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  1. General TV Thread

    Yeah, it was crazy because there were about four faces that I recognised from the old series back when I was a kid that returned and I was like "okay, so effort went in to doing this", which I appreciated because it did pay off. Most of the people my age watched it as well. I'm thinking the pessimistic side of you is correct, honestly. It was just the absolute weirdest thing. There was no indication of how much time went past but it was literally like Tracy went on a date, snout ten minutes later she moves in with this dude and then ten minutes later, she gets engaged. The pace continued to be that throughout. Whether it was cut short due to the pandemic or something, I don't know, but I felt the series could've been longer and a bit more fleshed out.
  2. General Movie Thread

    I've watched Wrong Turn (2021) expecting deformed cannibals to roam the woods and try to hunt the dumb-ass teens down but actually got something completely different. Surprisingly, I thought it was really good. I thought it was the best one. It really could've done without calling it Wrong Turn but you know, anything to make money, I guess. I've been watching all of the Karate Kid movies again and falling in love with them again. I got them on blu-ray recently and they look beautiful. I still don't understand why they rated the Karate Kid 15 and the others PG though. Still, great films to watch. I have The Next Karate Kid left to watch and then it's on to binge-watching Cobra Kai again for the fourth time (I love it so much!)
  3. General TV Thread

    Age is but a number. I was hyped two weeks ago because of My Mum Tracy Beaker. I grew up reading the books and watching the show so it was a proper nostalgia hit. The show had some decent parts in it but the timing and the pace was so fast. I also just finished watching every episode of Sons of Anarchy and to me, about 95% of their problems could've been avoided if it wasn't for Gemma. Seasons 1-4 were great but after Season 5, it steadily declined to the point that Seasons 6 and 7 was such a chore to watch. It felt really slow and it was a shame because the first four seasons, I watched them in more or less one day but the last 3 took me over two weeks. Great acting though and some of the songs were really good too! I thought I'd try and watch something I'd never usually watch as well. One of my friends ALWAYS bangs on about RuPaul's Drag Race UK so we both watched it together over WhatsApp. The one I watched was where they ripped off Blankety Blank and dressed as celebrities. The Katie Price one was really funny but other than that, I didn't find the others funny at all, personally. I didn't get the one-liner puns when they were on the runway either. I mean, I got it but I didn't find it as hilarious as they did. I also don't understand the lip-syncing either- is it to do with who remembers the most words from the song or who looks convincing singing it? Maybe I should've watched it from the first episode but I might be missing something? The two Scottish guys and the vegan were the only guys I liked. I thought the rest were really bitchy. Also, Gemma thanks, lmao. Right now, I'm binging on Karate Kid/Cobra Kai. I'm going to watch the films and then the show. I've seen them before but I just got the Karate Kid Collection on bluray and I am hyped for it! Although the first Karate Kid is rated 15 and I really don't understand why.
  4. I hate them bloody snowmen!! 😂
  5. General Movie Thread

    Saw the trailer to it so many times! I am so, so excited for it! --- I watched Wrong Turn (2021) last night and it was surprisingly very good. It was written by the same dude who wrote the 2003 one with the cannibals. I just thought it seemed a little cheap to use the name of a franchise to generate interest because honestly, this isn't really anything like the other Wrong Turns (except for the fact they just went to look at something different to what they planned to in the that even classed as a Wrong Turn? 😂). Anyway, film was really good but I think the original title, The Foundation, would've made a fuck-ton more sense.
  6. General Movie Thread

    Sonic 2 was my favourite game. I can't wait to see Tails and Knuckles! I can't! I loved the first one as well! I still need it on BLU-RAY, actually!
  7. Social Media

    This is strange that this has come up as it's something I've thought about too. In 2016, when I started my fitness blog, I absolutely loved Instagram. It was full of other people going through exactly the same thing I was with their journeys. It used to be such an awesome community with people sharing their tips and hints and their workouts. More importantly, to me, it was for people of ALL shapes and sizes and I was living my best fitness life! Compare that to now, however, and it's an absolute joke. It's no longer full of people building each other up. I realise how the next part will sound but please, I mean no offence. Whenever I visit Instagram, all I see is dudes with six-packs or women with curvy waists and they're like "do this and you'll be like me" and they eat and drink fruit smoothies and stuff. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that if that's how you want to live life but the people who I knew, the people who ate normally and did calorie-counting eating and exercising, who worked out with no six-pack or curvy waists on show for thirst traps...they're gone. Also, it's full of toxic negative people on both ends of the spectrum. The HAES (Health At Every Size) movement is becoming a joke now too, excluding people because they're "not fat enough to appreciate the struggles" or because they hate the word 'fat' but use it themselves is laughable. Don't even get me started on the slimming clubbers!...yeesh, never have a (respectable but) different opinion or experience to them. I want out but the only thing that has kept me there is the fact that there are still people within my followers who actually message me on it and ask for my help and I'm more than happy to give it to them. That and also the fact I don't know how to save all of my posts. After all, it was my diary for five years and I would love to blog but I can never find a decent blog service for me to do that. As for Twitter, I totally agree with @Josh64. It used to be full of gaming love and appreciation but it's started to get quite heavily political. I deactivated my personal Twitter account. I've taken a break from social media because I was sick of seeing stuff about Covid-19 and it took a big toll on my mental health. I've got an app on Instagram for the laptop, which I'm using to make posts on my fitness one but I'd love to up and leave. Would anybody even know how to save my posts on a file or something?
  8. General TV Thread

    I watched all of the Mandalorian and that ending was absolutely amazing. I totally was not expecting that at all!! I also watched all of Dead Pixels S2 and that was good. I found it to be funnier than the first season and pretty much watched them back to back. At the moment, since I'm probably locked down til March (ugh), I thought I'd finally tackle every single episode of Sons of Anarchy. I'm on E9 of S1 and I'm loving it so far. It's like The Sopranos on motorbikes.
  9. General TV Thread

    I've been watching The Mandalorian. Possibly an unpopular opinion but the first four episodes were incredibly slow! So slow that I had to watch an episode twice because I drifted off. However, I LOVED the last four episodes (from the Prison episode onwards) and I'm now on S2.
  10. After planting more flowers than a florist and designing a couple of scenes, after having a couple of residents move in and finally paying off my bridge, I got 3* AND KK Slider is playing on my island! Can't wait to get my pavements! [emoji23]
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    I don't understand what I have to do because when I see the intruders, I'm hammering the B button to trap them and it rarely happens. Are we meant to know where the traps are? [emoji23]
  12. Okay so I've done a lot of stuff and managed to get a 2* rating. I rearranged/planted more flowers, gave all the islanders gifts (basically a flower since they all seem to like that and give me stuff in return...the reason I do that now is because I gave Poncho a wrestling mask and he didn't like it to which he was like "thanks anyway"...I wished I sold it now, the ungrateful git! [emoji23]). I've made a load of scenes from films using people's custom designs and put their costumes as mannequins and surrounded them with props or floor fittings where possible. I've also created an island where my campsite is and I'm putting a few horror themed stuff on there.
  13. Switch eShop Thread

    I bought myself a 125gb SD card because I want so many games and some I just randomly have a sudden urge to play (like Tetris 99 and Animal Crossing). I also got a couple of cheap games just for curiosity. One is called Night Trap: 25th Anniversary. I've seen footage of this and I love cheesy horrors and heard a lot about it at work so took the plunge. Honestly, I don't really have a clue what I'm doing. I'll probably read up a little more on it. I also got SwordBreaker, which is a game done in the style of those "choose your own adventure" books, which I absolutely loved when I was a kid. I'm enjoying that BUT I can't get past some of the spelling and grammar errors. It's fun but that aspect spoils it a little. I can forgive a couple but there's quite a few errors.
  14. Honestly, the biggest shock would be if yours WASN'T 5* [emoji23]. When she told me my island was 1*, I was like "nobody's forcing you to stay...I like my shithole", lmao. I've just been recreating movie and TV scenes with my island. I've done Aladdin, BatB (which surrounds my house), Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Little Mermaid, Avengers and Sleeping Beauty. I want to go for some horror ones eventually but just did the others for now for fun. I've also planted so many flowers that I'm sure Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock would orgasm on the spot. I've got another villager called Kidd and I'm going to a random island tonight for the first time ever, I think, so I hope to find some stuff there too.
  15. Bought this at midnight for the Switch. I can't believe it's been 10 years! I forgot how unforgiving it can be sometimes too! I played as Knives as I didn't have the DLC before. She's alright.