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  1. good stuff thread.

    Those last few comments gave me a great laugh when viewed on a desktop!
  2. Not quite true. Bowser actually has a couple spoken lines in Bowser's Inside Story. Granted, they are single word utterances. But I always liked the way he says "Showtime" in that game. A nice guttural growl to it.
  3. That GIF is making me laugh so hard, I've gotten a headache!
  4. I was expecting to cringe during the trailer, but I could feel me folding into myself then.
  5. Can someone with way too much money pay Jack Black to read all of Bowser's lines from Bowser's Inside Story? And then get someone else to mod them into the game? I want to play that game so much! EDIT: Yeah, I do agree, @Jonnas. A pity, that.
  6. Chris Pratt didn't even try to differentiate his voice, he's just playing himself. Dreadful. Kamek takes the crown for awful voice though. That was baaaaad. Jack Black and Keegan-Michael Key killing it though. Perfect casting there. Also, it's weird how Luigi's model looks really good, especially compared to Mario. Bowser also looks spot on. They must have the same lawyer as Vector does. The French and Brazilian dub for Mario sound much better then Pratt.
  7. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Better late than never!
  8. Ah, about that. If you watch the Japanese trailer, the frame rate is more standard. There's something very odd with the Western trailer.
  9. Then it's likely performance related then. Price you pay for having a big massive empty world. In my mind, if you can't match something like Pokémon Snap in terms of overworld Pokémon, then you might as well just have random battles.
  10. Massive upgrade, in my opinion. Catching Pokémon was such a non-event in Legends. It also made battles utterly pointless, why whittle a Pokémon's health down when I can just chuck balls at it from behind?
  11. Wait, what!? Seriously!? That's completely stupid if true. Trading is one of the defining features of the damn series!
  12. It's still a Palindrome, and it's a Pokémon that desperately needs an evolution. I massively approve! I don't approve of crafting TM's though. I hate crafting mechanics in open world games. It sucked in Legends, it's gonna suck here. At least it's not every item...
  13. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    OK, this week is a theme night. But unforeseen circumstances mean I don't have the graphic to hand at the moment. Luckily, the course selection is Player's Choice, so you don't have to give it too much thought. What is of note, is that we'll be partaking in Battle Mode tonight. But we'll be using utilising some unorthodox item sets. GP1 - Balloon Battle, Skilled Items GP2 - Coin Runners, No Items GP3 - Bob-Omb Blast, Frantic Items If we have time for a fourth GP, then it'll be the standard race setup. See you tonight at 8.
  14. I've been there with Sword/Shield, the default outfit is so crummy there, I think it was done on purpose to get people to wear anything else.
  15. Oh, well in that case, you'll be able to take it off like in every game since Sun/Moon, so hardly an issue.