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  1. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

    I kind of get the control complaint. It stopped me from doing anything but the first Colossus in the PS3 port. I picked the remake up because of all the work Bluepoint put in and I completed the whole thing in a few days. My only complaint now is how awful the horse is to control at points. Everything else was sublime. Except the last boss when the controls became an issue again and kind of really soured the moment. So, I got over the controls, learned to kind of enjoy them. And then there were points where they just got in the way again and it was incredibly annoying.
  2. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    Loved the season, terrible last episode.
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 2018)

    This looks like trash.
  4. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS) - Gen 2 out now!

    I caught my Mewtwo. The raid was amazing and a lot of fun. It was absolutely pissing with rain and about 25/30 people turned up and huddled in this small stone gazebo structure. Someone from Instinct had been there since 10:30 fighting for control of the gym. At about 12:40 they managed to flip it (although I don't know if they waited until that point to flip it), when I head about the Gym turning Instinct in the WhatsApp group I'm in I headed from work to the gym. It was absolutely pissing with rain. I hate rain. Got there 15 minutes later to a full Instinct gym and carrying 200 Golden Razz Berries and ready to berry away. Met some fun, enthusiastic people. There were enough of us to split into separate teams. As the game ticked over into the hour of the raid, the rain wasn't letting up but the in-game weather changed to Windy. Boosted Mewtwo. There are 8 of us in the Instinct Raid. I'm really hoping it isn't Focus Blast. My team Level 35 Tyranitar (15 Attack) Level 35 Tyranitar (12 Attack) Level 35 Scizor – Double Bug Moves – 100IV Level 30 Houndoom – Bite/Foul Play – 80IV but 14 Attack Level 35 Dragonite – 14/14/14 Level 35 Dragonite – 14/14/14 We did it, with a lot of time to spare, and my final Dragonite was a slither away from fainting. Gym Control + Team Contribution + 2 balls for Damage = 13 Balls. I'd watched videos on his animation. I'd nailed the timing on my first ball, but not quite the distance. It didn't matter, the ball wobbled thrice and I had myself a Weather Boosted Mewtwo with Focus Blast. I think everyone caught it except two people (one who already had a Mewtwo). So, what do I think of the Ex Raid system? I understand it. The scarcity makes it feel like a special event – this definitely felt like more than just a Legendary Raid, but the flip-side is that its exclusivity makes it prohibiting, and unfriendly. I wouldn't be unhappy if they scrapped it. Being on the inside, I had a lot of fun (although it was stressful leading up to the event). But from the outside in, it's not a good system.
  5. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS) - Gen 2 out now!

    I received an EX Raid pass for next Wednesday. I dislike the system immensely, still do. Now I'm just stressed about catching Mewtwo, even with the high catch rate because at the end of the day, RNGesus is king.
  6. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I ended last year by benching a pb of 125kg. Did it again earlier this week, but what was probably better was today I did 120kg and it felt...almost easy.
  7. Dark (Netflix)

    Anyone watched this? If you haven't, do. Change the language to German and put on subtitles. Don't let the idea of subtitles put you off. It's an insanely watchable series.
  8. Disney do it again. They make yet another (live-action) film that's entertaining to watch but falls apart utterly when put under any scrutiny. I did not like The Force Awakens, and during the first few minutes where Poe puts Darth Wesley 'on hold', I though I was going to suffer for the next two hours. That bit was so achingly bad. I was pleasantly surprised by the good, not surprised at the amount of crap, but overall it felt like a smaller more human Star Wars – and while it failed a lot with the human aspect, I respect it for trying. Laura Dern was the standout character. What she did, was maybe my favourite singular Star Wars moment ever visually. It was like someone sucked all the air out of the room. It really should have been Leia who did that. Finn is an awful character. His side story was awful. Captain Phasma...is – and always has been – dire. Ray has no character development and Daisy Ridley is not great...but I'm not sure how much I put down to her, because how her character is written is just not compelling and I like to give actor the benefit of the doubt; give them shit to work with, they'll spit shit out right back in your face. Get rid of Finn and Rose, and...like Poe doesn't even meet Ray until the end and it's the second film. There are just too many disjointed bits. I love Luke. I love mark Hamill. I don't agree with how he was handled but I can accept it. I did not mind Leia's space angel moment. And I can't tell you why, because it was fucking absurd. Adam Driver was great, but I felt wasted a tad. And Snoke... I hope to see more of him but at the same time, plz foreshadow. Just a tad. His death seemed so final. I'm actually excited to see where it goes. For all it's wrongs, it wasn't as asinine as The Force Awakens.
  9. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS) - Gen 2 out now!

    The last month of Pokemon Go has been so much fun. I am LOVING the weather update (and all the other QoL updates like the guaranteed Golden Razz Berries for completing Legendary Raids). So after catching a 100IV Entei what seems like aaaaages ago... I've managed to catch a 100IV Raikou A 2222CP (100IV) Ho-oh ran on me. Boo-urns!! And yesterday I caught a 100IV Groudon. I honestly can't believe it. Super crazy luck. Shame I didn't land the Ho-oh to go 4 for 4 but I'm glad I caught any of them.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I updated the controllers. Basically, the controls are responsive and there are no inputs being lost. It's just that the on-screen pointer starts to drift frequently. Which is honestly infuriating when I'm trying to build a pretty precise bridge. Bottom line, I don't want this crappy pointer functionality anyway. There really should be another option for the game.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I bought Poly Bridge yesterday. Was really looking forward to it. The docked controls are absolutely dire. Really ruin the experience. I hear undocked is better but I've not tried it yet. I hope they patch it soon.
  12. Destiny 2

    I gave CoO a go. Got half way through the second mission before deciding to sprint all the way through it because it was so incredibly boring and I wanted to play Overwatch.
  13. Destiny 2

    I honestly wouldn't even say the core content is good. The strikes aren't great, the PvP is dull, the Raid is...okay. The actual gameplay? The slow recharge times are a strange decision, the lack of class customisation is absolutely awful, the exotics are terrible, the way special and power weapons work are catastrophically bad. It goes beyond lacking replayability, it's actually just a bad game. With about the same amount of story as Destiny 1, and all the lore gutted from it. The art direction and sound/music are excellent though.
  14. Destiny 2

    I don't think I can be bothered to switch my PS4 on for this.
  15. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Ignoring the fact Antiope was meant to be in this film, it's not hard to imply her relation and importance to Diana without explaining who she was. Especially when the reason for bringing up loss is due to the loss of Cyborg's mother. Steve Trevor is such a tenuous link to loss it just makes Diana sound like 'Yeah, me too. I lost a person too. Deal with it (...if you can...but I'm a hypocrite because I can't, as w0t Batman said)' instead of relaying a modicum of empathy, 'I understand what it is like to lose a mother.' Especially as she is an Amazon, and from an island full of women. That her thoughts go straight to Steve is...weak sauce. Also, in terms of the movie-verse, if you know about Steve Trevor, you'd know about Antiope...who again, was meant to feature at the start of the film battling Steppenwolf. And the comics are absolutely awesome at the moment. Especially since Rebirth. Rebirth, Doomsday Clock, Mister Miracle, Dark Knights Metal, White Knight; the quality of comics of the moment and the number of good titles is insane. We've not had it this good in decades (and even before Rebirth, Wonder Woman's run is maybe her best, Batman has been stellar for more than 5 years, and Darkseid War is absolutely brilliant). They put all these movies to shame. Everyone loves Ragnarok, Aaron's Thor run makes it look absolutely pedestrian and it's not a hard or complicated read by any means.