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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    First weekend with the PS5 done. Can't complain about it, did try out Maneater. Put the disk in, the option to upgrade it to the PS5 version popped up. Few button presses, and the PS4 version stopped installing and the PS5 version started downloading. Can't really tell the difference between the 4 and 5 versions outside the better lighting and frame rate. Had 2 crashes whilst playing (2 crashes in 5 hours of play) but I'm putting it down to the game being buggy. It had issues on PS4, I'm guessing the same issues have cropped up here. Frame rate drops a lot as well at times, so there that Think we'll probably get another stability update this coming week or so, and Insomniac are working on the Spider-Man patches. Once that's released, I'll move onto this.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Picked mine up from GAME around lunchtime yesterday. Was chatting with the staff, apparantly the queue from 11pm Wednesday stretched from the store right down the high street. They said they were still selling PS5's until 1:30am, compared to the Xbox Series X/S which they closed the store by half 12. Carrying it home, yep the box was heavy and my arm ached afterwards. First impressions of the machine. Outside of it's huge (because it is, it dwarfs over my works laptop) is it's a good machine. Compared to the noise of the PS4, it's much quieter. Have followed some guidelines online from people who said what to avoid for the time being (wired LAN, external drives and rest mode). However, did use rest mode to install Destiny 2 and Gran Turismo Sport with no issues. I'm fully expecting a few firmware updates in the coming weeks to sort things, so at least i can use the external drive for my PS4 titles. The haptic feedback on the DualSense is unreal, with the same company behind it as the HD rumble on the Switch it's certainly a good thing. Playing Astro Playroom yesterday for a bit, the controller and audio is something else. Got a full weekend ahead of gaming, so there's that.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Browsing twitter, it's not going to help @Julius confidence in Yodel. But some PS5 orders have been reported from Yodel as missing somewhere in transit. And a fair few people messaging GAME asking for their delivery fee refunded as they paid for DPD, but were swapped to Yodel's free delivery.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Add Hermes to that as well. Plans for launch weekend. Probably a combination of Astro and Miles Morales, Miles installing whilst playing Astro of course. Games i plan to install straight away, Destiny 2 is one of them as well as GT Sport. Would have left both on the external SSD, but have heard of some possible issues with using external drives at the moment and i don't want to risk it at present. Once i can, i'll be playing my PS4 games from the drive.
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Had a text saying my PS5 is in store for collection tomorrow.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Hopefully that firmware update solves the rest mode, LAN and external drive issues that have been affecting users in the states.
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    So it begins. Shame I can't play Miles Morales yet. But, I'll try the headset out later as it works on PS5
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    It's weird that we'll get our new games and accessories tomorrow, but it's another week for the console. Sony love to tease.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    GAME messaged me, i can pre-pay for my console from today until the store closes on the 18th. Plan to pay tomorrow when i go to collect my copy of Sackboy, then it's a case of going in and picking it up on launch day. Did they email you at all, they did for me but cancelled my console order middle of October. Shopto usually are pretty good, but botching next gen launches isn't good for them.
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Aren't Yodel the ones who literally throw parcels over fences? GAME stores re-opened in Wales yesterday, my local one was hounded by people asking about pre-payments for the PS5. At the moment, they're prioritising Xbox orders as that's out this week. From speaking to someone in-store yesterday myself, they should be in a position by either Friday or Monday to start pre-payments for the PS5. Was only down asking if they could hold my Sackboy pre-order and include it in the PS5 bag. ShopTo have started processing my Pulse 3D headset and Miles Morales.
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah, people have been talking about it on social media. As soon as you mention it was in a glass box, it goes quiet. Also, you won't be able to add internal SSD memory into the PS5 at launch Makes sense, seeing as there's not a lot out (if anything) that matches PS5 speeds
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah, I saw a rumour that Sony might bump the PS5 release up a few days as it's lockdown in the UK. But haven't found a credible source to link it. Apparently stores have stock in of the consoles, someone on a community page mentioned they went in to pay early and they put the PS5 on the counter and put a label on the box.
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Both Sackboy and Miles Morales look set to arrive at the flat on the 12th, same as the new PS5 3D Pulse headset. I get the games releasing then, as the PS4 counterparts release that day so they're thinking "why not release both versions". It happened before with the PS4 launch, i had Black Flag and NBA 2K14 at home for a week before the PS4 arrived. Headset is a weird one, however have seen across the pond that the accessories have arrived early for some people too.
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    People have said that the PS5 UI is game changing, this shows it.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I'll get something internal down the line, this is mostly for anything i want to play BC. My local GAME tweeted out about in-store collections. I know Wales is coming out of lockdown on the 9th, so stores should re-open. They've started making back-up plans as England will be in lockdown over launch week for people to collect orders and pre-pay if they want to.