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  1. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    So it stuck pretty close to the source material then?
  2. Old NE Members

    Yeah I was basically going to do that kind of thing and go by names I recall. If there is anyone specific sure, but I was just going to see if we can get the old band back together.
  3. Old NE Members

    Because I'm currently working for two clients, got a personal project on the go, trying to learn two languages, trying to get some exercise and having to keep going back to my EastEnders prone family I'll do something over the weekend when everyone will be going out and having fun trapped indoors.
  4. Old NE Members

    It is possible, although would probably want to do something a bit more focused than a mass email to everyone (as a lot of them will have < 10 posts).
  5. Or maybe you were suggesting that none of us can really know ourselves.
  6. I don't see how those two sentences can co-exist unless there's a word missing or my brain is completely fried?
  7. I'm mostly a commuter reader so not much of that happening. Currently half way through Yanis Varoufakis' Conversations with my Daughter which my friend got me got my birthday (as apparently he used to be his lecturer). Very slowly been reading They Fuck You Up (which was on my shelf for years and then took it on my short-lived trip and made it about half way through). Started The Cat and the City by Nick Bradley recently. I do sometimes finish books...
  8. Old NE Members

    Haggis (née Slaggis) is a journalist last I saw. Sometimes pops up on Twitter. Paj has a puppy now (and a job or something but most importantly a puppy).
  9. Friend has had several relatives die. A friend of mine in Argentina currently has it. I know a few people who think they had it based on symptoms but were unable to get tested.
  10. How Long Until this Thread is Locked?

    Bwahaha I can still reply to locked topics though.
  11. Go Goafer! It's your birthday. Gonna loose some weight like it's your birthday!
  12. Name Changes

    We have a strict No Irony policy when it comes to names.
  13. Name Changes

    Finally done this. Decided to have a weekend without laptop usage. Animal is owned by Disney though...
  14. Name Changes

    @Mike1988uk joking aside I will but I'm out all day and it's a bit of a faff on my phone (and I'm lazy).