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  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

    You kinda have to be at least a bit mental to be an artist. So, you know. That helps. I'm pretty sure that happens when you don't input any action for a certain amount of time. So it should be fine, seeing as everyone will be actively going backwards at all times. If you or anyone else is up for helping me with a test reverse run (I suggest Baby Park) some time tonight, that'd be helpful. Just to make sure.
  2. Isn't it a tad early to be relying on audience scores? It's only been 2 days. I'd give it at least a week for it to get more people's opinions.
  3. High Jump Kick's 90% accuracy clearly doesn't apply to me. I expected it to lose me a couple of matches, but it ruined me in 5 separate occasions in 15 battles. But that example was definitely the worst. I knew I couldn't pull off a one-hit KO, so I went with Acrobatics, and then SURPRISE! High Jump Kick! If I needed the extra oomph next turn. Which I did. The one time I used it, typical. I experimented with that Hawlucha set in the Battle Tree and it worked a treat. The extra Defense boost can really ruin someone's momentum if they go physical. Iron Head totally wrecks Alolan Ninetales which people love to bust out as a Hawlucha counter and Thunder Punch gets a nice boost from Terrain. I can see Hawlucha slamming it's way into my go-to team. It contemplates my team nicely.
  4. Hey, you know what people didn't like in the Sun and Moon thread? That's right. My bloody Battle Videos. The first US/UM online competition has started. Johto VS Alola (That title is misleading, I thought it'd be Gen 2 and Gen 7 only, it actually means Alola Pokedex plus Gen 2 and Gen 1 Pokemon, why are all Gen 1 Pokemon allowed?) Good news is Megas seem to be back! Woo! Team Dragon Croissant Spaceship go! 8ATG-WWWW-WWWB-RM8Q This match pretty much sums up my first half of today's matches. Be amazed at my dreadful luck as some random Japanese girl and the millionth Mimikyu takes me to school yet again. U35G-WWWW-WWWB-RMUL Gen 5 music, FTW! Anyway, this was some weird match. Here's a game. Try and guess what my opponent's opening move is. You'll never get it. H47W-WWWW-WWWB-RNW8 This guy only entered this competition to show off his hacked Pokemon. Because nothing says "My team is hacked" like a team of Shinies. This time, I get to be the random Japanese girl and proceed to get through completely unscathed. Quick impressions of the meta are that it hasn't changed too much, except for Kommo-o's new completely insane Z-Move. What were they thinking!? Balance goes right out of the window with that. It's bad enough that it hits like a nuke and hits both opponents in a double battle, but it also raises all of Kommo-o's stats? How is that fair? Luckily, Kommo-o hasn't got the speed or the defenses to back it up, getting two Pokemon to gang up on it normally does it in. Hawlucha is catching all sorts of people off guard though, instant momentum thanks to Tapu Koko's Electric Surge using the Electric Seed instantly doubles it's speed thanks to Unburden. Fits beautifully with my Alolan Raichu based shenanigans. Just gotta watch out for Oranguru and it's Trick Room. Marowak is there to provide a hard counter to anyone who tries to one-up me with Pheromosa while Zapdos and Tailwind is a back up Pokemon just in case Tapu Koko would be unwise to use.
  5. Different strokes for different folks, but I could listen to good Zelda music for days. A Link Between World's Lorule version of Death Mountain is something I never get sick of. You're also assuming there'd be only one track. Why couldn't we have had a decent track for each region? Maybe some interactive music. Nintendo have some amazing composers and it feels like a massive waste for a game of this scale. It's not just the overworld. Villages, Divine Beasts, it's all so forgettable. Hyrule Castle is the only track I actually liked, and I would never dream of putting it even close to the same tier as Lorule Castle.
  6. Hmmm... Can't say I have, we should start a conversation about it. I get that the music is designed to be minimalist, but for me, the soundtrack plays a big part of my enjoyment when I play games. It sits above visuals for me. A good song can really make a moment for me (Jump Up, Super Star for one) while a bad song can totally take me out of a moment (Whatever the hell that awful song in the last section of Odyssey was). BOTW's soundtrack for the most part exentuates how bored I was. I only remember two songs, and only vaguely. I'd take a bad soundtrack over a minimalist one any day. Hell, at least I remember Xenoblade Chronicles X's (c)rappy soundtrack.
  7. What do you think started this line of conversation? Near the top of the page.
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

    Quick highlight at @Dcubed's expense. (He's on the left) Anyway, here's the results. GP3 And here's the current League Table. Not much to say here this week. Except that @RedShell wins the "Didn't make a damn bit of difference" award this week. But given his high average, that's quite remarkable. So next week is the grand finale, to both my December Death Themes and 2017's League. The results look pretty much decided. Nothing short of an utter madman could disrupt this flow. Wait... Who's running the League right now? Ah... Well, isn't that a shame? Last League Night: 21st December 8pm Room 1 @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @martinist @punio75 @viceview51 No, the picture hasn't glitched up, there will be 1 GP this week. But with a big massive twist. You think you know the tracks in Mario Kart 8 by now? Well, we will see about that. This week's gimmick no-one asked for is Backwards Racing. Everyone will be reversing throughout the entire night. You go forward, you come last. I will know. Don't even try it. And you thought 50cc was slow. Here's a little maneuver that you will need in order to get through this. Pulling this off is simple, just hold the brake and accelerate button at the same time and turn, you'll spin on the spot. Another key thing to remember is that holding X lets you look behind you. No doubt important when driving backwards. You'll also need to think carefully about items, not every item is going to help you here. The tracks are all possible to do backwards without ever going off course, I made sure of that. Remember the golden rule: All progress must be done backwards. I will check MKTV afterwards, I've got nothing better to do. Sign up Now!
  9. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop) 22nd September

    It says a lot about you that you consider that entertaining viewing. It also says a lot about me that I kinda wanna watch you go mental. But I think that S.S. Anne has sailed already.
  10. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop) 22nd September

    It ain't Gen 1, so naturally, no-one cares except me. And I already have a Celebi.
  11. Your 2017 Gaming Diary

    Thank you @Jonnas, you've inspired me to write a petition to completely ban "Laifu" from the English vocabulary. Hey, you know what has the exact same letters as Laifu? Lufia & the Fortress of Doom is a turn-based RPG published by Taito of all companies (Made by Neverland). It came out in 1993 on the SNES. America only, mind you, because it's an early 90's JRPG, so of course it never came out in Europe. Despite it's naming style, it's actually not a rip-off of the Harry Potter Books. Coulda fooled me... Some of you may recall me playing the Game Boy Lufia game last year. You know? That game where he killed Conan for no reason? This is the first game in the series and is my second Lufia game. The story begins with a bloke called Maxim. He and his group of friends are in the very definite Final Dungeon, Lv 80 and ready to kick some Final Boss tushie. They then do, but a final trap leaves Maxim and his friend Selan in a pretty hopeless situation. And then they're never seen again for the rest of the game. 100 years pass and you play as a bloke with no name who is blatantly Maxim's descendant. He's friends with a strange girl called Lufia. However, history decides to pull a Secret of Mana and repeat itself. The 4 villains (Called Sinistrals) that fought Maxim all those years ago have shown up again. So it's up to Not Maxim and Titular Character Girl to defeat the Sinistrals and probably blow up the Fortress of Doom (Actual in-game name). The story hasn't got that much going for it. It's pretty standard fare for JRPG's. Which is fine, this was the 90's, after all. I will say that the opening is pretty novel, giving you control of a full party of 4 characters for 5 minutes before unceremoniously ditching them for the actual main character. I have to say the big late-game twist is pretty novel as well. Apart from those, don't expect anything too amazing, do expect some ropey translation though. The gameplay is your typical Turn-based RPG fare. You explore the world, advancing the story, exploring some dungeons and get into all sorts of random encounters. Even for it's time, there's not really anything that helps Lufia stand out from other RPG's. Not a bad thing, and I certainly wasn't expecting anything more. It does it's job and it does it pretty well. The visuals are pretty unambitious as well, it's pretty early in the SNES's life and it kinda shows. It is weird having the battle screen just be an overlay instead of a separate screen. The music is also pretty safe, nothing that memorable, but nothing truly offensive either. Lufia 1 is not going to light your world on fire, it's a pretty standard, by-the-books RPG that sets out to do just that and nothing more. I certainly enjoyed it, but on a console with a great amount of quality JRPG's, Lufia just kinda fails to live up to the lofty standard. Still... Why yes, yes it is. Your pie sucks!
  12. Super Mario Odyssey

    Well, bugger me then. This is what happens when you do most of your browsing through phone, kiddies.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    Was it something to do with Galaxy 2's Faceship? Anyway, don't know if this was posted before, but this is pretty much how I played the game.
  14. Gorogoa

    Do you work in PR? You should work in PR. Couldn't resist Looks cool. Will have to keep an eye on it.
  15. Oh god, get that rug burn away from me. I wasn't speeding through that section out of any danger of dying, I was running away from that incredibly cheesy out-of-place song. How you go from any of the 3D Mario's finale music to that is beyond me. Retroactively ruined a lot of the entire final boss sequence. Pokemon Sun/Moon also has an awful grand finale track.