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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Dufniall


      Thanks Ashley!

  2. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Well... https://www.serebii.net/scarletviolet/teraraidbattles/event-mightygreninja.shtml
  3. It should be, but if you have Apple Arcade it's available on there now as well. With some adaptations to single screen of course.
  4. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    The credits have rolled and Ed Sheeran has been heard in Pokémon Scarlet. Finished the game with these 'mon: The verdict? It's a very tricky one. There is a certain addiction to it and I like having three main objectives. Area Zero was nice but I think they could have integrated it a lot more in the story. Some of the new Pokémon designs are cool. Some QoL changes are useful as well (such as not getting the nickname prompt). However, there are a lot of negatives. The open world is a bit of a mixed bag. Where in for example Breath of the Wild you actually find cool hidden stuff, there never is anything special here. Just the ruins that are always the same, or a TM or item. No amazing rare Pokémon, nothing that triggers me to explore the map. Speaking of, an open world game without the ability to put multiple flags is bad. Where I wasn't bothered in Arceus, the world feels too empty here as well. It's a shame they cut the catching without battling mechanism from Arceus, I loved that. And somehow Arceus runs better. I mean, the game is no looker (except for the Pokémon models), pop in like mad, every single cutscene or transfer has a small stutter, if there are a number of Pokémon in sight in a fight it slows down to a crawl, and at the Psychic Gym Test the resolution just tanked! Battles also feel a lot slower, for example switching in takes quite some time, and when a Pokémon faints and you get the XP, takes too long. I can't believe how bad it runs actually and I thought I could get over it but despite liking bits of it, for me it is (one of) the weakest Pokémon games. Still no voice acting, so here you are in a dramatic scene and mouths are moving and you hear... nothing. Oh, and the Nemona is one of the most annoying NPC's ever! I may go do a bit of the post-game but getting to this point felt like a slog so I'm not sure how far I'll get. The part after completing the 3 main events was the best part of the game so far, but it still couldn't redeem the game from being a non-polished title. Has this been given a half a year to a year extra and we could have had an amazing game. 6.5/10.
  5. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios

    There are persistent rumours that Universal Studios is going to buy back Port Aventura in Spain. Meaning there is a chance that in the future, we may get a Nintendo World over here. Small chance and it will take a while, but that would be cool!
  6. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Since we don't have a general Pokémon thread, I'm going to post it here. But Ash is finally retiring, and the new Paldea series will have new protagonists. There will be a bunch of specials for Ash leading up to his retirement. Something not many can say, retiring at 10 years old.
  7. Nintendo Switch - Year in Review 2022

    How do you have 38 games played with less than 10 hours on them? Are they demos? Or do you just start a lot of games and never finish them? Indeed like @Mindfreak said, a lot of short (<10 hours) indie games I played and reviewed like Once Upon A Jester, LOUD, Spidersaurs and Dragon Ball The Breakers. Some games I just dabbled in now and then like Horizon Chase Turbo, Pinball FX and Kirby, demos like Splatfest and the Strikers demo. And some random games I redownloaded on my OLED, booted up and then thought, nope.
  8. Nintendo Switch - Year in Review 2022

    48 different games played this year, with the top 10 being: 1) Pokémon Legends Arceus 80 hours 2) Splatoon 3 29 hours 3) Xenoblade Chronicles 25 hours 4) Roguebook 21 hours 5) Bayonetta 3 17 hours 6) Monster Hunter Rise 15 hours 7) Cuphead 13 hours 8) LEGO Jurassic World 12 hours 9) Mario Kart 8 DL 12 hours 10) Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory 11 hours
  9. Netflix

    I've watched 4 episodes of Wednesday, and I'm loving it! The combination between the Addams Family, Tim Burton's typical style, Harry Potter-like mood, teenage drama and nice soundtrack works well. It's feel-good on the one end, dark humour on the other and a bit of action in between.
  10. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    You can play with her if you equip a cookie to an equipment slot, which are usually used for stuff like extra damage, extra hearts etc. So you lose a slot there, but she has one extra heart compared to Cuphead/Mugman. Further, she has a double jump which is extremely useful, and a dodge roll. So basically a bigger moveset for mobility and dodging. And I agree with HoT, the game is difficult but not insanely difficult. I've seen your reaction skills in Mario Kart and Smash Bros. so I'm guessing you're fine. Have you finished the final level of Mario 3D World? Because I haven't but I have finished Cuphead. It's all about learning patterns and choosing the right loadout.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This Friday there's a European online Smash Tournament hosted by Nintendo. Top 100 players win 1000 gold points, top 25 get 2500 points. Runs from 17:00 to 19:00 UK time (18:00-20:00 CEST). https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2022/December/Stay-warm-with-the-Super-Smash-Bros-Ultimate-European-Online-Challenge-Winter-Rumble--2306299.html
  12. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I finished the DLC earlier this year and really loved it. I think the DLC is about the same difficulty, but if you choose Ms. Chalice as a character it kind of works as an easy mode due to her moveset. Bosses are as creative as ever, and there is some variety with a tower with bosses based on parrying. It doesn't do anything revolutionary different, but it's more Cuphead and that is a very good thing.
  13. Pocket Card Jockey (eShop)

    I have a feeling this will just be a smartphone port, and we're not going to see it on Switch.