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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of the look of it overall, but that might be down to the colours. I miss the coloured icons, and I'm not the biggest fan of the curve at the top, or the curvier lines in general...it's certainly lost the distinct look of the DualShock controllers, and looks much closer to the Xbox and Switch Pro controllers as others have mentioned here. I'm all for that in terms of the potential for improved comfort (though I've never had any comfort issues with my DS4 like I did with the DS2 growing up), and it will all quickly be forgotten if the thing is comfortable. Also love that the arrows have finally moved onto the D-pad buttons now, like with the PSP and Vita, that's the probably the biggest visual change I appreciate. Like others, I hope it lasts longer on a single charge. Much longer. USB-C and faster charging times will be great, but it means little if the range stays the same. The official range for the PS4 controller of anywhere from 4 - 8 hours is quite frankly unacceptable considering the battery life seen elsewhere, and it being my main console and getting the most regular use, it does become apparent at times. I'd love if this thing could last for 40+ hours on a single charge. The touch pad remaining is something I don't have a strong opinion about, but I'm not a fan of the light bar returning; at the very least, I hope that they finally give us the option to turn the damn thing off, instead of draining our battery life! Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are something I'm looking forward to seeing utilised at the very least by some first parties, so it'll be interesting to see what they come up with. Also, based purely off these images, is it just me or do the "Creative" and "Options" buttons seem too close to the "Up" and "Triangle" buttons, respectively, considering that they're at an angle? That was the biggest thing that stood out to me besides the colours. Like I said, not the biggest fan of the colours, but this will be in my hand and not matter too much. Much more concerned about what this potentially means for the console itself, as I'm not totally enthralled by the idea of a two-tone black and white console, if I'm being honest. But hey, maybe I'll see it and they'll turn me around. I love all black/dark consoles, and something like what H-o-T shared would be the preferred controller colour bundled in the box for me. Really love the coloured PS logo and icons on that mock-up too. Excited to see the console itself and what PlayStation has planned to get fans on-board This generation is going out with a bang, and I can't wait to see where video games go next
  2. Well, this came out of the blue. Key points: - haptic feedback confirmed - adaptive triggers - "Create" replaces "Share", more details to come - built-in microphone array for short conversations, headphones still recommended - lighter - improved battery life - light bar moved from top of the controller to either side of the touch pad - USB-C charging (faster charging times) (not mentioned, but implied from the shared images) Jim Ryan's last word still sticks to a Holiday 2020 release window for the PS5.
  3. Questions

    No worries! And yeah, it happens when I try to change the title of the E3 2020 thread
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

  5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

  6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Okay, I'm awake. Going to do this quite briefly, and a bit messy, as I'm still gathering a lot of my thoughts. Worth noting that some of my problems with the game on the technical side of things which I mentioned before might end up being patched. Let's mosey, non-spoiler style. MUSIC: the music is great, which is almost par for the course for a Final Fantasy game, I know. There were a a lot of tracks which elicited a great emotional reaction from me, but I do think one or two of the tracks were over-composed, and one or two other tracks didn't quite have the same impact that I thought they had in the original. But overall, a stellar soundtrack, in particular with the battle music and Hollow, the game's theme/credits song, is surprisingly great. COMBAT: I don't have any experience with the modern Final Fantasy games, but from what I've read, heard and seen of XV, VII Remake's battle system seems to be a step above in every regard. It's fluid and dynamic, requires your full attention at all times, and the ATB gauge adds a dimension of strategy to combat that I think most turn-based fans will be pleased with. It reminds me a lot of Chrono Trigger, in a great way, with curated sets of enemies to be found and engaged, and seamless transitions in and out of battle. Boss battles are epic, as are there soundtracks, and I don't think there was a single one that I didn't love. It's worth mentioning though that were a number of times where battles were a little frustrating, in that some enemies have extremely good targeting and are guaranteed to hit you almost regardless of what you do, and you can actually be knocked out of using your Limit Break/a spell/ability if hit by an enemy in the small amount of time between selecting to use it and the animation starting, and it still spends your Limit meter/MP/ATB bars as though you'd used it. The camera can also be a little hard to control at times in battles, and while the sense of scale in the battles are spot on for the most part, there were some occasions where you practically just end up in the face of a boss, which makes it difficult to read the battle on the scale that they want you to. The game is very generous on the odd occasion when you do lose a battle, giving you the option to either back out to the last checkpoint or, much more likely, just retry from the last battle. CHARACTERS: Cloud Strife has taken strides in this game which will assuredly wash away the impression that he was some "depressed emo", as I have seen touted in other corners of the internet, in the original game. He's cool, calm, and collected, but knows what he's fighting for, and is every bit the character that you remember from the original game. His interactions with other characters, however, is what really pushes this game above for me, and it's an aspect of the game which I think they knocked completely out of the park. Hearing him banter with Barret, seeing him slowly open up to Tifa, and seeing how his relationship with Aerith grows from confused stranger, and most importantly how all of this changes as the game goes on, is a testament to an excellent script and is realised by an excellent voice cast. Special mentions to Cody Christian as Cloud, Britt Baron as Tifa, Brianna White as Aerith, and Erica Lindbeck as Jessie; they did a stellar job in particular and deserve to be recognised for it. The Avalanche cast is fleshed out and it's hard to not get emotionally invested in Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie, and I love how much you learn about them and get to interact with them in this game. Shinra, and the Turks in particular, are elevated from the mostly one-note characters that they were in the original to being a formidable and believable threat. Also, Marlene is friggin' adorable. WORLD: the city of Midgar is a site to behold and then some. From the oppressive, manufactured green-blue hue which envelopes the city at night, to the outrageous scale of the city and its buildings and sectors, I'm amazed that Square Enix realised this setting in the way that they did, and they did so with aplomb. If you pay attention, and like me lived the pre-rendered backgrounds of the original, there are some gorgeous ones to see in this game. Kudos to them. Traversing Midgar is what I would describe as a linear-open world experience: much like Dragon Quest XI or the latest God of War, the game's main story can be followed by just following the path up ahead, or you can take other paths to explore (this being a JRPG, exploring and finding secrets and hidden items is probably going to be your preferred way to walk around Midgar), which is great because it definitely feels like it gives you the choice, and the map is your best friend when it comes to making sure that you haven't missed anything out. However, there were one or two times where the map/destination marker didn't quite take me in the right direction, and one of my biggest gripes with the game's traversal should perhaps have been expected for a game of this size and appearance on these consoles: there's a lot of Uncharted-like world traversal, such as squeezing into a narrow gap, slowly passing across a narrow beam, and crouching below things, to allow the game to load. It's a fair trade-off for what you end up getting in terms of the scale and quality of the world, but it does slow the game down and make for some odd pacing at times. Overall, though, some technical issues aside, an amazing return to Midgar, and Square Enix have set a high benchmark with this game in a lot of ways, as they did with the original; hopefully, this is a sign of bigger and better things to come next generation with Part II and XVI, whenever they arrive. @Hero-of-Time, I'm still collecting some of my thoughts, but now that I'm finished, I definitely have some not-so-brief thoughts to share and get the discussion rolling.
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Well, after just shy of 38 hours and say 4 AM, credits are rolling. It's far too late (early?) for me to start diving in too deep, and there are quite a few things I think I want to sleep on, but I will say this: Square Enix took a lot of risks with this game, and while some of those might have missed the mark for me, the overwhelmingly majority of the game hit near perfectly and is nothing short of amazing. I'll leave it at that for now. Anyway, we've got a LOT to discuss @Hero-of-Time
  8. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Had no idea where to put this, so I'll just stick it here. It's music related. Don't @ me. @Glen-i I know you have a soft spot for these games like I do, and I think this video about the main musical themes in the PMD Explorers games would be straight up your alley! at the very least, these soundtracks are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve!
  9. Well thank Nook for that!
  10. Disney+

    Yeah, I can see that being the case. With the way the show is set out, it strikes me more as an anthology of stories during the Clone Wars in the GFFA when compared to Rebels, which is very much "just" a core narrative, and while there is certainly a core narrative there in TCW with Anakin, Ashoka, and Rex, a big strength of this show is the side characters, whether they be a pirate king, a group of clone cadets, or a Jedi on the front lines. Everything is just given more room to breathe, which I think is important given the development of certain characters in this era, but I could see that being detrimental in a way if that style of storytelling just isn't for you. I want to say give it a chance, because once the show picks up it really picks up (I think you'd love it), and it normally starts to click a bit more a season or two in, but it's hard to not recognise that a show like this is definitely a big time investment, especially if you're not loving it from the offset. Loved the Tartakovsky animated series, I think it's a great ride for how short it is, and love that animation style too It's difficult, but if you're thinking about giving The Clone Wars a shot, I'd say give it a go, maybe this time in chronological order (the link above has links to the episodes in Disney+), because at least there's a through line of sorts in that sense. I was thinking about recommending a condensed episode order, but honestly, I've just looked through a bunch of recommended condensed episode orders, and a lot of them somehow end up throwing out some of the better arcs in the show! It definitely takes a little while for the anthology-style storytelling to click, but when it does, I think you'll enjoy it a lot more
  11. Disney+

    It's well worth a watch! This show is what got me through the Great Star Wars Drought of my childhood, and I genuinely think it's one of the best animated shows out there. The music by Kevin Kiner is superb and catches that John Williams magic; the story adds a lot of what was missing in the prequels, and in my opinion massively improves the story of those films; and it's probably some of George Lucas's (and Dave Filoni's) best work. You also get to see a new character go from annoying and one note, someone kind of loathed by the Star Wars community at the start, to a fully fleshed out and realised character, whom the fans ended up loving. Going to echo what I suggested before for Ronnie: if you do end up watching it, I'd recommend checking it out in chronological order instead of order of release. This is because the first few seasons jumped around a lot in the timeline, which could get a bit confusing, but that mostly levels out towards the end of the show; the strength of this show is that while you'll no doubt become familiar with a "core" cast, it frequently jumps around and you get to see the Clone Wars from many different perspectives. The film is also a must, regardless of perceived quality as opposed to the rest of the series (loved it as a kid, but it hasn't aged amazingly), because it introduces Ashoka (the film is also on Disney+). I watched the show the first time around growing up in release order, as, well, as I was just watching it as it released, and I certainly got confused by it at times. My two rewatches since have been in chronological order, which I feel is leaps and bounds a better experience, because the growing pains of the show are much more apparent when watched in release order; chronological order jumps around enough that I think those growing pains are successfully negated. I printed off a tick sheet of the order, which makes it much easier to keep a track of, so I'd recommend doing that if you do watch the show in chronological order. That's actually one of my biggest complaints with Disney+ right now: that it doesn't offer for you to watch the show in chronological order, because it's the recommended way to watch, but keeping track of it yourself can definitely become a bit of a pain. But anyway, yeah, I can't recommend this show enough. It's one of those that I'm happy to scream from the rooftops for. It's George Lucas pushing the envelope once more, this time with CG animation, and the training of Dave Filoni, arguably one of the most important names over at Lucasfilm right now, from a padawan to a Jedi Knight. This is that Saturday morning show I think it depends on what you want to get out of the shows. Do you just want a good time watching some good animated Star Wars stuff, and not mind missing out on callbacks and references to other shows, and returning characters from those shows? If so, just watch it in whatever order, I don't think it really matters too much if you're just looking for a fun time. But if you do want to understand those callbacks and references, and especially understand the importance of some returning characters, and have a big ol' smile on your face when they do come back, I'd certainly recommend watching The Clone Wars > Rebels [> Resistance]. I haven't watched Resistance, so can't comment on the quality, but it is set far off enough from the other shows and, as far as I know, has very few (if any) callbacks to the others, hence the square brackets. Both The Clone Wars and Rebels also feed into The Mandalorian, and outside of what is now Legends material, you'll get to see exactly why Mandalorians are so beloved by fans, a lot of their more recent history, and there are of course some nods and callbacks there to the other shows too.
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    A little over the 27 hour mark, kicking around in Chapter 14. Music's still excellent, the story beats are really hitting, and man, this story just seems like such a relevant story to retell right now. And they've been hitting the mark for me up to this point, so I'm excited for what remains; based purely on H-o-T's completion time, I think it's possible that I see credits roll tomorrow. @Hero-of-Time, did you complete most/all of the side quests by chance? I'm guessing so based on how you usually annihilate games like this, and from your total end playtime. I've completed all but one up to this point, but I have a quick question about that last one if you did complete them, and don't mind answering... Also, assuming you did complete the side quests, I would love to know your thoughts about one or two of them in particular, and any others that come to mind! Really don't want this game to end, but also really can't wait to see what happens next.
  13. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Played all day besides my AC check-in, now seventeen and a half hours in, and I'm nearing the end of Chapter 9 (I think?). That's a reeeeeally long chapter that one, with plenty to do. For the sake of clarity with regards to my time in the game, it is worth noting that I have been doing everything that I can find - side quests, exploring every place I come across (sometimes twice over), etc. - because I feel like it (only other times I've really done it otherwise to memory were with DQXI and Spider-Man). @Hero-of-Time mentioned it (sorry for the constant mentions, but I'm catching up and feel like you're hitting the nail on the head with your thoughts!), but the Honey Bee Inn really is incredible - I'm amazed that the game has managed to balance Final Fantasy's silliness with a lot of the darker elements of the story with such detailed graphics to the degree that it has. I'm curious to see what ends up being in the Day 1 patch though - there has to be one, right? - because, as much as I'm loving this game, there are certainly times where the technical side of things play up a little. It doesn't take away from the game at all...I'd probably liken it to finding a pea in a bag of frozen sweetcorn: it shouldn't be there, sure, but it's not enough to really bother me. It's a small blemish on a very enjoyable game - and again, just want to stress that I'm playing on a base PS4. The issues I've noticed and would add to the ones that I mentioned before are lip-syncing issues and sound mixing - for the latter, the volume of some characters' voices in cutscenes and at other times when walking around are almost completely drowned out by the music (for one of the only times ever, though, I'm playing with subtitles, so it's fine, but worth noting if you don't make use of them) or background noise. Anyway, yeah, I'm really enjoying it. I don't want to put myself into a corner too much with my thoughts and declare that I love it right now, mainly because at a guess I'm either at or nearing the halfway mark (based on my memory of the first game, and roughly where I think this game will end) and still have plenty to experience. There is also a certain part from the original FFVII that is amongst my very favourite in video games, and I need to see how they handle that, and other parts of the original story that I'm keen to see play out. So I want to be somewhat tight-lipped on my opinion and some of the thoughts that I'm writing down as I play this, but hey, if you want one right now, just know that it's overwhelmingly positive. Ah, my bad, probably my phrasing letting me down here. What I meant was more in terms of no filler being added to the story - the additions they've made (at least from what I've experience so far) to the story have been welcome, in line with the overall tone of the rest of the game, and have fleshed out characters in a great way that I honestly didn't find myself that attached to in the original. Totally agree on the side quest stuff feeling like filler though; personally, I've been doing them all so far just because I'm enjoying as a way to get items and an excuse to grind, but it does feel have that MMORPG/early 2010s open world side quest vibe (from my admittedly limited experience with those). Fortunately it's been mostly optional from what I've played, so I guess it can be avoided if it's not for certain players. EDIT: @Hero-of-Time great write-up, really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the game as you've been playing and glad to see you enjoyed it - reading that definitely has me hyped up to experience the rest of it! And thanks for the heads-up on spoilers - I've been glued to the game practically all day anyways, and have only been listening to some download podcasts on YouTube, but I'm going to heed your warning and try to stay away from it until I'm done. Kind of glad in hindsight that I didn't end up rewatching all of the trailers the other night as I planned to, because there's no doubt that the YT algorithm would've already ruined the game for me otherwise
  14. Questions

    Anyone know what error code EX126 is? Trying to update an original thread post and it keeps coming up
  15. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    IGN have announced that they'll be hosting a digital event in early June, which seems to be the new home for some of the big developers/publishers with no E3 to attend this year. Going to rename this thread now that E3 is cancelled to something more inclusive of all of the news that was clearly intended for this year's E3 (i.e. this event, Xbox's event if it still goes ahead, anything from the other big names like Ubisoft, etc.) that drops in June. Also worth mentioning that Bethesda have announced don't have any plans for a digital event, which I think makes sense at this point: most of their projects announced to this point (Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield, Deathloop, and Ghostwrite: Tokyo) are limited to CG trailers, which means that there would probably be some element of crunch to prepare either a trailer or demo which they're just not well-positioned to put together given everything that is going on with COVID-19. Oh, and the ESA has announced that E3 2021 will take place from June 15th 2021 - June 17th 2021. Yeah, we'll see.