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    • Games of Winter? More like... lying out of their sphincter. Forced rhyming aside, here're my opinions on the Direct, in broadcast order: Mario Party Superstars made me glad I watched the Portuguese stream. There was a nearly-missable bit of info where they said the game would have Brazilian Portuguese as a language option. So bonkers, the subtitles actually translated "Woody Woods", and it's just as silly. Regarding the game itself, I didn't care one bit; Voice of Cards is one I had heard about before, actually. It was reported that Yoko Taro was working on a card-based game of sorts, but it sounded like a Visual Novel when I first read about it. I have now played the demo and... it feels like a very regular RPG with a creative presentation, and not much else. It had some humorous writing, but it'll need to do a lot more to make me excited; Hyrule Warriors DLC wins the award for most uninformative trailer in the Direct. Amazing, how little it says with so much footage; Chocobo GP perked my interest. Mostly because STEINER IS PLAYABLE! Great to see FF9 get some love; Smash Bros Announcement Announcement. Called it! Kinda. October 5th is a holiday in Portugal, so that's neat; Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Called it as well! Been calling it every other month, sure, but still. What matters is that here is something I thought I'd never see: 3D Kirby! This was so delightful, I loved what I saw. It's also one of those really good trailers, you know?; Triangle Strategy should've been named Three Trousers, missed opportunity. Otherwise, I'm just thankful for the QoL improvements, especially the dialogue thing; Metroid Dread made me cover my eyes and plug my ears, I refuse to be spoiled on anything beyond the first trailer; N64 and Mega Drive on NSO was a pretty nifty surprise. I saw the N64 coming, but hearing "SEGA!" was a sudden tickle on my nostalgia bone. Ironically, I'm more interested on several games from the N64 library than the Mega Drive one (because I own most of those games on Steam already), but it's a solid thing to see. I likely won't return to a NSO subscription until Advance Wars comes out, though; Shadowrun Trilogy... I think I own this. Do I own this? *checks backlog* Yeah, on GOG. Nifty. Haven't touched it, though #justgamerthings; Castlevania Advance Collection is super groovy. Not sure what Dracula X is doing there, but I love that they finally started rereleasing the GBA Castlevanias. Is this the first time they rereleased Harmony and Aria since the GBA days? Might be; Actraiser Renaissance wins the award for most unexpected game reveal. The moment I saw that Mode7 spin, I flashed back to DCubed talking about the first level music... and then it played, with "Fillmore" in large letters. What a world; Mario Film Casting wins the award for most surprising reveal(s) in general. It's like Miyamoto was trying to one up himself with every actor revealed. Jack Black gave me a lot of pause, but Seth Rogen made me feel like this was an Onion article. Also, Cranky Kong!? And friggin' Keegan Michael-Key!? What's next, Jordan Peele playing Yoshi? I need to see and hear this for myself, it's so bizarre; Bayonetta 3 trailer got me good. Thought for sure it'd be Astral Chain 2 the moment I heard the soldiers speak Japanese. Excellent trailer, by the way, there's a lot to glean and theorise regarding gameplay, story, art direction... and they even snuck that cheeky "unfashionably late" comment. I really should check this series out properly someday. And that's it. Despite there not being much to personally hype me (that space in my heart is taken by Metroid and Advance Wars already), I feel like most of the stuff they showed is worthy of discussion (especially that Mario casting). I think it's reasonable to call this an excellent Direct. Lots of good stuff to show and reveal, and barely any dull moment.
    • Man I can't wait to replay OOT and Ecco the Dolphin on Switch. The next month's waiting is gonna be slow lol. xD
    • Yeah, there's no way in hell it'll support Rocket League style crossplay. It'll be a pity not having that Bowgun insanity going on though.
    • I really like the crossover quests getting custom music, even if it does make the music hilariously out of place. No, especially when that happens. Iceborne is when MH World did that Final Fantasy Behemoth crossover, right? Capcom stuff is cool and all (and there's a lot of nice little touches in those costumes), but I'm hoping we get a similar non Monster Hunter monster from Sunbreak.
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