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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Ahh thanks. Nice to hear it combines both programmes.
  2. What Have You Bought?

    “I don’t have much money, but boy if I did...” That’s partly why it appeals. I first heard of Affinity a couple of months back who had got tired of Adobe’s pricing and was ditching it in favour of learning Affinity. He seemed to be adapting to it fairly well, and it’s good to hear you’re getting on ok with it. Definitely worth a look. £45 is a steal compared to Photoshop, their photography package of Photoshop and Lightroom starts from £10 a month... Looking on their website it seems they have a Lightroom equivalent called Affinity Photo?... Any experience with that?
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Oh awesome. I’ll give Affinity a look!
  4. What Have You Bought?

    What ya soldering?
  5. Laptops?

    Oh maybe. I was just thinking of external hard drives and USB’s. Are they universal now? There was certainly a time when Apple products requires their own external hardware and disc drives etc... right??
  6. Laptops?

    @Vileplume2000Thank you. Yeah I think what you’re saying is definitely the correct approach. I can run and use Photoshop on my 5/10 year old £500 Samsung laptop, but the screen is awful for seeing the real colour of the photos I’m taking. I was blown away when I looked at some of my pics on a MAC last year. I think for ease of being able to work on things from anywhere I will look for a laptop with a quality screen rather than invest in a monitor, but that’s a great shout for the future. I will take a look through the links you’ve included. Thanks for that! Something holding me back from Apple is then having to buy everything Apple. I can’t use existing external devices etc... But it’s something I’ll need to read up on. @Goaferhow do you go about your photo editing?
  7. Laptops?

    That’s good advice, thank you!
  8. N-E Book Club (or just a chat about books)

    Hmm yeah you may struggle if you’re not massively in to fantasy, but I would definitely recommend persevering with The Last Wish if you can, and even if you just move on and try Sword of Destiny, which I thought was incredible. Unlike the 6 other books they’re collections of short stores (as you may know) and easier to dip in and out of than the others. The full story books that I’m on now are a bit harder going, but there are great characters and I enjoy the world.
  9. Laptops?

    @HappenstanceYeah I’m not currently thinking of getting into video or any other sort of content creating. Really I’m thinking I’d like to finally do something with my photography and make it more than just a hobby. So I’ll be looking into new hardware, software and creating a new website. Honestly I’m really not very techy, so this will probably take some researching. @Will I imagine the new MacBook Pro will be pricey, when do they currently drop and how often do new models come out? Could I potentially look at an older model?
  10. N-E Book Club (or just a chat about books)

    Currently reading The Witcher saga and really enjoying it. The Last Wish. 4/5 Season of Storms. 3/5 Sword of Destiny. 5/5 And coming towards the end of Blood of Elves at the moment. I’m also interested in reading His Dark Materials. The TV series is absolutely fantastic, it’s a great world.
  11. Laptops?

    I couldn’t think of a better people to ask for advise on this and low and behold there’s been a thread started recently. Can anyone recommend a laptop that would suit me well for photography? Anyone recently looked into this sort thing or bought something they would recommend? running photo editing software, great true colour display and screen, good processor/RAM, number of ports, weight... Am I destined to buy into Apple? Are there good alternatives? Ideally I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but if it’s an investment and will last me a long time as @Will was saying, that would ease things. And wouldn’t be made to feel that I should be replacing it with each subsequent model released. Also, In which case would a refurbished model be worth looking at? Any help or advice would be massively appreciated!
  12. Venom (October 2018)

    That ‘Turd in the wind’ line Also, why is Tom Hardy doing a Christopher Walken impression??
  13. Sonic Forces (2017)

    Looks like the Sonic Unleashed levels.
  14. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Soz if already posted...
  15. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Likewise it doesn't make it look like a gaming handheld. It makes it look like the 1-2 Switch device.