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  1. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe digital codes today.
  2. N-E Café Podcast

    80% of my extended family say "Hi". I gave up ages ago with trying to justify my hobby. Just not worth it. But by far the worst was my previous stepmother, (Dad divorced her) she had a bizarre hatred of consoles. Didn't matter whether homework was done, weather was awful, or power went out, she threw a hissy fit if my DSi was being used. You'd think living in the middle of nowhere in Ireland would allow you to spend free time how you want, but nope. Amusingly enough, I managed to weaponise Art Academy against her. She tried to give the whole "Do something more meaningful with your life" spiel only to take the DSi and realise that there's a painting I did of the view outside our window on it. Constantly messed with her head there. Super cathartic.
  3. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Is it boring because you already have a copy of Odyssey?
  4. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Today's prize is a digital code for Mario Odyssey.
  5. Let me put it this way, the Wi-Fi where I live is older than my WiiU. The Switch can't even find it.
  6. The ironic thing is that I have all the time to make a level, but have no way of actually getting it online. Typical, huh?
  7. Won't be able to play it until lockdown ends unfortunately. Which is a shame, because I'm one of the rare people who's getting it for the Hyrule Warriors aspect, not the Age of Calamity bit. So my opinion would probably end up very different to most.
  8. Did you... Do that through battling alone? Because oh dear if so, using the candy you get from Dynamax raids is far more efficient once a Pokémon is past Level 60. Anyway, a free G-Max Melmetal for anyone who transfers from GO? Might have to pester @Dcubed's mum to let me take one of her no doubt infinite junk Pokémon so I can nab myself one.
  9. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Hold up! Is that a 256 GB microSD card they're planning on giving away in the future? Because if so, do want!
  10. Yesterday, I spent around 2 hours in Ultra Sun, sorting out the Pokémon I'll transfer to Shield once December rolls around. Normally, I'd just transfer everything and sort it out quickly afterwards, but noooooo. I have to do this because if I transfer everything this time, there'll be about 100 Pokémon stuck in Pokémon Home, unable to be used. Anyway, as a keen battler, I've accrued quite the collection of battle-ready Pokémon that now can't battle because they're not allowed in Galar. Yeah, Dex Cut kinda stings for me! Even more so, because I can remember where I got quite a lot of them. For example, I've had that Feraligatr ever since Soul Silver! That's 11 years ago! And now I can't continue that transfer streak and it's a tad upsetting. Waxing sentimental? Yeah, I probably am, but I've grown attached to that blue lug. At least I can finally have a Krookodile again.
  11. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    I think the main issue is that its movement is a lot more limited compared to games these days. It takes some getting used to. Once you work your head around it, it does the job just fine. 9 times out of 10, you can get the angle you need, and for that 10% where it doesn't? Pressing R to switch to Mario Cam will sort it nicely. Sunshine's camera is way worse because it gets caught on stuff way more often, despite being more free roaming.
  12. UK GAME website getting it soon? Could someone give me a heads up when they do get it going? The internet where I am sucks and I don't want to wait for stuff to load unless I'm sure it's ready.
  13. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    You don't need to do a New Game Plus to take part in the sign campaign, you just need to replay a level you already completed. Something I really like about Disaster is that it has a smorgasbord of unlockable goodies for doing skillful or dumb things during the game. Secret weapons based on the ones the bosses use and silly looking costumes that actually give you passive abilities to mess with. For example, saving Iris when she falls into the river lightning fast nets you a really dumb looking frog costume that makes you immune to cold temperatures and drowning. Very useful. It also replaces Ray's voice grunts with croaking, which is less useful. And you need all those costumes and secret weapons if you ever dare attempt True Disaster difficulty which makes the game rock hard by doing one thing, make Ray more realistically fragile. Anything more than a Pistol bullet will just flat out kill him. I did it, way back. I found it fun, even if the boss fights got way hard near the end.
  14. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

    Am I missing something? Does resolution really matter for 2 NES games and a G&W one?
  15. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Oh, right. I wandered in there unexpectedly, noticed the enemies were LV. 60-ish and noped right out of there. Guess I forgot about it afterwards.