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  1. Questions

    well you havent asked me for any of them pictures on here for ages now...
  2. The Trump Presidency

    The actual Axios interview is just....unbelievable. Starting with the HBO ident amuses me greatly amuses me too as my own HBO consumptions have been high drama or pure comedy 🤣
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Ngl Overwatch has ofc as you know done very similar for me and its gonna be pretty big a factor to to help convince me to purchase a PS5 - I'm just wondering where is my limit? I have a Switch now but I didn't buy it and still not sure I could/would pay that retail price. Then tho...£500 for a console+game I may alone get 1500+ hours out of? It sure is a nice way to break it down to convince oneself the purchase
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I think keeping hardware as low as possible whilst it doesn't bring immediate money to their own pockets but gets the system out and about is really what they need to do. I've always been curious about why more console makers don't attempt to make more of their own 'launch bundles' - pack a load of stuff together and share some of the margin losses but it means you could get publishers on boards and also give them sales directly tied to your own?
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Lockdowns helping money in for video games atm! On which note I am completely unneccessarily getting angsty for something new to play and discard after an hour or two - cant make my mind up! Contemplating NiNoKuni 2 but worried I'll lose focus quick - anyone who's played give a quick rundown of major differences between 1 and 2?
  6. The Wrasslin' thread

    Randomly came across Bill Burr narrating a classic shoot with Antonio Ionoki and some fat Antonio and its made me rather interested in shoot side of stuff; anyone got recommendations for any good classics/watches? seen a few already. also my mate/wrestling gog to go gave me a few good Dark Side of the Ring episodes to watch - Brawl for All and New Jack. Fuck me. On both fronts.
  7. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    ohhhh didnt realise it was alting wondered if it was related to changes lol. On a serious note with that; how do you think you feel offering any personal experiences and views in a bit more depth? Also to check with current regular participants - would anyone mind if I added for now and see how it goes an (and discrimination?) to the topic title. Whilst we've had a bit of a weak debate around the meta idea of 'intersectional issues' over the last couple pages that have buried the actual idea being even recognised or discussed - I think i would say given convos so far and the contributions of various folks its moving more into the generality of how discrimination as a whole macro idea applies and manifests down in these little micro issues? Just my thoughts atm.
  8. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    is that a soag?
  9. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    What point of view are YOU coming from and what are you after? So far most of it imo was people giving their own stories and discussing and reflecting from there. I wanted to avoid this becoming some sort of 'source wars' on the internet. I think it is obvious why; though I will quote a man I actually consider really quite very wise in these matters; " Isaac Asimov, I, Robot (Robot, #0.1) Tags: epistemology" Now. This is not JUST a quote for the sake of the current matter but Asimov wrote some very, very, very good stories. Most will know the film I, Robot(based on his works but not a specific) and also Bicentennial Man(starring Robin Williams as an 'robot'/android). His collection of short robot stories are collected into 'The Complete Robot' and I recommend it to anyone who can read with a fine eye - he utilises stories of robots(in varying positions/situations) to highlight the basic prejudices and discriminations in society - almost showing them to be inavoidable. In writing his stories with 'robots'(a term half attributed to him iirc and from the czech for slave?) he often has people judgemental sympathetic empathetic etc towards the robots of the stories and highlights the different interactions and prejudices around 'others'. I believe in doing so he waa able to critique a society that woulf no way have tolerated it at the time had the prejudices been written against other humans - but being stories or robots judging humans some who saw robots as nothing of consequence never saw themselves in the stories as the judgemental ones.
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I think this; given Nicktendo's open im the response to me - highlights exactly the flaws in his approach. Throwing around loosely defined things from a lofty approach. Not offense @Nicktendo but you try to open a critique against my post suggesting I am arguing ad hominem whilst literally throwing an ad hominmen at me stopped me in my tracks in giving the rest of your post any merit. Is ResetEra some well-recognised and well-defined term here that Beast could not even google a definition? Or are you continuing to try and present yourself in some lofty, holier-than-thou, more-knowledgeable-than-thou position. I explained already it was a meta critique of your argument style thus far. Not something against you. Yet you continue to do so - my motivation in raising it is a variety of reasons; The attitude overlaps with those denying many of the issues being discussed in this thread. Whilst typical of the usual style of discussion/argument on the internet it has been noted repeatedly within this thread by more than one poster how despite this being a sensitive topic its had been and continues to be a pretty good discussion - I'm trying to say I think your biases here are bringing something into the thread that hasn't been present so far - ie most people have been discussing back and forth whereas when you have been critiqued you have tended to gloss over and ignore the very valid criticisms being levelled at you by others. Where this has seemingly happened elsewhere in the thread(ie me will beast jonnas all coming from different points of view) we've seemed to display a bit more of engagement with each other that seems to show we are listening. Just trying to gently explain to you that so far your own engagement with the thread seems otherwise compared to most of the others. You seem quick to dismiss and label or judge(see your comments on intersectionality and this bizarre ResetEra referefence). How can you dismiss intersectionality even? I won't even make an argument here whwn others can do better I've seen you already utilised Triggernometry as a source so why not take on of their videos and listen to a muslim comedian break down homosexuality within that community and then tell me how much you think things happen the same for homosexuals in non-muslim communities compared?
  11. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Not gonna pick you apart by arghument Nicktendo but seeing a lot of disingenousness grom you throughout the thread. Lots and lots og wrguments stats etc put out by you and your instant 'nope im out!' at literally two words shows something I see in a lot of people who don't have much interest in *actually* progressing things. You're obviously intelligent(even if you insist on being foolish ) but many of your arguments are riddled with flaws such as false equivalences or assuming perfect impartiality/exclusivity etc. When these gaping flaws have been pointed out to you you have merely just rambled off a load of other stuff. Lets for example take the idea of oppurtunity and how any black person(let alone the intersectional issues of a black female) can become president(of US). Or even that a female could become prime minister(of UK). Why has this throughout ALL the presidents and prime ministers only netted us to date Margaret Thatcher Theresa May and Barack Obama with no black Prime Ministers and no female Presidents so far. Are you really going to tell me that is all pure chance? Or are black people or women people simply just incapable? You cannot have it both ways. The bias definitely exists - and whilst people post here and articulate themselves to explain why your claims are incorrect you often ignore them and simply ramble some other stuff afterwards; implying because you have lots of stats videos claims etc. that they are therefore objectively more truthful powerful and correct. They are not. Again I won't redo the work of multiple others here but take that as the meta-critique of your work so far. I don't have an issue with your conservative views but it seems to have an impact upon your engagement and certain respect for certain people - and given the whole nature of this topic here and the idea of a blindness contributing to all this in society it's worth considering - even earlier when will' pointed out the racist nature of something you actually typed you took it to read he was saying YOU were a racist - I don't think others here were reading it the same. @Beast post so huge hard to quote but the reason I was raising 'inter-racial racism' (ie me and indians just as an example) as it were was again not for a point; but to tell the story. Some here may never have known or seen it. Has anyone other than me and Will watched The School That Tried to End Racism on 4od yet?? It should basically be like the recommended reading for this thread tbh
  12. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    dropping in super quick as this has popped back up on youtube - documentary by daryl davis a legendary blues musician who befriended and managed to obtain the robes of a number of Klansmen, very interesting guy;
  13. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Did anyone manage to catch this btw? Year 7 kids. Both episodes on 4od/All4 catchup. The School That Tried to End Racism - highly highly recommend it for any and all skin colours! Seeing both white and non-white kids in the same situations essentially was quite curious. It isn't Brown Eyes Blue Eyes and definitely a VERY different tone from Jane Elliott but it was a great watch; felt quite hopeful after it too. Did give @MoogleViper a shout about it dunno if he watched yet tho...
  14. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Ronnie you remain the fool you always insist on being. BLM is about highlighting systemic biases. The economic system is one if the most fundamental in the world and has a clear bias. Suggesting we help blacl businesses etc. by putting money in their pockets(ie the money that makes the world go round) given they are constantly robbed and disadvantaged by the system is not a bad thing. Unless you're white and suddenly scared Black People are getting power in one of its rawest forms in society especially in a time of pretty dire global economic positions - the power of money. Can't say I expect less of you though. You basically came in here and tried to 'All Lives Matter' the convo. So I think on that front here with you I am done. Also enjoy YOU being the one who thinks he has the write to decide what black folk may or may not find condescending...rather than letting them tell you themselves... Back to earlier stuff @Jonnas appreciate much of your response - but to clarify I was talking a bit lightly(no indians have really about faced me after finding out :p) and I had framed a lot of my post lightly conversationally to aim it towards @will' in part but also for other 'privileged white folk who feel they dont understand/see it'(as it were :p) - I imagine the bits of subtle racism both within and between ethnicities may not be something often seen/experienced by those in such a position.
  15. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Ahhh what a great convo! Been enjoying it. Not got a lot of time to reply proper right now but theres something I think called 'The school that tried to end racism' on C4 tonight at 9pm(actual live TV alololol what a square). I saw one ad earlier in the week; looked mildly Jane Elliott style but not really - but it could be curious. I think they seperate white and non-white kids then get them to reflect on things of their heritage culture etc(primary age or close into early secondary it seemed). Poss worth a watch. I shall try to catch it. Also gonna post up some replies to some of the above later too hopefully! EDIT: Mate. This is SO on point of what we need right now. Honestly make sure you guys watch this - the light of hope is within our youth.