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  2. The Circle TV show

    I've really struggled to get into the US season, not sure if it's the characters or if i'm just a bit burnt out on the concept giving the whirlwind that was UK season 3 so I'm gonna give it a few weeks before I dive back in. Have you guys got yourselves in deep or nay?
  3. General Switch Discussion

    There's a demo for AI: The Somnium Files (on Switch at least. Don't know which other consoles/stores also have it), in case you're still on the fence. I played it and thought it was fantastic.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    I'll be ordering the physical, and will therefore have to wait until end of the year. I actually finally decided to finish Root Letter recently.. And in short I don't recommend it. It did get me in the mood for other visual novels, I was considering the recently released sequel, as I like the artstyle, but from what I read in a review, gameplay and structure (for as much you get this particular visual novel) seems to be pretty much the same as Root Letter, so this put me off. Not sure if I'll give it a chance now. However, being in the mood for visual novels, I also decided to do more playthroughs of World End Syndrome. Unlike Root Letter, I did finish a playthough back when I got it, but as typical for these games, to get the true ending you must unlock every ending, and I wasn't in the mood to play through it multiple times in a short period. I still haven't seen all the endings yet, I'll save the last few for later, but this game I would recommend. Edit: But AI: the Somnium Files like @Dcubed mentions is also great. Better overall perhaps even, though less of a pure visual novel. Which reminds me, I still need to watch the ending for it. There's a bug associated with it, but there seems to be a work-around.
  5. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    I thought I remembered getting items from arena awards that were used to make armour? Ah I forgot the old N-E code....will use that from now on
  6. Opening gates for a bit for birthday.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    If you're after something more in the vein of Zero Escape or Ace Attorney, might I recommend AI: The Somnium Files? It was Kotaro Uchikoshi's (same person who directed the Zero Escape series) final game before leaving Spike Chunsoft and it has a LOT of the same kind of puzzle style gameplay, mixed with a VN-like experience. It's an excellent game and the Switch version is superb.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I just finished Raging Loop and thought it was EXCELLENT. It was my first VN experience where there was little actual gameplay (compared to say, Phoenix Wright or the Extreme Escape games). I've heard incredible things and could do with another Switch game to play at night.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    From what I hear, it's the purest form of Visual Novel. Don't expect any actual gameplay here. If that's fine with you though, it's probably worth checking out. Because it's apparently very good in that regard.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    It looks like the all-time number 1 ranked game on Metacritic is now The House in Fata Morgana (small sample, but still), which releases on Switch this weekend. Is anyone getting it? I've heard from numerous people that it's the greatest ever visual novel but I assumed there was an element of hyperbole in their statements. Very tempted. @S.C.G Is this something we'll be covering?
  11. Videogame Genres

    I quite liked Metroid Prime Hunters for what it was (a good Quake style multiplayer FPS). The single player was kinda cack (and not even remotely like a Metroid game at all), but the multiplayer was good fun! And the controls were amazing! It really did feel remarkably close to a keyboard & mouse setup! But yeah... the online was absolutely ruined by hackers. Literally every single online match had some idiot playing as Trace, stuck inside a wall, sniping everyone to death; and there was nothing you could do about it. Local multi was good fun though!
  12. Videogame Genres

    If Prime Hunters was a "Hero shooter" it was an incredibly unbalanaced one! Sylux and Trace were the only worthwhile characters to play as in that game. Not to mention the online was absolutely plagued with hackers which is a shame as I used to play the game online but would get absolutely destroyed by people who were playing as Trace and hacking the game to stand INSIDE WALLS so that they could snipe everyone else from in there. Meanwhile I was just running around as Sylux because that was the only other worthwhile character due to the fact that Shock Coil heals you when you attack the opponent as well as the fact that the coil homes in on enemies. They REALLY didn't think to balance this game properly. TF2 and Overwatch HAVE to have more viable characters right? But thats getting off the point of the topic now somewhat... (Ironically Hunters was my first Metroid game unless you count its First Hunt Demo, so a Hero Shooter which I started playing because I was a teenager at the time and the FPS genre was popular with teenager boys helped me get into what would become one of my all time favourite franchises and shape my gaming tastes for the rest of time to the point where I don't really play a lot of the preceived "super hardcore adult" games with a lot of violence in them).
  13. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    I'm assuming you can screenshot and share that way if nothing else. Hoping so, I've given up the online account!
  14. Games Done Quick

    Absolutely insane that we’re now within milliseconds of matching the TAS in real-time! We’ve literally almost reached End Game with the original SMB! Will be perhaps the greatest milestone in speedrunning history when it happens!
  15. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Well I'm an IT specialist but I wouldn't play a game where I would have to advice people about their IT hardware infrastructure so fair enough.
  16. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Probably not for me (ironically given I'm a photographer), but it does look really great!
  17. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Looks stunning and I can’t wait to get taking photos. I do hope there’s the option to share via Twitter and not just in game sharing of photos. Also I do not know why this is not yet up for preorder on the official Nintendo store yet.
  18. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    I'm looking forward to this coming out and just spending that weekend chilling out taking photos. I just wish it was coming out at the start of my leave rather than end but hey ho.
  19. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    I’ll help out. Just make sure you set up the lobby without a password though (or use the N-E default of 4444 ) as I’ve tried joining you before but couldn’t get in. I need you to send me your Guild card again too as I didn’t actually get it last time we played. Didn’t realise they had to be manually accepted, thought it would be automatic like it was in MH World.
  20. Vesta is having a birthday party today. I can open up this evening if any one want to come give her a pressie.
  21. Yeah, I do hope that's the case. It's so funny imagining how that conversation would go. Though, while I do agree that I can't see Square Enix wanting to sell either (like I said, they've only really hit their stride in the last few years, unlike Bethesda, who had definitely fallen from grace a bit in recent times), money talks. If Microsoft or Tencent barged in with some crazy offer I have to imagine they'd at least entertain it, even if they didn't accept it. EDIT: Square Enix officially shutting it down. Something could still happen in the future, but yeah, it's wise of them to shut it down now. Rumour-based stock surges are rarely a good thing.
  22. Speaking more seriously though? I doubt that there’s really anything to this story. Japanese execs love going out to dine & drink together (COVID or no COVID) and they love chatting shite about mergers & partnerships that ends up being nothing more than banter. This is probably just exec banter that has been misinterpreted and shared via a glorified game of telephone. I really couldn’t imagine S-E wanting to actually sell up. Edit: Ahh. Speak of the devil... Told you.
  23. Think I can hear all of us collectively groaning on this one. In my eyes, there are only two potential suitors with the financial backing to get this deal done and a reason to do it: Tencent and Microsoft. Tencent are just buying and investing in everyone, and Microsoft have been trying to break their way into Japan for nearly two decades; this would be a - very aggressive - way of achieving that. It would shore up Game Pass, obviously (I also imagine they're paying a lot more than they perhaps reasonably should be to get Square Enix's games on there now, even years after release), and in my mind at least, would strengthen Xbox much more than the Bethesda deal did, simply because of the diversity it would add to their portfolio. Three of the biggest and most recognisable Japanese non-Nintendo game franchises in Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, a massive legacy of titles stretching back to the 80's which could pretty much all be dumped onto Game Pass (this isn't the way I wanted us to get a Final Fantasy I - VI Collection...), not to mention the overwhelming success of Final Fantasy XIV Online after it was turned around (I'd imagine that'd be a potential Minecraft situation where you continue to let it be played on everything), and a myriad of other games like NieR, their mobile offerings, etc., as well as the Luminous Engine, which they've put an ungodly amount of time and resources into, and even away from that, in recent years have successfully pivoted many of their biggest projects onto Unreal Engine. I haven't even mentioned Square Enix Europe, who have Tomb Raider, Life is Strange, Just Cause, and the recently published Outriders. Just taking their IP values into account I think this is a potentially bigger deal than the Bethesda one, never mind the fact that if it's Microsoft looking to buy them, Square Enix has ridiculously strong ties with PlayStation across their biggest IP's, and a very healthy relationship with Nintendo too, so the asking price could inflate based purely on that. And let's not forget that their two biggest revealed AAA projects as of right now, Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken, both already have exclusivity deals with PlayStation. In terms of the other console manufacturers, Nintendo might have the cash hidden away to buy out Square Enix, but this would be very unlike them, not to mention that the Switch wouldn't be able to handle what Square Enix has been doing with Final Fantasy for a while now. PlayStation on the other hand already have strong ties with Square Enix without buying them outright, so while this could be a strong move in terms of consolidation, it makes very little financial sense in my eyes from a game sales perspective, and at this point I even feel the impact on console sales would be somewhat minimal. Add to that PlayStation's hard press to forget Japan exists by killing the Vita later this year and the recent closing of Japan Studio, and it's very hard for me to see them chasing Square Enix. Regarding the sale, I hope it doesn't happen, regardless of who it is that's looking to buy. Towards the latter half of last generation, Square Enix finally managed to climb out of the hole they were in and start consistently developing and releasing AAA games. With Final Fantasy XVI, Forspoken, Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II, and Dragon Quest XII are all in the works - not to mention everything else they have planned too - and it would suck for anyone to potentially get in the way of the development schedule. Yes, I own a PlayStation and use it as my main console, but even as someone with plans to pick up a next-gen Xbox at some point down the road, this would anger me more than it would make me want to buy an Xbox. Again, if it's Microsoft, I come back to what I said when we learned that they were acquiring Bethesda last year, about how big acquisitions like this are much worse for the industry than say Sony acquiring Insomniac, because whereas that's a move to consolidate their portfolio with a developer after already maintaining a healthy and stable relationship across many years, this would be another example of what I would deem unnatural growth, which hinders the potential audience for a game more than anything else. I still can't believe seemingly no-one is interested in Konami. Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Suikoden, Pro Evolution Soccer...they have little interest in resurrecting these IP's themselves, and whereas I feel like Square Enix is already earning as much as they reasonably can across their catalogue of games right now, you have a lot of room for growth here I feel, so long as they would be allowed to grow. Forget all of the other IP's for a second: you have an honest and genuine FIFA competitor being transitioned to Unreal Engine, which unlike Frostbite actually consistently works, so imagine the potential you'd have backed by Microsoft, who in my eyes has the financial might to quite easily swoop in and get all of the necessary rights to effectively kill FIFA. Then you make it a subscription-based model after a couple of years of increasing sales, during which you let it still be a full purchase on other platforms but included as part of Game Pass, and there you have it. Guaranteed money, we've seen the sins of Ultimate Team scrubbed from the world, and we can all be happy. But anyways, back to the topic at hand. Again, if it's what point would we potentially start seeing "monopolisation" thrown around? Because they can never do something as direct as Disney buying Fox, in that neither one of Nintendo or PlayStation would ever sell to them, but they show no signs of letting up when it comes to these acquisitions (they were in for WB Interactive last year, too, before they took themselves off the market). Worrying times. I selfishly hope Square Enix stays put, as it feels like we're still at the start of a renaissance for them on the Japanese side of things, and two of my three most anticipated games are being developed by them (Final Fantasy XVI and Dragon Quest XII). Again, this is still a very big if. It could easily be something Square Enix swats away as soon as an offer is made, so while the prospect of them being sold is definitely cause for concern, I'm not going to give it too much thought until we learn more. But if it is a console manufacturer, regardless of who it ends up being, then we all lose.
  24. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    No idea, but seeing as that has never been the case in previous games, I wouldn't bet on it.
  25. Monster Hunter Rise (26th March 2021)

    Oh I'll still be playing in May Planning to try out different weapons if helping others with low rank so I not too overpowered....unless you want me to be overpowered then my Switchaxe is at your service Not done any arena yet actually so I still have all that to do too. ... actually is there any armour or weapons that are exclusive to arena item rewards?
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