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  1. Yeah Link was a perfect fit and you're right - Link in another title, especially a non-Nintendo one, was a huge deal back then. Do you think Nintendo reached those NBA levels of desperation since? I know in the early WiiU days Tekken and Rayman had Mario costumes but that did seem to be handled a lot better (especially as Tekken does have some great goofy characters already). Need For Speed had a fair few Mario references but I think that was done very tastefully too as oppose to an out of place looking playable Mario.
  2. It's so ridiculous I love it but I can see how it's a low point. I think it worked though, I was about 13 then with no interest in NBA Street but seeing those shots in NOM really put it on the radar for me so I imagine it might have done the same for a few of the younger GameCube players. I also wonder if it could be inspired by Soul Calibre? I remember reading back in the day how Soul Calibre 2 was a rare example of the GameCube version selling more than the PS2 of Xbox versions (at least initially) and it was attributed to Links inclusion.
  3. I didn't know they were the swimsuit replacements! That's my favourite Tsubasa outfit so we definitely got a win there! I remember 2015/16 being a particularly hard time for Nintendo franchises largely because Nintendo was struggling and rushing things out or giving things to outside developers. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Star Fox Zero, Hey Pikmin, Chibi-Robo Ziplash and Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival all came out in about the span of a year. Without the foresight of knowing the switch was going to become the success it was and following on from years of dreadful WiiU sales it certainly seemed like a rough time to be a Nintendo optimist!
  4. Thanks!! Sounds interesting!! I'll definitely keep an eye on it and pick it up around the £30 mark but probably won't go full price until I'm totally sure on it.
  5. Visually it looks stunning! From the trailer it looks kinda like Mario X Rabbids gameplay, is that right or am I off the mark? I'm kinda hoping that's what it is 'cause I loved that game. I have almost no history with Digimon so was pleasantly surprised by the previous Digimon release on Switch that I got in lockdown, it was much more in depth and like a traditional jrpg than I expected, I guess I thought it would be more like Pokémon. Agumon really got his hooks in my heart.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    No! Keep as is but make it purple and put a big handle on it
  7. I could never properly get into that game but really really love the theme tune
  8. I have just started Ocarina, I'd been meaning to for a while but just hadn't got around to it and then heard they'd fixed the graphical gliches and took the plunge. Its been years and I forgot just how cosy this game is, I absolutely love the feelings it gives me, there's a real charm similar to Shenmue 1 that I can't put my finger on. I just had my first encounter with Zelda and am off to Death Mountain now but was sure to dip into the Market at night to see all the dogs - it was as adorable as ever.
  9. Apart from the obvious GameFreak staples like terrible textures and no anti-aliasing - this upcoming game looks gorgeous! I love how vibrant it is and it's nice to see lots of architecture and points of interest because as much as I loved Arceus it was 95% random hills/fields. I'm really surprised by the release date, it seems so soon considering Legends ARSE released just last month - before the direct I would have put money on them releasing some kind of DLC in October time and pushing ARSE again for Christmas - especially considering it came out in January so hasn't even had chance to enjoy a holiday season yet. I know ARSE is classed as a non-main game but it's certainly of higher popularity and production than something like Snap or Rumble so seems weird to me they would release what are basically two main Pokémon titles in one year. From a business POV I almost feel as though they might be cannibalising their own sales but I'm sure they know what they're doing so whatever. I'm looking forward to it, especially as I loved ARSE but felt like it was missing a little something with the lack of gyms and other towns/cities to discover. Edit: also I really like the design of the main protags but haven't seen anyone else here or on twitter be fond of them yet!
  10. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    Physical delay! Sauce
  11. Dicey Dungeons

    I took the plunge on this too! Enjoyable for the short amount of time I've played, really wanna dig in more but also really wanna sleep so will hopefully get some proper time with it over the weekend
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Man that played Mario Kart 8 on launch day for WiiU relives the good old days on Nintendo Switch
  13. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    I'd like to see the sales numbers on this and whether or not the big negative online reaction has trickled its way down to the casual buyers who would pick this up on nostalgia that don't have much exposure to the gaming world other than the respective online store front they occasionally buy from.
  14. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    It has been saved! And I don't know about Pokemon but this at least makes Sonic look like much less of a disaster. Colours Ultimate seemed awful on Twitter but my personal experience with it was great with just the odd audio glitch. It gave me a false sense of security thinking many of the GTA problems/glitches were rare or infrequent so I was really disappointed to play it and actually feel as though the Twitter response was forgiving - It is absolutely awful on my Xbox One S. I'm sure it's not as bad on Series XSPS5 but the frame dips and awful shaders make it feel like I'm playing on a Wii U.
  15. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    Deary me, that rain is dreadful! Between this, Sonic Colours and Pokémon DP, 2021 seems to be the year of remakes that seemingly should be simple get spectacularly messed up.