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  1. General Movie Thread

    Is it out in the UK?!
  2. General Movie Thread

    Watched Ghostbusters Afterlife and it was phenomenal. I absolutely loved it. I already went in with high expectations and they exceeded them. I loved the story, the characters, the locations...everything! The last 20 minutes was worth the ticket price alone. I'm actually planning on watching it again but this is definitely the 2nd best Ghostbusters film (nothing can beat 1984)!
  3. General Movie Thread

    I'm seeing it tonight! It'll be my second time going to the cinemas this year because I've been a bit shaky but my friend is going with me, which is good. I have been dying to see this movie for years and I've heard absolutely nothing but good things from everyone (apart from RT critics but then they highly rated Ghostbusters 2016 so they know absolutely nothing, lmao).
  4. good stuff thread.

    So my good news is that I passed my Gym Instructor test. I am now officially qualified to teach fitness classes, instruct people on how to do exercises and help out in a gym. I am absolutely chuffed! I'm halfway there and living on a prayer! haha!
  5. General Movie Thread

    When I tell you I'm so fucking excited that I feel like bursting in tears...I'm not exaggerating!
  6. The Disney Thread

  7. General Movie Thread

    I said exactly the same thing to everyone. The use of White Rabbit was awesome though! I'm going to see Malignant today in the cinemas. It's the first time this year I'd be going. I've bailed out of the cinemas for months and I've been dying to go but I'm definitely going today!
  8. bad stuff thread.

    I love that 😂 😂 😂 but whatever happened to toys in cereals or spoons or something. Cereals are so boring now! I'm having store-brand cereal for a little bit. It took me about an hour to talk myself into it, telling myself that would never happen again 😂
  9. bad stuff thread.

    I had the fright of my life this morning to the point my anxiety levels just reached a stupid height. This morning, opened a new box of Cheerios, my absolute favourite thing, to find an ACTUAL LIVE SPIDER in the box! It was proper thick as well! For the record, I'm bloody scared of spiders! I don't give a fuck but it was horrible!
  10. General Movie Thread

    You didn't enjoy Ghostbusters II? I've seen this about 10 times already! I have been waiting over 25 years for this, when 6 year old me practically watched the two films all of the time, and my body is entirely ready for this one right now. Now THIS feels like a Ghostbusters movie! I honestly cried a little bit because Ghostbusters means a lot to me, which was why I got so annoyed with 2016. It just didn't feel like a Ghostbusters film but more of a slapstick mess with no rhyme or reason behind anything. I watched Ghostbusters 1984 in the cinemas before everything went to shit for it's 35th anniversary as it was something I always wanted to experience and it was glorious. I'd have loved a double-feature but I was glad to see my favourite film on the big screen and I'm just as excited to see this.
  11. I know you aren't attacking or hating and I respect that it's a genuine question so there's no worries on my part. If I'm honest, I just think it's way too new to know what the future implications may be. I have considered everything I've read and whilst I understand that it might be safe, if I'm not all in 100%, by good faith I can't do it because it will drive me crazy. As I have previously said, it took me ages to get the flu jab. It naturally just does. I can't help my thought processes, as much as I wish I could. If I had my own good time to process things and actually ease into it, I'd be fine. Yes, I know it's been quite a while but things take a while to get my head around. I've never said never and as I have said a thousand times, I'm not pro or anti. I'm simply against giving a time limit to get something that I, myself, am unsure of as I would have to live with the decision. As of right now, I am fine and happy. I keep distances, I clean and sanitise as I have always done. This is like second nature to me now and even with having the jabs, this wouldn't change for me or make me feel safer in any way. My own good time would probably be the only way for me to be comfortable. Giving me until September makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  12. Photography.

    This is so cute! That quality is stunning!
  13. I thought it was quite interesting, personally. Like all viewpoints, I like to hear all sides and their thoughts. Obviously @Nicktendo ultimately feels strongly about this as do you. Admittedly, it is nice to hear another side as opposed to "get the jab, got the jab, get the jab", which is okay because that's your choice just as it is theirs to not get it for their reasons. However, not having it yet is mine and maybe it was in my head but from the vibes I got from here, if I had said my thoughts, I would be a little hesitant in getting my point in because I'd be ambushed for not having them or something. I did feel a little alone in not having it yet, honestly, but it doesn't sit right with me that a government, who has got everything so wrong for the past near enough two years, is absolutely pushing this to the point it truly is blackmail. And honestly, I'd even be saying this if I had them too because nobody should feel any pressure into getting anything they're unsure of. As I said, get it or don't, it should always entirely be your decision with no other influence. This could potentially be a life-changing for better or worse. For that reason, it must fall into your hands as it is your health and your body and it is entirely you who would have to live the consequences whatever they may be.
  14. I do understand this and I understand that there are risks that come with vaccines even though they can effectively help combat whatever it is. I just find it very overwhelming. It's like there's so much noise with no actual clear cut voice. I think I'd feel much safer if there were further tests being done although I do completely understand why the vaccine was released and why people would take it. That would actually have been cool but I've never had one person think of getting their phones out. As for the hearing question, I did enquire about it before when I was younger and Specsavers said they were giving out hearing tests and they told me I needed to go to my doctors. At the time, years ago, I got an appointment to get them checked out and they basically cleaned my ears out. It made a bit of difference but not much at all. I know I should've followed it and called up but I have a fear thing with messing near my head. It took me a good few months to get my plantar fasciitis on my foot seen to so I guess you can say I'm a bit of a nightmare when it comes to that sort of stuff, haha. Besides, it's only really in the one ear and until now, I was coping okay because I could lip-read and nobody even knew, really. Although interestingly, I understand women more than men and a customer in my store who is deaf thinks it's a frequency thing. But since the masks, it's been worse. It's like I have that issue but if there's background noise as well as the mask muffling their voices, I tend to really struggle. I ask them to repeat themselves twice and still don't understand so then I just read their facial expressions and then try to behave accordingly. Sounds bad, I know, but's only really with those who refuse to move their masks though. I believe what you've said is a little different though. Like if it's an individual company who had decided to operate in this way, that is on their head. To make it a law to have them is entirely different, in my eyes. I just don't think that doing this is the way forward towards a better future. If anything, I think it would be detrimental and would cause a further divide in a society that is already so divided. I also understand this because I was one of them who was easily judged. I just make my own judgment calls. If I feel like they are hygienic, I'll be a bit more at ease. If I see they don't care about their standards, I'll back the hell away. That sounds judgmental in itself, I realise that, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  15. Yeah, I did read about that too. But I think my problem is the fear of the unknown. There's no possible way to know about future effects and that, for me, is something that genuinely concerns me a lot. Obviously the illness itself does too as does the side effects but what about the future and the impact it would have, the boosters for the new variants that would surely happen, etc.