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  1. Well...after 14 hours of playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I can say: It was pretty fun
  2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 21st June 2019

    Fair enough Oh man, I cannot freaking wait. This announcement made my day. And it's going to be an amazing day anyways with Smash being released
  3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 21st June 2019

    30 second mark of that video: "Race Online"
  4. Alright. Off to work. Will leave 3 hours early, i.e. at 1pm, go get some food/drinks/snacks, meet up at my best mate's place and just fire this thing up. The three Smash Bros (heh) will be back to play the Ultimate version of the game all day and all night long. Drunken banter included
  5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 21st June 2019

    Just woke up. Brb masturbating to the trailer. Edit: Seriously, though, this announcement made me soooo happy. And it's awesome to see that everyone gets a chance to play it as it's bound for a release and all three major platforms. In my opinion the best kart racer still out there. Can't wait
  6. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    In case anyone else needs this. I sure as hell needed this
  7. Just Cause 4

    Great, now I have that song stuck in my head until next year.
  8. Hollow Knight

    Almost 6 1/2 hours in. Not sure where exactly I'm supposed to go now. It's been a long time since I've acquired a new ability. Got a few new markers on the map so I'll definitely check those out. I'm in love with this game. Could be a little more difficult, though
  9. Indie Games

    YES! Held off on playing this after I'd heard about new content. Can't wait. All of you Switch people: Buy it!
  10. General Movie Thread

    Watched Game Night just now. One of the best comedies I've seen in ages. No childish sex-jokes, no unnecessary profanities or annoying side characters. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously; it's simply a fun ride with a surprisingly good story. The acting was spot on, as well. And the soundtrack was incredible, weirdly enough. Would recommend for an enjoyable 100 minutes of black comedy.
  11. good stuff thread.

    Thanks. Can those emojis be a little larger?
  12. good stuff thread.

    Had a lovely day. Took half a day off from work to help the ladies who move away ( ) repaint their flat. Was a lot of fun. The best birthday I've had in years Now I'm back home and will just binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine until I fall asleep
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    You need a PS+ subscription to play online (there are exceptions but you'd have to look up which games can be played online without PS+). Party chat exists. Edit: Fucking Christ, the irony But it wasn't actually my fault. The browser fucked up and actually made two posts
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Before buying a PS4, learn how to edit posts You need a PS+ subscription to play online (there are exceptions but you'd have to look up which games can be played online without PS+). Party chat exists
  15. Hollow Knight

    Played it some more on Tuesday. Two more bosses are dead. The battles were so much fun. Didn't have time to play yesterday and not sure if I find time today I really want to, though. Such a great game.