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  1. Hogwarts Legacy

    If it were 'crystal clear' then people in the thread and you would not be having disagreements on this. You may believe yourself 'crystal clear' but quite clearly, and crystally, you were not clear and caused bones of contention. Accept that as an observation of how you post as a habit, or move on. I like Harry Potter, so do others, but nobody in their right might can try to dismiss JK Rowling from Harry Potter. It's a mad point, and you seem to be deliberately trying to ignore that/dismiss that. It's like trying to discuss Zelda or Mario without discussing Miyamoto. It's a frank madness, imo. You can't divorce these creators from their art or end products especially if they still profit off it - I think that's just being really disingenuous - and its valid for people here to express that opinion in this thread(akin to why i expressed I wouldn't be in favour of closing it, either.)
  2. Hogwarts Legacy

    Step back off your attitude, @Ronnie. This is a direct quote. 'nothing to do with it'. Thats you. I ain't putting words anywhere - the argument by others than she is inextricably linked to the entire franchise whilst you are disingenuously trying to argue otherwise is 100% legit for you to be called out on. I KNOW my HP, and i ALWAYS know your words. Don't run from your own voice now it doesn't suit you - if you don't like your own voice we'll gladly silence you at your own request. Check yourself before you wreck yourself Ronnie - you like to abuse authority because you forget we are people too. You may try and demand I be either member of this forum or moderator of this forum - I am both. I have equal right to report you as disruptive and be taken seriously without being the moderator involved - I suggest again you step off and back off with your issues with authority/whatever complexes you have and really consider how you post. You on VERY thin ice my friend and I'd like to be passionate about a subject such as HP which I already am, beyond most measures, very passionate about. Your entire flaw and reason I want you off this forum is you discourage peoples' passion(again, as I stated in my previous, I am not here to stifle conversation whereas it seems you are. That is an untenable position.) Behave yourself.
  3. Hogwarts Legacy

    Tbf, the opinion of others on your original statement of essence that said 'JK Rowling has nothing to do with the Harry Potter franchise' is being called out for the disingenuity laid within that. I think you already get that, and your attempt to pivot afterwards to 'nothing to do with this game' doesnt really hold water - especially when, as has been pointed out, she profits from the whole franchise and every iteration within it, maybe even original intention when she made it(i mean hell we've seen GRRM cares more about that than actually writing his damn books).
  4. Hogwarts Legacy

    Still catching up and just my own personal take(im not the only mod, and depending on flow ofc this can change) - we ARE a forum. a place of congregation and discussion. Our members and community generally prove themselves worthy and able of both this congregation and discussion. I have no intents or agreements in closing threads solely because of socio-politically related issues(and make NO mistake, when it comes to both Harry Potter I'm probably exceptionally qualified, and I will genuinely fight people on this, and have on record lol) - if it gets TOO far sidetracked maybe then we'll see - but as far as it is now its a valid discussion if even in the wrong place(not sure where i WOULD fit it) - and I think thats important too. We MUST have space for conversations as a society even if difficult for some/the many, and I am not one for tribalistic tendancies of dismissal. /RummyNote
  5. Logic Randomisers??

    m8. i was just watching/getting back into a few randomisers this very week(MM luck seed by Good Old Gaming or whoever I linked before, then some SMB3/SMW stuff). I never actually even finished PM64; tho did start it again when I broke my leg/was laid up last year or the year before. I can't honestly be sure I'll know all that much of the story to recall what's random and what isn't, but I'll hope for a good video or two on youtube soon! Send some my way if you find them(or if you make your own!)
  6. Hogwarts Legacy

    Interesting! I was mildly curious because like all good young british gamers, I was working in Game(also available at GAME!) in like...2004 maybe? i think, 2004-2005? I was, ofc, still absolutely a Ninty boy back then mostly so I didn't even have the platforms for as much Harry Potter as others but I did recall one of them, tho I forget which, would often sell kinda/quite well - even as a pre-owned. Having been switched off to the games even then though I never ever tried any myself that I recall. Obvs a slight diff dimension to the questions @Julius put to Ronnie - but I'm a big 'original' HP fan with little interested beyond the books into the movies(and later books, cursed child etc) other than to see/know I saw them. I watched the first Fantastic Beats/Grindelwald but didn't bother with whatever sequels they made - but games aren't quite the same as books or films and I guess I was wondering - what game if any game was the best HP game made so far, what made it great, and was it ACTUALLY that great in itself as a game or was its appeal mostly being in the franchise?
  7. Hogwarts Legacy

    Yeah I'm big on the books/was growing up with them(ie when they were getting released, I think only had up to PoA when I started them) but the films irked me for a variety of things(mostly not capturing all the books because you can't fit it all in etc. very upset at film 3 where they didn't do ANY of the history of the MM) and I've been pretty much done other than re-reading the books since then. Never played ANY of the games because I knew they'd probably be even more so based off the films than the books and I just....eh. Have any of the games been a good gameplay, if you've played them? I always presumed them all as cash-grabs tbh.
  8. you mean the guy who regularly consumed mushrooms then jumped down pipes he should have been mending, presumably full of shit and all kinds of other stuff?
  9. I'm getting so out of the game these days I had forgotten this was even a thing that was happening(I saw da memes) - it's a very curious casting yeah, but then again - what was Bob Hoskins, a very london lad iirc, doing playing an Italian plumber in New York in the first place??
  10. Well yeah, Hoskins is a legend. Poor fucker probably had no idea what he was getting into, tbh - but can you deny he gave it a good crack?? BESIDES I DONT REGRET IT SO IT DOESNT MATTER
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Me and my old Smash Brothers(I'm retired now tho ) used to have a whole phrase called 'Nintendo-Random'...
  12. Now I certainly haven't watched it for a decade(s), but c'mon maan - Bob Hoskins! John Luigiamo! Dennis...Hopper?! It's a pretty weird/trippy film thinking back, super surreal(but ykno...how else you gonna do Mario?) but if you think about it - is it anything really much worse/awesome than something like Total Recall?
  13. Progression % indicators

    96 always confused me but yeah tbh an NFT is what it really needed
  14. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    been watching myself. it's almost like this forum's just full of real life grownups and adults or something now. also, i completely disavow and disapprove of all drinking. i hope my name is a clear indicatoor of my stance on this,
  15. Genshin Impact

    Haha no worries - these are forums, not your phone - it's made with people on their own time in mind World Level - nada, ofc already considered that. I'm Level 3 worldwise, and you can only step down when you're WL5. In some ways the good thing is I haven't; ascended to 4/AR35 yet cos I'd be even more fucked then probably being relatively at the bottom. What's super annoying is I wanted to try that prop hunty event mode in past week or two and I can't even matchmake for that. It's really, really, really, really REALLY fucking bad design. Making your own game cockblock your players is a fucking madness - and it's really really turned/turning me off. I'd like to level more of the team - but tbh until this I can't afford it. You mention Raiden, I haven't quite left Liyue yet but I'm presuming given what I know of Inazuma and the Shogun that you're referring to a few things in that area. Maybe one day I'll be allowed out of Tianqui Valley but until then, presume me dead and gone. My characters can rot to skeletons there for all this fucking game is doing for me with it. It's almost a troll in itself to test how much people will keep playing - I intend to maybe beat it but I'm in no rush. After that also fuck the game next time it even tries to mug me off this is real fucking last straw this fucking shit. I realise how mad I sound to anyone not in it but srsly...it's shocking to see in a game these days; especially when it could be adjusted etc. Maybe I'm just some shitty western gweilo who doesn't know the way of the old masters but even so...fuck you and your old masters! Make better fucking games! This ain't a fucking SNES or Mega Drive era patch that shit you dickshits.