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  1. @Julius Crunchyroll have put up the Kaguya movie, but they've split it into episodes and only the first 2 are available currently.
  2. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I'm on a Pixel 6 Pro, using Chrome. I thought it was to do with the January security update because it started after I had updated, but I also got it on my old Pixel 2. The E3 memories thread loads fine now, I also had issue loading the Final Fantasy XVI thread which only had 1 post in it and it crashed. It's also fine now so not sure what is triggering it. Edit: Got it straight away after posting this thread clicking the Star Trek thread from the Unread page and clicking the circle next to the thread. It opened on a post with an embedded Twitter post and it caused a system ui reboot.
  3. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Anyone else having issues loading threads sometimes on Android devices? It causes the system apps to crash sometimes resulting in a full reboot. Pretty sure it's when there are embedded YouTube or Twitter posts (possibly both). I can't open the E3 memories thread on my phone.
  4. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    I used to love the DVDs you would get from magazines with a load of videos from the event. They got re-watched a lot. I almost miss those old over the shoulder camera footage where you couldn't hear anything because of the background noise. My favourite memory was Miyamoto demoing Wind Waker and the sword he needed to progress glitched out of bounds between the seams of the ground and the wall, so he was stuck. I noticed that the barricade was gone in the final release so I like to think Miyamoto flipped some tables over after the demo. Just proves that if it can go wrong during a demo, it will.
  5. Bayonetta 1+2

    Physical copy of Bayo 1 is in stock now. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en/bayonetta-000000000010010294
  6. Shopto already have the console up for preorder https://www.shopto.net/en/swhw87-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-oled-console-p1178200
  7. OoT, sure. MM I don't agree. But I mean the scope is now much bigger since MM. OoT and MM weren't open world games, and there's probably been tweaks to the engine/physics since BoTW. I'm nitpicking your choice of phrase really, they didn't start from scratch, they already had a base.
  8. “From scratch” meaning reusing OoT’s engine and assets? MM is also way smaller scope than TotK.
  9. Switch eShop Thread

    Chrono Cross finally got a discount so I’ve bought it.
  10. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Sonic Origins Plus announced. Adds playable Amy and 12 Game Gear games as well as new challenges. Getting a physical release. Do I want a physical copy? I'm not really sure.
  11. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    I got hit with a 8% hit rate twice in a row. But can I hit a single 83% chance? No.
  12. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    Wave 4 arrives 5th of April.
  13. Netflix

    We see the Green Ranger briefly, so it’s someone else in the suit (which would feel wrong) or they just aren’t showing him to build up a surprise (which would feel wrong). Interesting that they referenced Super Sentai. I thought this was more of a documentary or look back, not an actual special.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I mean you going to the edge of the stage and jumping away when you are approached. Either someone has to run around after you out it becomes a 3v3, or that second player gets attacked. And yes, Hyrule Temple its not fun (for me) to watch Glenn chase you round like it’s Mario Kart night. Ultimately you lost anyway (iirc, I stopped watching). It’s just not during stamina week either. I wasn’t sure if it was a lack of confidence which is fair enough. But if that’s fun for you then who am I to tell you stop?
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    @S.C.G dude, I’m glad you’ve joined Smash night, but try to cool it a bit with the camping, please. Especially when it’s 1 v 1 as your just drawing out the match.