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    • So tonight is my 2nd favourite event of the wrestling calendar: WWE Royal Rumble. Despite some exciting moments & surprises over the past couple of years (Mickie James & Christian for example) I’ve been disappointed overall.  Here’s hoping tonight can get back to the fun, unpredictability & surprises that this event can bring. My predictions are for Cody Rhodes to win the Mens, with Rhea Ripley winning the Females.  They surely too favourites for each?  I know there are rumours of The Rock and Stone Cold and while I’d love to see them, I think they are just rumours. Still, surprises I would love to see, despite their unlikeliness, include Nick Aldis, Mickie James, Matt Cardinal, Chelsea Green, and Dark Asuka. Watch me look back on this post in the morning and how wrong I was about it all…. 😂
    • Thanks for the games. Not so many same character match-up's this week, though there were a couple of doubles, one (almost) triple, and quadruple Mario at the end, Some close matches tonight as well... and some not so close ones. Here's a link to this week's stream... - - - - - N-Europe Saturday Smash! (28/01/2023)
    • OK, then.
      It's alright anyway, UFA got one of her friends to help out and he finished the map off. I got some stat boosting items from getting the most crits, and other stuff. EDIT: Still, if you or anyone get to that point, she and I have started another three. 46LRJYD, 6G17LRH, and 6TR6B4V
      If that doesn't work, then some random person probably did it.
    • I still haven’t even started chapter 6 so I might be a while before I’m ready.
    • Oh, they haven't, but a mixture of bad luck, and not having a fast egg option through sandwiches made sure it felt like lower odds.
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