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  1. General Movie Thread

    I wonder what has been delayed more, Uncharted or New Mutants.
  2. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Played through Titanfall 2. It's very short but very impressive. The lab level was a highlight - although I wish they did a bit more with the particular aspect from it. .
  3. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Me and my girlfriend played through A Way Out. It's a really fun two player game. I would have looked more puzzles and stuff (most of them are at the start) bit it's still very solid.
  4. The Range (the one my girlfriend works at) were visited by the police yesterday. They told the manager that they were putting lives at risk by the amount of unessential items being sold. The police (from midnight last night) now have powers to do more. So now there can only be 20 members of the public in store, no more than two in a group and they would warn customers that unessential purchases can come with a £60 fine. So at least now they've been forced to do a bit more.
  5. They're claiming to be because of their food, toiletry, DIY and pet sections. And they've just got in fridges and freezers to start selling groceries just in case the limits get reduced.
  6. Thanks. Although I don't think any redundancies are happening, it's just that staff won't be paid if they close until they re-open and return to work. At the moment, it looks like they will just be staying open, making staff decide between being able to pay their bills or self isolate and not providing any help. It looks like they're unfortunately doing everything legal that they have to do, they're just not doing anything more.
  7. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I got the Xbox Games Pass on PC with my new PC . Figured I'd try Forza Horizon 4. The gameplay itself is really good (although I'd rather it be more arcadey) and I like the various story missions. It does feel like I've done a lot but barely any racing. However, I do have one huge issue with it: advertising. Every time you start the game, you get an advert for a DLC - either a picture for a car one or an unskippable video trailer for the bigger ones. Then there sections for them in the menus which you have to go past every time to get to the car section of the menu. Then there are massive icons on the map (which cover up other map icons) and are also on the minimap, and even had adverts over the in-game radio for them. It makes it feel like I'm playing a F2P mobile game.Considering that Microsoft are focusing on the Games Pass, it gives me an impression that this is the future of Xbox games.
  8. My girlfriend's workplace is threatening them that if there aren't enough staff to keep the store open, they're not going to bother with the 80% wage thing and nobody at that branch will be paid anything. Is that something they can do? The are no social distancing rules for customers or staff, no protection equipment is being provided (they have to buy their own hand sanitiser), no protection at tills (some stores are installing screens or having staff stand back), there's no extra cleaning, they're still taking cash and they're still advertising and having sales and offers on lots of non-essential items. They've literately just bought fridges and freezers to install in their stores so they can make extra money out of coronavirus, Oh, and to make things even more annoying, everyone at head office has been sent home with 80% pay. The ones who actually can work from home. My girlfriend doesn't would be fine if she was at somewhere like Tesco where she would be keeping essentially supplies topped up, but she's having to go into work to stock artificial flowers, shitty home decor rubbish and novelty lamps and deal with customers moaning about how they "shouldn't be open" while they've come into the store with their kids to buy a couple of mirrors. If there's one thing that this pandemic has shown us, it's what stores care about their staff and customers. The Range is one that does not care in the slightest.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    Thanks go Balloon World, it wasn't actually too bad collecting enough coins for all the costumes. So all moons, special coins, souvenirs/stickers and costumes collected.
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    Just finished, loved almost every moment of it. Got every single moon, although had to use amiibo for locations of a few. The Darker Side was extremely difficult (that damn pokey bird) but felt rewarding afterwards. Then there was a long grind for money to get the remaining moons...and the same again for much much longer if I want to get the costumes.
  11. Brexit 2019

    Yeah, the government wand their voters to think that it's "done". The 50p coin is a clear example of the propaganda. We won't have even properly left, we'll still be in it, just have zero say in anything. It's kind of amusing that after all this time, the main thing they've achieved is making their lies about "they make laws for us with no say from us" an actual reality.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    When I round to getting Smash, I think I'll just get Banjo-Kazooie instead of the fighter's pack. I don't know anything about any of the other characters (except Piranha Plant, who isn't include in the pack). I want Glover, Gex, Crash, Croc and Spyro in the next pack.
  13. Splatoon 2

    I picked up Splatoon 2 with the Octo expansion as I loved the first. The regular campaign was as enjoyable as the first game (which was an unexpected surprise as I didn't expect much from the solo mode in the first). Need to fully get everything in it. The Octo expansion, however, I absolutely loved. It felt like a fully fledged single player mode. Lots of great levels each focusing on a couple of aspects of the game, the difficult ones felt rewarding (well, so far). I completed 79 levels before doing the final missions and the "boss". I must say, I'd really love some more story based missions in a more "real" environment like those ones in the last game. As for the single last's immensely tough, had 20 attempts before moving on (on one, I was 0.75 seconds away). Looking online, it seems like lots of people found this tough. Damn you Spice Girls! Does anyone still do any online Splatoon? Going to level up online as part of my "completion" of the game. It's a massive shame I missed all of the splatfests.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey

    I beat the main story a few weeks ago, currently in the process of mopping up all the Moons, currently up to Browser's kingdom. Other than two, I'm loving almost every moment.