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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Calling it now, Zacian fight will be Duck Hunt Duo with a Beam Sword/Killing Edge. Zamazenta will be the same, but with a Back Shield.
  2. Those berries are how you reset EV's. I think one of each will do the job. The quickest way to train those EV's back up would be to shove vitamins down your Pikachu like the drug dealer you've always wanted to be. 1 Calcium gets you 10 Sp. Atk EV's. The maximum each stat can have is 252. Each Pokémon can have a grand total of 510 EV's shared between all stats. So most people choose 2 stats, max them out and then put the rest wherever they feel it's appropriate. So for Pikachu, I'd recommend maxing out Sp. Atk and Speed and then put the last bunch of points in HP, seeing as you plan on Dynamaxing it. Another way of EV training is battling certain Pokémon over and over. For example, say if you beat a Rattata (I know it's not in this game, just roll with it), you'd get 1 Speed EV. Of course, beating 252 Rattata is insane... And kind of cruel. Luckily, there are certain items known as the "Power Set" I can't recall where you get them. I think it's the BP shop in Hammerlocke. If you equip one of these on your Pikachu, then it gets an extra 8 EV's for every Pokémon it beats. So put on a Power Anklet, beat that Rattata and you get 9 Speed EV's instead of 1. If you can't be bothered with that and don't have the dosh for drugs, then you can use Poké Jobs. You should have some jobs that raise base stats, one for HP and so on. Give your Pikachu a Power Anklet, send it on the job that raises speed for the whole day and when it gets back, that stat will be maxed out. Rinse and repeat for Sp. Atk (Make sure you change the Power item to the lens), and finally, give it a HP Up to finish the job. There, you've EV trained your Pikachu in 2 days with almost zero input. As for IV training, Hyper Training is how you do that, but your Pikachu already has perfect IV's so it doesn't need to do that. Hope that's easy to understand. If you don't get something, let me know. I'll gladly take one of those if you're giving them away. I should be available from 6pm to 7:30. Do you need anything in return? I've got Shield in case you need some version exclusives. In order to get the Gigantimax version of any Pokémon, you need to catch that Pokémon in a Max Raid Battle where you fight against the actual Gigantamax form. Nothing else will do.
  3. I can only imagine how blindsided people get when you roll in with your team and proceed to far outperform what is expected from a Pokémon that most people wouldn't have above level 20. You know, I think you could get some good use out of a Pokémon using Eviolite if you decide to dip your toe into competitive fights. Sure, you'd need to find a Pokémon you like that is already quite tanky (Shame Chansey isn't in this game, really.) and you'd only be able to have one on your team, but it's worth a look. Once I finish the Pokédex, I plan on building a more competitive team and I'd be happy to help with any Pokémon you might want to get. Oh, and @Sméagol, I'll take you up on that second Dreepy tomorrow evening. Things are stupid rare and it'll be much quicker just to get one from you.
  4. Whenever someone is trading Level 1 Pokémon over surprise trade, 99% of the time, it's someone hatching hundreds of eggs in order to get a shiny/Perfect IV one. I should know, I've been there. I want a Dreepy for myself, I hope it's good enough to be viable in a competitive match. It's strange. The best way to get to Level 100 is not to fight the highest level trainers over and over, but to do max raids and shove candy down your Pokémon's gob. Considering that's how you get TR's as well, I suppose it's a good thing, but it's odd. Expect to see me constantly starting Max Raids over the weekend, so feel free to join in.
  5. Pokémon Trading

    Also Zacian, but the box legendary was pretty obvious, anyway.
  6. Actually, it did, but in order to actually connect with your friend, you had to both go to a certain menu option at the same time, then you go through another 3 menus that I still can't figure out without randomly clicking stuff and then maybe that person will appear. If they used a different name to their 3DS account, then good luck figuring out who it is. Somewhere in the Sun/Moon thread, there's a whole page dedicated to 2 poor members trying to figure it out.
  7. In that case, no-one working on this game won, because Sun/Moon outperforms it in sheer awfulness. It's a shame too, because X/Y had really good online features. I found I had decent success with playing some Raid Battles last night with @Ugh first aid and @Sméagol when I was just running around starting raids. Just gotta make sure you filter by Friends so it doesn't get lost in all the other stuff.
  8. Pokémon Trading

    If you haven't got Sobble by then, @Blade, I'll be back on Thursday.
  9. Dayum! @RedShell! Nice find! I think that's a Gigantamax one! EDIT: Argh! Didn't catch it, oh well.
  10. Not yet, but once Pokémon HOME comes out, you'll be able to transfer some Pokémon through that.
  11. Sorry, not sorry. @RedShell and @Sméagol. Too funny! Won't do it again.
  12. Feel free to join any we start. I'm so overleveled for these, it's no big deal. Probably, give it about 2-3 years.
  13. Awww, @S.C.G, that Double Hit miss was so unlucky!
  14. Pokémon Trading

    OK, @Blade, your starters are ready. But you don't seem to be playing Pokémon at the moment. I can only wait until around 6 before I'll be offline until Thursday, so you'll need to peg it.
  15. Okie dokie, I'll be available in an hour-ish and then I'll give you a shout when they're good to go. But I'm only available until 6. So make sure you're here before then.
  16. It's the Mario Kart League 2019! What is the Mario Kart League? Simply put, it's a weekly meet-up of N-Europe members to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and then shout at each other afterwards. I suppose we could also find out who the best racer is as well. The League is split up into two halves throughout the year. How do I sign up? Post a comment declaring yourself IN! for each week that you'll be able to play. League Nights generally take place every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Please try to enter the room 15 minutes before that time if possible. If you have declared yourself IN! but then can't make a night, please inform me on this thread before the league night starts. People who frequently pull a no-show with no notice may be penalised. There is an "Always IN!" List for people who don't want to bother declaring themselves IN! every week. Please mention me (@Glen-i) in this thread if you want to be in this list. What do I need to know about League Nights? There are generally two types of League Nights. Player's Choice nights allow players to freely choose what vehicle they use and what tracks are played on. Even though you can choose the track on these nights, please try your best to not choose a track that has already been raced on that night. No-one wants to do Rainbow Road 12 times. Theme Nights dictate a specific vehicle setup and track order that must be followed. Each night consists of 3 GP's, making for a total of 12 races. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes of your time to take part. It is advisable that you add mine and @BowserBasher's friend code before taking part. (Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620) How are the points calculated? After each GP, the points you earned will be recalculated by me using this formula. (Total points divided by Number of Players multiplied by 12) Your grand total is divided by the number of GP's you've taken part in, giving you an average score that will determine your placing in the league. This means that even if you miss a night, your score will not be affected, but your placing may change depending on changes in other people's scores. In GP's that utilise Battle Mode, the points you earn are determined by your place, not the amount of points you got. If your total attendance is below 50% at the end of the year, your score will be discounted from the final results. What are Team Nights? Once a month (Except January), there will be one night where the players will be split into two teams. On these nights, the current top two players will be designated the Team Leaders. Everyone else should send me a Private Message saying what team they want to be in. Your choice must remain secret. If one team has way more members than the other, I will ask the leaders to choose who gets moved to the other side. Your points are still mainly determined by your placing, so you still want to come in 1st. The team that has the highest total score on each GP will get an extra 10 points. What is the Champion's Bonus? In an attempt to level the playing field, I am introducing the Champion's Bonus. In each GP, beating either of the two previous Mario Kart League Champions (Glen-i and RedShell) will earn you 5 points. Beating both of them will get you 10 points. This bonus doesn't apply on Team Nights. Any other Rules I should know about? Theme Nights must be followed. However, if you don't have the right vehicle part, let me know as soon as possible. I will try to find an alternative part that has the same stats. During Player's Choice nights, please do not choose a track that has already been raced on that night, it's only polite. Do not rage quit, if I start to notice people "disconnecting" regularly, you may be penalised. If you do disconnect, rejoin the room as soon as possible. You will earn one point for that race. But I'd be willing to discount that GP's score if it would result in lowering your average score. But don't take the mick. Be aware that discounting a GP will affect your total attendance. Remember to let me or the host know if you can't make the night as soon as you can. Have fun! And feel free to show off your hilarious (Or skillful) moments with the Switch video capture! Theme Night Suggestions If you have a suggestion for a Theme Night, please send me a PM with the details and I'll try to implement it. Thanks to @RedShell for the new logo!
  17. Pokémon Trading

    Just a heads up, @S.C.G if you want those eggs today, you'll have until 6pm-ish. Then I won't be available until Thursday.
  18. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Next League Night: 21st November 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell Behold, it's the much dreaded return of the... WORST LEAGUE NIGHT EVER! The absolute worst vehicle setup for courses that you shouldn't even consider using this for. Whether it be from poor traction tracks, difficult turns or it just being Baby Park. And for good measure, 200cc with Frantic Items. No-one wins in this, you just have to aim to lose the least. Sign up Now!
  19. Credits have rolled. Careful, I used all new Pokémon, so possible spoilers ahead. I'd give my impressions, but what's the point when I'm writing the review for N-E? So I'm gonna wait until I explore the post-game a bit.
  20. I couldn't help it, @RedShell and @Sméagol, I was too curious! I had to see what it looked like! Worth it!
  21. @GenericAperson, I just checked my Pokédex and Shuckle is the Pokémon right after the one you mentioned, so no, it doesn't evolve.
  22. All I can say is I've finished 6 gyms and I've not seen one.
  23. Pokémon Trading

    Righto, @RedShell I'm ready now. Code will be 2904.