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  1. General Switch Discussion

    ill be honest i only have my switch cos i insisted on custody of it(with fair trade in return) from a mate as it's launch/g1 and I wanted to ensure access to a supposedly hard hackable switch(thr fact i say supposedly shows i did absolutely jack all about the hardhack vulnerability) and whilst I do super like it - its as a handheld. And actually I say super like it much do I play? Very few retail games appeal to me. There's a good few eShop or even freemium games out there to entertain enough too. And maybe that's the problem. The switch entertains, but for me it only seems to entertain *enough*. It's almost like my phone that isn't a phone for 10 minutes whilst I have to charge my phone. Or its the gaps in between rounds of games on my ps4. Or it's something I wake up to and do my freemium dailies on. Whatever it is; it seems to fill the gaps. Gaps are never really enough though.
  2. Do you ever visit us anymore, canand? I've been curious where life may have taken you; it was strange that you would dissappear and now it's been a few years. Hit me up if you're still about!

  3. Social Media

    This will be a double-post(if I don't get too lazy partway). Yes. I am here merely because my socials have been reduced again. I commited an egregious crime of replying to somebody who may or may not be a member of this forum with what I thought was a harmless joke in response to their harmless joke. Little did I realise what I was actually doing, completely unware of this fact at any point, is that I was ACTUALLY inciting violence. I can definitely see that this was totally was I was doing; rather than making a counter-joke relating to the original post which was about.....non-violence. From a pretty famous dude on at least the internet too(not sure how many people have heard of lama irl, ofc.) Whilst this doesn't bother me tons as I'm getting far more into reddit now with my time as facebook grows increasingly dry and increasingly desperate in its algorithms to get me clicking, Ifind it highly interesting a thing. The 'decision' was made within I think minutes - the appeal 'decision' also so. It's curious to think of a few things relative to this; 1.) actual disinfo on fb is rife. anti-vaxx and anti-covid a plenty. Much content of which I've combined reported 50+ times now maybe. Much still there groupwise. 2.) The sheer quick algorithmic nature of the application of review. At worst - an actual human did it; and that worries me more because no Turing Test excuses cam be made an actual human did a bad job evaluating human content theg are literally employed to evaliate for exactly that reason and that single decision could impact people who aren't me a lot heavier(some folks losing facebook commenting/posting even in the tail ends of lockdown who have very little social connections otherwise for example) and its remarkable how swift how definite and weirdest - how instant yet hidden; it is. Nobody will know I've been silence for 3 days unless they are told. It's a passive dissappearance that is, in some ways, kinda creepy ethically. 3.) Ok I wrote so much in 2 that I forgot what 3 even was gonna be. Enjoy me rambling less that I often might EDIT: 4.) I didn't hide me on fb in the images. I have for some intents and purposes kept my fb public for years now(also another factor probably influencing my greater amounts of censorship) and in part exactly for pushing their algorithms. It is also not exactly particular stealthy trying to hide with a unique name such as Rummy and how everyone here is smart enough to find anyone on the internet - so I didn't/don't bother. Also there is literally zero beef with said forum dude that's just me doing internet courtesies of real name censorship he is a very decent guy from all the times we have crossed paths. (tl; dr: facebook autobots cant past turing test yet wish to moderate human content/bad human attempts at humour and parody)
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Have you got anymore background data into this? Any potential ideas as to causes and why etc? Not related to covid per se and not quite racism itself but I was trying to explain a little bit to my mate just in passing the other dag about bias in healthcare - a major main basic one being women not always getting addressed/diagnosed as much as men despite equitable symptomatic presentations etc. Then how it's kinda echoed in any minority group and exacerbated between - ie black women getting less despite equala symptom presentation etc.
  5. Fun with Flags!

    Hey man if you want to become it manifest it. No Vexillophobia here on reality. That, ofc, is based of the termage of Vexillology - the study of flags. Did you know that there are supposedly just 3 'asymmetrical' flags? Did you also know of the mist expensive union flag ever? Clearly very off topic and irrelevant to the topic at hand about flags but its a little fun! The source itself is doubly fun!
  6. Fun with Flags!

    brb just texting my mate david if he can get me a meeting with dishy rishi...
  7. Fun with Flags!

    So....anybody else kinda confused by this whole mad flag push happening recently/at the moment? Was tempted to pop this elsewhere but thought I'd just topic it up. How do people feel about this? Does anyone care? I'm not against it but I am mostly baffled about it, indifferent, but still nonetheless thinking about effects and impacts and what might subsequently manifest. For a few references to varying flag stories atm; I reaally feel like we surely have more important shit to be doing right now?? Am I crazy?
  8. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    It seems, as ever, that starting games I haven't is kinda for me but completing them is a very rare event. Literally not sure what game I've 'completed' recently that wasn't a replay. Having said that I still dip a few Overwatch matches most day; check in on my gem apple tree on Super Kirby Clash and dip a bit into Gems of War(freemium match 3 style, ala Puzzle Quest etc) on my Switch. Got a very rare/mythic card/troop this week by chance om that so it's made me end up playing that even more HOWEVER. I mentioned completion of replays. Decided to crack old school All-Stars for SNES on Switch. Did some cheely warps for SMB3 to get to W8 and just complete it(been co-opping with a mate for a few months and we left it at World 6 last but I got itchy to play myself :p) and after that - and absolute classic I haven't played maybe since its GBA incarnation - and that was Super Mario Bros 2. No warps; try to play every level as it is. I'm decidedly quicker now than as a kid lol. But man....what a game. I forgot how much it both techinically kinda wasn't/isn't Mario but then also how much it is. First things ofc are all the enemies now canon - but even stuff on its mechanics. Some bottom to top progressions or vice versa over just left to right. Being able to 'ride' on top of enemies and to pick them up. The choice of 4 characters with differing abilities(classic luigi jumps and toadstool floats too), the whole idea/system of vegetables/plants hidden in the ground. Then the potion and subspace twist - the finding of mushrooms through trial and error but also just the coded freedom of throwing a subspace potion/door almost pretty much ANYWHERE and even using it to dupe items etc. It's small in essence; but surprisingly free for weird experimentation. Add to that also the biggest and possibly weirdest of all Mario twists - finding a pipe you CANT enter in SMB2 is very rare. It flips the whole SMB1 paradigm on its head in that imo. Srsly; ofc it was Doki Doki and got taken into the Mario series - it may actually be one of the best and most unique of the marios out there. Of all the things it did - how much stuff has ever really been re-utilsed gameplay-wise? Only ever really been lore/characters - but I'd be fascinated in seeing what a Doki Doki Panic 2 might have ever looked like - even if we'll never see it because of the Mario connection now.
  9. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Most of the short squeeze is dead but the Apes continue to Ape, in support of their brethrin; edit: lels the fund has slipped the meme into front page APES TOGETHER STRONG
  10. Hello Rummy,

    I am not able to post in any section on the forum. Can you please take a look at my account and see if there are any restrictions.


  11. ok im late to the party but a cheeky little monkey told me about a lil' thing apparently called HGH Gut and im starting to think someones been leaking something into this King's pond since he was a kid;
  12. Google Stadia

    So....Google dropped the ol' 'Do No Evil' motto at some point iirc and who could possibly wonder why....
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Didn't we also just have a bit of a very minor sneeze of a recession a wee before that too which has drastically driven up prices globally since? Actually - even without the above and I'm too lazy right now to do it, I'd kinda be curious to see how a pure dollar comparison of all the consoles over time would compare as I'd expect each successor to outweigh it predecessor but it would be interesting if there were any weirdly notable dips...
  14. My girlfriend turned into the moon.
  15. The GameStop....swizzle?

    lol, i know! but it IS in itself almost as absurd as all that. most people i talk to about it know OF it but don't really know the whats or whys; and by time you do things seem to have changed again(there's been a whole ton of admin/mod drama and turnover on the WallStreetBets subreddit as a result; spurred by the old 'founders' returning trying to usurp control for money) - but its definitely absurd. And I gotta be honest my regular one page source isn't exactly the most sense-making thing either (changes most days tho) ;