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  1. Brexit 2019

    There is the argument that taking the 2017 election only shows part of the picture because of what has changed since, but yes that particular example does seem rather pointless. I am in a very safe Labour seat (and in fairness my MP has been strongly anti-Brexit throughout Labour's stupid trajectory), they got 69% (nice) of the vote share last time. I have voted Green just to bump them a bit in the past and just looking it seems the local candidate from the last election has been replaced by the co-leader of the Greens this time! With apparent support from the Lib Dems but I don't see them winning here.
  2. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    One email for each delay. I actually forgot the game was coming out until I happened to see an advert on Instagram. Years of willing it into existence and then I forgot about it when it did!
  3. bad stuff thread.

    Just come back from some drinks with a friend as a kind of leaving thing for his kids. Over the space of this year I've got to know the kids and become very close (we'd often go to the park, go out for trips etc) and it just sucks saying goodbye. Plus it's just a precursor to my friend joining them in Australia in a few months time and I don't know how I'm going to cope with that. This year I've had a fair few friends leave the country and it just sucks. Sometimes adult life sucks.
  4. Tall grass is my favourite Pokémon so I'm happy.
  5. 🎶When I was a horse waaaaaarthog🎶
  6. Congrats on the 20 years @Serebii Hope you're celebrating in some way! Come 2039 perhaps it will start looking like early MySpace
  7. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    He means it's mostly Gen 1. Half term this week as well is going to make it awful. If you can go during a weekday after this week it'll probably be okay.
  8. General TV Thread

    I love this show. That storyline in the last few episodes was devastating but so well played. Plus the handling of Hayley was fantastic. I have the season four soundtrack downloaded and occasionally play it. We Belong is a low key banger (also shout out for them mirroring the pilot but switching the characters with that scene). Friend convinced me to watch Elite and it's trashy but basically a horny mix or Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars but in Spanish. Found myself enjoying it. And again, decent soundtrack.
  9. God sorry I've been terrible with everything lately. I'll look into this shortly.
  10. Job woes/wins

    Work has been horrendous lately and last week was killer. Everything is so busy and chaotic and had hoped things would calm down a bit since publicly I'm leaving at the end of October (truthfully I'm sticking around until start of December but not telling people until the last possible moment). A while ago they decided to get another team of developers to work in a different department (and be paid more for less responsibilities!) and everything went tits up last week. One of them is pretty rubbish/amateur and something they did broke literally every record and it was on us to fix it (yay for backups) and apparently the onus is on us (me...) to show him how he could have done better and really I haven't got time for that shit. It came to light Monday morning and I came in early on Tuesday morning (because we didn't want to be trying to update the whole database during working hours) to fix it but the person that was supposed to restore the database didn't so I dd the same on Wednesday. Tuesday-Thursday we had handover from some external contractors on something they've done and we put forward a list of 78 items that were bugs/issues/general usability kind of stuff. I then nominally had Friday off sick as I was exhausted but still did some stuff. Another project they were supposed to go live with today was suddenly derailed on Wednesday when the team responsible for testing suddenly announced they wouldn't be able to do any testing until March. I'm off today and enjoyed a day of relaxation (as I've also been working on a website for someone else over the weekends) but I am dreading tomorrow.
  11. General Movie Thread

    It kind of makes sense. Weird would be a Seth Rogan film having cross promotion with them.
  12. Languages

    Oh yeah I'm not trying to rely on Duolingo solely (at this very moment it is because life is an Indiana Jones boulder), but Bob asked so...
  13. Languages

    And yet I still struggled during an Italian brunch yesterday
  14. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Wow you must have put in a lot of hours at the harbour for that.
  15. Questions

    Like two years ago, yeah.