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  2. Football Season 2019-20

    We played terrible in the first half and then alright in the second. Midway through the second half, we started to create a few chances and Martial and Fred both missed amazing opportunities. At that point, Ole should have made a sub and brought on Greenwood. He waited too long, imo. Had the subs happened 10 minutes earlier, we could have turned the 2-0 loss into a 1-1. All three of our Summer signings looked dire today. Maguire has been quite disappointing, tbh. Probably the worst out of the three.
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  4. Yakuza 7 (PS4 2020)

    I'll put this in a spoiler. Here's just one of the many characters you can summon into battle. It plays out like a cross between an anime and Final Fantasy. Amazing!
  5. Japanese. From what I read the license for the English version hasn't been sorted yet.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    1917 - 4/5 The latest from Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Skyfall), a near one-shot movie following the efforts of two English troops to make it across no mans land, and warn a division of 1600 men that they are charging head first into a trap. Similar to Dunkirk or Sorcerer, this is built to give you the experience of being there, smelling the gunpowder, feeling the cold, seeing the horrors, and it does a brilliant job of it. Because it lacks centerpiece dialogue and traditional structuring it may put off people who prefer more traditional fare. However if you can enjoy the concept, essentially a journey through the battlefields of WW1 France, then you'll not find much to complain about. If you've seen other work of Mendes, you'll know he like a slow, patient shot, where the framing will give you a still you'll just want to press pause at and enjoy its beauty. In Road to Perdition there's a scene of Paul Newman standing in the rain as bodies are machine gunned down in slow motion around him, which is worth the ticket price alone. Here it seems the whole movie is made up of those shots, whether its the soldiers standing in the burning ruins of a town, watching a dogfight play out over head, or them just sitting by a tree. Its a movie of real beauty, and yet by nature of its subject also true horror. Only let down by one of the central performers, who was a bit weak. Highly recommended.
  7. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    My playing through of the NES library on the Switch continues. Double Dragon II This one took some getting used to. The way they changed the buttons so that an attack differs depending on what direction you are facing was very fiddly to get to grips with. The game looks prettier than the original but it is far easier and shorter, despite it having more stages. Some of the stages were VERY short but had a pretty cool mechanic. One had you fighting on a helicopter and the door would constantly open and close, sucking you out of it if you got too close. It was great fun leading the enemies up towards it just as it opened. I was surprised to see so many sections of the game playing as straight 2D brawlers. In the first game the developers used an isometric view but with this one most of the stages are a simple, flat 2D plain. I finished the game and was greeted with this message. I guess playing it on normal wasn't sufficient to see an ending back in the NES days. I played through it again on the hardest difficulty and finally got to see the proper ending. Oh, and every time this guy showed up I couldn't help but think of Coming to America. Ghosts n Goblins Seeing as I played a game that required two play throughs to see the end, I figured my next game would be this. Man, this game is absolutely solid. I thought Ninja Gaiden was tough but this one really takes the biscuit. There are so many ways to be killed and you are constantly being flooded with enemies above and below. It's not as if you can take your time either because all of the while you have the clock running down which will ultimately send you back to beginning of the stage if it runs out. The Firebrand enemy is such a pain in the backside. You can see just how cheap this enemy is with it's attacks when you rewind the game. In fact, this goes for a lot of the NES games i'm playing. I did manage to finish it twice but was greeted with this... I didn't realise you needed a certain weapon to get the ending so I had to play through the last couple of stages again! *points to previously used Jim Carey gif* River City Ransom This is a game i've never played but i'm very familiar with the series and art style. I played the hell out of World Cup on the NES and it uses the same character models as this. What a fun little game this is. It has some hilarious character animations that had me laughing away. Like some of the previous NES games i've played so far this year, this also has nice chunky graphics that really help the characters stand out. The soundtrack is also pretty great. It's just a shame the game is short. I would have liked a more lengthier campaign. I did't really bother much with the RPG elements of the game as they aren't really needed. Once you get both the triple kick and triple punch power ups then you are pretty much set.
  8. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    My 3rd and 4th completed games of the year... First off, Golf Story. I thought I'd already done this, but no. After getting inspired to boot it up after @drahkon started playing, I realised I hadn't done the final championship and unlocked a couple of the hidden items from the story mode. Spent a couple of hours one night rounding it off and 100%d the story mode in 20:57. Not bad at all for the price I paid. Have to say my opinion of this game somewhat diverges from our favourite German's. While I agree that it can get tedious at times and there are too many fetch quests, I really enjoyed the story mode. I like the variety in the challenges and did enjoy the characters / writing overall. Next up it's a classic, an SNES classic - Super Mario Kart. I think it must've been about 20+ years since I've beaten this game. I was telling @S.C.G the other day how I traded my SNES in for Conker's Bad Fur Day back in the day (awful, awful decision), so it was great to go through this again. Definitely feels like you're "going through the motions" in 50cc and 100cc, but I was genuinely surprised by how difficult 150cc was. I managed to do Mushroom and Star Cup first time out, but Flower took me a fair few goes. Special cup (which I remember being a ball-ache) was really, really tough. There were instances when I ran out of lives on the first level (Donut plains 3 from MK8). I ended up using my Pokken wired controller in the end. D-Pad is much, much better than the pro... Such a great game though, iconic. Handling took me a while to get used to, but once you nail it, it feels superb. Great items, great music and fantastically short tracks, some of which can be lapped in sub-12 seconds on 150cc. The SNES app has really brought back some great memories and this is the first game I've beaten. Might move onto Super Punch Out next as I've been enjoying that on and off over the past week.
  9. Outer Wilds

    I think the concept of this game is amazing and will definitely be buying it. I have quite a lot of games I want to finish first though!
  10. Outer Wilds

    @Ganepark32 has. It was his GOTY last year. Check out the thread on the General Gaming board.
  11. Outer Wilds

    Has anyone played this? It's a time loop game of 22 minute cycles in the style of Majora's Mask, but is kind of an exploration and mystery game, a kind of mix between Breath of the Wild and Her Story, where you'll read a hint of somewhere to visit on one planet and find out about the mystery of solar system by following up on that lead. Kind of hard to explain without getting into spoilers but it's really quite amazing!
  12. Slay the Spire (Switch, PS4, XB1, PC)

    Ascension 10 with The Defect complete! I switched to The Ironclad and am now at Ascension 4. Dead Branch + is an insane combo and I love it.
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    thatgamecompany's latest Sky: Children of the Light is apparently coming to Switch with support from crossplay. Really good news, I loved Journey but haven't checked this out because it's only been on iOS and I would prefer to play it with a controller. No word on when it'll be coming though.
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  15. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Reminder that in spite of some of my attempts this is NOT a Professional LP. Eg, the gaffe at the start of the actual episode and my puzzle solving attempts...
  16. The Wrasslin' thread

    Decided to watch AEW at the start of the year given a couple of people were on about it when I was back home. Seen the first three episodes of the year and I have to say I'm liking it so far. It feels similar to how the WWE used to a few years ago but without all the bullshit (stupidly long boring segments and pointless matches), which is obviously great. The quality of the wrestling is really good even if the storylines haven't really grabbed me that much. One thing that has impressed me is how professional it all looks. The arenas and presentation are really up there and I will forever love Good Ol' JR. I watched TNA for a few years back when they had a weekly show (think it was 2005-7, before Impact!) and despite really loving it, it always came off as a bit knock-off and amateurish. Definitely don't get that vibe with AEW. While they don't have much in the way of big name talent, I like some of the guys they do have, especially Sammy Guevara and MJF, who is possibly the best heel I've seen in a very long time. I love everything about this asshole. Such a great gimmick that he plays really well. It's been almost 10 years since I've watched wrestling, bar the odd Wrestlemania, so I'm looking forward to checking these guys out on PPV, and I'll decide then whether I stick with it. WWE, it seems, definitely need some competition, so at least they have something to aim for.
  17. Dunno if it was something I did at the gym but my back is hurting. It didn't kick in until a bit later while I was doing a bit of shopping so I'm not sure.
  18. Netflix

    Watched the Ni No Kuni movie. Fairly predictable, but I liked it. Made me want to play the first game but I've got too much to play currently.
  19. The single showing worked out better timing-wise for me but I’m definitely regretting not going to the double just so I could see it earlier after seeing all the positive comments coming out.
  20. I ended up going to the double bill, will refrain from posting thoughts until later though. Are you watching the Japanese version or has the English version started already?
  21. Netflix

    I'll be watching it tonight. The Dragon Quest movie comes out 13th Feb.
  22. Pokémon Trading

    Good stuff.
  23. Pokémon Trading

    It was!! Thanks so much
  24. Pokémon Trading

    Was that you I just traded with?
  25. Pokémon Trading

    Ok I'm on now
  26. Pokémon Trading

    I'm online now. Code is 4971.
  27. Pokémon Trading

    Omg amazing. I am free whenever!
  28. General Switch Discussion

    Agreed about Luigi's Mansion. The game, as well as Next Level Games, deserve that level of success. I wonder if there is any region where Pokemon Shield actually outsold Pokemon Sword? Ring Fit Adventure probably could have done much better if the stock situation was the same as over here. You've not been able to get ahold of it all of this month and only now stock is starting to trickle through. The Switch has also been dominating sales in Japan but that is to be expected. The dedicated home console market over there is pretty much dead and unless you have a handheld component to your device then it's not going to make a dent. I think Nintendo's grip on that market will even continue when the new consoles arrive.
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