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  1. Picked up where I left off last year with my Legend of Korra re-watch, starting Book Three earlier this week, and have just seen the end of it again. I think the show on the whole has a host of issues, and they're highlighted especially when compared with The Last Airbender, but it's villains really aren't one of them, and Zaheer is no exception. And man did they knock it out of the park with the last few episodes of Book Three, the setpieces and music are just as great as some in The Last Airbender, and I don't understand how you aren't meant to tear up when it all ends. I can't remember Book Four being quite as strong, so I'll have to wait and see if this is true when I finish that up again, but right now, towards the end of Book Three feels the closest that they got to recapturing some of the magic of The Last Airbender. There's not too much comedy, respect for the characters and their growth, great music, very good fight choreography (especially the fight Tenzin is involved in), and real stakes. It reminds me of the Star Wars prequels quite a bit to be honest. They've both got their own unique issues, but where I think both fell wasn't the aim of the story, but rather the execution of that story. Again, I don't think it quite hits the heights of The Last Airbender, but being unable to put down the last few episodes of Book Three has only given me further confidence that with the right backing, there's still some awesome stuff to come from Bryke and Avatar Studios. Speaking of which, there was some news about a month ago I forgot to post here. Just some really short snippets I thought were worth highlighting from the official podcast: Hard to not get excited at the possibilities! The multi-tiered plan sounds a little cinematic universe-esque, which I think we've rarely seen done well outside of Marvel, so I'm hoping it's more along the lines of Star Wars, where it doesn't do something where it leans heavily into the fact that things are related and just has connective tissue instead, like in Legend of Korra. Could definitely see the same threat covered across multiple books by different Avatars, or heck even an anthology type thing where each book handles different characters from different corners of the world and they all come together for a final season. Guess the big question is going to be how this all reaches those of us outside of the US, seeing as I haven't read anything yet about plans to make Paramount+ something available worldwide. And there's also some more good news from last week... ...Jeremy Zuckerman will unfortunately not be working on Netflix's live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender, but will be working with Avatar Studios! He's pretty much exactly what John Williams is for Star Wars but for Avatar, I've loved his work with the series so far (who hasn't?) and can't wait to hear what he's got cooking up! Lastly, with Avatar Studios' first project - their film - starting production towards the end of this year, I can't help but wonder if we'll get a title and maybe even see a poster before 2021 is up?
  2. The Star Wars Thread

    Another solid episode. A whole lot of fan service too, which I won't complain about A couple more to go, but it's been a fun watch so far. So long as they don't drop the ball now, I think it's safe to say it will have had the best opening season of any Lucasfilm Animation project to date across the board, and considering I don't think they really show off their great character writing and explorations until later seasons usually, we could be in for a real treat. Half expecting the final episode to have a post-credits 'Season 2 is coming in 2022' tease as we've seen in the final episodes of some other Disney+ shows so far.
  3. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    Yeah, unfortunately I haven't caught as much as the Olympics as I would have like this year either. I've caught some of the highlights through BBC Sport's YouTube channel - the swimming, which we've been fantastic at; some of the football; and Tom Daley's gold in diving - but a combination of the time of the events and the fact that the BBC don't have full rights anymore in the UK (I think Discovery outbid them?) just makes it more hassle than it's worth for me to catch it live. Which is a shame, because I've loved the Olympics every time I've watched them growing up, and I think it's an excellent showcase not just of the amazing talent and commitment of people from all over the world, but also a great way to get people into more hobbies and trying new things out. For me when I was younger it was getting more into swimming and tennis, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear if others have had similar experiences. The Philippines landing a gold medal definitely gave me a sense of pride, though I wasn't surprised at all to hear about how Hidilyn had to put up with some idiotic politicians - as the country is unfortunately corrupt to its core right now and has been for a long while - but it's the determination of the human spirit on show which is what the Olympics is all about for me. I'm honestly gutted for the competitors, to be honest, because it feels like this only went ahead and wasn't delayed because of the IOC (I get FIFA vibes from them these days) - I seriously doubt that Japan wanted to go ahead with these games in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. We've seen with the Euro's just how much having crowds in attendance sends a lightning strike through the souls of competitive people and supercharges them after a year without crowds, and while I think the event highlights I've seen still shows them being professional and getting on with it at these Olympics - as you'd expect - it's just not quite the same.
  4. Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5)

    shockedpikachu.jpg Think we all knew it was coming, but definitely makes the decision to show it off nearly two months ago a strange one. Yet another one though where I'd rather the company or studio involved (Sony/Guerrilla) share this with us than Schreier.
  5. Stray (Early 2022)

    Honestly I feel like Q1 2022 becomes even more of a minefield if Elden Ring does get delayed, because it aiming for January gives it plenty of space to be delayed into the rest of the quarter if needs be (and I struggle to think of what could delay it out of the quarter, but this is game development we're talking about). At least it releasing one week ahead of Pokémon would keep the focus on those two games to only a handful of weeks. It might well get delayed, but then again, From Software kept quiet for so long for a reason, and I struggle to see why they of all studios would put a date out there if they didn't need to. They have nothing to prove critically or commercially with that game, and it's not an exclusive, so I don't think there's the same pressure on that game getting a release date as those who have deals with a big publisher (such as for this game). They could have easily played it safe and given the window of 'Early 2022' or gone the Breath of the Wild sequel route of just saying '2022', but either way, if it does get delayed, I don't think it's that big a deal. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm fully serious, the trailer at the top of the page is the same one from the PS5 reveal event last June, and that trailer was never updated. Linked the time from last June's event below: I've got a hunch that you might be referring to October because of the dates that were at the end of PlayStation's CES trailer in January, which were always either placeholder or internal target dates, but either way certainly weren't supposed to be shared with the public and were rightly taken down.
  6. Stray (Early 2022)

    Funny thing is, as things are currently scheduled, Elden Ring probably isn't even going to be the biggest game of that quarter, as there's also Pokémon Legends: Arceus releasing just a week after that! It's a stacked start to 2022. For Stray, I think to be safe it just needs to either sneak in ahead of them before the middle of January, or wait until sometime after mid-February. I don't even think it's really in competition with either of those - especially depending on its price - but it'll definitely be borderline impossible to get eyes on your game if it's releasing in the same three week period as a From Software game and Game Freak's first real attempt at open world Pokémon. I'd want to say it's common sense to distance your games from bigger titles, but I mean, just look at how Square Enix sent Dragon Quest XI out to die in the West the same week that Spider-Man came out. As my grandmother always used to say, the funny thing about common sense is that it's not so common Game looks good though, I've got half an eye on it. Don't think I've played a game from Annapurna that I haven't enjoyed yet, so I have faith in them backing this one too. *watches trailer at top of page* Pretty sure it just said 2021 a delay either way though, which is never fun to see! Definitely got the sense it was coming though, just looking back at how quiet it's been since it was first announced.
  7. So, after it somehow managed to sneak out on Monday completely under the radar for digital purchase over here in the UK, I can now finally say that I have watched Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train. Outside of spoilers, I just loved how you could see on the screen how much effort, money, and time had been poured into this. Something I thought the first season did well was manage its animation budget and smartly make use of 3D, but it was still very obvious when it was doing so. Here I can barely remember seeing it used outside of backgrounds, for the train, and certain fight animations / assets, and most if not all of the "normal" scenes where you might expect to see 3D animation step in to just help manage the budget was taken up by 2D work instead, and I loved it for it. After seeing this, I'm happy that I made the decision to go anime-only and just be patient. As much as I want to see the rest of it play out - and obviously the biggest concern I have is not having it spoiled choosing to wait on the anime - for me the fight animation quality from ufotable and the score from Go Shiina is so integral to my enjoyment of Demon Slayer that I am more than happy to wait, even at the risk of being spoiled before it all comes to an end. I think it was a big decision, and maybe an even bigger risk, for this movie to continue the story of the first season rather than do what every pretty much other giant franchise in the industry seems to do, which is make a hype-focused but totally inconsequential film in the context of the franchise that is either not canon at all or is in some weird pseudo-canon limbo. This film was rightly rewarded for taking this risk by becoming the highest-grossing anime movie to date worldwide and the biggest film in Japanese cinema too, and so long as the quality is sustained, I struggle to see why the next Demon Slayer movie couldn't outperform this one. I'm actually really curious now to see if the anime adaptation will end on a film. I'd have to imagine that's the plan, because unless there's a massive downturn in popularity before we reach that point, it would do bonkers numbers. Loved the film, it was well worth the wait! If for whatever reason you haven't checked out Demon Slayer, do yourself a favour and go watch Season 1 (it's available to stream as part of a subscription on Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll) then check this film out. For me, I think it's head and shoulders above the other more typical modern shonen giant we have at the moment - sorry My Hero - and is well worth your time!
  8. New Pokémon Snap

    Free update dropping August 4th! New areas and more Pokémon, from the little I heard about the game following it's launch, I got the sense that's what people were looking for, so this could be cool! Haven't picked it up myself yet, but it does seem to have a summer game vibe to it...
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    The PS5 hit 10 million units sold on July 18th, per GamesIndustry.biz. It managed this feat a few weeks earlier than the PS4 did, which is pretty amazing considering the issues with supply at the moment. Their report also gives some sales figures for first-party titles, so well worth a read: Elsewhere, the M.2 SSD storage expansion update seems to be on the horizon now as it is coming as part of the next update for beta users. There's a full blog post on it here, but I'll throw the requirements in below: This news follows an article by Finder on Seagate confirming that the first SSD to be compatible with the PS5 from them will be the FireCuda 530, with prices and SSD sizes from NAS Compares being: • 500GB - US$140 • 1TB - US$240 • 2TB - US$490 • 4TB - US$950 Nice to finally see some news slipping out about this, hopefully it won't be too long before the update is rolled out for those waiting on it. For me, just considering there aren't many next-gen titles at the moment that I plan to keep on my PS5 long-term anyways and I'm fairly prudent with deleting games once I complete them, I think I'm happy just using my 2TB HDD for PS4 games for the foreseeable future.
  10. While I always think it's best to let a game cook as long as necessary and not rush it out - and in Kena's case it is Ember Labs' first game, so I'd probably be a bit more understanding in this instance than if it were another more experienced team - I think any delay just some four weeks out is good reason for a bit of justified concern, especially considering it was supposed to come out earlier this year initially, so this is the second time we've seen such a letter from them. Obviously it's been impacted by COVID, as countless other games have, but even at the time the game was first announced we were in the thick of it, so it was always going to be the case that it would be a factor. Again, it's their first game so I think it's a bit easier to understand them not quite getting things right in terms of their development timeline, especially with everything going on, but I can't help but wonder why a game like this has been delayed twice publicly now, when other indie games shown for the first time at the same event don't even have a release window yet. Maybe they were just riding the high of the reactions and wanted to capitalise on that, but for me, I always think it's best to be vague until you're more than confident of hitting a date. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but I think it'll be a bit of a red flag for nothing more than their management if we see it delayed again. Horizon is such a weird one, because considering the size of the team and the project, it's funny that we've never had anything more than a vague "we're aiming for Holiday 2021" from them, and heck, we first heard about them aiming for this year in a post-State of Play interview with the director. As far as I can recall, they've never put that release window as a screen in their trailers or State of Play either, so that potential delay letter is going to be a bit weird for some who haven't been following the game - "wait, this was supposed to be coming out this year?!" Honestly, I respect them for being open like that since the start and making the conscious decision to not stick a release window in when first announcing the game, especially given the size of the event (ahem, God of War). Everyone knows what's going on in the world, not to mention that game development already has more than enough hurdles to overcome before you account for COVID. And let's be honest, there's potentially some goodwill from the higher-ups, because having a success under your belt is always huge, and to be frank, it probably doesn't hurt that their former managing director is now the head of Worldwide Studios either. Not a delay I want to see but I do agree that a delay for Forbidden West does seem inevitable, so I'm curious to see what, if anything, they'd have up their sleeves to replace it in their slate, though it's probably just leaning on third parties in the holiday season. I think that's where the big difference for me is between PlayStation and Nintendo for example, I can always expect Nintendo to make good if a game gets delayed as something else might be announced as a surprise and take up its place or something could get bumped up, whereas PlayStation - especially since the launch of the PS5 and probably due to COVID - seem to have played most of their cards already. Either way, not like I still haven't got plenty of other games to play, so it's always hard to complain!
  11. Delayed until September 21st. Makes sense that we didn't see anything from it during the most recent State of Play with that in mind, as I thought it was a lock for that presentation considering it was due for release at the end of next month before. Still looking forward to it, but I do hope this is the last delay we see for it, otherwise I think we'll have a good reason to start sweating. Fingers crossed!
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    A nearly half hour interview from IGN with Gabe Newell on the Steam Deck, well worth a watch:
  13. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Started watching the first one and thought it looked really nice - the music does sound lovely - and then that font came in. Really hope they change it for if/when this comes to consoles, because like with the Dragon Quest I - III versions on Switch, I just find it really distracting how the font isn't suitable for these games and takes up such little screen space.
  14. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I don't think I'll ever bring myself to play it, but Alex Moukala's coverage of Genshin Impact has put it's OST firmly back on my radar. Azhdaha's Battle Theme, which he covers in the first video, is S-tier. The entire introduction in first phase is this menacing build-up and the second phase - that freaking erhu followed by the electric guitar! - is absolutely awesome. Time to give down the rabbit hole and see what the rest of Yu-Peng Chen's work on the game is like!
  15. Football Season 2020-21

    I was talking about the release specifically but you're right that there's going to be stuff beyond that like signing-on fees, add-ons, agent fees, and his weekly salary to add on top of that. Raiola's a twit but he's great at his job and getting his players what they want. Still, compared to some of the other fees we've seen, unless Haaland gets seriously injured or ends up massively underperforming this season, he'd be worth every penny. Still think it'd be in Madrid's best interest to make sure they've got the rest of the team up to par for that too, though. Honestly, it's probably in Mbappé's best interests to hold out until he can leave on a free and potentially become the highest paid footballer in the world if/when he goes to Madrid next summer, thanks to the amount they'd be saving on his transfer fee (probably some €150 million right now with a year left on his contract). It's funny because until the last five years or so, outside of outliers like Lewandowski's move to Bayern, I didn't feel like you really saw many players, agents, or teams planning around and winding down contracts to get the best deals for all involved and making full use of the Bosman rule. Now it seems like it's being considered for a lot of moves and as a result you get players on contracts that they were never going to be worthy of (such as Aaron Ramsey at Juve).