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  1. bad stuff thread.

    Next door has been ripping their house down to the foundations and doing it up for the last 4 months. It's got that bad, that i've been losing sleep because they like to start around 8am and work right through to 7-8pm most days. Doesn't help matters when i'm working and all i can hear is hammering, jackhammering etc. Have been considering moving back to my parents for a while until it calms down. They have been down every day the last 2 weeks, including Christmas Day working on that house. Next door hasn't exactly been making a lot of friends in the street, myself and my partner included. Their house has been targeted for a lot of vandalism and the like, and they've asked me to keep an eye out for any troublemakers and call the police because i have a camera on the house. The house next door to them, the tenant spent Christmas Day in a police cell because he decided to smash next doors car windows because of the ongoing DIY.
  2. Virtual Reality

    That's true. I was expecting it to be close to, or near the old PS5 price of £450. Price does sting a bit, I definitely won't be getting it Day 1. It'll sell slow for sure. The stinger ATM outside of price is no backwards compatibility to older VR titles unless patched for free or a small fee.
  3. Virtual Reality

    Think this is the first time something that needs a console to use costs more than the actual console itself. Pretty hefty price. Technology, it's high-end. But this thing costs £50 more than a PS5, combine the headset and console you're looking nearly £1,000 before taking into account games and PS+ costs.
  4. Was only a few titles of interest on the Direct for me. A new Splatfest coming end of the month, i'm in for that one. Interested in replaying Kirby's Return to Dreamland when it comes to Switch. Definetly getting the new Zelda when it comes out next year also, and have a soft spot for Pikmin. However, the rest didn't really pique my interest. Lot of farming sims, lot of RPG/JRPG reveals. I know many who are into the RPG side of things, so this would have been a great Direct for them.
  5. Stray (19th July 2022)

    For a game where you play as a cat, i thought it was pretty fun and an enjoyable experience. Had some good moments, nothing too frustrating.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    They made the Accolades a bit tricky to find, which is probably why people didn't use it.
  7. God of War: Ragnarök (9th November 2022)

    Surprised it wasn't shown off in a State of Play. But still, that's Christmas sorted for Sony this year. Bring on November.
  8. That's good to hear, was slightly annoyed we (as in UK, EU etc) were getting the PAL versions. So far, so good. I've downloaded Mafia and Toy Story II from the classics to try over the weekend, if i can get off Sonic Origins that is
  9. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    Decided on the Switch version last night, mostly because i have a few more friends on Switch who'll be interested in co-op play than on PS4. Played the first 2 levels, and i'm loving it. Lot's of nostalgia. Loved the notes where the boss flashes red when their health is getting low, as it was in the 80's and 90's games.
  10. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    It's out for download now. See the Switch version is once again more expensive than other platforms, even with the 10% discount.
  11. House buying is the worst

    We've had 2 builders in to look at what needs doing, and her Mum had one in to give a quote. So we'll have 3 in (hopefully) in the next week or so. I'm estimating £15-£25k to fix everything. I plan to, once the quotes have come in.
  12. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Looks nice to see the game looking (graphically) as good as Last of Us Part II, but kind of a waste really. Doesn't look like they'll have an upgrade path either for owners of the Remastered edition on PS4, so looks like it'll be £69.99 (or wait until it "might" pop up on PS+ 6 months to a year from now)
  13. Stray (19th July 2022)

    Added bonus that it's coming to PS+ Extra on Day 1, so definitely will check it out more so.
  14. House buying is the worst

    I had a walk around the house the other day, was allowed to raid the garden for plants to move over to my garden (it's our garden, but the Mrs doesn't care too much (if at all) about gardening). We also "borrowed" the TV as ours broke. I had only seen the downstairs, but ventured upstairs. It's worse than i thought it was. Two internal walls (luckily, not supporting) are like jelly if you remotely touch it with your hand. The ceilings are dire (we're talking holes big enough to put your head through). Few missing floorboards and one of the supporting walls needs fixing. However, the Mrs Mum is offering to pay for all structural work to be done if it means we buy it and move in. There is a small catch, only if it's not stupid costs.
  15. House buying is the worst

    So, the Mrs told me this morning that her Mum and Uncles want us to buy the house their parents lived in (recently, her Grandad passed away so it remains empty). They want to keep it within the family. And, as it's just me and the Mrs, they eyeing us up for it. It's in a better location for getting to/from the railway station and for the Mrs to get to work than where we are now. And the electrics and boiler are all brand new, only done 3-6 months ago. However, that's probably where the positives end. It's on a flood plain, which last year flooded (river is literally a stones throw away). The bathroom is downstairs, and it's tiny. The Mrs and her Mum (on separate occasions) struggled to fit in the shower/bath. There's no back garden, only a front garden (but it's fenced around, so pretty private). Structure-wise, possibly needs a new roof. Needs damp proofing as there's mould inside in parts. Bathroom would need moving and a new one installed upstairs in a bigger room (pipes would need moving, electrics redone in that room). And a new Kitchen is needed, it's very dated and small at the moment. So with the bathroom being moved, the room at back would be knocked through for the kitchen to be fitted. The other factor is, the last time we listened to her side of the family, we got screwed financially with our bathroom installation and we're still waiting on the electrician to finish the work they started (he's no cost as it's being paid by her step Dad, but that's not the point). On the financial side of it, we probably couldn't afford moving again so soon. We'd need legal fees and all that to cover the costs. And as we've just moved, those costs would possibly be swallowed with what we'd get back so far. Then, have to factor in the structural and cosmetic costs too. If we were still renting and didn't already own this house i'd probably be more in favour of it. As it stands, i'm against it because it'll basically screw us over (the cost of living atm is insane). She is more for it because of the family connection. The other thing is, we'd be giving up super fast internet (which is great for working from home) where we are now for something with an average of 30-50mpbs (and reliant on old copper BT lines), whilst we currently have fibre with speeds upwards of 200mpbs