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    • You'd probably be right, if it wasn't for the fact that I don't have access to Dcubed's Switch during the weekday. All I managed since then was getting the armour shop. The Accessibility options are there if you ever find yourself in need of a boost as a last resort.
    • Wow!  That looks amazing. Unfortunately I’m currently stuck with LABO VR  and an Oculus Go  as my only VR options, but otherwise I would totally be checking that out.
    • 4th area is my record so far.  Got a feeling I might struggle to finish this game…  Think I’m just too old for this genre now, you know, the “literally everything can kill you” genre. @Glen-i, how goes your progress? Based on your previous post I assume you’ve completed it already.
    • Made a topic about this here as I figured it's probably best to separate it (Well Happenstance posted it in the TV thread and I spun it off into it's own topic if we want to be technical)  
    • Monk class can use "qigong" martial arts, so Monks aren't completely useless outside of healing. What's also interesting is that the text "break" appears and you see the archer has dropped their weapons. Is that a way to disarm enemy units?
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