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  1. I did, but I need to finish Skyward Sword first...
  2. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Amiibo is up for pre-order on the My Nintendo store. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/samus-and-e.m.m.i.-double-pack-amiibo-metroid-dread-collection-000000000010007279.html
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Instant preorder.
  4. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I saw it on mobile originally, none of the images were loading. If you click Menu then any of the links it was going to that domain. News articles were doing the same. It seems to have been fixed now, but if you click Menu then Reviews then click home it goes to an IP address
  5. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Is there a problem with links on the main site, the domain they are pointing to is https://abode.old.castus1.co.uk/ and I'm getting warning from the browser. Tried 3 different devices and it's the same. @Ashley @[email protected]
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    Into the motherboard.
  7. They originally planned 3 games, but they realised the password system would be too complex. Personally I liked it because you got 2 new Zelda games at the same time, it wasn't like Pokemon where just a few things changed. I like the games, but thank you! I have the same feeling. The games originally started life as a Zelda 1 remake, before they eventually became what they are today. You can see evidence in Seasons (the first dungeon location on the map is the same, the dungeon boss is the same). Not sure if there are any references in Ages. Ages has the Goron Dance, so that's automatically the worse version.
  8. I still can’t believe they released Sonic Genesis in that state.
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    Skyward Sword Link 1/7th Scale figure coming next year. https://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5678/Link.html
  10. 3DS eShop Thread

  11. What Have You Bought?

    Arrived today, early impressions are good so far. The case is a lot smaller than I expected.
  12. Reggie Is Retiring

    Reggie has wrote a book "Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo", due out next year.
  13. Yeah, mine didn’t arrive until today. Shipped Wednesday 48 hours delivery. The Amiibo shipped Thursday and arrived on Friday.