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    • "Directed and photographed by Glen..." @Glen-i you got something to tell us?
    • *in the Xbox E3 voice* STREAMING SERVICE EXCLUSIVE  Exclusive to Disney+. Nothing screams Disney like Kojima and Death Stranding, huh? Can't wait to see a Stitch skin on BB  
    • The SegaSammy press release seems keen to call these new titles, as does the pdf on the same page, which goes on to break down in shareholder speak what their plans are. The official site for the Next Level initiative also labels these as being new games.  They do say words like "reimagining"/"reimagined" once or twice, but, I mean, I think that just applies whenever an old IP shows back up years removed (it's also probably my least favourite buzzword to use when doing so, I think it's very lazy in it's ambiguity ) If these were old games only being revised with new graphics, a few days removed from the show now, I think we almost certainly would've had someone make a breakdown video of certain shots being 1:1 and so on. 
    • My Steam Deck is now in Prague for repairs according to the email I just got from Valve. I might get it back in time for Christmas
    • I'll see if I have a set up for tonight, I think it's time because last week was theme and we go Time, Stamina Stock, I think. Either way I think we go with time.   I'll try to get custom stages set up for half past 7. I'll be on VC @S.C.G if you need help setting up.   Room for custom stages open.
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