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  1. General Movie Thread

    I can understand why people choose GB2 (the courtroom scene for me will be the greatest and the outbreak scene too) but for me, 1984 has me in a chokehold with its quotes, charm and humour. The second one does have its moments, don't get me wrong, but I feel like 1984 has this perfect blend of comedy which both kids and adults can enjoy, supernatural horror and wit. For me though, GB2's ending kind of ruins it. It just didn't feel much like a fight. I don't know. It was a bit underwhelming in that respect but I do love the movie anyway because it's Ghostbusters and it's nice seeing the gang together. But if I had to choose between the two, 1984 all the way. Actually, for me, having rewatched all of them, if I had to rank them... 1984 > Afterlife > Frozen Empire > GB2 > 2016
  2. Keeping Track of Pokemon

    So if I was purely going for a complete Pokedex, Diamond and Pearl on the Switch is the way to go...
  3. Keeping Track of Pokemon

    Genuinely that has made the most sense than when I read it elsewhere. Could I not get a code of Pokémon Red or Blue and download it that way or...by other means... Then again, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee technically Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow remade Pokémon Go style?
  4. Keeping Track of Pokemon

    That's very interesting to know. So whatever I catch on any of the games, I can use them in other games, right? I read that something is going to happen to Pokémon Home. Is it going to something? For me though, it's more of a completion thing. Like I want to play through the games but catch the Pokémon within that game as well as complete the story.
  5. Keeping Track of Pokemon

    I really think there should be a Pokédex app where every Pokémon in every game is on it for you to tick off! That would be awesome!
  6. I've decided I'm truly going to try and catch 'em all and play through all of them. Is there an app or something of some kind where I can track them? I'm playing from Red onwards.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    It's better to say something than suffer in silence though, dude. I feel you, mate. If you did want a bit of a chat or something, I'm here. I have Discord now as well and know a bit better on how to work it than I did before, haha.
  8. The Disney Thread

    And then someone sings "I am Moana, tu?"
  9. The Traitors

    I have two episodes left...I think...
  10. General Movie Thread

    I nearly always go by myself and I love it. It's literally a bit of me-time. If I go with someone, they have to be like-minded and there's only two people who are the same as me. I hate being interrupted during a movie with stupid shit. Reactions are cool but I hate running commentaries where someone tells you what just happened 3 seconds after you've just seen it on screen.
  11. The Traitors

    I didn't mind the US one. At least there was a bit of personality there. The first Australian one was great. The traitors in that season were awesome. Our one feels rather vanilla compared. They're starting to liven up a little though but honestly, it's blatantly obvious who the traitors would be apart from Harry and the vet. Paul is non-stop smirking and smarmy. Not a big fan.
  12. The Traitors

    So I'm late to the party and I haven't read a thing as I've only started watching it. The US one has kind of taken over for me and the new Australian one is a bit meh. I'm hoping our one gets better because they're bland and too friendly at the moment and it's very petty. Like "I think you're a traitor because you breathe oxygen and that's a red flag"...come on! Although it needs to be said that the editing in the show is a bit weird. Like I'm on episode 3 and someone is getting voted off and before they reveal who they are, they end the episode on the cliffhanger...why? We know their alliances, we know they're getting booted off...what's the cliffhanger for?
  13. General Movie Thread

    I have seen the worst movie of 2023 in my opinion: Sumotherhood. It just wasn't funny and it felt rather dated. Every character was annoying and loud for the sake of cheap laughs that didn't hit most of the time. A couple of scenes were pretty funny but then became too long and instantly became bland. I think this might've been funny in the early or later 2000s but in 2023, I don't think it works...
  14. So the one I have is "ramen noodles". I put it in boiling water and then microwave for 5 minutes, basically. It's like Pot Noodle but honestly has a different texture and tastes better. I just wasn't sure if it was wise to have it for lunch every day. I've just been fed up with soups and salads and wanted something different. I did have some frozen meals but thought I'd try something different. I picked them up and they've kept me full. I'll have a look at maybe looking into making salads more interesting. It's getting colder though so preferably something warm would be better.
  15. So I'm trying to find cheaper lunches with less calories. I've tried instant noodles for the past few days and I love it (none of their seasoning, just a splash of soy sauce). My question is would this be terrible for you health-wise? Right now, it's the one thing that's keeping me full that doesn't make me snack so I'd like to have it but I'm unsure...