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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I have to agree with @Ike. I can laugh off a lot of things in Smash. But having to deal with camping tactics is frustrating. It's why I never play with randoms. You see it all the time there, and I just want to trade blows. There are obviously times when legging it is the smart idea. (Someone got a Golden Hammer? Ain't no-one gonna suggest you take that person head on), but those situations only last a few seconds, making it a fun, yet, temporary dynamic switch. Sorry if this sounds like I'm piling on here. But just wanted to get my thoughts across.
  2. Worth watching that purely for the ending shot. The visuals with that eShop remix is hilarious!
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Stamina matches tonight at 8pm.
  4. Confirmed in the Pokémon Presents. It seems to be doubling down on the Legends gameplay as far as the overworld is concerned. The Grass starter sucks, but Corporal Quack and Not Bubble Bobble Dragon are great!
  5. So @Dcubed suggested that I make a seperate thread for this, so I have. Every Friday, at 8pm BST, I'm hoping to get together three other people to play one round of Mario Party. I'm thinking that it'd be great if over time we end up playing every N64 board by the end of this. Every game will be 20 turns, which usually takes a bit over an hour, so plan accordingly. You'll need an NSO Expansion Pack subscription to take part in the N64 titles. In the case of less then 4 people joining, the CPU's will be set to Normal, and one of them will be Luigi, because I said so. If more than 4 people want to play, then a queue will be formed, with the person who has played the most games so far being swapped out for the person in waiting. In the case that more than 1 person has played the same amount of games, then the person who placed the lowest in the previous game will be swapped out. So with that, the first week will be on... Mario's Rainbow Castle A relatively simple board, this. Use the junctions well to time your arrival at the center platform so you can buy a star from Toad! But don't make the mistake of getting there when Bowser is present, or else you'll lose... hang on. *checks notes* FORTY COINS!? What the hell!? This is supposed to be the easiest board! Why is it so harsh!? Current Players Glen-i - Yoshi DCubed - Wario BowserBasher - Mario Yes, I'm claiming Yoshi before anyone gets a chance. I'm hosting the damn thing! So there! And it totally matters! Shut up! Fair Warning. Mario Party 1 is notorious for having mini games that involve rotating the control stick as fast as possible. This will ruin your Joycon, and I can't remove them from the pool of games. I highly recommmend using a more durable controller (Such as the N64 controller) if you plan on playing.
  6. Thanks to @Dcubed for this logo, and @RedShell for the original design! It's the N-Europe Mario Kart League Get Together! With the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass dropping in less then a week, I'm sure those of us getting it would love an excuse to put it to use, and what better excuse then to play online with other N-Europe members? The idea is that once a week, we'll get together to have some good old fashioned races, and some battles now and again. Unlike the previous League, scores will not be kept track of, so you're free to take part without worrying about your performance. For obvious reasons, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online account to take part. However, you do not need the expansion pack. You also do not need the MK8DX Booster Pass to take part, as only one person in the room needs it (I have it). As of today, it's not certain whether people without the pass can vote for any of the new tracks it has. I will update the thread once we get that information. You also need to add me and BowserBasher as a friend on your Switch, if you haven't already. Friend Codes are as follows: Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 Simon (BowserBasher) - 8313-9234-5620 A few general rules to keep in mind: Unless stated otherwise, each session will take place on Thursday at 8pm, GMT. Each session will consist of 12 seperate races/battles. This normally takes around 45-60 minutes, so take that into account. Players Choice Nights will allow everyone to vote for whatever track they want to race on. The format will be 150cc, Normal Items. For the sake of variety, avoid voting for a track that the group has already raced on that night. No-one wants to do Baby Park 12 times. Every 3-4 weeks, I will impose a "Theme Night", where everyone must stick to the tracks that have been pre-selected. The cc format and item pool may be changed as well. I will post a graphic showing this information before hand. Discord group for voice chatting purposes.
  7. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Mario Kartma thankfully hit @Dcubed like a ton of bricks after that.
  8. World Ends With You songs are now out. 3 from the first game, 3 from the sequel. I recognise the final boss music of NEO from the title and that is a very fine choice! EDIT: It's the full version! Even better! There is one song that I probably would've swapped in NEO. It's not bad, but that game has better options. Good pack. DOUBLE EDIT: OK, no. I do have some misgivings with "Calling". It's half the length then it was in Curtain Call and it doesn't have the Tokyo backdrop. Which is just wrong. It's made me realise that all the field music in DLC songs don't have unique backgrounds. It wasn't as noticeable with Live A Live and Romancing Saga, but it's very noticeable here.
  9. Technically, I didn't remember it, so I'm still right.
  10. I've finished Temenos' story now, meaning I can remove him and let all the other characters start catching up. Time to start exploring all of these optional level 45-ish dungeons in the hope I stumble another new job. BTW, I previously said that Scholar was the most nerfed job. I was wrong! Advanced Magic is a skill that "increases the intensity of spells". I didn't quite realise what this meant until I tried it. And then realised that it makes his spells become the 2 hit versions I believed were cut. The downside of having to use a turn to set up is mitigated by the fact that the SP cost of these spells don't go up! Which makes it cheaper then using them in the first game! And then the Divine Skill goes one step further and makes the spells the 3 hit versions! You know? The Latin spells from the first game that were restricted to a superjob and cost an eye watering 35 SP to use? Three of them are here, on Scholar, for a measly 14 SP! Broken! Sorry, Thief, you're the most nerfed job now.
  11. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Player's Choice tonight at 8pm.
  12. I don't even remember a GB roadmap... I just remember the GBA one. Anyway, told you it wouldn't just be one game (Metroid Fusion). As if 5 consoles wouldn't give them room to drop more then that.
  13. Welp, I've figured out how to say I've only watched a handful of movies and Lower Decks without actually saying that. Cheers.
  14. The key difference here is that the typical strategy of waiting until it plummets in price doesn't really work with Nintendo. I'm in the mindset that this blatantly opportunistic, because, come on, this game in particular doesn't need help to make a profit.
  15. I'm no Star Trek nerd, but this made me laugh. Isn't this hilariously out of character?
  16. Revealed at the Game Awards. Careful, the trailer shows Bayo 3 footage, footage I've not seen and I was 12 chapters into that game.
  17. They're not connected in terms of plot, so I'd say the second game based on the various improvements they've made. Give the demo a go, it lets you play the first three hours of a fresh file. You can transfer save data if you decide to bite.
  18. I have no idea how 12 year old me pulled off 100% in less then 2 hours, because I thought I did this pretty snappy.
  19. You got me to look up what this was all about, because I'm not into football one bit, and after looking into it. Yeahhhhh... I agree with @bob in terms of the long run. The only reason this is backfiring in the BBC's face is because it's football, and if there's one thing you don't do with the general British public, it's mess with football. The majority couldn't give a toss about the more and more obvious right wing bias the BBC is showing. Good on Gary for sticking to his guns so far. And good on all the other pundits for backing him up.
  20. Right, demo thouroughly given go, here are my thoughts. Pretty obvious, but the tone is drastically different from the main Bayonetta games. While the main games involve over-the-top and silly comedy, this has more of a bedtime story vibe and aesthetic, with a narrator reading out loud during cutscenes and while you play. I particularly like that the "Lost Demon" is blatantly the female narrator trying to put on a masculine, demonic voice. It's charming. Gameplay is also very different. If I had to sum it up, I'd describe it as "Zelda meets Brothers: A tale of Two Sons". For the uninformed, Brothers main feature was that you controlled 2 characters at once and used their different abilities to solve puzzles. Cereza is controlled with the left stick and the ZL button, while the Lost Demon is controlled with the Right Stick and ZR Button. They each have different capabilites, Cereza is small and light, and can use magic spells, while the demon can jump further and fight any enemies you encounter, etc. Unlike Brothers, which was a purely puzzle based affair, this game has combat. The thing is, Cereza is pretty helpless in a fight, only able to stun a single enemy for a bit. You have to use the Demon to fight while keeping Cereza out of trouble. The demo took me about an hour and a half, and the save file said I was at 10% completion. Whether that refers to just the main game or 100% completion is unclear, but that could provide some kind of measure for how long you could expect the game to go on for. I'm intrigued, I'll be adding this to my wishlist.
  21. Switch eShop Thread

    You can't use it on your PAL account, but if you were to make a new Japanese based account (I think you change your region in the settings, then make a new account), then you can use that to have a yen based account. You can then download Kirby's Dream Buffet, and use it just fine with your normal account. @Dcubed does a similar thing to get the Japanese NSO apps, so it should work here too. Hopefully, he replies quickly to verify it for me. EDIT: Found a Reddit post with a step by step for how to make a Japanese account. Just substitute buying stuff with a credit card with your game voucher.
  22. Yeah, you beat me the second time we dueled. No ties in that one, so it's not as funny. That said, you gave me the idea of nabbing the final results screenshot from the stream, so I'm gonna quickly do that. Anyway, Mini-Game Trial isn't as long as normal boards, even at 20 turns, so after Mario Kart next Thursday seems like the best time to go.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Stock matches tonight at 8pm.
  24. Out of those two, I would lean more towards being interested in Bond.