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  1. Job woes/wins

    So more info has come up on this job I may go for. Only 16 hours a week so quite a bit less pay than I'm currently getting but on a much higher rate overall and would be going up to full-time in 12 months so I'm thinking it's worth going for (even just for my mental health at this point) and basically not spending any extra money for a year (after my Steam Deck of course).
  2. Job woes/wins

    Robin currently, then probably IT Batman for a few weeks then hopefully gone myself where I become remote worker Superman who just works in the red undies.
  3. Job woes/wins

    Interesting in IT at my place at the moment. With all the changes that have gone on in the last few years me and the other IT guy have basically been in a race to see who can leave first. As of today it looks like he's won but I do know of a job coming up that I have an in with that would be perfect for me so hopefully I won't be far behind. We're just starting a big switchover from Google to 365 as well so it'll be interesting to see how that goes if we both leave in the middle of it.
  4. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

  5. Honestly I don't really know enough about how servers work for online gaming to be able to comment beyond my idle speculation.
  6. I do think though that the poor quality of Sony's online servers compared to Microsoft's showed unfortunately that an online fee was needed to get the better servers up and running.
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    ...I'd probably go for that
  8. Marvel's Phase 4

    It's only in the last 3 or 4 years I think she's switched to a more savage hulk yeah. Here's a shot with both versions.
  9. Marvel's Phase 4

    Not to the same scale as the Hulk though, she just becomes a buff woman. It's a bit bigger than a buff woman but still smaller than the Hulk. In the comics she gets it from a blood transfusion from Bruce so I expect it's just explained as a lower level exposure.
  10. Marvel's Phase 4

    Looks fun, I'll be giving it a watch.
  11. Doctor Who

  12. Football Season 2021/22

    Would have been a lot better if bloody West Ham hadn't given up a 2 goal lead 😭
  13. Football Season 2021/22

    Mane was another one I knew would miss, you could see it on his face.
  14. Football Season 2021/22

    Very close game, great from both teams.