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  1. General Retro Discussion

    Multiple, all the same.
  2. General Retro Discussion

    I'm just getting a black screen and a green line going down the right side when loading a cart. Is it because I'm on the default firmware?
  3. General Retro Discussion

    There's the import tax text. I've not been charged for both going by @Happenstance's earlier post.
  4. General Retro Discussion

    Just realised I have a spare phone adapter so that was a silly question. FedEx are going to pick up the second package.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    Might tweet them, I heard their email support is kinda slow. Might include Fedex as well. Guess someone's not getting their Mega Sg today. Btw, what are you using as a power supply seeing as it came with a US adapter?
  6. General Retro Discussion

    Checked, only ordered 1. The guy said there was 2 packages under 1 tracking code. Fedex have screwed up, the "Sold To" label is for someone else but it looks like what are the Fedex labels are in my name. Not sure if I should contact Fedex or Analogue, it wasn't even for this country.
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Mind's just arrived... And they sent me 2?
  8. General Retro Discussion

    It updates through the receiver or you have to update both? There's no mention of their being a different update method on the website, despite stating the manual is for the 2.4g version. Having to remove the shell is a real bad design decision, I'm not sure I have the correct screwdriver. My Mega Sg status is "International shipment release - Import" have I dodged paying customs or is that still coming?
  9. General Retro Discussion

    They don't specify on the website so I would assume it's for both, but I can't get the LEDs to go red when holding L+R+Start.
  10. General Retro Discussion

    Nope, it just shows up as a storage device.
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Hah, totally forgot about that. I need to replay Shadow Dragon someday. Beat Chapter 9 without taking too much damage so I was OK. Turns out Marth was holding a Physic (Blower?) staff which reaches the entire map, which helped. Broken!
  12. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    The vendors were there, they looked like houses so I didn't bother visiting them.
  13. General Retro Discussion

    Mega SG shipped, delivery estimate is Monday, hype! Little annoyed they switch from DHL to Fedex but not a big deal. @Hero-of-Time you always seem to manage to find good buys on eBay. I used to have one of those types of screens for the Gamecube although I never really used.
  14. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Hah, yeah, I got Roger this chapter. I remembered that from Shadow Dragon, and I know just enough Japanese to get the gist of the convo. I'm not sure Marth would approve of that. I've got a save state in that chapter so I could check it out again to see if I missed it. I know it had like 3 armoury shops and an arena in the South.
  15. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Ah, sorry, I thought you had played it. I just finished chapter 8 so I obviously managed to overlook the Vendor then.