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  1. Oh right, yeah. Living Dex. Duh, my bad.
  2. Something just hit me with something you said earlier. 103? That's not right. There's only 3 Mythical Pokémon not legally available in BDSP at the moment, Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus. Have you got a Phione?
  3. Right, that's all of them now. And once again, the two of us alone have made this thread "Hot!" Good work!
  4. In that case, I'm on the game gathering berries now that your eggs are done, give me a shout when you're ready.
  5. Righto, @Julius. I'll be available all day today, so just give me a heads up for when you're ready to go. I still need the Diamond exclusives you have, including Seedot, which you forgot to mention. Out of the three rare Pokémon you mentioned, I only have Bonsly, so I can get you one of those. (You imply that you actually have a Feebas now, I could've given you one instead of you torturing yourself fishing, but oh well) I also have a couple of trade evolutions to do as well, namely Scyther and Dusclops. I have every starter except Treecko, now. So I can get you a Charmander, Squirtle, and Chikorita as well if you want. Wouldn't mind a Treecko in return. Haven't actually looked for the Magmarizer yet though, been focusing on catching every Pokémon I can. Will let you know when I get one. I'll get to work on the eggs now.
  6. Come on now, the actual reason is that Paper Mario is such a good game that you wouldn't want other tat distracting you from playing it. For a console with a poor RPG repertoire, Paper Mario really does save it from being total garbage. I'll happily play through it for the hundredth time. (In all honesty, I'm hoping @Dcubed's reasoning is why we're only getting one game this time)
  7. Just make sure you don't use them up. They're very useful berries. If you're running low, consider planting them instead.
  8. The berries that specifically raise happiness while also lowering a Pokemon's base stats definitely work. I did it myself. Oh, did I forget to mention this? Sorry. At first, I thought it was a subtle way of hiding loading times, but Serebii got info about it, and yeah, that's the case. It's very neat. It happened every time I fought Palkia and the lake trio, and seeing as all legendaries have 3 guaranteed perfect IV's these days, it checks out.
  9. Well, give me a heads up for when you plan on doing so and I'll let you know if I can make it. (Probably on the Sword/Shield thread)
  10. I've been meaning to ask if you'd be up for some Dynamax Adventure sessions over the weekends. So, I'd be happy to help now and again.
  11. Actually, Sword players can still catch a Palkia (And any other exclusive legendaries caught in a similar manner), they just need a friend with Shield who has access to one.
  12. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't ever use any duplication glitches in my Pokémon collecting. It's a point of pride for me. That said, Palkia is available in Shield (Crown Tundra DLC), so theoretically, you can wait for the HOME update and transfer it. (It's what I'm doing with Dialga) If you still don't have (or can't get) a Palkia by the time that update drops, you can have mine. I have a more competitive one over on Shield. EDIT: Not quite as difficult as the Feebas, but I just caught a Heracross. Seeing as Munchlax can be gotten through the underground, that's the most annoying Pokémon you have to catch with honey trees. I've got an Aipom as well, so if anyone can't be bothered with that, I can breed some off for you.
  13. Great news! @Ugh first aid got a Feebas! So thanks to my Ditto, I can get more for anyone who wants one. (Considering how insanely difficult they are to get, my bet is that's everyone) I'm offline until Thursday though, so you'll have to wait until then. Beats possibly wasting an entire day fishing though! It's a new page, so I'm gonna update my Pearl exclusives list and post them here. Along with the Diamond exclusives I still need. You don't have to give me one of those four for a Pearl exclusive. I can get infinite of them thanks to Ditto, but it'd be mighty swell if you did. (Especially the fourth one)
  14. Right @Emerald Emblem, room is open Code is 4398 1234
  15. I've got a Murkrow now, so just give me anything, I'm not fussed.
  16. No problem, I gave the Misdreavus to Julius, so I'll breed you another one. I'll give you a shout in a few minutes.
  17. OK, @Julius will open a room now. Code is 1526 7236.
  18. Wait, did you say Porygon? Because that's just happens to be what I caught today! I can breed you one and give you the egg?
  19. Right, I'll hatch those eggs and keep them aside for when you're ready for more trading. I need to update my Pearly Whites now.
  20. Does that actually work? I know X and Y stopped those kind of shenanigans.
  21. Did you seriously use a Master Ball on Dialga!? Have fun catching Mesprit and Cresselia!