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    • Have to say I really love these 6 month showcases, the first two have been packed full of great games and the pace is such that even if you're not interested in something, you only have about 30 seconds to wait until the next game. Nintendo (and Microsoft tbf) are doing a great job curating and promoting indie titles.
    • Yeah, the focus on local multiplayer makes this game a pass for me.  Will possibly get it sometime in the future though, if it drops in price enough. Anyway, nice review H-o-T.   BTW, did you have your HD Rumble enabled when you reached this part?:  
    • Yeah I’m happy about 30 hours as well. I find it harder and harder to commit to longer rpgs these days which of course is why Xenoblade Chronicles 2 could be a mistake!
    • I doubt I’ll win it as I don’t think I should go any higher and I bet there will be a load of late bids but there’s only 3 and a half hours left so I’ll let you know what happens.
    • Nice! I've always wanted one for my collection but never been able to find one in good enough condition, at least to my standards. The things seem to get easily marked due to the chrome finish.  
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