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  2. Favourite Awful Game I really found this one difficult, and had to look through quite a lot to find something I thought was a good fit, eventually I found it: Sonic R on the SEGA Saturn At the time this was meant to be SEGA’s answer to Mario Kart, but my god they messed it up. Hardly any tracks, gameplay was horrendous, and it was so ambitious the Saturn could barely render the track before you’d run over it. It was bad. HOWEVER! The music was out of this world, fully produced tracks with real singing and a great beat. It’s worth suffering the game just to listen to the tracks. I think some of them have even been re-used now - well worth trying to get hold of them and have a listen.
  3. Old NE Members

    Seems like the word is spreading! Nice to see you all - stick around for a while with us!
  4. Personal Finance

    I remember considering switching to this when it launched. It’s a great tool. Others that I like are: You Need A Budget Every Dollar You Need A Budget seems to be the most popular, but is a paid service. Personally I used Every Dollar until I started to want to customize things and realized I could make something better for myself so I now do it all in Google Sheets. Good call, as long as you have the 0% deal running you should pay off as little as possible. For investments I’d say the most important thing is do your research on what you’re investing in, and don’t get caught up in any get rich quick looking deals. Either decide on what type of companies you want to invest in and set a plan around that, or research funds and simply put everything into one or two of them. With budgeting this is (roughly) how my monthly budget sits: Housing (35%) This includes rent and everything we MUST pay each month like electric, internet, water, phones etc. The MUST part is a little subjective, but I consider things in here to be essential. Joint Expenses (15%) This is our monthly variable expenses, food, dining out, trains, taxi etc. We will always need to spend money on them but can drastically reduce them if needed. When I wasn’t working this was about 6% and we still had some room to drop if needed. Spending Money (10%) This is free money to spend on whatever we want, 5% for me 5% for my wife. I usually spend 3/4 of mine and my wife about half, leftovers we account for and save for individual big purchases. Savings (40%) We allocate these differently dependent on current situation. At the moment it’s as follows: Emergency fund 20% Child fund 5% Personal funds 5% Christmas 10% Of that I’ll hold a certain amount in cash and the rest gets invested. The cash is available anytime we need it for emergencies, buying personal big items etc. and the investments are long term savings we don’t touch. I manage our monthly spending, saving funds, and cash flow via one combined sheet in google docs so that I know where we hold everything and what the money has been allocated to.
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  6. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    I still haven’t watched these despite them being on my to-watch list ever since they were released. On the plus side I’m still spoiler free so maybe now is the time.
  7. Favourite Town/Village Crescent Isle: Skies of Arcadia It starts off as an desert island that you get stranded in and you return later in the game to build it into your home, complete with customisation options based on the regions you've visited.
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  9. Old NE Members

    Man, all these usernames that I don't recognise one bit. It's kinda fascinating.
  10. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    @Cube pretty sure this is a bannable offence.
  11. Personal Finance

    I've never found saving to be difficult. I don't actually save, and I've never had a budget. However I am pretty frugal. I'll always make sure I shop around for the best deal, try not to waste money. Any purchase that's reasonably large I always give myself at least a few days to think about it. Often after a day or two you realise you actually don't care about it so it stops you wasting money on impulses. I'm always surprised by how much money people waste on things like phone contracts, car insurance etc. just because they didn't do some research. Pretty much a "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" approach.
  12. With this entry, I officially forfeit Hard Mode: Windfall Island (Wind Waker) Other than navigating the ocean, I also loved visiting and revisiting this place. Perfect place to do business, do some side-quests, sell spoils, go to the auction, see how much my quest is affecting the townspeople, etc. I love that every NPC is unique, they go around their lengthy business around town (clock or no clock), and I think everybody here is involved in one sidequest or another. I absolutely adore this place. Oh, and you can restart the windmill and rekindle the lighthouse. It's great. The music's friggin' fantastic too, being an upbeat, sailing-themed version of Kakariko's theme. Very nostalgic. Also, that one sidequest that turns out to be mandatory... I had that happen to me too, during one of my replays Super memorable stuff. If I were doing Hard Mode, It'd be a close call between Skyloft, Clock Town, or Zazen Town (and if you know what that last one is, you're a cool person, have a nice day). Maybe I'll make that call at the end of the challenge.
  13. Double post: I HAVE BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE I AM WEAK. Praise be to @Eenuh for realising that the best way for getting me to shut up about "should I buuuuy it or nooooot?" was to just get it over with.
  14. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Not yet! Have you played it before? Going to be totally honest, I hadn't picked up a game since The Last of Us Part II until I started up Arkham Asylum the other day, which I've been slowly chipping away at. A combination of that and my workload only getting heavier the last few weeks at work means I haven't been playing games as much lately, and have been quieter than usual on the forums. I still haven't caught up on my Gaming Diary... It's strange because I loved TLOU2, but it just took so much out of me that I've been left feeling burnt out on games since, so I've been diving into anime, books, and the occasional game of FIFA since. Hopefully I'll get through Arkham Asylum by Friday when Ghost of Tsushima releases, and I think depending on how I feel after that game, a trip back to Kamurocho might be just what I need. Yakuza is just the right mix of cosy, over-the-top, and intrigue for times like these.
  15. Old NE Members

    It's good to see some of the old users. Glad you stopped by to say hi!
  16. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    OK, so Metroid Prime 2 is a great game in all... but does it have Ridley in it? No? OK, so that's something that Prime 3 has in it's favour. Ridley is here in the new part of Let's Play Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Meanwhile I've also been playing Magic The Gathering Arena as always. Core 2021 bot draft has just started but unfortunately my deck bombed hard at 1-3... it was an Izzet spells deck but I found the balance between creatures and spells difficult to manage and either flooded with creatures or flooded with spells so I only won one game in the end thanks to Transmogrifying into a Hellkite Punisher. I did get a fourth Vito of the Dusk Rose form my prize pack though. Also been playing Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. I don't know how many people have played this campaign yet so I will put it in spoilers.
  17. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    I expect daily updates
  18. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    Wicked. I might have to finally get on this!
  19. Football Season 2019-20

    Sheffield's win keeping the battle for Champions League spots interesting. Leicester's final 3 fixtures are Sheffield, Spurs and Man Utd. I wonder what the odds are on them staying top 4?
  20. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    Looks like Firefly is on Amazon Prime Video.
  21. Last of Us Part II

    I'm starting this tonight. Looking forward to it.
  22. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    It's 2020 and I've still managed to not see Firefly or Serenity yet. That's pretty bad...I'm going to have to sort this out soon. Is this on Netflix?
  23. Old NE Members

    One of my favourite ex ne members was ford prefect. A lot of people didn't seem to really like him... He did rant a lot.. But we did talk all the time and he was actually a really cool chill dude IMO. Blackfox was awesome too. Jolene (forget her ne name) had a heart of gold. Still talk to her from time to time on Facebook. Jim Bob was awesome (he still might be around) Some more people I liked back in the day... Athriller, svt4him, rokkhed (she did get weird not cos she was trans , just seemed to want to shock), omg I forget so many old names but remember their posts... I'm sure more names will come to me...
  24. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Racism and any kind of hatred towards anybody is something I can not stand and will not tolerate from anyone! Like dude there is just no excuse for it!! We are all human and need to be loved. So let's just love one another and enjoy this one life.
  25. Old NE Members

    Yup definitely too early to get complacent. Be safe at all times.
  26. Old NE Members

    There's definitely an issue with lack of activity in general, but when there is activity it feels like it's hard to get a word in edgeways in many topics. If other people feel similarly, that might be why less people are posting.
  27. Old NE Members

    Speak for yourself
  28. Firefly/Serenity Fans?

    I forgot about them and didn't see any news when they were released, thought they just didn't happen like Firefly Online. I'll add them to my next book series.
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