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  1. I don't think it's the actors, I think it's the script. You can tell because when some of the characters crossover into other shows you don't notice it as much. Luke Cage was great in Defenders, and Claire seems like a normal human being in Daredevil. I specifically mean small parts and extras. The chinese takeaway owner, a random shop visitor, goons, the people in the street who wanted Luke Cage to get their stuff back. All seriously dire. It's something that I have literally never noticed in a show before. But you could be right, it may be the dialogue even for them.
  2. I'm so glad to get a voice of sanity here. I've got friends who normally hate anything that's a little badly made, but they love Luke Cage. I also can't get over how bad almost every bit-part and extra actor is. Like, are they not even real extras, just people off the street? I tried to get back into this and actually, there were a couple of episodes in the prison that weren't too bad. But then after that it goes back to the same tired crap. I've got long random drawn out scenes with Claire's side story that just doesn't go anywhere and nobody cares about. Talking goes on and on as if they think their dialogue is really thought-provoking and emotional when it's just boring. I just don't get what they're doing, it's a comic book story about an invincible guy with super strength, why is half of every episode just him talking to old guys in the hood...
  3. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    You didn't, sorry should've been clearer, I think I read into that in something Flink said But re-reading that I think I got defensive and misunderstood that anyway.
  4. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    That's a pretty extreme example then, and one where I appreciate being a little irked by your brother's hypocrisy, but I wouldn't take that as a reason to look down on anyone who is only now gaining interest. Plenty of people could be nudged into a deeper enjoyment beyond the world cup, tell them "if you thought that was a good match check out this youtube video" etc. I wouldn't consider myself a football fan at all, but my boss' interest often inspires me to pay more attention, learn the player names and teams etc. And on the idea that it's casual fans making a mess of arenas and causing violence and giving "proper" fans a bad name.... Blimey, hate to break it to you but "proper" football fans have a pretty bad name for these kinds of things most of the time already.
  5. FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018

    Blimey, talk about gatekeeping. Shouldn't you be trying to encourage more people to love football, instead of rolling your eyes at people who don't take it seriously enough for you? Tell your brother without making him feel stupid what he's misunderstanding, and he might get interested.... In video game terms, this is like PC master race/neckbeards looking down on casuals. Instead of feeling that your precious interest is being encroached on, encourage those casuals to try a real game and they might be surprised, right?
  6. Post your Cooking!

    Bit late to the party but @Goafer YSK if you ever want to do the same but vegetarian, Quorn fake sausage patties (find them in the frozen section) are damn near as good as the real thing for making mcmuffins at home.
  7. God of War (PS4)

    I guess it's easier if you go back later. After I got a few better bits of armour every fight got a lot easier. That stands to reason obviously but it's so late in the game the options for getting much stronger are fewer, so it's a bit of a wall. Also it's going to take a lot more runs to do all of it.
  8. God of War (PS4)

    I can't really stand mixing up gear. If a game ever needed saved armour sets, it was this one.
  9. Happy Birthday Josh!
  10. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Why isn't this game just out now stupid future
  11. 3D Printing

    Sounds like the Ender 3 is a much cheaper printer that does a better job than the CR-10 in many ways! Can't say I'm not a little disappointed by that. Anyone want to buy a CR-10S?
  12. God of War (PS4)

    When the red circle appears for an unblockable attack? The one that does full AoE damage of about 1/3 your HP? Man I hope the arrow is not enough cos if it is, I've been overcomplicating that particular aspect.
  13. Name Changes

    Can't not think of this sketch
  14. God of War (PS4)

    They can fuck right off too. Most of them have reasonable patterns but for every single one they definitely thought "how can this be a bit more frustrating than the last?" Some of them have unblockable attacks where you have to hit them with an axe throw before it happens, with no other option, but I'm pretty sure some attacks are just 100% unavoidable. Don't even get me started on Niflheim.
  15. I couldnt make it through season 1 but maybe I'll skip to this one