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  1. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    I expect: More Smash info, even if it is as mundane as the E3 showing with very minor moveset tweaks spoken about. Lots of Super Mario Party footage. Lots of Luigi’s Mansion footage. New Super Mario Bros U for Switch. ”Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more information on Nintendo Switch online which launches later this month” because they seemingly never want to talk about it lol
  2. What terrified you as a child?

    As a very young kid, before we moved houses so I was 7 or younger, I sneakily put the tv on in my room at night when I wasn’t meant to and watched the X Files, for some reason I thought it was real. One episode in particular where this persons bed covers were pulled up in the air by a poltergeist scared the shit out of me for years, it took many years to be able to sleep without clasping the covers lol. The thought of eternity also made me feel sick. The fact that things go on forever, there’s no end at all. Again because I was a kid and believed in the after life and such. Eternity doesn’t concern me as much now
  3. Fortnite

    I loved this for months but I think I’m getting a bit burnt out on it now (I say after purchasing the battle pass lol) while its nice to have the new areas I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever get more than one map. They certainly have the assets for it from Save the World but I don’t know if that’s the direction they’d want to take things. I guess for now as long as Tilted Towers goes untouched I’ll always find time to play it at least a few times a week.
  4. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    I hate the graphics, it looks so basic and lifeless. It really does reek of laziness to me. I won’t be buying it because I don’t think we should keep supporting these low effort releases. We finally have a home console Pokemon game and yet it looks like something that, HD aside, could easily be achieved on the GameCube.
  5. The Disney Thread

    I just read the description for the Pixar Shorts on Amazon - it sounds amazing! Adding to my wish list now! Will nab it on pay day
  6. The Disney Thread

    I got Toy Story on Bluray, I loved seeing the old CG in HD, checking out some of the lame textures in backdrops, the hideous human hair. Are there any other examples of early CG on Bluray? I'm guessing they came a long way by Toy Story 2 but I'm tempted to pick up a Bugs Life
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Just think of all the joyous Fortnite kills we shared because of your dodgy belly! Every stomach has a silver lining
  8. Retro Studios

    I also think they are over-rated and certainly have a problem with the pacing of their output. I hear many of the Prime staff are gone now which could be another factor to the discontinuation of the Prime series from them. I was also massively disappointed by DKC Returns but do think Tropical Freeze was fantastic. I do wonder what’s happening internally though. 4 years after Tropical Freeze and no information at all - a bit more than 4 years really, as the game was actually finished near the end of 2013 and artificially delayed to 2014. There were rumblings that’s whatever they were working on after TF got canned and I can believe that, it would explain the radio silence.
  9. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    That was super disappointing for me, I’ve been burnt out with Switch for months now due to lack of anything original besides WiiU ports and I was really looking forward to Smash but... I dunno, it looks /fine/ but it didn’t blow me away in any sense. I was hoping for all new stages, exciting new characters, awesome character cut scenes but instead it’s just like a modded Smash 4 with veteran character DLC. I’m also slowly giving up hope on Retro. Not a glimpse, teaser, concept art, not ANYTHING for 4 years. They’re either in development hell with a game or something is going wrong at the studio.
  10. Xbox One Console Discussion

    That was a great conference, it's nice to see them going from strength to strength and Saint Phil Spencer living up to his name. I've had very little reason to power on my Switch and PS4 the last few months and it seems it might remain that way. I guess I'll have to wait and see what Nintendo have in store later. And Forza Horizon in the UK! I LOVE the Horizon games and this will be great too but I must admit, the endless sun and tropical locations of Australia's Horizon 3 are more appealing to me than Britain lol
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I downloaded the Super Lucky's Tale DLC today and couldn't put it down! It's really great, hard as nails and changes up the formula a bit so it feels nice and fresh, these are set challenges now so it's mainly a case of surviving until the end of the stage instead of collecting the L U C K Y pieces and 300 coins. The levels are hard as nails too! This is certainly one to play after you've completed the main game. I also really love the aesthetics. It's split up into three parts, a 'puzzle' part which is a bunch of those Super Monkey Ball/ marble type levels, fighting levels which are remixed battles and arenas and my fabourite part, a bunch of new super hardcore platform levels. Each level has a hotdog which is quite hard to obtain, like Mario gold coins. I've completed everything but I just have 3 hotdogs left to get and given the time I think I'll leave that until tomorrow haha. I got some funky new glasses. And check out that achievement art!
  12. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Yes!! I love this game. Hopefully I'll get the 30,000 coin achievement when going through this one haha
  13. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I got Conker and I’m loving it! I had a really hard time with the controls on Rare Replay and given the compression the audio was also dreadful. It’s amazingly fluid playing the Xbox remake, certain areas are much easier/more obvious what needs to be done and damn, them graphics! It looks like a 360 game. Just how powerful was the original Xbox??
  14. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I will add that I've got into 'Achievement hunting' lately and have happily been in the top 3 the last few months but can never quite beat you lol.
  15. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I love the Xbox UI for the exact reasons you hate it lol. I think the PS4 and Switch ones are /so/ simple and boring. I like being able to mindlessly check things out on Mixer and being notified in the corner when there are new deals. Different strokes though. They should definitely let you customise those things in case you do want a simplistic look. im pumped for them OG Xbox games, especially Conker and it looks so beautiful and is hopefully a bit less clunky than the N64 one in Rare Replay. How are you all finding GamePass? I liked it before but this month it has been even better. I don’t have enough time to play all the games I’m downloading. I’ve forced myself to stop for at least a few weeks and work my way through lol. I’ve sunk about 15 hours into Cities this month and dabbled in a few others, started up Portal Knights which I’ll be getting knee deep into and been pulling my hair out on Cluster Truck. Though I’m glad there has been plenty on offer because it’s done wonders to take my mind off the very underwhelming Sea of Thieves which I was massively pumped for.