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  1. The Trump Over

    He might just be saying that because of the drama with his wife though.
  2. Questions

    Hell there's a 4000x4000 pixel version of the N-E logo out there. Although from what I remember of Nintendo's press packs they sure love their bitmap files which I always found odd.
  3. Questions

    In fairness if you ignore the dead zone it's only about 1000 pixels wide and 5 pixels tall.
  4. Questions

    Few things: 1) I need to update the CSS so it only shows up on that one theme rather than all sorry Mobile should be back to what it was and had a quick check of the other themes and they seem fine. 2) No, mobile has its own standard header.
  5. The Trump Over

    He should have asked Fatima instead.
  6. The Trump Over

    I think he genuinely never thought he'd be removed from those platforms so why bother putting in any effort.
  7. The Trump Over

    Plus by its design Twitter allows you to be seen by people you wouldn't otherwise. If his rants and whinges were on his own website/blog or whatever then the majority of the traffic would be those that wanted to see it, whereas on Twitter its often shoved in your face even if you don't follow as people will reply, qt etc. Look at Dominic Cummings as an example. He has a blog where he boasts about himself frequently but how many of us have actually sought it out? And how many of us have seen a Trump tweet on Twitter (disregard seeing it in news reports) even if we don't follow him?
  8. Weirdly I still remember when this show premièred. It did not turn out as good as I had hoped.
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Imagine if he is actually your mom. That would be a... MindFreak.
  10. I'm just very protective of the spice
  11. I can't believe you have an orange GameCube and are willing to potentially ruin the best looking console ever!
  12. GQTDM: Does Mario still exist?

    You can indeed combine mushrooms and cherries: (actually that doesn't look too bad, may try making a veggie version at some point). And no Mario doesn't exist any more. Want to know why?
  13. New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

    Looking at all those different images though I can't help but wonder why he's drunk?