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  2. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Player's Choice tonight at 8pm.
  3. Unfortunately, EA own the rights to that, so I'll be absolutely floored if that gets on NSO. Shame too, I've always wanted to try it.
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  5. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    I've got a few to work. 64DD games I'm already planning. Speaking of F-Zero... F-Zero X JP release: 14th July 1998 NA release: 27th October 1998 PAL release: 6th November 1998 Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo N64 Magazine Score: 91% I loved F-Zero GX on GameCube, but I’ve never played the N64 version before. It turns out I love this version, too, even though it feels a lot more brutal than I remember GX being. This is Nintendo’s take on the sci-fi racer genre, and it does a great job at it. F-Zero X features a whopping 30 racers at once (each with a unique ship) and – even with some obvious rubber banding – they all move like actual opponents, making mistakes and reacting to your presence. The game goes a great job at remaining smooth by adjusting the level of detail as the framerate is perfect throughout. The tracks twist and turn and it’s all incredibly fast. One key part of the game is the energy bar. On top of representing your health, it’s also your boost. There are places to recharge on the track (usually near the end of a lap) so a key part of the game is deciding how much you’re willing to risk in order to go faster. Blow up and you lose a life and have to start the race again. The tracks in F-Zero X start out quite gentle, but things take a sudden turn in the last track of the second cup (there are four cups in total, with 6 tracks each) and you’ll start getting thin portions of the track with no edges – fall off and you’re not placed back like other games, you lose a life and start again. Just surviving the tracks becomes the main challenge until you start learning them. Not every choice is made against the player, though. You have barge attacks and a spin attack at your disposal. Take someone else and they won’t score any points for that round. To make good use of this, the game even highlights you rival (the opponent with the highest score) so you can try to target specific opponents and pick them out of the crowd. On top of the leagues (which have four difficulties) and multiplayer, there’s a few extra modes. There’s an unlockable X cup that serves you up procedurally generated tracks and a “death race” mode where you race around a short track trying to take out every other racer (I personally would prefer if you could do this on other tracks as well). F-Zero X is a great game that is quite full of stuff to do. It’s still a ton of fun today. Remake or remaster? A remake of F-Zero GX with all the tracks and features of F-Zero X added in would be amazing – although it shouldn’t be based on this version of F-Zero X, but we’ll get into that when I play the Japanese-only expanded version of the game. Official ways to get the game. There is no way to buy a new copy of F-Zero X, the only official way to play is to rent it via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pak. Re-releases 2004: iQue 2007: Wii Virtual Console 2016: Wii U Virtual Console 2022: Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription Only)
  6. Another Japanese overview trailer was dropped last night. I imagine the English version will be uploaded soon.
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  8. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    Worth noting that every Aleck 64 game has now been converted into standard N64 ROMs that can be played off a flash cart (and presumably emulators too). Same thing was done with the 64DD library too. You can now play them all on a flash cart without a 64DD needed (yes, even the games like F-Zero Expansion Kit that interfaces with a seperate cartridge).
  9. Your 2024 Gaming Diary

    Well, I was stupid/crazy enough to go for it. Took another 3 playthroughs of the game. It honestly wasn't that bad. Each time I finished it I got better/faster at completing it, until I eventually got my final run down to just over 8 hours. Nuts how fast you can get through it once you get a good handle on the SP system and which skills to utilise. The secret super boss in the game was pretty rough though. The fight is pretty cheap and very RNG based. Your level doesn't really matter and it's pretty much down to luck whether or not the boss will use killer moves or not. If all goes to plan, you can finish the fight in about 10 seconds but it it doesn't then you'll be dead in the same amount of time. I also tackled the super post game dungeon. I really had to grind to get through this. The max level in the game is not 100 but rather 255. I tried the dungeon at around the level 120 mark and just could not get through it and so I done some extreme XP farming. Was a cake walk once I tried it when I was level 180. Playing through the game multiple times let me see the characters stories play out in different ways. It was cool how certain blanks were filled in if you chose a different team. There was also a new ending and a secret anime cutscene that I unlocked by going to an optional dungeon with certain characters. Fantastic JRPG and one that I certainly got my monies worth from.
  10. Football Season 2023/24

    Well, that's our season over with. Ridiculous the drop in form we've had over the past few weeks. I swear, when we had all of those injuries, the youth team that Klopp fielded were better than what's been on the pitch lately.
  11. The Disney Thread

    First trailer for Jim Henson Idea Man: That song gets me every time
  12. Indeed. I think they gave it a score in the high 80s. EDIT: Yup. https://www.nintendomags.com/magazines/n64-magazine/issue9/
  13. If i remember correctly, N64 magazine used to talk about Extreme-G quite a bit and seemed to really like it. I always wanted to try it out but never got a chance until today and it's pretty good and seems to hold up really well.
  14. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    Interesting, I had no idea about that arcade unit, I may test out how they emulate (looks like the ones that use odd controllers have a patched ROM to accept a regular controller) and sneak them somewhere into my playthrough, something interesting to look at.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Pikmin keyrings! https://www.n-europe.com/news/pikmin-4-rubber-cutout-keyring-added-to-my-nintendo-rewards/
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I've heard about it. I haven't heard of Nintendo actually banning anyone who has used a physical cart whose contents have been copied yet though... so maybe there's a way they can tell who's using it? Dunno.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    So it seems there could potentially be issues with playing second-hand Switch games online now, if the information in this video is correct: Pretty messed up if true. Anyone heard about this before?
  18. The N64 sure did have a lot of racing games, easily the most over-represented genre on the system (helps that Nintendo themselves published no less than 9 of them!) It's not as crazy as the shooter genre on the TG16, or the fighting game genre on the NeoGeo, but it's definitely the console's speciality it's most known for. That and FPS games.
  19. F-Zero X - All N64 Games

    Aha! Now I get to talk about the Aleck 64 arcade board! This was the first game released for this arcade PCB, and the N64 cartridge release is essentially identical in every way to its arcade counterpart... ... that's because the Aleck 64 is essentially an N64 shoved into an arcade cabinet. Not the first of its kind by any means, arcade boards based on consoles were common at the time (indeed, part of the reason why the PS1 was such a huge success was because Sony licensed out the PS1 hardware for use in arcade boards, especially ones made by Namco such as the System 11; which powered some of their biggest arcade hits of the late 90s, including the Tekken series)., but what makes this one a bit unusual is that Nintendo had little to no involvement with the Aleck 64's development. No, this was a Seta joint; yes, the same Seta responsible for the bizzare Morita Shogi 64 and its weird custom cartridge that you saw a couple pages back in this same thread. Seta liked to tinker with odd hardware accessories and the like, and it seems that Nintendo took notice and granted them the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom 64 here. It perhaps came too late to make any real impact in the arcade world. The N64 hardware wasn't particularily impressive compared to contemporary arcade competitors (I mean, it wouldn't have been impressive by 1996, let alone 1998!), and the N64 itself was famously much more difficult to develop for than the PS1, so it didn't really compete well at the low-end either. Kind of caught in a bit of a no-mans land really. Still, the Aleck 64 did end up getting a fair few games made for it, 16 in total, but none of them would end up being notable successes in the arcade business. Either way, 16 games is a decent amount for a standardised arcade PCB, so it's hard to call it a failure; especially for a small developer like Seta. But, to my knowledge, only two games from the Aleck 64 would ever get ported to the regular N64; and Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth just so happens to be the first one.
  20. That makes, now what, 7 distinct racing games on the N64 NSO? Surprising amount of variety in this console alone. (Even more, if you count the minigames in Mario Party & Pokemon Stadium)
  21. I was not expecting Extreme-G! Wow! My second ever N64 game I owned. Maybe 34 year old me can actually finish it? Never played Iggy, either. Worth a go, I reckon!
  22. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    I remember that. That's "Garoo's Lunch Box" I imagine he's the chill kind of guy who would want his name plastered all over product without permission, you know?
  23. @bob is right. Note the use of the word "now".
  24. Sweet I remember playing Extreme G but never played Iggy. Guess we have another few games for Friday nights to play.
  25. This is on sale on the PlayStation Store for the first time since launch, down to £10.71 from £15.99.
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