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  1. Something about Bowser in that poster really does look like Jack Black. Something about the eyebrows reminds me of him.
  2. Boy howdy! Did we get some choice clips! Seriously, 3! It ended up like this! @BowserBasher was the one person who didn't land on the Bowser Space, but he had his own way of making everyone hate him. He had the least to lose, so he bought everyone down to his level, a very Mario Party 1 move, that.
  3. Some interesting games going on here. That last mini game decided all the placing! Nuts! It went by too quick though, so screw it! Straight to Mario Party 2's Pirate Land! @Dcubed lost 3rd place because of TOAD In The Box. Yes, really. Everyone had 1 star going into the Bonus Star handouts! Very close game. I appreciate Mario Party 1's weirdness, but after 9 games, it feels great to be playing a more balanced game!
  4. Right, 30 minute notice for @S.C.G and @BowserBasher. We'll finally be putting Mario Party 1 to bed this week. See you at 8.
  5. I'm just playing the demo casually. I'll end up just restarting my file for the full game, because the demo doesn't have enemies drop Collectacards, and I prefer to go through each title in order.
  6. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I didn't forget because of Theatrhythm! SHUT UP! Player's Choice tonight at 8pm.
  7. FF XIV has a pretty solid soundtrack. It also seems to have had a massive boost to it's song list compared to Curtain Call too. The HUD hints at around 20 songs not in Curtain Call! Granted, that game has had some expansions since Curtain Call. I'm pleased with the strong start FF XV has. I looked at the sound test and saw Yoko Shimomura as the composer. So that explains that. I like how unique each character is in this. The abilities have been vastly expanded, so even the healers tend to specialise in certain things. At the level 30 cap the demo has, I've been rocking an all healer team of Aerith, Vanille, Y'shtola, and the best character, Minwu. You need all the healing you can get.
  8. You should also be aware that using loud weapons too much will cause enemies to spawn in some levels. Try using silenced weapons, if possible.
  9. I mean, it makes sense. Tears of the Kingdom will be out by the time E3 is here. And their next console isn't happening until next year at the earliest.
  10. I'm gonna keep myself in the dark about what characters are in it in that case. I wanna feel genuine crushing disappointment when I realise Benjamin is the only Mystic Quest character. It's just not the same if I look it up beforehand.
  11. Awww yeah! Best demo of the year incoming! Bet some saddo's gonna play it so much, they get all 30 characters maxed out as much as they can before the game is out. On an unrelated note, I might have spent literal hours on the 3DS demos...
  12. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    OK, then. It's alright anyway, UFA got one of her friends to help out and he finished the map off. I got some stat boosting items from getting the most crits, and other stuff. EDIT: Still, if you or anyone get to that point, she and I have started another three. 46LRJYD, 6G17LRH, and 6TR6B4V If that doesn't work, then some random person probably did it.
  13. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Oh, they haven't, but a mixture of bad luck, and not having a fast egg option through sandwiches made sure it felt like lower odds.
  14. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    See, now I just feel like a dope spending literal months trying to get one back on Omega Ruby.
  15. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    @Ugh first aid and I have been messing around with Relay Trials, and it's interesting. One person starts a "Rout Enemy" map with 5 of their units, and has 2 turns to make as much progress as possible. Once those two turns are up, that person is forced to pass it on to another player, who adds two of their own units to proceedings and gets another 2 turns to make progress with the 7 units deployed. Thing is though, the original player can't take over from the second player, and because we weren't aware of how it works and chose private, we're kinda stuck now. So I'm gonna ask @Ike or @Jonnas to take the baton. The enemies are around Base Class Level 14, so it shouldn't be too difficult. The Take Over ID is 2MR225X. When you've finished your 2 turns, it might be worth making it Public. Ta in advance!