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  1. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Not yet! Have you played it before? Going to be totally honest, I hadn't picked up a game since The Last of Us Part II until I started up Arkham Asylum the other day, which I've been slowly chipping away at. A combination of that and my workload only getting heavier the last few weeks at work means I haven't been playing games as much lately, and have been quieter than usual on the forums. I still haven't caught up on my Gaming Diary... It's strange because I loved TLOU2, but it just took so much out of me that I've been left feeling burnt out on games since, so I've been diving into anime, books, and the occasional game of FIFA since. Hopefully I'll get through Arkham Asylum by Friday when Ghost of Tsushima releases, and I think depending on how I feel after that game, a trip back to Kamurocho might be just what I need. Yakuza is just the right mix of cosy, over-the-top, and intrigue for times like these.
  2. Believe it or not, this launched today. Gamexplain seem to be the only big outlet to have reviewed it so far: CrossCode yesterday and this today, everyone's just swooping in under the radar now, huh? EDIT: Easy Allies review is up too...
  3. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Haha wow, that's one way to shoot that speculation out of the sky. Personally wasn't too invested in the idea of WayForward taking on a Nintendo IP seeing as I haven't played any of their games before anyway, but a third party IP (of course depending on the IP) is potentially even more interesting for them to work on. Whatever it is, hope it shows well during Treehouse
  4. Looks worse to me from this angle: I just don't think the spine having different layout proportions works when it doesn't have a colour which matches the case (like we have with the PS4). Guess I'll see how it looks in my hands but...doesn't look too great to me here. Yeah, totally get the space aspect of it myself. I now have a pretty sizeable Blu-Ray collection, many of which aren't (legally) readily available through streaming, so I'd be more willing to stop buying physical games and go digital if it meant keeping my films around. On the other hand, then the whole "who really owns it?!" argument comes up; other than during sales the RRP at launch is always higher on digital (and more resistant to change, though it's great for sales a year after the fact); and, while you can pre-install to play at midnight, getting a game a day or two ahead of release never fails to put a smile on my face (or in the case of FFVII Remake after how COVID impacted it's launch - and which likely won't ever happen again - a full week ahead of time!).
  5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Holiday 2020)

    Official cover art just revealed as part of the PS5 game case reveal: Cover art itself looks quite nice, very simple and clean, and of course just like what we got for Spider-Man (2018).
  6. *glances over at my shelf filled to the brim with PS4 cases* Definitely going with the version of the PS5 with a disk drive just for the backwards compatibility for my physical PS4 games, but I'm honestly still on the fence when it comes to sticking with purchasing physical media for this thing moving forwards.
  7. First official look at PS5 cases: Leaning really heavily into that white/black dual colour scheme (just noticed it quite nicely matches the PlayStation Studios logo too), and there's that hint of blue from the case itself and to draw the line between the banner and the cover art. Great that they're seemingly reusing PS4 cases from a waste perspective, but from a purely consumer-facing, aesthetic perspective? Kind of wish the case itself were black, but oh well. All I can see in the white banner is the old 'PC ROM' at the top of the spines, and honestly I feel like a lot of the mock-ups which were floating around were better. It just looks...off to me, like it's incomplete somehow.
  8. Stream is already up: 18:00 BST tomorrow, E3 has finally arrived! Great chance for them to fill us in a bit more on The Origami King just ahead of release, and looking forward to seeing what WayForward might have in store. The wording reads like they might be taking on someone else's IP...one of Nintendo's, perhaps?
  9. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    Oh for sure, that's definitely something I agree with. I wish there were tags or something, so that even it's being pushed as a Switch game, it also showed that it was available elsewhere. In the rare cases that I do post a new thread for a game over there I do try to do that, even if it's just at the end of the first post (just to save the title from being a mess )
  10. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    Yeah, we'll have to see I guess. It's weird because you're absolutely right (not saying that you being right is weird drahkon just that it's weird that it does seem to be going unnoticed, this sort of game is usually picked up and covered by loads of outlets), I haven't seen any reviews for it go up today, and despite it being in a Direct before (can't remember if it was a Nindies Showcase actually) like you said, I think the most recent trailer was from a month ago? The video above and it's reception elsewhere previously on PC seem nothing but positive, but I do recall there being some concerns regarding the publisher, so maybe that's unfortunately factored in to it? Could be the case they didn't send out review copies, or did so quite late. Plus, a Thursday release is pretty strange. If I recall, Celeste had somewhat limited hype around it leading up to it I remember, then at launch and after some great reviews that day (IGN giving it a 10 probably did it some massive favours), blossomed into something huge. Hollow Knight of course had a lot of hype built around it from its PC release a year or so before release, I feel like the shadow drop during an E3 Nintendo Direct with a few months of exclusivity got it even more attention than it might have otherwise. I hope it picks up some steam, because by all means it seems to have garnered some great reception on PC, could just be a slow burn if it hasn't been backed as it perhaps should have been. Even IGN haven't reviewed it yet it seems, so I feel like something's up there. Oh, for sure people will pick this up elsewhere. Just feel like on here most will end up getting it on Switch, plus the Nintendo Gaming area normally has a lot more activity when it comes to discussing indie games I feel? But maybe that's just me
  11. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    Feel like this would probably be better off in the Nintendo part of the forums just because I feel like that's where most here will be playing it, but I've been looking forward to this game for a good while now, so look forward to picking it up. Unfortunately, a little poorly timed for me seeing as Ghost of Tsushima releases next Friday. For anyone wondering why you should be interested, feel like this video is probably the best at covering all of those bases, it's what hooked me in: Feel like this is going to be the indie game closest to that Celeste/Hollow Knight level of reception and discussion when it comes to GOTY's later this year (of course assuming those menu issues drahkon mentioned are fixed).
  12. Job woes/wins

    Haven't been on here the last few days because I work at a bank and I have been put on a remediation team specialising in payment holiday applications, and it's turning into pure chaos. The procedures and what we're being told to do are changing almost daily, it's an absolute mess. I cannot wait (sarcasm, eye roll, et al) until the potential extensions come into play as was put forward a few weeks ago. Live footage of me from yesterday: Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful I'm still working, but my workload tripled when Covid reared its ugly head, tripled again when payment holidays were announced, tripled again when those didn't work, tripled again when I started working on this remediation team, and triple every single day that something changes. But I do kindly suggest that under no circumstances you should ever take out a loan and should keep all of your money under your bed where it is safest. Maybe invest in a sock collection or something instead.
  13. SEGA Astrocity Mini

    Nice to know that I wasn't the only one who came in expecting a @Dcubed hot take on an atrocious attempt by SEGA to jump into the Mini crowd!
  14. @bob, Awano is one of the most smug douchebags in all of video games and I absolutely loved wiping the floor with him. Great pick! Yakuza has a number of excellent antagonists and does a great job of writing them in a way which makes you want to throw punches their way. But going to have to second @Goafer's pick here. Day 4: Favourite Villain/Antagonist Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Not sure if I'm quite going to be going through this challenge in Hard Mode, but to specify, I'm talking about Sephiroth from the original 1997 game. Awesome character design, intriguing backstory, and some stellar boss battles. BELOW ARE POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR THE ORIGINAL FINAL FANTASY VII (1997). I had debated putting this in a spoiler tag but I know most here have played it, so it's more a heads-up for those who haven't and are planning on doing so, and I would like to leave it this way for the sake of discussion instead. No spoilers relating to Remake to be concerned about. But what made Sephiroth stand out to me above all else is that he was a phantom that, throughout FFVII, we were always a few steps behind, and the opening of the game did an excellent job of turning what was just a name into a nightmarish super-being to be reckoned with: we didn't see him, but the blood trail he left in the Shinra Building after killing the President (perhaps my favourite scene in a video game), and the eerie music which accompanies it sets the scene perfectly. Then you've got how they expertly showed the difference in class between Sephiroth and Cloud in the flashback when you see Sephiroth's level, equipment, and spells. And then there's the murder of the Midgar Zolom. He was an unstoppable, untraceable force to be reckoned with, and that made him terrifying. The flashbacks to the Nibelheim Incident gave more context to this and was excellent because of the questions it raised, and the (not totally accurate) story it told. It was an excellent story point in itself, seeing Sephiroth's descent into madness and having Those Chosen By The Planet circle during his breakdown, coming into full force as he declares his true intentions and leaves the Nibelheim Mansion basement. Goafer mentioned One Winged Angel, and while I agree that it is an excellent musical culmination for the game in that final fight with Safer Sephiroth, I much prefer Those Chosen By The Planet as Sephiroth's theme (it is his leitmotif after all!), as it does so much of the heavy lifting in setting up the mystery and danger surrounding Sephiroth's character. You hear this intense percussion which corners you, mimicking the sound of a heart beating, accompanied by a foreboding bell ringing out, repetitively, symbolising impending death and despair. It's brilliant. Not only that, Sephiroth actually has a third theme, Birth of a God, for the Bizarro Sephiroth boss battle, which brings in Those Chosen By The Planet's leitmotif too. In short, Nobuo Uematsu's music almost singlehandley carried and breathed the menace and malevolence of Sephiroth into being. Without a doubt my first choice for this category, but shout-out to Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, a close second.
  15. So many great mentions already, and so many games I would love to bring up here. There are the tens - if not hundreds - of hours I put into Star Wars: Battlefront II's local co-op alone on PS2 during primary school sleepovers, and generally just whenever friends were around. There were some great nights of Mario Kart DS with friends when I returned to the UK from Australia, being able to play that with friends without owning the cartridge myself was great. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as I'm sure I've mentioned plenty of times before, on the school playground, at sleepovers, pretty much wherever - other than Pokémon Go, probably the peak of Pokémon popularity that myself and my generation have been been exposed to. There's New Super Mario Bros.' mini games which caused a whole lot of chaos. Super Smash Bros. Brawl which I've sunk hundreds of hours into with my younger brother over the years. And of course the already mentioned Wii Sports and (c'mon guys!) Wii Sports Resort. Day 3: Local Multiplayer And then there's Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. We didn't have Mario Kart Wii - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch is the first Mario Kart I've owned, even if it's maybe the fourth one I've played? - but I remember my little brother (we're probably talking three or four years old) being fully pumped for this game, the ads running on TV and also probably in large because when he got a DS Lite at the age of just two or three (he had extremely bad eczema back then, so it seemed like a good idea for a distraction) his first game was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, so he had some level of attachment to some of those Sonic characters. I remember I came home from school one day and he was giddy with excitement, turned out he and my dad had picked up a copy with the branded wheel which came with the game, and a couple of Wii steering wheels for me and my younger sister to use. We played for hours. All told, I think I can safely say that this is the game my sister (not the most game-oriented person in the world) has put the most time into, and up until a few summers ago (probably 2017?) this was something we would break out on almost daily basis during the summer holiday, breaking out the fans to save being roasted in our conservatory. Racing tournaments where we awarded ourselves points on an Excel spreadsheet, battle rounds, great track diversity (the Jet Set Radio tracks, Shibuya Downtown in particular, were amongst our favourites, and I think they're genuinely well designed tracks), cool assortment of racers (some really whacky ones too, notably my first introduction to so many of Sega's cast), and just a whole lot of fun. While I love the time I've spent with Mario Kart over the years, the utter chaos which sometimes erupts definitely means it's a coin toss between skill and luck being the reason for winning, but Sega All-Stars I feel did a great job of putting the emphasis the player's skills. Competing and just having an absolute blast with my siblings in this game will always be a great set of memories for me to look back on