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  1. Dude. Dude. Dude. Where's this come from? Your homework for the weekend is to rewatch the DKC behind-the-scenes tape, reread the Summer '95 Jungle Action Special mag (and do the drawings), then do a 101% file of DKC. If I need to prop your eyes open with matchsticks it can be arranged. Wholeheartedly agree. Bar that I'm okay with the look for the film since other characters have been tweaked too.
  2. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

    Did not pass go, did not collect 200 bucks, went straight and got Rising after you tipped me off. In the interests of at least keeping the virtual backlog down, I've got stuck into it. It's a sidescrolling mishmash of levelling, gathering and town building with metroidvania-style gating thrown in to boot--yup, that also means you're double-jumping before long. You play as a CJ, a try-hard goody-two-shoes (so not that farfetched a roleplay ) who's out to be an adventurer. And to be an adventurer, the acting mayor tells you you have to be certified. And to be certified, you can either cough up the price of admission or collect enough stamps by completing requests for the locals, which has the knock-on effect of developing the town, bringing more trade, and ultimately attracting more characters to offer quests and stamps. It looked feasible enough to me to grind out the cash but CJ decides for you that you'll get the stamps in. It's very much Fetch Quest: The Game and while it's unfortunate they don't autocomplete as you fulfil them, being able to fast travel to every area + various points in dungeons alleviates some of the busywork. The prospect of it being a lot shorter than the typical 100-hour RPG goes a long way to making it palatable, too. So far, I've filled the silver stamp card and I'm into the gold one now. With the town visibly developing and the music changing, it helps you feel like your actions are having an impact rather than just working through a mundane checklist. You change between characters at the tap of a button, and if you time it right in combat it will link your attacks. It doesn't half look the part either. It's not a bad game if you can accept what it wants from you. Growing the town is a hook for me. It's been pretty low-octane stuff. It's been refreshing to see for the last couple of quests I turned in, it looked like the NPCs were angling for a follow-up but CJ--who's of a very chipper disposition and has said yes to everything that's come up--cut them off with a swift "OKAY, BYE."
  3. Thought you had two hopes, Bob Hope and no hope? In Fire Emblem Warriors you have three! Revealed in the Direct. Trailer to follow.
  4. Splatoon 3

    They very much present it in such a way that you're aware it isn't just about picking an answer, you're also joining the team of that particular rep. First one, easy. Rock. No questions asked. People's champion. Second time around, it wasn't so clear cut. Then when each rep made their case, I found myself siding with the blue character's logic. This time around, I saw it as them manufacturing a win for one of the other teams as soon as the alignments came out. I wanted to stay true to blue but in my heart, I knew which option was getting my vote. Just hope they don't manipulate me like that again. Turf war in a nutshell. When I watched that, I thought it looked like Chill Season was set to bring a new chilled-out hub area for the winter months but it's just some different (or extra?) stages and stuff. No mention of the new catalogue and incoming FOMO that comes with that sort of thing! I'm still grinding out the current catalogue in the hopes of finishing it (once) by the end of the month.
  5. Splatoon 3

    I've found tricolour matches so tough to come by in these Splatfests I don't feel qualified to pass judgement on the mode one way or another. It's cool to team up with opposing players but when you're the team in the middle... all the best. It must help keep the leading team from running away with it. I remember a few squirtle choosers but not that many. From what I've read online, Frye and Big Man are the fan favourites so it seemed only a matter of time before the blue rep lost a Splatfest. Just saw on the app it was a clean sweep for water though three categories were so close green could have taken it on a different day. Being on the fire team, I'd close defeats, defeats by ~10% and defeats where all four players were hemmed in the starting area by the opposition so I wasn't holding my breath.
  6. Splatoon 3

    I was referring to Frye as she was the fire rep in the poll. Yeugh. I'd still pick the twisted fire starter in the new games even if it looks the least inspiring for once.
  7. Splatoon 3

    Spose since you've no hair to tear out... With the poll being just "What's your partner Pokémon type?" I took a broader look at my Pokémon history. Tbh, it's an automatic choice yet I put some consideration into it only because of what characters they aligned the options with. In the end, I went with fire because that's what I've gone with in the games other than when I've picked up an extra version. Unfortunate then, that they put fire with that horrible-looking goblin creature but I figured I couldn't justify voting green just because I chose Bulbasaur in Leaf Green or blue because I took Mudkip in Emerald and possibly Totodile in Crystal. Red - Charmander Gold - Cyndaquil Ruby - Torchic Diamond - Chimchar Shield - Scorbunny Leaf Green (bundled with a NES SP) - Bulbasaur Emerald (because I loved Ruby) - Mudkip Yellow (3DS VC) - Pikachu Crystal (3DS VC) - Forget Yup, no contest for me. The order is placed on my team fire t-shirt. (Even though it has a stupid print on the back.) In the Splatfest itself, I'd a horrible run of matches yesterday and swapped to pro and tried to get tricolour matches this evening. The wins came (better matchmaking?) so after one session I went from nothing to fire champion status. Great. Some of those wins were multiplier matches so I raked in a decent bit of clout as I went. I've easily contributed more to this Splatfest than the previous two because of it. Pro mode from here on out methinks. Spent my conch shells and scrubbed the t-shirt for chunks. Scores on the doors tomorrow! The result I've my fingers crossed for is never seeing the best choice put on Frye again...
  8. Strikers is back with 8 player 4 v4 online, items, tackles and hyper strikes!!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    This post is two years and three summers in the making. Sea creatures complete: 16/07/2021 Fish complete: 21/07/2021 Insects complete: 29/08/2022 At long, long last that's saw one, netted one, donated one on the cicada shell. I harbour zero aspirations of getting three to send off for a model. Not happening. Blathers was nowhere near as stoked about the cicada shell donation as I expected. Turns out that even though all insects have now been caught, that section of the museum is still not full. For some reason, there's a pair of bugs I neglected to donate... which are thankfully doing the rounds again now/in September--stick insect and one of the butterflies.
  10. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    Thanks for trying to explain, though I'm still struggling to wrap my head around why this is the first party game people are snooty about. To me, Splatoon represents a side of Nintendo that will still put out something other than the usual mascot sequels and spin-offs.Thought it was embraced by everyone. I'm hoping this Direct will show 3 is a feature-complete game in and of itself that doesn't necessarily require support beyond matchmaking and score tracking. Chance'd be a fine thing, I know. Pretty much sums it up. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Nintendo releases Splatoon 3 as DLC for 2. People: what you trying to fleece us for Nintendo? An update like this warrants a new entry in the series! I preferred you before you became this corporate DLC-selling nightmare. Nintendo releases Splatoon 3 as a brand new entry in the series. People: what you trying to fleece us for Nintendo? This should have been DLC! Get with the times! That's worth keeping in mind, no doubt about it. Just last week I got a text in from someone making sure I'm still up for Splatoon 3 as they were ready to lay down their pre-order there and then. I was caught me a bit on the spot by this so I told them to stand down until we I shop around to see if we can save a tenner somewhere. Good to remember that this kind of average Joe Bloggs gamer* who, without any decent info on the game, is already happy with the product they will be getting and the online vocal minority who, without any decent info on the game, has already decided they're unhappy with the game and declare its sheer existence an affront are not representative of one another. I've not reserved the game, but I have reserved my judgement on it. *if you allow that an average gamer would have hundreds of hours on Splatoon 2 and has never watched a Nintendo Direct.
  11. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    Didn't realise until these responses that this was the general opinion. Five years is ample time. Where were the cries for the Mario + Rabbids sequel to be pushed back a generation? Madness. People wanted another Mario Kart on the same console, got more Xenoblade, and more Pokémon is coming to the Switch but another entry in possibly (probably?) the only good thing to come out of the Wii U is where the line is drawn? Maybe it's the Monday blues... Yup. Can't see "roughly 30 mins of updates" being a half-hour retread of Splatoon 1 and 2, personally. Stranger things have happened I suppose. We'll see soon enough.
  12. Football Season 2022/23

    Yuck, now there's a corner of the Internet I hope I never end up in. Ronaldo thought he was returning like the prodigal son to cement his place in Man U folklore and fire you from second back to the top of the tree. Even his powers have limits!
  13. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    Haven't played Splatoon 1 and only did the Game Trial of 2 so this new one looks amazing to me. I expected 3 to come along much sooner or I'd have got 2 long ago (similar to Mario Kart 8 to 9...) so I'm more than ready to get into this de Blob shooter. Only thing that will deter me is if I get a whiff of the recent Nintendo sports titles off it. And if they announce DLC in this Direct. No need. Just get a full game out and take it from there. Speaking of stupid issues upon starting up games, can we move past this "Press L + R to Start" malarky? I'm not even joking. In Pikmin 3 nothing else seems to work. Let me press start to play. Let me press A to play. Please Nintendo.
  14. Football Season 2022/23

    Heard Souness say they'd have finished 14th last season if you take Ronaldo's 18 goals out of the equation. Crazy.
  15. Football Season 2022/23

    Guess I've been conditioned by the footy news I absorb where Man U is always the hot topic, win lose or draw. I'd love a good look at what Brighton did rather than "credit Brighton [or insert opposition team here], but United..." or some good early analysis on how Spurs are looking after Conte knackering them in pre-season vs this time last year with Nuno, or how are Newcastle looking and what's realistic for Newcastle this term? Are Everton as good as gone? Are Leicester going to be in freefall unless they get bodies in? Second season syndrome for Brentford? These kinds of things get paid lip service at best then it's back to United. Like last year after the Liverpool and City games at Old Trafford, there was no in-depth look at the attacking prowess of those teams--that was brushed aside to get onto United... Haven't plucked up the courage to check in on the fantasy footy as I know they were a bunch of duds.
  16. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    Super stuff. Looking forward to this in a big way so I'll be glad to learn what I can about it between now and launch.
  17. Football Season 2022/23

    Yeah, I heard an interview with one of the Brighton players on Friday and they said Old Trafford is always daunting. That much hasn't changed. Unfortunately for United, that twelfth man effect can only do so much before the XI on the pitch starts crumbling. I would have had Brighton down as a team that was getting some joy on away days at Man U in recent years so there you are. Oh well, looks like that's yet another source of points gone for the red devils.
  18. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Went through both new cups on 50cc after which I unlocked the 5,000 coin vehicle customisation option.
  19. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

    Just wrapped up the main game. Didn't see that coming as I felt the game was still in the process of ramping up. What turned out to be the final area was a good test and the only place I ended up using the restart option, as the knowledge I gathered with each attempt helped me get a bit further next time with some fewer losses. Basically, with everyone getting divided up, this kind of end-of-day outcome was going to be unsustainable before long: No chief, I failed them. In this quest to retrieve the Cosmic Key Drive, I'm really not sure the ends justified the means. Final stats screen showed 427 losses over the course of the game. I can only hope they honour our fallen Pikmin comrades by cultivating the seeds from the fruit I sent back to put an end to their food shortages forever. Don't check this if you're feeling weak of stomach, @viceview51! Lovely credits sequence to top off an excellent game. Those that survived will do a fine job of fending for themselves. There's some more things to go back and finish off like the 10-min levels and some fruit pieces left to grab so I reckon I'll still be on it for those--it's too soon to put this one to bed yet.
  20. Football Season 2022/23

    Thought Ten Hag would have instilled some confidence in them or at least put them through some drills so they have some ideas of what to do without being lost all the time... but nope. He needs time and resources though will need to show there's progress before long. Biggest surprise is probably that that's Brighton's first win at Old Trafford?? United must have been snatching draws off them until now.
  21. Football Season 2022/23

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond Bale was scoring a Messi-esque goal. They're calling it world class but I've seen better defending in the Irish League which is literally a farmers league. It's looking like they're picking up where they left off. Ten Hag: Cristiano, get yourself down the touchline for a warm-up. Ronaldo: Saunters down the side of the pitch, makes for the tunnel like butter wouldn't melt and off home. Ten Hag: Puffs cheeks and takes out his phone to draft the apology to the fans.
  22. Football Season 2022/23

    Who's gonna be the first player to open the floodgates this season with the social media apologies. Or has Ten Hag banned those, can't remember the new rules and regs.
  23. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    It would have been really nice to have the DQ edition over here. Pity they never did any more 3DS follow-ups. Since they adapted it to home consoles for Kingdom Hearts, it might be cool if S-E cosied up to Nintendo for Theatrhythm Mario RPG Series or something. Or maybe Nintendo is still under contract with dance mat. How's that work in Curtain Call? Is it still one item equip that will be auto-used during the FMS or BMS? And is what moves you equip on characters still limited by their available CP? I checked the shard requirements of some more of my silhouetted characters vs my dark notes and closed out a few more unlocks. Snow (FF XIII) whose silhouette I thought was going to be Yuna but checking the roster I already have a lvl 1 Yuna available so I should've known better really, Kain (FF IV) and Cosmos from FF. FF doesn't mean FF I so I haven't the foggiest what this unnumbered entry is. Not sure how much it helped though I went ahead and used some Tantal Greens and Gysahl Greens just to make sure I'd get far enough on the FMS to get a shot at Boss 2 or 3 -- 3 being where my shard drops were waiting. I'm at no risk of dying on these dark notes so potions and phoenix downs aren't needed and I'm not bothered about what summon I get so I've seen no need to use the summon items. Figured I might as well be using something so the greens it was.
  24. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    It's all right if you don't get familiar with them because if you're at the back then you'll be on @S.C.G's stream.
  25. Football Season 2022/23

    The Pool were in snooze control today until Milner and Darwin were thrown on. Even for that last 30 mins when they started to threaten, Fulham didn't fold.