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  1. Gotham Knights (2022)

    Really liked this story trailer, game definitely captures that creepy Arkham-esque vibe, and seeing more of the Court of Owls is always good. The BTS stuff was pretty great too, team sounds really excited: The lack of exterior shots and gameplay is a little concerning, but hey, if it needs to cook, then it needs to cook. This felt like it did a much better job at setting the tone then what we got last year at least. It not being 4 player (based on no update here, what they've said before, and the Steam page) is still an absolute bummer. The group of friends I play games with every week is 4 people, all of us into stuff like this, and so it being only 2 player means I'll probably end up having to play it solo, which just kind of sucks. Part of me wants to say maybe it's down to difficulty scaling for more players, but let's be honest, if you've got 4 players you're there first and foremost for a good time, even if it means you fly through the game. So that's a real shame, and still a suuuuuper weird decision to take I think.
  2. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Man, I'm very hyped for this, both trailers so far have been stellar. Going for a similar feel feel to Year One? Sign me the hell up! Even the marketing feels very distinct from the rest of the DC film trailers put out today, which I'm happy about, because I think some of their other stuff simply isn't up to snuff when you think of the quality of what's come before from DC. In a way I think the unfortunate mess with Affleck's Batman (not just his fault, of course) and the DC stuff in general over the last decade has lowered expectations to where just a decent take on Batman would be great. I mean, they're doing Flashpoint with Keaton's Batman instead of a dedicated Flash movie after that movie reportedly had numerous script issues, but mainly because of the mess the earlier DC films have cornered them into. It's risky, because it's basically In Case of Emergency Hit This Big Red Button: The Movie in a pretty desperate attempt to course correct. Them jumping to that point in the marketing has to be done because it's going to be a huge part of the film and their marketing strategy: bringing Keaton back to get fans onside, and to some extent soft resetting with Flashpoint to potentially explain a new Superman (if not just a different take on Superman from the one Cavill has had to portray so far) and some other changes in their cinematic universe. I'm much more nervous that this is a year out and that's all they had to show for The Flash. Whole production has been a mess, but yikes, likely reshoots and a very short tease doesn't exactly instill confidence!
  3. Caught up on the Direct this morning. Admittedly, I wanted to see the reactions to the pricing of the Expansion Pack, but ended up sitting through the entirety of it. Honestly, I think it might be one of Nintendo's best Directs with a single game as the focus that I've watched. It didn't drag on for too long, which is crazy considering just how much new content is on the way, so hats off to them for that! Will it get me back to playing New Horizons? Probably not. To be honest, I think the act of trying to organise my island more and starting that by completely flattening it just turned it into a chore, which is my own fault, but I did still really enjoy my time with it, I think a game I check in on daily just doesn't suit me. Very happy for - and envious of! - those who have stuck around and have been waiting for an update like this, because there's a whole lot in there that I wish was around at launch for me to experience. Crazy that it's been a year and a half since then, and crazier still that this will be the last free update? I guess Nintendo knows what we don't, but they did a similar thing for Splatoon 2 by being very vocal about a final update, and with Splatoon 3 on the way - and New Horizons' success - I've got to wonder if they're planning ahead and want the next Animal Crossing out earlier in the next console's life? But yeah, how jolly! Monkey looks cute as all heck, permanent ladders are awesome, and the more extensive interior design looks rad! Not to mention the new camera perspective, that looks like it'll be fun
  4. No worries I saw it had gone up on the US store, saw the null placeholders on the UK store... ...and before I could post that here as a heads-up, they'd gone live Pretty crazy that it's 4 per customer as the limit (then again, 4 player modes I guess). Am I misremembering for the NES and SNES controllers, because I could've sworn there was a lower limit in place when they first launched?
  5. N64 Controller pre-orders live on My Nintendo Store! Link
  6. The fact that Nintendo have the balls to double the price with this Expansion Pack on what is a rough online experience, but then also be able to apply a pro-rated discount based on the days left when upgrading from a current subscription, is actually kind of hilarious
  7. Oof. Effectively doubling the price? Very telling that they didn't share that an update on the Expansion Pack would be included the Animal Crossing Direct. Will absolutely be picking up the controller, but think I'll be waiting a while before getting the Expansion Pack.
  8. Why is this misspelling - of all things! - the thing that makes me figure out that Ridley is clearly named after Ridley Scott?!
  9. Huh, might be down to me just not really using one and not seeing it from this angle. Don't think I've actually had a Chimchar since we've transitioned to 3D now that I think about it... ...but anyways, this further cements it as the worst designed of the three Sinnoh starters for me I think it might be the first starter Pokémon I didn't fancy the look of, but then again, Chikorita is also a little plain!
  10. Metroid Dread

    To piggyback off of @Sheikah's question, for those who have played the game, is this a good jumping in point for someone new to Metroid? Or would you recommend checking out the other 2D Metroid games first, then getting to this? I'm in no rush, and plan to get those games anyways, but with this being touted by many as a GOTY contender, it's very hard to ignore! I ask as I know Nintendo generally isn't heavy on story in their games, but this is the fifth entry, and they've been screaming from the top of their lungs since it was revealed at E3 that it's the end of the story being told. I think I remember reading that this has a recap at the start of the game, but not sure how much that covers, and have to imagine it might outright spoil some things from those earlier games?
  11. Metroid Dread

    Big in Japan! I think the hope would be that Nintendo reacts somewhat to the sales of Dread and how it's also revived purchases on the Wii U. Get those GBA games on the Switch so I don't have to go buy a Wii U, and maybe bring Samus Returns over to the Switch too. But this is Nintendo, so... anniversary pin set when?
  12. Promotional Video for Part 2 of Attack on Titan's Final Season, starting 9th January 2022: Time to go find me a bunker to hide in!
  13. Some previews have gone up today: What is up with Chimchar's neck?!
  14. Cowboy Bebop is coming back to Netflix next week to get everyone ready for the live-action adaptation: I just finished watching it back in August on YouTube in a playlist with an episode missing, go figure! Something similar happened with Hunter x Hunter finally landing on our shores after I watched it too... ...maybe this is how I get Dragon Ball to come to UK streaming services?
  15. Metroid Dread

    A rising tide raises all ships: Metroid is crushing it on the Wii U Virtual Console!