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  1. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Given hunts are usually about 50min allocated and you're new to it I wouldn't say thats horrifically ridiculous as you slowly get used to things; it also has certain quests that stop your rank going up(even tho it is behind the scenes with optionals etc) until you complete those etc. I don't have Iceborne myself but interested as a few folks I know are likely to; however I've only just got help with Tempered Kirin and got end game options etc to do and probs shit to collect so if folks are getting back on for a roam and a chuckle message me on psn - Rumdumcious
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Nah Ronnie you don't get that out lol. I will remind you of an old party line - posting is a privilege, not a right. I will tell you here openly and publicly I think you are toxic to this community and did so many years ago. I think continued reaction to you(and my post in addition to a response) is wholly indicative of this. If I had my way on various occasions you'd be gone - but that's the irony. I stayed my hand as a mod as I'm expected to judge fairly and with consideration and did so. I could have had you countless times despite that but let me tell you this - as far as I'm concerned you are on your thinnest of warnings. Also let me tell you this one as a mod right here - if you want right of reply to this post you do so either via PM or on my visitor wall but if you dare seek to try and do it again in this thread then you can face your actions. I'm tired of your disrespect not only for the moderators of this community but also to be quite frank your disrespect for its members and at times for the community itself. You are often toxic to this community(often moreso even than Wii was) and I am tired of it and so help me I will have you for it if you give me the chance, not for me or my ego, but for all these people whose only last resort each time I call you out is to react to my posts or to quote me and reply. It is wholly toxic and it will be swiftly eradicated without your presence. They are tired, and it is you of whom they are tired. Let me remind you again - reply ONLY via my visitor wall OR via PM. Quote me in this and I'll have you for derailing. You want a public audience I'm happy to have it - but you do it on my wall and not in threads. For everyone else here, keep calm, carry on, nothing else to see here. I want no quotes or responses on this unless they are via PM or my visitor wall.
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'm wondering if you pay attention to anything people say in this thread, as Shorty and many others pretty much covered this before and during the change. Honestly your most recent posts here seem to be more agenda'd against Sony than legit posts for dicussion as if that's only what you're posting for - keep it up and I'll look at getting you an infraction. This I say not just for your posting alone, but also how that posting behaviour seems to cause the community to react to you(ie you bait, leading to derails - and before you accuse me of doing exactly that in this post - this is being said as a mod).
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    PSN leading the way, as per Out of interest any much detail on competitors in the market?
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Though exactly what I posted in my post was Sony's officially line and even when I posted it you ignored it to suggest a full reset. Sure thing Ronnie. You weren't wrong at all despite so many coming out to call you on it in this thread. Keep on keeping on talking about what you don't know. After all, that's just it, you THINK you understand, and yet when challenged you backed it with nothing. Still waiting to hear how that guy re-initialized his ps4 without safe mode, as you understand so much more than me and everyone else here. Schooled, or Educated if you cannot understand the anology, as I said. Rudeness is dismissing someone as not understanding then showing a more prevelance ignorance than them, imo.
  6. Diablo 3

    Tbh I'm kinda the same as I double TV my living room. I wondered if you'd even noticed that I jumped on with you the other day! Me and Psychick play sometimes not even talking tbh, it's nice and 'mindless' as I said. I've never played a Diablo before but generally liked the style, I'm enjoying the whole season idea/thingy. I'd just about gone hit 70+ with my first char and made another then the season happened; it's spurred me on to try and get challenges done and completion etc. which has actually been great for a newb like me to learn about some of the vast aspects of the game. It is a bit vast/overwhelming but a few Googles or simple trial and error have helped me through in places. I find many aspects of the game incredibly intriguing and well designed, there's clearly a lot of thought gone in before to almost offer all the different 'levels' of the game throughout. (Apparently I wrote the above in July and the editor still saved my biz) ------------------------- Is anyone still playing? I just started up again for season 15 like last week and I've been rinsing to an extent that I'm level 400+ as wizard - such a ridiculously powerful little char I'm just loving it.
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    On that I was online for a lot of last night and did notice a few friendslist issues(as did a few of the OW guys) but the network itself wasn't too bad for me. I was mostly in Diablo but finding lots of online games to jump into with only one being laggy to a point of noticing (like a solid second to two between button press and cast at times) so I'm wondering if it was more the friendlist side of things than anything else or if certain games are not vulnerable to these things than others etc.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    "That's just it, from what you understand." You wanna sort out your glaring hypocrisy here @Ronnie, I didn't even realise everyone else would come in to school you, let alone an admission from yourself of undertaking the same criticism made to others. Maybe despite how much it pains you to realise it you may in future accept the points made by myself and others before trotting out claims you can't even back up with any logical process?
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Now, my post already addressed this and suggested the database rebuild over the full restore - so stop playing the fool. In addition they has been reinforced by others offering you graphic evidence of it being option 5 - so stop misrepresenting the situation that you're clearly unable to understand even when it's being pointed out to you. In addition to which however I'll offer some personal experience and counter @Shorty - I've done a few rebuilds due to issues with my ps4 over last few years(as well as full backup and restore due to drive upgrade) and whilst I've heard that the rebuild CAN take a while - I don't believe any of mine have broken anything more than 5-10 minutes. Can you explain to me how someone re-initialized their ps4 without getting into safe mode btw? Or how/why they couldn't get into it? As far as i understand(and ofc, it's just what I understand even though demonstrated the same thing Sony have officially stated prior to you stating otherwise) - there is not a way for users to re-initialize a ps4 other than through safe mode. Ofc, it's just from what I understand and you surely know more - if you can find that solution and provide it to me I'll be happy to agree with your criticisms @Ronnie but if you can't then that supposed claim holds no water.
  10. Friday the 13th

    I rarely buy games on Day 1, and so often end up playing them months or even years after everyone else. This normally leads to me having intimate discussions with myself in otherwise eerily quiet threads. See the LA Noire thread, the Titanfall 2 thread, the Witcher 3 thread etc. Maybe you need to play some Friday the 13th
  11. Friday the 13th

    Tbh I feel like that sometimes with the old games I love that nobody posts about here - why don't we ever get proper seshes together from the community for all those good online psn games! I need to check far more of them out but I can rarely back arsed by myself
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Tbh it isn't actually so much a psn issue I imagine but rather more a system software hole left that leaves some overflow vulnerability or something. It's bad that the system can be 'broken' like this but it is something that comes with more dynamic systems. We should take some solace in the fact they've not yet so far been discovered to have released easily hard hackable hardware such as the launch Switches and it's vulnerability (especially in comparison to it's far less robust online structure that could leave more regular players exposed to abuse of said hack) but I think we both know where that conversation is going to go. That's no doubt a far harder problem for them to patch(and if offer evidence of the original BootMii and Wii as an example of this when they had to revise the hardware). Also take into account that if your console DOES somehow get bricked by this vulnerability you do still have easy home solutions to the problem even if it IS a full restore - again far more than what is offered on a similar front from Nintendo for a similar issue afaik. You could argue it being something similar to a lack of foresight by Sony on the PSN names issue tho. On the side of it for anyone who does recieve it - apparently if it DOES brick the PS4 and you can't get back in even if you do delete the message somehow - it's worth trying the recovery/safe mode database rebuild before going hard at a full restore - I recall reading some who weren't able to fix it with just the delete had success with both.
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'm imaging the base tags will all stay taken and not overwritten, and the 'change' being something sort of on top/patched in but some old code or infrastructure can't neccessarily follow it. Personally not got any intention to change but if I did I'd probably want to wait it out and be sure it's all working ok before I did - but I guess for some that might forego them the jump on the name they really want.
  14. Playstation Plus Free Games

    I think I've weirdly morally sworn off of D2 - I paid and adopted and launch and they treated me like a cunt. Fuck them now.
  15. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    I agree it is pretty ridiculous to consider the takings of it, but is it not just a symptom of the increasingly available global market all adding up on a small scale to a notable total?