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  1. Ah, crazy. Trigun and Evangelion were pretty much my intro to anime. I've tried to go back to Trigun and rewatch over the years, but it's a bit too filler heavy. Be crazy to see what might be made of it with a more modern approach.
  2. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Man, did they even play through the game once to test it
  3. The Big Bad Bouldering Thread

    Hey yeah, I'm a big fan of bouldering actually! Lucky to live in Sheffield, home of the world's oldest bouldering-only gym The Climbing Works (and for a long time, Europe's largest) started by Percy Bishton who set some of the olympic routes last year. If you watch Bouldering Bobat on YouTube, they were there for the CWIF a couple of months ago setting fun problems and they bumped into a pro Alex Megos while they were there. We also have about 4 other awesome climbing gyms - a couple of them being absolutely enormous. Not to mention we are right next to the Peak District national park which has loads of bouldering and lead climbing locations, so it's really popular here. It's not too unusual to bump shoulders with Team GB climbers and other pros. Not sure if the above pic will work but it's me on a pretty steep overhang a couple of years ago. I first got into it about 2018-2019 I think, and was going quite regularly. I was just about getting to the point of climbing font 5-5+/V1-V2 pretty comfortably when covid hit which reaaaally set me back as all the gyms were closed for over a year and I stopped all strength training and put on weight! I'm only just about getting back to that point now. It is such a great way to make exercise interesting. I can go for hours and get exhausted but never feel bored or fed-up like I do with almost all other exercise, because there's so much room for consistent growth and improvement, so much problem solving to be done. It's also one of those things I kick myself constantly for not trying earlier. People suggested it to me over ten years ago, and I think about where I would've been if I started then and how much better I would've been at that age and regret not trying it sooner!
  4. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    Initial feedback for this game sounds great. Can't wait to play it! Launch price is a bit too high for me... but lets see how long I hold off I loved TMNT II: The Arcade Game on the NES when I was a kid, even if I never did beat it...
  5. When I finished my degree in 2009 it had basically killed my entire love of reading. In the gap since then I barely read anything (although - since it's been mentioned repeatedly some time ago in this thread, I did enjoy the His Dark Materials trilogy in that window, for the first time, through the medium of the very excellent BBC audiobook). I decided to force myself to change that by buying a Kobo with a light so I can read it when my better half has fallen asleep and my insomnia has taken hold. With that and a generous voucher at Christmas, my interest in reading has finally been rekindled. Or rekobo'd, I guess (heh heh) Before I get to the Kobo books, the only physical book I can remember even trying in that last decade or so was The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemesin - first in the "Broken Earth" trilogy. It was very highly regarded and although I thought it was good, maybe I just wasn't in the right place at the time? Mostly I found it a bit difficult to follow, and by the end of it I wasn't entirely sure what had happened. A couple of years later and I'm not sure I could tell you much of the plot at all.... I might need to give it another shot soon. Anyway, onto the Kobo. I've been going mostly for Sci-Fi... I started off needing something which comes up when you google things like "something nice to read". As in, I needed something with a real sense of feel-good comfort reading. That search lead me to the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers, starting with The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. And it was the perfect thing to get me back into reading, easy, lovable characters, a good mix of exploring fun new ideas about species and gender with characters that are easy to care about, and a good dose of humour and adventure. The following books in the series follow new characters and I jumped straight in with the second, and bought the third and fourth for the future. Going forward there are some places where the characters' integrity dip a bit below believable levels, but it's still enjoyable. It was generally just a shame not to be continuing with the first story. Continuing on the sci-fi theme, I went for a book by one of the only authors I have bothered with in the last decade - Andy Weir, reading his newest entry, Project Hail Mary. Despite a very generic stupid name, it was a good gripping book that I enjoyed nearly as much as The Martian. I love the direction it took, even if the narrator was very occasionally intolerable. Then I decided I wanted to scratch an itch of a genre I've always loved, time travel. For that I went with The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North. A really gripping read with a great main character and a fun twist on the time loop trope. I loved this enough that I got another book by the same author, Touch - straight away. Which I'm also enjoying, but not quite as much as it spends waaaay too much time describing settings. Took my book on holiday and decided to pause the Sci-Fi trend with something veeeery different and my style at all, but it caught my eye on a kobo store sale. Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. It's a kind of comedy/slice of life/introspection about reality and day to day issues. I almost thought I'd made a huge mistake as one of the opening jokes was about getting a usb port in the wrong way round but I forced my way past that and had a really good time with it. I didn't laugh out loud a lot of times, but I was certianly engaged with the long character list. Another one that I knocked out in a single day during that holiday was Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This was... pretty good fairly standard action fare with just barely enough turns in the story to keep you from guessing how it's all going to end. It was very by the numbers with really overly dramatic storytelling at time, I was surprised how well it was reviewed, but I was certainly interested enough to keep flipping pages til it was done. The next books I've bought and am ready to read are The Complete Witcher - purely because the entire set was 99p, All Systems Red - a seemingly short book which is the first in the Murderbot Diaries series, and purely because it's a book that I added to a wishlist 13 years ago just before giving up on reading for-nearly-ever, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.
  6. More importantly, you both broke rules 1 and 2 immediately....
  7. I am surprised nobody had said 7 12 years before it was released. While we're necromancing threads though, I did really enjoy the Resi 4 HD Remaster recently in ultrawide 4k. A labour of love that took the dev 7 years or something. Quality work and it was great to go back to it. I was surprised to find it practically unplayable with M&K though, thankfully plays very nicely with an Xbox controller though.
  8. Tbh there is a fundamental flaw in mega threads, they probably contributed greatly to the decline in activity here (though the biggest cause was Facebook/twitter) Google loves when you have pages with URLs and titles of relevant topics, full of unique information, which forum users conveniently provide. It's the reason N-E used to do better on the forums even than it did on the main site. It's why we were constantly fighting spam bots (silver linings etc) and why we had the interest of advertisers. Ngl I do get nostalgic occasionally remembering a time when we had so many threads that you could refresh the page and multiple threads would disappear to page 2. Or when we had to have so many sub-boards because we had so many topics (I started my responsibilities here as a mod for the "Creative" board where people mostly posted photoshop creations and signature/avatar designs) This thread is now about being old and sad.
  9. Virtual Reality

    Seems to have borrowed a lot from the Quest 2, which is a good thing really. I have a third party quest head strap with a dial to adjust like that one, and it's really handy for quickly swapping with friends and for adjusting it to be nice and comfy. Inside out camera based tracking is great too. No sensors means you're so much more likely to pick up and play, and at least on the Quest, it just works so well, never worrying about tracking or blocking the sensor. And it's handy to be able to quickly see your environment when you need to, too.
  10. Switch eShop Thread

    X:COM 2 at £4 is an absolute no brainer if you haven't played it. Brilliant game with brilliant addon content included.
  11. Virtual Reality

    So how is the Index? Part of me is weighing up the idea of going bigger and better in VR, against maybe just seeing it as a party device and accepting that I should mostly stick with the Quest's own games, crazy golf and Superhot, it makes things simpler! As someone who grew up battling things like sound driver and graphics card driver selections during installation, and installing and reinstalling PC games (very slowly) a million times and eventually giving up on them, it is funny how remniscent this is of that. But I don't think I ever had to download third party launchers or anything quite as obscure as having a debug window in focus while trying to play a game!
  12. General Movie Thread

    Half way through watching The Matrix Resurrections I thought I was going to disagree with everyone, I loved what they were doing. Then suddenly it took this crazy spiral out of control, seemed to lose all direction and focus, and a truly terrible ending. I can't think of another movie that flipped my opinion of it so much half way through.
  13. House buying is the worst

    Always the same, you wait and wait and it seems like it's going to take forever, then suddenly you've got a date and it's a mad rush. You will make life easier if you start packing/clearing things out asap!
  14. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Yeah I'm pretty sure we went over this years ago when we first started using the software. I think back then I delved into it and tried to solve it. You can see the error is in the ckeditor.js javascript file - ckeditor being the name of the WYSIWYG text editor you use to submit posts. So it's not something we've done, but a bug in ckeditor or between Invision and ckeditor. Since I didn't get very far back then I'm just going to trust that I tried everything I could I'm hopeful that just upgrading Invision will fix that with it, but haven't got time for that at the moment.
  15. Virtual Reality

    I had done that bit already, apparently I'm on Chapter 3. I've had to give up again for now though. Every time I try and get into VR, I end up being hampered by some degree of setup quality that is bringing me down. I usually try to fix it for a while then give up and stop playing VR again for months. This time though, it's not just me being fussy. Once I'm connected to Oculus via PC Link or Air Link, all hand movements are jittery. It's so unpleasant to see that it's ruining the whole experience. I've tried loads of settings tweaks, including signing my soul over to Mark Zuckerberg to make a developer account so I could disable the Guardian, but still getting that judder... I find it unlikely that it's the cable (although it's not the official obscenely priced one) because the effect is exactly the same on Air Link. And I definitely wasn't having this issue when I first used PC Link. Edit: ok so… (damn this is still such unstable tech overall) I managed to fix the stutter in pc link hilariously with a fix I found on Reddit that involves opening the debug console on your pc and making sure the window is in focus while you play. Amazingly that worked. And I hugely improved Skyrim by switching from using Steam VR to OpenComposite which made it way better. Not tried Alyx again yet, fixing VR issues is exhausting!