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    • The early access is a great idea and something I'm interested in jumping in on. Seeing some of what was made during the beta has had the wheels whirring in my mind about what could be made and while there's no guarantee that anything I could come up with would be good, I'm still intrigued to get hands on with it and try to make some of the ideas I have real. So hopefully I'll get a chance with the early access, which I would guess will probably come around April/ or so with them putting a Spring date on things.
    • Run of Death clear! Power Bombs obtained and I darted for the nearest Save Room.   I think a lot of my failed attempts on this may come down to incompetency at first person shooters, not from the aiming perspective because Prime uses lock on which is one of the reasons why I enjoy it more than general FPSes but from the fact that I don't really do enough to avoid attacks. On my first run on the trilogy version here I was actively trying to scan everything and took a ton of damage as a result. This time I massively reduced damage by,.. actually using cover! It's almost as if the developers designed the level around the player being able to avoid the attacks! Also aside from the Troopers nearly every Space Pirate can be defeated by the Ice Beam and Missile trick which massively saves the amount of fire you have to deal with against these guys.   Then the droid at the end, the one I always fail on. Turns out he doesn't actually have a logbook entry because he is impossible to scan, that eased my worries and with loads of health left the second attempt at the Run of Death ended significantly better than the first. I think the first was "remembering everything that happens in that section" rather than going off vague memories of it covering two floors of the Phazon Mines and most of the area in the end, with one of the spinning puzzles to get through.   And here is the problem with Phazon Mines. In comparison to other areas, you need to go halfway through the whole thing in order to get the first upgrade. Then the second upgrade comes through backtracking to the spinning mine rooms and after that you have to leave and come back for a second trip after getting the Plasma Beam and X-Ray Visor. The area feels a bit shorter than the others as a result, although I still find the area's rooms more memorable than the Space Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3. I think you spend more time in Sanctuary Fortress in Prime 2 too.   Anyway, I have unlocked the forcefield that leads to the last room, but due to lacking the X-Ray Visor it's time to leave Phazon Mines via the scenic route (nabbing the Grapple Beam along the way) and open up a shortcut to skip half the Run of Death (although I will need to go back down there anyway for the Flamethrower and to defeat the extra boss for the logbook).
    • If they want an all digital future for gaming then Hard Drive spaces on consoles need to be massively upgraded because there's not a lot of room to install gaming collections as it is. I had to delete the Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Collection from the PS4 so that there was enough space to run Kingdom Hearts 3... and that's through physical copies of both!
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