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  1. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I'm really enjoying playing this but at times I find myself questioning why I'm enjoying it. Apart from the webswinging, the visuals and the photo mode, the whole model is crazily dated. Clunky AI pedestrians and NPCs performing cardboard looking cutscenes and reactions in the street that look like they fell out of a Tony Hawk game in 2005... swinging through smog clouds, chasing pigeons, smashing barrels, feels really arcadey. There's a real disparity between the game trying to sound realistic with its science and tech, and the silly minigames you play. Not to mention the tone shift between the downtime fun and the frequently dark turns of the story. And yet I think that is, whether intentionally or not, part of the joy of it. It's just very simple and mindless. It's a tried and tested formula that's missing a little polish, but that helps keep it flowing so fast. The web swinging is so much fun, you can pick up so much speed and change direction instantaneously. It's forgiving in a way that makes you look like a pro in no time, but also takes skill to perfect. All the things to do on the map are a bit of a grind but there's a wide variety and I never feel like the next one will be a chore. I've also really enjoyed the challenge of starting on hard, made every level-up feel really worthwhile and useful. Combat is decent, if a bit samey. At first there's not much to do but hold-square, square square square, triangle, repeat x10. Unlocking gadgets basically turns the game into easy mode, as you get so many that recharge so fast you can just alternate between gadgets, a couple of manouvres and then just dole out near-unlimited auto-finishers. But again, the simplicity of it covered with some neat camera movements and slow-mo makes it fun enough to cover up any issues. For the last two nights I've played pretty much non-stop after work which is unheard of these days, so they've definitely done something right. Very much looking forward to this universe expanding a bit to include more favourite characters!
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Are you on a Pro? My PS4 fans also go kinda crazy playing any HDR game to be honest. I have not considered cleaning it, I'm just chalking it up to the intensive processes. I just put headphones on Might just try swapping the hdmi cable to see if the dimming problem goes away?
  3. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Hey, that would be awesome, thanks! Pinging you my address.
  4. Spider-Man (PS4)

    After a 45 minute installation I got to play half an hour or so. First impressions are... mixed, but we'll see!
  5. I rediscovered this track And I'm still kinda gutted that this band doesn't really capture the energy of this track in any of their other stuff.
  6. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I think in part the thing is that they were giving such a good honest/transparent impression at first. They made a point that pre-order bonuses are not exclusives, that suits are not locked by microtransactions or loot boxes but are in-game rewards. All this felt quite refreshing. Then at the last minute to make it feel like some content was cut/paywalled is a bit disheartening. We shouldn't stop getting annoyed by bad practices just because they're becoming commonplace after all.
  7. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Good work proving my point about their marketing genius wrapping you around their little finger turning it into a joke/back around on the people making the complaints was an absolute killer move and it's worked on you guys fully. Any visual downgrade didn't bother me much in the first place, it's really just their approach that has been uncool. Same with the DLC, I'll likely buy it, but I feel it's sudden and early arrival is a bit suspect.
  8. Spider-Man (PS4)

    You might be missing the part where they are adamantly claiming nothing has changed? It's not the downgrade that's the major issue, it's the misleading/claims that they were showing us final graphics and that nothing's changed.
  9. Spider-Man (PS4)

    It's clearly a significant graphical downgrade that a marketing genius has done an incredible job of spinning round so people are just making fun of others for complaining about puddles. Everything from lighting to the textures of Spidey himself look significantly worse, and that shouldn't be ignored/downplayed, especially on a game landing at £50 with DLC already being trailed.
  10. Divinity Original Sin 2

    I don't know if Definitive mode is way easier but we've absolutely sailed through on a second playthrough. Fights that took us 4-5 attempts felt like they were on easy mode. Actually making it much more enjoyable too.
  11. Divinity Original Sin 2

    The Definitive Edition came out yesterday and... saves don't carry over! This isn't a surprise for people who played the first on PC apparently, but I was shocked. It's basically just a big patch, not sure why they would roll it out like this. Not wanting to miss out though, we decided to take a leap and start our characters again. It's kinda fun doing the beginning with a little better understanding.
  12. Divinity Original Sin 2

    I've played it a fair bit on PC. It's... tricky to get into even if you've played the first. It's a bit buggy and clunky and damned hard. It's a shame there's not a lot more and a lot better mods for it because I think it really needs an overhaul. Maybe the definitive edition will bring some polish to it. It's still a very good RPG and I'm enjoying playing through it. The story is decent and all the characters excellent. So many quests with so many twists and turns and different results, it's certainly a very deep game. The challenge can get frustrating in that typical tactical RPG bullshit way, (one very popular mod simply stops the enemies from being fucking psychics who relentlessly target any weakness even on normal mode) but in the same vein that makes it more gratifying when you do win. I feel like it also could've just been more dynamic in terms of world and NPC interaction. Let me look around the world from shoulder view. Give me a close up camera angle and make some of the NPCs feel alive by giving them more than the usual nod and wave during speech, close ups and cutscenes are something we've been taking for granted now for over ten years.
  13. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Looking forward to God of War III remaster. I never finished the original and don't fancy plugging in my PS3 to do so also I didn't even know there was a remaster.
  14. Who knows what monkeys eat?

    Spambotting, you're doing it wrong.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yeah it's always been a bit of a mess, not sure what they were thinking with that old search function. Hope it gets much faster too!