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  1. Fortnite

    I'm enjoying this, but I don't like how you have to pay for the things that you have unlocked. If you unlock something, you shouldn't then need currency to open it.
  2. I must be about 2/3 of the way through now, still haven't spent any real money. Loving it.
  3. Really enjoying this! I like how my play sessions are limited by the battery - i.e. can't overdo it and it's just the right sort of game to play in short bursts. This is the most I have played my Switch undocked since buying it.
  4. Lego!

    @BowserBasher Looks much better than I expected! I still wish it was a little larger scale, but there's some excellent details.
  5. Lego!

    @BowserBasher Is it easy to photograph the interiors? It looks like the rooms are a bit small.
  6. Eurovision 2018

    Eurovision is still a thing? And it's still a thing people get excited about? Who'da thunk it! Still, have fun!
  7. Jessica Jones

    I did not enjoy this as much as the first season, it was still better than The Defenders and Iron Fist, but the lack of a really threatening villain made it fall flat.
  8. bad stuff thread.

    I would have set fire to it, but then, there's something horribly wrong with me. Also, that cat has superb handwriting.
  9. Football Season 2017-18

    Aye, we have turned things around alright, but we need to sustain this into the next season and not lose any of our best players. Fingers crossed that Ashley will just sell up and piss off.
  10. The Walking Dead

  11. Arms

    I recently downloaded the Demo for the global event thing, and three of us got absolutely smashed by this guy. I liked the basic idea of the game, but the motion controls were not sufficiently responsive to make me take the tumble.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Three day weekend ahead! But six day working week after!
  13. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Argh! This always happens: I get to a good level of fitness and then I get injured! I finally started to run sub 19-minutes for 5k on a regular basis, then yesterday after a minute of playing football i land awkwardly on my left knee...
  14. Job woes/wins

    Getting the impression from management that literally anyone else could be doing my job and that they wouldn't notice: My Year 1 colleague demanded to go part-time next year or she would leave. Request granted. This means that I'm now the only experienced EYFS teacher in Year 1, which you would think make them more motivated to keep me... well, motivated. But no. "Where's my career going here?" "Wherever we say it is and we're not interested in discussing it." "Look at the improvements in teaching and curriculum content delivery I have made over the past few years. Is that perhaps something I can do more of across the department?" "No." "I've led workshops before and have everything prepared, I hear that someone has dropped out of the cross-campus development seminar. Would you like me to present?" "No, we don't want you to do it, we'd prefer to cancel the time slot." "Oh, so I'm essentially nothing and nobody here?" "We didn't say that. We did imply it, but we didn't say it. Stop presuming to speak for us."
  15. Indoor security camera tips

    I have a Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera that has been to Vegas, Thailand and Malaysia with me, the quality is acceptable and it has been treated roughly. The main issues I have had is the wifi connectivity to the App, which can be slow and spotty, plus the App is in chinglish and I'm never sure if I have it set right to record audio AND video.