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  1. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I caught a ghastly on teh first day, and it was on my desk at work (this is pre- "oh I can turn off AR" on the timeline). Got home and there was a Haunter waiting on my desk, too! Night time I get more ghastlies, oddishes and venonats around my present location. Not actually actively played after 7pm so that's just a survey of what is nearby when I'm at home. Ima head out soon myself just to walk along the beach. Just hit lvl 17 and less bothered about levelling up, more bothered about catching and evolving new pokemon! i've caught 62 and seen 63, with a growlithe and an eggsecute from a pair of eggs hatched yesterday. So fun!
  2. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    from what i hear there's little point in wasting your stardust on powering pokes up until you're a higher level. The higher level you are, the ligher base level CP pokes will have. As in; you can catch two weedles and you can max out teh candy/stardust and one will be more powerful than the other.... then you'll level up and catch one with a higher CP! My understanding is that you should following formulaic (please bear in mind the numbers are estimates only); Catch A ZILLION POKEMON, trade in A BILLION for candy, then pop a lucky egg and evolve A MILLION of 'em, then BAMMO you're a higher level sooner, and you can catch the more badass pokes. I've largely failed at this so far. Great way to catch A ZILLION POKEMON; sit near two pokestops, attach a lure to each (or be in a group to share the lure requirement), activate incense. You should see 3+ pokes appear every 5 mins, and nab enough pokeballs from teh stops to keep yourself going. I've basically done this twice so far. Personally, what I really want to do is go for a proper long walk along brighton seafront as there's a lot of water pokes there (obv), as opposed to the bug/flying/forest types round my way. Train stations and bus exchanges seem to be good for electric types, from what I've seen. There are a bunch of churchyards/graveyards near me, which is good for psychic/ghost types. Not figured a good place for rock/ground types yet.
  3. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Been playing since US release, and I've really loved seeing how this has impacted the real world. Everyone has heard about it. People are playing it who can't name 10 pokemon from the first generation. People (me) are going for a walk for no real reason but to play this. After work one day, I went to my local park and there's this spot with three pokestops close to each other, and 50+ people sitting around having a lure party. Went to town to do shopping. Sat and had a drink with some mates and caught 22 voltorbs. My friends are talking about buying a day saver ticket for the buses that go round Brighton as a tactic to rapidly hit up loads of pokestops for pokeballs, then go to spot x or spot y to have another lure party. I've managed to get into a gym once because I'm still only lvl 15, but I then trained a bunch and got my badge for that. Excited to see what they have in store in terms of rolling out other Gen pokemon - especially considering I couldn't name you 3 pokemon beyond gold/silver. As for this game changing the way Nintendo focuses on its consoles/games... well it's clearly a fresh new revenue stream, and I thnk it's incredibly smart for Nintendo to have gone this way considering how console gaming is less and less relevant.
  4. Has C-E + R-E = gone

    But we have pokemon Go now. Where's the thread? I think someone's de-activated a whole bunch of my stuff so I can't even see the nintendo board. (hello again)
  5. Making a Murderer (Netflix)

    EDIT: Oh yeah the fuss isn't about the first episode. Watch more.
  6. Making a Murderer (Netflix)

    Managed to finish it a few days ago...
  7. Steamy Lovers Join A...

    Thanks for the messages - apologies for being a shit forumer for the last year (and beyond) - but I still check this place (nearly) daily and I genuinely appreciate the attention (why lie?). however Moogle overstepped the mark with the mundane shit about symmetry. That was just zzz. Even for me. :P
  8. What's your internet speed like?

    i know the bits/bites thing but I don't automatically know which one is being used when people say "megs" or "gigs" when talking about stuff. you say talking about "small amounts of data" but the industry clearly has taken advantage of the difference and exploited the idiocy of people like me. Luckily all their competitors (have to) do the same, so that means that I can compare what I have against others a bit more easily.
  9. What's your internet speed like?

    Cheers - I'm never quite sure when it's upper or lower case with these things! That site said I get 60MB/s while I was streaming something. Then I stopped teh stream and it said I get 20MB/s. I'm guessing that's to be expected in a house with 4 people.
  10. What's your internet speed like?

    I couldn't tell you what advertised speed our internet is here, but basically; Steam says my best dl speed is 5.3mb/s I typically game on PC with low quality games like AoE2 and get ping of 33/60 with my friends, so it's very playable. I have trouble convincing my friends to chat via teamspeak, so if I need to download a new game or update AND chat via skype... it's just not happening... I live in a house with between 4 and 6 people I also frequently play COD on the PS3 and lag is definitely to blame for at least 30% of my deaths (STFU it's not anecdotal) I don't know what you're used to, or what you intend to do. But I stream iPlayer, netflix and prime via my pc and I don't ever have any buffering issues. My wireless dongle thing likes to just stop working about three times a day. .. I have no idea what my net speed is supposed to be for this household so I don't know how beneficial any of this was to you! But play me at AoE2 anytime on your fancy fibre connection and I'll still beat you with lag.
  11. Job woes/wins

    So almost overnight I have an idea for a consultancy gig... if I am able to pull it together I think I could be in with a shout. I've had a chat with some friends who know what they're talking about and they agree the timing could be potentially massive... so I'm in a position where I could invest a lot of time over the next 3 months and potentially be in for a great little business. I'm so excited and terrified... I don't yet have the self-belief that I could pull this off - but at the same time I have some nuggets of confidence to know that I genuinely could do this, I just have to not let myself down. I need to keep the motivation up. It's so difficult not knowing anyone else with the same level of knowledge that I have who also has market experience - they would be able to tell me how foolhardy I am... Aaaaiii!