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  1. Brexit 2019

    And his complete loss of all the morals he previously claimed to have since going to Facebook. What a spineless power-seeking little shite he turned out to be.
  2. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    I'm so confused.
  3. "masked scoundrel" sounds like an insult from Teen Titans Go but I like it!
  4. Shorts are fine above the knee, otherwise you may as well wear trousers. I am also now expecting a shorts > trousers evolution line by gen 10.
  5. TV Endings

    I stopped after the first season so... (not because it was bad at that point, but it was when you'd have to wait for a box set to come out and I couldn't be bothered). One ending I did really enjoy that I thought about recently was Halt and Catch Fire. It really hit all the right notes and it even earned the somewhat cheesy song it ended on.
  6. Languages

    Aye fair. I bounced off Portuguese fairly quickly because a) I was getting mixed up with Italian and b) the EU pronunciation is a mindfuck.
  7. TV Endings

    Oh sorry by "nothing has actually happened" I thought you meant "the finale has not aired".
  8. TV Endings

    The finale aired in America a few days ago.
  9. Languages

    It essentially doesn't. I know some lessons have an introduction but to the concept rather than specific vocab. I also think that's web only but maybe it's hidden somewhere on the app. You doing European or Brazilian Portuguese?
  10. Languages

    Reached a 1000 day streak on Duolingo on Tuesday. I lost it around 995 but if you upgrade you get the streak back so I did a one week free trial. I'm sure it didn't count my lessons from that day though. I spotted a day or two afterwards the lesson number going up and then back down again. Currently trying to build a database of verb conjugations to then potentially build an app (for my own purpose primarily) to display them in a way that suits my learning style better. Problem is I'm trying to apply logic to a language... Also trying to find all the different ways in which a verb can be irregular (tense, type etc) and most online resources say "here's some examples" but I kind of need all. Think this may take a while.
  11. TV Endings

    Some show is finishing soon. Can't remember the name, seems to have a few fans... Anyway, as people seem to have already decided it's not going to be good it got me thinking about TV finales and just wondering which ones you think worked well and which didn't? It's not an easy thing to wrap up a multi-year thing, particularly the more serialised ones. Please, even for old shows use spoiler tags if you're going to go into detail. I'll start off with some commonly criticised ones. And a recent one I think ended well:
  12. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    Skipped the 6th too by mistake. I just don't like even numbered gyms! Ended up back in Palette Town and had even missed the balloon guy so had to make my way back through the map. Ended up beating Erika and all her cronies without losing 1HP as I was 20+ levels higher than her (and I didn't even use a fire Pokémon until I got to her).
  13. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Plus the studio pays for diet, personal trainer etc support. Look at Zachary Levi now compared to a few years ago.
  14. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    According to IMDb it came out last week so maybe it just has a small run or is limited to certain theatres?