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  1. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I’m just waiting for some Amazon vouchers to clear then I should be able to buy a load more trades. I’m debating at the moment whether or not to go for a load of the X-Men Milestones line which basically collect all the big X-Men crossover events over the years or just getting a random mixture of Marvel and DC stuff.
  2. Resident Evil Village

    It might be worth editing your quote as well. Even if he does spoiler tag the original post, your quote won’t be.
  3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (14th May 2021)

    It’s a good looking remaster but there seems to be issues with the sound that weren’t present in the original version. Voices can be a bit quiet in conversations but if you turn the sound up then the volume for the gun shots is way too high. Gets a bit annoying.
  4. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (14th May 2021)

    You'll never believe it guys, I just became the first human Spectre!
  5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (14th May 2021)

    It's just so beautiful 2 discs.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I really like that red one
  7. I tend to prefer a more linear game but I'm fine with open world as well. I enjoyed most of my time with BotW but my big issue was they built this amazing world with different ways of interacting etc then filled it with very little. Any ruins or towns felt limited or sometimes disconnected from the calamity world we were supposed to be in and when you did meet people it was always very surface level conversations or routes they would be taking. It's an unfair comparison but one I made anyway, I kept thinking about Witcher 3 while I was playing it and how that felt like a real, bustling world with lives going on and BotW felt like an empty sandbox.
  8. Would be nice to get a multiplatform collection of some of the games. I’ve only ever played some of VIII and XI so it’d be nice to try others.
  9. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (14th May 2021)

    Looks like my copy has shipped. Hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow so I can get started as soon as possible.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yep, seems to be free in the UK as well
  11. General Retro Discussion

    If I remember right I think I only ever played Rival Schools on a demo disc as well.
  12. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Got a pay rise today so decided I could afford a few more. Man of Steel vol.3 is a preorder but for 1st June so close enough! I already own the first two trades of Man of Steel in paperback but they've been out of print for years now and these are the hard cover versions that hold more. Final Night was an event comic that I had been trying to get hold of for years and it must have had a reprint during my time off collecting so I snapped that right up.
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    It’s a global components issue which is why it’s PS5 and Xbox (along with stuff like graphics cards). Of course they’ll want to get more on shelves in time for big releases but unfortunately there isn’t much they can do.
  14. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Don't judge me!!! It's what I said earlier about the fact they go out of print so quickly. It has me paranoid that if I wait then I'll miss out on it. The good thing is though that this is the last one I can get until October and November unless somewhere manages to get new stock.