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    • Who knows, maybe the font is a victim of the Rare/Nintendo split.  On a different topic for those who have been using it for a while has the recent update fixed some of the issues from launch? And it's petty (and applies to the other consoles) but does anyone find the way they list games ugly as sin?
    • No, they changed it on the XBLA version. Eurgh! It's actually worse then I remember!
    • Once you are set free from the shitload of text boxes, the game is actually quite fun. It has the same kind of discovery as for instance Pokémon Go - you see something in a not too far distance (the draw distance is a bit short) and get excited when you discover that it's an Eevee for instance. You try to sneak up on it, but it discovers you and runs. Once it's running, it's nigh impossible to catch it!  The areas are very big, perhaps 10 % too big. I also wonder how this region turns into the Sinnoh region in just a matter of 200 years. There are no settlements at all. The people living in Hisui have migrated from other regions (one NPS mentioned Hoenn) just a couple of years before the events of the game and yet, they don't know much about Pokémon. It's a weird universe. And despite them saying that no one is able to catch three Pokémon in a row, you see "plenty" of people with Pokémon that can fight you. I think the world building is a bit inconsistent. But it's still fascinating. It was furthermore confirmed that it's the Pokémon themselves that know how to shrink and fit inside the Pokéball. Not the Pokéball making them shrink. You have to investigate each Pokémon until you get 10 points to finalize the Pokédex entry. You get points for catching them but also defeating them, seeing them do a specific move, or evolving them. Doing more than this can reward you with money that you spend on upgrades, materials, and clothing. I was afraid of running out of Pokéballs but materials for crafting them are plenty and you can craft anywhere you want. 
    • Did they change it for the online one? Can't say I noticed. But it does look like  comic sans I will admit.
    • This is it: Shovel Knight will turn super sayan. But more realistically, they're probably doing an official crossover with MEGA Man or something.
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