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  1. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    Hearing that music and the sound effects really brought back what a hollow and unsatisfactory game Pokémon on Switch was.
  2. Just seeing now that I missed your nine hour window by twenty mins! On the off-chance I spot you online this evening I'll get Orville to fling the gate open.
  3. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Glad we can all agree that the worst thing Rocket Rush did was inspire some (of the better) levels in those cheap knock-off "Returns" games. Sure, I'm happy to derail a thread into DKC (trilogy!) discussion. Allow me to split hairs and select some preferred stages: DKC Jungle Hijinx Ropey Rampage Barrel Cannon Canyon Minecart Carnage Vulture Culture Treetop Town Orang-utan Gang Snow Barrel Blast Ice Age Alley Minecart Madness DKC 2 Pirate Panic Barrel Bayou Rattle Battle Target Terror Rickety Race Ghostly Grove Haunted Hall Gusty Glade Web Woods DKC 3 Difficult to choose because all the levels are so varied! Take Lake Orangatanga (world one), which has Lakeside Limbo, Doorstop Dash, Tidal Trouble, Skidda's Row and Murky Mill. All strong levels that give you the intro pier level, the locked doors in Doorstop Dash, the tide pushing you back in Tidal Trouble, slippery terrain in Skidda's Row and then Murky Mill forcing you to contend with the elephant being scared of mice. Then, the vertical barrel shield levels, Riverside Race, the springing spider platforms in world 2 and it just goes on and on like that that from one world to the next. Swoopy Salvo just gets better with age. Great stuff. Maybe the only level I am not fussed on in DKC 3 would be Poisonous Pipeline as it reverses the controls, but even with that, you get used to it over the course of the level... unlike in DKC 2 where K Rool reverses the controls for a few seconds only, then they are back to normal just when you are getting used to it and have to adapt back. If DKC 3 didn't look so bright and cheery I think it would be appreciated a lot more! The same goes for DKC 1 & 2; the list of less preferred levels only amounts to only one or two per game.
  4. Cool, let me know when! I only have one BFF in the game and don't believe it is necessary to be besties unless you want me to come and dig up your island (you don't)? Online subscriptions is all that is needed to send letters with attachments as far as I am aware. I have the red robot and the blue monster statue. Interested in a yellow lighthouse or anything else?
  5. Would be amazing to see if I can get a basic outdoor area going with these! I excavated the area around the little beach where Redd docks and think it would be funny to have it as some kind of leisure area, and he drops anchor there to rip-off the punters. I just put the chair in my pockets to check and it says "diner chair" so counter chair sounds different. Maybe it's more like a breakfast bar stool? Noob question about the clock, can I put it outside and it will have a stand or is it for indoor use only? And yes, it has probably been since forever since you saw me online as we aren't Switch friends. Request sent!
  6. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that first-timers have some replaying to do here and there--that's what going after the !s and DK coins is all about, after all. I get what you mean though, Web Woods is long and slow, but I always feel like real progress has been made when you get through through it. It's like the game has been warming up until that point, and when you make it through the endurance test of Web Woods, it feels like you've bonded with the Kongs and you're ready to see out the final worlds of the quest. Then Kreepy Krow wipes you out and you're doing it all again from the last save point. As for Animal Antics, I always felt that Pot Hole Panic in DKC 3 was better version of the idea. You can gif me all you want but I'll hear no ill said of Snow Barrel Blast or Rocket Rush.
  7. I'm starting to get into island decoration. Could anyone share some furniture from the diner range? Name your price or if you can let me pick up some items to catalogue that would also be great. I have the the diner chair (black), diner dining table (red/ black/ yellow), diner sofa (turquoise) and diner neon sign (red triangle on green background). A neighbour seems to have a diner breakfast bar (and pool table!) so I've been posting him some furniture in the hopes of seeing these items appear in the recycle bin, but no luck!
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I always considered Web Woods to be one of the iconic DKC 2 levels! Out of interest, what is the other level? Animal Antics? Tag me in if the going's getting too tough for you, @drahkon!
  9. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Who is going to bring it home in Screeches Sprint? Time will tell!
  10. Super Mario Bros. 35 (1st October)

    Yeah, I've died several times from over/ under correcting on jumps. I would say they tinkered with it to up the chaos; it isn't maddening to die and retry. Swimming is strange too. There seems to be a current in places--was it like that in Mario 2: Lost Levels? I'm thinking of firing up the NES app to see how the games feel there. This is definitely different to Mario Maker 2, that's for sure.
  11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 2020)

    Anyone know if the acorns and pinecones will cease to be available after September?
  12. Rocket League

    Never played it until now (so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but you just have to press A on the menu that comes up immediately when a matches finishes to "Play Again".
  13. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Interesting. Even Shiren the Wanderer has some persistence between runs and I've never seen it referred to as anything other than a roguelike. Without looking into it, I just figured "lite" meant beatable for the average person. (I will look into the specifics of it now.)
  14. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    No worries, my online subscription ran out in July so you definitely have dibs on it!
  15. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    102%? If/ when I renew the online sub I'll hit you up! Easy mistake to make-- DKL 2 is really similar to DKC 2, whereas DKL and DKL 3 were original games.