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  1. Switch friend codes

    Julius 6860-0827-6011 nintendoroid No No
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Finally made the switch! [Click.] Friend code is 6860-0827-6011, if anyone would like to add me
  3. Last of Us Part II

    Hmm... ...I could see that supposedly leaked release date from PlayStation Destination having some truth to it. Every time we get an update about this game, I can't help but feel that it's nearing its completion. Guess I should probably go play the first one this summer
  4. November 15th! Story trailer:
  5. Won't put the title here yet, just see for yourself!
  6. Marvel's Phase Three

    Marvel's Disney+ efforts have pretty awful titles. There will also be an animated show called What If?, exploring, well, 'What if?' scenarios in the MCU. MCU actors will be reprising the voices of their roles, and Kevin Feige has previously revealed that the first episode will be about Peggy Carter becoming a super soldier and a scrawny Steve Rogers using a suit made by Howard Stark.
  7. To be fair, that's simply because it's so soon after the change from Republic to Empire -- they're using repurposed and repainted Republic era ships (V-Wings) as opposed to TIEs in that scene. Same goes for the cruisers: we see Republic era Venator class cruisers which have been painted grey at the end of RotS as opposed to Star Destroyers. For the record, the downed cruiser in the poster above isn't a Star Destroyer either -- that's a Venator class cruiser. I don't think it makes a difference when it's set in the slightest, because it will have little impact on the quality of Respawn's storytelling efforts. The Clone Wars is mostly great and is set during the prequel era. I'd actually much rather it be set closer to III this time around so that there's room for potential sequels or other projects to exist in the same space, but that being said, I am starting to get a bit tired of everything being shoved in between III and IV since Disney's take over: sequel trilogy aside, we have four seasons of Rebels; Solo; Rogue One; and far too many comics and novels set in the 19 years or so between those films. It feels like they're needlessly narrowing their scope: there are great stories to tell throughout the timeline, so I hope that after IX we start seeing more of a concerted effort to fill in the gaps in other periods.
  8. Pretty sure they've confirmed that it will be taking place between III and IV, but yeah, it seems much closer to III than IV from what I've seen going around. That being said, I doubt it literally takes place just after III ends ("shortly after" is pretty vague), so I have to imagine that there'll have been enough time for them to transition from V-Wings (what we see at the end of RotS) to TIE Fighters. Probably get a prologue during Order 66 with the main character as a budding padawan watching his master get sliced down, though. I'm just hoping that it isn't too similar to other stories (i.e. Kanan's) that have already been told in canon. Wouldn't mind a hint or two at some ancient Jedi/Sith stuff in this game. We know that Old Republic stuff is the most likely era to carry the franchise after IX, and the tweet clearly makes use of McQuarrie's ancient script used in many pieces of his Staff Wars concept art. That lightsaber design is giving me Old Republic vibes too, actually. @Ganepark32, yep, that's what I've read too. The Frostbite engine looked at its best in the Battlefront series, in my opinion (it didn't run great all of the time, but looked much better than it did in EA's sports catalogue of games), but I'm 100% behind seeing Star Wars in UE4. Strange that I've only just seen Schreier over at Kotaku report this, though. It's been out there for quite some time -- guess he was busy just corroborating sources.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Star Wars news relating to Disney+... • The Mandalorian will be a series available at launch (November 12th) • Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, The Force Awakens and Rogue One will be available at launch; The Last Jedi and Solo will be available once their Netflix term expires • The Clone Wars S7 will release in the first year • The Clone Wars S1 - S6 and Rebels S1 - S4 will be available at launch • Cassian Andor series coming 2021; Alan Tudyk will reprise his role as K-2SO Also, here's a look at the platform and The Mandalorian's logo:
  10. Official poster: Love it. Looks just like the concept art from the Making Of books for the prequels and the Art of books for the sequels. Can't wait to get more of a look on Saturday -- certainly cautious after EA's spotty-at-best track record with their handling of the Star Wars license, but optimistic that Respawn will bring something great to the table!
  11. New PV for Weathering with You: Looks absolutely phenomenal -- if there was an award for the best animated rain, Shinkai films would win every time. Great to hear that RADWIMPS are back too!
  12. Some stills from Makoto Shinkai's upcoming film Weathering with You: Looks exactly like a Shinkai movie, which is to say that it's stunningly beautiful
  13. Persona 5

    It's official: Persona 5 is joining the PlayStation Hits lineup!