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    • I think I'll get it eventually, but I'm willing to wait it out. I know for a fact that Battlefield games usually get better after a few months/years, but it shows promise. I might be more interested in checking out Battlefield Portal though, seeing as we won't have to deal with specialists and such. But we'll see what the reviewers and early buyers say  
    • Why arent A and B put in the middle of the button?? Edit: Seems that this is a feature, not a bug. I've helt an N64 controller for hundreds of hours but never noticed that.
    • Is anyone planning on getting this next month? I'm in the mood for some multiplayer shooting so I think I will be.
    • @Ike was right, nothing to worry about, N64 controller arrived safe and sound  I've got to say, holding an N64 controller for the first time was certainly an experience 
    • A new Wii U owner is on the horizon!  So as I've mentioned a lot over the last few months, I've been increasingly interested in picking up a Wii U to plug the gaps Nintendo has left so far with the Switch. I can be pretty anal about wanting to experience things in some sort of order when it comes to my enjoyment of entertainment, and that's no different when it comes to games, as I love to see mechanics, gameplay loops, and tech evolve while going through a series. This has put me in a weird spot with Nintendo the last few years, as titles in both big and small franchises are currently trapped on the Wii U, and I just can't bring myself to venture forth in some games I already own knowing that there are games I would want access to afterwards trapped on an older console I don't have under my TV. Other than the GameCube (where I know Nintendo games are often going for a fortune these days), select GBA titles that weren't ported (like the GBA Pokémon games), and other select titles from older systems which were not ported, a Wii U would give me access to most of Nintendo's catalogue alongside my Switch and 3DS.  This all culminated in me finally ordering a Wii U the other day, which is set to arrive by the start of next week. I've bought one in large part due to its Virtual Console offering like I mentioned before, but also because of some of its HD efforts and Wii backwards compatibility. Yep, even though I had a Wii to play on growing up, I feel like I completely missed out on some games on the platform just through a lack of awareness at the time of the wider range of games up for grabs. My Wii U hasn't arrived yet, but honestly, I'm really excited to set it up and dig in!  So, N-E, I come to you in search of your Wii U recommendations to add to the wishlist of games I've compiled so far. I'm not going to go nuts and buy everything at once, because I feel like that would bring along a headache I'd rather not deal with, and also because unless they announce that the Wii U eShop is closing in the next year or so, I'm in no real rush.  For starters, my wishlist is split between games available natively for Wii U, Virtual Console games, and Wii games, but there are some caveats in writing this list I've though about that I'll mention now: if a Wii U game has been ported to the Switch and has a Deluxe version available which is considered the definitive version, I'd prefer to buy it there. E.g. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, etc.  along similar lines, for Wii games, if it has been ported to the Switch (or even the 3DS), I'll likely pick it up there. E.g. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns (I hated the shake to roll and slam on the Wii version!).  if a game is already available as part of Nintendo Switch Online's base tier as part of the NES or SNES apps, I'll try to save myself some money and play it there.  for Wii and Wii U original games I'll probably try to track down physical copies rather than buy the game digitally, unless the physical copy has an insane mark-up. E.g. Metroid Prime Trilogy Essentially, I'm looking for recommendations that I wouldn't have had access to before this Wii U arrives. I suppose there's also the question of N64 ports or games that you think have a best version on Wii U, as I know @S.C.G has mentioned Majora's Mask's N64 port on Wii U might be preferable to the 3DS version, but in that specific case, I'll hold fire for now. Which brings me onto my wishlist so far: Wii U The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Land Virtual Console Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Fusion Advance Wars Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Golden Sun Golden Sun: The Lost Age Earthbound Earthbound Beginnings Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 Metroid Prime Trilogy In terms of hardware, I've ordered a Wii U Pro Controller and Wiimote Plus + Nunchuk, but I'm open to any other hardware suggestions people might have. Is the Wii Classic Controller Pro worth looking into, or will the Wii U Pro Controller cover my needs there?  Cheers in advance N-E 
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