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  1. Spiral

    I adore them. They're one of my favourite horror series. The first three are awesome and although the later Saw movies go against the principals and rules of the earlier ones, I still love them too. When I saw the trailer to this last year, I was so excited! Cinemas should be open to plan next week in the UK and I'm so eager to watch it!
  2. The Circle TV show

    Honestly, the Australian one is awesome. So with Australia, there's two tasks every day as well as an eviction in every episode. The two tasks are rewards for the House and the other gives power to the winner of the task to nominate three people up for eviction. On the night, the host brings the housemates together where they openly discuss about their thoughts and honestly, sometimes they are brutally honest to the point it makes for awesome viewing but there are people in there who will openly say they're playing a game. It's tactical and it's brilliant. Best of all, the viewers don't get involved until the final night where they vote for their winner.
  3. The Circle TV show

    And let's not forget Bake Off too! Seriously, The Circle was fresh and a great idea. I really enjoyed it! I say bring Big Brother back and make it like Australia! It would be bloody brilliant!
  4. The Circle TV show

    They were on YouTube but they got removed! As soon as I have found a way, I'll tell you. Its been so good!! Also, guys...did you hear that The Circle has now been cancelled?! WTF! 😔
  5. The Circle TV show

    Interestingly, I'd do the same thing but with a male. My friend is a good-looking bloke and could easily pull if he wanted to but he's a disastrous flirt...but I'm not. He's geeky and clever and has been hit on quite a few times but can't flirt to save his life. However, I have a bit of a flirty personality and I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to films and games too so I'd probably flirt my way through it, have a bit of a laugh and that. If I went in as a woman, I'd definitely be fine with any "female chats" because most of my mates have been female and I used to work for a health store (and now training to be a PT) where we had to study and talk about the menstrual cycle. However, if I was to go in, I'd probably be myself. ==== I still need to watch the US version of the show! I started watching Big Brother Australia (which is 10x better than ours if you're a fan of Big Brother, by the way). Is US Circle any good? I bet you all miss the "TOOONAAAAAAAAIIT!" haha.
  6. The Circle TV show

    Oh my God! This is so awesome!! Drop subtle hints and mention us somehow, haha.
  7. General TV Thread

    It's truly amazing! It's one of my favourite shows ever! Watched it twice over lockdown. So much love and detail went into the series and it gets better!
  8. Ring Fit Adventure

    I had the full intention of playing this yesterday instead of going to the gym but my arms are absolutely aching so I skipped it! I'm absolutely gutted but I'm hopefully going to play it over the weekend! I really miss the game! It's great to see someone else still playing it. The game definitely deserves more recognition!
  9. PAC-MAN 99

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain how the power-ups work in layman terms. I can't understand what they do! "Stronger" seems to only make the ghosts vulnerable for the shortest amount of time but that's about all I've honestly noticed. It's fun to play but I can't help but feel like they could've made a tutorial for the power-ups or something.
  10. The Circle TV show

    They are the same flats all the time, apparently. I adored the reaction of Snakerika and Felix. She is so fucked off but hiding it and I was here for every second, haha.
  11. The Circle TV show

    Exactly. I feel the same! Maybe there could be another episode or something?
  12. The Circle TV show

    IT'S HAPPENING! MANRIKA IS ABOUT TO MEET FELIX SOON! I'm more excited for that than the final, not gonna lie! 😂 Andy or Syed to win, hopefully!
  13. good stuff thread.

    YAY! YOU DID IT! I'm so happy for you both and you look gorgeous, as always!
  14. The Circle TV show

    I really hope so! They've been great from the start and Andy's or Syed's speech was brilliant. Honestly, most of them were but I liked theirs and Manrika's. Who do you think Andy's gone to see? I think it'll be Alice...but at this point of the game, considering nobody will know until the very end, Manrika might be the way to go but I think his conscience would kick in.
  15. PAC-MAN 99

    I am stupidly addicted to this!! I'm not exaggerating! I was already addicted to Pac-man but this has really taken it to new levels. The only thing is that I wish it was easy to understand the power-ups and stuff but I guess that will come with time. Has anybody become the Pac-One yet?