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  1. Had to cancel my break this week due to the local lockdown restrictions, luckily i didn't lose any money. But know a few who have lost a couple hundred pounds from cancelled holidays (UK and abroad). Cardiff is surrounded by local lockdown counties, even though itself isn't in one. Did see my family over the weekend before they announced the lockdown, so that's something.
  2. Went to Bristol a few weeks ago, only off-peak and it was pretty quiet. Haven't had to use it during peak time as of yet, but i'm not planning to anytime soon. They're ok, everyone was distancing from each other and 3/4 were wearing masks/coverings. Edit: More areas in Wales, including Bridgend and Newport are going into local lockdown as of 6pm tomorrow.
  3. Would DriveClub be another not working on PS5?
  4. In a way, you're getting the PS5 version of Spider-Man for about £18 (based on Miles Morales being £51.99). People are wondering if Insomniac will offer the PS5 upgrade to existing Spider-Man owners, i guess time will tell as we get nearer to the games release. At the moment, the only way to get the PS5 version is via the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales
  5. Pretty much done myself, got Spider-Man: Miles Morales ordered which will do nicely. And ordered Sackboy for the Mrs to play.
  6. Took a walk to GAME in town, put a deposit down to secure the 2nd to last disk PS5 they had allocated to them. The digital version sold out in-store by 9am, and they had some more allocations come in at 11. Even though i have a pre-order down on Shopto, before the site went down they had something mentioning you'll be emailed if there's stock for launch.
  7. I'm monitoring things around Newport. Meant to be going down to Cornwall next weekend, but cases continue to rise in Newport. The Welsh gov have pinpointed that the most likely source of the number of positive cases rising came from a house party over the August bank holiday. This party had individuals who came back from Ibiza and didn't isolate, most likely Covid carriers which have in turn spread it to others. These people then (unknowingly) have gone to various pubs/clubs in the area and spread it further. Have seen these pubs put on facebook that they're closed for deep cleaning, staff are isolating until they've had a negative test / 2 weeks is up. More and more schools are having positive Covid tests (think i've heard 7 schools). Luckily everything i've booked up is free cancellation, so if we go into a local lockdown like Caerphilly and other cities, i won't lose any money.
  8. Questions

    Getting the Captcha myself on my works laptop as well as my own and mobile browser. Had it twice, once from refreshing the page.
  9. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    For my first Go Fest, the weekend was decent. Didn't get many shinies, well not event ones. Got a shiny Chansey, Growlith, Bunnery and Grimer. And the Rocket stuff on the 2nd day was good. The fact that Niantic made it easier to defeat the Rocket captains and Giovanni allowed me to finally finish the one that was defeat them all and Giovanni on top of the Go Fest missions. I agree with @Mandalore, having the Saturday organised made it better. The table booking in Brewdog at least let me charge my phone up whilst enjoying some beers (and where i caught 2 of the 4 shinies that weekend, the other 2 i caught at another pub on Sunday (i'm sensing a trend here). Probably not something i'd be doing again, unless more regionals made an appearance. Heatmore and Servipor were nice to see popping up.
  10. Xbox Series S | X - 10th November

    The way Microsoft have been doing Gamepass, it seems the best way going forward to experience what Xbox has to offer. From yesterday, nothing really stood out to entice me to get a Xbox Series X (so far). I might get one when Fable comes out, quite enjoyed the series on the 360. And i'm interested in playing Ori, but that's on Gamepass already which i can play on the laptop when needed to.
  11. Living Arrangements

    Living in a private rental flat with my partner, we have space out of the back for chairs, tables and a BBQ (there's some green space, but it's mostly concrete). Saving up for a house, we have about £20k saved (parents have set aside £10k, me and my partner have about £12k between us. But before that, need new jobs first. Covid-19 isn't helping things too much, but interviews have meant Skype meetings over travelling.
  12. Personal Finance

    I've learned since moving out from my parents house to manage my finances more responsibly. I had savings when living with them, which i used some towards an apartment with my partner (i say used, we had to furnish the place and put a bond down). Still have the bulk of savings left. Credit card isn't too bad, and by not bad i mean it's about £50 in credit which i can clear at a moments notice. It's just hit into the interest period, so i try to keep it as low as possible so the interest isn't stupid on paying it back. Probably need to use it more to improve my credit score, most of my purchases are on debit card and i tend to use the credit for more bigger purchases and holidays (this was mostly for insurance in case the company folded). Never been overdrawn, always lived within my means each month. And i put a little away each month, not that it's making much with low interest rates.
  13. A-Z Game - who have you seen live

    Not that many B - Bon Jovi (twice) D - Daughtry H - Halestorm N - Nickelback S - Steps, Shinedown
  14. Who are you?

    I can't remember if i posted in the last thread or not, but never the less. I'm James 34 years of age In a happy relationship of 4 1/2 years Currently living in Newport, South Wales with my partner Currently working in the Civil Service, have done for 9 years Working at home at the moment (which i'm hoping becomes permanent, as i love it) Don't have as much time for gaming as i used to, but still have time to put in a few hours a week. Home working is helping add the hours on as i'm not commuting Have a hamster which prefers me over my partner (it's her hamster, and keeps biting her)
  15. The death of forums

    Social media seems to be the way forward, however even that isn't the best place to go. Forums can be moderated, so any toxicity can usually (i say usually, there are forums out there which allow it more frequently and challenges to this results in a ban) be stopped in their tracks. Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with people, however some group pages certainly don't seem to be moderated and can provide a toxic environment. I'm sort of 50/50 with forums and social media. I like forums still as they can provide a good base for conversations and can be friendly places, however social media does have the ability to provide breaking news faster. You can find some people who'll happily have a conversation, but most of the time you'll just see spam messages akin to a streamers chat on Twitch.