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  1. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    Official box art revealed at SDCC: And for the steelbook:
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    Look who's back! I'm just praying that we give him the time he needs.
  3. Special trailer for Weathering with You:
  4. Super Cool Guy celebrates birthday

    Happy birthday @S.C.G, hope you had a great day!
  5. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    My brother's birthday in August, so this is perfectly timed! Cheers for the heads up @Ike! Also gives me the perfect excuse to try pick one up, too
  6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I've $$$ got £££ no €€€ idea ¥¥¥ either
  7. Cyberpunk 2077 — 16th April 2020

    Awesome interview from Ben Moore over at EZA with CDPR, asking a lot of questions about the game which I haven't seen asked yet:
  8. I'd highly recommend the Game Informer show, if you haven't checked it out already. Funny, informative, and just an all-round good time. Especially great to listen to when they come back from trips for their cover stories, as they go all over the place spending time with developers as a result. Plus, they're always quite long, and typically close with a developer interview. Speaking of EZA, though, Kinda Funny shot their E3 2019 review with them in their new studio, and I think it's some of the best content KF have put out in a podcast for a loooooong time:
  9. Read this on Reddit a few days ago, and while I think you can take some of the numbers with a pinch of salt, the points being made about Game Freak are important ones: Heck yeah, I love myself some Pokémon mock-ups! This one gets me dreaming: Oh yeah, that's 100% the case. It's a huge feat of brand synergy that they're always able to line up their different products so well. But I think it's even more of a reason to either: - give Game Freak more support in development - bring Pokémon entirely in-house at Nintendo - look to let a different developer take the reins for a change. I'm not envious of anyone working at Game Freak at all. Their team is far too small, they don't have the time or budget to show a shred of ambition, and they bare the brunt of any backlash when it comes to the largest IP in media — despite supposedly only owning a third of it, at best.
  10. Live scenes from Game Freak as they decide which Pokémon won't be in the Galar Dex:
  11. Yeah, I'm 100% with @Glen-i on this. Let's be honest: for anyone who has used Bank/transferred Pokémon forward at any point in the past, and had wanted to do so this time around, it sucks that you won't be able to transfer all of your Pokémon to Sword and Shield because Game Freak are, to put it frankly, completely overwhelmed by the work that they're carrying out for these games. Plus, if I'm not mistaken (and I haven't seen anyone mention this): wouldn't this leave the Pokémon which can't be transferred to Sword/Shield in limbo in Home? If it's going to work at all like Bank (and I don't know why it wouldn't), then it'll be an annual subscription service with a cool-down period, in the event that you don't renew your subscription, to allow you to renew (I believe that's how it worked on 3DS? Let me know if that's wrong — been a while since I've used Bank, to be honest) and retrieve those Pokémon. However, if like the diagram above illustrates you can only move Pokémon freely between Home and Sword/Shield, then surely Pokémon unable to be transferred to those games will become practically useless, as they can't be transferred back to previous games (or accessed in any way whatsoever)? @Sméagol, while I know where you're coming from, I think you're missing the bigger point that @Glen-i has been making by getting stuck on the necessary implications of software (game) development. @Glen-i is referring to a time prior to X/Y: if I recall correctly, Pokédex 3D Pro for 3DS was Creatures' attempt to future proof Pokémon models for HD development; this application included HD models for the first five generations of Pokémon (so 649, unless any were missing?) which are still used to this day, and they have been used in Pokémon GO and every mainline game since. I feel like we've talked with @Serebii about this in the past, and he said that the only real difference between the 3D Pro models and how they're utilised in GO/the mainline series is the type of shader applied to the model. Of course these models need to be tested when moving onto a new project, but I can't help but find it kind of patronising that you wrote off @Glen-i's perfectly valid point about the publicly disclosed efforts made by Creatures and Game Freak to future proof high definition 3D Pokémon models by suggesting that he thought that all they have to do is highlight some files and convert them. We're all video game fans here, many here much longer than me, but I think we can all appreciate - and are fully aware - that the development process isn't that simple. But anyway, back to my actual point: I don't think that the problem here lies solely with Game Freak itself, but almost entirely with The Pokémon Company. Can I just remind those here that Pokémon is currently the most valuable media franchise, and has been for a long while? With the resources that they have at their disposal, there's honestly no reason for them to be nearly as unambitious as they are. I find it somewhat ludicrous that Game Freak, of all people involved with Pokémon, have to be the ones to publicly spout off excuses, because the way I see it, it's very simple: they aren't provided with enough resources or time to push the envelope, and what we're left with are half baked, surface level efforts at best. There's no reason that Game Freak shouldn't just be working on certain facets of these games at this point, such as monster and character designs, world design, etc. Why can't a much larger and more able studio in the JRPG space — for crying out loud, get someone like Square Enix, who still seem to give enough of a damn: Dragon Quest XI is a 10, and Final Fantasy VII Remake looks incredible; hell, even MonolithSoft would do! — work alongside them to help them realise what I imagine start out as passionate and lofty ambitions, but are snuffed out by the realism of their spreadsheets taking complete precedence? I'm glad that we're seeing backlash. This is a silly thing which shouldn't be happening in the first place, and it's brought plenty of other low effort practices of theirs from the last few years back into the limelight. PSS in Gen VI was great, then it was taken away. Primal and Mega Evolutions were an interesting concept. Taken away. Z-Moves too. Bye bye. Regional variant Pokémon. Au revoir. Pokémon contests, Pokémon following you (why isn't that something that we can expect in every game?), the National Dex, Ultra Beasts, Training, Poké Pelago...the list goes on and on. And you know that Dynamaxing will be gone by the time next generation rolls around, too. The Wilds, in any other franchise, would be taken as a hint that next generation will be entirely open world — so I guess that means that's something we'll probably never see again. In case you can't tell, I'm getting tired of giving them a pass just because it's Pokémon. How is it that I'm even excited by being able to control a camera, considering that that's been a mainstay in gaming for over two decades at this point? If this were any other franchise, it would not only be dead and buried, but completely torn apart. It just doesn't sit right with me. I'd hope they learn their lessons this time around, but who am I kidding? We've been here before, and no doubt we'll be here again.
  12. On a serious note, though, what the flying Squirtle do they think they're doing? What the hell is the point in Home if you can't transfer all of your Pokémon to the latest game? Such a strange decision. And yet I'm not at all surprised, and I imagine I'm not the only one? "One step forward, two steps back" might as well be Game Freak's mantra at this point why is it that every time we head into a new generation, it always feels like a trade-off between new features and QoL features present in prior games?
  13. Could be worse. You could be @bob