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  1. Can't even get online now, so BowserBasher will have to take over hosting tonight.
  2. Theme night! 2 NSO Apps Required The three Starfy games got added to NSO recently, while it's available everywhere, not every game released on NSO is. So these 17 characters feature in games that either are only available in one region's NSO App (Pokémon Puzzle League in the west, etc.) or, like Starfy, is only available in Japanese (SMB: The Lost Levels) If you pick Pokémon Trainer, you are only allowed to use Squirtle Mii Fighters are not allowed Stages and items match the series that the characters come from. Format: 3 Stock, 10 Minutes FS Meter: On See you at 7:30!
  3. Here you go! For those who weren't here, BowserBasher is on the top right.
  4. A little more progress in the challenges done. Thanks! Haven't got to the point where it goes so hard, we'll have to resort to cheating with a certain glitch yet. So, @BowserBasher demonstrated this to me while we were playing through Special Agent. If you leave the Camspy right before this meeting cutscene, go to put the door decoder on the safe, and then immediately move the camspy into the meeting and trigger the cutscene, then the countdown until the safe opens goes on while the cutscene plays, so you don't have to fend off enemies. He also said that the "Speedrun" timer that unlocks cheats still freezes for this cutscene, so it makes it easier to unlock the cheat on this level. Neat! Of course, all the knowledge in the world doesn't stop you blundering...
  5. Seems like just @BowserBasher and I. EDIT: BB there with the cloak sniping.
  6. So, what you're saying is you understood my understanding a reference? That's literally all I know about The Karate Kid, though.
  7. I agree with this. It will have an effect on a lot of countries, due to how influential America is. Unfortunately, I don't expect that election to be as satisfying as our one...
  8. It's not that. A certain character appears in the third game as a cameo. I'd tell you, but I can't seem to get the spoiler tag to work...
  9. Right, It's Friday, time for some online NSO shenanigans. There's 3 of us here tonight, if a fourth is interested in Four Swords, then I'd like that. If not, then Perfect Dark it is. 8:30 is the usual time, but BowserBasher and I will be messing around on Special Agent co-op before that.
  10. Congrats on not including Mother 3 in that, like everyone else is stupidly doing. Anyway, what the hell, Starfy 3!? That scared the crap out of me!
  11. BTW, Starfy 3 has multiplayer minigames. So that's another one to add to the surprisingly solid GBA multiplayer lineup.
  12. So many good featherweight choices in this game, and you stick to Baby Daisy?
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