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  1. Finally got round to creating this thread. Best to use this going forward rather than using the threads specific to the directs (which are linked below). Release dates: UK/USA - 7th April 2023 Japan - April 28th 2023 Peacock - 45-70 days after release Netflix - October 2023 apparently Promotional materials: Related threads: Direct Thread One Direct Thread Two
  2. With E3 officially biting the dust I thought it would be a good chance to share some of your memories. I recall buying gaming magazines as a child and never quite understanding why sometimes there was lots of new games. Then of course as an adult covering it for this place. Those were some hectic but fun nights. For some reason the one that sticks out most is whichever year the Wii U was revealed (2011?) because I was covering it at a study space at uni until they kicked out at midnight.
  3. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Hmm I'm on a pixel 7 pro and have no problems. If you're still having issues next week give me a prod as I do have my 6 but it's stored (along with my bag) in a hotel in Buenos Aires at the moment. Having no problems with those threads and my phone is up to date.
  4. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Yeah likewise I've never had that problem. @Ike what device are you using? Maybe it's specific to that and others can chime in.
  5. I know the one the other week was marketed as the final trailer but so is this one from the other day and I'm sure there's a few new bits:
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Back (essentially) by popular demand. However, remember some purchases can warrant their own thread. Don't be afraid to make new threads and all that! Along those lines we may thrip from time to time.
  7. Yeah MM was made under an intense - and bad - schedule. They achieved it, but hopefully they learnt something. And hopefully Tears taking longer than some might expect is a sign they've learnt something.
  8. Netflix

    For the 90s kids
  9. so you can taste the tears?
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. I'm in Japan at the moment and making a conscious effort to not bother with news but this broke through social media and while I'm not a soccer fan I am fascinated with how this has clashed with politics. There's obviously the angle that the BBC isn't applying it's policy in the same way (look at Alan Sugar's Twitter feed), the double standard of the Director of the BBC helping get Johnson a loan but apparently that's not bias and the utter fallout going against them as seemingly all football coverage is essentially non-existent today because everyone has stood in solidarity with Lineker. I know we have fans on this forum who can speak to that angle and I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about the situation and the impact (will you miss MOTD?) and obviously any wider thoughts on the whole mess. Yes I did that on purpose to an noy people
  12. I would assume a lot of people look at it as "the devs work hard and deserve more money, I also work hard and things are getting more expensive so I don't feel like I can/should pay more, these large companies earn millions so they should just take the cut". There's obviously flaws to that argument (it can only go so far for one) but I imagine a lot of people think something along those lines.
  13. Oh yeah I don't doubt there's a lot, it was more the way it's phrased could be interpreted as a diss on other switch games. Just an odd choice of words but 🤷‍♂️
  14. $60 apparently. Which would be $110 today so not too far off. If they want to charge $70 fine but saying it's because it provides an "immersive experience" is an odd choice because it suggests other games aren't. Just say it's a big ass game that took a long time and a lot of people (maybe not those exact words).
  15. Thanks, I'm now in Mexico! But I did enjoy Japan. Wasn't the Brand/Ross thing also a bit more personal; as in, weren't they commenting on the bosses daughter or something? Anyway, Lineker is returning to talk about kicking a ball while the organisation "reviews their policies".
  16. Nintendo Switch Released 3rd March 2017 N-Europe Review EU Launch Lineup Retail and eShop The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Review (coming soon) - Thread (Spoilers) - Thread (Spoiler-free) 1-2-Switch - Review (coming soon) - Thread Just Dance 2017 - Review (coming soon) Skylanders Imaginators Super Bomberman R - Thread eShop Only Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! - Review (coming soon) - Thread I Am Setsuna - Thread Fast RMX - Review (coming soon) - Thread Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Thread Voez New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers Vroom in the Night Sky Neo Geo Shock Trooper Neo Geo World Heroes Perfect Neo Geo King of Fighters '98 Neo Geo Waku Waku 7 Neo Geo Metal Slug 3 Othello Coming Soon Arms - Thread The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + - Thread Blaster Master Zero - Thread Fire Emblem - Thread Fire Emblem Warriors - Thread Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Thread Project Octopath Traveller - Thread Rime - Thread Runner 3 - Thread Skyrim - Thread Sonic Mania - Thread Splatoon 2 - Thread Super Mario Odyssey - Thread Ultra Street Fighter 2 - The Final Challengers - Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Thread Yooka-Laylee - Thread Other Threads Indie Games Launch Day Previous Switch/NX Thread Release Dates Switch Accessorites Hardware images Friend Code List You can also update your profile to add your Switch friend code: http://n-europe.com/forum/profile.php?do=editprofile About this new thread We have decided to close the old thread because it has literally been around years and it's full of console speculation, disagreements and towards the end "where the hell is my delivery!?!". We have moved across the post-launch discussions about the machine and intend for this to be the general general Switch thread going forward. We have also closed the Other Switch Thread in the other console forum. That topic was created because people felt they couldn't openly and honestly discuss and criticise the NX/Switch and while it was not what we felt was necessarily best, we understand members felt a need for it. We are now asking that as the console has launched and we know about it more and what its pros and cons are, any discussions are done in this thread. Be courteous of others when discussing and ask for clarification if something seems wrong or 'absurd' to you. Please respect that others may think differently to you. Those that are being obstructive or insulting will be contacted and if it continues will find themselves banned from the thread and, if necessary, further action will be taken.
  17. Other than there's a slight difference threatening a staff member with violence and pointing out that the government's policy is cruel. Not that I wouldn't be surprised if they did, but if they did it would show further proof that the BBC has a bias under current management.
  18. Yeah I imagine they'll say they've come to an agreement but it'll be nothing really. From what I've seen the impartiality thing is really for news staff and he's freelance so not bound by the same rules as strongly.
  19. How long is it normally? Feels like 2 hours.
  20. Switch eShop Thread

    Ah sod that, too much trouble for a game I could just buy back home anyway. Just wanted the cute card.
  21. Switch eShop Thread

    I know the switch is region free but if I were to buy an Eshop voucher in Japan could I use it on my PAL switch? They've got one for Kirby's Dream Buffet for about £10 and it could be practical and a nice little keepsake but if it's not going to work I won't bother. I've checked already and apparently it has an English language option in the Japanese version
  22. Just announced. [Tweet]773569567159230464[/tweet]