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  1. Virtual Reality

    So how is the Index? Part of me is weighing up the idea of going bigger and better in VR, against maybe just seeing it as a party device and accepting that I should mostly stick with the Quest's own games, crazy golf and Superhot, it makes things simpler! As someone who grew up battling things like sound driver and graphics card driver selections during installation, and installing and reinstalling PC games (very slowly) a million times and eventually giving up on them, it is funny how remniscent this is of that. But I don't think I ever had to download third party launchers or anything quite as obscure as having a debug window in focus while trying to play a game!
  2. General Movie Thread

    Half way through watching The Matrix Resurrections I thought I was going to disagree with everyone, I loved what they were doing. Then suddenly it took this crazy spiral out of control, seemed to lose all direction and focus, and a truly terrible ending. I can't think of another movie that flipped my opinion of it so much half way through.
  3. House buying is the worst

    Always the same, you wait and wait and it seems like it's going to take forever, then suddenly you've got a date and it's a mad rush. You will make life easier if you start packing/clearing things out asap!
  4. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Yeah I'm pretty sure we went over this years ago when we first started using the software. I think back then I delved into it and tried to solve it. You can see the error is in the ckeditor.js javascript file - ckeditor being the name of the WYSIWYG text editor you use to submit posts. So it's not something we've done, but a bug in ckeditor or between Invision and ckeditor. Since I didn't get very far back then I'm just going to trust that I tried everything I could I'm hopeful that just upgrading Invision will fix that with it, but haven't got time for that at the moment.
  5. Virtual Reality

    I had done that bit already, apparently I'm on Chapter 3. I've had to give up again for now though. Every time I try and get into VR, I end up being hampered by some degree of setup quality that is bringing me down. I usually try to fix it for a while then give up and stop playing VR again for months. This time though, it's not just me being fussy. Once I'm connected to Oculus via PC Link or Air Link, all hand movements are jittery. It's so unpleasant to see that it's ruining the whole experience. I've tried loads of settings tweaks, including signing my soul over to Mark Zuckerberg to make a developer account so I could disable the Guardian, but still getting that judder... I find it unlikely that it's the cable (although it's not the official obscenely priced one) because the effect is exactly the same on Air Link. And I definitely wasn't having this issue when I first used PC Link. Edit: ok so… (damn this is still such unstable tech overall) I managed to fix the stutter in pc link hilariously with a fix I found on Reddit that involves opening the debug console on your pc and making sure the window is in focus while you play. Amazingly that worked. And I hugely improved Skyrim by switching from using Steam VR to OpenComposite which made it way better. Not tried Alyx again yet, fixing VR issues is exhausting!
  6. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Ah, I didn't realise forum banner images were hosted on the main site server. Even if it wasn't for the https warning, that image isn't there anymore. I can sort that later. Edit: sorted
  7. Virtual Reality

    Yeah I've read that idea too. Funnily enough I just bought a circular rug for this room for the office chair to protect the floor so I have that ready to go. I've become more aware on recent uses of the VR that the best thing to do is try and stay centred (while appreciating that you have a good amount of "arm-waving" room) As far as Alyx... it's been quite a while so I'm not sure I could describe exactly where I was up to. I'd just done a dark bit with lots of explosive barrels and Barnacles but that describes most of Half Life doesn't it...
  8. Virtual Reality

    I've just recently moved my PC up into my attic room, so now for the first time since I got VR (years ago), I have a really good dedicated space for VR. Lots of room to move around, and no light fittings above my head to accidentally punch. I'm going to be using a Quest with PC Link over USB 3, as anything else has just proven too unstable due to the wifi situation in my house (which is good for most things, except wanting to be near the router and have room for VR). The only other wireless option I might try is connecting a 5ghz router directly connected to my PC, but that can wait. I'm starting up by getting the "Ultimate VR Modlist" for Skyrim using Wabbajack, then I'm going to get a bit further on Half Life Alyx finally.
  9. N-Europe turns 24!

    I've definitely been around long enough that I rememer being N64-Europe. Unfortunately my memory's a bit foggy overall, so I don't remember much in between. If there are any dots people can join I'd love to read them. There are a lot of names I haven't forgotten though, and I wonder where those people ended up. I used to enjoy making signatures and wallpapers and sharing them on the old "Creative" board. Back then we would regularly have best signature and avatar competitions - I eventually became a mod of that board. I honestly don't remember how I went from that position to taking on the responsibility of rebuilding and hosting the site, but it happened somewhere along the way. It's kind of a dream of mine to give the site another design, but inspiration's never quite hit right. I did actually recently replatform the site though, which opens up a lot of possibilities. I could now quite easily rapidly develop new sections and functionality for the site. Ashley and I had a good idea for what to start with, so keep an eye out for that Happy to see the old faces of those who still pop in, and the enthusiasm of those old and new that still love Nintendo and gaming in general.
  10. I mean, sort of. I think Bleach took the "lets just constantly scale everyone up" thing to an extreme, it's only one step removed from DBZ in that regard. Basically in Bleach when a fight starts, person A will appear to be significantly stronger than person B. Person B will then reveal that they were much stronger all along and win the fight. Literally every single fight in the second half of the story followed this pattern. That said, one thing Bleach really had going for it before it hit filler-hell, was just straight up dripping with style. So if they bring that back, and trim all the excess, it could be one gorgeous production at least.
  11. Smart Homes

    The problem is probably that I googled how to keep it quiet. That means it knew what I was trying to do and evolved.
  12. Smart Homes

    ^ you can rename Alexa, though. I have thermostat and a few hue lights, and 2x Google Homes that I got super cheap. I'm not really interested in anything with cameras, and home security hooked up to wifi just feels like it's got a glaring weak point. To be honest, I really hate the smart assistants most of the time. Google constantly wants to give me tips and it's just embarassing. "Ok google set a timer for 5 minutes" "Sure, that's done. By the way, if you want me to help organise your day, just s--" "Ok google. Shut. The. Fuck. Up" ...is a pretty common phrase you might hear in my house these days. It didn't use to say all this shit, or at least it did, years ago, and I googled how to shut it up and did it, but it's started doing it again. They also just don't seem to be getting any smarter. I remember years ago when Siri first appeared, spending a long time asking it anything I could think of, discovering the limits of it's abilities. We just assumed that over the years they would add more and more phrases, more ability to understand context clues. But Siri, Google Home, Alexa... it's like they shipped the minimum viable product and then just moved onto something else. "I'm sorry, I can't help with that yet" is a pretty common response from all three. I actually want to move to Apple Homepods because at least they have quality audio, and I'd only be using one assistant (I have an iPhone) - but for some reason Spotify apparently doesn't work smoothly on them still. A pretty good summary of that state of affairs.
  13. Name Changes

  14. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I'd like to think updating Invision would fix that. I just need time to set up a testing environment then we'll give that a shot.
  15. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I've re-enabled tapatalk. Tbh I didn't think anyone used it and the annoyance of the banner for every user that doesn't, seemed to outweigh it's use for the couple that do. However, if it's causing more trouble than it's worth, I've reinstated it