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  1. Hello! Thanks for the birthday message, from last year!! Haven't been on here in ages. I'd forgotten about Tower SP! Where was it from? I can't find the thread now!

  2. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    This has been a Wizpig origin story the whole time?!
  3. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    I agree. Also, he has put full stops at the end of his paragraphs for the first time ever which is making me trust what he says less. Or do I trust it more because of the punctuation?
  4. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Dude Typhlosion was superior and you know it. :awesome:
  5. General Retro Discussion

    I know what you mean though they are pretty informative if you ever have a spare fifteen mins. I just watched this and the way he pronounces F-Zero is sickening.
  6. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    New region specific old Pokémon evolutions (!) and other things. Check it out.
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Have you been watching and keeping up to date with the other videos? I think they are good and worth a watch. : peace:
  8. Best Nintendo Adverts

    Those pesky PC gamers! (I thought it was amazing to see Zelda advertised on TV. I was so hyped for Santa to deliver it!) And: LET'S SEE THAT AGAIN. Cringe.
  9. 3DS eShop Thread

    I resisted the urge with Pokémon. My battery died so long ago on my Gameboy cart but I don't really need to play it again. I had all 151 (used an Action Replay for Mew, obviously, but traded for the rest). Actually, if it had the speed upgrade options from Pokémon Stadium I probably would have went ahead and bought it. I was on the eShop earlier and grabbed the Metroid Blastball demo (lol at that game but maybe it gets better?) and saw there is a buy two get one free on Snes games. It's like they are goading me with the DKC trilogy that my old minty ice white 3DS won't play. Sheesh.
  10. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Jeez man, all that crazy power in a handheld? Insane. My mind is genuinely blown with stuff like Monster Hunter and the N64 Zelda games being on 3DS. There's only so much I can take (and need) on a portable. I'm not sure more is more when it comes to the small screen. Nintendo can go ahead and make it as powerful as they want, of course, and I will be the last to complain but the ideas have got to be there when it comes to software, not just extra mad processing power. And the new Zelda? It would be criminal to play it on a handheld. From the little snippets I've seen it demands a 14 inch TV atleast. @Nicktendo makes good points.
  11. Boss Keys - Zelda dungeon video analysis

    Glad to see Link's Awakening getting some love.
  12. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    With the 3DS being locked down... I'd say the prospects aren't good. We will have to continue to wait it out for niche games.
  13. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Exactly. The amount of money it takes to make blockbuster games is obsene. Going back to the N64, it's innovation was taking us to polygonal gaming. The Gamecube then consolidated this with more power/ nicer graphics and sound. Where were Nintendo meant to go next? More power again and again? Personally, I think they did the right thing going with the DS (third pillar) and Wii. Sure they infuriate with their archaic ways but the fact that Nintendo strive to keep it fresh and are willing to experiment is what keeps us interested and what keeps it fun for us, and them, as the developer.
  14. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    When you see a Pokémon from an opposition trainer it fills in the area data in the Pokédex, no? Then, when you eventually catch one it fills in the description. It's been since like '98, man. :p Download it on 3DS and check already.