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  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    And that's Tony Hawk's Underground done. All 126 goals and every secret tape found as well as the 3 old skool levels. The first thing that stuck out to me was how much quicker everything is. Less waiting around, more skating. I get the feeling that this game was actually optimised for the Gamecube, because the loading times are more than twice as fast as previous entries. They're so fast that the loading bar never actually gets full. It rarely even makes it halfway. Now, I've never played the PlayStation version, but I can't imagine it's bigger discs helped matters there. I mean, why make a loading screen with a bar if all the vesions loaded as quick as the Gamecube one? The second thing was that I still enjoyed the plot, you create a skater and control him/her as they team up with their best friend, Eric Sparrow, to get sponsored by the local skate shop and eventually turn Pro. It's a pretty straightforward concept, but there's enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. The big mechanic addition is being able to get off your board. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to quickly regain control of your movement, it can also help you to regain speed mid-combo for longer combos. You can't do this too often because of a "walk timer" that ends your combo if it runs out. I dig it. There are less goals compared to THPS4, I guess something had to give for there to be, you know, an actual plot. On the plus side, there's actual difficulty options, which is nice and can help with repeat playthroughs. Half tempted to play through Sick Difficulty. So yeah, I still think this is the best Tony Hawk game, at least on Gamecube. Haven't actually played the 1+2 remaster. I was hoping for that to come out on Switch, but with the latest Activision acquisition, I'm not too hopeful there...
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  4. Marvel's Phase 4

    I'll probably get into it myself to, I can watch it on my brother's account. Seems to be more interesting than I initially thought. I suspect, to answer your question, we need to wait until the show's over however. Though I also suspect they will try to keep it fun for newcomers as well. But there are rumours that things tie in to the bigger Marvel universe, Dr. Strange and his multiverse to be specific. Plus there are other characters, one for example is more associated with Captain Marvel (from what I understand).
  5. Marvel's Phase 4

    I watched the first three episodes myself (the only ones out at the moment), but since the Disney+ month is coming to an end, I'll take a break from it until my household collectively decides to get another month. @Ronnie I'd say the only required watching is Infinity War + Endgame (for the reasons you already stated), but Age of Ultron may help a lot, for the added context (that film is the main source of backstory for both Wanda and Vision, so that's convenient). Here is a summed up version of their backstory, in case you don't want to watch it: I'm not sure how much of that will be relevant, but I think I got all the important bits
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  7. Dragon Quest XI

    I found a guide on Metal Slime farming if you would like, if not I'll spoiler tag it.
  8. Marvel's Phase 4

    I'll be watching Wandavision in the next couple of days, and as someone who's not really a Marvel fan is there anything I need to know about the characters or setting that'll help me get through the series without being completely lost? Any brief insight would be great All I know is Vision is Iron Man's ex-AI somehow made walking and talking and who *spoiler* in Endgame.
  9. So we've covered music making, but what do people use for music listening? I decided I wanted a turntable to try and appreciate music a bit more. I figured if I have to fanny around with putting on a record, I'll probsbly make more of an effort to actually listen. Plus I don't really listen to albums any more, so I wanted to make more of an effort to. Decided on an Audio Technica LP120x, as the general consensus is that it's the best place to start and it's mid range enough to not need upgrading any time soon. The turntable has a built in preamp, but no amp or speakers. I went with a set of Majority speakers, as they were within budget and had a built in amp. I didn't have high expectations, but figured they'd do until I could justify an upgrade. Turns out, they're pretty good. I'm no audiophile, so these are perfectly suitable for my needs. They also have Bluetooth and optical input, so I can always use them for my TV and phone if I need to. After watching a few Techmoan videos on vinyl, it got me wanting more options, so I dug out my old cassette players and seeing how well they worked. Both work surprisingly well, but the Saisho has a bit of buzz on the bass and is far too bulky for something I only plan to use the cassette player for. The Sharp is actually surprisingly good, especially when output through the Majority speakers. At that point, I realised that I own a tonne of CDs, but no CD player. Had a look on eBay and managed to find the exact CD player I had as a teenager, basically brand new in box, with all the accessories I had. Cosmetically, it's virtually perfect, but it does have an issue. For the first few minutes if playback, it skips and sounds awful, then it settles down. Fortunately, this can be remedied by turning on the antishock and using it as a buffer to accommodate for it struggling to read a cd. With antishock on, it works completely fine. I also have the obligatory Alexa for the radio and general listening. So yeah, vinyl for albums I really like, cassettes for cheapo bargains, CDs for my old albums and Alexa for everything else. I think if I had more space, I'd consider putting together a proper system, but what I have now works and is good enough for what I need. I may consider a proper cassette deck, as that's currently the weakest part of my setup (no fancy noise reduction here), but I'm in no hurry.
  10. Dragon Quest XI

    I reached that part earlier on today, such a sad scene. I'm now at 38 hours played and have arrived at what I'd assume to be final area (were it not for everyone saying how long the game is ), but Hero is only Lv. 42 and the very first encounter at that location saw my team getting absolutely obliterated! Just gave it a second attempt but was killed even quicker than the first! I've avoided it for most of the game, but definitely going to have to do some grinding now I reckon. Anyone know the best location for metal slimes?
  11. Virtual Reality

    Bought a Quest 2 the other day. Having a blast with Walking Dead Saints and Sinners. I really wish Oculus had a Game Pass style subscription. I’d sign up straight away.
  12. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Worked a treat.
  13. Dragon Quest XI

    Despite my progress, one of my Facebook friends has told me there is still quite a bit of the game left which upon surpassing the 50 hour mark still seems mad to me. The following spoiler should be avoided if you are before the second act, not sure how far into the second act I am so unless you are near the end of the second act I hazard a guess then don't click the spoiler. I will soldier on despite how much the reveal affected me, I owe it to myself to finish it at this point. I have found myself actually using the tactics menu with these later bosses in the story, since they have some annoying attacks that have caused me to get the odd Game Over.
  14. General Movie Thread

    Yup. How unfortunate that the only film available on Netflix (here) is the one I've seen (the first US reboot Godzilla). Still, hope to catch this one in cinema.
  15. General Movie Thread

    Godzilla, Kong Skull Island, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs Kong.
  16. General Movie Thread

    Which films are part of the same continuity? I think I missed almost all of them. Quick heads-up, the film festival I go to every year is.. digital as expected. But that means it's easier for people outside The Netherlands to enjoy some films. I mean, I'm pretty sure you can buy tickets for normal streams, though I think they restricted the "live" screenings to Dutch people. Festival starts first of February. A digital festival isn't getting me excited, so I'm not going to spend 300 euros on tickets like I usually do, but I'm definitely going to watch a few. Two films that caught my eye are:
  17. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    So, about that. Essentially, I started thinking of last Halloween, and how I cleared 3 short games from my backlog in a single weekend (even if one of them I dropped entirely). I figured, maybe I can do that once per month, clear 3 or 4 short games from my backlog in a specific deadline, either a week or a weekend. Could even do specific themes. And since January was the month that King of Fighters XV was to be revealed (and it was), I thought that should be the theme for January: SNK fighting games. I have several in my GOG backlog (most of them from discounted bundles), I can check a few, if I try not to waste too much time on each. So I picked four of them, gave myself a week to play them, and... And that was it. That was the plan. But then I entered a quarantine, and suddenly I had more free time. I figured "Fuck it, I have 4 more to clear, let's do those as well!": Phew, that's all of them. I think I can consider this experiment a success... although I most certainly will not be doing 8 games in a row again! I'll stick with 3-to-4 short games per month. Huh, 10 games so far. I wonder if I can fit one more...?
  18. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    You can't launch anything in China without a Chinese partner, hence Tencent. They're only helping local distribution, WeChat pay and cloud stuff for the e-shop in China. Bonus: They also get access to all your design materials so they can replicate the technology and release their own brand once you're surplus to requirements. Then you get booted out of China. Couldn't care less about a Pokemon mobile game. Nintendo shouldn't even be bothering with the Chinese market. Not worth the hassle and they have to give up a lot to get in. Any government that is fragile enough to ban Animal Crossing of all things should be mocked, ridiculed and boycotted until the end of time. Pathetic doesn't accurately cover it.
  19. They invest in companies that they think will be successful and sit back and profit from it. If they buy 2K games it'll probably be an improvement. @Nicktendo what makes Nintendo different? They have a close partnership with Tencent, handling Chinese distribution of the Switch and also organised for one of Tencents 's studios to start developing a mobile Pokémon game.
  20. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    The money they invested in Platinum was essentially a loan so that Platinum could set up shop as an self-publishing developer and better retain their own IP. They're still 100% independent. Slightly different from the situation we have with Act/Blizzard, Epic and Riot games, for example, but not ideal. I'd forgotten about it too. I'll have to wait and see on Bayo 3. Might be one for the second-hand market. Just looking now I also had no idea they owned 20% of Marvelous, and therefore, No More Heroes... Damn. Seems like everyone wants a slice of dirty CCP money. @Dcubed - I've been hearing rumours that it's not WBIE, but 2K Games they're after. Which means Rockstar and GTA It's definitely something big though. Potentially industry changing the likes of which have not been seen since... ZENIMAX . Can't see the next four years being very kind to Western devs with Tencent swinging their big dick of unlimited money around, especially with Xo Bai-Den at the wheel. Maybe this is what's forcing all the conglomerates to buy up studios? Getting their cards on the table in preparation for war? Conglomerate wars? Might be time for me to go all in on Nintendo and indie games. My backlog is huge, I hadn't planned on buying anything outside of the big Nintendo releases this year, but I guess we'll have to see which way the wind blows. Either way, China ain't getting a penny off me.
  21. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    That's not the aquisition that's upcoming... That's just Tuesday for them. The big one is yet to come... (And my money is on it being WBIE)
  22. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Apparently that acquisition isn't the BIG one that they are trying to make. I completely forgot that Tencent made an investment in Platinum Games last year. Seems like these guys have their fingers in a lot of pies. Does that mean you're skipping Bayonetta 3 and anything else Platinum related, @Nicktendo?
  23. That’s just one of their regular investments, not something they’re using billions of dollars worth of loan capital for. I think whatever they’ve got planned with that money will be something of far higher impact.
  24. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    It's.. Klei entertainment. Not happy with that.though not sure what the Chinese would want it? Their games doesn't seem like the typical things they'd be into or am I mistaken?
  25. N-Europe Video Game Club

    The game is rated highly and lots of us like it...I'm expecting you to hate it.
  26. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Depending on how today goes, hopefully I'll get into it this evening! From the responses so far, I'm expecting a good experience..
  27. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I've started and finished this today. It'll take a bit to come up with a good write-up but for now I can say... wow.
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