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    • Thanks for the games everyone. It was great fun playing as Sora, and it really is a fitting end to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster of characters. I can appreciate what has been done here, to incorporate the character, and it clearly shows off the Kingdom Hearts series in a positive light. Of course, it was great to see battles between various characters as well, with Cloud, Sephiroth, Cuphead, Rosalina, Duck Hunt Duo and of course, dat' dere' Kirbeh! The custom stages were another highlight as well, especially the Everyone is Here! stage with that cameo at the end, priceless. I did happen to capture moreorless the whole three and three quarter hour session as well, so if that's something anyone would want uploaded unedited let me know, though I think the game comes across better in the excellent and well-edited videos which I'm sure will get posted in here at a later date, so I look forward to seeing those highlights. It was good to have a session on a Saturday as well, typically I don't play many games, but Weds/Thurs are when I usually do, so I'd usually only join for short sessions whenever there has been a new character added, I checked and the last time I played Smash was July 1st... and while Kazuya was a great addition, Sora is definitely fun to play as.
    • OK, this is definitely going to need more then 1 video! Thanks to everyone who took part, it was proper nutso!
    • I called 999 on my neighbours last weekend, due to some horrendous screaming that came from next door. It awoke me from a nap after a Warhammer event which went on for a bit, you dismiss initially, thoughts ranging from "probably them playing a game" / "they've got the TV on a bit loud" / "Is this some weird sex shit?", which went on for about 5-10 minutes. It literally sounded like someone woman being raped (my wife thought it was a bloke with mental problems). The screams were that bad, along with some talking and some banging. I has recordings if anyone on the Facebook wants to hear it. Whilst I'm on the phone to the operator I nip into the spare room to see if I can hear anything better, and saw one of them sat in the garden outside. Police came about 5-10 mins later, the screams still going. I spy them chatting outside with one of the neighbours, and they went in. The screams are still going, but slowly decreasing in intensity and frequency. About 30 mins later an ambulance shows up, and they bring out this chap, who was jerking a bit and they took him away and police left too. No explanation from the residents. I call the landlord just to check if there was any mental problems with his residents (new group of students this year) and sent him clips of the sounds. Later that day we got a handwritten letter from them mentioning one of them had has a seizure, and they had called an ambulance* but the police got there first. Now, as someone who has epilepsy for the better part of 20 years, I know what one is like and my wife knows what I do when I black out. This wasn't it. For general seizure action, you may scream at the beginning and then go into shaky mode and chill**. Not scream in terror for 45 or so minutes. So the theory is some form of drug induced hallucination or something similar. I'm glad the dude is OK, but not something I wanna repeat. I sure as shit don't regret calling 999.      * which I don't really believe as if a 999 operator heard those screams would an ambulance take nearly an hour to show up  **variations apply, but none I could see have this effect.
    • Thanks to everyone for showing up. That’s possibly the first ever 8 player room we’ve had. @RedShell you may have outdone yourself with the everyone’s here stage. No one expected that. I should be able to record the first one. 
      I didn’t win a game but had so much fun. Thanks all. See you Thursday for anyone playing. 
    • @RedShell That Everyone Is Here stage!! DAT SAD WALUIGI!!
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