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    • I had an epic moment similar to yours where the Alien came out and slaughtered some humans, whilst I hid out of the way. I can't remember which mission it was as it was long ago, but towards the second quarter of the game. I just came out of hiding to then complete my mission/get to where I needed to be. Part of me felt bad for the humans, but then it was either them or me. I don't think cutting some of the length of the game would have been a terrible idea. It's definitely long enough, so I don't think it would hurt too much. I did really enjoy the pacing during the final few missions and it was tense as hell, with an open ending to leave room for more. I just hope that they stay true to the spirit of this game and go for the same sort of vibe. I didn't get around to playing the DLC, but I did watch a run-through of it on YouTube the other day in fact (timing is perfect) to see what I missed out on and I'm very tempted to give it a go. It looks great.
    • I'd like to vote for Wario Land 4 please. Despite having technically reviewed it twice (VCW #187 on 3DS and VCW#295 on Wii U) it will be interesting to see how the game holds up another four years on. Interestingly, I think it's one of those GBA games which I probably own in physical form... but I'm not completely sure.
    • Had my braces changed from rotation to spacing earlier and it's the most pain it's been since the start. Hopefully it'll wear off, but at the moment I can just feel constant pressure. Plus I sleep on my side so I guess I'll have to trap my head between cushions.
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