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  1. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Although in fairness my PS4 is ~100 miles away anyway.
  2. Bold of you to assume I don't already have a butt like that. Woke up feeling the effects of Monday's back workout. Maybe tomorrow is when I'll be hobbling like an old man.
  3. Seems so! Think it was legs really but with a focus on glutes, which appropriately enough included hip thrusts 😏 (with barbell resting on top)
  4. bad stuff thread.

    Happy birthday!!
  5. I did legs today (well glutes) and feeling okay at the moment, see what the morning brings. Although I did legs on Saturday too and felt okay Sunday. Maybe I'm not doing it right or maybe my legs are just 💯
  6. From what I recall it's because vertically its less stable so if it gets knocked/wobbles there's a greater chance of disturbing the disk drive or something leading to damaged disks.
  7. Excellent work Goafer, that's really impressive The other day was 3 months since I started seeing my PT. We calculated it's been 32 sessions with him (2 a week first month, 3 last two months) and I think about 46 or so if we include singles but at the start I wasn't really keeping track of those. I can notice it in my body and I looked at photos we took at the start and it is clear. Still some to go but making the right progress as well as seemingly increasing strength (relying on him to monitor that though). He seems to have quietly got me bulking as well. Encouraged me to start eating eggs a while ago (never been a fan) and gone from begrudgingly including one with breakfast to having four and sometimes more during the day too and now he keeps encouraging me to have bigger portions. Think I might need bigger plates...
  8. Post your Cooking!

    Cooking update: autumnal colours edition.
  9. People watch unboxing videos which is literally someone taking stuff out of a box. Human beings are weird.
  10. General TV Thread

    Which reminds me...
  11. General TV Thread

    They're reviving Dexter because... God knows why.
  12. Bugsnax

    I think it might struggle. I hear it's full of bugs.
  13. General TV Thread

    *summons @ReZourceman*
  14. A console only needs two things to be truly fantastic looking: A handle Painted spice orange
  15. Bugsnax

    Also got confirmed as coming to PS4 and PC.