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  1. This has always confused me. People say digital is more expensive than retail but in both cases the RRP is the same? Obviously some retailers sell stuff for less, but I don't see any digital storefront to match those prices ever. Expect PS5 games to be 80€ on the PSN store (or whatever your currency is). It's going to be interesting whether PSN credit will continue to be cheaper in some online offerings. It's quite easy to get 50€ credit for 40-45€.
  2. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Unlocking all weapons opens up the game quite a bit. Had a killer run with... Gotta say, Supergiant Games is incredible at taking a genre and creating a game with a great story around it. Bastion and Transistor are based around action-RPGs (the latter adding turn-based combat). Pyre has a unique take on...basketball, for some reason (and it freaking works). That reminds me...I gotta play it again and actually finish it... And Hades is a rogue-lite packed with characters, lore and an intriguing plot. They all play incredibly well, too, and offer some of the most stylish and awesome art and music ever created.
  3. Microsoft bought Zenimax/Bethesda

    @Julius you have a way of writing down exactly what I want to say
  4. Microsoft bought Zenimax/Bethesda

    Microsoft seems to push for a monopoly. Sad times.
  5. Hades (PC, Switch)

    ...and I've beaten the final boss on my 11th run. A new mechanic was introduced: Now that I know how long my winning run took me: 30 minutes is par for the course for the genre. Rogue-lites usually open up once you've beaten them once, and it seems to be the same with this one. Will definitely not stop playing because the gameplay is brilliant. However, I'm still a little disappointed, because there doesn't seem to be a lot of variance in locations. There's a set amount and that's not a very high one.
  6. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Just checked; it apparently is. And both versions are available there (one per customer).
  7. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    Here in Germany the Series X is sold out as far as I can see. Series S seems to be readily available.
  8. Hades (PC, Switch)

  9. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    So now Xbox buyers experience the dread of PS5 buyers Good luck to anyone who's yet to pre-order one
  10. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Hm... I may have reached the final boss...and if so, that would be a tad disappointing as the runs would be quite short. Well, I was actually close to winning the fight. Very impressed with myself as this was only my 9th escape attempt (i.e. run) and I haven't unlocked much of the permanent upgrades I did, however, die. I'll hold off on any further judgement regarding the game's length for now, though. Who knows what's in store after the boss. I really hope there's more... I think I should unlock another weapon. Still have only unlocked the bow but pretty much exclusively used the sword
  11. 46 N-Europe Games Tournament

    Awesome. Thanks for making it work I've played a few games of chess in my life but it was pretty much just: "Ok, I know how each piece can move...here we go" Gonna be an interesting one, then
  12. 46 N-Europe Games Tournament

    Could you also possibly make Thursday night work? I'll be back home at 7pm UK time then and be up for our session. If you can't make it work, no worries. I'll just meet my friends later on Friday, then
  13. Hades (PC, Switch)

    This game's amazing
  14. Microsoft bought Zenimax/Bethesda

    Pretty sure it will. I always said that competition is great and I really hope the Xbox Series S/X sell well, but this acquisition kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Thing is: Sony doesn't have the spending power compared to Microsoft. I wonder if this'll lead to MS having a monopoly eventually (i.e. in 15-20 years)...I can see them going after more of the big 3rd party publishers. Edit: More likely this'll turn into an arms race. This changes the industry...and not in a good way, I fear. Really happy to be proven wrong, though.
  15. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    I thought with news this big, a dedicated thread would be necessary.