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  2. One thing we can definitely say is that Sony know what they're doing in terms of releasing information. The way they're releasing information in small amounts has everyone paying attention whenever they're doing it.
  3. Streets of Rage 4

    The game is now up on the eShop, is priced £22.49 and is set to be released 23rd April.
  4. Nice pics! Did you add this filter in Photoshop or is it in the camera app itself? Looks great
  5. Today
  6. Hey, any chance you can let me in? Yes, code is F87J6. Didn't get turnip exchange to work yet so it's kinda private.
  7. Hey, any chance you can let me in?
  8. Yes. Code is F87J6. Come quick before I make it offical on Turnip exchange. I'll open for a private visit later if you can't.
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I've decided to go classic with my island. Stone paths with stone bridges. And they are luckily not the most expensive of bridges!
  10. I can bring you over some red rose seeds. 10 or so? If you have lilies I'll happily take them! Is your island open now?
  11. I'll be trying out the turnip exchange since no one else is coming right now. Just tag me or quote me and I'll stop that and let you guys in for a private visit.
  12. I have roses in my store. I'm pretty sure I have red ones currently, and I think white. You want seeds I assume? I can bring some when I come over tonight.
  13. Does anyone have roses(red), mums and cosmos to send me? I got lilys, tulips and pansys.
  14. I know what you mean about waiting for terraforming, it's just annoying having to pull out the vaulting pole every time until then. I just can't decide on a look! It's good that it lets you get the kit from Nook, try it out and then cancel if you don't like it though.
  15. Thanks for the money(and the visit)! Here I thought me leaving 10k for others was enough then you casually drop 200k
  16. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Same here with not being able to decide on what kind of bridges. However, the river that goes across my island has generated in such a way that there are almost no places I can set a bridge outside of a couple of spots that are useless, but I've actually found this problem a good thing because I already can't decide which kind of bridges I'd use once I can reshape the land with terraforming. Speaking of which, apparently KK Slider will show up tomorrow so I should unlock terraforming soon.
  17. I was thinking that too. Didn't New Leaf have dozens of furniture collections? Might be one of those things they add bit by bit with free updates
  18. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    There's also a shocking lack of normal furniture in this game. I have hardly any normal tables or platforms to put stuff on. Just feels silly to put my toaster and knife block on the floor of the kitchen... Can't wait for Nook's Cranny to expand so I can get a bit more to choose from!
  19. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    <3 Thank you again @Tales I literally spent every last Bell on my 785k loan 8'D so this was MUCH needed! <3
  20. Thanks @Tales Think I'm set for a while with the amount of bells in my savings account
  21. Most of it yes, just tag me again when you're home and I will open the gates if I'm here. Btw , you got until 9pm uk time.
  22. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    I can get you sky eggs when I'm back online. But yeah. I need the balloon onslaught, because occasionally they'd drop a cherry blossom recipe. Still need several of those. Oh dear. I have a few buildings I want to move just a few tiles.
  23. I see there are lily seeds for sale. Gonna get me some
  24. Was just about to say the same thing after seeing the white one. Then the absolute confirmation of the colours in the right place with this one. Can’t unsee Mario now.
  25. @Tales, are you online later this day? Evening?
  26. Probably will have it open for the next couple hours while I catch bugs or do other things irl.
  27. Turnip Prices Thread - Playing The Market In New Horizons

    <3 That's my first batch sold! i'm gonna get the last of them and then i'll be back and leave a nice tip! <3
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