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  1. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    Yes, but Bayonetta is a poor man's Devil May Cry. If you've played the former, the latter will blow you away by how much better it is. At least DMC 3, 5 and the reboot DmC.The first game in the series is ok, but it shows its age, the fourth is meh and while I've never played DMC2 it is said to be trash.
  2. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    9 Monkeys of Shaolin An ok side-scrolling beat 'em up. Nothing more, nothing less
  3. Definitely. An indie game is almost always in the Essential line-up and this would fit right in
  4. Probably I wonder if it means that Sayonara Wild Hearts will be part of February's line-up. Maybe even on PS+ Essential? No way this is not coming to the sub when they even put it in the pic.
  5. There's also no PS5 SKU for Just Cause 4. PROOFREADING, ever heard of it?
  6. General Retro Discussion

    The Hyrule Journals - YouTube Channel
  7. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    Devil May Cry 5 Almost perfect. It's way better than its predecessor, but having to play as different characters and the fact that Dante's moveset changes slightly at a certain paint takes one point away. Whenever you start to feel comfortable with a character the game just says "nope, time for something else". Sure, that means variety, but in this case I'd have preferred just one character with an expanding arsenal of weapons and moves, not 3. I really hope that the next game will focus on only one character, but given how this one ends it's highly unlikely. Still, wonderful game and I'll keep my Vergil playthrough for some other time.
  8. ... Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition ... Of course, 2 days after I've picked up my copy. You're welcome everyone Well, well, well. Another great month. DMC5 is obviously amazing. Definitely gonna give Sayonara Wild Hearts, Jett: The Far Shore and Just Cause 4: Reloaded a go. Honestly can't complain about the classics this month. I'll eventually play all the Syphon Filter games that are on the sub so the third one being added is nice. Hot Shots Golf 2 is on my list, too. Still need to play the first one, though. Anyways, the DMC5 thingy is tad annoying, but thanks to an offer I got that and Far Cry 6 for 20€ total. So not too bad. Will give my copy to a friend who can't afford PS+ Extra so it won't go to waste.
  9. Games Done Quick

    AGDQ has been running for a few days now and some videos are up on YouTube. Watched the Crash Bandicoot 3 (from the N. Sane Trilogy) run yesterday. And here I thought I could run through the game fast Might tune in to the Super Mario Galaxy 2 race live and have it running on my second monitor while playing some games Two days in and they're already at almost $350k.
  10. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    Given how quickly I've gone through the first 10 missions, I thought I'd get my playthrough done today. But these last two missions have been quite long. Playing as Dante is awesome. Still getting used to his new moveset (i.e. his old moves which have different button inputs for whatever reason) and one new weapon, but I'm getting there. It helps that I'm playing on the easiest difficulty so I haven't had much trouble. Can't wait to play through the entire game again as Vergil. Looking forward to how he plays
  11. Forspoken (24th January 2023)

    Nope. I found the demo to be pretty cool and would love to play it sooner rather than later. But I wanna continue being thrifty with games this year, so I'm gonna wait for a big discount
  12. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    I will probably never get used to playing with V. Somehow my brain can't adjust to the fact that inputs are in relation to his position and the way he's facing. I always focus on shadows and make directional inputs based on them. He's still very fun to play as. It's a very distinct playstyle which I generally don't enjoy, but here - even though I'm incapable of fighting properly - it brings a smile to my face If DMC 5 stays true to the 20 missions formula then I'm now halfway through. It's been a blast so far and I doubt that'll change much.
  13. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    Played two missions just now. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME Smooth, violent, stylish gameplay. Love it. Thanks to the Special Edition I got some sweet bonuses. One of which is a particular devil breaker which alters the jump: