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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    That could be the case but I don't see a big need either side for it. Nintendo already has plenty of great recognisable characters in Smash so it's not like Nintendo would have to go begging Microsoft for it and MineCraft is the best selling game of all time so it's not as though MS are desperate for exposure either. To me it really is a celebration of gaming, if you want to point to suits pushing for characters then I think Byleth and Hero are much more up that alley. And honestly as long as stages like this continue to be in then I don't think MC looks out of place but I'll shut up about it now
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I don't think it does any more damage than the fairly hideous looking N64 stages
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Steve and his comrades are a great addition. I got madly obsessed with Minecraft in 2016 after buying it on a whim on WiiU and carried on the obsession in a much healthier way when it came onto switch. This seems like a perfect fit and the only thing that would have made me happier is a Tokyo Mirage Sessions character but I guess that would fall under Fire Emblem territory and that has enough representation to last the entire Smash roster for eternity. I'm digging the multi-level Mario Maker type stage too. Banjo boomers and Minecraft kids can all be happy! And this was initially shocking but makes perfect sense now, The Super Mario pack exclusive to WiiU and Switch is one of the best to ever grace MC and it's consistently at the top of the Switch charts, or it was when that's something I paid attention to a year or two ago
  4. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

    I don't think I'd play much Mario but I'm damn tempted to get this as a clock.
  5. General Movie Thread

    Glad to hear you liked it! I try not to read any opinions/reviews until after seeing a film so as to not skew my initial judgement but it was impossible not to come across the many different instances of outrage and disappointment aimed at this film lol, I will give it a shot soon. At what point did it change to an online release? I know the original release date got delayed due to covid but when cinemas re-opened there were still posters for it and I assumed it just got delayed. I wonder what made them skip theatres instead of just waiting it out like Bond. The main two Disney remakes I remember from last year are Lion King and Aladdin for good and bad reasons, Aladdin because I loved the cast and music and Lion King because I thought it was the most boring and soulless drivel I've seen from them yet So will be interesting to see where this one lands.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Yesssss boy! I can't wait for Hot Shots Racing, hope it plays as well as it looks!! And I'm secretly hoping for some mega cheesy Daytona-style music too. As for me, I only just recently finished Mario64 again so probably won't bother with that for a while but it would be lovely to play through Sunshine again. I'm not getting 3D All-Stars day one but I will pick it up at some point, saying that I'm not desperate for it or willing to jump through Nintendo hoops either so I'll just get it if I can but I'm not gonna chase stock store to store or haggle with scalpers.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    I cba to do the research Ashley lol but from memory it does seem like Nintendo are always top heavy, GameCube, Wii and WiiU felt like they had a pretty similar path with a lot of first party releases their first 2 years, a major slow down in year 3 and then basically nothing but Zelda in year 4 with Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and BOTW. Also I'm out of the loop with this Namco stuff, what exactly happened in 2017?? Let's be thankful the Switch is the switch, just imagine Nintendo supporting a console and handheld right now. Pokémon Sword and Shield was arguably the big Christmas title last year which would have been for the handheld as well as the likes of 51 Worldwide Games and maybe Animal Crossing (that ones hard to judge). Their output really is unbelievably low, the failure of WiiU is almost a blessing because at least to the layman things look fine with the likes of 3D World, Pikmin and Xenoblade despite us all knowing it's a console version of Weekend at Bernies.
  8. These look really cool and is the kinda product I'd have loved as a kid. Just like Labo this looks really inventive and is a nice departure from games but not something I'd personally want (or have room for!) I wonder if they'll ever release a mobile companion app to use with it instead of just using the switch to broaden its toy appeal/make multiplayer easier
  9. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (It's a out now)

    They updated the texture on Mario's hat in Super Mario 64
  10. Mario 35th Anniversary Direct

    Nintendo: Why remake old game when Rom dump do trick? Super Mario 3D World looks bangin' though, really enjoyed that on WiiU so it's nice to see we'll get an extra world (or whatever the cat thing was) - Also kudos to them for using the credits theme, always been a classic.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    It's gonna release shortly after Pikmin 4.
  12. Frustrating or Fair?

    I don't know if it's the increased player count from 8 to 12, if the items seem more constant or what but Mario Kart has generally felt fair even with all the crazy items, but something about 8 rubs me up the wrong way and I just get so pissed off every time I'm hit that I can't enjoy it. What a bitter, bitter man I have become.
  13. I never thought about this but it makes a lot of sense that bigger titles are being delayed for that re-design/beefier switch. At the same time I'm a bit doubtful that anything else does exist, Nintendo always seem to go into hibernation around this period in a consoles life. It reminds me of Wii's 2011 when there was Skyward Sword in December and not much else for the entire year leading up to it. Is the Switch redesign actually official yet or still just a very likely to happen rumour along with the Mario remakes?
  14. eh, nothing for me really but a nice little update. This actually reminded me of those old CUBE magazine DVD's from the GameCube era you'd get every month, nothing ground breaking but it was nice to know there was a splattering of new things on the way anyway. That said, the indie direct last week was much more impressive I think.