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  1. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Well, guess this balances out with the last round of PS+ titles being extremely good. I do appreciate them mocking the ridiculousness of the Tiny Tina title, though
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Picked up some small card cutouts of the PlayStation logo in PS1 and PS2 colours from Etsy to add a bit more colour to my PS5: I think I'm leaning towards the PS1 colourway - the black specifically really reminds me of the Net Yaroze PS1 dev kit photos I've seen. In terms of the PS2 colourway I'd probably be leaning towards matching it with the white faceplate? It came about through sheer laziness when testing the different combinations and not wanting to remove the bulkier faceplate, but I kind of like how the PS5 appears with a bit of a panda look... Any opinions welcome (because I don't know which I want to commit to! ) With a bit more practice I think I've got a fairly reliable system now to not scratch the black plastic underneath the faceplates when removing them, which I managed on my first attempt last week. You basically need to make a '4' with your arms by laying the PS5 flat on a table with the PS logo up and the bottom of the console facing you. Grab the corner with the PS logo with your right hand, and the opposite corner (closest corner on your right) with your left hand (left arm tucked under your right arm). Pull both corners up slightly and then slightly pull towards you, using your thumb on your left hand to limit the console's movement - I found that it should detach pretty easily!
  3. The moment of truth: reviews are live! Scoring very well:
  4. It's funny, because I think we're going to see a very noticeable gap in scores between this and the review scores for Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl that wouldn't have been quite as drastic if these weren't releasing so close together? And not to mention being announced together in the same presentation? Pokémon has been tired in a myriad of ways for a long time (which I think is natural, given both a lack of ambition and competition), and I don't think it's at all a coincidence that the big gaming media outlets finally seemed to agree en masse that this was the case with BD & SP, with Legends: Arceus just on the horizon.
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Looks like the ability to upload gameplay clips and screenshots directly from the PlayStation 5 to the PS App is finally being rolled out. For now it looks like it's being rolled out in the US, it's seemingly for PS5's only, and will be limited to automatically uploading your captures moving forwards, rather than giving you the option to manually select. One step at a time, but this will finally save time in my group chats on Fridays when one of us witnesses something hilarious in GTA, that's for sure!
  6. So...I guess that wasn't the final trailer? What is going on over at S-E? The hilarity ensues.
  7. My favourite (and in my opinion, the best) GOTY discussion has arrived: the 2021 Easy Allies Awards Deliberations! Guess I know what I'm listening to over the next few days at work
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    Yeah I'm well aware, that's why I said "even more" and Eclipse, too. EA winding down and announcing titles that are likely the last to be announced under their current exclusivity deal in such a matter-of-fact way over a year before the deal ends makes me think that we could see further projects announced (in addition to those already announced) throughout the rest of the year. The titles announced and revealed by other publishers so far is likely Lucasfilm Games wanting things lined up and ready to go for when that EA deal ends.
  9. Unsurprisingly, Japan gets the better trailer: Love how the title is kind of clickbait for the trailer this time around. Such a strange marketing cycle! But anyways...the 360° video showing off Hisui is pretty cool!
  10. Throwing this in a spoiler tag because I know some might want to avoid it, but it's been shared by official channels - some new Pokémon have been revealed: Strange decision to share them with us just three days from release in the way that they have, though could be because of the leaks, and I suppose they'll want to show it off in marketing and it might have been tough to keep a lid on with reviews going up (I believe the embargo is lifted tomorrow?).
  11. The Star Wars Thread

    EA have announced three upcoming titles from Respawn (well, two? We already knew about The Sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ). From their press release: We know so little about them that I didn't know if it was worth making dedicated threads for the games, so here we are I've got to imagine they're getting this out of the way in anticipation of their exclusivity deal ending next year, so hopefully this opens up the floor to even more projects being announced. Would love for that FPS to be a Republic Commando reboot/sequel/-like game, and interesting that Hirschmann is leasing development on it - he has ties to producing Star Wars video games dating back to the original Battlefront, as well as a bunch of LEGO games. Worth noting that Bit Reactor are a newly formed studio (I mean, they were revealed last week) comprised of XCOM and Civilization veterans from Firaxis, so very much looking forward to seeing what they turn out too.
  12. Two months out, but here's the final trailer? The music choice in the second half of the trailer has me bawling one of the messiest trailers I've seen in a long time. Weirdly edited, feels like it shows way too much, the music choice is hilarious...I refuse to believe Team Ninja and S-E are playing this straight (if they ever were up to this point). Feels quirky and campy as hell, I dig it.
  13. Looks like they've finally got around to releasing the Japanese overview trailer from two and a half weeks in English (some of it covers stuff from the overview trailer, but there are one or two new tidbits and some more music to listen to): I'm definitely starting to get excited for Friday now. The game still looks rough visually a lot of the time, and naturally I wish Game Freak had years more for a project like this but that was never to be, but I'm very much looking forward to something fresh. I don't know if a goal of catching all of the Pokémon in a region is going to suit the flow of a game like this, I really dislike what they've got going on with throwing balms and the most basic of dodge mechanics, but I'm more than willing to give it a go with the hope that I'll at least feel a bit refreshed. I think the best sign they've pulled that off is if I don't find myself coming away due to burn out, seeing as we go remakes just two months ago. What I'm also not looking forward to is that this is all but guaranteed to bring up similar debates to those we saw with Breath of the Wild, where longtime fans go in with preconceptions based on prior games (for BotW it was: where are the temples? Where's the music? Where's the story?) and with their mind already more than half made up. I get if a game isn't for people, and for example I have my own issues with Breath of the Wild despite really enjoying the experience (I do wonder if not having too much of a connection to the franchise and not completing a game before shaped that a bit for me), but acting like there's nothing good just because it's a different take or just because it's an open world/more open is a real tired take. That's not really aimed at anyone here re: Arceus (though the Breath of the Wild part might apply to some based on opinions I've seen around here! ), I just struggle to see how the wider discussion around the game doesn't head that way, which will be a shame because, hey, at least they're trying something pretty brave and new (I know, I know, biggest IP ever and that shouldn't be an excuse for them not giving things more time/effort/money/manpower/etc.), and I want to see those new things discussed more than the fact that people go in expecting Breath of the Wild and end up with Monster Hunter. I hope that I'm wrong - weirdly I think Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl rubbed people the wrong way to the point that this might be received even better than it would have otherwise, and I don't think the Pokémon community prior to this game was as narrow as I think the Zelda community was prior to Breath of the Wild - but we'll see. Just for the love of Arceus give us something representing a post-game and continue down the path of trimming some of the fat on some systems and I'll be pretty chuffed.
  14. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    As revealed today during the Taipei Game Show 2022 stream: the game has gone gold! Just 32 days to go...