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  1. Fast & Furious Franchise

    It didn't look like my sort of thing growing up but I'm not against giving them a chance now!
  2. Fast & Furious Franchise

    I know little about the franchise, have watched a couple over the years but never the whole lot - Hobbs and Shaw is the first I saw in cinemas and yeah it was terrible in some parts, mainly any part that tried to convey the characters as actual people, but the ridiculous action scenes seemed ok to me. Idris Elba as evil super villain saved it for me but yeah, the film didn't inspire me to check out the rest of the films I have missed
  3. The OG Switch screen still seems ok to me but given I have an original model and it's getting a little creaky in places (not to mention my kick stand always breaks off lol) I wouldn't mind upgrading at some point. While I'm not too fussed about the OLED, i AM interested in less bezels (ugh) and more internal storage that this new one offers. Definitely not a day one purchase but certainly on standby for when my OG becomes too decrepit.
  4. Any info on pricing? I feel like this should be the same price as the OG model and perhaps slap a price cut on the OG but this is money-bags Nintendo so I'm not sure what to expect Given that this isn't a massive upgrade in any way other than the screen I feel like this is the modern day DS Lite and in a year they'll phase out the original model and just sell this as the standard like what happened to my lovely silver Phat boy.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    I got these about a week ago, the first two as they were pretty cheap in GAME and looked interesting and BOTW as it's something I've been meaning to try again since I dabbled in it in 2017. The high school game is fine but just play it like on the train and stuff, you go out for short missions which are about 10 minutes long which in turn get you money or prestige for you to upgrade your school and get more/better students for more expeditions. Arcade Sprits has been great so far, I find visual novels very hit and miss but I like the humour in this and the setting of a modern world where arcades never died is very up my alley. Late to the party but I'm enjoying BOTW immensely, I guess I just wasn't in the right frame of mind when it first came around in 2017 (and I was playing on WiiU then lul).
  6. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch)

    It looked ok from trailers but I wasn't totally sold until I watched the treehouse stream last week. Battle UI and various other elements are straight from TMS so I should feel at home. It looks nice to have the same kinda gameplay as TMS but with a more open world as oppose to lots of corridors. Also the main character is so fabulous, I long to have hair as lush as his. I haven't actually played a SMT game so it might be a regular feature but I liked how you could decide to hire enemies to fight alongside you as well as just all out fighting against them. I'll be there day one for this.
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    Thank you, senpai. I made it in the end. It feels so bitter sweet. I haven't felt such a RUSH in forever, especially considering I was so close just the other night when one of those fuckers FULLY HEALED HIM AS HE WAS AT RED HEALTH. As I was dealing with the comedown I came across a full 4 min version of the new single for Switch, which I assumed wouldn't be a thing!
  8. Balan Wonderworld

    I remember you sending me the link
  9. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    From the Monkey Ball Facebook page!!
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I've been having the same problem, I have patchy internet as it is so it's a right pain to download anything. I'm surprised they haven't pushed for a fix any quicker than this, it has been at least a week right? I can't imagine it is good for sales.
  11. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    It didn't even occur to me that this is possible! That will be truly awesome! Some more info! via The Verge Also, Engadget has some info regarding the release - what seems interesting to me is that 'original soundtrack' is included in that, so I wonder what we can expect from a potential new soundtrack on the base game I've scoured Twitter for some of the character skins and they look incredible, especially OG AiAi!
  12. Cruis'n Blast

    Cruis'nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! This one was a bit out of the left field at yesterday's event but looks like a wild time! Is anyone else excited for this? I feel as though it might be a good substitute for those of us that loved Excite Truck and Excite Bots. I've never owned a Cruis'n game before but it's in my local arcade and is a right blast. After a bit of searching it seems the series has fairly strong Nintendo roots as the aforementioned arcade machine is donned with massive Nintendo logo's and the N64 games seemed like a staples of the console. There seems to have been exclusive GBA and Wii releases too, though I didn't know that until just now. Is this a Nintendo property?
  13. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    That's all I've ever known! And I used to be able to do it fine, just linger around until about 0.37 and bomb it but I just could NOT do it. Ended up using a save state at about the 40 second mark and doing it about 20 times before finally bodging my way in. I have no idea how I had it down so easy back in the day.
  14. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    GOD that was one of them but not the one I was thinking of I was actually thinking of arthropod! Also, some unlockable content found within the website not yet officially announced: Spoiler link
  15. WarioWare Get It Together! (10th Sept)

    I think it's a mix of hearing Wario with full lines and Martinet has been doing it for decades now. Same vibes as hearing Julie Kavner as Marge on the latest seasons of the Simpsons. Anyway, WarioWare Gold was a compilation, Game&Wario was something and DIY had few original levels and required you to make your own so... we haven't had a true, new, original WarioWare title since Wii's Smooth Moves in 2007!! Long overdue! Thank you Nintendo for finally not messing with the formula and inject this right in my veins!!