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Found 31 results

  1. FREAKING FINALLY! I've waited so long for this
  2. From Polygon: I don't know who decided to wake up at Konami over the last couple of years, but damn, this is shaping up to be one hell of a window we're in now for their back catalogue. Suikoden I + II, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater, and now this all seemingly taking aim at 2024 releases, after recently releasing the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 (to mixed reception, but it's being patched, which is...something?). And a new announcement for another Carbon Engine collab with LRG a month and a half from now. Did we swap timelines?
  3. Thought this was total Final Fantasy Tactics bait...but Vanillaware means otherwise! Also coming to other platforms (listed in the tags)
  4. Wayford has announced they are resuming development of a canceled Shantae game for the GBA, coming to... the GBA? https://wayforward.com/wayforward-announces-shantae-advance/
  5. Just announced during the Capcom Showcase, the trilogy includes Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice. The trilogy is coming to Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Arriving early 2024.
  6. Let's pretend this wasn't leaked to oblivion Looks like Xbox and Atlus are once again doing the weirdly ambiguous paid-for advertising where they pretend it's not on anything else. Got to imagine PlayStation is a lock too, but curious to see if this is coming to Switch? I haven't read much on whether or not the re-releases were successful on Switch (even if I'd bet they were), so Anyone want to shout up about money-hatting weirdness here? Please?
  7. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown announced for Switch Now up on the main page. Overview and trailer. - - - - - I still remember playing the original Prince of Persia on the Sega Mega-CD many years ago... Then there was the Sands of Time reboot on the GameCube... And... various other reboots since then. This latest title seems to take the basic idea of the original, but with more of a focus on retaining some of the best bits of the modern games. Plus it seems to have more of a modern Metroidvania feel to it, rather than the deliberate, slow pace of the first game from decades ago.
  8. Announced at Summer Game Fest: Never heard of the manga before, but it looks like a typically jolly Toriyama time set against the backdrop of a Mad Max world. Love the vibe!
  9. A new Wednesday, a new game announcement – and a pretty neat one at that! Here's a bit more of an overview from Modus Games:
  10. Ys X: Nordics (Switch/PS4/PS5)

    The next entry to the series is to be released next year. No doubt you'll be picking it up, @Ike?
  11. Pretty much what I expected/hoped. The anime is ending soon so this will help fill the gap.
  12. And my Wii U gathers a little more dust... Also coming to PlayStation and Steam.
  13. You never saw it coming..? As previously announced, these are also coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Windows.
  14. Let's freaking go! From Kaz Ayabe and his studio Millennium Kitchen, behind the Attack of the Friday Monsters and the My Summer Vacation games, Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey is finally releasing worldwide in August on both Nintendo Switch and PS4, and will support English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitle options. The game was officially announced last year during the Japanese February 2021 Direct, and after feedback, Kaz Ayabe had shown interest in bringing the game outside of Japan. To remind you all of how cosy this game looks: An overview of the game from its official site: Summer Vibes: The Video Game. I'm so in
  15. Time to see why everyone likes Zack more than Cloud!
  16. Sonic Frontiers

    The Blue Blur finally conceded to peer pressure I guess
  17. Well, it's not the Final Fantasy Collection...but similar wheelhouse I guess you're getting closer, Square!
  18. Heavily rumoured the last few weeks, and it's here. Looks pretty rough...
  19. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

    I only just recently imported the Japanese (PS4) version because the price of the Collectors Edition dropped, I was originally waiting for the English version but I just knew they'd end up announcing the English version after I imported it.
  20. Looks like an inFamous First Light/ Uncharted: The Lost Legacy situation.
  21. Resident Evil Village

  22. Another SEGA IP revival, although this is a remake rather than a new game. Although if this does well, then maybe they'll make a new one. The original never really clicked for me personally. Coming to Switch, "PlayStation consoles", "Xbox consoles" and Steam.