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  1. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Maybe back in the day it would've been the same for me. The gameplay didn't age well, though. It feels quite clunky at times. Shooters these days play much more smoothly. I'd love to see a Bulletstorm sequel with some updated mechanics.
  2. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Bulletstorm is done. 5/10. The skillshot system is pretty cool, but once you've done a skillshot it loses its thrill Still, a solid shooter. Nothing more, nothing less. Now...what to play until I will buy Slay the Spire on Saturday. It's on sale for 18€ and I'll be able to get 20€ PSN credit for 11€ with some ebay vouchers I got Until then I don't wanna start a new game. Maybe I'll just dabble with No Man's Sky a bit as it's gotten a huuuuge update.
  3. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Well, I did spent a few hours at the Mahjong parlor because I really like that game, even though I have no fucking idea how to properly play But yes, the story was my main focus. And I have to say: both 0 and Kiwami had great stories and incredible characters.
  4. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Thank God for that physical collection.
  5. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    A mate convinced me to buy Diablo 3 again. Well worth the 20 bucks. Already played through the story with the Necromancer and it was still so much fun, even though I've put it a tremendous amount of hours back in the day. My mate and I will start playing together when the new season arrives next weekend That makes 15 games finished this year, so far. Now I'm going back to Bulletstorm. This is most likely going to be a 6-7/10 for me. Nothing great but a solid, mindless shooter.
  6. Why did it have to be September? I'd like to save up some money until mid-October Well...we'll see how that goes
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yes. Noticable framerate improvements on optimized games.
  8. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Yeah, I had two massive sessions of about 7 hours each. Those certainly helped Started playing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition yesterday. I've started working on my backlog and now that I don't really care much for getting the Platinum for the majority of my games it's easier to just breeze through the story You can definitely see and feel Bulletstorm's age. It doesn't play particularly great but the first hour has been fun, nonetheless. Looks like some mindless shooting and violence which will definitely turn me into a school shooter if you believe current news. But sometimes I enjoy shooting my way through hords of enemies...in games. Speaking of backlog: I downloaded an app (this one) which let's you create lists for: your backlog games you're currently playing and completed games Great to have an app at the ready to track games. Should've started at the start of the year, but oh well...maybe I'll add games that I've written about in this thread to the app. Edit: Added all the games I've finished: So far I have completed 14 games this year. Not bad considering the two slumps I've been in.
  9. No Man's Sky

    The big update is here! via pushsquare.com Quite the extensive list. No way I will read it But I did, however, download the game again last night. I've always waited for some new additions like better underwater exploration. Anyway, ready to dive in (hehehehehehehehehehe) again
  10. N-Europe Video Game Club

    I'm in If it's a short game
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Just watched it. 5/5 indeed. Straight up good sci-fi action entertainment.
  12. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Yakuza Kiwami is done. 31.25% completion. I focused on the story again My second experience with the series and while not as good as 0 it was still incredible. The story dragged a little for a few chapters but the final three chapters were awesome. Couldn't put the controller down. Think I'm gonna take a break from the series for now. Mainly because I don't own any other installment, but I also don't want to burn myself out with the gameplay. Seems like every game pretty much plays the same (which is not a bad thing in itself).