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  1. It is one of the most easily read fonts so maybe... But unlikely
  2. Not to defend Comic Sans but it has shown to be helpful to people with specific learning difficulties so it has at least some use.
  3. I think we're slowly creeping towards that decades-long demand for a MMO (PokéMMOn) where you have a particular 'job', whether that's a trainer, researcher, photographer etc but I don't think that will ever happen. But it would be nice to have that kind of option and interact with others. Basically we all want to live in the anime.
  4. I think you're underestimating how part of Stadium's desire was the multiplayer. Yes you could do that on the Gameboy but being about to sit around the TV and battle against your friends was a hell of a thing. I don't mind battling as a thing to do, but it can sometimes feel like it gets in the way when you're trying to mind your own business and Joey gets in the way. I'm aware things like Battle Tower exists for this, but it's all the battling you have to get through first. As someone else said maybe it would work as DLC as I'm sure from a story perspective it would work given the plot involves people not really collecting Pokémon* but I'm sure you'll show them the wonders and delights and start a trend. *Which I guess makes this game take place before Conquest but it just doesn't feel like it should
  5. Yeah that's what I've not figured out. If you have the collect game then sure you can transfer across, but if not there still needs to be some element of collecting so it may be moot. Unless you win Pokémon in battles, so if you prove yourself to a certain trainer/gym leader you get rewarded with either a specific Pokémon or a choice between similar ones. Think you do something like that to get Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan in the original games right?
  6. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. In a way it might be a smarter business move we most fans aren't going to buy both colours/letters/precious gems/weapons and just rely on trades but if someone does want both of those experiences they might be more likely. Maybe they could even stagger the release to give you time to build up a collection and then transfer it over (although you'd have to allow to not have to have both games to battle obviously).
  7. Read a few reviews and it seems interesting. Looks like there's some QOL improvements and overall just a rethink of the franchise. It seems the focus is on catching/researching and less so battles which in context makes sense. It's unlikely but it would be interesting if we got to a point where there are two versions of the games going forward but rather than slightly different Pokémon being the primary differentiator instead there was one game focused on collecting and another on battling. In fact the only real negatives I'm seeing mentioned are graphics and to a lesser-extent animation (more so because there are good ones and then there's also 'turns 180⁰ on the spot through simple rotation') and honestly at this point I bake that into Game Freak games 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hey I'm sure they have their place in the boot.
  9. Except for IGN Italy who gave it a 5. I'm slowly reading the interview but skipping to the end they called out the story, mechanics and not enough evolution if I'm translating it correctly.
  10. Nintendo Switch Released 3rd March 2017 N-Europe Review EU Launch Lineup Retail and eShop The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Review (coming soon) - Thread (Spoilers) - Thread (Spoiler-free) 1-2-Switch - Review (coming soon) - Thread Just Dance 2017 - Review (coming soon) Skylanders Imaginators Super Bomberman R - Thread eShop Only Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! - Review (coming soon) - Thread I Am Setsuna - Thread Fast RMX - Review (coming soon) - Thread Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Thread Voez New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers Vroom in the Night Sky Neo Geo Shock Trooper Neo Geo World Heroes Perfect Neo Geo King of Fighters '98 Neo Geo Waku Waku 7 Neo Geo Metal Slug 3 Othello Coming Soon Arms - Thread The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + - Thread Blaster Master Zero - Thread Fire Emblem - Thread Fire Emblem Warriors - Thread Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Thread Project Octopath Traveller - Thread Rime - Thread Runner 3 - Thread Skyrim - Thread Sonic Mania - Thread Splatoon 2 - Thread Super Mario Odyssey - Thread Ultra Street Fighter 2 - The Final Challengers - Thread Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Thread Yooka-Laylee - Thread Other Threads Indie Games Launch Day Previous Switch/NX Thread Release Dates Switch Accessorites Hardware images Friend Code List You can also update your profile to add your Switch friend code: http://n-europe.com/forum/profile.php?do=editprofile About this new thread We have decided to close the old thread because it has literally been around years and it's full of console speculation, disagreements and towards the end "where the hell is my delivery!?!". We have moved across the post-launch discussions about the machine and intend for this to be the general general Switch thread going forward. We have also closed the Other Switch Thread in the other console forum. That topic was created because people felt they couldn't openly and honestly discuss and criticise the NX/Switch and while it was not what we felt was necessarily best, we understand members felt a need for it. We are now asking that as the console has launched and we know about it more and what its pros and cons are, any discussions are done in this thread. Be courteous of others when discussing and ask for clarification if something seems wrong or 'absurd' to you. Please respect that others may think differently to you. Those that are being obstructive or insulting will be contacted and if it continues will find themselves banned from the thread and, if necessary, further action will be taken.
  11. From the rest of that thread
  12. You caught them all, but did you get to know them all?
  13. This is part of a wider Twitter thread explaining their experience with the game (mild spoilers in that thread) but thought I'd post these two as part of the summary
  14. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Apparently they're pretty big:
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Be sure to include "vehicles" otherwise you're going to get a range of results.
  16. What Have You Bought?

    Back (essentially) by popular demand. However, remember some purchases can warrant their own thread. Don't be afraid to make new threads and all that! Along those lines we may thrip from time to time.
  17. What Have You Bought?

    If you're not singing "these boots are made for motorcycling" while wearing them we can't be friends any more
  18. See this is tempting because I never played it as I couldn't afford an expansion pack. Still feel like being locked into a year-long membership isn't for me though. May get it later down the line when/if more games come.
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I saw someone on Twitter mention the cat and mouse thing and thought it was a metaphor for a captcha thing and then saw an image. What the hell
  20. The Disney Thread

    It did deviate from the norm a little bit though Had Surface Pressure and We Don't Talk About Bruno in my head for days though.
  21. Seen some of the leak stuff and obviously won't say anything but dang if you're trying to avoid anything it must be a pain.
  22. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    N64 poster set has been added:
  23. If only the delays had been a day! Are America and Europe on different drop day cycles? Can't actually recall now.