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  1. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Maybe on Monday. Right now (5 members, 3 anonymous and 16 guests) and it's atrocious. It's literally taking over a minute, close to 90 seconds to open any thread. Just to open the Notification thingy it took close to a minute to do it.
  2. But I like friendships...oh well, let's kill it! KILL IT ALL!
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Some really great games last night. Some close 1v1's a the end. I got totally bullied at a few points, but then I think we all do at certain points.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Nice vid, Shouldn't boxing Ring get a violation for the fact that the lighting rig isn't secure? Everytime we are there @S.C.G manages to send it falling down.
  5. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Well that was fun and insane at times. Man having to typing those hashtags out now is not gonna get annoying at all
  6. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I don’t this so as right now, just after 6pm it’s running pretty smoothly and there are around 175 guests. where like other said this morning it was like swimming through treacle.
  7. Well I didn’t guess at that one. May have to try that next time I feel like a full playthrough.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Switch has updated to remove the ability to post to Twitter, we knew it was coming, sad times.
  9. Credits rolled. Great game. I don't think it'll be bad if I put this bit here too as I know some people had mentioned about point of no return and all that. If you fail to beat the Queen and either go back to the last save or quit and return later, there will be a pipe just before the final room that will take you all the way back to the first room after entering the Thousand Year Door. So you can easily get back to Rougeport and restock, then go straight back to the fight. finally, @Glen-i, what the setup you use to be able to beat her in 5 rounds? Who is the OP partner. I guessed a few strategies that I thought it might include but I just don't know how you would do it so quick.
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That was a great night. Most close matches so far I think. Anyway I urge anyone who want to die of laughter to go was the stream and skip to the match that starts at the 50 minute mark (it’s like 49:50) them just enjoy the hilarity at the 51:10 mark. I think we all died of laughter on chat right there.
  11. If it’s half as good as Turtles was and we can get 4 of us in multiplayer then I’m in.
  12. Great few hours of gaming there. A bit of everything and ending on a high for me with F-Zero. Poor @Dcubed just can’t help pressing that B button.
  13. Yooka-Laylee

    Never played the original, so maybe this will be worth a go.
  14. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    The way I’ve been doing it is to click the three dots (…) at the top right of the tweet, select embed post, then copy the top link. That’s still set as a Twitter link.
  15. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Wow Great turnout. Not seen that many since the final wave night. Made for some manic racing there too.