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  1. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    Yeah, the point requirements get ridiculously high very fast Have yet to reach Ante 13, but I'm also not actively trying to go for an endless-viable build. Slowly but surely making my way through the Stakes is enough for now Doesn't mean I won't try to go for some super scores if the chance presents itself early. Hasn't happened, yet, though Still need that 100,000,000 points hand. Anyways, just won a Red Stake run with Painted Deck. Diamond Flush build, gg ez. Four more Decks for Red Stake and then it's time for Green Stake, which increases difficulty pretty drastically.
  2. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    The satisfaction when it's all coming together. If life can't give you that, Balatro is here to save you
  3. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    Definitely one of the easiest decks to win with, I feel. Consumables can be run savers/winners. I still more often than not use these cards immediately when I get them instead of saving them for a round. And yeah, one less slot is bad 6 more decks do win with at Red Stake before moving on to Green Stake. Slowly but surely making progress. I hope that console versions will get the PC updates soon. I read that the dev delayed the patch(es) for a week to include some more fixes, but I need that 1 in 4 chance to get a barbaric YAWP NOPE! now
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Haven't read lots of Sci-Fi books so I can't really compare.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    I'm about halfway through the first book and it's really good! A little difficult to read as I have to have a dictionary nearby and use it a lot, but a great read nonetheless.
  6. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    Nope! Yeah, that Deck is rough. Just beat Red Stake with it. Barely pulled through almost-mid-game with Gros Michel. I was able to pivot to a Two Pair build during Ante 3, though With higher Stakes, Ante 1 becomes a little too RNG-dependent for my tastes. If you don't get an early mult-Joker, you're usually screwed. Now, starting a new run is quick and you don't lose anything, but sometimes I simply don't want to restart 5 times in a row because I get crapped on by shops with no Jokers
  7. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    Found this on reddit: NOPE
  8. Helldivers II (8th February 2024)

    Helldivers 2 is a blast! Co-op perfection and complete madness Already can't wait to see what Arrowhead will bring to the table in the future. But what's there now is awesome!
  9. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    To be fair, it was with one of the easier decks you can unlock. Gonna go with my Slay the Spire method now: only move to a higher Stake if I've beaten the previous one with all Decks!
  10. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    Doesn't faze me. I just won a run on the highest Stake. I'M THE BEST
  11. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    That's both hilarious and sad Anyways, there's a 1h trial on PS+ Premium for the game, in case anybody wants to give it a go *cough* H-o-T *cough*
  12. Awesome! Happy gaming After 10 hours of playtime I've reached Chapter 4. It's so much fun Edit:
  13. It's ridiculous how much better this game's battle system is compared to FFXVI's! Currently making my way through Chapter 3. Can't stop playing. My weekend's definitely sorted
  14. Pretty much done with Chapter 2. But not ready to move on. Currently fighting a certain enemy again and again to level up. Is it efficient? No. Is it necessary? Probably not. Am I enjoying it? Yes
  15. Balatro (PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam)

    *Sees H-o-T posting here* Did he...did he buy the game? *reads his post*