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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

    I should be alright for Performance but I doubt I’d get the game until it got a massive discount as I’ve already played it on PS4.
  2. Questions

    Is the COVID thread ever going to be unlocked? Just went to post something in it and I see it’s still locked “temporarily”.
  3. General Retro Discussion

    Can anyone think of any underrated PS2 rpgs that are worth trying?
  4. Marvel's Phase 4

    3 episodes in and I’m really enjoying Hawkeye so far. Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are just perfect together. Renner’s acting while on the phone with his son in ep 3 was brilliant as well.
  5. The Android Thread

    Got myself a new controller so I can take advantage of that extra screen size for gaming.
  6. That’s cool. Definitely a game that deserves to have more people able to play it.
  7. The Android Thread

    I watch some livestreams etc in the US and it's helpful to know what time it is over there.
  8. The Android Thread

    Ah she’s a beaut. Spent most of today messing around with the settings and customising stuff. Still got more to do and then I can start using it properly!
  9. The Android Thread

    Anyone played any good new android games lately? With the Z Fold 3 arriving today it'd be nice to get some new games to test on it.
  10. What Have You Bought?

    Finally ordered the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 as it got a nice discount today for Black Friday on the Samsung store. Can’t wait to start using it. This will also be replacing my kindle most likely.
  11. Job woes/wins

    Stole a pen from the school office and it just exploded all over my hands. Feels like karma.
  12. Return of Gamesmaster

    Nice. I'll have to watch that when I get home.
  13. Monitors

    Out of those 3 I would lean towards the LG. The higher refresh rate is the feature I look for in a monitor these days and 144hz tends to be a nice spot.