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  2. Job woes/wins

    Not really because its not like its something I consciously did, just the way I turned out. Practice I guess. Trying to remember you may make mistakes or whatever but it is seldom life or death (unless you're secretly a doctor). But it will come with experience. Just pretend all the parents are from kN-Eeeeeee.
  3. Job woes/wins

    Any tips that you can give me, braaah? I'm going to spend half term looking at ways to improve this. I guess that it was extra tricky with it being my first time. Hashtag popping my cherry. I've spent yesterday and today chilling with the cats. Yeah, the formal aspect of it just made it seem a million times more difficult. Plus, it's meant to be a semi-religious type of event, so it's difficult to pitch it. So, I just kept it really simple and short. I think I did the right thing.
  4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I loved that rap song about life in the care home. I've found that South Park isn't as laugh out loud funny as it used to be, but it's a lot of the subtler jokes that get me. Just checked out the rap that you were just talking about. Amazing!
  5. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Thanks, @Ike I ordered it! Every time I think my 3DS is done I find yet another reason to come back to it
  6. The End For Neogaf?

    I've always found Neogaf to be a pretty awful place for the most part, full of hot takes, spoilers and too many gifs but I still found it to be useful for breaking news so would check it occasionally because it's members always seemed to be ahead of the curve. The dissolution of the site won't mean the end for those members though, I'm sure in a couple of weeks there will be another forum up and running under a different name, there are enough members to ensure that a new site would be easily crowdfunded.
  7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Yeah, it was just a quality episode from start to finish.
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  9. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I first lost it when Chucky Cheese vomited in the costume. Then the barbershop singing.
  10. The End For Neogaf?

    Pretty much how I feel, @Dcubed. So many gaming sites use Gaf as the place for information or a way to distribute their own articles and news pieces. If Gaf does end up closing up shop, it's going to have a big impact on gaming news sites all across the Internet.
  11. The End For Neogaf?

    Oh My God! I just heard the news!! Is this even real life? It all happened so fast!! It’s so surreal!! While I have to say that the mods there seem to have done the right thing, assuming that the allegations against Evilore are true (and, given his past actions, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that they are true), this is a complete disaster! The entire gaming press and the industry as a whole relies on that site as a primary source of information and news aggregation! I rely almost entirely on it for all non-Nintendo info (and even then, the other Nintendo sites I regular for info often rely on NeoGaf sources). Losing it is a massive blow!! Sales analysis? Gone. Pretty much everyone relies entirely on NeoGaf. Without them, the likes of VG Chartz will run rampant. Unless the sales guys on there can somehow get back together and get something going again, we’re completely in the dark when it comes to sales data! Losing Neogaf is basically the gaming equivalent of losing the Associated Press overnight! Outside of the news sites, we have nothing but Reddit and Twitter now (and that’s hardly useful if you don’t already know what you’re looking for, since it’s entirely decentralised!) Oh man. This is bad.
  12. Fire Emblem Warriors (Holiday 2017)

    I’m really enjoying this. Easily as much as I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors. I do have two issues with it though and they’re not exclusive to this game. Let me have English audio with no subtitles. Let me use the touch screen in portable mode. This is another game where there are menu items all over the screen but instead of being able to click on them, I have to navigate using the controller. Has anybody picked up the 3DS version? I wonder if the season pass will be as good as the Hyrule Warriors one. I haven’t looked at the details for it yet so I have no idea what it includes.
  13. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    It's back in stock. The Game Collection also has Pokken for £35, not an amazing price but pretty good for a new-ish game. LEGO City Undercover for that price is pretty tempting...
  14. Job woes/wins

    Hosting is something I can do if I can unleash some hardcore banter and ribbing action, and saying "Yeeeeaaaaah" at least twice, such as at Mecca. Formal presentations though... Not sure if I could pull that off without some boombastic prep.
  15. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Not a localisation announcement post. Sorry but there wasn't really a better place to post this. Looks like there is some sort of Phantasy Star artbook being released soon.ファンタシースター公式設定資料集-復刻版-セガホールディングス/dp/4835455347
  16. Job woes/wins

    Hosting and presentations and all that is something I find weirdly easy to do. Dunno if it's just because there's a layer of disconnect compared to more one-to-one things which I find more difficult. Anyway, enjoy the week in which you inflict the annoyance of children on the rest of us.
  17. Super Mario Odyssey

    I sure did.
  18. Super Mario Odyssey

    The final boss level of 3D World was pretty epic, second only to 3D Land in my eyes.
  19. Super Mario Odyssey

    But you've finished Galaxy 2, right? That's what's important.
  20. Any one test using a BT headset, I was wondering if there was any lag? Also some suggestions for headsets?
  21. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I loved that rap song about life in the care home. I've found that South Park isn't as laugh out loud funny as it used to be, but it's a lot of the subtler jokes that get me.
  22. Super Mario Odyssey

    i was talking to someone at work at this last week which got me in the mood for playing it, so started playing it as well. Only up to world 4, I think, only been playing it a bit before bed on the NES Mini. I haven't even finished this, don't think I got very far. It's (one of) the reasons my Wii U is still hooked up, in hopes of finishing it one day.
  23. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Tempted to watch some of the football this afternoon and then a few episodes of South Park before and after playing The Stick of Truth. Really in the mood now. Butters
  24. Super Mario Odyssey

    I am so looking forward to Sunday night when I get home from MCM and can play
  25. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Yeah. This weeks episode was hilarious. I completely lost it at Peppa Pig and then again at the end with the Hummels in the bag.
  26. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I'm not even sure how to manually save...I'll have to figure that out. Yeah, I've been trying to stock up on food, but I don't have any money as I keep doing missions for free! My intention is to fill up the igni sign tree first. That's what I always did in Borderlands - basically become an all powerful OP fire mage. Will hopefully make it easier since I'm really not enjoying the combat in this game.
  27. Super Mario Odyssey

    I didn't mind it whenI played it back then but it's very jarring after playing the other games right before. It's still a stupidly delightful game, though.
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