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    • Man, all these usernames that I don't recognise one bit. It's kinda fascinating.
    • @Cube pretty sure this is a bannable offence.
    • I've never found saving to be difficult. I don't actually save, and I've never had a budget. However I am pretty frugal. I'll always make sure I shop around for the best deal, try not to waste money. Any purchase that's reasonably large I always give myself at least a few days to think about it. Often after a day or two you realise you actually don't care about it so it stops you wasting money on impulses. I'm always surprised by how much money people waste on things like phone contracts, car insurance etc. just because they didn't do some research. Pretty much a "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" approach.
    •   With this entry, I officially forfeit Hard Mode: Windfall Island (Wind Waker) Other than navigating the ocean, I also loved visiting and revisiting this place. Perfect place to do business, do some side-quests, sell spoils, go to the auction, see how much my quest is affecting the townspeople, etc. I love that every NPC is unique, they go around their lengthy business around town (clock or no clock), and I think everybody here is involved in one sidequest or another. I absolutely adore this place. Oh, and you can restart the windmill and rekindle the lighthouse. It's great. The music's friggin' fantastic too, being an upbeat, sailing-themed version of Kakariko's theme. Very nostalgic. Also, that one sidequest that turns out to be mandatory... I had that happen to me too, during one of my replays Super memorable stuff. If I were doing Hard Mode, It'd be a close call between Skyloft, Clock Town, or Zazen Town (and if you know what that last one is, you're a cool person, have a nice day). Maybe I'll make that call at the end of the challenge.
    • Double post: I HAVE BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE I AM WEAK. Praise be to @Eenuh for realising that the best way for getting me to shut up about "should I buuuuy it or nooooot?" was to just get it over with.  
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