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  1. General Retro Discussion

    i LOVE stuff like this, it's a bit late now to watch an hour long video but I'll definitely check this out soon. I was always fascinated by that axed Gameboy Color mode too so will be interesting to maybe see it in action
  2. SEGAAAA News up on the front page! I loved Earthworm Jim as a kid, alas I had the SNES version (which I kinda threw under the bus but facts are facts eh). I haven't played the others so look forward to trying them!
  3. Bizarrely no online support for the Xbox version
  4. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    The announcement of a delay to the golf DLC is the most Wii U era thing Nintendo have done for a while
  5. Pikmin 4 (IT'S ALIVE!) (2023)

    Just a few days ago I finally put the idea of Pikmin 4 to rest when discussing it with my friend. It's been so many years, it is clearly not gonna happen! It was a mis-translation! He was clearly on about Hey Pikmin! Then here we are. Nintendo are so unpredictable. I was certain this was either cancelled or never existed in the first place. Either way, exciting! Wish they'd have shown a little more but from the bits we did see the graphics have had a big bump since 3, which I guess is to be expected given that started life as a Wii game, but still impressive.
  6. The Pokemon Stadium mini-games are still fun! Imagining a Stadium release on Switch previously, I thought they could release the gameboy games and have stadium read your save data or even put the gameboy rom in the gameboy player section of Stadium. Of course, with this being Nintendo I knew neither would happen lol. Still, I'm really excited for Pilotwings, I loved the 3DS game and have vague memories of playing the 64 game in an arcade (that was a thing right? unless I dreamt it lol) so will be nice to be able to play it properly. My friend also loves Goldeneye and I can still have fun with it so that's another bonus. EDIT: I'm looking everywhere online and can't find proof of that arcade machine anywhere. I did always find it odd Nintendo would have an n64 arcade machine but I distinctly remember the machine being an exercise bike type thing that you had to pedal to fly around and going past Mount Rushmore but with a Mario head. I must have been 6 or 7 though which is why my memory of it is so murky.
  7. My WiiU has been in storage for a while with the intention of getting it out when I've moved but given the current climate and a few setbacks I dont think I'll be moving any time soon - At least not in time for judgement day. With that in mind I'll be setting it up in the next week or so, I'm not sure exactly what I have in mind yet but I wan't to find as many exclusives as I can. Off the top of my head I can remember two pretty unknown exclusive indie games that I picked up just from eShop browsing back in the day, and I want to make sure I didn't miss more like them. One I had was a neat app with some drawing applications, a few built in games and a little story in the form of emails, housed in a 90's style computer OS which is controlled using the gamepad (when it's all set up again I'll return with the name of said title!) Another is still one of the most wild and fun party games I have played, Bumpies Party, which made great use of the Gamepad and Wii Motion Plus controllers. Losing first party stuff is bad enough, and as Sakurai said, given the unique touch screen it will be hard to see them return, but lesser known indies will more than likely be lost to time forever. I also remember some of the really ridiculous Wii Party U games which used both Wii Motion Plus and the GamePad. One I have good memories of is somewhere in your physical room is a bucket, you have to go up to it and scoop the water with your wii remote, take it over to the gamepad on the floor and poor the water in. Those kinda games that expand beyond the TV are so fascinating to me, like an expanded version of that really interesting Wii Play Motion ghost title where you had to move the Wii Remote around the room until the beeping went crazy (like finding a boo in luigis mansion) and physically drag it back into the tv.
  8. Splatoon 3

    I love the style, music, controls and graphics of Splatoon but can never really get into the game itself - not being a fan of online shooters or playing online in general is bound to do that lol. But because of liking the aforementioned stuff I decided to give the splatfest a go, again digging the hub world and the miiverse type posts, and the style is on point again, but I wasnt feeling the first minute of an online game before I got a connection error lol. Then I got another and gave up as I had work. Shame it's only for one day. Unsurprisingly then it hasn't really changed my mind on the game. I do remember enjoying the 1 player aspect on WiiU. I'd be tempted to try the single player of Splatoon 2 and this but have heard it can be limited so if I do try any it will likely be 2 and the Octo expansion
  9. General Switch Discussion

    I initially thought the same as you but I guess it is worth them reiterating. I heard this statement before the PS5 price increase, and even then a lot of people were citing the VR Facebook thing (Oculus?) which had just gone up in price. With that and now the PS5 I guess it is worth stating for the general public that Switch isn't increasing in price when a lot of popular tech seems to be.
  10. Speaking of weird pairings, remember this gold from the WiiU era. Both games are colourful! And both games are colourful! "LOL"
  11. The fact I have no idea what Harvestella is and would consider myself still relatively in the loop with Nintendo news proves your point. Is it similar to Splatoon or literally just tagged on to the end of this Treehouse lol
  12. Stranger Things

    Yikes! Sorry! I thought the spoiler happened at the end of Season 3 Yeah I loved the whole mall vibe of Season 3 and it was great seeing a different side to Elle!
  13. Kirby's Dream Buffet (Summer 2022)

    Even more than usual!
  14. Marvel Fatigue?

    I've always thought the amount of content would be exhausting to keep up with. I tend to just see the ones that look particularly interesting to me, Spider-Man and Shang-Chi being ones in the last year or so. They manage to be self contained enough and pretty straight forward that each film is watchable. And like a store pizza or beans on toast they are always decently fine if not exciting. I also saw the new Thor and thought that was ok apart from the lame humour and after watching that film I'm starting to wonder if Marvel may be wary of fatigue too? Because as someone that hasn't watched a single Thor there seemed to be plenty of narrative flashbacks to fill me in on what I had missed, almost like they didn't expect you to have seen everything. One that I found pretty boring and had to really try to keep myself awake for was the latest Dr Strange. My friend wanted to see it so I tagged along. Same happened with the new Venom but I found that to be a pretty good time. Funnily enough I think Dr Strange has a pretty good rating and Venom a terrible one, which goes to show how bad my taste in movies can be lol.
  15. Stranger Things

    I loved that Never Ending Story scene so much! Like you I didn't watch until recently! I started about 2 months ago and had a great time watching through the whole thing, I just had to wait a few weeks for the last few episodes of Season 4 to come out. Season 3 was probably my favourite, I just really love the relationship between Steve and Dustin. The only painful thing for me is Netflix and their thumbnails I tried not to look but they often gave things away. I had to download the Netflix episodes before I went away on holiday so couldn't miss seeing thumbnails for future episodes and one was literally Season FOUR spoiler: