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  1. Banjo-Kazooie Duke Nukem 64 Lylat Wars Body Harvest Wave Race 64
  2. Because they are more Machine now than Man - twisted and evil.
  3. With the exception of Iron Fist, I pretty much loved all the Marvel Netflix shows, though I'll admit season 2 of Luke Cage was disappointing.
  4. Doctor Who

    I haven't watched Dr Who since the second Matt Smith season - it all got so complicated and meta that I found it difficult and dull to follow.
  5. I liked Iron Fist, mostly because everything was fairly simple.
  6. How am I? Quickly disappearing over the Madness Horizon and still accelerating.
  7. What terrified you as a child?

    ET. I walked into my friend's front room at the moment when the alien screams, it was just horrible timing. Ever since then, I was convinced that ET was waiting in every bush, hiding behind the curtains or in the dank patch at the bottom of the garden.
  8. Westworld (TV series)

    Took a long time to get going, but the last few episodes were amongst the finest TV that I have seen.
  9. Fortnite

    I'm enjoying this, but I don't like how you have to pay for the things that you have unlocked. If you unlock something, you shouldn't then need currency to open it.
  10. Pokémon Quest - Switch/Mobile

    I must be about 2/3 of the way through now, still haven't spent any real money. Loving it.
  11. Pokémon Quest - Switch/Mobile

    Really enjoying this! I like how my play sessions are limited by the battery - i.e. can't overdo it and it's just the right sort of game to play in short bursts. This is the most I have played my Switch undocked since buying it.
  12. Lego!

    @BowserBasher Looks much better than I expected! I still wish it was a little larger scale, but there's some excellent details.
  13. Lego!

    @BowserBasher Is it easy to photograph the interiors? It looks like the rooms are a bit small.
  14. Eurovision 2018

    Eurovision is still a thing? And it's still a thing people get excited about? Who'da thunk it! Still, have fun!