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    • "A map pack sold as a full priced game"? Brand new single player campaign? New features, weapons? Quality of life improvements? Whatever else that'll be revealed?
    • Oh no way would it be even remotely balanced.  This is almost certainly a debug menu/feature that was originally made for the game’s developers to quickly test and iterate on the different boxers’ movesets.  I’m certain it was never intended to actually be used in the final release by the player. Still an amazing discovery though! Love when stuff like this gets found years after the fact!
    • I'm curious what they're gonna show, as 30 minutes sounds pretty substantial. are they going to introduce this for potential new players and go over the basics? Or hardcore show a lot of new stuff that justifies a Splatoon 3? Either way excited, after the Splatfests stopped I traded in Splatoon 2 so I'm happy to get back into the Splatgame with #3!
    • It’s because all of those other games offer some genuinely new and exciting gameplay concepts that justify their existence. Splatoon 3 (from everything we’ve seen so far) however, is just a glorified map pack DLC being sold as a full priced game.
    • Thanks for trying to explain, though I'm still struggling to wrap my head around why this is the first party game people are snooty about. To me, Splatoon represents a side of Nintendo that will still put out something other than the usual mascot sequels and spin-offs.Thought it was embraced by everyone. I'm hoping this Direct will show 3 is a feature-complete game in and of itself that doesn't necessarily require support beyond matchmaking and score tracking. Chance'd be a fine thing, I know. Pretty much sums it up. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Nintendo releases Splatoon 3 as DLC for 2. People: what you trying to fleece us for Nintendo? An update like this warrants a new entry in the series! I preferred you before you became this corporate DLC-selling nightmare.
      Nintendo releases Splatoon 3 as a brand new entry in the series. People: what you trying to fleece us for Nintendo? This should have been DLC! Get with the times! That's worth keeping in mind, no doubt about it. Just last week I got a text in from someone making sure I'm still up for Splatoon 3 as they were ready to lay down their pre-order there and then. I was caught me a bit on the spot by this so I told them to stand down until we I shop around to see if we can save a tenner somewhere. Good to remember that this kind of average Joe Bloggs gamer* who, without any decent info on the game, is already happy with the product they will be getting and the online vocal minority who, without any decent info on the game, has already decided they're unhappy with the game and declare its sheer existence an affront are not representative of one another. I've not reserved the game, but I have reserved my judgement on it.  *if you allow that an average gamer would have hundreds of hours on Splatoon 2 and has never watched a Nintendo Direct.
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