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  1. You can buy them from the marketplace, there's a limit per month. I think 10 for beginner seals? Usually new recruits come with a seal, can' remember if those are beginner seals or if it depends when you recruit them. You can get seals from other means as well. Don't worry about it, you get plenty. There's only 1 type of Seal that's harder to get. If you want it, then train Lysithea's Reason magic. If you want to recruit students from other classes, shower them with gifts once you're able. They will join once you reach a B rank support with them. It's easier than meeting the stat requirements. If you master the class then you get a skill so it''s usually better to wait. The Commoner class gets HP +5 which is... OK. Classes modify growth rates a bit but I wouldn't worry too much about that on hard mode and since it's your first play through.
  2. I've considered this a few times with my Switch collection. I've got the Japanese Mega Man Zero collection on preorder, but I wonder if it's worth it and I should just get the digital one, not that I expect a game like that to need updates I think previous collections got some fixes. I want to get Animal Crossing digital but part of me still wants to get the physical just to get the box and the game on a cart. It's a bit annoying that Fire Emblem Three Houses doesn't have the higher difficulties and the new route on the cart. Nintendo doesn't tend to release "GOTY" versions on the same console, but release them on the next hardware cycle as "Definitive Edition" etc. Splatoon 2 got a number of DLC updates, and the game lives or dies with it's online mode so buying a physical copy was kind of a mistake, once the servers go down then the game has no value. I'm not really expecting Animal Crossing to get many DLC updates, though you never know. It's a bit weird that physical releases are becoming something that gets celebrated.
  3. Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

    If they didn't hide the serial number then it must be a controlled leak, they clearly aren't afraid of getting caught.
  4. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Haha, I wouldn't really recommend doing a blind Maddening run.
  5. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    You should leave it that way. Play Fire Emblem. Maddening Mode.
  6. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (16th Jan)

    You know I watched the trailer and it didn't even twig. I think they were just going for consistency since everyone else has English voices. During the Treehouse segment, they said they were looking for English voice actors that could sing. I assumed it either fell throw, they couldn't work it or they figured it wasn't worth the cost. Anyway, those strong enemies in the first proper Idolsphere suck.
  7. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    I'd say so yeah. It had 2 fantastic stats which probably pushed it over. If you breed the first one with the Ditto you should increase your chances of getting one with the 4 perfect IVs. Then you just need to work out how to get the rest. You don't need to worry about Special Attack, I think it's better suited to use physical attacks. Natures can be changed with mints so it's not terribly important, I just like having the matching nature and stats though.
  8. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I haven't really played DL3 hence my suggestion. I wouldn't mind SuperStar but that one's a bit more... open, isn't it? Starfox 2 is also a good suggestion.
  9. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I was going to suggest Kirby's Dreamland 3.
  10. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    I'll use Ferrothorn as an example. https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-swsh/ferrothorn/ under egg groups shows who you can use as the male parent to breed with. Under Grass it lists Appletun. If you catch a 5 star max raid one it will have 5 perfect IVs (the IV checker shows this as "best") so you can use that as a parent if it's male. The Destiny Knot picks a total of 5 stats total from both parents at random. For example, it could pick the HP, Attack and Defence from Appletun and Spec Def and Speed from Ferrothorn. Then Spec Attack will be random. So it can still take awhile depending on the parents stats. I usually start swapping them out if I get a better baby 'mon. The Power items you can buy with BP guarantees that stat gets passed down so in theory you could spend sometime breeding a Pokémon to use as a parent. If you want to pass a nature down, give the parent with the nature you want an Everstone. You don't need 6 IVs unless you want a mixed attacker. If your using a Trick Room team then you actually want a 0 IV speed stat.
  11. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    If the raid Pokémon is male then you can generally breed it with a female of the Pokémon you want. You'll have to look it up on Serebii to see what's compatible with what though. Dittos make it easier. 4 star raids give Pokémon with 4 perfect IVs, if those are easier.
  12. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    It's just based off the star rating, I believe. The IV assignment is random so it's not always got the IVs on the ideal stat, but they make good parents for breeding. When breeding if you give one of the parents a Destiny Knot, the baby gets 5 IVs from the parents at random, so you want 2 parents with as many perfect IVs as possible and then a bit of RNG luck. It sounds complicated but honestly, SwSh has made it super easy to get "perfect" Pokémon. People tend to Surprise Trade breeding rejects so that's also an easy way to get a good parent. I'd recommend unlocking the IV stat checker. Again @Glen-i has a good team for this you can rent if you ask him nicely.
  13. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Pokéjobs gives EVs. The only way to alter an IV is via hyper training but they need to level 100 and you need bottle caps. The easiest way to do it is via breeding, Pokémon can pass IVs down. Have a look at @Glen-is guide. 5 star max raid battles will give you Pokémon with 5 max IV stats.
  14. Pokémon Trading

    Ferrothorn appears at Bridge Field under one of the arches near the fly point. It knows Explosion so use a Quick Ball.
  15. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    You're already at a disadvantage then, the IV stats effects the Pokemon's stats. Generally you want the max IV for each stat, but you only either need the max for one of the attack stats. If you're using the same Pokémon as your opponent with the same nature and EV spread then you will always go second if your speed IV stat is lower. You can unlock the IV rater by clearing the Battle Tower 3 times. The ranking doesn't really matter as it resets after each season.