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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

    That’s the new gpu installed. Witcher 3 with everything set to ultra is gorgeous 😆
  2. It could also be new technology where you can actually feel the colours through your thumbs.
  3. I quite like the design, nice to mix things up once in a while.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    I’ve never managed to get on with mechanical keyboards, they just never feel right to me and I much prefer chiclet style. Saying that though my current keyboard is terrible (you have to hold down Fn to use the F buttons instead of the other way around) so a new keyboard is next on the list. I think I’ll pick up Civ VI today once the new gpu arrives. Gotta say though, I’m really impressed with how well my 980 has handled the new screen and resolution. It’s still playing games like Forza Horizon 4 on high.
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    That was intentionally left in to assert dominance.
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    Monitor arrived and is all setup. Love it already! New graphics card will arrive tomorrow.
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Just finished the first chapter and I'm loving it so far. My only real complaint being that I wish the sword animation was quicker after you hit boxes.
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    Managed to order my monitor and graphics card. Dropped down one to the 2060 Super Mini as it was £100 cheaper and should run everything fine given I’m gaming at 1440p and not 4K. Looking forward to testing it all out this week. Will be nice as well to go back to buying new games on pc.
  9. PC Gaming Discussion

    Think I might take some time and upgrade my pc a bit. Looking to grab myself a nice 34” ultrawide monitor and probably the below graphics card. Gotta go for a mini one as I’ve got an ITX case that doesn’t have a whole lot of room. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/zotac-geforce-rtx-2070-super-mini-8192mb-gddr6-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-11x-zt.html
  10. Football Season 2019-20

    Just watching Liverpool v Newcastle (1996) on Sky Sports at the moment. If I remember right I was camping in a friend's back garden when this first aired and I was trying to watch it on my GameGear TV.
  11. Last of Us Part II

    If they don’t feel they can do it then fair enough. Edit: Naughty Dog comment
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I've been charged today so I expect mine to probably go out tomorrow from what TGC have said on twitter. I don't plan on starting it until I'm done with P5R anyway though so I'm in no rush.
  13. Persona 5

    First palace all done. Noticed a few more things but nothing major yet. Palace was definitely a lot easier though as I managed to get through to the treasure in one session. Im definitely enjoying the game this time around but it was the second palace that started to drag during P5 so I’ll see how it goes when I get there.
  14. Job woes/wins

    Well there we go then, the furlough hammer has come crashing down on me. Understandable of course (although I do think they’ll finally realise how much I do in the weeks heading up to the school reopening) but it’s a bit of a shame that I will only be on the 80% from the government and the school don’t seem to be topping up the remaining 20% like some places.
  15. Persona 5

    Just started playing Royal this morning. Noticing some changes straight away. Need to decide on a name for my character now though and I’m drawing a blank...