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  1. Thought it might be nice to have a thread to discuss various Kickstarter Projects, especially as they can sometimes span a wide range of gaming devices! Also because they are beginning to turn up in various other threads on this forum, it would be good to have a place for them to go that's perhaps more appropriate/concise. If they're big enough projects they can of course have their own thread in this board, which is more preferable anyway... like the Shenmue III one... or we can thread rip them into their own threads. But this thread can be used to help bring others to peoples attention, or even just to discuss your thoughts and opinions on them... ... or for projects you'd maybe like to see! So the thread is here as and when it's needed... go for it!
  2. Seems a bit strange to me that they abandon it in favour of something very Vita (Wii U)... because why not just integrate the Vita (we all knows it needs the help/purpose). And also they say such changes would allow for deep Vita integration when surely it would be more the opposite?... taking away opportunities from the Vita. Revealed within weeks, not months?... yes please, leaves E3 for the games; but I wont be buying it for sometime anyway so ultimately it would make little difference
  3. I'm sure many have seen the concept pictures for some of the Nintendo character collectables from first4figures! Well now some of the actual figures have been shown off at the Comic-Con 2006 Nintendo booth, and they look AWESOME!! First4figures ( are currently designing collectables for Zelda and Metroid; Current product development plans include, but not limited to; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Young Link, Sheik, Ganondorf VS Link Diorama, Dark Link The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Fierce Deity Link, Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda, Link Metroid Prime Varia Suit Metroid Prime 2 Light Suit, Dark Suit Metroid Prime: Hunters Samus, Kanden, Sylux, Noxus, Spire, Weavel, Trace Here are those that were shown; Fierce Diety Link!!!!!!!!! Shiek!!!!!!!!!!! Samus Varia Suit Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Gunship Sylux Kanden The Zelda figures look incredible!!
  4. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    Hey guys, We're gonna have a bit of a change and have any Gaming Bargains you find be posted in a thread in each of the boards, instead of having the separate Bargains Boards... which has been renamed and will now just be used for Sales and Trades. It should get much more activity and be seen my more people this way. So if you find a PS3, PS4, Vita, 360, Xbox One, PC bargain etc... this is now the place
  5. E.X.C.I.T.E.D.!! Will Samuel L Jackson feature in this though? Surely you'd have to think he would from time to time/a lot!... I know it can feature on Shield Agents going off and dealing with plenty of Marvel characters not big enough to carry their own solo movie, but still. Also get Cobie Smulders on board please!... Thanks!!
  6. Resident Evil 5 The Story (so far...) The hero of the play will be indeed Chris Redfield. The history takes seat 10 years after the incident of Raccoon in first Resident Evil, Chris Redfield, in the past member of the S.T.A.R.S. (which does not exist any more), works for an organization called BSAA, and will have the role of inquiring into a new business in the desert, but the objective remains very vague for him. According to the producer of the play, Jun Takeuchi, this fifth episode of the series should learn some to us more on the mysteries from Resident Evil 4. The gameplay of Resident Evil 5 should be inspired besides largely by Resident Evil 4 with some additional improvements of course, the light and the darkness will take an important place in the play, Chris will have for example to adapt its sight when it returns in a dark part, or the opposite, it will be dazzled by the sun when it leaves outside. This time, the enemies are neither of the zombies nor of Los Ganados, but of the more intelligent semi-human creatures. A new trailer card of the play will be diffused soon and should include elements of gameplay which will show the differences compared to Resident Evil 4. Full Trailer Other info... - RE4 over the shoulder aiming returns (obviously). - Female character shown! This has got to be Sherry right?! She certainly has the look of William Birkin! - RE5's equivalent 'Dr Salvador' can be seen wearing a sack over it's head and wielding a giant axe. - Villagers use grappling hooks to climb up this time, or could the environments be very interactive/destructable and the villagers are actually pulling the level down to get to you? - Chris (like Leon) wears an ear-piece in Resi 5, however it is much more obvious this time round, suggesting it could play a greater part... Whilst it could simply be for radio communication like Leon... Perhaps Resi 5 takes it one step further and you can call in back-up assistance that will fight alongside you (maybe other known characters such as Jill, Claire, Barry, or just other soldiers) or perhaps even call in an airstrike and such... for when the battles really heat up! This game looks simply awesome!! The new concept of the light affecting your vision, (meaning you have to re-adjust) is a nice one! It could leave you very open to attacks if you suddenly step out into the midday sun and have you eyesight dazzled! So I guess you'll have to think carefully about the approach you take. I'm guessing these enemies which are 'neither zombies or Los Ganados' are the result of Weskers continued research on from Resi 4. Hopefully there will be a Wesker vs. Chris showdown!! though I can't really see it ever being the end for Wesker! Anyways... discuss...
  7. Look like it could be a fun Shantae-esque handheld title.
  8. Kirby: Mass Attack

    For the DS.
  9. Marvel's Phase Three

    We have our first two characters!
  10. Knights and Bikes (PS4/PC)

    Foam Sword, a new development studio comprised of developers behind the likes of LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, Tearaway and more, has announced it's first project. Their KickStarter page is awesome and full of info...
  11. Sunset Overdrive

    E3 2013: Insomniac Introduces Sunset Overdrive
  12. Kirby's Epic Yarn

    Just announced! Looks incredible! Seems to draw from Paper Mario for graphical inspiration.
  13. Alien: Isolation

    Everyone's bound to be skeptical of this off the back of Colonial Marines, but this is a different team and is very much a survival horror... Few pieces from IGN's write-up Gameplay
  14. State of Mind

    Now also coming to Switch...
  15. Venom (October 2018)

    That ‘Turd in the wind’ line Also, why is Tom Hardy doing a Christopher Walken impression??
  16. Think it looks fun, really like the visuals!
  17. Flashback 'Remake' (PSN/XBLA)

    To celebrate the game's 20th anniversary (not that I'm aware of the original :p)
  18. Samba De Amigo

    I SO hope this is true!!!It has been long rumoured and makes sense on Wii! If anyone doesn't know what the Dreamcast original was like, here's a couple of links, Info Video Gotta love the Dreamcast!
  19. Fat Pecker

    So today at work I was putting out winter bird feed products, of which one was labelled... Fat Pecker... ... a ball of fat (and seed) for the birds to peck at! What are some of the funniest product names you've found on your travels/know of?
  20. ZombiU

    Wii U Exclusive Trailer Awesome trailer! Questionable name (could change/be a placeholder). Although that was a cutscene style trailer, this is the first time we're seeing trailers like this with HD visuals on the Wii U!
  21. Splatoon

    Sploooosh... Looks a very fun new IP
  22. The Witness

    Should make a tread for this... Timed PS4 exclusive... Visuals look beautiful, carrying on where the likes of Journey and The Unfinished Swan left off on PSN, with a little bit of Wind Waker HD thrown in for good measure. Just the gameplay that needs to impress, as I think we were all left a little unsure watching it's reveal as to whether it was just a series of puzzles or...?