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  1. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Sweet two hours later and they are still up. Got one preordered.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Any Smash tonight @Glen-i?
  3. New Pokémon Snap

    Wow. I don’t know if they ever said there would be DOC but I don’t remember them saying it so this was a nice surprise to see.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I was just coming here to post this too. Good to hear this. The replies in that tweet are horrible as always though. People complaining about it and saying it’s only going to be a couple of new items. This is probably the updates that were planned for the second year of the fame but had to be postponed due to COVID and the teams not being able to do as much work on the game. I’ll be interested to see what we get.
  5. amiibo (NFC)

    Some Breath of the Wild Amiibo have been restocked in the official Nintendo store. Rider Link is there. Grab me whilst you can if you need any.
  6. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    also I was rooting for this little Bob-omb
  7. General Switch Discussion

    Usually used to mean now. “At this time I’m at home” so really we could add fuel to that fire by saying when they tweeted it they had no plans, 5 seconds later they may have.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Also read that it could have been due to profits and not disclosing the correct numbers to investors when it came to the OLED model. Apparently that could have left them in hot water if the profit margin was bigger and they didn’t say that.
  9. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    Got this beauty of a hole in one today on a Par 4
  10. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    The new format has potential with some minor tweaks. More points down the line are needed. Maybe top 5 or 8 instead of just three. And as I’ve said in the discord chat the F2 had a reverse grid, should they do the same in F1? Maybe top 6 reverse for the main race. Would really mix things up. The race today was great though. Max and Lewis were destined to have something like that happen after yesterday’s close first lap too. It seemed the penalty was possibly harsh, and it seemed that it was split on no penalty or penalty between what I heard through Sky commentators. Personally I felt it should have gone as a racing incident. Especially when Lewis made the same move again, TWICE, on other drivers who both left that bit of room. So Max could have done the same. Man Horner is still being a jerk after the race too. Still insinuating that it was all Lewis’ fault and that he shouldn’t have tried the pass up the inside. He’s just being bitter and it’s showing. He needs to grow up, his driver got beat, made a mistake and Lewis was the better driver out there.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    It’s so awesome.
  12. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    Mine was shipped by the official Nintendo store yesterday so woohoo for me. Any want it for £500. 😂 I’m not really selling but I bet we see extortionate prices the coming days.
  13. Ooh. I should really go buy one of them from my Redd lol. also I like my apples juicy. And not one I already have. Lol
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Great games @Glen-i and @RedShell some close ones and some not soo close. Pyra really is awesome and has some powerful moves. Koopalings fight was fun and the stage just made it more hectic.