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  1. Lego!

    Sounds unlucky. All the sets I’ve bought I’ve only had one piece that’s been missing (though in my case it had been a different piece put in). Luckily Lego are amazing at sending out replacement parts, which I’m sure you must know. Just let them know and they will send out any missing part.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Some very fun matches tonight. At one point Samus was three for three then it went downhill. Last week I don’t think I won a single match, this week I have a good share of victories. That’s why I love the way our games are played. Anyone can win any match. (Unless it’s Samus, cause Samus always wins (almost)),
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Forget Smash I wanna see this lol Also boo them players for not using Pyra/Mythra.
  4. You just can’t please people. And I bet that if it was a shot-for-shot remake, they’d moan about why did they make it like than when we have the cartoon. They should have tried something different. I haven’t started it yet but think I will be doing so next week. I heard the episodes were an hour long each.?
  5. That’s an entirely different game right there folks.
  6. Blast Corps. Backlash, YOU SUCK! That is all.
  7. Wild Choppers Attack - All N64 Games

    And the Backlash is still the worst vehicle in the game. Been playing a bit of this and it is just as fun as before. Really do wish we got a new game though.
  8. A few games interest me there, Epic Micky, South Park Snowday, Monkey Ball I'll be keeping an eye on hoping they are good. But damn, new Endless Ocean is possibly the must have for me there. I loved the original on the Wii and it seems like this could be just as lovely as that one. Plus a huge number of people can play together online, imagine huge NE underwater get together. Oh and Blast Corps! I may be off to play that now. They said they were available now.
  9. Looking back on Pokémon Starters (Hoenn - Gen 3)

    I think Gen 2 I might have picked Cindaquil. So long ago now I can’t remember but he does seem to be the one I remember. But yeah after that I don’t even think I can name any. Though going by my Pokémon Go knowledge I think there’s a piplup/puplip or something. I just ended up calling him Plipplop. Was Chespin one? And then the grass…oh it’s in Smash, chucks the leaves, hold on I know this one 😂 Skivy (but probably spelled correctly) out of those I like Plipplop 😂 Should I take this moment to apologise to all the Pokémon fans I’ve just upset with the names 😂
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    When the guy that made the game plays the same way as you do, then that means we are doing something right. I get there is a market for the purists, the 1v1 no items on the flattest stage and fair play to them, let them enjoy it that way. But to me Smash is all about the utter chaos and hilarity of chasing after the pokeball or assist trophy, avoiding the F-Zero machines as they zoom towards you on track, Toon Linking because the bridge breaks when you land on it, avoiding bees, and the many other moments that make us laugh on VC.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That was the closest I got to a win tonight and you took it away from me. 1.6% was it? I hope you're happy.
  12. I think it really does. I think it helps that it feels more like you are playing with others even more so when you can chat along too. The banter and laughter means that everyone is in on it. Plus I know that I’m not the only one that gets screwed by the game cause within a few minutes we are all laughing at someone else getting suddenly bombed. And yeah I do agree that if a game is making you angry, then best take a break from it. Because it’ll just make you feel worse when more stuff goes wrong.
  13. Thats fair, I used to get like that when we did this as the league. Just got so angry and it wasn't fun at times cause I felt I got robbed of a better place. Since we now just do this for fun Im more relaxed and don't care as much if I get booted from first to 4th when I was about to cross the line for the win, 😂 Yes it's annoying as hell, but there's nothing at stake so I just pass it off as "that's Mario Kart".
  14. It’s a no @Glen-i theme night 😂 8pm Players choice
  15. General Movie Thread

    Lots of new trailers released cause of the Super Bowl (I’m assuming) but this is the one I’m looking forward too. I love the show and have been waiting for this for ages. Not sure how many others here are too.
  16. Wild Choppers Attack - All N64 Games

    I was so ready for Bomberman and then it turned into that single player game. It was ok but everyone plays Bomberman for one reason alone. I also remember that the credits to that game were like 20 minutes long or something like that.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Ultimate incoming!
  18. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Great stage @RedShell. Great matches tonight with a few very close and tense ones. And can I just say how much I love that we all now know to automatically play it as a doubles match when that happens. Was it Minecraft vs Starfox?
  19. Looking back on Pokémon Starters (Hoenn - Gen 3)

    These are the only starters that matter. I'm a Gen 1 guy, loved them. those three starters will always be better than any other starter the games have come up with. Yeah I know, rose tinted glasses and all that. Like you said, Charizard is one of the top three Pokemon in the world. Heck I even have a Charizard onsie cause he's such an awesome Pokémon. Just trying to think who you say is the other one that is more popular (other than Pikachu), I'm guessing one of Jigglypuff, Togepi or Eevee.
  20. The Wrasslin' thread

    What a difference a week makes. This really is the best time of the year for wrestling, but this is just extra spicy this year.
  21. That last Happening space had a Swap Positions which would have completely changed the outcome. Great game.
  22. I mean... I'm happy enough to take your word for it, but it sounds like it has to be experienced to fully appreciate its atrocrity. I fixed it for ya. 😂
  23. 3DS's Online Swan Song

    I would be in but I’ve lent my 3DS to my other half so don’t have access to it.