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  1. General Movie Thread

    "For most of human civilization we believed that life could only exist on the surface of our planet". Pretty sure humans have known about fish for a long time.
  2. good stuff thread.

    Sì, although it's taken a back seat recently as I kind of plateaued so I switched to Spanish and too busy for that. I've said before in the language learning thread that Duolingo won't teach you but can work for practice, same with things like Memrise. Recently used Language Transfer for Spanish and there's 70 lessons for Italian. The whole idea is starting with where the languages have similarities (the cognates) and builds on that to discuss similar etymologies etc. It's English-based so I'm not sure how useful it would be to you. Obviously your English is great, but whether it would be the same I don't know. But it's completely free so no harm checking it out. Weilla Tom on YouTube I found useful. But really it's the classic immersion. In my case that's having friends that speak it (must message a friend in Milan actually) and practicing that way, but obviously stuff like Netflix for Italian content. In terms of Netflix the limited series Everything Calls for Salvation I enjoyed as well as the films Rose Island and The Man Without Gravity (common denominator being Elio Germano so if you find some of his other films elsewhere check them out - I particularly liked My Brother Is An Only Child but it's difficult to find now). Aside from that I listen to a lot of Italian music which is kind of practice... If I think of any more resources I'll let you know. I've found learning Spanish has been helpful. I sometimes get vocabulary mixed up because of similarities, but it's helping to reinforce the grammar especially when it comes to things we don't have in English like reflexive verbs, direct object pronouns etc so if you know another romance language that'll probably help you. And you're German so at least you're used to gender and Italian only has two! In the new year considering signing up to a Spanish service that costs $150 a month but you can book yourself into as many one-to-one sessions (lessons or practice) as you want so considering doing that for say two months to boost myself and then maybe finding a private tutor or pester my Spanish-speaking friends.
  3. Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)

    It'll also be out on the PS6 and PS7 so you could buy it many times over.
  4. Another Embracer-owned studio doing layoffs: https://www.theverge.com/2023/12/5/23989128/new-world-interactive-layoffs-embracer-group-insurgency-sandstorm
  5. good stuff thread.

    This just in: Italians make good food. I am actually considering running away from my family going to Como over Christmas.
  6. General Retro Discussion

    Why is everyone coming to Birmingham and not saying hi to me? Also going back to the topic of Sega consoles a bit every time I watch an American youtuber talk about the Genesis it throws me for a second, although it did result in a great Google snafu.
  7. General Movie Thread

    Booked my ticket for the 11th (Cineworld is doing an early screening for members).
  8. Ubisoft but something in that image certainly isn't
  9. Accidentally releasing an incomplete version of the game and listing it on the Xbox store is an unusual way of announcing a game but here we are. Ubisoft has confirmed it's coming out next year. https://www.theverge.com/2023/11/29/23980960/beyond-good-and-evil-20th-anniversary-edition-2024 If it gets announced for Switch I'll move this thread, but for now we only know about the PC and Xbox versions.
  10. Happy birthday! May it be filled with even more Steam purchases. 

    1. drahkon


      Thanks, Ashley :)

  11. Looking at a random Pot Noodle it in itself is not terrible but obviously could be better, and probably not great to have every day and it will depend what else you're eating and doing in the day. Obviously the one you're eating may be slightly different but there's 10g of saturated fats in that and men are recommended 30g per day. Also quite a bit of salt but honestly try finding pre-packaged food that ain't. If you want food that is satiating try and go for some complex carbs (wholegrain breads, rice, pasta, noodles etc) and unsaturated fats (avocado, olive oils, peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds - although with nuts bear in mind a few is all you need). Complex carbs burn slower so keep you full longer, but don't have the instant hit (and crash) of uncomplex carbs like sugars. Fats are more satiating and unsaturated fats are better for you for that reason. If you can meal prep why not try knocking up some chicken burritos, freezing them and either defrosting the night before or lightly grilling every day? Or salads (yes yes, you don't win friends) with some cold meat and topped with some chopped almonds and olive oil. Or pep buddha bowls as they offer great versatility. If you google there's many examples but a Mexican-style one could be black beans, sweetcorn, quinoa, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, meat of choice and some avocado. You can prep all that (save the avocado) in advance. Appreciate you mentioned it has to be cheap but often if you meal prep it can work out cheaper in the long run as a Pot Noodle is what, 80p-£1.20 depending on size/brand?
  12. Yeah likewise. I was thinking yesterday maybe I'll get a NSO subscription next year and if I do I'll give it a go. During that 5 hours a year I play games nowadays...
  13. Re-e-master, when the crowd say bo selecta.