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    • I do, but I don't have a bard in my party so I can't relate The next big patch will arrive today and one feature has been confirmed: Not something I will use a lot, but people seem very happy it'll be in the game. I just hope some performance issues (inventory lag...) will be fixed on PS5. I would also appreciate mouse and keyboard support just to give it a try. Anyways, I'm still taking a break (thanks, Yakuza 5) but I enjoy reading patch notes so I hope they are released soon
    • Yeah, it's starting to annoy me just as it did in the 4th installment... As soon as things get really interesting and you start to get into a groove with a character the part ends and you move on to the next. Really not my style Just make a game revolve around one Still, the stories are interesting and will, of course, eventually merge and end with a bang (I assume). Part 2 is way worse than Part 1, I have to say. I love Saejima but the way his story unfolds and the fact that you explore the city only in his imagination are lame
      Maybe the later chapters improve, but I'm not holding my breath.
    • Great game, amazing multiplayer title! This is gonna be awesome with online play
    • Sonic Superstars shows off new multiplayer Battle Mode Now up on the main page. Overview and a selection of screenshots. - - - - -   Well... at least Sonic Superstars has an online multiplayer mode now, not the main mode, but it looks to be a decent addition.
    • Kirby & the Amazing Mirror added to Nintendo Switch Online September 2023 Now up on the main page. Overview and trailer. - - - - -   Finally, another decent NSO game to play in online multiplayer mode, and a great Kirby game.
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