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  1. N-E Café Podcast

    So a few more thoughts from me: Regarding the topic of buying games and sales - Don't misunderstand my comment about not buying games until ready to play them, I'm still not buying them at full price where possible but when I really want to play a game I will buy it the next time I see a good price. The exception to this is first party Nintendo games as even when these are discounted it's not usually by very much so I will not wait on these. Waiting for a sale is not too much of a problem as I will always buy the Xbox One version if I have a choice of platform where it doesn't tend to take too long for most things to be discounted somewhat regularly. One counter point I would also add to buying something because it's on sale is I have done this in the past and a few years later that game has never been touched - if I were to add up the cost of games like this then even at sale price you could argue it undermines the idea of saving money. In the long it may be cheaper to buy a game at less of a discount rather than a lot of cheap games that never get played. The discussion about digital vs physical also I find interesting - on Xbox One I only have about 5 physical games and the rest digital but on Switch the majority of my games are physical (even Animal Crossing) - I would love to also go digital on Switch but past experience has taught me I can't trust Nintendo when it comes to carrying across games from one generation to the next. On the flip side Microsoft seem to be doing really well on this front, already confirming that everything currently playable on the xbox one will carry over to series x (unless it requires Kinect). This is one area I really want to see Nintendo improve on, I don't mind them being unconventional regarding hardware but the account stuff needs to be standardised to the levels already offered elsewhere.
  2. N-E Café Podcast

    Just finished listening to the latest episode, enjoyed the discussion and will add more thoughts later but one thing that I had to comment on immediately - As I mentioned in a comment a few weeks back I will be moving house soon and sure enough I have a big stack of consoles and about 3 boxes full of games to be transported (and I would say my collection is very small compared to some on this forum!). This still doesn't make me want to get rid of any of them though 😝.
  3. N-E Café Podcast

    With all this talk of digital deals I have a question for everyone - what is your current backlog and how are you going about trying to cut it down? I generally split my gaming time between 2 platforms - Switch and Xbox, and do find I have long periods where I'm pretty much focussed on one of these exclusively leading to the other platform building even more of a collection of unfinished games. Also I find I'm adding more things that I want to play much quicker than I can play the existing stuff thanks to watching gaming media in general, and this is not including that urge you sometimes get to replay something you already finished. My current backlog still includes many games from past consoles that in my head I'm still going to play at some point but I just don't know when - and I think maybe I need to try and cut down on the youtube viewing - not only to focus on actually playing games more than watching people talk about them, but also to stop filling my head with ideas that this is another game I "must play" when something comes up that looks even the slightest bit interesting. I am also already trying to not buy any games unless I know I will play them immediately (not 100% successful but have done better with this so far than the past few years) and I have tried the approach of making a list to try and create a play order to try and cut these back, but I find I don't always get into a game if I start it because I scheduled a time specifically for it instead of just seeing it on the shelf/menu and wanting to play it. EDIT: Forgot to mention, no idea on the transition tune this week.
  4. N-E Café Podcast

    for the full effect you should have written that edit one post per character
  5. N-E Café Podcast

    I'm early enough to have a guess this time so:
  6. So it turns out the tracking was not up to date, collectors edition get!
  7. Unless the tracking information is not fully updated it looks like I won't be receiving my copy today 😔. It's made it as far as the local mail centre but not the delivery office.
  8. N-E Café Podcast

    Not been on in a while (currently preparing to move house so busy packing stuff away) so I'm not fully up to date on the podcast. I do however have a contribution for gaming sins. So, brace yourself for this one, my favourite Castlevania game is Simon's Quest! This is partly down to nostalgia as this is one of the games I unwrapped along with my NES many Christmases ago but even replaying through the NES Castlevanias on the Castlevania collection that was released last year I enjoyed replaying Simon's Quest so much more than 1 and 3. I never really understood why the game had such a bad reputation - yes there are some questionable design choices (mostly thinking of the blocks you just fall through with no way of knowing unless you throw holy water on everything) and the translation does make it very difficult to progress sometimes without a guide, but these are criticisms that can be said for a lot of games of this era. This game set the blueprint for some of the most popular games in the franchise being the first one to incorporate exploration and item gating and yet most people speak about it like it was a completely failed experiment. Also it was the first game to include "Bloody Tears" in the soundtrack and that alone should be enough to consider it a classic 😝.
  9. This is something that concerns me, given how quickly some Nintendo stuff sells out on preorder. Hopefully this one will not be quite as bad as the links awakening special edition!
  10. N-E Café Podcast

    So finally listened to the newest episode yesterday, enjoyed the quiz a lot and think this was a smart way to fill an episode when there isn't so much news to talk about. @londragon have some thoughts regarding your experience with Pokemon - while I would agree the main story part is not the most challenging thing out there, based on your specific complaints you may want to try going into the options and changing the battle style from "switch" to "set". This will stop the game giving you the option to switch your pokemon for "free" when you take out each of your opponents pokemon. I doubt this would be enough to completely change your mind, but it would at least give you a little more to think about during the battles.
  11. N-E Café Podcast

    I have a question for a future episode, is there any franchise or single game/unreleased concept that would you like to see get a new instalment on switch, and what would you like to see in that new entry - so any shortcomings in past games you'd want to see improved or just new ideas to freshen up an old formula etc. For me this would have to be Mario Strikers, had so much fun with Charged on the Wii and would love a new entry with an expanded roster, a few new arenas and some slightly better balanced special abilities (Waluigi was definitely always my pick for his ability to wall himself off for special shots).
  12. N-E Café Podcast

    Been busy the last few weeks so need to catch up on episodes but just listened to the pod pals one, another good episode. Regarding the transitions tune stuff mentioned, I do try to play along but just haven't had any idea on the last few hence no guesses, which makes me feel like I haven't played nearly enough games! Also wanted to clarify something regarding the spoilers thing - my intention wasn't for everyone to put their guesses in spoilers, just for the answer reveal to be. Otherwise I go into the episode with the answer already and so can't play along, especially as I usually listen via YouTube so am a bit later to the episode in general.
  13. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    So after the customary period between finishing games and not knowing what to pick up next I have started playing: Jurassic World Evolution (Xbox One): so was excited for this as soon as I heard about it as I poured hours into games like theme park and rollercoaster tycoon back in the day. Took a little bit to get my head around some of the systems but once I had the controls down I was having a blast. Highlight so far, releasing my first carnivore into its enclosure only to find I'd somehow left a gap in the fence. It immediately escapes but luckily I manage to tranq it before it reaches any guests! Have reached the second island where I didn't manage my cash well at the start so had very slow progress but got a handle on that now. Also have just made veloceraptors viable which I'm sure will only end well for my guests 😆.