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  1. Director Tetsuya Fukuhara has released a short clip showing off the super skybound arts of Lancelot, Vane, Percival, and Siegfried, respectively. All I'm saying is that this game looks like it would be really cosy to play through this Christmas...
  2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Weirdly enough, Sakurai's Smash presentation the other day almost convinced me to pick the game up! Hope you enjoy it
  3. N-Europe Video Game Club

    Well, I'm in! Looking at a post by @Jonnas on the last page, we've previously had: - Wario Land 4 - Link's Awakening - Castlevania - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - The Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - Metroid Prime - Starfox Guard - Furi Of these, I think only Yoshi's Island is on NES/SNES Online, so it seems pretty open. From a quick scroll through the NES app, I want to throw out there any of the Super Mario Bros. games, River City Ransom, or Kirby's Adventure. From the SNES app, games which look to be of similar length (according to HLTB), and which I find catching my eye, are Star Fox, F-Zero, and Demon's Crest. Outside of Nintendo's classic offerings, To the Moon recently released on Switch, and is available for £8.63 at the moment. Only heard good things about it, including from some people here, and that doesn't look particularly long either, so definitely want to look to hurl that into the mix too.
  4. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    The MD and expansion pass stuff are the only new videos added to the official channel, so I'd guess not? Would've been kind of funny if there were, though
  5. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

    I've always got the sprites to return to on DS, and it looks like they've squeezed some new stuff in besides the 3D models, but hey, at least I already know I love the story.
  6. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    Same, had some of the DLC stuff loop over and then just had a hard cut after the end of it to the end of the stream messy presentation in terms of streaming (doesn't seem to be isolated), but I'm glad they they're finally taking the DLC route, and of course MD making a return is always a good thing. Now to figure out if there actually was anything at the end of that stream that I missed...
  7. Thanks for all of your work @Ashley and all the best moving forwards, look forward to crossing paths again with you on the forum some day! And congratulations and best of luck @S.C.G, couldn't think of a more honest and welcoming staff member to make the step up! I've been something of a regular on these forums for, what, nearly three years now? I've had a lot of highs and lows in that time, and apart from the odd misunderstanding which comes with the territory of a forum, this place has been a safe one for me to check in during that time, and to grow my passion for and appreciation of video games with you all has been a pleasure, so I'd just like to thank the community and it's staff for making such a great environment for discussion! 2020 is going to be a massive year for Nintendo and video games as a whole, so let's make it a fun and memorable oN-E!
  8. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    I'd never put money against that because of just how weird Game Freak can be, but there's no business sense in doing that, so I wouldn't put any money on it, either. I haven't heard anything about Sword and Shield datamining, so would I be right in thinking that there haven't been any Mythical Pokémon found? Because if that's the case, then maybe some DLC/events for Sword and Shield in the guise of those activated by some of the Mystery Gift items in Gen IV could add those to the game? Also: is there any reason that we shouldn't be expecting a Pokken sequel at some point in the future? Because if not, now seems as good a time as any to announce one. EDIT: answering my own question here, but I mean, maybe Smash could be a good enough reason. It wouldn't be in line with the rest of the characters that we've got so far with the Fighters Pass, but could a Gen VIII Pokémon be the fifth fighter, or part of the next Fighters Pass?
  9. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    To be honest, I'd rather not have a remake if it means moving from sprites to 3D models. Feel like the franchise as a whole made a huuuge misstep in that transition from 2D to 3D, and, in my opinion, that's where a lot of the charm was lost. But ports? I'll gladly take those, and get me Explorers too while you're making your demands @Dcubed
  10. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    Wow, this is soon. Pokémon Home is a lock, I agree. I'd imagine that Detective Pikachu 2 is too, right? We haven't had an update on that for a while. Correct me if I'm wrong, but scrolling through the list of Nintendo Directs, it looks like all Pokémon Directs to this point either reveal a new core series game or share new information on an upcoming core series game. This is the earliest a Pokémon Direct has taken place after the release of a core series game. Could we potentially get a Let's Go Azurill/Pichu or Diamond/Pearl remakes revealed too? I swear to Arceus, if they have the nerve to reveal a Pokémon Spear or whatever third entry nonsense this soon.. Maybe we're even getting the GB added to Switch Online, headlined by Red/Blue/Yellow, though them headlining it would seem on the redundant side after Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. The dream would be GBA, though, even if it's just ports in eShop as opposed to GBA Switch Online: I've had a hankering to revisit Gen III for a while now, and they never came to Virtual Console, iirc. Lastly: new entries (or even ports) of Mystery Dungeon or Ranger games, or an entirely new spin-off series (with a story focus and some degree of challenge) would be awesome
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    100%. You can really see how hungry Xbox are going into this next generation, and while I personally feel they've got a lot over PlayStation at the moment (off the top of my head: Game Pass; backwards compatibility - sure, we know we'll get PS4 BC, but will there be any more besides that; and their aggressively low pricing, as you mentioned), they're still missing the biggest part for me (and I assume most others here): games. And not just AAA games, AA games, and strongly supported indies, but a variety of games. It's all well and good bringing a host of Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza games across (well after they've launched, mind you), but knowing that games like Persona 6 and Dragon Quest XII are practically locked in as exclusives (if not being on everything but Xbox), as well as presumably all of the parts of Final Fantasy VII Remake likely staying timed exclusives? I'm planning to get a PS5 on day one, and I have very little reason not to. There just isn't enough to tempt me into buying an Xbox to sit next to it at the moment, and even if there were, would I even have time to play it with most of the year filled with generally critically acclaimed Switch and PlayStation exclusives anyways? not to mention that I haven't picked up a Pro yet, and have enough games I want to play on PS4 still to justify that purchase with backwards compatibility. Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out, but I think a sign of how things might go down will be on display at E3. Assuming PlayStation returns, they are known for presenting after their main competitor, and if things are scheduled in a similar fashion during E3 week this year, we better see some passion from Xbox having figured that out, and rescheduling to go after. But if what we've seen so far with Series X and PS5 continues (i.e. Xbox coming out first with a reveal of Series X for no real reason, guns blazing in press conferences and at TGAs), I'm hesitant to believe they'll change their ways. Definitely have Bosman on my mind while we wait for the PS5 reveal event. Should be a fun few months
  12. Official PS5 logo from CES: And a pretty clean image detailing the little we know about the PS5's hardware so far: