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  1. I thought the season 2 ending was just a very boring and predictable way to keep it going. It also ruined all the suspense because: I will, but only when I'm really bored
  2. Wow, totally forgot about the series, to be honest. Still have 3 episodes left of the final season but I fell out of love...
  3. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    Yup, as expected: The laggy menus are annoying as hell. Frame rate in towns can also be very choppy. It actually hurts my eyes at times. Really hope Nintendo hurries up with the patch certification...going from reddit comments, a patch is done but Nintendo's taking their sweet sweet time as always. Anyways, aside from the issues, the game is awesome I think I'm out of the tutorial (after 90 minutes) and the game has somewhat opened up.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    SUPER. HOT. SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years! And now we get more. For free (if you purchased the original). This is awesome.
  5. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    Don't think so. It's getting very little representation in the gaming news world. No trailers on the Nintendo and Sony channels. It's on GamePass, so that might help, but I doubt this'll be anything other than a hidden gem (if it's really as good as it seems).
  6. Digital version is out now on all consoles, physical copies will release at the end of August. I've started playing this 40 minutes ago and I'm still in the tutorial So far, so good. Plays really well and looks beautiful. Major gripe: Menus are laggy as hell. Not a problem for now, because I don't need to use 'em, but I assume that once the game opens up and equipment and skills are introduced I'll get annoyed really quickly. As far as I know, a patch is in the works but we all know how much time Nintendo likes to dabble around with patch certifications
  7. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Alatreon sucks. The fight forces you to play a certain way (elemental builds, use a myriad of healing items) because the monster has a nuke attack that will wipe out everyone unless you deal enough of the right elemental damage (Alatreon switches between three...) to weaken that attack. It's a DPS check...deal enough damage or fail. It's early days but the community seems to agree with my first assessment. As a blast main, I can pretty much say goodbye to getting Alatreon's gear. No way I will spend time farming for an elemental build that might not even work well enough to pass the DPS check. Edit: After a few more fights: I'm done with this...that nuke is ridiculous. The thing is: everything else is absolutely amazing. Alatreon hits hard, and is just fun to fight. That one attack, though...ruins everything.
  8. A friend's flatmate showed symptoms. His parents and sister had it (tested positive) and he spent a few days with them while they were still asymptomatic. He got tested...negative. Weird Other than that...I don't know anyone who was tested positive or showed symptoms.
  9. Scariest Moment Well...I'm a scaredy-cat so I usually don't play games with a prospect of scary moments I do have something to share, though: That's me playing. Funny how my only reflex was: SHOOT
  10. Indie Games

    Oh no...another game that'll release soon (next week) that I just NEED: Neon Abyss Played the demo. The rogue-lite elements (upgrades in-between runs) are locked, but it shows potential. The full release is supposed to fix some issues I had (frame drops, can't rebind keys, balancing of weapons/enemies), so that's good. CrossCode and Neon Abyss for a total of 40 bucks. That'll work
  11. Best Musical Moment I've mentioned this one a few times in various threads.
  12. It could also be unbelievably expensive. Or reasonably priced.
  13. Favourite Ranged Combat My choice: The only game I've played from the Sniper Elite series: Sniper Elite 3. I'm a sucker for stealth games and the ranged combat in this is incredible. Crank up the difficulty, remove all the assists and sniping turns into a simulation. As a bonus: X-ray kills. Quite satisfying to see a skull getting obliterated after you set up the perfect shot. Shout out to Titanfall 2: Best FPSs there is. Ranged combat is solid but the smooth movement makes it so much better.
  14. Indie Games

    This will release in two days on all consoles. Think I'll get it day-one
  15. Most Relaxing Navigation I remember trying Outlast but I got scared to death in a matter of 10 minutes, switched it off and turned to Flower. It calmed me down immediately. The motion controls worked perfectly, it was beautiful to look at and very relaxing to play. Special mention to Journey.