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  1. Babylon's Fall (2019)

    It took a year and a half to get an update that we'd be getting more information in six months or so, but here we are!
  2. General Movie Thread

    DUDE - YES! Of all of the older Bond songs, I've got to say, I'm also a big fan of You Only Live Twice:
  3. Persona 5

    Yeah, they must have. A shame if that's the case though, as this and plenty of other JRPGs *cough*DXQI(S)*cough* would surely fare much better in quieter periods such as the summer. Even more of a shame given the guaranteed high quality of this enhanced release, but alas You going to be jumping on this H-o-T? I think I'll be skipping Royal for the foreseeable future as I only played through P5 for the first time earlier this year
  4. Persona 5

    Yikes, that might be an even worse release date. I suppose they know their audience and are expecting mainly for fans to double dip, but still...
  5. Persona 5

    Looks like Persona 5 R has a release date of 20th February 2020 in the English-/Chinese-speaking Asian market, so got to imagine that it'll be the same for the West? https://gematsu.com/2019/12/persona-5-royal-english-chinese-version-listed-for-february-20-2020-release-on-playstation-stores-in-asia This is a pretty odd release window, in my opinion, with Final Fantasy VII Remake releasing a week and a half later than the supposed 20/02/20 release date, and the first half of next year being pretty stacked in terms of big releases. Just like with DQXIS, I feel like a summer release makes so much more sense than being released in such a strong release window, but hey, what do I know?
  6. Cyberpunk 2077 — 16th April 2020

    Our first look at the game's map: Definitely worth noting that they've stressed previously that the verticality of Night City should be considered when talking about this game's world size.
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    Watched Chapter 4 last night. Loved it. Now the wait for Chapter 5 begins!
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    It really is! And I'd have to imagine so...and you just know that it's going to be a Pro. Going to be hard to stave off the urge to give in and upgrade to a Pro (for this game alone, it looks wonderful!), but the PS5 being just around the corner makes it so much easier
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Not surprising at all, but Nomura-san has confirmed that work is already underway for Part II: I mean, this might be a little pessimistic, but unless it's a translation error, they don't directly mention programming, so this is surely a nothing statement? Because iy would have to assume that some concept art and pre-production was carried out for a number of mid-to-late game set pieces quite early on Anyways, some really interesting tidbits and perspectives from many of the biggest names on the development team on that page, well worth a read.
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    There's a spoiler on the front page of the BBC website at the moment for The Mandalorian. Despite them knowing full well that Disney+'s release in the UK being over 4 months away. What the hell...
  11. Confirmed to be 141 minutes long, making it the third longest Star Wars film to date behind Attack of the Clones (142 minutes) and The Last Jedi (155 minutes).
  12. Ditto @Sméagol, but for the ice uniform. Could've spent that money on a nice jacket... totally agree about the cycling outfit too Honestly, I'm pretty surprised we can't just customise our uniform like it's a kit creator in a football game. Throw in a few base designs, let us decide the primary and secondary colours, and their in some Pokémon designs and endorsements, and we'd be good to go. What sense does it make to have the player tied down to a uniform linked to only one particular type, unless you were a rare instance of someone running their team that way? Also, another minor customisation thing: why do we pay for hair colour/styling changes before seeing what we're even paying for? I turned off auto-save and reset a few times just to get a decent idea of what my character's hairstyle and colour was going to be! And why can't we try clothes combinations on before purchasing them from the store, as opposed to having to buy them one at a time and before seeing what they look like together? Unless I'm doing something wrong... Aaaaaaah, I've opened a whole can of worms!
  13. Thought I clarified further in my post, but clearly not reading back through, that's probably a sign I should put the game down for tonight the part missing is:
  14. Just passed the 11 hour mark, and now have six badges. While I'm not quite feeling the excitement I might have a few years ago for this game still, I'm starting have a real warm and cosy time with it, which is what I was hoping for. Loving some of the new Pokémon designs, as well as some of the Galarian forms. Had a lot spoiled for me trying to figure out how to evolve one of my current team members, but alas, it's not that big of a deal, because I'm getting to that point in the game where I want my party ready for the final stretch, so I ended up doing a bit of research and have a few picked out to keep an eye out for. I also really loved how they changed things up on that fifth badge. Oh, and all I'm going to say is that the two minutes or so we spent with Howse in that hotel room should have been the type of underhanded humour we got throughout the game, or at least in longer and more frequent bursts, as it genuinely forced a smile out of me. Even with my head now turning the other was, I do want to place a special emphasis on how poorly paced I think the opening 5 hours or so of the game were - the game since getting the third badge has been much closer in pace to the typical Pokémon experience, albeit a much easier one; as pointed out several times here, the constant party heals and handing out of items is a bit much. It was so slow that I turned off battle animations for the first time in my life. Also want to scream from the rooftops that it's nuts not being able to wear the different uniforms we can buy in/receive from the gyms (EDIT: in the gyms themselves) - what the heck is up with that?!