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  1. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Yeah, by me. So send me the game Ah well, I will eventually get this. Could be a nice Christmas game. I mean...it almost is Christmas time.
  2. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Send me the game
  3. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    It is. I can't be arsed to create more than one folder, though I simply just delete a game from my PS4 when I complete it. Looking through the library I can easily remember which game I've finished or not.
  4. I might get this on PS4. Would be the first Sonic game I've ever played. ...
  5. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    I think I'm beginning to understand. I do struggle with the mechanics, though. It's not that they are inherently bad, it's just that I'm not used to them. It's still a fun game.
  6. Football Season 2017-18

    Champions League Quarterfinals: FC Barcelona - AS Roma FC Sevilla - Bayern Munich Juventus Turin - Real Madrid FC Liverpool - Manchester City "Easy" opponents for Barca and us (Bayern), but both should be wary, of course. Juve against Madrid and Liverpool against City should be great matches.
  7. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Decided to take a more "organzied" approach to my gaming to get out of the rut. I stopped playing everything I had started in the past few weeks. Now I'm utilizing the folders on PS4 for the very first time Created only one folder which I will fill with games I am currently playing. Aside from Ghost Recon: Wildlands (which my mate and I should finish soon) there's now only CoD: WWII and Shadow of the Beast in the folder. A game will only be removed when it's finished (with or without Platinum) and only then will a new game be added/started. Reading this again...sounds stupid but organizing things in my life these past few weeks helped me quite a bit so maybe this will help with my biggest hobby, too Edit: Speaking of Shadow of the Beast...I didn't understand it. The combat, that is...it seems there's some deep mechanics behind it to increase the score and not fuck up but from what I've played yesterday...I didn't get it Maybe later today the mechanics will make more sense.
  8. Burnout: Paradise

    Ah man, didn't realize it was out today. Wish I could afford it... Maybe in April. In the meantime: A big ol' "I hate you" to all of you who are playing this
  9. Soul Calibur VI

    That was awesome! "Crap like this...exactly why I hate portals"
  10. Football Season 2017-18

    I don't like reducing a team to one player but Messi was, again, on another level. Barcelona as a whole was better than Chelsea, but Messi...man...he's a beast. In my opinion he made the deciding difference, yesterday. Without him it might've been 0-0 in the end.
  11. Football Season 2017-18

    But your defense was atrocious conceding the three goals (I assume you're a Chelsea supporter). And what the fuck was Courtois doing? Is Willian always as good as he was yesterday? He's incredibly fast, has great control of the ball and a good shot. It seems that sometimes he was too fast for his teammates and he was left with no options to pass
  12. General Switch Discussion

    The Tiniest Lil' Nintendo Switch Game Cases - via Kotaku.com This is awesome
  13. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Aaaaand it has started. Most of the random events that happen to me now only give you a 1/4 chance to succeed. And since a run takes quite some time you lose lots of health/food/gold if you're not lucky enough and keep failing these events. I think it's time for me to stop playing the game as it's becoming quite frustrating...
  14. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Ah I see, I misunderstood the word "finished", which isn't surprising considering it is you who brought that up
  15. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I better stay quiet on that front. Been guilty of that during several times of my life, such as right now. I agree, though. If this is what a person's whole "gaming life" is like then...why even bother with video games?