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  1. good stuff thread.

    ah shit nothing worse for a maths boner than the MoD and I mean that really fucking literally too. “This is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be” RIP. A living god - chastised by powerful white men who cared where his dick had been. I will NEVER forgive it. We would be great beyond measure as a global society if it were not for that fucking human ignorance. He was a King.
  2. good stuff thread.

    Yeah I kinda expected as much on that. You analytics and statistics definitely tickles my dick tho(and you'll have just been invited into my top sekrit sekrit binary society elsewhere) - what sorta shit do you do??
  3. Questions

    Absolutely and always. I need to earn my bread as a mod afterall! Anything beyond the mark can be dealt with as it comes - I don't think proscription has ever been our major style nor are any of us heavily against speech just because it offends sensibilities - everyone has different views on politics, religion, and ofc most important of all - Video Games on the internet.
  4. Laptops?

    Tbh given some of the last discussion in this thread(tho tbh they came to mind anyway) I would probs tag @Goafer and @Happenstance for two with opinions - not sure how much Happs does macwise but I know that I can barely close a window on ' my mum's ' macbook pro or some shit(my dad is a tech idiot taken on board with the apple thing as work uses iphones and ipads, so he bought it 'for' my mum...but she probs uses it the least our of me my dad and my brother. Me and my brother dont even live there).
  5. good stuff thread.

    lol, you could just reached out to Ashley or Me(who would've just reached out to Ashley or Cube) and seen if you coulda get a reset I presumed you were just one of the some who slowly drifted/moved away from the place - and iirc you had started writing on your site elsewhere and I presumed that just took your gaming focus alongside life and the family! Big up to your dad tings tho - I was actually thinking about MadDog recently and maybe getting another(and i wont lie maybe last) proper meetup sorted - but like in advance of NOW for next year cos we're all supposedly proper adults now(not me ive been outta work since before covid and had an annoying run of health so im a bum now lol).
  6. Questions

    I dunno, I heard someone saw that Rummy guy sneaking around in the night.... Vote:Rummy
  7. Here's me never even realising it saw the light if day anyway! What went so wrong with it? Here's me never even realising it saw the light if day anyway! What went so wrong with it? Re: servers it annoys me in the modern age(and especially with Nintendo for how they've failed to care or to plan for them sustainably) - I completely do agree/wonder how nuch REALLY is it to upkeep these things? I never understood why they had to kill SMB35 for example(where as with Wii stuff done thru GameSpot servers was it I can understand - Nintendo really should aim for some server longevity imo).
  8. Tl; dr. (jk) an unfortunate story i read in the opposite as a result of blanket policies, blanket thinking, and innate human nature of squeezing personal worth; (r/hobbydrama) [Video Games] The Story of “Summer of 58”: that time an indie game developer went on hiatus after multiple people bought their game, played it, beat it in less than 2 hours and then refunded it
  9. Ah, I see how close I was to this thread whilst posting in the other -.- I'm reading the court document atm because I'm weird like that, but can anyone who knows kinda explain what this means? From what I saw in a quick google it's a BananaMan in a suit - but I feel like the Apple reference in the footnote should refer to Epic? Ofc I do see the irony of a banana appearing for court in a suit...
  10. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Ah yeah as I kept having it pop up I looked for threads and noticed we had about three knocking about a bit so I ended up hefe lol. From the article I saw that they were owed the money/30% of whatever epic circumvented i think due to a contract breach or so but after this ruling surely the 30% is not as bound now? Tho as I said I haven't looked at the actual court documents yet but it'll make a change to reading Trump cases lol and ill hopefully crack through it this week(strangely i like court documents). Btw poss makes sense to reply to me in more active thread if you think so and reply to this feel frer to tag me there.
  11. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Haven't read the court opinion/order yet but it's apparently 185 pages(im out today so probs wont start it til tomorrow) but a federal judge has ruled against Apple's original practice and forcing all payments(and thus their cut) through their store;
  12. yo Calv! ain't nothing just saw its your birthdayday and thought I'd say a randomhello, been a long time since wifikarts by Charlie and all your excellent 3DS Miiverse drawings :p hope you're all good bro and happy birthday!

  13. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Apple are yielding somewhat in settlement elsewhere - supposed speculation is the Epic suit may recieve some judgements akin but who knows;
  14. Tech Pouch

    i mean if you wanna get crazy how about systems on a go? obvs live usbs are always handy imo, but what about going mad to have a system with you? tbh i started this sitting here randomly wishing i had a wireless keyboard/mouse in one to cuss out ps4 noobs faster and then i thought - do they still do those hdmi systems on a stick? overkill on tech but a quick wireless keyboard and a whole OS you can stick into a hdmi port - well; tbh its more useful for social stuff than professional i guess(cos why would you use a system on a stick over classic hardware) but was just a random thing i remembered contemplating back in the day myself. also btw the actual idea of a tech pouch is something i never considered but might do myself. poss a number of usb cables of various types a liveusb a portable charger pack a mains to usb plug etcetc. my only really problem is i used my pockets as a bag mostly; and whilst i like the idea of it being handy prepped easy to transfer easy to go etc. i can totes see myself losing a tech pouch and crying at all my lost shit thats super useful
  15. Just want to say, if you feel like any of my arguments in the Covid thread (now or future) are in bad faith, feel free to take any relevent action.

    1. Rummy


      Thanks Cube, it's not to shut down any voices or points per se; but certain ways things are argued can slowly escalate on both sides and I'm not sure how authentic they, or more so how much some posters consider the community(ie all our members, who are posting and conversving), and my 'bad faith' is along the lines of just stoking the issues and argument for the sake. As I said I'm not taking either side of the vaccine but I will be wary of the way folks are posting. Subjects and issues don't discount decorum no matter how sesinsitive or emotional they may be and it kinda just leads to division etc. imo.