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    • Oh, I'll get all the medals, it's the gold stars/no hits that's really going to push me.
    • So it looks like Glen-i is the winner so far (you guys like your easy stages huh?).   Unless @S.C.G or @RedShell turn the tide that is     Shall we set the next challenge date for the 29th of February? (That'll then run for a week up until the 8th of March?)   If so, @Glen-i will need to choose the next theme (and the two course parts to focus on).  Perhaps I can whip up some fancy leaderboard graphics too before then for funzies? (Maybe even keep a running tally of overall votes alongside the number of weekly wins?)
    • That's what I always tell the ladies.
        Wait, what is this thread about again? Sure thing. I'm German, though, so there will be ABSOLUTELY NO HUMOR WHATSOEVER. Other than that, yeah...I think I could talk a little bit about Slay the Spire, the quintessential rogue-like-deck-building-game that surpassed all other games in past, present and future existence.
      The insane amount of polish that went into balancing each and every aspect of the game is astounding. Every card, relic, potion serves a purpose and it's up to you to evaluate whether it's useful. That decision, however, is influenced by so many variables. To name a few: Does it help my deck short-term? How about long-term? Is the detrimental effect worth the buff? IS IT DEAD BRANCH AND YES I WILL ALWAYS TAKE DEAD BRANCH?!  Variables...probably the most important word in Slay the Spire. Having to constantly evaluate the importance of certain variables no matter where you are at in a run is what makes this game so special. Especially in higher diffic...
    • I do agree.  It's the same problem that Yoshi's Island has; only here it's magnified by the length of the stages.   It's really enjoyable to play through, but it's a nightmare to 100% it (I have no idea how I did it back in 2011!).  I wouldn't blame you if you just didn't bother with getting all the medals in the end... which would be a shame, because the final unlockable is pretty awesome (Who am I kidding!? All of the sub games are awesome!)
    • On the topic of in-depth per-game discussion, because I think that's an interesting subject that @Hero-of-Time has brought up...   I do agree that there is a lot less discussion surrounding individual games than there has been in recent years.  To be honest, I only really find myself doing it in the Your Gaming Diary thread and the Retro Game Discussion threads these days.   Personally? I am actually not playing much new these days anymore.  There's precious little coming out these days that I find myself really genuinely enjoying and sticking with anymore; even for games that are genuinely good.  Part of it is just a disillusionment with the industry in general and part of it is just me not wanting to play super long games anymore.  I find myself just unable to stomach 50 hour+ RPGs anymore; I have Octopath Traveller sitting on my Switch, numerous Fire Emblem games on 3DS and Switch, Dragon Quest 11 & Xenoblade 2 and such and I just can't bare the thought of starting them.  I don't want to play 100 hour+ games anymore.  I don't want to play games that are all about grinding anymore.   I also don't want to play online multiplayer focused games either; it just doesn't interest me (The NE-League MK8 being the exception of course!).  I have no interest in GAAS and I despise open world games & everything they stand for.   I want to play games like Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening and Yooka Laylee & The Impossible Lair; games that are tightly designed, intricately crafted and designed to deliver an amazing experience that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  These kinds of games are becoming increasingly rare though (and even then, a big chunk of them are remakes of games I've played dozens of times).  They are precious to me, but they are a dying breed.   As such, I've been largely turning to retro gaming to play the games I really want to.  I've actually played through quite a few over the last couple of months, like Castlevania Bloodlines (yes, again; but in Hard Mode and with Lecarde this time!), Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Pulseman, Donkey Kong Country (SNES and GBC!), Stunt Race FX, Star Fox 2, Super Mario Land SNES (The fan-made remake for SNES!), Super Mario Land 2 DX (the fan-made GBC remake!) and the Super Metroid Randomiser for SNES.  I am planning on doing writeups for these in the Your Gaming Diary thread at some point soon; and hope to get a bit of discussion going (in particular, I'm really keen to hear what @Hero-of-Time thinks of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, considering that we would've both have played it fairly recently!).   I also got my hands on original carts for Lufia 2 and Terranigma recently; and I'm looking forward to playing them for the first time on my shiny new Super NT! (Which I'm probably gonna do in March when I have a bit of time off work).  I also recently got my hands on a Mega SG recently and am planning on playing through some of the Mega Drive games that I have had for a while, but have never actually played before (like Phantasy Star 4); so I'm sure I'll have some interesting thoughts coming up that our resident SEGA fans, like @S.C.G, will be keen to hear  Now that I have a Super NT and a Mega SG (as well as Everdrives for the GB/GBA/N64), I'm looking to get into the games that were never released on the Virtual Console; and delve a bit more into SEGA's library of classics (Also the myriad of fan hacks, randomisers and homebrew awesomeness available for these older consoles!).   Maybe I can even do some video reviews of sorts for some of these older games if I find the time/energy to do it? That'd be fun I'm sure!
      But yeah, I am not posting in the Switch game specific threads because there's almost nothing coming out that I am actually really interested in anymore.  It's a sad world where I see an upcoming Zelda game and feel literally nothing for it; and where the most exciting upcoming games are ports of Wii and Wii U games I've played to death  
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