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  1. Football Season 2019-20

    The VAR call was bullshit. Not necessarily saying it was or wasn't a foul but for them to say the goal was disallowed because Van Dijk wasn't going for the ball is ridiculous.
  2. The single showing worked out better timing-wise for me but I’m definitely regretting not going to the double just so I could see it earlier after seeing all the positive comments coming out.
  3. Games Done Quick

    GDQ Youtube channel had a shit load of uploads overnight if anyones interested in checking for specific runs.
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Not too long of a delay so that's not bad. I wasn't planning on getting either of the other games you listed so that's me set for April anyway.
  5. Ring Fit Adventure

    Yeah go for it. I dropped off last week while I was ill but I'm planning on getting back to a regular routine now. My code is 0880-9543-6801
  6. Ended up going for just the single showing so I've booked for 30th Jan.
  7. The Wrasslin' thread

    Watching Jushin Thunder Liger's retirement event at New Year's Dash at the moment (sneaky second screen at work). Tis sad EDIT: This was a bad idea to watch at work, I'm welling up here!
  8. Yeah I was tempted to head to Birmingham to see the double feature. Haven't decided yet which I'll do.
  9. Thinking about trying to go to one of the Weathering With You cinema showings this month.
  10. The Wrasslin' thread

    Wrestle Kingdom 14 was pretty great. Maybe was hurt a bit by splitting it over two nights but it had some amazing matches. I'm just waiting for them to announce their next UK date now, hopefully could come out tomorrow during New Years Dash.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Yeah that's what has kept me coming back. I probably would use it for the snes or mega drive but being able to play discs would be really helpful.
  12. General Retro Discussion

    Oh nice, at least that means we can rely on you for a review (if it comes put!)
  13. The Wrasslin' thread

    Sigh, I get too hyped for stuff sometimes. Looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom has been thinking about buying a replica IWGP belt...
  14. General Retro Discussion

    Anyone remember the name of that multi console that was talked about last year? All I remember is that it was supposed to play discs finally. Ki d of tempting for Saturn etc. Found it, the PolyMega https://www.polymega.com/