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  1. Looks ugly, surprised they kept the touchpad and lightbar. Touchpad was most likely for backwards compatibility. Other features sound decent, and it's more important how it feels.
  2. Thanks @Katie, paid off my incline.
  3. Would you mind if I come over as well @Katie ? Don't have worth giving so I'll leave a tip.
  4. Nintendo x Lego collab

    Preorders start today in the UK?
  5. I put mine next to the rocks so I don't have to dig holes every time to stop me getting knocked back.
  6. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    Mario 35th anniversary collection just got released. https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/men/featured/ut-graphic-print-collections/super-mario Some good designs but nothing I want to jump in on.
  7. Oh no, are Red Banded Dragonflies spawning yet?
  8. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Yeah, I watched a but of a let's play and the guy was getting tons of "rares" during a quest. There did seem to be a lot of menu/systems to learn as well. Shame both of you have negative thoughts after waiting so long for a localisation. I used to play Blue Burst on Schthack, can't remember my login now. Maybe I should try a password reset, I don't know if my character will still be there though. Or maybe I'll just go back to Dragon Quest X instead.
  9. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Aw, that's a shame. Surprised to hear people aren't talking. Would you consider coming back when it opens to to European players, if more people from here started playing? @Gadwin Do you have the same experience/feelings @S.C.G?
  10. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Yup, missed a boss room door lock scan because I figured it would show up again. Nope, one time only!
  11. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Quadraxis is a pain because it has so many scans, I kept missing one so had to keep restarting/got killed.
  12. Also manage to snag a Golden trout and Stringfish (and Koi), so I'm set for April.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    And the mini games. Sounds like they'll end up with Mario oversaturation is release too as many games as the rumours suggest in 6 months. Also it's 1st April on Wednesday, just saying...
  14. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I think I saw the street date was broken somewhere so might want to be aware of spoilers.
  15. Ken is so cool. I want him. All my new villagers suck.