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  1. What Have You Bought?

    I don't know if I can pull off gold (or 'sorta sunny') but I like a bit of colour. Would have liked the coral to be available on the pro. I always really liked the fabric cases so I'm disappointed to see they're gone. I've not ordered a case yet, going to see what others offer. Might order a charger as it is apparently more powerful but need to compare to my current ones to see how much and if it's worth it. I've got 3 USB-C chargers already. I've not got 12 yet but some apps have been updated and it does take some getting used to. I've seen people annoyed by the fact they've taken away the power quick menu (and how they never settle) but I've never actually used it so personally not going to make a big difference. But I do wish they'd stop faffing around.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    Yeah I think I might sell those. I already have in ear ones and some cans from them previously too.
  3. Dumb algorithms

    Now I'm just moaning but that Google News thing has suddenly decided I want to see two dozen articles about the new Shazam footage. It's bloody annoying.
  4. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    I just don't get the "he needs a proper introduction and his own film isn't the place for it" angle.
  5. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Yeah but my point is people generally know the flash's deal; he runs fast. And then some of those people will know more details about his backstory but you can jump into a film about the flash knowing nothing if they do it well (if). I don't quite understand why all superhero films need to start with an origin story according to some because Marvel did it well. X-Men never did and it did well for a while (then got worse but not because of a lack of origin stories). And Marvel only started with lesser ones, rather than the big guns, because they were limited by what rights they still owned. They did a good job in building that franchise sure, but it's not the only way. DC films have been a mixed bag because of bad filmmaking and a lack of a coherent plan.
  6. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    They're pretty much the same as the countless versions we've seen before so no need? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Fair. Figured it was probably something like that but I've been keeping my head out of the news for a while so I'm a bit clueless.
  8. Wonder why the American price increase is so large. They've got a 150% price increase (compared to ~100% here but can't be bothered to go the exact maths in my head).
  9. Two posts in a row proving you can't trust @Dcubed
  10. Those are two very different games and wildly different from Animal Crossing itself so it's an interesting direction for them to take in the DLC.
  11. So I'd be paying more for two things I don't want 😋 Genuinely just wanted to play a few N64 games again. Oh well.
  12. I don't quite know which part is worse; you're paying for DLC you don't want/can't use (if you don't have AC) or you're paying to rent DLC if you do. I know they say the DLC is no extra cost but it feels like it's been thrown in to justify the cost. AC is hella popular but it's not like everyone has it.