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  1. Old NE Members

    Man, all these usernames that I don't recognise one bit. It's kinda fascinating.
  2. Old NE Members

    Maybe if you actually asked me how my day was in the first place!
  3. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    Not gonna lie, Pikmin Battle Royale was a real surprise. Definitely intrigued there. 2023 is so far away though...
  4. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    Devolver Direct begins at 8pm. That's less than 1 and a half hours from now. Anyway, my unrealistic expectations are... 7th Smash character gets revealed, WayForward making a Zelda II remake, a new Pokémon Snap (Yes, another one), a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon movie, Shenmue 4, and a new puppy for everyone who buys an XBox Series X.
  5. How can one person be so heinous!?
  6. Favourite Town/Village There are basically two groups of people when it comes to this question. The wrong people who have clearly never played Majora's Mask and the people whose answer is Clock Town from Majora's Mask. The groundhog (3)day structure meant that Nintendo could program actual schedules to a lot of the residents. I have never seen a town that felt as believable as Clock Town and I doubt I ever will. Just following residents around can reward you with scenes going into their background. (Anju alone has lots of tiny little scenes) Case in point, there's a really obscure and easy to miss conversation you can listen in on if you get the Stock Pot Inn Room Key, don't give Anju the Pendant of Memories and then use your room to eavesdrop on Anju's room between 9:30pm and midnight on the second day. I only found out about this a year ago and I've played Majora's Mask countless times!
  7. Thanks to @BowserBasher for helping me net 150 points in about an hour. That Gold Trophy is as good as mine.
  8. It goes a lot quicker if you have friends helping out as well. Unlike the Bug-off. The fish spawn rate isn't lowered by friends visiting.
  9. @Aneres11, your sign needs to be fired.
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Min Min was a rollercoaster, I started off horribly, taking over 100% damage on the first fight, and not doing much better on the second. And then fights 3-5 are battles where it's two against one and a horde battle made things even worse. Miracle of miracles, I did well on the horde battle and got to the boss with 8.9 intensity. Luckily, Min Min's boss is Galleom, who is way easier to deal with when you have Min Min's bonkers range. 57 down, 26 to go.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Olberic in Octopath Traveler is a crazy powerful tank, so actually, Ike seems like the obvious choice, but he's repped by Black Knight in the Spirit Fight with Bayonetta as Primrose. (Perfect choice there) My guess is that they didn't want all the fights to be 2 against one fights. (Although the H'aanit and Ophilia adds a Wolf because H'aanit has a similar animal buddy in Octopath) In an ideal world, we would have got music from Octopath Traveler just so Midgar can have a not dreadful music selection.
  12. Credits Sequence Not interactive in the slightest, but I'm gonna give this one to Chrono Trigger. Oh right, there's like, 11 different credits in this game. Well it's the standard one for me. Something about that music just perfectly bookends this perfectly paced RPG in my mind. This one gets bonus points for having subtle changes depending on certain actions you did. Which is impressive for a SNES game. Spoilers ahead. There's also a credits Sequence you get for beating the final boss 2 minutes into the plot on a New Game+. It matches the speed at which you did it by whizzing them past at an unreadable speed. Which is always funny.
  13. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    No it ain't. No-one actually cares enough for that game to get a sequel.
  14. Funny Stuff Thread

    Ladies and Gentlemen... I present to you, Beauty and the Beast.
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Octopath Traveller is the next game to get the Spirit Event treatment to celebrate its second anniversary. It starts today and goes on until the 15th. Shout out to fellow spirit completionist, @markderoos
  16. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Just one moment from me. Cheers @BowserBasher! The winning team from each GP gets an extra 10 points added to their score. Next League Night: 16th July 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @Jayesse @martinist @S.C.G @viceview51 Sign up Now!
  17. It's the Mario Kart League 2020! What is the Mario Kart League? Simply put, it's a weekly meet-up of N-Europe members to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and then shout at each other afterwards. I suppose we could also find out who the best racer is as well. The League is split up into two halves throughout the year. How do I sign up? Post a comment declaring yourself IN! for each week that you'll be able to play. League Nights generally take place every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Please try to enter the room 15 minutes before that time if possible. If you have declared yourself IN! but then can't make a night, please inform me on this thread before the league night starts. People who frequently pull a no-show with no notice may be penalised. There is an "Always IN!" List for people who don't want to bother declaring themselves IN! every week. Please mention me (@Glen-i) in this thread if you want to be in this list. What do I need to know about League Nights? There are generally two types of League Nights. Player's Choice nights allow players to freely choose what vehicle they use and what tracks are played on. Even though you can choose the track on these nights, please try your best to not choose a track that has already been raced on that night. No-one wants to do Rainbow Road 12 times. Theme Nights dictate a specific vehicle setup and track order that must be followed. Each night consists of 3 GP's, making for a total of 12 races. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes of your time to take part. It is advisable that you add mine and @BowserBasher's friend code before taking part. (Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620) How are the points calculated? After each GP, the points you earned will be recalculated by me using this formula. (Total points divided by Number of Players multiplied by 12) Your grand total is divided by the number of GP's you've taken part in, giving you an average score that will determine your placing in the league. This means that even if you miss a night, your score will not be affected, but your placing may change depending on changes in other people's scores. In GP's that utilise Battle Mode, the points you earn are determined by your place, not the amount of points you got. If your total attendance is below 50% at the end of a League, your score will be discounted from the final results. What are Team Nights? Once a month starting from Feburary, there will be one night where the players will be split into two teams. On these nights, two players will be designated the Team Leaders. Everyone else should send me a Private Message saying what team they want to be in. Your choice must remain secret. If one team has way more members than the other, I will ask the leaders to choose who gets moved to the other side. Your points are still mainly determined by your placing, so you still want to come in 1st. The team that has the highest total score on each GP will get an extra 10 points. What is the Champion's Bonus? In each GP, beating the 2017 Mario Kart League Champion, RedShell, will earn you 5 points. Beating the 2018 and 2019 Champion, Glen-i, will get you 10 points (Except RedShell, who will get 5 points for pulling that off) Beating both of them will get you 15 points. This bonus doesn't apply on Team Nights. What is the Loser's Gambit? Starting from the second night onwards, the current lowest placed player can take part in the Loser's Gambit. I will ask this player to nominate another player in secret that they think they can beat. If they beat their chosen player in a GP, they will get bonus points. However, the lower the chosen player is in the league the less points they'll be worth. Any other Rules I should know about? Theme Nights must be followed. However, if you don't have the right vehicle part, let me know as soon as possible. I will try to find an alternative part that has the same stats. During Player's Choice nights, please do not choose a track that has already been raced on that night, it's only polite. Do not rage quit, if I start to notice people "disconnecting" regularly, you may be penalised. If you do disconnect, rejoin the room as soon as possible. You will earn one point for that race. But I'd be willing to discount that GP's score if it would result in lowering your average score. But don't take the mick. Be aware that discounting a GP will affect your total attendance. Remember to let me or the host know if you can't make the night as soon as you can. Have fun! And feel free to show off your hilarious (Or skillful) moments with the Switch video capture! Theme Night Suggestions If you have a suggestion for a Theme Night, please send me a PM with the details and I'll try to implement it. Thanks to @RedShell for the new logo!
  18. Old NE Members

    Don't worry, all is not lost, I'm 30 and I'm still as childish as I've always been! A part of me is amused with the idea of someone from really way back coming here and wondering who this Kecleon dude is and why is he staff?
  19. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    It isn't. Don't get your hopes up.
  20. For those of you who don't want to be spoiled, Doki Doki Literature Club is a really clever visual novel that is also free on Steam. It's created by one of the people who worked on that famous Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project M. Which is pretty weird. I highly recommend going into it blind.
  21. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Pretty sure it's a Triforce.
  22. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    And thus we have proven that Skyward Sword is a better game than BotW. I'm using Motion Controls!
  23. Just when I think I might have exhausted all the crazy out of Cranston...