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  1. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    I've had three months of ultimate for £1 twice, and another three months (nearly four) via Microsoft rewards.
  2. You can remap buttons...but only via the settings which change it for the whole console. It really needs a per game setting. They probably consider their poor implementation "enough " and don't want to make specific button mapping when needed.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    One of my sisters (who just stated uni) witnessed a stabbing. She was walking home when it happened. She pressed her panic alarm and the attacker ran away. She ran over and used his coat to apply pressure, ambulance and police came. The victim survived and my sister was told that without her intervention (the alarm and slowing the bleeding) they would have died. So good in a way as she saved someone's life, but scary as she had to witness it.
  4. What Have You Bought?

    That's where the car door comes in. When I pulled the door, the phone was in the worst possible position and was crushed between the bottom of the door and the frame.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    My phone fell out of my pocket as I was closing a car door so ended up ordering a Pixel.
  6. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    The Good Life The Good Life is a rather odd game. It sets itself in a small British town with a mystery to solve, while also attempting to be a “life RPG” similar to games like Stardew Valley and My Time At Portia. It describes itself as a "Debt Repayment RPG", which doesn’t really fit the game at all - the debt is a reason for your character’s motivation, but it doesn’t have any relevance to the gameplay. Naomi, a journalist from New York, is sent to “the happiest town in the world” to try and figure out the mysteries and secrets the town holds. Early on you discover that the residents can turn into cats and dogs, then gain the ability yourself to turn into either as much as you want. As you’re getting used to it, a murder happens and you try to solve that. The gameplay itself is a “crafting” type game. You find items by scrounging around the map (a lot are gained by going through bins) or killing animals. These can then be turned into other materials and then those materials can be used to construct things like outfits or garden furniture. Unfortunately, the drop rate for a lot of things is extremely low. It’s the kind of game where you need (for example) rabbit fur, but only get rabbit meat from the first 20 you kill. Gathering materials is not fun at all, and as it’s only required for a small amount of main missions, you’ll likely just ignore it altogether. I spent most of the game wearing a ruffled dress that was needed for a mission. You have multiple stats to keep up, like HP, health (this is separate from hit points and determines vulnerability to things like colds), hunger, charisma, stress. Some of it is always on the HUD while other times, it’s completely hidden. Most of this is managed by eating food. You can cook, but the amount of time required to get the resources means you’ll just buy it. The rest of the gameplay is mainly fetch quests, and the gameplay itself isn’t really fun, it’s just really slow and clunky. Turning into a cat or dog sounds great, but the cat form is barely used (you can jump up buildings but it’s used around twice) and the dog is mainly used for tracking scents. The cat can jump higher than dog/human, but it’s very wonky. Photography is another important aspect, you start with a sepia-toned camera but can buy a better one, along with a telescopic or wide angle lens. Objects are highlighted so you know what you’re taking a picture of. Some quests will ask for photos of certain objects or people. There is also a “social media” app that you can upload photos to, where your photos will get likes. If your photo matches any of the current hashtags, it will get more likes (and likes translate directly into money). What makes The Good Place interesting is the intrigue and mystery around it. Something I kind of like is that it’s a view of the UK from a non-British developer. As a result, things are a bit off. The food available in the game included things like hedgehog pie, red squirrel stew, red deer burgers (which some people might have, but it’s called venison), and pork scratchings are described as being great when you bite into them and pork juices flow out. I’m not sure if the food is stuff they think we eat, or if some are there purely as a use for the in-game animals. I also found it fascinating that they added models for grit bins, but seem to be unaware of what they are as they’re marked up as “rubbish bins”. Then there’s the mystery of what is going on. The story just gets crazier and crazier as you progress, with some amusing moments. For how the game looks, there’s also a surprising amount of swearing. I was a bit let down by how it’s resolved, but the ending was entertaining enough that it didn’t really matter. The Good Life is a rather frustrating, slow and clunky game that just had an intriguing vibe to it that makes you want to see the story through to the end.
  7. General Movie Thread

    Where's Sully? There's someone pretending to be him, but he doesn't have the most important aspect of Sully: the moustache. So it must be an imposter. Or perhaps they're going to do a Sonic the Hedgehog and tease the "correct design" at the end of the film? Also, supposedly the woman in the trailer is Chloe (she definitely doesn't have the charisma of Claudia Black that is required to make the character work).
  8. 63. Sonic and the Secret Rings Original Platform: Wii Where to get: Second hand A Sonic game with a unique control scheme. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic automatically moves forward and you make him move left/right by tilting the Wii Remote. Holding the jump button will make Sonic slow down and charge up a jump while you can move backwards while twisting the Wii Remote towards you. The latter is not explained by the game well at all, as the on-screen description implies you just move it so its facing towards you, when you actually have to flip the whole Wii Remote upside down. Once you discover that, the controls are still a bit odd, but functional. You will progress throughout a series of levels that take place in the world of Arabian Nights, starting with the desert level you would expect from a setting. The other levels, however, definitely take a lot of liberties, such as a jungle with dinosaurs, pirate ships, a floating city on top of a giant manta ray and a fiery factory. Each level is fun to play, with some great music throughout, and even with the fairly poor (for today’s standards) graphics, still have a nice visual style. Unfortunately, the game’s structure really lets it down. When you beat a level, you’ll get a cutscene (in a nice hand drawn style), where Sonic will indicate heading to the next level…but you can’t access the next level. Instead, you have to progress through a ton of challenges. Some of these are fun, but others are just repetitive as you play through the same parts of a level collecting rings, or killing enemies, or not killing enemies. Some of these are required to progress through the game, while others are optional…except the game gives no indication of which ones are which, so you’ll go through a lot of them anyway until one of them moves you on. When you unlock a new mission, the screen will just state a new mission unlocked and won’t even tell you which level its in. What doesn’t help is the main song, Seven Rings in Hand. I enjoy this song (especially the Crush 40 version), but it will drive you crazy throughout Sonic and the Secret Rings as it’s on a constant loop throughout all the menus, and the ranking screen plays a smaller snippet of it. You’ll hear it so much that it will annoy you pretty quickly. Another big issue with Secret Rings is how Sonic is at the start. The game has a levelling up system, where you will unlock new skills and assign them (you can have four different layouts), so as you approach the end, it gets significantly better, but really all of the speed ones should have been default as it really does give a bad first impression. I really like Sonic and the Secret Rings. Despite its flaws, there is a lot of charm to the game, with some really enjoyable levels. I would love a “Storybook Collection” remake with some more traditional controls as an option, as I think it really does deserve another chance. B1. Super Sonic Ball Original Platform: PC, Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series Version Played: Xbox Series S Where to get: Digital stores The latest Sonic spin-off, this platforming game is a very different kind of platforming to other Sonic games, where Sonic is trapped in a ball and you move him by tilting the level itself, guiding Sonic past obstacles and along narrow paths. This is the first spin-off since Sonic Jump Fever where Sonic is playable, but not unlocked at the start. Instead, you start as AiAi the Monkey, who was introduced in Sonic Rivals and has appeared in a few spin-offs since then. The story itself is very loose and isn’t really explained at all. My guess is Dr Robotnik (who you never actually encounter) has trapped Sonic in an airtight ball, and he has to make his way through the levels in order to unlock the ball and escape. There is a time limit for each level (presumably representing how much air is left in Sonic’s ball). Some of the levels also imply that Sonic has also been shrunk down, as they take place above giant washing machines or a campsite stove. Each grouping of levels starts off with a “Green Hill Zone” level. It isn’t called Green Hill Zone, but features the signature chequered pattern and tropical setting, something that is consistent across all levels, but in different colours. There are some imaginative ideas here, as one series of levels takes place in a giant whale that has swallowed multiple cities, trapped in orbs. The gameplay itself is simple. The levels are made up of floating platforms that you tilt and you have to make it to the goal plate, collecting rings along the way. The rings can be used for unlockables, and collecting them all gets you bonus points. The gameplay itself sounds simple, but the simplicity is misleading as the levels get difficult very quickly. Thankfully, there are no lives to worry about, so you can perfect each level to your heart’s content, and the time from failing to starting again is very short, meaning that the difficult levels are challenging without being frustrating. I think I actually died on one level over 100 times before finally managing it. Super Sonic Ball is a really great game. The levels can get ridiculously difficult, but it’s immensely satisfying when you finally beat one.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    What make? Dell, HP? I just have to unlock phone to pay as well, and smart devices are now handily on the power button menu.
  10. Post your Cooking!

    Click Clock Salad Bear & Bird Roast Jiggy Biccies And Conga's Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
  11. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Why do DC always skip too far ahead? We barely know this version of The Flash or Batman as neither have had their own film, we need a bigger build up to give the event a bit more meaning.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    I forgot to post these when I got them:
  13. Rare Replay did the same, older games had rewind but the N64 games didn't. I do wonder, once a widescreen game is added, if it will actually switch to widescreen or just distort the game while keeping it in a 4:3 border. I was thinking that an extra £10 would have been high, £17 is a bit over the top.
  14. Space and the Universe

    Nah, it's a lame PR stunt that's just about some rich white dude bragging about all the money he's made from exploiting people. It's an insult to the franchise that is the reason behind him being chosen.
  15. Dumb algorithms

    I've got a load of stuff I've never heard of, some games/shows I've never seen or played, a random manga, and some sports things like "Scottish Premier", "NBA Basketball" and some specific North American baseball/football teams like "New York City FC" and "Vancouver Titans". Although it does have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. five times, which I can understand (well, except that one of them is Spanish).