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    • I figured I'd be corrected on my post. Never said SMK aren't the biggest cheaters in the series, I just enjoyed how much of a rarity the lightning bolt was back in that game.  
    • It'll forever be too rich for my blood, huh?. Man, I want it though!
    • What a weird game. Everything is so unimpressive and yet, I've played it for three hours straight just now. Combat is already repetitive and your moves lack meaningful impact, clearing outposts (which seems to be part of the main quest) plays out the same every time, the dark-light-moral-system seems to be useless and the characters are all forgettable. And yet...I couldn't stop playing for a while  Looted stuff, did some quests, cleared some outposts for gang wars, explored a bit. It's nothing special but I enjoyed it.
      It's a simple game that works well to wind down after a day of work. So...yeah...that's where I'm at with Biomutant. 
    • Coincidentally this was released the other day and discusses how CPU just use their weapons due to hardware limitations:  
    • Bowser dropped to £129 at Amazon (and, I think, at Very). https://www.amazon.co.uk/LEGO-71411-building-toy/dp/B09QFK3R2N/
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