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  1. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    It's almost like the palm of your hand is a universally recognised approximate unit of measurement that is a handy short hand (puns!) for when marketing needs to indicate something is small when the consumer can't physically see the product to put it into context themselves. Almost.
  2. Yoshi's Crafted World (2019 - Switch)

    Southern Belle Yoshi. This game is giving me a strong desire to play Tearaway again now.
  3. Jump Force (2019)

    No I mean why does it look like it's a semi-realistic doll's hand?
  4. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Don't do that, it's petty and unhelpful. I'm neither being negative or suggesting positivity is a bad thing, I'm just pointing out that it is just one metric, and it is one that is often gamified to make a point. People did seem to enjoy the direct, I am not doubting that.
  5. Jump Force (2019)

    Why is his hand like that?
  6. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    I know we don't have many mechanisms to measure reception (at least not without doing cross-reference checking of other social media platforms) but I wouldn't really put much weight in youtube thumbs up/down. Not that I'm saying I think E3 was received better, it's just not a great metric. Now THIS would have been an exciting Direct.
  7. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    On this point, I wish they'd give more than 48 hours notice. It's not really practical from my POV for the site, especially when they're at silly o'clock (I'm old).
  8. Spider-Man (PS4)

    I did see someone on Twitter say that this game made them realise that traversal can be a big part of what makes or breaks a game. If the swinging mechanic wasn't there, this would be a much more mediocre game but I think this game is a successful license game rather than a great game. What I mean by that isn't "it's good for a license game", but rather it captures the tone of Spider-Man well. The dialogue and story is in-keeping with the world and let's face it, most of us wanted a game with fantastic webslinging so it becomes easier to overlook some of the more run-of-the-mill elements. Out of interest, as you've lived in New York for a while have you enjoyed checking out a city you know? While playing it I can't help but want a game like this set in modern London just because of the familiarity. I've seen some New Yorkers say they've enjoyed seeing a decent representation of New York (at least geographically) in a game.
  9. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    I don't approach Directs as "this is a list of things I want to see for it to be good". With particular reference to the games you mentioned, I fall off of AC pretty quickly so I won't be getting it and LM is fun, but it's not something I get excited about. I might pick it up, I might not, so it's not going to wow me at a personal level (at a "this is good for others" level sure). If anything we all know what games Nintendo will release on the Switch over its lifespan so really Directs become a bingo game with an increasingly stamped card. It's a fun meta game in itself, but I'm not sat there waiting for a particular number to be called. I've seen enough people bitterly disappointed because of something they had hoped for didn't come up. Katamari was a nice surprise as I loved the original. Psyched for that. In fact that was probably my highlight of the direct.
  10. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Varied crowd I'm not personally saying it was a bad direct as it covered a lot of ground in a short time, there was just little in there that appealed to me.
  11. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    He's seen things.
  12. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Watched the video now. "Tried and true" is such a cute way of saying "yes, this again". Having watched the video I can definitely say the NES game menu is one of the ugliest things I've seen in modern UI. I was sceptical about the voice chat through an app thing but its nice to know that it gives your phone levitation powers. Seeing the Smash Switch it makes me realise it is a shame they didn't design the dock to allow you to put on fascias similar to the PS4.
  13. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Yeah I figured time trials (of the whole game) or leaderboards.
  14. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Why is it throwing you off? I would assume the same as well.