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  1. I'm certainly wary of buying non Nintendo games at launch for this reason as I have been burned a few times, now it's better to wait a month or two as in nearly every case there is some form of price drop. I remember Impossible Lair dropped really quickly but I didn't mind as I like supporting them, Kingdom Hearts 3 really left me sour, I got that launch day for £49.99 and a few months later it was £29.99 rrp - I saw it in CEX today for a fiver! Elsewhere, does anyone think the price of labo will go up in years to come or be something no one gives a shit about ala Wii Mini. I ask because it's not confirmed but seems somewhat likely that most Labo besides the VR kit will be discontinued. I also saw on Reddit in the last few days a lot of people in America have been finding brand new Labo massively discounted. I doubt we'll get that here though as I haven't seen it in any shops since a few months after it launched.
  2. I'm having a big Spring clean so if anyone needs any of these have them for free - Just let me know when you want to come over! Real (AFAIK) paintings spare: Perfect painting, Moody painting, Common painting, Sinking painting DIYs: Wooden bucket, Kettle bathtub, pot, classic pitcher, leaf umbrella, jungle wall(x2), pear dress, grass standee, classic pitcher, traditional straw coat, bonfire, cosmos shower, birdcage, doghouse, wooden simple bed, log dining table, iceberg flooring, wooden table mirror, wooden end table, wooden block bench, wooden block wall clock (try saying that quickly), birdhouse, grass skirt, wooden double bed, clothesline, basket pack, pan flute, sleigh, log extra-long sofa, modern wood wall, barbell, unglazed dish set. It's a right state, my usual DIY display area is overflowing lol:
  3. The Circle TV show

    I've really struggled to get into the US season, not sure if it's the characters or if i'm just a bit burnt out on the concept giving the whirlwind that was UK season 3 so I'm gonna give it a few weeks before I dive back in. Have you guys got yourselves in deep or nay?
  4. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    Yeah I got an email saying it had been delayed but it didn't specify as to when so at least we know it will be next month
  5. General Switch Discussion

    I hope that switch lite has a big handle on the back
  6. Balan Wonderworld

    I got this physically on Xbox One for £30 - as suspected I love the art style and graphics, the aesthetics just scream NiGHTS and 2000's era SEGA. I have 25 Balan Trophies now and have helped the farmer, the poor girl whose dolphin turned evil and the bug girl - Through the power of balan (platforming lol), we managed to show her friends how cool bugs can be as an ugly caterpillar turned into a beautiful Butterfree right before their eyes! After my first play-through of the first 3 worlds I didn't have quite enough Balan Trophies to unlock the next set of levels but at that point I'd unlocked a bunch of new outfits and abilities so I went back and swept up things I couldn't previously nab, Yooka-Laylee style. The hub world is very sweet, you collect eggs hidden throughout the levels which can then be hatched in the hub world. To add to that there's a marble-run type contraption that the tim's mess around on and a clicker goes up unlocking more to the elaborate run when certain numbers are reached. You can feed the tims gems you've collected throughout the levels and when they've been fed enough they double in size, at which point you pick up a little tim, throw it at a big one and BAM - an egg pops out. So yeah, I've been farming tim's like crazy just because it's so welcoming coming back to the hub world with a big flock. Gameplay-wise I'm really enjoying it but that's because I still play and enjoy Dreamcast/Gamecube era platformers, I can see why people were not thrilled with this if it's not their cup of tea, to me it feels like a lost Dreamcast title which is why I'm really enjoying it but I can totally see why that would be a nightmare for many, especially given the initial asking price. Also the graphics would be nice but the resolution is absolute ass, it's barely any better than the Switch demo while playing on Xbox and at times it looks like a Wii game so I wouldn't be surprised if it dips to around 500p. I don't quite get why either as it's not really demanding, I've played the likes of Billy Hatcher and Sonic Heroes lately in HD on Dolphin and graphically there's not a huge difference apart from textures so it is strange to me why it struggles so much. Anyway, that's all for today but I'll keep ploughing through! Do I enjoy it? YES! Do I suggest it? Not really unless you're a die hard Dreamcast-era 3D platformer fan, of which I'm sure there's 10's of us worldwide!
  7. The Circle TV show

    That is weird! I'll start it tomorrow or Sunday to carry on the watch-along with you guys
  8. The Circle TV show

    James/Gemma's reaction is golden
  9. The Circle TV show

    I hope so but they have been kinda weird in general with how they dish out content this year - like their reveal reactions being twitter exclusive videos or that official podcast which, while good from a psychology and chat perspective, barely mentions any events or characters from the show itself.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I was gonna make a topic on this but as it's currently only a rumour I'll bang it in here. My god I hope it's true - a Sonic Colo(u)rs remaster is potentially in the works! via Nintendo Everything
  11. The Circle TV show

  12. The Circle TV show

    Fucking golden
  13. The Circle TV show

    Agree with you on the Manrika story, I'm sure it has been hard for her but we've all had hardships in life. I think what rubs me up the wrong way the most is her fake crying, how many times did she 'cry' that episode with no tears - It's like fine, play the other contestants if you have to but don't try to play us and the cameras too, we aint simping like our boy Syed and can see right through it! and @Beast I think that would an amazing twist if Andy blocked her But I highly doubt he would, he's too nice and too genuine. Now if it was Manrika in that position? I'm pretty certain Andy would be a gonner. As it is though it's pretty clear it's gonna be one of the newbies and most likely Alice at that, which is why I think it's kinda pointless bringing new people in this late as it basically makes the last blocking a free pass to kill the outsider and not have to make an actual hard or impactful decision. As for Alice, totally agree with what you said earlier, just there to stir shit up and doesn't have much of a personality. Something feels off about him too, maybe it's just that he's trying to hard but he really gives me bad vibes even without taking into consideration all of his dick moves. Anyway here goes, I'm actually gonna watch it live for tonights finale! Bring on the endless ad breaks! I saw this great post on Reddit which sums up my feelings on Andy's 'speech'
  14. The Circle TV show

    The Pippa and Femi/Joey tactical move of framing the Circle Fam didn't exactly go to plan eh? I thought it was initially so clever of them too, but with how close the final four (that aren't new) are and given the insane amount of twists this season, it's no surprise that they guessed that JoePip would make a return as a new character. I wasn't that huge on Scott/Dot initially but they grew on me so it's a shame they left but makes sense now given the other options. I'm glad Syed did stick to his word with Andy else that would have put him in a bad light. Other than that it was quite a chilled out and relaxed episode, didn't even really have an insane cliffhanger either! I think Friday is the last day, so shall we lock in our predictions @Beast @EEVILMURRAY ? Given her power throughout I think it's likely that Manrika will win. So that's my official guess. Who do I want to win? Either Syed or Felix, Syed because he's been a laugh right the way through and Felix as s/he has been so great at playing the game - also can't wait to see THAT reveal!
  15. The Circle TV show

    I always love watching these reveals!