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  1. Thanks @Tales for the Redd visit. If it wasn’t for your funny trick I would never probably have gotten this for a while.
  2. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    2D Platformer going to have to go with a favourite here and one already mentioned. Super Mario World was and may still be the pinnacle of 2D Mario games. It added new elements, many of which are still used, Added the Koopa Kids, Yoshi, and looked beautiful too. One of my favourites and possibly the reason why I chose my username as I kept a save just before the end battle with Bowser just to keep beating him over and over.
  3. I’d like the other statue. Throwing disk guy. I also have two real paintings up for trade, Common and Serene. Let me know what you have and I’ll see if I need them.
  4. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Loved this game from start to finish on Wii U. Yes the loading times were atrocious but the rest of the game shined. I think I may try to pick this up on Switch one day. It’s been long enough for a good replay. Oh and the music on the final sky diving part. Amazing.
  5. Oooh. I wanna painting. I’ll be over then. after that my gates will be open as Celeste is here.
  6. Nintendo x Lego collab

    Great. I was going to use the double points week and my VIP points to get the Haunted House, but I need this set so don’t know what to do. Do I buy the Haunted House, get double points and not use my VIP points. Then buy this with them. Might get close to £80 worth of vouchers. Or not get the Haunted House yet and just go for the NES.
  7. First visit from Gullivarrr today. Loved his little quest glad it’s different from Gulliver. Also read about this so had to try it myself.
  8. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 12 - Fav awful game Its the Simpsons and it’s wrestling. Two things I love. I didn’t get to play it a lot as I didn’t have a PS but I think I played it a few times with friends.
  9. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 11 - Favourite town/village Might be an odd one out but I’m going with... Tarrey Town, mainly for the reason that it actually felt like a task to gather everything and everyone to build the town. There may not be a lot going on afterwards but it was probably the best side quest in BotW
  10. And a couple non fishing ones. My best attempt at colour coordinating these.
  11. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 10 Ending credits Simple one from me here it’s Links awakening, maybe cause it’s one of the earliest I saw over and over but the remake on Switch made it so much more lovely to look at. Soothing music, lovely visuals and a nice ending.
  12. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Games been updated to 1.3.1. Haven’t found anything yet of note.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That’s what I meant. tanks @RedShell, @Glen-i and @S.C.G For those amazing fun times. Some fun games in there ad plenty of mayhem.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Well that pyramid stage is broken with Isabelle infinite smacking. Lol
  15. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Ugh. 1. I hate that bike. 2. I was screwed more times than Samus doing a screw attack and 3. Here’s some highlights.