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  1. The demo for this came out yesterday. It's basically the next Theatrhythm game (Done by indieszero, who did the other Theatrhythm games) and it's looking very promising. Includes a local co-op mode, online 2 player VS battles and an 8-player mode exclusively for the Switch version (Local Wireless only). Oh, and because it's Kingdom Hearts, you just know that there's going to be some kind of plot to tie it up with all the other games. Theatrhythm Curtain Call was one of the best games on the 3DS, so I'm very much looking forward to this. It comes out November 13th over here.
  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Yeah, HoT pretty much nailed it, add to that the sudden mood shifts Peach goes through to use those powers and that's the kind of PR no-one wants to go through today, especially Nintendo. Of course, all the inevitable detractors would conveniently ignore the fact that pretty much every character and enemy in the game has mood powers. Not just Peach. That's not to say that another Super Princess Peach can't happen. They'd just have to give it a mechanic with a context that doesn't invite problems. Weirdly enough, the same issues that the DS game would face today could also be used to make a new Super Princess Peach game be a PR home run.
  3. The N-Europe Mario Kart League has finished for the year, and I can't help but feel concerned about the steady drop-off of frequent participants, so if you'll take me seriously for once (I know, tall order), I'd like to get some feedback from those of you who may have some interest or have taken part in the past in what might entice you to rejoin. I think the weekly get together is a great way for the N-Europe community to spend an hour having some laughs and the more people who race in the League, the more frantic and unpredictable it can be, which leads to more exciting outcomes. I really enjoy running and taking part in the League and if it means having more people take part, then I'd be willing to hear what changes I might need to make to the structure. So go on, hit me with your reasons. I'm all ears.
  4. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    To this day, I still have no idea how Mario managed to get blindsided by some random Hammer Brother. How is he not Bowser's right hand turtle after pulling that off!? But wait! He's a Hammer Brother with a grey colour scheme and horns! Woahhhh! Totally on another level! In today's culture, I highly doubt Super Princess Peach would ever be tolerated if it was released today. Not as it is. Decent game though.
  5. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    See, now that just makes it look even more bleak, given the countless amount of hours I've poured into the series.
  6. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    33rd floor of Purity Forest on PMD: Rescue Team DX before I fainted. Stupid Dugtrio and it's stupid Earth Power... After studying what possible moves every Pokémon can have at Level 5 (Don't bother, I already know how nerdy that is), I think Heracross might be my best hope of success. Pros It can start off with Arm Thrust, a multi hitting move. Multi hitting moves are stupid powerful in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon! It can also start with Bullet Seed, another multi-hitting move that can hit from a distance! That's literally one of the best moves in the game! I gave it the rare quality called 'Rapid Bulls-eye', which makes all multi-hitting moves have perfect accuracy. In case multi-hitting moves aren't broken enough. Guts is a pretty decent ability that boosts Attack if Heracross has a status effect. If I manage to find an Empowerment Seed, then Heracross can Mega Evolve! Apart from the obvious stat boost, this changes Guts to Skill Link, which makes all multi-hitting moves hit the maximum amount of times. Cons Will literally have a heart attack if pecked by a Pidgey. Heracross isn't a Kecleon, so it's stats are pretty average. Gonna give this dungeon another attempt today.
  7. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    See, I know you're having a laugh, but you just reminded me that the Johto starters got shafted because the Gold/Silver remakes were DS titles and the Ruby/Sapphire starters got the Mega treatment instead. You've made me sad.
  8. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I can't believe @Dcubed sold his soul for 150 Platinum Points. I can now confidently say that I'm the only person on N-Europe who has never downloaded a Nintendo mobile game.
  9. Huh, maybe they thought Spacial Rend would be a bit too mean? (Still preferable to Surf though, that's a consistent run killer) Unfortunately, Palkia also has a good Attack stat as well. But seeing as it's not as good as it's Sp. Atk, perhaps focusing on resisting Surf might be for the better. If I was able to get online, I'd offer to help out. Maybe get @Ugh first aid to jump in as well. Even with a CPU, having three people knowing there's a Palkia at the end would no doubt help.
  10. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Wait, really? Now that is interesting. All that said, I wouldn't be upset if they decided to annex legendary Megas. Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and yes, even Groudon. They really didn't need them. Megas are better when they're not given to popular Pokémon that are already powerful, but are instead given to Pokémon that are normally not viable in a competitive setting. More Mega Pidgeot and less Mega Kyogre please!
  11. Monster Hunter, now with dogs and Spider Man! I love that you can just flat out make the Felynes and Canynes (Obvious name I wish I thought of) look like normal animals now. That's hilarious. Adept Style isn't coming back, is it?
  12. My guess would be they chose "Anything is fine" and the type on the map screen indicated it was Dragon type. It's happened to me a few times, there are so many Dragon legendaries that if that's the type on the map, you can't really plan around it. Water/Dragon is an amazing defensive typing. If you can't grab a Fairy type that can take Surf's, you're in trouble. Water Absorb isn't even viable because it only protects one Pokémon. And then there's Spacial Rend and it's bonkers power and crit rate! Which means using Palkia's other weakness, Dragon, is really dangerous. Failing that, if you find something with Light Screen, grab it and never let go.
  13. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Yeah, hate to put a dampener on the Mega Evo talk, because believe me, Beedrill and Kangaskhan need to be actually good again, but everything in Rescue Team DX was designed around Gen 7 mechanics. The TM's in that game are a clear giveaway. By the time Gen 8 was the accepted norm, Rescue Team DX was likely too close to completion to implement anything there. Um... Duh? Any remake was always gonna use the Sword & Shield engine. Hopefully, Game Freak commit to the whole "Power spots only exist in Galar" explanation Sword & Shield had and leave Dynamax behind. That's one feature I feel has actually been a detriment to battling as a whole. I've fallen out of love with competitive battling because of it. Lacks any nuance to it and only serves to make already overpowered Pokémon more overpowered.
  14. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Somebody confuse anything to do with Pokémon as being a Nintendo project? So, in other words, another average Thursday! I'll keep mentioning it until everyone gets the gist!
  15. Ran them all over until they exploded, then dug them up and chucked them in the bin. I never felt such catharsis!
  16. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Well, there's apparently around 200 Pokémon. So almost four times the original, there.
  17. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Except "Background", that's a new factor, wonder what dictates a bonus there?
  18. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that it'd be a localisation of a game with only minor differences to the ones we actually got. In other words, give me Trading Card Game 2! EDIT: Argh! You sneaky edited your post while I was sneakily editing my post!
  19. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Are you, @Dcubed, my cousin, actually wanting TPC to focus even more heavily on Gen 1 pandering? Shameful! I'm embarrassed for you.
  20. You should have seen mine, I lost patience with it all and just dumped furniture and fences everywhere. It was an unholy mess. Once I got that recipe, I killed all the flowers and reverted back to how it was before the Furniture Armageddon hit and now I live in the best island I've ever seen. Because there's actual space! Apparently, it's 2-star, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yesterday I managed to get my 6th crocodile villager, Alli. Only one left to go!
  21. General Switch Discussion

    I actually kinda like it... And what other colour would you suggest a Mario style to have?
  22. See, maybe I've just played too much Rhythm Heaven, but I kinda breezed through VS Mode to Platinum 1. There was an absolutely hilarious moment where that trick that makes enemies slam against the screen activated during a note heavy section and there was a constant barrage of enemies flying toward the screen. It was hard not to burst out laughing! I'd share it here, but can't get a reliable connection. But even I have to admit that full chaining 50 proud songs is going to be absolute hell! Those songs can get absolutely ridiculous. (One of the feats requires a full chain on every proud song, that might be my limit)
  23. Koopa Troopa with fur looks so incredibly wrong. And that's all I'm contributing to this thread.
  24. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    See, maybe I'm being mean, but this... ...just reads like "I played Pokémon back when it first came out and was stupid popular, dropped it like a brick, and only picked it up again when GO became stupid popular." Now show me a celebrity who can have a decent conversation about their thoughts on Pokémon Conquest, and I'll be impressed. Anyway, here's hoping Gen 4 fans don't get shafted with a Let's Go style remake of the Sinnoh games, that's all I'm asking for. (EoS remake would be killer, but I think it's too soon for that.)
  25. Bravely Default II (2020)

    It could be worse, I'd take artwork over "Render of main character plonked on background" any day. But you are right, Pokémon really needs to start taking more cues from... Well, Pokémon.