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  1. Year of Shadow

    It's official, it's the year of Shadow the Hedgehog! I would say move over Luigi, but my ageing brain then reminded me that his time to shine was 11 years ago. Obviously we have the upcoming third instalment of the Sonic movie franchise which may just feature our lil emo, and there's Sonic X Shadow Generations launching this year, but SEGA also have a bunch of fun events lined up. More deets are on the front page! https://www.n-europe.com/news/sega-announces-year-of-shadow/
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    I wasn't sure if my cyber sleuth skills were getting lame or if it had been a quiet week but ONE highlight in eShop Weekly?! I haven't seen it that barren in a while!
  3. Splatoon 3 (9th September 2022)

    Spring fest incoming! https://www.n-europe.com/news/splatoon-3-spring-fest-arrives-april-19th/
  4. 3DS's Online Swan Song

    https://www.n-europe.com/news/final-week-of-online-play-for-nintendo-3ds-and-wii-u/ Just as a reminder, we are in the final week!
  5. Unicorn Overlord (8th March 2024)

    Sales have exceeded 500,000! https://www.n-europe.com/news/sales-success-for-peach-and-overlords/
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    A slower week, perhaps because of Easter and because Peach was only last week!
  7. The patch is now on Switch https://www.n-europe.com/news/star-wars-battlefront-classic-collection-update-1-available-now/
  8. General Switch Discussion

    There's a beta test for the newest INAZUMA ELEVEN if anyone's interested: https://www.n-europe.com/news/inazuma-eleven-victory-road-worldwide-beta-test-demo-available-now/
  9. Princess Peach Showtime (March 22 2024)

    Some Showtime! Nintendo Rewards have popped up in America, sadly we don't have them yet! (or ever?) https://www.n-europe.com/news/my-nintendo-rewards-new-additions/
  10. good stuff thread.

    DAY 365! (of no alcohol!) A person close to Scatman John told me that he used to refer to a year of sobriety as a ‘Birthday of Growth’, so happy 1st Birthday to me lol. I just danced around the room like a loon to something by John I’d never heard before, I feel about 10 years old! The cravings aren’t really there now, I get the odd pang every now and then but I think my dumb lizard brain is finally calming down, and my actual self is aware enough that nothing is worth those hangovers or embarrassing texts, status updates or Snapchats… I’ve lost a few people over the last year, either naturally or because when I was no longer getting drunk all the time and making bad decisions, I realised how bad they were for me. A few others because it seems that we actually didn’t get on at all when I didn’t have my drunk persona. I guess I didn’t realise how much I let slide, or brushed under the rug, or agreed when I didn’t agree, to things while under the influence I also thankfully don’t get myself in stupid situations, like going to clubs, drunk and by myself. It may sound like my life has gotten a lot more boring, but I love it so much more, and feel a lot more like my actual self, the kind of person I was when I first got my dog Banjo and was hyped for the Wii. Despite not drinking, I’ve had some of the best days out ever, just doing more quality things with old and new friends, instead of getting pissed until 4am and pestering people. I’ve been to different arcades, and I’ve been to them LOADS, with different sets of people, playing DDR, setting the high score on Pac-Man and playing GameCube games. I’ve done things I know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before, like meeting with Gina for the Scatman biog, and opening up to people more than ever. It’s weird to be in a place where a future seems like something that will actually happen. Previously, for years, I was surviving day to day, and with the suicidal ideation, not exactly thinking too far ahead, but I now actually have the ability to look ahead and wonder what life could be like in the future. As such I have applied for a college course, and while I am not pinning too much hope on it, I’m going to do it for fun and see where it takes me. That’s one of the things I have thought about doing for literally years, but never had the confidence or belief to do it until now. This next part is kind of a joke but totally true too: I will give Pikmin 4 another chance LOL. I was SO mean to that game, like, I hated it with a passion, and was seething with rage over every change they made to the series from the OG games. You’d have thought Oatchi mauled a family member or something. I never even completed the story, let alone 100% it and get medals etc like I did in literally every other Pikmin game. But when I remember that game now, I immediately have the taste of non-alcoholic beer in my mouth, and a feel of agitation. I played it at the HEIGHT of my panging for the drink, and I think that somehow made the cutest game ever my biggest enemy lol. misattributed hate, or something like that, I’m not sure the exact phrasing. There are some parts of my personality that are very slowly starting to make a bit more sense. I still feel like there’s a bit of the puzzle missing, but I occasionally remember things I’d completely forgotten about, things from my childhood and teenage years, that make me think, “fuck, that was a bit weird, and somewhat explains this/that about why I act certain ways”. I still don’t totally have it together, as @S.C.G and @Ashley will no doubt attest to, but you two, as well as a few others in my day to day life, and this site, have been SO helpful. I have always been terrified of letting anyone get too close, but then, and this is a realisation I’ve only really had in the last year, I do get lonely but try to mask it with other things. But this place is always here, when I’m my own worst enemy and won’t talk to, or refuse to talk to anyone For now I shall keep on taking my time! A day at a time!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Nintendo switch version 18.0.0 out now https://www.n-europe.com/news/nintendo-switch-version-18.0.0-out-now/
  12. Princess Peach Showtime (March 22 2024)

    That is weird, considering Good Feel are usually pretty good in this regard, though I have only played Epic Yarn and Woolly World, so I didn't play their other Switch Yoshi game. Anyway, happy Peach day everyone! https://www.n-europe.com/news/princess-peach-showtime-available-now/
  13. Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (27th June 2024)

  14. The Luigi's Mansion 2 bundle was better, but I don't care about that game, just the goodies lol. I'll definitely get this, as Paper Mario 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, and that battle stage looks really neat. https://www.n-europe.com/news/paper-mario-the-thousand-year-door-bonus-items/ I thought you'd get to choose one of the key rings, but no, each purchase comes with all 3! The buildable stage however costs a bit extra at £57.99.
  15. bad stuff thread.

    I can't think of a worse place for it to happen! And yeah they can often come from nowhere, which can be hard to make sense of. Hopefully you were able to enjoy Las Vegas afterwards! I haven't had diazepam for it, it's not something they've suggested to me before, but considering it's addictive as you say, I won't even try it if I get the chance lol. I know myself enough now to realise I have a tendency to get hooked on things (which may indeed be an issue if/when I ever plan to come off my anti-depressants but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it)