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  1. Virtual Reality

    Yep that's it. It's now been released in non-VR platforms but it's, IMO, the most perfect 2 player game there is for the system and it's a really fun, tense collaborative challenge.
  2. 3D Printing

    I recently up/down/side-graded to an Ender 3. Fantastic little printer and more suited to my needs (lots of miniatures!) I plan on selling the CR-10S but stupidly I did not keep the box.
  3. Virtual Reality

    @bob your experience echoes exactly my first feelings on the Rift 18 months ago, I'm glad to hear the quest is powerful enough to recapture that. I really think the Quest is perfect not only for introducing people to VR through them buying it, but sharing it with their friends etc. Which will hopefully spread the word, increase the userbase and increase the quality and quantity of content. If this is available on Quest, get it to play as a co-op game because I think you and your wife will really enjoy it: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Superhot is also one of the best VR experiences as the closed spaces and short burst experiences lend themselves so perfectly to the technology.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I wonder if they'll remaster Bill Murray's phoned in performance.
  5. Virtual Reality

    Yo if you don't need that second one I'll have it.
  6. TV Endings

    The only thing more shocking to me than that ending was the fact that so many people seemed to like it. I grew up absolutely loving that show, and then basically just about bearing it/waiting for the end when it lost all its money and dignity and kept remaking the same filler story on the same street corner set week after week. And then that ending? I can still remember how empty and disappointed I felt after that aired, no piece of media has done that to me before or since
  7. Virtual Reality

    You mean you don't just have 30 spare USB micro cables lying around the house by this point? Cos I sure do. They can be picked up very cheap on amazon or even at poundland. Anyway good to see Move controllers back in stock, hope that's going to be part of a growing trend. Otherwise Move controllers are going to scupper the PSVR the way memory cards did for the Vita.
  8. Football Season 2018/19

    Just seen a video of you falling through a bus stop @Blade hope you’re ok
  9. Cuphead (18th April 2019)

    Really?? I beat Hollow Knight relatively easily (some challenges and optional bosses not so much), but my eyes widened at the punishing nature of Cuphead in the first level and to be frank I never gave it a second chance.
  10. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I would recommend using emoji hearts anyway ❤️ and 🖤 They're still unicode, they should work on all phones and any modern web browser
  11. I'd really love to play in a modern open world game in VR. The closest thing is Skyrim VR, but even if you mod it to look prettier it feels very dated and clunky. But this... just seems like its BotW with your face close to the screen. Now if they were doing a first person version, I'd be ordering a Labo right now.
  12. Well I'm going to offer my nominations despite being given a deadline of minus 24 days Bionic Commando Pokemon Red/Blue Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins Link's Awakening Super Mario Land
  13. General Retro Discussion

    Yeah you don't want to waste film
  14. General Retro Discussion

    Now you need to beat it with Knuckles, then Tails Then plug in Sonic 1 and play 2000 randomly generated special stages.
  15. Xbox One Console Discussion

    You mean I'd have to give up my disks? Like mail them off somewhere to be added digitally to my account? I dunno, I'm kind of a pack-rat when it comes to old games, if nothing else. Not sure about the idea of giving up my 360 disks, even though they've just been sitting in a box in the garage for years... Come back to me when they add an Xbox Classics Gamepass