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  1. Persona 5

    Well its been out in Japan for months and reported to include a large amount of good quality, well received content content. Unless money is a deciding factor in whether to pick the game up at all, I would go for the complete package. Otherwise if you end up loving it and want more, you'll have to buy both.
  2. Persona 5

    Definitely wait for this one. Unless you’ve got a PS Vita, then just get Persona 4 Golden instead.
  3. Virtual Reality

    How does Quest + Link Cable compare to OG Rift? Seems like a good update just for the wirelessness.
  4. Virtual Reality

    It sounds like a Quest with a link cable is a much better idea than an S, is that right? Or is there some drawback to the Quest over the S? Since you get portability, and it has more cameras so it can do the hand-tracking, the S seems to be being left in the dust.
  5. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Did you play the first two? How does it compare? Some of the reviews I've seen said it was a bit crap compared to the first two. I bought Borderlands 3 on PS4 for the split screen and you should know one thing: They removed vertical splitscreen. I really hate this. They also completely fucked up the frame rate so bad that the game ground to a halt on split-screen whenever you opened your menu. But finally, several months later, they claim to have fixed that.
  6. Questions

    Not a problem with me, just enabled it.
  7. Persona 5

    A console which could not do DLC "We've gotten away with it before" isn't a good excuse for doing something bad.
  8. Persona 5

    Not re-released on the same system though. P4 to P4G was PS3 to Vita. P3 to P3P was PS2 to PSP. Obviously you had to buy again because you were changing system. P5R on the other hand is coming out in a changed environment where both systems are capable of, and markets saturated with, DLC, which it could have easily been delivered as. From what I've heard, it's a good expansion - but not enormous, which makes it hard to stomach laying down £40-80 again.
  9. Persona 5

    I love the Persona series in general but the idea that we're being made to buy again for DLC as the only option... if this was someone like Bungie we wouldn't stand for such a practice. Also it didn't stick with me like P4 did at all. It was a great entry in the series but... Idk... I may have already said this in the past, maybe in this thread somewhere, but Persona suffers from a "solved game" issue, where the mystery and challenge has all but vanished when you understand exactly how you need to min-max your day and Personas in order to succeed. Despite all this I'll probably still get this, pre-order and all, because man I love Persona.
  10. Half-Life: Alyx

    I don't feel like the quality upgrade could possibly be good enough until there's a revolutionary improvement. Headsets much smaller and lighter, screen door effect 100% eliminated, minimal wires or a smarter solution to wires. Etc. etc. I (think) I'll be happy with my standard Rift until something really comes along and makes a big leap forward (100x bigger than the Rift -> Rift S). The actual visuals will mostly only be improved by the performance of the PC. I do however absolutely encourage you to buy the Index so you can fund this development, for my sake
  11. Half-Life: Alyx

    Why would you need Index for this? It works on the Rift right?
  12. Half-Life: Alyx

    Sure but that doesn't mean it's surprising that the game looks good. They have found that making games is not as financially viable as just maintaining what they've got and running the Steam store, that doesn't mean they've forgotten how to make games. I'm not defending their choice of practise, just surprised that you'd be surprised that it looks well made.
  13. Half-Life: Alyx

    Poor Valve lol, what have they done to tank their reputation so hard. Imagine saying that about the creators of Half Life 2, L4D and Portal
  14. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Hey! I just had a listen to some of your older stuff and it sounds great I'm not the one in the position to give the go ahead for the main site tie-in but I'll be happy to do the legwork if needed to put it there.
  15. Questions

    Thanks for pointing it out. There was a certificate in place but a redirect needed adding, and the content links needed updating.