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  1. Yeah, that one was a challenge to climb. I saved when i got to the 2nd rest point, died from the Wizrobe and reloaded at that rest point with no Wizrobe bothering me. I had trouble with 2 others as well, again one had a Wizrobe (it was in the old battle area east of Death Mountain). The other was down to me not being prepared for the harsh environment. Never really played a lot of Breath of the Wild on the WiiU. The PS4 took all my gaming time, so it was negleted a lot. When i got my Switch, i re-bought this game. And have managed many hours of play. Thanks mostly to being portable, i can play on my commute to work. Similar to @Pestneb, i found myself trying to open the map via the towers before doing much else. Did complete or simply unlock shrines along the way, which helped if i died (easy fast travel point). Have managed to get many of the memories, pretty interesting watching the cutscenes to go along with them.
  2. bad stuff thread.

    Currently, we've got some major engineering works going on with the railway in South Wales (when's it never not happening). A few years ago, the Severn Tunnel was closed for 4-5 weeks for fitting of the electrification stuff, and it's been closed again for a similar period as the stuff rusted for not being used. 2 platforms closed in Newport and Cardiff and the Cwmbran line is closed south of Cwmbran as well. So as you can guess, everyones favourite rail replacement bus services are in action between Bristol and Newport, and from Cwmbran to Newport. So, you've got limited trains to and from Cardiff. Thus it's busier than normal, which can be a bother at times. This week is aweful for rush hour travel. Usually, you get 5-6 trains an hour between 6am and 8:30am from Newport when everything is normal. The past few weeks, you've had 3 an hour. This week you've got 4 trains in total in that alloted time. 3 of these trains are 2 carraiges, and the 4th is a 8-10 carraige HST. You can just imagine the carnage of people from the Bristol area, Abergavenny, Hereford, Cwmbran and the usual Newport crowds all trying to get on these alloted trains. On Monday, i sat in Weatherspoons opposite until the 8:30am arrived. Otherwise, you've got no chance as it's practically a battle to get on the 2 carraige trains. And all this to save 20 minutes travel to London from Cardiff.
  3. Mario Tennis Aces

    I played a few online games yesterday with some randoms, mostly to just get my hands on Koopa. I'm hoping this game gets a number of patches and extra content added, many are not happy (same as myself) with the one match format the online has.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    So, so many great indie games on the Switch these days. Decided to re-purchase some of the ones i originally got for free via PS+, as the Switch suits these sorts of games. I'm looking at possibly picking up Celeste or Owlboy, heard both are great games.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Finally own a Switch, purchased earlier this month. Not pictured, the MicroSD card and Hollow Knight.
  6. Splatoon 2

    Just installed this on the Switch after my SD card arrived. From my understanding, you can jump straight into the multiplayer or go to the campaign. Got it on the eShop sale, and picked up the expansion for cheaper than the bundle.
  7. Tearaway Unfolded Tearaway will be in my top 10, because it’s such a beautiful and simple game. When Unfolded arrived, I saw that the game was improved upon a lot. Few extra levels, and even more charm than before. Easily one of the best (and severely underrated) PlayStation games created. Super Mario 64 First game I owned on the N64, first game I finished on the N64. Never thought Mario would transition well to 3D, but it did. Nicely thought out worlds (to a point), easily a game that has so much to show and entertain. The Last of Us Remastered Only played it on the PS4, but the story is just something else. I’m not normally a fan of this genre, but I heard so much good about it that I had to play it. What an experience it was. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bit of a shock this has come into my top 10, as before I said it wasn’t the best Zelda. However having bought a Switch and been able to play it more than I did on the WiiU, my opinion has changed. This game has taken me back to the moment when I first stepped onto Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time. It’s a game where you’re not hand held, but can do as much or as little as you want. It’s just brilliant. The Witcher III I’m not normally a fan of games of this length, but what can I say. CDProjekt Red did good, not only with the way they handled the DLC and extra stuff. But the way they told the finale to Geralt’s story and adventure. The detail in the world was breath-taking, the way the world breathed was something else. And since then, I’ve been reading (and have read) the Witcher series of books. Metroid Prime Picked it up on a whim, and I’m glad I did. First stepping foot onto the drifts of Phendrana was something else. One of my top GameCube games, and only made better with the motion controls of the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy First Wii game purchased with the Wii. What an experience, it used the motion controls well. Easily one of the best Wii games made. It felt like experiencing Mario again for the first time. Sonic the Hedgehog III (+ Knuckles) Easily one of, if not the best Sonic games created. I had to include the Knuckles part as with this it was a complete game. Longest 2D Sonic to date (I think Mania comes close to it). Shadow of the Colossus Like The Last of Us, I heard good things about this. What an incredible experience, which I am so glad I did get to experience on PS4. Controls took a little getting used to, especially controlling Arno at times. But I was happy with the game and the music score throughout. God of War (PS4) Never played a God of War game before, so this was the first one. Completely blown away with just how good it was. Story was excellent, and no loading screens (bar if you died) between the action and the cutscenes (it confused me to begin with). And a nice ending to the game, if I do say so myself. Honorable mentions The Mass Effect series ,The Uncharted series , Tetris , Gravity Rush , Ocarina of Time , Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Skyrim
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Just give us a theme with the Wii eshop music and i'll be happy.
  9. Mario Tennis Aces

    Reviews are pretty good for the game. Most have said the story is pretty short, but the modes outside of this make up for the shortfalls.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I refused to buy a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider brand new because of the year long exclusivity Microsoft got with it. Got it pre-owned a few days later, never gave Square a penny. Some great games on that list.
  11. Playstation Now

    Only reason i wasn't subbing to PlayStation Now was because it was streaming only, and i guess many others were not either. If it does introduce downloads, then i'll look into it and possibly re-sub. Still wish they'd put PSNow as part of PS+, seeing as next year the Vita and PS3 titles vanish.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I ended up getting an official Switch Pro Controller. Turns out some of the Shrines in Breath of the Wild require some motion control usage, and the cheap controller i got was missing the gyro, rumble and NFC features. Looking at the list of games coming between now and the end of year, i'll probably get Smash at the minimum. Already have Mario Tennis ready for unlocking on Friday. Sonic Mania Plus, i'll get on PS4 as i have the base game there. As and when i run low on Switch games, i'll raid the eShop.
  13. Yoku's Island Express

    Finished last night on PS4. What a nice, fun game this was.
  14. Fortnite

    I'm happy that i'm able to play this without the PS4 fans sounding like they are about to launch into orbit.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    So, i finally took the plunge and bought myself a Switch. Been meaning to for a while, but finally on-board. Bought it on Tuesday from our "lovely" friends at GAME. Bought a pre-owned one as it was the only one they had with the grey controls. They said it was pre-owned, but everything in-box was still wrapped up and sealed in the original packaging, so can't complain for getting it for £240. Have also bought a copy of Breath of the Wild (yeah, i have the WiiU version but never got around to playing it properly), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Kirby Star Allies. Also downloaded Fortnite, it's nice being able to play this without the PS4 fans going into take-off mode. Codes been updated on my profile.