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  1. Coding

    I reckon the best python resource is probably https://diveintopython3.net/ - especially if you already know other languages, but even if not (though it might be a bit fast). In general if you're starting out it's very hard to learn without trying to achieve a concrete task - so coding problem based websites can help a lot here (see https://www.codingame.com/start for one that might appeal to this audience), but also having a bigger project like building some kind of application is possibly even more useful.
  2. Disco Elysium

    If you're talking about the game in general, it's very innovative from a gamplay perspective - almost all stats relate to different aspects of your pesonality - e.g. empathy, ability to work things out visually, solidarity with other cops, etc. Everything is dialogue based, with a lot of dnd style skill checks, and no combat. In addition to a traditional inventory you also have a thought cabinet, where you can mull over ideas that have come up in the course of the game and ultimately affect your stats and personality. This latest updated PC and console addition adds a few additional quests and full voice acting (in addition to a lot of bugs, at present), but not much more than that.
  3. Old NE Members

    I got the email about N-E missing me - I'm still here and checking the forums! I just hardly ever post...
  4. General TV Thread

    I had mixed feeelings about this show when I saw season 1. I liked the realisation of the time period, and the tech, and the crazy atmosphere, but I thought though the characters had promise, they ended up a bit two-dimensional, and the show got a bit cyclical, with Joe repeatedly letting down Gordon etc. I ended up giving up very early on in season 2. Do you think it's worth persevering with?
  5. Stranger Things

    Has nobody else seen season 2 yet? The first few episodes are a little bit slow, but after that it's brilliant, with the possible exception of
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Good choice. The dialogue and voice acting in Firewatch is a level above anything I've previously encountered in a game.
  7. Random PC shutdowns

    Fair enough, the issue probably isn't with the Windows installation then.
  8. Random PC shutdowns

    I'd still recommend running sfc /scannow before fixing the installation/replacing the mobo etc.
  9. Random PC shutdowns

    Do you get a BSOD, or does it just turn off by itself? Try entering the command sfc /scannow into an administrator terminal, and waiting for it to complete - this will check the integrity of your Windows installation. And following on from Shorty's comment about viruses, did you run any kind of AV software?
  10. H U M A N S (Channel 4)

    Don't worry, you can watch this to make up for it:
  11. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    It looks like you're behind some kind of Cloudflare architechture, which is unusual for a residential IP.
  12. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Do you have a dynamic IP, and if so, do you get the problem when you're assigned a specific address? Edit: Looks like you do have a dynamic IP - check if it's always the same when you get the error.
  13. Questions

    Yeah, lots of spam accounts are probably just automated, and just trawl the web searching for forums, outfox the captchas or outsource them to people who'll do them for cheap, then scrape the forum and use some kind of algorithm to generate and/or seach for vaguely plausible stuff to post.
  14. I am, albeit separated by several generations... sadly I missed the opportunity to celebrate though, what with not being employed by the water industry and all...

  15. Hey Grunch, are you related to Sir Joseph Bazalgette perchance?


    Apparently today is the 151st anniversary of the opening of the Crossness pumping station. So if you are then cause for celebration I reckon.