Mania’s original stages recycled a lot of elements from older games. Some stages were too long as well. Sonic Boom cartoon is real good.
  6. New Dragon Ball Super movie has been announced. Releases in 2022 for Japan, so probably 2023 everywhere else. Unexpected character? Did Toriyama remember about Launch? That would be surprising. https://www.funimation.com/blog/2021/05/08/toei-animation-officially-announces-new-dragon-ball-super-movie-coming-2022/
  7. Nintendo films

    In that case, they didn't reference the original material. Although the credits aren't reliable since they spelt Minerva Minerba (it's the same character in Japanese, isn't Japanese a fun language)
  8. Nintendo films

    Japanese doesn't have a letter for "th" so they most often use "ス", Marth's Japanese name is written マルス ( ma ru su), which could be translated as Mars or Marth. Whoever decided the translation flipped a coin and landed on the wrong side (or did the first thing they thought of). I'm not sure if there was an official romanisation at that point.
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    Original Shantae is available and you can enable GBA enhancements.
  10. Booooo. Can’t be bothered to import so digital it is.
  11. Nintendo store login

    Shipping is free for the My Nintendo exclusives (like the NES controllers) now which is nice.
  12. Physical confirmed for EU? Guessing no...
  13. Finally! Famicom Detective Club in May then this in July. Although why did they repeat themselves in the trailer?
  14. I usually buy a top up card from Play Asia or Nin Nin Games.
  15. Bit of a shame, hope it ends up getting us more series over though and reduce the "content not available in your region" issues. I need to start catching up at some point, but I probably need to go back to the start of Whole-Cake island I think I only read bits and pieces.