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  1. Venom (October 2018)

    I think it looked a lot better after the full trailer. I was rolling my eyes at the trash we saw in the teaser but I'm more interested now.
  2. Jessica Jones

    I thought I was enjoying Season 2, but add it to another long list of Marvel shows I just gave up on half way through....
  3. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I'm really more of a collector, couldn't care less about candies or higher IVs for Pokemon that don't evolve. On the other hand, it could actually put me further away from the next legendary if the reward is now preset...
  4. Spider-Man (PS4)

    It's good that you stopped with the movies there If you want to catch up, skip the rest and watch Captain America: Civil War and then Spider-Man: Homecoming. And if you want to scour any retro (ish) games to keep you going til this comes out, Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man on the Gamecube and PS2 were great fun.
  5. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I've taken a break of basically years from weightlifting. Just didn't have the motivation for some reason. But now its back, and I'm getting back on it! Switched from from 5x5 to GSLP and I'm really going to try and stick with it this time. Can't believe what I could lift when I stopped, compared to what I'm doing now, a shame really. I wonder where I'd be at if I'd have kept it up? Well, this time we'll find out
  6. God of War (PS4)

    They seem worlds apart, this could've been a whole new franchise and nobody would've said "isn't this God of War?" It looks great and it has my interest but... it's just nothing like its predecessors. Which is fine, as a series God of War had probably done everything it needed to. But these days there's less options for scratching the itch of button-mashing arcade style games, and I'll kind of miss the mindless action, unique camera angles and giant monster takedowns that God of War stood for before.
  7. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Apparently the field research 7 day reward is Moltres again. Might hang onto mine at six days until it starts giving the next legendary bird! Maybe next month?
  8. Yakuza 6 (PS4)

    I'm very confused by this thread. Do you know you posted the same thing on the first page, 2 years ago?
  9. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I don't think it's doing amazingly no, I've no reference for that though except probably reading the same thing you did in the past. It works very well though, that's all I can say. Instantly playing games feels like a glimpse of the future of gaming.
  10. Xbox One Console Discussion

    While that's not impossible, it seems unlikely. They're focusing on PS Now as a way to play old games (which works brilliantly for me). The problem is that Sony has moved away from the PS2/PS3 architecture to a whole new setup that makes emulation tricky. I've just been reading that Xbox One's 4k Blu-Ray capabilities are super-butt compared to a much cheaper standalone BR player, so maybe this system's not on the horizon for me after all. Although I have never played almost any of the games HoT highlighted (just Kotor 2)...
  11. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I'mma love this game.
  12. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Double candy on Kanto pokes right now and Kanto overtaking the wild encounters means Magikarp galore and a potential 13 candy per capture! Will help with getting that mystery quest step done.
  13. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I hope there are lots of things to unlock. I want to earn lots of costumes not just get them from microtransactions and pre-order bonuses. Spidey is exactly the kind of theme that'll drive me to unlock every costume and bonus etc.
  14. Virtual Reality

    Don't really notice any except on the text in the loading screen. But then again I'm not sure my eyes are great at the ultra-closeup headset anyway so any blurriness I attribute to how tired I am there's a lot of settings to mess with to reduce blur, a list of suggestions for values to tweak in the ini file that can change everything from the scale of the world to where the bow is positioned.
  15. Virtual Reality

    Skyrim VR on PC is a game changer. Wow. A lot of VR games on the rift store etc are great, but they're typically arcade-y, focused around the movement limitations of the system. But Skyrim VR is just... Skyrim. A huge epic world that you're inside, and yeah you have to compromise here and there to control it, but the fact is you're really in Skyrim. I've hardly played because I keep quitting to add and tweak mods and settings but it's still really good fun. I even switched off teleportation to direct movement, which does take some getting used to but I think it's necessary. I can only dream of one day having one of those omni-treadmill type games. Playing games on the Oculus Rift right now feels kinda like playing video games on the NES did 30 years ago. There's a tonne of potential, and technology needs to advance to carry it forward, but when it does the future for this tech should/could be incredible. Hope I live long enough to be inside some Skyrim esque world, with incredible visuals, no peripheral "black space" or screen door effect, and some form of perfect 1:1 movement.