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  1. Latest RummySingh update on lockdown shopping(also london was on fire but i fucked the bit i thought i was filming that); Also; ofc realise I was one of two people contributing along with everyone else to this - shops were pretty mad crazy/busy as usual last night between maybe 7-8 30ish. Didn't film owt there was just trying to get in get stuff get out but yeah. Curious to actually go out and see it for realz but kinda realises unavoidable... (no entrance queues for stores anymore it seemed)
  2. I heard the R rate is massively skewed in care homes. I think the govt are playing fast and loose with that thinking it means relatively low a problem in rest of population but the care home situatoon is fucking crazy as it is from what I hear so that realtivity could be notably large.
  3. "Ladles and Jellyspoons: I come before you to stand behind you, and tell you something I know nothing about: As next Thursday is Good Friday, there will be a Fathers' meeting for Mothers only. Wear your best clothes if you don't have any, and please stay at home, if you can be there. Admission is free, pay at the door, have a seat on me; please sit on the floor. No matter where you manage to sit, the man in the balcony will certainly spit. I thank you for your unkind attention, and now present the next act: The Four Corners of the Round Table."
  4. N-Europe 2020 meetup - Arcade club??

    Well well well. Did not expect THIS to spring up out of the thread but I whole heartedly support it as absolutely awesome!! Forum socials are bloody perfect for a lockdown!! Let's take this forward for an n-e covid-19 lockdown titnernet socials ideas threads? obvs lots of us and lots of diff events fracture us but i like the idea of accessibility in a netflix weekly film club or so etc. If i get motivation or a bettwr host I have been contemplating getting some Mafia back in order at some point too...
  5. N-Europe 2020 meetup - Arcade club??

    Think its time to currently put a wrap to this and put it on hold - seems the artist formally known as dr.bob knew more than all of us and was correct in the madness that covid-19 would become. I do not want to abandon the idea of a meet though and if anything think a post covid-19 one may be worth the merit!!
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Saw PixelJunk Monsters 2 going for just 2 quid in sale at for games Big in Japan. Tower defense(curiously jsut what i fancied before i thought id trying seeing if Eden was ps4 ported) and not at all bad for 2 quid. Challenging, bit diff(you on the ground constructing towers) but not neccessarily revolutionary - yet for 2 quid it isnt bad. its got extra content also that you can get i sale but i cant see price cos i bought base game first so it wont show my bloody bundle price - but I doubt its gonna be breaking a fiver!!
  7. So I'm in a quick pickle looking yet again for anothet ps4 for someone - does anyone know anywhwre that has either the best prices on brand new atm and what they are and also what second hand is saying snd who or where might be offering best price on that? Anyone here looking to get shot of a working ps4 at all either by any chance? Any model I think!
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    Oh yo yeah Happs was me! Tbh they have a server app somewhere thats basically just command line console etc and you can leave it running all day if your PC is on anyway(so you actually host it seperate to play session then player yourself in a seperate game instance) - tho ofc that relies on trusting everyone with the world. Yeah btw @Vileplume2000 its basically a persistent world anyone/whoevers allowes/got the deets that you can join or leave whenever. It was kinda crazy back when I put mine up wouldn't be on for ages then came back to some mad sick constructions and stuff lol. I'll get back to you on the who's in a bit @Happenstance. I havent used my PC in ages(tbh do everything on phone now and game on PS4) but laptop fried itself recent so may get it setup into something and be down for jumping in fresh again with folks on a world just need to flex a TV out of somewhere. Top of my head I recall Nightwolfe was there; then feeling one of our europeans but no idea who. drahkon ville maybe actually even someone else and neither of them at all...
  9. Gotta Get Thru This

    The Dog House on Channel 4/4OD/All4. Watch it last though, not enough episodes and almost too emotionals. Basically First Dates but if the first date was you adopting a puppy. Friday Night Dinner on Channel 4/4OD/All4. Great family style laughs(not as an audience per se i mean i am watching this and laughing at YOUR family you ridiculous fools!). Probably watch it first. Little bit of the good old The Windsors. its on Channel4/4OD/All4. Watch it whenever you need to just fill the gap.
  10. I will eventually keep up with some of this thread but I gotra say the govt doublethink and gaslighting right now is crazy. 'lockdown possibly to relax by may' is another soft sell for the immediate follow up of 'lockdown may last longer if citizens dont abide by our draconion nanny state rules' because here it is - lockdown IS longer term and it IS inevitable; but if they told you all that right now - lets be honest in evaluating this:- how would YOU react??
  11. Me being me and enjoying paying a lot of attention to the world and its crises(and ranting on fb :p) I've been trying to get whatever perspectives on this I can. Been chasing a front line doctor for a while and finally heard back - ofc its mixed etc but thought some may appreciate the perspective(no idea if they're actually allowed to be letting me know or that i can share this btw)
  12. Gotta Get Thru This

    Just decided to get back on an absolute masterpiece on Netflix and recommend a huge binge to all whilst in isolation. Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down. Smooth ass shit.
  13. Me and a few friends been speculating this is all just for the angles as he will get any and all priority treatment as needed and be very unlikely to die even in a worst case scenario. It's rather irksome he shakes hands gets tested yet our NHS frontliners are all being left out there to rot and fester if they get infected(genuinely got an nhs worker friend who 111'd last night with symptoms and got told the hospital wouldnt admit her so shes possibly just at home suffering with covid now but when now can she return to work...)
  14. Johnson visited a Covid-19 ward or something. Shook hands you'll be pleased to know. He shook hands with everybody. Covid-19 now has Johnson. It's just so hard to believe we could be living in a 'nation if idiots who can't follow simple advice' isn't it? 🙄
  15. The Wrasslin' thread

    Absolutely amazing. Much harder in places than I expected; wrapped quite well though.