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  1. Hi

    Welcome to the boards! I'd also love a good excuse to revisit the old Metroid Primes. Never picked up the trilogy for Wii and it seems almost perfect a port for the Switch.
  2. I was surprised to find this one so divisive seems the perfect throwback to the old style. Personally I love it, I can't wait for an excuse to replay it and get my other half to play it.
  3. Questions

    Sorry but I don't know what you mean by the tag? To create a link like that you would normally paste it, then click the option to not embed it, which appears at the bottom of the editor ( "Your link has been automatically embedded. Display as a link instead "). Or use the link button (chain icon) in the WYSIWYG in the first place. Some BBCodes do still work, but as you say, the editor is just turning them into html. This is just something built into CKEditor, and there's no list of them that I know of unfortunately. Hope this doesn't seem dismissive, I want to help if I can.
  4. Questions

    This software doesn't use codes the way the old one did. Old codes have been converted to HTML. This editor takes links (to images, tweets etc) and automatically formats them. What would you like to use, that you no longer can?
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    I had that on the Wii U and found it... difficult. You had to rely a lot on the other player's skill which made it frustrating for both parties.
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    I should've mentioned that some things like Metal Slug and Enter the Gungeon might be out of my SO's wheelhouse, might stick with some of the more chilled options Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  7. Switch eShop Thread

    What are some great local 2-player games I might've missed? I've got Snipperclips and Overcooked 2.
  8. Virtual Reality

    Batman is currently £3.49 for PC on CDKeys
  9. Job woes/wins

    Well, she actually got the job what a relief!
  10. STEEP

    I hate to be so inflammatory but I can't believe anyone likes this game at all! After the first couple of runs and then trying to do some free play, it's just incredibly... boring.... Slow descents and empty slopes are so far detached from the exciting arcadey games I'm used to. I get that they're taking the more realistic approach akin to Skate but it falls so short for me. Maybe I should give it another go? But I feel like the game should've really thrown something exciting at me at the start to get me hooked. I think I'll dig out the new SSX or even dust off the Gamecube and play SSX 3 again if I want some more snowboard action.
  11. Dreams (Media Molecule)

    I'm hoping this is something bigger than LBP, which I could never really get on with. It felt like a lot of work for confusing and limited reward. This however looks like it can have some pretty great possibilities that make it worth the effort. The VR aspect alone is pretty important because one of the big things limiting PSVR to me was, apart from roomscale movement tracking, the lack of homebrew content. This could fill some of that gap. Also you can craft 3D prints, that's awesome for me too! I'm wondering if there's a way I could create accompaniments to my D&D game in this.
  12. Job woes/wins

    My other half went for a job interview last week, and was told that she'd hear back either way by this Tues. Man it has been unreasonably stressful for the last 3 days watching my phone during work waiting for any news, can't imagine how she must feel! I know it's not promising that it's a day past the deadline but I can't help but be hopeful, as it's a really good opportunity without having to move anywhere. In my work, watching people come in for interviews I can't help but feel that it's such a harsh process for so many applicants, who clearly have interviews that seem like they went very well, but the odds are stacked heavily against them purely because of the numbers.
  13. Resident Evil 2 Remake

    You want to strain the PS4's cooling system check out the Anthem demo, I think my PS4 actually moved forward 3 inches with how much the fans were going, and I didn't even get a game to load.
  14. Black Mirror

    Did you at least skip back a few times? It's kind of designed in a way that you're meant to see multiple endings without repeating yourself at all, except for a few tactfully sped-up sections.
  15. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Cosmetics are pretty important (to some people) in a game like this after a certain point. You all have the same gear so anything that makes you look different from everyone else is desirable. In MMOs people will grind for months for a certain cape, helmet or even clothes dye. In Overwatch, loot is literally only cosmetic but still millions clamour for the new skins at every event. The problem with microtransactions is nothing to do with whether they’re game-boosting (that would be a whole new can of worms) or cosmetic, it’s whether they involve a roll of the dice, or whether they kill the joy of chasing certain loot when you know others will just buy it for £4.99 and invalidate your efforts. Or when quest rewards are loot boxes with crap items and duped in that tempt you to pay for one more chance.