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  1. Metroid Dread

    So as many Metroid players know the game is a great one for expert players to sequence break, getting items early and getting to section early. Well it seems this game is no different and people are already doing that. However the best part Is that the developers put something in the game for those that are finding this. Gonna put it in spoiler tags just in case.
  2. Metroid Dread

    So I’ve made it to Raven Beak and he kicked my butt so I’ve gone back through the areas collecting as much as I can, going to the places I haven’t been and basically “painting” the whole map (as in covering every inch of it). I’ve found some of the boost puzzles to be challenging, but I’ve managed to pull them off. Samus with all her abilities somehow seems over powered compared to the start of the game, the screw attack pretty much makes her invincible but this is great for exploring every inch of the planet. I’ll be covering more of the maps before I head back up to have another go at Raven Beak again. Hopefully he doesn’t put up too much of a challenge.
  3. And the controllers are out of stock. Hope they put more up. Really would like one.
  4. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    It will be able to be used on the main game if you’ve bought the DLC. I’m guessing you may have meant standalone. I personally loved the updates. Some nice new features, a few good little updates and two major changes in the visitor island and DLC. Cooking added just means I need to find a place to plant the veg. The first person camera mode looks cool, permanent ladders, new characters, new emotes, some new items. Shame they said it was the last major update but I’m going to assume this was planned over a longer timeframe but didn’t happen cause of the pandemic. So it’s all come now. Oh and also still playing every day here Also a little confused over the DLC and NSO sub bit. Hope they clear that up a bit.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Oooh pick me! I’ll take Timeless River (that’s the black and white old timey one right). And yay, @Ugh first aid will be here to school us in the ways of Rosalina.
  6. Metroid Dread

    Think I’m getting closer to the end, or at least two thirds though.
  7. Metroid Dread

    I thought that at one point too, but it seems the game does have a somewhat linear route through the game.
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Villager just chasing a butterfly is nice too.
  9. Metroid Dread

    Right some more play in and more impressions.
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Love the details. Wario and King Dedede reactions and Dr Mario and Game and Watch down in the corner there.
  11. Metroid Dread

    Mine are slightly bent too but nothing to complain about. Been playing a few hours and I’m getting both frustrated and loving the game. I am; enjoying what I have played so far as it’s satisfying which you defeat an E.M.M.I
  12. Metroid Dread

    I love that the game is in a bigger box than the Switch OLED Model. It really is a nice special edition. Just had a flick through the art book. 191 pages and lots to look at. It looks very impressive.
  13. Metroid Dread

    Yay. It’s surprisingly heavy.
  14. Metroid Dread

    Me too woohoo
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    How else are you supposed to read it? Lol