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  1. You know what due to life circumstances I do have random pockets of time maybe I do have something to contribute writing wise. Ah the drunken thread I started all those years back....only to actually not drink at all anymore!
  2. Thanks for the welcomes guys! Also reassuring to know I'm not too off it with the internet being hell, in terms of my minimal usage here's where I'm at: Twitter: Just don't use, deleted my posts and then started fresh but even now I just don't open it really. Instagram: I only post to keep family and friends vaguely up to date with whats going on with me Reddit: 100% a lurker unless I need to post somewhere for help. Threads: I made an account and barely post. Facebook: I don't post at all haven't since like 2015 or something. Finally definitely had flashbacks about the bondage pics that was something which I'd push to the darkest recesses of my mind.
  3. Also side bar, vaguely incredible that the two cards in my sign showing backloggery and some other site for Steam and xbox still work lol.
  4. Yeah what the title says. It feels like forums might have had it right all along we should never have been mixing with people on mass via twitter etc... So does anyone remember me and how's everyone been? Also what was the name of that nutter here who used to rant about Doctor Who and got banned lol
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. You know what's interesting....everything got an insane reaction in the packed cinema I was in even the thing you saw none to!
  7. Came here wondering if this thread was alive and of course you're the one keeping it going lol!
  8. Hey ok sorry. I'll PM you my email address.... Also yes I had to take down video I uploaded unedited version in error.
  9. Sure post them to twitter I'll capture them and then tell you when I have and then you can delete the tweet I guess? EDIT: Archive going up of levels I streamed some one screen puzzle levels I definitely recommend would love to be able make some like that of my own;
  10. @SméagolHey thanks for the feedback....Absolutely agreed if I can figure out a way to work and expand upon the idea with less spike into a an actual level that would be in a mario game then I might be on to something....You said you had footage? I love to watch if I made a shared folder on google drive or something would you upload it to there?
  11. Here's my first level Q5V-WYP-BJG nothing special very short has a bit of conceit to it and it a thing to figure out but I think there are multiple ways to beat it as well.... Let me know what you think....I haven't played anyone's levels above but plan on doing so and I'm going to stream some as well via mixer at mixer.com/flameboy did some from twitter the other day will be uploading archive to YouTube later today. Sent from my MAR-LX3A using Tapatalk
  12. I have to say to say I think FM Mobile at its cheaper price point would be better option for Switch. I bought and played FM2018 on switch and sort of enjoyed it but I feel like touch is such an awkward middle ground between Mobile and full blown that kinda doesn't work on the smaller screen and also not something I'd ever play on TV...basically it won't replace my epic Portsmouth saves on the full fat version on PC is what I'm saying.
  13. Proper looking forward to this and think they've managed to right mix of zaniness and being a regular tennis game!
  14. Stumbled in here wondering if anyone at all was bothering with this...look what I found...shipmates galore. Add me on Xbox flameboyNE
  15. Ouch yeah your not kidding $24.61 here. Not excuse when it's digital only, seems perfect for handheld though!
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