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  2. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    England match is 3am here, after the performance against the US, I did not watch the match Vs Wales. I'm tempted to get up, but only because the next day is Sunday and I can have a lie-in.
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  5. It looks great, big departure for the series in terms of tone and artstyle but I'm excited to check it out. I'd assumed it was going to be a shorter experience though, maybe a couple of hours maximum, so I was surprised to find out it's £50 on the eShop so I guess it might be more substantial than expected
  6. Sounds like a Bayonetta game then.
  7. Viewfinder (PS4/PS5, PC)

    It's a neat idea and looks intriguing but one of those that could well end up being "well that would have been a better tech demo than game"
  8. Hades II (Early Access on PC 2023)

    I for one am glad that the bisexuals are getting another game to call their own.
  9. The Last of Us (TV)

    I'm intrigued and will very likely watch. I don't know much about the video games other than the very main things of it. And of course the outrage with the latest game. If I'm remembering correctly, the first game (post-flashback?) opens up in Pittsburgh. I wonder if they'll start the series off here.
  10. See I did later realise I made the Last of Us TV thread in general chat so in theory the Mario film should be there too but it'll probably remain here.
  11. Yeah, we probably should roll it all into one thread. Can be hard to track down all the discourse surrounding the movie; and given that it has “direct” (huh huh) ramifications on Nintendo as a company and the Mario series in general? Probably should also stay on the gaming side.
  12. Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

    Great to finally see From Soft get out of the Soulsbourne mines and remember that they used to make other kinds of games
  13. Netflix

    Nope, I imagine it'll be jabs of racism and revelations how Harry was suffocated but won't have the balls to name anyone a la Oprah interview, the Palace will deny stuff / "launch an investigation" and we'll have forgotten about it before end of January and I'm being generous with that time frame. The Watcher - simply infuriating. But there is a new season of Archer, so that's a good thing.
  14. Biomutant (PS4/XB1/PC)

    Played some more and yeah...there's nothing to write home about, but weirdly enough: I'm having a great time. It's a lovely game to wind down. It's repetitive, the world is too barren, combat is pretty uneventful and yet...I keep playing Because I'm criminally insane I, of course, ignored the main quest for a while and spent my time exploring. Came across a lighthouse and subsequently a side-quest which made me collect the "ultimate melee weapon". It's ridiculously strong. The thing is, I've come across more of those "ultimate melee weapons" and they all suck compared to this one Well, gonna play some more now.
  15. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    Fixed it It's a shame I'm now watching this tourney. Lots of awesome results
  16. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    So happy Brazil are out. Very well played by Croatia.
  17. Tekken 8 (PS5, XBox Series, Steam)

    I haven't played Tekkens 1-7, will I still be able to follow the plot of this one? Also, i don't plan on playing this one either.
  18. Yeah I think he sounds fine. He's going to be the straight man of the film anyway, so he can't have a ridiculously over the top accent - can you imagine a film with Charles Martinet doing overly long speeches in his silly Mario voice? It would be excruciating to listen to.
  19. I have no idea what's going on in those screenshots but the art style is nice
  20. It very much deserves its own thread. Not everything needs to be in a mega thread! Although I see your point that typically it would be in the General forum, rather than the Nintendo one. But it's more about whether we roll the direct threads into a general one.
  21. I'm gonna say it, I really like how Mario sounds so far. Don't mind how the thread is handled, I just came on here to appreciate the Crazy Cap store from Odyssey in the background of an early shot. Oh and the way the Cheep Cheep in the bag eyes him up is hilarious.
  22. It's weird, isn't it? Technically speaking, it should be under the Films thread in General Chit Chat, but Ninty themselves are plugging it in their Directs, etc, and we always have a new thread for a new Direct. Oh, I'm not helping, BTW. I'm not very enthused about the film, so I'll leave it to you lot.
  23. Oh yeah in terms of the actual trailer I did like that the Antiques shop font was pixelated. Nice touch. Admining out loud here but how do people want to proceed with this film? I think there's a general thread somewhere and if so we've now had three threads about it. Should we just merge them all into one?
  24. Loving all the nods in that new clip. You can play it a few times and see something new every time. Love the NES cartridge joke in there. This film is going to be one that you see something new every time you watch it.
  25. The trailers insist on having Mario almost never talk! I'm actually wondering if he barely talks in the film itself, too. The one line he gets in the most recent clip was actually pretty decent.
  26. Fire Emblem Engage (20th Jan 2023)

    Uh, all the 3H Lords in one emblem? That's neat. Plus, with Tiki there, that means potential characters who aren't lords. I'm hoping we get one with Hector & Eliwood, at least. And if I'm allowed to dream big, one with Tibarn & Elincia.
  27. Some screenshots from the Nintendo website. Digging that artstyle.
  28. A reminder that Mario once refused to save the world from an evil demon bat because it'd cost him a million coins. The guy is not endearing!
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