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  1. General Retro Discussion

    Did you see the Good Vibes Gaming video Jon did on this?
  2. amiibo (NFC)

    For anyone missing any, it seems pretty much all Splatoon amiibo have been restocked on the UK Nintendo store to coincide with the release of splatoon 3 today - the only one I didn't see was the inkling girl from the smash Bros series.
  3. Just to throw out another take on this - Splatoon 2 multiplayer is also probably pretty hard to get into for any brand new players at this point - even in turf war a large percentage of the people playing have hundreds if not thousands of hours logged and optimised gear sets (at least that's the case whenever I boot it up these days). A new title where everyone is starting from scratch could help this quite a bit!
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Joins in 2012; last posted in 2014; comes back 8 years later like they were never away. I need to know more! I've posted a few times since 2014, but not much (last post was July 14th of this year, so I guess that's where that comes from!) But not much to know, I check this place most days but I've just never been so good at actually contributing!
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    All I can say on this is every time Taion speaks I'm disappointed he isn't voiced by Richard Ayoade!
  6. Nintendo films

    I know it is Capcom and not Nintendo, but on the subject of IPs that could make for a good adaptation how about Zack and Wiki (as a Wii exclusive can it tenuously be counted? 😝). Also how about a Zack and Wiki sequel for switch to go with it!
  7. It is on my list, I deliberately avoided it hearing people complain about pro controller mapping
  8. Very welcome! Mine also arrived today, great to finally have an analogue stick that just feels right for these games!
  9. Quick public service announcement, N64 controllers are currently back in stock on the UK website, just managed to order 2 at last!
  10. N-E Café Podcast

    So a few more thoughts from me: Regarding the topic of buying games and sales - Don't misunderstand my comment about not buying games until ready to play them, I'm still not buying them at full price where possible but when I really want to play a game I will buy it the next time I see a good price. The exception to this is first party Nintendo games as even when these are discounted it's not usually by very much so I will not wait on these. Waiting for a sale is not too much of a problem as I will always buy the Xbox One version if I have a choice of platform where it doesn't tend to take too long for most things to be discounted somewhat regularly. One counter point I would also add to buying something because it's on sale is I have done this in the past and a few years later that game has never been touched - if I were to add up the cost of games like this then even at sale price you could argue it undermines the idea of saving money. In the long it may be cheaper to buy a game at less of a discount rather than a lot of cheap games that never get played. The discussion about digital vs physical also I find interesting - on Xbox One I only have about 5 physical games and the rest digital but on Switch the majority of my games are physical (even Animal Crossing) - I would love to also go digital on Switch but past experience has taught me I can't trust Nintendo when it comes to carrying across games from one generation to the next. On the flip side Microsoft seem to be doing really well on this front, already confirming that everything currently playable on the xbox one will carry over to series x (unless it requires Kinect). This is one area I really want to see Nintendo improve on, I don't mind them being unconventional regarding hardware but the account stuff needs to be standardised to the levels already offered elsewhere.
  11. N-E Café Podcast

    Just finished listening to the latest episode, enjoyed the discussion and will add more thoughts later but one thing that I had to comment on immediately - As I mentioned in a comment a few weeks back I will be moving house soon and sure enough I have a big stack of consoles and about 3 boxes full of games to be transported (and I would say my collection is very small compared to some on this forum!). This still doesn't make me want to get rid of any of them though 😝.
  12. N-E Café Podcast

    With all this talk of digital deals I have a question for everyone - what is your current backlog and how are you going about trying to cut it down? I generally split my gaming time between 2 platforms - Switch and Xbox, and do find I have long periods where I'm pretty much focussed on one of these exclusively leading to the other platform building even more of a collection of unfinished games. Also I find I'm adding more things that I want to play much quicker than I can play the existing stuff thanks to watching gaming media in general, and this is not including that urge you sometimes get to replay something you already finished. My current backlog still includes many games from past consoles that in my head I'm still going to play at some point but I just don't know when - and I think maybe I need to try and cut down on the youtube viewing - not only to focus on actually playing games more than watching people talk about them, but also to stop filling my head with ideas that this is another game I "must play" when something comes up that looks even the slightest bit interesting. I am also already trying to not buy any games unless I know I will play them immediately (not 100% successful but have done better with this so far than the past few years) and I have tried the approach of making a list to try and create a play order to try and cut these back, but I find I don't always get into a game if I start it because I scheduled a time specifically for it instead of just seeing it on the shelf/menu and wanting to play it. EDIT: Forgot to mention, no idea on the transition tune this week.
  13. N-E Café Podcast

    for the full effect you should have written that edit one post per character
  14. N-E Café Podcast

    I'm early enough to have a guess this time so:
  15. So it turns out the tracking was not up to date, collectors edition get!