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  2. House buying is the worst

    We actually had a very similar issue come up in our homebuyers. Unfortunately how it works from my understanding is that the surveys you do (and your solicitor does) come after the offer. So you do have to as a seller put up with re-negotiation. For us we just said that we would let it slide but instead they filled up the small pond in the back garden for us instead. To not turn up is rude as hell, but ultimately an offer doesn't mean a whole lot, its just an agreement at the time of it, there's no way to know as a buyer until those valuations and surveys happen that its actually worth the price. Though the sellers (until exchange) are totally fine to walk away at any point. So hopefully they are up for negotiating if another buyer notices it (because if they do their due diligence they will!)
  3. House buying is the worst

    Not about me, but a colleague at work has been selling her old house in Manchester she had with her ex. They got an offer on the asking which they accepted naturally and contracts have been signed. But the buyer then wanted to bring in some contractors to look at the roof/some damp - which has been stated a minor/whatever the term is on the survey report on the house, and apparently 4-ish tiles may need replacing. On the day some people were meant to go around, her dad and her ex went to the house to let them in but after 3 hours never showed up. Naturally she's a bit pissed at this, you would've thought all this negotiating tactics would happen before putting in an offer, instead of getting the paperwork rolling and then trying to lowball after. They were meant to be coming at them with some offer on Friday, which they've already decided that they'll flat out refuse, and if the buyer walks from that they've got all their solicitors bills etc to pay, whereas she doesn't, as they only get paid upon sale.
  4. Actually found myself liking that, a little less interesting than other stuff, but pretty good.
  5. House buying is the worst

    We exchanged, completion is the 23rd! Buckle up kids its been a wild ride of a shitshow. We had the drama with the mortgage that I think I detailed here previously with my partner's employer. That all got sorted and the mortgage deed was submitted, at this stage I thought nothing else could go wrong now. Hahahaha....! Once it was submitted, we waited...and waited and then I poked my solicitor, its been two weeks, whats going on? I kept being told it was with our lender, with no real information as to why. So I grabbed my broker, only to find out it was being stalled because my solicitor was adamant that our house was a green house (Nationwide will give you £500 cashback if you buy a house with a high EPC rating), yet after myself, my broker and TWO managers at Nationwide saying it was an EPC D rating, including the EPC doc I had got from the solicitor themselves, she wouldn't budge. Then she went silent...oh fml. I then found out she had handed in her notice, so she went AWOL, another week goes by and with some serious pestering to other solicitors in her team we finally got them to drop the green cashback. At this point our estate agents from the seller were hounding me every single day, in some instances multiplte times a day, this past week its been nearly every hour. I begged my solicitors and my broker for help...for them both to be on holiday. WTF. Finally managed to get some responses, spent the better half of three days emailing and calling various people in my solicitors to get them to assign a new agent to me. In the end my broker had to do work whilst on holiday to get them to shift, with emails all the way to the head of that particular branch to move it around. Finally on Friday after threats from my seller we exchanged and we complete next week. OOFT. Considering we're first time buyers with technically everything "correct" its been a weird riot. The moving of items will be the easy bit after all. Long as the movers don't fuck us up.
  6. Given this a bit more thought, but something else came to mind for this. Capcom really were absolute beasts when it came to pushing the 3DS to it's limits! Here's a PS3/XBox 360 title, running in 60 FPS and in stereoscopic 3D to boot! And it was a launch title! Absolutely nuts!
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  8. The unfinished Game Boy Colour port of Resident Evil is crazy They didn't try to skip on features or make it 2D (like they ended up doing with Resident Evil Gaiden), they went ahead trying to make the whole experience on the CBC. The fact that it functioned as much as it does in the unfinished version is an astounding feat in itself. Driver 3 for the GBA is also far more than what you would expect from a handheld port
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Hades Not too long ago, I played Transistor, which had a gameplay style I didn’t like (pausing to plan combat), but surprised me in how much its charm, style and gameplay all made me end up enjoying it a lot. As someone who isn’t a fan of roguelike games, I decided to try Hades as I thought I could end up enjoying it a lot. As with all of Supergiant’s games, the aesthetics in Hades are gorgeous, with a lovely artstyle, amazing music and great voice acting. Every screen is stunning to look at, and the characters are all incredibly charming, with lots of great dialogue as the various Greek gods (and other characters) comment on things you have done. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who wants to escape the underworld. You will fight room-by-room throughout four areas, facing a boss at the end of each one. While it is possible to finish on the first run, you will almost certainly die, getting sent back to the house of Hades, giving you a chance to talk to people and prepare for the next attempt. Throughout each escape attempt, you will collect different resources, boons (powers) from gods and various other upgrades. Most of this is temporary and will only last for one escape attempt. The different powers you get, which will alter how you play the game and the tactics you’ll use, and the weapons you can unlock will keep the game feeling fresh. The three main resources you will keep at the end of a run are darkness, keys and gemstones. The keys will unlock new weapons and talents, the darkness will let you upgrade talents and the gemstones let you add helpful elements to the maps, such as rooms with healing. The downside of this is that it just turns into a game of just grinding until you think you’re good enough for the proper escape attempt, just collecting the various resources you need until you’re good enough to go. However, I actually never got to that stage. The various boons from gods, along with other upgrades you can find (such as a Dedalus hammer, which upgrades your weapon in different ways) can vary massively in usefulness depending on how you play the game, making each run extremely luck dependent. I was focusing on a grinding run when I ended up getting an extremely powerful batch of powers. First was a second attack for my special attack, which dealt a lot of damage to all enemies nearby, then some boons which improved my special damage and added a critical hit chance (which seemed to also apply to the extra attack, too), then on top of this a boon which improved chances to get a second critical hit on an enemy and some which improved healing. This meant that I could mash the Y button and breeze through all the encounters. Now, there is a lot more you can do after a successful escape attempt, there’s more dialogue to be found. I messed around a bit afterwards, unlocking the final weapon, along with a system that lets you upgrade the weapons. You also unlock a set of modifiers, which add additional challenges to mix things up, but ultimately playing through the same areas just doesn’t appeal to me, especially as it seems it’s more about grinding or just getting lucky than it is about learning how to beat the game. I did really enjoy my time with Hades, even if it ultimately felt that the game itself decided it was time for me to beat it, and loved talking to all the characters. The core gameplay itself was fun, it’s just that the main elements of the structure of the game aren’t for me. I Am Fish From the creators of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread comes I Am Fish. It’s a platform game with the “frustrating control” style of gameplay, hiding its difficulty behind an incredibly adorable graphics style, which looks way too nice for a game about fish that want to escape to the ocean. Four fish: a goldfish, pufferfish, piranha and flying fish, are fed magical bread while living in a pet store, gain intelligence and become friends. Three of them get purchased and taken to different homes, while the goldfish gets transferred into a small fish bowl and placed on a higher shelf. Although a bit of artistic license is taken and fish bowls in the game’s universe are perfectly spherical with a watertight lid. While Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and other similar games are difficult due to purposefully bad (but still functional) controls, controlling the fish in I Am Fish is pretty simple and feels very responsive (although there is an option for a ridiculous control scheme). The dilemma is that you’re always controlling the fish itself, and the fish starts off in a ball. As it takes time for the fish to swim to the edge of the bowl, it means there’s a delay in moving, which you will have to calculate while manoeuvring around. If this was a game about moving containers around and you controlled the container, the controls would feel pretty sluggish and bad, but the idea of controlling the fish means that you understand why things feel delayed, and as a result the controls themselves don’t feel delayed. You’re playing as the fish, not the bowl. Most of the time, there’s usually a path to follow, with some visual clues finding the way (and checkpoints that are clearly marked from a distance so you know you are heading the right way. The bowl smashes very easily, so to get down from high places, you’ll have to figure out the route down. You won’t be spending all of the time in a bowl, as you will swim through various bodies of water like ponds, lakes, puddles and sewers, and end up in other containers, the most common being mop buckets and jars. The mop bucket is the easiest container to move, but the jar will cause the most frustration. In the jar, you can’t just move in the direction you want by swimming that way, you have to push forward at the left and right corners of the jar to turn it around, then in the middle to push it forward. It’s very difficult to get used to it, but quite rewarding when you get the hang of it. One you finish the goldfish’s missions, you get to play as the other three fish, all with special powers. The pufferfish can puff himself into a ball, rolling along the ground for short periods and launching himself out of the water, the piranha can bite and destroy certain objects and the flying fish can, well, fly. Well more glides, soaring between different bodies of water. There are 12 levels with the individual fish, all of which are great fun. They’ll all have some really tough moments, but there are lots of creative ideas that make them worthwhile, along with the satisfaction of having bested the game. You’ll swim through swers, shops, farms, markets, hospitals and more. There’s a surprising amount of variation for a game with a simple premise, and background details and story elements that you can overhear from humans talking. After all the fish are in the ocean, you’ll get one final mission where you can swap between all four fish. I wish there were more levels played as a group as I really enjoyed the puzzles in this one, utilising the abilities of each fish to progress. There are puzzles in the individual levels as well, but they’re more straightforward as you only have a limited amount of tools. I Am Fish is a surprisingly fun game, the difficult controls make a lot of sense and there’s an immense amount of charm in the game, with some really fun and unique ideas you’ll encounter in each level. It does have some issues, such as checkpoints occasionally being really far apart, and seagulls being annoying (like real life, I guess), but I think it’s definitely worth checking out. skateBIRD SkateBIRD is a Tony Hawk-style skateboarding game featuring birds (including a Tiny Hawk). For a fun premise like that, a game doesn’t have to be astounding to be enjoyable, it just needs to have decent gameplay (even if it’s mostly copied from another game) and some fun levels, missions and dialogue. That’s what I was hoping for from skateBIRD, nothing mind blowing, but a cheesy, fun experience. Sadly, I ended up very disappointed. Starting up skateBIRD, you’ll get to customise your bird, choosing from many different types of bird (all control exactly the same), hats and various other accessories. You can’t rotate the bird, so you won’t know what some of the back accessories look like until you start playing. There’s a lot of fun things to choose from, with more to find hidden in levels. You’ll skate through five different levels: a studio apartment, the top of a building, an office, a server and a different studio apartment. The majority of the game is just grey and brown, and there’s very little in the way of background detail to look at. It’s all very drab. To make matters worse, there’s some kind of effect (depth of field perhaps) that makes things not directly next to your bird look like a blur, so most of the time the only things you can see clearly are the bird and floor. The texture of the floor itself (and other scenery) is fairly low quality, while ramps made out of magazines (and the cat photo) are extremely well detailed, creating a mitchmatch of things that just don’t fit. The levels themselves have very little structure to them, different areas don’t flow into each other very well and you won’t find yourself chaining combos between different sections of the level, instead focusing on just getting a score in one small section. The missions also rarely use the levels well. In Tony Hawk games, sections of levels seem specifically designed for missions, while in this it seems they just came up with random ideas for missions and just worked them into somewhere in the level. Missions will involve getting a high score, doing specific tricks or collecting objects. There’s a “arrow” in the shape of a bird at the bottom of the screen that tries to lead you towards objectives, but doesn’t take into account that thing can be on a higher section of the level, meaning you have to take a long route to try a different height. The dull colour scheme also means that items don’t stand out, and there’s no highlight or “glow” on them. There’s one in particular where you find paperclips and they’re difficult to see even looking directly at them (the image below actually contains most of the paperclips). The cutscenes are (apart from two or three instances) focused entirely on the birds, so won’t show a rough overview of where you need to go. I haven’t even touched on the core gameplay yet. Take one of the older Tony Hawk games (before they added things like tricks while grinding) and this aims to function in the same way. Sadly, everything feels floaty – not “better air due to bird” floaty, but in a slow and delayed way. There are a lot of corners, nooks and crannies that your bird will get stuck on, grinding only works when it feels like it. One big difference between the gameplay of Tony Hawk and skateBIRD is the “FANCY” meter. As you perform tricks, it will fill up. This isn’t a combo meter (although that also exists), but determines your speed and how high you can jump. Crashing or bumping into something will reset it completely, although sometimes the game likes to reset it on its own. Filling it up also feels very inconsistent, sometimes a small amount of tricks on the ground is enough, sometimes doing 5 kickflips and a spin off a ramp won’t add anything. As having a high FANCY metre is necessary, the issues with it, and the control issues that can cause it to empty, lead to a lot of frustrations, and will require you to reset the missions a lot. It’s a really horrible game mechanic that isn’t fun in any way. Restarting missions a lot also comes with other annoyances. The music in skateBIRD is surprisingly good, starting off with some odd but entertaining tracks where people give bird facts in tune to music (it feels a bit Jet Set Radio), with a bunch of rock songs you can unlock throughout the game. Starting a mission, restarting a mission and ending a mission will make the game skip to another track, you’ll unfortunately mainly hear the start of each song a lot. The starting cutscene for each mission will play every time, and you’ll have to tap A repeatedly to skip. There’s also another really odd thing about the start of missions: the place you start at (and respawn if you have to reset when you get stuck) seems to be the position your bird is in for the cutscene. This means that for a lot of missions, you start off facing away from where you need to go, sometimes facing a wall or a few times just aimed right at a drop (which means if you mash A to skip the dialogue for slightly too long, you’ll jump down when it starts and have to restart again). The dialogue is mildly amusing. I didn’t encounter anything hilarious, but it would be entertaining enough if the gameplay was fun. One really nice feature is that you can “birbify” the words with a slider. The more “birb”, the more it sounds like a kid being silly with purposefully misspelt words and bad grammar. For skateBIRD to be an enjoyable experience, all it needed to be was a semi-decent Tony Hawk clone. Sadly, the gameplay itself is incredibly frustrating, inconsistent and, frankly, a complete mess. It’s something you would expect from an Early Access title, not the final release.
  10. I've not played it on Switch but Witcher 3 on Switch: The Switch has seen numerous wonder ports really, Rocket League is great on there and the Doom games look much closer to the other versions than I would ever have expected. Will try to think of some for older systems.
  11. Logic Randomisers??

    There were like 15 options to check, and I would usually pick "regular" or "standard" when I was in doubt. Likely one of those "regulars" still allowed for glitches. I used the VARIA randomiser, and that one had a tracker and even a suggested walkthrough. According to those, my randomised ROM needed "13 out of known 38" techniques to beat. Indeed, the part I got stuck at was marked red because of the techniques I'd need on my trip to Crocomire (which according to the spoilers, would've gotten me the Grapple Beam) I don't know that game very well, no. My opinion of it isn't that high either. But I might do one for Link's Awakening at some point.
  12. On mobile, so I can't easily post pictures, but one that immediately comes to mind for the Switch here. God, this is some black magic going on! It's SO close to the PS4 version visually, that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference without a side-by-side comparison! Looks great in handheld too! It shouldn't do, but it does!
  13. Logic Randomisers??

    The Super Metroid Randomiser has an option to generate a seed without any need for glitches or advanced movement at all. Are you sure you had those options checked/unchecked when you rolled your seed? We did that when we did our one and we were able to complete the game without the use of any glitches (In fact, IIRC, you should even be able to check/uncheck the individual glitches/advanced movement tech required the beat the seed!). As for other randomisers? The ALTTP one is very friendly to newcomers (assuming you're familiar with the original base game of course!).
  14. Logic Randomisers??

    Yeah, I'm of the same mind. Good randomizers should have an option somewhere to produce a seed that requires no advanced glitch exploitation. I know for a fact the Super Metroid/Link to the Past crossover one has this option. I refuse to play any randomizers that expect you to do things that you wouldn't need to in the base game. Speaking of, Link to the Past has a good one, provided you know that game well enough.
  15. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I'd love a nendo of Megaera.
  16. Logic Randomisers??

    This is a bit of an awkward bump but... in preparation for Metroid Dread, I decided to take a stab at a Super Metroid randomizer. Supposedly it was a beginner-friendly seed, giving me the Morph Ball and a pack of Missiles early on. It started out pretty well, got the Power Bomb instead of the regular bombs, and when I lunged myself into a room where you needed to ball jump to get out, that room actually contained the Spring Ball, pretty fortuitous. So I continued like that, finding the Long Jump fairly early as well. This allowed me to do several rooms out of order, and made wall-jumping so much easier. I ended up finding and defeating Kraid without much trouble. Also, the Spazer Beam that somehow randomized into its own spot. But after that, there were no more tools to advance further. I had what I was supposed to have, but without regular Bombs and Varia Suit. I looked up what I could do from here, found some item rooms I had missed, but there was nothing useful to be found. And annoyingly, none of it was extra Power Bombs (which spawn scarcely), so I was still running on the 5 I got at the start. At this point I got desperate. I had to resort to tricks, exploits, and/or glitches. I learned how to Mockball, ffs. It's a technique that causes the Morph Ball to run as if it were dashing. Doing this allowed me to bypass a couple of tricky segments, giving me access to 6 more items! MOST OF WHICH WERE MISSILES! I learned that a "Billy Mays" is a room with two items in it, and that you can access one super early with a very well timed jump. And all I got for it was an Energy Tank and another effing Super Missile. I had access to Maridia, but... for what? I couldn't climb it, so there was no way to get any item there. And so I had to resort to the one thing I didn't want to do: enter Norfair and blaze through the hellish corridors. This is apparently known as a "Hellrun". If done well, it only takes a minute to find safe haven within Norfair,'s a very intense minute that took multiple tries just to survive. After grinding my health back for what seemed like an hour (actually just 12 minutes, it turns out), and overcoming a very tricky wall jump, I knew I now had access to 4 items. 3 of which were REGULAR OL' MISSILES. But the 4th item was........the Charge Beam. But maybe I can still run towards Crocomire, right? There's a bunch of items down there... Nope, in order to reach that spot, I would need to perform the "Green Gate Glitch", a precise technique that would allow me to bypass those annoying gates without needing the wave beam... and I would have to attempt it in the middle of lava-filled Norfair. TWICE! So I called it quits. I did what I could, and I had fun with it while it lasted, but I'm not doing some "I-need-a-moment-of-silence-here" speedrunner shit to complete what was supposed to be a beginner-friendly seed. Oh, and I still only had 5 Power Bombs. That's just the icing, isn't it? All things considered, this didn't turn me off randomizers or anything (I really liked the excitement of open exploration), but I think I'll be avoiding the ones where you're likely to need precise glitches/techniques. Maybe I'll try a Zelda one next time.
  17. So I decided to make a new thread! (I know, shock & awe!) and I want to celebrate some of the most insane "impossible" ports throughout gaming history; across all platforms. They may not necessarily be the "best" version of the game you can play today, but they're the ones that defy the laws of physics, blow your mind and make you say "how the bloody hell did they get THAT game running so well!?" So to kick things off, here's a few of my own nominations for Most Impressive Port In Gaming History... Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (3DS) This game on 3DS is nothing short of dark magick wizardry. It has absolutely no business running on 3DS at all, let alone looking almost as good as the Wii U original!! Seriously! Take a look at this!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? How many blood sacrifices did NST need to pull this insane witchcraft off!? And you know what's even MORE crazy!? The game runs in full stereoscopic 3D (doubling the rendering load!), projects the display across both screens, runs at a buttery smooth 30FPS AND IT RUNS ON BASE 3DS HARDWARE!!! (Yes! This isn't even a New3DS enhanced game! You get this insane level of performance on the same shitty 3DS you bought in 2011!). This is just bonkers!! Let's compare Captain Toad on 3DS to Super Mario 3D Land just to get an idea for how far we've come since the 3DS' launch... It legitmately looks a full generation ahead, but it's the same 2011 3DS hardware under the hood! It's such a mad achievement, that even Digital Foundry had to tip their hat to the 3DS version (and these guys HATE the 3DS hardware!) The Switch version is nice and all, but the 3DS one is just a far more impressive piece of software. Just absolutely incredible what they managed to pull off on a (then) 8 year old console! Oh hey! That game has some great graphics too BTW, but yeah... I don't wanna see that. Contra 3: The Alien Wars (Gameboy) Remember Contra 3? Remember how it blew your mind that a game of this kind of arcade-quality calibre was running on a home console back in 1991? Try running it on a B&W brick Game Boy instead! If anyone could pull off such a ridiculous feat? It was Factor 5 (yes, THAT Factor 5) who did this port... and yes it shows! The results are... remarkable! Head looks a big scrunched, but... yeah! That's Contra 3 alright! Fast paced 60FPS action that's faithful to the SNES original? Check. Parallax Scrolling and tons of enemies & bullets on screen? Check. Having that actually visible, legible and looking good on the puke green screen of the original DMG GB? You betcha! Seriously! Check this out! (Even the music is translated over shockingly well!) Bit better looking than Super Mario Land Now. Contrast this with the absolutely horrendous, complete piece of shit of a port that Contra 3 Advance was? And it only makes the DMG Gameboy port all the more impressive. God we miss you Factor 5. Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega Saturn) Picture 1995. The Sega Saturn had launched one year ago, alongside a port of Virtua Fighter 1 (originally made for the Model 1 Arcade board from 1992). The Sega Saturn version was already struggling to compete with the original Model 1 version of VF1; looking substantially worse and failing to match the smooth gameplay of the original. The difference was so stark in fact, that SEGA actually made a new version for both arcades & Saturn and gave it away for free to jilted Saturn owners who were left disappointed by how far off VF1 was from its Model 1 counterpart. Fast forward one year, and Virtua Fighter 2 had hit the arcades on the brand new, state-of-the-art, £10,000+ military-grade Model 2 arcade hardware. The Saturn had absolutely no hope of competing with the raw processing power of the Model 2 (not even the N64 did in fact! It wouldn't be until Dreamcast where consoles finally caught up with the Model 2), and now Saturn was supposed to come out with a port of VF2 that could compete!? It couldn't even stack up against VF1, let along VF2!! What hope could it possibly have!? Well... Say hello to the SEGA Saturn's best selling game of all time; and rightly so! The Saturn was a full generation behind the Model 2, and yet... SEGA AM2 somehow pulled it off! It's all here! 60FPS 3D fighting action that actually runs in a higher resolution than the arcade original! (496 x 384 vs 704x480). This is one of the single most impressive pieces of software engineering in video game history without a doubt, and it single handedly proved that the Saturn was capable of competing with the PS1 when it came to 3D fighting games. Super Monkey Ball Jr (GBA) This little miracle is a port of the original Gamecube Super Monkey Ball to the GBA. Just that sentence alone sounds completely ridiculous, but when you consider that you also have to convert a game that relied on pixel perfect analog precision to a d-pad? Well, then it just sounds absolutely impossible... but you know what they say about the impossible, right? Well I'll be a monkey's arse... Developed by British developer Software Creations Ltd; this port simply has no right being anywhere near as good as it is! It looks and plays shockingly faithfully! FAR better than you would ever expect! Sure, it's no replacement for the original game at all, but it gets far closer than you would ever think possible. The developers smartly decided to simplify the level designs and make them more forgiving to account for the d-pad controls; while also making use of some clever button modifiers to speed up/down your monkey ball. The music has also been translated over superbly well, sounding very close to the GCN original! And on top of that? They've not only translated the main game over very well, but all 6 mini games (including Monkey Target!) made the transition over too! It even has 4 player multiplayer support! (And yes, it even has Single Pak link support too!). They really cut no corners here, and delivered a shockingly good conversion! I still boot this one up from time to time and I'm always mega impressed; hell, it'll likely still be a better version of Monkey Ball 1 than the upcoming Switch remake It may be blocky... but it's definitely Super Monkey Ball! Smashing Drive (GBA) Speaking of absolutely insane Gamecube to GBA ports... check THIS shit out! This was originally an arcade game, where Namco published a variety of console ports. Obstenibly not a fantastic game by any means, but for some utterly bizzare reason, a few years later the game was ported to the GBA by Italian developer Raylight Studios (You might remember them for being responsible for the Resident Evil 2 GBA tech demo, and the GBA port of Wing Commander Prophecy). It might not be a high-end title for the Gamecube, but to see a port done this faithfully, to a handheld that was basically TWO console generations behind? Well. It's impossible to not be left with your jaw agasp at the results! Resident Evil 2 (N64) You all know this one. You knew it was coming. And you all know why it's so impressive. I don't need to delve into too much detail here, but quite frankly, the absolute mad-lads at Angel Studios managed to cram two CDs (1.4GB) worth of Resident Evil 2 into a single 64MB cartridge; with ALL of the original game and all of its content (including the audio and FMVs) fully intact. That's insane enough, but consider that this was done in 1999; this is still before the MP3 format became mainstream and WELL before any remotely modern video codecs existed. And all of this was managed on a humble N64!? Just absolutely nuts! The work done here by Angel Studios was so ridiculously good, that it actually spurred Capcom to make Resident Evil 0 for the N64 using their engine; and subsequently, a little known game called Red Dead Revolver (you may have heard of it). Not only is this one of the most impressive ports in all of gaming history, it's also one of the most important too! Without RE2 N64, the Red Dead Redemption series would not exist today; and arguably, Rockstar/Take Two as we know it today. Nice video breaking down some of the tricks that had to be pulled to pull of this Impossible Port That's your kickstart, now it's your turn. What are some Impossible Ports that you've found yourselves admiring across gaming history?
  18. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    After multiple reschedules this is finally happening tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. Might have to go carry on with my FFVIIR replay in a bit. That (and a lot of gaming actually) fell a bit to the side).
  19. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    It certainly was, but I can now add to my list of completed games for 2021... The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition: Very late to the party with this one, but after enjoying Cyberpunk 2077 so much last year, I figured that I should check out this game too. Picked it up dirt cheap on GoG and the original plan was to wait for the upcoming next-gen update to arrive, but then I was like "well, I should probably just download the game anyway". But then the icon was staring at me every time I used my PC, so I thought "well, better run it just to check it works" 100 hours later... here I am having completed the main game and both DLCs! Yeah, once this game hooks you that's it, you're well and truly trapped. I think the fact that once I'd started playing it I couldn't actually stop sums up how much I enjoyed it, in some ways it was a similar experience to how I felt playing Ocarina of Time for the first time back in 1998! Yeah, I now fully understand why this game has received so much praise, and why the hype was so insane for Cyberpunk. I have to say though, while I was playing the main story of Witcher 3 I don't think I was enjoying it quite as much as I did Cyberpunk, but upon playing through the 2 DLC chapters (both of which could easily stand as individual games BTW, in terms of playtime and quality!) it tipped the scale and now there's no doubt in my mind that Witcher 3 is the better game overall. Having said that, it was interesting to discover that the game still has (even at this very late and heavily patched stage) quite a few bugs in terms of presentation, characters doing freaky animations, floating items etc. not that I'm going to really criticise it for that, I'm mean this kind of stuff is to be totally expected for games of this magnitude, but in terms of the amount and frequency of visual glitches, Witcher 3 is definitely comparable to Cyberpunk, and keep in mind that I played both on the exact same PC and that I played Cyberpunk at launch. I imagine the main difference between the overall perception of the two games is that the console versions of Witcher 3 were probably a lot tidier than the console versions of Cyberpunk. Speaking of console versions, how... the... hell... did they get Witcher 3 ported to Switch?!! Knowing the game as I do now that is simply unbelievable. That has to be the most ambitious video game port of all time. Incredible. Anyway, very glad that I finally got the chance to play through The Witcher 3 (and especially its DLC! ) it was an absolutely fantastic journey and I still have some side quests left to do for when the next-gen update arrives, so looking forward to jumping back into it then.
  20. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I recently came across this recent gem of a battle theme: Motoi Sakuraba has been accused of phoning it in for Tales games for a while now (by myself included), but it sounds like he may have gotten a bit more creative freedom with Arise. It's been a long time since I heard him go so wild on those violins, these are some serious Baten Kaitos vibes I'm getting.
  21. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Speaking of which... Wario Ware: Get it Together has a banging soundtrack! Looking at the credits, about half of its composers (Yoshito Sekigawa, Shoh Murakami and Yoshiaki Kimura) were also lead composers on Paper Mario: The Origami King. So that explains why it's so good! Just the title screen music alone cracks me up every single time I hear it
  22. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Deltarune Chapter 2 is out now. No, I haven't played it yet, but I have been listening to the soundtrack from Chapter 1. You can't deny Toby Fox has some great composing chops! There's a reason Smash Bros and Pokémon got him to write a song for them! And the best song has to be the following. And a different take on that.
  23. Last week
  24. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Interesting. I didn't know that. To me it's always seemed a bit unfair how only some characters can counter. Feels like it should be a universal move really. Hopefully when the new DLC character arrives it'll generate some more interest and you'll get a few more people joining in. Even though I personally prefer 1v1 (these days) it is unfortunate how few N-E peeps play the game now. Might be worth doing an open/public Battle Arena on Thursday? Although that obviously comes with the usual risks and annoyances, like dodgy Wi-Fi connections. But at least you'll potentially have more players. You and @BowserBasher could team up against some randoms!
  25. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Oh yeah, Sonic is one of the most irritating characters to fight in Ultimate. A lot of his attacks are really safe to attempt because if you miss, chances are he ricochets away from any retaliation. In other words, you annoy the opponent to death. I really wanna punch whoever's bright idea it was to let Sonic activate Neutral B whenever he likes. Impossible to tell when it's coming. So really, the only way to handle him is with projectiles, but I was Marth, so I had to make do the next best thing, counters. I don't like using counters. Always been an unsatisfying move with how powerful they are, but against Sonic? It's deserved. That's not to say that I think all counters are bad, Peach and Daisy's are fine, because the damage is set, and some of the more recent characters have some more reasonable ones. Incineroar has a fun one. It's just an attack boost that can be knocked out of Incineroar if it gets whacked too hard or it takes too long to land an attack. It still takes a little damage as well. On a similar note, Joker's is fine as well. Until he actually gets Arsene, and then it gets silly again, but at least it's temporary. And then there's Shulk and Bayonetta. I don't mind these ones because it actually fits them quite well, based on the games they come from. They also start getting harder to land if you spam them too much, it's a nice balance. Anyway, that aside. It's a shame you won't be joining us for Smash shenanigans in the future. I'll miss your custom stages. And while there's nothing wrong with a 1v1, I always think the more players, the better.
  26. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Thanks, and yeah, those were some unbelievably tense 1v1 custom stage matches we had while @Glen-i was spectating. BTW, I feel as if I should apologies for my antics when playing as Sonic yesterday. My word that character's neutral B is cheap/broken, and I was spamming it like crazy! How the hell has that move not been nerfed? Even got Glen-i going for counters, which is just unheard of!
  27. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Great games last night. Redshells stages still make for some of the best moments as well as the most frustrating. Shame you might not renew the subscription. Definitely won’t be the same on a Thursday.
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