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  1. It is! I'm still cautiously optimistic - and the only reason for caution, of course, as ever, is EA's involvement - and really hope that the story and characters shine through, hopefully complementing some solid gameplay. I've gone and booked some time off work for this, so all my fingers and toes are crossed that I at least enjoy this game, because the Force knows we deserve better than that meager excuse of a campaign we got in BFII. I've also gone ahead and pre-ordered the limited edition art book, which I think looks awesome
  2. Not sure that I agree with any of the criticisms (if you could even call them that?), but I always love a good Dunkey-induced chuckle, especially about games that I love
  3. Great interview with art director James Turner on the inspirations for the Galar region: Also, absolutely love the art style for the concept art of Galar. They all look like paintings which belong in your grandparents' house!
  4. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Great video by Digital Foundry, as always. And I always love a Game Informer trip video:
  5. From the Game Informer article: So, I guess this means a gym for each type? Also, love just how hard they're leaning into the football side of things as inspiration for how they're handling the gyms (i.e. a lower and higher tier league).
  6. Tim Rogers from Kotaku - who made what was, in my opinion, easily the best DQXI review of last year - has released a review for DQXIS!
  7. Last of Us Part II

    About online multiplayer: Got to imagine the trophy hunters will be happy about that, because I seem to recall that TLOU had quite a few difficult online multiplayer trophies. Very glad they addressed this out of the gate. Also, looks like the game is set to have a reversible cover:
  8. Last of Us Part II

    Oh dang: the cover art too! EDIT: Apparently subject to change, however worth noting that it is the cover art being used in all promotional material (i.e. different editions of the game) including packaging right now. Weird they didn't just stick with the typical "title on a black background" cover for now, if it is indeed just temporary and subject to change.
  9. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    Not going to lie: I really like the DualShock. And I love that design on the console. Must... resist...
  10. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The music we've heard so far has been phenomenal, can't wait to hear what Uematsu has done with some of my favourite tracks from the game! Also, looks like we've got the western box art... ...bit weird that it doesn't say 'Part One', but oh well get a feeling that that's something people are going to latch onto and complain about.
  11. Last of Us Part II

    Feb 21st 2020!
  12. Last of Us Part II

    Will be in this week's State of Play; apparently the media are getting some behind-closed-doors time with it too. I have to imagine that we'll be getting a release date...