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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Sword and Shield is a big disappointment too. Seriously. Similar to you, I had Diamond on DS but never finished it and didn't play Pokémon again until Switch because hey, every Nintendo series seemed to be knocking out of the park so Pokémon might well be traditional to a fault, but having not played it for so long it would still be great to get back to, right? WRONG. You should have gone with Link's Awakening, or even Skyward Sword if you haven't played it on Wii. Next time compile a better list of options! There are trillions of games on Switch for crying out loud.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    FIFA brings it down to 19.
  3. Playground Rumours

    That you could make B. Orchid in KI on the SNES do her flash move towards the camera.
  4. Dicey Dungeons

    I like how snappy this is. From movement around the boards to the combat itself. Sadly, it looks like it's getting drowned out by some other games I want to play for the time being, but Dicey Dungeons complimented Paper Mario: The Origami King really well for me there--what with TOK having meaningless battles and DD being all battles. The variation of playstyles between the characters I've unlocked so far is really something too. My feedback on the email questionnaire was that it would be nice to have some way of consulting item/card descriptions as it seems you just have to throw new cards into your setup and if they work they work, but if they don't, you're stuck with them. One thing I would praise the game for is that I was... able to run from a boss! It was the vampire, and I'd bypassed the chess immediately preceding him in the belief that my card configuration would be good enough to see him off! Turns out you need that item or the vampire is unvanquishable. LOL. I was glad and relieved to be able to run from battle to pick up that item and start the encounter again. Much better than having to take a loss and restart from the first floor, so bravo for that. I've taken my early-game losses on the chin, but I feel your pain @Jonnas.
  5. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Seems like the cart isn't on sale anymore but worth getting next time the price dips. Plenty of hours to be had from it. Tales of Vesperia is down again if you haven't got it already. Just right. No need to deprive yourself of NEO any longer!
  6. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Final trailer even though the release date is still a month out. Various sites are saying that a demo will be available any day now (the source they all echo is a deleted S-E tweet) so I'll report back if and when it happens. It would be good to get some hands-on time with NTWEWY to see what the controls feel like. Maybe when the eShop updates later? (Searched for a thread to bump but didn't see anything. Feel free to merge as required, Lord @Ike!)
  7. Marvel's Phase 4

    Question about possible future developments in the Spider-man films. Basically, all my Spider-man knowledge (and lack thereof) comes from the cartoon, so can someone familiar with the comic book storylines shed some light on this for me:
  8. Best Films of 2021

    Wasn't aware they'd lobbed it onto streaming already so that's handy.
  9. Will Mario Kart 9 release on the Switch?

    Will Mario Kart 9 release on the Switch? Honestly, I kind of hope not since I just got MK 8 Deluxe within the last year. I had been holding out for 9 all this time and don't want to see it any time soon due to my recent 8 purchase. Just restart the N-E MK League with 8 DX already and I'll join and prop up the table. As for what any twist could be... would an adventure mode even be a twist at this point? I could see them reintroducing the MK DS challenges but I'm not sure how far they would go with making an adventure. But then who knows. Open-world adventure in a kart? Mario Kart has gliders already so... You start on an enclosed area with the princess' castle in the distance, desert in one direction, snow in the other, etc, and as soon as you complete some tasks and challenges on the opening area you are rewarded with the glider and you are off. Make Tatanga a boss. Since they folded F-Zero into 8, I could see them incorporating jet skis and snowboarding and there's Waverace and Ten Eighty covered.
  10. Best Films of 2021

    Been to see Matrix 4 and the latest Spidey. Really enjoyed both for different reasons (yet there is some overlap)! Worthy of the Best Films of 2021, imo. Was cool to see so much of the Sense8 cast crop up in the Matrix. Still might be able to get Encanto watched before it drops off the cinema listings. Ooh, thanks. Hadn't done any homework on the availability of Tick, Tick... Boom! yet but may well catch that next, then.
  11. Metroid Dread

    Metroid Dread is real and is coming out later this year, October 8th.
  12. Best Films of 2021

    Views and reviews (yours included) of thon hyphen film didn't exactly sell it as a must-see. There was much better in 2021 if you were in the least bit interested. Also want to see this but not sure if it is in the cinema or if it needs to be hunted down on streaming. I'll be doing Matrix 4 and Spidey in the coming weekends and if Tick, Tick... Boom! is there in the latter half of January I will try to see it. Hard to go too wrong with Houses's roommate.
  13. Best Films of 2021

    Dune The French Dispatch Moxie Ghostbusters: Afterlife was good but less good the more I think about it. Free Guy was a decent laugh. Jungle Cruise was fine. In The Heights delivered the expected cheesefest. Black Widow was all right? The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard was a decent laugh too. Luca was good stuff. I've been to the cinema plenty but it is hard to think back on what exactly was this year. Feel like I'm forgetting some things because surely the year wasn't all spent waiting for Dune and The French Dispatch? Hmm. Still plan to see Matrix 4 and the latest Spidey in the cinema. And Encanto, West Side Story and King Richard when I can. Plus Belfast. And anything else. Probably see what gets nominated for the Oscars and prioritise what to catch up with based on that.
  14. NEO: The World Ends With You

    It is between NEO: TWEWY and P5S for OST of the year.* Great songs and music in both. Gives the games their strong identity, energises the player, you can't help but crank the volume. These OSTs are packed with material that you can brazenly slot into your iTunes rotation. It has been years and years since the first TWEWY dominated "best of" discussions across the gaming world, yet in the year the long-anticipated sequel has arrived, NEO has been stuck on the peripheries of the 2021 nominees--perhaps garnering a passing best of the rest mention, more likely overlooked entirely. Make no mistake about it: NTWEWY is outright one of the best games of 2021 and the OST easily stands up against the best the year has to offer, too. It's noisy like the crowded city streets, hip like the cast, catchy, headbanging, raw and emotional. There are battles you wish lasted longer so you could smack the enemies around for another verse of a song you particularly enjoy. Returning songs are held back for the moment they will get you most hepped up. P5S, you are fantastic--a credit to musou--and I want to see and hear more from your series on Switch, but NEO: The World Ends With You takes it! * Disclaimer: not sure I've played much from 2021 so all my awards (bar disappointment of the year) would likely be split between these two and the Bowser's Fury half of 3D World.
  15. Switch eShop Thread

    Just went through the eShop sales last night and it has updated again. Red Faction for £1.79 @ 93% off until 12/01/2022 is a standout so far in this round. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-games/Red-Faction-Guerrilla-Re-Mars-tered-1584323.htmlitch games | Games | Nintendo I have it for Gamecube so I'm not too interested but if someone says it's amazing my ears are open. Still sifting.
  16. Well, the Patreon tiers were needing updated for 2022 anyway!
  17. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    Looks like she could be worth keeping around for another round of birthday and Christmas gift reception! @Emerald Emblem Would you mind posting around here somewhere about the Horipad when you've had the chance to put it through its paces? Curious to know how the buttons, joysticks, d-pad feel. @Happenstance That is genuinely cool. Treasure it.
  18. Dicey Dungeons

    https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Dicey-Dungeons-1742949.html Currently 80% off until 5th January 2022. Surely a steal at £2.69!
  19. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Thought this would be light-hearted and fun to play (and why not!?) for an hour or so earlier today. I am early to midway through the game, heading for the yellow streamer, but I will spoiler this anyway. Those who have played the game will know what I am referring to without checking the vague spoiler below.
  20. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    Merry Christmas to N-Eone and all who read this! Hope Santa came.
  21. Favourite Gaming Christmas Memory?

    Same as above, I could go year by year if I thought about it or had a list of November/ December Nintendo console releases to go off. Here are some years that spring to mind now, not necessarily limited to the games mentioned: - SNES bundled with Fifa International Soccer and a Super Gameboy - Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!, Cybernator, Mickey Mania, Pop n Twinbee (this was when I started to have a backlog.) - Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble - Diddy Kong Racing, Lylat Wars, Duke Nukem 64 (possibly more??) - Ocarina of Time and Gameboy Color + Harvest Moon - Wario Land 4 - Twilight Princess Disappointment: DK 64 Massive disappointment: DKC Returns
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Not getting the final insect I need in Animal Crossing combined with my online sub running out really contributed to things tapering off for me after summer. I've got about 30 hours in NEO: The World Ends With You and spent some time back in Paper Mario: The Origami King this month though; Switch is by no means dead for me. Stats not included in the image download: 93% docked. 7% handheld. (How this isn't 1% or 0% I do not know!) What's next? Zelda: Skyward Sword NOPE Metroid Dread PLEASE NO WarioWare: Get It Together CAN'T SEE IT N64 Switch Online NEVER SAY NEVER Here's to 2022.
  23. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    What do you think of these? Any festive-themed issues/ storylines on your reading list at the mo?
  24. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    With no other knowledge of the F1 season other than headlines lauding Hamilton, I would have told you he'd run away with it. Shocked to see news today that someone else has taken the title.