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  1. Six episodes in now and I'm very, very torn. Very easy to make sense of which additions and changes were from the minds of Bryke and which were from Netflix's side, I feel. One or two times the trio of episodes condensed down into one kind of works, or is tweaked to work pretty well, but other times it misses entirely. Curious to see how the last two episodes were handled...
  2. Have to agree with many others here, in that I think it's an essential feature of the Switch's successor. I genuinely don't think anything outside of very early Switch sales records get broken otherwise, and I honestly think it would struggle to get to 100 million units sold without backwards compatibility. Oh, and I think it needs to be backwards compatible in every sense of the word when it comes to Switch titles – both physical and digital. Man, imagine the uproar if it were just the one For me personally? I think it's the deciding factor on whether or not I decide to pick one up on Day 1, outside of a Switch 2 launch exclusive killer app – and I'm talking Game of the Generation/Decade buzz akin to what we had for BOTW at the Switch's launch here, more so than "just" a Game of the Year contender.
  3. Watched the first two episodes, so really not far enough in, but some things have stood out already (both good and bad). It's a weird one where this is an adaptation of a very accessible cartoon, but I'll try to keep things in spoiler tags when comparing the two as well as for major beats in case there is anyone here who has yet to watch the original and is checking this out first. Some non-spoiler thoughts first though: Ian Ousley as Sokka is kind of nailing it to a degree which is seriously surprising me, at least so far. Some of his new lines have given me genuine chuckles and laughs. Dallas Liu as Zuko and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Iroh were great castings, and so far very good performances from the latter. It makes going between the two sides feel interesting and evenly balanced in terms of keeping my attention. There was one shot of Zuko which is going to become an overused and hilarious GIF, though All of the cast looks the part. We knew this already from casting announcements and trailers beforehand, but seriously, they've nailed the look. Not really a fan of the score so far. The reorchestrations of Jeremy Zuckerman's original score only hit because of their sheer underlying melodic quality and nostalgia, but they sound incredibly generic when compared. The new, original score so far has been flat and boring. Set design has been great. I think the pacing is a bit messy, and I do think it's down to blending and distilling three 20+ minute episodes into roughly an hour each. Some of these aren't necessarily three-episode arcs, and the gap between ending one episode in the animated series, getting the credits, then moving onto the start of the next, getting opening credits, felt like it broke it up better. Here, you're getting Appa swoop out of a shot where he'd normally be capping off an episode...but then swinging back in almost immediately after in what would introduce the next. It's the nature of the adaptation, but I'm not a fan so far – and I think this particular move to have episodes serve as condensed examples of multiple episodes is actually going to fly in the face a bit of not having filmed everything already (which is a fine decision to make in terms of finances and production, but as a story, it's going to be odd). It just already feels like it's moved on too fast once or twice already. The bending feels like it's at 0.75x speed and there has already been way too much slow-mo. Gordon's smile and goofiness as Aang shines through a lot. Perfect casting. And then to get onto some of the spoiler stuff/changes... It's solid so far. It's a weird one: my expectations are pretty low (like I said before, just want to see a few scenes realised in live-action), but some of the changes they've made so far have been drastic in terms of how they approach the underlying themes, mini-arcs and very nature of the first season. Some of the writing changes more than performances are probably my main hang-ups so far – I'm only two episodes in like I said before, though, so perhaps they're approaching certain topics at other times/in other ways. Some of the performances are a little stilted, nothing worth seriously flagging so far, but I think it's just the nature of having child actors. Looking forward to seeing how the rest pans out.
  4. Don't listen to him, @EEVILMURRAY. Please say less. please
  5. My favourite of theirs, gets me every time. It just hits like a ton of bricks. Good thing I'm careful to not listen to it too much... *is my most played song on Spotify over the last 6 months* Whoops Glad to hear you had a great time! Will definitely need to. I've actually never been to a concert before, probably doesn't help that my friends don't really share my taste in music all that much so I'll find some NBT-listening strangers and drag them along instead I guess!
  6. Honestly, I think Gen III might be my favourite overall when it comes to starter designs? Not counting Mega Evolutions (to make it a fair comparison) I really like/love 6 of the 9 starter line designs this time around. As a quick aside - because I hadn't thought of tracking it that way before - for Kanto it would be 4 of the 9 (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Wartortle and Charizard), and for Johto it would be 4 of the 9 again (Bayleef, Totodile, Feraligatr and Typhlosion). I'll try to keep on top of this list to create a mini-rankings for myself as these go on! Anyways favourite line of Gen III is the Treecko line. PMD aside - which is a pretty big thing to put aside, all things considered - I just have a pretty unique history with the line in the games. I've mentioned it on here before, many years ago (holy cow, six years ago?!), so I'll just quote myself from that other awesome Glen-generated thread So Treecko is definitely the coolest one to choose off the bat of the bunch for me, and I'm sure that Ash's always having a twig in its mouth in the anime only upped the coolness. Grovyle is again the coolest of the first evolutions, and in terms of final evolutions, I think Sceptile is on par with Blaziken for being the coolest (and as a Mega Evolution, too). After that, for me, it's the Mudkip line. Mudkip and Marshtomp are adorable. I mean just look at lil barista Marshtomp here. Idk what happened with Swampert - definitely the line to suffer from ugly final evo syndrome this time around, yet it's not even cool! - but Mega Swampert looks hilariously jacked and I love it. Torchic looks dumb. Combusken looks even more dumb. Blaziken and Mega Blaziken look awesome. Real ugly duckling thing going on here for a Pokémon based on a chicken... I'm not too sure about Treecko leaving - if he did, it certainly wasn't for very long, as it felt like Ash had it in his team a good amount of the time, and as a Grovyle even longer! He also ends up becoming a trusty Sceptile, too, but yeah, he certainly could've left at some point...a lot of Ash's Pokémon do choose to take a sabbatical or go AWOL at some point May getting Torchic was so...strange, in hindsight. Just doesn't suit the idea of a contest Pokémon at all (at least in the way that May approached contests) after being a cute little Torchic and going into an ugly and streaky Combusken, and then into the cool as hell Blaziken. Beautifly always felt like it was more appropriate as a contest Pokémon for May, and so it felt like her starter got shoved off to the sides a lot of the time The coolest use of the line in the anime was actually Harrison turning up with a Blaziken towards the end of Ash's journey in Johto, felt like a great tease for what was to come next I'm Hoenn. Really loved whenever the anime would do that sort of thing. And then yeah, you're right, Mudkip - and then later Marshtomp - was just kind of...there, and Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo certainly got centre stage as his main Pokémon in Hoenn. Again, just another really strange choice for that one.
  7. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch)

    To be clear, I wasn't trying to call you or anyone else out as not thinking ahead by saying that, so I'm sorry if it did come off that way – more highlighting how utterly bonkers it is that Atlus and SEGA are getting away with some increasingly anti-consumer moves, like Atlus with this and Persona 5, or what SEGA recently did with NG+ and some other content being locked behind a certain (more costly) edition of Infinite Wealth. Totally get that, and totally agree that Atlus can get stuffed when it comes to this sort of thing
  8. Elden Ring (25th February 2022)

    It's a really interesting price for DLC honestly (£34.99 who hasn't seen the UK pricing for it yet), and yeah, I do think everything we know about it - and it being in development for nearly two years now - certainly points to it being incredibly substantial. The Eurogamer interview with Miyazaki revealed that, based purely on surface area, the location it takes place in will be larger than Limgrave; there will be more than 10 new bosses; and 8 new weapon types, which is certainly a lot. Miyazaki also talks in this IGN Japan interview about there currently not being plans for a sequel or any further DLC - makes sense, we've waited nearly 2 years for this as it is - so I think it's reasonable to expect it to be pretty sizeable considering they're taking a one-and-done approach to DLC this time around. I've seen some say they think this will weigh in at 50 - 70 hours...which seems pretty preposterous, to me. I think realistically we're looking at something more akin to the length of their more linear titles with this all - seemingly? - taking place in the size of a larger region, so it all being condensed and focused in one area, with a bunch of legacy dungeons, etc., so I think it'll be something like 20 - 35 hours, obviously depending on skill level, how much you explore, etc. Anyways, still waiting for Vaati to turn up with a breakdown, but Quelaag had an awesome breakdown on the new trailer that's worth checking out if anyone else likes to speculate: And, additionally, I found Ratatoskr's (and the more widespread) idea on the origins of Messmer's title as "the Impaler" (the boss front and centre of Shadow's marketing) pretty damning: this dude totally impaled Marika. Seriously weighing up whether I want to replay this game before the DLC drops, because otherwise I think I've got an incredibly hefty re-spec on my hands, as playing Bloodborne and Armored Core VI last year sold me on a completely different approach to the combat in these games that I hadn't tried out in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, or Elden Ring before (speed and dodging vs traditional sword and board). Hmm.
  9. Virtual Reality

    Pretty big news via the PS Blog for PS VR2, which says PlayStation are currently testing the ability for owners to have access to additional games on PC. Could be huge for the platform, considering that it launched without backwards compatibility for original PS VR titles and the funding just hasn't been there to really draw newcomers in when it comes to new titles. Good stuff, looking forward to any updates on this.
  10. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch)

    More details on Vengeance: These details are a summary of yesterday's Vengeance Spotlight stream: Essentially - and it's not exactly a new perspective to have if you've followed their releases over the last couple of years - if you don't want the least definitive version of an Atlus game, don't pick it up at launch and be willing to wait 2-3 years for a definitive version. Which absolutely sucks. At least for Persona 3 Reload they had the decency to add that stuff as DLC (that's not confirmed but leaked, mind you, so that's not been communicated yet), but SMT V and Persona 5 have both now had definitive editions with content not made available through other means.
  11. Reviews are starting to drop, and while it's very early on and these numbers will probably come down a little in the coming days as more reviews release, currently sitting at 93 on OpenCritic and 94 on Metacritic! Obligatory Digital Foundry tech breakdown: Seven Days till the End [of this nearly four-year wait!]
  12. Kyle Bosman delivering on yet another Easy Allies bet...nearly three years on. By walking around a park dressed as Batman. A true man of his word
  13. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Megalovania in the style of Persona 5 is S-tier stuff
  14. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    No Mother 3, but here are your Earthbound Beginnings icons To make matters worse/funnier/waaaaaaaaaay more cruel, icons for Earthbound are due out for a week from the 29th, and for Mother 3 for a week from the 7th (March)...at least in Japan, don't think we've had full confirmation of what's going on over here just yet (at least at the time of writing), but I would assume it's the same deal. Which makes it potential even worse/funnier/way, way more cruel; are we really about to see Mother 3 icons drop in the West in 2 weeks' time, despite the game having never released over here?
  15. Felix the Cat drops March 28th! And Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked is coming...sometime in 2024?