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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Even I know there's Play! Violin in Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  2. Is this secretly going to be Spiny's origin story?
  3. Hogwarts Legacy

    From here, translated from a muliplayer.it interview. Reminds me of the PSWii60 days when you got those big production games on the HD twins and a flash game on the Wii...
  4. I'm all fingers and thumbs playing this. Even pressing the d-pad for the arrows sometimes. No idea where that's coming from. Not deterred in the slightest bit though. Went from II to XIII then circled back to V (had to resist reaching for the Micro and FF V cart when I heard that optimistic V opening) and took it in order through the rest. Liking the map presentation—would be cool panning through that on 3DS. Blinded By Light (XIII) is a good one that I didn't remember from the 3DS however it is in there, tucked away under the Encore list. Only played it half a dozen times (including once during this check) so stands to reason I wouldn't remember it. Could end up being one of my more preferred tracks on Final Bar Line. There's always a worry I won't be as fond of tunes from the FFs I don't know, with Defiers of Fate being the exception that proved the rule. Glad to say that hasn't been the case with the demo selection. I liked Hard to Miss (XIV) enough to make it the first one I tried on Ultimate... yup, a swift F. I'll get it figured out once my fingers and thumbs untangle themselves. As expected, the FF XV characters translated well to the Theatrhythm graphical style... if all you've played is the pocket edition like me.
  5. Grabbed by the Spetznaz, @killthenet? Sounds painful! Pretty sure they'll keep coming once you've alerted them to your presence. Stealth is your friend—it's possible to sneak around and clear the place out then go back for Natalya at the end.
  6. The January Direct is now being rumoured for Feb 7th.
  7. https://www.square-enix-games.com/en_GB/news/theatrhythm-final-bar-line-demo Plenty there to whet the appetite. Nice selection of tunes from II, V and VII. Glad to see Defiers of Fate in the demo mix as it was one of, if not my most played track on the 3DS Theatrhythm. And I haven't even played FF XIII. An epic track with that FMV playing in the background. They knew to hold Battle on the Big Bridge back for the full game. During the livestream they said there will be no extra characters on top of what is already known. However, they're happy fans want to know about this... so does that mean they could add more at a later date if the demand is there? I dunno. Hadn't realised a character list was out so after some late-night web searching last night, it looks like my Crisis Core party won't be happening then. Onion Knight will have to band together with a bunch of misfits instead.
  8. https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-reportedly-skipping-e3-2023-entirely/ And so it begins. Interesting to read that all three are apparently digging their heels in—looks like it's going to be a long way back for E3. In other news, last night there was a Square-Enix livestream for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line which you can still catch up with and of course last week we had the SteamWorld Telegraph: Special Broadcast where Build was shown off. Some dates of note: GDC 20-24th March Summer Game Fest 8th June - ?? E3 13th-16th June Gamescom 23-27th August TGS 21-24th September
  9. Demo on Feb 1st. 30 songs, 30 characters, capped at lvl 30. Save file carries over to full game.
  10. Funny then that in their "Bond is back!" email, the soundtrack gets a mention. They were sadly mistaken if they thought nobody would pick up on the missing sound effect. Using an older build must be the loophole that got them through contractual chaos. Thought you meant dual controller wielding is hidden behind a cheat code, but it's not—just scroll down on the control options page and it's right there.
  11. Nice find for those that will want to try it. So the joysticks can be swapped then? That's handy. I thought the icon was just referring to the button function. I've played up to silo. Controls felt wonky on the dam but I was getting used to it again by the time I was in the facility telling Dr Doak it was time to go. Getting the C buttons broke in. Embarrassingly, I almost died on runway as I totally forgot about picking up the key and had to leg it back under heavy fire. Only just got DK mode unlocked. Then bunker took me a while to remember how to complete the objectives. Things you didn't even have to think about back in the day.
  12. Gave your post a heart, @S.C.G but make sure half of it gets to @Josh64 for his work in the front page engine room too. Afaik, it's just the click stick that can be changed. In Duke 64 terms, it's control stick look I can't wait to get back to. I still turn or point the reticule in the wrong direction in Splatoon 3 and you should have seen (and heard) me trying to get accustomed to Resi 5 a few months ago. Found Duke on the Switch to be unintuitive and generally feel wrong on the Pro controller, so expecting my thumbs to slip back into GoldenEye like I've never been away.
  13. good stuff thread.

    The best-laid schemes of mice and men often go askew when met with St. Patrick's Day. Irresistible force, immovable object.
  14. Control Style 1.2 Solitaire* here we goooo! * if memory serves. If not, muscle memory will get it done in the pause menu.