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  1. I honestly thought everything was trash except Daredevil, and even that nearly fell off in season 2. Production values were obviously incredibly high but they never recreated a scrap of the writing or directing talent that really made DD. I wouldn't be surprised if they sunk a lot more cash into these than they should have. I forced myself through JJ season 1, but I never managed to finish a single season of any of the others. Defenders was painful too.
  2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 21st June 2019

    CTR was amazing, we were just chatting about it on Overwatch. Would love a remake.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    We're just soft now too many tutorials, saves and infinite lives.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Can you teach me how send from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Not on your main account, but I think you could probably make a new account and do a free trial. Since Red Dead Online doesn't use anything you've unlocked in the main game, might be an option?
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    I'm just not a fan of these visuals... think I'd rather dig out an SP and stick R-Type DX in Edit: oooh, the game does have classic visuals though... and it's kinda perfect for Switch.....
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    It's so much more than this If you haven't played any similar games (ie, Dark Souls) be prepared to have your mind blown. It's a clever, raw, especially challenging and brutal experience that makes you really stretch your own skills. There's nothing else like these games really, and if you get it at first you'll be like "what the hell, this game is hard to play and so punishing and yet maybe I'll just try one more time..." and then it'll click... I think it's still the PS4's best exclusive.
  8. Diablo 3

    Noooo Gibbs is timeless keep it here and on PSN
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    @Animal Bloodborne! I think it should be top of the list. God of War is amazing and it's a shame more people haven't played it. What other gen/previous gen have you had?
  10. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Super Puzzle Fighter II was a big deal with me and my PS1 owning friends!
  11. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    On a single walk home from work, my Jigglypuff earned 12,500 XP inside the pokeball plus
  12. Hollow Knight

    My first thought was that the game looked a bit basic, visually. Going solely from a few screenshots I'd glanced at, it looked like a newgrounds animation, castle-crashers esque (which is fine when you're being comical, but not for something taking itself seriously) and too flat. However once I actually got it and played it a bit I thought the opposite, the artwork is great, the lighting and design brings it to life, and it nails the mood and atmosphere its going for perfectly. Really worth a look at this price. Really worth a look at any price.
  13. Hollow Knight

    It's an absolute bargain for a beautiful and brilliant game. Agree that the start is slow, at least in terms of challenge/depth, but loved every minute. Some very difficult challenges in the endgame too.
  14. Name Changes

    Patreon rewards are updated at the beginning of the month! this is for two reasons, one so we can do them all at once and stay on track, and two because that's when Patreon actually charges your card. Cheers!
  15. Name Changes

    New Patron bonus, one extra name change Thanks for your support, @Falcon_BlizZACK Now pls send more gifts on Pokemon Go.